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Rooftop Prince: Episode 14
by | May 3, 2012 | 238 Comments

The Cute is back, which is always a good thing with this show, where so much of the charm comes from the characterizations. I’ve been missing the fun in any episode that’s heavily skewed in favor of the company plotline, even though those tend to move quickly, because no matter how fast the evildoers move, it’s no match for the warm fuzzies that come from our makeshift rooftop family being adorable together.


Yi Gak confronts Se-na about her lie, and demands to know the truth. I’m pretty much expecting her to wriggle her way free with a good cover story, because while she’s been caught red-handed, I have no doubt she’s glib enough to make it work in her favor.

She lets a tear fall and says, “It’s because I love you. I love you, but it was too painful seeing Park-ha with you.” He’s all, do you expect me to believe that’s why you wanted to send her away? But Se-na plays the victim card, saying, “Actually, it was Grandmother who told me to give Park-ha the ticket.”

What? That seems like an easily verifiable lie. But I suppose it gets her out of this hole for the moment since Yi Gak is stunned speechless. She apologizes for not defying Grandma, but he tells her that he’ll apologize on Grandma’s behalf for making such a request of her in the first place. Ugh.

Se-na drives off having dodged one bullet, but now she has to work fast to do damage control, and with great anxiety she calls Grandma for an immediate meeting. But of course things are working in her favor here, too, since Grandma is so incensed at the news that her beloved grandson contracted an apartment for Park-ha that she tells Se-na that her “mistake” was nothing to be sorry about: “You could have done even more and I wouldn’t be upset!”

Se-na apologizes for pinning the blame on her, but Grandma’s so peeved that she barks that she would’ve run Park-ha off without wasting money on an airplane ticket. Grandma tells her she did the right thing—in fact, Se-na should continue to use Grandma as her cover and pretend not to know anything. Ugh, you two. Can you just marry each other and get out of our hair?

Yi Gak leaves the meeting replaying Se-na’s words, and I think there’s still some suspicion left in his mind, now that he’s seen how well Se-na can lie. When Se-na leaves Grandma’s house, he’s parked outside and follows her car.

Tae-mu has returned from his trip to Chicago and moves back into the officetel. He calls Se-na over, and Yi Gak follows her into the parking garage, where Tae-mu meets her to tell her to move back in. She’s still reluctant, reminding him of her engagement, but he grabs her close, insistent on resuming their relationship.

Se-na extricates herself, not accepting his proposal, leaving Tae-mu to declare, “Tae-yong doesn’t love you. I’m the one who loves you!”

Yi Gak follows Se-na out of Tae-mu’s building and to another neighborhood (doe she never look in her mirrors?), where he recognizes the apartment where Park-ha had once visited her mother.

Mom emerges just as Se-na arrives and Yi Gak overhears their discussion, wherein Se-na calls her “Mom” and asks about Park-ha’s whereabouts.

Time for a monster brooding session (at the river, naturally), wherein Yi Gak starts to put all the pieces together, not only of this lifetime but his old one as well. Park-ha’s question rings in his ears, of whether his princess and Se-na are really the same in spirit. He thinks of Park-ha and Se-na’s caginess when mentioning a sister, now realizing the familial relationship.

He wonders, “What must I do now? Must I continue the path I have been traveling, or must I choose a different fate?” He understands that such a decision has irrevocable consequences, and that he may be closing the literal door to the past. “As crown prince, what must I do?”

He calls Se-na for another meeting, and she puts on a cheerier face. But he faces her somberly, cutting her off mid-excuse about the Grandma-plane-ticket lie, ordering her not to speak another word of falsehood. She tries to excuse herself with an air of outrage, but he grasps her arm firmly and orders, “Sit down. Until I have finished what I have to say, don’t take one step.” Ooh, badass prince, I like.

Unnerved, she complies. Yi Gak confronts her about hiding her relationship with Tae-mu, and her lie about having no siblings when Park-ha is her sister. He accuses her of covering lies with lies, asking, “Have you ever said one true word to me? You are all lies. You are not the person I have been looking for! I cannot marry you.”

He literally dismisses her from his sight, and when she doesn’t immediately leave—she’s shaking from shock—he yells at her to go.

Se-na leaves in tears, and Yi Gak gathers his boys to break the news. They’re stunned, since that eliminates their entire purpose for being here, and he apologizes to them.

Aw, and that leaves the boys to sit glumly, hugging the things they’d bought to remind them of home: Chi-san with his medicated patches, Yong-sool and his beef jerky, Man-bo and his jar of cosmetics. In an angry gesture, they declare that since they may never go home, they may as well use those objects, and hilariously tear into the packages. Yong-sool chomps down on beef, Chi-san slaps patches on his body willy-nilly, and Man-bo smears cream on his hands.

While his friends are cursing the prince’s attachment to Park-ha for this derailing, Man-bo stops and thinks: “If that’s how the prince and Park-ha feel, is that not also fate?” Score one for the smartypants. The other two are still bitter, but Man-bo reminds them that if not for the prince, Yong-sool would have been executed, and if not for the time-warp, Chi-san would have died without his appendix surgery. “And without Park-ha, we would have been beggars in this place!”

Man-bo declares that Park-ha must be alerted to the cancelled engagement. Thankfully, he knows where she is. The boys stand with new purpose… and flicker in and out of sight again. Eeeep!

Some time later, the boys show up at her house and request some omurice in exchange for good news. They’re so cute with their little-boy nods, all proud of themselves.

They break the news, and immediately Park-ha gets up to make the last train back to Seoul. But they’re stuck waiting for Man-bo to finish his dinner, which he’s eating, grain by grain, to their frustration. Deciding they can’t wait, Chi-san sends her off and assures her they’ll follow later. Man-bo waits to hear that she’s gone before he picks up his spoon, grumbling that he was about to die of hunger. Hahaha. Smartypants is playing Cupid.

Yong-sool wonders what they’ll do now, and Man-bo smiles and declares, “I have planned something good.”

Off to…the pool? Ha, they gape at the pretty girls in bikinis, then sketch one. Yong-sool literally drools on the drawing, smudging the pencil.

Park-ha arrives at the rooftop, and her first reaction is to remind Yi Gak of what that engagement meant to him, scolding him for being so quick to give it up. What will he do now? What about home?

Yi Gak cuts her off mid-rebuke by pulling her to him and saying that he had no solution. He apologizes, and promises not to pain her anymore.

Se-na drowns her sorrows in liquor, then heads to the officetel where, to her surprise, Tae-mu is still waiting. She doesn’t understand how he’s so willing to take her back, but he tells her that he can understand everything: “There’s only us in this world. If we’re happy, if we’re here for each other, that’s all we need.”

Now, Se-na returns his hug and tells him she’ll listen to him from now on, she’ll do whatever he asks. That includes acting as CEO Jang’s fake daughter, which he promises will only be for a short while, until he can take care of the rest. She makes one request: “Get rid of Park-ha.” Ugh. And here I was, almost willing to give you some sympathy for finding your evil pea in a pod—there’s someone for everyone, don’tcha know?

She has one more request, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say Tae-mu probably didn’t need to hear it to agree with it: “Get rid of Yong Tae-yong, too.” Two more murders, coming right up! Or is it three, now that there are two Yoochuns running around? Ah, well, what’s one more for the road?

In the morning, Yi Gak waits for Se-na outside Grandma’s gate, since they have to break the news of the broken engagement. He tells her that since it was his decision, he’ll be the one to bear the brunt of Grandma’s wrath, which is a kindness she finds suspicious. Perhaps it’s because he’s a decent person, or maybe he just doesn’t want to deal with her, but he says he’d like her to return to the life before their engagement, and he’ll handle the fallout of this announcement.

Tae-mu’s inside, enjoying the golden boy’s fall from grace, and smirks in Yi Gak’s face. That satisfaction is short-lived, however, because Grandma curtly declares the broken engagement old news and moves on to the stockholders’ upcoming meeting—where she will make Tae-yong CEO.

Uncle Money protests, but Tae-mu plays it more shrewdly, telling his father that this is a matter for the shareholders to decide. Grandma puts Tae-mu in charge of building support for making Tae-yong CEO, which makes me think Grandma—already displaying such lack of discernment—must simply be blind to character. I guess I’d feel bad about that if she were the least bit likable. In any case, I’m pretty sure this we can count on Tae-mu to do just the opposite.

Uncle Money is concerned by this assignment, but Tae-mu assures him that CEO Jang is on their side, because Se-na is the lost daughter.

That perks him right up, and it’s time for a instant turnaround; now Uncle Money starts sucking up to Se-na and tells her he’s sorry, and how he knew all along she was too refined to belong to a fish market ajumma. Since class, in his mind, is a matter of birth and not, say, class. Uncle asks for her forgiveness and welcomes her back to the company while Tae-mu looks on proudly.

Now on to the identity theft, because they’ll need forged evidence to assert Se-na’s claim. Tae-mu tells Se-na to bring back some strands of Park-ha’s hair, to be used in a DNA test.

The ducklings arrive in the morning, with all of Park-ha’s belongings from her Jinan home packed, which would be presumptuous if they weren’t so adorable with their happiness at having helped.

Then they head in to work, where Yi Gak gives them the new task of investigating both Tae-mu and Se-na. Having missed the latest developments, they’re confused by his dictate, but he explains, “Joseon’s princess was respectable and had a beautiful heart, but the princess here is different from what I knew. The princess was not a good woman. Realizing this must be one of the reasons we were sent here.”

YAY! I’m doing mental cartwheels in joy. Not only does he realize Se-na’s a hateful bitch, but he has connected her true nature here to her true nature in his own time.

The ducklings talk amongst themselves, processing this news. Man-bo’s in disbelief, but Chi-san muses that “those rumors” must have been true after all, though he’d dismissed them at the time. He explains that there was talk amongst the palace eunuchs that the princess was a cruel woman, but the moment they opened their mouths would have ensured their deaths, so the gossip never traveled far.

Among the stories is the one we also know: that she burned her sister’s face on purpose to become the princess bride. But Man-bo and Yong-sool tsㅏ-tsk the story, calling it outrageous.

At work, a scuffle breaks out in the lobby surrounding what appears to be a thief or spy running to evade capture. Yong-sool breaks out his warrior combat skills by chasing down the intruder, and he is thanked by the head of security for stopping him before he could make off with a valuable briefcase. Ah, smart move to ingratiate yourself with the security staff—good allies to lean on for information.

Chi-san works his own talents—womanizing—by going out for drinks with a team of female employees. He listens in as they vent and share work stories, and asks about Tae-mu’s reputation.

Yi Gak makes a presentation to the directors for a new product he’s working on, a travel package. He speaks with confidence about the Jinan tour, but Tae-mu just smirks to himself while looking at his photo of the real Tae-yong, catatonic in his hospital bed.

And then, Yi Gak’s presentation is cut short—or cut into, I should say—by that very image of hospital-bound Tae-yong. Everyone stirs at the image onscreen, and Tae-mu stands up to announce that Tae-yong is currently lying in a coma center in America. He’s essentially a vegetable, with a survival rate of “nearly zero,” and Tae-u accuses Yi Gak of taking advantage of that information to assume his identity. “That man is a fake!”

Grandma demands, “What is the meaning of this?” and collapses. Yi Gak attempts to leave the room, but Tae-mu stops him with a punch, calling him a phony…

…which is all in his mind? ARG. I hate that trick in dramas, SO. DAMN. MUCH.

So now we’re in the meeting, with Yi Gak giving the presentation, receiving applause. Grandma approves the proposal and congratulates Pyo Taek-soo for instructing him well.

After the meeting, Tae-mu congratulates his fake-cousin on a job well done, which is suspicious enough to make Yi Gak look at him warily. Tae-mu calls him out on being busy doing background checks on him, then warns, “Be careful. Your days of playing games are numbered.”

Se-na comes home and suggests going out with Mom, which is out of character enough that Mom looks at her worriedly, asking if she’s ill. Haha. I suppose it’s something of a farewell gesture for Se-na before she claims a different mother, but to Mom it’s just weird: “Was the shock of the broken engagement that severe?” Heh.

Aw, I know Se-na’s never appreciated her mother enough, but I don’t think she’s completely without love for her. And knowing how much this makes Mom’s day is enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy, even if I know that Se-na’s a horrible person who’s just going to disown Mom afterward. I don’t think Se-na’s a person incapable of love, but that she’s just limited in how much love she’s got, and most of it’s reserved for herself.

Making this moment even more surprising is Se-na’s offer to include Park-ha: “Isn’t she part of this family too?”

They go out to a barbecue restaurant for dinner, with Mom literally singing to herself in joy. It’s sweet. Park-ha is wary but goes along with Se-na’s seemingly generous mood, keeping her surprise to herself as Se-na apologizes for being selfish and even offers Park-ha a piece of meat. Mom assumes that Se-na has had an epiphany after her jliting, and urges Park-ha to forgive unni.

To solidify the female bonding, the ladies head to a jjimjilbang next, and here, Se-na’s ulterior motive becomes clear. She offers Park-ha a comb for her hair, then offers to throw it away for her—allowing her to pocket strands of Park-ha’s hair in the process.

Se-na asks if she has any memories of her mother, and Park-ha says no, although she does have one memory from around her dol birthday, when Dad lad her onto his belly since she it was too cold to lie on the floor.

Meanwhile, Tae-mu and his father greet CEO Jang, who looks around expectantly for Se-na. When told she’s out on a business matter, CEO Jang’s smile fades and she tells the men that she won’t need their escort on her personal errands, heading off alone.

She has a visit with Mom, but she’s hit with a wave of pain (due to her cancer) and Mom ushers her away to find a place to rest. She ends up going to Park-ha’s rooftop home since it’s closest, and asks Park-ha to look after CEO Jang since she has to go to work.

Park-ha assures her that she has the situation in hand, says goodbye to Mom, then turns around to find Yi Gak practically breathing down her neck. Adorably, he’s miffed that she hasn’t introduced him to her mother, but she points out that in this time period, it’s considered polite for the youngun to bow to the elder first.

Yi Gak huffs at her setdown, then calls for his backup. Only, the sidekicks have done a much better job assimilating into the modern world, and are currently engrossed in their mp3 players, laptops, and Wii gaming consoles. Hee.

Then at dinner, Park-ha prepares a stew made from fresh seafood, and serves CEO Jang first, since elders always go first. Yi Gak holds out his bowl expectantly as the next in rank, only to find that he’s outmaneuvered by his three ducklings, who appeal to Park-ha with their puppy-dog eyes and aegyo voices. So cute. He fumes as he watches each boy get huge seafood goodies, then actually bursts out that there’ll be nothing left for him. HA.

CEO Jang then meets with her lawyer to sign away her rights to the company shares in Se-na’s name. Hm, is this independent of the identity theft scheme? Because if so, Se-na has just epitomized the meaning behind shooting oneself in the foot.

Speaking of which, the dynamic evil duo are ready to put their plan into motion, and Tae-mu meets with her to inform her that he’s located her lost In-joo (renamed Park-ha). He escorts her to meet the lost daughter, and presents her with the DNA test results (which, ironically, would have been just as accurate coming from Se-na).

The thing is, CEO Jang already knows Se-na is hers and now has to pretend that it’s big news. She tells Tae-mu that it’s such a shock that she needs time to calm her nerves, and asks to reschedule the meeting for later. So she heads back to her hotel room in disappointment—she wants the daughter she doesn’t know about.

She thinks, “Se-na, you’re my daughter too. But you’re not the one I’m looking for right now. What are you trying to do? Why are you trying to fool me?”

Park-ha does the laundry on the rooftop, while Yi Gak watches, eating his ever-present popsicle. Heh. At least this time he offers her a bite when she comments on the heat; aw, princey’s finally ready to share his treats.

He asks why she hid her sister relationship from him, and she explains that there’s no big reason, just that her stepsister didn’t want anyone to know they were related, even if it was just through marriage.

Then Park-ha motions him closer with a crook of her finger, instructing him to assist in the laundering. Oh, and it’s not just an excuse to get up close and personal? Okay. Laundry it is.

Later that evening, CEO Jang makes the official introduction to her lost daughter, and hugs Se-na, although it’s with a cool expression on her face. She tells Se-na, “I’ve missed you, In-joo.”

Over dinner, she asks Se-na about her young memories, and Se-na draws upon Park-ha’s history to answer—that she was in a car accident at the age of 9. Her words happen to mimic the words of Park-ha, who explains her history to Yi Gak, about how she was adopted and doesn’t remember her father’s face that clearly.

Se-na tells CEO Jang about one memory about Dad, though, around the time of her dol birthday when it had been so cold Dad had put her on his belly for warmth. CEO Jang’s eyes widen at the familiar story, and she thinks to herself, “Se-na, how could you know that?”

As Yi Gak watches Park-ha hanging the laundry, he works through the facts: “The princess is Se-na. And Se-na’s sister is Park-ha. The princess’s sister is Bu-yong.”

He recalls how Park-ha’s name means lotus, which is the same meaning behind the name Bu-yong. And to confirm his line of thinking, Park-ha pulls down the laundry line—creating a makeshift mask—to talk to him, and he realizes, “Park-ha, you are Bu-yong.”

Well, finally!


Ratings for Rooftop Prince have settled in the 11% range, which means that it’s basically battling with The King 2 Hearts for second place. (The shows are flip-flopping from episode to episode.) Given that Rooftop Prince once enjoyed the No. 1 slot (as did King), it’s a bit of a disappointment for it to fall to this middling range, but I don’t blame the viewers, since I can feel the show struggling to retain its pep.

This episode did a better job of it than the previous one, since I found many more endearing and/or engaging moments here. I felt that the previous one was focused too much on zipping through plot, and in the interest of covering ground it let up on the character interactions. I can see how a comedy bit involving Yi Gak’s fish-out-of-water imperiousness or the ducklings’ quirky reactions to modernity can slow down the overall plotline, but since those are the things that make this drama enjoyable for me, forsaking them is not something I’d advise.

I’ve said this before and I still mean it when I say that Rooftop Prince’s charm lies in its quirky comedy—NOT, say, the company politics, the makjang inheritance stories, or the sibling rivalries. It’s also in the Joseon-era mystery and figuring out how it ties into the modern time-jump—which, again, is not directly related to the company machinations. I do wish it would explore more of what sets it apart than settling back on the familiar, because the more we spend on the inheritance/identity swap/takeover plotline, the more I feel like I’ve seen this drama already. Maybe a dozen times. It’s always the same thing, and rarely is it ever more interesting than the previous examples. What I love about dramas, cliches and all, are the little ways in which they can take a tried-and-true formula and put their own twist on things. When you lack that twist, attentions start to wander.

That said, I did like this episode more than the previous couple, mostly because a lot of the lies have been discovered and now were in Part 2 of the whole Fate Question. Which is to say (as Man-bo pointed out): What if this twist is also Fate? What if Yi Gak falling for Park-ha despite their mission is part of destiny?

With Yi Gak’s realization that Park-ha is Bu-yong (which made me wonder, I thought he figured that out already?—blame the live-shoot madness), we’re entering the final stretch where the characters start to consider that maybe they had it all wrong to begin with, and maybe there are things they didn’t account for. Such as Se-na being a horrible person, and Park-ha being part of his past life as well. Just one more step, and maybe he’ll figure out that the thwarted fate doesn’t necessarily have to be in THIS lifetime, but in the one he came from…


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        Someone who lived in Taiwan told me that the finger hook there means something like, “you are so dead”. (simply put it means “dead”). I assume it means the same or similar in Korea.

    • 20.2 MissChiVyous

      Haha. I didn’t know that my “finger hook” phrase is catching on. I read JB’s recap after writing the comment and saw that JB used: “motions him closer with a crook of her finger.” I am way to lazy to type/copy and past that all the time.

      Well, I think they’ve used the finger hook as an act of seduction in American movies before to portray the message: “Come to me baby. I want you.” haha I think it’s all in the eyes, either the glare or the passionate stare. Therefore, to interpret the conveyer’s message, first look at the fingers:

      1) pinky = let’s make a promise
      2) thumb = good job
      3) index = #1 or look up
      4) middle = %#$@#%

      @newbie: Good job pointing that out. I forgot that she did do that. Maybe YG got it from PH instead. haha

      @JBB: You’re right. It infers that someone did something bad in my Asian household as well. Oh Asians. I guess it’s not only rice and soy sauce that travels around.

    • 20.3 [email protected]

      I think you mean ‘crooking her finger’, or ‘to crook’. Or ‘he crooked his finger…’

  21. 21 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    I have a question, CEO Jang already knows that Se-na’s not the girl in the picture, right? So why is she not calling her out? Seriously, how evil can one sister be… It must be the DNA.., CEO Jang abandoned both of them, Se-na got mom’s genes… Park-ha got dad’s. That’s my theory!

    • 21.1 Jj

      I have a question: are they both CEO jangs daughters?? So she has two? Where was this revealed? I thought we were purposefully mislead to think her lost daughter was park ha but in actuality it is se na, so when did it change?

      • 21.1.1 MissChiVyous

        I would rewatch or reread the recaps from episode 7.

      • 21.1.2 Robyn

        I’m trying to rewind to a particular scene/episode that confronted this particular quandary but I can’t recall any!! RP is having too many disconnected wires I’m getting a headache 😉

        • TamTam

          It was the episode when Chairman Jang kept search for the other daughter (Ing Joo) after meeting Sena for the first time. It was pretty much the focus for half of the episode.

      • 21.1.3 asianromance

        they are both her daughters. She had Sena first out of wedlock. Then gave her away to Sena’s current mom when CEO Jang went off to marry some dude. Then she had a new daughter with this new dude. This new daughter is Park-ha. Then I think she left the new dude and somehow lost contact with Park-ha. She had promised Sena’s new mom that she won’t try to retrieve Sena. She is instead trying to do right by the remaining daughter that she can still claim- not knowing that daughter is also the daughter of the woman who adopted her older daughter.

        So convoluted.

      • 21.1.4 hanneebuff

        Yes, it was revealed in ep. 7 through the picture connection. Sena realized this early on that’s why she was trying to keep Tae Mu from knowing this information. *

        However, when Tae Mu finally realized that Park Ha is Sena’s sister last Ep. 12 I think, they decided to push through with this plot.

        Hopefully this plan will backfire big time. hahaha!

      • 21.1.5 fluffyinflight

        The first daughter was Se-na who she gave to mother to raise, but the 2nd lost daughter was Bak Ha who went missing. When mother got hit by the car and was visited by CEO Jang, she thought at first that Bak Ha was Se-na, but mother told her that it wasn’t and she saw Se-na later while she was hiding behind the potted plant in the hospital. She later gave a picture to Tae-mu to look for her OTHER daughter who was missing, that was Bak Ha. That was the episode where they went to the school and Bak Ha and Yi Gak was in the playground and they were randomly ringing people’s doorbells and running away. That’s the episode.

    • 21.2 Kimmi

      actually se-na and park-ha are from the same mom but different dad. It was easy to see how one can miss that if someone didn’t pay close attention to the plot. I think the reason y CEO jang play along is bc she know that se-na knows something about her other daughter to be able to play the role so well. CEO jang gonna be in for a shock to find out that in the end both her daughter ended up in the same family. Hope this help everyone who was a little confuse =]

    • 21.3 debby

      I think the reason why CEO Jang did not call Se Na out on her lie of being other daughter is not only to see what she up to but to find out where she getting info that only other daughter would know.

    • 21.4 JBB

      CEO Jang is not calling SeNa out so that she can probe for information. She now has a background story and reason to suspect that SeNa knows the real other daughter.

      I think that the story and picture will be connected by Awesome Fish Mom or with another meeting with PH.

      Jang is a shrewd businesswoman. She is playing her cards close to the vest.

      • 21.4.1 Lisa-Loo-Loo

        That makes sense… But still wouldn’t it be easier to just say “I know you’re not the girl in the picture. Where’d you get all this personal information?” I hate when things get complicated for no reason, one of my issues with k-drama. But still I like this one so I will wait it out. Thanks for the insight it makes sense to see where the trail leads.

    • 21.5 fluffyinflight

      Why would she call her out when by Se-na’s words it indicates that she has information that only PH should know. CEO Jang knows what she’s doing, she’s stringing her along because she’s hoping it would lead her to her daughter In-soo (Park Ha) It Seems that CEO Jang has a personality similar to Sena, so 2 could play the same game, Sena was giving out information that HAD to be told to her by someone. And that someone had to be In-soo (Park Ha) herself. I wouldn’t be surprised if CEO Jang approaches the lady that works in the fish market herself to find out more information, about Sena – because she now sees that she’s a liar, manipulative and in the process find her daughter. She doesn’t seem to be too fond of Tae-Mu and his father either and the reaction that she gave Sena, is kind of cool, because she knows she’s up to something. I hope she thought long and hard – tore that contract up now she sees the kind of person she’s dealing with, and changes it to either Bak Ha’s name or both Bak Ha & Yi Gak (Tae Yong) under the condition that they get married.

      • 21.5.1 Lisa-Loo-Loo

        I don’t think she will tear the contract up… “mommy guilt” will probably step in. But I think I may agree with you and JBB, that CEO Jang is going to use this for information. Se-na still doesn’t know that she really is Jang’s daughter so she really can’t call her out.

  22. 22 lovedramas

    I am now more hooked then ever before. But I agree, there is only a small window to capture viewers and if you don’t keep them, then jumping ship happens fast and it’s hard to get them to come back.

    The company plotline and all that other stuff still bores me. But I put up with it in the hopes that it will (and does) lead to other realizations for the Joseon 4 and the ramifications it has on PH and YG. Frankly, I could watch our OTP together over and over again and not get bored. They are just too adorable. I have to agree that the quirky comedy is what sets it apart for all the other dramas that have the birth identity, power play corporate etc etc elements that those who have watched kdramas are very familiar with. YG’s very proper and stiff character totally cracks me up.

    I thought this episode was a good mix of the cute and moving the plot along. I hope they wrap that corporate thing up fast. I wish the ratings were better but ahh… it’s just the way it all works out. I hope they can keep the uppity-up through to the end. 🙂

  23. 23 Smalltank

    I like it that the writer/ stylist made park ha wear a butterfly tee shirt while doing the laundry.. Symbolism huh :p

    • 23.1 JBB

      Dang. How did I miss that? Good catch!

  24. 24 Yue

    There’s nothing worse than having to type this on my phone… But, I couldn’t resist! Thw story is progressing like wosh and I have trouble digesting one problem after another. My brain is whirling thinlking of possible endings even when I dread the idea of it ending. Still, I was so happy that Se-Na true nature was revealed. I just wish that Grandma couls see it too. And Tae-Mu makes me really wanted to strangle him out of spite and I will be immensely satisfied if I ge to do just that. I see more conflict coming, but, with the three ducklings by his side, I think the Prince and the comatose Tae-Young would survive somehow… Seriously though… It took 14 episodes for the Prince to realize that Park Ha and Bo-Young are the same person? I almost pull all my hair out of frustration!

  25. 25 Sunmi

    I’m not a violent person. But if I were Park-ha I’d invite dear old sis for a nice meal during which I’d serve the red-headed hussie a plate of my fist. Everything about this chick bothers me. BOTHERS me. From her Cunning Witch #59 shade of red hair to her fake tears to her ability to slither out of just about any fah-reaking situation. >.> This chick is SO lucky she’s not my sister because I would’ve dealt with her conniving ass episodes go.

    Don’t even get me started on trigger-happy Tae-mu who seems to be running a kill-a-cousin 2 for 1 special these days. I’d kick him in the love below.

    But I’m not a violent person. I swear. >.>

    • 25.1 lizzzie

      HAHA. Too funny. Her clothes bother me. They piss me off with all their gaudy shades of fuchsia and what not.

    • 25.2 gg

      “Don’t even get me started on trigger-happy Tae-mu who seems to be running a kill-a-cousin 2 for 1 special these days. I’d kick him in the love below.”

      hahaha that just made me crack up so much!

    • 25.3 mskololia


      You swears?

      • 25.3.1 Sunmi

        Scout’s honor~

        (Though I must add that the closest I’ve ever been to a scout is purchasing girl scout cookies. :3)

    • 25.4 KStyle

      Bwahahaha omg that was too funny and true.
      I would so do the same thing myself and like you, I promise I’m not a violent person but in my head I’m going Rambo on Se Na and Tae Mu ( what a bunch of crazy characters, they deserve each other and all the badness that will befall on their lives).

      • 25.4.1 Sunmi

        Ooooh and the bad is coming! That’s the only thing keeping me going w/ this show; b/c at the end of the day True Love’s going to be kicking ass starting with Se Na and Tae Mu. MUAH. >:3

  26. 26 dea

    I initially attracted to RP because of its quirky comedy and the joseon power rangers. I also intrigued how LG and his F3 will solve the death of the CP (or BY?).

    To be honest, I’ve dropped RP as they go through the makjang inheritance stories, sibling rivalries, company politics, etc. At the moment I only read the recaps.

    20 episodes are too long for a rom-com drama, 16 episodes are perfect.

    But anyway, I’m glad that finally LG realized that PH is BY, CP’s sister. So we’re not going in circles of unnecessary makjang – sibling – company plots anymore; and LG can focus on solving the mystery behind CP (or BY?) death.

    I think that when TY wakes up, LG will go back to the Joseon era and he’ll realize that he’s supposed to marry BY instead of the CP. I still hope that BY is still alive, I don’t really care about the CP anymore. Please have a happy ending for LG & BY and TY & PH.

    • 26.1 dea

      I mean PH is BY’s reincarnation 😀

  27. 27 Nishi

    I didn’t not like the episode but I didn’t really like it either.

    The company/ inheritance storyline… meh. I’m just so disinterested that I don’t care what happens there. Sena and grandmother just need to move to an island somewhere. Somewhere VERY far!

    I’m so glad the ‘cute’ is back. I missed it and it really is what makes this drama for me. My duckies! (I thought Yi-Gak already knew Park-Ha was Bu-Yong…)

    • 27.1 JBB

      I think Grandma has her own karma coming when she discovers how badly she has treated CEO Jang’s daughter… well both of them for that matter…

      • 27.1.1 Jen

        Yea! But PH being the kind soul that she is, all will be forgiven. Arghh mean people are let off too easily.

        • kayana20

          It’s because PH always comes out winning as soon as people push herr down.She will be rich and she has the love of Prince aka TY.I foresee a whole lot of repentance in grandma future and cannot wait till PH meets her mother.LMAO dying to see the shrew hore face that they are related.

  28. 28 Gladys

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! I knew it all along that our Prince is suspicious of SN as he always has this “guarded” expression whenever he is with her unlike his interaction with PN. Our Prince is not only swoon worthy but SMART as well!
    I love this episode as there are so many chunfaces.

    Look at his face of treason when the ducklings defied his orfer to punish PH and instead carried on with their electronic games.

    He looks like a child being punished when he was served last at dinner time. Then his look of glee when he tasted the stew!
    Actually he did get equal share as his bowl is the bigggest.

    The laundry washing dance was the cutest ever! The way he eats the icecream and smiled cheekily makes you feel like pinching his cheeks!

  29. 29 Raitei

    I’m getting quite scared for the ducklings; I don’t want them to just vanish! Don’t do that, drama! D:

    • 29.1 lizzzie

      Come to think.. Only the ducklings have been flickering, not Yigak? Does that mean he gets to stay in modern times while they vanish back to Joseon times? Conflicted feelings about that, meh :/

      • 29.1.1 Heather

        I was hoping so, but didn’t he also disappear from the photo? Or am I misremember?

        • ladyjumong

          When YG and PH first kissed, YG and the ducklings flickered in and out of that photo (taken before they had their haircut).

          • Raitei

            I’m not sure what that alludes to, but if they ever take away the ducklings from the modern time, I just hope they give them a happy ending in the Joseon time. Otherwise, I will disappointed and really sad. >.<

          • JBB

            Maybe they will find the earlier counterparts to PH’s friends.

  30. 30 anotheraddict

    Yes, a much cuter episode.:D Didn’t the ducklings look like little boys in the water? It was good to see them being a bit more skillful in this ep.– more of that, please.

    I was willing to let slide the fact that YG hadn’t recognized PH as being the reincarnation of his sis-in-law despite her eyes, height, voice, and name’s meaning being the same as Bu Yong’s. But if he wasn’t going to figure out that she was Bu Yong until now, what the heck was the point of having her face be half-covered by the embroidered handkerchief twice in ep. 12? And shouldn’t he have at least been able to connect the dots once he overheard Se Na’s convo with Mom and realized they were sisters? I guess I shouldn’t be grumbling about credibility in a drama about a time-traveling prince, but internal logic sure is nice, even in fantasy dramas.

    • 30.1 asianromance

      I think they’re rushing the scripts like crazy so the writers may not have realized they did this big reveal already.

      Or maybe he just though Park-ha really reminded him of Bu-yong in ep 12.

      but yeah, more likely that the writers make a hiccup.

      • 30.1.1 TamTam

        I think he was surprised at the similarity but didn’t really believe it or dwell on it too much. At the time, he still didn’t know Sena was her sister, so he didn’t jump to the conclusion. It wasn’t a knowing look to me at least, but more like “wow I never noticed that before.”

        • eternalfive

          Yeah, I think he didn’t probably didn’t really think about those clues at the time and was probably still unsure about everything, seeing as there wasn’t an explicit Park-Ha-is-Bu-Yong realisation until now. It seemed to just all culminate into this last (and most obvious) clue which confirmed all the previous ones. It really isn’t clear, but that’s how I see it. =\

          • eternalfive

            Oops, I meant “he probably didn’t think…”

    • 30.2 one_nee

      i think abt it too since the eps in where he knew ParkHa’s name in chinese character could also means BuYong.
      but, i think he never make the connection because he didnt really think it as important matter. all his focus was his Crown Princess. yes, he talked n (i believe) “flirting” with his sis in law in the palace garden during ep 1. but even that time he was suprised to see how his sis in law is so smart ‘witty’. so i dont think he really pay attention to her before. all his attention just for HwaYong. he was a man blinded by love. and like any other man who blinded like that, others arent really matter. so maybe thats why he so slow to realise that BuYong is ParkHa. beside if he realize it sooner, maybe he just gonna think, ‘ok, so she was sis in law. so what?’. his mission was SeNa from the very beginning.

    • 30.3 fluffyinflight

      probably he dismissed it because Se-na had said that she didn’t have a younger sister, and Pak Ha had mentioned a sister, and there was nothing to indicate that they were in fact sisters raised by the same person.

    • 30.4 pk

      i disagree though…as the prince in Joseon time, i think he didn’t really look at his sis-in-law half covered face, they are more like soul mate… and all the while he thought PH is someone totally not related to crown-princess nor sena…only now with all other facts in place, then he relises…

  31. 31 Bajing

    Thanks as always for the recaps!

    I never knew that doing laundry could be this cute and fun. How can I NOT ship this couple?! They’re too cute for words. Can I have my own lee gak to do laundry with me now?

    I am happy with the development and really really curious how the end game will unfold. This drama is making me feel too many emotions at the same time.

    One thing I realize from this drama, it’s actually interesting how the makjang elements of the drama is used to move the plots forward instead prolonging it. Heh…

    • 31.1 ladyjumong

      Make sure the tub is even smaller so you will be very very close to each other while doing the laundry…

      • 31.1.1 JBB

        Laundry was super cute. But I kept wondering why someone with so much money and such a nice house didn’t own a washing machine… :-/

        • bajing

          I’ll ditch washing machine anytime if I could get touchy-feely with lee gak, ahem….

          • ladyjumong

            Well, then, you can do my laundry with Lee Gak, and when you’re done, I’ll feed you both omurice, yogurt drink, peppermints, cotton candy, popsicles, etc…

  32. 32 itunscrewstheotherway

    Thank you for the recap!

    This drama has me hooked! I love watching Yi-Gak! He does the silliest things with such dignity!

  33. 33 exquisitemelody

    I love reading these recaps! I’m also very happy that the cute charm came back this episode. I’d been complaining to my roommate that the show hasn’t been as funny or good as it started out. I’m glad that the old funny charm came back this episode.

    I think that one episode made it seem like he made the connection, but we never got a ‘flashback thought’ to confirm it. I think it jolted his memories a little bit and reminded him of something, but it wasn’t until now that he made the connection. I’m so glad he did though!!

  34. 34 July

    What I absolutely loved about this episode was that Yi-Gak didn’t end up feeling betrayed by Park-Ha. When the truth about SeNa and Park-Ha’s relationship was revealed I was completely dreading the whole “I-can’t believe-you-lied-to-me” spiel. Thank goodness Yi-Gak is one smart man/hero! He has always had faith in Park-Ha which makes him absolutely swoon-worthy. 🙂

    • 34.1 JBB

      Keep in mind that PH never lied about the sister relationship. She just avoided it and was very forthright when asked about it.

    • 34.2 pandora

      I agree. I think in YG’s mind, even if others throw stones at PH, he would keep trusting her. PH’s personality is really honest and kind and YG knows that. I love how PH’s credibility is very powerful for YG. One can see that in the drama, even in the part where SN tries to blab about how she feels PH might take YG away, YG was immediately taken aback, and told SN that PH is not that kind of person.

  35. 35 singhi26

    thanks for the recaps, this episode was indeed cute. I have noticed that their names fit in different times lol Lee Gak + Park-ha and Tae-Yong + Bu-Yong, now I am worried what will happen to them since LG and PH have opposite personalities to TY and BY, I don’t know this name thing is driving me crazy
    Really Sena will not see that coming when she gets deshinerited because she tried to impersonate PH, I just hope this happens…
    I really don’t want to wish bad things to any, but Sena and Taemu really deserve the worst, he should go to jail where he is going to be beaten everyday, his dad should go guard the dogs just like how they sent the other director, Sena should end up alone, in jail, broke, or whatever bad things come to her, death is just too easy for her, she needs to suffer more, being rejected by even the mom that raised her and her real mom
    Please writers let PH spend some time with her real mom, it was so sad when she finally was going to meet her dad to find out he died just days before.
    sorry for the long post……can’t wait for the next episode
    HJM and Yoochun, should really date, they look so cute together and they both seem nice and the way they look at each other…..

    • 35.1 lizzzie

      I’ve never wanted a couple to date in real life more than HJM and YC. They just look so compatible. The couple pictures behind the scenes kill me with cuteness 😀

    • 35.2 JBB

      TM’s dad as the Dog Man! HAHA! I love it.

      I hope the aunt and the other guy get married, too.

  36. 36 Robyn

    Oh Yoochun, the face that launched a thousand popsicles! He’s so cute in this episode. 🙂

    As my mind is doing a quantum speed fast forward to final episode 20, I already envision a “choose-your-own happy ending” for both Yi Gak and Park Ha. The curtains will close with both of them walking on the beach in a real tropical paradise with the 3 ducklings in tow.:D

    • 36.1 lizzzie

      Teehee, “face that launched a thousand popsicles”. His precious face is also one that has consumed a thousand yogurt bottles :p

      And I approve of your happy ending 😀 Bonus if we get to see the 4 men taking the plane for the first time to get to a tropical island

    • 36.2 ladyjumong

      And his face is also one that made me go to the Korean market to search for bak ha- (peppermint candy)-and I found it!!! I still have half a packet left-anybody wants some???

      • 36.2.1 JBB

        Are they tasty?

        • ladyjumong

          They’re actually quite tasty-they’re not too sweet nor too strong in flavor.

      • 36.2.2 KStyle

        Yes please. I want to crush them in my mouth and pretend that it’s Se Na And Tae Mu ( bwhahahaha) ^.^

        • ladyjumong

          Sure-and I’m not kidding-I can send you a full package of bak ha. Are you in the US?

          • Ivoire

            Hi Ladyjumong,

            Are you still offering to send the peppermint candy? I would be interested, if the offer still stands. And yes, I do leave in the US. Please let me know. Thanks!

  37. 37 kirara

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for the Recaps!!! OMG. I love this episode.. TOOO CUTE!!! and Yoochun.. Gosh you’re making me faint as a sweet and such an understanding prince.. FINALLY he’s found his girl..:)

    And I have to say REVENGE IS SUPER SWEET! Now that our dear prince knows everything about Se=na and he got his 3 supporters to set up another plot, this time not to destroy Tae Mu but to destory Se-na. Hell yaH!! LOVE IT!!!!.. Sad Its going to be ending soon!!!!

  38. 38 Hang

    Okay, if Ep 13 a little disappointed me, ep 14 got me ALL hyped up. I think this is the BEST episode ever up to this time in that it got all the elements that make Rooftop Prince a win (which had not been that well blended and distributed in the last couple of episodes).

    Yi Gak’s confrontation with Sena is daebak. He is not only smart but very straightforward and chooses to be true to himself (well, traits of a Prince after all). I like that he was so angry that he yelled and later even shed a tear out of disappointment.

    The fun was back, which is the greatest thing ever. I burst my sides laughing at all F3 and F4 scenes in this episode. Blue ajusshi drooled OMG

    Park Ha and Yi Gak were ON and ON with sweet moments. Can I say this, the up-close-and-personal laundry scene is wayyyyyyyyyy more sensual than their kiss in ep 12. I love that. Want more scenes like that <3

    Thank you for the recap! Lovely as always 🙂

  39. 39 Meida

    Does anyone else think that the “Princess’s” death was actually Bu-yong staged to look like the princess?

    • 39.1 risa

      Yes, that theory has been floating about since ep.1.

    • 39.2 Heather

      The idea of the princess committing suicide keeps sticking with me…not sure why…at some point in this episode Sena was walking near water and I was waiting for her to dump…

      Then again…maybe I do know why these thoughts keep occurring… 😛

    • 39.3 debby

      yep – but now i worried because if prince goes back – what if she dead in that era. Or will they go back further in time to start of all this and prevent little girl from being burnt,so prince will marry her and Park Ha will meet Tae Young and prevent his being on boat. Will he tell her his favorite food is omrice. Will all have lingering memories in back of mind. Will the 3 ducklings have better lives now?

    • 39.4 cowlick

      That’s like the biggest mystery of the entire drama. The princess’s death. I have a feeling Tae Mu will have some part in the murder. He’s just so “murdery”

  40. 40 lizzzie

    Thanks for the recap! And YES this episode found the right mix again, finally. AND we not only got the cute back, we got a preview of Junsu’s OST number! *all the confetti in the air*

    Keep the OTP love coming please, I hope Yigak starts bugging Parkha for his riddle answer, haha. And gets all frustrated if she can’t answer.

  41. 41 risa

    Thanks JB! I agree– without the cute, this drama doesn’t hold up very well.

    On a side note, you know you’re watching too many k-dramas when not one, but two of your current dramas have a heroine that is a long-lost daughter who doesn’t even know that her real name is In Joo, and an evil 2nd lead who is masquerading as In Joo. (Feast of the Gods being the other drama with that set up.)

    • 41.1 tarquinthetiny

      Totally agree!

      I stopped watching Feast of the Gods because I couldn’t stand the frustration of seeing the real In Joo constantly being framed and maligned by the imposter In Joo. I think I would be getting impatient with RTP too, if not for its comedic highlights– the irresistible charm of the Joseon F3 and the cute chemistry between our lead couple– which keep it from falling down the unfathomable well of makjang tedium.

      • 41.1.1 ms

        I’m with you tarquinthetiny on FOTG. I bailed at the 2nd food poisoning by imposter IJ. I first thought FOTG writer was a grad of “Wishy-Washy” Writing School re the male lead and OTP, but then realized the writer was on the Dean’s list at Crap Ending College! What keeps me watching RTP is the Joseon 3 (or is it 4?) and their relationships and interaction with PH.

  42. 42 A-M

    Anyone else notice that there was a butterfly on Park Ha’s shirt in that last scene?

    I can’t help but think of the Greek/Roman mythology behind the butterfly as the symbol of Psyche and the soul…

    And.. I really am surprised he hadn’t put that part together before, so many missed opportunities. I like that we now have some more evidence that the Crown Princess was actually awful too. Wonder when that tidbit will make it to the Prince’s ears. And did his ducklings tell him about their fading in and out?? THEY NEED TO.

    And, because Ineed to get this off my chest.

    No wonder Tae Young ran away to American and didn’t want to go back to his grandmother. When we first met her I as all ‘awww, she lost her grandson, she is so pathetic.’ Now I think she is possibly the worst of the three baddies (Uncle Money just doesn’t count as a baddie, tho I love that actor). Here is your grandson (you think) returned from the dead, with amnesia. You hate the woman taking care of him, you force him to work in a company he knows nothing about, a week after getting him you want him engaged to your pet secretary…. Oh and you kick him out of your house, smack his friend around…

    What kind of caring grandmother is this?! As far as I am concerned she and the stupid Head Secretary from K2H can run away together and ruin and manipulate each others lives in evil old people bliss.

  43. 43 A-M

    (Also isn’t asking Tae Mu to kill someone sorta dumb? He killed Tae Young but instead of eliminating him he now has TWO Tae Youngs to deal with… if he tries to kill him again are we gonna get another incarnation sucked into present day? Like Turn of the Century Tae Young?)

    • 43.1 asianromance

      LOL! I love the idea of multiplying Taeyong’s. Every attempt will lead to a new incarnation of Taeyong appearing.

      It reminds me of Buffy. Every time she “died”, a new slayer was called.

      • 43.1.1 A-M

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    And my ducklins, my cuties!!! Thank godness the cute and funny are back!!!!!!!
    Geez YG i thought you already knew PH was BY….

  46. 46 Turen

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    I think LG has suspected PH is BY all along. Just that he has never pay too much attention. It goes as far as ep 7, at the school (or maybe before but never shown on screen). When he realised that Ha is also written as lotus, he was thinking out loud that she is really lotus all along. He even dream of BY after he saw PH masked by the hanke. But he has never registered the image. Only when he ends the relationship with his reincarnated ‘princess’ SN for good. He started to accept the fate of him and PH, and somehow made him re realised this whole new fate, PH is the reincarnated BY!

  47. 47 TamTam

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    I hoped that she was going to rip that will apart too, but it’s her own daughter, makes sense that she’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, for now.

    Every time the company storyline sneaks back in, I’d skip ahead. Why waste the time. Whatever happened to the aunt lately? Her banter with Taek-soo was the only quirk that make those company scenes funny.

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    • 49.1 JBB

      Or what if the CP was so upset by BY’s answer, that she ordered the murder of BY, but she herself was either killed by mistake, or by one of the people in the palace who became fed up with her…

      • 49.1.1 vivyip

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        (i like the recap, but haven’t watched the show yet)

        from the recap, i think yi gak had some serious tunnel vision regarding the princess and as a result not noticing well that if park ha with a hankie sure looks like his sister in law(in joseon era), then chances are she’s related to sena in some way. even the recap has it sa “sister in law is showing up in my dreams lately…” (maybe the topic is alittle too close to home for him, so he didn’t realize it.

        i’m sorta wondering about the whole “who killed the princess” thing. If yi gak sees that there’s a guy chasing the reincarnated princess here (and possibly murdering willy-nilly) wouldn’t it make sense that perhaps whoever killed the actual princess was maybe someone who as of the series hasn’t show up in the show? (like maybe a no name courtier or maybe possible incestuous overtones — like maybe a cousin of the princess who also wanted to kill the crown prince…only didn’t succeed? and so got rid of the accomplice (princess) by the way, was it shown that bu-young was already charged with the crime? if time ran parallel, it might be too late to save bu young from death…)

        i’m actually curious about what park ha read from the excerpt in the library. jokingly maybe she read that the “yi gak died after searching for culprit of first wife” which might explain why she’s still sad at first…but there’s sorta a way to make it all tie in…

        my very bad guess at a possible ending 1: yi gak’s memories merge with current version. TM (i forgot if his name is tae moo, or taek mo…i just remeber he’s the attempted murderer of tae young(?)) tries to murder sena, but yi gak saves sena…by taking the hit…and disappears into the past with the ducklings (somehow) park ha finds out parentage and whatnot, forgives all and loves the fish step mom more (sena and TM get charged for attempted murder)…and tae young wakes up from coma (hey, this IS kdrama…secret garden anyone?) with both sets of memory…and park ha sorta learns to love the current version…happily ever after…

        bad guess at ending #2: yi gak stays in current time. almost same as above, only you get a hospital scene of 2 yoochuns! the “current” one who has been in a coma all this time (like 2 years worth?)well, his body just can’t take it anymore and somehow disappears (the there can be only one a la highlander and all that) into the past (hence still fitting the part park ha ready at the library…prince dies in past mysteriously too) park ha and yi gak and ducklings live happily ever after. (grandma goes ballistic that company is in the hands of an upstart, btw)

        then again, my guesses are usually wrong. (fortunately for all ^_^)

        and since i’m sorta off topic anyway, the grandma’s the same lady who did the shining inheritance/brilliant legacy (she seems to do cranky old woman characters well)

        • Neng

          Yeah, that is the same lady who did that show. Hmm I wonder if Taeyong will get both sets of memories. Since Yi Gak remembered some of Taeyong’s memories when Yi Gak was punched by Tae Moo.

          I’ve been thinking about the ending too. To me I feel like once Yi Gak and Park Ha finally accept their feelings or something they will go back. Since when they kiss in ep 13 they disappeared in the picture and Chi-San’s hand became transparent. If that is the case it would be really sad and even if Taeyong gets the prince’s memories I still don’t think it will be the same.

          • Rai

            I’ve been thinking about this, and seeing Yi Gak’s penchant for sweets, would it be possible that Yi Gak was originally the target for the murder? It just happened that Hwa Yong and Bu Yong both liked dried persimmons (or was it just Bu Yong in the first episode?) that either the two could be the one poisoned. But then again, this takes us back to the original question of whodunnit and whydunnit.. :))

            By the way, would it be possible for the murder mystery-thingy to end, while at the same time, letting us keep our Rooftop Family? A sequel perhaps? 😉

  50. 50 Angskeet

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