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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 14
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I love a drama that lets its secondary characters shine, proving once again that a king is only as strong as the people who stand behind him. With sidekicks this good, who needs heroes?


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At the WOC, Jae-ha draws the USA ball and everyone cheers around them, as the team shoots nervous glances around the room. At the palace’s banquet to kick off the peace conference, Bong-gu’s minion peels off the label on the ball in his hand: “USA.” They chuckle, as evil villains are wont to do.

Secretary Eun flashes back to his conversation with Bong-gu, when he threatened to tell his upright son that his father is cavorting with the villain. Secretary Eun freaks out and counters that he’ll spill the beans about everything, which makes me think you don’t understand what you’re saying. You’re going to stop him from outing a secret alliance by… outing a secret alliance?

In any case, the banquet hall is filled with tension from both sides, as Jae-shin takes a deep breath and comes out onto the stage. The orchestra cues up and starts to play… Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries,” aka Jae-shin’s trauma-trigger. Eek.

She starts to tremble, and Mom looks over at Secretary Eun, asking why the music selection was changed at the last minute. Oh please don’t tell me you changed it. Aaaand, of course he did. AUGH. Ajusshi!

Flashback to the reason for Bong-gu’s threats—a simple song request for the orchestra. Now Secretary Eun shoots him a look, and Bong-gu makes a huh-face at him innocently. I’m sorry, but Bong-gu’s face, plus this music… anyone else hearing “Kill the waabbit, kill the waaabbit, kill the waaabbit”?

Jae-shin pulls herself together and approaches the mic anyway, which is exactly when Bon Bon the Butcher enters the room, right past Shi-kyung, and pops a chocolate in her mouth.

Jae-shin freezes and turns her chair around to get off the stage, but in her haste she hits something and falls right out of the chair. Flashbulbs go off. The guards scramble to block the view, and in the commotion, the assassin strolls right out.

Or so she thinks, until Shi-kyung follows his suspicious instincts and stops her before she gets to the door. Thank goodness for you.

Jae-shin’s fall ends up on the front page and the prime minister calls Jae-ha to tell him about it. He also adds that they have to let the U.S. win the WOC—they are important allies, and they can’t go around beating them in war games when they depend on American military support.

Jae-ha finds that ridiculous, besides which, the bigger problem is that they CAN’T beat them, even though they desperately need to. That’s enough to appease the prime minister’s fears for now.

Hang-ah marches up to Jae-ha and grabs his ring hand, asking what it’s made of. She and Dong-ha deduce right away that the USA ball was magnet-filled, citing a similar case in the World Cup.

She’s like, whadja wear that stupid ring for, anyway? Right? Stupid need for bling. But he says it’s the king’s ring, as in, must be worn for all official king business. Really? Then how come we haven’t seen it before? Just admit it went with your outfit.

He snaps back that SHE’s the one who said to just grab the first one he caught. She thwacks him in the chest, yeah, but if something felt off, you should have tossed it away! I love their adorable bickering. But it’s spilled milk anyway, so they decide to start strategizing, and look around for Kang-seok.

He’s busy sitting on the toilet, making faces. But he happens to overhear an unfortunate conversation, between two American team members and an Israeli soldier, who tells the Americans that they’re lucky to be matched against such an easy team, since Korea’s a war-torn country that has no chance of winning.

But by the time Kang-seok comes out all peeved, the guy who badmouthed North Korea for being aligned with Iran and made snide remarks about the Japanese occupation is gone, leaving the Americans to shoulder the awkward misunderstanding.

They try to clear the air, but Kang-seok is so riled up that he takes a friendly gesture as provocation (though I don’t know where in the States a pat on the back of the head is a way to greet a stranger), and he attacks. Oh no.

Cut to: Kang-seok getting bitchslapped by Hang-ah. Dayum. She rails into him for being so stupid as to raise a fist, and when he defends his reasoning, she just gets more livid, kicking and punching him as she yells that he’s risking everything for his pride.

She rips the Korean peninsula patch right off his uniform and tells him to get out. Aw, you can see it now, the regret on Kang-seok’s face, but it’s too late, and Hang-ah screams that he’s disgraced his country, and points at the door, shaking in anger.

Jae-ha comes out and stands between them, calmly telling her to stop. He says that he’ll handle it, and she apologizes for Kang-seok’s behavior. Jae-ha tells everyone else to leave the room so he can talk to Kang-seok alone.

Meanwhile the Americans kick up a fuss with the WOC officials and ask Korea to be banned from what was supposed to be a friendship game, which they turned into a brawl.

Jae-ha sits with Kang-seok for a while, and says that he knows what Hang-ah is like, and she’s under so much pressure. Kang-seok says it’s okay, but Jae-ha prods—yeah, but truthfully didn’t it piss you off to be hit like that, without her listening to your side?

He has to prod a couple of times and Kang-seok finally does agree that the hitting was kinda sucky. As soon as he admits it, Jae-ha asks how he thinks the American soldiers feel then. They were just going to the bathroom and got struck by lightning, out of nowhere. Ha, so smart.

Jae-ha suggests that they apologize, and says that if Kang-seok doesn’t feel up to it, he’ll do it himself. Even Kang-seok doesn’t think it’s right for the king to be apologizing, but Jae-ha says too much is on the line—the monarchy, their countries’ peaceful coexistence.

“Hang-ah and I would have to be split apart. We wouldn’t be able to see each other for the rest of our lives.” Kang-seok looks over at him, struck by what is probably the first display of sincerity he’s ever seen from Jae-ha.

The team minus Kang-seok lines up face-to-face with the U.S. team, as the WOC declares that Team Korea will get ten points deducted for their misconduct. Well that sounds fair. But the American general is hungry to turn this into some international incident, and decides he wants a formal apology from Jae-ha, as king.

The Korean general tries to stop him, but Jae-ha is willing to comply, whatever it takes to get them back in the competition. So he addresses them as the king and begins the apology, biting down on his words…

And then Kang-seok storms into the room to interrupt. He bows at the waist and offers his deep regrets and asks that they forgive him just this once. The American soldiers in turn apologize and bow.

The only one who’s still upset is their general, but the U.S. team leader declares that it’s enough for them, and puts out his hand to shake Jae-ha’s, and then they all hold hands and sing kumbaya. Okay, maybe not, but it’s just as cheestastic.

Shi-kyung is busy interrogating the suspicious girl whose pockets turn up a recorder and a bag of chocolates. He says that they’re drugs.

What? You mean those are funny chocolates? Uh… wouldn’t that make an assassin kinda lazy? Or even maybe forgetful of who her target is? Dude, I totally came here to kill someone… I think… Ooh pretty lights!

She thinks they ought to check, and eats one, and then has an orgasm. This is the strangest interrogation ever. Don’t you people have handcuffs?

He reaches for the recorder and she slams her hand down on top of his, and leans in close. She tells him that there are endless ways to kill a person, and says that recent work involved a sunset and a fireplace. Clearly not afraid of getting caught for her crimes.

She says that she’s working on a new idea—death by fear, panic, and calls herself an artist. What sells it is Shi-kyung’s reaction, because he takes her at face value and thinks back to Jae-shin’s reactions both tonight and back in the ambulance. Finally, someone making connections! He orders them to cuff her. You sure did take your time with that.

He asks Jae-shin to ID her photograph, and says that the woman has been in country three times, and the dates conspicuously match up with Jae-kang’s killing, the ambulance incident, and now tonight’s appearance. Excellent. This is why you’re on the case, smartypants.

Though she can’t remember anything from the night of Jae-kang’s murder, she does remember the ambulance and tonight. He shows her the photo. It instantly strikes fear and she nods. That’s the one.

She asks if he has enough to detain a foreign national, and says that she’s not ready yet to testify in an official capacity. What? Okay, I was sympathetic to all your fears up till now despite the princessy behavior, but you won’t testify to try and catch the person who might be responsible for killing your brother? Seriously? He says he won’t push her to do so.

Shi-kyung returns to his office to find Dad lurking around in the dark. He demands to know why he’s being a cowboy and holding foreigners without proof. Shi-kyung tells him that she’s an agent of Club M, the people behind the king’s murder.

Dad flips out and tells him to back off, and Shi-kyung just pushes back, “Father, what are you afraid of?” This, actually, as is written all over his face. He grabs the phone and orders that Shi-kyung be reassigned outside the palace at once.

Way to show your hand, Dad. Now he won’t suspect you AT ALL.

But Shi-kyung just whips out his top-level clearance card, given directly by the king. It supercedes Dad’s orders, so he’s going to continue with this investigation and Dad can’t stop him. Niiiiiice.

Bong-gu takes a leisurely bubble bath and delights in everything proceeding according to plan—the WOC (which he insists they allow to be played fairly, since there’s no chance in hell Korea’s winning) and his assassin’s “capture.”

Meanwhile Team Korea takes a boat to a deserted island, where the games will take place. Jae-ha braces himself, repeating over and over that they can do this. Hang-ah agrees. And then he breaks down and whines, “Aaaaah, it’s the U.S.! What are we going to do?” Hee.

The rules of the game are simple: both teams get dropped off on the island, and each team is given one set of keys. The only way off the island is one raft boat, requiring two keys to unlock. They have to get the other team’s key and get off the island to win. In the case that neither team gets to the boat in time, they’re scored on a point system.

They pack their gear, which each person gets to choose among their supplies, as long as it’s under the total weight limit. So… no rocket launcher for Kang-seok? Boo. Jae-ha and Hang-ah put their peninsula patches on each other with smiles, and they arrive on the island.

Each general, North and South, leads his team in a different cheer, and Jae-ha laughs that maybe they ought to work on reunification on the go-team cheer front. Heh.

Shi-kyung gets briefed on Mia (thank goodness, she has a real name), who goes by “Bon Bon” in Club M. She’s British SAS-trained, and yes her chocolates contain drugs, but they’re laced with something they can’t even identify.

The prime minister calls Secretary Eun in a panic—Club M is holding a press conference. Oh no! Not A! Press! Conference! Sigh. Shi-kyung watches as Bong-gu’s minion demands their agent’s release, and Dad storms in to give him a big I-told-you-so.

It’s a friggin’ dude in front of cameras, not a sign of the apocalypse! But Dad insists he release the prisoner at once and apologize to Club M, because the palace’s dignity is at stake. I really think you ought to worry about your own dignity, sir.

The upshot is that Club M has the means to cause a giant ruckus over something like this, and it’s essentially bait that gives them cause to throw their weight around (and what Bong-gu wants).

Dad tells Shi-kyung to fix it, and lick the bottom of their boots if he has to. Great advice for your son, there. Lick the terrorists’ boots! For dignity! It’s seriously killing me how much you’re destroying your son’s devoted pillar of fatherly trust.

Secretary Eun personally bows in apology to Bong-gu, and then Shi-kyung comes in with Mia in tow. Bong-gu yells at him for mistreating someone he considers his own daughter, and Mia turns to whisper in Shi-kyung’s ear that Jae-shin begged for her life like a coward “that night.”

She asks if he’s slept with her yet, and coos that maybe he hasn’t because she’s crippled. Shi-kyung balls his hand into a fist, quaking in anger. Bong-gu thinks to himself, “Hit her! That’s it! Hit her!” And we see a camera trained right at them, hidden from view.

But thankfully Shi-kyung doesn’t fall for her bait, and tells Bong-gu that he regrets his actions, but maybe next time he comes to the palace, he ought to bring a more appropriate bodyguard.

He calls her insane, and names the incident that got her kicked out of British special forces. She glares and says that shooting was an accident. Shi-kyung: “Oh really? Then what about your mother’s death?” She snaps and screeeeeeams at the top of her lungs that she’ll kill him, as she gets hauled away.

Bong-gu watches all this with a keen eye, suddenly very interested in the tin soldier with balls of steel. He asks his name, and perks up to hear it. He turns to Secretary Eun: “Son?” Shi-kyung looks over at Dad curiously.

Bong-gu puts his arm around Shi-kyung and leads him to the next room, where he calls him sharp, and wonders why he’s wasting his time following Jae-ha around. “Why? Because he might spill a few leftover crumbs from his cookies? But he has no strength. Come to me. I’ll give you some. I have lots of cookies.”

Ha. Creepy Cookie Monster is weird but kind of awesome. You’re trying to buy the ONE person who can never be bought. Silly man, what’s a bot gonna do with cookies anyway? Shi-kyung turns to him without changing his expression, “I’m sorry. I don’t eat rotten cookies.” *GASP* So. Badass. Aaaaaah! I love it!

Bong-gu walks away with a grin, but it continues to bother him. He flashes back to Jae-ha’s video letter and his declaration that he has people who believe in him. Bong-gu mutters bitterly that it must be nice. I love that Jae-ha is STILL taunting him remotely, via Shi-kyung. It’s so awesome.

Back on War Games Island, the team discusses strategy. Jae-ha: “Let’s copy the key!” Hahaha. I will admit, that’s the first thing I would say. His team lets out a collective sigh. What, are they going to whittle a copy, out of aluminum?

He’s like, fine, we can just swim back! Hang-ah: “We took a boat for three hours to get here.” Jae-ha: “Did we?” Pffft. He adds that there’s a way around the kill sensor that they’re wearing, since there’s a digital reset.

Everyone gapes, and Hang-ah’s the first to call him out for his cowardice, saying that they have to win fair and square. Jae-ha’s like, what’s not fair in war? Was Yi Sun-shin unfair because he built turtle ships in secret? Ha. Well when you put it that way…

She counters that cheating is different in this case, and he’s the king. But Jae-ha’s got too much on the line to worry about ethics, and reminds her that they have to WIN to be engaged. He takes her hand.

But she turns to him, resolute, and pulls away: “I’m sorry, but I won’t be engaged that way. I want a man I can respect. I’ll only get engaged if you win fair and square.” Jae-ha asks, pained, “Respect? Then what am I? A coward?”

She looks away. So does Kang-seok. Dong-ha averts his eyes. Damn, there’s your answer. He steps away as Hang-ah and the rest of the team plan their next move.

But the Americans have been descending on their bunker this whole time, and they reach the perimeter. They shoot a putty camera at the window and watch. Inside, the team asks who should carry the key.

Jae-ha tosses it on the table, still pouting that he doesn’t want the responsibility since he’s a pathetic coward, and asks “Northern team leader” for the easiest assignment. She turns to him, “Are you going to be this pissy the whole time?” HA.

He says it’s his strategy, and suggests games to determine the key-bearer. They finally play rock-paper-scissors, and Young-bae loses. He doesn’t want the responsibility, but Jae-ha just pats him on the head and says the dumbest-looking one should carry it so they’ll never suspect. Ha. Don’t be mean to Young-bae!

The problem is, the Team U.S. sees this whole exchange, so they know exactly who to gun down for the key. Team Korea splits up into three pairs, with Jae-ha and Hang-ah fighting over who gets to drive the ATV. (“I’m still the man!” Well if you have to say it like that, I dunno…) They head out in different directions, leaving Young-bae and Dong-ha at the base. Noooo!

As soon as they’re alone (and Dong-ha sits on the toilet), they get ambushed. Young-bae scrambles and hides under a desk, but eventually gets discovered, and with no other choice, he pulls the key out… and swallows it. Whoa. Hardcore.

Team Korea reassembles in the aftermath—no Young-bae and no key. They technically haven’t lost yet, since the Americans have to get the key out of their prisoner, which they can’t do if they “kill” him. Young-bae screams at them to go ahead and try to get the key, and yells, “But guess what? I’M CONSTIPATED!” Hahahahahahaha.

He tells them they can wait all day, but he’s not going to be pooping on their watch, and then the Americans have a debate about the best way to make him defecate, which I swear, I’m not making up.

Apparently they think the characters need to be racist to make us root against them (lame), and so they launch into theories about how Asians must be structured differently because their eyes are different. (Cringe, cringe.) And also, what the hell does that have to do with intestines?

Anyway, it makes them sound like idiots, which I guess is the point (thanks, oh-so-subtle writing), and then one of them takes out a swiss army blade and Young-bae freaks out. They hold him down and open his shirt, and he screams.

But they’re not psychos, and they tell him to calm down—they’re just going to give him an enema. Ew. Ew. Ew. Don’t you guys have laxatives or something?

Hang-ah discovers the camera and then Jae-ha answers a call from the other team, telling them to give up. They say they’ll have the key in a few hours, so there’s no use. That finally angers Jae-ha enough to light a fire under his ass.

Speaking of asses, the key is out. Aw, poor Young-bae. Ow. Ow.

The U.S. team heads to the shore like it’s in the bag, only when they get there, the boat is nowhere to be found. Score one for Team Korea. Elsewhere, Hang-ah and Not-Shi-kyung come ashore with scuba gear.

The Americans split up, and Kang-seok baits two of them, drawing their fire. Dong-ha and Jae-ha sneak into the U.S. team’s bunker and while Dong-ha keeps an eye on Young-bae, Jae-ha gets to work building something out of a lightbulb and his cell phone. Are you making real bombs? Is that kosher?

As Hang-ah rides through the woods, we hear Jae-ha tell her in voiceover that this mission needs teamwork, and it’ll never work if they don’t trust each other. “Trust me. And I’ll trust you.”


Well, not the most suspenseful ending that could have come out of that scenario (you couldn’t give us a nice mission-fail cliffhanger?) and not the most eventful episode given the amount of story we usually get crammed into an hour. But I like the return to the WOC team and all the personalities pitted against each other, and I love that Jae-ha has an arc even within the games. He’s the guy who’s going to go for broke, rules be damned, which makes him a cheating coward at the outset (a nice callback to the whiny prince of yore), but he’s the one to come up with the crazy twisted plan when push comes to shove.

While other people are straight-shooters, Jae-ha comes at everything sideways, which is a great source of conflict for the couple, and also gives him the best chance of turning the tables on the game. I liked their war ethics debate, because it’s literally love and war compounded into one scenario—what’s fair, what’s right, and how do you walk away with both the win and the girl? Jae-ha thinks all he has to do is win to get both, but Hang-ah makes it clear that he has to win with her respect intact, otherwise, it’s moot.

And that’s a relationship I can root for, because she’s forcing him to be a better man. (I love that the second Hang-ah confirms his love, she constantly uses herself as the carrot—I won’t marry you unless you beat Bong-gu, and I won’t marry you if you cheat to win.) The war games are just a metaphor, but it’s an extension of what kind of king he’ll be—will he be the kind of leader to win at all costs, even without honor? Or will he live up to her challenge to be fair and honorable and still succeed? It’s counter to his instincts, but that’s why she makes him a better person by challenging him. She’s uncompromising in the same way that Shi-kyung is, and while the rest of the team might have turned a blind eye and let him have his way, she doesn’t let him get away with anything.

There are actually a lot of parallels between Hang-ah and Shi-kyung, especially now that they serve such similar functions for the pair of royal siblings. Take Jae-shin, for instance, who gets handled with kid gloves by her family, but gets taken to task by both Shi-kyung and Hang-ah in crucial ways, with no leeway for her self-pity. Without them forcing her to face her fears head-on, she might never be on the road to recovery. And that uncompromising stance is the perfect antidote to Jae-ha and Jae-shin’s entitled upbringing. Like Jae-ha learned from his first love, all everyone sees is their titles. But someone like Hang-ah doesn’t give a rat’s ass what your title is, but she DOES care if you’re going to be a cheating weasel. How kickass is a heroine who can say, Be a man I can respect, or else I walk away?

I actually found myself wondering what Shi-kyung would have said during the all’s-fair-in-love-and-war debate, but mostly I can only picture him gasping at Jae-ha’s suggestion to cheat, all quivering lip and pouty, “Jeo-haaaaa!” Perhaps it’s better that he wasn’t there. At first it did make me sad that he wouldn’t be in on the team reunion, but when we got our first Shi-kyung/Bong-gu scene, I realized how much more he’s doing as the lone good guy, left to deal with all the baddies. It tickles me to no end that Bong-gu immediately saw his value, and made him an offer to join the dark side, only to be slapped in the face by his loyalty to Jae-ha. *FIST PUMP* I will savor that moment for a long time to come. I always knew you had it in you, Earnest.


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  1. Noelle

    Thank YOU!

    • 1.1 KDrama Fan

      Yes, thanks GF!

    • 1.2 Noelle

      I was very disappointed in this episode. They really didn’t have to depict any rival team that way just to get the viewers on Team Korea’s side. I was expecting something different. Biggest letdown ever.

      • 1.2.1 adjovie


        Speaking as an American who lived in S.Korea for a full year…that, “depicting the team rivalry in that way,” is how it is in real life…

        In-fact, in my opinion, the writer was being nice (diplomatic) with those scenes!

        • reglest

          Wow, adjovie…I guess we can depend on you regarding about how American is in Korean Eyes. Have read your comment at the #4.1.6, and quite surprised I think.

          After all, this is dark comedy, satire, may be we took it too much into our heart because we got so invested with this drama 😉

          • Jenlikeskettlecorn

            I think the point isn’t that racism already exists in the real world (we all know it does and it can come from all races/cultures/countries). The point is that this is a drama written from a Korean perspective for a Korean audience, and they’ve depicted another race as being small minded and ignorant (it’s own kind of racism). IF this wasn’t done to make a statement about race relations (which if we’re allowing them to get away with racist depictions because it is a dark comedy or satire- it NEEDS to be making a statement because that’s the very function of satire) and only as a means of manipulating its audience to root against the US Team, then comedy or not that’s not something lots of people feel comfortable endorsing.

            For the record, this isn’t something I’m angry about in any way- mainly I’m confused as to why they’ve chosen to take that path. I’m also quite willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt in this situation, but I think everyone has the right to debate what they feel without ‘relaxing’ merely because it’s ‘comedic’. Comedy should never be an excuse for insensitive and ill thought out depictions of foreign cultures, period.

        • houstontwin

          I won’t say that racism and prejudice are non-existent in America but I don’t think that the majority of Americans share those beliefs. In turn, I would like to give Koreans the benefit of the doubt and assume that most of them don’t see Americans in such a negative light.

          • reglest

            Relax dear, I think (after reading some comments) that this drama stick into its genre, Dark Comedy it is, it’s reality, though I believe not all of people share the same.

          • MsB

            No, all Americans do not but as it is with Hollywood, it depends on who is telling the story that determines how others are portrayed in films and TV. Native Americans and African Americans are notoriously shown in bad light a lot. So, its nothing new and shocking to me. Sure, not what I want to see but its unfortunately the norm.

        • Jerome S

          And adjovie,

          Speaking as an American who has lived in S. Korea for several years…and having seen other examples of foreigner-Korean team rivalry in real life during that time…this was the most unflattering portrayal I’ve seen in a while. It was, in fact, just as racist and small-minded as the writers made the US team out to be. And the acting by the foreigners was ridiculous.

          Of course, it’s a good bet that not a one of the actors playing the American soldiers was actually American, so from that standpoint the overacting was understandable. The only foreign actor whose role I bought was the Israeli soldier. He at least sounded kinda genuine (before living in Korea, I lived in Israel for nearly 2.5 years. I am, in fact, also Israeli…).

          As an addendum to an earlier post, I do want to credit Eun Shi Kyung with stealing the show this episode…and yet, I can’t help but wonder if his confidence in his king would have been diminished had he ventured over to Japan along with the rest of the team and seen the reversion to past type. Still, overall, in my opinion this was the weakest of all the show’s chapters.

      • 1.2.2 ilikemangos

        Yeah. I agree with adjovie on this one.
        Although I’m an american myself and i was seriously cringing when i heard the comment about our anatomy being different & the sterotypical eye joke..
        i thought it was portrayed realistically.
        Being in highschool and of asian descent myself, you’re surrounded by these things. It may have been used to have viewers root for Team K, but i’ve already been on team K since the beginning.
        Gotta prepare yourself when watching this drama — the writers do not spare you. Everything is plainly said and put. I give them credit in this area. They cut to the chase, and yes, perhaps the dialogue used here was a bit more intense. Things could have been worse,methinks.
        There are ignorant men all over the world.
        Being in the military-surroundings, being polite and manners are probably foreign to them.
        Developing a tough skin is probably best.
        Well — i’m just gonna over look this. Not offended because at the end of the day K2H proves to win my heart at everything else it does. Daebak, K2H.

      • 1.2.3 Jerome S

        This was a significant letdown of an episode. The American team was such a caricature, the foreigner acting predictably subpar, and Lee Jae Ha’s reverting back to his old, pre-king (pre-confident) self was completely at odds with the maturity and personal growth he’s been depicted as developing.

      • 1.2.4 Jessica

        @ Noelle

        Search for “Asian American soldier Danny Chen” and you’ll see that the writers were just being real in how some American soldiers treat minorities, even their own…

  2. Swye

    Kumawo! 🙂

  3. Ghaylet

    Thanks for the recap GF… I’m off to read now.

  4. Arhazivory

    *Dashes off to read!* I need to comprehend the awesomeness of the Korean parts of that Shi-Kyung-Bong Gu scene.

    Thanks GF~!!

    • 4.1 Arhazivory

      “I don’t eat rotten cookies”

      Shi-Kyung, my love for you just increased 10-fold. The scenes back home in Korea were definitely the show-stealer for me in this episode. After watching that awesome exchange between Bong Gu and Eun Bot, I was almost disappointed that it went back to WOC. Its so good that the 2nd characters are written so well, to the extent that I forget the main characters. Awesome.

      GF, your analysis on Shi-Kyung and Hang-Ah being similar in their relationship with the monarchs is really good. I am in total agreement. They need someone to keep them in line. We have a king whose character is still in shades of grey that needs someone to say ‘hey, don’t cheat’ and a princess who is crippled by fear that needs someone to say ‘come back to yourself’.

      I cringed at the glaringly racist remarks from the American team and I’m wondering how well that went over with Koreans or even Korean-Americans or even Asians or even Americans or even….anybody. -_-‘ The writers didn’t need to make them look that bad for us to root for the Korean team. We were already doing that.

      • 4.1.1 sally_b

        @Arhazivory – RE: “I cringed at the glaringly racist remarks from the American team”

        gawd. you and me both. One would think anyone watching a Korean drama…with a *Unify Korea* theme to it….would… ya know…pretty much already be on the side of —► Korea.

        As a foreign (U.S.) viewer I felt like I got ‘bitch-slapped’ by the writer…for no reason other than being present.

        But perhaps that’s how the majority of South Koreans feel about the presence of US Military. I have mixed emotion on that personally, because I have elder family members, mostly now deceased, who fought in the Korean War.

        While I definitely think dividing the Nation at that time was ludicrous…clearly creating the hideous situation that currently exists —- at the same time, if the US had walked away from that war …does anyone (even U.S. haters) think that South Korea would be a democratic country now? By what means?

        It’s all heinously complicated, for sure…but was it REALLY neccessary to use English speaking actors in such a tacky way? tsk tsk…. ~ಠ_ಠ ◄—-

        • Mikunda

          Definitely a bitter aftertaste after this one. They really went too far. Satire or not, this was too much. One can let the ridiculous premise slide (NK woman, SK prince), the ridiculous twists too, but this one was really in bad taste.

          Hope they think better next time.

      • 4.1.2 angryparsnip

        Yes I am wondering why the writers put the racist remarks in.. So awful.
        One of my best friends was a doctor who was stationed over in Korea and who loved being there even if he was there because of the of the war. He was stationed there with his wife.
        Yes Americans can be stupid but then so can any people of any country.
        Aren’t the writers being racist ?
        I was enjoying this show until now.

        cheers, parsnip

        • em

          You’re forgeting this is a satire. There are prejudices in all. Please dont take it it seriously.

          • random person

            Exactly. This is a dark comedy. There are so many satirical moments, improper jokes, humorous scenes amidst death and pain…that’s the genre of this show. It never set out to be all polite and accurate and mindful of everyone’s feelings, after all, part of the entertainment for me is how true to life the themes are while juxtaposed against an OTT set-up.

            Now that we’re well into the story, I noticed that some viewers interpret this drama wayyyy more seriously than it presents itself but that could just be me…

          • Bali Dancer


          • ilikemangos

            “You’re forgeting this is a satire. There are prejudices in all. Please dont take it it seriously.”

            Em, you’ve said it.

            I don’t think the writers are racist.. They’re just more gutsy to show it like it is..
            I believe that the comments in the dialogue were ‘commonly-used’ racist ones. Some people, once they make their judgment, are anchored. But my friend, sometimes we gotta learn to accept the reality and move on from it. I’m not saying just take it when one does make racist comments, and it’s like jabbing at a festering sore — but letting them see our vulnerability just probably encourages them further. (Think Jae Ha. Turn it around! 😉 )
            I’ve probably heard the small slanted eye asian one about a million times in my own experience perhaps it’s become nothing more than a jab at their own inferiority complex. Think Bong gu. LOL
            It would be nice if we all could get along, yes..
            But i rather the writers portray us(americans) in a realistic light than make everything all cheeseballs.
            Then again if we all got along, where’s the ‘drama’ in that? 😉
            There are controversial things in this drama — i’m glad it’s that over nothing to talk about at all.
            I nodded off their rude comments although feeling uncomfortable for Yong Bae (i love him, seriously did he really have to swallow that key and go through all the verbal beating?)
            Here’s the bright side : Team USA will lose…in that they are underestimating their opponents.
            I don’t know about you guys but i’m estactic about how Team K plans to kick their assssessssss.

        • Arhazivory

          You can still enjoy the show. ^^” I don’t have to personally like every line in a drama but it doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of the drama itself.

          More military-minded people in later comments have stated that its used as a way of interrogating and belittling your opponent in warfare. In light of that explanation, I feel that I can tolerate the scene more. Guess its one of those war things….don’t like it but it happens. -_-‘

        • Minea


          racial prejudice is such a touchy subject that anyway you portray any form of racism, it will always evoke that gut reaction of unease and distaste. i guess what bothers me here is in the delivery of the lines.

          oh well, i still enjoy watching this drama. *off to re-watch Shi-Kyung and Bong-Gu moment* –> Shi kyung, you make me so proud!

      • 4.1.3 techvet

        As an “Asian American,” I too cringed and scratched my head at the irony of the writers’ condescending portrayal of each (elite) USA soldier as such blatant racists.

        Thank you GF for the recap.

        • sally_b

          …in all, I took it with a *grain of salt*…due to having watched a bazillion-saeguks where the Chinese or Japanese guy (cameo usually) is portrayed as evil, lecherous, ignorant…and so on.

          More than once I’ve seen writer’s ‘take a jab’ at waygooks…maybe I’d feel better if the PD’s would start by casting *actual* English speakers…using correct cadence.

          The. current. use..of..English. is. haltingly. absurd. 😉

      • 4.1.4 one_nee

        Actually that also what made my enjoyment down a bit. the racial remarks..
        i mean i wouldnt even believe in my dream that the US army general would be so bold to ask A KING OF A COUNTRY to apologize to them. i mean, its not a cheap war movie in where the soldiers just act like asses. its like US General demand Queen Elizabeth to do a formal apology.. i mean.. no way in life that would be happened. WOC or not, your request just insulting a country leader n could lead to a war.

        “I don’t eat rotten cookies” now my 2nd fave words in this drama so far (after the ‘People’ password). and am i weird to look for ShiKyung more than JaeHa? lol. and yes, the princess (who was such a rebel n badass princess before, heck she was a singer-rocker n went around without bodyguard), she need to fight her fearness soon. i mean this is a princess who rather jump off the cliff than died in a hand of the assasins!!! come on princess, step up n be another help for your bro n sis in law n worthy of your ShiKyung =)

        • crazyajummafan

          I think that once the princess overcomes her fear, her memory will come back.

      • 4.1.5 reglest

        First of all, ladies, I must admit that I’m not watching this episode yet *staring at the download progress in monitor bitterly* so I just depend on how GF translate it.

        Most of us here were a bit enraged about that ‘racist remark’ about that ‘small eyes’ (what did they said exactly? I’m seriously asking here, because..urgh..I’m not finished downloading it atm).

        Meanwhile for me, a south-east asian, the writer isn’t trying to make us root for korean team, Instead they PROBABLY intend to pointing the inferiority complex inside the korean people itself. Most of korean tend to have inferiority complex about their size comparing to American, or for exactly, Caucasian. The most famous remarks regarding Korean (or other East asian) is about the slanted eyes, but korean seem to have the complex about it the most.

        Regarding about the inferiority complex (appearance), check this:
        Peek at moment in 5:57 and 6:46 onwards, you’ll understand what I mean about ‘small eyes’ and korean view about it. If there is any Korean among us, no offense though 🙂

        • Jenlikeskettlecorn

          um, it’s not an inferiority complex if there is a history of being bullied and insulted about it- it becomes a source of tension and misunderstanding and anger.

          That Koreans and a lot cultures appreciate big eyes and consider them beautiful is a separate issue in my opinion. This is also just a personal thing, but I actually quite like people with mono lids and ‘small’ eyes, I think it looks really exotic and beautiful.

          You haven’t seen the episode yet, so it’s hard to explain- but I think a lot of people (myself included) thought characterising the US soldiers as possibly racist was unnecessary, satire or not. If in fact it was satiric, it was rather badly done.

          I could be wrong, but I don’t think there was a slur about how Asians have small eyes- from memory there was a scene where they stated that since Asians look different (eyes and hair) their digestive systems could be different too. As another person commented, this could have been an intimidation tactic, but it’s hard to tell.

          • reglest

            Done watching it^^(finally)
            ‘I don’t think it’s the same, I guess Asian has different structures’
            ‘Probably, Their hair, their eyes are different’

            For sure…..I can’t think those words as racist remark (my fool brain). For me it’s more likely to scaring Young Bae, the intimidate tactic as @topper said. I don’t know how about in other country, but in mine, I know that soldier is tend to have ‘foul mouth'(was among them for two years), that’s what convince me too^^

            If it is indeed a racist remark, most probably because as @adjovie said, the writer had toned it down, or as you said, the horrible acting by the amateur make it badly done.

            Now OOT, I don’t mean it is ‘inferiority complex’ at being insulted. I mean the writer want to pointed ‘slanted eyes’ generally is inferiority complex among the korean, or as they said, the structure between asian and caucasian is just different(end point, don’t add the next sentence here^^)
            I’m sorry to bringing this Out Of Topic, but double eyelid surgery(along with nose job) seem the most popular surgery inside Korean. More and more Korean tries to be more like caucasian. I’m a south east asian, and I think we have big enough eyes, but I don’t disregarding friend who have single eye lids, they are beautiful as they are.

        • Arishia

          People are funny, huh? I’m Caucasian and think Koreans are the most beautiful people on the planet, inside and out, with or without double eyelids. In my next life I want to be South Korean. So, I guess inferiority/admiration complexes go both ways. lol

          • reglest

            As a south east asian, I’m envying Caucasian tall stature and high bridge nose. In the other end, I’m envy with South Koran nature in their white skin.
            Tough, I’m proud with my black hair and light brown skin as well :p

            Then, I guess each race has something that other race want to^^

        • malta

          I agree. Those scene were cringe worthy, but I think this whole show is more about Koreans having a dialogue within their own country about themselves and their history. While some Americans do carry prejudices towards Koreans and Asians and make horrible racist jokes I don’t think the point of the scene was to paint Americans in a bad light, but to point out how Koreans let such comments and perceptions get to them. This was a theme throughout episode 13 and 14. The psychological game between Jae Ha and Bong Goo and between Bong Bong and Shi Kyung. (And my favorite Shi Kyung ended that BS with one scene!!!! Love you Shi Kyung!)

          If we take another example from the show we can see what the writers were trying to do. One of the jabs the Americans took at Korea was that the US team shouldn’t worry about them because they are just a small country that is constantly fighting and can’t even get along so how could they possibly work as a team. So the US team was saying to dismiss them. Now I’m no Korean – American relations expert, but being an American I don’t think this is a common perception of Koreans by Americans today. South Koreans are South Koreans and we have a good relationship with them. North Koreans are oppressed and their government is crazy. This I would say is the common (however misguided or not) perception the average American’s have of North and South Korea.

          Koreans have an idea that they are “one race” so North and South Koreans are the same people, but Americans don’t think like that at all and perceive them as different people. So that scene where the US team was taking a jab at the Korean team for coming from a war torn and divided peninsula is really a commentary by Koreans (the writers) on the divided Koreas that exist. It’s not about the Americans or how they actually think about Korea based on facts….

          So super long-winded response, but I think I tried to explain it how I understand the show. That being said American shows and movies are notorious for having less than generous portrayals of other nations and ethinicities so as Americans I think we have to be careful that this isn’t a “the pot calling the kettle black” scenario on our part.

          Also I think this brings to light a reality that international kdrama watchers are in denial about, myself included…The reality that kdramas are made for Koreans in Korea and not…us, however much we love and connect with these dramas. We aren’t the target audience so to understand these dramas we must understand they are written for somebody else and we just happen to be tuning in. Kinda like looking over someone’s shoulder and watching their video on their ipad on the train…in a different language. Hehe 🙂

      • 4.1.6 adjovie

        **”I cringed at the glaringly racist remarks from the American team and I’m wondering how well that went over with Koreans or even Korean-Americans or even Asians or even Americans or even….anybody. -_-’ The writers didn’t need to make them look that bad for us to root for the Korean team. We were already doing that.”

        **That, ladies and gentlemen is REAL LIFE!!!!!!! As an American who lived in S.Korea for a fulL year, I can honestly say the writer was being QUITE NICE!!!

        I’VE HEARD WORSE FROM FELLOW AMERICANS even as they lived on South Korean soil, dated South Korean women…!

        Seriously *rolls eyes* the writer toned it down big time—for real!!!

        • Arhazivory

          Hmmm…your comment makes me cringe. Its sad that you’ve heard worse statements than that.

        • Duncerblur

          I think no one is denying that some of the blatantly racist comments do exist (I have been at the brunt of it too many times to be nonchalant) but it’s rather cheestastic that the scriptwriters brought it in. And it was done in such an unsophisticated way that I was embarrassed for them.

          If they wanted to get us to root for Team Korea, using such cliche methods just lowered the entire tone and standards of a fantastic drama.

        • ilikemangos

          Honestly, adjovie..
          I am with you.
          I heard worst things as well. perhaps it’s because i might be one of the youngest watching K2H fans on dramabeans, but society is getting worst as more and more ethnicities are filling the U.S. like a melting pot.
          Highschool is probably considered hell to many teenagers as it’s a place for constant bullying. You will hear one of the worst things in your life at this time.

          I think the writers perhaps showed that we all had a sore that we let others so easily pick at.. The fact that alot of people are getting riled up just proves that theory.
          And a character they created like Jae Ha — perhaps we should follow in his footsteps and learn to turn the situation around.
          I’m not taking things so seriously to the point that i would get mad at the writers or enjoy this drama less — because i don’t give a shit about comments made from people who probably have an inferiority complex of their own.
          Trust me. I cringed at the comment — which shows that I too have a sore spot they jabbed at.
          But the way i’m handling it is different. We have to learn to have a tougher skin if we’re able to overcome such things.
          I just feel like if i dwelled too much on the dialogue then my enjoyment of this drama would also go down for this one episode.
          It’s like we’re forgetting why we liked this drama in the first place — the true-to-character dialogue, the bare-faced truth.

          • Emelita

            Well put, ilikemangos. Because of the social fabric of certain countries, racial issues are hard to tackle and eradicate. I cringed at the racial slur in this episode but I cringed more at the bad “reading of the dialogues” of the foreign actors.

      • 4.1.7 MsB

        “Shi-Kyung, my love for you just increased 10-fold.” I started smiling like a proud Momma on that one! Shows how much Jae Hae had rubbed off on him!!

  5. Sailorenigma

    It’s practically 11:20 pm I have to wake up early yet I am here refreshing the Dramabeans homepage just to read K2H!! Am I crazy? Yes!! But not as crazy as Bong Bong!! Hats oof for that actress* and the rest of the cast as well 🙂
    Thank you GF!!! *HUGS*

    Runs off to read the recap* >;”)

    • 5.1 Sailorenigma

      Opps typo!!! XDDD

      Lo siento mucho!

    • 5.2 jane

      LOL I do the same thing too, this drama is just so addicting.

  6. Osi

    Thank you for the recap GF. I’m dying to read it.

  7. kdramaFrenzy

    I Love This Show! Period.

  8. lordj

    This show is killing me…

  9. ss

    they made the usa soldiers look super idiotis with their racist remarks. tskk.

    • 9.1 JBB

      I tend to wonder if it is a device to make the win that much more sweet.

      • 9.1.1 ilikemangos

        hahah. i was thinking that as well.
        the win will be sweeter.
        if there’s anything that deserves a slap-in-the-face, it’s the power of underestimation.

        TEAM K, FIGHTING!!

  10. 10 Saima

    The Shi Kyung vs. Bong-gu + Bon Bon face off was OH.SOO.GOOD!! Watching these mind games is SO FUN! BG finally was able to witness Jae-ha’s strength…he knew about Hang-ah, the close-knit royal family, and finally he met our SK!! 😀 He thinks he can get a rise outta our boise….pffft, you got nothin’ on them Bong-gu yaaaa! <3

    • 10.1 JBB


      I loved how he pushed Bon Bon over the edge as well. The scene of BG repeating that he lost was priceless. Great

      The day he bags his dad will be sad for him but so satisfying. I loved that BG seemed shocked that SK wasn’t a traitor like his dad.

    • 10.2 ilikemangos

      Seriously, it was my favorite part in the whole episode!
      And shi kyung’s last line was so epic i also, like GF did, fist-pumped.
      I’m no longer sad that Shi Kyung is not in WOC — because he is doing so much better staying at the palace as a bad-ass investigator/smackdown-bong gu at his own complex.

  11. 11 Allie

    Thank you GF, been refreshing this page like crazy!

    Oh, I must be crazy, because I was laughing when I saw Bong Goo having a good time with his bubble bath. I can imagine that the writers had a good time when writing his bathing scenes.

    • 11.1 babes

      Com’on, writers! This is the 3rd time we’ve seen Bong Gu in a bubble bath. It’s not fair that we have only scene of JH in one!

      Please even things out! *pouts*

      Your only redemption is that JH’s bath had fewer bubbles! *kekeke*

      • 11.1.1 KDaddict

        Oh, and I’d like to see Shi Kyung in a bubble bath. But he is not one for bubble baths, is he? OK, a shower then?

        • Val

          Shower is fine! It suits him better anyway.

        • idless

          Shower, I approve.

        • Tk2hfan

          Omg dont say more, is it bad that i’m actually imagining such a scene. waaahhh

          Have to stop thinking….

        • Heather

          As long as he’s not sliding down the wall crying…

      • 11.1.2 Ranter

        Your comments brought a smile to my face…what about no bubbles for JH’s bath ? That would be perfect !

        • Saima


      • 11.1.3 Arhazivory

        Agreed! Where is the petition for me to put my name on.

        lol…I was also disappointed when I first saw the bubbles…waited for it……and then saw – Bong Gu.

        NOOOOOOO *dies*

      • 11.1.4 reglest

        Please put my name on the petition, and not less than 3 please! *grin*

    • 11.2 saranghae_12

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      • 11.2.1 Saima

        sadly I think that train has passed….

        I was hoping for one in Ep 10 when our hottie King would hatch a how-to-get-HA plan back whilst showering…i don’t really see it happening…

        • maria


          personally, i don’t want another bath scene with seunggi on it because bong gu just ruined it for me.
          bong gu keep that scene and continue on washing yourself although we know that nothing you do will ever wash away your sins so please writers let that be the last bath scene. LOL!!

    • 11.3 Saima

      Are we fans doing something wrong?! Do the writers think we need a drool-worthy (i think i just choked) Bong-gu bubble bath scene. Bubble bath count thus far:

      Shi Kyung=0

      What gives writers-nim…

      Why you no give us JH and SK bubble and/or brooding shower scene?! 😀 We’re hoping you don’t disappoint us…

      • 11.3.1 Minea

        I concur! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or, aptly, cheated out of a broody shower scene. See the score above? Zero. Nada. For Shi kyung. No fair!

      • 11.3.2 Asabiyet

        Oh yes, my eyes are in urgent need of a Shi Kyung bath/shower (without the bubbles hence more revealing).

        Pretty pleaseeee…

        • ilikemangos

          LOL you guys are all yearning for some more Shi kyung or jae ha baths..

          Maybe it’s just me but i want jae ha and hang in the same bath scene ..
          just sayin’ killing two birds with one stone. 😉

    • 11.4 ilikemangos

      LOL i couldn’t help but wonder what was going through the “american” actor’s mind.
      probably something along the lines of..
      “oh god the things i have to go through to be in a k-drama..shoot me. ”

      So basically, me.. the whole time during the scene.

  12. 12 julianna

    d’awww Earnest Bot really is awesome! xD I love this drama so so much and thank you for the wonderful recap Girlfriday!

  13. 13 stars4u

    Aaawwww… I’m loving Shi Kyung more and more…. I already feel bad for the his coming heartbreak once he knows his da is somewhat connected to Club M.

  14. 14 blahibloop

    eun si kyung is the cutest puppy in the world ;___; CAN I HAS PRZ

  15. 15 Sunmi

    Ok. Someone please tell me how sweet, lovable, earnest bot could ever be related to that weak, sniveling, spineless sack of old bones that is the Head Secretary? Wtf? Did Earnest Bot tap out all the morality and rationality in the family pool? Was his father absent when they were passing out integrity and honor? Or maybe he skipped out? Why the hell is the head secretary so damn evil. And to add insult to injury the old fogey is stupid about his evil-ness? Half the time I think this dude is confused. Like he doesn’t really quite know that his actions lead to those pesky after-effects us rationale folks know to be consequences and that said consequences affect not just him but an entire nation!! Someone please talk to him. Sit him down with some flashcards and connect the dots. Because he’s totally messing with ESG and no one messes with Earnest Bot–not even Not-so-earnest-and-more-like-spineless Bot Senior!

    On a side note how the frak is the chick who’s cookoo for chocolate just up and walking around the palace like the world’s her oyster? I mean doesn’t security check these things? Doesn’t she look suspicious? She looks really freaking suspicious to me. So glad she got detained. About damn time….

    Is next Wednesday here yet?

    • 15.1 Saima

      We had a brief insight into the incident that gave way to JH’s cynicism. It seems to me that SK has always looked up to his dad….I wonder when his dad’s found out if it’ll be THE incident that’ll make him a bit more cynical?

    • 15.2 ravens_nest

      I think it’s less that the Head Secretary is unaware of consequences as much as it’s that he doesn’t anticipate the way people will react. He’s stubborn and stuck in his ways as a result of that trait. Remember when Shi Kyung told him that whenever he decided to dislike something he never changes his mind?

      I think Secretary Eun has a vision of how he wants the monarchy to run. Before, he spent 30 years molding Jae Kang into the kind of King he wanted but Jae Ha is a wild card for everyone involved.

      Now that Jae Kang is dead the Secretary is frantically trying to make everyone comply with his vision but no one is following his script. Not Jae Ha, not Hang Ah, not even Bong Gu and, to add insult to injury, even his devoted and steadfast son is disobeying him. I think this is the source of Eun Kyu Tae’s gray nature as a character.

      Also…Bon Bon doesn’t look suspicious. I mean…why? Because of her black makeup, piercings, and gothy clothes? Not really a reason to think someone is suspicious. Plus, she’s a VIP guest under the umbrella of Club M, a corporation that is currently held in the highest esteem to the public. I can imagine she had the credentials to walk in the palace as John Mayer’s bodyguard during a public event.

      I seriously enjoyed her detainment too though…awkwardly voyeuristic though it was at that one point. lol

      • 15.2.1 Sunmi

        Well it’s still rather telling of his intelligence or lack thereof if the head secretary who is supposed to be the King’s wingman (of sorts) can’t anticipate people’s reactions. I understand that he’s a very narrow-minded old fart but you would think that his work with diplomats and foreigners would’ve at least taught him to hide his narrow-mindedness at least for the sake of international relations and his job! Ugh! Lol, sorry, he just bothers me as a character. It’s like he’s been written into this limbo where he’s not quite good but he’s not quite bad and he’s rather terrible at being both.

        Though I agree with your awesome point about Jae-ha being a total wild card. I doubt anyone knows how to deal with him since he seems to be running from a playbook that only exists in his mind.

        From my work experiences, security agencies (especially immediately following assassinations) would definitely see Bon Bon as a threat. It’s not in the way she dresses but more in the way she carries herself. Her demeanor is cool, unreadable and aloof; that sets off warning bells–or at least should set them off when it comes to events like the press conference she waltzed in on. Plus there was also the matter that she wasn’t sitting next to Bong-gu at all during the conference and instead time her entrance with Jae-shin’s. Press conferences with very important people tend to not have stony-faced chicks in black just up and cat-walking in just when they’re about to start; it throws off the speaker’s mojo ya know.

        I personally don’t think she’s suspicious–more annoying…and kinda gross. All them funky chocolates are bound to give a girl stomach issues. No wonder she doesn’t smile.

      • 15.2.2 Arishia

        I so agree with you about Secretary. I think he thinks he’s doing what is best for Korea and the Royals. I’m half expecting something sacrificial and heroic from him somewhere near the climax of the show. At some point he has to see that he underestimates Korea’s potential to stand on it’s own, and that his constant deferrals to Club M, the USA, etc. may have been necessary in the past, but are making things worse and holding the nation back today. That’s when he will fess up to save the day, and hand over his power to the next generation. He’s a bit of a tragic figure to me. Well intentioned, capable, but stuck in the past and manipulated into being a traitor.

      • 15.2.3 malta

        “Also…Bon Bon doesn’t look suspicious. I mean…why? Because of her black makeup, piercings, and gothy clothes?”

        …unless you are going to a formal government event dressed like that. Goth wear is generally casual and always anti-establisment. And let’s be honest, Bon Bon’s half-dead glassed over (now we know drugged up) expression is suspicious even if her clothes aren’t.

    • 15.3 Duncerblur

      If this was a makjang, Shi Jyung will turn out to be adopted.

      • 15.3.1 reglest

        And please show, don’t give us THAT (I’m sick enough of makjang already)

    • 15.4 ilikemangos

      I am just going to think that 30 years working for the royal palace changes a man.
      Perhaps he was a different person before the cruella de eun we see today.
      I mean, where else does earnest bot get his achingly earnest/bold/determined qualities?
      It had to come from SOME where…
      Sunmi, your comment made me laugh — i am totally with you.

      • 15.4.1 Sunmi

        Jae-ha’s been rubbing off on me. lol

    • 15.5 malta

      “And to add insult to injury the old fogey is stupid about his evil-ness? Half the time I think this dude is confused.”

      ahahahaa! 🙂 Agree 100%

  16. 16 kit

    This drama wins all the awards. Far out.

    Thank you so much for the recap!

  17. 17 Rashell

    Thanks GF! This episode felt a lot like set-up for the next episode to me. It advanced the plot, but didn’t really move anything forward in any real way. But I’m hoping the payoff will come next week.

    Shi Kyung and Hang Ah were awesome as usual. I love that Jae Ha still exhibits some of his old selfish ways. It’s true to life that change is a process that takes time, and that old habits are very easy to fall back into.

    In the last episode comments it was mentioned that the line that separates Jae Ha from Bong Gu really is the people they have surrounding them. Jae Ha has people who push him to be better while Bong Gu has a bunch of yes men. Jae Ha has people who love him while Bong Gu only has people who fear him.

    I love the parallel you drew between the Hang Ah/Jae Ha realationship and the Shi Kyung/Jae Shin relationship. Because I hadn’t recognized that myself but it’s true that Hang Ah and Shi Kyung are alike in their strong moral compass and that the royal siblings need those kind of people to help them get passed their tendency to be spoiled and selfish.

    I continue to love this show.

    • 17.1 Saima

      poor Jae-ha really wants to get engaged! hahaaa To see this come to fruition it was only time that he’d give in to his old ways of bending rules to suit his needs!! Please tell me he was kidding that he thought they would swim back what was a 3-hr boat ride!! *facepalms*

      That’s why we have Hang-ah and Shi Kyung who’ve invested so much faith in him that they just whip him back to shape with their honest remarks…which he finds incredulous! The two voices of reason are like the late lovable King!!

      • 17.1.1 Rashell

        Ha, yeah the boy was really grasping at straws throwing out the swimming option. The way the rest of the team looked at him was hilarious.

        And how much did I love his, to quote Hang Ah, pissy attitude after the whole thing. He can still be such a little brat. And she just rolls her eyes at it. LOVE THEM!

        • Sofia

          haha! Yeah! I love how HA reacted to JH pissy attitude.. ahah! They are so funny while bickering like that! And I love that they know they love each other so there is no angst when they bicker.. I love how the next moment they are back to joking and smiling!! LOVE Them!!

        • Duncerblur

          LOL, I do not know how she refrains from throwing something (or throwing him, knowing her) at him sometimes. Just when you think he’s manned up, he breaks into his spoilt, whiny boy routine. Hilarious.

      • 17.1.2 Osi

        Haha, yeah, JH really wants to get engaged. I think we see another grown up JH through this win-or-no-engagement thing. Remember in the treadmill, he tried to motivate HA to keep running. His real motivation? If HA stops running and the bomb explodes, he will die. He’s still full of himself at that time. Now, he keeps saying they have to win, so they can get engaged. From selfish JH, he’s now not only thinking about his own benefit, but also thinking about HA, even though it’s still a bit about himself, I think, and at the same time he goes against BG. I can’t wait to see King Jae Ha speaks in the name of his country. Long Live Jeonha!

    • 17.2 crazyahjummafan

      Totally agree with you. Love the characterisation of JH. So realistic.

    • 17.3 ilikemangos

      Yeah! i love the parallel GF drew. I always felt their similarities and GF just put everything i felt in words.
      That’s why i feel like even the secondary characters become heroes at one point..
      And i love how even though Jae Ha matured alot throughout this drama, he’s still the Jae Ha we’ve known in the earlier episodes.
      the whole “pissy” thing Hang Ah said was hilarious. I can’t tell you how much i love their bickering.
      I hope this stays even as we near the end.

  18. 18 Silly

    Love this show! Thks for the recap!! ^^

  19. 19 teachermok

    I’m loving this drama more and more with each episode! Thanks girlfriday! 😀

  20. 20 Zoee

    oMG I Loved this ep… I dont usually like foreigners in kdramas, but i gotta say the evil white lady, is scary!!!!

  21. 21 Jess

    It’s good to see a woman who knows her worth (although the evaluation process was pretty painful) and makes her man work to keep her.

    • 21.1 Raine

      Hang-ah is definitely my top fav. kdrama heroine atm 🙂

      • 21.1.1 ilikemangos

        I second that.

        Hang ah is so badass..
        She trumps all those witty smart-mouthed heroines.
        Hang ah has a card over them in that this quality serves as alot more : It makes him do better. It changes him. It makes him grow. It’s real. It takes bickering to a whole other level.

        ALL the while making him fall in love with her.
        Yup, it’s a bonus.

        • malta

          Man, women have to work so freaking hard. Love Hang Ah. Ready to see a kdrama where a man has to work that hard to deal with a woman with as many personality issues as freaking Jae Ha!

      • 21.1.2 babes

        3rd that! And she’s gonna be hard to beat!

  22. 22 shl

    Thank you, GirlFriday!

    I’m glad the story is advancing, but, you’re right, this episode felt kinda draggy in places. I can’t help but wonder if tighter editing would help the action sequences. And the foreign soliders – oh dear. Not the best writing in the world there.

    I love the showdown between Shi-kyung and Bong-gu – way to go Shi-kyung! As for Jae-ha – yup, he’s not above devious, dubious means to win, but I’m glad Hang-ah keeps him on the straight and narrow. I don’t quite buy that he’s so desperate to win because of his love for Hang-ah, though. I know that’s what’s being presented (and we’ve had much lead-up to it), but he comes across as being petulant and wanting his way rather than desperately in love. Or maybe I just can’t get rid of the earlier images.

    Eagerly anticipating the next few espisodes and hoping they will really move the story along!

    P.S. As much as I want Shi-kyung and Jae-shin to be together, I’d be disappointed if she suddenly regains her ability to walk (emphasis on ‘suddenly’). I don’t think that’s as important to the story as her regaining her mental strength and spunk.

    • 22.1 Jenlikeskettlecorn

      I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said- especially in regards to Shi Kyung and Jae Shin!

      I see your point about Jae Ha’s desperation to win not seeming to be because of his love for Hangah, but I also think that really works. He’s totally being petulant- but as we’ve seen, that is his go-to default response to anything that doesn’t go his way. I think it’s funny because he’s clearly the type to whine and complain until he’s forced into action, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t real fear and desperation behind it. It was enough for me that after all the stupid suggestions (which he must have known they were too) he finally gets around to what he’s really thinking about- that their future together is on the line. Of course I like it even more that Hangah is strong enough to deal with all his petulance. If I’m being honest I could just watch the two of them bicker all episode long.

      • 22.1.1 Raine

        “I could just watch the two of them bicker all episode long.”

        This totally~ I love their bickering too 😛 it’s cute how they can bicker in just about any situation, anywhere! hehe

      • 22.1.2 crazyajummafan

        I too love to see them bicker. They are completely comfortable with each other and totally oblivious to those around them. Remember the scene when they were arguing about JH’s ‘hot bod’ just before JH shot her?

      • 22.1.3 ilikemangos

        Yeah i agree with you on Jae Shin.
        Is it bad to say I WANT YOU CRIPPPLED UNTIL YOU MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, SPIRITUALLY “return to the princess you once were” quote earnest bot.

        I like how they kept her in the wheelchair because as of now, Jae Shin has yet to show a major development for her character. Sure she is willing to step up and go to the meeting but I had yet to see that climatic moment where we’re all supa proud of her.
        I think we can all say we’ve seen many moments of that in Jae Ha.
        So i’m super excited as to what the writers have to offer us in her character development.
        I would like for her in the end to finally regain strength in her legs through intense physical therapy or sugery to symbolize her growth in character. Then i’ll be satisfied with that.
        Success is at its best when you work hard for something.

    • 22.2 emmy

      Agreed about Jaeshin.

      I really hate it when dramas pull a “miraculous recovery” and everyone lives happily ever after. I think it’s so much more sincere when there’s no medical miracles and she slowly regains her self-confidence through therapy and the support of her family and the adorable Bot.

      • 22.2.1 Arishia

        No miraculous miracle? Don’t get your hopes up. A surgery was mentioned earlier, that is to be done in the future, when she is more stable. Not saying they will, just that they might. I want one, because a girl should be able to feel Earnest Bot, if you know what I mean…

    • 22.3 MsB

      A fall like that? That would be a fantasy injected into the drama that she ever walk again! I still cringe when I re-watch that scene! Boy that was great filming!

  23. 23 hex

    Not trying to be racist (I am myself Asian anyway), but at least they could’ve said “Since Asians have everything small, would the butt-hole be too small to get the key out?” Just as stupid and racist as the comment made by the American soldiers, but at least it has got something to do with the intestines. lol

    • 23.1 pigtookie

      true, the slanty eye comment is more common used than petiteness.

      yep, the Asian American in me is spewing at how ridiculous they were portrayed, especially since in the context of the story, USA and S. Korea are allies. On the other hand, it’s not so unrealistic, racism persists in the world and because they are soldier representatives does not have to mean they are by default honorable.

    • 23.2 maria

      unfortunately, in reality americans do tend to say mean things especially on competitions.

      they thrive on competition hence the cringeworthy, racist remarks but also a lot of americans are ….. i don’t want to say it in here (i’m american by the way ) but are sad to say ignorant…. let’s say clueless is the right term when it comes to world events and basically the world. 🙁

  24. 24 Yue

    Jea Ha would be Jae Ha. silly king, but, I like how he was slowly shown to be strong, insightful, intelligent and childish at the same time. He’s never overly serious, he’s playful but know when to cut the games. I love the little banter between him and Hang Ah, there’s more than just one time where I want to scream ‘Just get married already’. But, I guess the story is more than just that. The writers are obviously not afraid to take a jab at everyone, I mean, come on, the King (then Prince), insulted an official from the US and China. It felt good yo watch that scene over and over again, the satisfaction ;). I do enjoy the fact that Hang Ah was helping to shape the Jae Ha into a better person th best way she knows how. It wasn’t that Jae Ha was not capable, he was. He is cocky alrigh, but, he can afford to be one. It was just that I hate cliffhangers! The bane of my existence. I am so going to be in agony until the next episode airs. Oh! The princess and Shi Kyung are just love. I just feel bad that Shi Kyung’s heart will be broken when he found out about his father… Poor guy, it’ll be a real test of loyalty for him …

    • 24.1 Osi

      Agreed with all you said. It’s so nice that JH’s character didn’t suddenly change after he became the King. He’s still JH we know from Ep 1, but he has gradually grown up to be better king.

  25. 25 s


    Oh boy I say this every episode but I love everyone better than the last.

    SK is really the ONE that can’t be bought, which makes the cookie man part a kickass scene (the chinese translations call it “bad fruits” though). Earnest Bot is so earnest and loyal and righteous! I love him so!!! It breaks my heart that he’s going to find out how shit of a man his father is.

    And we have to wait one week again?!?! WHY?!? Judging by the previews next week is going to be MORE AWESOME. Like that’s even possible, but yes, MOAR.

    • 25.1 Sofia

      Haha! I say it each time too!! how come I love each episode better than the last and thinking the next will be even more AWESOME!!!
      I don’t know how I am gonna survive one week!!! Only few hours since the last episode !!! >__< !!

    • 25.2 crazyajummafan

      This episode belongs to Eun Si Kyung. C’mon everybody, chant with me, EUN SI KYUNG! EUN SI KYUNG! EUN SI KYUNG!

      • 25.2.1 Arhazivory

        Since I agree, lemme joint you in the chant: EUN SHI-KYUNG! EUN SHI-KYUNG!!!! EUN SHI-KYUNG!!!!!!!

        • Duncerblur


          Total fist pump moment and loud whoops when he pwned John Mayo. And when he showed the Hello-Kitty membership-card look-alike to his father and told him to lay off. My heart bleeds for him when he learns the truth.

          I cannot state how often I yelled “A33wipe!” when his father does his acts of mass revulsion.

          EUN SHI KYUNG! You’re the man!

      • 25.2.2 MsB

        TOTALLY! He did us proud!

  26. 26 lena

    Methinks our Earnest Bot is now firmly placed front and center in girlfriday’s heart. 😉

    Thanks for the recap, gf! You rock!

    • 26.1 ilikemangos

      seriously — how many times do we see his pretty face in the main screen cap?

      (totally not complaining.) 😉 hee

  27. 27 krissy

    is it Wednesday yet???!!! I love love love this show so much, they stay true to the characters. I love how our OTP compliments each other strength and weaknesses they are the perfect fit to be KING and Queen! I couldn’t understand the preview but I do hope JH did not set off the bomb or anything that when HA said I love you to JH they already have the key and on the way to the shore to bring the key back. Im so happy that we have spoilers because if the engagement spoilers did not surface its going to be an agonizing weekend and mon-tues. This show is not really for faint hearted because its really a roller coaster ride and unpredictable. I never thought that they will bring up the WOC again. They surprise me week by week. I really hope that no one has to die in this drama that our OTP will have their happy ending and that JH doesnt have to step down and pass his crown to his sister JS (come on in Goong they already pass her the crown!) . How awesome is SK!!! I’m loving more and more each week I really hope you will not turn out like your Dad and that you will be a prince-consort. the characters blends and no over shadowing who and each of them shines.

  28. 28 Raine

    Thanks for the recap GF~ ^^ I love this episode, lots of great moments. And to the writers.. wow! Was watching it live yesterday and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… seriously some of the lines in this episode are so R-rated (chocolate girl’s lines come to mind)! This is a first for me in k-drama.

    • 28.1 Saima

      Totally did a double take: chocolate-induced faux-orgasm and then the bit with the princess!! hahaaa

      SK’s reaction was precious. He seemed horrified on being asked if he slept with the princess. poor baby! Our boise do me proud with the way they reign in their anger. Jae-ha goes maniacal and Shi Kyung listens with detached interest!! Love it!!

      BG and his crazy crew have anger management issues and then some. lulz

  29. 29 charmeeunnie

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  30. 30 dcmbr

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    I’m loving Hang-ah kicking Jae ha ass. these two bickering is like there is no tomorrow.

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    and I love the bot Shi Kyung 😀

  34. 34 ilikemangos

    Dang, the fact that jae ha was willing to apologize on Kang Seok’s behalf really shows how much he’s matured.
    Love the scene of him and hang ah, arms crossed on the boat. So adorable.
    Aww. Song of the Day is an ost for our princess & her earnest bot.
    And can I just say, I love you, for not falling for Bon Bon & Bong gu’s trap? Times like these when shi kyungs calm demeanor does him well. Their scene together gave me chills when shi kyung just smacked him in the face by standing behind jae ha.

    Had a kickass birthday and then ending the day with a BAM episode of K2H.
    Life’s good.

    • 34.1 Arhazivory

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    • 34.6 Saima

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      A little goody for ya. This news has me all excited: a new track will be released on the 10th viz when we're hoping the engagement will happen….

      Track + engagement part + Seung-gi(?!)=i'll totally thank the drama gods if this happens!!

      • 34.6.1 reglest

        Don’t know is it a track…because I don’t see the word -part- in it..hope it’s full OST, or better, Seung Gi sang the OST self =D

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      The choice is yours.

      Best wishes…

    • 34.10 crazyajummafan

      Do you realise that it is only in front of HA that JH lets down his guard? It is only in front of her that he shows his fear. Shows how much he trusts her and values her.

      I wish SG will eventually find a girl like HA in real life – one who sees him and loves him for WHO he is, and not WHAT he is. That she will not put him on a pedestal and be a yes-woman, but one who is not afraid to speak her mind and point him in the right direction when needed, and of cos vice versa.

    • 34.11 ilikemangos

      Thanks all for the wonderful birthday wishes!
      I got no mangoes! but rest assured.
      there’s a new addition to the familiy. (a puppy they found in one of my friend’s backyard. )
      There was no stress moments.
      It was all good.
      HAPPY WATCHING ALL!~ I actually haven’t fully read all of the recap, but shall come home later from school ready to discuss! =) <3 LOVE YOU ALL K2H FANBASE!!

      • 34.11.1 Arhazivory

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          I also accept continual bombdiggity-dog of k2h episodes.
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  35. 35 kewbie

    Thanks for recapping! Really enjoyed Shi-kyung and his bad-assery again in this ep. I also loved how Hang-ah is constantly lighting a fire under Jar-ha’s ass, as well as keeping mostly everyone else in line. Total awesomeness.

  36. 36 Raveena

    I kept refreshing the page for this review too! I watched the episode and read at the same time. Its 12:15 am here and I have to be up soon but this was worth it, thank you!

  37. 37 Jenlikeskettlecorn

    I love this show, but this episode was really frustrating to watch. It was by far the weakest episode so far for me. Did they really have to have so many scenes with terrible, clunky English dialogue and awful acting? This is a situation where the adage ‘seen and not heard’ is entirely appropriate. Some judicious editing would have nice.

    Also I get that we’re not supposed to root for the US Team, but all their over the top racist comments only had me grossed out that they were written as such awful caricatures than mad that they were saying such awful things. Like girlfriday, it made me cringe.

    I’m hoping all this will come together for an awesome conclusion next week.

    • 37.1 Susan

      Agree. Aside from Shi Kyung’s scenes, I did not like this episode at all and ended up fast-forwarding through half of it.

      • 37.1.1 Rona

        On the contrary, I like the WOC action and funny key-swallowing scenes…lol. We have our ups and downs I am sure.

        • Raine

          I’m with you on that 😛 I like the WOC parts too

      • 37.1.2 shl

        Right with the both of you.

    • 37.2 Saima

      As for the racist remarks: it was one of those times where information went in one ear and out the other…

      The washroom bit was okay-ish in that irl the world does view North Korea as the way they were depicted in the drama (actually even worse but let’s not go there) and as for the US WOC team I think it was their strategy to scare Young-bae so that he would surrender. What made those remarks even worse was the horrible acting!

      • 37.2.1 Jenlikeskettlecorn

        I was okay with the washroom scene too. It was a reasonable, well thought out scene (if horribly acted), and the US officers themselves comment on the Israeli solider’s biases.

        In regards to the racist comments being a means of scaring Young-bae- yes this is something that occurred to me too- but if that was the case, the execution was so clunky it wasn’t successful in getting that across to the audience (again due to terrible acting). Either way I wasn’t impressed.

        I just want this show to hit home runs every time, but unfortunately this episode was let down by amateur hour for me.

        • Saima

          I think it was a combo of the hard-hitting ‘insensitive’ dialogues coupled with B-A-D acting!!

          The bad acting made me appreciate that we have such a wonderfully talented cast. Personally the first half of the episode I was bored to tears…

          • MsB

            I just don’t know where they get these actors! They are horrible!! I know they have good actors out there! Watch Psychic! Great foreign actors in there!

          • Duncerblur

            I hate say it but in many Asian countries, they just go out & pick any foreigner they think looks the part because they are in such rarity. And often they do not wanna pay the fees for legitimate foreign actors residing locally.

            One of my ex-bfs was asked to play the role of a rapping footballer (don’t ask) even though he could not rap and certainly did not play football. Oh, I mean football as in what Americans call soccer. Not that thing they play with lots of padding and helmets. They only got him because he was African American. It was both embarrassing and hilarious.

    • 37.3 AnnMichelle

      But to film the WOC, it has to have foreigners. It’s unavoidable, and I feel they’ve done the best they could. Not to make excuses, but I’ve seen a lot of big budget western movies employing bit part Asian actors horribly.

      • 37.3.1 Duncerblur

        Very true. Well said.

      • 37.3.2 ilikemangos

        I did not cringe as much.
        The american soldiers atleast didn’t have a noticably strange accent.
        The acting is not as bad as i’ve seen in many other dramas.
        This is WOC foreigners are unavoidable.. im pretty sure it’s pricey as people above have said, to get these people.
        I’ll just overlook it — i’ve gotten immune.

    • 37.4 jyyjc

      Omg all the english speaking scenes in this episode made me cringe so badly. But one scene made me laugh, it was the one where the US team demands an apology and one of the US member had to cut off the US general in the middle of speaking with “-No!”. But the the timing was totally off so there was an awkward pause and then a”no!”. So frickin hilarious. Sigh I love korean dramas I do, but when will they ever have non-korean actors that can actually act?

    • 37.5 Duncerblur

      I hate to sound superior but I sometimes wonder if the scriptwriters in charge of crafting foreign material have even lived overseas or have more than a 3rd-language acquaintance with the English language.

      If not, they should hire consultants just for these sections so they do not embarrass themselves.

      • 37.5.1 Jenlikeskettlecorn

        I suspect the writers have actually written their stuff in Korean and had a professional translator work it into English- from experience there are some really shoddy translators out there…

  38. 38 trixicopper

    Color me NOT surprised that Bon Bons chocolates are laced with drugs. Obviously though, not with anti psychotics.
    Interesting that she does have a real name. I like the nickname, it makes her sound like a Bond villain.

    I have never been able to take Wagner seriously. I blame it on my childhood and Looney Tunes. (Spear and Magic Helmet)

    Thanks GF! 🙂

  39. 39 saranghae_12

    Kamsahamnida! This might not be the best episode of this show but dang, I loved all the interactions and how it pushes everything forward. There might be no lovey dovey scenes between both pairs but we were able to see the growth of their relationships.

  40. 40 ifa

    i need to breath….i feel the tension both in palace and WOC area.double couple JS-SK and AhHa i think i’m going to join to be your warior. can’t wait until next week…..aiiiiishhhh….!!!!!

  41. 41 steve

    Well, what do you expect since MBC is so anti-American. After all, MBC news makes up crap and passes it off as news that puts America and Americans in a negative light. Then the MBC PD’s go on strike to support that laughing stock of a news department.

    • 41.1 topper

      Come on, go watch Saving Private Ryan if you want some chest beating. The US Team depicted was not put into a bad light in my opinion, they played fair.

      • 41.1.1 Arhazivory

        Yeah, they did play fair. Its the racist statements that steve is alluding to.

        • topper

          It was scare tactics, though i do agree the racial undertones are unnecessary. But soldiers do speak the darnest things in reality.

          • Minea

            you have a point. it does happen in real life about soldiers saying the darndest thing. this show gave us a chance to “look in” on what it’s like in that kind of setting and, frankly, we’re shocked that it is like it is because we don’t see it often.

          • skelly

            I’m sure they do, and topper, you would know, but the evil American soldier trope does get very tiresome…and there are plenty of people out there (including commenters here) who see this sort of thing and assume that it must be the norm. Sigh.

          • Kaekae

            Yeah. The best US Officers are racists who have never seen an Asian before. Oh and who apparently don’t know difference between laxative an enema (unless that patch was to knock him out it was a laxative). End sarcasm.
            I was quite upset on so many levels.

  42. 42 ryuu99

    the episode was okay.

    Jae-Ha’s coward opinions on how to win was so unnecessary.

    • 42.1 MsB

      Revisit some of the WOC training episodes. That was Jae Hae being Jae Hae. The main thing that has changed is his love for Hang Ah.

      • 42.1.1 ilikemangos

        Agree MsB.
        It was unnecessary but true to character.
        Which is something i applaud the writers for.
        It gives us more room to see his FULL development.. because for him, in the WOC, all he sees is winning through looking at it from cheating standpoints.
        Hang ah being there for him to say it to him straight that she won’t get married with him unless he learns to do things the right way — that’s where it gets me.
        Hang Ah is so freaking awesome.

      • 42.1.2 reglest

        Me agree too, that just Jae Ha, being Jae Ha. He might growing mature, but inside, he is the same person who we’ve seen in the 1st episode. I love how the writers don’t make him change overnight,

        in addition, his desire to win, is also alongside his brilliant thinking. The goal is escape from the island, so let’s just swimming. I’d love his peripheral thinking <3

      • 42.1.3 malta

        And also why he gets on my nerves. Jae Ha, being Jae Ha is him being a coward? That needs to stop already. I’m usually one for character development, but I’m tired of the whiny petulant cheater. It is not cute. Jae Ha needs to hurry up and be a better man already. He has 6 episodes.

  43. 43 yellow buttercup

    what can I say? i heart you, Shi Kyung! love your loyalty to His Highness!

  44. 44 dcmbr

    bon bon’s exaggerated reaction to eating the chocolate was disturbing, well more like disgusting. and then going berserk after Shikyun mentioned her mother, John’s entire crew is full of wackos!

    • 44.1 Raine

      John and his crew = hardcore haha 😛 I’m now waiting for that right-hand man to go berserk too haha

      • 44.1.1 Saima

        I wonder what the right-hand guy’s achilles’ heel would be? It would be fun to watch him go berserk to see: a) how he’ll EMOTE and b) what’ll happen to his toupee?


        • malta

          hahaaha…that toupe has GOT to come off before the drama is done. If it doesn’t I will be so disappointed at such a golden missed opportunity.

    • 44.2 ilikemangos

      Seriously, the only one who doesn’t seem as wacko was the ex-girlfriend he shot a buncha times at.
      Then again she thought she would live a merry life with a rich maniac.
      Perhaps she was wacko, too..

  45. 45 BINNIE

    agree to girlfirday.. this episode is for the supporting actor, mainly the baddies. and the main two had less than 10 mins cuts in ep12.
    looking forward to the king’s wedding on 10th May~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • 45.1 Osi

      I think it’s not wedding, yet. It’s still an engagement. Hopefully there’ll be a grand royal wedding. ^^

      • 45.1.1 Bengbeng

        would that mean then that the Peninsula will win the WOC? cool!

        • Osi

          Seems like that. 😉

    • 45.2 Raine

      As much as I like the supporting leads in this drama, I’m hoping the rest of the episodes after this will put the focus back on our main couple.

      • 45.2.1 Osi

        Yeah, they’re really adorable, lovely, cute, and sizzling hot.

  46. 46 emmy

    Love the show, though the foreign WOC officers’ dialogue really irked me.

    They should be seen and not heard I think. Their acting is awkward at best and they don’t really say anything that really advances the plot anyway.

    I hope we get much less team USA dialogue next week and more on team Korea.

    I loved Shi Kyung in this episode. Such a hero!

    And I have finally made up my mind on old man Eun. I loathe him. I was feeling sorry that he had made a stupid mistake previously, but now that he’s gone to such extremes to cover his ass, he’s dead to me.

    • 46.1 Duncerblur

      Handing you a shovel. He was dead to me a long time ago but being a stoopid, glass half-full person I thought he would have learnt his mistake after the close-call with Jae Ha’s discovery of his resort leak. But nooooo, he proves he is an old dog that cannot learn new tricks and screwed things up for Jae Shin with the intro music change.

      Someone please tell me Shi Kyung was adopted.

  47. 47 babes

    I just love how the writers keep the character of JH real. As someone else commented earlier, in most dramas, if the main lead starts of as a badass, he would have been completely reformed by the middle of the show. However, in tk2h, even as JH matures and becomes a better person, he still struggles with his old play-dirty-to-win instincts.

    Best part of all is that HA loves him, warts and all. Her love doesn’t blind her to his faults, but challenges him to be a better man. She doesn’t look at him through rose-tinted glasses but neither does she judge him or love him less.

    As a mom, I honestly believe true love is tough love. And boy, does he need it!

    • 47.1 bern 75

      i second that, babes! totally agree!!

    • 47.2 crazyajummafan

      My thoughts exactly! Tough love, not just from HA, but from mum and JS too. They don’t mince their words! But that’s what JH needs. Everyone else treats him differently

    • 47.3 MsB

      Totally agree but I look forward to seeing JH’s MacGiver moments!! Looks like he will be showing off his 187 IQ next week! I knew he had it in him!

    • 47.4 ilikemangos

      babes, i love & agree with what you said!

      Tough love indeed.
      But yes, it’s needed.

  48. 48 Minea

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

    “I’m sorry. But I don’t eat rotten cookies.”

    Waaah. Eun Shi Kyung, you’re all kinds of awesome! I love that he cuts Bong Gu down to size with his in-your-face-no-nonsense-I’ll-be-loyal-to-my-King response. You’re a rare breed, indeed!

    Now, the Bon Bon character, I just don’t buy the acting. What the frak was that? Although she did make my skin crawl when she screamed she’s gonna kill our Shi Kyung (over my dead body, you chocolate eating psycho!) – it was like fingernails scraping the blackboard. But I guess she was the better actor than the rest of the non-Korean actors combined. The parrot’s still better than you, though.

    On another note, the cringe quota was successfully met today by the uber bad actors acting as American soldiers who doesn’t even look like Americans. Add to that the racist comments and the ick factor grew exponentially. Seriously, writers, was that really necessary? We’re pretty much Team Korea at this point of the story, you know.

    Other than that dark cloud over our parade, it was still an awesome episode. Not as action packed as yesterday or episode 12 (which is still my favorite).

    I just wish I have 9 lives because this show kills me every time.

    • 48.1 melonhead

      I burst out laughing at the cookies reference. It’s like “Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies”, but legit.

      • 48.1.1 JBB

        BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! So true!

      • 48.1.2 momosan

        I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought “Come to the dark side, we have cookies.” Phew! I’m not the only nerd in the building!

      • 48.1.3 ilikemangos

        I couldn’t help but think of that as Bong gu said it.
        He will forever be that dark cookie monster holding that tray of cookies.

  49. 49 babes

    @jade butterfly: thanks for replying to my question regarding watching it real-time!

    • 49.1 Jade Butterfly

      You’re very welcome .Hope you got to watch it Live!

  50. 50 topper

    My heart was beating fast at all the confrontations.

    I think I may be the only one interested in the military wargame, but the production really did try to be as close to reality as possible especially with the military equipment. Except for the weakness they have to write in to make the Korean team wining possible. Firstly the patrol and sentry aspects are weak, and some no-no of standard Point Of Installation Protection rules are violated.

    For the uninitiated the rounds fired are all blanks, the weapons are attached with a infrared laser that fires on the vibration of the explosion of the blank. Each team member is wearing helmets and uniforms with receivers for the infrared beams, and you become a casualty if the beams hit you.

    But there are no M203 grenade launcher rounds that have payload of surveillance camera, did the production team invent one? LOL

    Anyone noticed some Easter Eggs, for example on the map of the island it is written Yu Diao Island, and they are in Japan? Google Diao Yu Island.

    I enjoyed this episode, I think a lot of people wouldn’t and I am not surprised this show has low ratings because it is not pandering to popularity, but still keeping to telling the story it wants to tell.

    • 50.1 emmy

      Wow! How do you know so much about military equipment and rules?

      I do enjoy the military aspect, but more for the action and how it manages to keep the atmosphere really intense!

      Haha.. about the Easter Eggs, you are observant! I went back to take a closer look at the map, and indeed you are right!

      There were definitely some gems in this episode. Jaeshin’s scene which portrayed her fear and Shikyung’s showdown with Bonggu were really well done.

      • 50.1.1 topper

        I served in the military before. LOL

        • Saima

          oh man, you must’ve been privy to the inconsistencies….

        • MsB

          If they don’t now, they soon will! I’ve seen something similar but not as sophisticated.

    • 50.2 Rona

      I definitely agree. It is not here for commercial purpose alone. It is meant to give us a real brilliant drama despite the unpopular issues. They have kept the storyline and the director has lived up to his promise of giving us his best job ever. Kudos kudos to the director and writers. I can’t thank you enough how much pride and pleasure I get from watching this drama.

    • 50.3 ravens_nest

      Oh man, all through the episode I did wonder what someone who served in the military would think of the competition. I’ve never served in the armed forces but even I was cringing at some of it. lol

    • 50.4 Arishia

      Topper, Awesome post! Lol, yes Japan. Japan is hosting the WOC.

    • 50.5 reglest

      OMG Topper! You are the best!

      That Diao Yu island, OMG, the writer is surely the best. We must keep eye for everything! *again, awe at the writer*

      You just mention one example, any other easter eggs that you find? ^^

    • 50.6 Duncerblur

      Am I nerdy for being impressed with the putty camera bit? I enjoyed the war games segment and wished we had more scenes like that instead of watching John Mayo in the bath.

    • 50.7 ilikemangos

      Aww, topper.. I am so with you.
      I shall remember you as my buddy as it seems barely anyone else was fond of this episode.
      I like me some WOC action.
      I like that this drama keeps to telling the story it wants to. Yay for that.
      And i love the added bonus where they pay attention to the little details. (chicken farm, tom&jerry)
      Topper, the fact that you served in the military makes you all the more cooler in this post.

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