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Rooftop Prince: Episode 18
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So much unintentional comedy in this episode, where you just have to laugh at the disconnect between what was meant and what you actually feel. I guess the alternative would be to get aggravated, but I prefer laughing, even if I wasn’t meant to. After all, it doesn’t matter so much why I’m entertained, as long as I am, right? And really, isn’t that what performance art is all about?


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Having overheard Se-na’s comment and deduced that the dynamic duo (dynamic duds, more like) were behind Grandma’s death, Yi Gak punches Tae-mu. They grapple for a bit, then Yi Gak punches him again. Ah, this drama’s double-smackdown can be so satisfying.

Yi Gak accuses Tae-mu of killing grandma, calling him a liar and murderer (ooh, dangerous words to repeat—they echo Impostor No. 1’s accusation—even if he’s in Tae-yong guise right now). Tae-mu is actually a much better liar when he’s acting in defense of Se-na, and he fights back… only to get a third punch to the face. Yi Gak vows to reveal the crime and make him pay.

Yi Gak returns to the hospital, this time to see the real Tae-yong, who’s still comatose. He apologizes for not being able to protect Grandma in Tae-yong’s stead, thinking, “I have committed a huge sin against you.” He vows to punish Grandma’s killers, then beg for his forgiveness.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong in giving Yi Gak even more motivation to bring down the baddies with Grandma’s death, but for the fact that he has plenty of motivation already. You know, the attempted murder (Tae-yong), the cover-up, the take-over plot, the other attempted murder (Park-ha), and now the new murder? C’mon drama, three episodes left! Focus!

Park-ha meets Yi Gak at their favorite tree, and he offers a few encouraging words about her finding her mother, and noting that the relationship mirrors their Joseon counterparts. Park-ha’s reaction is conflicted, though, since it’s a bittersweet discovery to have made so late, and she cries a little.

Yi Gak steps behind her to embrace her, only to find that his arms go right through Park-ha—he’s fading again. Eek! This is his first experience with the phenomenon, since the first time was with the ducklings, and the second time only Park-ha noticed.

He stares at his translucent body disbelievingly, trembling in horror. When Park-ha turns to face him, he’s back to his solid self and she wonders at his shocked expression. He regains his composure and tells her nothing is wrong, but walks away feeling spooked.

Park-ha catches up to him, and this time he admits that something’s wrong with him—that he couldn’t hold her because he’d faded out. She knows what he means, and asks, “You saw yourself disappearing?”

He’s upset that she didn’t tell him when she saw it, but she says tearily that she couldn’t bring herself to. He reaches out to touch her again, but he hovers over her shoulder, afraid that he might not be able to. When his hand makes contact, he breathes in relief and pulls her to him. They stand there for a long while, holding each other.

They puzzle it out together; Yi Gak supposes this is a precursor to his return to Joseon. It’s a thought that makes Park-ha rueful, and he replies, “I think the reason I came here was to meet you.” His reasoning is simplistic, though sweet: that it’s because the only thing he has done here was to fall for her.

Park-ha reminds him that he has to solve the princess’s murder, but he says, “I want to use my remaining time here for you.” But there’s still Grandma’s death to solve as well, and he sighs at the lack of time.

Yi Gak returns to his ducklings, who report their findings. The police suspect more to the death than a mere accident, and are investigating.

The most pressing goal right now is to find evidence to pin Tae-mu for the crime, and Yi Gak wants to get it before the police, so he can punish Tae-mu himself. Er. That’s admirable and all, but I’m pretty sure the police are perfectly capable of this one—don’t mess with their investigation!

Grandma’s lawyer addresses the family regarding the upcoming will reading, which will leave the entire company to Tae-yong. Talk about a transparent plot device—you gather the family now to tell them to gather again later, so they can hear the reading of the will, which you disclose here anyway? What is even the point, other than to give us a plot conflict to fill out an episode? I’m trying not to roll my eyes here, but the drama’s really starting to lose steam.

The will’s contents are unsurprising, but really, Grandma’s tunnel-vision love for Tae-yong is starting to get annoying. Duh, there’s a reason everyone else is dissatisfied, when you can’t get over your blood-line purity bullshit and only leave an inheritance for the one person who shares your genetic line! Sheesh.

But wait! There’s a provision: That if Tae-yong doesn’t show up for the reading, the company goes to Tae-mu. Ruh-roh. Lordy, Grandma, were you blind, or just stupid? In her defense, the will was drafted while Tae-yong was still missing, and the lawyer points out that the clause is moot since Tae-yong is sitting right here. Oh, so that tidbit served no purpose other than to Give Tae-mu Ideas? Trust me, he doesn’t need any more of those.

Tae-mu and his father leave the reading fuming helplessly. It’s a will, and without a valid reason to protest it, there’s nothing they can do to prevent Tae-yong from taking over.

A reason, you say? Why, that’s nothing a good mastermind can’t invent. Tae-mu lands on his recent fight with Tae-yong, and now those words belatedly sink in: Yi Gak’s accusation that he’s a murderer and a liar. Arg! I knew that would come back to bite him. This tips Tae-mu off that Impostor No. 1 is also Impostor No. 2, and he goes looking for proof of the hunch.

He replays the video taken from the hospital room when Tae-yong “awoke” from his coma, and sees something he missed earlier—the way Yi Gak hid his hand from sight. The couple ring he’s trying to conceal isn’t very visible onscreen, but it’s a suspicious gesture and it gives Tae-mu confirmation that something is up.

A detective comes to Se-na’s door to ask questions regarding Grandma’s death. Gulp.

Tae-mu goes to Grandma’s house, where Tae-yong’s car is parked. Opening it (why do people not lock their car doors?!), he plants a bag of cash and a plane ticket (in Tae-yong’s name) in the armrest compartment.

Yi Gak mulls over the case in his mind, so distracted that Park-ha teases him to get his attention. As they walk down the street, he sees a news report about the helpfulness of car black boxes in accidents. This gives him an idea, since he recalls seeing traces of that accident in front of the house—the same one that Se-na had passed by on her exit from the house.

That gives them a lead, and they canvass various neighborhood auto shops asking about a recent accident. They get multiple nos, but one mechanic recalls doing repairs a couple days ago, and that sends them to talk to the appropriate driver, who confirms that the accident happened in that neighborhood. The only hitch is that the car belongs to a relative who lives quite a distance away, in Gwangju.

That puts them in a good mood, and they plan to head down right away. But on their way home, they’re stopped by a detective—the same one who spoke with Se-na—who asks if he’s the “real Tae-yong” and then orders him brought in on suspicion of Grandma’s death.

Wut? You can arrest people based on a tip now?! ‘Cause I’m pretty sure they can’t have any real proof on Tae-yong, even with that bag of cash. This drama, I SWEAR.

The cop sits Yi Gak down and asks smugly where the real Tae-yong is. He plops the stack of hundred-dollar bills down and accuses him of faking an identity, entering the house, killing Grandma, stealing company money, and preparing to flee to the States. Wow, what deductive powers you have; I suppose if those conclusions aren’t going to jump to you, you go to them. Garrrr, you’re killin’ me here.

Yi Gak insists he’s never seen this cash before and the cop laughs in his face. Tae-mu is called in, and naturally he isn’t going to be his cousin’s alibi, so instead he lies and says he was with Se-na. Convenient, for them to corroborate each other’s stories.

After the cop leaves, Tae-mu tells Yi Gak that it’ll all be over tomorrow, so he can sit here in jail till the will is read, leaving the company to Tae-mu. Twirls evil mustache.

Yi Gak is shut in jail, and he protests that Tae-mu’s the real bad guy. The cop just handcuffs him and threatens to charge him with obstructing justice if he doesn’t shut up.

Tae-mu takes Se-na out for a fancy dinner, telling her to cheer up since everything is almost at its end. She’s a lot more worried than he is, but that makes sense since she was always smarter than him.

Yi Gak sits in jail overnight, and with just one hour till will-reading time, he begs the cops to just let him out for an hour, promising to return. Ha, the only thing that would make these cops less competent is if they complied. It’s too bad Yi Gak couldn’t have a convenient fading spell right now, to let him slip through the bars; for once he could use it to his advantage.

At home, Park-ha catches a glimpse of Yi Gak’s embroidered handkerchief, and this time she notices something they’d all missed: In the bottom corner are initials. Just as Tae-yong’s postcard featured the hangul initials for his name, this set is for Bu-yong’s.

She visits him in jail, finding him dejected at his inability to do anything. She assures him that the baddies won’t get away with it, then takes out the handkerchief to show him what she noticed. He sees that they’re Bu-yong’s initials, and realizes that Hwa-yong lied when she passed it off as her handiwork.

Yi Gak reaches out a hand to the glass as if to touch the embroidery… but it goes right through. Aww, yeah! Hurry, jump! Why are you hesitating? Move!

And then, he disappears right in front of Park-ha’s eyes, fading entirely this time. Yi Gak finds himself rematerializing outside, in the hallway. They’re still in hostile territory with cops all around, so Park-ha grabs his arm and they vamoose out of there.

Once safely outside, Yi Gak takes off running. The family waits nervously with three minutes left on the clock, while the evil ones laugh to themselves. Yi Gak tears inside the building, racing against the clock, while the executor begins the proceedings.

Seeing that Tae-yong is not here, the executor proceeds to the second-case scenario, naming Tae-mu the inheritor. Tae-mu takes the forms to stamp his seal, and just seconds before he puts ink to paper, Yi Gak bursts through the doors.

Tae-mu declares that he’s a phony, but Yi Gak points out that if he’s a phony, he wouldn’t have been able to make the proceedings. (Being in jail and all.) Tae-mu has no rebuttal, and so Tae-yong is named the new CEO after all.

Pyo Taek-soo congratulates him on outwitting their foes, and advises him to kick Tae-mu out of the company right away. Yi Gak asks to be allowed to take care of Tae-mu (“I have an idea”), and asks Taek-soo to take over as administrator of the company, naming him President Pyo.

The ducklings have taken over the task of tracking down that black box, and bring it back to Yi Gak for review. What he sees has him gaping in shock, and he summons Yong-sool with an ominous voice.

Next thing we know, Tae-mu is walking out of the Home & Shopping building, and Yong-sool grabs him from behind and shoves him into a car. The ducklings drag him in to face Yi Gak, who orders him to call Se-na here.

Tae-mu growls, “You think you can get away with this?” Yong-sool literally slaps him upside the head. HA. I love how relatively wimpy this use of force is, and yet it’s perfectly adequate to subdue Tae-mu. See, not everyone needs ice trucks and yachts to do their bidding for them. “Call Hong Se-na here,” Yi Gak commands again.

Cut to: Se-na and Tae-mu, sitting in the hot seat together. HAHA. I don’t think it was supposed to be a funny transition given the dark lighting, ominous voices, and heavy music cues, but the smash cut is hilarious.

They replay the black box footage, and now we get to see it too. It has a clear view of Grandma’s front gate, with Se-na walking out of it clutching the stolen laptop.

Se-na’s already shaking in fear, but she summons her composure to argue that there’s nothing strange about her leaving the house. Yi Gak paints the picture more exactly, saying that she left the house at the very same time that Grandma died.

Tae-mu claims that projected times of death can be off by an hour or two, and tries to leave. Yong-sool sits him right back down. Yi Gak tells them what he wants: They are to mete out their own punishments by resigning their jobs and returning the money they stole (to frame him with). And I go, Whaaaa? That’s your bright idea? C’mon, and here I thought you were gonna get all badass up in this hizzy.

He does tack on the warning that if they don’t, he’ll make them feel the agony of dismemberment. But unless that’s through actual dismemberment, I’m thinking it’s not much of a threat.

He looks particularly at Se-na—who seems closer to the breaking point—as he says this is the last chance he’s giving them, and that they don’t have much time.

Once they’ve left, Se-na anxiously asks Tae-mu what to do. Her face was caught on camera and she’s on the hook—what now? Tae-mu glowers and vows, “I’m going to kill that bastard.” You mean you’ll try. We all know how this goes.

That night, Park-ha huddles outside Yi Gak’s door, asking if he’s sleeping and disappointed when he says he is. He asks what has her so worried that she’d camp out in front of his door, and she says she’s scared he’ll disappear.

So he brings her inside and tucks her into bed right next to him. Aww. They lie down with hands linked, but her concerns aren’t totally relieved. She muses that he’ll still have to return to Joseon and solve the princess’s murder: “That’s what has to happen, isn’t it?”

He turns to face her and says, “Since thinking of having to say goodbye at some unknown point is so painful, I have decided to only think in the moment here, which I spend just with you. I like this moment.” He proposes that they make lots of moments together and tells her to think of something to do tomorrow night.

With that they go to sleep, still holding hands.

The next day, Tae-mu gives Se-na last-minute tips on what must be their new plan. That involves Se-na bringing Tae-yong here to this lake, “by any means necessary.”

Se-na arrives at the rooftop with something to tell Park-ha, attitude meek and head bowed. She affects the demeanor of the self-pitying penitent, saying Park-ha must hate her and apologizing for everything.

Starting to cry, Se-na says she’d like to die; thinking of her wrongs has her so ashamed she can barely hold her head up. Nor can she turn to Mom, or her birth mother, or Park-ha: “Should I just die? If I die, could I be forgiven?”

Admittedly Se-na is pretty convincing; if we didn’t know she was up to no good, I might almost believe her. So Park-ha can’t help feeling sorry for her as well, and softens a bit. When she steps aside, Se-na sees her phone lying on the table and reads the incoming text from “Dummy ♥” that asks if she’s decided where to go tonight. Ughhh. This is just too easy, isn’t it?

Se-na replies as Park-ha, telling him to meet her at the reservoir tonight for some night fishing. He replies that he’ll meet her there, and adds that she should wear the couple tee that he left out for her (which is Chi-san’s, HA).

Se-na hurries out with an excuse (and the phone), then swipes the couple tee for good measure. Park-ha comes running out to flag her down, though she doesn’t seem suspicious as she gets into the car. Instead Park-ha extends an olive branch by offering to buy unni dinner, since she doesn’t want to part ways on such abrupt terms.

Then she sees the reservoir on Se-na’s GPS screen (oh thank goodness), and jumps to the helpful, but mistaken, conclusion that Se-na might be planning to kill herself there. Se-na says she just entered the wrong address, while Park-ha urges her that she can always atone for her wrongs and not to take her life so lightly.

Just then, Park-ah’s ringtone sounds, and it comes from Se-na’s handbag. Se-na cringes, but Park-ha, THE IDIOT, lets her off the hook by saying she has the same song for her ringtone. O RLY? WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

Now Se-na has to answer the phone, and she can’t take it out without Park-ha recognizing it. She sticks a hand inside to quiet the phone, which goes unanswered for Yi Gak, calling from the fishing supply store.

Yong-sool tells Yi Gak that nighttime is dangerous and offers himself as chaperone, which Yi Gak firmly dismisses. No third wheels necessary. I do love Yong-sool’s protective streak, and since it has saved royal ass before I’m thinking it should really not be taken so lightly. Ahem.

While Yi Gak has his romantic date, the boys have plans to go see a baseball game. Unfortunately, Chi-san has left the tickets at home; he’ll have to hurry home to get them.

Se-na drives Park-ha to the restaurant, then excuses herself by saying she’s not hungry. Lol. That’s the best excuse a master liar could think up? She literally strands Park-ha in the street and drives off.

Yi Gak gets to the reservoir first and busily sets up for the date. Park-ha, oblivious to the plans, looks all over the house for her phone and totally doesn’t suspect her sister of a thing. Thankfully, Chi-san arrives to pick up his tickets, and he wonders why she isn’t out on her fishing date.

NOW Park-ha thinks over all of unni’s highly suspicious behaviors, putting together two and two (and two and two—seriously honey, there were a lot of clues).

Yi Gak wonders at Park-ha’s tardiness while she speeds over in a taxi. As he paces by the water, he tries calling her but gets no response again. He assumes she let her battery die, but then worries that maybe she got into an accident, and that has him looking around.

That’s when Se-na appears in the distance and waves to him. In the dark, all he can see is her silhouette, and she playfully turns in the other direction and dashes off. He takes it for a flirty game of Hide N Seek and follows as she leads him right toward Tae-mu, waiting on the other side in his car. Tae-mu revs the engine, readying to drive into Yi Gak. Well, I suppose he’s got a leg up, in that it’s not his first car-related almost-murder; maybe second time’s the charm?

Park-ha’s taxi drops her off and she starts to make her way toward the water. Se-na brings Tae-yong to the appointed spot and hides herself out of view, and Tae-mu starts to drive forward, creeping ahead quietly at first.

Park-ha sees Yi Gak first, then the car approaching behind him. Realizing he’s in danger, she calls out to him. He brightens to see her, but doesn’t see the car coming at him from the other direction. It picks up speed, and Tae-mu guns it.

Yi Gak sees the car at the last moment, just as Park-ha flies at him and shoves him out of harm’s way. Which leaves her right in its path.


Okay, I give up. Rooftop Prince has always been a little sloppy, but here’s where it gets downright stupid. You can only endure so many dumb twists and turns before you throw up your hands and just disengage, right?

The thing is, I’d be more willing to sit through the lameness if it served a purpose I still cared about. Say, the Joseon mystery, or the time-warping. But the company takeover? Whoopdafrickindoo. I don’t know if there’s anybody who still cares about that home shopping channel or who runs it.

In fact, I’m a little conflicted about painting Tae-mu as the bad guy in respect to the takeover—in the murder(s), there’s no question—because I’m pretty sure he’s the only guy who does any work. Seriously. What does it say about your company that the only competent employee is a murderous psychopath? At this point I’m wondering why Tae-mu doesn’t just set up his own company and run that, since he’s got the experience and business acumen. That’s what LinkedIn is for; post that resumé and you’ll have a dozen companies knocking on your door who want to recognize your achievements. I almost wish the CEO were a withholding father figure instead of grandma, because I can see an illegitimate son driven to extremes to win Daddy’s love. Like in Cinderella’s Sister. (Although, yeah, that got tedious too.) But a crusty ol’ grandma who doesn’t care about you or your father? Psh. Whatevs. Move on.

I agree that the show should have been shorter, but I tend to think that of all shows, so that’s not particular to Rooftop Prince. And really, I do think there was enough material to work with to have filled out the 20 episodes with less stupidity. But I’ve always been more interested in the Joseon stuff, and am bummed to realize that basically all that potential is just gonna be stuffed into the first and last episodes. Boo.

As to the drowning mystery? I admit that this was the very first episode that I thought it might be possible that Bu-yong died in the lake because of a botched attempt on someone else’s life. I’d been aware of that speculation, but never saw much to support it. But this lake episode brings it together—and the fact that we’re thematically circling back to the beginning shows that the drama does know what it’s doing, and had its story plotted out well in advance. In that regard you can’t quite blame the live-shoot for coming up with story twists on the fly, since I think there’s enough evidence that a lot of this was planned. It’s just that the execution is so shaky.

The one shining light of hope: We get one new clue. Instead of the princess’s death being an attempt to kill Se-na that killed Bu-yong instead, now we can posit that Yi Gak was the real target, which is a theory I hadn’t really considered. The time-warp fits better in the context of sending him to safety in a moment of mortal peril, which makes a LOT more sense than Fate deciding he needs to solve a murder case. I like that. I wish we had lots more of that.


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311 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. otchosais

    thanks for this one!

    off to read! :)

    • 1.1 danny

      yap, my guess is, in Joseon , the poisoned persimmon fruit was intended for the Crown Prince, and it ends up eaten by someone else, maybe Buyong or the Crown Princess , that’s why someone is dead. Thanks for the recap too!

      • 1.1.1 twentyonebuds

        yep thats what I thought way back in the first episode too! Although I thought the victim was the Princess and not Bu yong. It’s so sad that this drama had so much potential to work with in terms of the joseon mystery and the reincarnation of second lives…like do we live out the same life as a past reincarnation in our second lives? Surely we’ve got to progress or digress. And I would have liked to know more about Bu Yong because she seemed different to Park Ha..

        Also is anyone else curious about Tae Mu’s past reincarnation?

        • Nutella

          Yes, I definitely like all of your theories better… Not only does saving him from assassination attempts make more sense than solving a murder mystery 300 years later, rather than, say throwing him a month *backward* in time and making him lead up to the assassination attempts, but also, this way it also ties in to how everything can play out. If Fate doesn’t want him to die, it can mean he remains in the present for the rest of his life, which would mean that he would be written off in the history books, which would explain Bak Ha’s sadness when she read the history books. It would also explain why he would suddenly be fading in and out. At certain times it gets safer for him to go back, but not for long, and he ends up solidifying each time.

          I must say though, that this new clue reminded me of Queen In Hyun’s Man. One gets a bloody talisman, and the other an butterfly-embroidered handkerchief, both of which transport them into the future to save their lives.

        • tam

          I don’t think this is the FINAL-all-inclusive scene that ties everything together even though we finally get a scene with a pond in it.

          I’m waiting for Pak Ha to figure out the answer to the riddle that has been repeated so many times. Once she figures that out, then I’m FOR SURE it’ll be the defining moment. Because back when Lee Gak explained what happened that night, the only variable (other person) he mentioned was Bu Yong who came to answer his riddle.

          So for now, I don’t think this cliff hanger will connect directly to what actually happened 300 years ago. Meaning I still don’t think Pak Ha will end up as the victim/in the pond.

          • dedicated

            i guess Bu Yong came at night and told him the answer of the riddle but she used that as a disguise to take Hwa Yong’s clothings. If the theory of someone above/below mentioned is true that the Crown Princess along with Crown Prince’s brother-in-law was planning to overthrow the Prince and BY somehow got intel about that and tried to save the Prince, she must have disguised herself as HY with her clothes and went to the meeting place instead of her. I suggest the father knew about her saving plan or HY’s betrayal, because it was weird of him tryng to close the investigation by any means, objecting to the Crown Prince as he was trying to enlighten the possible assasination/murder on his wife, as he was dismissing the case of his own daughter in front of the King and the other officials as a merely unfortunate coincidence.

            If this were the case, that covers up many parallelties in the story line: 1) BY in the Joseon Era switching clothes and going in place of her sister, where SN did the same in modern times.

            2)HY planned to get rid of LG with the help of the Chief of Police Department (?), SN does the same in accordance with TM

            3) BY steps in to save LG, PH jumps in front of the car heroically, although she could’ve just pushed him and roll to the side, not stand in front of the car like a surprised deer caught in the flash lights a car waiting to be run over, but i guess it is easy to comment than be in her place, maybe because of shock and fright i couldn’t even move my body an inch! hah!

            4) this would also make sense because after the suicide/murder of the Crown Princess (although we are still not sure who the murdered person was) we didn’t see BY, which is interestingly curious. As the loving sister she was, shouldn’t she come to the Palace and try comforting LG?

            5) If truly BY was the one in the pond, it is understandable that HY went into hiding and didn’t show her face, but shouldn’t LG look at the corpse’s face at least once before sending her off to the next world and make sure that it was his bride who drawned in the pond?

            6) Someone wanted to coup the Prince, TM wanted to coup TY. LG had his back by his J3 Powerrangers and the King, although he was sick, TY had his back by the Granny, who doted on him endlessly, and Pyo Tek.

            7) The drawned woman’s hand was like touching TY’s hand in the water where he suddenly opened his eyes for a split second as to show he was not dead and the story begins. The woman who was connected to TY and LG was PH, so it makes sense if the woman in the pond is BY.

            And about the giant turtle! I didn’t notice until someone posted about it. Then watched ep1 again and wow! that’s horrifying!

    • 1.2 Stacey

      This episode was do lame. They made such a big deal about park ha’s mom and then they don’t show us what is happening with that dynamic and SeNa. Whyisn’t yi Hal smart enough to give the key as evidence of foul play? Why aren’t the police looking for a suspect who disappeared for murder? Why isn’t anyone scared of yi gal getting arrested? Why Would the inheritance be given to TM the next day? Why doesn’t he put his seal on it while it’s in front of him? Do many thing things that didn’t mAke sense. Ugh. I don’t know how they can wrap this up well next week.

      • 1.2.1 Annis

        Yep, this episode was so lame, I scream so many time to my computer… cause i can’t stand to all the stupidities …… I can’t believe that Yi Gak ask Tae mu to be his alibi, they’re in bar so there are so many people who saw them !!!!!!!! How stupid to ask your enemy to be your alibi…….. I don’t know if I can stand to see this drama again, but just 3 episodes left, maybe i can endure some stupidities…..*Sigh*

  2. toritorisan

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks so much.

  3. Cindy

    Ahh Thank you!!

  4. dapinaymrs

    KAMSAHAMNIDA! Loved this episode too. No jumps but we have something to look forward to.

    Others are wishing Se Na will push Bak Ha to save her and dies instead of her. I think that would really make an ingenious twist in the story. Se Na gets redemption AND gets punishment.

    *goes off to read* :*

    • 4.1 h311ybean

      Nice one! And by extension, Tae-mu is left holding the bag (or distraught at the loss of his lady love and readily confessing to everything). And Park-ha as CEO Jang’s surviving daughter gets all of her stake in the company, putting her on the same financial footing as Tae-yong, who will miraculously recover and the first thing he’ll see is Park-ha’s face (Yi Gak having returned to his own time and to Bu-young). The end.

      As I was reading this recap, I noticed the parallel between the lake and the reservoir. Not all the pieces in each puzzle are the same, but I hope that the result of this reservoir episode will let the drama take a big step in disposing of the villains *and* in solving the Joseon mystery!

      • 4.1.1 rbee

        Oh, I like those ideas, dapinaymrs and h3llybean. I hope that’s how it plays out.

        This was a pretty crazy, pieced together episode. Still missing our cutie-pie ducklings. Although, they were here and there today, not much was very memorable except for the 2 minutes in the fishing store. Loved chipmunk doing his frantic search for the tickets routine. So Cute.

        Thx for the recap, JB. Awesome as always!

        • Love Silents

          Chi San = Chipmunk!! bahahaha!!!!

      • 4.1.2 Silver

        HA. I like your theory, but Park Ha loves Yi Gak not Tae Yong. If they end up together, it would still not be the same as Yi Gak and Park Ha. They have their own quirks and are SO ADORABLE together.

        Can Park Ha love Tae Yong after loving Yi Gak? This drama is also slowly losing its focus and messing up its priorities. I fell in love with drama mainly because of the Joseon mystery and the rooftop family.

        And another thing I have many doubts about is, was Bu Yong really the one killed and dumped/left to float in the pond? The clothes were Hwa Yong’s…the one she wore on the day of murder. It doesn’t make sense. I hope it will make more sense by the last ep.

        • h311ybean

          This is the main reason why I am not a fan of time-travel romances in general – it won’t be the same if they end up with people from their own time, but it would also take a major paradigm shift for me to accept one of them deciding to live in the other’s time so that they stay together.

          You are totally right about Park-ha and Yi Gak getting along wonderfully, but all the fade-in/fade-out business does not bode well for a happy ending involving the both of them in the same era. Besides, I still feel sorry for Bu-young and Tae-yong, who apparently liked their contemporaries, and think they should get something even though there was hardly any loveline development there.

          I’ll be happy for the characters and their shippers if Park-ha/Yi Gak happens, though. This is just a drama and a happy ending is a happy ending. All the plotty theory stuff I put up there was just me toying with the loose ends – not at all a list of demands to the Powers That Be :) Peace!

          • kungfupigeon

            Well, maybe somehow if Yi Gak goes back, Park Ha would swap with Bu Yong

    • 4.2 exquisitemelody

      I never thought about that possibility! I would really love that ending.

      • 4.2.1 shirin-noona

        That is a great theory,but Se Na has to run like a cheetah to be able to push Park Ha out of the way!But anything is possible in dramas!
        What I think is going to happen is that the car will actually hit Park Ha and she will die,just at that time Yi Gak will fade and go back to Chosun before everything had gotten so messed up,he’ll right the wrongs from the past and the future will change as well.We’ll go back to the first scene where Park Ha and Tae Yong had met ( in New York ) but somehow this time they know each other.Tae Yong has Yi Gak’s memories and stuff.Sort of like the ending of Heaven’s Postman.And they will also see the reincarnations of the ducklings all successful and happy,and everyone will live happily ever after:)

        • NieMM

          This was also my assumption! The car will veer towards SeNa and kill her. An accidental killing that should have been for the prince :)

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    Thanks for the recap! :)

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  9. Noelle

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    • 9.1 Noelle

      HOLY SHIT! If Park Ha dies then that means it was Bu Yong in the pond and not the Princess! Which means in the past it was Sena and maybe a past Tae Mu that killed her. There must of been a coup of some sort! Thats the only reason I can think of for the boring business takeover. It’s just a parallel.

      I get everyone’s ire at the show. I mean they wasted so much time on things we thought everyone already knew. Like Yi Gak figuring out the BY/PH connection. That happened three times! They keep dragging stuff out. I would of rather this episode happened sooner so we could of spent more time in the Joseon era. I think we’ll be getting back there with Park Ha being out of it. I think that was his whole mission was to keep her alive. So lets see if Mr. Turtle is the time jump conductor and no I won’t give up on the turtle. I’m stuck on that thing till the bitter end. I’m guessing now we’ll see Yi Gak as the mysterious shoe in the doorway and the guy who pulled Chi San in the tent to tell him that there is a hermit who saw the murder. Please don’t disappoint me final!

      • 9.1.1 im-still-on-ep14

        u noticed that creepy turtle 2!!!

      • 9.1.2 MenCallMeBacon

        Thank you! Someone else noticed that Turtle too! That turtle freaked me out in Episode 1 and has been on the back of mind ever since. Just like the fact that I have felt that the target of the assassination attempt may have been Yi Gak and not the Crown Princess (or Bu Yong). Why plant a false tip about a witness and then try to kill Yi Gak otherwise? I guess one can say that the baddies tried to kill off Yi Gak and the ducklings to stop the investigation?

        I also agree with you that the show spent way too much time having us watch the characters try to figure out what the audience already knew, rather than having us figure out the clues along with the characters. I don’t begrudge the show, however, because I still find it entertaining. Has the show lost its mind? Yes. Do I still find it fun? Yes.

        P.S. Do you mean that it was Tae Moo who pulled Chi San into the tent to tell him about the witness?

        • kaye

          So that was a turtle! I had to replay that part a number of times because I wasn’t too sure of what it was and it seemed to have moved.

  10. 10 nova611

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    • 10.1 Noelle

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      • 10.1.1 h311ybean

        LOL. If the fun really died, I doubt if it was Tae-mu who did the actual killing :-p

        • rbee

          You all are killing me. Got me some serious laughin’ tears rolling down my face. Ha!

        • megels7719

          Agree…he’s not very good at killing anyone or getting rid of them for that matter…how many times has he tried and failed?

        • Florentine Lily

          Most likely it tripped past Se Na, fell down the stairs and died.

          • Swye

            bahahaha. you just made my day. LOL

          • Cruelsummer

            This entire thread has me rolling. Oh…I love the people of Dramabeans.

      • 10.1.2 exquisitemelody

        Tae Mu killed something?! :O

      • 10.1.3 shirin-noona


    • 10.2 yuyunzzz

      the only interesting part in this ep is the interactions between PH and YG. and I agree tae-mu is the stupidest, worst killer I ever met and I feel sorry to him for his failures. and what the hell in grandma’s mind? is she trying to make her will longer by adding ridiculous condition? goshhh…. I can’t watch this ep by not throwing something on the laptop. plz… bring us another fun for next eps.

  11. 11 Kana

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    • 11.1 Stardust

      Don’t miss it too much lol Transfer your love to Queen In Hyun’s man! So much more worth the precious drama time…. ♥

      • 11.1.1 Corn Tea

        couldn’t agree more. RTP thumbs down. QIHM thumbs up!

      • 11.1.2 hanie

        no wonder I keep on complaining while watching this. Guess I know where all my love gone. kekekeke

        • Florentine Lily

          QIHM is definitely going strong. Plus, there’s no company take-over/we-are-related? side story to distract from the plot. I knew RTP would never be the same after they introduced the mom-subplot.

        • skelly

          ITA! I liked RTP just fine until I started watching QIHM, and then I started noticing all of the things I didn’t really like about RTP…it truly suffers in comparison.

          • eternalfive

            Haha, same here. I was dealing okay with the clumsy plotline and stupidity in the previous few eps before I began watching QIHM, but now I can’t even be bothered to continue watching RTP. Not even for the ducklings – not that they’re appearing much anyway. :(

    • 11.2 Kiara

      Well, I’ll miss the first half of it.

  12. 12 Alicia

    Thank goodness for the recaps. Always when I read I get a different take or understand things better.
    Like the investigation for grandma’s murder. I watch with english subs and it had me going WTH? cuz it was subbed as the police ruled the murder an accident so therefore no investigation but now reading this I see the subbers got it wrong.
    As for the police arresting Taeyong on a tip and not properly investigating, its not only this drama but ALL other dramas unless its a procedural or one about a cop family; these cops are basically idiots. I always wonder how they finished school and got their badges

    • 12.1 danny

      in DRAMAS it’s not that the COPS are idiots. It’s the writers wanting us the watchers to believe that they are IDIOTS.

  13. 13 Yaremse

    This episode got kinda REALLY stupid -_-

    • 13.1 Kiara

      Gave me a few good laugh though especially Tae-mu. His facial expression when he was about to run over our Prince. Dude looks like he was taking a dump. Me thinks Lee Tae-seong needssomeactinglessons.

      • 13.1.1 skelly

        Oh, come now – he’s the man of 10,000 faces!

      • 13.1.2 kaye

        Yes! I was kind of disappointed with Lee Tae-seong’s performance in this drama ’cause he was pretty decent in Playful Kiss.

        • SoyB

          He can only do so much with bad writing… I’m willing to give him another chance with hopefully a better drama.

        • spjork

          Dude has taken this role Super Seriously. Probably too seriously. He mentions all the time on his Twitter about how he catches himself thinking very dark thoughts, can feel his character’s negativity bleeding into his own personality, and that it’s gotten dangerously close to affecting him in his everyday life!

          I mean, he seems like a really nice guy and I also thought he performed well in Playful Kiss (but maybe that was just because next to Kim Hyun Joong, anyone would look like a good actor?) but somebody needs to pull him aside and tell him that pulling ridiculous, overly dramatic faces does not equal dramatic acting. Method acting is great, so long as that method isn’t overacting.

          • glace

            right like you would think the directors would note that and make him redo scenes. I wonder if they’re purposefully making him do that ._.

      • 13.1.3 Love Silents

        Haha! I thought his face got Botoxed….

  14. 14 sootyxsnowpetal

    Thanks for the recap!

    I didn’t like this episode either. Not enough cuteness and too much of stupidity as well as too little of the plot moving forward. I hope the show redeems itself next week!

  15. 15 bishbash

    i wish they had involved a lil more back and forth time-traveling (ala QIHM) instead of just focusing on YG n his ducklings stuck in 2012 all the while.

  16. 16 hillll

    This show had a premise with so much potential. Unfortunately, it spent too much on the company plot and lost all its humor. I just hope the writers are able to tie all this mess up nicely next week.

  17. 17 crazedlu

    hehehe. lame. buuut, that last paragraph in your comments section is something cool to consider.

  18. 18 Ace

    Agree that this would’ve been better if it was just 16 episodes. There are a lot of fillers but I’m not really complaining since I stopped watching sometime during the middle episodes. But man, I’m sad about Park-ha’s character. She was just so sweet and smart in the beginning (Bu-yong even more so) but how did she turn out to be this naive and stupid? How many times is she gonna fall for Se-na’s lies? Learn from your mistakes, gal.

    • 18.1 Florentine Lily

      I’ve watched a lot of K-Dramas and, in most of them, the girl always gets dumbed down near the end. The writers use that to “advance” the plot but it just annoys me. I understand why Park-Ha might have fallen for her lies in this episode (Se Na looked like she wanted redemption) but taking her previous actions into consideration, I wouldn’t let her near my house.

  19. 19 bd

    RP JUMPED THE SHARK so long ago, but now, I’m just watching to see how bad the writing can get (and what little remains of the Joseon Power Rangers).

    Not “Lie to Me” bad, but certainly “Secret Garden” bad (except RP actually had some cute/funny moments w/ the JPRs, unlike SG which was devoid of any cute/funny moments).

  20. 20 sita

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  21. 21 im80

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  22. 22 Gia

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  23. 23 amatsu

    I’ve long since stopped watching the show but I always come here to read your recaps. I don’t think I’ll be continuing this series but thank you for all your hardwork! I miss the fun times where there wasn’t much Sena-Taemu-Company exposure. Those were the worst parts, so uninteresting. I wanted more Joseon too.

  24. 24 TamTam

    I found myself skipping through half of the episode and finally just to the final scene at the lake. Then I came here to read what I missed… which can be summarized in one sentence, basically. At least you guys make the recaps entertaining.

    I also laughed at the cut scene when Sena and Taemu were “summoned” to the dark room. They were like two bad kids being called to the principal’s office squirming in their seats. Gotta find the funny somewhere so my eyes just don’t roll out of my head. I also thought the ducklings were suppose to play a bigger role in helping Lee Gak, but every time he’s in a bind, they’re nowhere to be found.

    The couple scenes were sweet, but the impact of Park Ha’s sacrifice was weakened because by then I just want something new to happen.

    • 24.1 mskololia

      I stopped caring about her character with the freezer episode. One too many near deaths for my taste.

      • 24.1.1 jenlim

        Exactly how I felt :-(

  25. 25 mskololia

    STUPID is an understatement. And, I agree about the live-shoot being the biggest offender that kills the storytelling…again.

    Thanks JB!

  26. 26 shl

    Thank you for the recaps, Javabeans!

    I’d stopped watching some time ago as well; the show just lost its funny for me, but your recaps have kept me updated (since I really want to know what happens at the end now) — thank you!

  27. 27 Shiku

    I also entertained the notion that it was Buyong and not the crown princess. However, when you take into consideration that in ep 1 the consensus was that it was the princess. If it wasn’t why would he get into an argument with some of the ministers in one of the King’s cabinet meetings?

  28. 28 Swye

    I give up. It’s sad that this drama started out as my favorite and now I can barely tolerate it. I can’t even get myself to watch the show anymore. So, I am just going to read the recaps to get a sense of closure, which I really hope the writers provide.

    • 28.1 Alex

      This happens to me all the time :(… First KDrama ever, Protect The Boss which was a train wreck at the end… Right now I’m putting all my hope in “Queen In-Hyun’s Man”, just purely gorgeous on every level.

      Both have time travelling hero’s, but in one… We know the ending from the start, it’s the process on how we get there that’s the question. It has a mixing of the past and present, instead of having one just reflect the other, both the past and the present affect the other in some ways.

      RTP is dead…

      • 28.1.1 Coco

        I still love RTP to pieces. I would have loved less Tae-Mu and more Joseon Era but it’s still the best drama out for me right now. Fighting Writer-nim! Give us the best ending.

  29. 29 jiajia

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  30. 30 Aquila

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    I had to admit, I was a little concerned when they ended ep17… I felt kind of confused… Ep 18 didn’t really advance any more forward for a drama series about to end.

    I do however felt a slight cringe when this episode ended with Park Ha shoving Lee Gak out of the way… I don’t know why but its such an old drama tactic on getting the heroine screwed but not to the point where she gets killed (yet?).

    With two episodes left and my head already piecing my theories on how this drama will end – the outcome does not look good…

    I pray that this drama can successfully complete its course and not have a rushed or botched ending that many potential dramas have/had done!!!

  31. 31 kirara

    Yeah, this episode was a bit on the crazy end.. some of the stuff was not necessary and kinda of not making any sense,

    But it was still cute and funny (the show down between tae-mu and yi gak and then to the 3 ducklings kidnapping tae-mu and then bringing both him and Se-na for questioning.. HAHAH :D)

    But wow, can’t believe its going to be over soon and feeling like there’s still unanswered questions which is basically going to smush EVERYTHING in the last two episodes.

    Thanks for posting though~! 😀

  32. 32 Ivoire

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  33. 33 dea

    I’m sad with RTP because it started out really strong & funny, but it went down the hill with the whole company & birth secret plots. Tae Mu is so far one of the worst villain ever – he’s to one-dimensional. I wish the writer could spend more time developing his evilness so his character can have more depth.

    From the beginning, I know this drama is about Lee Gak / Tae Yong and Yoochun has done an exceptional job in portraying LG, TY, TY v.1, TY v.2 etc; and it made lots of sense when the writer said that the success of this drama would depend on Yoochun. But it upsets me too, because even though Yoochun has done his absolute best, the script is bleh.

    So I hope the writer can give us the best 2 last episodes next week. More Joseon scenes and F3 ducklings please.

    And I’m with javabeans, I also think Tae Mu deserves to be the CEO or run his own business. He’s the only one who does all the work in the company.

    • 33.1 Xtool

      He may be slightly competent but who wants to work for someone who runs people over, plants fake evidence on them to get them arrested, and gets his girlfeind to steal for him. Management material – ooooh, I don’t think so. Unless he’s gonna run Enron or something.

      Looks to me like he’d hurl anybody into the volcano to save his own hide. Your only prayer would be his patent inability to execute.

      • 33.1.1 Spjork

        I think you have quite a rosy view when it comes to corporations. In my opinion, you’ve just described many of the COO’s, CFO’s, CEO, etal running Fortune 500 companies/multinational corporations. The only difference being that they would probably throw money at the situation and have other people doing these things for them rather than dirty their own hands.

        I’m not saying that power and morals are mutually exclusive (in theory) but power does corrupt. In practice, power is never free and it usually doesn’t come cheap.

    • 33.2 pk

      He is not interested in the running of the Co, he told HK CEO, he is going to sell it….anyway, with his talent, the company will really go bankrupt so the best person to run is still that short guy…

    • 33.3 SoyB

      Agree, he is doing his best and can only do so much with bad writing… I think all the actors are trying really hard, but sadly, the script just makes them look bad. Like I really hate Sena, but the actress is doing a really great job of still making me hate her. It really is such a waste of decent talent… oh well.

  34. 34 twenty20

    Ouchh..this episode is killing me!! Only 2 more episodes left! But still so many things happened..I want Joseon scene too! PD nim, dont waste the last 2 episodes for next week!

  35. 35 miaka_0210

    Wait so im confused (as always, lol!!), i thought it was Se-na who died in the previous era, so how come now we think its actually Bu-yong who died? Because of Tae-mu running her over with a car? Can somebody explain to me please!!!

    Thanks for the recap!!!

    • 35.1 dea

      On ep 1, Lee Gak mentioned that the Crown Princess died in Buyong pond. Coincidence? I don’t think so. From that moment, I believe Buyong was the one who drowned in that pond.

      The King was quite ill at that time. LG’s brother-in-law (police chief Hong Rang Hyung) was the one who investigated this case. I had a feeling that because the King was ill, HRH might want to ascend to the throne and he collaborated with CP to kill Lee Gak. But Buyong knew about their plan and was killed instead of LG.

      This is the reason why I hope the writer will have more Joseon scene, because I really want to know the relation between TaeMu, company story, birth secret etc with what happened in Joseon era.

      TaeMu = police chief HRH?

      • 35.1.1 exquisitemelody

        From the get go, I always though it was Bu Yong that died…must be the Lost instincts in me. There must’ve been a reason for our only seeing her face down. I never thought about this whole Joseon coup thing until seeing comments about it this episode. If this is what happened (and it makes a lot of sense), I wish all of this would’ve come to fruitation earlier! We would’ve had more Joseon scenes :(

        I’m hard to please when it comes to finales…I’m excited, but nervous to see how this one ends!

        • Nancy Drew

          Me too- from the beginning, my intuition told me it was Bu Yong who had died. In a previous comment, I listed several reasons why I believed that, including what dea pointed out above about the pond being named “Bu Yong Pond”. And here’s another compelling clue that was on my list:

          Clue#2: The way the images of the floating bodies were presented. Soon after seeing the woman’s body in the water, we see Tae Yong’s, which gives us the idea of parallel destinies. At one point, the images are superimposed so that it appears they form one being. In another shot, it looks like their hands are reaching out to one another. (To me, that’s a Big Clue.)

          • trotwood

            So I am thinking that if it is Bu Young that died, maybe we can all get what we want which is to have Park Ha get the Prince. She can go back in time with him (since he seems to be fading anyway) and what does she have left really in this time? Did you see how they cut the reconciliation bit with her mother into seconds?

            “Hi, I am really your daughter, you know the one you have been looking for for the enitre show”

            “Really? *cries* Nice to meet you. I want you to come live with me now”

            “I’m sorry, but I can’t. My sister wants me dead and I am in love with a reincarnated Prince”

            “Okay, Bye. Good luck” vanishes. story arc over.

            (P.S.– I love the actress that plays their mother–she can be moving, bitchy, calculating, etc.–she was wasted here like so many of the great actors).

        • Florentine Lily

          But if Bu Yong died, why didn’t the Crown Prince find out? A lot of time elapsed between her death and him calling on the Rangers and the investigation. Where did the Crown Princess disappear to?
          If the writers wanted to go down that road, they should have condensed episode 10-18 into 2-4 episodes and saved us all from the agonizing, horrible writing.
          I’m only watching now to see the ending (please, don’t be extended).

  36. 36 RibyBooWhoo

    i’ve always hav a feeling that it was bu yong who died in da lake from da very first eps..bt we nvr know rite..anyway thanks for the recap..i’ve been waiting for this recap xD..cant wait till next week :)

  37. 37 makoto

    yeah! stupid n lame. why that smarty park ha being deceived by sena over and over again. why didn’t they call the police? I hope yong sool arrive just in time to save her.

    • 37.1 RamanKuttyGopalan

      “why that smarty park ha being deceived by sena over and over again”

      Smarty Park Ha? Haaa….Call her anything but smart.

      Evidently the writers had ran out of “smart” ideas on how to extend the 16 ep drama to 20 ep. They have nothing better than repetitive plots. Say Yay if you agree :>)

  38. 38 im-still-on-ep14

    dis are my questions for this drama:

    wouldn’t it be easier to solve the joseon mystery murder wit a history buk?

    watever happend 2 d yong sool-lady mimi lovelyn?

    wat was dat creepy turtle-like statue in ep 1?

    did the people back in joseon ever wondered y princey disapeared? did they even cared??

    the end of this episode reminded me of jyj’s in heaven music video. LOL

    • 38.1 Schmazel

      And who opened the door to Sena’s apartment in episode 2?

      • 38.1.1 im-still-on-ep14

        dat one too!! i never really got who placed that shoe!! but i have a feeling in won’t be answered…

        • JaeP

          Tae-Mu opened the door! He placed his shoe in the door and went to get a towel. When PH walked in he asked (before he saw her) if she forgot her key, believing her to be SeNa. Why is there so much confusion over that?

      • 38.1.2 lenrasoon

        Lee Gak opened since he was the one who found the keys and entered the door after.

        • lenrasoon

          my mistake i was talking about this episode and not episode 2, episode 2 i think it was tae mu (they didn’t hint to be someone else), but i have to re watch that episode to be sure.

          • im-still-on-ep14

            when pak ha went into the aprtment tae mu just got out of the shower…sum1 let her in…maybe it was just tae mu…

        • Swye

          But who opened the door for Sena? in this episode that is.

          • Spjork

            She did!

            The door has a pass key and pass code function. So when she couldn’t find her “key” (because she dropped it in Tae Yong’s room during her struggle with grandma) she punched some numbers.

          • 6002forever

            Se Na has the combination numbers to the lock. Remember, after she lost her apartment key in Grandma’s house ,she went back and keyed in the combination numbers to get in?

            And I saw a ‘…22..” amongst a bunch of numbers she punched in.

      • 38.1.3 exquisitemelody

        Yeah…I doubt we’ll get an answer to that. Guess it was just a gimmack to get Park Ha into the apt? But it really makes no sense for Tae Mu to put a shoe in the door to let her in…he could’ve just opened it all the way and let her in.

        • im-still-on-ep14

          i know! what was the point of dat…and i really wanted the lady mimi and yong sool lovelyn…

    • 38.2 beppu10

      Another question:

      What exactly did Park Ha read in that History Book?

      Anyway, despite of the seemingly discouraging recap and some comments here I still want to to push through till the end. Yah, I agree with the downward spiraling of the script, but I still have faith in the writer that he would somehow pull it through–but he better do it very well because a lot of us are already exasperated with it!

  39. 39 girl

    there comes a point where the lying becomes expected, annoying, boring and makes me wish the protagonists weren’t so forgiving and moral all the time! especially Se Na!

  40. 40 h311ybean

    Ugh, I hope it wasn’t Bu-young who died because that suggests that 1) something will happen to Park-ha, and 2) there won’t be any suitable woman waiting for Yi Gak when he returns to his own time.

    On the bright side, Park-ha and Tae-yong can come out of their comas together? I don’t know….

    • 40.1 RamanKuttyGopalan

      Park Ha isn’t gonna die hellybeanie, the scriptwriters should know better than to kill the leading character more so as early as the 18eps. If she should die it’d be around 30 – 40 mins into the final ep.

      So rest assured Park Ha or Bu Yong will be there when our prince returns to Joseon. The only thing now is how the writers going to figure out on removing Bu Yong’s dreadful scar. We can’t have her traveling to the future to get surgical help, can we? Cant bear the thought of princey (albeit not so handsome) spending the rest of his life sleeping next to Bu Yong’s half-burnt face.


      • 40.1.1 Buttercup

        Hahaha….” Cant bear the thought of princey…. spending the rest of his life sleeping next to Bu Yong’s half-burnt face.”

        Love is definitely only as deep as your skin, haha.

        • RamanKuttyGopalan

          Love? I didnt know Prince was in love with Bu Yong :/, i must have missed something. I thought he loves Park Ha. Imagine loving someone and sleeping with someone else (with a half-burnt face at that), whatever reincarnation is, Park Ha can never be Bu Yong or vice versa.

          • h311ybean

            I never got the impression that he was in love with Bu-young, but they did seem to get along well together in their one Joseon scene, and maybe he’s now drawing parallels in his head between her and Park-ha so will be more open to pairing up with her when he returns to his own time.

            However, it also occurred to me that maybe Park-ha and Bu-young might end up switching places so that Bu-young can get plastic surgery for her face and be all pretty when Tae-yong recovers. I don’t know if Park-ha will be happy to give up all her modern conveniences just to be with the man she loves, but there’s another possibility for us!

  41. 41 Myra

    YAY!!! would like to thank you first for this super fast recap…now off to read.

  42. 42 Jaymie

    I liked part of the episode because Parkha finally saw something without a nudge or suggestion from Yi Gak. Maybe Parkha will be transported to Joseon and the prince can tease him about how she needs to adjust to his time. Lol. I miss seeing the three boys though. I wanted them to get more screen time and useful in the drama. Hope the writers can come up with a good ending.

  43. 43 megara

    wth sums up the entire episode.

  44. 44 kewbie

    Thank you for recapping! BTW I love the screencap you used. :-)

  45. 45 mrk

    Thank you Javabeans. Please do not give up. Why? Why now? Lets get this over with, JB. Its two more episodes and it would be a shame if you gave up at this stage. Lets all take a deep breath and try to find SOMETHING that will make this worthwhile. How about the J4 ducklings? They are cute, right?

    “That’s what LinkedIn is for; post that resumé and you’ll have a dozen companies knocking on your door who want to recognize your achievements.”
    ha ha ha!!! That was funny! But, it might be easier to take-over than to create your own.

    About the last comment on “The one shining light of hope:”… From what I have seen the past 18 episodes is that, while the motives were different in the two time periods, the actions are pretty much the same. If Sena took advantage of Park Ha, you had the Crown Princess exploiting BuYoung. Similarly, if BuYoung was the one who was killed in Joseon era, it would mean that Park Ha is the one who will be killed in the present. I think saving YiGak from harm in the present is incidental. And not to mention that TaeYoung had already come to harm in the first episode. Isn’t he still in a coma, awaiting his soul to re-enter him after YiGak goes back to Joseon?
    Someone mentioned that the dried persimmons were probably meant for YiGak. If that were the case, then the person who died HAS TO BE the Crown Princess. ‘Coz remember, BuYoung just whispered the answer to the riddle (isnt anyone curious about what she whispered to YiGak?) and left the room.

    And then I have a couple of questions about continuity:
    – If BuYoung was the one who was killed in episode 1, wouldn’t SOMEONE have noticed that it wasn’t the Crown Princess when they dragged her body out of the pond? I mean, they wouldn’t have left the body in the pond, right? And they discovered the body the same night/ next day morning. So, unless they disfigured her face AND put her in the same clothes as the Crown Princess, SOMEONE should have noticed that there was something fishy. And since they ruled the death as an accident/ suicide, disfiguring the face would have been a dead give-away.

    – When YiGak and his ducklings go back to the past, how would the present world explain away their absence. Agreed that the real TaeYoung might regain consciousness and the home shopping company will be back to being its peachy self. But how would Chairman Pyo explain where the impostor who had posed as the bespectacled TaeYoung disappeared? Since Park Ha is the only one who knows the truth, killing her in this episode totally makes sense now.

    And that was long winded.

  46. 46 anotheraddict

    I’m totally exasperated. And duckling-deprived. I’m gonna listen to “Beautiful Day” again to get in a better mood, then watch a drama that hasn’t squandered all of it’s potential.

    I’m still convinced that Bo Yong was the murderee, and the wearing of the sister’s wardrobe in this ep. is further evidence of that… however, in this case, I really would love to be wrong.

    • 46.1 enenmon

      Geez! That was a brilliant observation about Sena wearing Park Ha’s clothes to distract Lee Gak!

      Cos during Joseon, the dead body floating on the lake was fake down, we can’t see the face though a lot has speculate that it could very well be Bu Yong. But why was Bu Yong wearing the Crown Princess’ clothes if BY was indeed the one being drowned? Wondering how did the conspiracy work here?

  47. 47 jelly

    Gosh..Why did the writers put Park Ha as the one to be killed at the car crash. They could have just let Yi Gak alone and since he is invisible at some point could have crashed but unharmed…that will lead the car crashing thru the lake with Taemu in it.

    • 47.1 enenmon

      Haha! i thought about that as well!!! it could bet that when the car was heading toward Lee Gak, he would be flickering and would just so happen to disappear and Tae Mu’s car would be heading straight for the lake or something…. lol

      • 47.1.1 duckiesforpresident

        That scene would be unlucky/incompetent murderer creme de la creme.
        Se-na sobs at court apologizing for her deeds, but that TM made her do it. YG clenches his fist while BH looks on with concern (GRR – where did BH’s fire blow to?).

  48. 48 Cynthia

    Awww… I see the obvious scripting problems, especially for these last two episodes, but I just can’t turn my back on Show. Show has given me so much of the funny that I can’t bring the mean.

    It’s pretty bad when the murder(ers) wind up making me laugh – it’s like watching Boris and Natasha’s evil bumbling.
    Poor Tae Mu – right up until the last second of this ep he STILL isn’t able to run over his intended victim. Another ‘hit’, another miss. Sheesh, nothing goes right for this guy. Frankly, I miss him as Duckie, mooning around after his Ha Ni while combing his greasy hair with his giant comb. Now THAT was acting!

  49. 49 Daniella

    Words cannot express how much I wanted to punch everybody in this show today! Like seriously Bak Ha?! Seriously?!
    I’m so pissed off right now.
    I’m so pissed of they gave them the second chance. Why? And if he escaped, why doesn’t the cop come looking for him?!

  50. 50 Mara

    I’m just going to throw a theory out to the kdrama universe. If YG/BY and TY/BH(PH) were meant to be
    and Prince YG corrects history, then the future will
    be different so maybe TY/BH meet in NY, fall in love
    and the result is different (she will forget what she
    lived with YG because he is TY in her present) and
    she’ll be happy in love. Or else she lives, YG goes
    back to Joseon and the comatose TY recovers and
    goes to the hospital and they live happily ever after.

    • 50.1 pasabaporaqui

      I am with you at this in the thing about correct the future.

      I think YG/BY and TY/BH meant to be . So for me the only way that YG7BH can split is if at least one of them forget everything and we can see that the other “the same” as we have seen for the other.
      So for example :
      YG goes back save BY so the travel was to save her and to open his eyes about the whole situation a mirror of the current moment “ bad guys want yg head and by died saving him” and we see some flashback
      protracting BY doing some cool stuff and been a fighter does it why she dies as BK (so we do not feel so bad about BY not having the same personality that BH).
      So with the change in the past BK does not remember anything about YG and meet TY in this place in NY that the post card says (<–this is the only way I can imagine a romance fair between does two) and they live happily ever after like you said.

      But then I dont know what I would do with the TWO villains , can I make them just disappear? I don’t care about them to be honest….

  51. 51 Akiddo

    The characters seem to be getting dumb and dumber as the episodes prod along. Gosh! How long do they need to get two and two together!?

    The actors are trying their best to make the script work – but a bad script is a bad script. Argghhhhh…this always happen in kdramas when the show is nearing the end!
    The plot needs to be tighter!

    Still..I like Yi Gak’s devotion to Park Ha. I hope the writer has some heart to let him continue his devotion to Bu Yong in Joseon. It will be sad for him to continue living in his old live without Bu Yong/Park Ha. what would happen when he gets back to Joseon:

    1) Will his hair miraculously grow back?
    2) Will he get the palace chefs to create omurice whenever he misses Park Ha? That would be a lot of omurice!
    3) Will this journey to modern day undo Bu Yong’s misfortune back in Joseon and allow him to protect her from evil sister?
    4) And the part where Park Ha read about Joseon in the library – what did she read about him? Actually I have always wondered if Yi Gak has ever bothered to find out about himself in history…

    TGIF everyone!

  52. 52 siopao

    its not soo bad… park ha is recounciled with her mother, the prince finds his true love , the crown princess is exposed… but I still have no idea how they will deal with a spaced out TaeYoung. I reckon Sena will have a redemptive moment and save Park ha. Sena dies as the crown princess did. My imagination… hmmmm

  53. 53 singhi26

    thanks for the recaps!
    I hope they don’t kill PH, I wish Sena will push PH, it’s the least she could do, I am so confused and my brain is tired of thinking what will happen, I personally enjoy watching HJM and Yoochun, and don’t want the drama to finish, but I want to know the ending lol Writers better give me 1 and 1/2 episode of sweet memories (i’m just giving them 1/2 episode to kill off TM and Sena, send them to jail, to a mental institution or whatever, i would like TM to go to vegetative state, being fully aware of his surroundings but unable to move and have TY come see him everyday hahaha)

  54. 54 jelly

    Maybe Park Ha won’t die after the crash but will have memory loss so she can’t remember Yi Gak and there love story hahaha…there goes the amnesia plot. then Yi Gak solves the mistery that he was the real target for murder but it was the CP who ate the poison persimon…then presto…he disappeared completely and back to Jeoson with his ducklings…

    • 54.1 Kiara

      I want her to live without going through ANOTHER memory loss. If the writer pulls that crap again I’m going to be hating on him for the rest of his career.

  55. 55 JenJen

    Why does the Korean entertainment industry like to run everyone over (especially the females)? I think I’ve seen the jumping-in-front-of-a-vehicle-to-save-a-person trope a few too many times. ._.

    • 55.1 enenmon

      LOL Trucks/cars in drama DONT EVER STOP!! They ALWAYS run over ppl, causing accidents or deaths. LOL!!!

      • 55.1.1 skelly

        epic South Korean vehicles of DOOM

    • 55.2 Kim Yoonmi

      and most of the cars are black. I call carist. ^.~

  56. 56 blergh

    This episode was all kinds of unnecessary.

    And why is Park Ha SOOOO sloooooow? In just about every respect: sitting around while her bf is carted off to jail, not noticing anything strange about Se Na, not calling Yi Gak when she found out he was at the pond (there are other phones somewhere), and then hardly making a sound when she saw he was about to get run down. And that’s just in THIS episode.

    Also a word of advice to our princey: maybe if you’d turned your evidence over to the police, Tae Mu wouldn’t be roaming around bent on sedan-based murdering. Putting people in prison isn’t just a punishment, it’s also to protect everybody else from violent criminals!!! GAH. Stupid.

    Also wondering why nobody (in the show) seems to be wondering why the J F4 were being pursued and having arrows shot at them just before the time jump. Wasn’t that a bit strange…?

    • 56.1 SoyB

      Good points… maybe that’s why some people’s theory that the prince was the target all along is correct.

      And yes, why couldn’t she have called him from the house phone… or called out to him, watch out there’s a car heading your way… *sigh*

  57. 57 milllo blooom

    How about bak ha goes into a coma and when she wakes up she has forgotten the prince and the time travel thing. So when the real coma guy wakes up they fall for each other.

    The prince and his minions actually died in the past when they were jumping, their ghosts appeared to help right past and future wrongs.

    • 57.1 singhi26

      maybe that’s what PH read in the library, that the prince and 3 companions died when they jumped off a cliff. What if they really died and in the present, their reincarnations either died or are in a coma, so having them dissapear instead of going back will make more sense, they are just going back to the bodies…sorry i’m just rambling here, these soul, reincarnation thing is driving me crazy

  58. 58 21

    I have been saying I will watch this show soon but after reading today’s recap I am not so sure if it’s worth the time. Still thanks for the recap!

  59. 59 lovedramas

    I had thought about the possibility of Yi Gak being the original target simply because I have watched enough Joseon sageuks to know that a crown prince always has a huge target on his back. I always puzzled over the motive for killing either the crown princess or her sister BY. But from watching the first episode, I didn’t get any feelings that YG was the original target… so I too am quite surprised and didn’t really think that he could have been the target. So many things that come up and have me going… “oh! that makes sense now! but I didn’t think it was possible before” I like that. Keeps me on my toes.

    But I agree, the execution somewhere stinks.

  60. 60 hanie

    Thanks for the recap JB. le sigh~ I’m sad that RP ended like this. At the beginning, they have so much potential and funny bits and just enough angst but it ended doing all the unnecessary reroute to makjang territory. Everyone knows that nobody left that territory unscathed. If only they focused more on the Joseon mystery, we won’t have all this unnecessary (sub)plot. All the birth secret should have been solved ages ago and all this company matters is supposed to be minor than the murder mystery, not the other way around. And why is Park Ha never share with the Joseon F4 about whatever that she found out from the history book? Seriously, that may help in finding solution to the mystery.

    *pounding chest* sorry for being bitter. it is because i had so much love for you guys.

    • 60.1 Florentine Lily

      It’s because there was love that the disappoint cuts so deep. I can’t ignore the floundering story line/writing because I used to be so invested. And it hurts that it’s gotten this bad and I can’t ignore that. At the end, I hope I haven’t wasted time better spent elsewhere.

  61. 61 jomo

    OMG! I should have skipped the show and just read this recap.
    Thank you so much for making me LOL after experiencing that karap-fest of a writing smooshup of EVERY SHOW THAT HAS EVER BEEN MADE BEFORE.

    The writers didn’t give up, exactly, they started to turn invisible, so their pets started to write for them.

    btw, I guessed that the murder attempt was on the prince waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in Ep 1 comments.
    I can’t crow and say I was right since it isn’t over till it’s over!
    But I prolly won’t watch the last two anyway.
    I feel like the juice has been squeezed out of the love story.
    However, seeing the ducklings re-united with their various family members will be sweet, so maybe…

  62. 62 Schmazel

    Just wondering…

    Don’t the drama writers write a drama with an ending in mind?

    How do these dramas get picked up – or rather – how do the broadcasting companies know that a drama is worth the investment and the time slot if they don’t know what they’re getting into, in the long run?

    I suppose the writers send in a synopsis and maybe the script for the first few episodes, but still…I wonder if they think of and ending for their dramas before they air?

    Anyhow, all the best to the writer(s) of RTP in writing the final 2 episodes. 😀

    • 62.1 Kim Yoonmi

      One writer and as far as I know, you can blame the live shoot (or shoot the live shoot) for this.

      Writers are often told under this system to not finish the scripts ahead of time because they want adjustment time to do crazy things like cut or add episodes or play up a part because it’s popular.

      As for how they know the writer is worth it–there is a semi-apprenticeship that goes on in Korea if you look at any of the writer’s creds on the show, you’ll see they started with a collective writing job. Then they graduate and get a test run on something tried and true (like a story that’s popular and structured). (See Lie to Me). If they get good enough then their rep spikes and then they get to do their own stories without backup material. If they fail, then they have to go back or drop out of the business. (From what I gather.)

      • 62.1.1 Schmazel

        Wow! Thanks for the detailed explanation. 😀

        I now see why some dramas keel off-center. A shame, really, when there’s a a story with great potential but all that loses out to certain popular parts or a ticking clock. Oh well.

  63. 63 mikimotoable

    the things that I dont understand about this drama is

    why people didnt lock their houses, phones, laptops..

    Im frustrated to the max!!

    • 63.1 asianromance

      Not too surprising. This is also a world where you can just snatch a body out of a hospital (when our guys stole Taeyong out so Yi Gak can replace him)!

      • 63.1.1 bd

        Or simply say something instead of saying silent (which is how the evil ones have gotten away w/ their not very bright schemes all along).

        Basically, the protagonists have gone from naive or noble silent to just plain STUPID – which is how the not very bright evil ones have had the upper hand most of the time.

        Also got to love how it changes from daylight to pitch black nite during a short car ride (done a couple of times) and how the color of Se-na’s Ford Focus changed color.

        • Kiara

          Another thing, I dont get is why Park-ha couldnt just yell at Yi-gak to move out of the way but nooooo she had to run in front of the car.

  64. 64 lenrasoon

    damn it just gets confusing, i wonder since when this drama went down the drain, maybe it was when the missing daughters plot entered or way back when we started with the company shenanigans idk, i still watch this because i found Park Ha and Lee Gak adorable otherwise this drama got ridiculous for me :/

  65. 65 lovedramas

    Also – why is TM’s answer for everything murder??? This guy seriously needs to be put away in jail for life.

    I still love our OTP – they are really cute together.

    As I watched PH fret over him disappearing and YG saying that they could do something tomorrow night… I had the feeling that they wouldn’t get to that point. It always happens that way. Besides, it is high time they go back to Joseon. I understand that why they have dragged it out until now but still I am far more interested in that than TM and his company antics.

    I don’t know much about TY but I think I could grow to like him too as much as YG.

  66. 66 mas

    I think i like this ep very much.but again different person have different taste

    • 66.1 exquisitemelody

      I was at the edge of my seat screaming at my computer because I knew what was going to happen…but I loved it all the same. I liked this ep too…actually, I’ve liked this whole drama. Maybe I’m the only one? I do miss that they lost the humor, but I can understand it’s hard to make time for that and keep the storylines going.

    • 66.2 pk

      Also like and enjoy every ep. Think the power struggle is necessary, if not how to mirror the power struggle in Josaen time, is greed for the wealth and power that we have Sena & TW and it would be a waste of Crown P and his gang’s talents just to follow PK around and do some cute acts…then people will complain, so just relax and enjoy:)
      From Ep1, already shown the bad guy set the trap to kill CP and they escaped to modern times….I would say the plot already set but of course there are imperfections….like ON AIR…

  67. 67 exquisitemelody

    So many ending possibilities, all with legitimate reasons! For the longest time, I thought Bu Yong was the one that died in the pond, and I still thought so after this episode until I read the comments. I would really love it if Se Na saves Park Ha…I’d love some redemption for her!

    I did realize though that Bu Yong probably isn’t the one that died because wasn’t there some time between when the princess died and when they time jumped? I’m sure if Bu Yong was in fact the one that died, her going missing would’ve been known…gahh I don’t know.

    I hope all the time spent on the company takeover will be useful next week, or I’m going to be sad with all the time we missed that we could’ve been in Joseon!

    My one wish is that somehow, Yi Gak and Park Ha end up together…darn you era difference! How will it work out?

  68. 68 exquisitemelody

    Oh, my one qualm (well, not one, but…just thinking about it) – so what the heck happened with the birth mom? She went off to Hong Kong without EITHER of her daughters? We spend so much time on that storyline and then it gets dropped like a hot potato? OH drama…

    • 68.1 gg

      yea i know right! that was such a waste of time and so anti-climatic…

    • 68.2 pk

      SN too ashamed to see her mum and mum knows how loving her daughter PK and TY are so why bring her to HK. In the first place, she didn’t intent to bring them back to HK but because of what SN did, she thought she has the responsibility to chg her before is too late. As someone mentioned, PY takes after the father, SN takes after her mum so i think she was like SN but now as she is dying, her value starts to change…..

  69. 69 cielo009

    Maybe, just maybe, Sena grew a conscience and felt guilt for everything she’s done and pushes Park Ha aside and gets killed… Unlikely right?

    • 69.1 SoyB

      Unlikely… she had so many chances to do the right thing and she kept chosing wrong right up to the end. At this point, I’m sad b/c there’s absolutely nothing that can really redeem Sena or Tae Mu except death or jail.

  70. 70 Kyuu

    When that lawyer dude was like “all assets go to Taeyong tomorrow at 12PM” or something, I just had to roll my eyes. It was such an obviously predictable attempt at extending the story. Why couldn’t they just do it right there when everyone was already present? Some parts of this drama is so downright ridiculous and annoying.

    At least the drama is getting somewhere towards the end, however, my interest in this drama is already long gone. I guess I’m just watching it because I’m already 18 episodes in and I might as well finish it. :/

    • 70.1 bd

      Or the whole matter of all the assets going to Tae-mu if Tae-yong wasn’t present at the “hand-off.”

      So many ridiculous flaws (like the policeman not searching for the “escaped” prisoner), but this one really took the cake.

      Just lazy, lazy writing.

      • 70.1.1 Sho

        TY’s lawyer took care of his dissapearance according to Pyo Taek Soo (as PTS already had knowledge that he was at a Police Station).

        At first, I thought PTS meant for the above line in terms of lawyers, how the lawyers took care of the inheritance transfer from Grandmas will, but him asked about his escape from the Police Station kinda reinforces the idea that his lawyers already took care of the situation after seeing YG at the meeting

  71. 71 Yumi

    Thanks for posting.

    How can there not be a Tae-mu in Joseon. These peoples fate have been enter-twined for centuries, so he must have Joseon a counterpart. The fact that no-one has acknowledge this is weird. Tae-Mu is probably the palace Eunuch.

    Also, what up with Grandma’s kids. Where is Tae-mu’s mother and Tae-Yong’s parents. Did Grandma consume her children. I miss the explanation of their demise.

    I always assumed that if the Crown Princess was actually the one who faceplant in the Joseon pond, she got herself killed trying to disappear her younger sister.

    Another weird to me conceit is the belief that the reincarnated will look like their prior self. It would be so much more interesting trying to find the soul/personality match is a radically different body.

    • 71.1 Night

      Tea Mu was in Joseon. He is police officer and crown prince brother-in-law. Rewatch first episode when all discussing with king about dead in the pond… It starts sth about 45 minutes from beginning.

      • 71.1.1 Yumi


        i missed that!

  72. 72 JYN

    I still wanna know what Park Ha saw in that history textbook. >.> I’ll bet it’ll be revealed in the end or something. Or did I happen to miss an episode or something? O.o

  73. 73 Byj_angel

    This drama, I dare say is akin to a promising spectacular fireworks show that fizzled out in the middle. Kaboosh. Swish. Landed in deep ocean. No exclamation point needed. The previous episodes were like scattered brains it leaves the viewer fuming mad. Duh, are we dumb? Makjang!

  74. 74 crazykel

    I still like this drama, but not as much as I used to. I agree that some of this has gotten incredibly stupid in the last two episodes. It’s as if the writers want Tae-mu to succeed in killing someone, so they keep having to add near-death scenarios to match their obvious obsession with his character.

    When I saw the interrogation scenes with TaeMu and SeNa, all I could do was laugh. My first thought was, “The prince and the ducklings have been watching WAY too many cop dramas.” LOL. I snorted a few times I think. YongSool acted just like those old-timey thuggish cops too–a slap on the head to keep TaeMu quiet. And the light shining on the villains, bwahahaha.

    What happened to Park-ha’s character strength? Just when she began to amaze me at her ability to bounce back despite her circumstances, she becomes like so many lead drama women–incredibly weak-minded and vulnerable to attack. Does this girl have a death wish?
    She continues to trust regardless of the knowledge of the evil which certain people possess. Then she talked about solving “halmoni’s” murder? Why would she still call the woman who tried to remove her from TaeYong/YiGak’s life “grandmother”? She was horrible to Park-ha, and as far as I’m concerned, Park-ha had every right to not care about her death. I understand that it would go against her nature, but I certainly wouldn’t have bothered if I were in her shoes.

    I can only hope that we get a big dose of Joseon in the final two episodes, and that the writers don’t try to run us all over at the reservoir of answers.

  75. 75 A-M

    I was okay with the crazy and sloppy mostly but yeah, this episode pushed the limits a bit. I’m hoping things start making more sense in the next episode and that this was the low point.

  76. 76 asianromance

    I agree that most of this episode was pretty frustrating. Sena and Tae-mu have been so obviously evil towards them that Yi-Gak and Park-ha should have both been extra suspicious and wary. I mean, Sena and Tae-mu are crazy murderers! And Yi-Gak should have handed the black box over to the police. The worst punishment for those two would be bad press and a long stint in jail. And we need more of the other Joseon guys.

    I do love how this ending scene is bring us back to the beginning Joseon scene – the idea of one sister pretending to be the other (very likely that people had mistaken Bu-yong’s body for the princess’s) and the potential death scene.

    • 76.1 Shiku

      How is it possible to mistake Bu yong and the crown princess when Bu yong has a scar on her face?

      • 76.1.1 ravens_nest

        Right? If it is Bu Yong, then they’re telling me not one court official/maid was like, “Yo…dis ain’t da crown princess.” when they fished her out of the water for burial?

        Ok, KDrama…You do you, homie…*side-eye*

        • supernazu

          honey, if u watch episode 1, crown prince clearly said to his servant to cover the dead body without an inch showing. Then they show how those servant cover the dead body with white silk before they took her out of water. No one saw the dead’s body face.

          • Sho

            would you also like to see a Dead person’s face? She was laying face down in the water, there’s no reason to turn her around especially when YG clearly said to take care of it carefully. It’s one of the reason’s why we all had speculations on wondering if it was really CP or BY who died.

          • ravens_nest

            @supernazu Yes, I caught and understood that. That was the immediate reaction he had yes.

            Still, wouldn’t they have prepared her body for burial? For example clean her, change her into special burial clothes, etc. per whatever traditions they had for royal deaths in the Chosun era. A quick search tells me that there are actual procedures for burying the dead in Korea.

            I guess I’m just supposed to accept that they wrapped her in a sheet and buried her as is.

            Yeah, ok…

  77. 77 eternalfive

    BAHAHAHAHA. Okay, this drama just got waaay funnier and in all the wrong ways. *snigger* Is this seriously real? I mean, I haven’t bothered with Episodes 17-18, so I’m just following the recaps atm, but has the show actually gotten THIS stupid?! And it had so much potential in the beginning too – why couldn’t they have concentrated on the Joseon murder mystery instead of some random company shit that NO ONE CARES ABOUT? Or even the rooftop family, what about them? Where did the funny go? There was SO MUCH you could do with all that, I just can’t understand why they would decide to concentrate on the two most pathetic characters in the drama and their constipated faces (I mean, look at that screenshot of Tae-mu’s murderer face. It’s hilarious XD).

    Although I do feel a little sorry for Tae-mu. Poor guy tries SO hard, but he STILL fails to kill his intended victim. 😛

    • 77.1 ladyjumong

      hehehe-if Taemu were American, he would be on America’s Dumbest Criminals—

  78. 78 Ani

    And yet I’m still pretty interested in finding out how it all ends. Hahahaha. X)

  79. 79 JheartsK

    RANT, not RAVE. I am so disappointed in this show which held all the promise in the first episodes but is now dragging unbearably. It was absolutely hilarious and fun in the beginning but has just turned into melodrama. Sigh. I love Bak Ha and the prince plus the ducklings but their adorable interactions have been too few and far between in recent episodes. And the acting has become a bit contrived, too. (I have to add that the opposite has happened with timeslot-sharing King 2 Hearts – the story has taken off into awesome territory and the acting is phenomenal heading into the final week.)

    • 79.1 Florentine Lily

      I think there is a lot of Ranting in the replies and reviews. Raving? Not so much.

  80. 80 Florentine Lily

    In the earlier stages, this show had sooooo much potential. I could not wait to watch it. I am especially angry because I thought they would have raised the stakes by episode 10 (which is when I started to fall out of love with the writing). The comedy hid the cracked facade. The numerous plot holes are now glaringly obvious.

    I still don’t know why they had to drag out the take-over/birth secret. We got that Se Na is horrible and Tae Mu can’t even properly kill his adversary by episode 12.

    Se Na: She might be a lot of things but, from what I’ve seen, I don’t think she has it in her to be a murderer. Tae “please, just let me kill somebody intentionally before this show ends” Mu? Yes! Se “power/class-hungry-parasite” Na? No!She talks big but she can’t deliver. She nearly had a heart attack seeing Grandma fall! Now, she agreed to lure Tae Yong for Tae Mu to run over and drown? In front of her? Hmmm….smells like somebody is grasping at straws to advance the story.

    I used to watch this show after TK2H because the first few episodes were superb while TK2H was still getting its footing. But now, I’m watching RTP before TK2H because TK2H consumes all my emotions and takes over my mind. Every week, TK2H writers bring it. They are not afraid to distress their audience. They don’t play safe. It keeps getting better! The writing is solid. I keep crying and laughing and screaming at my computer screen but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My emotions from one week carries over to the next and leaves me drained, waiting for the next episode. And when I think I have no more to give, TK2H somehow wrings it from me. I am in a perpetual state of suspense and happiness.

    With TK2H, I am invested in the characters, even the villain. With RTP now, I don’t even care if Park-Ha gets run over (and I want to care). I just want it to be over. And with the addition of QIHM, RTP looks ridiculous. I’m worried that if I start watching Equator Man now (I’ve been hearing rave reviews), the little bit of love I still retain for RTP will frizzle to nothing.

    • 80.1 Florentine Lily

      And it shouldn’t be that way.

    • 80.2 JheartsK

      RE: K2H, you said it! It is A-MAZING, right?! I could go on and on but suppose it would be a bit inappropriate since this is the RP thread! Ha! I am going to slide this one comment in here, though: Jae Shin and Shin Kyung =
      true love. Their recent scenes (and not only the ones with each other but those with the other characters, too) have just slayed me!

      I fear it is too late to rescue RP but I will watch to see how the writers wrap this up.

      • 80.2.1 Sho

        I can’t find TK2H interesting over RTP still. Maybe it’s just me, but I do find QIHM much better than RTP especially since they both work with the whole time travelling issue. I don’t disagree that RTP has gotten downhill since Ep 13 though

        QIHM > RTP > TK2H

        • JheartsK

          I’ve heard so many RAVES about QIHM…that’s next on my list after my emotions recover from TK2H (which have run the gamut and have run deep and still have 2 episodes to go).

          PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE, RP, for the last episodes, MORE BH, Prince, and his three fellow musketeers; LESS Sena and Tae Mu. Bring back the funny!! Bring back the joy!!

    • 80.3 JheartsK

      I’ve been watching K2H early in the morning when I have a bit of time before starting work. I now have to remind myself NOT to put on makeup before watching because I end up crying and messing it up! Ha! “And when I think I have no more to give, TK2H somehow wrings it from me.” Yup.

  81. 81 ravens_nest

    I don’t really post about this show much because I’m not that excited by it anymore. The acting and the music are the only things keeping me entertained at this point. It started off strong and then tumbled into a tangled mess of chaebol machinations, near-death (and one actual death) experiences, amnesia, mistaken identities, birth-secrets, you name it…Blegh.

    But this was the episode that made me want to give up hope that this drama will turn itself around before the end. I had hoped by episode 18 we’d have explored way more of the Chosun mystery, the Chosun incarnations Hwa Yong/Bu Yong, and that the Attendants Three would be more fleshed out instead of mere plot devices/comic relief. Instead I get crazy makjang story-lines filled with 50% plot-holes, 50% coincidences, and 100% Ugh. Makjang is all well and good when done right but this show didn’t handle it correctly.


    So many WTF!moments in this episode:

    1. How the hell did Lee Gak teleport from the cell to the hall? I don’t remember that being a perk of fading back to Chosun. I’d have preferred if he’d faded and then walked through the wall. :/

    2. No one has brought up the DNA issue again with all these “You’re a fake Tae Yong!” accusations flying around?

    3. Why in the world would Tae Yong be stuck in jail because Tae Mu didn’t corroborate his alibi? What about the bartender/wait staff that served the cousins all their drinks? Were there no other patrons in that entire bar who can verify that you two were together? No security cameras? Come on!

    4. Why not tell the police about the car black-box theory?

    5. How many coincidences will this drama rely on? Coincidentally Se Na exited the house right during a car accident, coincidentally that car had a newfangled black-box installed, coincidentally Lee Gak stepped on the accident debris…This is not even including the many “coincidences” from previous episodes. At this point the most believable part of the drama is the time-traveling reincarnation magic stuff.

    6. Apparently Bak Ha has forgotten when she slapped Se Na across the face, threw water at her twice, and declared them no longer sisters. And that was before all the shiestiness with their Bio-Mom, getting her fired, and actively interfering with Lee Gak and Bak Ha’s relationship. Apparently Se Na needed only to shed crocodile tears and Bak Ha caves. :/

    7. So is no one ever going to do a daring rescue from an oncoming car where they shout “LOOK OUT! A CAR!” and leap for the other person while allowing the inertia to carry both bodies out of harm’s way? No? I guess a weak cry, a light shove, and a deer-in-the-headlights (literally) expression will have to do…

    8. How maniacal can Yong Dong Man’s laugh get before people start looking at him funny?


    Also about Tae Mu…JB is right. Based solely on his work performance he deserves the company waaay more than Tae Yong. He is an exceptional businessman and he’s been working for that company for much longer with continued success. At times he seems like the only person who actually gets shit done in that company.

    In the beginning of the drama, before all the shenanigans (read: attempted murder) in NY, Tae Mu’s only fault was that his grandfather stepped out on Grandma and had a bastard child who then had Tae Mu. Um…What? So two generations later you’re punishing this kid for what his grandfather did? Even though he is clearly the better businessman. Ok, Grandma, I see your sharp and analytic business mind is at work.

    I don’t excuse his heinous crimes–he should def go to jail for them–but part of me admits that if he wasn’t a psychotic murderer, I’d be rooting for him to get the company, hands down.

    IDK…Usually I can find nuggets of cute/funny/sweet in the midst of the ugly in this drama but not today. *sigh* Maybe next week will be better. Either way I’m stuck on this ride until the bitter end.

    • 81.1 Florentine Lily

      “Either way I’m stuck on this ride until the bitter end.”

      My sentiments exactly. It also annoyed me that Grandma didn’t leave anything for anyone other than Tae Yong. Seriously, woman? Your tunnel vision love for Tae Yong and blatant disregard for Tae Mu’s workman-ship and loyalty triggered all this. Karma made you fall down the stairs (even though it was unnecessary) and it was sorta sweet to watch.

      I also wished the writer did not rely on the stereotypical chaebol-drama villain for Tae Mu. He accidentally punched his cousin–whom we assumed he had an okay if not a great relationship with–into the ocean because Tae Yong was causing distress to their grandmother. A grandmother Tae Mu has been trying to impress for a long time but whom hates him because of his grandfather’s indiscretions. Thinking his cousin dead (Tae Yong looked pretty dead), his self-preservation kicks in and he lies about the event.

      Everything he did after that was wrong but it would have made for an interesting morally-gray, conflicted villain instead of the black-and-white-company-takeover one. He would have been motivated to hide the accidental murder (which I got a sense of in the first couple of episodes) but the writers made it seem like he was motivated to kill Tae-Yong because of the company. This would have eliminated the company take-over plot, leaving the birth secret plot which would then have resolved itself in two episodes.

      • 81.1.1 ravens_nest

        Right? I remember a lot of people immediately hating Tae Mu in the beginning because of punching Tae Yong into the water and I couldn’t figure out why. It was kind of an accident and it was dead wrong to leave Tae Yong for dead but it wasn’t outright murderous. Tae Mu struck me as an opportunist. It doesn’t excuse his actions but it had the seeds of a more interesting gray character that never came to light.

        TBH, I kind of dug him in the first few episodes and I was hoping for stronger characterization. Especially considering his utter devotion for Se Na which I, frankly, found adorable and sweet if a tad blind. His love for her is an interesting contrast to that cold and ruthless nature which let him leave his cousin for dead.

        Instead they went for the boring jealous chaebol route. *rolls eyes* I probably wouldn’t be so mad if they hadn’t made him such an incompetent villain. How many times is he going to almost-but-not-quite kill someone before he gets it right? Even Se Na has one up on him!

        Ugh, wasted opportunities!

    • 81.2 lizzzie

      “8. How maniacal can Yong Dong Man’s laugh get before people start looking at him funny?”

      I found it too funny. I really hope it was the actor poking fun at the whole scene.

    • 81.3 SoyB

      “7. So is no one ever going to do a daring rescue from an oncoming car where they shout “LOOK OUT! A CAR!” and leap for the other person while allowing the inertia to carry both bodies out of harm’s way? No? I guess a weak cry, a light shove, and a deer-in-the-headlights (literally) expression will have to do…

      8. How maniacal can Yong Dong Man’s laugh get before people start looking at him funny?”

      #7 – yes, why can’t they shout that and even if you’re pushing someone out of the way, why do you now stop to be the victim? UGH>

      #8 – that made me snort out loud. Teehee!

  82. 82 Sd

    After this kind of episode I officially give up RTP. I’m pretty disappointed.Inserting some cute and sweet moments between OTP is not sufficient to make a good drama.

    Park ha became one of the dumbest heroin ever

    Thank God ! at least the evil couple doing something.

  83. 83 dee

    thanks for the recps.

  84. 84 koe

    Why can’t she just call him? Her phone is not the only cell phone in the world. This was like running instead of taking a cab like they always do in dramas. Please be smarter! It’s not believable this way!

    • 84.1 Sho

      It’s called Speed Dial, i don’t even know my gf’s phone # off by heart cause all I do is pop open my Contact List and call her by touching the screen. She can ask for anyone’s Phone (on the street while waiting for a taxi, in the cab from the driver) but what good is a cell phone if she doesn’t know YGs # or the ducklings # or anyone that matters?

  85. 85 asdksjdnsjdjsd

    I stil love this drama no matter what<3

    • 85.1 Yuika

      This! Yes. I wholeheartedly agree.

      I understand that people may have become frustrated with this drama because of how it’s resorted to recycled plots and has lost its appeal. But I also feel that the more k-dramas people have seen, the more it should be known that it just might be a typical course of action that writers/producers make – to throw in overused company/greed for power/birth secret elements… it’s probably not the first time anyone’s been disappointed with how these dramas take the unfunny nosedive into a rushed-ending-my-questions-are-answered-in-the-last-episode kind of hell. I enjoy this drama no matter how ‘boring’ it may have gotten or how it ‘didn’t use its potential': For me, despite the (seemingly) increasingly dry storyline, the drama itself puts that plot under a very different light.

      I am not unaware of the glaring goofs and flaws the drama exhibits sometimes, though. I realized something just as I was watching this episode: If in fact, the Prince and his ducklings had no knowledge of hangul at all (assuming in RP-land, hangul hadn’t been invented yet), how could Bu-Yong have written in her initials ㅂㅇ on her handkerchief? Sure, the drama can be stupid sometimes, but to me it’s more of an endearing mistake rather than an irksome nuisance – after all, dramas are made by other humans, and people aren’t perfect!

      On another note, I have entertained the (strong?) possibility of the dead-girl-in-the-pond being Bu-Yong. Ever since Tae-Mu tried to dispose of her after finding out that she was Chairman Jang’s daughter, it occurred to me that Princey being ambushed immediately before being (literally) launched into 2012 wasn’t a coincidence. In other words, I think that Tae-Mu has a counterpart as well in Joseon, who was plotting to either overthrow the government or just plain get rid of the Prince so he can seize the throne. Perhaps the Crown Princess and Tae-Mu’s counterpart had conspired against Yi Gak (assuming she’s just as heartless and evil as Se Na is here), and Bu-Yong found out. There are other plausible clues for this theory, but I won’t make the post too long.

      My point is, I love this drama for both the cuteness and its screw-ups. Screw-ups they may be – but they still keep me hooked. And that’s all a drama needs to do for me! :)

  86. 86 Jasmin

    I really liked the idea and the way in which the show started… but they didn’t use the potential.:-(

    And I know we agreed not to compare this drama with “Queen Inhyun’s Man” (OR any other time-travel drama) but I think this drama does its job better so far.

  87. 87 Suzi Q

    This Kdrama had so much potential, but the plot is getting more dumb and dumber. How can the audience buy into these lame situations without going into idiocy? My head wants to explode!!!! Yeessh!

    How many times can Se Na and Tae Mu attempt to kill stupid Park Ha? Gee, Tae Mu puts her to freeze to death in a locked freezer truck. This is attempted murder! Poor grandma got accidentally pushed down a flight of stairs by Se Na, and grandma croaks. This is manslaughter. Is there no cops or justice?

    Stupid Park Ha believes everything Se Na dishes out to her. Shame on her. Park Ha is the dumbest heroin! Se Na and Tae Mu, both are liars and murderers. How can they get away with it?

    I love your comment that Tae Mu looks like he’s going to take a dump with that expression on his face when he trying to kill Tae Yong/Yi Gak- whoever with the car.
    I wish Tae Mu runs over Se Na instead and pushes her into the pond and dies. That way, it would coincide with the crown princess’ death. I want her to pay for being so nasty and evil….

  88. 88 pandora

    RTP follows live shooting system right? I don’t quite understand how it goes.. Can anyone enlighten me? Like, do the writers have a definite script for the entire show, or do they change it along the way?

    • 88.1 Jasmin

      The writers write the script for each episode from week to week… sometimes they are on time, sometimes not… But liveshoot here means… they started shooting this drama a few weeks before the start and now they are behind. So right now they are shooting the last episodes and it can take until right before wednesday.

      • 88.1.1 pandora

        Thanks Jasmin. I finally get it, no wonder the actors are often stressed out. I was thinking maybe the plot wouldn’t have turned making if only they write everything at once, and not deviate from what the drama really stands for. :)

        • Jasmin

          I agree… sometimes I wish the writers would finish the script and story before they start shooting the drama.:-) I also agree with you that because they don’t it might have an effect on the consistency and quality of the plot/characters. But that’s Korean business, right!?XD

          • Kim Yoonmi

            Studios don’t allow them to finish the scripts before the shoots. ’cause that would mean no extra episodes or random cutting down of episode length. I bet that’s a nightmare for the writers too.

            The ones that succeed seem to have certain plot points they want to reach and then pray very, very hard there won’t be an extension so the pacing will be OK.

            The first Iljimae refused an extension and got better sound equipment with the money instead–I wish more shows would do that… save the writers and the show.

  89. 89 Swye

    If Yi-gak and Park-ha had done the deed and she was pregnant, what would happen when Yi-gak disappeared into oblivion? Would the unborn child also disappear like a lost TV signal?

  90. 90 YChase007

    Oh the frustration…. Cant wait to see how they wl end this drama, hoping and wishing that tgey use their fantastical genre license and really provide a believable and satisfying ending next week.

  91. 91 Joyce

    I’m watching RTP and TK2H right now, and since they both come out the same day, I have to pick one to watch first. This always ends up with me watching RTP first, mainly because it got…boring. I loved the story in the beginning, couldn’t wait until the next ep, even thought it was better than TK2H, but sadly, it became one of those dramas that just spiraled downhill and landed at the bottom of the cliff. It just got way too ridiculous and predictable by this ep, maybe cuz its day to day? I’m only sticking through the end cuz I’m so far in, but, sigh, I really am disappointed. Its such a big contrast to TK2H right now, where everything makes sense and you’re just falling in love with everyone, and everything tugs at all your emotions at once, and you’re crying and screaming and in pain while in love…ugh, can’t describe it, but it makes you so into it.
    Oh RTP writers-nim, wae!! The Joseon F4 just got put into the background! They were one of the reasons why I loved it so much, but now its just a predictable chaebol kdrama. Its like check, got this next predictable thing, and check for the next. Just soo disappointed

  92. 92 shirin-noona

    Your recap was way better than the actual episode.Thanks a lot JB.You are the best!:)

  93. 93 Aden01

    i knw this is just a drama. and a drama supposed to contain a stupid scene. But RTP has downgraded too low. the scripwriter drag this story into something that i cant bear. so, i left My RTP for a while and cheated with QIM. and then i found my new Love!!

    i stil wait for the last 2 ep from RTP. i really want the rating goes Up not bcoz there’s Yoochun in it. but bcoz RTP has a great ending story line.

  94. 94 supernazu

    ” I don’t know if there’s anybody who still cares about that home shopping channel or who runs it.”

    Kind of disagree about this. As we know, this story is about parallel life etc. People who wanted to kill Lee Gak in the past is most probably because of the throne.

    Hence, in the modern era, the company is the symbolic of the throne. Why Taemoo left Taeyong floating in the sea? Because he wants the throne to be his.

    • 94.1 dea

      I agree with you. The whole home-shopping CEO actually makes sense, because in Joseon era, I’m suspicious with LG’s brother-in-law who looked like he wanted to steal LG’s position from him. So that’s why (maybe) he tried to kill him.

      But the writer can do a better writing, by at least inserting some Joseon flashback scene about the brother-in-law or someone else who was eyeing for the throne. It will be very lazy writing if everything about Joseon is revealed on ep 20.

    • 94.2 JG

      Agree. Different strokes for different folks, but I have always been interested in the chaebol conflict for the exact reason. And I think that through this modern struggle, Yi Gak will figure out the mastermind behind his assassination attempt before J4 time-traveled and the identities of all the conspirators.

    • 94.3 pk

      agree, see my comments above.

  95. 95 KDaddict

    Hats off to JB n GF! So many dramas become unbearable as the writers veer off into a void. It’s a pain to watch even w finger firmly on ff, so I don’t know how you guys can stand to recap when that happens, n you still have to maintain a veneer of politeness.
    This story was full of promise when it started off, then by n by, I feel that it is treating the audience as retards. Enough said!

  96. 96 sally_b

    …wanna give JB a high five for keepin’it REAL. ♥ (´ε` )“

    You’ve said (in a much more clever way) what I’ve been thinking about this drama for a coupla weeks now.

    I’ll ‘fess up that it has not yet entered the *Moon/Sun* level of head-shaking and sorrow for what might have been. Mostly because it was intended to be *fluffy* from the get-go….so I let A LOT of things slide ~

    …and additionally the ‘dark horse’ time travel drama ((known to me as)) Sweet-Lips-Freckle-Ear & Shawty-Mc-Cutie-girl…..has blown away my expection of *Romantic Drama*.

    Then there’s K2H….plowing a field through my heart.

    What an *overall* fantastic drama season….really….so MUCH to see, right?

    p.s. I predict the only person Tae-Mu will be successful in killing is….Se_Na. (somehow) just’sayin ~

  97. 97 JC

    16 episodes would have been enough.

  98. 98 Tara

    Thanks for the recap. As a foreigner, made it watching Korean drama much more fun with your effort. Thank you.
    But truly, besides enjoying watching Micky Yuuchun on screen the story line though it has one, the other scene are just lame and kiddy like…. seriously last night while watching the drama with all the lame turn of event and actions I thought this drama is not serious, it is for the 13 year old kids.
    Still, I will be watching it for the fun of it and wanted to get to the end of the mystery of the death in the Joeson period. also wants to see how the romance on this present time will end (or lasts).

  99. 99 gg

    The last two episodes have been fairly disappointing, I feel like the writer is just letting YG and PH take turns to be attacked by the villains and taking turns to save each other. That kind of stuff really gets annoying and doesn’t do much to advance the plot. I mean how many times has TM tried to kill off YG already??

    I also miss PH’s spunky character at the beginning of the show. She has become this passive character who cannot think for herself, just following YG around and blindly trusting Sena. Serious, after all that the evil sister has done to her?? I hate it when the female lead gets dumber and dumber and has to depend everything on the male lead..

    Like everyone else, I also wish YG and his ducklings could have been transported back to Joseon times earlier to solve the mystery.. for me the Joseon mystery was really much more interesting than the boring company takeover-plot.. how many times have we seen this same old plot in k-dramas already?! With only two more episodes to go, I hope the drama gets its act back together and not give us a messy ending like so many potentially promising dramas have…

    • 99.1 lizzzie

      About Parkha, there was this small recap sequence at the end of the ep. And I was so struck by how different Parkha feels now compared to then. Like a different character, almost.


    Hi, I have a new theory.

    Remember how Taeyong fell into the water? There’s some parallel to what happened to the girl in the water. When Yi Gak was in mortal danger, he time travelled forward. Maybe this time Park Ha will time travel backwards right before she gets hit. It sort of makes sense, in a RTP way. She goes to the past where BuYong is already dead (if she was indeed the one who died), and maybe YiGak will fade back into his own era just in time to solve the murder and everything.

    If this is what happens, then I’d guess the Crown Princess had a lover in that time too. And the lover also wanted to usurp the throne so the CP was helping him. She then goes into hiding, leaving the lover to make up the story that it was the princess who died, etc, etc.

    The storyline is so hard to get! I can’t think of a satisfactory way for it to end. if PH time travels, she leaves behind her two moms and the two baddies might go free. If she dies then BOO. if it really was the CP who died then PH’s probably not gonna get hit/die… but then even if they live they still can’t be together!

    • 100.1 pk

      and LG will return the soul to TY (as his body fade away)and TY continues his carefree life, PYoTS will run the co and J4 return to Joseon and found PK waiting….as for her 2 mums, the bonds are not that strong anyway, the J4 more like her family…she is more like an ophan and worst, abandond by her bio mum and her sis… that’s why she was going back to US when her business flop…at that time she was really very lonely but put up a brave front, which she always does but LG see her true self…

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