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Running Man: Episode 93
by | May 13, 2012 | 51 Comments

It’s a Nonstop Survival Race in today’s episode where popularity may not always prove beneficial. Public opinion has never been this important and the Running Man does their best to evade their captors – each other. Happy Survival Race Running Man! May the odds be ever in your favor.

EPISODE 93. Broadcast on May 6, 2012.

Thanks to the Return of Yoomes Bond a few weeks ago, the other members clamor for their own “anniversary” special. Like Sherlock Holmes, First Love, or the Tru-Gary show. And Jong-kook threatens he’ll shatter all of them. Sheesh – it’s only the opening!

Running Man has been airing for a while now, and they issued out a few public surveys. Q: Whose superpower do you want the most? Oof, Death Note aka Kwang-soo is dead last (2.2%). Then who came out first? Ji-hyo, at a whopping 65.9%. And while we’re on the subject, tsk tsk Ji-hyo. Who is your hairdresser this time? Fire ’em NOW.

Jong-kook presumes that means that they just can’t trust her because she was able to read minds. Then he gets all worked up when Jae-suk asks if his own power (Space Controller) is useful in a real-life setting. Jong-kook: “Of course! It’s the best!” Look who’s all jealous and has their skivvies in a twist.

He explains that you can call your girlfriend whenever you want and Jae-suk slips in, “Eun-hye?” and Haha replicates this nostalgic scene from X-Man.

The cast gets worked up at the next question (Q: Who’s the best runner in RM?) Jong-kook wins by a landslide but I’m cracking up that the VJs who voted take two steps back when he approaches. And Kwang-soo’s VJ insists that he voted for Jong-kook not Kwangvatar.

Suk-jin shakes his head at the following question (Q: Who’s the best looking male in RM) that he’ll acknowledge up to third place and a “6” pops above his head. They joke about how terrible it would be to be stuck in the latter half and gloat when Mr. PD assures them that their ranks will be captioned.

Time to introduce today’s theme – a nonstop race you have 30 minutes in each round to take out the target (Q: Which member do you want to eliminate the most?). All the members mull over the question and wave their apologies at the camera.

Well, everyone except Kwang-soo who… can’t even fit into the booth ’cause he’s too tall. HA. “Couldn’t you have made it taller? Didn’t you consider me?! I’m a member too!”

It takes him less than a second to jot down a name and stares at him to make it very obvious – Jong-kook. Oho, stare all you want now ’cause you might regret it soon.

Everyone is split up. Suddenly, the alarm sounds and the speakers boom that the votes are in. Round 1’s target is none other than, say it with me now: Kim Jong-kook. But just remember there’s a caveat – if you don’t eliminate him, he’ll move up with you to the next round.

The members sweat in their respective locations – how are they supposed to take down Spartakooks? If he feels betrayed now, how scary can he be if he gets to chase YOU down? I’m getting chills.

Hold up Jae-suk, you’re supposed to be chasing him remember? When Haha’s taken out of the round, the boys panic all like, What are we supposed to do? How do we do this?. Who is your target people?!

20 minutes left and the the Tiger overtakes the Giraff for an easy kill. He slips away and over the speakers issues this warning: “You wrote me down? That was a bit much. Listen up… even though it’s variety… the first round won’t be variety. I’m going to do it right. See you later.” *shiver*

Still on edge, Jae-suk figures that he’ll just fight Jong-kook. No big deal right? His VJ snorts. Less than a minute later, Jae-suk opens the door, runs into Jong-kook, collapses to the ground and is eliminated. Right, no big deal.

In the stairwell, Jae-suk complains up a storm to the PD that the audience is dying for a match against him and Jong-kook. If only they were matched up, if only he weren’t surprised… and he instinctively backs up against the wall when Jong-kook flies up the stairs.

Then as soon as he’s gone, the PD’s like, “What did you say about that 1:1 match with him?” Jae-suk: “Being surprised and scared are totally different!”

It goes without saying that Suk-jin is an easy kill and only Gary and Ji-hyo remains. They’ll have to stick together to survive.

Oh Jong-kook, you look so happy with that sign. He gives Jae-suk this long-winded lecture about how he’ll use it to hide and then they’ll hesitate and then he’ll pop out of it and—Jae-suk cuts in, “Why are you giving ME this lecture?”

He swears that he wrote down Ji-hyo (it’s a lie) and they keep chatting until there’s five minutes left and Jong-kook says coolly, “See ya later.”

Once he’s gone, Jae-suk berates his VJ for getting scared whenever Jong-kook appears. You should be giving yourself that lecture, Mr. I-was-surprised-not-scared.

Three minutes left and the reality that Jong-kook could exact his revenge in the next round settles in. He’s nowhere to be found (Gary: “He’s hiding ’cause he’s scared!”). The ex-Monday Couple climb the stairs where Jong-kook waits with bated breath.

At the opportune moment, he pounces and Gary yells that there’s no time left and they won’t regret anything, “So you [Ji-hyo] go get him.”

There’s nowhere else to go and Jong-kook apologizes to the Ace that he’s got to win so he’s not going to go easy on her because she’s a woman.

30 seconds left and Jong-kook’s caught both of them with each arm while they scream at the other to make a move. Gary reaches for his back just as the speakers blare… but it’s too late and Jong-kook gets to move on.

The winner of the round gets two votes for the following tally and immediately the others pour on the compliments. Haha quips that they should strategize who their targets should be, and Jong-kook responds threateningly that it’s fine as long as the others are okay with getting a little hurt in the process.

Haha has no qualms about voting for Jong-kook again but no worries – Jong-kook makes it loud and clear (in writing) how he feels.

Jong-kook let his fury rage as the start of the second target is called. Well, well… it’s Haha. The votes were split down the middle and it was up to Kwang-soo to pick at random the deciding vote. Spartakook runs around to leave Haha to him.

And I love it. For like five minutes, Haha stares and mouths to the camera It’s me? Me? It’s not Jong-kook but ME? AHAHAHA.

Haha takes refuge until 20 minutes remain and starts running. But too bad Suk-jin spots him and so begins the frantic chase for his capture. Jong-kook and Jae-suk both corner him, but in the aftermath, Jae-suk picks up 2 votes and Haha is out of the game for good.

The cast recognizes the location when Jong-kook dragged four people trying to rip off his name tag up the stairs (Episode 4). They eat and whisper in secret about who to eliminate next.

So starts Round 3 and this time… Kwang-soo. He blurts, “Me?!” Not only does the cast break into a smile, but all the staff crack up too. The entire hall is filled with choruses of the members calling out his name like a lost puppy.

Jae-suk notes that everyone is taking their grand ol’ time while Kwang-soo hides in a corner. Cut to Ji-hyo playing a video game and Jong-kook resting. No one’s in a rush and why should they be?

Elsewhere Kwang-soo huddles in a corner when he hears footsteps approaching. It’s Suk-jin, who is eager to fight against someone, anyone really. So the Easy Brothers face off. Er, let’s just say it ends with Suk-jin wrapped up and Kwang-soo rips off his name tag with his teeth

That alerts the others that they’ve got to get moving and Jae-suk investigates a darkened conference room. Kwang-soo pleads and has got him cornered.

Kwang-soo’s given a head start but he slips into another room only to emerge nonchalant, wearing a raincoat as an ineffective disguise. But it’s no use once Ji-hyo has got a hold of him and down he goes.

In jail, Haha asks: “How long did you last?” Kwang-soo: “15 minutes.” Haha: “That’s impressive.”

Mr. PD introduces the final round as a good ol’ game of Survival Hide-and-Seek. They point fingers in the van that they should have taken out Jong-kook while they had the chance. Meanwhile, Jong-kook plays dumb, unable to hide the smile on his face.

They’re instructed to keep a wary eye out for the hidden angels in the park who can either aid or hinder them in this mission.

The eliminated (whose entrance was also announced, keh) sit in jail while Suk-jin puffs up in the distance, detaching himself from his detained days. But he immediately cowers when Jong-kook taunts him: “Hyung, do you wanna run some more?”

The sound of drums beckon Gary inside where an angel awaits: girl group member Suzy (Miss A). She hands over her present – a hot pack – and then a bell. Gary: “Only your face is angelic.” Suzy bangs on the drums: “You’re right!”

Jae-suk and Ji-hyo roam together to look for another angel and another smiling girl idol member greets them: Han Seung-yeon (KARA). Jae-suk gets left behind and she brightly hands over her present – a small name tag.

Which is great and all…except that the girl doesn’t know how to put it on. Haven’t you seen Running Man before?! Outside, the Ace overhears the entire exchange…

Now that we’ve met some of the angels, we backtrack to meet the other three: Gyuri (KARA), HyunA (4minute), and Krystal (f(x)). They were previously asked to vote for the member they wished would win. So that explains why Seung-yeon was able to help Jae-suk and why Suzy couldn’t do the same.

Then an awful desperate cry fills the air and we see Jae-suk strapped in a bungee jump harness as the staff readies to raise him up into the sky.

Krystal looks at him apologetically (though earlier she’d told him: “You don’t have a choice.”) and the ex-Monday Couple look on. They’re so busy in fact that Ji-hyo belatedly realizes she’s been eliminated by Suk-jin.

Back to Jae-suk as he’s told to pull the string that will plummet him towards the ground. Dude the guy’s deathly afraid of heights! But he does and it’s completely DAEBAK. As he swings he cries out: “GUYS, DON’T COME HERE!”

The man looks like he’s aged ten years when his feet finally touch the ground. To make matters worse, she gives him a bell. She heard from her sis Jessica that Gary turned out to be a great partner.

She asks: “Does it feel unfair? Then you can bring someone else.” To go through that torture?

HyunA greets Gary warmly, but Jong-kook is close on his tail, ready to eliminate him. Oh honey, you’re not so bright are you? You don’t give the present to Gary in front of Spartakooks and then shove a bell in his hands. Sigh.

Gary barely makes it 100 yards before he runs out of breath. Both Jong-kook and Suk-jin grab a hold of him and before you know it, both of his name tags are torn off.

Thanks to Suk-jin’s tip, Jong-kook finds Gyuri at another part of the park. She welcomes him in with a huge smile then hands him a bell. Suk-jin is eventually eliminated and I love how everyone’s faces in jail just nod like they’re saying Well it was about time.

It’s the Grasshopper versus the Tiger and Jae-suk approaches each corner with caution. But Jong-kook catches up to him anyway and muses how he’s missed their 1:1 battles.

Jae-suk blubbers that they’ve got different styles: Spartakooks (brute strength) vs. Yoomes Bond (stealthy water gun). But he musters up the courage to give it a shot and they attempt to overtake each other.

HAHAHA – and then Jong-kook bites down on Jae-suk’s name tag and rips it from Jae-suk’s back. How different the same action can seem from two very different animals?

Jae-suk lies down but Jong-kook spots the name tag as he gets up. Jae-suk attacks once more and the captions tell us this petty fight continues for the next 15 minutes…

The two finally run out of strength and Jae-suk caves in. Jong-kook teasingly tears the name tag off and on as Jae-suk looks straight into the camera about today’s lesson: “We should have eliminated Jong-kook in the first round.”

The ladies join in for the closing and the boys brighten that tomorrow will be a Couple Race. The prize for today’s winner is greater than any other they’ve received before. Jae-suk: “The chance to promote as a girl group member?” HA.

No, no something much worse – he gets to assign tomorrow’s pairings as he sees fit. Bring on the compliments for Spartakooks!


51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Daisy

    Awwww Yoo Jae Suk was soooo close to winning! LOL! Great recap!

  2. dls

    Thanks for the recap!!! This survival game is a refreshing one. It’s just so funny that in the first round, the hunters become the hunted. They should have eliminated spartakooks earlier. And Yoo Jae Suk-flying grasshoper, that is scary and daebak. I won’t ride that.

    • 2.1 mariolawpanda

      Right? This episode actually reminded me of the earlier episodes. Running Man has been consistent with bringing new things and tasks but some of them aren’t as effective as the others.

      This episode is super straight forward elimination which I love. I was holding my breath in some of the scenes like how I used to do during the bells “era”.

  3. forgetdeadlines

    I always feel tired after reading a recap of running man 🙂

  4. Jossy

    Thank-You Effie ;p

  5. Jossy

    Thanks for the recap, Effie ;p
    *sigh* Jihyo is so badass with her IDGAF hairdo/bedhair lol

    • 5.1 Ani

      Right? I totally admire her for it even though my OCD has me itching to at least have her brush her hair. XD

  6. topper

    I enjoyed this episode a lot, but I really think Big Nose Hyung has no game. When KJK went for Giraffe in the first round, he was there but just stood looking at KJK finish off Giraffe.

  7. Wesley Lu

    Lol, someone had been reading Hunger Games.

  8. Naddie

    I LOVED THIS EP SO MUCH. Hahaha oh man I could watch the casts all day long if they keep this up. From the preview, next week’s episode looks to be interesting as well. I’m glad the PDs decide to bring back some of the old format – I see that they’ll have the “camera game” next ep! The return of Peaceful Gary, perhaps? Hee.

  9. Nokcha

    I thought this episode was one of the best! Lots of fun!

  10. 10 Sabah

    Wonderful episode. It truly felt like a race since my pulse was racing from beginning to end. The pace was so fast but I think it was the raw emotions that made it intense. Sure it’s a game but then even things done in jest can have lasting effects. As Kim Jong Kook implies, you wouldn’t break friendships over it but maybe a few bones.

    I loved all those sincere moments like RM lying to Kim Jong Kook about voting for him or Ace Ji Hyo’s repulsion at Ji suk jin trying to get his easy brother voted off and of course my favourite moment Ha Ha repeatedly asking if it was indeed him who had been voted… hehe, just excellent.

  11. 11 Onewcondition

    phahah love the hunger game link ^^

  12. 12 Daniella

    I loved this episode! Seriously brought back some great classics. I can’t wait to watch the wedding race. I do think the handsome ranking is a bit off though, lol.
    I love monster Jong Gook’s comeback!

  13. 13 min

    1st round is the most funniest! prey becomes the hunter and the hunters shivers when they see the prey!

  14. 14 amatsu

    Love loved this episode! It really relived me of the old days, not saying that the newer episodes suck but I had more fun back then. Can’t wait for this week’s episode! I’m sure it’s going to be so much fan! Peaceful Gary back on!! Heehee.

  15. 15 shopgirl

    I don’t know park gyuri has such a lovely face 😀

  16. 16 Ani

    “tsk tsk Ji-hyo. Who is your hairdresser this time? ”

    I think it’s been established at this point that most of the time Jihyo shows up on Running Man she doesn’t really bother with a hairdresser or makeup for the most part. And I, quite frankly, am cool with that as long as she brings the awesome. (Although, to be fair, sometimes I have the insane urge to run a brush through her hair. Today is a good example. Hahahaha. But that’s because I have hair that always needs brushing. X/)

    Anyways, Spartakook was on fire today. Woot woot. That was awesome. I can’t wait to see what happens next. X)

  17. 17 Lise

    These little girls always manage to spoil the show for me, that aegyo, nasal speak thing just makes me gag! Bring the scary ahjummas and am totally in!

    • 17.1 purplesheesh

      Ikr? I was so pissed off at Hyuna for not thinking straight and giving the nametag in front of Jongkook.

  18. 18 Lise

    Giraffe putting on the hoodie and pretending to be staff, i didnt even know it was him then when i recognised him trying to act so like it wasnt him i just laughed non stop and kept replaying the scene…really Kwangsoo?!!!

  19. 19 Lilian

    This episode was damn good! Jong Kook was totally in element in the first round. I liked it that when they voted, they didn’t know that they had to personally eliminate the voted person. haha…if they did, I don’t think Suk Jin would have voted KHK! =P but it was really really fun

  20. 20 kirandeep sraon

    kwangsoo’s scene was hilarious…. lol…. he’s one of a kind

  21. 21 Bunso

    I think they are trying to recreate the first or second dont remember when gary wins how can the pd think they will go against the strongest guy hello if they dont trick KJK they will never win against him and I think Yoo Jaesuk reaction is Over acting when he got caught for me I can see the huge difference with Ep 13 when he really I think got scared in the elevator. I dont like the part when the Girls at the end I thought its 2 shows in one I think its much better if their are no guests they fight until the end but I really am proud of Jaesuk when he ride the Superman Wow he is fearless dude his the best! Waiting to the punishment returns

  22. 22 HeadsNo2

    Thanks for the daebak recap, as always! I think the funniest moment was Jae-suk flying through the air, screaming. Sooo funny. This episode reminded me of the old days and those were my favorite, you just can’t beat good ol’ fashioned hide and seek.

    The only thing I get sad about is when lots of female idols are brought on to be paired with the boys in the cast. I assume Ji-hyo will end up being paired with Suk-jin. Part of the charm is that she gets treated like one of the guys but I wish that, in specials like these, they’d just add on Siwon or Minho or [insert cute male idol here] just for Ji-hyo to have a cool pair, too.

    • 22.1 Jen

      Agreed! Whenever there are female idols around, Ji-hyo somehow gets buried in the background which is so unfair. She’s the ace!

  23. 23 Jen

    I loved absolutely loved this episode. Definitely one of my favorites. Some of the guests are great but the episodes when it’s just the Running Man members are even better. Favorite parts of the show:
    -Kim Jong Kook showed exactly why he is Sparta.
    -When Sparta and the Ace get together you can never go wrong.
    -Ji SuK Jin has been so much funnier lately and since he was a key part in helping get the backstabbers out I hope he gets rewarded by forming an (a successful) alliance with a KJK, YJS, or SJH.

  24. 24 hanabi

    This episode was awesome! As many have already said, it’s a lot like the episodes earlier in the series – a great combination of a hilarious moments and dramatic tension in the hide and seek. Loved it!

    What do you all think of the ranking for best looking male?

    I honestly do not think Jae Suk is very attractive and would not have put him first.

  25. 25 Jungie

    I think the best looking is Kjk but ofcourse Jaesuk oppa wins popularity wise…I want to see guests that are unexpected like jang dongun kekeke or Bae Yong Joon that would shoot the ratings so high coz I dont think they will do it their to uptight bout their image no fun

  26. 26 mingtsai

    there were lots of heart-racing, funny-hilarious, dae-bak moments in this episode!! ^__^

    some of my faves:

    — Gary being voted 2nd place in looks in the RM Survey!! (go Gary oppa!)

    — Gwangsoo voting in the much-shorter man-made voting booth and he’s vehement reaction of feeling left out (Am I not a RM member also?) hahaha… and then voting (for Jong-kook) in under 10 seconds… and then staring at JK on his way back to his seat… hahaha.. I always enjoy watching JK laugh out loud because of Gwangsoo… (it’s a little endearing that the Giraffe is the cause of much laughter for the RM members, esp. JK and Jae-suk.)

    — when Gwangsoo gets caught by JK in that first round and Sukjin has NO idea what to do (should i say or should i go help my EASY brother) ahahaha.. his feet were telling the whole story…

    — Haha repeatedly asking ‘Me? me? me?’ when he couldn’t believe he is the target for the second round…

    — when Gwangsoo goes into the room to hide from Jaesuk and Jihyo and then emerges under the “disguise” of a raincoat with his head covered with the hood… SERIOUSLY HILARIOUS!!!! (my brother and I had to replay this scene several times because it was sooooo funny!!)

    — Jaesuk riding that SUPER SCARY but intriguing and awesome RIDE(?) screaming his head off and talking non-stop!!

    — Jaesuk and Jongkook showdown! (Jaesuk explaining their difference in style was funny and sooo true!) How cute is Jaesuk attacking Jongkook’s “weakness”? aka his hair!! ^^

    loved and enjoyed this episode very much! ^^

    can’t wait for the photo game, which makes a comeback in the next episode!

  27. 27 Chiklet

    I love this episode…. I’m hoping for another good episode next week since a bunch of female idols guests were my least favorite episodes…

  28. 28 lily

    hi, does anyone know what song is playing during the introduction of the angels? i have been looking for a long time but didnt found it yet 🙁

  29. 29 Nana

    I love this episode until the girls came, haha…
    just enjoying the moment they were playing together by themselves

  30. 30 anna

    It’s a pity they didn’t team up together and gang up on KJK when they had the chance? He would have been out and not taking every one one a time. Only two left were Gary and JH, and they did work together but it was too late. hahaha and they were so close too.

  31. 31 luvs

    what? i really liked ji hyo’s sexy messy look with the braid! and kookie in pink<3

    • 31.1 Ani

      I watched the episode and saw that her hair had a braid instead of “clumps of unbrushed hair”. I dig it yo. Most of the time, you kind of don’t notice the hair when she’s smiling like a cutey pie.

  32. 32 Kualao

    Yeah the hair thing is funny and when Big Nosr dont know what to do hahaha I thought his doing cha cha dance I really wish that all of the guys ride the superman I feel bad for YjS oppa but He is Totally so Cool even if he is Shouting like Crazy poor guy always doing the hardest stuff for the show. I totally respect YjS and he is totally So Cool!I dont like that their doing a price for the guests its lame for the viewers we want punishment like before celebrities have alot of money they can buy whatever we want to see hardship kekeke Peace Out

  33. 33 Kualao

    They said Jihyo is leaving? I think its a bad career move RM is really popular now she might be popular indemand now bec of RM if she leaves she might lose that indemand thing I feel that variety show is a big thing now with actors look at Seungi he becomes a Superstar coz of 1n2d if ahe leaves Im fine with it just get YongHwa in her Place and we are all cool

  34. 34 luvs

    speaking of the hunger games, the next episode totally has a direct parallel with careers and the hunted… totally that vibe. hopefully that’s not much of a spoiler but i’m watching it now poor hunted it looks like bullying lol

  35. 35 im_eve

    i soo looove this episode too! truthfully, while i adored some recent’s been a while since i had lots of laugh-out-loud moments from RM..THIS ONE made me laugh almost non-stop! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! haha too many moments to type really! hehe Jussst…..LOVE IT!!! & yeah can’t wait for the camera game too..that was always fun & funny!

  36. 36 yoyoyo

    All this talk and mention about Yoon Eun Hye….it would be GREAT if they actually got her to appear in RM! wonder how Spartakooks will react….hehe….one can only dream!

  37. 37 Hippie

    Kim Jong Kook is a fierce tiger. haha the first part was hilarious. The Monday couple did not manage to rip Spartakooks nametag because he is too strong for the both of them. Eventually when it was announced that the game is over, then he relents and allowed them to take the nametag away.

    It was impossible to take Kookie down unless everyone unite and hunt him down. Something that needs lots of courage.

    Lastly, the vote on looks. In my opinion they are all average looking. But if i will to rank, this is my answer:

    1) Commander kim Jong Kook – Based on his build and manliness. I think guys with small eyes like his are cute

    2) Grasshopper MC Jae Suk – Based on his gentle and decent features.

    3) Nerdy looking Gary – Based on his decent features, he is look pleasant. However, sometimes he look blur to me.

    4) Cute penguin Haha – Based on cuteness.

    5) Dorky Girraffe Gwangsoo – He is funny

    6) Big nose Hyun Suk Jin – Average looking

  38. 38 Cutie Kookie

    This is the best episode so far. There is no bias and everybody uses their wits and strenght to survive. Kookie proved once again that he is the strongest running man. Most of the time, the running man have to let the guests wins (especially ladies). I was sick and tired of the guests as everything seem to be scripted right from the beginning. It was acting all along and Kim Jong Kook have to ‘purposely’ lost to a guest. All the excitement was gone especially when there is a guest in the show as ultimately, they will be the winner. Let me present the award:

    Best spy: Haroro

    Best runner/ chaser: Jong Kook

    Best strategist: Jae suk

    Best thinker: Ji Hyo

    Best traitor: Kwangsoo

    Best personality: Gary

    Best comedian: Suk Jin

  39. 39 Jo kyu

    What is the name of the amusement park ?? I miss the kookie name ahahah

  40. 40 Jo kyu

    What is the name of the amusement park ??

    I miss the kookie name ahahah

  41. 41 qior

    a long recap!
    i really glad that Jong Kook oppa win.
    btw, there’s a flashback before jong kook fights jae suk. when they turned simultaneous ly and when jae suk messed jong kook hair style.
    may i know what episode is it?

  42. 42 qior

    a long recap!
    i really glad that Jong Kook oppa win.
    btw, there’s a flashback before jong kook fights jae suk. when they turned simultaneously and when jae suk messed jong kook hair style.
    may i know what episode is it?

  43. 43 Sakura-sshi (=^・ω・^=)~

    I love this episode so much >.< really miss the back ground music "sparta" !! I hope Jong Kook can get rm episode special for him like with Eun Hye or something ~ it will be great !! ♡ Anyway, Jong Kook Oppa Fighting (≧w≦)/ Always support you forever in Running Man & looking forward ur new album this year \( 'ω')/

  44. 44 Neville Ross

    Can anyone tell me what is the brand of the hoodie/sweater that are use in this episode?

  45. 45

    Like a lot of other people, I found it harder to locate products on the
    ribbon than with its earlier, much more-textured interface.

  46. 46 guys hoodies

    You guys are amazing. The hooded sweatshirts are wonderful.
    The team loves them and we are quite satisfied with them.

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