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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 13
by | May 2, 2012 | 448 Comments

War games, mind games, and games of the heart. Bong-gu solves a riddle, Shi-kyung slays the ladies, and Jae-ha opens up about his first love, which is brave, considering your girlfriend probably carries a gun.


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Bong-gu-stiltskin ponders his riddle box (The riddle: Something I have that you don’t.) He whispers, “People,” and it snaps open. He giggles and opens it up… to find one of Jae-ha’s fancy royal usb drives. You know he had those custom-made: It needs more bling!

Bong-gu laughs that he’s returning video letter for video letter, and walks away. But of course he gets about three feet from the desk and can’t handle the curiosity, and heads right back. Ha.

He turns on the video letter of Jae-ha, sitting with his arms crossed like a disappointed father, “I TOLD you not to open it.” He says he’ll give Bong-gu one last chance, and tells him to turn it off before he gets to ten.

Begin countdown. Bong-gu scoffs, “What is this, porn?” Dude, you can’t send my mind to the gutter two minutes in. I have a recap to write!

He fast-forwards through the countdown, and we resume at ten. And then the video switches to hidden camera footage of Jae-ha’s Operation Seduction. Hahaha. Nice.

Bong-gu’s eyes widen to see his girlfriend swooning over Jae-ha, not wanting to go home to her boyfriend, whom she calls childish for doing magic tricks every night. She rattles off a litany of blows – he’s got no charm, no humor, he’s got an inferiority complex and calls himself “the king,” and she’s only with him for his money.

I love that every time she says something particularly hurtful, Jae-ha looks directly at the hidden camera, just to rub it in. She says that money can’t buy dignity, and tops it off with a hand-graze and a suggestion they move the conversation elsewhere.

At the same time, the girlfriend walks into the room in person, and Bong-gu pulls out his gun. Without a moment’s hesitation, he shoots her, and then again and again when she’s on the ground. Damn.

Jae-ha says dryly, “You’re not going to kill her right?” Uh… I know it’s not his fault that Bong-gu’s crazy, but he’s going to regret saying that so glibly. He says that Bong-gu already knew what she thought of him, but that’s people for you—they lie, they allow themselves to be fooled.

He says that’s what he used to think too. And that’s how he was with Hang-ah in the beginning. He even shot at her too. But it was hyung who saved him, by believing in him. He hopes that Bong-gu will let this go, “Otherwise, you’ll end up very lonely.”

As he says the words, Bong-gu’s minions run in and discover the girlfriend’s bloody body, faces contorting in horror. Jae-ha continues:

Jae-ha: At least I had people who believed in me, so I could start over. But you don’t… have anybody. If by chance you really did kill her, that’s the end for you—the very nature of hopelessness. Because that’s what’s really important in life: people. That’s why my weapon and my strength is people. The people who believe in me. The people who held out their hands to me though I kicked them out. And even the person I shot… who loves me. Kim Bong-gu-sshi, go ahead and step on me some more. The more you do, the stronger I’ll become. Why? Because now I have to protect the people who believed in me.

Damn. So good. It’s exactly what I wanted from Jae-ha, and then some. This paired with Shi-kyung’s speech to him a few episodes back just give me chills.

Bong-gu doesn’t even let him finish, and busts a cap in the tv. His minion tells him that Jae-ha’s making an announcement right now, and then we cut to his speech (at a function to honor Jae-kang).

He says that his brother had two dreams—to have North and South Korea enter the WOC together, and that he’d marry Hang-ah. Excellent way to bolster support for your wedding. I approve. He says that to that end, the WOC team will enter as planned, with the original members… including himself.

From the security line, Dong-ha’s jaw drops. He whispers to Shi-kyung, “We’re ALL going?” Shi-kyung just grins.

Jae-ha says that this team has trained together for months and that even in the recent incident in North Korea, it’s that teamwork that saved the day. He knows that dissension is high regarding his engagement to Hang-ah, so this is how they’ll prove themselves—by making it to the second round, or else they’ll call the engagement off.

Er? But! Now you’re just making it harder! Gaaaaah. He says that he loves Hang-ah, as everyone knows. But he understands that the king marrying a North Korean isn’t something that the citizens will accept on faith alone, hence this display of harmony/teamwork to show that North and South can work together. It makes sense in theory, but what about the part where you were gonna marry her, like right now?

He then calls Hang-ah to the stage, introducing her as the North Korean team leader, the woman he loves, and his fiancée-to-be. She walks onto the stage dressed in uniform, and then he holds out his hand (like a boyfriend, not for a handshake) and they hold hands and stand side by side, smiling at each other. It’s adorable.

Afterwards, the prime minister throws a fit, saying that the king can’t go into a combat situation himself. But Jae-ha rattles off plenty of kings who have gone to battle—Alexander the Great, King Gwanggaeto. The prime minister’s like, That was EONS ago! But Jae-ha’s got an answer for everything, determined to see it through.

He says that every major country has some stake in the North-South divide, but it’s time they take control and show the world that this is their own problem and not anyone else’s. The prime minister can’t argue with that reasoning, but then whines, “What if you get hurt?”

Jae-ha breezes that it’s all games with blanks, and besides, won’t other teams be too scared to injure a king? And if they do, can’t the prime minister kick up a big fuss? And then he winks at the man like they’re in on a secret together. Player gotta play.

Secretary Eun hasn’t said one word in disagreement (remember Jae-ha came to him beforehand with the plan) but asks one thing—what if they lose in the first round? Jae-ha assures them that they won’t, and starts to explain, but tsk-tsks that the prime minister wouldn’t understand because he never went to the army. Ha.

Questioning his health (aka his excuse for not serving in the army) leads to the prime minister’s swift and hearty approval on the matter. He says that he’ll guard the country in the meantime, but Jae-ha says he needn’t guard his position, since he’s got Princess Jae-shin on that job.

You mean the princess who’s currently driving her wheelchair around like a monster truck and trying to run over staffers accidentally-on-purpose? That one? You might want to rethink that.

It turns out her road rage is just to mask her massive pain, and in a moment of weakness, she approaches the top of a staircase, her hand trembling on the forward gear.

She looks down with pained eyes, and then starts to inch forward. But Parrot squawks out at the last moment and she stops. Lassie’s got nuthin’ on you, birdie.

Hang-ah comes to ask Jae-shin about taking charge of the palace for a month, and Jae-shin flips out, saying that she can’t even go outside the palace let alone deal with official appearances. She snaps at Hang-ah as if it’s her fault, and Hang-ah just snaps right back.

I love that she’s so no-nonsense with the petulant princess. It must be all her days spent taming her petulant oppa. But Mom’s in the room, and when Hang-ah asks to speak to the princess alone, Jae-shin tattles that if Mom leaves, she’ll hit her like last time. Ha.

Hang-ah’s like, But… I bathed you!

She knows she’ll get nowhere with Mom around as a shield, so Hang-ah tags along on her trip to the hospital the next morning. She stoops down to change her heels to sneakers, saying that she shouldn’t give more pain to hurt feet, but Jae-shin asks bitterly what it matters, since she can’t feel the difference.

Hang-ah says that she heard from Shi-kyung about what happened the last time she went to the hospital, and promises to ride along to keep her safe. Jae-shin grumbles that she knows the real reason is to nag her to play king for a month, but her face shows relief.

Mom tells Jae-ha that there’s no way that Jae-shin can handle the job. But Jae-ha says she has to do it, and Mom has to stop babying her. They have to go by the rules, and the rules say the next in line for the throne has to take his place.

But Mom says Jae-shin isn’t even in a state to handle everyday life, let alone all that pressure. She wakes up every night to find Jae-shin banging her head against the wall, asking why her, why it hurts so much, saying that she hears a strange song in her ear and every time she falls asleep she dreams of being chased.

Mom: “She can’t even walk. You’re asking someone who can’t walk to run!” But Jae-ha is resolute that she has to get over it. He says that’s what Hang-ah went to do. “She’ll be able to run.”

In the car, Hang-ah looks over at Jae-shin, her eyes full of warmth and sympathy. She’s knocked out on pain meds, which the staffer tells her is an everyday occurrence now. She pulls her over to lean on her shoulder, holding her the rest of the way.

Back at the palace, Jae-ha tells Mom that because she Jae-shin won’t show herself or speak about her condition, people just think she’s gone insane, that she’s locked herself in the basement of the palace and drools and craps her pants like a vegetable.

Crying, Mom screams at him to stop, asking how he can say things like that about his own sister. But he yells back that it’s because he’s tired of hearing people say those things about her.

Mom wails that Jae-shin was so smart, so bold, fearless in front of people. Jae-ha fires back with tears in his eyes that that’s why they have to catch the bastard who did this to her. He kneels by her side and takes her hand. “Are you going to just let the bastard who killed hyung and did that to Jae-shin go? Mom!”

And then he tells her about Bong-gu strolling in here with a smile, telling him over a shared meal how he killed Jae-kang. He calls him a scary bastard who has endless power and fears nothing. He tells her that’s why Mom and Jae-shin have to be stronger, if they’re going to take him on.

But Mom cuts him off, “Don’t do it.” She tells him to run instead. The tears finally start to fall as he looks up at her in shock. She can barely eke out her words through her tears, shaking in fear at the thought of losing Jae-ha too.

“Jae-kang-ie, before he is your brother, he is my son. I will forgive everything. I will bury it in my heart. So let’s just be a little bit pathetic. We can close our eyes just this once, like nothing ever happened. Jae-ha-ya, save me. Don’t do it. You too… No! Don’t do it! No, I can’t…” Tears stream down his face as he looks up at her. She wails, broken and desperate not to lose another child. He hugs her tight as she cries over and over that he can’t, that she can’t lose him too.

Waaaaaaah. The mommy-son scenes just kill me on this show.

Bong-gu calls a meeting for Club M, and says that Jae-ha declared that he had no people. He plans to rectify that situation, which just proves he never got it in the first place, and declares that they’ll work together to preserve their agenda.

The first thing on his to-do list: attend the peace conference in Jeju, and participate in the WOC himself, so as to help bring about peace on the Korean peninsula. Uh-huh.

Meanwhile Hang-ah takes Jae-shin to ground zero. The memories start to swirl around her. And then she fills her in on what kind of man Bong-gu is, and what he did to Jae-kang because of the WOC and Jae-ha’s engagement.

She explains that a man like that will use any opportunity to attack the monarchy—which is why Jae-shin has to take the throne in Jae-ha’s absence, to adhere strictly to law. But what’s more important is Jae-shin’s memory.

“If we’re going to stop him, we need a weapon. Right now your memory, your eye-witness account… is our only weapon against him. Please…”

Later that night after Hang-ah catches Jae-ha up to speed, he sighs that he knew it wouldn’t be easy. Hang-ah says that she’s changed so much—when she first met Jae-shin she was so bold, but now…

She wonders what on earth happened to her that night to make her so scared. But that thought leads her to wonder how Bong-gu found out about the villa in the first place. THANK YOU. Can we put her in charge?

Jae-ha never though much of it before, but then realizes now that it was his vacation, and only a handful of people actually knew where he was staying. She asks exactly who. The family, Secretary Eun and Shi-kyung, and the secret service team who went with him.

She asks hesitantly, “Secretary Eun is trustworthy, right?” He scoffs that the old man has been serving the monarchy for over thirty years, and was here before Jae-ha was even born. Yes, but if you think about it, that’s like having one chief of staff for seven presidents. Does anyone think that’s a good idea for one man to have so much power?

She doesn’t argue, but says that he did say strange things… like the time he lied to her about the congressional hearing and how it was Jae-ha’s idea. He gapes, “Is that what you believed all this time?”

She says no, actually, because apparently Secretary Eun told her after the fact that he lied. To cover his own lying ass? Damnit. But then Jae-ha remembers how Secretary Eun told him that it was Hang-ah’s idea to go to that hearing.

The next day he looks out the window as Secretary Eun briefs him on the WOC, and then asks after a long pause, “Ajusshi, you never lie to me, do you?” He answers no. Jae-ha nods and smiles.

He sits down at his desk and jabbers on about how he asked the head housekeeper to clean his mouse but she forgot. She’s been around forever though, so it’s not like he can yell at her. “When people get old, they must forget from time to time, right?” Oooooh.

“That’s what happened with you too, right Ajusshi? The safety check, when hyung died?” Holy crap. I didn’t think he’d make that leap so fast. Jae-ha has perfected that smile-while-threatening thing, and he just smiles up at him, as Secretary Eun has an internal freak out and then answers, “Yes.”

Jae-ha returns to business as usual and watches him go with a wary sigh. He’s clearly testing the waters for now, but I understand that he doesn’t WANT to believe it despite the signs that maybe the old man isn’t quite as honest as he claims to be.

Jae-shin ponders Hang-ah’s pleas, and flashes back to memories of Jae-kang, and then the day she saw her attacker outside her ambulance. I really hope this time they’re concrete memories, though it’s still unclear.

Dong-ha’s colleagues ask if Kang-seok is like the terminator, and Dong-ha postures that he’s nothing special—he’s just a crazy SNSD fanboy. The guys are like, “But in the army, SNSD is god.” Hahaha. Truer words.

But Dong-ha says he’s not strong at all, insisting it’s all show. Shi-kyung finally looks up from his book, “Is that why you ran away from the snowball fight when Rhee Kang-seok came?” HEE.

Shi-kyung playfully makes a move to hit him over the head with his papers, eliciting a big “ooooooh” from the guys. Suddenly the festivities come to a screeching halt when Jae-shin wheels into the room at top speed.

The guards all jump to attention and click their heels, and she asks what they’re all standing around for. That’s their cue to scram, and they don’t need any prodding. They scatter like a pack of mice, leaving Shi-kyung alone to deal with her.

She tells him that she’ll do it—she’ll take Jae-ha’s place for a month. But she has a condition: Shi-kyung has to stay and help her. But the WOC! And the team hijinks! He says as much, but she tells him that someone else can go in his place. She needs him here.

“Should I get on my knees and beg? To save me? Then will you do it?” She rants that the world thinks she’s crazy, disabled, calls her all sorts of things, but she’s still a princess, so why does she have to plead, to someone like him?

But she catches herself. She can’t help but admit how much she dislikes him, “You’re frustrating and I don’t even want to see your face! But I have no one. If Oppa and Unni go to the WOC… then I have no one to lean on. I feel a little pathetic for having to say this to you, but stay. I’m asking you.” Aw, I change my mind! Stay!

He finally relents and tells her that he’ll let the king know. She adds that she really doesn’t remember—she’s tried and she’s not avoiding it, she swears, but she can’t remember a thing. He nods and says he knows, apologizing for what he said the last time. She turns her head away as a tear falls, not wanting to cry in front of him.

Shi-kyung reports all this to Jae-ha, who looks up with his mouth gaping open, “Jae-shin told you directly that she’d do it?” Shi-kyung nods and says that he’ll have to drop out of the WOC, and Jae-ha looks up at him with a raised eyebrow, “What’s your secret?”

Shi-kyung stares, confused. Jae-ha: “Kim Hang-ah, and now Jae-shin. How’d you seduce them? Is the entirety of your true nature a royal-killer?” Jae-ha’s like, what is with women’s tastes? He adds that if Shi-kyung does well, he might end up the king’s in-law.

Before Shi-kyung can even react, Jae-ha says this isn’t how it’s supposed to go—he wanted a brother-in-law who’s easy to talk to and gets along with him swimmingly, so they’d play golf together and stuff, not someone like him.

And Shi-kyung just blurts out, “Me neither!” Hahahaha. Jae-ha looks up, rug pulled out from under his own joke. Shi-kyung says Jae-shin is NOT his taste in women, so he needn’t worry.

Jae-ha backs down, totally deflated by Shi-kyung’s seriousness. He finally snaps back, “Why do you always get so angry when I make a joke?” And then suddenly he gets belatedly offended, asking what he means by taste anyway, upset that he’s insinuating that Jae-shin isn’t up to his standards. Hee hee hee. I luff these two.

Shi-kyung cuts him short and leaves with a bow, and Jae-ha has to call him back in to finish the conversation. He tells Shi-kyung to find his replacement for the team then, and motions for him to come close.

He leans in, and in a low voice, he tells Shi-kyung to check on every last person who knew where hyung was staying when he died—every guard, all the staff, even Secretary Eun. The last name makes both of them uncomfortable, but Jae-ha just tells him to inspect everyone equally.

Shi-kyung wonders if there really might be a mole in the palace. Gah, the fact that he’s in charge of this investigation just breaks my heart.

Secretary Eun goes over Jae-shin’s upcoming agenda, and though she resists public appearances, he tells her that the peace conference in Jeju is something she can’t avoid. And then he gets the guest list, where he sees John Mayer’s name.

He calls Club M but puts the phone down when Shi-kyung comes to see him, to ask for his help in clearing up some accounts that don’t match up from the guards who were in Anmyundo.

Dad looks at him in alarm—why is he asking? Shi-kyung explains that the king put him on the case, to find out if there’s a mole. Dad panics, asking whom he’s investigating. Shi-kyung says everyone, but adds with a smile that Dad’s not a suspect-suspect, since the king trusts him completely. Oof. Already not true.

Jae-ha shows Secretary Eun his WOC uniform, complete with the team leader armband. Hahaha, did you have that made the second Shi-kyung stepped down? Cracks me up.

Secretary Eun tells him that Bong-gu will be attending the Jeju peace conference, where Jae-shin will be—is he really going to leave like this? But Jae-ha says it’ll be a public event, besides, Secretary Eun will be there. “I trust you, Ajusshi. Take good care of Jae-shin.”

It’s the night before they ship off for the WOC, and Jae-ha prepares a late-night barbeque for Hang-ah. She says they have to work out, not pig out, with so little time before the games. But he tells her that teamwork is more important. Uh-huh. Teamwork? Or teamwork?

They clink their wine glasses and she downs her glass like a shot, so he laughs and quips that she’s impressive, but falls way short of his first love, who was soooo pretty and reaaaaally forward. She literally pulls up her sleeves for a beatdown. HA.

Flashback to little grade school Jae-ha, who collided with a young girl and fell instantly in love. He loved everything about her, down to her immovable coldness. She wouldn’t give him the time of day.

His mom had sent him to a public school and he tried to hide his identity, but the truth came out in no time. And then suddenly, that girl just sidled up to him and linked her arm in his. “It was a little disgusting.”

He muses that most people talk about their first loves like they’re precious and beautiful, but he chuckles, saying he doesn’t know—his first love is something he wants to forget.

Jae-ha: “I gave up right then and there. This is how things are. This is what people and the world are like. I gave up and I enjoyed it. Even when I met a good person once in a while, just to there, I’d draw the line, and not trust. But living that way… a person grows so lonely.”

Hang-ah listens, her eyes full of empathy, and she reaches out and puts her hand on his. He looks over at her, and then takes her hand up to his face. He closes his eyes as he leans onto her hand. Awwwwwww.

He looks up at her, “Thank you for being here.” He says let’s win, and she gives a little nod. And then he leans in for a kiss.

They arrive in Japan for the WOC and finally meet up with Kang-seok and Young-bae, who salute Jae-ha stiffly. He’s like, what’s with you guys? They remain stone-faced, so he reminds them that it can’t be this way if they’re going to be a team.

Suddenly Kang-seok breaks into a huge smile, “Right?” Hahahaha. He shakes Jae-ha’s hand warmly, and Young-bae bear-hugs him, and then TICKLES him until he lands on the floor. I missed this so much.

Kang-seok greets Hang-ah with a smile, and then he and Dong-ha join in on the attack. Group ticklefest? I love this team! And now I’m all sad again that Shi-kyung isn’t here. Wah. The replacement guy watches the proceedings agape.

Jae-shin gets crowned as interim monarch and then it’s time for the peace conference in Jeju. Bong-gu’s minion asks if he’s really going to let the WOC proceed like this, and Bong-gu insists he’s turned over a new leaf as his peace-loving self.

But then he coughs something up… a WOC ball. It’s one of the team selection balls that will determine the Round match-ups. I don’t see how taking one ball makes the outcome a given, but I’m just going to take it as a sign that he’s rigged the whole lineup. Not knowing this, of course, the team scouts out their top choices for opponents in the first round.

Secretary Eun calls Bong-gu over and over, and he finally gets through, and asks what he’s doing here. Bong-gu says he was invited, and warns that it’s not really the princess he should be scared for, but himself.

“You have a son, right? The king’s right hand man? What would he do if he found out that his father is friendly with me?” His eyes widen. Way to get him where it hurts.

Jae-shin braces herself for her first public appearance since the accident, and Shi-kyung tells her he’ll always be where he can see her, and that it’ll be over before she knows it. But she can barely hold it together, and she grabs his sleeve, asking if there are a lot of people, and if they’ll all be looking at her.

He gets down on one knee and asks if she remembers that night she took him to see the shooting star. “I never saw a shooting star. Because you shone brighter.” Oh swoon. I know it sounds like a line, but not coming from the boy scout. He means it.

He tells her that she looks just as beautiful tonight. Awww, you mean that’ll be the reason people look at her? Jae-ha’s right. You totally have game. She cries a little tear.

The WOC draw is nearing, and Hang-ah rushes to call Daddy for his input on which teams they should go up against. Basically small countries that see very little war. It doesn’t much matter though, since it’s luck of the draw anyway. They announce that usually the top three winners from last year’s games get to draw first, but the U.S., U.K. and China decided to give first draw to the countries entering for the first time. Korea gets called for their turn.

Shi-kyung takes his place at the back of the banquet room, and Jae-shin takes a deep breath, and then heads out onto the stage…

Jae-ha and Hang-ah go up for the draw and he reaches into the bowl. He hilariously fidgets, looking down to see if he can read any of them, unable to pick, and Hang-ah has to mutter under her breath that it’ll look bad if he doesn’t just pick one.

She tells him to just grab the first one, and he nods… and then stirs the bowl again. Ha. But suddenly one of the balls snaps into his hand. Oh noes. Is it a magnet? He’s wearing a conspicuously large ring…

He looks at it, surprised, but it’s already in his hand. He takes off the label and flashes it to the crowd without looking. The team looks back in shock. “USA!”

Oh. Crap.

Jae-ha and Hang-ah turn to each other, shell-shocked, as the American team cheers.


That has to be a magnet. I was wondering how Bong-gu would rig a random draw, but that’s as good as any I guess. It leaves a lot to be desired as far as foolproof plans go, but in any case he succeeded in pitting them against the worst possible foe to meet in Round 1 of the games. I have faith though. At the end of the day, it’s a game of wits and strategy, not a contest in military resources. Besides, guy’s got a marriage on the line if he loses.

It’s still ridiculous that he ADDED that stake to their engagement, as if they didn’t have enough to overcome, but what it does is create a counter effect storywise – it suddenly gives the WOC higher stakes from our point of view, because now they have to win for us to get our happily ever after. Before I didn’t much care whether they won or lost, other than wishing for the team to do well, but now if they lose, we will have words. It’s hardly organic—the stakes are set up artificially with big neon lights—but in any case now I care a whole damn lot, despite knowing they made it this way so that I’d care.

I’m excited for Shi-kyung and Jae-shin’s baby steps forward. It’s the first real inkling that he’s given about his feelings, and it clearly took a lot for her to beg him to stay by her side. (I also love that she’s always the first to make a move.) Though Jae-ha’s teasing is my favorite thing of all, because I can never get enough of that look on Shi-kyung’s face when he’s being mocked.

But the ‘people’ speech to Bong-gu was the best thing in this episode (though the mommy-son scene was the one that gutted me, with the performances). I wondered if Jae-ha had really come far enough to know the full weight of his own keyword, but I felt so proud when he proved that he did, in what to me is a direct answer to Shi-kyung’s speech for him to be strong. I love that he knows too, how each of them including his brother has cut him slack or forgiven him or had faith in him before he deserved it. But they gave it anyway, which is why he’s now paying them back by living up to that belief in him. Seeing the direct effect of Shi-kyung’s faith, Hang-ah’s love, in transforming Jae-ha into a king – that’s the heart of the show for me.


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  5. topper

    This drama is not for the faint hearted. The ante is up on the stakes with every episode. It is gritty and controversial and I like it that way. Props to writer-nim who does not shy away from some hard materials.

    Regarding Jae Ha’s role in the hands of Bong Gu, yes he is partly responsible despite not being the one who pulled out a gun and press the trigger. I felt sympathy for her, yet for a while only because sometimes you pay for choosing to sleep with the devil who killed a King and paralysed a Princess, and for money only too. And Jae Ha the vengeful bastard is in character just as he was from the start. Think everyone will have different feelings regarding this, so hope commenters respect how each individual will interpret this scene.

    My favorite scene was the Queen Mother with Jae Ha and it got my eyes moist, a powerful delivery from a great actress.

    When the tension get sprung too tight, some light hearted moments like the cute little Jae Ha and his first love back story, as well as Jae Ha and Shi Kyung’s conversation lets us have a bit of a breather.
    Some may not like the WOC, but I love it personally. To dismiss it will be an insult to the importance Jae Kang placed it, and how he died because of that. The development of the story into a ‘war’ on both fronts, one at the Jeju Peace Convention while the other is at the WOC, is brilliant. The little snide banter such as Japan’s Self Defence Force, China-India rivalry, etc, is realistic and of course controversial.

    And those dismissing Bong Gu as dumb should still take note, he is stepping it up to be a formidable and cold blooded opponent who has nothing to lose. The following episodes may get pretty painful to watch.

    • 5.1 topper

      I meant *Regarding Jae Ha’s role in the death of Tara*.

      • 5.1.1 MsGB

        I, for one, never considered Kim Bong Gu as dumb. He maybe insane but stupid he is not. I mean, at the very beginning he had his father killed. Patiently waited until his father was at a weakened state and that he was definitely inheriting Club M and BLAM needle full of poison administered by a fudge loving freak. For all those looking from the outside in probably thought he died from whatever ailment he had. He’s a cold-blooded plan-maker sprinkled with alot crazy, formidable is to say the least.

        By the way, did anybody else see Bong Gu’s Club M meeting and think Robert De Niro in The Untouchables? I though he might busts out a bat and wham Mr, Toupee over the head!!

        My mom used to say “Lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas!” And sure enough, Tara twitch with an itch when she was shot!!! Poor Girl!!

        • MsB

          Bong Gu had his father killed and cried like he died of natural causes! It was so, so disturbing! As far as Tara getting killed, Bong Gu was forewarned and yes, sleeping with dogs (or cats in my case) may give you fleas!

      • 5.1.2 Arishia

        I see Jae Ha’s involvement in Tara’s death a bit differently. I see it as him maturing into a King. There is much more going on than the love line and the personal revenge line. He is now responsible for all Korea. Je Ha is about the business of ridding the world of the cancer that is John Mayer and Club M, and empowering the Korean peninsula to be a sovereign nation, instead of a puppet country. Every leader of a country with a military has to make life and death decisions like this. Tara’s death is softened for us by her back-story, thankfully.

    • 5.2 topper

      And Jae Shin’s struggle with her pride and devastation at becoming disabled, with Shi Kyung coming in to support and give strength. Too many great moments to list.

      • 5.2.1 ilikemangos

        Honestly, Shi Kyung and Jae Shin in this episode is the best moment they’ve had.
        I love him staying by her, helping her.. And it’s genuine faith he has in her that gets you.
        And i love how she’s willing to be vulnerable in front of him, and realize the harsh truths while Jae Ha is away and the responsibilities she now has to take on.

        • topper

          I hope someone will be there for Shi Kyung when he gets to know the truth about his father. Think that is going to shake him pretty bad.

          • Arhazivory

            It will be a blow indeed. I hope the Princess doesn’t react too harshly to it as she did when it was suspected that NK killed the King. It’ll be good if she could hold his hand.

            He’ll be torn between loyalty to his father and loyalty to his king. I thnk he’ll choose the latter.

          • AnnMichelle

            Have to give BG credit. When he mentioned Shi Kyung oh so casually to Secretary, I was like OMG. I really really did not think about that. I anticipated there would be a father-son confrontation. But BG exploring that, using the relationship as a device…Wow. So low. So dirty. But so fitting.

          • yellow buttercup

            totally. someone needs to comfort him. he may not able to take it alone. *here I am, ready to be there for you~*

          • kewbie

            I hope that both Jae Ha, Jae Shin and Hang Ah will be there for Shi Kyung when he finds out about his dad. He really is a good seed considering his dad is a tad skeevy.

            Thanks for recapping GF!

    • 5.3 ilikemangos

      I think the WOC is one of the conflicts i like the best.
      The stakes are raised higher, and i think it’s a wonderful way to pull together North/South Korea, and strengthen them all at the same time.
      It’s just nice, because Jae Kang would have had one of his wishes come true, although sad that he wouldn’t be there to see it.
      Honestly, i feel like the next few episodes will alot to handle. So we gotta put on our A-game and strap ourselves in this roller coaster ride.

    • 5.4 acejihyo

      the thing is, it actually hurt me a bit to see jae-ha have what was almost a direct hand in tara’s death. even though we saw him staging his revenge in the last episode when he approached tara for the sake of seducing her, it wasn’t quite etched in my mind that bong-gu might follow up with some serious consequences. it was only when he fired the shot that i was like, holy SHIT, jae-ha practically just sacrificed someone for the sake of his revenge-ploy.

      and it really didn’t help that jae-ha so lightly treated the matter of bong-gu possibly killing her in the video message. i mean obviously, she wasn’t completely innocent/yes there will always be causalities in war, but that boy now has some serious blood on his hands.

      • 5.4.1 topper

        I flinched too, and yes it did hurt, though Jae Ha is no white knight in shining armor anyway.

        • random person

          I actually loved that JH is not a white knight. I think his personality is really suited to be a respected king that no one dares to mess with. Going against a crazy murderer, I wouldn’t want JH to start getting all ethical about protecting the money-minded girlfriend who is with the crazy murderer of her own free will.

          So Tara, ta-ta! (She’s really not that innocent, methinks.)

          • AuntieMame

            I think JH has always had a mean/sadistic streak in him. He’s just always kept it in check, by playing the ‘playboy/fool’ role. But, he’s no fool. He actually has always been able to see reality. However, it was a reality that he had no wish to deal with. Therefore, his role-playing was much easier. (Part of it is because he is the ‘spare’ heir. 2nd son not wanting to usurp older brother’s role or glory.)

            So, I think he considered the possibility that Bong Gu would kill Tara being very likely. But, he also knows that this is a ‘big boy’ game, with life and death being the stakes. He’s putting his life and the lives of his entire family on the line, by going after Bong Gu. So, what happens to Tara cannot be his primary concern.

        • AnnMichelle

          That cold-blooded ruthlessness is something Jae Kang never had but a necessary quality in this situation. Again I marvel the drama’s honest and unflinching way of dealing it. That people do get hurt or die, whether deservingly or not, in conflicts. Rest in peace, Tara.

          • ilikemangos

            Totally with you AnnMichelle.
            I think that’s where Jae Ha trumps his older bro — he isn’t going to take shit from anyone.
            I applaud the writers really for going to places that perhaps alot of the population aren’t ready to see.

          • aNNe

            Well I guess on a good note Tara has never been given so much attention on the show (she’s always been the vase) as of now! The actress must be quite happy that she ended her role with a bang. :)

          • A

            Totally agree with you as well @ AnnMichelle and ilikemangos,

            Sometimes I think one of Jae Ha’s great personality is that he doesn’t play nice like Jae Kang. Jae Kang is too nice and noble and that can hinder him being a greater King that Jae Ha can. It’s so good that Jae Ha was never expected to be a white knight all along. Because realistically I dont think it’s just that simple that Kings/Queens are ‘nice’ or ‘good people’ per se. They just do their job.

            I like that Jae Ha has this ‘cunning’ personality and he doesn’t take crap from anyone – which is scary in a way because you never know whether he’s joking or being serious. He can really test the water by playing dumb and everyone just underestimated him while his brain is full functioning like a machine thinking the next step ahead. But at the end of the day he’s doing what’s best for the country and for the people, and more.

            The writers are actually brilliant again making Jae Ha unpredictable and because of his bad mouth he really cut to the chase and can piss everyone off if he wants lol, especially Bong Gu.

          • crazyahjummafan

            To be honest, I think Tara’s a bit of a dingbat. In one of the earlier episodes, she actually asked Bong Gu if Korea had a monarchy, and she was IN Korea! How can a person who commutes frequently to and fro from a country, not know if that said country has a monarch??? Not only that, she was privy to a good number of his insane schemes to hurt the royal family, and though she obviously could not stop him, she could have alerted someone or simply end the relationship. A person with some morals would, but she continued because of money. Initially, i really felt bad that she died, and was actually disappointed with JH – that he had set up her murder. But now in retrospect, she was just as guilty.

          • Saima


            Your comment made me go back to the previous thread and hunt my comment:

            When Tara went, “Who are you? I rented this place tonight!”

            I was like, “NO, she di’nt!! This biyoshhh lives in South Korea and doesn’t recognize the hunk-alicious, drool-worthy King. Forget Hang-ah, Imma go to S.K. to whoop her behind!!” hahaa. I’ve pledged my allegiance (in lust) to him!! []

            While it was for laughs I did think how could a person be oblivious to the identity of the current King. Esp. if you’re a psycho-path’s girl friend. Scratch That! You’re just with a psycho-path, obsessed with being King, for monetary reasons. She endangered herself just by being with that cray cray of a person!

            Despite that it shocked me how he shot her w/o any qualms!

      • 5.4.2 Arhazivory

        I thought at that moment – ‘this is a scary king.’ It is kinda refreshing that he’s not a straight-cut whit knight, after all, he is the same person who shot Hang-Ah.

        When he was meeting Tara and plotting this video message, he knew that she would possibly be killed but he’s already playing a dangerous game and one casualty isn’t going to stop him from continuing.

        • Gordon

          Oh yeah when that “victim” will push John Meyer into reacting and maybe making a mistake. Jae Ha was totally in the zone.

      • 5.4.3 Saima

        i guess when somebody blatantly confesses that he killed your brother, sister-in-law, may be responsible for your sister being paralyzed….it puts things into perspective! He’s just after BG’s blood! Also, we’ve seen JH being maniacal with that evil smile in place with BG and the North Korean PM! In a way he’s kinda like BG…only that he’s good-looking, charming, & knows when to switch personalities and how to diffuse explosive situations. We also had a glimpse of this during the early days of WOC training.

        I believe he was successful in profiling BG….when he asks if he shot Tara and then continues with how he’d shot HA and then finishes with BG’ll be left alone w/ nobody by his side if he would shoot her in the next few seconds or had shot in the past few seconds! I’m pretty sure this musta irked BG a tad too much….and then the WOC announcement happened….did you notice BG’s facial features changed when HA appeared on the stage?….EPIC!!

      • 5.4.4 ravens_nest

        It immediately occurred to me that Bong Gu would do something terrible to Tara.

        My first thought was that Bong Gu was going to beat the crap out of her. Domestic violence is common among non-murderous people, I’m pretty sure John “Two Magic Cards Short of a Full Deck” Mayer falls into the high risk category. It was not in any way surprising to me that he shot her.

        At first I thought Jae Ha was just seducing the address out of her but he really sent that video to Bong Gu knowing what kind of conscienceless murderer he is and did nothing to warn Tara about what was happening.

        Then there was his message like, “Don’t kill her and if you did, you’re hopeless.” Uh…wow. Way to be flippant about someone’s life there, buddy.

        • bjharm

          sorry no excuse he responsable for that girls death as if he pulled the trigger himself..hardly the first time he tried to shoot an unarmed woman after all. So she wasnt a nice person call her a whore if you like as she sleep with a rich guy for money call her dumb, none are reasons for her to die. Frankly there a serious edge of crazy with Jae Ha that while not as over the top as Bong Gu, there certainly a match there. Perhaps the only thing that makes him likable is his love for Hang-ah and his family

          • malta

            I like your comment. It’s honest. People try to justify some of the things Jae Ha has done, by saying it makes him a better King than his brother, but I beg to differ. The further we go into the story the more Jae Ha seems like Bong Gu and like you said Jae Ha has his awesome family and Hang Ah. Otherwise….

        • acejihyo

          thank you, for (re)addressing the point that i think most people missed. it’s not really a matter of “oh he’s no knight in shining armour” or “he’s not a sissy like his brother” but more about how he totally disregarded a person’s life. i mean like you mentioned, with his knowledge of how psychotic bong-gu was, jae-ha might as well have pulled the trigger himself. it’s only a few steps away from becoming the monster himself (bong-gu).

          • topper

            Ditto this. I guess my analogy isn’t too good.
            Revenge can make someone a monster, I’m quite the vengeful person, especially if it’s someone I love getting hurt I’ll pay back double. I guess maybe Jae Ha’s loved ones will stop him from ever becoming Bong Gu, a restraint that can cap him.

          • reglest

            Yea, you are right, at first when I see him ‘playing’ with the prime minister or that high official from North Korea, I just think that’s a show off about his IQ.

            But reading all of the comments here, yes, that’s scary, Jae Ha himself isn’t much different with Bong Gu, he is cunning, smart and doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice a sou l- the fact that he is the one who preparing the gun, letting Bong Go to pull off the trigger, is the part where I’m shuddering my self, because that much scarier than you pull off the gun by yourself-

            I guess that password tell us alot, Jae Ha and Bong Gu, they kind of alike, except Jae Ha has his ‘people’ who believe in him, and as topper said, will restraint him in the future

        • twentyonebuds

          I like that we see Jae Ha’s dark side. Being flippant with someone’s life is definitely not something to be praised… but these writers have never been precious about our “heroes”. None of them are perfect or ‘ideal’, except maybe Jae Kang.. but that’s the whole point. Jae Kang isn’t our hero, Jae Ha is. And this dark side of him makes him all that more interesting.

          I also really like that Jae Shin can be both endearing and stuck up. It makes both characters feel real and flawed. And I’m invested because I want to see where these flaws will take them. Even Hang Ah has a potentially dark side because afterall she was a special agent. We’ve only seen glimpses of it when she’s being kickass but I really hope none of our heroes get cornered into ‘saint’ territory too soon. Watching humans grow is much more realistic and entertaining.

          • bjharm

            Yes Hang Ah the killer of men as I think her nick name is in NK..dost make you wonder if she really been an ‘active’ agent or alway only training..ie has she really put her ‘skills’ to use in the past.

          • rearwindow

            Even Jae Kang had his flaws–he was a great, noble, honorable person, but he was in waaaay over his head dealing with Bong-gu and was a fairly ineffectual king. He had lofty, praiseworthy goals but didn’t really have the tenacity or power to carry them through in a meaningful way.

          • rearwindow

            Also, well said about the writers not being precious with their heroes. I LOVE that the people on this show are complex and that everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths. I agree that watching the characters change and grow and make decisions (and not just do the “right” thing all the time) is much more interesting than the alternative.

          • toystar

            Nicely stated!! There is both light and darkness in the human heart. Isn’t it the choices we make that really determine who we become hero/villain?

      • 5.4.5 jasmine

        I had the same initial reaction when BG pulled the trigger and shot Tara. I thought the same thing – that JH is just as much to blame for Tara’s death as BG was. And although JH may have had a slight twinge in his concience over this, I doubt it would bother him too much. He probably rationalised it to himself, thinking that a girl who consorts with someone like BG must be complicit to and/or turned a blind eye to any number of crimes. And he’s right. Would you preen in front of a mirror and calmly have your hair styled by an assassin while listening to the discussion of an assassination? I know I wouldn’t.

        It doesn’t make JH right and it certainly doesn’t make it any easier to accept JH’s actions. In a perfect world where grey areas of morality don’t exists, JH should be punished for Tara’s death just as much as BG should be.

        But we don’t live in a perfect world. And fuzzy grey areas of morality do exist. And this is smack dab in the middle of that gray area for me. I may not like what JH inadvertently brought about, but I understood why he did what he did. Truth be told, I’m not even sure I can make a better choice than JH did, given the exact same situation.

        And thats what makes JH such a great character for me. He’s immensely flawed (in addition to getting Tara killed, he’s been lying and manipulating people for the better part of 13 episodes, albeit with not such huge consequences and most of the time, for the “greater good’) and therefore immensely human. But that’s why he has SK, the ever righteous earnest-bot, and HA, to make sure he doesn’t stray too far away from the straight and narrow path.

        • acejihyo

          the thing is, it doesn’t bother me as much that he administered tara’s death as much as his actual video message. she wasn’t completely an innocent bystander either (although, imo her involvement wasn’t really deserving of death but that’s another story), and i can at least understand how jae-ha could live with her death in favor of moving along his revenge ploy, but the whole toying with the idea of her death really put me off (no sense of guilt, etc). it’s one thing to kill someone and another to laugh about it.

          also i see people making comparisons of him and HA and how HA’s assassin path falls in the same league of “flawed heroes”. it’s different when you’re killing people under the context of following orders/protecting your country. and maybe i’m wrong about this, but i feel like HA could never do what JH did and kill someone just to further her own agenda.

          that said, still a fascinating character study.

          • rearwindow

            The video that Jae-ha he recorded was a power play, plain and simple. What Jae-ha did was dark, manipulative, and disturbing–but I didn’t see his video as “laughing” at Tara’s death so much as it was using Tara as a pawn to get into Bong-gu’s head. It was akin to a disgraced president playing nice in a press conference when all he really wants to do is scream bloody murder. Jae-ha’s playing a game with Bong-gu.

            First, JH showed BG that he’s smart, conniving, able and (perhaps most surprisingly) WILLING to get to the (few) people that BG actually cares about. Second, he got the one person BG (sorta) cares about to admit that she’s using BG for his money and is willing to betray him at the drop of a hat, inciting BG to violence against her. Third, Jae-ha shows that he predicted (and, in a sense, orchestrated) BG shooting Tara.

            For a control freak like Bong-gu, how infuriating and devastating to realize that this act of rebellion completely played into Jae-ha’s hand. Jae-ha made a complete fool of Bong-gu and showed that he can get under BG’s skin and that he will be as ruthless as it takes in doing so.

            That said, I agree with you that I don’t think Hang-ah would make a move like this. It’s not in her wheelhouse. She’s smart but not as conniving as Jae-ha and reminds me a bit of Shi-kyung in that she’s tough but earnest. She’s not nearly as cynical as Jae-ha either, which is probably how she’s managed to believe in him in spite of all the shit he’s put her through. And that’s a good thing. Hang-ah’s weaknesses balance out Jae-ha’s. A brilliant leader does not just follow orders or kill when he’s told to (and who he’s told to); he questions and strategizes. And in order to take down Bong-gu and establish the Korean monarchy as more than a puppet government, Jae-ha’s gonna have to continue to get his hands dirty, for better or for worse.

          • rearwindow

            I’ll also add that JH’s “agenda” isn’t some merely a self-serving revenge scheme. It’s to free the monarchy and South Korea from the control of Club M’s influence, and to unite North and South Korea with his wedding to Hang-ah. I’m not trying to downplay the brutality of Tara’s death (and JH’s involvement in it), but to contextualize it. Jae-ha’s agenda isn’t “just” his own–it’s that of the Korean people.

      • 5.4.6 malta

        I think Jae Ha knew that once Bong Gu saw that video, that Tara was basically dead. Jae Ha knows Bong Gu is capable of anything and has already killed people none-the-less someone he had close to him that betrayed him. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that Jae Ha just didn’t give an F that Tara would die and that kinda bothers me…

    • 5.5 Jenlikeskettlecorn

      Yes, I also had misgivings about this- although you can argue that there is no way he could have guessed that she would walk in at that exact moment. You can’t argue however that he didn’t know there would be seriously negative repercussions for Tara, so it’s uncomfortable all around.

      But it also underscores that Jae Ha (even though I love him!) is a darker and more ruthless person than Jae Kang when it comes to protecting those he loves.

      I’m not sure if I think the writers are brave for showing such a dark side to Jae Ha’s character, or if they just thought no one would bat an eye because Tara was an incidental character. If it’s the former I’m vaguely impressed, if it’s the latter then that is incredibly lazy and annoying.

      • 5.5.1 ravens_nest

        You know…I actually do think it’s the former. i.e. another instance which shows Jae Ha has a dark side.

        I mean his immediate decision to shoot Hang Ah in the chest, the look in his eyes during that entire scene with Bong Gu in the palace, his conversation with that North Korean minister…

        There are actually quite a few instances when Jae Ha’s darkness disturbed me. (In a way I like creatively.) I just think this was the most blatant instance of his sometimes twisted and callous personality.

        Sometimes I feel like Jae Ha’s a more restrained version of Bong Gu.

        The speech when he talks about the similarities between Bong Gu and himself really underscores my feeling. It’s as if he himself implied that without his family, Hang Ah, and Shi Kyung (his ‘people’) he might have ended up just like Bong Gu.

        • Jenlikeskettlecorn

          Jae Ha’s not really in the same sociopath league as Bong Gu, but I see your point.

          I do think you’re absolutely right about the speech underscoring his acknowledgment that the people around him have made him into a human being, that he can rightfully separate himself from the likes of Bong Gu because of them.

          It’s funny that this drama is inciting this kind of debate about about the hero, who technically (even in k-drama land where they start out as dicks) by this stage should be completely morally upright. Episode 13 definitely made me look at Jae Ha as an anti-hero in a sopranos-esque world- as in forced to work from a skewed set of ethics that differs from the “real world” because of his crazy opponent. I’m not 100% comfortable with it, but it’s compelling nonetheless.

          • ravens_nest

            Yeah, I definitely don’t mean he’s in the same league as Bong Gu but there are touches here and there.

            I think they have a similar base personality (i.e. arrogant and callous show-offs) but their upbringing/experiences afforded them different end results. Jae Ha had a caring and loving older brother, mother, and little sister. Not to mention Hang Ah and Shi Kyung. Bong Gu seems to have only had his arms dealer father and now only ‘saram’ who he has to pay or use fear to keep. (Though Bon Bon seems like she enjoys her work for him. lol)

            I don’t by any means think it’s do to his upbringing completely, of course. Even as a child, we could see that Bong Gu was a few pages shy of a full novel. It does, however, make for interesting comparisons between Bong Gu and Jae Ha.

            PS. I love love love that I can have these kinds of discussions about a KDrama. Kudos for that one, K2H PDs and writers.

          • malta

            Who wants an anti-hero leading the nation though? I want the hero leading me and the nation so we can win AND be honorable. Yes, I want it all dammit. Interesting character study though, but I don’t know that I want him as my King when the only thing between him and being someone like Bong Gu is his family…This is starting to remind me of 4th Prince of Bu Bu Jing Xin and I had to stop watching the last 6 or 7 episodes because I just couldn’t root for 4th Prince anymore because he was no longer the underdog fighting for a place, but the tyrant throwing about his weight for power….ugh. Anyway… I digress.

            If only Jae Ha had worried just a little bit that what he was doing may be wrong, but he just did it. No second thought at all. No moral quandary. Nothing.

            …Again, I’m left wondering how Hang Ah managed to fall for a man that shot her point blank in the chest… some ish I just don’t get no matter how hard I try.

      • 5.5.2 bern 75

        you know, maybe the writers are trying to say: if Jaeha didnt have people around him who loved him despite his warts and all, and make him a better person because of it, he could well turn out to be a Bong Gu.

        Think about it.

        I suspect, going forward, that revenge will become a bigger issue for Jae Ha but Hang Ah will be his voice of reason to stop him from tipping over to the other side (spoiler alert for Ep 14 – listen closely to a conversation that Jae Ha and Hang Ah will have on the issue of ethics :)

      • 5.5.3 rearwindow

        I’m certain it’s the former. The writers have been establishing some similarities between Bong-gu and Jae-ha for a while now. While Jae-ha is nowhere near as much of a whackjob as BG, that’s largely because of the people around him who love him unconditionally and believe in him.

      • 5.5.4 malta

        I think the writers meant for Jae Ha to show his dark side, but that they also just thought Tara was an incidental character that nobody would care about. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Most likely if Tara were played by a Korean woman they would not have killed her like that.

    • 5.6 alexis

      I’m trying to convince myself that Tara knows she was the girlfriend of a murderer all along, therefore not as innocent as we all thought at first, beside being money-minded. Sighs. Still shuddering at the thought of Jae Ha being partly responsible for her death though (it’s still a life).

      • 5.6.1 crazyajummafan

        She should know that BG is a murderer. She was in the room with him, sitting on the bed when he was contemplating which method to use to murder JK, and Bon Bon was curling her hair while discussing with BG about JS’s kidnapping and crazy jump from cliff. How can she not be in their presence and NOT know what they were up too? If she didn’t, she’s really a super idiot! But I’m sure she did, and since she did nothing to stop it, she’s guilty too!

        • bjharm

          can not say how I disagree at that kind of thinking.
          The king set up her death, not because she was guilty of anything or a threat to him, but just to show he can get back at BG..there nothing heroic about this, it is more like move of a coward in fact, using a soft safe target to strike at your enemy. And please do not give me anything about the king could not know the results, he too smart not to have known.
          That said we all taking it too seriously perhaps..lol Perhaps what the writer had in mind.

      • 5.6.2 techvet

        I agree about JH’s culpability in the murder of Tara since knew he knew that his actions would lead to BG shooting her. It felt as though JH had stooped down to BG’s level in this instance. Just because one chooses the wrong path does not make that life less valuable, imo. The violence in this case seemed gratuitous.

        • wesley

          Yeah I was disappointed at the King’s part in Tara’s death. Showing the video was not necessary for anything other than cutting BG down to size and destroying his ego. If the King wanted to make a statement of “don’t mess with me” there would have been other ways not involving unnecessary loss of life. While we know the King was never supposed to be a white knight, I still have an expectation that our hero/the main lead will at least adhere to the fundamental principles expected of a decent human being. That being said, I do appreciate the different views and perspectives that others have offered. All the differing views are logical in their own right in the sense that they are reasonable conclusions of the facts. This is the beauty of discussion and the character analysis that follows.

    • 5.7 malta

      The thing that bothered me about Tara’s death was that it seems unnecessary and kinda cliche. Women’s lives thrown to the wayside to make a point about men and their angst. (I’m over that BS) Basically Tara was treated as completely disposable by Jae Ha. I don’t like that. His brother wouldn’t have done that. Did Jae Ha have to use Tara to make his point? No… Jae Ha has to be careful not become the enemy he is fighting. I haven’t watched episode 14, but they hinted at this in the previews when Hang Ah says to him that she wants to win and get engaged fair and square. That girl knows what she’s talking about. Jae Ha better listen.

      You not only have to win, you have to do it the right way. Doubly tough, but not impossible.

  6. ilikemangos

    LOL bong gu did you seriously not see that coming? YOU GOT PLAYED, SUCKAH.
    You’re messing with a guy who got north and south to point guns at each other over SNSD.
    Can I just say, Hang Ah and Jae Ha are going to be one of my favorite k-drama pairings ever? The chemistry is off the chains, but more importantly, the way they’ll grow together – through WOC training, through Bong gu’s threats, crazy stakes… Seriously. It doesn’t get any better than that. Our King/Queen couple is no longer the typical k-drama cutesy pairing that overcame common obstacles, but obstacles that actually scream life-and-death.
    Super anxious as to what’s to come… but so ready. Trust in the writers to rip our guts out, stop our hearts, and then heal it with some satisfying sweetness/heart.
    Totally appreciate writer’s craft with relationships for our characters. Jae Shin + Hang Ah = awws. How much do you love that car scene where hang ah props princess’s head on her shoulder? Shi kyung and Jae Ha = brother-in-laws, yes please.
    LOL shi kyung “you don’t have to worry she’s not my type,” yeah we heard that before look where Jae Ha’s at now.
    By the way, that camping scene in the backyard is the cutest thing ever. Jae Ha, the hand to the cheek? The wink at the political head? LOL, so adorbs.
    &Aw, they’re gonna make me go against my own country?
    This drama can bring the action, the heart, and the funny? I.Want. MOAAR.

    • 6.1 Saima

      I was totally going, “please, let it not be the US!!” (can I get any more lamer, pffftt!) and when the US team started cheering…i was like, skdfnhaskfhsfkshd!! DON’T.EVEN! heh

      • 6.1.1 Jazzymean


        I was crossing my fingers and chanting “Not the US!!” too! My roommate already thinks I’m a lost cause Haha. That scene was too long! I was so nervous and then BAM! The US gets announced and they start cheering. I think I was in as much shock as Jae Ha and Hang Ah. I think I’m still in shock.

    • 6.2 yellow buttercup

      “You’re messing with a guy who got north and south to point guns at each other over SNSD.” lol. love your comment, I can’t put it better myself. it’s great to see JH grows up. he proves that he has many great qualities to be a king. and he’s a king with a mission. love ya, Your Highness!

      i love the fact the writers didnt create such a typical drama. and every aspect in K2H is not typical. they started it with the north/south issue as the underlying theme. the relationship between the hero and heroine. the way the characters’ are built. the interaction among the characters. i. just. love. it

      • 6.2.1 Okasan

        This isnt a drama! This is a full length feature movie which I want to see on the big screen preferably in 3D and close up!!

        Absolutely love the scene where Hang Ah takes care of her young sister in law to be….she is just so steady isnt she..but once she fell in love she’s just mush!

        • ilikemangos

          LMAO. seriously.
          It feels all too much like i’m watching a lengthened movie.
          I love.

    • 6.3 crazyahjummafan

      Who else is disappointed that the kiss was sooo short?

      • 6.3.1 yellow buttercup

        lol. I think we’re gonna see another epic kiss soon! *the fridge kiss is still in the first in my list!*

      • 6.3.2 Lhej

        I thought HA would say “That’s it?!” But HA’s hand on JH’s cheek was the sweetest thing ever. Lucky hand!

        • jasmine

          It might be too short, but I thought it was appropriate for that particular moment. It wasn’t the kind of kiss where passion is front and center (we had the fridge kiss for that). I’d like to think it was a kiss where gratitude was the overriding emotion. Gratitude that she loves him, the person warts and all, and not the title. And in doing so, she rescued him from what has been, by his admission, a lonely life. So to me, that kiss was just perfect.

          Having said that, I’d really, really, really love it if we get another full on make out session between them in the remaining episodes. That would make the voyeur in me ecstatic! 😉

  7. Sunmi

    Ugh. Frak. Chicken paste. Fudgenuts. %$&@*#)@

    I can’t even put in words how much I freaking love this show. My brain just farts and then melts when I try to think about it. From the way LSG keeps that easy-going smile on his face when he’s cutting people down like the badass ninja that he is, to the way Lee Yoon Ji portrays Jae shin down to the letter…my mind and heart, they squee with glee! Not to mention Eun Shi Kyung smiled today!! Aiyo! He smiled! It was so beautiful; it shone so brightly with the brightly shining lights of a thousand brightly shining suns!!! I’m *lovestruck* I tell ya.

    This show is just hitting on all the right emotional buttons for me. There’s bromance and…uh chickmance (wow that is a crap portmanteau) and not one, but two HOT guys who–wait for it–aren’t fighting over the same girl!! How much do I love Hang-ah and Jae-shin’s relationship? So much my brain farts when I try to put it in words. That’s how much. I love bromance and all but it’s really nice to see girls bonding instead of actively trying to screw e/o over by swapping out apartment leases for plane tickets…grr…I’m also liking the development with Bonkers Bong-gu. It’s interesting how Jae-ha’s taunt drew him out so I’m wondering if that was his intent from the beginning.

    • 7.1 ilikemangos

      Hm, sismance?! ahha.
      I LOVED hang ah and jae shin in this episode.
      Jae Ha’s little video to him was so kick-ass.
      I seriously think we’ve all been underestimating bong gu as this crazy bastard.
      i think the writers set it up this way. and then… just WATCH something unexpected totally happens and we’re sitting there all flabbergasted, like.. Did that just happen? Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

      • 7.1.1 Saima

        i know the way he picks up the pistol and shoots her!! :O

    • 7.2 Rashell

      I know that smile was AWESOME! He’s just adorbs is the Earnest Bot.

      • 7.2.1 ilikemangos

        OMG when i saw his smile, i was like woah.
        so rare! but when i did see it, it was so precious! made ME smile.

        • Sunmi

          The smile killed me.

          I could feel myself actually smiling as he smiled. I think I re-watched that scene alone like 3x. To see him joking around, relaxing and teasing others (as opposed to being teased, though he looks so cute when he’s being teased) was just so unexpected and refreshing and rawr.

          • Arhazivory

            rawr~! It was definitely that. ^^

          • babes

            Yes, that was one of my fav scenes in this episode even as I’m not an Earnest Bot fan. That scene showed a totally different side of him that we’ve never seen before. Think I’m gonna keep this guy on my radar. Saw an interview of the 4 of them (JH, HA, JS & SK) and when asked who clowned around the most on set, everyone pointed at SK and said he would just get up and dance and make everyone laugh. When the interviewer asked him to demonstrate, he gamely did, twice. Was funny. Convinced he’s a good actor now.

          • minsun

            Yes Earnest Bot! eeeek!! He is so cute. & that little smile when JH made the announcement… *fangirls*

    • 7.3 Saima

      Yeah, the SK smile was unexpected!! Although tomorrow looks to be a downer for him.

      ^^Jae-ha: “Kim Hang-ah, and now Jae-shin. How’d you seduce them? Is the entirety of your true nature a royal-killer?”

      haha, Jae-ha cracks me up!! The way he measured SK up and then joked with him was hilarious!! SK got all flustered….like ALWAYS!! JH just one of these days he’ll crack a smile at your jokes!! They ARE funny!! Wonder how he’ll react when they actually get together!! lulz, he’ll have to eat his words and then some….

      • 7.3.1 yellow buttercup

        lol. that’s one of my favorite lines!

    • 7.4 random person

      I like your idea about JH’s taunt drawing Bong Gu out. Perhaps this is all JH’s plan to lure Bong Gu out in public, expose him and get him killed/arrested.

    • 7.5 giddy

      LOL, Sunmi, loved your comment, “I love bromance and all but it’s really nice to see girls bonding instead of actively trying to screw e/o over by swapping out apartment leases for plane tickets…grr…I’m also liking the development with Bonkers Bong-gu.” HAHA! I just watched THAT episode right before this one and thought the same thing–another evil jealous girl (subs were 100% on that one first)–ho hum.

      Too much to love in every episode with K2H, and I’m just gasping for air at how there is something that surprises me — the realism in the comments–JH telling his mom such hurtful things that people are saying about JS–WOW, he pulls no punches.

      Likewise, JH’s video to BG was such a perfect revenge. Flinched when Tara got off-ed, but JH read Bongu’s reaction perfectly. He knew exactly how BG was going to react, and that’s why he warned him not to open the box. I don’t think JH sought out to get Tara killed, but when you think about it, BG killed his own father . . . how long before Tara did something to get him mad? Look at how he treats his own right hand man? He’s already come within inches of killing him, how much life span could someone expect being part of his life?

      Love the crack in the wall surrounding Shi Kyung’s heart when he shared with Jae Shin. She so needed to hear those words coming from his lips right at that moment. Can’t wait to see the development there . . . but previews looked foreboding. D:

      GF, I SO appreciate the speedy recaps–sometimes the subs aren’t 100% done and having your commentary to fill in the gaps is invaluable. The quantity of comments for each episode of K2H is insanely explosive–you’ve really struck the right chord!

      • 7.5.1 Sunmi

        I so, so, so love the relationships in this drama from the brotherly relationships between JH and JK and now JH and SG, the sisterly relationship between JS and HA and even the maternal relationship JH has with the queen mother. It’s real and beautiful and I’m so in love with this show. lol. It better end well or the writers are going to have a very angry, very poor grad student on their doorstep. Muah. :3

    • 7.6 goongaddict

      Sunmi, I’m 100% with you… my brain diarrhea-s I think…

  8. Arhazivory

    KITA~!!! Thanks GF. ^^

    *runs off to read*

    • 8.1 Arhazivory


      As I read the recaps, the raw was just playing out in my mind along with it like real time. This episode was all kinds of awesome.

      First of all. That first scene should be engraved in a plaque and placed on a wall and it should also win a BIG award. What a way to start an episode. I’m still reeling from the effects of it – 8 hours later. Jae-Ha is really a terrifying king. If this was Joseon, more people would’ve died.

      Eun Shi Kyung was just too cute in this episode and Jae-Shin was just so….awesome. Of course, a little lip-lock service from the AhHa couple had me squealing. Hehe…

      Now….where’s Thursday?

      • 8.1.1 slfowie

        AhHa couple .. I love it.
        AhHa as in the sound one makes after you have that light bulb moment or you get something that you really want and are satisfied.

        • Arhazivory

          I love it too….I’m not sure who coined it though. Picked it up on the internet.

          • slfowie

            I think it describes them so perfectly.. not only is it our reaction after seeing them together because they are so perfect together, it also out reaction after seeing such a well written out couple. The light bulb moment, that is what happens where they are together working on things…

          • Arhazivory

            Ah Ha~ I see what you’re saying slfowie….and I completely agree.

  9. Sailorenigma

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    *runs, trips and fells — gets up and runs *again* off to read the recap!!!

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    Ahhhh, I knew it that they’ll have to fight the strongest team after Jae-ha bet his engagement with the Korea team will pass their WOC’s first round. This show is killing me!!!

  11. 11 Noelle

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    • 11.1 Noelle

      OMG I’ve been imaging since the beginning of this drama that they would be up against the US team! Oh my, wishes really do come true. This is so weird! LOL.

      Shi Kyung is just making me fall head over heals. I want him in a tickle fight. Please drama!

      • 11.1.1 Jess

        I want him to be the victim of a tickle fight.

        He probably got no tickle love when he was younger.

  12. 12 JAHE

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    when they stare each other.. eyes to eyes.. lips to lips.. again eyes to eyes… smile to smile…

    wanna try it with my GF LOL

    • 12.1 ilikemangos

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    • 12.2 Arhazivory

      I want a boyfriend who will then want to try it with me. lol.

  13. 13 sootyxsnowpetal

    Damn, Bong-gu really is psychotic. I don’t have any other words to describe him.

    And really, Jae-ha? REALLY?! That was just a risky thing to do. Of course they’ll somehow win against the USA, but please, Bong-gu. I expected more of you!

    Man, they really are the best couple ever. So sappy, so happy, and so cute!

  14. 14 ddd

    producer and writer.. and lsg.. they are awesome..

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 14.1 ddd

      now i understood why other male actors didn’t want to do this show…..

    • 14.2 JAHE

      my noona is awesome to ^^

      every single cast are GREAT, even JH’s mom., the best mother ever in Kdrama,,,

      just amaze how the SW’ll put WOC draw.. KOREA Vs USA

  15. 15 Osi

    Love how our OTP works together against BG. The 2 Koreas have been unified through them. In this difficult situation, I’m glad they still have sweet moment together. WOC is on the way too. Another NK n SK unification that will increase BG’s blood pressure. All JH do already screw BG’s mind. Uri King is so brave. What will JH-HA do next? Their opponent in WOC is the last year no. 1 winner. It won’t be easy for them. What will team Korea do to pass the first round? For Queen Mother, how stressful it is for her to face this situation. I can feel her pain. Also, SK, what will he do when he finds out that his father is not that good? And Tara, dear, I’m so sorry; you should know the risks of having a relationship with a maniac.
    Thank you for the recap GF.

    • 15.1 ilikemangos

      Yeah. as much as it was like Jae Ha having a hand in bong gu shooting Tara…
      you should be aware of what you’re getting yourself into when you’re “dating” a maniac like bong gu just for his money.
      What you think he’ll do when the truth comes out?
      i mean, that gun under the couch all ready shows how bong gu strikes anytime, anywhere.
      Be aware girlfriend.
      I actually liked Tara though cause everything she said about Bong gu was true. lol

      • 15.1.1 Arhazivory

        This I agree with. Tara is knowingly with a psycopath, so she should expect anything.

  16. 16 Rashell

    Thanks GF!

    I don’t think I could love this show more. Seriously, it is just so awesome. It hits all the right notes with me. Like GF pointed out they purposely made the stakes of the WOC matter to us and even KNOWING that I still care. This writer is just leading us exactly where they want us to go, and I already know I’ll just keep following.

    The scene between Jae Ha and his mom was definitely the most emotional for me. As a mother myself, I can completely understand being terrified to lose a child especially if you’ve already lost one. That scene was just acted pitch perfect by both actors. Just got me straigh to the heart.

    And how much do I love my Earnest Bot. So adorable and his little speech to the princess was so touching as well. He’s so sincere always that she knew he meant every word. LOVE.

    And Jae Ha, I’m just so proud of him. It’s amazing to look back at the first episodes and see how much he’s grown and matured. I love that he’s fully invested in his love for Hang Ah. She’s his partner and you could see that in each of their conversations. He shares everything with her and I love that.

    The villian just gets creepier, but its clear that there are serious cracks in his psyche and Jae Ha is pushing those buttons. As Jae Ha gets stronger our villain is getting weaker. And I like those odds.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    • 16.1 ilikemangos

      I was tearing up with the mom-son scene.
      It’s must be aching.. knowing that your son is going off, and scared that you might lose him, too.

      I know! Jae Ha was such a ignorant player. Now seeing him, discussing everything with Hang Ah, it totally warms my heart how much he matured. And of course the fact that we got to come along on the ride makes everything so much better.

      • 16.1.1 Saima

        It was so heart breaking to see that she felt that by holding down JH physically she would be successful in having JH stay safe on home turf! It was quite a sobering scene when Jae-ha hugged her, wept pitiably, and it seemed to me that for the first time JH was able to cry for his brother’s death with his mum. Wonderful acting right there! Was bawling my eyes out…

        • AnnMichelle

          Me too. Mom just would not let go of Jae Ha…And Jae Ha cried holding her tight. In that split second, I sensed Jae Ha’s fear. The fear he hid so well from all but in front of his mother.

    • 16.2 Oldlady

      Glad 2 find that im not d only mom who still read DB recaps. I read recaps in this site from only have 1 child n now i have 3…thanx a lot gf n jb..luv tk2h.. Bigfan of HJW, she definately know how 2 find a good role.. Got lsg fever too:-)

      • 16.2.1 Rashell

        Yeah, I try to tell myself I’m still a noona, but I know I’m pushing into ajumma territory. But I LOVE the K-drama sooo much. And it’s easy to watch once I get my kids to bed.

  17. 17 JenJen

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  20. 20 Saima


    Jae-ha has come such a long way in that he's openly being vulnerable with Hang-ah! And, we got a glimpse of the young King having his first experience of being a royalty….no wonder he'd always have cutting seemingly childish remarks in difficult situations!! And, no kiss can have that effect as they gazed into e/o's eyes and he takes her hand to his cheek!! *swooon* Altho PD-nim we STILL want one hot passionate kiss!! It's been, what, 7 episodes since our last one!

    The actress playing JH's mum….omigoshhhh!! I started crying when she & JH got all emotional and then when she was literally holding down JH so that she could physically maneuver into him being by her side —killed me!!

    • 20.1 ilikemangos

      I love how he’s totally vulnerable with her.
      When he looked into her eyes, thanked her, and put her hand to his cheeks… the love was oozing from all sides..
      Even though it wasn’t passionate (sweet/light) , i still thought it better fit the mood.
      But definitely, when the time calls for it and there’s some sexual tension in the air i am expecting a steamy scene. PLEASE. LOL.

      The mother’s tears — you can really feel the fear/pain she has.. from losing one of her sons and then making sure the other one doesn’t run off into a death trap.
      Honestly, this actress is A+ in mother world. :)

      • 20.1.1 AnnMichelle

        @Saima and @ilikemangos, my soul sisters, so with you on this! TK2H is great because it has the greatest fans!!!

        • Saima

          aww!! Sharing this all-encompassing love that I have for this drama with like-minded cyber-friends is beautiful!! <3

          *group hug*

        • ilikemangos

          *HUGS WITH ALL K2H FANS*

  21. 21 Rona

    This is another Great Episode…. making me weak after all the emotions I had to expel. I will say it a hundred times again, this drama is a masterpiece ! Thank you GF for the recap.

  22. 22 Jude

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  23. 23 pigtookie

    I’m stoked that they’ve got Jae Shin on the throne now. Maybe it’s the royal blood, but since the beginning all three Jae-siblings have the wisdom and charisma to become leaders of the country, and pre-accident Jae Shin seemed to me the strongest (she has guts, wits, and powerful presence), before Jae Ha ascended throne and showed more potential. I bet she never imagined that she would have to take on the throne, though, and add on her current burdens, I feel a little sorry but hopeful that her courage will return.

    Lee Yoon ji, Lee Seung gi, and Lee Sung min (keke lee siblings?) are kick ass with their roles :)

    • 23.1 Saima

      Major chills when she was being given the royal seal!! And, I totally aww’ed with JK’s portrait at the back! Our younger Lee siblings have come such a long way!! Couldn’t be prouder!

      • 23.1.1 ilikemangos

        Supposedly her tiara costed $100,000 !! im guessing won.

        But i heard it took them 3 hrs to prep her for that scene.
        The gown she’s wearing was absolutely gorgeous.

        • pigtookie

          It is, I love how Lee Yoon Ji carries herself with dignity and nerves at the same time. The styling was perfect.

        • Saima

          yeah, she looked breathtaking!!

          Am i the only one who noticed that thankfully our 4 leads look fresh-faced when in the past I’ve noticed towards the latter half K-drama actors start to look weary?

  24. 24 kiddo

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    • 25.1 topper

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    please wake me up, when king airing tonight haha

    • 26.1 Saima

      pwahahahaa!! tsk tsk, fellow Hearty I wonder how you survived the Ep 6 kiss?! 😛

      But I agree it was such a tender moment b/w our OTP!

  27. 27 Cynthia

    It’s a toss-up between RP and K2H each week as to which one I find more enjoyable – K2H wins this week with this episode. The writing/plotline is getting tighter and tighter – not many missteps and definite pushing forward in plot development.

    And let me say how enjoyable it is to watch Seung-gi acting the heck out of this character. His interactions are beyond good – especially those with CrazyCakes. It’s a rarity when a scene can elicit scary and funny simultaneously – it takes a combination of good writing and really good acting. We’re getting the best of it here in K2H.

    • 27.1 topper

      You put it into words really well, yes the simultaneous scary and funny.

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    I agree wt you that , throwing in their engagement as a stake is like throwing salt into the Dead sea. They do have too much to content with already but I guess , they needed to increase our gastric juices & see us writh in angst. But no matter , cos someone empathetic & angelic , decided that we shd be privy to the engagement party. So we at least know they won d 1st two rounds !
    Good for us. Not exactly smart in terms of keeping suspense high !

    • 30.1 topper

      It’s the journey, not the destination that matters!
      I know Hearties will hate me, but if it turns 49 Days I’m still cool. LOL

      • 30.1.1 Rashell

        Please don’t mention that drama. I still haven’t recovered. :'(

        • topper

          Sorry my bad. You told me that on a previous recap too. I’m among the few who was okay with it, because the journey was good.

          • saranghae_12

            I was okay with the ending too but not without a bucket of tears and mountains of abused kleenex. But not with our ahha couple.chaebal!

          • Saima

            omigoshhh!! If that ever happens i’ll have no hesitation turning my back to this drama and deeming it to be the worst K-drama I’ve ever watched!! hahaaaa

            Show, Let’s get this straight….my loyalties lie with my OTP!! Please have a happy ending and not oh-we’re-trying-to-be-different BS!! not gonna have any of it…

          • Rashell

            Seriously, I actually really enjoyed watching 49 days and bawling my buckets of tears. But I still feel twinges when anyone mentions the end. Just sooo depressing. I’m not sure I could handle another end like that especially for this drama where I adore all the main characters.

      • 30.1.2 ilikemangos

        Topper, i am WITH you.
        “it’s not about whats on the other side of the mountain. it’s the climb.”

        LOL anti-mileys will hate me. 😉

      • 30.1.3 Raine

        Can I have BOTH the journey and the destination? 😛

        • reglest

          My wish too!

        • Rashell

          That’s what I want too! I think that’s what bothers me about 49 days end. I expected sad for the Scheduler and Yi-kyung, but I really thought that my Kang ahhh should get his girl in Ji-hun. The whole show was about her 49 day journey to find people who truly loved her so that she could LIVE. And then died anyway.

          This show had better not go there. My little heart can’t take it.

  31. 31 abu

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    Thanks for the recap, gf!

  32. 32 Gordon

    What I really loved here is the fact Jae Hae was so into John’s head. This was DARK and you could go so far as to say almost evil. He knew that Tara was going to be in danger and he did not care.

    He also I think no longer trusts the old man. Which is both good and bad.

    I think Jae HA knows somthing is going to go down with his sister another reason he was not sad to have Erenest Bot at the Palace.

    • 32.1 Arhazivory

      Also because he trusts Eun Bot so much, he has no problem leaving him with Jae-Shin. ^^

    • 32.2 Saima

      I love that Jae-ha has profiled BG down to a T! Seeing him in action is awesome….he seems to be two steps ahead of Bong-gu….which totally deflates BG’s pride & if that’s not a pleasurable thing to watch I don’t know what is…

      • 32.2.1 Gordon

        That moment would be when Jae Ha walks over and drops the gun with one shot in it and we hear the shot and John Meyer’s scream because it was a blank and the wadding in the shot hurts like hell. Then the police step ina nd arrest the SOB. That is the pleasurable spot for me.

        • Saima

          Oh that would be the ULTIMATE thing that’ll evoke pleasure no doubt w/in all of us! But, seeing BG cut down to size is ‘oh, so satisfying’. Me luffs it! <3

  33. 33 leyzlie

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    i really love your recap that i literally cry on Queen mother-Jae Ha scene…

    This intense episode is daebak..
    and yey, SK is giving us other reactions, i see him smiles so many times in this episode. And JH, ommy he always let my heart melts and so with Hang Ah. I really love the OTP.

    Luckily, there are spoilers spreading on the engagement which making me at ease with their first round at WOC. Excited for the next episode..

  34. 34 Jade Butterfly

    I cries pails during Queen Mother & Jaeha’s exchange. Oh this veteran actress is so good1 Not over the top dramatics & no ‘I’ll-kill-myself-if-you-go’ uncoolness .Just poignant heart rending pleas from a mother to a son bent on revenge & putting his life on the line. LSG was really , right on the mark there too .The right amount of angst & sadness & quiver!
    Wt regards to d princess. Hmm. Can I say that I’m a little ,impatient with her , She striked me as a lady wt lots of gumption & steel but she’s kinda dragging this ,”Aaaah, I’m all shivers ” thing too much. She hd the gall to jump off the cliff so she shd hv what it takes to step up!Its a bit inconsistent wt her devil- may- care persona prior to cliff dive. Come on princess m kick Ass !!

    • 34.1 Janet

      The princess did look like she has a lot of gumption and strenght (before the incident). I still think, she does – but actually going thru a glimpse of hell can shake anybody. What she becomes after is what she really is.

  35. 35 Raine

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  36. 36 A-M

    I keep looking at his hand thru that last scene wondering why he was wearing such a weird ring with his uniform.

    How the heck did he get suckered into wearing it? It clearly is nefarious in some way.

    And against the US…. Does that mean we get to hear some really bad American accents? Its funny, every time I hear those I have to wonder if that is how bad our attempts at foreign accents sounds to native speakers.

    And yeah…they are gonna have me cheering against my own country, but if the accents (and acting) are as crummy as usual it won’t be too hard.

    • 36.1 ilikemangos

      LOL with you on everything you say.
      I really want to know how the heck Bong gu managed to get jae ha to slip on a ring that was magnetic to his ball.
      And if not, how he knew jae ha was wearing a certain kind of ring..
      Seriously i need some answers. Then again bong gu got wayy too many connections.
      We’ll probably see how that happened in the next episode since it seems they’re onto bong gu for this.

      LOL “And yeah…they are gonna have me cheering against my own country, but if the accents (and acting) are as crummy as usual it won’t be too hard.”
      literally Laughed out Loud.

      • 36.1.1 Saima

        I read that the ring is representative of his royal status…perhaps akin to JS’s crown! Hopefully they’ll discuss it further cuz it seems HA will be successfully discern how the selection process was rigged or something…

        • Enria

          yeah.. I think the ring wasn’t weird, it just represent JH’s royal status..
          BG must know it so well that JH would have the ring for official events and do some tricks with the US ball..

    • 36.2 trotwood

      “they are gonna have me cheering against my own country, but if the accents (and acting) are as crummy as usual it won’t be too hard.”

      I am so with you here. I will be ready for the US to go down. Our OTP MUST get married. The irony here for me is that my desire for this is not just based on some romantic fantasy but because it would just make John Mayer pop a blood vessel. Someone elsewhere praised the show for being to be simulatnaeously scary and funny. I think the writers should get praise for successfully combining romance and revenge/suspense without going into melodrama.

      Maybe, the US could be convinced to throw the competition? It would be in our best interest to see a unified Korea.

    • 36.3 Kappy

      Re: having to hear some really bad American accents… Oh boy, I cringe whenever that happens. Just where do they get some of these actors? I mean, really. The crummy accents and especially acting can be distracting, to put it kindly. Yeah, they are making it easy for me to cheer against my own country, too.

      And that thing about Korea needing to take it easy on the US because they’re their allies. It’s a competition, for goodness sakes. A game — a game showing a team/country’s military prowess. You may win, you may lose. If you lose, then tough cookies. You entered knowing that might happen. All teams should buck up and not let losing this competition be a reason for there to be a rift between countries. Call me idealistic..

      Of course, the stakes are even higher for the Korea team because our beloved couples’ marriage is riding on it. I don’t like that they have to throw that into the mix. I mean, hasn’t Hang Ah and the North Korea WOC team already shown their teamwork and unification when they saved the king from Tom and Bong Gu at the merry-go-round? Do we have to put Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s marriage on the line as well? Unnecessary ploy, if you ask me, but oh well. Adds to the excitement, I suppose.

  37. 37 houstontwin

    Girl Friday, thanks so, so much. I am amazed at how quickly you recapped this for us.

    I really and truly don’t understand Secretary Eun. He is digging a deeper, and deeper hole for himself. He really does seem to care about the future of the country.So, if he has any sense of honor at all, he won’t continue to put the royal family and the nation at risk. Poor Shi-Kyung!

  38. 38 marneh11

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    • 38.1 ilikemangos

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      • 38.1.1 Arhazivory

        I have the OST on replay right now too.

        • reglest

          Me! fourth?

          Anyway, can’t wait the full OST released in…*counting days* 7 days? I hope they put a LOT (better, ALL) BGM there. That’s too good to left out

          • Enria

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  39. 39 joenjohana

    I love how JaeHa open up about his first love to Hang Ah. He’s sharing his secret to the one he love…ops except “Operation Seduction” he has with Tara…I hope Hang Ah will never find out even though I doubt it.

    I love the short kiss scene…it simple and sweet…just enough to confirm their love to each other.

    • 39.1 Minea

      i agree with the short kiss. but i loved the “hand to the cheek” better because it was done so tenderly (that my goosebumps had goosebumps!).

  40. 40 sweetiehunnybee

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    • 40.1 pigtookie

      I agree, to me he’s always been a very likable figure, but I find his character and acting in TK2H more compelling than in Gumiho. Triple threat? Yeah, I’m convinced now.

  41. 41 JenJen

    I’m okay with putting their engagement on the line for the WOC, for the most part because I think the show has done enough leg work for us to understand why they made that choice. When I was watching at first, my mouth dropped open- “must you make it harder on yourselves?!!” BUT, the logic of it isn’t completely ridiculous.

    The WOC isn’t like the olympics where a show of unity is essentially meaningless, we’re talking about military officers who have actually been trained to kill each other and treat each other as enemies on a daily basis. For Nth & Sth to be able to work together in harmony, even for a tournament would be a big freaking deal. Throw Royalty into the mix, and it becomes a HUGE statement to both countries and the rest of the world about their willingness to trust and perhaps move towards a more peaceful future for both. Therefore by competing together (JH & HA) AND being successful, their union becomes a promise of a peaceful future and not a source of further conflict, as it very easily could become.

    I think the show’s basically saying- the stakes are already high for our couple, but look, they’re actively working to create a situation for themselves where they CAN be married without too much conflict.

    The only problem I actually had watching the episode was the rigging of the WOC-balls felt lazy. Come on, a magnet? What if he wasn’t wearing that ring?!

    • 41.1 Saima

      Since I watched it raw I didn’t realize that the WOC bit was rigged as well. I wondered, “yo Jae-ha, what’s with the conspicuous bling!” 😀

    • 41.2 madqueen

      Agree with you on the ring…What if he doesn’t wear the ring, or any ring at all?

    • 41.3 Raine

      The ring will probably be answered in tonight’s episode. It was sort of mentioned in the preview. Let’s wait and see :)

    • 41.4 Saima

      That ring is EXPENSIVE. It’s worth 8,900,000 won which should be roughly $8,900!! :O

      • 41.4.1 ilikemangos

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    • 43.1 ilikemangos

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      while she was in her activewear.

      Looks similar to her gil ra im character xD
      i also had a secret garden flashback

    • 43.2 Ace

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  44. 44 fee

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    With Jae Kang dead, Jae Shin paralysed, and now the possibility of losing Jae Ha too…So sad:(

    Thanks for the recap GF,

  45. 45 jin

    I think linking the engagement to the WOC is a great idea. Koreans love rooting for or cheering on national teams and consequently anybody rooting for the Korean team subconsciously rooting for the engagement and if JH delivers the win the public opinion swings in his favor based on the euphoria of the win. I mean watch the clips of Korea celebrating the Soccer World Cup wins. The camaraderie and solidarity is amazing. In fact some academics in Korea attribute the Korean World Cup run when it was held in Korea with a huge confidence boost for the country where Koreans started believing in themselves.

  46. 46 Jade Butterfly

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    Did anyone notice that Hang Ah stared at Jaeha’s yummy lips before the descent ? She leered for one second !
    But the PD must hv told her to wallpaper the kiss , cos she just froze there. Oh darling Hangah , You’ve kissed before & even made a baby together so its ok to pucker up some . So much shyness is inappropriate !
    We gals & ahjummas here are living vicariously thru you so KISS HIM BACK for us to see !! Smackaroo!
    P.S- How come a bed is inside the tent ?! Wasnt he given some talk on abstinence ? Or is it a full blown Kolon Advert at work with the strange little clothe promoting KOlon Sports hanging on the table.

    • 46.1 ilikemangos

      Seriously when i saw the tent out i was like woot woot.
      But then they didn’t give us much more scenes there. LOL
      dammit. if there’s anything this show does to tease us, it’s to cut the details and leave the imagination to us, a la bed scene.

      • 46.1.1 Jade Butterfly

        Yeh ! There are so many tantilising or just fun details !

        Did you notice that princess JS , whilst peering down the stairs was wearing a really cute huge parrot ring?
        I think she has nicer , more electic clothes than Hang Ah. Sad.

        • topper

          Thanks for pointing that out. I went to check and it’s true. In addition I love the camera work that allows us to view things from her perspective.

        • emmy

          I love the clothes in this drama.

          Seunggi’s suits and cardigans look perfect on him.

          Jaeshin’s style is really interesting, I also love it that they consistently use chiffon on her. Makes her look extra-princess-y.

          I think the stylist for the drama probably drew a lot of inspiration from Kate Middleton when coming up with Hang Ah’s style. I love Hang-Ah’s nude nails too!!!

          The thing I love about monarchy-dramas is that there’s so much eye-candy with the actors, the decor and the clothes!

          • Arhazivory

            I agree. I spend so much time admiring their clothes. Especially our Seung-Gi. Everything he wears is purrrr~fect.

        • ilikemangos

          i kinda like the kate middleton-esque hang ah has goin on there.

          • MsB

            I absolutely loved that scalloped skirt and black/white top when Queen Mother was showing her how to make KKo Mak and started considering her as her daughter in law. I just loved it!

      • 46.1.2 maria

        LOL :)

        in my youth i didn’t watch a lot of south american dramas probably 15 or so but it was enough to make me balk out on all those crazy unnecessary kiss.
        so, when i watched asian dramas it was like a breath of fresh air with all the subtleness and original writings, not to mention just 16/20 episodes of drama. so, i’m satisfied even if they leave me hanging to my imagination. hehehe.

        • maria

          wait, “in my youth” … sheesh why am i speaking like i’m old already when i’m just 27. hahaha. but you guys know what i mean. they’ll probably give us a really loving scene on the last episode. i’m hoping they do. :)

          • topper

            Maria you just contradicted yourself. You know you want to see some hot passion, LOL.

        • maria

          LOL, topper. i am!! i agree with you guys. we need to have that hot scene although just that scene alone looking at each other esp. the hand to his face part was very palpable already.
          just saying how well asian dramas are made. :)

          • Rona

            I felt the heat watching HA’s hand to JH’s face scene. It did show their intense love for each other. Their eyes expressed it all.

        • Saima

          yeah, the mood, the stares, the hand-to-cheek gesture, and Taeyeon’s song playing in the background just called for a light kiss! And, they followed it up with staring/smiling…..our OTP’s so friggin beautiful that they give me a toothache! It hurts soooo goood!

          Although Hang-ah totally checked out Jae-ha’s luscious lips before he went in for the kiss!! lulz and then promptly froze up 😀

          • minsun

            yes I know! still swooning over it. The mood and lighting, the feel of the whole scene was so so pretty. And it made me stare at Seung gi nonstop. Loved the mood of the whole scene. *swoooon*

      • 46.1.3 L

        I doubt there’ll be any bed scenes. It’s all right when JH was an irresponsible prince, but now he’s the king, it doesn’t seem proper to show. It’d be just as disrespectful to intrude on Barack and Michelle Obama’s bedroom shenanigans. Perhaps that’s also why they didn’t show them making out in the earlier ep, and just cut to the morning after. At most tender looks, a gentle kiss.

        • mrk

          You do realize that Korean monarchy is a figment of imagination? So, how will it be disrespectful to show?

          • Bali Dancer

            agree…. just give us some Secret Garden-ish wedding night please… that would be ennuff

        • ilikemangos

          there better be some bed scenes or i will not be complete.

    • 46.2 emmy

      That scene was funny though. It was Seunggi’s CF meets drama time.

      I totally noticed the bed too!

      They were probably teasing us viewers…

      • 46.2.1 topper

        You peeps are so funny. I did not notice the bed at all.

        • Jade Butterfly

          Oh..What can i say ? It just kinda jump right at me .

        • AnnMichelle

          Moi, non plus.
          Innocent me bats my eyelashes…

        • MsB

          Me neither! I noticed the tent but that was it!

    • 46.3 crazyahjummafan

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    • 46.4 babes

      *Did anyone notice that Hang Ah stared at Jaeha’s yummy lips before the descent ? She leered for one second !

      Ha! Thks for confirming that point. I thought I saw that too and was expecting HA to initiate the kiss. How much cooler would that have been?

  47. 47 Brenda

    I’m really glad that the WOC is more than just an event to force the OTP to be together. In fact, it’s become imperative that they win the first round in order for them to get married.

    I love Eun Shi Kyung. He’s like the silent, strong, and righteous guy that probably doesn’t exist anymore =(
    His conversation with Jae Ha had me laughing my butt off.

    I really miss the old Jae Shin. She was so brave, strong and outspoken that it’s rather depressing to see her become so negative about everything. Hopefully she finds her courage to remember and starts doing physical therapy so that she can walk again.

  48. 48 ilikemangos

    Seung gi must be workin’ hard cause look’s like he’s about to pop a neck vein in that top screen cap!
    And this his hand… embracing hers…pulling it close to his chest.
    I’m satisfied with the sweet kiss. It fit the moment.

    • 48.1 Jade Butterfly

      Yes , it was right for the ocasion cos there must be a thousand eyes around too . Just needed her to pucker up & just return the kiss , a little . jus a hint. hee hee.

      His veins on his hands , neck seem to scream ” Sceeeech! Hold back ! Control yrself ! You’re on camera!”

    • 48.2 madqueen

      The veins are quite a turn on actually… hahah :)
      LSG has manly veiny hands.

      • 48.2.1 Arhazivory

        *ahem* I agree. Very manly. I was watching those veins too. <3

    • 48.3 emmy

      Every time I see him lift his hand, to hold hers, i do a little swoon.

      Lovely kiss scene. And when he held her hand to her face. So sweet.

    • 48.4 Saima

      Is there any anatomical feature of Seung-gi that we haven’t discussed?!! W.A.I.T!! Don’t answer!! 😀

      • 48.4.1 Arhazivory

        Saimaaaaaaaa!!!! =O

        • Saima

          I was talking about his abs!! Insert –>*puss-in-boots wide eyed look*


          • Arhazivory

            O-o-o-o-of course. I-I-I was totally thinking about his abs too y’know.

            *blinks and slinks away in shame*

          • Saima


            Great minds and all, eh?!! hahaaaa

          • Arhazivory

            You’re almost as evil as Bong Gu Saima.

            😉 Almost.

          • Saima

            Dunno about evil but like BG (eww, did I compare myself to that creep?!) I am very much in love with Jae-ha or is it Seung-gi. Apparently I’ve become delusional as welll!! yippeeee…

      • 48.4.2 Minea

        Pwahahahaha! OMG. *wiping tears* you’re a hoot!

      • 48.4.3 AnnMichelle

        You! You! Yoooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

        • bern 75

          i died LOL reading these comments about Seung Gi’s anatomical features… OMG! 😀

      • 48.4.4 Bali Dancer

        OMG spare me some lovey dovey honey… Hang Ah is so lucky to have that man for the rest of her life…. *drooling insanely*

  49. 49 maria

    i am echoing all your thoughts and sentiments here :)

    these writers have a knack of a slowly building us up and let us just be blown away by next episodes. just my cup of tea for a drama.

    personally, i am glad they have to face the US early in this competition. i know, i know. in my head i just felt like “ok, come on. let us just get this done and over with. ” sheesh.
    also, because i really wanted the action to start already and how it plays out. :)
    …. although, with all the spoilers out. i think we know what’s going to happen. *wink*

    i love these writers so much for not dropping the WOC, it is the heart and the foundation of how our king got to be like he is now. somehow, not only is it the south anymore its the northern people here that are at stake too.

    props too for the way the writers made that whole “people” speech to bong gu. i don’t need to say what i feel you said it all girlfriday :) you are the best! and these writers are just damn excellent :)

    the mother-son scene was heartbreaking :( aww.
    quality acting there. shit, seunggi has really come a long way now. and then mom yoon yeo jung … no words.

    i love best when i saw young jae ha again!!!! :)
    what can i say i look forward to this kid and what he’ll turn out to be. he is so good in being bratty. :)

    then of course SHI KYUNG !!! man, everyone of them has got their character played out to a tee. jo jung was so good in this with that actual smile and then that speech in which i really felt the sincerity in there instead of scoffing / balking of the too cheesy line. then jae shin’s equal performance of a really scared and lost princess.

    ok. i’m going to stop here … we still have 8 hours to go and more praises later on. :) hehehe

    • 49.1 maria

      by the way i love their kissing scenes too. always poignant and simple but the message hits home. :)

  50. 50 emmy

    The first scene was awesome! And Jaeha’s monologue gave me the chills (even though I could only understand a minimal amount since I watched it unsubbed).

    I love those little sneers he did at Bonggu through the video. The effect was amazing!

    I could marry this show.

  51. 51 Sheena

    Thank you so much for the recap. As always this episode is awesome. Indeed, The King 2 Hearts is a masterpiece. <3

  52. 52 saranghae_12

    Love this episode. The tension is so palpable you can cut through it using a needle. Lol. I feel like I am with them in this journey. I smile when they smile. I cry when they are crying. And when Jaeha was going to kiss Hangah, I puckered up too. Hahaha!

    • 52.1 ilikemangos

      ahahahhaa. you are adorable.
      Yeah, i agree though. what the characters feel, i feel for them.. and this show, god. just totally knows how to rip me apart.

  53. 53 Osi

    When watching HA put her hand on JH’s hand, my heart was beating faster. When JH took her hand and put it on his cheek, my heart skipped a beat and started saying kiss…kiss…kiss….When he started move his head close to her, I was on the edge of my chair, but I was like ‘please anybody, don’t interrupt them, please…’ And then they kissed. Me? Fainted.
    That’s just a lovely kiss with pure love. I’m never like this watching short and simple kiss in kdrama. You know, kdrama’s been shown many kisses like that. This is just love.

    • 53.1 AnnMichelle

      Love that scene!

      Some complained about the kiss not hot enough. Gosh, girls, didn’t you feel the love between the two, when they were not even touching each other? It’s all in Hang Ah’s eyes. The way she looked at that hurt boy from long ago, who had to learn to hide himself inside a polished, cold, hard shell, who was so lonely but could do nothing to save himself. Wow! HJW totally nailed that moment.

      • 53.1.1 jyngjd

        I have to say, I like the simplicity of that kiss scene, how he took her hands to his face and a simple kiss, and then saying they must win together.

      • 53.1.2 babes

        *It’s all in Hang Ah’s eyes.
        @AnnMichelle – you said that right! Just when you think you can’t possibly love JH more, he opens up and shares his innermost thoughts, ahh…swoon…

        That look on HA’s face was pure L.O.V.E.! I can just feel her heart melting, like mine! LOL

        I’m been gushing so much about LSG’s stratospheric leap in his acting skills, it’s time to pay homage to HJW. After watching her in SeGa, I went on to watch WHIB & Hwangjini and became a fan for life. Now, watching her as HA, I continue to be amazed at her range. With many, many actors out there, no matter how popular, you can change the premise of the movie/drama/sitcom, the period even the character but essentially their acting/mannerisms stays the same. (Think Jennifer Aniston. Sorry if you’re a fan)

        I just love how HA switches from badass to aeygo (don’t you just love how cute she was when they clicked their wine glasses?) and we all just buy it, even JH (heehee!). All kudos to HJW who make her so believable!

        • Rona

          I am with you babes. HJW , as LSG claims, is the best actress of her generation. I started loving LSG because he did this drama with HJW, in the same way that I love all the actors HJW worked with. They all respect her caliber. She has never rested on her laurels and you know from all of her works, movies and dramas, how she always wanted to excel. Not just act…but excel in it by trying new things being versatile that she is. I do not know if there is any other Korean actress of that kind of versatility like her….be it drama, action, thriller, horror…name it , she has done it all, AND with flying colors…with all her acting awards to boost. Sorry for being an avid fan…but that is just how I love Jiwon !!!

          • LOVE

            I really like your comments on Ji Won onnie. I am forever fan of her also. <3 your comments

          • rearwindow

            Agreed 100%. HJW just loses herself in a role. She has such range and fearlessness. And she takes roles that challenge her, too. I remember in an interview about Secret Garden, she was asked whether she was nervous or hesitant to play a girl who is inhabited by a man, and she laughed and said that was precisely WHY she took the role. Because she thought playing a man would be challenging and interesting.

            Truly an inspiration. And there’s a reason Seunggi is doing so well in his role–she seems to inspire her costars with her passionate dedication, her good spirits, and her talent. She gives them so much to play off of.

            Sidenote: I haven’t watched What Happened in Bali or Hwangjini–should I? I LOVED HJW in Secret Garden and she’s basically the reason I started watching this show. But I’m hesitant to jump into those because I haven’t watched a historical drama yet and WHIB just seems so depressing.

      • 53.1.3 ravens_nest

        I appreciated the intimacy leading up to the kiss more. I didn’t care about the lightness of the kiss because the hand holding and cheek cupping was 10x more intimate than other dramas kiss scenes.

        More than that I liked that this kiss wasn’t a full on tonsil hockey match. Not every kiss in a couple’s relationship is gonna be like that. Some are deep tongue-fests, some are light pecks, some aren’t even on the lips at all…But all are valid ways of showing love and intimacy.

        Got a little long winded but suffice it to say, I liked the kiss. lol :)

    • 53.2 maria

      “This is just love.”


    • 53.3 Osi

      *kdrama’s shown, sorry…

      @ AnnMichelle
      Agree, we can feel their love, even when they’re bickering. If love was in form of bird, millions birds would fly around them and blocked our screen. Hehe.

  54. 54 AnnMichelle

    Dear Girlfriday,

    Thank you so much for another detailed and insightful recap. It took tremendous effort on my part NOT to read your recap until I finished this episode. This way I can nod my head throughout your writing and relive all those precious moments.

    Too many things to say really. But foremost I just love how the story line loops itself so beautifully.

    When Jae Ha used Hang Ah to tease Shi Kyung yet again, the first love story he told came squarely into focus. So Hang Ah was not like that at all. JH used to complain that he did not understand why HA would find Shi Kyung attractive, instead of him, a PRINCE. That’s it. Hang Ah did not give a toss about him being a PRINCE. At all. She loves him despite him being a prince. She trusted him when he did not deserve the trust. This is the kind of love that can remake a person. Or rebirth. JH is so lucky to find it.

    • 54.1 topper

      Thanks for sharing this gem of an insight AnnMichelle.

    • 54.2 maeye86

      aww!! u hit it right on the spot!

    • 54.3 leelee

      Love your insight AnnMichelle!

    • 54.4 Bali Dancer

      OMG U R so right…..

    • 54.5 bern 75

      you got it right on the spot, AnnMichelle! Hang Ah literally and figuratively saved him, don’t you think? :)

    • 54.6 Slk

      You’re so right!! i love how wuli heroine is really a heroine instead of just a damsel in distress..

    • 54.7 rearwindow

      Beautifully said.

  55. 55 maeye86

    i loled at jae ha reaction when shi kyung told him that jae shin wanted him to stay. well, since i dun speak korean but i can tell that jae ha asked him what’s his deal with woman (hang ah and jae shin) and really that made me laugh so hard at 1.00 am in the morning.

    but reading ur recaps about jae ha said that he wanted bro in-law who’s not like shi kyung (one who he can go swimming and play golf with) that definitely made me laughed louder. 😛

    aigoo jae-ha ya! u certainly did not make me laugh for nothing!!

  56. 56 Mena


  57. 57 yellow buttercup

    oh I love this episode! thx a lot, GF!

    man, the scene between Omma and JH made me teary.. I just want to give Omma a hug.. this is why I love this drama: the mother here acts like a mother in the real world. their interaction is totally touching and of course real.

    oh and of course Earnest Botman was so sweet when it came to the princess. And when he said that JS wasnt his type? Boy, you’re so in denial… just date her already!

    and that tickle! hahaha I feel like watching an old 1n2d episode where LSG couldnt hold the tickling!

    today’s episode is just like a music piece’s dynamic. This episode serves as a decrescendo, moves into a crescendo for the next episode bcoz I know the next ep is gonna be intense

    • 57.1 Emelita

      I felt the same way too! About the tickling, that is. But Seung-gi the boy in the old 1N2D episode has grown up into a manly being. And his haircut enhances this new image. Love it — he should maintain this look even after the drama.

  58. 58 emmy

    As much as I like the idea of Shi Kyung being in the palace protecting Jaeshin, I’m still a little bummed that he won’t be in the WOC. The camaraderie between the six is all kinds of awesome.

    Can’t there be two of him? :(

    • 58.1 topper

      The clueless look on the newbie of the team further put focus on the gaping hole without Shi Kyung.

  59. 59 hpn88

    oh my god. I want a Shi kyung. WHERE can I get one?

    that mother-son scene just gutted me. they got the casting for the queen mother just perfect. she is knocking it out of the park along with everyone else in the cast.

    • 59.1 Arhazivory

      When you find out where to get one, please let me know. I want one too. XD

  60. 60 sayonara


  61. 61 ravens_nest

    Might get a little wordy but…

    What. The. Actual. F*ck?! How is it that he really didn’t anticipate what Bong Gu would do?

    It’s really obvious that this dude is off his rocker. And he’s evil! He’s off his rocker and he’s evil. At the very least he was gonna beat the crap out of Tara. He has no conscience.

    It wasn’t right. Jae Ha didn’t kill her personally but he is just as responsible for her death. He sent Tara into a dangerous situation with a known psychotic murderer without telling her everything that was happening. At the very least he should have told her what he was doing before letting her go back to Bong Gu so she could make a decision herself.

    And I think I’m even angrier at the mocking and condescending “Don’t kill her.” message he sent too. So you’re telling me that it did occur to him that Bong Gu might kill her but he went ahead with this plan anyway? Why? Because she’s just collateral in this dick measuring contest between them. And guess what? It ended with her getting riddled with bullets.

    I don’t like the idea that I’m not supposed to care because what? She was a call girl/gold-digger? She was the girlfriend to a psychotic murderer? She wasn’t a main character? None of those are valid reasons for me.

    What Jae Ha did was not right and I’m not completely ok with it. I mean his callousness is completely in character but it pisses me off sometimes.

    • 61.1 topper

      You are right to feel pissed off from that point of view, it is not morally correct.

      • 61.1.1 ravens_nest

        Admittedly, from a writer’s stand point I do like having a main character be so morally gray. After 6 years of Asian Drama watching, I have never been as emotionally invested with a KDrama as I have with this one. lol

        • topper

          Same here on the emotional investment.
          I’m glad legally he is not liable though, because I will not be able to forgive if justice is not done just because he is King.

        • Saima

          I mentioned earlier:

          i guess when somebody blatantly confesses that he killed your brother, sister-in-law, may be responsible for your sister being paralyzed….it puts things into perspective! He’s just after BG’s blood! Also, we’ve seen JH being maniacal with that evil smile in place with BG and the North Korean PM! In a way he’s kinda like BG…only that he’s good-looking, charming, & knows when to switch personalities and how to diffuse explosive situations. We also had a glimpse of this during the early days of WOC training.

          While I am in no way belittling Tara’s death JH is avenging BG for the misery he caused to the Royal Family just because he was banned from South Korea! Since claiming the throne BG’s been a thorn on JH’s side always sabotaging his efforts to do better….he’s that enemy who’ll always hurt JH and he won’t be able to rest in peace until he brings him down…

          • topper

            It’s all in from which point of view actually. Grey as ravens_nest put it aptly.

          • Saima

            In one word: grey! Yes, merci beaucoup ravens_nest & topper. I always seem to go off on a tangent. CANNOT.STOP!

            ps: ravens_nest your name reminds me of this crazy ornithology class I had taken!! The field work was awesome in the dead of winter……NOT!

          • ravens_nest

            Right? So he’s willing to do anything. The writer in me is like “Awesome!” but the moral part of me is like “OMG, so freaking ruthless!”

            My emotions are all over the place. This discussion has def settled down a lot of my initial anger though. haha :)

        • trixicopper

          My favorite characters are gray. There is nothing more boring than a white bread hero.

          I did feel sort of bad for the Tara character. I don’t think she deserved what she got. But even without JH’s involvement, her situation with the crazy BG was never going to end well.

          • maria

            i was reading all comments about jae ha’s involvement w tara’s death … i can’t help but quote that ” all is fair in love and war ” .

            you do what you have to do jae ha!!!

          • yellow buttercup

            totally agree. I think gray characters are more real. And I also think that when you’re friends or involved with Bonggu, that kind of ending would come anytime anywhere. Remember the scene where he threatened that white guy *his friend but I cant remember his name* with the injection or something?

            but still, I really didn’t see it coming. Him shot Tara, I mean

          • bern 75

            that’s what i love about this show – the characterisation is great. each person has his/her faults, bright/dark spots and its great seeing how they grow. i am also really digging the whole subtext of North-South relations (with Jae Ha-Hang Ah’s relationship and the WOC) paralleled to the reality.

            Following this drama has got me reading both on dramabeans and koala’s playground and i have to say, koala’s analysis of Bong Gu as the parallel to the real-life manaic ruling N Korea today is certainly a possibility, given the brilliance of this(these?) writer(s) for the show. i really won’t be surprise if it was the writer(s) true intention writing Bong Gu’s character the way it is.

            This drama is a literature / film analysis class in itself, i tell u!no wonder it has gotten us all hooked onto it!!

          • MsB

            You said it best. Being around BG and how he could turn on you without any real provocation already put her in a bad spot. Sure, I felt bad for her but at the same time, you’d think she would know better. Yes, there is an evil streak in JH but unlike BG, his is controlled by people who really care about him.

          • malta

            Yes, gray characters are great, but doesn’t the character have to realize he might be doing something he shouldn’t to be gray? I would have less issue with Jae Ha basically setting up Bong Gu to be a a position to kill Tara if Jae Ha had stop for even a moment and showed some hesitancy or concern that maybe what he’s doing to Tara is not right and that she doesn’t deserve it… Or if Jae Ha wasn’t goading at the hidden camera while luring Tara into making a confession that would bring about her own death. When he looked at her he didn’t even flinch to think this woman is walking right into her death and I’m leading her there…that’s F-ed up.

            Also, “all is fair in love and war,” but that doesn’t mean it’s good or right. And although Kings have to make hard decisions, and yes, be in the gray area sometimes, it doesn’t absolve them of their duty to do what is right. The problem with Tara’s death is that is was unnecessary, and therefore gratuitous, for Jae Ha to make his point. He did something unnecessary that caused someone’s death.

      • 61.1.2 Arhazivory

        Nope…it is not morally correct and Jae-Ha did know the risk. e’s by no means a squeaky clean, all for justice king. He’s just as dangerous as all those other kings we read about in history.

        • reglest

          Yes, agree…
          No matter howbig I love Jae Ha’s character, it’s not morally correct.

          When i read that bong Gu shoot Tara, I was like ‘d**n, Jae Ha, you kill her’

          With all has happened to him, his brother murder, his disable sister, all of them rounding around and added one factor that he is actually smart and cunning,he is that dangerous. He is not a type who fight all for love and justice, but actually only for him self.

          In other hand, I think Jae Ha,is representing the King/country leader in reality, none of them is clean….

    • 61.2 emmy

      I have to admit, I was really shocked when Bong-gu killed Tara in cold blood.

      Dramatically I’m cool with it, because it does show a ruthless streak in Jae-Ha’s character that I didn’t quite expect. He was more a less a practical joker before this, but I think things are going to get wayyy more intense from now on.

      I felt really bad for Tara and the main henchman during that scene when they were dragging her body out though. It still befuddles me as to why they’d hang around the likes of Bonggu even if he’s filthy rich. That’s kind of like selling your soul to the devil.

      • 61.2.1 topper

        To me it’s more vengeful than ruthless. He is a person who makes sure he gets back at someone else, damn the consequences.

    • 61.3 sally_b

      Hi ravens_nest – I’ve no doubt, that as tightly as this drama is written…the writers probably argued endlessly over the *ethics* is setting up the murder of the psycho’s girlfriend.

      …AND having the King be the hand behind it.

      I can’t speak for the writer’s personal experience, but can say for myself that I knew woman (acquaintance through friends, right after college) stunningly beautiful, model-type ….who CHOSE to date a club-owning, Bentley-driving, bodyguard-having, druggie-king-pin guy. (seriously…I’m not making it up)

      Everyone around her..told her, begged her… tried to lure her away from this guy that everyone KNEW was a freak. But she LIKED the LIFEstyle.

      One night after a bad business deal went down, to which she was a random witness…he put a bullet through her head. (beautiful and dead…at 23)

      It seems crazy…but it DOES actually happen..and the players involved are WELL versed on the possibilities. So I’m gonna have faith here that the writer’s injected a dose of real world *ugly* on purpose.

      Everyone associated with the Club M enterprise had a hand in murdering JaHae’s brother…is the message.

      cheers !

      • 61.3.1 topper

        Oh man, that is gritty.

        • sally_b

          swear on a stack of whatever-is-dear.

          true story.

          I only knew her in passing (no pun) …I could *smell* the bad from that group of people.

          At the time, I liked to party…but their world was REALLY hard core….obviously.

          The end point is….that level of CRAZY …does…exist.

          In terms of the drama…I’m ok with a King who can cause his enemy to kill his associates. (methinks Aussie guy’s days are numbered)
          …however, I’m hoping that Bon-Bon gets a close-up with EarnestBot™

          • topper

            I am hoping for a Bon Bon vs Kim Hang Ah showdown. And the candy gets snapped and eaten. Maybe a tag-team fight? LOL

          • sally_b

            @topper – re: ‘I am hoping for a Bon Bon vs Kim Hang Ah showdown.’

            That was my first thought…’ cause we KNOW HangAh would deliver her straight to the devil…on a skewer…with onions…and maybe a cherry tomato.

            Our girl is just like that.

            ….but some part of me wants EarnestBot™ to rescue his Princess…she seems to need that….and it makes an interesting opposite to the JaeHa/HangAh relationship.
            We get two Fairy-Tales in one ~ ♥

          • maria

            me too!! i want hang ah to cream that bon bon into a melted candy. !!

          • emmy

            ” EarnestBot™”

            It’s trademarked! 😀

      • 61.3.2 ravens_nest

        I know it’s her choice because she’s not some brainless puppet. She makes the choice to go back to him every time for his money, as she herself explains.

        It still feels super callous though but I’m def not as angry as I was before. These discussions are great!

        • sally_b

          @ravens_nest – you brought up an extremely relevant point and phrased the anger well…nice way to prompt the discussion ~ :)

          In a way, I view it as JaeHa’s *notice* to Club M ‘staff’ (people..key word) that ANY ONE of them is expendable…at ANY time.

          —breaks ranks in Followers
          —causes the Lead to have doubts

          Like Sun Tzu’s *Art of War*…..in which disregard of distinction between military & civilians are key to success.

          *i.e. Bring war material with you from home, but forage on the enemy. Thus the army will have food enough for its needs.
          *translation: bring weapons to the battlefront, but house & feed off the locals

          Basically…break the house starting from the foundations.

          I don’t dismiss JaeHa’s ethics…but then, this is …war?

          • ravens_nest

            Right? And the thing is, I’m not unaware of the military/war aspect. I’m not that innocent. lol So I sit here torn about my feelings on this. The ruthless part of me understands the practicality/efficiency of his plan but the moral part of me is just cringing at how cold it was…

            Ugh, what are my feelings doing?!

            (Love the Art of War reference, btw. :) )

          • sally_b

            @ravens_nest- I totally get where you’re coming from…
            I’ve learned to LIKE JaeHa.

            He certainly wasn’t presented as ..ummm…Prince Charming at the beginning of the romance.

            I admit to applying *promise* to him in the same way I(we?) apply potential to any guy-of-interest in life. (I admit that personal/fail) hehee

            In terms of the drama….he’s growing into a King of a Nation…even if he’s a figurehead, he has power even if he’s bound by the mutative-rules of politics and…especially for Korea, there is the potential of REAL war.

            …apologies, I could ramble on~ but I’ll conclude with….I think he’s being written as a Power-Player on purpose. Hell, he already shot HangAh….this King isn’t just showing up for the cake & Champagne.

            p.s. I’m really impressed with that guy, SeungGi…previously I thought him such a pup. 😉

          • Arhazivory

            It is essentially a ‘war’ and Jae Ha is in it to win and there’s a fine line between right and wrong when it comes to warfare and the issue of ethics is always a major point of discussion.

            This discussion really is great though.

          • Minea

            I like that when push comes to shove, Jae Ha’s not afraid to make those hard decisions. More so now that the lives of the people he loves are on the line. With his spot-on profile of Bong Gu’s character, he must have foreseen that BG would go there (kill the girlfriend) but he taunted him anyway.

            So many dimensions in Jae Ha’s character! I agree with @trixiecopper, Jae Ha’s certainly not your whitebread hero. He’s more like the wholesome grain with a lot of nuts!

        • crazyajummafan

          Moreover, unless she’s a TOTAL clueless dingbat (which i had mentioned earlier), she very well can’t say that she does not know the evil that BG is up too. For eg, she knew that Bon Bon kidnapped JS and that JS jumped off the cliff. Remember that conversation that BG and BB were having while BB was curling her hair? So if she still chooses to SLEEP with the creep, then she should know the danger she’s in. Moreover, it didn’t affect her enough to stay away or even rectify the authorities. How can anyone be THAT callous? It’s like being an accessory to murder. So yes, while I feel that it was shocking of JH to set her up like that, in some ways, she also asked for it.

          • crazyajummafan

            Oops… I mean ‘notify the authorities’.

        • gretac

          Totally agree with those who are disturbed by JH’s disregard for a bystander’s life, whether she was a not-so-innocent one or not. Being dumb or greedy is no justification for assassination by proxy.

          That said, 2 posts helped me to understand it better:
          sallyb’s above: “Everyone associated with the Club M enterprise had a hand in murdering JaHae’s brother…is the message.”
          That was an Aha! Of course! moment for me – thanks, sallyb!
          And rearwindow’s insightful analysis (comment of how intelligently manipulative JH’s ploy was: Tara was not an incidental casualty, but was central to demonstrating JH’s thorough psychological understanding of BG – i.e., JH’s ability to predict and thus manipulate BG’s actions, let BG know that he could and did, and weaken BG by removing one of his so-called ‘people’.

          I disagree that this is a grey area: I think it’s just plain wrong. However, it’s very machiavellian, and I can understand (though not countenance) it better based on these two posts (thanks sallyb and rearwindow!). Thus I see JH’s actions as not casual, not vengeful, but a highly skilled (and ruthless) move in this dangerous game that he has, in fact, been forced into.

          • malta

            “Being dumb or greedy is no justification for assassination by proxy.”
            “I disagree that this is a grey area: I think it’s just plain wrong.”

            Thank you for saying that.

            It doesn’t matter that Tara slept with Bong Gu for money or that she knew he was an evil arms dealer who killed people. Tara was just the latest pretty face Bong Gu had next to him. She wasn’t his life long partner who helped him with all his dealings. Jae Ha simply didn’t value her life. He wanted to make Bong Gu angry and if that meant killing some random woman, he was ok with that.

  62. 62 tttt

    Have you seen this picture, adorable and hilarious couple ever http://nimg.nate.com/orgImg/tv/2012/05/03/03316143.jpg

    • 62.1 saranghae_12

      They’re hilarious!which episode is this from?

      • 62.1.1 tttt

        I think tonight’s episode

      • 62.1.2 Saima

        It looks like it’ll happen in the forthcoming episodes…they’re both wearing the same uniform whereas in the past they represented either the North or the South.

    • 62.2 maria

      cutest ever!!! oh, why is it so nice to be in love :))

    • 63.1 maria


      ratings be damned!!!

  63. 64 em

    What a great episode to bring as to the next level.I’m glad that the engagement spoiler is out or else I would stay awake at night thinking what will come, but the writers are keeping us on our toes.All I can say is just give us a happy ending with intimate scenes that will blow up the roof and children.

  64. 65 Ranter

    Another great episode !

  65. 66 sam

    thanks again GF, your recaps enlightens me when I’m confused with the plot line or the dialogues and of course, I absolutely need to know whilst I go mad waiting for the subbed vids.

    While i still cant wrap my mind about JH knowingly endangering and ultimately, indirectly having Tara killed, I’ll let it go because well, this drama had me by my non existent balls so i really don’t have a choice. I need this drama like a drug—can’t eat, can’t sleep till I know what has been going down with, what I assume to be the most good looking, non-boring King in the history of tv. bwahahaha. at least in K drama. (Ok, debate starts now!)

    I truly hope we get a happy ending, really. For the first time, I also care a lot about the secondary love story of JS and SK, and they are surrounded by equally lovable characters. For the first time, I don’t know if we will get a happy ending or not. Anything in this show can happen and at a lightning speed. The episodes gets darker and darker that we are constantly surprised when a situation suddenly goes the comic route which offers a welcome relief from all the throat- gripping drama.

    Love it love it!! And this episode proves once again how crappy that article about LSG having to learn from Tae wong is. Damn it, I don’t know if i’ll be happy or angry that the article site closed down before I can give the author a piece of my mind. Here it is anyway—$%*&#@!!!!!

    Seunggi has grown by leaps and bound. The way he cries now…it’s so moving unlike in his previous dramas where I sometimes actually cringe a little when he narrows his eyes and scrunch his face. Maybe all the time he has now to prepare for the drama has paid off. Unlike in Gumiho and BL where he has to juggle Strong Heart and 1n2d, his eyes look red most of the time. In here, aside from the marvelous wardrobe and stylists (love the hair!!), he looks luminous. Or was that just from the stars in my eyes?

    eherm. Ha Jiwon, goddess of Kdramas, thank you for making a man out of our boy. I’m so glad it’s you…haha. aaaand cue imaginary flashback to the bed scene!

    • 66.1 maria

      Damn it, I don’t know if i’ll be happy or angry that the article site closed down before I can give the author a piece of my mind. Here it is anyway—$%*&#@!!!!!


      i am sooo glad it is Ha Ji Won, the one and only! no one can touch her when it comes to dramas.

      i did a lot of first times just because of this drama.
      first time that i ever watched a kdrama live, first time ever to comment, first time to ever really care about all the characters and yes even bong gu … not in the nice way but urging the actor on to make it even more believable. first time to be bothered thinking of a drama at work, first time really seriously buying a DVD set for a drama…. so many first times.

      and in the words of koala’s : i came in here solely for ha ji won but would leave with a massive affection for lee seung gi :)


      • 66.1.1 Saima

        ^^and in the words of koala’s : i came in here solely for ha ji won but would leave with a massive affection for lee seung gi^^

        Couldn’t agree more!! *sniff sniff*

      • 66.1.2 marneh11

        oh dear everything you mentioned applies on me too.. I will never ever forget this drama. :) I have no boyfriend ,no date,my cp is turned off coz no text or call is allowed every wednesday and thursday nights hahaha! crazy me… :)

      • 66.1.3 crazyajummafan

        Me too! First time I’m actually watching a drama live and commenting too. And having lots of fun. It’s like being back at literature tutorials during my uni days. Always felt so enlightened and stimulated after animated discussions.

    • 66.2 yellow buttercup

      I think he got the best hairstyle here in this drama. It fits him. me likey 😀

    • 66.3 reglest

      @sam @maria:

      I was there(at the article) before, but before I could give a piece of my mind, they closed the reply thread, and suddenly adding the word: The views of this article does not…blah blah. The next thing I know, I’m on the original article, and apparently, korean netizen don’t favor the author too, all of them gives tanthrum and asking, does the author really watch TK2H or not?

      Best thing is…there is email of the author in the original article hehehe <3, I don't know how many 'love letter' he/she got just for that sole artile.

      Yes, the way he cries now is so moving. I'm his fans since Brilliant Legacy, but you could count me for judging objectively. The way he acts in this drama is soooo much better, even when Jae Ha was still annoying brat, his eyes plays the role, I can't see him as Lee Seung Gi, only Lee Jae Ha. I even wanna slap him (so rare for me)

      @yellow buttercup:
      Please bring this neat-short-clean cut everyday from now on! Left out the fringe extension!!
      This hair style reminds me a lot with his hair style in 3rd album, which is my favorite this far, after this^^^ Me love it!

      • 66.3.1 maria

        thanks for letting us know that the korean netizens really know what they’re talking about when it comes to seung gi and defending him except for that author.
        she/he probably got a lot from that publicity stunt. oh well, what’s new.
        we already know seung gi is hardworking and if given the right material he delivers it exceptionally so don’t worry.
        and yeah, he needs to have his hair short, i totally love him in this.

  66. 67 IsItWednesdayYet?

    THANK YOU GF for the always amazing recap!

    • 67.1 Saima

      Do you mean: IsItThursdayYet?! 😀

    • 67.2 jane

      love your name! lol

  67. 68 Minea

    Eun Shi Kyung! You slay me. I love that the second lead is not IN the love triangle with the main lead/pair. Jae Shin and Shi Kyung’s chemistry is CRACKLING. When Shi Kyung knelt before the Princess and said that he wasn’t looking at the shooting star but at her, I couldn’t breathe. It was so good it hurts my heart. I just love those two. Can’t wait to see more development in their love story.

    I usually love open-ended endings in a drama BUT not for this drama. Please, no! I want an ending that’s tied with a pretty big bow because I love the characters so much that I want everyone to have a happy ending (except for Kim Bong Gu – you can kill him off). You better not kill any of our Royals or any of the WOC Team members.

    I’m gonna sue you if you do.

    • 68.1 yellow buttercup

      “Jae Shin and Shi Kyung’s chemistry is CRACKLING. When Shi Kyung knelt before the Princess and said that he wasn’t looking at the shooting star but at her, I couldn’t breathe.”

      oh how I love these two! SK’s words about the shooting star will sound cheesy if it comes from somebody else. But it’s super duper sweet when SK who said it!

    • 68.2 emmy

      ” I love that the second lead is not IN the love triangle with the main lead/pair.”

      Only in Jae-ha’s twisted imagination was Shi-kyung once love triangle competition.:P

      I’m totally with you for the pretty big bow. Everyone’s too loveable/adorable for a bad ending. My heart would break into a million pieces otherwise.

    • 68.3 jane

      I second that. I wish everyone would have a happy ending. I really, really really wish no one from the couples would die or have a sad ending. Because tbh I’ve always had this feeling about Shi Kyung will die somehow. I don’t want EarnestBot diee :(

    • 68.4 trixicopper

      I don’t want to lose any of these characters in the end. Which does not include the baddies, especially the crazy BG. THAT I will cheer!

      The good guys have lost enough! If someone has to bite it, I vote for the new guy on the WOC team. He can be like the red shirt dude on Star Trek.(you always knew HE wasn’t gonna be beaming back up to the ship!)

  68. 69 Ani

    I gotta say, it’s weird, but I care more about Shi-kyung and Jae-shin’s loveline than I do the main couple. Heh. Maybe it’s because Shi-kyung is so damn adorable, and the old Jaeshin was so damn badass.

    • 69.1 revolu

      It’s probably cause the romance of Jae Ha and Hang Ah are pretty much resolved, but certainly not over.

      Whereas Earnest Bot and Sassy Princess havent had much skinship besides earnest bot’s carrying her to bed. Forshadowing perhaps? lol

  69. 70 kara

    i need bong gu’s help now, please do some magic to me or anything else.
    otoke… for today 6 hours it’s to long than 6days. ah stress!

    • 70.1 Saima

      Are you sure you want to be associated with that magic-loving, unstable psycho? If that doesn’t freak you out then I’d like to borrow our King Jae-ha’s famous description: “overly self-conscious inferiority-complex-riddled ass” –> this seemingly innocent description at times of threat can lead to deadly irreversible consequences! Case in point: Killing girl friend Tara point blank when she called out his magic tricks childish!


      On a serious note: cannot.wait.for.Ep14!! <3

  70. 71 hyeon

    I have been waiting for this show…. just keep counting the days!!!!!!

  71. 72 SQ

    OMG again I have to say that I love the way you put these recaps together :) This episode left me breathless! So many things happening at once! Definitely the main reason I’m so addicted to this show, I never know what’s going to happen next. Can’t wait to see what episode 14 is going to bring us tomorrow XD

  72. 73 Augie

    Daebak Girl Friday and Dramabeans! Love your recap! Love Love Love. I always follow your blog! keep on going! Fighting Oni!

    I Love K2H because the show give us some time to enjoy the main couple doing lovey dovey! hihihi (Romcom addict) but at the same time give us the fantasy theme of Korean Monarch and Korean Unification (I hope some day it would happen though). I love Seunggi and I love Hajiwon!

    Your recap always accompany me on my long journey on the commuter line every day!

  73. 74 Swye

    I don’t get how this drama has low ratings. It is so damn good. The story is well paced, directing seems assured, acting is superb and for a change we have a main female lead who can hold her own in any situation. What’s not to love?

    Besides, from what we see in the previews, engagement is clearly not until at least next week and we’ve already seen pictures of the upcoming engagement, so that just goes to show how ahead of schedule the drama is.

    King2Hearts fighting!

    • 74.1 Saima

      yunno, now that we’re almost 70% done with this drama I say ratings be damned! Yes, I’d love for the drama to do well but the cast n crew received that fanvid project (which was in the news I believe) & are receiving critical acclaim. Most of us were worried that it would impact negatively wrt the writing. But, thus far the writing’s meshing things really well!

      The ratings will be b/w 10-12%. ehhhhh! Here’s the stats for a Korean streaming website. Definitely can notice a big discrepancy b/w the 3 dramas:


      Lastly, as of a couple of days ago Ep 19 script was DONE! So, if they can end it with a bang….this drama will go down as one of the coming-of-age classics which didn’t employ the usage of typical characters and oft-repeated plot devices! <3

    • 74.2 Arhazivory

      The ratings aren’t low per se. Its just that the competition is stiff. The show is getting a lot of love and also people who don’t catch it live are probably watching the reruns; not to mention the users watching online.

      • 74.2.1 reglest

        If you follow the real-time rating as I do, you’ll see how dynamic the rating is.

        Yes, EM is leading, but whenever something happens with other show, you see raising & decreasing rating. I’ve used to ignoring rating now*thanks to dropping rating* but searching about the real time rating is kinda addictive. Make you wondering, what happened with other show, why the rating peak up suddenly?

        Seeing this real time rating is somehow intense as much as I watch the show, sometimes I think it feels like a race, biting my nail and all. Last night real time rating is just that intense with RP&TK2H rating is so close. The most intense one most probably when EM took the No.1 spot, the gap isn’t that much, and all you can do is wait for the average rating out in the morning.

        Right now, I don’t care anymore about rating (well though, good rating is okay too), just watch the character developing and the story unfolding is already enough for me :) -for now-

  74. 75 babes

    Much I love JH wearing his heart on his sleeves and telling the whole world that he loves HA, I’m getting seriously worried for HA.

    I don’t understand much Korean so when I saw watching it raw and everytime HA’s name came up when JH was talking, I’m going “Shut up, already!”

    We know Kim Bong Gu is psychotic, right? JH, aren’t you afraid he’s gonna take out the love of your life??? Yeah, she can take care of herself in arm-to-arm combat but, helloo…ooo, remember how your hyung died? Like Bong Gu said, he died like a fool, buzzed and all, didn’t even know what hit him.

    please, Please, PLEASE…happy ending, ok?

    • 75.1 Saima

      yeah, this was the second time he’s publicly confessed that he loves HA! He also mentioned HA in the video. He should know better that by showing his hand he’s making himself and the royal family vulnerable. Did you notice the discernible change in BG’s face when HA appeared on stage?….ickkkk!!

      Please be safe my beloved OTP!!

  75. 76 O_O

    is it bad that to me, jae-shin looks like its causing her pain to cry…?

  76. 77 Lyxie

    As always, thank you GF ! And thank you all for the most interesting comments everyone has been leaving….

    You know it’s a serious obsession when one clicks refresh on this page like every 10-15 minutes while ATTEMPTING to keep up some semblance of work….

    This drama is truly amazing at all levels. Being a Seunggi fan makes it all the better. Uri puppy (to borrow someone’s endearment from the previous recap) has outdone himself :-).

    Of course, not forgetting the rest of the cast who are just as wonderful….

  77. 78 emmy

    Oh, the mother and son scene.

    Every time she goes “Jaeha-ya” my heart breaks a little.

  78. 79 Jazzymean

    Thank you GF!

    I always read your recap right after I watch the latest episode to re-live the emotional roller coaster that is this show. And what a roller coaster it has been! I have never been so emotionally invested in so many characters so fast. This drama is KILLING me! It’s too good! I finish the episodes and go straight to counting down the hours/days till the next time I can watch my newest obsession.

    King2Hearts fighting!

  79. 80 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GF for another great recap.

  80. 81 jane

    as expected Bong Gu is forever evil. so that’s why he was holding a ball in the car..

    SPOILER (well kind of..)

    I’m pretty sure (well although not 100% sure) that they will beat the US team. since we have all seen their engagement pictures so that means they won’t have to cancel the engagement. 😀

    • 81.1 jane

      oh and Yoon Yeo Jung = such an expert. her acting was awesome during the mother son scene, I get teary watching that.

  81. 82 reglest

    Gals! Heard that TK2H OST(full) will be released in 10/5!!!
    Source: http://www.yfrog.com/kj9b0utbj

    Now, who is excited along with me?? I can’t wait for the BGM! Jinja~ *dancing happily *\(´▿`*\) (/*´▿`)/*

    • 82.1 maria

      I AM WITH YOU !!!! wait is this may 10th? or october 5th?


  82. 83 Lyxie

    A glowing article on Seunggi’s acting as Lee Jae Ha


    • 83.1 maria

      thanks!!! :)

  83. 84 crazyajummafan

    Hi Saima, u were mentioning about SG’s anatomy in pg 1 and I recall a spoiler showing JH looking at a magazine full of beautiful women and curling his toes before the drama actually started. But, I don’t recall seeing that in the earlier episodes. Correct me if I’m wrong. If I’m right, what happened to THAT scene?

  84. 85 jenny

    thanks girlfriday! i love reading your recaps!
    i teared up reading about the mother son scene…its so heartwrenching =(

  85. 86 Sofia

    Thank you for the recap!!!!

    As usual this episode is DAEBAK!!!! I LOVE this drama OMG! Totally addicted and stalking soompi every minutes I have free!!! Can’t wait for the 14th episode who seems even more AWESOME !

    I love HA and JS’s relationship!!! How HA is so caring and hurt about JS’s condition but still pushing her so grow stronger!!! Love SK, JH, Queen Mother!!! Aaaah! I LOVE THEM ALL!

  86. 87 everriell

    The look on their faces!!! Oh noes…

  87. 88 piamari

    Thanks gf! So excited for the 14th episode later!

  88. 89 Lyxie

    Anyone interested in slow motion gifs of AhHa’s kiss ?

    Check it out on tryp96 dot wordpress dot com

    (not hotlinking at author’s request)

    • 89.1 Jade Butterfly

      Hee Hee Hee! Saw it already . The things fans do to assuage their need. If its too short just slow-mo it !Haha!

  89. 90 Jade Butterfly

    I feel the same icky eeling too!! like ” SHUDDUP lah! Why are u brazenly irritating Crazy B & highlighting her protective presence?” Bonggu was already fed up wt her for foiling his bombing incident in NK . He probably is weaving his evil plans to get rid of her cos she’s JaeHa’s barrier. She’d give her life to protect JaeHa. *gulp* Did I jus say that ? Touch wood .

  90. 91 crazyajummafan

    Don’t think I can watch another drama and enjoy it as much. Will probably compare every other drama with this one and find it lacking.

    There are many things to like about this drama, but there 3 reasons why I think its daebak!
    1) the characterisation – JH characterisation is splendid. He is not your regular bad boy turn good because of his love for a girl. JH had to go thru quite a bit to be the man he is now – he has an awesome family, who still love him despite his flaws – and they do NOT hesitate to berate him for his stupid actions. Then there’s also support from Earnest Bot n of cos love from HA. Even now, his character is not flawless as we saw in ep 13. There is this ‘dark’ side in him too, but like most of u pointed out, it has not made him like BG bec of the love n support he received from family and nation. This makes his character more believable. We also get to see why he was so frivolous earlier – it was his terrible first love experience and the way others treated him that made him what he was. Isn’t true for all of us? Our past often makes us what we are.

    Then there’s JS. She was such a maverick – fun loving, outspoken, feisty princess. Only to lose that spark after her accident. But who can blame her? She not only lost part of her memory, but the use of half her body too. It’s definitely scary, frustrating n agonising. No wonder she’s so sensitive, thinking that people are mocking her behind her back – some true and some not. But it’s good that she’s going to be queen for a bit. She needs to face her fears

  91. 92 crazyajummafan

    The second is the wonderful, academy-award winning acting from ALL the cast. i don’t understand korean, but just watching them act in the raw can move me. It’s the little gestures – a raised eyebrow, the widening of the eyes, the quick little smile, the trembling hands, the darting eyes, etc, speak a thousand words. LOVE that the camera zooms in on their facial expressions. Saw the movie, “The Vow” the other day with hubby. Didn’t move me at all!
    3) The loving. It’s the little gestures again that move me. the grazing of fingers over the hand, the soft kiss, the eye contact and the beautiful dialogue.
    Oh I must add one more!
    4) The way the show/writers keep surprising us. I was bowled by the hand-made cosmetics (esp the 3 words) and the proposal, and the video message in ep 13, to name just 2.

  92. 93 manassuper

    i just love this show .i don’t if i can say this that acting of seunggi has been prolific.i wonder if any other actor could protray the complex charecter JAE HA better then him.as of HA JI WON she is just magnificient as always specially the north korean accent she has mastered.it sounds so real and smooth.i hope she gets a” DAESANG” awards for this role. shikyung and jae shin acting is also so realistic and natural. i just wanted to say the this drama by far the best drama i have seen.TK2H FIGHTING!

  93. 94 tiny

    the tickling part is just so doubly funny! i remember from 1n2d season 1 days where Seung Gi was tied to a pole while MC Mong ‘trains’ him to endure the tickles so they get to win the anti-nausea meds (if you watched 1N2D, you know how those boys hated being on a boat).

    • 94.1 alexis

      Haha yeah the first time Mong did it he surrendered in about 2 seconds. LOL.

      • 94.1.1 Saima

        And, then the second time Jiwon bound his hand to that pole and was encouraging him using his Airen fans. pffft. No can do, Jiwon, Seung-gi lasted all of 5 to 10 seconds. Cutest thing ever!!

        • tiny

          gaaaah i miss him in variety so much! Before he announced that he’d be leaving Strong Heart, i thought the cast of K2H would be able to guest on that show too like with the cast in MGiaG.. :}

  94. 95 nobody

    But the ‘people’ speech to Bong-gu was the best thing in this episode (though the mommy-son scene was the one that gutted me, with the performances)
    in transforming Jae-ha into a king – that’s the heart of the show for me.
    Totally agree with you. This story is about how he grows up as a king. And EP13, the highlights are exactly what you indicated. I liked it a lot too.

  95. 96 momochan

    Live Recap and Screenshots starting in 5 minutes. Just something quick until the great detailed ones come out on dramabeans ^_^ http://goo.gl/Jt273

    • 96.1 topper

      Thank you. And I hope all Hearties who are watching the live stream will avoid posting next episode spoilers in the comments here, save it for tomorrow!

  96. 97 Yue

    This drama is messing up with my brain! The sharp and witty dialogue as well as a strong storyline and the fearlessness of the writers, I just… I’m speechless. They’re basically pushing the envelope above and beyond making me fear they would insult/offend someone in the process! I’m really looking forward as to how they’d wrap this up. First round against the USA? HA! I love the writers, can we pretty please allow the South & North wins? I can’t wait for the next episode… Still, thinking there’s just six episodes left, it makes me sad…

  97. 98 manassuper


  98. 99 manassuper


  99. 100 Hanaa

    When I watched this drama, I always forget that Lee Jae-ha is Lee Seung-gi. Same person, but totally two different men.

    • 100.1 maria

      i feel the same way. :)

      i’m fawning over everyone but seung gi just floored me here.

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