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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 16
by | May 10, 2012 | 2,342 Comments

Awwww yeah! We’re back, baby. Now THIS is the show I know and love. Bring in da stakes, bring in da tears, and let’s get down to business. Betrayal hits like a ton of bricks, but it feels like being dusted with powdered sugar compared to what’s around the bend…


Secretary Eun sneaks away from the engagement to take a call from Bong-gu’s minion. He offers a choice: Jae-ha abdicates the throne peacefully, or he will be removed by force. Otherwise, Shi-kyung gets told about his daddy’s extracurricular misdeeds.

Uh… I’m thinking the asking price is a little low there. Sigh. Minions. Though on the flipside, Eun is the man who sold out the last king’s whereabouts for an LP, so… even stevens?

Secretary Eun tells him to go ahead and tell Shi-kyung whatever he wants to, because he is no longer going to listen to any threats from the likes of them. Well now. Look who graduated from amoeba in the final stretch. Now, would it have killed you to grow this backbone like three fatal mistakes ago?

Minion takes that as Door Number Two, and drops his voice, “There will be blood,” like he’s been waiting his whole minion life to say that line. At the same moment, Jae-ha and Hang-ah toast (With red wine? Really?) and the clink sends her glass shattering. The Wine of Portent splatters on her white dress.

She frets, but he smiles and tells her that it’ll all make for lasting memories. They walk through the crowd and wave, and then some kind soul chants, “Kiss! Kiss!” and soon the whole crowd joins in.

Jae-ha side-eyes Hang-ah, and then spins to face her, and pulls her in for a kiss. Gah, the all-the-way-around-arm-wrapping just does me in.

The parents watch with embarrassed but adorably happy smiles.

That night, Secretary Eun calls Shi-kyung out for a chat. He asks how the Anmyundo investigation is going, and Shi-kyung says he’s going to be back on the case now that the engagement is over.

Dad lets out a long contemplative sigh, and starts to say it… but can’t quite get the words out. He just says that it’ll be over soon. Shi-kyung looks at him, confused.

Dad then goes to his office and writes his resignation. It details all of his nefarious exchanges with Club M, leaving nothing out. He takes one long look at his office of over thirty years, and then walks through the memorial hall of all the kings he’s served. He stops at Jae-kang’s portrait, “Do not forgive me, your majesty.” He bows down to the ground.

Jae-ha and Hang-ah discuss her picking up some of the queen mother’s charity events… while they get a couples massage? Ha. Okay, who’s brilliant idea was it to find some way to make Seung-gi’s cheeks look even more chipmunky? Hee.

Hang-ah suggests that maybe she could go to North Korea to do some of her charity work with a big smile, and Jae-ha tells her to have a good trip to the foreign country then. Heh.

But spa time gets cut short with an email from Club M. He goes to his desk to open it, and Hang-ah urges him to ignore it. He says it’s better to see what’s coming, even if it’s coming to explode all over them, which I’m all for. Let’s see it then.

He opens the email, filled with evidence that Secretary Eun sold out the Anmyundo location. Bollocks. HE’S JUST ABOUT TO TELL YOU HIMSELF! Aaaaaugh.

No matter how much I hate Cruella de Eun, I was all for him owning up to his crimes. He was so close! But I suppose you can’t expect the universe to be on your side if you wait till you’re backed into a corner before confessing.

The email has every bit of damning evidence – call logs between Eun and Bong-gu, Eun’s signature on clearing Bong-gu to enter the country, recordings of their phone calls.

Secretary Eun knocks on Jae-ha’s door and enters the office, prepared to hand in his resignation. But he walks in to hear a recording of the very call where he gave up the Anmyundo location.

Jae-ha just stares at him, blinking in disbelief. He finally asks blankly, “What is this?” Augh it kills me that he still wants ajusshi to say he didn’t do it. He asks if there was ever a time that he purposely conveyed lies between him and Hang-ah.

He says yes. Jae-ha asks, still disbelieving, if he was the one who changed Jae-shin’s entrance music at the conference. “You didn’t, right? You didn’t go that far, Ajusshi. Right?”

Still not raising his head, he says it’s true. Jae-ha looks up at him, stricken. He says that Anmyundo, he understands—it was a mistake, and he didn’t know who he was dealing with. But the rest… the rest…

Isn’t it just a twist of the knife to know that he would’ve been forgiven if he had come clean right away? But that’s the grave you dug for yourself, old man.

A tear streams down Jae-ha’s face as he continues to plead, “You were like family. Thirty years. Father chose you. Hyung trusted you. I leaned on you more than anyone. How could that Ajusshi…”

Ajusshi hands over his resignation, which just gets a scoff from Jae-ha. Quitting again? He says he’s not asking for forgiveness, and will take every punishment. Jae-ha makes it clear that he’ll be arrested and charged for his crimes.

Secretary Eun warns him to be careful of Club M, especially right now, and Jae-ha asks bitterly why—did he give them something else? He finally lets loose, screaming at the top of his lungs: “YOU ARE A TRAITOR!” Oof.

That’s what stings the most, of course, since he’s done all this while convincing himself that it was for the greater good. Jae-ha continues: “You committed high treason! Allowed foreign invasion! Aided and abetted an enemy of the state! YOU ARE A TRAITOR!”

Secretary Eun doesn’t deny any of it, and says he will accept the punishment for all his crimes. But he asks just one thing… Shi-kyung… Aaaauf. Don’t even get me started on the heartache you’re going to cause, old man.

He bows down to the ground on his hands and knees, and pleads with Jae-ha not to tell Shi-kyung (Well that’s just absurd—how will he be kept from finding out?). He says that Shi-kyung is an honest, upright man. He IS. And idealistic and hopeful too, and you’re about to fuck with that.

He says that he’ll tell Shi-kyung himself. Oh. Okay. At least you’re going to do that. Although I don’t see why you’re going to set yourself up for another circumstance exactly like this one by waiting. But then again, you’re not historically quick on the uptake.

The palace reels from the news in every corner. Shi-kyung comes to see Jae-ha and asks if it’s true that his father was dismissed. And despite his anger, Jae-ha keeps that promise to ajusshi—he pretends that he finally had enough of their personality differences and let him go.

Jae-ha says he’s old now and their paths are different. Shi-kyung argues for his father—that it’s different methods, not different paths, and that he served this monarchy for thirty years.

But Jae-ha cuts him off coldly, “He’s too old. He’s an old fogey. He smells foul and he’s stale.” Harsh words, but it effectively makes him the bad guy, and not Ajusshi.

Shi-kyung can’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. “Are you the king I know?” Jae-ha: “Why? Do you want to hit me?” And without hesitation, Shi-kyung answers, “Yes.” Omg, you two are gonna make me CRY. Stop it!

Jae-ha lets out a tightly-wound sigh, and tells Shi-kyung to take a vacation. He answers right away that he’ll be staying right by Jae-ha’s side (Thank goodness.) until he finds out exactly what happened between him and Dad. (Balls.)

Jae-ha yells after him, “Ya, Eun Shi-kyung!” but he storms out, having made up his mind. Thank goodness for your dogged trust, but I’m scared for you.

Hang-ah reads Secretary Eun’s letter of resignation. She says sympathetically that he must’ve had a hard time, and Jae-ha just agrees absently. She starts to make a case for forgiveness, but Jae-ha counters that Ajusshi used his trust against him, all this time.

Jae-ha: “I’m a person too. I need time.” Right? Hell, I still need time and I’ve known for weeks! She tells him to rest, and he says he’s got a million meetings to prep for, but she yanks the papers out of his hands and pats her lap.

She pulls him toward her and he lies down, head in her lap, and takes her hand. So sweet.

And then he wraps her hand tightly around him, in this gesture that kind of kills me—it’s the way a child tries to envelope himself in a mother’s arms for comfort, like it might be possible to make a monster-shielding blanket out of her embrace.

Hang-ah: “Are you scared?” Jae-ha: “Yes. Everything except you… I’m scared of. I don’t think I can trust people.” He shuts his eyes to stop the tears, and she leans on his shoulder.

Bong-gu sits at home, obsessively watching Jae-ha’s video letter for the millionth time, like the crazy stalker that he is. He even drunkenly answers, as if they’re having a conversation. HA. Anyway, he proceeds with The Plan.

Jae-shin is all gung-ho to scoop out her memories, but her therapist warns that she’s the one who locked them away, and forcing that back out could lead to panic. Yes, we’ve already been through the panic. Now it’s time to push through anyway, so get out your hypno-baubles, lady, and help a sister out!

She tries on her own to listen to “Ride of the Valkyries,” but it sends her reeling and she tears the headphones away. Shi-kyung comes by and she asks him not to resent oppa too much, because there must be a reason they don’t know about. Shi-kyung agrees, still trusting Jae-ha despite it all. Aw.

He asks if she’s not going to sing anymore, reminding her that she used to, all the time. She takes that as a cue to sing now, and he stammers awkwardly that he didn’t mean now. Ha. She tries to remember the song she first sang to him, but can’t recall it, so he helps her out.

He sings the first line, and his voice startles her, so she pretends not to know how the rest of it goes, and he ends up singing the first verse for her, as she plays along. She takes him downstairs where the acoustics are better and hands him a microphone, wanting to record him.

She says that if he does well she’ll debut him as a singer, and when he balks, she promises not as an idol. Heh. She asks if he wants to sing it as a duet then (Yes please!), but he refuses, and starts to walk out.

She asks if he hates her that much—she confessed her feelings, and she’s working so hard, but he won’t give her the time of day. He tells her that what she feels is curiosity and nothing more, because they’re so different.

He says that she’s right about him being no fun, and when she gets to know him, the shininess of the new toy will wear off, and she’ll be sick of him. She swears that’s not it, but he tells her to stop messing with him: “I don’t want to become a plaything.”

She says she’ll ask him one thing then: Is it because she’s disabled? He answers right away that it’s not that, he swears. She starts to cry as she supposes that even if it were, she couldn’t do anything about it.

She asks one final thing: She sang that song to him just once, so how did he remember it? Is he a genius? He says, voice trembling, that it’s because the princess sang it (aww), and walks out before she can ask any more questions.

Hang-ah heads to Somalia with the queen mother to do charity work, and Mom gives her a purse as a gift on the way. They get relocated to a different hotel because the place they had originally booked just got blown up in a terrorist attack. UM. Red flag, anyone?

Thankfully it’s enough of a red flag to send them back home in the morning, but they’re here for the night. The staffer heads down in the elevator, where she sees a woman with a strange tattoo…

Mom sighs that she really wanted to see one of the children who had barely made it last time, who lost his mother to tuberculosis.

Hang-ah says that her mother died of the same, because a penicillin shot cost as much as a kilogram of rice, and she could never afford it. She doesn’t say this with any heaviness—just matter-of-factly—adding that she and Dad moved to Pyongyang soon after, and there were plenty of vaccines.

Mom takes her hand and asks what kind of person her mother was. Hang-ah says she was so young so her memories are faded, but her mother was a translator, and would read her stories at night, like Gulliver’s Travels.

Mom says that Hyun-joo (Jae-kang’s wife) called her “mother,” and that here when a mother and daughter-in-law are close, they just become mom/daughter. She tells her to call her “mother” instead of “her majesty.” Aw.

Hang-ah lights up, and tries it out awkwardly. Mom laughs, “Minus the accent.” They hold hands and laugh.

But this is no time for laughter, because Mia and her band of assassins are already here, shooting their way down the hall. They take out the guards and knock on Mom’s door posing as room service.

But Mom’s no dummy—she would be escorted by secret service if everything was on the up and up, and she scrambles for the phone. But the lines have been cut. She runs to her cell phone, but before she can make a call, Mia’s standing right behind her with a smile.

One of the secret service manages with his last breath to pull the fire alarm, which sends a stampede through the lobby. It’s enough to make Hang-ah pause, and she comes out of the bathroom cautiously.

She comes out to find Mom sitting on the couch at gunpoint. Her eyes widen. But then I love how her look changes when another gun gets trained on her—she looks over at it like it’s a fly challenging her patience.

But clearly she can’t risk getting the queen mother killed in a hostage stand-off.

Shi-kyung wakes Jae-ha up in the middle of the night to deliver the bad news—both Hang-ah and Mom are missing. He tries calling her, to no avail. (I love that he’s saved her number as Hang-ahr-ie, turning her name into a homophone for “vase” but meaning “lovesick-for-Hang-ah.”)

Bon Bon pays her hired help, and then promptly shoots them in the back, for her hostages to see. Damn. Then they get loaded onto a plane.

Jae-ha gets briefed that there are no ransom demands, and the two accomplices have been killed. Shi-kyung says that another kidnapper was caught on film, but only from the back—she had a barcode tattoo.

He immediately remembers that detail from Shi-kyung’s investigation into Mia. Shi-kyung confirms that Club M is the likeliest suspect. Jae-ha realizes that Bong-gu is going after his people, one by one. And Bong-gu purposely ignores all his calls, wanting Jae-ha to fry a little longer.

Meanwhile Hang-ah and Mom get moved to one of Bong-gu’s lairs. Hang-ah eats diligently, and assures Mom that the food isn’t poisoned—if they wanted them dead, they’d be dead—and tells her that she has to do the same to keep up her strength if they’re going to escape. Nice.

But Mom is scared witless, and says that Hang-ah might be able to because she’s a soldier, but she’s too frightened to try. Hang-ah tells her they have to try something, anything, to help the king.

Bong-gu interrupts to make his grand entrance, and Hang-ah recognizes him right away. She puts out her hand, “Kim Bong-gu-shi.” Ha. I love it. He pretends not to be bothered by it and squarely ignores her, and she totally smirks.

He goes straight for Mom, asking her to join him for tea, and when Hang-ah objects, Mia hauls her away at gunpoint.

Hang-ah’s father has come down to help Jae-ha, and confirms the Club M suspicion. I’m so glad he’s here, if only so he can witness this next scene:

Jae-ha asks Shi-kyung if he’s still getting the runaround from Bong-gu. “Whatever it takes. You know, right? Tell them I’ll do everything. I can go there myself, or lie down and beg. I can do it.”

Dad looks up at him. Shi-kyung whispers a protest. Jae-ha: “It’s Hang-ah. Hang-ah and Mom. You know my mom. She won’t last.”

Mom is currently cowering in fear over tea with Bong-gu. He sits watching her for a while, and then calls her “mother,” like he really does think he and Jae-ha are friends.

He comes closer and says that she reminds him of his mom, though his mom abandoned him to run her bar, tossing him in boarding schools and expecting he’d grow up okay. But even Bong-gu knows that what he really craved was his mother’s love.

He says he really was a good kid, so she should feel sorry for him. Aw, Poor Widdle Psycho. There, there.

He gets to the heart of the matter: Mom should tell Jae-ha to give up the throne already. He oozes with compliments for how dignified she is, noting that his own mother was so different, so crude.

Finally Mom opens her mouth, “Crude? How can a child call his own mother crude?” Hahahaha. Are you in trouble now? Daebak. And it just gets better.

She totally chastises him like a child, for blaming his parents for his own flaws, for claming a rough childhood when most people who endure hardship are better for it. “I am Jae-kang-ie’s mom! The mother of the man you killed. Even if you paid for your crime and then knelt to beg for forgiveness, it would be lacking!”

But instead he’s holding her here, and for what—to use her as bait against Jae-ha? “Do I, does the royal family, seem that easy?” She stands up. Oooh nice. He stands up and sneers that he was trying to be nice, but she just blows up at him.

“Fine. Kill me. Go ahead and kill me. Kill me! Do you think my children will flinch at the likes of you?! I’M going to take revenge on you! For our Jae-kang, our Hyun-joo, our Jae-shin’s legs, our Hang-ah’s baby. Even if I fall into hell itself, I’m going to take you with me as I go!”

So. Badass. And then she HITS HIM, with her tiny mom fists. I LOVE IT.

She goes to town, letting loose a barrage of swears and insults, asking how his mother gave birth to such rotten trash like him and still ate seaweed soup, as she hits him over and over. See, Mom, you’re plenty strong. You just had to get in touch with your inner rage.

Jae-ha finally snaps that he can’t take it anymore, and decides to just storm over there himself. Shi-kyung pleads with him to stop—this is exactly what they want, for him to go crazy and out of control. He calms down and gives Shi-kyung ten more minutes to get him through to Bong-gu.

Secretary Eun has locked himself away at home, and hasn’t answered any of his son’s thousand calls. But he does see the text that Hang-ah and the queen mother have been kidnapped, and takes Jae-ha’s call.

Jae-ha says nothing—all he does is dial and then listen. But Secretary Eun humbly offers his advice: to use Bong-gu’s international influence against him. Basically if he alerts the U.S. and China of Bong-gu going off the deep end, it’ll cut him off from major powers, and he’ll have to back down. He advises that Jae-ha stay calm, cold, and rational, and act decisively.

Exposition Minion tells Bong-gu that Jae-ha’s gone through diplomatic channels and for some reason, the U.S. and China frown upon the kidnapping of royals. Who knew? Bong-gu sighs that Jae-ha’s gotten smart, and agrees to a meeting.

Jae-ha goes to see Bong-gu, who plays dumb about the whole kidnapping, even as Jae-ha offers to do whatever he asks if he just lets them go. He says he’ll postpone the wedding, and Bong-gu finally says that IF he had kidnapped them—purely hypothetically, of course—then a measly broken engagement wouldn’t be the right price, would it?

Jae-ha asks what would be. “Your resignation.” His eyes widen. Bong-gu blathers on about who would take his place then, ruling Jae-shin out in her condition, and mentioning a sixth cousin. “Isn’t politics not your kind of thing anyway? It’s dirty.”

He suggests with a smile that he should gather up his loved ones and go live on an island in comfort, and leave the politics to others. He walks off, leaving Jae-ha reeling.

Bong-gu walks out, smiling as he passes by Shi-kyung. Aw, it’s Cookies and his unrequited love. Shi-kyung runs in to check on Jae-ha, who spends the entire journey back in silence.

He washes his face and comes out of the bathroom to find Hang-ah just sitting there, waiting for him. The lighting changes as he comes upon her, so this has to be a dream. She comes closer, and they look at each other with such loving eyes, and he asks, “This is a dream, right?”

She cups his face in her hands, and he clasps onto her hands with tears in his eyes, hugging her in desperate relief.

But then he notices a strange expression on her face, and asks why. Hang-ah: “Take care to eat well. And don’t forget to exercise.” He starts to cry and asks what’s happening.

She just keeps going, “Every sadness is just for a time. Because it’ll all pass someday.” And then she takes his hand.

Suddenly Mom calls out for Hang-ah, and she goes to join her. He tries to hold on, but she pulls away from his grasp. And then he looks up and they’re gone.

He’s left screaming, “Mom! Hang-ah-ya! Mom! Hang-ah-ya!” it startles him awake in a cold sweat.

Bong-gu’s minion shows Hang-ah a video of Bon Bon playing bloodthirsty hairdresser with Mom, and tells her to persuade the king to comply with their demands.

Meanwhile Shi-kyung is trying to do the very opposite with a scared and desperate Jae-ha. He can’t abdicate the throne and play right into their hands! But Jae-ha’s last nerve has cracked, and he asks why not.

He breaks down, “What if they really kill Hang-ah and Mom? I’m not that strong a person.”


He says that he’s lasted this long on obstinate pride, but he can’t do it anymore. They’re going to die. “I didn’t even want to be king! Why do I have to hold onto this seat while Mom and Hang-ah die??”

Shi-kyung has no words to make it right. Jae-ha tells him he’s sorry, but he’s going to live comfortably now, intending to give it all up.

Hang-ah watches as Mia threatens Mom with all manner of torture, and finally caves. “I’ll convince the king… to resign.” Minion tells her he’ll set up the video, but Hang-ah turns to him with a scheming glint in her eye.

“I’ll do it in person. Don’t you think it’ll be more convincing face-to-face?”


Yay for the return of life and death stakes and heroic moments for everyone. I just about lost it when Mom talked down to Bong-gu like a misbehaving child and then wailed on him with all her momness. It was So. Awesome.

Bong-gu really stepped it up as a villain in a big, big way, and I’m ecstatic about that, for the sake of the story. There’s been enough messing about and pulling hair and getting in little jabs on both sides. Time for the real fight.

And as much as Bong-gu has his fatal flaws, he really is brilliant as an adversary, because he’s managed to take away the one thing that gave Jae-ha his confidence—his trust in his people. Jae-ha taunts him with that one thing Bong-gu will never have, so he deals that blow to Secretary Eun. Which is really just aimed at Jae-ha, because it levels his sense of trust in his people. And then just when he clutches onto Hang-ah for dear life as the only person he can trust, Bong-gu yanks her away from his side.

I love that this episode is filled with shots of Jae-ha in the foreground with Shi-kyung standing behind him in the background. There’s no fanfare about it, but he’s just always there. It’s telling that of all people, it’s Shi-kyung he apologizes to, when he’s at the end of his rope and about to give up the throne. It’s like Shi-kyung’s trust is what gives that position any meaning. This episode had great moments for both couples—Shi-kyung’s accidental confession that he memorized every note of that song, and Jae-ha and Hang-ah getting to such a supportive, honest place—but it was the bromance that really did me in. When they had words over Dad and Jae-ha was trying to protect Shi-kyung by being the bad guy and Shi-kyung continued to trust him anyway? I kind of swooned. I can’t help it! They’re just so perfect for each other!

Jae-ha’s emotional progression just in this episode alone, ripped me up good and proper. When his betrayal turned to fear, and that fear multiplied turned to desperation and despair? It kills me that he’s ready to give it all up, but I know that his people won’t let him. Hang-ah will kick ass, and Shi-kyung will find the words. Right? RIGHT?


2,342 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ilikemangos

    Holy. Shit. Seung gi you are KILLING me with your epic performance.
    His emotions are.so.raw. I literally replayed his scenes over and over again.
    Who else had goosebumps when jae ha bursted out with “You’re a traitor!” to cruella. Clearly these emotions are part of seung gi’s alter ego waiting to be released. LOL
    Definitely the scene I aww’ed the most at was when he laid on Hang Ah’s lap, all cuddled and weak. And then the dream.. with his bloodshot eyes.
    And then when he just felt like giving up, and earnest, eyes brimming with tears.. I was just yelling at them to HUG cause seriously we all need one. Oh god my heart aches.
    Ah K2H, I love you so.
    The moment I went gaga in this episode was when earnest was singing. Double squee.
    K2H, you never stray too far from the things that feed our addiction for too long.
    I’ve got to admit though, I wanted a tad bit more with engagement party – seemed like they worked so hard in the bts.. ( I think they were filming for 10 hours beginning at 9 a.m?) and we got like 3 minutes of it in this ep. BUT the episode was so daebak, and given all that happened, I understand how hard it is to fit it all in an hour. This drama knows how to keep the pace up and movin’ – that I always liked.
    Okay, HOW OFTEN do we see our k-drama momma verbally AND physically smack down our villain like a beast. I swear each of our side characters have their own epic moments. But hell, I can’t wait till BonBon gets a taste of her own medicine. Don’t you dare touch our queen momma like that!

    • 1.1 Joy

      So many scenes that I love from these ep.
      -The engagement and the KISS (replayed it plenty of times) not to mention the tight hug from Jaeha or LSG? Lol
      -The letter of resignation from SK’s dad and of course Jae Hae finding out the whole truth. His reaction was Daebak, definitely an AWESOME performance.
      -The couch, simple and sweet but you can feel the emotion between the two.
      -When Shi Kyung started singing and Jae Shin playing the piano (started crying I don’t know why)
      -When Oma finally gets her courage.
      at the end definitely Hang Ah has some serious plan.
      Pay Back is a b*tch, Bongu!

      • 1.1.1 Jane

        @Joy. “When Shi Kyung started singing and Jae Shin playing the piano (started crying I don’t know why)”

        Good, so I was not the only one. I think that it was such an emotional episode that I teared up at that. Although that happens like halfway through the episode and NOTHING had really happened.

        • Joy

          Yup! I think all the pent up emotions between the two, I know they are not, what you call LOVERS yet…however it’s just so touching and knowing that Shi Kyung had to find out about the misdeeds of his father. I felt so sorry for him. Awww.

        • annahs

          ,thats really sweet of shikyung, its good if they sang it in duets…

    • 1.2 Saima

      I want that biyoshh to die a torturous death!! Am thirsting for blood…no less! Don’t have any more words for that mother effin [email protected] Bong-gu!! These two have wreaked havoc in the royal family’s lives! He’s conceited & megalomaniacal and loves playing with people’s emotions. I just wanna break his neck!! Who knew I had a sadistic streak in me. Apparently one needs these two cartoons to blow her lid off!

      Couldn’t agree more with you on LEE SEUNG-GI!! I believe I’ve used up all superlatives to describe his portrayal of Jae-ha!! Breakthrough role indeed!

    • 1.3 Rashell

      How awesome was mamma wailing on Bong Gu? Loved, loved,loved it!

      • 1.3.1 Saima

        A little laugh escaped me but then I was just cringing going, “Omoni, please be careful this guy’s off his rocker!!”

        • ilikemangos

          I couldn’t help but laugh at how although our villain is a threat to our characters, he’s also a crazy psycho we can’t take seriously.
          SO when our queen mother was hitting him in those CUTE small circular punches, i was just fist pumpin’ the air.

          • topper

            I was holding my breath instead. He can kill her off easily with a flick of his fingers. It was that easy.

          • bishbash

            i just cannot take him seriously.

            n kudos to queen mother! always love Yoon Yeo Jung loads.

          • babes

            @topper: I was holding my breathe too. Bong Gu’s psychotic. You never quite know what will push him over the edge. What if just pulled a gun and shot her in cold blood ala Tara?

          • rearwindow

            @topper: I was holding my breath also, while fistpumping the queen mother. I was holding my breath the whole episode, though.

            I LOVE that the side characters have their own complete arcs. Everyone is coming into their own in this drama, even the villain. They all challenge each other and grow. Jae-shin is becoming such a brave, engaged young woman. The queen mother is developing into a heroine in her own right (after wishing desperately to do whatever it takes to pacify Bong-gu and live in peace, she now has the fire in her to fight him–literally! LOL). Even though it kills me that Shi-kyung will have his innocence shattered with the knowledge of his father’s crimes, I am actually sort of looking forward to it dramatically in that I think it will give him a chance to step into his role as a true hero as well. A lot of people are protecting him like he’s this fragile thing, but I believe there’s a lot more strength in him than we’re seeing right now (even though he’s already super badass).

      • 1.3.2 giggleshohoho

        Fully agree. Love her in ep 12 scene with Seung Gi and even more here. Really gets to you such that you can feel her pain.

      • 1.3.3 Duncerblur

        I was totally cackling when she schooled him and threw her little fists at him while he looked on at her gobsmacked. Totally daebak!

        I can so imagine her convo with his mum if they had met in the afterlife/ “I met your son. What was up with giving birth to that? Let’s have tea & I’ll introduce you to what is worth giving birth to … Jae Kang!”

    • 1.4 Arhazivory

      I got goosebumps when I saw the preview of him yelling at Eun and I watched that scene twice. It was an awesome scene.

      • 1.4.1 minsun

        me too! just the preview alone made me decide I gotta watch that scene many, many times… great energy, and overwhelming emotions!

        • reglest

          And..how brilliant GF is to capture that pic among the moving scene?

          I’m so moved, just from that lone pic you can catch Jae Ha’s emotion, sad, angry, disappointment, betrayed, all of the emotion conveyed in one act. The scenes kill me by the overwhelming aura, but GF screencaps it is absolutely brilliant. Thanks again GF!

          PS: If you don’t get it, it’s pic#11 that I refer to (including top pic)

          • ilikemangos

            I know! i loved how she always includes the best screencaps and taken at just the right time.
            that’s why i was plentiful happy when she put the “You’re a traitor face!”

          • Jenlikeskettlecorn

            Yeah, ilikemangos, “You are a traitor!” face is quite possibly my favourite face right now (closely followed by Eun Shikyung’s trying-not-cry face).

    • 1.5 Osi

      I had goosebumps…

    • 1.6 Minea

      Yup. my goosebumps had goosebumps. this episode just about drained me dry.

      • 1.6.1 Joy

        “my goosebumps had goosebumps” I lol’ed. 🙂

        • leelee

          hahaha, me too!

    • 1.7 OldladyluvHJW

      Wow…actors who acted/ing with HJW always end up with outstanding prfrmance…how can it be…seung gi-ya daebak!

      • 1.7.1 Joy

        Not only that, the chemistry is on FIRE!

      • 1.7.2 Joy

        @OldladyluvHJW – I love your screen name. That how I feel about Ha Ji Won, too. She’s one of a kind.

      • 1.7.3 JIW_sobangnim

        I was thinking the same thing.
        Next target for any aspiring actor…. HA JI WON.

        LEE SEUNG GI
        Magnitude doesnt cover it. Too big a scale.

        How can one shout and look so nice? How can one’s acting mature so much? How can I fall for someone so hard?

        TK2H, Umm… I think you are the best drama. No doubts anymore. It’s just CURIOUS why Equator and Rooftop tops in ratings…. So curious.

        • bam

          me think so too. watched the other two dramas- either poor acting or poor script writing.(for me)

    • 1.8 hallyu-holiChic.ph

      yeah, LGS’ performance turned 360 degrees! (from his first drama to k2h) so. damn. good. from my more than a decade of watching korean drama, i can say, this ONE drama nailed me…really hard. i just can’t keep thinking about what’s gonna happen next. literally, can’t express it with words. that’s how GOOD k2h IS!

      • 1.8.1 Anonymous

        I’m on the same boat with you. I can predict most of the K-dramas but with TK2H I’m so lost! There are some ideas that keeps popping in my mind but I don’t like them so I keep thinking that we will have a DAEBAK ending just like the previous episodes ~ I still have faith in our writernim ~ they will not let us down…right? 😀

    • 1.9 minsun

      @ilikemangoes: can i ‘like’ your post??

    • 1.10 NewKDramaAddict

      I cannot even comment, I am so emotional raw! And guess what, King Bong Gu has no intention of letting them go. They know he kidnapped them. AHH, Ok, watching it again! 🙁

    • 1.11 rearwindow

      I think the queen momma giving Bong-gu the smackdown was maybe the highlight of this episode for me.

      Or the scene where Jae-ha rested his head on Hang-ah’s lap.

      Or maybe the scene where Shi-kyung sang for Jae-shin.

      Or maybe the scene where Jae-ha confronted Skunkretary (who I actually am developing the smallest modicum of respect for now that he’s begun to redeem himself).

      Or maybe Jae-ha’s confrontation with Bong-gu. Or maybe every scene in this episode, ever. Daebak. Total daebak. Gahhhh is it Wednesday yet?!

    • 1.12 Me2may

      …woh!! first time to comment (on any site and threads)!!! i was formerly a silent avid fan and simply enjoy your comments, which are a LOT here in this site compared to other sites i’ve been (didn’t even finished at least 10% of it) 🙂 i love the love being shown to K2H. I mean what’s with the ratings??? this should be the one on TOP!

      I started watching Rooftop Prince and K2H and I definitely can guarantee that this is the better one because it has more depth compared to RP.

      Great, great episode, made me cry again!

  2. muhloy

    I have already watched Shi Kyung singing that little bit of song over and over and over already.

    man i am hopelessly in love with this character!

    • 2.1 Tk2hfan

      hahaha your not the only one..!

      “here” is one too, just too good “sighs”

  3. Vicky

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  4. Osi

    Thank you for the recap GF.
    Oh no, how frustrated and scared our King is. Being a King was never in his dream and he just wanted to live easy and peaceful. He is now a King and his beloved women are now in danger. What will he do? If he chooses to save his loved ones, he has to abdicate his throne and sacrifice the country and the citizens. If he saves the country, he has to sacrifice his loved ones. Ottokae? Please be strong your highness. You are a strong and smart King. There must be a way. Let me hug you. No, let all hearties hug you, Your Royal Highness.
    PS. Lee Seung Gi, why SO GREAT?

    • 4.1 ilikemangos

      *Gathers to Hug our king who is doubting himself*

      • 4.1.1 AnnMichelle

        Count me in…sobs…

        • crazyahjummafan

          Me three! I’m an oma too!

          • Arhazivory

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          • spjork


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          • tk2h

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        One can dream….

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    • 4.2 windmill

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      Uljima Jae Ha 🙁

    • 4.3 giggleshohoho

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    • 4.5 ~LaLaLa~

      what number am I? watever..im in!!

    • 4.6 rearwindow

      I’m really hoping that Hang-ah and the queen momma will step in and help save the day. Jae-ha needs his people, after all! How fitting would it be that they step it up with some badass plan?

      Although I do hope for a final show-down between him and Bong-gu, City Hunter style.

      • 4.6.1 rearwindow

        Addendum: WITHOUT anyone except Bong-gu and Bon Bon getting shot. And maybe weasel minion-y dude.

        Is that too much to ask? Probably, but I’ll ask it anyway :).

        • Osi

          No, no, that’s not too much.^^

          Yes, with her glare in the end of ep 16, I think HA has a plan. But ep 17 preview makes me nervous. What’s with JH’s ‘hang ah ya, hang ah ya’ while looking at the computer (?) screen?
          Now the 2 hearts in the title works here. Which one should JH choose, his loved ones, or his country? And it’s at the time when he’s so not confidence, hopeless, and want to give in.

          • babes

            *But ep 17 preview makes me nervous. What’s with JH’s ‘hang ah ya, hang ah ya’ while looking at the computer (?) screen?*

            It’s making me very very nervous. Must prepare ourselves for a wild ride for the rest of the drama. I don’t think the writers are gonna let up the pace and tension.

            Deep breaths, everyone: Breathe in , breathe out; breathe in, breathe out,…

  5. swye

    Thanks for the recap! Damn, this was one heck of a gripping episode.

    • 5.1 swye

      How do I wait one whole week? Even the preview for next week is so nerve-racking.

      This has become my crack drama of the season. This and Queen In Hyun’s Man. Both dramas are so smart and well executed and bad-ass all around. love it.

      • 5.1.1 Joy

        So agree! Love TK2H and QIHM.

        • yoga girl

          agreed, these are the only two shows that keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen.cant wait for next week.

  6. Arhazivory

    I’m weak.

    *goes to watch raw and read recap*

    Thanks GF

    • 6.1 swye

      viki has it subbed. ~85%

      • 6.1.1 Arhazivory

        Thanks for the tip, but I don’t like streaming.

        The episode was so emotional and epic. How can this show be this awesome?

        • S

          Totally agree!! SO EPIC. I don’t even believe this is only a drama. DRA-MA. Not a movie!! Seriously. This show is AMAZING !

  7. leyzlie

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    this ep, really freaks me out.. so much emotions let go with this episode..

    LSG is loved!
    –actors and staffs are amazing..

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    Omg! Thank you for updating so quick! I just read it…it’s so sad! Rawrrrr! But it seems like a freaking good episode!

  10. 10 reglest

    By this episode..and Seung Gi got mad offer(s) to act in movie(s) left and right
    *off to read* Thank you GF!!

  11. 11 stars4u

    My heart tore along with Jae Ha’s!!!
    His pain in this episode is all visible in his eyes…

    And I must say Seung-gi has grown as an actor in this series or is it just the character?

    My heart breaks every time Jae Ha cries!

    • 11.1 Jia Min

      Me too T.T
      I am crying all over again as I read this recap…

      My heart feels sooo cramped… and exhausted…

      JaeHa FIGHTING!!!
      Luv u very much~
      SK and JS, please help him in anyway you can!
      And HangAh and queen mother must be safe!

  12. 12 Saima

    Since when did being emotionally spent and one’s heart being ripped from her chest and thereafter being stomped on thoroughly feel THIS good — when the acting moves one to tears and after a crying jag one feels refreshed – it was almost a cathartic experience!! I was dumbstruck after watching the raw and I just finished watching it subbed! My reaction still stands the same: this episode rendered me speechless and I can’t even articulate how mind-blowing & spectacular this episode was.

    It was so upsetting seeing Jae-ha unravel in this episode. From him resting in Hang-ah’s lap holding onto her hand in a fetal position to his “Andwe omma!! Hang-ah yaaa!!” —> I thought to myself that this would be the end of the misery but then watching him breakdown and Shi-Kyung’s eyes welling up with tears in response…I went, “Not you too! I cannot handle this.” I thought to myself….the both of you hug please to reassure us!! All of us are in a dire need of hugs to make it all go away!!

    Unimaginably Wonderful!

    • 12.1 maeye86

      yeah, i wanted shi kyung to give him the hug. he really needs one at time like this!

      • 12.1.1 Saima

        While I wanted him to hug JH I wondered if he’d actually do it since rash & impromptu decision-making programming is not installed in our Bot!!

        • maeye86

          aigooo, someone who’s good with programming palli change his coding!

    • 12.2 Arhazivory

      My eyes are still teary. I don’t know when they will recover from seeing such raw emotions coming through my laptop screen. My heart and my nerves were tangled up in this episode.

      • 12.2.1 Saima

        aww, here’re some cyber-hugs!! <3

        After watching the raw episode I listened to track# 8 (The King's Love and Emotion) on the OST and cried my heart out!! It's so befitting to this episode. The crying jag session was much needed and quite a cathartic experience!!

        • Arhazivory

          Now I’m listening to it too. *sniffles* This drama…how does it do this to us? I’m pretty sure that once its over I’m going to start right back from ep 1 and run a marathon.

          For anyone who’s interested, the OST is available for preorder on yesasia.com (release date is March 24th). ^^ I’m definitely going to get a copy because the music in this drama is too beautiful.

          • Saima

            “This drama…how does it do this to us?”

            Exactly the same question I posed to myself. Whenever I’ve watched the classic dramas I’ve wondered how did the viewers at the time feel watching it live. I believe I can say the same for all of us; being so emotionally invested in an excellent drama that’s been atypical since it’s inception and filled with roller-coaster rides…it feels special to be a part of this ride!

          • reglest

            Exactly…what this drama has done to us? We are crying because of it and we think a lot of it? How can a drama make us invested so much emotion and feeling…make us living in its portrayal

            I’ll miss this drama so much after two weeks huks.
            yea, the music is so pignant beautiful, it conveyed the right emotion for each scenes…

          • giggleshohoho

            Haha….while waiting for Wed to come, I ran a marathon fr ep 1-12 last weekend…guess I will do it again this weekend…

          • babes

            “This drama…how does it do this to us?”

            Yes. After episode 6 & 12, my kids caught me grinning foolishly to myself throughout the week. Are they gonna catch red-eyed this week? *sob, sob*

            Please don’t die! Nobody dies!

          • babes

            ok…except the baddies!

          • maeye86

            will definitely get a copy of that! i’ve said this all over the blog and forum, the person who responsible in choosing and putting on the music score is genius!!

            i’ve been listening to the instrumental all day at work at i cant stop giggling (hang ah& jae ha romantic song), smiling at jae shin n shi kyung instrumental song, and adrenaline rush at any upbeat song. oh oh, also that cheeky song when jae ha is up to do something.

            ah, k2h, u’re just tooo perfect! great acting, great cast, great story line, great villain (gotta give credit when credit is due), great wardrobe, aaaahh, everything is puuuuurrffeccttooo!!

          • waiting

            Thanks for letting us know about the soundtrack. Does anyone have any idea when K2H will be available in a boxed set?

            Also, still waiting for History of the Salaryman to be released, after enjoying the stellar recaps here. Wish the wait wasn’t so long btw broadcast date and boxed-set date.

    • 12.3 rbee

      IKR. I was wondering where JS was. Seemed like she should have been in there with her brother. She had to have been beside herself. Then Earnest Bot could have been doling out hugs to both of them. Or heck, just make it a big group hug. *stares off into space imagining* There, I feel the tiniest bit better.

      Ahhh…King 2 hearts. With this episode it hits me. Clearly, here is our dear King’s two hearts laid out plain and simple. Two choices. Either one guarantees heart breakage. Ugh. Let’s hope the writers have a clear and kick-ass 3rd alternative.

    • 12.4 Minea

      I still haven’t recovered. *sniff* I listened to that track too and the floodgates are open again. This episode sets the bar so high. Gah.

      Brilliant acting by everyone. I still can’t wrap my head around on how good this episode is. Lee Seung Gi, no one can be Jae Ha but you.

      • 12.4.1 babes

        *This episode sets the bar so high.*

        Notice how often we say this for this drama?

      • 12.4.2 ilikemangos

        I swear to god this drama knows exactly when to insert the right soundtracks at the right time.
        Gets ya good in the gut. *tear

    • 12.5 rearwindow

      “Cathartic” is the perfect way to describe this episode. I haven’t been this emotionally invested in a show for a LONG time. It’s painful, but almost in a refreshing way…? Because it’s so well done, maybe? There’s just something satisfying about seeing a work of art nail it on so many levels. And having characters that we can truly root for and care about, through thick and thin.

  13. 13 IsItWednesdayYet?

    WOW that was one painful episode,

    I can’t believe the writers actually went that far!

    What’s going to happen next? How is Hang-ah and Queen Mother going to be saved?

    • 13.1 NewKDramaAddict

      “What’s going to happen next? How is Hang-ah and Queen Mother going to be saved?” I am asking the same question! I cannot even imagine how this will be resolved! My comments have been brief because I just get upset thinking about this episode! Boy, the dramas for this time slot are competing heavily for the top slot!! All of them!!

  14. 14 shl

    Thank you, GirlFriday!

    I watched this last night with weird English subtitles on IonAir, and I was just sucked into the tension of the whole episode even though I didn’t fully understand the dialogue. I’m so glad for this episode, even though I know the previous WOC moments were necessary. Lots of great moments, and great acting here, as we head into the final dramatic arc.

    The writer’s portrayal of Jae-ha, and his words in this episode, are spot on – he’s been doing ok so far out of pride. He’s the next in line after hyung, he’s got to be King cos it’s required of him, and he’s managed to pull it together. But now Bong-gu hits him at his very weakest spot – he never wanted to be king in the first place. Why would he want to be, especially when the lives of those he loves are on the line?

    (Actually, this is a question I’d like to ask anyone who lives in a country with a constitutional monarchy – apart from sentimental reasons, why would you still want the royal family? I’m not dissing the royal family/ families in any way; I’d just like to know if you actually value them?)

    I suppose Bong-gu’s asking Jae-ha to abdicate stems not only from his desire to take Jae-ha down, but also from his hatred of his own country – since the royal family symbolises the country, destroying them means he’s showing he has the power to make, or break, the country as well.

    Shi-kyung . . . I can understand what he says, that Jae-shin is merely toying with him and will get tired of him in due time. After all, she’s spent all this time bemoaning that he’s no fun. I guess he can’t quite believe that she’d fall for him, just as he’s fallen for her.

    And how much do I love Queen Mom?

    Whooo, now to wait for the final 4 episodes! Also hoping that this drama doesn’t go into mad live-shoot mode, because the quality has been pretty good so far and it doesn’t deserve a poor ending!

    • 14.1 anonymous1

      honestly, in the country i live in, the constituitional monarchy is pretty much useless. they are controlled by political parties. so yeah, we dont really value them cos we dont see them doing anything. they dont even have a say in politics. it’s like they’re getting the people’s taxes for nothing. :S

      • 14.1.1 maeye86

        + 1

        • Okasan

          but ..but…I like having prince and princesses….and kings and queens…and who knows?? one day one of them may be as hot as LSG…..hehehe (totally bimbo comment I know, sorry)

          • ilikemangos

            they need to make more constitutional monarchy dramas involving king/queens/princes/princesses.
            just my cup of tea. royalty done the right way is such beauty.

  15. 15 NN

    LSG – how much your acting has improved since Brilliant Inheritance! This episode is epic and ends on a real cliffhanger – can’t wait for next week! Just wished producers had spent more budget to get decent foreign actors …. Always reminds me of the type of acting we see in school plays when any one of them comes on …

    • 15.1 NN

      GF – thanks for your recap. You and JB always do the best recaps, you add so much enjoyment to the dramas and provide added perspective and insight.

  16. 16 eeeee

    this episode was amazing. held my breath the whole time. thanks for the great recap

    • 16.1 Jia Min

      Yeah… I was gasping for air when the episode ended… didn’t realise I was holding my breath throughout…

  17. 17 Brenda

    Wow. This episode was really Lee Seung-Gi’s time to shine. He broke my heart so many times throughout one episode I thought I ran out of tears.
    The two scenes between Jae-Ha and Hang-Ah really just about ripped my heart out.
    This episode was literally emotion overdose for our dear King since he lost three people in the course of one episode.

    I love love love Hang-Ah and Jae-Ha’s relationship. It’s so full of understanding and love. It’s that rare true love that’s based on respect and trust and even though they went through a ton of obstacles they are still one. . . unfortunately their biggest obstacle is still alive.

  18. 18 Yumi

    Thank you.

    “And then she HITS HIM, with her tiny mom fists.”

    there are no weapons more painful.

    • 18.1 ilikemangos


      An epic moment.
      me : YOU GO MA.

      so proud.

    • 18.2 topper

      It did not pain Bong Gu. It pained me to see Queen Mother put to such a vulnerable state. You can see the fear, the struggle to maintain dignity, and the anger. Such a great veteran actress.

      • 18.2.1 Shapi

        Yes. You can trust her to always deliver for all the roles she undertakes!

      • 18.2.2 Lhej

        It hurt BG emotionally seeing a fragile mom’s unconditional love for her children. A kind of mom he never had!

      • 18.2.3 Duncerblur

        Even when everyone was doubting the Queen Mum, I knew she had enough moxie to weather whatever crap John Mayo would dish out. They under-estimated the power of the Angry Mummy.

        I love this actress. And it was so obvious they used a decoy in the Bon Bon hair-dressing sham. The hair texture wasn’t even the same, for goodness sake.

    • 18.3 Arhazivory

      I was a little worried that he’d hit her but thankfully he didn’t. He seemed in awe of her. She beautifully displayed the strength of a mother.

      • 18.3.1 minsun

        Yes queen mother was so awesome! Her ‘mother’ approach to Bong Gu was more powerful than anything. And reading gf’s recap of how she counted down all that Bong Gu had taken from her ‘Jae Kang…Queen…our Jae Shin’s legs…our Hang ah’s baby…” I was overwhelmed by emotions.

    • 18.4 A-M

      That by far is my favorite line from this recap.

  19. 19 lovecityhall

    Great great show! LSG is such an excellent actor! I can feel my heart breaking along with him. He has improved by leaps n bounds. He deserves a best actor award for his stellar acting. LSG is the best!

    • 19.1 crazyahjummafan

      I second that! Saw the episode raw, don’t understand Korean, yet cried my eyes out because of the wonderful acting!

    • 19.2 Osi

      Check this out.


      Is there any chance we will see seung gi on movie soon?

      • 19.2.1 yellow buttercup

        he deserves that chance, really

      • 19.2.2 reglest

        But Hook said (I usually call her tante kait or tante rempong by the way, you know why ;)) Seung gi will focusing in his singing career, so the chance is low. Still, I’d love to see him

      • 19.2.3 ilikemangos

        I think the fact that seung gi is such a hard worker, works well with others, makes the atmosphere lighter, AND delivers on all grounds is just what makes it all more satisfying.
        The boy needs to have more recognition after seeing K2H

        • Joy

          I do wish him the best! He seems like an honest and well rounded human being.

    • 19.3 toy

      He does deserve the best actor award! I just hope the station’s end of the year awards particularly the daesang will be based on merit and not on the drama’s ratings.

      • 19.3.1 diamonds

        oh really you mentioned about something in my head that i want to shout out loud while i saw this episode.

        and if anybody doubt about his acting skill i will smash their face with this episode of TK2H

        • rearwindow

          “and if anybody doubt about his acting skill i will smash their face with this episode of TK2H”

          I seriously LOL’d at this. So funny, and so true.

  20. 20 Rashell

    This episode was DAEBAK! I think that pretty much every moment was gripping and it felt like the emotion just kept building until finally the poor King just couldn’t deal.

    Sueng Gi was fabulous. His emotions were right out there from the first moment with Cruella, to that sweetest scene with Hang Ah where he lay on her lap just trying to fold himself into her, to his confrontation with Bong Gu, his terrifying dream, and finally his breakdown with Shi Kyung. Soooo Gooood!

    I agree that the bromance was the heart of this episode. Jea Ha agreed to keep Cruella’s secret, I believe, soley to keep his friend’s belief in his world intact, and because of that earnest belief Shi Kyung won’t believe that Jae Ha is so shallow. It’s wonderful to see these two men have such a bond. Jae Ha could only stand in this episode because he had Shi Kyung at his back.

    And the scenes with Shi Kyung and the princess were so sweet. He’s really just the sweetest, most earnest, adorable man. He truly doesn’t see his own value. Love him!

    Can’t wait to see what Hang Ah has up her sleeve. No way is our kick-ass Hang Ah going to give in to the baddies. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

    • 20.1 NN

      @ Rashell – I agree with your reading that: “Jae Ha agreed to keep Cruella’s secret, I believe, soley to keep his friend’s belief in his world intact, and because of that earnest belief Shi Kyung won’t believe that Jae Ha is so shallow. “

  21. 21 april

    Thanks GF..
    K2H really Daebak…Can’t wait for the next episode..

  22. 22 fangirl98

    I’m still trying to cope with this episode. I can hardly believe the stakes are this high and there are only a couple episodes to go!!!

    This episode played on ALL my emotions – and Jae Ha’s. It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve been this invested in a drama. And I couldn’t be happier! 😀

    *on another note – hey fellow drama-fans: does anyone know where I can buy a K2H poster? (Yes, I love this show that much!) <3<3<3<3

  23. 23 topper

    This episode is the dope. Such a roller coaster ride the writer is giving us, exhilarating. Why did they make this the even number episode, to kill us all with withdrawal until next week?

    Bong Gu is turning up just like the tyrant regime he symbolizes, or maybe in a much smaller scale like the playground bully. Do you stand up to him even though he is bigger and nastier? Well you can, just like Jae Ha did, you can taunt him and show you got guts. But are you able to face the consequences after all that hero posturing when he can hurt you in a place where you can never recover from?

    • 23.1 topper

      And one thing I must add, Ha Ji Won has the greatest legs as lap pillow ever on screen. Not skins and bones like most k actresses. And Lee Seung Gi in his fetal position exhibiting that kind of vulnerability, gobsmack.

      • 23.1.1 ilikemangos

        OMG i was hoping someone would also echo the same thoughts i had and bring it up LOL.
        Seriously, i know i was supposed to be fully invested emotionally, but i couldn’t help but wonder what seung gi must be thinking to be able to lay on those SEXY FINE asss leggs. honestly though, those legs had a glowing complexion that blinded me. And Ji won is just fit because of all those action roles she took on.
        But yes, seung gi getting comfortable in fetal position like a kid in a mother’s embrace.
        I just about died.
        Their skinship level is like x30584085overload.

        • NN

          @ ilikemangos – I was similarly distracted, wondering what Seung Gi was thinking as he laid there …

          • topper

            “Can we like do this scene a thousand times?”

          • Saima

            NOT complaining, I tell you! =)

          • Duncerblur

            LSG: Say lines … hmm, smooth … say lines … feels good … say lines …

          • rearwindow

            LOL! Seriously!!

        • Arhazivory

          I was also distracted and actually said out loud ‘I’m so jealous’. Not of Seung Gi….I’m jealous of Ha Ji Won for getting to have Seung Gi in her lap. I’ve always loved her but in that moment thanks to the green-eyed monster, I almost hated her.

          But aside from the minor distraction it was a great scene where the king was completely vulnerable and needed the shelter of his queen.

        • maria

          “Their skinship level is like x30584085overload.”

          LOL. you know, maybe it’s just me but i really feel that this is HJW’s most comfortable role that she has with her leading man. most times it just feels like the real deal especially that dream sequence part. sigh, i’m just fan girling. 🙂

          • Saima

            Don’t even get me started on the dream sequence. I was a wreck….sobbing so hard!! The expression on JH’s face when he spots HA in the room, his eyes well up with tears when they embrace, and the look of brief relief to see that she’s here, confusion on listening to her cryptic talk, and the look of a lost boy when she leaves (ooof!!) just got me in the gut and then some!!

            Seung-gi nailed every instant of the emotions that built on one after the other!!

          • ilikemangos

            ha ji won did mention that seung gi out of all her costars is the most in-tune in terms of acting. He works well with her, she believes it’s most comfortable, and it shows through their unison in this show.

            lubb. hearts.

          • Arhazivory

            I don’t care how much older she is. She’s perfect for uri Seung Gi.

            Please get married!!!

          • lena

            Yep, these two are just so right for each other. I can’t believe I’m shipping them but what the heck, get married and make gorgeous babies already! 😉

          • rouby

            I agree with u,,, lol,,,
            I love every comment about ah-ha couple,,,,

          • babes

            *i really feel that this is HJW’s most comfortable role that she has with her leading man. most times it just feels like the real deal especially that dream sequence part.*

            That makes two of us, maria. I know it’s crazy given their age gap though it’s hardly discernable. This is my 4th HJW drama and I feel their chemistry truly surpasses her previous pairings. I’m not sure if it’s their great acting or their love story but it just feels so real. From their bickering to their sweetest touches/hugs/looks and, of course, kisses, their love for each other oozes out of their every pore.

            Used to wish HJW & HB would hook up too. But now, I can’t get this couple out of my mind.

            @Saima: thanks for putting my thoughts into words.

          • minsun

            Saima you are so right. and omg when i was watching the dream sequence raw i was like simultaneously thinking “no, no, no, not a dream sequence too cruel to jae ha!”, “*cries* nooo don’t die, don’t talk like you are going to die”, “Seung gi ya don’t cry like that”, “OMG i have to watch this again is there a replay button? dang it’s live”…

      • 23.1.2 Saima

        I read somewhere that she contributes her youthful appearance to regular workouts! In addition to being awesome (in other facets) her healthy appearance is what most of us connect with as well. I just find her to be relatable & endearing! What’s not to love about her!

      • 23.1.3 Raine

        Guess I’m not the only one to think that hehe 😛 I want to lie on her legs too~

        • em

          How about her back and arms showing off in that simple and elegant white gown?

          • Joy

            I call it HJW’s SEXY back, he he he.

          • Osi

            Oh, her back and arms make me jealous.
            Anyone notice seung gi’s back? Before the lap pillow scene, the camera shoot JH and HA from the back. Ooooh, THAT back is so broad and looks tough and sexy.
            So both Jiwon and Seung gi have backs to die for!^^

          • Jia Min

            Yeah… Seung Gi’s back makes me drool~

            There was once during “1night 2 days” that the crew secretly shot his nude back and WOW!!!

          • babes

            heehee…looks like I wasn’t the only one who noticed how his shirt stretched across his back!

            *fan self* ahem…how unbecoming of a married woman!

          • Osi

            @ Jia Min
            I so remember that scene from 1n2d.

          • Osi

            @ babes
            I think his shirt was gonna be ripped off. lol

          • ilikemangos


            I AM HULK.

            But much more handsome, of course.

          • babes

            Another first for me: downloading pics of tk2h & LSG onto my iphone and samsung galaxy tablet and using them as wallpaper everywhere.

            Pic of HA in white gown showing off amazing back, super toned yet not muscular arms and tiny waist is gonna be my motivation for getting off my butt and hitting the gym more regularly.

            Don’t laugh.

          • Osi

            Sorry babes, I laughed before I read the ‘don’t laugh’ warning.
            I’m not laughing now, I swear.^^

          • babes

            @Osi: “You know I hold grudges, right?” *wink*

        • topper

          Madame Tussauds should take note. Make a wax figurine of Kim Hang Ah offering lap pillows. I’ll fly there for it.

          • yellow buttercup

            LOL. you’re too funny!

          • em

            After the buckets of tears I’ve shed ,I’m hilariously laughing at your coment. Thank you

          • Duncerblur

            Hahaha! And I can imagine you re-enacting the scene too. ROFL.

          • rearwindow

            You guys seriously have me cracking up. Love this thread.

      • 23.1.4 kumon

        I agree. Ji Won has amazing legs! xDD Honestly, I can’t emotionally invest myself in that scene because of her legs, ooh pervert me xDD

        • Raine

          lol you’re not the only pervert! I was staring at her legs too, so shiny XD!

      • 23.1.5 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

        Totally agree! She is beautifully shaped! Never understand people’s fascination with rail thin women! HJW is perfectly proportioned! I aspire to be like her, size 0 holds no fascination to me!

  24. 24 ravens_nest

    Lee Seung Gi is on FIRE!!! (The whole cast really but Seung Gi was the one that worried me the most before the Drama began.)

    I take back everything I ever said about this being another of his “spoiled rich douchebag” type-castings. The bare bones may be the same as his previous roles but the Lee Jae Ha character is so much more multifaceted and Seung Gi’s performance is so much more nuanced.

    I am truly looking forward to his future as an actor.

    • 24.1 ilikemangos

      “Lee Jae Ha character is so much more multifaceted and Seung Gi’s performance is so much more nuanced. ”

      Indeed. Reading the synopsis one may think, ‘oh, typical arrogant/immature guy turns good’
      But i feel like there is so much more to Jae Ha that adds layers of depth to him.
      His determination to protect everyone he loves, to believe in his people, to trust in those he loves, to use one’s flaws against them.. the list goes on, but it’s just excellent.
      All the characters and the relationships they have with another is constructed so beautifully by the writers. I think that’s one of the writers strong points.

      • 24.1.1 yellow buttercup

        couldnt agree with you more. every change in this drama doesnt happen in one night. I mean there’s a whole big process here. and that process is wonderfully written. i luv you, writers. and of course, the actors who portrays their characters. daebak.

    • 24.2 AnnMichelle

      @ravens_nest, @ilikemangos,

      Couldn’t agree more with what you said.

      This show almost never misses when it comes to character development.

      When Hang Ah saw how exhausted Jae Ha was (physically and emotionally, by the betrayal) she suggested him to rest (sleep). And you can see Jae Ha perked up right there and then. I was all smiles thinking yes, that’s our Jae Ha alright.

      The script did not turn him into someone who is not him, simply because great responsibility and privileges befall him. He’s trying his best. But we are shown he is really at the bottom of the pit now. This is cruel, and brave. And in a strange way, very inspiring. I found myself chanting: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, …it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…

      • 24.2.1 rearwindow

        Yes, yes, yes. The character development on this show is out of this world. I say this over and over again, but the characters are just so REAL. Like the moment you described, with Jae-ha perking up when Hang-ah offered her lap in spite of the shitstorm that was going down. So very Jae-ha. Similarly, I loved that Hang-ah didn’t just play the part of silent, supportive wife. She brought up the topic of forgiving (or at least making an effort to understand) Secretary Eun’s actions, continuing to challenge Jae-ha to be a responsible, well-rounded leader. But she backed off immediately when she realized that what Jae-ha really needed was love and support.

        And the queen mother’s reaction to the kidnapping, the fact that she was understandably terrified and didn’t come around to standing up for herself until Bong-gu raised her motherly ire. And Shi-kyung’s concern over being nothing more than a toy to Jae-shin–completely understandable, given his earnestness and the insecurity that has been (largely) hammered into him by his father.

        None of the drama in the relationships feels manufactured in any way. This is why I don’t really care when we get a plot element or two that is a bit of a logical stretch, because the characters carry us through and the relationships are so rich and three-dimensional.

      • 24.2.2 rearwindow

        One more thing: I LOVE that we got to see Jae-ha’s vulnerability in this episode. He’s had the upperhand in most of his interactions with Bong-gu up to this point (in spite of all Bong-gu’s bluster and machinations), and it really hammered home the stakes of this “war” to see our precious king so at a loss. It ripped my heart out, but at the same time I couldn’t help but fall in love with the writer(s) for having the guts to take us there. So brilliant.

        • AnnMichelle

          Agreed with all you’ve said.

          The best drama brings out the best viewers and best comments. Really amazing!

          Oh, the writing of the queen mom facing off BG, again, no praise is enough. Did you see her initially flinch when BG came near? And then as BG whined on and on, she just got angrier and angrier. I adore this woman and this actress.

          • rearwindow

            Yes, the queen mother is SO GOOD (both in terms of writing and acting).

    • 24.3 maria

      i’m normally reserved and try not to get ahead but you know if he keeps this up and this will probably be a long shot but he already is a chameleon to me with trying all the different aspects of the entertainment business…..

      but somehow i can see him if he decides to focus more on acting and find himself some different , meaty even small roles and really hone his acting skills i think he can be one of the best out there and might end up like ha ji won in the future.

      he’s young and from here on after this drama the sky’s the limit for our seung gi.

      don’t prove me wrong. fighting!!! lol

      • 24.3.1 ilikemangos

        now, i want to see him in alot more dramas in the future.
        I swear, this show might not have been successful in terms of ratings, but i swear to god it’s a success in terms of winning my heart.
        Just for everything you bring to this drama.
        Honestly i don’t think any of the other actors that they were thinking about casting would have been able to exhibit the same feelings as seung gi.
        Perhaps we say that alot of times because we get used to the actors/actresses but i can’t imagine jo in sung as jae ha, as much as i liked him in bali.

        • maria

          Jo In Sung has just been obliterated from my mind since episode 1.

          but nothing can take away that ending of WHIB. both the desperate look on HJW and JIS face at the last moments of their sudden realizations just killed me. perhaps, the only thing about that drama was that there wasn’t too many hjw/jis moments but more on jo si jub and even then that chemistry was something.
          but just the mere absence between hjw and jis and jis longing for hjw and when you finally put them together in every scene the chemistry was explosive!! man, i still remember it like yesterday. that drama was a masterpiece on its own.

          THEN OUR PUPPY CAME ALONG! BAM and just like that our seung gi has seriously leveled JIS.

          do you guys think LSG and HJW will have many CFs together after this??
          SHIT! when that happens i’ll be like ….. 🙂

          • JBB

            They can sell fridges together 😀

          • maria

            or do a skin care product. shit!!! i think i’ll end up buying one. bwahahahah!!

          • babes

            I loved WHIB too but somehow I didn’t quite buy how JIS fell in love with HJW in that drama even though I watched it 3 times to try to catch it. I did get that he loved her very very much halfway through the drama but the writing of the process was a bit weak, I thought. I could understand better how JSJ fell for her. How I wished there were fellow dramabeannies to fill in the gaps then too!

            With tk2h, I totally buy their love story and the depth of their love for e/o.

          • minsun

            oh JBB and maria FANTASTIC CF ideas!!! I LOLed.

          • maeye86

            i’ve already bought H2O+ product. talking about the victim of product placement. LOL!

          • ilikemangos

            LOL @ JBB and Maria —

            i’ll definitely buy whatever they sell.
            cause i’ll think about their hot make out session everytime i open it.
            AND i want to use products that says “i miss you, “i’m sorry,” and “i love you.”
            If these were actually manufactured they would sell out in a day. LOL

          • ria

            I bought Galaxy Note because of this drama and proudly showed the orange cover (same with HA used in the drama) *yup it affects me so much* by the time HA got back in the Palace and use the phone with pink cover..I yelled ‘I want to wear pink too!!’…

      • 24.3.2 Saima

        One thing that gets to me is how hard he works esp at his acting. I remember reading that during his BL days he’d memorize his co-star’s lines to help him perform better. How endearing is that!!

        One thing that is key in performing arts is to keep improving. He did it with MGIAG and hells to the yeahh with TK2H!! The best thing is that NOBODY expected him to be THIS good. I’m pretty sure he must have ‘the cat that ate the canary’ look and deservedly so.

        I read today that he’s being FLOODED with movie roles esp after TK2H!! Couldn’t be happier for him!

    • 24.4 reglest

      The bare bones may be the same as his previous roles but the Lee Jae Ha character is so much more multifaceted and Seung Gi’s performance is so much more nuanced.
      Can’t agree more. This role is much more meaty than Hwan in BL or DAewoong in MGIG and he shows a lot of nuance since start, his eyes play emotion well, I can’t even think him as dearest seunggi, but just Lee Jae Ha the jerk.

      but that’s heartbroken scene which blow me away, which make me invested my emotion and feeling towards him. Seung Gi you nailed this role MUCH!

  25. 25 Joy

    Thank you, GF!

  26. 26 JenJen

    love earnest bot <3 and Jaeha's desperation got me right where it counts

  27. 27 yellow buttercup

    oh too much tears! I feel this sudden urge to give them hugs!! Shi Kyung, Jae Ha, Omma, Jae Shin… omigod, seeing JH lies on HA’s lap and take her hand and hold it so tightly, desperate for some comfort and protection…. come to mama, boy, i’ll give you a hug!

    and Omma…facing lunatic Bonggu with an Omma-ness courage… god, it’s too much for me to bear. seriously, Bonggu is the first lunatic villain in k-dramaland that freaks me out the most!

    okay enough for now. be back later 😀

  28. 28 Jo

    This episode is daebak. Man I wish I did not watch it live. This is the last time I am going to watch kdrama live. The ending was such a massive cliffhanger, I was like NO, I have to wait ONE MORE WEEK. I think I am going crazy! I have become Bong gu (minus his psychotic nature, crazy magic tricks and probably billions or trillions of maybe US dollars in some swiss bank acount) in being obessed with King Jae Hae. I think I am having a heart attack. This is more stressful and nervewrecking than doing any exams!

    Great acting from Lee Seung Gi. I must admit at first I did not find you super attractive but your charming personailty and talents have won my heart. You are not strikingly handsome compared to Daniel Henney who is like chilli hot but this type of hotness can only be taken in smalL doses as to much spice make you have massive craving for something subtle and gentle e.g water. Your warm personality, cheeky Mona Lisa smile and gentle eyes reflects your vivacious soul. At the end, your like a good old classic novel, appears boring at first and you are like I should be reading Twirlight but each page you turn, you are more drawn into the novel and at the end of the day, you’re like what a brilliant novel. This is the type of handsome charm you possess-slowly beguiling the viewers heart!

    Love Ha Ji Won. She is one of my favourite female actress. She is so cool and all I have for is admiration. I believe she is one of the people who is fortunate enough to do something she is passionate about. You can tell she takes acting seriously and is not some pretty face who is using her looks to ‘milk some money’ out of it. Once again her charms is a bit like Lee Seung Gi. I did not find her strikingly beautiful at first like Kim Tae Hww but the more I watch her dramas such as Damo and Hwan Jing Yi, I realise that this woman is not only beautiful but bright. A true classic star.

    So in the end, I hope it would be a happy ending-full of love and affections. My god so long until I have to wait for a week to watch this drama.

    • 28.1 ilikemangos

      “You are not strikingly handsome compared to Daniel Henney who is like chilli hot but this type of hotness can only be taken in smalL doses as to much spice make you have massive craving for something subtle and gentle e.g water.”

      LOL. indeed.

      Ha ji won is also my favorite actress, because she’s such a wonderful role model, chameleon in her roles, and has certain class that cannot be replicated.
      Seriously, she’s a beautiful lady. She is definitely passionate about her work and you can tell in her busy work schedule. She enjoys life and brings the best out of her costars.

    • 28.2 NN

      @ Jo: your comments about LSG echo my thoughts! Agree with you about HJW as well – her acting is always very genuine.

    • 28.3 crazyahjummafan

      You took the words right out of my mouth about LSG. That’s how I feel about him. Was not too enamoured with him initially when I first saw him in 1N2D, but his smile and gentle demeanour and boyish charm soon won me over. He is the ONLY celebrity I’ve EVER fanned over!

      • 28.3.1 Jia Min

        Me too~
        My “fangirling” for Seung Gi oppa just gets worse and worse~ 🙂

      • 28.3.2 reglest

        Add me in the list,
        Previously I even ‘despise’ fangirl activity, but Seung Gi make me into fangirl….

        • yellow buttercup

          “Previously I even ‘despise’ fangirl activity, but Seung Gi make me into fangirl…”

          *cough* same here *and I’m so typing this secretly*

        • Minea

          Ah. Same here. I never thought I’d be a fangirl. And *covertly looks around* Seung Gi makes me want to be a stalker.

          • babes

            LOL! Care for some company?

        • alexis

          Count me in. LOL. Especially after 1 Night 2 Days. His smile is so endearing 😀

        • ilikemangos

          LOL oh you guys are hilarious.
          I’m not usually fan-girl type.. but i will do one of those ‘stalk all the news related to our hero’ type of things while obsessed with their dramas.
          Yes.. seung gi will always remain one of my favorites.

    • 28.4 babes

      I was given BL by my mom who caught some episodes while on holiday in HK. I’d NEVER watched korean dramas before that and almost didn’t watch it. Couldn’t bring myself to watch it cos I thought the leads weren’t good-looking enough.

      *slinking away in shame now.*

      First saw HJW in Sega and didn’t think she was very pretty too except for two scenes – when HB fell for her and the first time he went to see her at the Action School. Watched it mainly for HB. Later, saw a video of her doing a GUESS ad – wow! blew my mind! Thought she was GOR-GE-OUS!

      After watching her other dramas, she’s truly impressed me with her acting, her dedication and of course her looks. Lastly, I applaud her choice of projects as she’s not afraid to go out of her comfort zone and take on very challenging roles. She also not afraid of changing her image, like cutting her hair short and picking only “beauty” roles. I mean, her haircut in Sega and the movie One Korea isn’t exactly the most flattering on her though I can never think of her as not good-looking anymore.

      If LSG follows in her footsteps and choose good projects, he will definitely have a great career too.

      Wonder if a few years later, LSG will also confess a crush on HJW during filming like JGS did after Hwangjini….

      • 28.4.1 mina

        He didn’t really confess, but said during an interview that out of all the three costars he’s acted with – Han Hyo Joo, Shin Min Ah and Ha Ji Won – HJW is his ideal woman, because not only is she attractive as an actress but also as a woman. 🙂

  29. 29 maeye86

    and this episode and onwards are the ones that Seung Gi wanted us to look for..

    U got us bad, Seung Gi-ssi!

    But I still love you. Can I just pop up in the K2H world and give Jae Ha a hug and give a pom pom cheer to Shi Kyung? And to Hang Ah, I’m gonna tell her, ‘i’m your comrade, let’s do this together!’

    K2H, u’re just daebak!!

    • 29.1 maeye86

      and everyone, let us be optimistic. TOGETHER!

      (my heart cant take this nerve wrecking drama any more but being optimistic keeps us going, no?)

      • 29.1.1 Arhazivory

        If you have two sets of pom-poms and tickets to Korea, I’ll join you. 😀

        • maeye86

          urghhhh, let’s starts making our own pom pom! goooo shi kyunnngg!!!

          eh, gooooo earnest bottt!!!!!

  30. 30 leyzlie

    and and and i want a duet between Princess and Earnest Bot!! with JH and HA at the video…

    • 30.1 topper

      The way Princess was pleading with her eyes, I thought that was enough to hack his regular programming, but no. The force is with the bot.

      • 30.1.1 ilikemangos

        It’s been long since i was rooting for an odd secondary couple like this..
        But boy, i just wish they can get together and hold each other.
        Bot’s gonna need it when he discovers his dads bad deeds.
        Princess is gonna need it to recover.
        PLEASE make us happy in the end.

      • 30.1.2 Jia Min

        I am actually a little angry with SK… he is too bot!
        How can he question JS’s true feelings!? She confessed straight up to you!
        hai… but he did admit that he remembered the song because the princess sang it~ so for this, I will forgive you this once~

      • 30.1.3 Duncerblur

        I totally understand why Bot would be so insecure to think she’s playing with him. She’s a princess! He’s just a lowly palace guard! He read some stupid Mills & Boon book in his schoolboy past!

        But seriously, Jae Shin is totally awesome. She has so much courage and heart with a healthy dose of sneakiness that we just know she’s gonna get her man.

        Bot better put up a darn strong firewall because she’s going in like Chernobyl.

        That’s is if they do not pull a City Hunter on me. I’ll be so mad if they did …not least because I’m gonna lose a telly.

        • satsuki92

          “He read some stupid Mills & Boon book in his schoolboy past!” : oh man that threw me into a laughing fit.

          Eun Shi Kyung-shi, it’s not healthy to keep your feelings in check. Let loose the love you have for the princess. Oh please, for the sanity of us poor JS/SK shippers.

          I will be real mad (like when Shi Kyung knocked down the road block cones and sign-age x10000000000) if the writers don’t give the 2nd lead couple a good ending. And by good ending i mean with kisses and hugs and more kisses and hugs………

    • 30.2 muhloy

      if by “duet” you mean “hot steamy make-out time” then yes, i agree.

      • 30.2.1 satsuki92

        i’m totally with you on the “hot steamy make out session” O_O those 2 totally need a kiss scene. or perhaps that would be too much for the hard-wired bot……

        i die from just waiting for next week T_T

        • muhloy

          “perhaps that would be too much for the hard-wired bot……”

          actually after seeing his reaction when she told him that she liked him, a make out session might ACTUALLY be too much for him.

          like, he would just go catatonic ….or malfunction, if catatonic seems too organic of a word for this bot

          • satsuki92

            HAHA! i would love to see that REALLY happen. we’re left with only 4 more episodes though. a kissing scene between them would be so sudden for me (not that i would complain but at the rate those are moving along….) All I can just hope is that the love line between the 2 is wrapped up nicely in the end! *prays real hard*

            Other than the 2, I’m absolutely digging TK2H. Been a long time since I went insane NAY became a blistering bumbling fool over a KDRAMA. YAY to dramabeans recapping TK2H <3

  31. 31 Toya

    OMG it’s so good. I want to gobble this drama up.

    I’m really hoping Hang-ah ice pick’s Mia. Or pull a “The Good, The Bad and the Weird” and kick some foreign object up her rear.

    • 31.1 muhloy

      right!? i want her to snip off bon bon’s fingers one by one with those shiny little scissors!

  32. 32 HallyuFan32

    excuse my language for the next two minutes (and for those who have faint hearts, please be aware):

    but i can not wait for the episode where Hang Ah gets to FUCK HER UP! i mean seriously, that Bon Bon Bitch is just screaming BEAT MY ASS HANG AH! and it better be Hang Ah that does it. Hang Ah better fuck that bitch up like the overdue whore that she is, and then if at all possible, let Jae-Shin shoot her ass or push her off a damn mountain so she can die! I”M SO IRRITATED BY THAT BITCH!

    [deep breath]

    that felt good. lol. sorry for my language, but i just couldn’t say it any other way.

    • 32.1 muhloy

      i agree 100%.

      they have to let us have that.

      i think we deserve it.

    • 32.2 satsuki92

      i feel you sister, truly madly and deeply.

    • 32.3 rearwindow

      Ha! Seriously! It will be SO satisfying to see Hang-ah go all North Korean assassin on that unhinged chocoholic.

  33. 33 Raine

    Before I head off to read, I just want to say OMG THAT DREAM SEQUENCE!!!! IT FELT SO REAL GOSH my emotions were welling up seeing those two… and THEIR EYES OMG!!! it really felt like one of those farewell for life scenes……T_T Can I just say WOW! at LSG and HJW! Their superb acting there really hit me in the heart. I blame it on the lighting too! There are other great scenes in this episode too, but the dream sequence has got to be my fav scene in this episode.

    • 33.1 maria

      yup, i was sniffing all over at that scene!! these two! i swear!!!!

  34. 34 ilikemangos

    I find it so nice how daddio comes in when the conflicts arise.
    I always liked him — he’s a helping hand and his presence is comforting.
    nothing better than family having your back.
    In-laws rock in this drama. nough said

    • 34.1 Arhazivory

      The family theme rocks this drama. No evil mother in-law or sister in-law either. I was worried at first that we might have like other people in line to the throne fighting Jae-Ha for it but nope….wherever those cousins and whoever are, they’re keeping it cool.

      I applaud the writers for highlighting such lovely family bonds. Even between Secretary Eun (our reluctant traitor) and his son.

      • 34.1.1 californiagurl

        I agree with you so much about the family dynamics. I just finished watching The Princess’ Man, where Prince Suyang killed practically his whole family to take the throne. So it is wonderful to see the love that Jae Ha has for his older brother and vice versa.

        • ilikemangos

          ohhhhh lord.
          donnnt even.
          suyang was horrible. the only thing that kept me from trying to murder him myself was the fact that he atleast loved our heroine.

    • 34.2 random person

      I’m hoping that with his dear daughter in danger, he’ll rally NK to bring Bong Gu down with JH. That would be really awesome – NK being instrumental in aiding the king. Maybe NK can lock or bury Bong Gu somewhere isolated, you know…just make him “disappear”…

      Just love that shot of the dad’s face when he finally witnessed JH’s feelings for HA.

      • 34.2.1 AnnMichelle

        This is in fact a brilliant idea.

        I mean where else can you disappear to without so much as a whimper???

        As long as there is a succession plan in place in Club M to make sure business as usual, not many people will lose sleep over whatever happens to that S.O.B. (pardon my language).

      • 34.2.2 maria

        yes, please!! i really want NK to do something. anything!!!

      • 34.2.3 giddy

        “That would be really awesome – NK being instrumental in aiding the king.”

        With all the awesomeness in this episode, a fear resides in me that wonders how it could get better and in fact, are we in for a let down? But Random Person, what a light bulb of an idea! That would be SO over the moon to have NK jump in and help save the day . . . another step closer to bridging the chasm between the two Koreas, and so satisfying because that’s exactly what Bongu doesn’t want.

        Of course, there have been SO many episodes that I thought were genius, and then another comes along. So my hopes are high for the couples. But I’m really nervous about Queen Mom. Was quaking in fear that Bongu was gonna hurt her when she went off on him (tho’ that was one of the most satisfying scenes ever), and the threat of torture. But more than that, it scared me that the writers did not shy away from letting Bongu kill the king and his wife–I don’t wanna lose this momma!

    • 34.3 Jia Min

      Love it when HangAh’s dad came to help too!
      And he gets to learn that JaeHa really loves HangAh deeply and that JaeHa is also a very good son who worries about his mom~

  35. 35 tatalitta

    This episode really really killing me! Daebak!

    Eun Shi Kyung and Lee Jae Ha’s scene made me cried together with them.

    No other word for Seung Gi acting in this epi…AWESOME.

  36. 36 maria

    after exams today i went straight back home and watched 16 and

    OH WOW!!!

    seung gi, is that really you??!!

    WOW, so many emotions today both tears of joy (from passing my exam, and also because i can’t help but be overjoyed on seung gi’s acting on this episode. i’m proud of u for breaking my heart. lol. ) and then tears of sadness for this episode.

    and all the supporting casts are just awesome. i loved how the queen mother reacted to bong gu’s craziness and even though she was scared she just blew him off. i can tell where all 3 children get their streak from. overall, this is one strong no nonesense family.

    shi kyung, it already breaks my heart now on what the next episodes will reveal on your dad’s action. sigh, please let it be a good ending for him and jae shin.

    and i can’t believe there are just 4 episodes left and i still could not guess how it will all end because i feel as if somebody’s got to give … and i’m really hoping it’s Bong gu!! writers hear me.

    sigh, the unpredictability is just killing me.

    thanks girlfriday for putting that info on how jae ha had saved hang ah’s number as “lovesick for hang ah” 🙂

    plus, props to the wardrobe / custome team! so beautiful dresses especially that blue one. i love that!! i’ve been wanting to have one.

    when it comes to love scenes . these writers are the best.
    that head on the lap scene was just honestly heartbreaking and probably the best so far for me. well, next to the ep.8 scene anyway. lol.

    tk2h, the best!!!

    • 36.1 maeye86

      yup, i’ve already swooned while watching the scene of their phone number’s (with the cute pic and love at the end of their name)

      but when gf further elaborate about lovesick for hang ah..
      swoon is definitely an understatement.

      i die. haha

    • 36.2 maeye86

      and the blue dress, i thought the same!! need to get one too!

      • 36.2.1 jasmine

        you and me both! At first I couldn’t decide which eye candy I loved more in that scene, the blue dress or Seung Gi. But then I thought, it’s much more realistic to covet the blue dress. If I work hard, I just might be able to save enough to buy the dress. Seung Gi, on the other hand, is unique, and unfortunately, humans cannot be cloned…..

        • bern 75

          “…it’s much more realistic to covet the blue dress. If I work hard, I just might be able to save enough to buy the dress. Seung Gi, on the other hand, is unique, and unfortunately, humans cannot be cloned…..”

          I LOLed at this, jasmine! you are farni!

        • ilikemangos

          LOL jasmine. love your comment.

        • Joy

          I lol’ed at the blue dress!

        • maeye86

          ah, i went for window shopping yesterday after hours. tried to look for any similar blue lace dress but failed. that blue dress must costs bomb.

      • 36.2.2 babes

        Note to self: get that dress.

        Wait. Scratch that. Get that killer bod THEN reward self with dress.

        • maeye86

          ok, killer bod like HA JI WON and then the reward, I’m in babes!

    • 36.3 Saima


      This couple slays me!! It’s unimaginably heartwarming that our King carries his heart on his sleeve!

      Jowna: have faith in yourself, HangAh, Omoni, and Shi-Kyung!! <3

      • 36.3.1 babes


        Thks, GF! That was a gem of a detail.

    • 36.4 ilikemangos

      OMG yes! the blue dress hang ah was wearing with the pearls.. She ROCKED it.. i wanted to have it myself.
      It’s beautiful.
      She looks classy. and jae ha looks so handsome in his king uniform.
      That’s what makes us fall in more love — the wardrobe. it’s fairytale and all the good things that get us addicted in dramas.. It’s the package. DAEBAK

      • 36.4.1 emmy

        I’m definitely in love with the wardrobe here.

        They were rocking such gorgeous clothes in the couch scene on this episode.

        Just looking at that frame of the two of them all watery eyed, in beautiful clothes with him so adorably curled up in her lap makes me think:

        How can two people be so beautiful?!!!

    • 36.5 Duncerblur

      I totally agree that GF is a star. That is the reason why I always read the recaps after I watch the show so I can get a better sense of what’s going on. Since I do not read Korean, I would have totally missed the Hang Ah rie on Jae Ha’s mobile.

      You ladies make watching Korean drama so much more enjoyable and nuanced. Thanks!

  37. 37 Kairi

    AWESOME episode. AWESOME recap. HORRIBLE week-long wait! Lol! Thanks for the recap GF!

  38. 38 Yue

    This is killing me. With four episodes left, they are keeping me on my toes begging for more with each episode. I love how they play up that Jae Ha was more than he looked like. I love how he was vulnurable and depends on the people around him and yet that what made him stronger than Bong Gu. He is real and his pain, sorrows, happiness, it jump out of the screen, making me love him more. what saddens me was the ‘dream’ scene, that killed me, time and time again.

    But, they always know to counter the aghast with more fun/aghast. When Queen Mother went all ‘oh-you’ve got mommy-issue-so-I-have-to-pity-you?’ and then went all ‘fat-chance,-you-kill-my-family-and-injured-them’ then starts to hit Bong Gu, I literally went; GO MOM!

    And what a cliffhanger, oh drama, why must you do this to me? My poor heart can’t take this LOL

    • 38.1 reglest

      That hit me the most when I remember her begging to Jae Ha to let it loose, about Jae Kang’s murder I mean. And how desperate she is to not let Jae Ha facing Bong Gu
      But there she is, so bravely yet so vulnerable against their family enemy.

      She is the strongest and beloved mom I’ve ever seen in Kdrama

  39. 39 Dewo

    I’m less worried about the kidnapping, because both mom and Hang ah had the ability to kick ass.

    • 39.1 topper

      Mom being there is actually the biggest obstacle to Hang Ah doing kick assing. The stakes are way too high to do anything foolish.

      • 39.1.1 Duncerblur

        No worries, Hang Ah’s a smart cookie. She totally figured out the hair-dressing act was a sham. She’s gonna use the talk with Jae Ha as her opening to open up some whup ass. Just you watch. Next week’s gonna be my pom poms out to cheer Hang Ah on as she kicks some bon bon arse.

  40. 40 Sailorenigma


  41. 41 ddenniss

    Did anyone notice when Hang-Ah identifies john mayer as kim bong gu, the queen mother suddenly says “Kim..?… Then…”

    I think he might be related to the royal family… or is this the first time the queen mother has heard john mayer’s korean name?

    • 41.1 Sailorenigma

      I don’t think so. Simply because she knows Kim Bong Gu is the ONE behind the Death of JK and his wife, and JS’s legs. Sooooo …

      • 41.1.1 Arhazivory

        Yeah. She’s never seen him before so on hearing his name she associated him with the man who killed her son and injured her daughter.

      • 41.1.2 reglest

        Yes, I remember Jae Ha told her who the culprit is when he persuade her to let him join WOC.

        I believe there is no ‘birth secret’ in this drama, I’m a bit sick of those theme recently hehe

        • windmill

          Dont worry, I believe the writer is wise enough not to choose the “birth secret” way.

          This is not a story like Mahabharata when Dewi Kunti abandoned Karna and gave birth to Pandawa. That’s why until the end of his life in the Bharatayudha War, Karna hated her five sons 😀

          • reglest

            LOLs, you just remind me of that!

            Oh old memory, how long you’ve slept in me? The Mahabrata’s story? Can’t even remember those all. Hahaha

            |I believe so, I have faith that the writer sill construct creative and briliantscene for the climax (and minusbirth secret). I believe in them!

        • Arhazivory

          LOL. True. The writers are doing their best to stay away from cliches and that includes birth secrets.

    • 41.2 Saima

      I think she was trying to place him. When JH was held hostage in NK…via the camera he communicated his msg to Kim Bong-gu!! And, the next instant we saw the royal family in SK! As far as I know he lost his mother when he was young or something…

    • 41.3 ravens_nest

      I’m pretty sure it’s just her connecting the dots that this man is the same Kim Bong Gu who killed her son and hurt Jae Shin and not just a random kidnapper.

      • 41.3.1 jasmine


    • 41.4 babes

      She remembered the name from JH’s hostage incident in NK.

    • 41.5 ddenniss

      ty for the clarifications guys!

  42. 42 Osi

    How I love Queen Mother for being so brave in front of BG despite all the fear in her shaking voice. Yes, that’s it Mama, hit him like a naughty kid. All JH vs. BG face-to-face talks are always daebak. Queen Mother vs. BG is also daebak! Both mother and son are daebak!

    • 42.1 crazyahjummafan

      Noticed that the show gives the different characters their fair share of awesomeness. Ep 12 was HA’s – for her kick ass rescue; ep 14 was SK’s – for standing up to ‘Rotten cookies’; and this ep’s JH’s! Queen mom’s acting is fanastic too in this ep. That’s where JH and JS get their spunk from.

      • 42.1.1 Joy

        Yup! They let ALL the characters shine.

        • reglest

          and I love how they do it, seriously, their characters growing in me

      • 42.1.2 kumon

        yes! and episode 15 was Jae Shin’s! writer-nim is really good

      • 42.1.3 Minea

        agree. agree. i can’t say it enough but i love this show! breaks my heart that there’s only 4 episodes left. I’ve never been had this level of crazy because of a drama.

        • ilikemangos

          OMG only FOUR left?!
          noo… im suddendly nervous and spazzing out.
          my body and mind cannot deal with this.
          withdrawal will be more painful than most dramas i’ve watched.

          • Arhazivory

            We’ll need therapy for sure.

        • maeye86

          idk bout u guys, before this i cant wait for any kdrama to finish coz i know that we’re approaching the end. if it’s any other kdrama, i wud be like

          ‘ok, we’re at 16.. what more can u gimme before the closure..
          forced separation? ticked.
          the villain is taking control and fooling everyone and everyone bought it? ticked.
          stupid self-sacrifice for love and others’ happiness. ticked’

          but this drama though it gives us the essence of it (like forced separation and almost-self-sacrifice) the drama did it in a deadly different way.

          1) forced separation — the kidnap
          2) self-sacrifice? –jae ha feels like he’s not strong, in fact he never wanted to the king. (but i hope he won’t go there. looking at the preview, i think he and shi kyung are up to work on something)

          so we’re at 16th episodes but there’s still a lot for us to expect. it’s not like.. ‘palli, solve this quickly!’ no, it’s like, let’s work hard on this. coz victory needs to be earned!

          this drama gives us hope. it tells us, yes, u may break down and cry but u know what? u cant never surrender. just like what hang ah said in jae ha’s dream ‘sad time will pass’

          so everybody, let’s chin up and be optimistic! (suddenly get this motivation after doing this analysis) LOL!

  43. 43 one_nee

    i love how the Queen Mother yelled at BongGu. Yes, you majesty!!! show him what a Royal trully is!!!

    *Kick BongGu hard in the shin*



    *also slap him n threw a vase to his face… hard*

  44. 44 sweetiehunnybee

    DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAE HAxHANG AH FIGHTING!!!

  45. 45 sinflower

    True ..bromance at its best !!

  46. 46 em

    OMG why did I start watching this drama. After SEGA, I didn’t think I would be addicted to another drama. I love Ha ji won so i guess I didn’t care much who would be playing opposite her. I’ve watched some k-drama of LSG but not very impressed with his acting and he is not good looking or handsome or maybe he’s not photogenic but as somebody told me he grows on you.But k2h is a complete turned around. He is the only KING for this drama. What I thought is a simple love story like Goong, turned out to be a roller coaster ride of all human emotions. I can only think of k2h. 16th episode killed me.LSG, HJW and Queen Mother need to be given an award for their brilliant performance in this drama. What an extraordinary drama.Nothing like it in K-drama. Please revive me Wednesday.I don’t want to be alive considering the agony of waiting for the next episode. PLEASE writer give us a happy ending better than Sega.I don’t think my heart can stand a tragic ending.

    • 46.1 maria

      there’s nothing like it in k-drama.

      for sure. i have a hard time categorizing this drama because everything is different. but it’s closer to a psychological drama done in a black comedy kind of way.

      for one thing, it’s one of the best kdrama in history 🙂

      • 46.1.1 topper

        dramafever list it as a romantic comedy. Pfffttttt.

        • Arhazivory

          A roma-wahhhh? lol. Far from it.

          I like maria’s description – ‘psychological/black comedy’ and I’d add ‘with romance’ Haha. Its kinda awesome that it doesn’t fit into a predefined niche.

      • 46.1.2 random person

        TK2H actually strikes me as more of an artistic masterpiece/avant garde series rather than a run-of-the-mill drama. It’s pretty experimental and definitely not perfect but so beautiful and rich. Hope to see more series of this “genre” in the future…but the quality of the writing is very important for pulling this off.

        • ilikemangos

          I agree.
          Really though, i would really love to see more dramas (not imitate K2H) that are so well executed like K2H.
          This genre is killing me.
          Perhaps because i’ve rarely seen ANY of these in k-drama land.
          Now that i think about it.. i think the only thing i watched related to constitutional monarchy was Goong and My Princess — both enjoyable but definitely not up to par on K2H in terms of writing.
          And they were both just romantic comedies.
          This is my crack.

      • 46.1.3 AnnMichelle

        I am really going to hold the production team for the term COMEDY!

        Please, keep your promise! No going deep or profound or whatever you term tragedy with! I want a happy ending!

        • reglest

          I second this, my heart already too weak for a sad ending. so plesewriter-nim. No sad ending, OK? *begging*

    • 46.2 maeye86

      i’ve just discussed over the phone about the genre of this drama. yep, can’t compare this with sega, they are waaayy too different. but one thing for sure, i’ve never watched any kdrama as rich as k2h. full of everything!

      • 46.2.1 ilikemangos

        TOO rich.
        i feel like i’ve found jackpot in this drama.

    • 46.3 reglest

      By any chance I’m sure many of us have read this?


      I nod in agreement for each sentence in that article, as we’ve talked before, defina what TK2H is difficult, because it’s so rich, a complete package!

      What I love from the article is, it not just tries to show what kind of drama TK2H is, but also the meaningof background choice, and I lift my hat for writers (again) this time. If there is continuation about the article, please share, this article is really good since it dissect every background and see it as a whole thing

      These lines is perfect description about the first part of the drama. Cited from article This drama portrays the original reality of North and South relationship like this. The constant conflict between Jae Ha and Hang Ah, is not simply to pave the way for the love between man and woman, the conflict itself is a constant reminder of the reality of the North-South confrontation.

    • 46.4 emmy

      Have to agree with you there!

      I was totally expecting a North-South version of Goong, which I wouldn’t have minded, but I’m so glad this drama went a different way and totally exceeded my expectations!

      I think if you go back to watching Seung-gi’s older dramas after K2H, it’s bound to be somewhat unimpressive, just because he really has improved so much since his previous work as an actor. This really is the best I’ve ever seen him.

      The K2H team is really like a marriage made in heaven. Great writing, superb acting, gorgeous cinematography all rolled into a lovely package!

  47. 47 maria

    oh by the way… the album for this drama would be officially released on may 24!!!! WAAAHHH!!! i can hardly wait!!! there’s a total of 25 tracks !!!


    • 47.1 Joy

      TK2H OST, Daebak! Someone posted the link (thanks) and they’re all great, but the intrumental won me over. 🙂

      • 47.1.1 sweetiehunnybee

        where’s the link want to download it since i can’t wait till may 23rd :)))

      • 47.1.2 maria

        for the whole album ?? really ???

        i was away for the whole week and had not been keeping tabs with the comment but where can i find the links please?!!

        • sweetiehunnybee

          try here https://rapidshare.c…s_ost.rar?bin=1
          this is from soompi forum uploaded by raine_evenstar
          i just don’t know if this will work coz it’s my second dl already and it always failed

          • maria

            it failed too. i can’t open it.

            it’s alright. i can wait. i’ve already preordered it. 🙂


          • sweetiehunnybee

            i want to preoder it too but I am afraid that the tax here in customs philippines will be difficult!!!!!!!!!!!arrggg

          • hanayori

            Try here – http://lsgairenint.tumblr.com/post/22717917423/the-king-2hearts-ost-25-tracks
            (but the tracks are in mms format)

          • maria

            @ hanayori: OK!! I’m appease for now although i can’t open them yet. i appreciate this!!!
            i am so glad now i can sleep 🙂

        • hanayori

          @ maria: scroll down and try clicking the mms:// files instead of the zipped file with password. I open them with Realplayer and it works!


          • maria

            THANK YOU!!!
            loved it. now, i can’t wait to have the CD 🙂

          • babes

            Thank you, thank you! Was unsuccessful in earlier attempts too!

        • Joy

          to whom who posted this first, hope you don’t mind me reposting this…(i’ll find the source for credit)

          Ladies, I believe this songs are not downloadable, at least We can listen to it. There was a link to download it, however, afterwards it was asking for password. I’ll just wait until the 23rd.


          • maria

            thanks joy 🙂

            all the music kept playing on my head while i was working today 🙂 LOVE IT !!! *sniff, i’ll really miss this drama 🙂

          • crizzyville

            i hope everyone reading this already knows thee password, i just knew it today.. Password to unzip the file = airenida

            much love to the uploader of the ost and the bloggers who shared…

            this ost is def gonna be my repeat playlist..

    • 47.2 reglest

      Yes, Finally! reminds us when we wait for it so longingly,right @maria?

      But apparently not all the BGM is included? I can’t find the piece that played when Hang Ah back to south Korea

      • 47.2.1 maria

        WHAAAATTT!!! that was precisely the piece that i was looking for. 🙁 my couple song?? OH NO!!

        ok, i’m currently reviewing ep.10 starting from when he started to look at the replays of the public hearing.

        if i’m not wrong there’s two pieces here or that first one was an intro then finally breaking to the theme when she was getting changing her and leaving all her palace things behind then when she finally cries on her father’s shoulder that’s when the piano part of the whole piece starts.

        and this ( couple’s song ) is not included AT ALL??!!

        say it ain’t so?!! anyone who has heard the whole album??!!

        how could they left that out when it’s clearly their opus!!! MAN!! 🙁

        • hanayori

          If I’m not wrong, the couple song you are referring to is track # 9 – “Hang Ah’s Dream”.

          • maria

            MUCHAS GRACIAS !!! besos 🙂

        • reglest

          Maria, the 1st piece you mention is included in the album (when Hang Ah back to NK, right?) It’s titled Hang Ah’s dream. Track #9.

          What I’m talking about is the piece that played when Hang Ah back to SK, inside the train…I also love that piece, and seem like the piece isn’t included 🙁

          Well, I just hope that mean they’ll release part 2 OST like TMETS, where all BGM included. I’ve fallen in love seriously with this drama OST!!

          • maria


            thanks both for the update. whew. so relieved!!
            on the other hand.. what?! ok. let’s hope for a part 2 🙂

            THANKS A MILLION 🙂

    • 47.3 alexis

      Somewhere in my mind I’m still hoping Seunggi will sing a song for the OST. But I guess he’s busy with his upcoming concert. Sighs.

      • 47.3.1 ilikemangos

        Same here.. he always sings a few osts each drama.
        it’d be really nice to hear him sing for K2H.
        I’m pretty sure the song would explode and top all the music charts…
        And of course, my heart will ache even more when i hear that song.

      • 47.3.2 reglest

        I keep that wish in my pocket, with a few pieces isn’t included in this OST, I hope it’s preminition there’ll be next OST *AMEN!*

  48. 48 Saima

    Article: Ha Ji Won on working with Lee Seung Gi, “I cry just looking at his eyes”


    omigoshhh!! Now this is called being in sync with your co-star’s acting!! <3

    • 48.1 Saima

      These two have beautiful emotive eyes. LSG communicates what JH’s feeling through his eyes and uses it efficiently!

    • 48.2 Arhazivory

      WOW! That’s too awesome!!

      “I cry just looking at Lee Seung Gi’s eyes during filming. Our chemistry is that good”

      I’d cry too…out of sheer happiness to be close enough to look into his eyes. lol. Sorry…I couldn’t help fangirling for a bit there.

    • 48.3 maria

      sigh sigh sigh .

      you all know how this goes when it’s this good that means it will be a long time before we actually will be able to see them work together again. :/

      whatever. thanks tk2h !! you all are brilliant 🙂

      • 48.3.1 Raine

        I LOVE LOVE their eyes, seriously they emote so damn well T_T I cry when they cry, it’s such a torture for my heart

    • 48.4 ilikemangos


      i swear to god this couple is such adorable.

      You can tell ha ji won loves seung gi. LOL

      • 48.4.1 Saima

        “You can tell ha ji won loves seung gi. LOL”

        bahahahaa!! Mangoes, you’ve outed yourself as a LSG-HJW shipper as well.

        • ilikemangos

          crud T_T
          i’ve fallen victim to this!!

          • rearwindow

            LOL, me too Mangos! I have been resisting it, but I finally succumbed after reading this article. Try as I might to resist, I am just another fangirl. Ha!

          • Jade Butterfly

            ” You can tell HJW loves Seunggi ”
            You just threw in another Sail on my HJW+LSG Ship!
            My happy ship had already set sail sometime back .
            Every poignant look = 1 sail
            Every loving touch = 2 sails
            Every kiss = A gust of wind
            ( Note : Intensity on Wind depends on Intensity of Passion )
            My Happy Ship is welcomes cheerful, commited shippers like me ! AHoy ! All aboard ! Come , ilkemangos , lets enjoy the ship for as long as it lasts ! Hahahaaa!
            Ok , gotta go back to epi 7. I find rewatching it , the fastest way to kill time till tomorrow !

  49. 49 Felix

    This drama is great playing with our emotion. I wonder if John Mayer predict what he should doing for the future to torture The King Lee Jae Ha by playing Tarot Card? He looks like he got plan after saw card of 5 cup, Queen of Sword and King of Sword. Those card must be have significant meaning plus he keep watching video sent by King Lee Jae Ha. Really hate him. He is have a unthinkable amount of money, power and clever mind with well dirty heart. How The King, future queen Kim Hang Ah, Royal Guard Eun Shi Kyung, Princess Lee Jae Shin, Queen Dowager and all people who King trust can defeat John Mayer aka Kim Bong Go? This question made me get me to glue to watch The King 2 Hearts. Well Lets Roll.

    • 49.1 ravens_nest

      I think Bong Gu already knew that in order to strike at Jae Ha he was going to take away the “saram” the King boasted about in the video. (Hence the obsessive re-watching of it.) He tried it first with Eun Shi Kyung but it didn’t work.

      The tarot cards I thought were representative of each person Jae Ha relies on. That scene was Bong Gu deciding which person he should take away from Jae Ha…finally deciding on Eun Kyu Tae, the Queen Mother, and Hang Ah.

      • 49.1.1 topper

        Such great analysis. I just love the insightful comments on TK2H recaps.

  50. 50 Sari


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