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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 4
by | June 13, 2012 | 109 Comments

Apparently creepy is the name of the game. Our hero channels…dare I say it…Twilight’s Edward Cullen by watching a woman sleep for 5 hours. It’s one of those things that should be romantic but really ends up giving you goosebumps.


We find our main characters dressed in high school uniforms trying to nominate themselves as sacrificial lambs for a recent bout of trouble they’ve run into. Aw. In the end, they decide to suffer together.

Cut to the four being scolded for watching an adult movie. Bahahah. Their teacher tries to figure out who instigated this master plan and glares at Jung Rok first, who ends up confessing that he pulled his friends into watching the movie.

The other three step up to confirm that Jung Rok was the one who started everything. LOL. He tries to get out of doing push-ups on the ground when the teacher is distracted but Do Jin tattletales on him. Kek. What happened to “dying” together?

In the present, Tae San and Me Ahri come home in unhappy moods from a lunch date. Se Ra apparently left the meeting early without any explanation, and Tae San scolds Me Ahri for being rude. He asks her what she said to make Se Ra leave, but only receives a slammed door for an answer.

Meanwhile, Do Jin sits with Yi Soo after his confession. She barely has time to register his words before her blind date shows up. The poor guy gets left behind as Do Jin drags Yi Soo by the wrist away from the table.

Yi Soo freezes at their close proximity in the revolving door as they head outside, but quickly brushes off any sign of attraction before Do Jin says anything.

She snaps that he must have a fun time joking around at her expense like an elementary student. Do Jin replies that he wouldn’t have interrupted her blind date if he was joking about his crush on her.

Yi Soo mutters that it’s hard to believe someone who avoids marriage because he doesn’t want to share his money with his wife and kids. He realizes that she’s quoting from the magazine article he was featured in and wonders why she’s playing so hard to get when she’s obviously interested in him.

She changes the subject and asks what he’ll do if she dislikes the fact that he likes her. He answers that she never asked Tae San’s permission to like him, but she rationalizes that she at least hides her crush, which makes him ask how he found out about it then. Hee. Do Jin can be a poo-fly, but at least he’s a charming one.

Yi Soo finds Tae San waiting outside her house for Se Ra. The two decide to go out for drinks and Tae San brings up the first time he saw her at the baseball field as an umpire. He admits that he thought she was incredibly pretty. Oh no. Stop it. You’re not helping her get over you.

He asks her if the “20 second guy” she fell in love with at first sight is Do Jin but she replies that it’s not. Suddenly, Tae San excuses himself, saying that he knows where Se Ra might be. He tells her that he’ll pay for everything and that he’ll see her soon. When he leaves, she turns to the bar with a dejected look on her face, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Jung Rok.

Tae San and Se Ra go to a café after he finds her at the golf range. She confesses that she doesn’t think Me Ahri will ever like her. At her comment, Tae San holds up his hand and points to the lines in his hand, saying he has three women in his life: his mom, his sister, and Se Ra.

He assures her that whatever happens, Se Ra is a part of his hand, which makes her important in his life. Aw. This guy is way too good to be true. He asks if she knows that it’s their anniversary soon. He can get anything for her as long as it’s not a luxury bag. Also, she doesn’t need any jewels because she has enough “twinkle” for the both of them. Lol. He’s such a smooth talker.

Do Jin arrives at Jung Rok’s bar to see Yi Soo drunk-singing to CN Blue’s “Intuition.” She catches him staring at her mid-verse and she crinkles her face in embarrassment. How did he know she was here? He sees that she’s emptied a bottle of whiskey and Jung Rok adds that it’s her second bottle. Dang. Girl’s got a strong liver.

Yi Soo tells both friends that she knows a smarmy café owner who looks exactly like Jung Rok. Hee. Do Jin says he’ll take care of Yi Soo, who starts to carry out her “punishment” by praising his intelligence and making a heart at him with her hands.

Later that night, Yi Soo wakes up and tries to find some water. She sees a water bottle on a table in front of her and then gets a greater surprise when she realizes Do Jin is watching her. She tries to scream but Do Jin stops her; he already knows that she’s shocked. There’s no need to wake up their neighbors.

He informs her that they’re at a hotel and that she was at the bar 5 hours ago. She then deduces that he’s been watching her all this time and he coolly admits that he was. Gah. At least he’s honest.

She puts on her teacher persona and explains that she’s grateful he took care of her but he should have brought her home. He laughs and replies that there isn’t a guy who brings a drunken girl back home quietly. Hey. Yes there are. Probably.

He explains that she blacked out after coming out of the bar and that he had “no choice.” Uh huh. Sure. She replies that she’ll be leaving now and that they won’t see each other ever again, only she can’t find her bag. Thus Do Jin ends up driving her home, but it’s a while before she gets out of the car because she wants to avoid being seen by her neighbors.

At school, Yi Soo talks about Socrates and his view on living an ethical life. Strangely, her students start to ask if coveting a friend’s boyfriend or if drinking with a man and going to a hotel room with him are part of living an ethical life. Hee. The period bell wakes Yi Soo from her daydream and she reminds her class to come to their one-on-one conferences.

Later, she talks with Dong Hyub and asks why he didn’t write anything for “future career goal” in his college application. He tells her he has one thing in mind: Seo Yi Soo’s younger husband. D’aw. He gives her a can of coffee and tells her not to daydream during class.

Me Ahri gives Yi Soo a high school picture of Tae San during a dinner date. She also pulls out a picture of Yoon and they fawn over how young and pretty the boys used to be. Me Ahri reveals her master plan on how to get Yoon to fall in love with her. She plans to sue various people for ridiculous reasons and spend more time with him. Lol.

Unfortunately, her plan falls flat when Yoon charges her $500 dollars an hour of his service. Hehe. Yoon finds her antics cute and secretly smiles to himself as he and Do Jin wait for their cars in an auto repair shop. Do Jin slyly asks Yoon what’s so pretty about Me Ahri and the words “her lips and nose” slip out before Yoon catches himself. So he does have feelings for her! Yay.

A pair of gorgeous shoes is delivered to Yi Soo and Se Ra almost turns green from envy. She snipes that Yi Soo’s mystery man must have a lot of money, seeing as how he sent her a pair of $1,300 heels. Yi Soo balks at the price and heads to Do Jin’s apartment the next day to return them.

She chides him for sending such a burdensome gift and claims that he’s just boasting to her about how much money he makes. An offended Do Jin calls for the girl he slept with the night before, which takes Yi Soo off-guard. Uh ohs.

He takes away the shoes from Yi Soo and tells the other girl to keep them. She asks who Yi Soo is and scoffs when Do Jin replies that it’s the woman he’s currently in love with.

Yi Soo is shocked at how unapologetic Do Jin is about sleeping with girls in front of his so-called “crush.” He responds that she shouldn’t expect him to stay loyal to just her, especially when she’s still hung up over another man.

He informs her that his apartment has a free delivery service the next time she wants to return something. He then opens the door for her and slams it shut when she leaves. And he wonders why she doesn’t like him?!

Tae San, Jung Rok, and Do Jin meet to discuss Yoon’s housing situation. He apparently moved in with his mother-in-law, who had called Jung Rok and requested that he try to convince Yoon to leave.

Yoon’s mother-in-law informs him that she doesn’t want to see Yoon anymore. She reasons that her daughter has been dead for four years and Yoon still has his entire life ahead of him. In addition, his friends have taken all of his furniture; there is no room for him in this apartment any more. ::tear::

Yoon finds the boys unpacking his belongings when he walks into Do Jin’s apartment. A slight tense atmosphere begins to form before Tae San quickly suggests a trip to the department store since Do Jin only has one set of dishes for himself.

Soon the boys are happily shopping and a store employee mistakes them as two sets of couples. Heheh. I’m all for a Do Jin/Yoon alternate coupling.

Jung Rok comes home to find a table setting for dinner and he frantically racks his brain to check if today is a birthday or an anniversary. It turns out to be “I found your wedding ring you bastard” day when Jung Rok finds his ring in his rice.

He SWALLOWS the ring to avoid another fight, which ends up in a hospital visit. The X-ray shows that the ring will have to come out naturally and Jung Rok tells his wife that she’s inside his heart. Puhahaha. Will he ever grow up?

His friends bully him into taking laxatives and sign individual contracts for Mrs. Jung Rok, stating that they will not hang out with Jung Rok after a certain period of time. The things we do for love and friendship.

Yi Soo freaks out when she sees a stranger in her kitchen in the morning and Se Ra rushes out of her bedroom to assure her that the man is just a friend; they had some wine yesterday.

While the story is plausible, Yi Soo warns Se Ra that she needs to stop acting so carelessly. She goes as far to say that Se Ra is a bad girlfriend, but before Se Ra can make a comeback, she receives a text message from Tae San. Do Jin is on his way to complete a special mission for him.

Do Jin arrives before Se Ra’s friend leaves and Se Ra quickly covers up by telling Yi Soo that she should walk HER friend outside. Sigh. Pushover Yi Soo walks the man out to his car and they part ways with awkward bows.

She sees Do Jin smirking, having caught her in the lie and she quietly requests that he keep this little event a secret. He doesn’t know why he has to; he’s not a gentleman.

Yi Soo agrees; no gentleman sleeps with other women after confessing his love to someone. He responds that he’s no longer at an age where he throws everything away for a girl, especially when he knows she won’t return the favor. He has his own way of expressing his feelings and he politely asks her to understand that.

At the office, Do Jin asks Tae San why he dates Se Ra if Yi Soo is such a great person. Tae San replies that he only sees Yi Soo as a human, not a woman. Does she have to prance around in heels and skin-tight dresses for you to notice her?

Yoon meets Me Ahri during his break and she presents him with a spoon that he left behind at Tae San’s apartment. She asks why he hasn’t said a word about how pretty she’s gotten and he replies that she looked better before, even if she was 15 kilograms overweight.

She claims that he’s lying. How can he possibly think she was better before? Is his memory failing him? She recalls the times when he would call her “piggie” during their tutoring sessions. Aw. She lost weight for you!

He responds that she’s just a skinny piggie now and tells her that the spoon isn’t his. When she pouts in annoyance, Yoon brushes the hair out of her face and tells her to go home; it’s getting dark. How can she NOT have a crush on you? I want you for myself and I’ve only known you for 4 episodes.

Se Ra tags along to watch a baseball game and ends up holding Yi Soo’s stuff as she rushes off to start umpiring. Se Ra accidently drops everything as she walks to the field and ends up seeing the high school photograph of Tae San.

It’s not until Se Ra sees the numbers on Tae San’s back that she starts to put the puzzle pieces together. She recalls the baseball gloves that she found under Yi Soo’s bed and her face falls, which Do Jin notes curiously. Se Ra lets out a sigh and wonders why she didn’t see before how good Tae San and Yi Soo look together.


I’ve mentioned that I didn’t care much for Se Ra and Tae San’s storyline and that still holds true. I concede that Tae San is overwhelmingly sweet and an amazing boyfriend but my problem lies with Se Ra. I don’t really see what makes him love her so much. But that might be the point the writer is trying to make with the Tae San and Se Ra relationship; nobody can control whom he or she falls for.

We’re getting glimpses of Se Ra’s weaker side and we see that she lacks self-esteem in certain areas. The realization that Yi Soo is an unselfish, nice friend who deserves a great man like Tae San makes her aware of how unfit she is for Tae San. What she’ll do with that insecurity is unclear but I pray that she doesn’t hurt either person too badly.

Se Ra might be aggressive and controlling but at least she’s direct and honest. It makes me wish Yi Soo had more of a backbone because the “I’m such a victim” card gets tiring, especially when she’s supposed to be a beautiful, smart woman with a great job. I get that she’s our sacrificing, kind-hearted heroine but I wish she wasn’t such a pushover. How do we root for someone who gets dragged here and pulled there by other people all the time?

Speaking of which, I initially thought Do Jin’s decision to sleep with other women after confessing to Yi Soo was idiotic. Isn’t this the guy we’re supposed to root for? However, his conversations with Yi Soo made me backtrack and think from his perspective. He’s right in that a lot of women unconsciously expect guys to stay loyal to them even after rejection.

Like Yi Soo, I’ve felt twinges of betrayal when someone I rejected ends up with someone else, which is both wrong and unjustified. Maybe it’s a pride thing. Do Jin technically doesn’t have any obligation to be Yi Soo’s back-up boyfriend.

Do Jin is at an age to know that throwing away his pride, money, and other relationships for one girl is foolish; he probably did that for past loves and found himself lonely and hurt anyway. There really isn’t a law that prevents Do Jin from sleeping with other girls even when he likes Yi Soo. But the problem that arises from his careless actions is that Yi Soo doesn’t believe that his love confession was genuine and I don’t blame her. Heck even I was left wondering why I wanted Do Jin to have Yi Soo in the first place.

We know that his interest in her is serious because we see him beyond the cool, unaffected façade that he puts on in front of his friends and Yi Soo. But it’s understandable that she feels that he’s playing around with her. He’s being hot and cold because he’s unsure of how to deal with his feelings for her. Maybe he’s afraid of opening his heart because he’s been badly burned before.

Yet he has to have her because she’s probably the only girl who’s ever rejected him and he can’t stand “losing” to Tae San. He probably thinks that he can just have a fling with her and end his obsession if they end up together but the more Yi Soo resists, the more he’ll find himself caring for her. Heheh. I’m excited to see Do Jin’s jaded take on relationships change as he breaks his own rules for Yi Soo.

Jung Rok. Oh Jung Rok. He really needs to grow up. It’s to the actor’s credit that I still like him and think he’s hilarious. However, there are only so many situations that can arise before I ask myself why his wife doesn’t just divorce his ungrateful, unfaithful ass. Maybe she will later. I wouldn’t mind seeing him homeless and suffering, if only to get a different side to his character.

Lastly, we know Yoon’s wife died and it’s heartbreaking to see him so attached to his mother-in-law. He feels a sense of duty to her because he’s the only “child” of hers left who can take care of her, but I’m glad that she let him go in the early stages of the drama. He does have more than half of his life ahead of him and he deserves another chance at love. He can always run off with Do Jin (which I support all the way) but someone would probably hunt them down.


109 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kim Yoonmi

    Why is watching someone for hours sleep romantic? Especially mixed with breaking and entering?

    • 1.1 quirkywhit

      I honestly have no clue. It creeps me out and I view it as a warning sign of future behavior. Which is why I wish it would stop rearing it’s ugly head in romance stories.

    • 1.2 Mystisith

      A man can care for a sleeping woman (drunk, sick or injured) without wanting to rape her. Or else we wouldn’t have male doctors in hospitals… What’s with the paranoia? I don’t get it…

      • 1.2.1 Biscuit

        I don’t think it has to do with simply rape. Honestly, it’s annoying when you’re sitting at Starbucks and some person less then two feet away from you is staring at you for more then 2 minutes.

        Whether asleep or awake, I think someone staring at you for a prolonged period of time is weird for anyone.

      • 1.2.2 Cynthia

        Okay, this is a drama and we all know that it’s not real. Perhaps while living in dramaland, 5 hours of staring at someone sleeping is a plausible plot point. In real life, staring at someone sleeping (unless it’s your spouse or child or parent) is a total invasion of personal privacy. We’re not talking coma-watching or any other extenuated reason. And even in this situation in AGD, I prefer to think he said that just to jerk her chain, knowing that she would bristle, when he really was watching the tube or surfing the net.
        In real life, staring at someone for 5 hours would justify a restraining order.

        • JoAnne

          I never for a second thought he literally sat there for 5 hours staring at her. He took her there, she was asleep, he wasn’t.

          He’s bound to spend some time watching the woman he loves. None of you have ever been awake in bed and just stared in wonder at the person you loved, whether it was a lover, a spouse, or a child?

          He’s not insane – he didn’t spend 5 hours literally staring at her and nothing else.

          • Mystisith

            Glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t see other humans as predators. Actually if I were drunk like the character I would be grateful if a friend stayed with me to check nothing’s wrong. What if she fainted or had an accident in the stairs? And if someone i knew was in her state (man or woman), I would stay with that person. I am sad for the commenters actually.

          • Shukmeister

            [wild hand clapping for JoAnne and Mystisith].

            I have had the experience of bundling a drunken sot into bed, and, no I did not stare at him for hours.

            Shoes off, trashcan handy, and a quick check every 1/2 hr or so. I did end up curled on a chair, napping until he woke up.

            The fact that Do Jin didn’t even take the advantage to…um…TAKE the advantage speaks volumes to me. Just look at IDID, What’s Up Fox, Wonderful Life, etc.

          • Atiras


            also Jang dong gun’s character is prone towards outlandish remarks meant to provoke reaction from Ha Neul’s Yi-soo.

            i know i still look at my sleeping 5 year old and think all sorts of happy thoughts of her future 🙂

            used to do that with DH but after more than a decade of marriage (not to mention the snoring)….. meh 🙂

      • 1.2.3 Kim Yoonmi

        Doctors don’t stare at their patients for five hours straight while they are sleeping, doing nothing else. =P If that’s a cure–it’s pretty magical and a little psychotic…

        … and I think the doctor would get fired for doing nothing but staring at a patient–especially if they fancy them and don’t return their feelings… stalking vibe anyone?

    • 1.3 alua

      It’s not romantic. It’s very, very creepy.

      I hated that scene in the first Twilight film (the only Twilight film I watched, without knowing anything about the books) – it really, really rubbed me the wrong way.

    • 1.4 kewbie

      Yeah I don’t think it’s romantic. I think Do Jin just wanted to be in the same room with Yi Soo since she can’t reject him (again) when she’s asleep/passed out. Haha…

      Thanks again for the recap, orangy!

  2. lily

    thank you!!! i cant wait until you recap episode 6! HOT!!! 😀

    • 2.1 kewbie

      Looking forward to it! 🙂

  3. Melissa

    Does anyone else find Do Jin just icky. I mean, I really want to root for the OTP but, I just find him so icky that it’s distracting. I mean, I am totally for the whole “change of heart” thing that Yi Soo is doing inside of him but, I can’t help but feel like she deserves someone better.

    Also, I just want to tell Jung Rok to GO WOO YOUR WIFE!!!! Forget the others. I mean, she genuinely seems to want his attention. GIVE IT TO HER!!! Your life would be so much better. sigh… I’m hoping the writers eventually get him to realize this because I’m tired of seeing him be dumb.

    • 3.1 celest1al

      If you’ve seen up to episode 6 and still find DJ icky, then I don’t know if you’ll ever like him. Haha.

      • 3.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Lol! I love Dj now (says someone who has seen all six episodes), and dare I add that I like Se Ra too? I even love crazy cheater husband Jong Rok, who I find the least believable (I mean, I’m sure there are such cads out there, but who are so stupidly blatant??). I view them almost as caricatures, delivered to us by the writer for our entertainment. And I’m loving being entertained!

      • 3.1.2 Shukmeister

        Don’t forget people, Do Jin is a man who’s never experenced love, and whose money probably has all manner of gold-diggers after him.

        Is there any wonder that he can’t figure out how to woo a woman he genuinely likes?

        He fell back on his tried-and-true of bed hopping, but stopped when he realized it bothered her. That’s character development and Do Jin changing / bettering himself for his love.

        The bed scene was needed in my book because Yi Soo has a flowery, romantic and totally unrealistic idea of what love is – I mean, walking hand in hand wearing baseball gloves? Would it be just as wonderful if she was dating a shipyard worker and wearing welding gloves? pfttt

        I think Do Jin’s earthy candor is great, and the woman who can soften him is a lucky girl.

        It’s strange to me that people think a philandering liar and a cradle robber are better catches than an honest rake [scratch head]

        Do Jin characterization is in hundreds of romances – just read Jane Austin!

        • Atiras

          i am not sure Do Jin is inexperienced when it comes to love. he seems to be a player in the sense that he has no trouble finding girls to sleep with. perhaps later on there will be a back story of some deep wound he received…. remains to be seen.

          what i found interesting was how he is still pursuing the woman who clearly has the hots for his best friend. i thought that was a big put-off for men?

          i think holding the glove sort of signified unrequited love as in she cannot hold the hand of the object’s owner so it is sort of acting like a stand-in…..

          speaking of Austen, it is her heroines who are lauded for standing up to the likes of Do Jin so yeah i would like to see Yi Soo do something other than being a door mat at this point. Maehri is pluckier than her!

          all in all really enjoying this show and I Do I Do. Kim Sun Ah is really wonderful although the premise of Scent of Woman has kept me from watching it despite Lee Dong Wook! cant believe i have that kind of will power!

    • 3.2 jyyjc

      Yes. I find him so icky.

    • 3.3 houstontwin

      I find him to be a strange combination of sexy and icky! I am a little bit old fashioned and really don’t like his promiscuity.

      • 3.3.1 Fabmari

        If Yi Soo is my girl friend, I definitely AGAINST her falling in love with Do Jin.
        Cross him out of the potential list. LOL.

        After QIHM that shows the possibility of falling in love without bitter bickering, I can’t turn back to this old drama premise of ‘enemies-turned-lovers’ anymore.

    • 3.4 skelly

      YES. There are so many things about him that rub me the wrong way, I don’t know where to start. He is arrogant, egotistical, controlling, and has definite anger management issues. I hate how he toys with Yi Soo, being nice and then being snarky, complimenting her then insulting her, telling her he’s crushing on her and then going off and sleeping with another woman.
      Sure, Yi Soo can’t blame him for finding his fun elsewhere, and obviously he found another woman who doesn’t mind catting around, but ick. I’d want a doctor’s report with full STD tests before I got serious about this guy.
      And he’s one of those incredibly annoying sorts that has to win every argument. I know I can look forward to him getting some major smackdowns, but I know that in the end she is going to skip to his side, wearing those obnoxious pink heels, and he will win it all. And I totally feel he doesn’t deserve it.

      • 3.4.1 houstontwin

        In reality land Do Jin would definitely be a bad, bad choice. It’s only in dramaland that we can enjoy the pink high heels and his high style living.

        • Atiras

          Do Jin’s reference to ‘one-sided’ love is as you said a way for him to make fun of Yi-soo’s own silent crush on Tae-San.

          She is therefore not sure if he is serious or not. To me it seems as if she just doesnt know what to make of him / how to handle his way of pursuing her. She has never met someone like him and has limited experience in romance so she just doesnt know how to deal with him.

          from personal experience, i can see myself giving as good as i get with Do Jin. 🙂

          and most of you guys are right – its fun to date bad boys like Do Jin in our 20-s and 30-s but we would rather be with the likes of Yoon (Tae San not so much coz he is the jealous type) in our ajumma years 😉

          • sherry_laruku

            I don’t think Tae San would date any typical ajumma type.. As good as he is, his ideal is SEXY BOMBSHELL who looks good in his arm with EXCITING personality that keeps him alive…

    • 3.5 hydesamagirl

      I totally agree with you. Do Jin insists he likes Yi Soo and then sleeps with other women. So, you are only loyal while someone returns your feelings? Then your “love” is completely dependent on the other person. I love you, if you love me? My evaluation of their relationship will really depend on how much he changes. I hope she doesn’t compromise and cave in before he actually changes.

      You are totally right about Jung Rok as well. But he just lounges around and chases skirts. Really, Yoon is the pick of the litter. And, all of them flirting with a girl who could be their daughter?! Ew.

      • 3.5.1 Laeah

        Sex=/=love. Sorry to burst your bubble. Men=/=women.

        She already clearly rejected him. Is he supposed to pine away forever?

        Uh, no way.

        • Atiras

          and there is no relationship as yet. they are just dancing around each other. he a couple of beats faster than her thats all 😉

    • 3.6 fluff

      Definitely icky. Or just plain douchebaggy. So he can sleep around, but he PHYSICALLY DRAGGED her away from a date where all she was planning to do was eat a meal across the table from another man? So, she admits no feelings for him but she’s not allowed to see anyone else? Umm, no.

      I quit watching after this episode, just don’t like the characters enough to care.

    • 3.7 KC

      I don’t find DoJin icky. He’s an adult but he also has his immature side and how he deals with the girl he likes is pull her pigtails and stuff like that. He ‘plays’ around with YiSoo’s feelings a bit but everything he’s ever said to her is the truth. He likes her and he’s told her many times and she should know that by now.

      And with the whole sleeping with the other girl thing while having an unrequited love for her makes sense to me for some reason. Sex for Dojin is purely a physical activity with no emotions involved as we can tell and we can also see that Yisoo causes feelings in him that she’s not going to relieve herself because she doesn’t want him that way. So he’ll relieve himself elsewhere. Its caddish behavior but in Western shows it happens all the time so I don’t find it icky (I don’t watch kdramas usually, mostly Western dramas)

      For me the main reason I don’t find Dojin icky is because while he’s kind of an asshole, he’s also grounded because he has his friends to remind him of the teenager he used to be. He also says things that make a lot of sense and he’s assertive. Maybe in real life he’d be an awful choice but I have to say, I can’t help but be attracted to him because there’s just something about him that I really like. I’ve liked him from the first episode and I find that he’s changing Yisoo just as much as Yisoo is changing him.

    • 3.8 Laeah

      Um…. yeah. Bathroom scene was like…. AHMAZING.
      If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

      I like Do Jin. He’s fun. He’s sensitive. 🙂

  4. celest1al

    This drama is just so entertaining. Makes me happy. I’ve grown up following and liking Jang Dong-gun and Kim Min-jong, so I’ll be watching this til the end. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on episodes 5 and 6!

  5. Rashell

    “Yoon brushes the hair out of her face and tells her to go home; it’s getting dark. How can she NOT have a crush on you? I want you for myself and I’ve only known you for 4 episodes.” – Quote.

    THIS is EXACTLY how I fee about this character and this couple. He’s just the sweetest, most adorable man. I know that Yoon Ma Ahri aren’t the main couple, but they are the couple I’m most rooting for. He just deserves to have someone to love and she just loves him to pieces. Who cares about age?

    I was so annoyed with Do Jin and the sleepover friend. But like you pointed out in the re-cap, he isn’t obligated to be faithful to a girl that likes someones esle just because he has a crush. I actually like the way he was so forthright and honest with her about it. But I have to say that I don’t think that attitude is going to win him the girl.

    Se Re drives me crazy. She’s just such a b!tch. And the fact that Te San loves her makes me respect him less. Hopefully this couple will grow on me.

    Jung Rok is someone I wouldn’t want to know in real life, but I find hilarious as a character. But it would be nice to see some growth from him as the series progresses. And I really do hope his wife dumps him. She deserves better.

    • 5.1 Biscuit

      Everytime I see Yoon, I start swooning again. Really, why was he not the main guy?

      Concerning Do Jin, I like how he’s not the type jerk/ass that’s completely a jerk/ass without reason. Okay. You never need a reason to be a jerk. But at least there some logic (!!!) behind his actions that I can stand by and not throw flames of wrath at him.

      Instead of “You’re a jerk and you don’t deserve the girl, but suppose to still be rooting for you” situation. Do Jin is the type of guy who can rub you in the wrong way if you don’t understand him, but he’s not exactly a mean spirited type of man.

      • 5.1.1 Rashell

        Do Jin comes off as a little jaded to me. He’s not mean but he seems kind of disenchanted with romantic relationships and so I think he’s kind of thrown by how he feels about this girl.

        I’m hoping that he warms up as the drama progresses and that we’ll warm up to him at the same time.

        Yoon, on the other hand, is perfect. Well, except that he’s afraid to admit how much he likes Ma Ahri.

    • 5.2 kelinci biru

      I love Yoon and this is my first time watching Kim Min Jong. I might start watching everything that he starred.

      • 5.2.1 Dylan

        LOL i started watching all his series soon after i watched Rules of Love which starred him and Choi Kang Hee. In Rules of Love, he was the 2nd lead but audiences demanded for Choi Kang Hee’s character ended up with his character. Because Lee Seo Jun (KMJ’s character) was tooo sweeet!

        The same went to Bimil/Secret when Kim Ha Neul’s character ended up together with KMJ’s character instead even though he was meant to be the second lead at the first place. LOL

    • 5.3 toystar

      I agree with you about the Tesan/Sere couple because its very hard for me to like Sere I can’t get over how she treats Tesan.

    • 5.4 DramaticTeacher

      I also like Yoon a lot, He seems to have feelings for Meahri but can’t really accept it, me thinks.

      I really want to see the next eps 7 and on, I sense a triangle between Meahri, Yoon and the nameless hot student. And I like it a lot:)

  6. Jules

    Hm, I understand that as Yi-soo hasn’t accepted his advances, Do-jin is free to do as he pleases, but… he still seems to be trying to ‘woo’ her (in his own, very special way), even as he sleeps with other women. (and of course, she’s not allowed to date other men – God forbid!)

    Call me crazy, but to me that doesn’t exactly convey sincerity; so as a viewer, I’m left wondering if he actually likes her, or if he’s just messing with her head. :-/

    • 6.1 July

      That was a bit bothersome for me too. He interrupts her date and she is just supposed to take it, while he goes around sleeping with other woman and she is just supposed to understand? The fact that she hasn’t accepted him so he has no obligation to her is true, yet the double standard is what’s infuriating. I still love them as the OTP, I’m just hoping he is taken down a few pegs before she realizes she may just have feelings for him.

      On a side note, Se Ra doesn’t bother me as a character, at least not yet–let’s see how she handles the situation of Yi Soo liking Tae San. She is forthright and I actually liked how she noticed that Yi Soo and Tae San would make a nice couple. Sure, she is bitchy, but I can see why Tae San likes her. She is glamorous and confident, traits that a lot of men are initially attracted to. She also keeps him on his toes, there’s no comfort zone, since there is the chance that she just may leave him for someone else. And then, of course, there are men who just love drama—my younger brother being one of them. 🙂

  7. 9to5

    Thanks for the quick recaps! I absolutely love this drama. And I agree with u in that I’d like to see dojin have to get out of his comfort zone and really put himself out there for her, so that she recognizes his sincerity. I want to see him flustered and unnerved, not just calm and collected when trying to persuade her. .. I don’t particularly like heroes that a cold bastards but still get the girl, so I hope we see some changes in his personality 🙂

  8. AuntieMame

    I had the thought that if these guys didn’t have the money, professional careers, style, etc., would we be calling them ‘losers’? I wonder and I don’t have an answer.

    Just like real live human beings, these characters do have their flaws, as well some good points, which is refreshing since so many drama characters are either good or bad.

    And, yep, whoever ends up being their partner will have to learn to accept their flaws. And, I hope they have the same regard for their partner, too.

    Thanks so much for the recap.

  9. trkn91

    In almost kdramas, main characters are pure,either they haven’t loved anyone in their life or there was one they truely loved but it was one-sided or sth else.But in this drama,we can see that, men and women are not that innocent.After confessing his crush to her, sleeping with another woman is weird but in his perspective, he is right.She rejected him.I don’t want to compare it but i smellll~ some Secret Garden things.Remember when #1 Kim Joo Won took Gil Ra Im to cabinet in the store and humiliated her #2 In front of her mom the things he said about her #3 about her bag,how wouldn’t she even buy a new bag ? But after some time passes how he made things beautiful. I sense this plot developments in this drama too.That’s 20 episode drama,they can’t rush quick OTP developments.For me this drama really enetertaining,these days this is the only one that i wait for to watch it.thanks for your recaps.(& sorry for my English)

    • 9.1 houstontwin

      Your English is just fine! You expressed yourself quite clearly.

      • 9.1.1 trkn91

        :)) haha thank you.I don’t have any facilities to practice English,so when I try to write it,I’ve always doubts about if i did wrong/correct 🙂

        • Rashell

          You’re English is better then many native speakers, so have no worries about that.

          And I totally agree that it’s nice to see a drama about people who are adults and have some life experience.

  10. 10 kirara

    oh yes, I remember the weird coupling when they were shopping, tae san and jung rok were next to each other at a shopping cart and Do Jin and yoon at another and there were like a couple female employees and female customers staring and making faces at how strange and awkward two men were sharing a shopping cart.


    Wow.. quick recaps.. at this rate you’ll be caught up by Saturday!!

    Thank you! 🙂

    • 10.1 kewbie

      That was the best! I liked when Jung Rok asks Tae San if he wants him to buy him some appliance or something and Tae San back-hugs him and yells, “Goo-ma-woooo!!!” haha…

  11. 11 subject

    About Do Jin sleeping with another woman even thought he declared his crush to Yi Soo. Seriously, how old are the people here? Is he supposed to be a monk until she’ll accept him? And besides, sex for most guys is simply sex, it not includes emotions. I can’t see anything wrong about it and I do believe, player or not, if and when Yi Soo accept Do Jin, he’ll be all (body and soul) hers. Meanwhile, there’s no reason for him to be monogamous to a woman that still have huge crush on someone else.

    Sex is a need for both genders. It’s more common to accept it as male need, cause most of us were educated that way. BUT women also like sex (In Korea’s conservative TV, only guys can love and talk about sex, women in any age are virgins), love to talk about sex and love to gossip with their friends about random guys or personal idols (movie stars, basketball players, authors, etc.) while they sit in a cafe.

    So what if Do Jin humping around? He’s healthy single guy. Yoon’s case is more alarming. Why a healthy, good looking, well educated, solid single guy not doing anything? Sorry, but unlike Yi Soo (Or was it Maehri?), I don’t see romantic person here, I see someone who needs help, cause it’s not natural to grieve for so long. And another thing, when I saw Tae San get all excited from kiss on his cheek from a woman he’s dating over a year I felt a little embarrassed for him, cause he’s 41 year old who probably never been really intimate with Se Ra. I don’t care if all the people in this world will say that they’re fine with it and it’s cute bla-bla-bla,I still think and believe that sex is an INTEGRAL part of the relationship, especially if the relationship is long term.

    Thanks for your lovely recap, orangy911.

    • 11.1 kopytko

      Different people have different needs. And the differences are huge – not between men and women but between individual people, regardless of gender. What is natural and integral for one person doesn’t have to be so important for another person. In other words, all attitudes presented are normal, they show a spectrum of how different people feel and how they chose to behave.

    • 11.2 news

      I’m totally on your boat Subject.

      I might be one of the few people who like Do Jin’s character. He’s totally imperfect in the way human beings should be, but I like that he’s realistic, direct, honest and (I personally feel) sincere in the way he expresses himself. In any given situation, sure he may not be a ‘gentleman’ in the traditional sense, but he’s considerate and fair, and cleverly swoops in to save the day when it’s necessary. I can accept that. I think it’s pretty awesome that he knows himself well and unapologetic about his actions and who he is as a person. If a professional guy in his 40s is not like this, then he has only grown up, not grown into himself. It’s Yi Soo who needs to do some growing up. He’s a man, but she’s a girl.

      Can’t wait to read your next recaps orangy911!

    • 11.3 Mystisith

      I so agree with you, on EVERYTHING. Do-jin is the most realistically portrayed man ever in a drama.
      And a man who doesn’t have sex in 4 years? I don’t know one…

    • 11.4 Shukmeister

      Subject – you get to be my new best friend. lol

      Excellent write-up on the subject. I have to admit, it’s fun having a character that’s this polarizing to the masses. I just want to make sure Do Jin gets a fair shake.

    • 11.5 Literati

      Well first of all while it can be closely linked most people don’t understand that sex=/= love. Just because someone is having sex with someone it doesn’t mean that they love the person and visa versa. Tons of people get hurt because they figure that since the person is willing to have sex with them they love them… NO. Sex is a body function love is emotional. while they can be closely linked it it entirely possible to have either one without the other.

      • 11.5.1 subject

        Maybe someone need to teach those people the famous idiom: “The difference between F*cking and making love is involving emotions”. Anyways, I’m glad to see more sane people here, otherwise I’ll remain frustrated alone in this battle.

    • 11.6 Korazy Lady

      Count me in on your team! I can’t decide if some others on here are naively young or bitterly jaded!

  12. 12 linda

    Do jin is not a typical kdrama lead character. He is a some kind of asshole(?) for now. But I found him attractive in ep 5 and ep6. He is getting better.

  13. 13 bishbash

    Honestly I have to say that I believe such nice pushovers like Yi Soo exists in real life. She’s not one dimensional. There exists people who JUST wants to be nice to everyone, to be liked by everyone and they cringe at the thoughts of themselves being nasty. Some may call them people with no backbones, but it’s just an innate need for them to be liked by everyone. Just like how some of us innately feels the need to express our opinion and frankly do not care if it offends someone; they’re just the opposite.

    And the thing about Do Jin, guys are guys no matter the age. They can sincerely like someone, but at the same time just flirt around with other girls. There’s something that I read some time ago: “If you fall for a charming guy, it means he doesn’t like you yet. A guy truly likes you only when he behaves like a boy.”

    Why Jung Rok’s wife doesn’t divorce him yet is exactly why some women continue to stick to their husbands despite knowing about the philandering ways, or are abused by the husbands. Some women just like bad boys. It’s sad but true.

  14. 14 yossie

    Dang! You’re so fast!
    Thanks for your recaps.
    About DJ slept with another woman, when I first watched that scene, I thought how come a girl would think he was sincere enough for loving her. But then I heard his speech to YS. For his perspective, what he did was not wrong, he loves her, but it does not mean that he should throw away all his heart when the other party does not love him.

  15. 15 smile134

    First comes first, I love Yoon (and of course, Kim Min Jong oppa :D). He is such a sweet, reliable and faithful person. I’m all for Yoon and Me Ahri. They complete each other.

    My 2nd favorite is Do Jin. He is righteous and honest to his feeling. And actually I don’t find any problem with him sleeping with other women after confessing his one-side love to Yi Soo. Like you say, he’s 41, he’s old enough to not become a devoted back-up boyfriend of somebody. Also, it’s not like he “buys” other women with money, I think all the other women were voluntary to go on such short “relationships” with him. I really don’t like Yi Soo character. Like you point out, she is such a pushover under the layer of being sacrificed. According to the character description, she is thirty-something, but I find her personality just early 20. And she’s worse than a 21 Me Ahri since she cannot be honest and candid like Me Ahri.

    I find Jung Rok and his wife hilarious. I think his wife has given him up because she still has feelings/hope for him. Maybe we will know more of their backstory later. I sincerely hope that Jung Rok did not get married only for her money 🙂

    Frankly, I don’t care about Taesan and Se Ra. Se Ra is such a bitch (Sorry, I cannot think of other words that are more right for her). At the end of this episode, I thought I saw a glimpse of different Se Ra (maybe more caring and honest when she knew Yi Soo’s feeling for Tae-san), but continue watching episode 5&6 mades me regain my previous impression.

    • 15.1 skelly

      Interesting how bad behavior is OK as long as the person is “honest” about it.

      • 15.1.1 smile134

        Depends on how you define ‘bad behaviors’. I can take some example for my definition:

        +Someone who have been married/in a relationship and cheated on his/her partners (like Jung Rok or Se Ra)—>bad behaviors, bad people.

        +Someone who is not in a relationship/divorced/break-up (single/don’t have a partner/bf or gf) dates/sleeps with other people he/she finds attractive with the consent of that person—->that’s their life, I find nothing wrong with that and it’s also none of our business to judge. And in my opinion, it’s even better when they acknowledge what they do rather than lie that they live like a monk 🙂

  16. 16 Dodo

    After reading some of your recaps I could not stop myself from watching this drama when I have sworn to not watch any drama still airing after have some bad experience with the ending. I don`t now if this drama will have a bad end or not because after watching four ep I fell in love with everything in this drama except the cheating husband and his wife. And thanks for the recap orangy911 🙂

  17. 17 Noelle

    Loved how they didn’t keep that a secret for long. I know some…many?… have a problem with Do Jin being with other women. He reminds me of Barney from How I Met Your Mother when he fell for Robin. He still slept with other women while having his not so secret love crush.

    Thank You for the recap!

  18. 18 anonymust

    Wait didn’t this recap leave out the scene where mah rei explained why she disliked se ra? she caught her making out with a white guy when tae san and her came to visit in New York the year before.

    I would think that would be included in the previous/this recap.

  19. 19 Lizzie

    I don’t find DJ a jerk.

    I’m a girl but this thing about ”I can’t have sex with anyone else while I wait for my crush to notices me”

    Oh please! It is not they are dating, it is just a crush!

    So many boys and girls go out and have sex with people they don’t even love… or like. It is all about sex.

    There is also these people that aren’t in any ”serious” relationships, who go out sometimes with this boy or that girl just to have fun and sex.

    It reminds me of Sex and the city…

    I see nothing wrong with this.

    If DJ still had sex with other girls after being together with YS, I would call him a jerk and all.

    But so far, they have nothing, so what is the problem?

    Also, there isn’t something a feeling like ”I love you”, so I don’t get why DJ can’t go out with others girls.

    YS too, I see no problem in her going out with others even though she likes TS.

    And DJ got jealous and dragged her out of that blind date, but aside it being jealousy, it was also because she knew YS couldn’t say no to Sena and went to a blind date she didn’t really want to go..

    And YS also got jealous/angry at DJ when she saw the girl in his house, right?

    So they are even.

    • 19.1 skelly

      Hmmmm. “I love you, but this other thing is just sex.” No one likes the cheating husband in this drama, but really he’s just Do Jin post-vows. Men and women who can separate love from sex continue to do so, even after they are married. It is a very convenient thing, to have a brain that compartmentalizes behavior. I’ve seen it too often, and the messes it creates, to laugh about it very easily in a show.

  20. 20 dani305

    Yay! You’re almost caught up with recapping all the current episodes. At first, I was really upset about Do Jin sleeping with another girl. But I’ve tried to come around to understand his viewpoint. Maybe I can accept it when I’m in my 40s and less idealistic.

  21. 21 lil

    Fighting ^^ ! It looks like you’re doing a GD’s marathon recap 😀

  22. 22 Mel

    Thanks… Can’t wait for your recaps on the next episodes… Yes double standards, yet so human… DJ is jaded but he still has that “crush” on YS… His jealousy, “devotion” towards YS is touching to watch, yet the sleeping around is hard to take. True they are not in a relationship yet but I don’t blame YS if she does not take DJ seriously if he flaunts his sex partner so blatantly… That’s a great way for YS to warn herself away from DJ. Yes, it’s just sex but how about being discreet.. But we’ll see how their relationship progresses as DJ seems to be present when YS needs helping hand in the future..

    Can’t wait for your recap of the next two episodes…

    • 22.1 Shukmeister

      I’m not seeing it as “flaunting” since he was in the privacy of his own home and Yi Soo barged over.

      It’s not like he was bringing his chippy to the baseball games or integrating her with the rest of his life.

  23. 23 Diana

    orangey 911 TQ

    I don’t condone free sex, but in todays world having sex is common with men and women before marriage.

    Healthy men need sex all the time once they have a regular partner and no commiment to love or marriage whish is agreed upon both parties, could discard any time and take a new partner, so the loser will always be the women.

    Do jin is not committed to yi soo for now – not totally in love yet , this is what the scriptwriter is telling us about the architect way of life for now, lets see how he behave when he gets more serious with yi soo.

    As for yi soo, her reaction – she not in total shock to see the girl with him because she is a matured woman, or maybe she too had sex before ?, so she understand MEN ?.

    It is indeed very strange for him to stare at her for five hours !. He doesn’t need to go to the toilet for his age group ?….

    • 23.1 Korazy Lady

      Orangey, your last statement had me laughing. You think once men hit forty they can’t even wait 5 hours to go to the bathroom? You make it sound as if 40 somethings have one foot in the grave! I doubt if Katherine Zeta Jones, Angela Jolie and Katie Holmes are worried about always being close to porta potties when out with their over-forty husbands!

      • 23.1.1 Diana

        do you think they want to reveal theirs and their husbands handicap ?.

        • Korazy Lady

          Wow, it’s amazing the over 40 population can be so productive when we’re all running around trying to hide our age related “handicaps”! (and sorry, Diana, that last comment was for you, not Orangey – my dementia must be affecting my eyesight!)

          All in good fun – I just think once you’re there you’ll realize how young that “age group” really is!

  24. 24 sally_b

    @Diana -/hi there ~ re: “Healthy men need sex all the time once they have a regular partner…”

    …don’t know how, or where, you were raised from a child…but humans desire sex. Both genders…and it is healthy —►for both genders.

    If the presumption is that sex without marriage is always the woman’s loss, then I would suggest that more reading & activity on the subject—– might be enlightening. 😉

    • 24.1 Diana

      episode 6 will reveal the loser – the girl he slept with.

      • 24.1.1 Shukmeister

        ** Ep 6 SPOILER **
        I don’t see her as unhappy about it. She gets to keep all the presents and move on. She’s not even that upset.

        • Diana

          yes she move on, but, you think she is not upset ?, read her last words before she left his office,

          she is only worth the price of shoe that yi soo returned back to him, which she too returned it to him.

          • Shukmeister

            I’ll save this argument for that episode. I’m not willing to get the rath of the Drama Goddesses for spoilers.

  25. 25 makoto

    I’m rooting for Choi Yoon – Im Meahri, they are so sweeeeeet I could swoon everytime they share the scene. And I don’t care about the rest. ^^

    • 25.1 Dylan

      same here!!!

      • 25.1.1 Atiras

        maehri is vivacious and immature and yoon is angtsy and deep. wonder how they will feel after a decade together when she is 35 and he is 50?

  26. 26 KC

    I kinda disagree with your comment about Dojin wanting to compete with Taesan for Yisoo. I find it more he was attracted to this woman but she’s in love with another man so he’s going to try unrequited love to see if it works with a healthy dose of child like teasing the girl you like thing going on. He’s actually quite supportive of her crush on Taesan to be honest, telling her she should just confess and making her have more of a backbone. He’s never told her that Taesan isn’t worth her love or anything like that. Dojin has been a better friend to be honest than her real friend Se Ra sometimes. He has her back on more than one situation and even though alot of his actions are totally assy, he’s given her great advice and I love how she, along with his friends, are the ones who break his cool and collected facade.

    • 26.1 Shukmeister

      Good points, KC. Bravo

      • 26.1.1 Atiras

        yeah…. its quite cute how he is always rescuing her from sticky situations.

  27. 27 jomo

    Thanks for your very thoughtful recap.
    I have been ranting about this show since it started with my friends, and yet, I cannot stop watching!

    My biggest problem is KHN’s character. I blame the director.

    She could be such an endearing character with her sweet one sided love…but they have to make her look imbecilic.

    When she is with either of the men she is triangled with, she acts like she has NEVER BEEN near a man before.
    OK OK, I get that she is supposed to be dumbstruck with passion, but that means you move TOWARDS the man. You do it unconciously. You can’t help reaching out and touching the object of your desire. You can’t keep your hands off of him.
    If this his how the little sis acts, why can’t SHE?

    Moving on to the lack of excitement, for lack of a better word. There was more touching in one ep of QIHM than we have seen in all AGD.

    I am not buying that the “hover” contact is working here. You need a CSW for that to work – in City Hall, when he put his coat on KSA’s waist, I felt like I was watching the most intimate scene EVER.
    And Hyun Bin could do that well in SG because he was sitting up against HJW.

    KHN is too cold, too aloof.

    It is actually almost embarrassingly NOT sexy. The director or editor are one or two beats off on all those scenes.
    In a couple scenes JDG feels like a creeper old man, and HE’S NOT!

    End rant.

  28. 28 yong in

    thanks for the recap. by this rate, you’ll be just in time for episode 7 and 8 this weekend. : )

    those of you who are thinking of giving up on this, please wait until epi5-6, you’ll never think twice again.

    i like Do Jin. i don’t think kdramaland has got this realistically portrayed guy – i can’t think of any. ^__^

    really dying for this weekend’s episodes.

  29. 29 Fatemeh

    Thanks. Loving this so much.

  30. 30 Laeah

    I’m so ready for JR to fall for his wife. Please make it happen drama! You’ve set it up for us, now go! I honestly hope she tries to divorce him or that something happens to make him see her as a woman. :X

    I kind of like Meahri with the other young guy too now…. >> Because on one hand, I think she over idealizes Yoon. But I do like the Ajusshis, so I don’t mind whoever she ends up with.

    I don’t mind Se Ra except for the possible cheating, which I hope Tae San finds out about. I don’t really care for Tae San myself. He’s the least likable for me.

    I adore Do Jin, even though I’m not a JDG fan at all. I think he’s ugly, honestly, haha, but I love his character.

    I was totally fanning myself in the bathroom scene from later on in ep 5? or 6? Can’t remember, but his eyes are so sweet when he looks at Yi Soo I can’t help but fall a bit! 🙂

  31. 31 Faythe

    AGD sold me from ep 1. I love the flawed & realistic aspect of the characters. There isn’t a single character in here that I don’t like. But obviously, my Fav is DJ+YS. I like how they compliment each other’s personality. YS is a confident teacher, but she’s very awkward & shy with men. She’s also super dense as well. It took 6 ep, 2 pair of way too expensive shoes, heart stopping skinship, a big kiss, coffee ruined computer & a car accident before she actually starting to realize that maybe DJ is serious when he said he likes her. I don’t necessary think of her as a pushover. Certain situation, there’s nothing she can do about it unless she wants her friend’s relationship with her bf to be over. She’s more than capable of saying no to DJ & telling SR when she thinks they are in the wrong. In case of the guy sleeping over, should she announce to TS that it was SR’s guy & break them up? She’s also very old fashion. She’s the type that believes that you should be faithful in both body & soul to a person you like whether you are dating or not. That was why she was really shocked when she catches DJ in bed with another woman. Her thinking are not very modern & completely sincere in love in the old fashion style. I’m very sure that she probably never even kissed a guy before much less sex. I believe that is why TS is protective of her & NEVER wanted to introduce her to DJ. Oh fate can be so twisted. But because of this personality of hers that force DJ to change gradually without him even noticing it. I bet he was probably never jealous before.

    I personally love DJ. I live his aggressive, immature, straight forward personality. He tells it like it is. He’s not deluding anyone. Any
    Woman that wants to be with him as to accept that he’s not in it for commitment, just pure fun. He’s certainly assy sometimes but at least he’s doesn’t try to excuse himself. I find his immature side enduring. No can accuse him of not caring, because he does care alot for people that are important to him. I like that even though he sound so arrogant but his friends and YS can cut him down to 2″ tall whenever they want to. Granted YS has no clue about her power, but she does have it. Ep 5&6 showed us that he Is capable of feeling Insecured, especially when SR commented that TS+YS are perfect match. He looked so concerned that I felt so bad for him . I have no problem with DJ sleeping around after all he’s a man who’s not in a relationship. He certainly doesn’t owe YS fidelity. However, I thought he was being especially mean in that scene because he deliberately called his bed partner out to shove it in YS’s face to tell her that she’s not the only fish in the sea. Which is true, but she’s the fish that he wants so showing her that he can sleep around anytime he wants is probably not the best way to get her to open her heart to him or take his words seriously. However, i think that method would work with someone like SR. He finally learned that by
    breaking it off with that girl. Even though he’s slowly changing but I like that he still remains that mischievious personality of his. He likes to push YS to her limit. This is why I think they are perfect together.

    I like Yoon, but I don’t like his wishy washy feelings. He didn’t push MR away or pulling her closing therefore leaving her in the state of confusion.

    • 31.1 Korazy Lady

      I agree with pretty much all you said, especially about Yoon. While everyone else is saying he’s so perfect, I think he’s just as flawed and immature as the rest of them. I’m so glad MR called him out on his behavior!

      DJ was a little mean when YS showed up at the door, but I feel it was an impulsive move because his pride took a major hit when she rejected the shoes. Typical defense mechanism of an arrogant guy, if you ask me – but still love him 🙂

      Glad to hear there isn’t a single character you don’t like – I feel the same but there aren’t many giving SR any slack. She certainly could have acted a lot worse when she found out it was TS that YS has a crush on. And do we really know if she was cheating on TS when she was meeting the other man? (I feel some things might get lost in translation for me.) I see her being more of the female equivalent of DJ – but then again I won’t touch that debate going on here about women want love but men only want sex!

      Hopefully YS does start to show a little more maturity. I understand the conflicted emotions – but no more wide eyed kissing, please!!!

  32. 32 babyfat

    i’m trying to read more of the viewer’s comments to convince myself to watch this drama more than ep. 1 – so far can’t get into it yet – age gracefully is that what i’m hoping for ( my fingers are cross ) like watching the expendable the movie ( a group of over 50-60 yrs old men into action heroes – when its faded it faded ) JDG was on of the beutyful men of K-entertainment : he’s still aged like the next door neighbor , now i’m sad

  33. 33 Faythe

    It’s really funny because I see TS+SR as the alternate version of DJ+YS. SR is definitely a female version of DJ. Even their interests are the same – golf. But both their partners are crazy about baseball. They both view love & sex in different category. SR did cheat on TS. MR caught her kissing another guy when they visit her in the State. That was the biggest reason why she didn’t like SR. As for the guy in ep 4, I don’t think they did anything. But as someone who has a boyfriend, she’s too inconsiderate. Apparently DJ is capable of changing. I wonder if SR is also as capable?

    I don’t think that YS is childish, just not experience. As for the kiss, DJ completely caught her by surprise. If you notice, she didn’t kiss him back at all. Even after the kiss, she was still quite shocked. I think it was the kiss that convince her that DJ wasn’t just kidding. He really is attracted to her. I think it’s also the 1st time that he was that aggressive & forceful with her.

    • 33.1 Korazy Lady

      I agree. But hmmm, I missed the part about SR kissing the other guy. I wonder if that was early on, when she didn’t seem genuinely interested in him. I think she’s getting a little more invested in the relationship now. I feel bad for SR and DJ when they are both watching TS and YS interact. They definitely seem like similar souls.

  34. 34 dee

    do jin surely a “player”… can’ t wait to see he become yi soo’s puppy dog

  35. 35 Faythe

    For me, I find the one guy that’s least honest to himself & others is Yoon. DJ & JR can sure be horny dogs but they never deny it. They are who they are & they are not going to apologized for it. They are always straight up with their intentions. You can bet that if they don’t like a woman, they will surely be blunt about it, especially DJ. Just like how he broke up with his bed partner. Yoon is too wishy washy and in return hurt MR alot more. He knows that she loves him & apparently he has feelings for her
    too but he won’t do anything about their situation. She can’t move. He always keep her at arms lenght but never reject her directly so she can move on.

    Off note, but i just notice that Yoon has never smiled that wide before as he did with YS when he was about to give her a lift home. I saw a power of chemistry between them right there.

    • 35.1 Laeah

      I agree. I think men like Yoon who appear nice but are truly weak can cause a lot more pain than a man like DJ.

  36. 36 Atiras

    anyone think of Kim Su Ro’s GAME DEVIL and CHUNDERELLA STEPMOTHER personas in Family Outing?

    everytime i seem him in a romantic-macho scene in this drama i burst out laughing…. its like a combination of his 2 personas in FO rolled in 1 😀

  37. 37 Faythe

    I don’t think DJ has alot of experience in love. See Yoon is the all around nice guy, but he’s to wishy washy for me. I like someone who’s more decisive & that’s one trait of DJ that I like. I don’t think that YS is a doormat. There’s just no reason for her to pick a fight. I do agree that she has no idea what to do about DJ. He’s just not her type at all & she doesn’t seem like his. I don’t blame DJ for the other girl’s feelings. She went into this knowing that he’s not in it for the heart. He made a clean cut with her so that there will be no misunderstanding. Maybe it’s the architect in him. He likes to draw a clear line. As for jealousy, I don’t think that TS is any worse than DJ. I think DJ is worse. He banged another car because he thought YS was going to get in that car. Although it would have cause him alot less had he just honked at her.

  38. 38 kyla

    There’s nothing wrong with men sleeping with other girls but it’s different when you’re the girl involve. In real life, I would never like that kind of man who after telling me that he likes me will sleep with another girl. However, when I’m watching that scene and the way DJ explain the situation does make a lot of sense. He’s such a good talker and I would not be surprise that if he talks to me like that, there’s a chance that I will also fall for his tactics.

  39. 39 addylovesbwoowd

    This week’s ep was great! Don’t forget to vote for your fav 2012 Drama!! http://polldaddy.com/poll/6291076/

  40. 40 Heather

    I’m going to have to express an unpopular opinion here…I’m just not sure I’m onboard the Yoon/Meahri ship. The age difference, plus the fact that he watched her grow up, is just too much for me, and Yoon himself seems to feel it’s uncomfortable too. I’d rather see her with Jonghyun, as long as he’s not her long lost nephew or something…

    I do legitmately like Do-jin though, with my drama glasses firmly on. He seems to legitimately like her for her and is honest about his feelings. I feel like Tae-san’s relationship is much more immature in comparison.

    I would like some development on Jung-rok’s marriage–why did they get married in the first place? Is there a seed of love/romance left?

  41. 41 Faythe

    Oh my god, that couch scene of DJ+YS look so hot. DJ moves fast!

  42. 42 Lilian

    Ah…finally we get a glimpse of Yoon’s past. And Do Jin does have a unique way of thinking…or is it a typical way guys think??

  43. 43 imcun

    When she pouts in annoyance, Yoon brushes the hair out of her face and tells her to go home; it’s getting dark. How can she NOT have a crush on you? I want you for myself and I’ve only known you for 4 episodes.

    LOL .. he was just a nice guy next door that everyone are willing to be in love with XD

    yeah he was perfect, he was a lawyer, handsome, considerate, smartest and warmest among 4 of them ..

    understood why he just cant push away Meari just like that .. he too has same feeling as a brother at first (loving and caring) but because Meari is so aggressive, who can deny those fresh feelings although you are 40 years above ??? especially when you have lost your loving one long time ago .. everyone need a new start right ?

  44. 44 amri jang

    @Bisciut, Yoon can’t be the lead because JDG who played the Do Jin character is the biggest star in the drama. Besides the writer KES wrote this drama specifically for JDG. @Laeah, how dare you to call JDG ugly? Do you have eye sight disability or you’re nearly blind?
    I don’t find Do Jin icky at all. In fact I like him so much though he can be a jerk sometimes. But that’s how he was written by this drama. If Do jin exists in real life and he’s really that persuasive like what he’s doing to Yi Soo, I would fall for him. I find him sweet and romantic in his own way! We see things subjectively so it won’t bother me if you don’t see him the way I do. But I’m not going to ignore comments referring JDG as ugly. Even if you don’t like him or he’s not your type, I don’t think you’ll ever see him as “ugly”. But if you do, there’s really something wrong with you. So what’s handsome and good looking to you? What if you see JDG in flesh and right before your eyes? Would you still think he’s ugly? Oh come on, be true to yourself!

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