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Variety Roulette: Healing Camp
by | May 4, 2012 | 73 Comments

Time for another Variety Roulette! This time we landed on a show that neither of us has ever seen: Healing Camp, which airs on Mondays on SBS. I hope for our sakes that it’s a good show…


JYP – “날 떠나지마” (Don’t Leave Me) [ Download ]

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EPISODE 41. Broadcast on April 30, 2012.

javabeans: It’s a show I’ve heard about regularly, just from keeping up to date on the industry, and I know that it tends to feature stars and there’s crying. Which you can sort of pick up from the full title, which is Healing Camp: Are You Unhappy.

girlfriday: Yeah in my frame of reference (basically from entertainment news), this is The Crying Show.

javabeans: But I’m wondering, isn’t the premise kind of… obnoxious? You get these big stars to come on a show that is, by nature, all about how they’re so rich and famous and yet still unfulfilled. I’m not saying famous people have no right to be unhappy, but to create a variety show around the premise smacks of… for lack of a better way to put it, what I call the big Boo Fuckin’ Hoo.

girlfriday: They should rename the show. I think I’d tune into Big Boo Fuckin’ Hoo more often than Healing Camp.

javabeans: Ha. Like, if you’re going to do this concept, I think you have to put a twist on it and be a little self-aware, otherwise it comes off whiny. I say this without having watched the episode yet. So with that said…

girlfriday: We open on… Park Jin-young aka JYP. Oh, this should be interesting.

javabeans: What? Is he going to explain how he became an uber-producer and manager and mogul and choreographer and actor and feels sad about wanting more?

girlfriday: Maybe he’ll talk about the failure that was Dream High 2.

javabeans: Oh, yes please. I still want to smack him for that. I need to vent those frustrations somewhere.

girlfriday: But I do still love 90s pop icon JYP, not that he’s a different person from Dream-High-2 JYP.

javabeans: I like his ability to mock himself (which is that self-awareness I was just saying), in that he freely brings up his past, full of embarrassing parachute pants and clear vinyl suits and hangs a lantern on how silly that seems now.

girlfriday: Yeah I think it says a lot about his character that he can make fun of himself. He also seems adorably earnest, yunno, for a multi-millionaire pop mogul. So anyway, JYP’s standing around and the captions tell us this is his house. And then the three hosts of the show: Lee Kyung-kyu, Kim Jae-dong and Han Hye-jin ring his doorbell. Huh. So they just show up at his house?

javabeans: Is this a surprise? Or are we doing Cribs?

girlfriday: I think it’s Dr. Phil-meets-Cribs. I just don’t know if this is normal for the show, since this is the first time I’m watching. He greets them in the yard, and right away Kim Jae-dong makes fun of his outfit, like he’s dressed for kindergarten. Ha.

javabeans: It’s like 5-year-old prep school boy on the bottom… but fringe and stuff on top. Is this how he dresses in normal life? Or did he get dressed up pretty for the show? I’m confused.

girlfriday: I feel like either way I answer that question it’s bad for him.

javabeans: They ask why he decided to come out on the program, and he says he has come to his life’s final question. Okay, that’s a dire way to phrase that. The question: Who made this world and people, and why?

girlfriday: Pwahahaha. He’s totally serious, and Lee Kyung-kyu’s like, uh…. “That’s not really what we do…”

javabeans: So you came on Healing Camp to find out the meaning of life? He’s actually super adorable, because he’s got this little-boy enthusiasm about him, but it’s a totally weird answer. The way he says it, it sounds less like a spiritual search and more of an “Are there really aliens?” type of question.

girlfriday: Yes, like a child asking why rainbows only show up on certain days. The trio of MCs are actually taken aback, like they weren’t prepared for this guy. Maybe no one warned them?

javabeans: I can see how you have to be a little off your rocker to make it in this biz—you can’t be totally conscientious, reasonable, and safe to rise to his heights. It’s just that I expected JYP’s brand of crazy to be… different.

girlfriday: I’m thinking he’s got a lot more crazy to show us. He tells them that he’ll show them around the house, which he’s designed in the most efficient way to get through his day. He decides he’ll take them on JYP’s morning routine, which is hilariously just what I expect a Big Star to say.

javabeans: His routine is totally neurotic though well-intentioned. He literally walks them through the minutiae of “Here is where I sleep. The moment I open my eyes, I open this drawer. I take these vitamins. Then I open the next drawer. I eat almonds.” Whaaa?

girlfriday: Okay, he’s starting to show his OCD. He apparently COUNTS out his almonds. Six a day. Only six. Every day.

javabeans: You just know he read that somewhere, or did a mathematic calculation of the maximum health benefits in almonds, and decided on six. Then it’s on to the kitchen, at 8:05 am, since he’s on a clock here. “I don’t want to waste any time, so I start moving immediately.” Damn. That’s some mental discipline. I respect it, but I don’t understand it; while I agree with the principle entirely, the body just doesn’t comply.

girlfriday: Now I kind of get why he’s so successful, if he lives every single day like each minute is wasted if not spent efficiently. Damn. I mean, it’s crazy, but also admirable.

javabeans: He eats a whole bag of anchovies?? He walks them through his tried-and-true breakfast—every day for 17 years. Black beans, soy milk, nuts, anchovies. He’s asked why he doesn’t eat toast or fried egg for breakfast, and his answer is, “Breakfast has to be fast.”

girlfriday: Wut? He’s had the same breakfast, every day, for seventeen years? To maximize his time?

javabeans: Damn. It’s like he’s a human trying to be a robot, minimizing his human flaws.

girlfriday: His one weakness is dried persimmons, which he allows himself to eat, but only ONE a day, because otherwise he’ll gain weight. Dude.

javabeans: On to his morning calisthenics, with the automated voice counting down. It only takes two exercises for the hosts to gripe that that voice is aggravating.

girlfriday: It’s his own voice!

javabeans: Just… recorded.

girlfriday: That’s just crazy.

javabeans: I don’t know whether I should feel ashamed of my sloth or freed by it.

girlfriday: I’m impressed by the morning scales (on the piano) and the two-hour workout in the gym, but then he gets to his closet, and I’m back to thinking he’s nuts. He’s labeled his closet. Like it’s not enough to organize the closet according to your personal system, but it’s labeled, by color and type of clothing.

javabeans: Also, it’s one thing to do it to be neat. It’s another to do it “so I can always change in 5 minutes.” That’s obsessive. Omg, he’s invented his own acronym-song, to help him remember whether he’s remembered everything. It goes (in a singsongy tone), ji-jeon-jeon-jeon-rip-bi-myun-hyun-young-woon-chang. The hosts gape at him, wondering what the hell that means. It’s: wallet, phone, phone, phone (three phones?), lip balm, vitamins, did I shave, cash, receipts, workout gear, close the windows.

girlfriday: And he has another version for checking things before bed. Man, the sheer repetition of doing this routine for seventeen years… I don’t think I could do it for a week.

javabeans: Okay, I’m back to feeling shame, because when asked why he does it, he says that when he doesn’t, he feels sorry to his fans. As in, if he skips out on his routine, it affects his dancing and singing, and the freedom he feels onstage is beyond anything. So, in order to preserve that freedom, he’s willing and happy to give up the freedoms of daily living.

girlfriday: Aw, you can actually see that he’s super earnest about it–that because he’s not some genius, he only knows how to make up for it with effort.

javabeans: I totally think he’s a genius, although perhaps it’s more on the brain side of things—he’s a master businessman and producer.

girlfriday: But maybe he has some kind of inferiority complex because he’s not a genius songwriter, like in the actual chunjae sense. I think it’s nuts to have an inferiority complex over not being a genius, but everyone’s got their thing I guess.

javabeans: He’s Salieri? I totally feel like I’m learning things in this episode, but I’m not sure if they’re good things.

girlfriday: Like how to be more OCD? I don’t think you need that lesson.

javabeans: But he’s saying his stuff and it’s like a light bulb is going off over my head. Ohhhh, I’m thinking. That makes sense. Maybe it’s for my own good that I lack the discipline.

girlfriday: And MY good. Don’t forget my good. Some of us like being lazy, yunno!

javabeans: I do too, but my OCD side guilts my lazy side so I can’t ever enjoy it 100%. The hosts ask how he handles problems. JYP uses drinking as an example, of how getting really drunk is something all celebs have to avoid, so after getting drunk one time he decided no more hard liquor. Following that rule he went six months without getting drunk, but then one night at a birthday party he got drunk off beer. So then he instated another rule about leaving at a certain hour, went another six months without incident, then got drunk at a film crew party. He decided to self-impose the punishment you’d get for drunk driving (100 day suspension), and went 100 days entirely dry.

girlfriday: He says it ended yesterday, so then Kim Jae-dong asks what happens if he were to get drunk today. He immediately says “Then 200 days.” Not that I’m surprised, but he is hardcore with the rules. I’d be scared to be one of his idols. I mean, can you imagine the rules in that company?

javabeans: I wonder if it’s easier or harder that he seems to have this gentle, friendly approach, but that inflexibility with discipline. If he can do it, they can do it. It seems so completely worth it to him that I wonder if he has little patience for somebody who isn’t as committed. But normal people just can’t be that committed. It’s not… normal.

girlfriday: I can imagine he doesn’t handle it well. Plus, if you break one of his rules, the punishment is immediately to DOUBLE the previous punishment.

javabeans: JYP says that music makes him so happy that he doesn’t need anything else, like drugs, which spins into this story about how he used to be suspected of being a junkie in his rookie days, ‘cause he looked like he was on drugs, he was so into his performances. And how one day he found his mom in his room, crying, “Do you… do drugs?” Hahaha.

girlfriday: Hee. It’s adorable how he talks about music though, with such genuine excitement. They ask if he doesn’t find his lifestyle restrictive, but he says with such conviction that he’s so happy because he gets to make music, and that he’s not in his right mind, he loves music so much.

javabeans: It makes sense how he says that you have to maintain a healthy body for your mind to follow. He says he can’t understand when other creative types say that they have to live freely because of their art, because if you don’t take care of yourself, the ideas can’t flow. Although, I have this recent study about alcohol helping creativity I’d like to show him…

girlfriday: I’d like to see that study, because what he’s saying is starting to make sense and I want to nip that in the bud.

javabeans: Right? His philosophy has this strange cult-leader attraction.

girlfriday: Yeah I’d totally be drinking the kool-aid if his routine wasn’t so damn hard.

javabeans: Conversation moves to the competition/reality show K-Pop Star, where JYP earned something of a Simon Cowell reputation for ripping bad performances apart. He explains that he really meant to be encouraging and warm, but that he’d get so caught up in the music that he’d forget himself—that it was the frustration of being withheld the performance he could almost see. He wanted to go there with the singer, but the singer wouldn’t go, and that made him mad.

girlfriday: I like his explanation–he uses the analogy of being shown a delicious plate of food and then having it taken away. Ha. He says that with his own singers, he’s known to be this way in recording sessions, so he knew this about himself, and was hesitant to be on the show in the first place.

javabeans: He tells the story of how he was talked into participating in the program by Mr. YG himself, Yang Hyun-seok (“I have a witness, Psy was there!”). Hyun-seok, whom JYP describes as stern and scary, essentially told him he’d play bad cop and let JYP play good cop, since he gets along with the youngsters so well. But then as soon as the program started, Yang totally shocked him by being warm and approachable.

girlfriday: Hahahahaha. This is hilarious. He’s like, Hyun-seok hyung is so scary!

javabeans: I love how he says he got so into the performances that he’d forget himself and let loose this tirade, and Yang would whisper to him, “Good job, everything you said is right.” But then Yang would keep his nice face on to the cameras and JYP would look like the bad guy.

girlfriday: He swears that Yang Hyun-seok is such a cold distant boss, but suddenly after that show, everyone’s saying that YG is so warm and they want to go there, and JYP is so harsh! Hahaha. He seems so peeved about that misconception, it’s hysterical.

javabeans: He actually gets worked up, especially when he recounts a previous encounter (“That wasn’t the first time Hyun-seok hyung did that to me!”). He tells the story of how, in the early days of The Internet, illegal mp3 filesharing was rampant and there was to be a live televised debate about it. He agreed to go on the show, and found himself inundated with calls from other producers and executives, all telling him not to forget to say this, and to mention that. Yang Hyun-seok gave him a whole monster list of things to say (“You know my image, I can’t go out and say things, but YOU, you’re known to shoot your mouth so it’s okay”) and even texted him in the middle of the live broadcast to remind him, “Say this point now! Now this one!” Haha. And after the show ended JYP had amassed a league of anti-fans.

girlfriday: So far this interview is making YG look really good. Ha.

javabeans: You mean, really smart?

girlfriday: Yeah like evil mastermind smart. In a good way, but you can see how JYP would be frustrated.

javabeans: Han Hye-jin says he seems really worked up, and JYP literally has to remind himself to breathe.

girlfriday: Suddenly a phone rings in the middle of the interview and they’re like, who’s that rude guy? But then JYP realizes that it’s his alarm to take his vitamins, so he gets up in the middle of the interview to take them! Pfft.

javabeans: That leads to the explanation of why he’s so stressed out right now (he’s taking that vitamin for his vocal cords), because he somehow was insane enough to agree to debut his comeback single on live television, on K-Pop Star, in front of the very people he’s been judging so harshly all this time.

girlfriday: Omg. So much pressure. How can that possibly go well?

javabeans: I know, right? It’s like the movie critic suddenly has to go and make a movie now. They’re not just waiting for him to fail, they’re probably licking their chops just hoping for a chance to tear him a new one.

girlfriday: At least Hyun-seok hyung is guaranteed to say something nice to him in front of the cameras. Talk turns to what kind of boss JYP is, and it’s pretty much what I expected–he’s super involved in his singers’ lives, but strict and very thorough, in terms of all the things he expects of them.

javabeans: I think it’s interesting how he says he picks not based on talent but on personality. I’m sure there’s a baseline requirement for talent, but his big criteria is for his idols to be “good kids.” He likes natural personalities with tender hearts: “My kids may be lacking in some areas but they’re never unnatural.”

girlfriday: It makes sense, since he seems like the kind of person who goes with his gut, despite his rigid rules.

javabeans: And that’s the kind of person he seems to be, at the core. He wants to nurture those dreams. He makes the point that a lot of singers have to face a bitter reality when they either don’t make it or fall out of popularity. While actors can take smaller roles and keep acting, singers can’t become supporting singers. It’s all or nothing.

girlfriday: Lee Kyung-kyu puts on his sage advice hat and says it’s like he’s teaching them how to fish rather than giving them fish, and gets a glare from his co-host Han Hye-jin, because apparently he’s been over-doing the sage advice lately. Ha. JYP quips that this show’s MC dynamic is so strange that they’ll either fight now and break up, or last for a really long time. Is this show that new?

javabeans: Huh. My file says this is Episode 41, which is almost a year. But I guess compared to others, it’s a newbie.

girlfriday: They ask how he deals with Idol Rebellion (suddenly I think that should be the name of a band) and he says that just like life, there’s an adolescent stage in being a celebrity too.

javabeans: And now I’m super curious to know if he’s talking about Rain. I’m sure it could be a number of people, but Rain is his most famous protegé-gone-free, so it’s the natural assumption.

girlfriday: And his most one-on-one pupil.

javabeans: JYP says how in this period of celeb adolescence, the star starts thinking they know enough now, that they don’t have to follow the boss in everything, and tries to assert their own opinions. JYP says that he’s learned in hindsight that he has to shut up in those moments, because anything he says will be taken as nagging, and that will just cause a rift between them.

girlfriday: It’s totally like raising a kid. Yeesh.

javabeans: Han Hye-jin asks why he always puts some form of “JYP” into the intros of his idols’ songs, which gets a laugh. I always assumed it was a super shrewd branding technique, which I think was one of his more simple-genius inventions. I tend to think all of his songs have a trademark style anyway, but then you hear that “JYP” and you’re like, “Yup, thought so.” He says sheepishly that at first it was a way to reach out to his fans once he wasn’t singing to them directly anymore, and then it just got good responses so he kept it up.

girlfriday: In this case, he should just be like, yeah I’m the genius who did that. It’s not like he invented it (he most likely learned it from hip hop artists in the States), but it’s such a trademark of his now.

javabeans: They joke that you don’t hear other songs with a whispered, “SM….” or “YG….” haha.

girlfriday: Haha, it’s funny, though technically, you hear “YG” on most of the artists’ hit tracks.

javabeans: Do you really? That’s something that must have slipped by me entirely.

girlfriday: It’s not like JYP’s standard signature. It’s like a rap lyric or something.

javabeans: Aw, I actually feel a little bit sorry for JYP when he says that all his best songs get “stolen” by his idols, when he wrote them intending to sing himself. It must be hard to be a better songwriter than singer, and in the end he usually rationalizes that if, for instance, 2PM sings that song instead, it’ll be a much bigger hit than if he did it himself. But after a while he’s learned to stop letting people hear his songs ahead of time, because they all want to sing them themselves. Like the song he wrote that went to Se7en, “Even If I Couldn’t Sing”—JYP could have totally sung that. It might even fit him better.

girlfriday: Aw, it’s cute that he’s got that constant singer-CEO war going on. Like maybe he knows what the shrewder business decision is, but he has to fight his instincts as an artist.

javabeans: I can’t do that. My heart gets too involved and then I’m like, screw business. JYP gets in front of a whiteboard and starts to chart out how he achieves his ultimate goal, freedom. Okay, get that kool-aid ready again, because everything he says in terms of personal philosophy hits that sweet spot of sounding wise, but not too wildly existential. It’s like common sense, but told to you by someone who’s smarter. Example: In pursuing freedom, he’d always do his homework first, then play. Lee Kyung-kyu says the freer thing to do would be to just play, but he says, “But then you give up the ensuing freedom.”

girlfriday: See, I’m in total agreement there. Not that I always practice this in my own life, but that shit catches up with you. Do your homework first, then you get to do whatever you want.

javabeans: Yes. In a total anarchy, no, you could just be free and do whatever you wanted. But inasmuch as we all do have to live our lives plugged into the system to some extent, you can’t flout the rules entirely and then escape the consequences. Rules of the grid, yo.

girlfriday: Right. If you don’t want to do the homework, then go live in a society where you don’t need a diploma. So he draws this ladder with a point system attached, and at the top is “Freedom.” That’s what he says his goal always is. Even when he was a kid and did his homework first, total freedom to do whatever he wanted was always the goal. At the first level, a third of the way up is “Money.” He says in college he decided that his first goal was to make a crapload of money, because he figured then he’d have the freedom to do what he wanted. So he set a goal of 2 billion won and get this… he reached it by the time he was 26. WTF?

javabeans: Damn. Okay, so he had one hit early on (“Don’t Leave Me”) with a teeny label, because he was rejected everywhere. That label went under, but the silver lining is that he was able to set up his own 1-man operation. So then when he hit it big with two follow-up songs, he made the cash to buy a building that now houses JYPE. He clarifies the belief that he’s super-rich by saying that in order to run his company, he’s got to be the primary shareholder, which means that he’s also got to chase investments and loans to keep his stake in the business steady. So yes, he’s rich, but a lot of his assets are tied up. Lee Kyung-kyu comments, “Huh, so not such an envious life after all.”

girlfriday: Ha. Difference between a guy WORTH a lot, and a guy who’s got a lot to spend.

javabeans: Next he moves on to the next step on his ladder, saying that once he’d amassed that money, he realized that he’d miscalcluated: Merely having money doesn’t mean you suddenly have the freedom to do what you want. So he switched his goal to reputation/honor—as in, be the best in his field. So that’s when he started producing, as he was developing G.O.D.

girlfriday: Man, just the string of idols on this guy’s resume is crazy.

javabeans: He explains that this is when he came up with the idea that the American breakthrough would be the pinnacle of achieving that honor (which I think is misguided, but okay). And that to him, achieving honor doesn’t mean you have to hit #1, but that you pave a new way for others to follow.

girlfriday: See, I think he’s accomplished plenty in that trailblazing sense that he doesn’t need the American overseas venture to be the thing.

javabeans: I can see how intellectual curiosity would drive him to say, I want to see if I can get Americans to buy my songs. But I wouldn’t call that the ultimate goal. America isn’t an extension of his success at home; it’s a different game altogether. It was a hard sell to his shareholders, who told him that they’d back his American efforts IF he could chart an album on Billboard in the Top Ten. I wonder if they were doing that thing parents do to humor kids, expecting the kid to go off and get out of their hair. But of course JYP is all, “Okay!”

girlfriday: It is impressive how he sees everything as a challenge meant to be conquered.

javabeans: And then, in month 11, he got his Top Ten albums (Mase, followed by Will Smith and Cassie) and made his mark as the first Asian producer to do so. And yet, he had another epiphany around that point, where he realized honor was also a misguided goal. He looked back at his achievements and for the first time thought they might have been a bit ambitious. YOU THINK? That made him wonder seriously how he’d achieved what he’d achieved, and he concluded: “I was blessed with incredible luck.”

girlfriday: And then he apparently wrote them all down, and still carries them around every day. Things like being born to his parents or living in the States as a child for a few years, right down to “not dying yet.” HA.

javabeans: I’m sort of amazed at what he sees as luck, which others wouldn’t even bother to consider as something outside themselves. Like being born in the analog/digital era.

girlfriday: But that’s the only thing I see on that list that makes me go “Ahhhh,” because it’s true that those of us who were born on the cusp of the digital age have a certain… I don’t know what you call it… best of both worlds situation?

javabeans: I think it’s being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the Wild West scenario—in that regard, it’s also his luck in being alive when the Internet took off, but not so young it had already established itself.

girlfriday: Exactly. It’s what they say about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, that yes, they were genius kids, but they were born in the right era.

javabeans: Oh right, it’s like Malcolm Gladwell’s whole theory behind Outliers. That there are circumstances behind every extraordinary person that propelled them to their success, that set them apart from every other genius who hadn’t had the same luck.

girlfriday: Yes, yes. The outliers, and the generational patterns behind the movers and the shakers. Like the recipe isn’t just genius in and of itself, but the time and place, and opportunity.

javabeans: So JYP concludes that it all led him to question how he made his own success, when the omission of any item on his luck list would have impeded his path. That gave him a sort of existential/religious moment: “So there IS someone up there. There’s a reason.” That led to gratefulness, which then made him imagine “God or Buddha or aliens or energy” asking, “You’re just going to be grateful? What are you going to do with it?” That made him realize that helping others was the key, and he changed his life goal from honor to charity, “And I was happy. But…” The hosts shoot him this look of, “What on earth NOW?”

girlfriday: Omg he totally derails the interview. He launches into this explanation about his search for answers about God and the meaning of life, and the mystery of how complicated the human body is and how it functions without a manual (HA) and you can just see the hosts’ eyes glaze over.

javabeans: I love the looks on their faces. He has the curiosity of a 2-year-old, with the brain of an intelligent adult, and endless resources and energy. He says he’s not interested in religion, per se—he just wants to know things. Like how they work and stuff. “I want to meet who made us and receive that manual.”

girlfriday: He’s not even kidding. He has the innocence of a kid.

javabeans: It’s the fascinating dichotomy of JYP: Just when you think he’s totally off the rails, he comes back with one pithy thought that makes a lot of sense. He explains that it’s because he’s been so blessed that he’s embarrassed of the excess. Other people tell him to just give to the needy, then, like that solves the problem, “But I’ve done that! How can I stop myself from wanting to know?”

girlfriday: This all sounds perfectly normal. It’s just the way he explains it that sounds a bit nuts. But the philosophical issue is one that everyone has grappled with, throughout the history of the friggin’ universe. I just think it’s funny that he thinks maybe he’s discovered this problem.

javabeans: Like it’s new? That’s how he concluded that charity wasn’t the answer, either, although it takes you to 99%. (Money and honor each take you 33%.) Even if he gave away everything he had, he would still be left with that 1%, wanting to know who made them and why. Maybe the answer is: “Humans aren’t meant to be 100% happy.” There. Mystery solved.

girlfriday: Right? Like maybe the answer is, if you were already at 100, would you have accomplished any of the things that you have? Not likely. Maybe the search is the point. But he seems convinced there’s an answer.

javabeans: Maybe the meaning of life is that you need to search for a meaning. Otherwise you’re that wise lonely man on the mountaintop at perfect peace, doin’ nuthin’.

girlfriday: But you’re teaching kung-fu, right?

javabeans: But that’s like, once every thirty years when some hero makes the climb. You can’t make it easy for them, you know. Omg, I love the moment when Han Hye-jin leans forward and offers, “I think life is a gift from the one above,” and Lee Kyung-kyu bursts out, “Not you too!”

girlfriday: Hahahaha. He’s got a convert!

javabeans: But that’s totally how I feel, like I’m right there, agreeing. Kim Jae-dong’s all, “I knew something was up a while ago, when she was sitting there nodding along!” At this point Lee Kyung-kyu’s just wanting to wrap things up, and when Kim Jae-dong starts to argue a point, he barks at him, “Just do as he says! Otherwise there’s no end to his talk!”

girlfriday: Pffft, I love that he’s like, “This show usually ends with catharsis of some kind, but this time…” and then he bows in apology to the viewers. So you mean a lecture on the meaning of life is not how this show usually ends?

javabeans: Lol. JYP brings it back to earth, though, by saying that he’ll be able to sleep well tonight—because as long as you’ve done the best you could today, no worries. Even with his album plug, he says that he’d previously have really worried about its success, but now he figures the result is out of his hand. He did his best, that’s enough. That’ll do, pig, that’ll do.

girlfriday: And then they give him a present, which I guess they normally do at the end — an ice tub full of beers, which makes him so happy. They say there’s a second present, but he’s like, I have no interest in that one, and opens a beer. Ha. Han Hye-jin says they heard that he doesn’t own a camera, so they give him a polaroid, to document the good moments from now on. He says it’s the first camera he’s ever owned in his entire life, and when they ask why, he says, “I was too busy…” Why does that make me want to cry?

javabeans: I love that it’s the little things that make him so giddy. Aw, and now he’s about to cry. I don’t know if the show gave him the healing it’s meant to, but I sure feel like I’ve learned a lot. Mostly about how lazy I am.

girlfriday: And how much I want a beer. I love that it ends with him downing his first beer in a hundred days, and looking at it so lovingly. It really is the little things.


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  1. Min

    this was a good episode!
    thanks for the recap !

  2. YBisTOP

    Hrm.. I’ve been hearing this show a lot through Lee Hyori… Is this show good?

  3. djes

    so this is the reason why he hangs out with Heechul, Jang Geunsuk, Chun Junmyung, Lee Hongki and the rest of Chocoballs members?

    I do have impression he’s a bit crazy ( who aren’t crazy to stand with Heechul? ) but not this kind of ‘crazy’.. hahaha I wonder how the kids in JYPE deal with him.

    I like him..and now I like him more. I admire his discipline and determination, I can see why he’s successful.

    Re : Healing Camp. I watched few older eps whenever subs are available and I like the guest. No they’re not always shoot in the guest’s house. And yes mostly it involved crying fest. Like other talkshow, this has boring moments, esp when the guest isn’t interesting.
    You would want to have guest like Lee Hyori, who is awesome, so you can even make couple of news with her answers in one episode.

    • 3.1 djes

      I finished reading the post, and well, I have to say this again, JB-GF, you always make everything’s more interesting. Your side comments are precious.

      I admired JYP and YG, most of artists that I like are from their companies. I get the impressions that these two are cool bosses, in different ways of course. But JYP, he gets extra points since he’s still active as an artist himself. I was amused when Se7en told the story how he got the song from JYP. I was touched when Jo Kwon told his stories with JYP. I was laughing when 2PM boys shared how JYP won’t answer Taecyeon’s calls because he knows Taec would criticize his songs.

      I think he really loves his idols. Rain, he made his own company after his contract with JYPE ended. But when things went bad, JYP helped him, and now the company is under JYPE.

      Jay Park, I wish him well. I still can’t take if antis talk like JYPE ruined Jay’s career..well hey, you never know the two sides of the story how can you judge like that! If JYP is really an evil, he would try everything to stop Jay makes a new beginning in Korea. But he didn’t do that.
      It’s bad that 2PM boys don’t resume their relationship with Jay, but we never know. I think I won’t be surprised if they will resume as friends in the future.

      Wow I make an essay here. 😀 this shows how I like JYP..hehe.

      • 3.1.1 Arhazivory

        I too admire JYP and YG and I agree with your pont – if he was really evil he’d be blocking Jay like *cough* some other people do.

        • red

          And he didn’t even want jay park to leave, jay left himself

          I know right, I wish thoes ‘other’ companies cared about their artists like JYP does.

          • Swye

            Jay left Korea to return back to US when his scandal first broke out and people started cursing up a storm, but he never left 2PM on his own accord. He was supposed to return but a month or so before his comeback, JYPE suddenly announced that Jay would no longer be welcome in 2PM. The reason given was that he “confessed” to doing something so horrendously wrong that they couldn’t possibly accept him. They specified that it was nothing illegal though (That way they wouldn’t have to worry about any possible police investigation clearing Jay). So no, I wouldn’t say that Jay left 2PM, he was most definitely kicked out.

      • 3.1.2 Swye

        I like JYP too and sometimes I can’t decide what to think of the whole Jay Park issue. I actually like that Jay Park is a solo artist now (I like his music better), and whatever was JYPE’s reason to kick Jay out, I couldn’t care less now. However, JYP Entertainment did try to stop Jay’s activities when he first returned back to Korea. Of course JYP might have no hand in it; it could be someone else in his company who played the cards. Aside from trying to stop his activities, JYPE also continuously tried to instigate the rumor that Jay “confessed” to doing something so horrible (nothing legal apparently) that they had to kick him out. This was stated not once but repeatedly to the point that Sidus HQ’s president could not handle it anymore and sent a rather harsh reply challenging JYPE to oust whatever was the secret. If Jay did not have a strong backing from Sidus HQ, we don’t know what could’ve happened. Although, I am glad that now there seems to be no bad blood between the two. I wish them both luck.

      • 3.1.3 teaset

        Except Jay IS still blocked.

        During his most recent promotions for “Know Your Name,” he only was able to perform on KBS’s Music Bank & the cable channel music shows (Mnet, jTBC, etc). He was never on SBS or MBC for Inkigayo nor Music Core (unless I missed it.)

        And almost all of the variety shows that he’s guested on have also been on KBS, which is owned by the government & less afraid of the power & influence wielded by JYPE than the commercially-owned SBS & MBC. Cable channels are their own beast & I think so desperately struggling with getting viewership that they’re willing to book anyone.

        Now, of course this is better than DBSK, but Jay was never embroiled in any sort of legal lawsuit that would prohibit his independent activities. Jay is definitely still struggling to be accepted back into the industry. Whether that is because of some backstage machinations can only be inferred.

        • Swye

          True that. He didn’t get a farewell stage either.

          And I don’t remember very clearly but one of the broadcast companies even had problems with Jay’s fans calling and sending in letters in droves because they were blatantly blocking Jay’s either songs or appearance(I can’t remember).

          • Harley

            Many artists didn’t get a farewell stage. Even 2PM didn’t do a farewell stage for 2 programs last year (I think they only did one farewell stage). It may be due to scheduling, it may be due to blocking, it may be due to many things. Why does it has to always to do with JYP/E blocking Jay when Jay fails to do things fans expected. Did Jay actually mention ‘I feel sad I can’t do a farewell stage as I am not invited to do so’?

          • Swye

            I am not pointing a finger at JYPE. I am just noting the fact that Jay did not have ANY farewell stage. Maybe it was scheduling, but who’s to say that I can’t keep the options open? And if you knew Jay, you would know that even if he was not invited he would never say a word about it.

        • Harley

          I don’t think that is the case at all. KBS still block people, just like what happens to lots of artists who got into trouble with their companies, the most obvious is JYJ. KBS and many channels actually don’t want to go into troubles with big companies like SME etc.

          It may and may not be due to direct or indirect pressure from the company. But you making an assumption that Jay is being blocked by JYPE is so weird, seeing that how JYJ is being blocked IN ALL FRONTS (excepting acting as dramas are produced by companies who sold the right to the channels, and that’s another story for another day).

          Jay is almost everywhere. I think earlier in his career as a soloist, he’s generally not being invited due to his status as a newbie, the channels wariness (they may think that inviting Jay may be a slight to JYPE) and Sidus. While Sidus is indeed an influential company, it’s not an influential music company. There is a difference there. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, Jay is their first foray into the music business, so they probably don’t have influential enough workers that can pull enough strings for more appearance.

          Now that Jay is more successful, he is appearing in a lot of show and interviews. That said, going back to the topic of SBS (and many channels blocking Jay allegedly ‘due to JYPE’), I’d think it’d be KBS who will block Jay since KBS has the strongest tie with JYPE (Dream High and Dream High 2 and many things related to JYPE). So yeah, unless we have a strong proof of JYPE indeed blocking Jay, I’d rather not point fingers. Spreading rumors is how reputations are made, and frankly, Coldest and Jay’s fans are not helping it with the constant warring with JYPE, JYP and 2PM (until now). Coldest and Jay’s fans are making Jay look really bad (at least in opinions of most kpop forums I’m visiting).

          And JYP, although you are a screwed loose in the head sometimes, you are really unique and I love your enthusiasm towards life. I am still young but I am really jaded nowadays. I feel like capturing your essence of enthusiasm and keep it with me to remind me that life is meant to be experience, challenged and enjoyed 🙂

          • Suzyyy

            Just wanted to point out a few things:

            1) SM is the biggest of the three big Music companies in SK. Although YG and JYP might be more liked in terms of management, SM is the most powerful. So it goes without saying that going against SM will have more dire consequences than JYPE. Even if JYPE wanted, I don’t think they can exert as much pressure as SM can.

            2) As teaset stated Jay was never involved in any sort of legal lawsuit that could hinder his independent activities so his case is quite different from JYJ.

            3) Although Sidus HQ is not as big in the music industry, Jay is definitely not is first foray into the industry. G.O.D was once under Sidus HQ. JYP and Sidus HQ’s president together started GOD, which was later managed under Sidus (although JYP continued to produce their music and one of the GOD artists was still under him). It’s a long story. Sidus also has other singers under their wing, but I think they aren’t as popular.

            4) Sidus may not be one of the top music industries, but it is a powerful company on it’s own right. It houses some of the top celebrities of SK, so I am pretty sure they can push their weight around.

            5) Sidus has a long history of rivalry (issue about GOD) with JYP, (in fact, that could’ve been one of the reasons he took Jay in, in the first place), so Sidus is willing and ready to shield and back-up Jay, because it is kinda one of it’s ways to challenge JYP. In fact, you can google some of harsh words exchanged between the two companies with regards to Jay.

            6) Yes, coldest can sometimes be really really rude, but they are not all JWalkerz. Besides, it is unfair to judge an artist just based on their anonymous fan comments (you don’t even know if they are actually fans). If you know Jay, you know that he takes everything like a sport. All he ever tells his fans is to not care about anything and just listen to his music and enjoy them. He has matured tremendously since his controversy and the way he handles issues amazes me. I am proud of that kid.

            Although I like JYP, I am not sure that JYP Entertainment is full of saints willing to forgive and forget. It is known that JYPE blocked Jay’s activities when he first returned back. Jay issued multiple apologies and finally his written apology posted in his fan cafe was accepted and it was said that from then Jay would be allowed to be broadcast. No one knows if there is still pressure on broadcast companies to block Jay, but some things (like the ones teaset pointed out) makes us raise eye-brows (at JYPE mind you, not JYP himself. I consider them very different, although many a times fans confuse the two as the same). Maybe there is backstage machinations , maybe there is not, but our artist himself does not care, so why bother? I’ve just decided to continue enjoying his music. I did miss his dorkiness in variety shows, but now he has started to appear more often, so that’s a good sign.

        • Lilly

          Well, I think he’s not completely blocked on MBC? He’s currently appearing on MBC’s variety show “Music and Lyrics” with Lee Shi Young.

          • sophia

            Well we have to see… cause the show was originally for ‘MBC Music’ a cable channel,than it came out on MBC as a sudden replacement. Due to the big strike, episodes of WGM were running out.

  4. diorama

    Oh lord, now I feel like a total slacker (>.<). The same routing for 17 years? Wow..

  5. SopheaJane

    at the first moment I set my eyes on him, I know he is the kind of weirdo that people who did not close with could not understand. he is honest and always discipline himself made his trainees went crazy. honestly, I never heard anything from JYP or ex-JYP artist like “He made me change my face” or “we didn’t get as much money as we suppose to earn” like other (mostly SM) artist would say. Mostly, I always listen “The training is hard” “he is tough in recording” “he like to set up our limit from doing my best to giving my all”

    I think, he is the only one who his artist could freely talk about his bad point, make fun of him on tv. watch wonder girls, jo kwon and min in radio star and how they talk bad point on how JYP dance, sing and complaint in the recording make me felt how close hhe and his artist is.

    Even though Noel, Yoon Kye sang, Park ji yoon, may said that they have a little disappointment with this guy, but, i think that, they are able to carry on their career, more or less were affected by JYP.

    Jay Park were able to make a comeback, going out in variety show here and there, winning first in music program is the miracle that I personally wish JYJ could have. Miracle that is, Jay Park, went out from JYPE by bad situation and yet able to make a comeback… Wish that JYJ was from this company too.

    I think, overall, JYP is a person that is full of greed. He wants people who he had mentored to be out there even though they wasn’t under him, only to show that, when people saw these guys, “they were once jyp” that kind of greed make me felt grateful, that i was able to listen to noel, park ji yoon, rain, jay park again…


  6. Lilly

    I am thoroughly surprised by this revelation about JYP (well, I didn’t know much about him before). He really looked like to be a pretty chill guy. But after reading about his attempts to keep himself in line, I feel a lil ashamed about myself. This is definitely evidence that delayed gratification leads to greater success. Keep it up JYP! I learned something today. Sleep can take place anytime, but the time I have now is limited. Off to work!

  7. mya

    thanks for the recap. JYP is unique person.

    the first episode of Healing Camp i watched is Daesung and G-Dragon as the guests and talked about their problem last year.

    i really want to watch this show, but it’s so hard to find the eng. subbed version.

  8. Sarah

    Healing Camp is pretty good, if you’re watching for the celebrities you’re interested in. I watched the GD+Daesung and Lee Hyori ones with no problem but I tried watching one with Cha In-pyo with my mom and I fell asleep.

    They usually delve more into the struggles or recent scandals the celebs have faced that have changed their career and stuff with perspectives not really released to the media but the JYP episode went pretty differently from what they usually seem to do or talk about.

  9. telor88

    I LOVE jyp on variety shows. he just seems so sincere and real. i’m surprised to see how ocd he is tho. and that bit about his trademark jyp whisper is hilarious. I personally sometimes find that a bit annoying,
    YG does get mentioned in his artists song quite a bit, but I think it’s more a BIGBANG/G-Dragon thing and mostly just in the intro songs of the album and it that totally american rap/hiphop-y way.

  10. 10 kbap

    Awwww I teared up near the end of this episode 😉 Thank you for the recap! (and I also heard that 1n2d resumed filming. Yay!)

  11. 11 song pong

    Thanks for the recap jb and gf, I just love your dialogue and all the references you manage to put in it (Babe was my fav this time) I’ve only seen one episode of this show, the recent one with Big Bang, but it was pretty dull. Or maybe it would be super fun if you’d recap it, idk. How about trying Infinity Challenge next time?

  12. 12 MissMantin

    I think I read the whole recap with my jaw on the floor. It’s like you guys said, everything he says makes sense… but at the same time it doesn’t and it’s totally crazy… and then it comes back around to making sense again.

    Thanks for the recap! I love it when you guys do Variety Roulette, and this one was awesome, as always.

  13. 13 xnopex

    shine on, you crazy diamond. seriously.

  14. 14 Ani

    I love Kim Jae-dong. I miss seeing him regularly on a show I can watch.

    “Han Hye-jin leans forward and offers, “I think life is a gift from the one above,””

    Hahahaha. Han Hye-jin is a Christian, so I would say she (in her on way) was converted long before JYP. But yeah. It’s cute.

    I admire what I’ve learned about JYP. He really does give up a lot so he could make his fans happy and gain that freedom he wants. He makes me sad thinking about it. Like really? Your first camera? I admire that and hell, now I admire him too. And I think he’s just adorable. Maybe he makes a shrewd business man, but as a human being? I wouldn’t mind having him as a friend.

  15. 15 Dita

    Nice one 🙂

  16. 16 WM

    I read this and realized two things: I have wasted my life. lol And – as a fellow “artist” – that his philosophy about artists taking care of themselves is actually right. What you put into your body is what you put out, literally and figuratively. 😉 So, I’m totally with him on that, but not so much on the absolute rigid routines, because: laziness + caught-up-in-creative-neverland = chaos.

    • 16.1 smalltrade

      i may have to watch this episode everyday for the rest of my life as a daily reminder. It is now scheduled: right after anchovies, before dressing, during calisthenics.

      as a personal side note, when i was a kid i did calisthenics every morning with my family. of course my parents had to drag me out of bed for it. is that like a typical KA experience?

  17. 17 kip

    WHAT?!!? this man has never owned a camera because he didn’t have the time? that is kinda sad. i used to find his JYP whispers annoying but i admit to actually looking for them now bc it’s just hilarious. you can imagine if his future wife were to go into labor, he’d bend over her legs and whisper, “This is a JYP production” as the baby came out. LMAO and YG is such a troll, i love that man. i’m excited for his episodes, i hear he’s going to be appear for 2 episodes bc he had so much to say.

    • 17.1 smalltrade

      JB & GF, please recap his second episode on Healing Camp! pretty pretty duckling please!

  18. 18 Arhazivory

    I liked him before and I like him even more now.

    His frustration with YG sounds just like what the YG artistes said on Strong Heart. They were shocked at the fatherly, sweet image that YG gave on the K-pop show. lol. I think it says a lot about the leaders if the artistes don’t hesitate to joke about them in public. My favourite groups are from these agencies anyway, so maybe I’m biased but I do like ’em.

  19. 19 smalltrade

    OMG!!! thank you guys so much for this recap! this was such an amazing read!!!

    JYP, wow, I had no idea what type of crazy personality he has! I am definitely inspired by his discipline. like a lot here (I’m assuming), I basically have none.

    I just watched him on Running Man, and he was amazing there too! he was top form in all areas: strength, speed, smarts. super shrewd! if he wasn’t paired with the easy brothers, man he could have taken over the world!

    oh, and I absolute LOVE LOVE LOVE how he dresses!!!

    • 19.1 smalltrade

      oh, and I thought it was really funny how I’m totally goofing off reading this instead of prepping for finales at school, and he’s all adamant on how work goes before pleasure. he’s totally right, but I can’t help myself!!!

  20. 20 hpn88

    I went back and listened to some of this older stuff cause of Dream High and enjoyed a lot of it. This was nice to get to know him as a person and man was it enlightening. I can’t with that daily schedule and the “what is the meaning of life lecture”. HAHAHA

    I think the word is earnest. He just seems like the guy who puts it all out there. I dig it.

  21. 21 Naddie

    Aww this recap made it want to watch this. I love JYP and his discipline, and I admire it so much because yea I’m a sloth as well LOL. Dude, I’m 26 and I haven’t amassed 2bill won :'(

    Thanks for the recap!

  22. 22 lala25

    All I have to say is total OCD FREAK . Hysterical review

  23. 23 miaka0210

    don’t know why but i’ve never been really fond of him. his artists yes, his character in dream high yes. But him in general no. I really don’t know why. Maybe I should watch this so I could change my mind about him.

    On a side not I was wondering javabeans and girlfriday if you’ve watched the shinhwa broadcast and would like write a review on it? i know i know it’s an idol show, or maybe you know that these idols are way tooo old to be funny, but I hope you can give it a try. It’s totally worth it. Their episodes are sooooo funny. So please do if you could….. Thanks!!!

  24. 24 Laica

    JYP is so awesomely wacky.

    I absolutely love your commentary. So smart and interesting. I always love you guys’ conversation posts, but I think this is one of the best. Thank you <3

  25. 25 Gaeina Lee

    JB + GF, thanks for recapping and sharing this to us who never watch HC.

    Wow, JYP, I admire his determination, discipline and commitment, and most of all, his quest of finding the answer of his philosophical questions… Wow, just wow. I learn a lot from him thru’ this recap, thank you so much ladies.

    *Note to myself: G~, u shan’t slack off with your life! Use the alarm clock and do your stuff, stat!* ^^

  26. 26 canxi

    Ah, really? I watched an episode of Healing Camp and it seemed like a show where they bring a busy star in and just have them relax and talk. I watched the Lee Dong Wook episode.

    Not really him talking about how rich he was or anything but they were just challenging him in like push-up contests, talking about who he’s dated, they had a fun segment asking his friends what they liked and disliked about him, cooked and talked about what food he likes and what he says to a girl on a date and then at the end they had a nice recording of kind words from his sister that was getting married 🙂 Seems he always took care of her and the fam and he hasn’t seen her in a while. It was sweet.

    But, I guess it varies from person to person. Different types of healing for different people, maybe? It’s a show that caters to your needs? I guess for this one, JYP decides to show his personality and share himself. I see how talking about yourself can heal you sometimes, totally. Sometimes, you just gotta share and have someone listen (:

  27. 27 carol

    I think he needs to see a therapist or somebody who is old and have lots if wisdom.

    I think he accomplished his dreams now he is the stage where most of people be middle life crisis?

    He said whats next for him does he has kids?raising your own family will make him live more bec. of his kids.Your child warm embrace and laughter makes you want to live forever if you can to be with them seriously.I think life is about family the warm love from your family.And living a simple life gives you the freedom to want less.If he wants to know if there is GOD and he wants to see it JYP do you want to die? hehehe


      he’s divorced. i don’t think he had kids with his ex-wife. tbh, if he’s been doing that routine for the last 17 years it must have been hard to incorporate a wife in his schedule. seems like music is his number one priority, and a wife would probably be a sort of hindrance for him. Nevertheless, there will probably come a time when his new goal will be to have a family…

  28. 28 Pineapple

    Thanks for the recap and funny commentary!!!

  29. 29 Peeps

    LOL! JYP is so much like what I would have been if I didn’t suddenly experience the joy of spontaniety and got lured to the dark side when I hit 17. Just switch the exercising with badminton, the music with engineering and remove the vitamins and we’re good to go. I gotta say, KPOP ruined my high-achieving self.

    I still remember how I used to think and think about life and what

    • 29.1 Peeps

      God dammit, I pressed ‘enter’ by accident.

      [continued] it is all about. I dont’ worship god, but I don’t necessarily challenge his existence. I just don’t understand why some people make him out to be a big deal but will still marvel that I’m made of millions of atoms held together by just the perfect amount of particles containing the exact same number of particles held together by just the right amount of force and then grouped together to form the different parts of the body which then interact with each other without a manual … …etc.

      This just confirms my suspicions that JYP is so cool. Well, he’s not without fault, but the fact that he treats his artists with dignity and respect and his belief in them to become so much more that what they think of themselves, I think thats really cool. He’s like a parent to all of them. Put together with his business sense, he really can become the best CEO and mentor a Korean artist can have.

      I like him being a bit neurotic. It brings such a breath of fresh air to the K-Ent scene. I wonder what the reactions of his artists would be like when they watch this episode. I’ll bet it’ll be cracktastic.

  30. 30 Joy

    After the 2PM/Jaebeom fiasco thing I really really wanted to hate JYP’s guts. LIKE TRULY. After Dream High and this interview, I don’t know why but I just can’t hate the man! The earnestness and childlike innocence doesn’t seem at all fake or scripted or acted… he feels, real.

  31. 31 Kristen

    Hahaha, Koreans and their alcohol… but seriously, I love this post. This may be my Favorite Post of All Time, simply because it allows me to better understand an entity I’ve never quite understood before.

    That, and, it makes me a massive fan of JYP. I seriously can’t think of any other person who is even slightly like that without having a diagnosed disorder — and even if he were diagnosed for OCD, he has that emotional and thematic little ball of fuzziness inside of him that shows the reasons for his behaviors.

    Anyways. Thanks for the great post.

  32. 32 sjkwifey

    I never thought I come away from reading about interview feeling like I’ve learnt so much especially when its an interview with a artist/producer/actor etc. its like I’ve just read an interview with the Dalai Lama.
    He is truly an amazing person from his child-like curiosity which seems like an attribute that has obviously influenced his whole life to his passion for music and his drive.
    I hope he does find what he is looking for because I generally feel that he deserve to reach that 100% happiness.

  33. 33 dementedgirl

    I first watched the episode where Big Bang was the guest. I think it was more controversial because that’s the first time GDragon talked about the marijuana incident and Dae Sung talked about the fatal car accident which both happened last year. Although there were no tears shed, it was really quite heavy and two very serious matters so it was heart wrenching to watch. At the latter half of the show the rest of the group showed up and things became lighter.

    I also got that weird dynamic between the hosts.

    I think the relationship between JYP and Yang Hyun Seok is endearing. Although JYP complains about him a lot. I think there’s respect and affection there. hehe.

    Thanks for the recap!

  34. 34 Diehl

    JYP has gotten into my mind now. I almost didn’t finish the review because I thought, “Oh, crap. This is a waste of time and I need to be out there hustling.” Way to make me feel worthless dude. I hope the paps catch you being lazy and unproductive on camera and expose you for your lies! No one can be that disciplined . . . I hope.

  35. 35 momogi

    wow, thanks JB & GF, you always pick a variety show with the best guest and my favorite is this one!

    Park Jin-young, I adore you before and now I fully admired you!

    So now I feel like my whole life is a waste compare to his. Sigh

    With all his rules & discipline & goals, I can see clearly how he’s achieved so much. His artists are my fav idols and now I get why I like them, they’re down to earth and seems approachable, on and off stage.

  36. 36 ck1Oz

    Oh wow, I didn’t know what I was expecting when I came to read the recap. But it certainly wasn’t this. Wow. * jaw on floor *

    Man, I was laughing but at the same time, that is one crazy dude. No wonder he can accomplish the things he does.
    Am I allowed to ask, isn’t anchovies like super salty and has high salt content? He didn’t really eat anchovies for breakfast right? Not even the dried Asian ones.

    However, wow, how does someone live with someone like him. Terrific CEO to have though and I love his artistes.

    Thank you for the recap.

  37. 37 Sandrou

    The guy is Really something, it’s’was so funny. But his way of thinking isn’t wrong tough. Anyway, I like JYP i never ever see someone like him. Very Special and deep.

  38. 38 Evi

    I’m so glad I read this until the end. After reading this, I straight go to youtube and find several mv of JYP. I didn’t know he would be so awesome and charismatic, although I’ve seen him in Dream High. And it make me realize that so many talented artists in Korea and he is one of the best. Wow, such an artist with enormous passion. I really learn a lot from him. Thank you JB and GF for your writing about this interview. It really open up my eyes and gives me motivation to strive harder.

  39. 39 Daniella

    Wow! This actually sounds like an interesting story. I was totally expecting something depressing (because of the title healing camp) and then thought you guys did a good job of making it hilarious.

    JYP is so respectable. I love the whole Yang Hyun Seok story and just getting behind the scenes of his personal life. It’s really nice to get to know somebody that you don’t really know. I’m so glad he got a chance to explain the whole JYP thing and even though it’s still a bit narcisst, the explanation just shows how much he loves his fans and how much he wants them to love him back and remember him. I like this article a lot!

  40. 40 Ace

    Oh, man! After being disappointed with him after the DH2 fiasco, now I see him in a whole new light. It’s inspiring but I’m one of those lazy types so even if I agree with what he’s saying cause he’s all so logical and reasonable, I don’t think I can do what he did/does. Nevertheless, I also feel that I’ve wasted so much of my time doing unproductive things. I do admire him the most though among the big 3 bosses even if my favorite groups are not with JYP (well, lately I’m tuning in more to his groups because my fave groups are peddling out crap music). 😉

    Thanks for the variety introduction jb & gf!

  41. 41 JoAnne

    This was awesome. I had never even HEARD of JYP before DH, and I was so impressed that this big music executive would be so hilarious on camera – since then I have learned more about him and I really think he’s an amazing guy. Such discipline and thought.

    Maybe he makes mistakes along the way, but don’t we all. He is certainly very earnest about working hard to give his best, and he’s an excellent example for all the young people he comes into contact with. This episode made me like him even more, but very happy that I don’t have to DEAL with him…wayyyyyyyy too much of a slacker, me.

  42. 42 Hipployta

    YG is going on Healing Camp in response to JYP’s complaints. This is after he refused to do the YG Strong Heart special LOL. I’ve seen a few episodes…the GD and Daesung one was very serious.

    I have always been vaguely annoyed with JYP due to the handling of the MySpace fiasco and fallout ESPECIALLY after his Win Win interview.

    I figured he couldn’t be all bad if he hangs out with Heechul but his PR side needed work because that press con was made of fail.

    He’s OCD…and has been doing that routine for 17 years…where did his ex-wife fit in?


      that’s the first thought I had too. it would have been hard for the person waiting around at home. but i’m guessing he didn’t intend to make things hard for her, it’s just how he is. he feels such a great responsibility towards his fans and the kids that he trained that some other things in his life had to give.

  43. 43 Shiku

    This is like the best and most insightful interview of a celeb I have seen. I am admire him for his zest of life, his earnestness. I am actually ashamed that am so lazy and procrastinate a lot.

  44. 44 KStyle

    Thank you DB and GF for yet another awesome post.
    I’m always interested in not only idols/artists but the companies that they sign with.

    I think it’s very cool of PJY to have appeared on HC to allow us to see him outside of boardroom and such. To me he is a brilliant man who is very disciplined about what he wants in life and sets out goals that will challenge him to do better and improve hisself.

    I do believe that PJY has just gotten a new fan of his, me.

    And I cant wait for the next round of Variety Roulette.

  45. 45 Rainyday

    awwww….. that just made me teary eyed…. the “little things” that made him happy….

  46. 46 Noelle

    Yay Variety Roulette!

    Aww. Thank God it’s only been two hours since my last beer. 100 days seems like hell equivalent. JYP, man you need to just enjoy the little things. Stop the search because the beauty is in not knowing. God he makes me feel lazy.

    Cheers for the next round of Variety Roulette.

  47. 47 tiger bite

    I was super lucky and got to meet JYP in LA. He was a really nice celebrity. Instead of walking away past the crowd of fans, he made it a point to come toward his fans. He went through the line to shake hands and sign autographs. He was very charismatic and just had a warm feeling about himself.

    Aside from his harsh punishments towards himself he is a wonderful person. I think it shows through on this episode. One thing I was super curious about when meeting him was I noticed that he never once made eye contact with anyone. I always wondered about that but after reading this recap I think I can understand now. Thanks for an awesome recap.

  48. 48 abcd

    recap shinhwa broadcast!!! 😀

  49. 49 Ginnie

    Is it possible to feel completely worthless and so inspired at the same time?

  50. 50 nna

    in the next two weeks, it’ll be YG episode. hahha wish you’ll recap it. wonder how YG talked about JYP too..and ofc YG artists

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