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Rooftop Prince: Episode 15
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I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, which brought a well-balanced mix of plot movement, cuteness, romantic development, mystery solving, and secret unveiling. Balance isn’t always this drama’s forte, but this episode does a solid job of upping the stakes and intensifying the plot at a point where a lot of dramas start to flag and slow down, which I feared might happen here. Instead, we get tons of forward advancement. Yay!


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Yi Gak makes the final reincarnation connection: Bu-yong is Park-ha. He makes the mental connection just as he also recognizes her physically, with the clothesline mimicking Bu-yong’s mask.

He tells Park-ha what this means: that she was Bu-yong, and that Bu-yong is the princess’s sister. Yi Gak confirms that she was also in his Joseon life, which is something they both take in happily. He says it feels like reuniting with an old friend, and tells her they were quite close in his world.

She asks what she was like then, and he says that she was quiet and followed him around at a distance. Ha. She came to live at the palace with her sister while both were still young, and would convey interesting stories from the outside world: “Even if those were the same stories the eunuchs or court ladies told me, it was always more interesting when Bu-yong told them.”

He explains his fondness for telling puzzles, but how Bu-yong would always figure them out. (He speaks of Bu-yong as though she’s the same person as Park-ha, saying “you did this,” rather than “Bu-yong did this,” which I find an interesting detail.) Now he realizes, “Now that I think of it, I spent more time talking with you than I did with the princess. My mood was always great when I talked with you.”

But he can’t resist the chance to tease, saying pointedly that she was therefore quite different then—you know, all smart and accomplished. Hehe.

In any case, they’re both pleased about this; Park-ha particularly enjoys knowing she was part of his life back then, too. Aw, there’s something sweet about that, knowing that she’s rather displaced in this lifetime, without a place to belong to.

They’ve made evening plans to see a fireworks show, and Park-ha mentions making five boxed dinners. Yi Gak points to her, then himself: “Let’s just go, the two of us.” So cute.

Time for her to tease, so she plays coy and sends him following her around, pestering her for a reply. He even makes this hilarious whiny noise, accompanied by shoulder-waggle-hip-shake. It’s a full-body pout.

Inside, they trade telling looks and faces the ducklings. Yi Gak makes the excuse that he’s tired and heading for bed. When Chi-san asks about the fireworks show, Park-ha thinks fast for an excuse, landing on an eye condition that makes it impossible for her to see sparkly things.

The boys shoot her suspicious/grumpy looks, but she goes around flicking off the lights (“Ah, my eyes!”) and urges them all to bed early. Ha. They pout in confusion.

Se-na meets with CEO Jang Sun-joo, who goes along with her lie that she’s her (younger) daughter. Jang Sun-joo is still trying to figure out how to react, and therefore her responses are reserved and a little confused. On one hand, she gets to spend time with her (elder) daughter. On the other hand, she knows Se-na is faking this relationship and doesn’t understand why.

Se-na plays the part convincingly, with tears and feigned vulnerability, even asking, “Can I call you Mom?” She takes out the ring she’d been given on the last trip and says she felt a kind of connection between them at the time.

Jang Sun-joo calls her by her birth name, In-joo, and explains that the name came from a mix of her parents’ (In-chul, Sun-joo). Se-na says that Dad told her the story many times—and that’s the first real misstep. Jang Sun-joo thinks despairingly that the story’s fake.

Se-na escorts her to her hotel suite, and casts an appraising eye around, thinking that it’s too ridiculous for all this luxury to be related to Park-ha. She thinks to herself, “I’m going to take everything from Park-ha.”

Park-ha and Yi Gak sneak out of the house to go on their date. Holding hands, they head to the waterside for the show, and they’re literally frolicking through the park. Cute.

They enjoy the spectacle of lights, oohing over the firework show, not even seeing that Yi Gak is starting to fade from sight, right where he sits. One moment he’s solid, the next he’s just a transparent outline. Every time Park-ha looks at him, though, he comes back to normal.

Park-ha had told the boys to read a book instead of watching television, so now they sit at home, each with a different book in hand. And what have they chosen? Man-bo busily memorizes the phone book, Yong-soo struggles with Restructuring General Knowledge, and Chi-san… embroiders.

They’re all wondering why they have to do this, but do it anyway. Ha, I love disgruntled-but-obedient ducklings.

Man-bo finishes his memorization, thanks to his photographic memory, and goes have the prince test him on his knowledge. You are such a teacher’s pet. The boys stand before the unresponsive lumpy bedspread awaiting a response, and when they get none, they discover the pillow decoy. Three hundred years of progress, and still the same hooky tactics.

And so it is that Yi Gak and Park-ha find three pissed-off minions awaiting them as they start the walk home. Glowering. Judging.

They drop hands and shoot panicked looks at each other. Then Yi Gak turns, takes her hand again, and starts running. Or should I say power-walking, with full-on butt-wiggle. The ducklings literally waddle after them. What, can you not one-up the prince, even when you’re trying to punish him?

Eventually things settle down, and Yi Gak tells his boys about the Bu-yong connection. They’re amazed, and it makes them all feel even more like they’ve known each other for a long time, even if they’d never met Bu-yong. They toast to the occasion.

Jang Sun-joo broods, wondering why Se-na and Tae-mu are lying to her. Considering that there was a positive DNA match, she deduces that they must know who the real daughter is.

Yi Gak also broods, pacing the rooftop as he thinks, followed by the ducklings, ha. He’s been thinking all night, and they’re tired, urging him to bed before the sun rises. Chi-san rambles, “This thing called thinking, just as you think more the more you think of it, the best thinking can be to not think of it.”

But Yi Gak is puzzling over something that doesn’t logically work out in his head. He had believed the princess possessed hidden virtues, but in this world that isn’t the case. Now Chi-san shares the rumor about Hwa-yong burning her sister’s face in order to be chosen as his bride, and Yi Gak exclaims in shock, “Why are you only telling me now?!”

He muses that if the story is true, then the two incarnations do have something in common after all. Now the story starts to makes sense. He moves on to the next trip-up: the nature of the sisterly relationship. Hwa-yong and Bu-yong were biological sisters, but in this world they’re stepsisters, unrelated by blood. He invites his men to share any and all concerns they have, to get everything out on the table.

Chi-san offers the curious discrepancy of Yi Gak marrying one sister in Joseon, but falling in love with a different one here. Man-bo wonders why they fell into Park-ha’s home when they time-leaped. (And Yong-sool… nods off? Hee.)

Yi Gak picks up that line of reasoning, saying that they came here to uncover the truth behind the princess’s poisoning (from the doctored persimmon). So why did they not jump to Se-na’s home instead? He’s certain there’s something more to do with Park-ha.

Yi Gak and Park-ha go out to lunch with Jang Sun-joo, where the latter thanks the former for putting her up at their home when she fell ill last time. She also thanks Park-ha for her thoughtfulness and comments on what a good daughter she is to her mother.

Jang Sun-joo asks why she isn’t working right now, which sparks off another mild bicker-fest between the lovebirds: Park-ha says pointedly that she quit her job out in the countryside thanks to somebody, and that somebody retorts that that’s why he is taking her in and feeding her, and she points out, “Yeah, while working me like a slave!”

On the upside, this job situation provides the perfect opportunity for Park-ha to act as secretary while CEO Jang is in Korea. Over coffee at the hotel, Yi Gak gives the woman some pointers in having Park-ha for a secretary—like how she’s a rough driver and how she’s a little slow on the uptake, so she’ll have to speak in short sentences. HAHA. Plus, when she gets hungry, she also gets violent.

Jang Sun-joo watches the teasing with enjoyment, and even joins in. When Park-ha mutters that they’ll deal with this at home, she asks innocently, “Park-ha, are you angry right now? Are you hungry?” Cute.

The con artists are in full swing, with Se-na brushing up on things to do together and Tae-mu advising her to find as many commonalities with CEO Jang as she can. They arrive at the hotel, but stop short to witness the cozy scene unfolding with The Enemies. They duck away and leave before they’re seen, fuming impotently about Park-ha’s proximity to the CEO, which puts them (and their dreams of riches) in peril.

Se-na’s the more panicked one, even accusing Tae-mu of slacking off on his whole promise to get rid of Park-ha. Tae-mu plays it cooler, instructing Se-na to call Park-ha and find out what the situation is first.

Se-na asks if she’s free to do something for her, but Park-ha answers that she’ll be busy for the immediate future, acting as assistant for a visitor from abroad. That’s enough information for Se-na to fill in the blanks, and it is NOT good news.

Next, Jang Sun-joo answers a call from Tae-mu canceling her meeting with Se-na, citing a car accident. This doesn’t appear to surprise her, as though she’d been awaiting some kind of move from the impostors. When Park-ha and Yi Gak get up to leave, she tests out her suspicions by asking whether Park-ha knows anybody among her unni’s friends named Park In-joo. Sure enough, Park-ha doesn’t know the name.

Se-na drops by her hotel room later that evening and apologizes for missing their date earlier. She’s feeling good enough about the con to broach the topic of Tae-mu, calling him a really good person who facilitated their reunion: “Shouldn’t we repay him somehow?” Bingo, motive revealed.

Jang Sun-joo asks what she has in mind. Se-na asks her to vote for Tae-mu as the new CEO at tomorrow’s shareholder meeting. Jang Sun-joo nods and says that if her daughter wants it, she’ll have to comply. Se-na returns to Tae-mu in great spirits, and he’s equally elated at the news.

Park-ha has breakfast with her mother the next day, and explains that she’ll be acting as secretary for “Auntie Sun-joo.” (In this case she’s using Aunt because she’s Mom’s friend, not as an indication of biology—goodness knows we don’t need more family complications in this drama!)

Auntie Sun-joo is, at the moment, eating breakfast with Se-na, who uses the opportunity to drop Tae-mu’s name a couple more times. Jang Sun-joo asks if there’s anything else she wants, using her name In-joo just as Park-ha arrives to being her assisting duties. So she also overhears Se-na’s response, calling her “Mom.”

Jang Sun-joo heads to her room to change, leaving Se-na at the table… and Park-ha glaring daggers at her sister, calling her insane. Se-na blanches, knowing she’s well and caught, though she puts up her usual bristly defenses to argue that it’s none of her business.

Park-ha can’t believe she’d do this to her mother, going around calling someone else Mom while their mother spent all morning making Se-na’s favorite foods for the breakfast she didn’t show up to eat. Se-na fumes, “Are you lecturing me?” Park-ha flings a cup of water in her face (yay!) and tells her to wake up: “How are you going to live comfortably while hammering a nail into Mom’s heart?”

Se-na reaches for her water to return the favor, but a furious Park-ha beats her to it… and throws another glass in her face. Yaaaay!

Park-ha bites out, “Even if you pull a nail out, it leaves a scar behind. If you’re so ashamed of your mother, then don’t be her daughter. I’LL do that.”

Jang Sun-joo gives Park-ha an envelope to deliver to the shareholders’ meeting for the big vote for new CEO. Going around the boardroom, the votes are cast, stalling at 4 versus 4. There’s one absence, but Park-ha bursts in to deliver the absentee vote. The baddies exult, knowing they’re gonna win this one… which is what happens when you count your chickens. Because she has voted for Tae-yong.

Grandma and Taek-soo applaud, elated, and Tae-mu wonders what went wrong.

It’s a question being answered for Se-na, who asks Jang Sun-joo (rather accusingly, really) why she switched her vote. Her mother tells her plainly that she knows she’s not In-joo: “Did you think you could make such a big lie and get away with it?”

Se-na reels. Jang Sun-joo tells her to leave, unwilling to talk of the matter further.

Tae-mu deals with a disappointed parent as well, though his is much screechier. His father slaps him and screams in frustration.

Park-ha walks Yi Gak out of the meeting, worried about him being promoted when he’s already got so much else to worry about. He answers that he will fulfill duties as Tae-yong as well as solve his own mystery, and that Tae-yong’s death is part of that.

Park-ha finishes her secretarial errands, with Yi Gak tagging along, and stops at a street vendor for wish-granting rings. He scoffs that they’re a crock (the vendor shoots him a dirty look), but she sticks rings on their fingers—she’ll buy his, so he has to buy hers.

Yi Gak disapproves and starts to take it off, but she says that dating couples wear matching rings, and he relents.

Park-ha closes her eyes and makes her wish, but this time when she looks over at Yi Gak, she catches him mid-fade. He has no idea anything’s amiss and keeps smiling at her, but she looks at him in alarm as he fades in and out right before her eyes.

When he comes back, she grabs him tight, scared and relieved, afraid to let go.

That night, the three sidekicks sneak into the company office with flashlights, intent on finding out why Tae-mu has left for Chicago. To their shock, they’re not the only ones in the office: sitting behind the desk is a suspicious Pyo Taek-soo.

He sits down all four Joseon travelers and asks for the truth. Yi Gak admits that he’s not Tae-yong, and Taek-soo says he knew he was an impostor from the moment he heard that the real Tae-yong was still alive. He’s essentially a vegetable, living but with no consciousness.

He says he didn’t reveal the truth because even if he’s a fake, he needed him to fight Tae-mu. In fact, they both need each other now, and that’s why he tips them off to Tae-mu’s reason for going to Chicago: to bring Tae-yong home.

When Tae-mu lands in Seoul, Tae-yong is transferred from the plane to an ambulance. The sidekicks stake out that ambulance from the curbside and follow when Tae-mu climbs in, doggedly sticking close despite the ambulance’s erratic weaving. It’s a good thing you’ve got Agent Yong-sool at the wheel.

A truck blocks their view, though, allowing the ambulance to slip off to a side road and lose them. Man-bo and Chi-san complain so whinily that Yong-sool has enough of them and locks them out of the car. HA. He even makes them jog after the car for a while before stopping, and warns, “Don’t drive with your mouths anymore.”

The ambulance arrives at a hospital and Tae-yong is wheeled inside. The problem for the minions is that while Man-bo got the license plate, they don’t know where to go about tracking down that ambulance.

So Yong-sool has an idea—and drives straight into a roadblock, giving them minor whiplash. Guess they’ll have to call the police and report a hit and run by that ambulance.

Oooh, looky who just got smart!

Tae-mu calls his father to request an emergency board meeting be called for this afternoon. The agenda: dismissal of the new CEO.

Park-ha takes a leisurely walk through a neighborhood, smiling at the sights, like the schoolyard chalk murals. Yi Gak follows at a fixed distance behind her, taking care to stay out of her sight, enjoying her enjoyment of the day.

She sits down to listen to a street performance, and he calls to tell her he’s running a little late to meet her. She assures him she’s still on her way too, so no worries. Watching her as he answers, he says, “If you get there before me, eat some ice cream while waiting for me.”

She starts looking around suspiciously for him while he gets a call from Pyo Taek-soo, and the news sends him running. Park-ha is left wondering where he went, though she sees the jacket he’d set down and forgotten to take, with his special handkerchief in the pocket.

Tae-mu and his father swing into action. While Dad takes care of the meeting, Tae-mu heads to the hospital to take care of Tae-yong.

With Yi Gak rushing through traffic to make the meeting, Park-ha’s call goes unanswered. And now she remembers that peculiarity from the other day, when he faded from sight like a ghost. Could he…?

Yi Gak screeches into a parking garage and pulls up in front of two hospital employees… who are Yong-sool and Chi-san in disguise. Ha, is Chi-san really dressed as a woman? Well, I guess that IS his specialty.

They usher him in, and Man-bo gives them a warning call when Tae-mu arrives. Unfortunately he loses his tail on Tae-mu when he’s mistaken for a real doctor, and has to dash off to try to find him again.

Tae-mu arrives on Tae-yong’s floor with his camera crew in tow, just as the two accomplices wheel Tae-yong’s gurney out of the room and down the hall. They pull the blanket over his face as they pass by, and breathe a sigh of relief when Tae-mu doesn’t catch on to the patient they’re stealing.

Then Man-bo intercepts Tae-mu in front of the door to stall him, and that gets Tae-mu’s suspicions firing. He bursts into the room—and finds everything normal, with Tae-yong (Yi Gak, as we know) lying in bed, catatonic as ever.

Meanwhile, the shareholders file into the boardroom to begin the emergency meeting. Uncle puts for the proposal to dismiss Tae-yong, directing their attention to the video screen for their proof.

Broadcast there is Tae-mu, reporting from the hospital room, who charges that the current Tae-yong is a con man. The real Tae-yong is here, in the room with him.

The camera pans over to show the hospital bed, which causes a stir among the executives. Tae-mu explains that Tae-yong has virtually no chance of recovery, but he would have wanted his hyung to reveal this scam on his behalf.

This is the point at which Yi Gak stirs, sitting up in bed. Eek, even though I know exactly what’s going on, the visual effect is eerily like something out of a horror movie. He croaks, “Tae-mu hyung.”

Tae-mu recognizes that voice with a start, and turns slowly in astonishment. Dun dun dun!


Not gonna lie, I had worried whether this drama had enough plot left in it to carry us to twenty episodes without some major slowdowns and running around in circles. I was holding out hope that there would be one last twist to propel us down the final stretch, but I wasn’t confident there would be. So I’m entirely relieved—and encouraged—at how much story was crammed into this episode, and how things flew by.

I still think the editing and post-production is a little rough around the edges, which is definitely the live shoot system showing its seams—some transitions are strange, and sometimes sequences are oddly strung together. But I don’t really mind those editing quibbles when there’s so much advancement zooming us right along, because I’m caught up in the developments.

Yi Gak impersonating Tae-yong (er, again, that is) is one of those brilliantly simple schemes that ought to make the villains sweat for real. Hopefully by this point Yi Gak will have learned enough to be able to make the impersonation more fluid, rather than relying on the amnesia excuse. And this last-minute plan, so desperately cobbled together, surely has a lot of pitfalls—like where the others are going to live if not the rooftop. Everyone assumes that Impersonator #1 has fled, so they won’t be confused when they can’t find him.

Then there was the Se-na reveal, on top of the Park-ha smackdown (yay!), and the mysterious flickering travelers. Not to mention the ever-present mystery of the princess’s murder and the time-travel mechanism. Lots of stuff to carry us through the end.


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      The writers have been preparing us with the whole fading in/out of existence that PH & LG though two kindred souls with destiny beyond years (that’s why they automatically attract to each other)… They cannot be together in this stolen period of time… This time travel was a temporary solution for a universal problem. Problem = 2 Hateful Beings Tae Moo and Sena (I’ve never wanted to sucker punch someone so bad… they take the cake on Evil Evil Evil)

  20. 20 h311ybean

    Thank you for the recap! I just finished re-reading last week’s to brush up on what had happened, and poof, the latest one is here!

    I love all the twists in this episode. Glad to see Yi Gak drawing the parallels between Bu-young and Park-ha, and Park-ha getting some revenge on Se-na, and CEO Jang double-crossing her (older) daughter. I like that the CEO knows that Se-na is indeed her daughter, but appears disappointed by said daughter’s behavior instead of going along with whatever Se-na wanted.

    And now Tae-yong and Yi Gak are in the same place. I can’t wait to find out what happens next, and how this will all end up!

  21. 21 lovedramas

    Still my weekly obsession this series.

    Yoochun is definitely winning me over in this series and I have to admit that I had a lot of doubts (though optimistic) in the beginning as to whether or not he & HJM would have a lot of chemistry onscreen together. This is definitely my favorite of her dramas (this & yi san). They really have the cutest chemistry!

    I am loving the mystery finally unfolding and our 4 travelers actually figuring things out. I really really want Sena & TM to sweat it out and lots! They deserve that kind of fear.

    I definitely think this is a series that I could rewatch a few times and not get bored. I still love PH and her 4 time travelers. They are just tooo cute and how happy they all were to find out that PH was with them back in their own time. 🙂

  22. 22 ladyjumong

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      Are you the one who was offering the Park Ha candy 🙂 (peppermint candy) on a former post? If you are, do you still have some and would you be willing to send some to CA? Just wondering…

      • 22.1.1 ladyjumong

        Yup, its me-in fact I was waiting to see if you would reply to my last post on Ep. 14. I live in CA, too.

        • Ivoire

          Hi, I am so sorry :-(. I did visit the page (ep. 14) two days in a row after I wrote my message and I didn’t hear from you so I assumed that you were not interested anymore or that you never read my answer. Thank you for getting back in touch with me. I live in Northern CA, (currently in San Mateo). Should I give you an email address where I could give you my address from? Please let me know and again, thank you!

          • ladyjumong

            You are so funny-really determined to get that candy, ha? Will you post your email here (well, right now, this is the only way we can communicate).? I can also send you a photo of the package of bak ha.

        • Ivoire

          Hi again, I went and checked to see if you had answered my message on May 6 for ep. 14, and you never did (you were # 36.2 or something like that), which explains why I didn’t post another message.

          • ladyjumong

            Hi again, too. It seems like we’re just chatting right now. Well my last post on ep. 14 was 111. Do you watch Rooftop Prince on viki?

          • Ivoire

            Hi Ladyjumong,

            I was just honestly curious about the candy Bak Ha because one of the things you had mentioned in your message was that they were not too sweet, so I was curious about what they tasted like, since in the US, sweet things tend to be quite sweet. I also thought it would be interesting to see what the packaging looked like.
            I usually don’t read the comments past the 1st page on the drama recaps because I am a slow reader and it takes me a while to read the comments. Occasionally, I go past the 1st page. When I correspond with people here, we usually keep writing under each other’s answers until it gets to be too long and then when we switch to another page, we make sure that we let the other person know on what page our answer is (page and # of the answer). That explains why I didn’t know your answer was on the 3rd page, # 111. I was expecting to see it under my answer (meaning right after mine).
            I am interested in getting the candy but I don’t want to inconvenience you, so I will leave the decision up to you. I would have given you one of my email addresses and from that email address, I would have given you my current home address, with the understanding that you would not divulge it. Again, I am ok either way, I don’t really have to receive the candy. I am sure you must be quite busy, and I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way. I just thought I would take you on the offer, mainly because I was curious. It has been nice chatting with you in the process and yes, you could also just email me a picture of the package.

          • Ivoire

            Forgot to answer your last question: yes, I watch Rooftop on Viki, do you?

          • ladyjumong

            I don’t even want to divulge my email here. So since we both watch Rooftop Prince on viki, look at the post I created call Yi Gak’s favorite meal, under fan zone. My viki user name is babyjumong (thinking of using that on dramabeans now). why not send me a message there? No, it just makes me glad that someone is interested in the candy like I was, enough to make me go to the Korean market to actually search for it-hehehe—and it wouldn’t inconvenience me since I go to Hmart at least once a week. And I can even make omurice for you—btw, I live in Costa Mesa, Orange County.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Ladyjumong,
            So good to hear from you again, and I am sooo relieved to know that it would not be too much of a bother for you to send me some Bak Ha and I so appreciate that. That is really kind of you. You know, just to clarify things, I wasn’t going to have you give me you email address here. I was going to give you one of mine (I have 4 email addresses) and ask you to email me there, and that way, I would have responded to you not from here, but from my email address.
            I will go to Viki however and do as you said. I am interested in the Omurice as well. I don’t know if cooked Omurice can be sent via mail, but we can always find out. I would definitely be interested in the recipe if you don’t mind sharing it with me. I will now go to Viki.com and look for you 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Also, interesting that you live in O.C. I have never been to Southern Cal. (yet), but I do have a nephew who lives there, in LA to be exact. I have lived in Northern Ca. for almost 5 years and before that I lived in MN for 12 years. I do not miss the cold :-)…

  23. 23 lordj

    The end of this episode sure gave me goosebumps…
    I mean from Tae-mu’s perception, it sure is creepy!

    And thank God for sound-minded CEO Jang. Even if she knows that Sena is her daughter, she confronted her for posing as the younger daughter.

  24. 24 Noelle

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  25. 25 Ti

    OMG! Park ha you finally grew up and splashed Se na with water…THANK YOU! Something everybody wanted to do. And I’m also glad that Se na and Tae mu’s plans are finally falling apart.

  26. 26 slfowie

    a thought, is it possible that the them fading in and out is because, the real Tae young is coming in and out of the coma- gaining consciousness, and the prince fading because a soul cannot be in two bodies at the same time? ( following the idea that TY is reincarnated prince).
    That water flinging- AWESOME!!! specially since she did it twice! And the body swap that was a nice move, so now its Princey, who impersonated as TY is impersonating TY again and.. I wonder that will bring?

  27. 27 MsGB

    Did anybody else stand up and clapped where Park Ha threw not one but two glasses of water in Se Na face?

    I danced a jig……………….yes, a jig.

    It seems that only when the mother is involved does Park Ha gets some balls about her. Last time when mom was in an accident and this time when she was left hangin for breakfast.

    • 27.1 slfowie

      I did that.. and replayed it a couple of times…

    • 27.2 MsGB

      Ok, I just have one question. If the person that died from the poison persimmon is Bu Yong/Park Ha (like a great many are suggesting) then why is Yi Gak acting like he’s positive that is was Hwa Yong/Se Na that croaked?

      And if it was indeed Bu Yong that died, what happened to Yi Gak’s memory (and that of the ducklings) that he doesn’t remember who died? Cause he definitely seen the face of the body even if we didn’t.

      And if everybody has a reincarnation, where are the ducklings’ doppelgangers? And would they also have the same personality or would they be different? What if their personalities switch with each other? Like Chi San (yellow) would be super smart, Man Bo (green) would be macho and kicka**, and Yong Sool would be all effeminate. HAHAHA!! I just picture Yong Sool in that nurse uniform!!

      ….um, yeah…..so it was more than one question, sue me :}

      • 27.2.1 Heather

        I would LOVE to see the ducklings’ reincarnations in the finale!

        I dread the idea of Bak-ha being without Yi-gak in her time…I feel like that’s the ship…not her and Tae-yong…

        However, if they also replaced her duckings…I could be a little bit less depressed……

      • 27.2.2 la dee dah

        Actually, did they actually show that Yi Gak definitely saw the face of the body? All the scenes we saw were of him on land while the body was still floating face down in the water. Then there was his command to the people pulling her body out of the water to not show anyone her face/body. And I don’t remember any mention by him or anyone else about him actually looking at the body when it was brought back. When he first saw her body floating in the water and screamed for his wife, he only did so because 1) people told him it was his wife in the water, and 2) the clothes on the body were what the wife was wearing. So he believed it right away. But it could easily be someone else wearing the same clothes. That’s why people are speculating the body perhaps being Park Ha.

      • 27.2.3 xsilx

        Mmmm… i0m not so sure that Yi Gak really saw the body.
        I mean, of course it’s been the first think that came to my mind, but then I rewatched the part of the death, and later there’s the scene in which the “princess”‘s body is still in the water and somebody with a boat go to remove it with a strange thing to cover, all this while Lee Gak look from a distance.
        I don’t know the Korean royal traditions during Joseon era, but it could also possible that once dead (maybe in a certain way) the body could also not be seen.
        So that’s why that I think that Lee Gak didn’t lost his memory at all, he simply thinks that the body belongs to the Princess, but actually he has never seen that.
        I had also thought that because of her jealousy (since that night Bu Yong had gone to the prince with the riddle solution) she couldn’t stand her anymore and in a moment of race she has killed her. The only problem is that the body in the water was definitely wearing the Princess’ clothes, and also if the body really belongs to Bu Yong, where could the Princess do then?
        I don’t really know, but it definitely must be Bu Yong’s body, also because during a scene in the first episode we can see the Joseon body in the water almost touching hand with Tae Yong’s hand, so there must be a connection!

        • MsGB

          @ la dee dah and xsilx
          Those are very good points. Especially the one about the hands touching in the water. I had to go back and watch ep 1 to remember. But logically speaking (even though we all know logic is not one of kdramas’ strong suits) even if Yi Gak didn’t see the face when he asked the head eunuch to wrap the body in silk, he should have seen it and told Yi Gak if it wasn’t the Crown Princess. But then again he may have been blocked from telling.

          I don’t know. What I do know is that when he get back from the future and find out that it was in fact Bu Yong that died, he’s gonna be more PO than when he started.

  28. 28 Amelia

    Tks so much for the recap! I know I’ve to write to encourage u to keep up ur great job and to tell u we the Rooftop Prince fanatics r so grateful to u!!!
    Totally in love with the main characters!!! Can’t wait for more romantic moments but have a feeling the next few episodes could be tearful…’



  30. 30 mulan

    Yoo Chun & Ji Min should win best couples award! 100 chemistry.. so cute together!

  31. 31 Sunmi

    I’m so surprised Se-na didn’t melt. I mean she got not one but TWO cups of water straight to the kisser…hmm maybe she needs something a little stronger?

    I say slap the chicky!

  32. 32 kaka

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  33. 33 Aquila

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    Love the twist at the end! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!!! Eeek! Just 10 hours to go!!! 😛

  34. 34 singhi26

    so if LG will impersonate TY again, what will happen with PH? could it be that LG acting as TY (since by now he should know more about his character) will try to make PH fall in love with him as TY so that when he (LG) leaves for joseon, she is already in love with TY. Anyways, TY was already interested in her since the beginning. I hope the real TY gets to retain all LG’s memories. I just hope when LG goes back, the first person he sees will be BY.
    I am starting to believe that the princess commited suicide, who knows, when everything is taken from her then the only way out will be that at least for her.

    Something else I was thinking about is…what if when Sena and TM try to kill PH, and LG saves her, PH loses her memories, and then LG is transported back and when PH wakes up she finally gets to meet TY like it was supposed to happen in the beginning.

    this drama is driving me crazy because it is so good, keeps me thinking all day what is going to happen

    btw, thanks for the recaps and I trully enjoy reading everybody’s comments here

    • 34.1 mandelbrotr

      ooh, I like the “PH loses her memories” theory.

    • 34.2 YChase007

      Hmmm… Amnesia twice not only in her childhood but adulthood. “It can happen… MC’World”.

      She already has the ability to cloud her mind from unjust memories. It would be a simple way to conclude the story… However, I believe the writers are very skilled – and I am optimistic of something completely believable and sound. =)

    • 34.3 xsilx

      Your supposition could be really right!
      I mean, me too I had thought that Lee Gak has also gone to the future to save Pak Ha, but honestly I will never accept if the writers will make Lee Gak and Pak Ha separate, above all if they will make lose the memory to somebody or something like that T_T
      It would be as if this whole drama had been all useless!
      I don’t care the “same soul thing”, Pak Ha is Pak Ha, Bu Yong is Bu Yong, and of course Lee Gak and Tae Yong.
      But I strongely doubt that there could be an happy solution without having to separate them, but I continue to hope anyway T_T

      • 34.3.1 la dee dah

        I don’t think the whole drama would have been useless if they separate at the end. From going forward in time, Yi Gak learned that his wife wasn’t as good as he thought she was (from what he learned about Sena), that he probably was supposed to be with Bu Yong instead (from his interactions with Park Ha), about the mysteries of his wife’s “death” and Tae Yong’s attempted murder (from what was going on in the present time since it seems to be linking up what happened in his own time). Yes, it would be sad if they separate, but Park Ha and Yi Gak’s falling in love doesn’t seem to me to be the main point of this time travel.

  35. 35 kirara

    AWW.. that is so cute.. they finally get a date and great family time…

    Although I’m sad that Yi Gak is coming in and out.. i hope that he leaves in good timing…

    and Tae Young.. he’s awake??? The episodes are coming to a close soon.. so sad its going to end.. I hope it is going to be a happy ending!!! 🙂

    Thank you for the recaps!

  36. 36 Ria~

    Thanks so much for the recap! 🙂

    That part when Park Ha saw YiGak mid-fade made me sob. :'( It was sort off a reminder that they don’t belong in the same time…. And will eventually have to part.

    I’ve been thinking that maybe TY is in this catatonic/vegetative state because he technically doesn’t have a soul- so he is essentially an empty shell since his ‘being/soul’ is still living in YiGak. This somehow explains the reincarnation and the theory the YIgak mentioned earlier that both can’t live on one time. Yigak will mostlikely fade ans return to his time…. The only consolation would be Tae Yong waking up and remembering everything (both TYs and YGs memories).. that would still be a satisfyinh ending!!

    • 36.1 YChase007

      Exactly! Ditto on the Sentiment… Trying to tie off these loose ends is going to be interesting to watch…

      The only thing that I can think of is if… LG goes farther back in time to influence a change- thus writing “wrongs” in all directions of time and space.

    • 36.2 xsilx

      But he still wouldn’t be Lee Gak, THE PERSON Pak Ha fall in love with!

      • 36.2.1 anabear

        you are so right xsilx!

        I think that even though they have the same bodies, each characters have different memories. And these memories (the moments shared by park ha and yi gak) are the reasons why they fell in love.

        I think, even though Tae Young and Park Ha were destined to cross paths, they won’t be able to replace those memories already shared by Yi Gak and Park Ha.

        One last thought. Given that this drama is a romantic fantasy, why can’t the writers go all the length and let the characters live in the present as they are?

  37. 37 dee

    yay… thanks for the recaps i really enjoy it… sneaking read it at my office while my boss is not arround…

  38. 38 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap! I wonder why Yi Gak disappeared in this episode but the power rangers didn’t? I can’t wait to find out! Also, I am so glad Park Ha threw water in Se Na’s face this time, rather than the other way around. Se Na is going down!

  39. 39 Claus

    First, thanks a trillion for the synopsis! I’m the kind of person who is still in diapers in her Hangul, and must wait for a translation, so… Getting from you what the episode is all about only makes me want to see it more!

    Now, regarding your personal views…completely agree. The story is really good, with unexpected twists all through (this latest one is really intriguing and exciting). For some reason, and in my short Kdrama experience, this script seems rather polished, and not the kind one immediately knows was not properly thought threw or planned. The acting is really well also, and together with the story, makes for a really good drama. Technically speaking, it might have a few thing that could be improved/better, but hey!who cares about that when the plot – which ultimately is the real deal – has gotten this good! :o)

    in any case, thanks for your hard work!

  40. 40 fangirl98

    I was afraid RP would have run out of steam by now, but this episode was GREAT!!!! If they keep up this level of energy and fantastic story telling, then we’re in store for a spectacular home-stretch into the finale.

    So excited!!! Still! 😀

  41. 41 one_nee

    thx for the recap =)
    i was really worried when LeeGak started to fade in-fade out in front of ParkHa. it was so creepy. we saw the ducklings experienced that, but seeing LeeGak also fade in-out like that shocked me at first, and scared me when it happened again.. i mean viewers also have a hope that he will be stay in this time while TaeYong is the one who go back.. but seeing him like that, it seems he wouldnot have any choice of staying or go back… T_T not ready for LeeGak-ParkHa to be separated..

    and i LOL-ed so hard at ManBo ‘Oh My God’ when they figured out LeeGak cheated on them, lol.. and the duckling ambulance chased scene just.. it so hillarious how close n good the ducklings followed the ambulance so near n smooth like that.. (i dont even know YongSul learnt how to drive.. and suddenly he was able to done a car chase..LOL) also the scene where LeeGak-TaeYong woke up in the hospital bed also made me LOL.. for a sec i have to remind myself that it wasnt a horror movie LOL.

  42. 42 Purplemay

    Totally love this episode.
    Blinking YiGak saddens me.. Argh I feel ParkHa… Guess she has to go through pain again.

  43. 43 jiajia

    loved every moment today.

  44. 44 Angskeet

    i got to admit, the previous episodes weren’t all that great, but this one really did it for me. Episode 15 was filled w/ a little comedy, drama, ups and downs and everything else we as viewers want!!! Can’t wait till ep 16!

  45. 45 shepo

    may i say my opinion,,

    the one who kill crown princess,

    i think,,it’s TaeMu,,he must ‘there’ in joseon,,i’m quite sure he’s one of the royal family…

    • 45.1 sohow

      i also think like that too. back in joseon era, the crown princess actually has a secret affair with someone (old tae mu)in the palace. the old taemu is the one who killed the princess when he couldnt get what he planned for.

      • 45.1.1 NewKDramaAddict

        That’s what I am thinking too. That there is a Joseon Tae Muu involved with the Princess!

  46. 46 Suzi Q

    Loved the cliff hanger at the end of this episode. Thought Tae Mu would have pooped in his pants when Yi Gak got up out of the bed. This is going to be confusing on who is who in the next couple of episodes.

    Loved the part where Park Ha beats Sena to the punch with 2 glasses of water. Should have been wine so she would get more dirtied and stained.

    Just a thought, if Sena is the reincarnation of the Crown Princess,Yong Tae Yong – the Crown Prince, Park Ha – Bu Young, does that mean Tae Mu is some person reincarnation in Chosun times? And do the 3 Ducklings have reincarnated bodies somewhere in present time?

  47. 47 momosa

    Wait a minute – does stepmom know Park Ha’s real name?

    • 47.1 NewKDramaAddict

      I don’t think so. I think the Dad changed the name.

  48. 48 jolli

    Am enjoying this show very much. Though its not those EPIC like drama but in my Kworld, shows that make me smile and think about is worth my time. i have watched many show and movies be it western/local/korean/Tdrama/Thaishow, too many to name, i am only keen in those shows that satisfy my own need, Aish! no need to have like half the group agreeing.
    Delighted with the show. Hope that the director will give us fan service at the end, maybe a bit more skinship… hahahaha ( my dream ). Well.. compare to those all Kdrama show, people use to date for years and no touch n etch… *fainted*. But they also have to consider the TvLand audience too i guess.

    FAN SERVICE PLEASE, Dear Director….

    • 48.1 Heather

      “Real action…my dream…”

      –Every fan of Gumiho ever

  49. 49 hanneebuff

    Thanks for the fast recap!

    So many plot developments (yet again but who’s complaining?)

    And the throwing of water on Sena’s face, wahaha! served her right. it’s funny that Park Ha was able to get her revenge, though a little bit late. As they say, revenge is best served cold.

    On the other hand, I wonder when CEO Jang will finally discover that Park Ha is her other daughter? And will she disinherit Sena? let’s wait and see.

  50. 50 lidy

    is it really the princess that is dead? i don’t remember but was she mentioned at all or was even seen, after the princess was murdered? maybe the reason why the joseon 4 ended up at park ha’s place is maybe bc park ha was the one who drowned in the pool. yi gak never saw the face right? just the body drowned in the lake. but then why was he kept from finding out the truth to the “princess’s” murder so hard

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