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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 10
by | June 30, 2012 | 109 Comments

I guess the good thing about a late recap is that you can quickly refresh your memory of the previous episode before watching the next one immediately after you finish reading. Har har. Anyways, I want a pet like Jung Rok. He makes me laugh even when my soul has temporarily gone to the dark side. Can we please put him in a dress for fun? No? Too dark? Okay. How about a pretty wig?


The guys have an epic Starcraft battle at a PC bang. Do Jin and Jung Rok face off against Yoon and Tae San again and phone calls from girlfriends and wives get ignored as the competition starts to heat up. Jung Rok receives a call from a café employee who tells him that Jeon Ji Hyun just showed up.

Jung Rok pauses for a second and then snaps that she better get a discount on her drink before hanging up. Haha. The other guys commentate on how pretty Jeon Ji Hyun is before resuming the game.

Soon Jung Rok’s phone rings again and the employee announces that Im Yo Hwan (a professional Starcraft player) came with the actress. The guys quickly get up and head towards the cafe. Hehehe.

Jung Rok calls Yoon to inform him that Me Ahri is waiting for him at the bar. Yoon plays it cool and tells Jung Rok to take care of his own customers. After he hangs up, however, he looks at a text from Me Ahri worriedly.

Do Jin warns Yi Soo to stop flirting with him and she stares at him in shock while he sits back with a satisfied smirk on his face. She begins downing shots of soju and he offers to pour her some more. She bristles at his coarseness and then proposes that they talk outside. He replies that he doesn’t want to converse with her unless it’s to sleep with him and then stands up.

He leaves the restaurant with Yi Soo hot on his heels. She angrily declares that she will never sleep with him. He nods and says that he expected as much. She expresses that she understands he’s mad at her but his previous words were beyond rude. He asks why a man’s sincerity is rude; did she think he liked her only because of her soul and personality?

Yi Soo requests that he let her finish talking first. She apologizes for wearing the shoes so carelessly, but explains that she never meant to hurt him. She starts to become frustrated, saying that he should have said he wanted to sleep with her earlier; then their relationship would have just ended with a “simple” one night stand.

He lets out a smile at her burst of anger and admits that he finds her pretty even at this moment. He expresses that the days he spent with her were much more youthful than the future since he gets a little older every day. As a result, he is always much more passionate yesterday than he is today. She blinks at him in silence and Do Jin confesses that his temper flared when he saw her wearing the shoes.

Yet today, he has realized that he had been throwing his feelings at her like they were rocks and that she may have gotten hurt in the process. He finishes by saying that he has to let her go now and sincerely apologizes for not acting like a gentleman. With that, he gets into Betty and watches her walk away from his side view mirror. ::sniff::

Do Jin comes home with cans of beer and invites Yoon to join him. Yoon comments that summer has officially come and that they just keep getting older. Do Jin reminds him that they’re already ahjusshis. Yoon proclaims that they’ve become more cowardly with age by making a hundred excuses not to do anything. Do Jin adds that doing so makes them feel like they’re adults even though they’re not.

Yoon wonders if Teacher Seo taught Do Jin ethics lessons and scolds him for fighting with a woman. Do Jin quickly responds that Yoon must not fight because he’s dating a child, which causes Yoon to spit out his drink. HAHA. Do Jin sighs that he probably won’t sleep well for many nights. They clink their beer cans together to celebrate four boring boys who couldn’t become gentleman.

Yi Soo cries at home and tells an exasperated Se Ra that someone important has left her side. Yi Soo tearily declares that she’s going to forget everything and Se Ra wonders if she’s talking about Do Jin. Gah. I still don’t like you.

The next day, one of Yi Soo’s students asks why he can’t solve math problems during her class. It’s not like ethics are important for college entrance exams. She answers that it’s not ethical for her to let him do something when he’s not supposed to. Also, there are reasons why ethics is taught in school; he just doesn’t know what they are.

The student huffs that he doesn’t understand what she’s saying and that he’s going to call his mother. LOL. Okay man. You do that. Dong Hyub observes the entire encounter and approaches the student after Yi Soo leaves with her shoulders hunched.

Dong Hyub orders Sung Jae to copy all the chapters in the books that Yi Soo had assigned as a punishment for sleeping in class. Hee. Dong Hyub gives his classmate a menacing glare while pointing out that this is his second warning: don’t mess with the ethics teacher.

Do Jin and Yoon eat lunch with Jung Rok who pours on the baby talk as he converses with Min Sook on the phone. The guys give him looks of disgust and Jung Rok states that he’s going to change his name to Mr. Chicken Jobless after Min Sook hangs up on him. LOL. Do Jin wonders if Jung Rok has finally gone crazy. Hee.

He starts to get up to bring some more food over but is blocked by the chair of another customer. His peeved mood instantly disappears when he realizes that the other customer is a pretty young girl. The charm starts to ooze out automatically as Yoon sits in awe at how fast Mr. Chicken turned into Mr. Sexy.

Do Jin later prank-texts Jung Rok as Min Sook, which puts Jung Rok immediately on the defensive. He assumes that Min Sook is spying on him and quickly leaves the restaurant to go home. Hehe. Do Jin announces to Yoon that he just gave Jung Rok a little scare in order to protect everyone’s peace. He trails off at the word “peace” and Yoon shoots him a quizzical look.

Tae San and Se Ra go on a date and watch a street concert as Tae San remarks that he must be the oldest guy here. Se Ra heaves a sigh and agrees with his observation. She comments on how fresh and pretty the young guys are and how well they pull off skinny jeans. Tae San’s jealousy meter rises and he bitterly responds that the teenagers look stupid. Heh.

Se Ra comes home to find Yi Soo sitting on the couch holding a trash bag, which contains the pink heels and black laptop. Se Ra gasps; is she really going to throw all of these things away? Yi Soo hesitates for a second before pulling out the laptop. She then walks outside and places the plastic bag near the garbage cans. She glances at it and congratulates Do Jin on losing her.

Do Jin has a business meeting with his employees but momentarily freezes when he sees a drawing of Yi Soo on one of his blueprints. He thinks back to when he drew the sketch and becomes lost in his thoughts of Yi Soo.

Yi Soo returns  just as Se Ra sees the photo of Yi Soo photoshopped onto Do Jin’s bed. Yi Soo yanks the laptop away from a snickering Se Ra and runs into her room while cursing Do Jin. She moves to change the wallpaper but spies something named “Kim Do Jin’s Private File,” which contains four audio clips.

The first clip is a reminder of when Do Jin first saw Yi Soo in the rain and the second file is a recording of when her sweater dress became unraveled. The next clip has Do Jin tell Yoon that he met someone special and the last excerpt reveals that Do Jin didn’t want Yi Soo to leave his apartment on the day she fell on top of him. She comes to her senses and bolts out to find the pink shoes. Oh thank goodness.

Tae San watches a group of young men saunter into Jung Rok’s bar and he wrinkles his nose at their skinny jeans. Do Jin brags that he tried on skinny jeans last week and that he looks pretty freaking awesome in them. Heh. Tae San laments that women are difficult and that love is even harder. Do Jin puts on a chic air of “love is stupid” that is quickly interrupted by Jung Rok’s phone.

Min Sook’s name pops up and the boys let out shouts of displeasure before running to their back-up bar. However, they find Min Sook waiting in their regular room. Uh ohs. Do Jin cuts in and praises Min Sook’s superior beauty which earns him dirty looks from Yoon and Tae San. Hehehe.

Min Sook stands up and instructs them to clear out their architecture and law offices within two months. Jung Rok abruptly bursts in but fails to make the situation any better. Min Sook leaves with one comment: she’ll see Yoon at his office soon with her personal seal and divorce papers. Crappers.

Jung Rok ends up kneeling in front of his friends again but refuses to confess who he was with this time. The person turns out to be Eun Hee (wha?) but we are given no more details about their meeting.

The guys pressure Jung Rok to give up his secret but he defends himself by saying that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Do Jin steals Jung Rok’s phone in retaliation and Tae San scoffs at the number of sergeants, corporals, professors, and company presidents in his contacts list. Heh.

They threaten to reset his phone but Jung Rok begs them to let him at least write down the number for his business’s coffee bean supplier. They grudgingly hand the phone over and he tries to memorize Eun Hee’s number but gets caught instantly.

He ends up forgetting the number but he commends his friends on their intelligence instead of getting annoyed at their meddling. Hehe. Aw. Suddenly, his eyes fill with terror. He doesn’t know his wife’s number! LOL. They recite it to him and he praises them again for being so smart. Ha. I love you, Mr. Chicken.

Yi Soo meets Yoon at Do Jin’s apartment to present him with a book. He hands her some juice and her eyes start to wander around in search of Do Jin. Yoon informs her that Do Jin will be coming home soon and she quickly denies waiting for him. Yoon smiles knowingly in response.

He opens up the book to a random page, which reads “We are in the fire and I am by his side,” causing him to pause momentarily. Yi Soo cautiously points out that Me Ahri cried a lot the other day, but he looks away without giving her an answer.

The front door soon swing opens and Do Jin enters to find Yi Soo in the living room. He looks at Yi Soo without a word and Yoon slips outside to give the lovebirds some privacy. Aw. Being the third wheel is always awkward. He sits in the gardens and receives a text from Me Ahri, stating that she’ll wait until he comes out to meet her.

Back in the apartment, Do Jin inquires as to why Yi Soo is here; is it to slap him or sleep with him? She gives him a pleading look but he reminds her that they have no business to talk about if she’s not here for those two reasons. With that, he walks into his room and slides the door shut.

She makes her way towards his room but can’t bring herself to knock. Do Jin and Yi Soo stand on opposite sides of the door, wishing the other person would make the first move. After some time, Do Jin hears the front door slam shut. He comes back into the living room only to see that Yi Soo is still in the apartment.

She wryly comments that he must have really not wanted to listen to her. She apologizes for inconveniencing him and leaves. Once outside, she turns around in hopes that Do Jin would come out to hold her back but remains disappointed.

Me Ahri gives up waiting for Yoon and tries to call him before leaving but finds that his phone is busy. She starts to cry (again) and steps onto the side of the street to wave down a taxi. The cars zoom past her and she notes that even the taxis won’t come to her.

Just then, a taxi driver pulls up and asks if she’s the “1201” customer. She realizes that 1201 are the last digits of Yoon’s phone number and she perks up. She asks the driver to call Yoon and lie that the customer is nowhere to be found, but Yoon replies that he saw Me Ahri get into the taxi already. Ha.

She pays the driver cheerily and searches for Yoon. She spots him hiding behind a sign and shouts out “oppa,” which makes him sigh in annoyance. Hah. It helps not to wear a bright orange sweater when you’re trying to hide. Me Ahri tries to run across the street as cars whoosh by in either direction ::face palm::

Yoon commands her to stay there and that he’ll go to her as he weaves his way around the traffic. Oh gosh. If he gets hit, I swear. Shizz will go down. Fortunately, he gets to her alive and drags her away to yell at her stupidity. How old is she? She responds that he would have left if she didn’t try to approach him.

Yoon replies, “If you want to be treated like an adult, then act like one. From now on, I don’t care about your well-being because I’m not your guardian. Tae San is. I came here tonight because I was worried about me…in case I worried about you.” He advises that she stop contacting him and that he won’t meet her separately ever again. He flags down a taxi to send her home.

She sniffs that he’s not even going to drop her off and he firmly commands that she stop whining. Woot! Finally. I like Me Ahri but all the crying was getting a little annoying. He shuts the car door and Me Ahri gives him the sad puppy face.

Tae San calls Me Ahri for some advice on what skinny jeans to buy. They chat and then he tells a clothing store employee that he’ll buy the turquoise jeans. Hahah. Yoon observes his friend modeling and cringes at how wrong the entire situation is. Does Tae San think he’s G-Dragon from Big Bang?

Tae San responds that he’s wearing the jeans because he wants to do an event for Se Ra. Other guys use presents and candles for events but he’s different; if he can wear this and make Se Ra laugh, then he’ll be happy. Yoon scoffs…and then sincerely informs him that he wants to be Tae San’s girlfriend in the next life. What?! Hah. Tae San gives a smirk and then walks out while singing “Pretty Woman.” Bwahah.

Se Ra bursts into laughter when she sees Tae San after they meet up for another date but then quickly hides her face in embarrassment. He proclaims that he wore skinny jeans just for her and she grudgingly admits that he does look a bit younger. They head to Se Ra’s house so she can “reward” Tae San for his good behavior.

Jung Rok gets kicked out again and shows up at Do Jin’s apartment. The two irritated roommates sigh at Jung Rok’s pathetic life and Do Jin goes out to take a walk to clear out his frustration. Yoon warns Jung Rok that he’s dead if he tries to sleep in one of their rooms. He’s banished to the couch.

Yoon goes back into his room and Jung Rok notices that Do Jin left his phone at home. He gleefully grabs it and searches for the numbers of various girls but ends up with nothing. A message arrives from Yi Soo then and Jung Rok looks at it curiously. It states “Tae San sshi, I’m at the cafe where Do Jin and I first saw each other. Do you think he would come if he knew I was waiting for him here?”

Jung Rok cocks his head in confusion; why would Yi Soo send a text to Do Jin when it’s meant for Tae San? Meanwhile, Do Jin broods outside as Yi Soo’s face keeps popping into his head. When he returns, Tae San calls and asks him what this text message he received means. Jung Rok calls out that he sent Yi Soo’s text to Tae San because it came to Do Jin’s phone on accident. Haha. Well, his reasoning does make sense.

Do Jin panics and checks the message, which was sent an hour and forty minutes ago. He curses at Jung Rok before bolting out the door. Poor Mr. Chicken wonders why Do Jin is so mad; didn’t he do a good thing? Keke.

Do Jin rushes to the café but finds that Yi Soo has left already. A half-finished drink indicates where she was sitting and he unhappily sinks down in the same spot. He glances out the window dejectedly until he becomes conscious of Yi Soo’s presence outside the cafe.

Time slows to a stop as they gaze into each other’s eyes. Do Jin breaks the spell first and takes out his pen to write, “Today’s appointment is with Seo Yi Soo,” on a napkin. He places the napkin with the text facing the window and she quietly reads what’s written. After a moment’s hesitation, she presses her lips against the window in response.


So this episode had a lot of filler scenes. It makes me wonder if the writer doesn’t have enough plot planned out to sustain the rest of the drama. We still have some significant plot points, like who Colin’s dad is or why Yi Soo ignores calls from her mom, but I still think 16 episodes would have been enough. I could watch the crazy antics of the F44 all day long but I hope that we get some more meat to chew on soon.

I get that Yi Soo’s kiss against the window was supposed to be romantic but I found it kind of funny to look at. Heh. I think the idea was good but the execution was a little clunky. Maybe she could have written back to him on a post-it instead of kissing the (I would guess dirty) window. I don’t know. I do hope that her strange action prompts Do Jin to come outside and lay a swooping kiss on her. I think it’s time we see more of Yi Soo + Do Jin smexy times, no?

I read a lot of comments about how Me Ahri seems too immature for Yoon and I kind of agree. She’s very bright and passionate but her whining is a little off-putting. She is, after all, a twenty-four year old woman. However, I tend to write off her immaturity as a result of being babied by everyone. She lives an extremely sheltered life and big brother Tae San would probably cut off his arm before letting anyone hurt Me Ahri.

I’m not excusing her immaturity; in fact, I want her to be forced out into the “real world” and realize that not everything revolves around her. Call it tough love if you will. Yet I would be more impressed if she took it upon herself to take a chance and step outside her comfort zone, whether it be starting her own career without anyone’s help or meeting someone outside her little bubble.

Yoon’s “stop whining” command was so refreshing to hear. It sucks that he’s holding himself back because he doesn’t want to hurt Tae San, but I also think this period of withdrawal can be a good thing for Me Ahri. I hope that she realizes that she needs to grow up before anyone, including Tae San and Yoon, can take her seriously. We still have ten episodes to go and I pray that the writer puts some more thought into Me Ahri’s character.

My favorite scene was when Do Jin and Yoon were talking to each other over some drinks. The setting was so pretty and the two actors have a great rapport with each other. Their discussion about age was so honest. I felt a little pang in my heart when Yoon confessed that they’ve grown more cowardly than before because they try so hard to do the “right” thing.

There’s a sense of responsibility and maturity that people expect of you as you grow older and adults have to constantly restrain themselves from pursuing what they want to do in exchange for normalcy and stability. Do Jin touches on the subject of maturity and tells Yi Soo that he loses passion as he grows older which seems so tragic to me. I want him to find that spark of life, and maybe a new relationship with someone he loves will ignite his passion again. Episode 11, you’d better blow our minds.


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  1. stars4u

    This drama is really uping my ahjussi crush on Kim Min-jong.

    • 1.1 Dylan

      And I’m starting having crush on him since Rules of Love…aigooo

    • 1.2 Rashell

      He’s just the most adorable oppa (for me) in the whole world! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about Yoon and Kim Min-jong.

    • 1.3 JD

      I’m a culprit, too, HAHA.

      • 1.3.1 YT629

        I thought everyone was so enamored of Jang dong gun that I was the only one with a Kim Min Jong ajusshi crush. Good to know I’m not alone, haha.

        On a side note the reason why Kim Min Jong and Jang Dong gun have such great rapport in their scenes together is because they are friends in real life and have been friends for well over a decade. Back before he married Ko So young, Jang dong gun said in an interview once that he and Kim Min jong would drink and talk together about how they were pretty lonely and wanted to get married but never really got to meet new people. Their drinking scene in ep 10 went kind of similarly to their real life drinking sessions I imagine 🙂

        • Ryoko

          Nope, you are definitely not alone 🙂

          If you haven’t seen the Running Man episode with Kim Min-jong, it’s pretty hilarious and I recommend watching it (preferably at some place/time where it wouldn’t matter how loud and long you were laughing).

          • Makoto

            in what episode he’s in?

        • Dylan

          Hah! Your not alone , my dear~! I’m his fans for years.

          Enjoyed few of his series namely Rules of Love with Choi Kang Hee, Guardian Angel with Song Hye Gyo, Hyena (dorky KMJ), Athena Goddes of War, Island Village Teacher, A Man Called God (his a villain in there!) and the damn-good-chemistry of him and Kim Ha Neul in Bimil/Secret.

          Plus, the main and ultimate reason I’m rooting for AGD is because of Kim Min Jong ahjusshi~

          Argh, did I mention I’m 24..the same age of Meari although Yoon Jin Yi’s real age is younger than 24. Thus, looking at Meari having crush on Yoon just like me myself having crush on him for years~! Fangirlism much!!

          Kangta, Song Seung Hun n Kim Min Jong are 3 best friends that having problem of not getting married yet for the moment although I read at some articles which Kangta mentioned that him and Song may having trouble of not getting married while Kim Min Jong seems to have dating someone at their backs nowadays. LOL

          • YT629

            Gahhh, I totally forgot Kim Min Jong was in Guardian Angel! I acknowledge your diehard fan girl status, Dylan. And I fully understand your “argh-ness” as I just turned 25 myself. My ajusshi crush on Kim Min Jong is fully in the “ajusshi crush” territory. Although I try to justify it by telling myself that it’s better than crushing on someone much younger like Yoo Seung ho. I tell my friend who LOVES him “a year ago he was a minor. A MINOR!”

      • 1.3.2 ms_mase

        He’s in episode 22 with Choi Siwon! HILARIOUS!

        • Dylan

          And his theme background music is ‘keudaeyo~!’ LOL it cracks me up the whole time I’m watching the episode – Christmas 2011 ep, fyi.

          • amareally

            I’m so late to trail AGD, but I’m so glad that I still could catch up with the episode.. how is it possible that Yoon is completely my type????? I’m falling hard for Kim Min Jong. And I just get him … somehow I understand how he’s (yoon) torn about Me Ahri. And somehow as annoying as she is being all spoiled etc I understand why she behaved like that because all her life she has 3 Big Brothers to protect her and 1 first love.

  2. mary

    All I can fixate on is I’m 24 and my name is close to Me Ah Ri and I want Yoon too!

    (And I want Jung Rok to woo his wife back.)

    Thanks for the recap orangy 😀

    • 2.1 Hagar

      I want Jung Rok PERIOD. hahaha

      • 2.1.1 Ezan8

        I want Do Jin. No wait. Yoon. Er Do Jin. Yoon. ARGH!!! can i have both?? haha.. But seriously, Do Jin is a bit of a jerk at times but he is charming still.. GOSH!!

        • Hagar

          I love them all and I really don’t know how to choose (even tho I’m not a fan of Tae-San nowadays)

          • sherry_laruku

            Yeah… Jung Rok as my pet, Yoon as my butler and Do Jin as my everything… ^_~

            Tae San and Sera can kill each other…

          • mary

            sherry! Really?! No… 🙁

            If you’re taking Do Jin you gotta use Tae San to distract Yi Soo. But yes on throwing Sera away. Mwahahaha

  3. Hagar

    I love you for recapping this <333333333

  4. jomo

    Thanks for the recap and your funny asides!

    I agree there was a lot of filler, but, it is almost OK considering who we get to see on screen.

    I don’t understand something about DJ, though.
    What was the thing that made him go running towards YS at the cafe? He ignored her up to that point.
    Did I miss a magic dawning of love, or understanding?

    She came to his house and waited for him in the living room – that was kinda bold of her, and he didn’t melt at that.

    It just seemed rather uneventful of a text considering his previous refusals to forgive her.

    • 4.1 Mystisith

      My take on DJ sudden change: The anger after the shoes incident was intense but vanished quickly and they were playing tug of war like kids. Who will crack and call first? What orangy911 says about passion disappearing with age is interesting: At 41 years you don’t hold grudges anymore. You cut the ties or you reconcile.

      • 4.1.1 MsB

        Maybe that’s why I divorced at 41. You are right, you cut ties! And don’t think twice about it.

    • 4.2 kakashi

      I was wondering about the same thing at first, but he himself said how he still finds her pretty and it’s pretty obvious he still loves her despite what she did to him. When she comes to his apartment, he is THAT close to forgiving her – he is just waiting for her to take the first step. The ‘Tae San code’ is a constant of their better moments and I think her using this to reach out to him (while, for the first time, acknowledging where and when they first met) is all he needs to rush back to her.

      • 4.2.1 Ezan8

        I agree with you on that. It is a way to grab DJ’s attention without outing herself too much. Love the chemistry between the two of them.

        Bt I am all for DJ and Yoon alternate pairing. They make the best Namja-Namja couple, after Yoo Ah-in and Song Joong Ki coupe (SKKS) of course. ^^

    • 4.3 JoAnne

      He was wavering at his apartment. My take on it is that when he saw that text, he fully realized that the whole thing was stupid, and if she would come to him, then she must care, and so he should go to her. I cannot WAIT for the first two-sided kiss.

      • 4.3.1 MsB

        Especially the place he first saw her. That signaled to him she had listened to his Private playlist.

        • jomo

          Ahhhh! Good catch – I totally missed that angle.
          Makes a LOT more sense now.

          • giddy

            I agree–texting Tae San was something Do Jin started–as if speaking in the third person made it more sincere (since Yi Soo did not trust his actions to be sincere). So for YS to text him and they start back at the place he first fell for her, it acknowledged that she heard the secret files on the computer and was accepting his sincere feelings.

            Can’t get enough of this show–filler or not, it keeps me smiling!

    • 4.4 sherry_laruku

      Yi Soo text does not “suddently” make him chase after her…

      I believe DJ may have put a cold front… but deep inside he is still missing Yi Soo.

      He does not like baseball.. he prefer golf, but he turned up knowing Yi Soo is the umpire that day… he wanted to see her…

      He does not simply drove away, but watches her walk away from his side view mirror AND called a cab on her behalf..

      He realized what Yi Soo meant by “for the sake of PEACE” after he play a prank on Jung Rok during their buffet lunch…

      His words might be mean (to protect himself) when Yi Soo visited his home but I believe that was the time he almost wanting to forgive her.. The look on his face…

      He know he missed her so much… and I believe he understand that Yi Soo does not meant to hurt him for the sake of PEACE… staying angry forever would not work… plus, she did try to reach out to him many times… so, her actions actually did cool him off… I know I would forgive if I’m in his shoes…

    • 4.5 skelly

      I though DJ ran because JR sent the text to Tae San, thinking that YS had mis-directed it. So JR hurried over in case Tae San was there with YS. I don’t think it was an awakening of love (c’mon, this is Do Jin we are talking about) but heading off a possible rival for his property.

      • 4.5.1 MsB

        Nah, I think it was because of where she went! The place he saw her first. It was confirmed when he saw where she had sat. Now, how did he know it was her? Don’t know.

    • 4.6 MsScorpion

      I think that he felt guilty seeing her look when she told him “you must have really not wanted to hear me” and she apologizes too, the look on his face at that moment was so guilty and sad about not letting her say anything, so when the text came he wanted to give her that chance, specially since she used their cute private code “Tea-San ssi”

  5. becca_boo

    Thanks for recapping, orangy911!

    As soon as I realized that Yi-soo was going to kiss the window, I wanted the floor to just open up and swallow me. I still cringe thinking about it. I mean, as if Yi-soo wasn’t pathetic enough already.

    • 5.1 Hagar

      OMG I had the same thought haha

    • 5.2 JoAnne

      Yeah that was stupid. But I have to tell you, I’m terribly afraid that it’s his imagination. And I’m surprised that I’m the only one who’s worrying about it.

    • 5.3 jomo

      I gotta question the actress’s instincts at this point.

      “Umm, OK, PDnim, I get what you are going for here…I as a character have just submitted myself to the guy after fighting him. I get the idea that there is a wall right now between the characters that has to be breached…I get that. But, you know, kissing the window is kinduv stupid. Someting a grown up woman just wouldn’t do, you know? Sooooo, I am NOT going to do that.
      How about, if you need me to embarass myselft YET AGAIN, I could ask him to open the window, and he could HIT Me with it. Cause that’s soo funny, or something, or I could trip over a chair trying to kiss him, or someone could spill something on me, or part of my clothing could be whipped off of me.
      Maybe throw a pie at me. I could wear clown shoes and fall down. ANYTHING OTHER THAN KISSING A WINDOW!! Respectfully.”

    • 5.4 sherry_laruku

      Pathetic? I thought it was a brave thing to do! If there is rejection, at least she won’t think back in regret… What if’s

      • 5.4.1 gretac

        Agree – I thought it was beautifully executed and orchestrated, both YS’s delivery and the impact on DJ. Also: DJ had not been able to really listen to YS’s words, and this was a way of her confessing to him that bypassed all their verbal misunderstandings. The whole nonverbal last 4 minutes of the episode was very moving, imo.

        • MsB

          Confession with out words. My sentiments exactly. I thought it was an excellent move! Gross, but excellent! What better way to convey your feelings, words were not cutting; actions speak louder!

  6. VanillaLee

    I seriously laughed my head off when Yi-Soo kissed the window and didn’t find it romantic at all. All I could think about were the germs on the window. XD

    I am finding my self more and more drawn to Jung Rok and Min Sook’s storyline. I really hope Min Sook will show more of her vulnerabilities.

    And I don’t have a good vibe about Eun Hee. There is just something off about her.

    • 6.1 Ingrid

      Lol, am I bad because I thought Eun Hee looked like Kim Bum in a wig at first? I got bad vibes, too. I wonder if she’s the real Eun Hee.

    • 6.2 Dylan

      If so Yi-soo takes out a piece of wet tissue before pressing her lips there…..=_=”

  7. felixng

    Thanks orangy911 for the recap. As much as I like Me Ahri’s bubbly personality, I have to agree that she is just too immature for a 24 yo woman. She not only can break into tear anytime she can’t get something, but she also makes lame excuses such as wanting to sue someone for a ridiculous reason just to meet Yoon. One time is ok, but overusing those methods makes her look too childish and even annoying sometimes.

    I hope to see some progress in her relationship with Yoon and wish the write could cut down Tae San and Se Ra screen time. I like Tae San when he with F44, but I feel uninterested in he and Se Ra as a couple.

    • 7.1 skelly

      Yoon is actually incredibly patient with her. He must love her a lot, to put up with the stalking, the histrionics, the constant intrusion into his space and the utter cluelessness about him and his life (did anyone else just facepalm that she didn’t know the name of his mother-in-law? How long has she supposedly known this guy and been in love with him?). She acts like a twelve-year-old who suddenly lives near her Justin Bieber crush – it’s all about her, her feelings, what she wants, and nothing about him. Does she even think about the fact that he still wears his wedding ring? It doesn’t seem so. Frankly, I do not find her cute at all; she is childish and shrill and self-absorbed.

      • 7.1.1 meanrice

        I completely agree. If i start to think too much about it, i begin to resent Yoon b/c why oh why are you attracted to such an absurd person? I get that opposites attract, but dont you have to be in the same magnetic field for that to be true? Why are all the good ones attracted to the hot messes? WHY?

      • 7.1.2 Shikurai17

        Actually, Me Ahri not know Yoon’s mother-in-law’s name would not be unusual. Koreans do not use their names often, but are known by their titles. She probably only know Yoon’s MIL by the title “older brother’s mother-in-law”. I’ve no clue what the actual korean title would be, but that’s what it would roughly translate as. I would be more surprised if she DID know MIL’s name. That would be extremely stalkerish.

        Koreans can know each other for a long time and not know their names. You would only really know the name of a person you have some sort of close relationship with.

  8. toystar

    Thanks orangy great recap and I agree with your assessment of Me Ahri. Yoon is a special guy. Boy I was happy when he said to Me Ahri stop whining priceless!

  9. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap, Orangy911!

  10. 10 rebecca34

    Thanks for the recap!! I also was so uncomfortable watching Yi Soo kiss the window. It reminded me of some of the painfully embarrassing scenes in Playful Kiss. But soooo happy to finally see them together!!!

    As funny as Jung Rok is I really have no sympathy for him. If he doesn’t love her get a divorce. He’s a cheater and even if she married him cuz he was “hot” and him for her money they still must have loved each other on some level. MS has so really bad qualities but how would you react if your husband was blatantly cheating on you or not coming home at night. And using your money to do it…..might make you little bitter/spiteful/angry…..

    I do think MA needs to grow up a bit but I wish Yoon would actually acknowledge her feelings. Even if he doesn’t like her he should say thanks but no thanks and not just ignore her. I think she said something in this episode like “he won’t even text to say he isn’t coming”. He doesn’t really clearly put her off so she thinks she still has a chance….it’s more a I’m struggling against my feelings for you but it’s “wrong” vibe. Plus I think he should really consider how he wants to spend the rest of his life. He’s only 40 so he still can remarry and have kids and he seem like the “the family guy” type and MA might just up and disappear at some point…..

  11. 11 umalily

    Thanks for the recap! What is up with the kiss on the window? Maybe if it had been a quick peck? I love f44 moments. They should have more per episodes!

  12. 12 Cynthia

    Actually, I’m liking Me Ahri’s personality, immaturity and all. She has an open-hearted vulnerability that is refreshingly sweet and charming – the perfect foil for a cautious Yoon. He’s so withdrawn romantically that he needs a heart-on-her-sleeve girl who isn’t afraid to show her yearning and love for him. Sure, her whining is over the top sometimes but the cute factor really outweighs that.

    Plus, her portrayal of a 24 year old Kdrama female seems to be in line with most of the characters in that age bracket. If it’s one thing I’ve noticed is that S. Korean women in the 20’s group are written to be, generally, immature, and are treated rather babyishly.

    One thing I’m NOT getting is the seeming affection here for the (talk about immature!) philandering Jung Rok. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t find him physically attractive (yeah, I’m shallow that way) and all I can see is STD written on his forehead (under that awful hairstyle) in neon letters. He needs to be kicked to the curb asap.

    And WHY did the writer have KHN kiss that dirty window?! It reminded me of that game they used to play on FO with Hyori & friends trying to force their faces through the plastic wrap frames.

    • 12.1 skelly

      So far, the only characters in this show that I sortof respect are Yoon and Min Sook. I know people who take pride in their rudeness and pushiness because it is “honest” (like Do Jin) and I know never-grow-up philanderers like JR and in real life they leave a trail of misery behind them as they skip through life – so I just can’t find it funny or endearing, even in a drama.
      And YS is just disturbing to me…she does things that I think a 30-year-old would only do if they were somehow stunted in their maturation. The way she spazzed over her “crush”, her inability to acknowledge sexual tension – on anyone’s part! – Her lack of self-awareness and inability to verbalize her own thoughts and feelings, and now the window kissing… is she twelve, mentally? It’s almost creepy how immature she is when it comes to relationships. Maybe that’s why she won’t answer calls from mom, mom found out she kissed a boy when she was in middle school and so locked YS in a closet for twenty years, just shoving Ethics textbooks under the door.

      • 12.1.1 Cynthia

        True – as much as I love AGD, I’m finding it rather disconcerting that the writer is writing his/her female characters in big, broad cartoon-like stokes. Maybe it’s the disconnect in watching the F44 who are well fleshed-out personalities playing against the 3 rather one-dimensional women that makes for some uncomfortable (on my part) viewing….

        • MsB

          Min Sook is not cartoonish. All of the men except for Yoon are kind of immature in their own way so I think the characters are balanced. There are only two adults in the room.

    • 12.2 JD

      Ah! I commenter who shares my sentiments! Thank you for your words 😀

  13. 13 Sunshine

    i think i am guilty of keeping up with AGD just because of JR….he so funny and so entertaining that its the ONLY reason why I am watching this show!!! 😀

  14. 14 Dylan

    Lee Jong Hyun: “Kim Min Jong senior has a caring heart like the big sea, I am so touched.”

    CN Blue, Lee Jong Hyun who is challenging acting for the first time, conveyed his special thanks to Min Jong senior.

    Lee Jong Hyun said:”Kim Min Jong senior is always very meticulous in teaching me how to act. he also gave me many good advices, with a caring heart like the big sea, I am very touched.”

    “During the filming schedule, CN Blue need to leave country once for Japan trip and the Japan flight timing was very tight. Kim Min Jong senior told me not to worry, just quickly go and he also helped me prepare my dialogue lines. I am so thankful to him.”


    On 27th June, Lee Jong Hyuk appeared on SBS program “Hanbam” and was asked who is the most gentleman among other 3 men, Kim Soo Ro, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Jong.

    He said: “All three are gentlemen, but if really to select one, then it is Min Jong. Everytime towards people, he is always very warm and gentle. I am not that type.”

    Reporter asked: “Who has the best relationship with you?” Lee Jong Hyuk said: “We are all very close. Kim Sooro was my university schoolmate, I was in the “Entertainers Baseball club” with Jang Dong Gun for 6-7 years, I met Min Jong for the first time, but our relationships are all very close.”

    News extract from Chosun.com

    Shin Gyung Sook was the author of the book “Somewhere the phone ring that is looking for me is ringing”. Choi Yoon opened the book and looked through the index, his vision stopped at “I will go to your side”, at the road scene where he shouted to Maeri: “I will go to your side!’.

    After this scene was broadcasted, in just 2 days, this book with remaining stocks of 5,000 to 6,000 copies were all fully sold out. Published in May 2010, this book which did not even made it to Best Seller Top 100, this week it ranked 6th and 7th place at Kyobo bookstore and Yes 24.
    Publisher Moonhak Dongnae said:”All stocks were fully sold out, now we are rushing to print another 20,000 copies.


    Reporter:”You need to add youth and freshness to a drama about 40-year old men’s love, don’t you feel stress? Also, your first project, you are acting with Min Jong who is 19 years apart from you. Acting with other actors and actresses, do you feel any difficulty?”

    Yoon Ji Ni said: “I never felt the big age gap with Min Jong senior. He is very gentle, I felt there could be no man more gentleman like him.
    He is always caring to me, when I NG, he will shout: “Meari, Fighting!”. He always give me alot of encouragement.
    In the past when I watched Mr Q, he gave me the feeling of “love “& “prince”, I was thinking how great it will be if I have a chance to act with him, in the end I really met him, I am so happy.”

    Reporter asked:”What character you want to act in your next project?”

    Yoon Ji Ni:”I would like to act the same character again. It is a character that gives life to the drama. If I do it again, I think I will be able to do it better.”

    Reporter asked:”We are curious what will happen to Meari later?”

    Yoon Ji Ni:”I hope she can get together with Yoon Oppa.”


    credits to minjong.net~!

  15. 15 Mystisith

    I don’t get why people find the kiss on the window dirty. It’s not exactly sterile but if you knew what can be found on the door handles… Or the keyboards in cybercafes.

    • 15.1 jomo

      Mysti – Have you ever kissed a door handle? If so, wae?

    • 15.2 sherry_laruku

      I don’t get that either. It’s wasn’t like Yi Soo actually smack her lips on the window.

    • 15.3 Shikurai17

      I’m with you. People shouldn’t freak so much about kissing a window. Cellphones are just covered in germs and people are constantly touching it. People will use their phones and just use their hands to eat. No one thinks twice about it.

    • 15.4 giddy

      While the window kiss was unsettling to me the first time I saw it (germs), I thought it was appropriate for Yi Soo to immediately show her feelings for Do Jin. It was sincere and out of character for her towards him, and the quickest way to convey her new perspective towards him.

      And it’s already being copied in Korea–by idols, no less! 😀

  16. 16 rjyuggy

    This writer always put weird elements in her drama. In Secret Garden , the “almost rape scene” and now this kiss in the window. I am loving it. These scenes make her dramas memorable.

    • 16.1 Mystisith

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    • 16.2 sherry_laruku

      I find the “Window” Kiss really sweet… a nice confession.. which I think is better than wearing the pink heels..

      I applaud Yi Soo bravery to do that… that girl has no fear of rejection..

  17. 17 Mei

    I don’t get your irritation over Se-ra and Tae-san, I thought their reaction over Yisoo’s feelings are natural. It’s natural to get insecure or be a little selfish when it comes to your boyfriend. What I can’t understand, or won’t, is Meahri’s over-the-top immaturity..I mean come on, 24-year olds normally don’t act like they’re 15. I’m a year younger but I never act like that no matter how much I like a man.

    Se-ra/Taesan pairing is actually a delight to watch. And I get a little giddy when Taesan does things for Sera and I think it’s refreshing how he set Yisoo straight: That he likes Sera. End of story.

  18. 18 lenrasoon

    This episode had some funny moments but the ending with Yi Soo kissing the window was supposed to be romantic right? ’cause all i could do was laugh at that scene. I am excited that they will come to terms with each other, finally! what’s next for their relationship? i can’t wait to watch it.

    About Me Ahri i like her, she’s sweet and it’s sassy when she’s not whining about Yoon but as everyone said before, she should be more mature.

    Thank you for the recaps:)

  19. 19 Noelle

    FINALLY! They are both on the same page. I was wondering how long they were gonna drag it out. I was worried that he would see Eun Hee and Yi Soo would of been SOL. Speaking of whom. I’m glad she’s finally in the mix even though she seems like a harbinger of bad news. She’s gonna f with the dynamic. OH man all the girls are gonna be extremely jealous LOL.

    • 19.1 Hagar

      maybe that will make all the girls work together to get their guys back..ok now I’m hoping for that to happen lol

  20. 20 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap. I quite enjoyed the scene of Yi Soo kissing the window and thought it a romantic gesture. The only thing that felt weird was that either she wasn’t angling her face right or the cameraguy got the shot at a bad angle so it looked like she was just kissing some random spot on the glass.

    I wonder why the drama has given us so little regarding the Colin mystery. Is his mom going to let him stay in Korea indefinitely? Doesn’t he have school or work? Shouldn’t he be working more quickly to solve the mystery? What does he do all day? Spy on our 4 guys?

  21. 21 gretac

    Ep. 9 to 10 sequence: I think Yi Soo didn’t understand how completely she had hurt Do Jin until their conversation after his brutal statement (to quit unless she would sleep with him). Up until then she was still trying to be smiley and chirpy, e.g., sending him cheerful texts while waiting outside his office, thinking he must not be mad any more (!) at the baseball game – which didn’t at all meet him at his level of hurt.
    I think he clearly had been showing his sincerity recently, and she had been seeing it: his presentation of the shoes and the accompanying request were done with such sincerity (which unfortunately got completely derailed by TaeSan’s mistaken back hug); and after their work day on SeRa’s home bar, when he asked if she couldn’t like him a little, I felt that she definitely was responding to his sincerity – she didn’t immediately brush it off (and she kept hearing his question afterwards – that voice! omo, who could resist!).
    However, within the broader context of his varied behaviors, she was probably still uncertain as to how sincere he was being.
    She started to understand that wearing the shoes was a mistake pretty quickly, as seen in her guilty looks upon seeing his initial response to her – you could see she was realizing it wasn’t good. But how much hurt he felt, she didn’t understand.
    It wasn’t until the conversation at beginning ep 10, when she confronted him (well done!) on his over-the-top rudeness and he actually responded sincerely again, that she ‘got’ it. I think her behaviors up until then were to make herself feel better, which is why they felt uncomfortable to watch and didn’t match the level of his hurt and what she’d done; then after that conversation, her behaviors and attempts were actually to make him feel better (as well as reflecting her self-honesty about her own feelings), and her actions then felt more authentic and considerate on her part.

    Clever of DoJin to know that YiSoo would want to change her wallpaper, so to put his file there where she would find it!

    • 21.1 MsB

      Very perceptive of Do Jin!

  22. 22 kirara

    I know Do Jin was trying to act somewhat gentlemanly.. when he called a driver for Yi Soo when she walked away crying and he was in the car watching her in the rear view mirror.. 🙂

    Gosh.. I am hoping that things go smoothly in the next episode.. YES! 😀

  23. 23 Arishia

    I think the window kiss went wrong for me when the music sounded that jolting “dun!” It didn’t sound like something sweet and powerful, but rather, something scary or wrong that causes the other person to take pause. Meari took a step back when Yoon came running as well. Like the thing you want the most scares the bejesus out of you when it freely comes your way. Are these people ready to accept what they passionately want, or are they more comfortable to want what they can’t have? I hope the drama isn’t going there.

    • 23.1 Arishia

      I just watched Ep.11 and YaY! What a cute couple ♥ My worries were for naught. I sure am enjoying this show.

    • 23.2 momosa

      You are right, it’s the music that makes it weird, like prelude to horror movie……

  24. 24 Abbie

    What a great episode, despite all the filler stuff. Tae San was cute in this episode, and I liked him more. Se Ra was still frustrating, but she’s getting better. Jung Rok was adorable, and I felt really bad for Min Sook. I’m proud of Yoon for calling Me Ahri out on her immaturity. As much as I like Me Ahri, her whining and crying does get annoying. I’m happy with Do Jin now, and am very satisfied with this episode’s ending. I was waiting for Yi Soo to look at that file, and am glad she did. 🙂

    Now, Eun Hee is back and I’m pretty sure she and Colin will stir up a great deal of the upcoming drama.

    Also, I wish Dong Hyub had more scenes, since he is just adorable and I like his interactions with Yi Soo and the way he defends her.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

  25. 25 kirandeep sraon

    epic epic

  26. 26 lilis

    i really love all the characters in the drama,but pleaseee writer…i really love her personality but meari needs to stop whinning, i need to see changes in her life and yoon start chasing her….she is going to be in her mid 20.

  27. 27 deb

    Just saw episode 11, yi soo and do jin are INCREDIBLY cute together! I love them as a couple!

    • 27.1 fionnula

      I completely agree. Although I did watch it without subs, it was great to see. The development on the Yoon/ Me AhRi front seems interesting. I do hope that the writers resolve this pairing happily.

  28. 28 Suzi Q

    Just thought the window kiss was awkward and yucky….Not romantic and unsanitary!
    Why didn’t YS just run inside and plant a big one on DJ’s lips instead?
    Just love Kim Min Jong as Yoon. He’s my favorite crush of the F44.

  29. 29 jyyjc

    I thought the window kiss was awkward. It’s a good thing there weren’t many other people(or were there any?) in the cafe cuz I would be staring like “..wtf?”.

  30. 30 kewbie

    Thanks for recapping! I am with most people here. The window kiss was a little weird, but I understand why it was done. If I were the PD, though I would have had Yi Soo write a note on a post-it and kiss the note with reddish lipstick and put it up against the glass for Do Jin to read. Just my 2 cents.

    Other than that I am probably one of the few people who is not annoyed with Me Ah Ri. Yes, she should act more maturely, but would Yoon really warm up to that if she did so? Obviously he didn’t fall in love with her for her maturity. He himself said to Do Jin that as they get older they become more cowardly. I think part of the reason he gets mad at Me Ah Ri sometimes is because she is braver than he is when it comes to feelings. He is probably frustrated that he doesn’t feel as free to return her feelings. I think it would do Me Ah Ri some good to quit her cafe job, find a job where she can work on her bag designing thing, and avoid contact with and/or ignore Yoon so he starts thinking about her more. I wonder how PD is going to fix those two.

  31. 31 umalily

    Great Writing! Best Recap so far, orangy911

  32. 32 lovedramas

    I am totally loving this show. There are parts that I find very realistic and other parts – eh, kinda of realistic. But I know I’m watching a kdrama so as long as I am in the right mind set… I am loving it.

    DJ – He was really hurt by what happened previously. But I think, even with what she did, he still knew that he was serious about her and he really seemed to be missing her that entire time he did the cold front thing.

    I do love the DJ-YS couple. 🙂 They are just too cute!!

    TS and SR still annoy me, even though I very much like KSR. I hope that JR and his wife work it out in the end and he realizes just how much he has been hurting her all these years. Yoonie oppa – I’m not sure what I want him to do. I do want MR to grow up a little. I think that they can get along better if she does.

  33. 33 Germaine

    Middle aged guys playing Starcraft … I think this going to be my favorite scene of the whole drama. It’s not that older people try to recapture their youth, as wearing skinny jeans would suggest. Rather, there are just some things from our youth that stay with us forever.

    • 33.1 malta

      “It’s not that older people try to recapture their youth, as wearing skinny jeans would suggest. Rather, there are just some things from our youth that stay with us forever.”

      Agreed. Obviously written by someone whose lived a little bit of life. 🙂

  34. 34 angeline

    At first, I was planning to read the recaps only. After reading I told myself I will quit kdrama fearing the withdrawal syndrome. Jang dg is so charming, i couldn’t resist anymore.Then I told myself I will just watch the first episode only. But…. alas now I m addicted, I watched,rewatched this drama everyday. I m so in love now. Kim hn and Jan dg acting is so good, so natural. I felt hurt reading some comments saying the kiss wasn’t hot enough. Maybe the director forbids hot kisses. This drama is indeed a masterpiece. Everyone acted well. so natural. I am so in love with ahjussis now. I prefer mature guys.*sorry, I know this not a place to rant about my one sided love* #sign why weren’t I born in Korea?

  35. 35 aX

    I’m sorry but the storyline between Yoon and Me Ahri completely disgust me. I can’t help but forward all their scenes. I just do not agree with it whatsoever.

    • 35.1 subject

      I’m with you. and even if Meahri suddenly become mature, I still can’t watch them together. The only conclusion is to keep forward, cause eventually they will be together and I still keep imagine Yoon watching her as 7 years with uniform. Gross!

      Do Jin is a better person than I am, cause if I was in his shoes I would send Yi Soo to hit the road. But, no matter how AGD is close to reality, there are still lots of kdramas elements.

      And I really don’t get it why she kissed the window? What was so sweet about it? Why isn’t she get inside and make a better effort? Aish, I know it’s me, not her. I never bought KHN act skills. I see no emotions from her, it’s all flat. I just don’t believe her as an actress.

    • 35.2 alexandrasi


  36. 36 iammt2

    re the window kiss… it was incredibly awkward but i think that it should be. just because DJ’s next appointment is with YS doesn’t mean that he is going to accept her. For all she knows he’ll just tell her not to ever contact him, especially with the ‘Tae San…’ texts since that was from when things were going wel between them. The window protects her a bit but she still has to give up a little pride to do it. A nice compromise if you as scared of being hurt.

    Doesn’t change the awkward though.

    And for some reason i’m wondering if DJ is ticklish… anyone else interested in seeing him tickled?

  37. 37 kda

    Part of me thinks dojin is the dad of colin…which could be how he started the temporary memory loss illness…he probably developed it after he found out she was pregnant with his kid…as he didn’t want to face the problem so he just forgot…being his child would also make it more dramatic at this point (in comparison to the other 3 guys)as he is starting with yisoo…
    But then for some random reason…I think he might not be any of the 4 guy’s son…and colin has just mistaken it all after he saw the pic.

  38. 38 reza

    Hello to all , guys i have a question , 51:02 in the time yon try to save Me Ahri , There is a song playing in the background can any one tell me what is the song name and who is the artist . thank you

    • 38.1 sillyhappy

      if i remembered correctly, that’s Juniel’s illa illa ^.^ it’s a cute song, i personally love it

      • 38.1.1 reza

        thank you

  39. 39 malta

    I can’t get behind the Me Ah Ri and Yoon pairing, not because of the age difference, but because Me Ah Ri is so very, very immature. Yoon would have to be like her dad, not her lover, making sure she looks both ways before she crosses the street…I’m not even trying to be mean.

    Also, because she acts so immature, crying and throwing tamper tantrums, I don’t buy that her feelings for Yoon really run that deep or that it’s love, but rather that it’s just a very intense juvenile crush. There aren’t ever any scenes where we see what the two of them alone together are like. How did she come to like him and develop feelings for him and him in return? It’s a mystery. She’s just crazy in love.

    Me Ah Ri also seems to be totally clueless or ignoring the fact that Yoon and her brother are best friends and that her brother and her family might have a problem with her going out with her brother’s widowed best friend who still wears a wedding ring. The widowed thing is not a problem for me, but he still has issues to figure out since he’s a successful lawyer, but just barely has a place of his own. He seems like someone who is still grieving and trying to put his life back together…

    I was alright with Yi Soo for a while, but after the stunt she pulled on Do Jin I was astonished. I’ve always thought Do Jin came off as an a-hole even if deep down he’s not. We all know guys like that. Apparently Do Jin can dish it out, but he can’t take it. But Yi Soo did not seem like the type to be so crass. When she walked in the bar wearing those shoes and gave the little speech she gave, I didn’t buy it for one minute. I thought it was unconvincing and bad writing to expect us to believe that Yi Soo would be so crude and just use someone like that. I was just so blatant. Her character had not been written like that so far, so I was confused and disappointed.

    Tae San and Se Ra are probably the best written characters. They seem like a real couple. I can’t stand Se Ra though. She’s a horrible friend and Yi Soo should drop her. Se Ra is also kinda manipulative, but she does it to “protect” herself and because she is insecure.

    Jung Rok is a cheating loser who needs to get his cheeky act together. That ish is not cute and he makes his wife, Min Sook, into a pathetic fool every time he goes running around with the latest flavor of the week. I would bust his balls if I were Min Sook!

    • 39.1 momosa

      …I would bust his balls if I were Min Sook!

      Someone mentioned that at 40 & plus, they cut ties, no if or but – I thought it is so true. That will be the case if I were MS, Jung Rok would have been history…long ago…

  40. 40 sillyhappy

    thanks for the recap, i’ve been sort of using them to see when to expect colin aka jonghyun
    personally i didn’t really like the window kiss, i’m guessing that window doesn’t open…it would have been nice had the window opened and they just kissed each other that way but okayyy
    i’m not going speak about the age thing or the pairings because i’m in no place to speak since i technically had someone tell me not to long ago that after 25 the age gap doesn’t matter that much (although me ah ri is 24…) i’m just going to leave it at that
    i’m really curious who’s colin’s father, i’m kind of hoping it’s yoon, he’s the most decent of them all and that makes it kind of funny with the jealousy but at the same time kind of creepy with the yoon and me ah ri, but for the most part the only thing is i really don’t want it to be tae san, that couple has enough going on, they don’t need more drama, them together is drama enough for me. so far, for a drama i started just for jonghyun(the power of idols?)

  41. 41 gee10carma

    thanks so v v much for the recap. Love all the characters in the show. Everyone’s acting tip top. BUT my fav has to be Mr Chicken aka Jung Rok. Keeps me grinning from ear to ear. Used to dislike him in Rivals but am now embracing this ahjussi 200%

    • 41.1 df

      You mean Rok Sama? LOL…he’s a hot mess but I love him too…

  42. 42 JJ

    i never thought this drama would get me hooked to da max, can’t wait for the nxt & the nxt & nxt! the chem of JDG & KHN is just indescribably wonderful! i don’t wanna be a spoiler here in case some haven’t seen the latest epi but boy JDG’s acting there cracked me! LOLzzz i didn’t realize he cld be this funny watching him in this drama! i wish they’d extend this to 4 or more epis! i like all 4 of them & they’re all hilarious! kudos to the writers, producer/s director it’s a delight watching this drama! 2 thumbs up way up!

    thnx for recap!

  43. 43 c

    what song played when yoon saved meahri on the road????

  44. 44 Lilian

    Hmm..out of the 4. I am least interested in Tae San. I do want to know more about Yoon’s past….and definitely I want Colin to wreak havoc in their lives!

  45. 45 S2K

    “There’s a sense of responsibility and maturity that people expect of you as you grow older and adults have to constantly restrain themselves from pursuing what they want to do in exchange for normalcy and stability.”

    So true…hence why people stay at jobs they hate for a long time…got to pay the bills somehow.

  46. 46 Girlnextdoor

    I absolutely love the first scenes of each episodes showing these 4 ahjussis acting like teenagers… Is it wrong to say how adorable they are XD . Jung Roek is they life of the party, his scenes with his wife is priceless I like that he’s starting to see her in a different light….

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