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Thing vs. Thing: Time-traveling Heroes
by | May 11, 2012 | 211 Comments

javabeans: Maybe we’re loopy from all this drama-watching, or maybe it’s that sixth glass of wine talkin’, but we’re bringing a new feature to you that we’re calling Thing vs. Thing, where we compare apples to oranges. Mostly ‘cause somebody told us you’re not supposed to do that. Challenge accepted!

girlfriday: We laugh in your face, rules!

javabeans: For this inaugural edition, we decided to take up a topic that’s been on our minds lately (‘cause it’s everywhere): time travel. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say we were rambling on about this topic and had to figure out a new feature just so we could make it marginally DB-relevant. What, eggs can lay hens, right?

girlfriday: What? We are always relevant!

javabeans: Relevant like a cross-eyed water mongoose!

girlfriday: That makes no sense.

javabeans: I rest my case. So, time travel. So many heroes, so many hijinks.

girlfriday: You’d think there was a fire sale on wormholes.

javabeans: Does fire sale make anyone else instantly replay the Arrested Development bit in their heads? “OH MY GOD it’s a FIRE…sale!” And why’s it always the hero skipping around in the warp zones anyway? Is it because of the dignity? Is it just not as funny to see an uptight lady dealing with modern craziness? Although I could totally see it being cute, like Shin Mina in Gumiho. Somebody get her a wormhole, stat.

girlfriday: She’s too busy being spectral, but maybe we can order her one for next year. At least Faith has a time-traveling heroine, but she goes the other way, from present to past, just like the OTHER backwards-traveling drama, Dr. Jin. Because apparently time-skip dramas need to come in pairs. Is it a cosmic balance thing?

javabeans: Is it balance if one is trying to sue the pants off the other one and prevent it from airing?

girlfriday: Okay, so maybe it’s more of an angry stomping thing.

javabeans: With Rooftop Prince and Queen In-hyun’s Man you’ve also got remarkably similar premises, but actually thanks to some key differences, I think they feel the farthest thing from being the same drama.

girlfriday: But because they’re airing at the same time (and again, because we can), we’re going to pit hero against hero. It’s Thing vs. Thing: Future King versus Future King’s advisor.

javabeans: I think Future King’s advisor has got the category all sewn up for Whose Time Travel Sucks Less? First off, he’s got an element of control over it, and we all know how we feel about having control of things.

girlfriday: But he has to risk his life every time he wants to go forward.

javabeans: But he KNOWS he’s safe. (I’m just hoping he doesn’t ever forget to take that nifty talisman with him…)

girlfriday: I still feel very unsafe every time a sword goes flying at him, and the only thing keeping him from dying is that piece of mystical PAPER.

javabeans: But Boong-do gets to warp with his horse! Mr. Rooftop Prince got thrown from his.

girlfriday: I agree on the horse thing: he wins because that means he gets to bring things along, from the past. That could prove very useful later.

javabeans: Plus, he brought the horse back to Joseon without even touching it that time.

girlfriday: Though the dead guy dissolved, so why didn’t the horsie?

javabeans: Because the horse didn’t die?

girlfriday: Oh. That’s simple enough.

javabeans: Haha. On the other hand, I will contend that Princey’s mystery sucks less than Boong-do’s, if only because Boong-do is facing death at every turn, while Yi Gak just has to deal with a dead wife. I mean, dead wife is SAD and all, but yunno, time heals all wounds, etc.

girlfriday: I wonder if wormholes come with super-speed healing too. They should.

javabeans: “I’m dying! Shoot me! All better now!” To put one in the prince’s corner, though, does it suck less that he gets reincarnated? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?

girlfriday: I dunno if doppelganger is the most satisfying way to get a second chance. Selfishly, I’d kind of want it to be ME who gets the second chance, and not my possibly evil clone. Although I still don’t really understand how connected the reincarnated souls are in that world.

javabeans: I’m not convinced the drama knows that either. So Boong-do wins on that score, in that I’m pretty sure the rules make more sense to both him and us.

girlfriday: Princey gets to travel with friends, which definitely makes him less lonely and less scared.

javabeans: That’s true. And Princey gets to assume the chaebol lifestyle, so there’s that whole unlimited wealth thing to cushion the difficulty.

girlfriday: Like that black card that buys everything?

javabeans: I’m not even sure if he understands what credit is, but I love his faith in the magic black card.

girlfriday: Yeah I think to him it’s just a mystical black rectangle that lets him have whatever he wants.

javabeans: In regard to the bit where the hero gets to travel back and forth, though, I guess Queen In-hyun’s Man is more like Operation Proposal, where the mode of travel is clearly defined (though not necessarily any less magical) and allows him to bounce back and forth at will. I guess that makes it Thing vs. Thing: Quantum Leaping.

girlfriday: Yeah Rooftop’s rules on leaping are totally absent. They THINK that solving the mystery by retreading their steps will reopen the portal, but how the hell do they know?

javabeans: Yes. I totally buy that that’s the logic driving their actions, but the whole time I’m here with my eyebrows in the air, going, “Really? You’re SO SURE? And what happens if you marry the wench and then you’re just STUCK WITH THE WENCH?”

girlfriday: Right? That’s what I’m screaming the whole time! That’s one show that could use an oracle or an old scroll or something.

javabeans: Yes, a Samshin Grandma to deus ex machina her way down and set some parameters.

girlfriday: At least some crystal ball-reading quack, to say that this plan is the plan that’ll get them back to Joseon.

javabeans: Or maybe they could’ve found Tae-yong first, and he’s all catatonic and mumbling stuff about Joseon time skips and stuff, so everyone thinks he’s crazy.

girlfriday: Ooooh. I like that. Much better use of the doppelganger.

javabeans: Mostly I just laugh everytime Tae-mu tries to kill somebody. Is he the worst villain ever or what? Princey gets another tally mark in the column of Sucks Less, since his villain is so ineffectual.

girlfriday: He and his honey are the Worst. Villains. Ever.

javabeans: At least Se-na is a good liar. Tae-mu has no reaction control. If anybody bothered to look at him closely in any crucial moment, they’d be all, “…you killed him, didn’t you?”

girlfriday: He’s definitely got guilty attempted-murderer face.

javabeans: On the other hand, Spy Eunuch and Minister Min are much more devious, so Boong-do’s way higher on the danger meter.

girlfriday: That eunuch is SO CREEPY. Such awesome casting.

javabeans: Yes, he’s the perfect snivelly underling. I was thinking how it would fuck with my head to see him in a nice-guy role. He’s like Steve Buscemi.

girlfriday: He really has the most interesting look of any villain I’ve seen lately. Just straight out of a comic book. So Boong-do loses points for his formidable foes. But then, he’s got badass swordfighting skills, while princey sticks his finger up in the air for a paper cut.

javabeans: Though Yong-sool is supposed to be the best swordsman in the nation… And with his sidekicks, at least he has, essentially, three shields.

girlfriday: I’m pretty sure it’s one shield with two accessories. I don’t really see Chi-san doing much in the way of shielding.

javabeans: I don’t see him or Man-bo fighting… but in the sense that they could take a bullet for the prince (or sword, whatever), that’s worth some protection points, isn’t it? By sheer virtue of being soft padding for a sword to NOT hit the prince?

girlfriday: Haha, poor minions.

javabeans: Then there’s the matter of royal support. Boong-do is in a more precarious situation, because although he’s a trusted advisor, he can’t just go off spouting accusations without adequate proof. Whereas, Princey can just go to Fictional King Daddy, right?

girlfriday: That’s a fundamental problem I have with that drama’s NEED for the time-skip. I mean, I get it when it comes to the main couple–thwarted fates and all. But in his mind, it’s to solve the mystery, and I’m like, isn’t that easier with your endless resources back home?

javabeans: I’m expecting some sort of explanation for the time mechanism in Rooftop—I haven’t been bothered because I’ve been thinking we’ll get it. If we don’t, well, that’ll be lame.

girlfriday: The thing that keeps it sensical for now is that he didn’t choose to time-skip, but was tossed there, so I’m just going with a he-misunderstands-the-point explanation.

javabeans: IF Rooftop pulls out that mystical explanation (it’s not a given that it will, but I’m working on the assumption that it is), I’d give it the edge for fantasy warparoo. ‘Cause in In-hyun, I love everything about the plot and characters and premise, but I do sort of trip on the very mundaneness of the time-warp mechanism. A monk wrote a talisman? That’s it? I actually want it to be more magical.

girlfriday: But the way the hero handles the time-skipping feels the opposite — Rooftop is about the mundane, adapting to modern life funny bits, while Inhyun is about purpose, the impact of knowing your destiny before you’re supposed to, etc. I like that, because to me, it’s a fundamental question of time travel. Yunno, horrible butterfly-effect-headaches notwithstanding.

javabeans: Yes, I’d even go further to say that Rooftop’s approach to the butterfly effect (which isn’t the same as ITS butterfly… effect) is that they’re meant to change history. They’re using the future as a tool to change the past, albeit in a minor way—not for power or gain, but to bring justice. As though Fate were thwarted and needs help getting the smack down. Which is funny, since in every other drama ever, Fate is the invincible one.

girlfriday: Gah, I’d give my left arm to see a drama where Fate loses.

javabeans: Except… how would you depict that, unless your drama is Meet Joe Fate?… which we could do.

girlfriday: The problem is, no matter what the outcome, Fate will just step in and say, I meant to do that! like a bitch.

javabeans: You just can’t argue with Fate. “I meant to do that.” “No you didn’t! You totally messed up!” “No, you were supposed to think I messed up, so that things could happen this way.” “You’re totally making that up. I saw you writing down what you meant to happen in your Fate Diary yesterday!” “But you were supposed to SEE it…” and on and on. Fate: really just a whiny 13-year-old. Just unkillable.

girlfriday: I think Boong-do has one up on style. Princey’s tracksuits are like minus ten points. At least.

javabeans: And that hair minus a hundred. You couldn’t find a ponytail holder earlier?

girlfriday: *shudder* How come barbie hair makes him look…

javabeans: …like a Troll doll?

girlfriday: It was decidedly a mane of unglory. A mane of…

javabeans: Shame.

girlfriday: Yes. A mane of shame. Although, he regains a lot of points for the poignant hair-cutting scene. Boong-do just has a runaway-Bourne-in-a-bathroom thing, but Princey’s got a really heartfelt formal parting with his hair, complete with photo memorabilia.

javabeans: But now I’m wondering if Princey loses some of those points because it didn’t occur to him to just wear a beanie.

girlfriday: HA. Idea fail.

javabeans: Yi Gak wins for helpful guide, though—Park-ha clothes and feeds and houses him, while Hee-jin makes Boong-do find his own way to the park (replete with threat to life). Park-ha even gives him proper Living 2012-Style lessons, while Hee-jin totally makes up stories about what things mean.

girlfriday: But her rules are awesome.

javabeans: You mean because she’s conning the hottie into giving her hugs and kisses?

girlfriday: Yeah. Like you wouldn’t?

javabeans: Hey, Hee-jin totally wins in the heroine round. But if we’re comparing from the perspectives of our time travelers, I think the honest girl wins.

girlfriday: Yi Gak has one major downside: he has to work a DAY JOB.

javabeans: But it’s his company!

girlfriday: Still. It’s a corporate job with meetings and dinners and paperwork. I dunno if I’d want to go from actual prince to corporate prince. Although he conspicuously does not dress properly for work. What’s up with that?

javabeans: The acid-washed skinny jeans and leather jackets, you mean? The perks of being the boss. I think Yi Gak’s bigger downside is that it’s less evident how he can stay with his honey, because he’s gotta go back home. You can say the same of Boong-do, but let’s say he’s believed dead in the past—then he can just stay in the future and live happily ever after!

girlfriday: Yes, the happily ever after is definitely rockier for Yi Gak. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re supposed to accept their doppelgangers as extensions of their souls, so that they find their match in their own eras.

javabeans: BAH. Cop-out. I’d be more satisfied if they did the sillier thing in sending Tae-yong back in time, Enchanted-style.

girlfriday: I think that’s a distinct possibility, but also completely insane.

javabeans: I think insane wins over BLERG! At least then, Tae-yong can go and draw all day and marry that pretty girl who looks awfully familiar, but whom he didn’t get a chance to know so there’s no real emotional conflict of swapping one incarnation for the other.

girlfriday: The only way it’ll actually be satisfying is for the doubles to die, and it leaves the main couple as the only ones in the equation, and so they have to traverse the divide to be together. Down with the doppelgangers!

javabeans: Kill all the Horcruxes! But whose time do they live in?

girlfriday: His makes the most sense.

javabeans: Aw, why’s the girl always gotta move households in a marriage?

girlfriday: Ha. I KNEW you were gonna say that! Not because she’s the girl, but because he’s got way more on his shoulders, crown prince and all.

javabeans: But maybe that’s what makes his sacrifice more meaningful.

girlfriday: Maybe he’s got a little brother who can be king, and then he can just stay in the future in the rooftop room.

javabeans: Eating whipped cream and mints. All in all, not a bad way to live your life.

girlfriday: Don’t forget the kissing your honey.

javabeans: I’m counting on that for both boys, so that one’s a draw. But let’s see, if we’re tallying up all our points, that gives Princey… eighty-two park-ha peppermints and Boong-do gets fifty-nine near-death experiences.

girlfriday: And then we process them in the wormholoplex… WINNER: seventy-two apples.

javabeans: WHAT!

Fate: I meant to do that.


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  1. Bengbeng

    oh this is great! i love both characters and i think both guys are cute, not necessarily great actors, but really both are cute =)

    On to reading…

    • 1.1 Bengbeng

      in Rooftop prince, i’ve always wondered why Manbo never thought of reading the history book to know the past, if their disappearance is recorded or not. I know Park-Ha did and the writers wants us to know that it was sad coz PH became sad reading through it.

      I think QIM is more intelligently written given that both main characters turned to history books to give them knowledge of both the future and the past.

      Still, whatever the loopholes, i still love both dramas and all the characters in it =). Thanks JB and GF for this Thing vs. Thing. Again, both of you deserves an applause =)

      • 1.1.1 nzltt

        Probably their era is fictional. They don’t really give the exact year which the Prince came from. At least, in another drama, it is clearly about queen InHyun and the fictional- historical facts.

        • lexy

          i wonder what i will get if i read the history books

      • 1.1.2 iZzie :)

        I thought of that too – the history book. I also was concerned that Park-Ha would borrow it and take it home for the guys to read, but was relieved that she didn’t. I don’t know, maybe I’m too concerned about the ripple effects of anything that one changes in the past, knowing what’s in store in the future. But I am curious too, as to what saddening story Park-Ha read – if it is about what happened to the Prince or the kingdom, or if it’s about the Crown Prince’s death.

        I haven’t seen QIM as I’m trying to manage my kdrama addiction to one drama at a time. I have K2H next in the queue, but QIM seems equally-interesting that it’s presenting a (non-)dilemma. Add to the fact that the next batch of dramas (I Do, I Do and Big) are making me excited as well.

        I no longer think much of the consequences or logic of time travel in tv or movies coz it poses so many questions that, for me, erodes the story – it all started for me in the Terminator and BTTFuture movies. Whenever there’s time travel, I mostly just sit down, strap on, and enjoy the ride. :)

        I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but whenever I read “Park-Ha,” I read it in my mind as “Pak-Ha.” I almost wrote the name as “Pak-Ha” above, I had to edit it to the correct spelling. :)

        • iZzie :)

          *Crown Princess’
          not Crown Prince’s

          (sorry Yi Gak. :( )

    • 1.2 jay-z

      I can’t for the life of me remember whether this has already been answered but why isn’t there a Joseon era doppelganger for tae-mu?

      • 1.2.1 Tielle

        There is one, in episode 20: Prince Mu-chang.

  2. Rini

    :) i love both the dramas! they are done so unqiuely, and yet have the same time travel as the base theme, both joseon era too, i’m just soo in love with them!

  3. OMG

    LOOOL! LOVE THIS! u guys should have more of this!

    • 3.1 Dux


  4. TiaC

    Real winners? Dramabeans readers! Thanks for the post chicas!

  5. eternalfive

    OMG BAHAHAHAHA this is hilarious!!! XD The Mane of Shame… *dies*

    • 5.1 Rashell

      Yeah, that was the line that got me too. And the picture to go with. HAHAHA!

    • 5.2 jomo

      Ring the bell!
      We have a new best thing ever: Mane of Shame

      Problem is there are a lot of them out there…The Emperor of the Sea cast all had to wear them. Yee-urgh!

      • 5.2.1 iZzie :)

        I only know one drama character who makes scruffy hair look good: Geol-Oh (skks). If there are others, I wanna know. 😉

  6. Daktari

    You girls are a hoot!

  7. kandy

    NICE! :)

  8. Nida

    I can proudly say that I haven’t watched even one of the time tracelling saeguks. So there. 😀

    • 8.1 Kiara

      You are missing out. RTP’s got the funny and QIM is so refereshing. I’m enjoying both and its better to throw away logic and enjoy the ride.
      I promise myself I will wait to watch QIM until RTP is over but I fell in love with it by just reading the recaps. After eps 4 I couldnt help it anymore lol.

      • 8.1.1 spjork

        I second this!

        Admittedly, some RTP episodes have been hit and miss for me but there is just so much cute that it’s hard to stay away for fear of missing out of the cute-nuggets.

        QIM, on the other hand, has been bringing it hard and hitting it OUT OF THE PARK every. single. episode. You’re doing yourself a disservice by not watching it, I can assure you. It is slick with a capital AWESOME.

        • toystar

          Awesome is soooo right!!!

    • 8.2 Princess61

      I agree wit Kiara and spjork. You are DEFINITELY missing out on two daebak dramas. I was going to watch QIM AFTER finishing RTP but waiting a week for the next episodes was way too long. I started reading the first two episode recaps for QIM and that’s all it took to get me hooked. Totally different stories and while I enjoy RTP because of the funny, I am loving QIM even more because of the storyline and characters. I’m disappointed that the subs aren’t coming out as quickly as I’d like and I’m trying to be patient but thank goodness for recaps (I found a blogger who is up to date on her QIM recaps and just recently posted Ep 8). You have to watch QIM–you won’t be sorry!

    • 8.3 Jo

      why “proudly”?
      Yea they both have time traveling elements but they are completely unique dramas. To say that they are similar is to make an illusory correlation: time travel=same drama? WRONG!!@#$%^&#$@!#*&

  9. asianromance

    Love this post, girlfriday and javabeans! Especially the part about Tae-mu. LOL!!

    “wouldn’t be surprised if we’re supposed to accept their doppelgangers as extensions of their souls, so that they find their match in their own eras.”– that’s what I think too. Sending Taeyong back to ye olden days would be too cruel. No toilet paper and modern medicine!

    Boong-do totally rocks with his beanie. Smart guy! AND he looks amazing in it!

  10. 10 shinningmoon

    LOL… you are soooo funny. Love reading you girls, thank you for this new thing. ^^. Keep the good work.

  11. 11 Rossi

    There’s so much win in this post I can’t even begin to tally it but if we’re pitching on one side or another, I’m totally Team Boong Do – most refreshing hero in Kdrama land ever! Plus being on this team means we get kisses like every other ep. 8D

    Gah, totally incoherently in love with Queen Inhyun’s Man – the drama. If any of you out there haven’t watched it, you need to rectify the situation. Like yesterday!

    • 11.1 Saa

      In love with Queen In Hyun’s Man, the guy (and the drama).
      Brains, looks, collectedness, smarts, brains, sword skills, brains, brains, looks, brains, kindness, kindness, brains….
      All that brainnnnn~ *_____,*

      • 11.1.1 Rossi

        I knowww! Brain is so sexy! Especially when it comes in such a cool drink of water like that. ho ho ho

      • 11.1.2 ceire

        Brains are sexy. Boong-do is definitely a winner.

      • 11.1.3 haru

        brain is the new sexy.

        • lexy

          i just love that cover banner that was on this website yesterday…ji hyun woo effing sexy

      • 11.1.4 Gachan

        I like Boong doo too,.
        He really smart, really cool, OMG,..He learn to adapt into the new era so fast, so cute, when He tries to drive the car,..SMART BOY, =))
        LOVE QIM SOO MUCH!!!

      • 11.1.5 lyra

        oh yes . definitely kim boong do. the smart ass dude who asks a girl to treat her like an idiot in the modern world so teach me how to this and that.

        yes i agree. BRAIN IS THE NEW SEXY!

        • Saa

          Any guy this cute and earnest in not knowing how to wear a seat belt can take lessons on good-bye customs from me any day, every day. Lesson fees? A smile per lesson plox!

    • 11.2 Kiara

      Boong Do FTW.

      • 11.2.1 Duncerblur

        Second that!

    • 11.3 Swye

      Team Boong Do all the way!

      • 11.3.1 lexy


    • 11.4 Niki

      Another vote for QIM’s Boong Do!
      That guy tops in eye smile, soft smile, enigmatic smiles….damn…that’s one smiley guy. But i totally love him!

    • 11.5 Kairi

      Yesssss Team Boong-do! I am so in love with QIM! It’s the only drama I’ve ever watch unsubbed simply because I CANNOT STAND THE WAIT. Yoo In-na is so darling with Ji Hyun-woo. And the kisses. Oh swoon.

      • 11.5.1 Kiara

        Now thats one Joseon man who knows how to kiss a girl in the 21st century. Take some notes Dr Jin and company.

        • Saa

          I think Boong Do has set the new standard for smart, nice-guy smiley. From now on, any time traveler or so-called genius who doesn’t smile that much or display that amount of braininess can go back to the drawing board. =/

    • 11.6 Alexandra

      Dropped RTP…but luvin Queen In Hyun’s Man. Boong-do fan here.

  12. 12 Raitei

    I’m loving the 2 dramas, so reading this is thoroughly entertaining. I’m still a little biased to RTP since I’ve watched it more, but Bong Do’s wits is surely engaging and his cute smile heartwarming.

    That aside, I’m kind of agreeing with JB on the Tae-Yong-should-be-sent-to-the-past plot. It’s what I first thought during the earlier episodes since that ending seems to suit the 2 Mickeys personalities. If that doesn’t happen, then I hope they at least make the ending satisfying, not only for the leads but also the ducklings; I love the ducklings to death.

  13. 13 IJS

    I’m so glad that despite having so many similarities both shows are sooo good and can stand on their own. I really liked Rooftop Prince (plus I love Mickey) but I’m a little addicted to Queen In-hyun’s Man at the moment (okay a lot addicted). Boong-do=swoon. And that theme song has been stuck in my head for weeks!

  14. 14 forgetdeadlines

    Hahaha! I actually enjoyed the conversation more than the content though I’m an RP and QIM follower. Thanks guys! I’m happy enough now to work on five projects all due next week without going crazy. Kdrama is stronger than deadlines!!!

  15. 15 ilovemandoo

    HAHAHA this was absolutely hilarious. I love both dramas, and this was spot-on.

    Also, “girlfriday: Yes, the happily ever after is definitely rockier for Yi Gak. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re supposed to accept their doppelgangers as extensions of their souls, so that they find their match in their own eras.

    javabeans: BAH. Cop-out. I’d be more satisfied if they did the sillier thing in sending Tae-yong back in time, Enchanted-style.”

    GAHHHH This is the one thing I hope really doesn’t happen :(

  16. 16 GDragonian

    just discovered in-hyun’s man yesterday. and i’ve grown extremely fond of these fantasy sageuks.

    it’s bittersweet for me. im glad for yoon inna’s success, landing herself a leading role. she was great in sega. on the other hand, i remember her from mini black dress as well, w/c of course stars my no. 1 fave sk actress, YEH. and i so wish that YEH is starring in another successful film/drama.

    in any case, as to the time travelling thing, it seems that when you’re a time-traveller from the past, it’s a given that money’s not gonna be a problem. even if you didn’t turn out to be a doppelganger for some rich guy, why, just sell any of your family heirlooms. also, seems to me that scholars from joseon era have a tendency to have a photographic memory. guess, it’s something in the food they eat? or because of memorizing all those confucian texts?

    • 16.1 spjork

      I think your observation about the memory thing is spot on. With the advent of the cellular phone and its ‘contacts’ feature, people these days have a hard time memorizing even 7 digit phone numbers. 10+ years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for most people to be able to recall a couple of dozen phone numbers by heart.

      Memory is definitely something that can be improved upon but conversely can atrophy without use. Scientists have even coined the term “technological alzheimers” to describe how feeble most people’s short to medium term memories have been rendered by modern conveniences. Studies have also shown that advancements in technology (especially the internet) is changing how our brains work on a fundamental level– to the extent that scientists are comfortable saying that the brains of the latest generation of kids who have never known a world without the internet are hardwired differently than those who grew up in the analogue age.

      So yes, eventhough Boong Do and Man Bo are exceptionally intelligent to begin with, they would be much better at assimilating and retaining information purely because they have had much more practice at exercising the relevant parts of their brain out of necessity alone.

      • 16.1.1 Kiara

        So true :).

  17. 17 Ani

    “Fate: I meant to do that.”

    Oh hell, that was epically awesome. XD

  18. 18 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the laugh. You made me smile so much now :-)

    I definitely think alcohol agrees with both of you :-)

    Feel free to drop by for a drink, or a few bottles if you’re ever Down Under. I’ll even send wine to your hotel room. Then we’ll get an Aussie Podcast.

  19. 19 Notoriousnoona

    I’m literally wiping tears off my cheeks. I have officially worn myself out enough to turn over and go to bed.
    Thank you, Ladies. Always hilarious!

  20. 20 Minnetter (aka: Min)

    This is so much win^^ love it, gals you keep on doing the most interesting and amusing things 😛 but since I have only seen RTP I can’t weigh in on this Thing vs. Thing so I’ll just enjoy it! 😉

  21. 21 Raine

    “girlfriday: And then we process them in the wormholoplex… WINNER: seventy-two apples.

    javabeans: WHAT!

    Fate: I meant to do that.”

    What a conclusion! haha XD I love this part!

  22. 22 song pong

    Ahahaha, you two are just so funny! Thank you for this convo, you raised so many good points. I love both dramas to bits and I’m eagerly waiting for another time travelling one to start airing, Dr Jin. Too much of a good thing…who said that? Not me.

    • 22.1 spjork

      I have to say…Mr. Handtowel is easy on the eyes but I’m not looking forward to some more of his bal-yeongi in Dr. Jin.

      Maybe if they cast him in a drama where he didn’t do anything but look sullen/moody and he just takes 45 minute showers in real-time for 16 episodes straight. Then, yes. I’d look forward to THAT.

  23. 23 anotheraddict

    You know you’re a bona fide dramabeans addict when your brain automatically processes this kind of post through its “drunken podcast” filter, and you hear the conversation as you’re reading it. I love to hear you guys crack each other up. Hope we get another podcast when this round of dramas ends.

    I hadn’t seen the Princey troll doll before but oh, man– now I can’t unsee it! Too bad neither one of our heroes had a true mane of glory. Loved the part about Fate being like a whiny 13-year-old who you just can’t win against.

    Has the actor who plays the eunuch in QIM been in anything else? As soon as I saw him, I thought that he looked like he had popped out of a comic book or animated film– he could not be more perfect for that role.

  24. 24 Thatgirl

    Next you guys should do, Chaebols or Evil parents. (City Hunter’s Bad daddy!!! OuO)

    • 24.1 OMG

      U mean, Cheabols and Evil Parents…u know one doesn’t come without the other!!!!

  25. 25 Christy

    You girls are hilarious! Tnx for the laughs.

    As much as I love the adorable Yi Gak (and I love Micky to pieces!!!) I am in Team Boong-do as of the moment. He’s the type of k-drama hero every girl will swoon for.

  26. 26 Shurlee

    Great discussion! I’m loving both dramas oh so much :)

  27. 27 vin

    LOL, I laughed so hard at the Arrested Development reference. Oh tobias

  28. 28 topper

    I support Yi Gak, because I don’t want KDrama to start a trend of writing perfect heroes like Kim Boong Do, trying too hard to please fangirls’ fantasies. LOL

    • 28.1 cindy

      Why not? Not tired of the always I’m jerk but inside my heart is really warm kind o guy?

      • 28.1.1 topper

        No I’m fine with being smart and kind, but when you are from the Joseon dynasty, you can’t really be a snag and totally not a chauvinist. Yi Gak is more accurate of the potrayal of a man from the Joseon era.

        The show is starting to give me a feeling of bordering on becoming something like Twilight.

        • piggy68gal

          Queen In Hyun’s Man and Twilight = no link. At least for me…

          • topper

            Snare the watching female viewers by all means necessary.

          • spjork

            The only similarity I can *kind* of see between the two is the color-treatment/cinematography. Dark, ominous, etc. For the Joseon scenes, anyway. But even so the styles, pacing and visual lexicons are entirely different.

        • Swye

          Edward = a stalker, creepy, domineering, over-protective

          Boong do = sweet, understanding, fun

          I don’t see how you see any connection. The show is trying to snare the female viewers you say? But which K-drama isn’t? At least this show is making us realize nerdy, smart and sweet guys are just as attractive. Not having to scream at the main lead to not fall for Mr. McJerky who has done nothing but taunt her is a welcome change. For once we can see why the main lead fell for the hero (most dramas I go “what did you see in him again?”) and we fall with her and for once we know that she won’t friend-zone the nice guy. What’s not to love?

          • spjork

            Case in point: Gu Jun Pyo. *facepalm*

    • 28.2 Arhazivory

      But normally they’re not perfect, so Boong Do is a breath of fresh air.

    • 28.3 Rossi

      uh…in what normal universe is Edward perfect? Dude is hella creepy, all going into her room at nite to watch her sleep. Like wth, you undead creeper dude? Boundary, HAVE SOME!

      And what snaring of female viewers if like you they prefer the jerky ones? Usually the nice sweet gentlemanly one are relegated to unrequited 3rd wheel anyway. So finally a huge YAY for nice finishing first!

      • 28.3.1 Zie

        Exactly my thought.. Since when is the Twilight dude perfect? He is creepy as hell..

        and yes.. This is something new. A total gentleman as a hero and not as noble idiot 3rd wheel dude.

        • topper

          Ok my bad, wrong analogy.

        • lexy

          anyone who criticizes twilight dies

  29. 29 -K

    I’ve been following both with a bit of Hero in between so it’s more of a time-travel-manwhich with gooey nighttime Batmanesque like filling.

  30. 30 Stephanie

    Fate should totally write a recap one day haha.

    • 30.1 jomo

      Oooh! Genius idea!

    • 30.2 iZzie :)

      If I may push our luck, Fate should totally do a JB+GF style banter with Santa over time-traveling or who gets to decide what the naughty and the nice should get.

  31. 31 Fairycutter

    I always love conversation between JB and GF, glad have another one.
    I can’ t missed RTP recap from JB but can bear to watch later, while QIHM must see first then read recap.

  32. 32 soojin08




  33. 33 FunnyBunny

    I’m really grateful I had the comfort and privacy of my own room to read this…. or else people would have thought I should be committed. Every other line had me cracking up, it probably was an odd scene.
    I also gotta admit my bias lies with Boong-do. Yes, his baddies are evil, smart and ruthless, but he’s clever, level-headed, and pretty handy with a sword. Not to mention he’s got his trusty wormwhole! I’d say that gives him a leg up on the competition.
    It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a bit of a looker, and he’s so freaking tall! Not that those are necessarily assets for battle, unless he’s battling me-in that case I’d happily surrender and show my “appreciation” for not killing me *devious smirk* Guess I got a little Hee-jin in me too 😛

    “javabeans: Yi Gak wins for helpful guide, though—Park-ha clothes and feeds and houses him, while Hee-jin makes Boong-do find his own way to the park (replete with threat to life). Park-ha even gives him proper Living 2012-Style lessons, while Hee-jin totally makes up stories about what things mean.

    girlfriday: But her rules are awesome.

    javabeans: You mean because she’s conning the hottie into giving her hugs and kisses?

    girlfriday: Yeah. Like you wouldn’t?”

    I don’t think we got an answer for that one JB, hmmm?

    • 33.1 daniela

      Hihi, I would happily surrender too! I got a little Hee-jin in me too 😛
      I like more QIHM now – better villains, better plot, I hope they’ll keep the good work till the end.

    • 33.2 kelinci biru

      if thats happening to me, i’m won’t bother with honesty. too much at stakes there. a nerd hottie with no knowledge of the world?

      • 33.2.1 Saa

        Too hard to not abuse my “modern knowledge.” xD

  34. 34 Alice

    why/how are you guys soooo funnny?? :)

  35. 35 divaz_sha

    QUEEN IN HUN’S MAN always the winner for me
    that show is damn intelligent

    love the chemistry between those two lead while rooftop prince kinda awkward

    in QIHM…everytime they lock eyes…it like the whole world stop…argghhhh…

    can’t wait for the next episode
    dramabean too busy and not recap latest ep so i even went a lot of site to get live recap..
    the story awesome…


    Bong-do lost his memory because the his amulet tear in pieces
    while heejin the only one who remember him..
    she keep waiting but will he be back??
    arrgghhh..can’t wait wednesday….

    • 35.1 songjoongkilove

      can you please explain the plot for me? at least the time travel part? im on episode 3 and im a bit lost. even with subs :( thank you! much appreciated!

      • 35.1.1 tarianant

        You can find the recap here:


        awesome recap, spreading the love of QIM.

        Btw Boong-do team through and through here, he even makes me forget about Lee Jae-ha.

        • lottie21

          same here …i’m totally into QIM…i totally forgot Lee Jae Ha

  36. 36 Suzi Q

    Love both dramas, but I was scratching my head and trying to figure out how they can return. I agree with you regarding how does Yi Gak know for sure that he will go back to Joseon times if he solves the Crown Princess death? He doesn’t even realize that he is fading in and out while spending happy times with Park Ha. Will he and the Joseon Ranger just fade out and find themselves back in ancient times?
    Yi Gak may be the Crown Prince, but he doesn’t seem to be too smart; whereas, Boong Do placed first in his civil servant exams and can adapt to his new situations on his own. ( Taking the hand bag with the tourist info about Seoul and general info about present day Korea) If both were lost in a huge forest, my bet would be on Boong Do to find his way home.
    Sometimes, I want to shake Park Ha because she is so stupid and boring..The worst kiss ever.I like Hee jin better because she is smart because she makes up stories so she can get some hug and kisses. What girl wouldn’t with such a hunk?

  37. 37 Naddie

    Tae-mu has no reaction control. If anybody bothered to look at him closely in any crucial moment, they’d be all, “…you killed him, didn’t you?”


    Oh man I loved RP but once I got to ep 3 of In-hyun, I knew I’m sold for good to that show. Everything is just so perfect. Boong-do wins for me, seventy-two apples or not 😛

    • 37.1 Naddie

      Although I have to say, Hee-jin is really annoying me – does she not know how to help a guy when he’s caught in a situation? Jeez!

      Small complaint though, I’m still loving the drama, just frustrated with heroines who can’t do anything at this stage.

      • 37.1.1 cindy

        What are you talking about? She always helps him…………. lol

        Are you watching the same drama ?

        She even puts her image in the line, and even if she didn’t help him she wouldn’t be wrong, after all BD could be just a creep stalker!

        • Naddie

          Sorry, I was commenting in the middle of watching the 6th episode, before she finally (and thankfully) made her ~grand confession~, hee. Should’ve made that clear.

          Her help before this was pretty limited, since she always has to toe that image line due to her being an actress. I’m glad she’s finally standing up for Boong-do on that image, her image be damned 😀

          Although I can only imagine the consequences now.

          • Swye

            Even without the plane stunt, I think she has helped him plenty. Who got him out of the bathroom? Hee-jin. Who took him to the library? Hee jin. Who went ALL the way to Jeju to bring him to Soeul? Hee jin. Who got him an ID? Hee jin. She didn’t have to do any of that. If your comparing her with Park ha who clothes and feeds the Princey, well you gotta know that our scholar does not need to be clothed and fed.

            Plus, as Boong do later points out, the plane stunt was also not crucial. He could’ve just disappeared back to his time. No biggie.

      • 37.1.2 piggy68gal

        Isn’t Hee Jin the one who has been always been helping Boong Do? Maybe my memory is failing me but I don’t really remember of a time that she didn’t help Boong Do… But if you are talking about Boong Do’s problems in the Joseon era then she can’t help, right?…

        • Naddie

          See my previous reply :) Yeah she’s always been helping him in anyway she can, but it’s limited to her capabilities in the modern era and also her image as an actress. She doesn’t have the same liberty that Park-ha, as a “common person”, does, where she can just freely waltz around with Boong-do in tow wherever she wants to.

          I just hope her role expands from now on.

          • Kiara

            Thats because Bong Do comes and goes. Yi-gak needs a baby sitter 24/7.

          • Swye

            What Kiara said. Plus, I want my female lead to have her own life rather than just being a baby-sitter to the time-traveler and living her life around him.

          • Swye

            Besides, I don’t think Boong do is the type to want to be spoon fed. He takes pride in being quick in the uptake and enjoys figuring out things by himself.

          • obachan

            come on! So are you suggesting that a good female lead should always help the male lead? Or vice versa?I am assuming most of the viewers are women and it’s kind perplexing that the viewers are reinforcing this kind of sexist view–no wonder Kdramas always replicate the same old cliches over and again.

            I prefer Hee-jin because she has her own career and she acts like a modern woman. I love Park-ha in the earlier episodes because she has her both foot in reality and forces F4 to experience work life in 21th century Korea. But now the writer makes her into a typical damsel in distress and self-sacrificing woman without any common sense. It seems that the writer wants to glorify the intelligence of Yi-gak at the expense of Park-ha. For me, Park-ha is exactly like a lady and a maid reincarnate from Joseon dynasty!!

            The writer of Queen’s Man,Song Jae-jeong, is always brilliant. I actually love all her previous works, including soonpoong clinic, coffee house (page 1), and high kick. I like that she creates a balanced characterization among the entire cast. Rooftop prince is good and Yoochun’s acting is impressive, but I find the characters flat and plain. The writer of RP is also brutal to the evil characters because he does not allow any complex psychological depths. This kind of polarization of good versus evil is so passe and boring…I felt like watching a revolution melodrama from the 70s..yawn.

          • spjork

            Obachan, I could not agree with you more re: one-dimensional portrayal of the “evil” characters in RTP. They are more pantomime villain than believable antagonists. Tae Mu, especially, has come off as a schlocky ne’er-do-well as opposed to the much more interesting characterization of the son of an illegitimate bastard son with a inferiority complex who’s been driven to desperate deeds after years of being marginalized at the hands of his overbearing and discriminatory grandmother. Perhaps some background anecdotes/flashbacks as to why he keeps making the choices to do bad things would’ve helped. A real missed opportunity, there. In a drama where suspension of disbelief is paramount and fantasy abounds, it would serve the overall tone and quality of the program no end to at least ground the characters in some reality. As in portraying people as they are in life, albeit in fantastical and exceptional situations; that people are not all good and not all bad and that there are infinite shades of grey between the black and white.

          • spjork

            Addendum to the above^

            Except for Sena. She’s definitely just an evil, stone-hearted, selfish bitch.

          • Rossi

            @Obachan: If this was facebook, I would totally like your comment especially the part about Park ha’s role becoming nothing more than Yi-gak’s instrument in character development. I see this in other Asian mediums but man, why do the girl always relegate to the role of like a servant/maid/secretary or whatever to the dude?! Like seriously, we can have higher education now you know!

            Also, I didn’t know the writer of QIHM is the writer of Coffe House, one of only two completed Kdramas I’ve ever watched. No wonder this drama is striking all the right chord with me.*fangirling writer*

  38. 38 piggy68gal

    Thanks for this most interesting conversation. Haha (: I am so in love with Queen In Hyun’s Man…<3 Kim Boong Do is hot, sexy, tall, intelligent and that smile of his never fails to make me giddy. Oh gosh. And I just love the directing, cinematography and storyline!!! Before this drama aired I already told myself that I will watch it~ On the other hand I have read most of the RTP recaps and I find it cute and entertaining~ But it's Scholar Kim for me hehe (;(;

    • 38.1 mtoh

      EQM intrigue me, RTP amuse me, QIHM amaze me but TK2H I die for 😉

      • 38.1.1 ilikemangos

        Couldn’t say it better myself.
        can i ‘like’ this comment 932472985 times?

        • mtoh

          @Ilikemangos: Hehheaaheee….thanks, if you must..he,hehaa 😉

  39. 39 nheony

    You guys just crack me up. So funny!

  40. 40 JW

    Crazy laughing while reading this!!!!

  41. 41 mtoh

    You Gooo QIHM…watchin’ and lovin’ so far!
    …tvN why so great 😉
    Dramabeans…No words…prefect, just prefect.

  42. 42 Arhazivory

    “javabeans: At least Se-na is a good liar. Tae-mu has no reaction control. If anybody bothered to look at him closely in any crucial moment, they’d be all, “…you killed him, didn’t you?”

    girlfriday: He’s definitely got guilty attempted-murderer face”

    AGREED! lol.

    Right now I’m more onboard with QIHM but loving both shows anyway.

    • 42.1 mtoh

      well hello…ooo…On the same board?

    • 42.2 spjork


      Also, Tae Mu seems to wear an alarming amount of smoky eyeliner which only compounds the obviousness of his “I totally just tried to murder him/her/it” face.

      Seriously. Just say no to the kohl, dude.

  43. 43 avonmarissa

    Just thought of this: the eunuch in Rooftop Prince might try solving the problem of his missing family jewels before heading back to the Joseon dynasty. Since he got presents for his mom when he heads back, shouldn’t he see the numerous surgeons in Seoul about restoring his missing man parts before going back? Then again, would time travel rob him of any restorative measures to gain his jewels?

  44. 44 Noelle


  45. 45 Rovi

    A Huge PFFFFT~!!!! XD

    You two makes DB convos sound just like the convenient (but no-less annoying) neighborhood matrons gossiping over the latest nonsensical mundane things in life. XD

    Just some things:
    In “Rooftop Prince”
    1) Can’t the producers cameo Baek Ji-yeong for even an episode, or even in the Joseon times (she was given an offer for Jamyeonggo BTW)??? Since she’s Zoolander’s RL girlfriend and already sang for the OST…and also even Junsu or Yoobro??? XD
    2) Also…I can’t help but think, if Tae-yong has an older brother, then does that make Yi Gak have one??? TMTETS style??? I can’t really help but say this for the 2nd time, “Rooftop Prince” has some TMTETS inspiration:
    -royal family without domineering clan factionalism
    -Kim So-hyeon, of all people…and Lee Min-ho too…
    -the royal bride switcheroo (accidents and sickness, pft~!)
    -Kyeon Mi-ri (well, not so much; I mean, yeah, we had Yang Mi-gyeong as Yeon-woo’s mom, so why not have our own Lady Choi as the sisters’ mom as well, right??? DX)
    -older brother complexes…XP

    In “Inhyeon’s Hottie Nerd Man”, not so much…just that talismans rule like we’ve never had TMTETS before, factionalism like we haven’t heard that, and…
    1) A possible traitor? I mean, yeah, we have a nefarious Minister Min, but have we never even thought that this Minister might be a traitor to his own clan?? I might be wrong, but as far as I know, there was only one Min clan in the whole of Korea, and that was the Yeoheung Min clan, for which Queen Inhyeon (and decades later, Empress Myeongseong through one of Inhyeon’s older brothers) is part of…yet so far, no mentions of Song Si-yeol and other people historically associated with Operation:Reinstate the Queen.
    2) Dong-min sucks, and Na-jeong’s too bitchy, and Hee-jin has the same reputation of “Greatest Love”‘s Ae-jeong. And Hee-jin & Boong-do’s interaction’s are the quirky and fun type…Yoon-wol is justly to be pitied IMO…
    3) No “Dong-yi” references, just please…though I would be happy if suddenly watermaid (musuri) Choi-ssi just sprouted up, but if I ever heard of a “Poongsan dog” reference, I might just barf.

    • 45.1 moose

      “Hee-jin has the same reputation of “Greatest Love”‘s Ae-jeong”

      No, she doesn’t? Hee-jin isn’t that famous, her reputation is pretty much a blank paper right now. Whereas, iirc, Ae-jeong had a bad rep and was widely disliked

      • 45.1.1 GRAWL

        DITTO, gurrl!!!

      • 45.1.2 Rovi

        Oh wait…

        oh, yeah, sorry, thanks for correcting me…
        must’ve associated Yoo In-na too much on “Greatest Love” I kinda forgot her character premise…

        mian mian…XP

  46. 46 Pineapple

    You guys are too funny, thanks for the laughs! Can’t wait for the next duo commentary.

  47. 47 Z

    wow.. I love this!!!… and i love Queen In Hyun’s man…. can’t wait for the next episode recap..!!!


  48. 48 Mei

    Queen In-hyun’s recapss pleaseeeeeeee. 😮

  49. 49 melonhead

    I love that the “fish out of the water” humor in Queen In-hyun’s Man comes from language more than circumstances, as opposed to RTP, which makes it so much more enjoyable to a nerd like me.

    Boong-do is too clever and calm to be thrown off by many of the new things he experiences (numbers, elevators, even cars and airplanes), but the things that confuse him are mostly about modern language, like words such as 선수 (player) and (maybe spoiler ahead) 오글. Which leads to many squeal worthy moments for us (see ep 8)

    • 49.1 tarianant

      Ji Hyun-woo makes me 오글…everytime

      • 49.1.1 GRAWL

        HAHA! OMG yes, same here. TT^TT

    • 49.2 Saa

      “What does corny mean? How can I be corny to Choi Hee Jin? I wish to do more of the corny things that Choi Hee Jin likes so much.”


  50. 50 Frigid Frida

    I am laughing like a cross-eyed water mongoose who lost her horse in the wormhole of destiny!
    Thankyou girls for your timely attention to these vexatious and pressing issues.

  51. 51 Stardust

    I love you two! Your chit chat Thing vs Thing is SO HILARIOUS! ROFL…. More of such please! Perhaps Dr Jin Vs (Faith char name)… heheheh I myself prefer Boong do… He is just so grounded and clever! I love a man who can survive, Bourne style no less! ( Rolled book fighting swords etc) heheheh I am just so worried that the talisman comes with a limit ( what wouldn’t? ) and if the mystical power of the ( thankfully waterproof) talisman wears out, I will be SO SAAD…. But the first scene gives me hope hehe

    A finite number of time jumps makes me think of “the Girl who leapt through time” and I just wanna bawl… X.X

  52. 52 Ace

    Love Queen In-hyun’s Man. The thing is I had high hopes for Rooftop Prince, even more than TK2H, but then the company stuff and ineffectual villains bored me to death and affected my pleasure in watching it despite the cute. So for me, In-hyun wins. 😉

  53. 53 Mystisith

    Thing vs. Thing: Time-traveling Heroes.
    When you see that kind of headline, you know you have to finish your morning coffee before reading. :)
    I have to say i’m on the QIHM’s ship now. I loved RP first episodes for the funny i guess, but now i’m getting tired and cold. Plus that poor Tae-mu… (Someone save my bad boy from insanity please: He was smart in the beginning).
    Script (brains and funny)
    Chemistry and oozing sexyness…
    No competition for me.
    “Honest girl wins.” No, no, no! I protest! Boyfriends have to be honest. Girls can do what they want to have their ways with them. GF i’m with you on this one.

    PS: I love comparing apples and oranges too. Just because we’re not supposed to do it. :)
    I want to see more of those posts. It’s a pleasure to read both of you.

  54. 54 Jodasg

    I luv both shows. But I like boong do more. He is so smart & calm in all the situations & when he smiles, I *melts*

    • 54.1 Stardust

      I melts too!! and squee a bit… lol

  55. 55 Yippie

    Princey is my all -time fav but I am so charmed by the queen and his man that I am voting for the trusted advisor on this one :)

  56. 56 Lise

    y’alls a riot!

  57. 57 dapinaymrs

    Wahahahaha! Maybe one of those 72 apples hit Fate on the forehead! XD

    A teeny tiny request since time-slips are everywhere like you say: Wouldn’t it be nice to have round 2 of Thing vs Thing with Faith and Dr. Jin (battle of the exes)?? that was just a thought.

    Thanks for a hilarious convo-article. I think I need to check out QIHM some time soon if both of you are sold on it…Maybe after I finish RP. 😉

    • 57.1 Kairi

      Oh my Gahdd you will LOVE Queen In-Hyun’s man. You NEED to watch it. I wish I had more time in the day just so I could rewatch the 8 episodes that have come out lol!

      • 57.1.1 dapinaymrs

        LOL! I heard Man Bo saying that. Thanks! I’ll do that. :)

  58. 58 Carole McDonnell

    loved, loved, loved this. Cracked up several times while reading it. Am wondering though how all the loose ends in Rooftop Prince can be tied up quickly in three episodes. It’s supposed to have 19 episodes, right? I know they speed things along but really… Tae-Yong and Josen sis-in-law match… or some other permutation of the four… PLUS Sena and Park-ha realizing they’re sisters…PLUS the outing of Tae-mu, weakling attempted-murderer (Wouldn’t comatose Chaebol Princey have to wake up to affirm that?)

    I’m still wondering why we haven’t seen the modern doppelgangers of the ducklings yet.

    I just love love love Quinn In-Hyeon’s man. What a sweet, intelligent, insightful, handsome…yet helpless at the right spot…hero! He’s now my new crush.

    Thanks for the recap and all the deep questions about time-travel. Can’t wait for the next THING VS THING post.

  59. 59 Q

    I am actually a little bit confused at Boong Do’s warpy powers. He can go back to the past by reading the paper, but to go to the future, he has to be in mortal danger, right?


    In ep 7 he goes back and forth multiple times to carry out his devious ploy … how did that work? Did he toss himself off of a cliff everytime? That one scene where he is hiding as they arrest Minister Evil and disappears, obviously warping to the future, really confused me …

    • 59.1 kay

      i was wondering about this too.. since he was back in the capitol, and i take it there are no nearby cliffs to throw himself off, maybe he uses his own sword on himself? but then would attempted suicide count? i hope these questions get answered but then again, i’m more invested in the overall love story…

      • 59.1.1 Kyuu

        I think it’s for us to fill in the blanks of those. Assuming he’d have to do something life threatening to time travel, he probably had something planned but if they show the process of how he does it every single time, it eats up the episode time and gets repetitive.

  60. 60 canxi

    Hahaha “mane of shame”.
    Yeah, I can see from that picture it’s bad. Just so bad. D':

    And loving Fate’s cameo at the end. Of course, you meant to. Of course..

  61. 61 shinhyesungluv

    The funny thing is…. there was a thing going on in China with time-traveling dramas too.

  62. 62 John

    Ha-ha. Too funny.

    Park-Ha’s a sweetie but Hee-jin’s a player, yo!

    (Some guys have all the luck. )

    Queen In-hyun’s Man is a treat.

  63. 63 Kiara

    javabeans: Mostly I just laugh everytime Tae-mu tries to kill somebody. Is he the worst villain ever or what?

    Hahaha I do agree. He tries too hard to channel evilness but end up looking constipated.

    • 63.1 jomo

      Also my favorite line!

      Poor baby villain! I sometimes almost wish his training wheels come off and he actually DOES kill someone, but then I snap out of it!

  64. 64 silly

    “javabeans: Yes, he’s the perfect snivelly underling. ”

    read that as “perfect snivelly underthing.”!!

    oh dear I hope not!

    loved this, it was hilarious

  65. 65 Mia


    “Fate: I meant to do that.”

    awesome, I love this new type of text, the literary group chat XD

  66. 66 kimchi

    I literally ROTFLOL! 😀 *bows down (in full bow) to JB and GF*

    JB/GF tag team VS. Fate
    Fate wins! Why?
    Fate: BECAUSE I meant to do that!

  67. 67 Kyuu

    I’m all for Queen In Hyun’s man. The chemistry between the two main characters are amazing and Boong Do is not your typical male lead who’s arrogant and cocky. Plus his smile is so adorable. I actually was hesitant to watch QIHM because the previews didn’t interest me but it’s become my #1 drama that I look forward to every week this season. I initially was excited for Rooftop Prince because it looked cute, but I’ve gotta say it’s been a little disappointing. Too much going on with the two Taeyongs and the two lost daughters and stuff. I wish Rooftop Prince would focus more on their goal of trying to find out what happened to the princess instead of focusing so much on fillers that don’t add anything to the story. Also, I can’t stand Sena and Taemu.

    • 67.1 la dee dah

      But in Rooftop Prince, I think that the situation in the company and the people there IS helping them with their goal of finding out what happened to the princess. There is some parallel to both stories (Taemu went after Taeyong in the present time, someone went after the prince in the past time when some unknown people attacked him right before he time traveled, the story of the sisters are very similar, etc.). Because the prince got involved, he now knows the princess isn’t the person he thought she was, and I’m thinking that the events of the present is going to help them solve what happened in the past.

  68. 68 risa

    Thanks for entertaining us once again. For me, RP is a sweet-and-sour dessert, whereas QIHM and TK2H are a full-course meal.

    btw– I don’t think it was a wormhole that the Power Rangers traveled through– but rather a red, blue, green and yellow striped caterpillarhole. ;D

  69. 69 Grace

    I’m watching both dramas at the moment but I prefer QIHM as the leads are cute and the story line is more more interesting than RTP.

    The conflicts in RTP bore me to death and Yi Gak and Park Ha have no chemistry whatsoever. And the kissing scene was darn disappointing, it’s like watching two dead fish touching lips!

  70. 70 Qwerty

    Lol! Love the dialogue. You two are awesome. :) Still chuckling over the whole thing. Haha.

  71. 71 JoAnne

    Giggling like mad. You girls are the best.

  72. 72 yaya

    I watch only RP

    I doubt I will watch QIHM, but I love both Yoo Inna and Ji Hyun Woo, I’m so happy their drama is daebak ^^

    RP is great, but yeah, I’m a bit scared about the ending, I actually don’t see happy ending TT

  73. 73 la dee dah

    Haven’t watched QIHM yet, but will probably do that after RTP finishes (I love me some smart cool man!)!

    Though Yi Gak is not as smart as Boong-do (from what I’m reading from the comments) and was used to having people do things for him and follow him before, I like that he has since become much more proactive in squashing the evil. His street smarts are growing. Wouldn’t have pictured that of the Prince in the first episodes.

    And while I don’t like how they did the portrayal of Sena (if she had a more believable motive for being so evil, then I wouldn’t be as frustrated), I’m actually satisfied with the portrayal of Tae-mu. He’s not meant to be the evil genius, he was a regular guy that didn’t think he got treated as well in the company, who was pushed around by his father to man up and try take over the company, and who suddenly got in over his head when he accidentally sent Tae Yong into the sea. Then having to keep lie after lie, then being consumed with evil plan after evil plan even though he wasn’t up to that level to keep evil plan going, he’s reached the snapping point now with what he did with Park Ha. So I’m not surprised that he can’t keep a straight calm face whenever someone calls him out, he hasn’t reached that level of evil genius.

    • 73.1 Ginko

      Good decision, I actually recommend you finish RP first, there’re only 2 weeks left. Coz once you board the QIHM ship, there’s no turning back. Trust me :)

      10 days ago I was all excited after RP Ep14, and to fill in the waiting time, I watched QIHM. Gah, I can’t believe my daily life completely turns flip after 6 eps of QIHM. I can’t concentrate in anything else. Whenever I have free time, I rewatch the favorite parts of QIHM. I did watch RP 15, 16 but felt nothing, didn’t remember anything after watching. Oh yes, except Yoo-chun was really impressing with his acting in recent episodes.

      That’s it. I live for QIHM now.

      • 73.1.1 muhloy

        !! i feel the same way!

        i keep re-watching my favorite scenes too from QIHM too

        like that one scene in the library when she walks away saying good bye and Boong-do looks down and exhales and turns around, walks quickly up the aisle with his long legs to cut her off and grabs her arm and pulls her aside and kisses her….

        man it just KILLS me. i mean, the exhale in particular. i have never been so damn fascinated with an exhale!

        • jomo

          There’s an exhale? I missed it?
          I have to go check it out (forthe234thtime)

  74. 74 jomo

    Thank you for this post!

    You know, just the idea that you both spent all that time thinking, discussing then writing this piece makes this site
    (Sorry Disneyland…)

    Time travel is my favorite plot device ever, I could watch a time travel channel and never get sick of it. Actually, that is kinda what this season is for me…YAY!

    Everyone else has pretty much said what I think about QIHM.
    I love it with all my heart, and am watching it on repeat now.
    Discovering Ji Hyun Woo has completed my existence, and am on a tear to watch everything he is in. Currently watching My Sweet City and HOLY HOLY smiling person is unbelievably irresistible!!!!

    • 74.1 cindy

      Believe me Jomo, don’t watch A thousand kisses with Hyun Woo, you will loose time and a lot of hair, that drama is not worth. The first 20 episodes where then it got crazy and is better you run away from it ^^

    • 74.2 Kiara

      Discovering Ji Hyun Woo is the best thing about QIHM for me. He’s not your typical pretty boy and when his shirt comes off…. his shoulders …whoa move over Ian Thorpe.

    • 74.3 tarianant

      “Discovering Ji Hyun Woo has completed my existence”
      Tell me about it!! I want to watch his previous works too, but the premise of A Thousand Kisses and Birth of the Rich doesn’t interest me. Is My Sweet City any good?

      These days I spend my free time youtubing Ji Hyun-woo, OMG the guy sings, and plays guitar, and I love his single (Cressendo Baby), and he loves Coldplay (and sing their song, not bad indeed), and he’s so tall, and his broad shoulders, and his smile..yup! He’s my new bias.

      • 74.3.1 Kiara

        We have something in common yay. Love Coldplay. I saw a video of him singing “Yellow”. He is no Chris Martin but he did a good job on this one. Short but sweet.


      • 74.3.2 Christy

        My Sweet Seoul is a must watch! The sweet smiley smiley guy was so irresistible and cute in it!

        • tarianant

          Thanks you Christy. I love the Voice and I like CKH. I’ll check out MSS.

  75. 75 Koreandramasrock

    Bahaha.. I laughed AND snorted out loud in my study room that my study buddy was asking if I was ok.. =P
    P.S – I love BOTH but Queen In hyun’s winning me over a teeny bit more right now..

  76. 76 bluelime

    queen in-hyun’s man turned out to be a nice surprise for me because i really enjoy the interactions between hee-jin and boong-do.

    boong-do as a character may seem too perfect, but that’s what i think is really working here for me at least because of the fact that he actually uses his brain to think and appropriately utilizes his intelligence in both joseon times and modern day south korea.

    i also really like the fact that he behaves like a gentleman towards hee-jin.

    on a side note, so far, i find the kiss scenes between hee-jin and boong-do to be rather refreshing in a natural way, (hope my words are making sense), since the kiss scenes so far are not like your typical kdramas’ “the male lead delivers a forceful/hard kiss” type of situation, so i really find that be a nice change of pace.

  77. 77 Kairi

    JB and GF you had me dying over here. You two are too freaking funny. Thanks so much for this Thing vs. Thing post!

    There’s so much love for Queen In-Hyun’s Man in the comments. I LOVE it! I’m so in love with Ji Hyun-woo in his role. Yoo In-na, whom I’ve long adored, is also so awesome in this lead role! It’s like… I’ve finally found my perfect drama leads. Came close with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho with Seung-gi and Shin Min-ah, but Dae-woong started off as that typical jerk character. Meh. Boong-do is SO sweet and such gentleman toward Hee-jin<3 He's a smartiepants and a badass and a sweetheart all wrapped up in one HAWT package. No wonder Hee-jin schemes for some lovin' haha!

    BTW, I am so excited for the recaps of the new QIM eps. Gets better and better every week!

  78. 78 Sabah

    Ah, the intentional thwarted machinations of fate. Its tailspin making your head spin. I love it!

    I would humbly say it was more like comparing oranges to mandarins or even comparing Mandarin to Clementine or Satsuma. I could never figure out the difference…Just tend to buy the freshest looking ones at the market.

    I am quite impressed (not that was your goal) at your intricate detailing of the differences of nuances between the two and I have gained a better appreciation of both through the comparison.

    Thank you for a wonderful read.

  79. 79 Maya

    I’ve watched both dramas, but I have to say that I find Rooftop Prince more addicting, maybe because of the zany comedies that it delivers. I. Just. Can’t. Stop. Laughing! And I really like the chemistry between park ha and yi gak.
    To be fair though, I have only watched the first two episodes of QIHM, so I hope I can find the show’s addicting factors soon enough

    • 79.1 sarah

      i love rooftop prince more..4 episode to go..after rp i will watch QIHM..

  80. 80 dee

    lol….. you just can’t compare apple and oranges, they both just so delicious… i’ll ate them all ^_^

  81. 81 WM

    LOLOLOL Thank you two for this one. I can only hope you keep up the Thing vs. Thing on a regular basis, because you both just said exactly what I’ve been thinking. Maybe next time we’ll see some Thing vs. Thing doctor style, or Thing vs. Thing secret-birth-ancient-recipes-at-risk style (Immortal Classic and Feast of the Gods). Funny how the writers keep popping up with the same sort of ideas. But then I’ll bet Fate wanted it that way.

  82. 82 crazyjnx

    I love reading you two together like this. Anyone else stumbling onto this for the first or second time would be thinking, WTF is this, but I’m totally laughing along.

    You two make a great writer pairing…you know that…Thanks for entertaining us through entertaining yourselves!

  83. 83 Mrstrii

    Oh ladies you just kill me! DB ur posts are delightful, and thanks for posting this one cuz not only is it a treat on its own, it’s sparked off all this JHW talk! Can we say MASSIVE crush happening here? And thanks for all the JHW links ladies!

    DB pleeese recap all the aired eps of QIHM soon? Although I’ve watched the subbed eps, your recaps take the whole experience to another level! Muah! Kumsamidah!!

  84. 84 bd

    My enjoyment of “Rooftop” pretty much comes from the Joseon Power Rangers – of which their presence on the screen had been limited a bit too much over the past 3-4 eps.

    Aside from that, the writing in “Rooftop” has pretty much been a mess – not close to “Lie to Me” or “Secret Garden” mess levels, but uses the same over-stereotypical characters, situations we have seen time and time again, storylines that don’t make sense, characters making the dumbest moves, lazy ways of addressing certain issues or not even addressing them properly, etc.

  85. 85 nonski

    love love your post girls! so funny and yet gives us something to think about what we’ve been watching. :)

  86. 86 Stephiekins

    Queen In hyun’s Man for the world!!! Initially, I was into TK2H but now that they sort of have a happy ending, I just felt like the story ended, for me. I was always thrilled by time traveling dramas and 2012 offered heck lots of them. RP was the first to start off but it wasn’t as lovely although I love reading the recaps. I just wished that there were more stuff related to the past, showing the past Now, Queen In Hyun’s Man is like my crack. Looking at Kim Bong Do makes me swoon and melt. He may not be the best looking actor but he sure matches his character, scholarly-kind capable of intense romance. Sigh <3 Yoo In-na's character seemed a little ditzy at times, like a blondie but the fact she lives in modern times and works, strikes her off from the damsel in distress stereotype. Oh, she even has to save KBD's butt sometimes despite his cleverness, he was bound for trouble in a world he had no clue of. SPOILER ALERT:I like how they are generous with kisses as well 😀 Makes me melt like ice-cream all the time. I admire how YIN's character is bold to make the move despite the modern time thingy, it's still really daring. Or she's just really impulsive. Keep writing the recaps please!!!!!!! Kamsahamnida!!

  87. 87 enkeys

    The thing is,how can Yi Gak just believe that his Crown Princess is an evil wench just from the RUMORS that Do Chi San heard?

    I mean,i know Chi San knows a lot of news/rumors and that he can be trusted and all, but in the earlier episode the Prince was like ‘my princess is very demure,beautiful,etc etc’ and now he’s like ‘why havent you tell me this before?!’

    Shouldn’t he defend his wife or something rather than just believing what he heard?

    • 87.1 enkeys

      omo!i donno how to edit my comment so i’ll just add here:

      yep,definitely RP has loss its magic.i think i’m gonna stop watching and concentrate on TK2H and QIHM instead :)

  88. 88 D

    “‘Cause in In-hyun, I love everything about the plot and characters and premise, but I do sort of trip on the very mundaneness of the time-warp mechanism. A monk wrote a talisman? That’s it? I actually want it to be more magical.”

    – I’m thinking (hoping actually) that the explanation behind the talisman’s magic will be revealed later in the story since the monk who made the talisman is away while Boong-do does the whole time-traveling bit, and also because the monk who Boong-do asks for answers cannot be any more vague with whatever he is saying, nor does he know (or does he? i’m not really sure) that our hero can travel through time. Let’s just hope that when that talisman-making-monk comes back, he comes back with a decent explanation as to why and how the talisman works and not just because Fate has meant to do that hahaha

  89. 89 crazykel

    I am a really big fan of both of these dramas, but after starting QIHM, I may be more in love-love with Boong-Do. He’s so smart, and his way of navigating the modern world appeals to his brain–that oh-so-sexy brain of his. His kissing, too, appeals to his smartness. That.boy.can.kiss!

    About RTP, I do find sometimes that it muddles around the mystery in favor of SeNa and Tae-mu’s villainy. I’m not sure if I like that, because the mystery of the Crown Princess’ death, though related to SeNa’s character (or at least, supposedly), seems lost in the machinations of the H&S business. I often don’t find a clear path as to where the progress of the original mystery is going.

    I also dislike the grandmother in RTP. At first I liked her, because I thought she was just a halmoni who was dealing with the loss of her grandchild. However, after learning about the whole Tae-mu thing, I disliked her more. As much as I think that Tae-mu’s erratically evil behavior is indicative of his father’s, I do sense that some of it comes from the grandmother’s indifference at him as a person. She blames Tae-Mu for her husband’s actions; in other words, she hold grudges just like the rest of our villains: Uncle Money, SeNa, and Tae-Mu. She is no better than they are in this case.

    The last straw for me was when she agreed to lie about the plane ticket in order to push Park-ha further away from the family. At first glance, her protection of the family seems to indicate fierce loyalty, but by this point, she just wants to consolidate power to Tae-yong and herself. Though she wants Tae-yong to be in a relationship, she only wanted it to be with someone who (in her mind, of course, not ours–for we know better) she trusted. Wait till she finds out that same bitch she trusts is working against her. HEHEHE. As much as I hate SeNa, I want to see grandmother embarrassed by her behavior as well.

  90. 90 exquisitemelody

    Just started watching Queen Inhyun after seeing so much about it on dramabeans 😛 It’s definitely completely different from RP save from the time traveling. But I like how he can go back and forth and he isn’t stuck in one time frame. I feel like it’s reminiscent of time-traveler’s wife. Guess I found myself another drama to watch! Good thing since RP is almost done :'(

  91. 91 21

    Hahaha! That was very entertaining to read as always fate ALWAYS win!!!!!! They are both very good dramas so it will be a draw in my view!

  92. 92 exquisitemelody

    I was trying so hard not to start QIM before drama ends since I know the subbing is slow, but you guys were saying so many good things about it, I couldn’t help it! I’m glad I started…I just hope I don’t have to wait too long for each ep :/

  93. 93 Elizabeth

    I dont know why timetravel just started appearing everywhere in kdrama. was there a policy that was against it previously that was lifted?

    I am saying this because a long time ago in 2000, there was already a HK drama on time travel. but it was never used in kdrama before.

    Then China dramas in the last two years started using it as a plotline and then kdrama caught on. Maybe its a fashion thing.

  94. 94 LOVE

    Love “Queen In Hyun’s man” more… RTP is boring.

  95. 95 hanie

    finally, done reading all the comments. phewww…
    I always like when you guys do post like this cause it always bring the lulz.

    I cheated on Yoochun and jump ship to QIHM recently. I thought I should watched it after RP ended but reading 1st episode recap with beautiful screencap makes me curious. Never thought it would be this awesome. Boong Do and Hee Jin chemistry is sizzling. I like Boong Do cause he is up to his scholar title; smart, quick in assessing unfamiliar situation and swoon worthy. that smile~ I would do the same what Hee Jin did if I’m meet him. Damn, I probably make up something worse than she said #justsaying. Not to mention he can jump back and forth btw 2 world, eventho he risking his life every time but at least the wormhole is there. Hopefully next episode still as strong if not better.

    I feel like RP need to catch up with their pace since there only 3/4 episodes left and there are so many thing/mystery to be solve. They didn’t even know how to go back to Joseon yet and I’m ended anxious for them. Taemu is by far the easiest villain to detect it kinda makes him laughable. He need poker face crash course stat. Dude, if you keep on failing, isn’t it some kind of divine way to tell you to either stop being evil or step up your game..i meant evilness. aishhh. Park Ha is just standard kdrama heroine.

  96. 96 Minsun

    “javabeans: Kill all the Horcruxes! But whose time do they live in?”

    I burst out laughing on a bus! U girls are the best.

  97. 97 Ljce

    I was wiping my tears with MANE OF SHAME! ROLF! I really cant take it especially when I scroll down Lee Gak, long hair, troll doll!!! hahahahaha!
    you girls are the best!

    but seriously speaking I really love QIM, it very refresing western/asian style. I really love it to bits how I wish I would meet a hottie from the pass and told him about rules and manners in modern day time. Like kissing to partway hahaha! I’ll be damn!

  98. 98 Serena B

    Oh, javabeans, I think I’m officially in love you (in a totally platonic non-creepy way….yeah). Anyone that can reference Arrested Development while talking about dramas has my heart forever. :)

  99. 99 Michelle

    Yeah RTP is getting pretty boring and hard to watch while I sat and watched QIM and found it refreshing.

    Funny read as well ;D

  100. 100 Kana

    lovin both dramas!! but rooftop a lil more! <3

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