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Rooftop Prince: Episode 13
by | May 2, 2012 | 223 Comments

Lots of forward movement today, with lies unraveling and Major Discoveries being made. In fact, I sort of wonder if some of this could have been paced a little slower to give us a chance to react emotionally with the characters, rather than zooming right by… but I suppose I’d rather feel something went too quickly than dragged on for too long. Quibbles.


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Yi Gak makes his confession and they kiss.

But! The camera pans inside the house, to the rooftop family portrait… and our Joseon Travelers flicker in the photo, momentarily leaving Park-ha alone before the images return, like Marty McFly’s disappearing guitar-playing hand. Oh noes!

The ducklings are currently working their tired little butts off in the company office, and Chi-san reaches for his cup of coffee… but gets nothing but air, since his hand literally waves through the cup like a ghostly apparition.

The boys naturally freak out, but as they consider what this means, it’s not necessarily bad news: They deduce that time is nearing for their big mystery to be revealed. The prince’s wedding to Se-na is approaching, and they must be almost ready to make their jump home. But Yong-sool wonders, “If we go back, what will happen to Park-ha?”

The boys sigh, feeling sorry for her. Man-bo wonders, “Why did she have to like the prince…?” thinking of how she’ll feel to have him gone.

As for the temporarily happy couple, they sit side by side, in a bashfully giddy mood. She asks what he wants to eat, and he requests omurice, saying that he never gets sick of hers.

Park-ha offers to make it as much as he wants while he can eat it, but that’s just a reminder of their ticking clock. Her smile fades as she says wistfully that it would be nice for him to stay here: “I wish we could live in the same time. How long will you be able to stay here?”

Tae-mu comes tearing into his parking garage, his driving echoing his mood. Damn, that is the angriest perfect parking job I’ve ever seen. He’s reacting to Big News: Tae-yong has been sighted. The real Tae-yong, in Chicago. He request a confirmation photo, and it comes via text: Tae-yong, in a hospital bed. Wait, but I thought two souls couldn’t inhabit the same time-space. I guess Yi Gak’s theory was wrong on that.

The mood becomes much more somber by the time Park-ha and Yi Gak arrive at their rooftop penthouse, and Park-ha suggests, “Let’s stop here.” They both know they can’t continue, and they both know he has work to do. She says they can consider her involvement a detour, but now it’s time for him to go his way. She reminds him of his companions, as though to cut off any protests, and says, “This may feel difficult and burdensome, but this is fate. Have your engagement. That’s the right thing.”

Park-ha manages to get through this without shedding tears, then packs a bag and tells Yi Gak she’ll be staying with Mimi until she finds a new place. Caught off-guard, he demands, “Can you not just stay here for a while?!”

She points out that her staying is odder, and in his hurt he tells her that she may as well go far away while she’s at it. She says he should have let her go to America instead of holding her back, and he retorts, “I regret that too.”

Yi Gak goes in search of another home as well, and picks out an apartment in a high-rise. He calls Park-ha to insist on a meeting, overriding her protests, saying that it’s important.

Park-ha goes in for an interview with a tourism agency, where she’s asked whether she could take a job in a field office, outside of Seoul. The idea of relocating makes her pause, but she answers that she can.

Tae-mu meets Se-na and hands over a plane ticket to New York… for Park-ha. Aw, everyone just wants to get rid of her. He tells Se-na to bribe/threaten her into leaving, while he’ll “take care” of Tae-yong. With the stockholders’ meeting approaching and CEO Jang scheduled to return, they need Park-ha out of their hair asap.

Se-na’s still tentative about joining evil forces with Tae-mu, but he urges her to trust him.

At the company, the duckling trio nervously watches the broadcast of their product launch, which hits the sales goal mark and elicits whoops of excitement. Not happy is Tae-mu, whose sabotage attempts were deflected by the ducklings’ decoy information.

Se-na congratulates Yi Gak on the successful launch and tries to make plans to pick up their engagement rings later. He asks her to handle it herself, saying that he’s fine with her taking care of it. That sends her into a peevish mood, since he’s acting awfully disinterested for such a meaningful selection.

She then sees Yi Gak asking Chi-san to deliver an envelope to Park-ha. She then intercepts Chi-san and asks for a coffee break, and he complies with an anxious look at the clock. So when he steps up to pick up their order, Se-na takes a peek at the file: apartment rental contract papers, with a hand-written note reading “Let’s meet here.”

Chi-san finds Park-ha and delivers the envelope. Except now, inside is that plane ticket to New York, not the apartment papers. Oh. No. You. Didn’t. I know you’re evil, honey, but that’s just mean.

As far as messages go, this one is loud and clear (even if it’s been sabotaged), especially considering his words last night, and Park-ha’s eyes fill with tears.

That means Yi Gak is left waiting in that empty apartment, practicing his spiel over and over, trying out multiple deliveries of the line, “This is your home now. Do you like it?”

She takes a long, meandering walk home, and Yi Gak paces the apartment all evening. When he tries to call her, he gets no answer.

And then we fade out, returning a short time-skip later.

With this new information about the real Tae-yong’s whereabouts, Tae-mu makes the trip to the Chicago hospital. And this time, there’s no question that this is the real guy; Tae-mu recognizes him immediately, despite that vacant look in Tae-yong’s eyes.

Mimi packs a box of things to send Park-ha, which she tries to hide from Man-bo since she’d been sworn to secrecy. But he sees the address on the box, guessing she must have known all this time where Park-ha had gone. Wait, Park-ha’s gone? Editing could have been better to give us a sense of the time lapse.

At work, Man-bo treads cautiously, asking Yi Gak whether he’s heard from Park-ha recently. Chi-san worries; it’s been several days since she left without a word.

Yi Gak feigns disinterest, telling his boys there’s no point in worrying about someone who left so abruptly, and warns them not to mention her name in front of him.

Exhibiting his characteristic terrible timing, this is when Yong-sool happens to enter carrying a bag of peppermints (park-ha sa-tang), and gets so far as the syllables “Park-ha” before Yi Gak blows up at him. Aw, poor minion. Somebody get him some of that gak sugar (cubes) to crunch on.

Pyo Taek-soo reviews the team’s idea for a trip package they’re putting together, and Chi-san recites some potential vacation hotspots. Man-bo listens carefully, and when Chi-san mentions Jinan (the city written on that box to Park-ha), he jumps up and insists they pick that one. He cites the cherry blossom viewing as a key attraction.

So Yi Gak makes the trip there to check out the area and awaits his travel guide… and sees Park-ha leading a tour. His reaction is both excitement and relief, although he adopts his air of nonchalance to actually meet her.

Park-ha is alerted to their Very Important Person waiting for his tour, and warned to do a good job. She introduces herself brightly, belatedly realizing who that guest is only after he turns to face her and speaks. Yi Gak introduces himself as though meeting her for the first time, and after a moment to collect herself, Park-ha does the same.

Both of them tamp down their emotions—surprise, awkwardness, annoyance—to proceed with the itinerary. Using the pretext of the tour, Yi Gak needles her with questions about the facts, pointing out all the stuff she doesn’t know. He’s being annoying, but she’s trying to keep her professional tour guide facade in place, until finally she snaps and retorts that she can’t know the minutiae of what happened hundreds of years ago.

So he gets on the phone to complain to her boss, which makes her meekly apologize to her superior. Since they’re both pretending there’s nothing personal going on, this is the only way for him to get a rise out of her, and he’s pretty successful at raising her hackles with his imperious commands. And when she tries to whiz through the tour, he calls her back to demand details. Like that stone pagoda she skipped—what’s it for? How many stones are in it?

Then he orders her to the top to take photos for him. Park-ha is at her boiling point and clenches her fists, then decides she’s had enough. She slaps on a tense smile and agrees, then fakes twisting her ankle on the climb and squeals in pain. She tells him she’ll have to call in a substitute guide to take over for her.

As she explains the “situation” to her boss, Yi Gak looks at her suspiciously. The tour is thus cut short, but the day isn’t over yet: Park-ha’s bosses gather to take out their VIP to dinner.

He tries to leave early, but they insist he stay to eat, and shove the soju bottle at Park-ha: She’s the most junior employee and also the lady (urg), and therefore must serve their guest. Park-ha just barley manages to get the words out, since pouring the liquor automatically puts her into the role of subservient/supplicant, and forces her hand to pour gently when it would rather shove the thing down his throat.

She takes out her frustrations on her own glass (drinking liberally) and then on the microphone at the noraebang session that follows. She sings aggressively about “You stupid fool who left me” and ties a string of neckties around him, shoving and pulling him in time to the music.

It’s only after everyone else leaves for the night that she speaks freely to Yi Gak, which in this case means talking down in banmal and calling, “Yo, prince!” Belligerently, she asks if he’s happy after bossing her around. She crooks a drunken finger at him and tells him to follow, since she’s got something to show him.

She leads him to the house where she lives, introducing him to her elderly landlord and the woman’s grandson. The boy hilariously gives Yi Gak the evil eye; aw, does somebody have a crush on noona?

Park-ha invites him in and thrusts the plane ticket back at him. He has no idea what it is, assuming she’s confused in her drunkenness. She retorts that he must be going senile to not recognize something he gave her. He argues—he never gave her a plane ticket!

Outside, the little boy watches them arguing and fumes for Park-ha’s sake… and puts dog poop into Yi Gak’s shoes. HAHAHA.

Both of them sit there in confusion, trying to sort out the mixed wires. She got it from Chi-san, and he agrees that he’d sent him on an errand, but that she should have received different papers. Somewhere along the line, things got swapped. He asks, “Why would I send you to America? Is that why you disappeared? You hid yourself because you couldn’t trust me on that?” He calls her dumb for believing it.

And then, she falls over in her drunkenness, falling into his lap, where she nestles to sleep.

Yi Gak heads out with a sigh and puts his shoes on… and stops in horrified shock to feel something there that shouldn’t be there. The boy barks at him, “Don’t harass our Park-ha noona!” Grandma comes out to ask if he’s put dog poop in those shoes again, which makes me wonder how many admirers Park-ha has managed to amass in this short period of time.

The boy, Se-jin, darts off and yells that he’ll protect his Park-ha noona from anybody who tries to hurt her, “Because I like her!” Aw, methinks Princey could learn a thing or two. And indeed, those words cause a strange look of realization to cross Yi Gak’s face and he murmurs, “I’m learning from a child.”

Grandma threatens Se-jin with the punishment of not allowing him to participate in his kindergarten sports day, but Se-jin retorts that he’s got no parents and doesn’t want to go anyway.

Yi Gak returns home by morning and sits Chi-san down, asking him about the envelope he was to convey to Park-ha. The contents were switched, and Chi-san never opened the envelope. Did anything strange happen that day?

Chi-san racks his brains and recalls his coffee detour with Se-na. So he asks Se-na if she remembers anything about the envelope, or her coffee date with Chi-san. You can see Se-na mentally weighing her options, and then she feigns surprise: “Oh, so that must be when those got swapped!” Oh, she’s good.

She explains that she’d had an envelope with a plane ticket, and she’d picked up one with an apartment contract. He buys it entirely, relieved to have figured out the puzzle. Se-na’s safe for now, but she knows it was a close one.

With that, Yi Gak returns to Jinan, finding her as she’s concluding a call with Mom (asking Mom not to mention unni’s engagement anymore). Yi Gak picks up on those words and asks if she has a sister, but she deflects and changes the subject. Come on, smart prince, you’re almost there…

On to the cable cars, which have Yi Gak literally agape in horror. She means for them to ride that metal box hanging from a string?! Ha. He starts to storm off, refusing to ride, but she stops him with a bribe: “Wanna eat something sweet while waiting?”

Yi Gak turns right back around and rejoins her. Hee, he’s so easy.

While they wait with sweet drinks, he asks again if she has a sister, and why she never mentioned her before. Uneasily, Park-ha says that they’re not close.

Time for the car ride, which makes him gulp with nerves the closer they get to departure. He keeps his eyes screwed shut through the ascension, one hand firmly clutching Park-ha’s sleeve. Laughing, she talks to him in baby talk, and he glares.

Park-ha urges him to take a look outside, and when he finally musters the courage, the view has him amazed.

Park-ha asks where he went overnight, and he explains talking it over with Chi-san. Upon hearing that Se-na had a part in this, Park-ha immediately understands what really happened, but she declines to tell Yi Gak about it. She asks if Se-na truly is like the princess: “Not just in appearance, but on the inside. In their hearts.”

That gives him pause, and he thinks about it. Like it’s something he never considered before.

Next, it’s on to the kindergarten field day, where they cheer on Se-jin (who sadly comes in last in a race). This is Yi Gak’s idea, having heard the exchange last night, and they join in for an event themselves—the Mom & Dad three-legged race. They’re hilariously competitive (Park-ha sends one fallen couple a triumphant look, while Yi Gak pulls on the arm of another competitor), and come in first place.

I love how they get first-place stamps on their hands and immediately press it to Se-jin’s, to transfer the stamp to his hand too. He excitedly wants to claim his prize, but they tell him he can’t with a fake stamp… and that triggers something in Yi Gak’s brain.

So it is that he wears a much sterner face when he calls Se-na for another meeting, showing her the envelope again. He asks for the truth about what happened to it, not buying her answer that she already told him what she knew about it.

He explains participating in that race yesterday, and how they’d copied that stamp to the boy’s hand because he hadn’t been able to win first place himself. He asks for her lipstick, and demonstrates with his hands.

She still doesn’t get his point, but she understands that she’s in trouble, and nervously asks what he’s getting at.

Yi Gak takes out the plane ticket and confirms her story—that their respective envelopes had gotten mixed up. That means this one in his hand, containing the plane ticket, was originally hers. She confirms this.

Yi Gak tells her that Chi-san’s envelope contained contract papers—which had been stamped just before being placed inside, while still wet. Now he cuts open the envelope and bares the inner flap… with Yong Tae-yong’s stamp imprinted in reverse.

He demands, “You’re not this kind of person. Why are you lying to me?”


I liked this episode in that it moved a lot of things forward, but the pacing definitely felt strange. Mostly regarding Park-ha’s flight in the night, which I can see not necessarily needing to be shown on camera… but at the same time, it felt jarring when all of us sudden everyone’s acting tetchy about her name, as though she’s been gone forever.

I’m not a fan of the prolonged separation, and I don’t think the answer would have been to give us a whole episode of separation moping. Frankly that would have made this feel too much like My Girl redux anyway—but on the flipside of that coin, sailing right over a time gap with one fade-out saps all the emotional punch out of the reunion. It felt like the characters were completely overreacting, because we had about two minutes to get used to the idea of Park-ha leaving before she was found. At the very least, they could have put the time-skip between episodes, so that it didn’t feel like such we sped through an important emotional beat.

That aside, I’m super pleased that the whole plane ticket misunderstanding was sorted out right away. Thank goodness for shrewd heroes, after generations of characters who are so blind to the lies around them. I’m thankful that Yi Gak was willing to entertain the notion that Se-na was lying, rather than clinging to his belief that his princess would never do such a thing.

Granted, I groan a little at his naive “You’re not this kind of person” comment, ’cause that seems like he’s giving her too much credit, but Park-ha’s comment about the reincarnated souls being same on the inside at least got him thinking. Fact of the matter is, we know that the princess and Se-na are very much two peas in a pod (or… are they the same pea? I lose track of how it works), but even without being privy to that bit of dramatic irony, Yi Gak is at least willing to consider other explanations. I just love that Se-na got caught in her lie, and good. She knows she’s on the hook, and thankfully, he’s nowhere near ready to let her off it.

Also in the Big Development category: What’s up with Tae-yong? I’d assumed, as Yi Gak had, that the two weren’t occupying the same “dimension,” so to speak, although I had my suspicions that he hadn’t died. And what will Tae-mu do about it? On one hand, Tae-yong’s existence helps him drive out the impostor… but how to do that without incriminating himself? Although he may get a little help from the amnesia fairy, if my cliche-o-meter is pinging correctly. Gah, I would dearly love if the drama could explain his condition without invoking amnesia. Pretty please, with some whipped cream and soju on top?


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    thanks for the recaps!!!
    this episode was good, i like how they just don’t drag the plot with lies and misunderstandings and stuff that don’t get resolved until the end…i love how LG confronted Sena and OMG TY is indeed alive, I wonder if at the end LG will stay and TY will go to Joseon, maybe during his coma he dreamed about Joseon or was really there and met BY

    • 1.1 singhi26

      now that javabeans mentioned about the souls, i think TY’s “soul” is not there it is probably in Joseon, that’s why he has that look in his face

      • 1.1.1 lizzzie

        Ooh maybe. Yoochun does corspe!taeyong really.. well.

        • lizzzie

          facepalm: i meant corpse

      • 1.1.2 smalltrade

        haha! maybe he’s romancing Bu-young in Joseon while Yi-gak is moving things along with Pak Ha.

        • Jess

          BWAHAHAHA good one XD

      • 1.1.3 houstontwin

        I think that TY’s soul and YG’s soul are one and the same. That is why TY is an empty shell. Their soul can’t be in two bodies at the same time. When TG goes back, TY will recover.

        • houstontwin

          Oops. I got messed up with all the initials! I meant to say “When YG goes back, then TY will recover.”

        • thunderlyn

          I think this too! I was hoping this was a coma story! The spirit CAN only exist in one place/time at once, so as soon as he goes back, coma boy will wake up.

    • 1.2 tarquinthetiny

      I like your idea! I was also thinking that the only way to get a truly happy ending is for Yi Gak and Tae Yong to switch places, because even though Tae Yong was the one who was supposed to meet Pak Ha, their union was foiled by the evil Tae Mu, and Pak Ha wound up falling in love with Yi Gak instead.

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    YES se-na! that bitch is going down!

    • 3.1 smalltrade

      i was just thinking while reading this post, isn’t it crazy that the prince and his ducklings are going along with a plan that might have Sena end up dead-man floating in a pond?

      • 3.1.1 seoulflysea

        Well…here’s at least one person who won’t be moping about that!

        • Noelle


      • 3.1.2 houstontwin

        Yes, I really am disturbed in the way in which YG has been manipulating Sena, and Grandma. After all, he is planning on going back. Up until this episode, he thought that Sena was a nice girl, in fact, his queen. How can he marry her, knowing that she might be in danger, and that he might leave her behind when he goes back to Joseon times? And poor Grandma, this will really kill her!

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    thanks!! i still love to read your recaps even after seeing the whole episode with subs.

    here’s my problem…… if Se-na really did mistakenly switch the envelops, then how come that plane ticket had Bak-ha/Park-ha (some subs have it differently I don’t know…) name on it? Isn’t that weird? Wouldn’t you get curious as to why your exact name was on that ticket and yet she’s saying “oh it was mistake blah blah blah…”

    anyhow thanks again!!!! i’m really loving this show.

    • 9.1 hpn88

      that is EXACTLY what was bothering me the WHOLE time.
      Instead of the complicated stamp thing, he could have asked her— “ugh, why did you have an envelope with a ticket for America with Park ha’s name on it”, much more direct!!!!
      AHHH the details that bug me…..

    • 9.2 hanabi

      I thought that, too, about Park Ha’s name on the ticket. Even if there really was an envelope switch, wouldn’t Yi Gak wonder why Sena had a ticket with Park Ha’s name?

    • 9.3 msu

      oh same here… but I will try to think that it is good for character development and dramatic effect… but it still bugs me… maybe LG does not know how a ticket format is like and he is too lazy to open it?

    • 9.4 lizzzie

      Yea… But I don’t think he looked at the airplane ticket. Or maybe cos, it was in English? Ha

      • 9.4.1 Corn tea

        The only thing made sense to me was prince didn’t know English, so he had no idea park ha’s name
        was on that ticket.

        • hanabi

          That’s a good point!

        • bluemaid

          He wouldn’t even know what to look for on an airline ticket, seeing as he’s probably never even seen one before.

    • 9.5 alex

      If you look the ticket closely, it’s all Latin characters. Name: Park Ha….So for a Joseon person, he cannot understand what it said.

      • 9.5.1 Momos

        Also, didn’t YG pester PH repeatedly if she has a sister?
        I think somehow YG suspected that PH n SN have some kind of sisterly connection (just like his princess n sister-in-law).

    • 9.6 MenCallMeBacon

      This has also been bugging me as well. After marinating on the subject for sometime, I think the explanation is that Yi Gak cannot read English, and the passenger/destination were all in English. Didn’t the four men just master Hangul back in Episode 2 or 3? The three ducklings also failed the new employee test which gauged basic English skills. (By the way, “Korea to New York” on the ticket? LMAO; clearly the props department is also suffering from sleep deprivation.)

      • 9.6.1 hanabi

        Did you also notice it said “FORM” instead of “FROM”? haha

      • 9.6.2 j

        YA that bugged me LOL i was like what. Korea to New York? really?

    • 9.7 one_nee

      i also wondering abt it, esp when he believed SeNa’s explanation at first.
      BUT, i also dont think he have open the envelope (in which i screamed why? why wouldnt he?) but then i also realised.. can he read roman/latin alphabet? the tic wrote ParHa’s name in roman/latin not hangul and i dont think he can even read it.

      • 9.7.1 houstontwin

        Truthfully, I think all these careful viewers are giving the writers and prop folks more credit than they actually deserve! I feel certain that the props people just wanted the ticket to look authentic and it didn’t occur to anyone on the production staff that they were creating a gaff!

    • 9.8 falling

      I’m afraid His Highness doesn’t know what’s a plane ticket and English XD

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    I heard Ep 13 was being edited while on air. O_O

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      Where do you get that inside information?

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    Aside from Park Ha again making plans to leave the rooftop house (I know, drama drama, but it seems to happen a lot with her deciding to leave or other people (e.g., grandma or Sena) wanting her to leave), I liked this episode. Yi-gak, you so smart, just like your character in SKKS! I like smart guys! And Sena, you’re going down! And ooh, I want to visit Jinan, sooo pretty!

    I’m wondering about the guys disappearing from the pictures. I would think if they went back to another time, they would just disappear but the people in the present time would remember them. But them disappearing from the picture – it’s like they didn’t ever come to or exist in the present time. I wonder if once they leave, everyone;s memory of them will disappear. But then Tae Young comes back to Korea, and meets up with Park ha, and she senses some familiarity with him and is drawn to him. Tae Young would have some familiarity with her, too, since he will have Yi-gak’s reincarnated soul… because I don’t think the story will end with either Yi-gak staying in the present or Park Ha going back with him to the past.

    • 14.1 Nancy Drew

      More speculations… Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same thing about her ending up with TY rather than YG. Perhaps this will have a “Heaven can Wait” (Warren Beatty/Julie Christie film) kind of ending– she’ll recognize the reincarnation of her beloved (though in this case, the bodies look the same). If TY embodies YG’s soul, then they should feel drawn to each other and eventually fall in love all over again. This would be a logical ending if the answer to the ep. 1 riddle is “memories”– the (subconscious) memory of love transcends death. (By the way, it seemed like TY is a zombie mentally at the moment– so prolly as long as his consciousness isn’t in 2012, YG can be in the present.)

      When YG was “schooled” by the boy about protecting the one you like/love, I thought that maybe YG will be able to return to a time death of the floating mystery woman. (As I commented before, I’m betting that that was Bu Yong’s body, not the Crown Princess’s.) Perhaps he’ll be able to go back and prevent BY’s death, or even prevent her face getting burned (and her getting disqualified from becoming his mate).

      • 14.1.1 one_nee

        i also hope, if LeeGak really return to Joseon, they will be back in time before the murder ever happened. if it indeed was BuYong n HwaYong have a hand in it, by jealousy or to cover smthg (i really belive HwaYong must be have an affair in Joseon n somehow BuYong found out). Then after LeeGak save the day, he would throw HwaYong away n made BuYong as his wife… but this means it change history n also change the future… but at least it could lead TaeYong n ParkHa really meet each other in NY then =)

      • 14.1.2 Mel

        Yes…. Heaven Can Wait, exactly… YG returns to Joeson but is reborn as TY—who automatically turns to PH—their present souls are meant to be.. We’ll wait and see how this tale ends cuz I’m trying not to wrack my brain how this ending can go “happily ever after.” How about our beloved trio.. I choked when the pic blurred and the hand became invisible. Uck…. Sooo, the mysteries in the present are slowly getting resolved, does this mean our Rooftop F4 travel back and solve histories mysteries? AND, I it must be the crown princess who died NOT BY… For what is the purpose of our story if BY dies in the past, and truly, am really disliking all these theories that BY killed the crown princess’s…. PLEAZzzzzeeee VANISH those thoughts, our beloved PH/BY just do not have such evilness as SENA does.

        JB!!!! Again, you d BOMB, girlfriend… I was totally rude to the others in the restaurant, eating Thai—pad Thai, tum yum gon

        • Mel

          Oops, trying to put my two cents with an iPhone is annoying… pressed the wrong area… anyway, back to resto, papaya salad… eating, reading your recaps with my Thai ice tea… Heaven!!!! Well, I’m at an age that I don’t care if I’m rude anymore…. to the others in the restaurant, but they know how addicted and engrossed I can get with my Kdramas and ever trusted recapper–you JB!!!

          Yes, truly, the story is coming along well… Sena is becoming unravelled by her inattentive & indifferent fiancé.. Choke, about the contents of the envelope… All I could think of in previous episodes was if YG’s character would be gullible to Sena/crown princess here and back in Joeson… If he is/was, good riddance to him, go back to Joeson and suffer your life broken hearted over a dead evil wife-I mean Sena and her old soul can never be pure, now and back then, yes why isn’t she reborn as a snake or a cockroach as should be in reincarnation? oops,got carried away! Again!! But now YG has redeemed himself and is slowly peeling off Sena’s true self!!! How is she going to get herself out of this, join TS, of course… And how will our prince solve the murder in the past, will he end up with BY or was it BY in the pond that’s why he is so overwhelmingly broken hearted that he has to return to Joeson… Oh no, I’m going out my mind again for how could he be so in love with an evil person… Does this mean everyone will get transported back to Joeson and somehow PH along with them, maybe BY’s body is lying somewhere in a Chinese hospital.. Ummm, really…yeah, I know crazy… Until the old mystery is solved.

          And heck how did TY get to Chicago? Umm, New York-Chicago is not LA-Orange County in distance. To fall off a yacht in NY and have his body transported to the windy city, hmmm… More mystery…. And YG getting that officetel for PH, doesn’t he not know her heart yet??? She ain’t gonna be no concubine, PH would probably become a hermit/nun than be an awful mistress/concubine!!! And if this leads to TS killing TY (I doubt), it’s PH that’s going to be accused of that as well as the disappearance of the Joeson trio.. But don’t forget uncle detective heard TS talking about some pour soul lying in a hospital bed back in the US… Ok, enough.. …mwaaah a million to you JB, as well as a dozen roses for the awesome recap… You never fail us!! Can’t wait for tonight, what other mysteries will be resolved… or discovered, ep 20 is a long ways from ep 14.. Can’t wait for your recap tonight!!! Thanks!!!! Sorry for typos

  15. 15 jiajia

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  16. 16 Hang

    thanks for your recap. This ep was definitely good in terms of contents and plot opening but absolutely bad in terms of editing. Too many scenes were thrown together without much care I must say, even the soundtrack got kind of strangely messed up. I know they are all under time pressure but the editing is important in making the episode look coherent to viewers.
    My favorite scene is the dog poop enlightenment on the prince :). Cute moments between Yi Gak and PH are entertaining but poor editing sort of turned me off a little bit.

    • 16.1 lizzzie

      I know, it was all frightfully chopped up. And the couple didn’t have to go out to talk about omurice before parkha’s resolve to stop things. And Yigak taking a trip back to find out about the envelop in a night?

      It’s obvious the drama is facing some schedule troubles if not crisis. In one scene I was more focused on the eyebags of the couple than their dialogue. And the thing about Yoochun’s car accident? :/

      Almost felt like I was watching a different drama, I really miss the zippy fun of the first few episodes

  17. 17 Mic

    I really liked some of the cute moments in the episode. It made the episode a good mix of serious plot-related matters, humorous moments, and relationship breaking and fixing. That scene where Park ha bribed Yi Gak with the sweets cracked me up. xDD

  18. 18 haruma

    the pacing is strange because they edit the episode during the day it was aired.

  19. 19 smalltrade

    i wonder if the present day Tae-yong has his own crew of ducklings! I would love to see what a modern day Yong-sool is like.

    • 19.1 hanabi

      Oh that would be so fun!

      • 19.1.1 howforwardsale

        +1 on the modern day Yong Sool!!

  20. 20 Brenda

    I’m glad that Tae-Yong didn’t die. In this way, their fates haven’t been broken because even if Yi Gak is sent back to the past, Park-Ha will still have Tae-Yong. In some cases, that’s both a good and a bad thing since Tae-Yong and Yi-Gak are the same person yet they aren’t at the same time.

    On the other hand, if Yi-Gak does return to the past, maybe he’ll be able to return to the time when his brides were being chosen when he was a little kid so that he can personally choose who it is he wants as princess.

  21. 21 Raitei

    I’m beginning to get a little confused at what the ending will be, but I feel that’s better than knowing all the big details right from the start. I do hope, though, that everyone will have their deserved ending, especially the ducklings because they are just too adorable for words. It will pain me if they are just forgotten and whatnot in the end…

    • 21.1 MissChiVyous

      The ducklings are outcasts but still have family stuck in the past. Therefore, the writer can just have the family members transported to the future as well so everyone can be viewed as equal members of society.

  22. 22 Rong Er

    So glad that the misunderstanding does not drag long. Thanks for the recap:)

  23. 23 midwestmz

    It is marvelous that you take so much time and care on the recaps for us voyeurs out here. Thank you from the bottom of my pea picking heart.

    moving on . . . .

    It is nice to see that Se Na has finallyyyy gotten caught in at least one all out lie. It is also nice to see Yi Gak actually pausing to reevaluate just who/what she is. She has dug her ditch so deep wonder where she will end up? Here we say going deep enough and one would land in China. Since she is sooooo close to that already, could she end up here if she digs deep enough??? Pleaseeeeee, noooooooooo!

  24. 24 MissChiVyous

    Thanks Javabeans. I’ve been waiting for the recap. Also, I really liked the episode and how the writer manages to connect various events or objects together.

    1) the lotus seed being thrown into the fish tank and later growing into a symbolic plant. It’s beginning to flower so I think something will happen when the plant is in bloom.

    2) the stamp connection in this episode

    3) the Park-ha and later on, the Gak candies

    …many more. Symbolism in stories makes it entertaining

    Once again, I’m loving that the prince has a good head on his shoulders. As for the real Tae-Yong, I think the drama might go with amnesia, which would make sense. The poor boy most likely has a concussion. Either that, or he’s blind and did not see Tae-mu since his occipital lobe (for vision) was hit. Okay, I guess this is not a medical drama.

    Just in case Yi Gak and Tae-yong goes head to head. Yi Gak probably won’t give up Park-ha to his counterpart. Maybe, Tae-yong can go back in time and spend his life drawing beautiful sceneries while Bu-yong stitches. Meanwhile Yi Gak stays with Park-ha and they both escape to America to open an omurice store.

    • 24.1 Cara

      “Maybe, Tae-yong can go back in time and spend his life drawing beautiful sceneries while Bu-yong stitches. Meanwhile Yi Gak stays with Park-ha and they both escape to America to open an omurice store.” LOL XD

    • 24.2 ladyjumong

      With only one main dish, and one beverage on the menu: OMURICE, and YOGURT drink! But a whole list of sweets/desserts: popsicle, cotton candy, peppermint candy, sugar cubes…

  25. 25 clover

    Woo! Thanks for the recap.

    Was it just me, or did Bak Ha look like she had a hickey during the dinner scene? Man that totally threw me off for the rest of the episode.

  26. 26 le sigh

    Sigh. I have no interest in Park Ha ending up with Tae Yong, and even if I feel sorry for Bu Yong back in Joseon, I don’t want Yi Gak to end up with her. If this drama is just about righting two wrongs through a 20 episode time warp that makes the viewer emotionally invested in a couple that will never remember meeting each other, I will be pissed.

    • 26.1 jessly

      This is a fluffy rom com, no worries that they won’t end up together looking into each other eyes while drinking and eating sweet stuff.

    • 26.2 diorama

      Ehh, yeah. I don’t see how they’re going to resolve things with separated lovers. I mean, getting the Prince together with Bu-yong and Park-ha with Tae-yong would just be lazy and I’d never buy it.

    • 26.3 singhi26

      i totally agree with you…but if TY is meant to be with PH I hope he retains LG’s memories, but still their personalities are not the same,
      I totally love LG and PH personalities contrasts, it won’t be the same. I will be happy if they all go back and say goodbye etc etc. and then PH meets TY and it is revealed that LG indeed stayed to take TY’s place or I don’t know just make up something but just have LG and PH together.

    • 26.4 houstontwin

      I think we need to be prepared for disappointment. It seems so clear that the writers are heading for sending YG back and putting PH together with YT. I hope I’m wrong!

      • 26.4.1 rokken

        I agree. I just hope if that happens they do it sooner rather than later so we have 6 or 7 episodes to start rooting for the new couple.

      • 26.4.2 Stacy

        I’m in agreement too. I take issue with an ending that puts YG with BY and PH with YT. YG fell in love with PH, not BY. And PH with YG, not YT. Reincarnation may mean the same soul, but it’s not the same individual person – maybe according the show’s rules their core personalities are the same, but that doesn’t make them identical to the people they were in their previous lives. To me, that’s too much like saying “Oh, you can’t be with the one you love, here’s his/her twin as a consolation prize.”

        • rokken


        • xsilx

          I totally agree with all of you! I don’t care if YG and YT have the same soul, what it really matters is that PH has MET and FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YG, not YT, also because honestly speaking, at this point of the drama, after 14 episodes and almost near the end of it, we have been brought to love YG, not YT, and it would be really too unrealistic and very disappointing to put together two couples (YT-PH/YG-BY) who till now we have never rooted for, and to excpect that everybody thinks it’s normal and is happy about it.
          It’d be like putting together two (better four) strangers! I don’t care if their faces are the same, the persons are completely different.
          Actually the idea I had in mind at the beginning, assuming that YG’s thinking about “the same soul can’t coexist in two bodies” was right (but before finding out that YT was still alive) was that the reason why YG is catapulted to the future is just to be able to connect himself to his real love, his soulmate, and this because in the Joseon era he lost the chance to, since the real dead person is BY, not the princess, BUT at the same time this happens also because in the future PH couldn’t meet his soulmate (YT, who is the same soul afterall) unfairly killed by the hand of his cousin.
          So it’s stheir soul connection ro lead one to the other one, and it’s really when YG is getting closer and closer to “fulfill the mission” (when he kisses PH) that everybody starts to disappear.
          What I don’t understand (and I definitely don’t hope to see) is why did they slowly make us know YG’s character, grow affection for him, fall in love with he and PH’s love story (and not YT’s one) and make us get used, for 13 episodes, to the YG-PH couple, if at the end they will have to separate them?
          I don’t really care about “the same soul thing”, I’d be sooo disappointed! But I’m really afraid that this can be the only conclusion, because it seems impossible that YG stays in the future, since (UNFORTUNATELY) YT is still alive, or that PH goes back to Joseon, because, even if BY could be possibly dead, YT is still alive anyway, and THEY were meant to be from the beginning!
          Ahh, I’m really sad, I’ve been loving this drama, but if this is going to be the ending, it’s really… awful!
          The ones I’ve been brought to love and root for are only PH and YG, even if YT has the same face and soul I don’t definitely know him, it’s las if his character doesn’t really exist!
          Anyway, sorry for my poor English, but I needed to get all this off my chest, I hope you could understand a little bit!

          • xsilx

            I forgot an important doubt I have:
            if it’s true that soulmates are meant to be together and that sooner or later they meet eachother anyway, since TY is not dead after all, WHY did they have to make YG go to the future to meet PH, when probably she would eventually ended up meeting TY (since THEY are soulmates, in THAT era)?
            I mean, if we suppose that it’s BY the dead person this could also have a sense, but since TY is still alive anyway this doesn’t have any sense at all! I don’t understand! T__T

  27. 27 clover

    What I do like about this show is that it confronts problems up front. And the characters actually VOICE them out loud! Like when Bak Ha reminds Yi Gak that though they may want a relationship he’ll still have to go back to his own time.

    Thank you writers, for trying to be practical in a unpractical plot.

  28. 28 kilmenyanne

    Jung Yu-Mi is getting better and better. I am buying both the bitch here and sweet-hearted fiancee in Promise.

    Or maybe because the writing in both dramas has stood her well.

  29. 29 gary

    Im so glad that SeNa got caught in her lie. wonder what will happen next.

  30. 30 Sunmi

    Park Yoochun is growing on me. I’ve never been of him as a singer but him as an actor is rather charismatic. There’s just something quietly captivating about him in this drama.

  31. 31 a_diva

    i live in a city in the u.s. w/o any korean channels so i have to wait for dramafever to upload the episodes. that usually takes a day or two. i’ve seen ppl mentioning viki.com in the comments section and just went to the site to watch this episode. but there are all these viewer comments on the top of the screen & it’s distracting. is there a way to turn that feature off?


    • 31.1 kate

      yeah there’s a way…just click on the rectangle with […] on the top right of the video and that will end the comments

    • 31.2 Briggy(@subin70)

      I actually watched through their app on my Android with earphones on.its like the full episode with just 2 10 sec ads which u can skip.no added comments,straight to the point,no 1/5,2/5etc….but its through the full screen on your phone.pretty cool.its really clear and better than the computer site.it takes getting used to if u normally use your pc though but I’m used to it now.

    • 31.3 cv

      YEs there is. When you open the screen to watch an episode, on the right hand corner is a box with dots–arrow on it and click to turn off the viewers comment.

    • 31.4 a_diva

      thanks for the help u guys! i looked around & tried clicking a few things but didn’t think to try that box. i’m a bit daft at times, lol.

    • 31.5 fluffyinflight

      You just need to click on it once and the writing will go away. It’s at the upper right hand corner of the video.

  32. 32 TiaC

    Thanks JB for the recap!

    I too am all for quick forward motion, especially in a rom-com, but this time jump was WAY too fast! I honestly thought that some scenes got cut out of the video I was watching, and kept refreshing until I realized that it was SUPPOSED to be that way!

    Also- is anyone else missing our Joseon power rangers? As zippy as these episodes have been, I find myself wishing that we could spend more time with the boys like in the first few episodes. Even if we have moved out of the fish-out-of-water portion of the story, I just love watching those boys interact with each other and Park-Ha.

    • 32.1 houstontwin

      Yes these guys are adorable. What a waste not to use them more. The actor from Dr. Champ (sorry that I don’t know his name) is capable of a lot more than they are giving him. I am a little surprised that he accepted such a small role.

  33. 33 kirara

    Yay Been waiting for this..!!!

    but I agree this episode was a bit strange but it did bring out all the bad things about Se-na forward to our dear prince. (Yay, Se-Na is in TROUBLE!)

    Guess we can only see what happens next tomorrow… Thank you for recapping!!! 🙂

  34. 34 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!
    I agree – amnesia is beat. Let’s get a new plot device.
    “Pretty please, with some whipped cream and soju on top?”

    He had to have been in a coma for a while…Why else would he not have contacted his family? And how did he get to Chicago? Pirates fished him out of the water and he gave the his Lorax like FKing?

    I like that Princey is using his noggin now instead of blindly trusting Sena/Joseon Sena…Once he figures out she is rotten inside, maybe his loyalty will change to PH?

  35. 35 bajing

    I cant believe how this episode zoomed by so fast. It’s happy, sad, happy. Like you said I could not even have time to breath and collect myself.

    But the highlight of the episode for me: sena got caught in her lies. Oh GAWD, that felt so satisfying. I love how tortured princey looked as he cross-examined sena. Somehow I could understand why he give some room for a doubt for her because admitting that she’s not as how he thinks she is will also be admitting that his beloved wife was not as pure as his memories remember. That must be crushing. Especially since he has been so convinced that he time travel for the sake of his wife.

    What I am curious now is whether sena could wriggle herself out of this. and wow, tae yong! although it’s not really a wild card it’s still surprising. It’s interesting how the modern is like a reversal role of joseon part. In Joseon bu yong could not marry lee gak because of the accident caused by Hwa young, while in modern part, park ha failed to meet tae yong because of the accident caused by tae mu. Does this means if hwa young is indeed the one in the pond, tae mu will die instead?

    I am starting to think that the whole purpose of the prince to time travel is to change the future. But does this mean that park ha will be with tae yong in the end? argh….i dont know. This drama makes my head whirl!!!!!

  36. 36 Briggy(@subin70)

    I just got done watching this.thank God for Viki with fastest subs ever.this episode was a bit boring.I think it was the calm before the storm though coz its about to go down.hope tomorrow picks up pace.goodnight y’all.

  37. 37 lovedramas

    Oh I am fully engrossed in this drama now. I watched it kinda of from the start and having been following recaps but I wasn’t to the point of anticipating it every week. Now, I have fallen into the trap! I gave up K2H to focus on this one. So many thoughts have been swirling around since ep 1 – of what I think will happen, what I know, what I don’t know yada yada. One thing is for sure, I love the smart Yi Gak. I really wasn’t digging it when he was so naive about Sena and his “lovely” crown princess. I just wanted to smack some sense into him.

    I am certain that Sena will weasel her way out of this dilemma as the way that things end not always how they begin in an episode. Plus there are 7 more episodes so I figure she’s going to be evil some more before Yi Gak really figures out the entire story. I am still in the camp that believed from ep 1 that the Crown Princess isn’t the one who died but there are a lot of things that I can’t reconcile… so I’m not really sure but that’s my gut feeling. I had a feeling that TY wasn’t dead but I wasn’t really expecting much out of that so I barely thought of it. I was really surprised to see him reappear in this episode.

    I just love our OTP… Yi Gak and Park-Ha are just so cute. I love the chemistry btw YC and HJM – it’s adorably awkward and cute and fun and refreshing all at the same time. 🙂 I love all their scenes. I still hold to my love of seeing them together and the gaggle of ducklings … and still not caring much about the rest of the story line with TM and Sena. But I do like seeing Yi Gak being smarter and sharper and figuring out the mystery behind Sena. Anyhow – I still like Yoochunnie better as a singer but I can’t resist watching his dramas. Ok – I loved SKKS but I didn’t like MR that much. I do love RP I think as much as I loved SKKS!! So yay! HJM, – I have liked her in a lot of her series (CS, Yi San, Padam etc), but I think she’s actually the cutest with yoochun. 🙂

    RP – Fighting!!

  38. 38 aoiyuki

    The way Yi Gak figured out the misunderstanding was pretty ingenious. I couldn’t really figure out where he was going at first with the stamp explanation, but the reveal was pretty awesome. I’m surprised they didn’t just look at the name on the plane ticket. It had Park Ha’s name on it, so if Yi Gak looked at the ticket, wouldn’t he wonder what Se-na was doing with a ticket that had Park Ha’s name on it? Plus, for the past few episodes, I’m getting the vibe that Se-na’s showing some emotional conflict/confusion in regards to Yi Gak. It feels uncharacteristic of Se-na to be conflicted. Maybe it’s to imply that she might have feelings for Yi-Gak, but the sudden flip from cocky and manipulative to emotional conflict feels like it came out of nowhere.

    • 38.1 msu

      I so hope SN is not one side villain but I think she is… I dont see any emotions from her toward LG no matter how much I want it. However I think this drama is complicated enough so add that emotional conflict in may mess the whole thing up

    • 38.2 Miki

      I think our Crown Prince can’t read alphabet letters that why he can’t figure out in the beginning from the airplane tickets. If I’m not wrong, PH didn’t teach him and F3. This means he didn’t know PH’s name on the ticket. So, scriptwriter’s to use another option to expose SN.
      The SW’s pretty good when make us surprised with the scene TM meeting TY but this episode’s really bad in the EDITING. Some scenes were really messy and seem boring. I know SBS’s hectic schedule filming, but it really not only affects actors, staffs, Pds… but also the film’s quality. I heard they were even aired ep 13 while editing it! It seems crazy ha!!!
      I hope they’ll do better in ep 14 coz right now RTP’s in 3rd rating.

  39. 39 Mawiie

    I have the uneasy impression that Tae Mu is going to frame Yi Gak for Tae Yong’s condition… Maybe something along the line of “I got rid of my chaebol doppelganger to take his place and fortune” I hope that I’m wrong on this one though :s

    • 39.1 Briggy(@subin70)

      You could be right.omG

      • 39.1.1 jbb

        Only TM doesn’t know about the pictures. Oops. And TM and SeNa don’t know that PH’s real mom knows SeNa isn’t the girl she is looking for. Double oops!

    • 39.2 MissChiVyous

      WHOA. I think you’re on to something there.

    • 39.3 houstontwin

      Smart. I never thought of that!

    • 39.4 bjharm

      well when you think of it the murder was half by accident, then Tae Mu had dark thoughts and turned it into one, by not calling for help. Now the real one turned up still alive he no longer a murder, so there is still hope for redemption for him…but somehow I do not think he going to take the chance offered to him to be a good person

      • 39.4.1 Kookaburra

        Personally, I believe the intent is the important thing. I consider him a murderer at heart, because he thought he was committing murder when he left his friend out in the water. If he had lead to his friend dying without knowing or actively taking steps to cause death with the murder as a goal? Then, I would not consider him a murderer. But as it stands, for me, he is a murderer. He has just as much possibility of redemption as when he first actively set out to kill his friend by leaving him out there alone.

  40. 40 dls

    Thanks for the recap!
    So many things here… and major development.
    Good thing Lee Gak is not buying Se-na, he needs to use his head to crack all things.
    And Tae-Yong is alive!!!!! I don’t know how the writer will use this into the plot.
    So, I’m looking forward for future development.

  41. 41 Noelle

    YES! I was waiting all day for this. Thank you thank you.

    • 41.1 Noelle

      DAMN! I thought I had it down. The whole Tae Yong being alive sends my theory in the toilet. I’m starting to think that I should stop guessing and just take it in as it comes but it’s so hard. I don’t like the time jump. It was odd. I feel like I missed out. We couldn’t get like a montage? I would of preferred that than a blackout. What is this, the Sopranos? It wasn’t cool then it isn’t cool now. I think the writers need a visit from Sejin. I love that kid. All Noonas deserve a kid willing to play dirty so their Noonas don’t get hurt by a stupid boy.

  42. 42 Flo

    I want to say the BITCH!!!! is going down…..but you all know how dramas are….you think they are finally going to get what’s coming to them then….BAM….they hit you with a curve. Can not wait till tomorrow

  43. 43 blueoceanpalm

    So confused as to how Tae Yong ended up at a hospital in Chicago and not New York.

    • 43.1 sweetooth

      maybe his body got washed away to the shores of Chicago..? sorry, my knowledge of US geography sucks. 🙂

      • 43.1.1 jbb

        Maybe Chicago had a better facility for his condition and he was transferred from New York.

        • Schmazel

          But who paid/is paying for the hospital bills? Or does insurance cover the costs?

    • 43.2 houstontwin

      Some beautiful, rich woman on a yacht rescued him from the Long Island Sound and brought him back with her to Chicago.

      • 43.2.1 jomo

        What if the Joseon duckies were friends in the present, found this guy floating while they were looking for buried treasure and rescued him.

        (But why didn’t they contact any authorities?)
        Because they are PIRATES!
        (What would pirates do with an guy in a coma?)
        They would pretend the guy they found is royalty, and try to con someone into paying his hospital bills for a future pay-off?
        (That’s stupid.)
        OK, I’ll stop now…

        • houstontwin

          In a weird way, that would make sense…for the 21st century duckies to rescue TY!

  44. 44 sootyxsnowpetal

    I just really want some nice coverage on a good ending in the Joseon era as well as the one in the modern era, with the princess and her sister each getting what they deserve (the princess something bad and the sister something good). Hopefully the writer for the script will space out the plot evenly enough for that to happen :/

    When the episode cut off like that, I instantly groaned and thought to myself, “Yeah, she’s going to lie her way out of this successfully again.” Something big needs to happen, pronto, to clear up all this mess of a cobweb of lies.

    It’s episode 13! Only seven more episodes left before the ending, and stuff should be happening so that we can get some serious good guy badass justice-dealing!

  45. 45 metoo

    did grandma file a missing person report, and why didn’t the hospital or the police check then?….makes no sense. I’m pretty sure the body found would of made the news in America.

  46. 46 Altari

    Yoochun was in a car accident last week but didn’t go to the hospital because of shooting.
    They really need to do something about the live shooting system before someone gets seriously hurt.


    • 46.1 Briggy(@subin70)

      Wow.JKS was involved in an accident too going to shoot Love Rain this week.crazy.smh

      • 46.1.1 jbb

        Then there was the big Bridal Mask crash, then Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, and Warrior Baek Dong Su.

      • 46.1.2 Shukmeister

        And Lee Min Ho’s accident during the filming of City Hunter.

    • 46.2 houstontwin

      That’s insane! I really don’t understand this crazy system. Two hours of sleep a night! How can they treat actors this way. They are human beings not machines.

      • 46.2.1 Shukmeister

        When you read the article noted above, he went straight to the Baeksang Awards on the same day as the accident.

        I went back and look at DB’s Baeksang recap, and noticed in the photos he was holding himself rather stiffly, with his hands clenched, as opposed to the hand-waving smiley shots of the other male stars.

        So he was probably hurting during the ceremony.

        What a ridiculously dangerous system…

    • 46.3 Noelle

      I just don’t understand the system. They should shoot months in advance to get episodes down. How this has been going on as long as it has amazes me.

  47. 47 asianromance

    thanks for the recap!! Thank goodness Yi Gak is rational enough to question Sena. However, I bet Sena will just end up saying something like “You were seeing another woman and I got jealous! We’re engaged!”.

    I’m really surprised that Tae-mu didn’t go ahead and try to attempt to murder Taeyong again. I wondered how Taeyong ended up in Chicago. Would have expected him to be in an east coast hospital unless he had suffered from some rare injury only a specialized doctor in Chicago can handle. Now I feel a bit bad for Taeyong. First his cousin tried to murder him. Then it seemed like no one looked all that hard for him. And now his past incarnation is stealing away the girl he was eyeing. Maybe he should just go back into the past and get Bu-yong. Though, I’m not sure if Bu-yong would want the future version of Yi Gak. Maybe it all doesn’t matter since Yi Gak mentioned that the souls are the same. In the end maybe Yi Gak will return to the past, but Taeyong and Park-ha will hit it off anyways.

    • 47.1 jbb

      Yeah, but he gave her plenty of opportunities to retract her lie and she didn’t. She’s a liar and he’s a prince. You don’t lie to the crown prince. She might come up with an excuse, but her credibility is already gone. He’ll never see her the same way again.

      • 47.1.1 jomo

        “He’ll never see her the same way again.”

        YAY! to that.

  48. 48 Makoto

    best episode ever. but is it right that RP only lasts for 16 episodes? I knew it from Kimchidramas.net. I thought it would be 20.

    • 48.1 jomo

      It’s 20.

  49. 49 lizzzie

    Meta! I was chuckling at Yoochun’s fear of heights appearing in the drama. Hee.

    It was cute seeing the scenes of the couple pictures HJM and YC posted online. They look SO CUTE together behind the scenes.

  50. 50 h311ybean

    Thank you for the recap! I’ve been looking forward to it all week 🙂

    Glad to know that Tae-yong’s still alive. I am not sure how he made it all the way to Chicago if he fell in the water in NY, but I will take him any way he comes, and wait and see how he fits into the bigger picture.

    I’m also glad that Se-na’s inner ugliness is gradually coming to light and look forward to what happens next (both in the present day, and maybe in Joseon if/when Yi Gak returns there with a fresh perspective). I don’t hate her as much as I do some other drama villains (e.g., Chae-rin in DGCH), but I also don’t want her to be redeemed in this drama.

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