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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 5
by | June 15, 2012 | 138 Comments

How many people does it take to fix and then crash a computer within a span of 3 minutes? The first correct guesser gets a cookie shaped like a magnifying glass. Do Jin is far from the smooth playboy he thinks he is, especially around a girl who prefers his goofy baseball-loving friend. It’s a little painful to watch but hilarious nonetheless. Well, it’s no fun seeing the guy get the girl without a few accidents, right?


The guys have a serious discussion about who the best member in Girls’ Generation is. Do Jin votes for Tae Yeon, Tae San vouches for Yuri, and Jung Rok claims that Tiffany beats them all. Yoon gives a deep sigh and shakes his head at their immaturity…

Suddenly, Jung Rok spots Sooyoung outside of the café and the guys crane their necks to get a better view. When Tae San turns to ask Yoon a question, they find his spot empty because he’s currently asking for her autograph. He fanboys like there’s no tomorrow and even dances “I’m genie for you boy,” causing his friends to squirm in embarrassment. Bwahah. I love this side of Yoon.

Se Ra realizes that Tae San is Yi Soo’s 20 second man at the baseball field, and cryptically suggests that Do Jin and Yi Soo accompany her and Tae-san to dinner after the game.

When the four arrive at the restaurant, Se Ra suggests that Yi Soo sit next to Tae San. Yi Soo compliments Tae San on how well he played today and Tae San replies that it’s because Se Ra was in the stands. A green-eyed Se Ra brushes off his comment and brings up the topic of Yi Soo’s mystery crush. Damn. She’s going the bitchy route, isn’t she.

Do Jin kind of saves the day by saying that Yi Soo has a couple of men around, like the guy he saw at her house the other day. He looks at Se Ra as he mentions Yi Soo’s “friend,” which shuts Se Ra up. He tells Yi Soo that she should try dating him instead of meeting other guys, then excuses himself, announcing that he’ll pay for dinner.

Yi Soo leaves the dinner with him and begins to complain about how Do Jin made her look like a player. Here we go with the victim card again.

He responds that he saved her secret from being exposed but mentions that she’s so transparent about her feelings that it’s a miracle that Tae San remains in the dark. Why did she never confess? Was she afraid of hurting Se Ra or herself?

Later, Yi Soo sits at home trying to get her thoughts together when Se Ra asks how she feels about Do Jin’s confession. Yi Soo avoids answering and Se Ra angrily wonders how amazing Yi Soo’s crush must be for Yi Soo to reject a guy like Do Jin. I should change her name to Ms. Passive-Aggressive.

Do Jin thinks back to when he saw Tae San’s high school picture in Yi Soo’s journal and mutters that she can be so childish. He picks up the Valentine’s Day card for the hundredth time. Today, however, he notices that the letters in the card are shaped differently from the letters on Yi Soo’s post-its.

He grabs a magnifying glass to study the words and ends up going to Tae San’s apartment to figure out the situation. But when he enters, he sees Yoon, who stammers that he came for something he left behind. Hm. What is going on here? Do Jin asks to talk to Me Ahri in her bedroom, which makes Yoon fidget uncomfortably. So, why were you in the apartment again?

Do Jin forces Me Ahri to write the words “real” and “cold,” and confirms his suspicions that Yi Soo did not write Tae San’s card. He puts on a gleeful smirk and then grills Me Ahri on what Yi Soo has said about him.

In particular, he asks about Yi Soo’s tone of voice when she recounted the event in the hotel. Me Ahri rolls her eyes—is that the only reason he asked to speak to her? Before she leaves, Do Jin requests to see her high school yearbook.

He promises to pay her with a high school picture of Yoon, but Me Ahri pulls out her phone and proudly shows off Yoon’s face. Hahaha. Do Jin is forced to reveal his hidden card, which is the password to the apartment he and Yoon are living in. The yearbook is handed to him within seconds. Hee.

The next morning, Se Ra asks Yi Soo why Tae San has three numbers on his shirt. Yi Soo starts happily explaining that he combined the numbers of two players that he liked ever since he was a kid. Se Ra cuts her off and murmurs that she’s not sure who Tae San’s girlfriend is.

Se Ra takes her frustration out on the driving range but memories of Yi Soo talking about Tae San swirl around in her head. She quits practice early. Is it mean to say that I don’t really care about her angst?

She stomps into Do Jin’s office and states that she’s caught in a very annoying love triangle. Do Jin points out that if Yi Soo really wanted to get between her friend’s relationship, she wouldn’t have hid her crush for so long. He brings up the “friend” who slept over and suggests that Se Ra treat Tae San better. Yay. Someone finally suggests she stop acting like a jealous 14-year-old.

A co-worker joins Yi Soo at lunch and somehow pulls her into going on a hiking trip. During their conversation, Yi Soo asks if the woman remembers Me Ahri. The co-worker nods; she’s talking about the rich little girl, right? Yi Soo is taken off-guard by this information. I thought she already knew this…

Me Ahri is admiring a red dress outside a store when Jung Rok’s wife sidles up to her. The two go shopping and Mrs. Jung Rok gives the young one some crucial advice: Don’t give affection to a man who doesn’t care for you. Don’t even look at his face. Kill him if possible. Well, that’s one way of solving unrequited love.

Do Jin finds out that a client injured one of the office employees with a glass cup. A ticked-off Do Jin visits the client and “repays” him by throwing a glass cup at the wall. Do Jin rips up their contract and calls him a low-life rat that other architects will refuse to work with.

He returns to the office and scolds the employee for not coming to him sooner. He reminds the employee that he’s the boss; he’s a shield for his workers whenever a problem arises. He assures the guy that he’s worth more than any delayed payment. Aw. He really is a good guy underneath all the arrogance and craziness.

Do Jin lets everyone leave work early but his cool façade fades when he talks to Yoon about squeezing the rest of the construction payments from the client. Yoon tells him that he can’t do anything because the contract is ripped. Do Jin hangs up after calling him a sucky lawyer and cringes at his lost money. Keke. Why so cute?

Tae San grumbles that he still needs to get additional measurements for Se Ra’s kitchen, which Do Jin offers to get. He walks there happily and pours on the charm as soon as Yi Soo opens the door.

He admits that he thought he might be able to time his arrival with her taking a shower, and she draws back at his creepiness. Kek. She goes back to working on her computer when the blue screen of death suddenly flashes.

He offers to fix it and reboots the computer. He opens Internet Explorer and restores the previous windows, which gives him access to her Cyworld. He snoops around until he finds a picture of a bikini-clad Yi Soo. It’s a wonder his eyes don’t pop out of his head.

He stands up and tilts his eyes down, trying to look down the swimsuit. Yi Soo walks in at that moment and he panics by pouring coffee on her computer. Wha?! He sheepishly explains that he thought the black coffee would hide the screen. HAHAHA. She’s more upset about her broken laptop than the photos she’d uploaded for people to see.

Do Jin starts to blame her for his reaction. How is he supposed to think straight with that picture in his head? Lol. Uh. Logic? Does not compute. He leaves after complimenting her pretty neckline, which makes her blush. She admires herself in the mirror, only to pull her shirt up to cover herself when he returns for one last remark.

Her shirt ends up showing off her stomach, which makes him even more attracted to her. He confesses that he really doesn’t want to leave but forces himself out the door anyway. Rawr. He smiles to himself as he goes computer shopping and runs into Jung Rok, whose laptop froze yet again because of his secretly downloaded adult movies. Pft.

Me Ahri pays Yoon a visit to figure out what fabric matches with his skin tone but is interrupted by his young, hot colleague who asks Yoon some law-related questions. I sense competition. After she leaves, Me Ahri asks Yoon to close his eyes, and he obliges while sticking out his cheek, as if expecting a kiss. Bwahah. She tells him that she’ll be much closer to him because of her new job at Jung Rok’s café.

Se Ra takes a walk with Tae San and he remarks that they are truly a unique couple; he’s the only one who isn’t carrying his woman’s bag. Uh, okay. She asks if he ever wanted to break up with her and he says of course. He assures her though that if he wanted someone else, he would have left a long time ago. She acknowledges his honesty and asks him to come over tonight; Yi Soo will be out of the house.

Unfortunately, Yi Soo’s hiking trip is cancelled at the last minute, though he sour mood lifts when she receives a red dress from Me Ahri. Trying the pretty thing on, she’s spinning happily in front of the mirror when Tae San arrives with a bottle of wine.

She quickly figures that he’s here to spend the night and she makes up an excuse that she’s on her way out. There’s a party she has to attend and she asks him to tell Se Ra that she’ll be sleeping over at a friend’s house. Gah. Why are you so nice. It makes me dislike Se Ra even more, dang it.

Later, Tae San suggests that he and Se Ra go out for the night because he feels bad for making Yi Soo leave. The lovey-dovey mood quickly sours and she accuses him of putting Yi Soo before her. He says he’ll leave before they get into another fight, and although she warns that it’s over if he takes another step, he goes out anyway.

Meanwhile, Yi Soo arrives Me Ahri’s house because she has nowhere else to go, only to have Tae San show up a couple minutes later. He asks why she’s not at the party and she quickly lies that she and Me Ahri decided to go to the party together. Me Ahri shoots her a look and reluctantly goes inside to change. Hehe.

The two go to a club and Yi Soo finds herself alone as the young ones go off dancing. Deciding to go home, she’s looking for Me Ahri when Colin approaches. She tells him that she knows she’s pretty but that she’s not interested, leaving him greatly amused. Haha.

She goes outside, which is when she realizes that Colin is the hitchhiker she picked up on the side of the road. She sees him leave the club and threatens to call his parents. High schoolers should not be here! He flashes a smile and disappears before she nags even more.

Yi Soo goes through her phone to see who could pick her up at this hour, and ends up calling Do Jin. She requests a ride instead of a new computer because she has a tight dress on and strangers are looking at her. He jokes that she should just go home with the first man who offers her money as he makes a U-turn to rescue her. Just then, her phone dies.

Yoon emerges from a restaurant with his colleague and they get a designated driver to take them home in her car. She asks who Me Ahri is and he replies that he’s known the girl since she was born. He gets lost in old memories and he recalls her kindergarten uniform and when she first tried on high heels. Notably, his colleague does not seem too happy with his answer.

Do Jin arrives at the club and sees Yi Soo conversing with someone in the car in front of him. She laughs at whatever conversation she’s having and Do Jin almost bursts from jealousy. He rear-ends the car in front and Yi Soo looks up to see a fuming Do Jin staring right at her.


First things first, I loved how Do Jin pointed out to Se Ra how petty she was being toward Yi Soo. I didn’t expect Se Ra to handle this situation well and it’s great that someone pointed out that the best thing she can do is to love Tae San more. She already has Tae San’s heart, which should be enough motivation to improve herself rather than hurt her best friend.

I do appreciate that her reaction is realistic in that many women go through a cycle of insecurity and pettiness when competition for their man arises. I truly hope that Se Ra gets out of her funk soon though. Otherwise she’s just going to end up without a lover and a friend. I’d rather that the drama spend more on developing the relationship between Se Ra and Me Ahri than on Se Ra’s jealousy.

Speaking of Me Ahri, I admit that I’m a little bothered by the age difference between her and Yoon. I understand that love doesn’t consider age when it happens but it was kind of jarring to hear Yoon talk about seeing Me Ahri in a kindergarten uniform. He was probably twenty years old or so then. It’s a little weird. On the other hand, the chemistry between the actors is good and I really do want them together so I’ll try to ignore my squeamishness for now.

I liked seeing another side of Jung Rok’s wife, aka Min Sook. She’s not my favorite character but I do like seeing the power reversal between a wealthy wife and her less endowed husband. I’m sure Min Sook is secretly hurt by how hard Jung Rok tries to run off with younger women yet we’ve only seen her as this controlling, snobby woman. I know that Jung Rok’s skirt chasing is done for comic relief but I can’t help feeling sorry for Min Sook whenever it happens.

It’s interesting to see her take Jung Rok back very time he screws up. I don’t know if this is because she’s afraid of being lonely or if she’s just so hopelessly in love that she wants him by her side no matter what. I want to know how they got married and where their relationship started to fall apart. Did he even love her at all?

Now let’s talk about the man of the hour, Sir Black Coffee. He was doing so well for most of the episode too. He kept Yi Soo’s secret from being revealed, told Se Ra that she needs to stop her jealousy act, and defended his employee from a crazy client. I was even thinking that he had graduated the poofly level until the laptop event happened.

I thought it was hilarious how ashamed he was about looking at her photos and that he thought black coffee would cover the screen, but it’s also unbelievable that a forty-one-year-old man could act so immaturely. I was going to let the laptop incident slide because it was so entertaining but the last stunt he pulled just made me shake my head. I guess you could argue that some guys are like that and Do Jin’s reaction wasn’t so far-fetched.

But what was he going to solve by rear-ending a car? Does he really think that causing a car accident would give him an edge over his unknown competition? Oh Do Jin. You’re lucky you’re good-looking and charismatic. Otherwise I’d push the Yi Soo and Jong Hyub couple harder. He actually wants to be Yi Soo’s husband while you kill her laptop. You’re losing points, Mr. Cray Cray.


138 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. hit_me_you_die

    after watching ep 5

    i ditch this. its doing no good to me. >_> whatta a bummer. why is nobody recapping I do, I do..

    • 1.1 Beng-Beng

      I do, I do is being recapped by Gummimmochi. She’s already done with eps 1-4

    • 1.2 Mystisith

      Mmmm. Maybe because more people watch this show. It’s funnier and people can rave about it. I do, I do is quickly becoming a Scent of a Woman #2 (eau de tears someone?) and a train wreck (maybe because of the MBC strike). You should consider watching ep 6 of AGD: It’s the best yet. If this one doesn’t get you then OK, it’s not for you.

      • 1.2.1 hit_me_you_die

        hhmmm.. il check on it 🙂 thanks.

        • hit_me_you_die

          my complain is KHN character. im not actually diggin her. i cant stand her honestly.there are times that i either cringed or roll eyes.or it just me? im far more interested in sera’s character and Mi sook.

          • kopytko

            to me she’s a probable, real-life character. She’s not your confident power girl, but how can you dislike her loyalty towards the frenemy SeRa? I think shy people exist too, so there is no reason to eradicate them from dramas. C’mon, YiSoo is not yet a crying noble martyr dying of cancer. I like that she lives a life she finds appropriate 🙂

          • mita

            You must have a lot of patience while watching this drama coz it’s a little slow paced. But I guarantee you that after watching episode 6, you’ll be looking forward to the next episode.

          • bajing

            U’re not alone! Me too! Initially I cared only about Me ah ri (I want her to get Yoon!). But after episode 6, I am starting to care about Se ra and mi sook a lil bit too. But it’s so hard for me to get warm to KHN. She makes me rolled my eyes all the time because she’s so easy to be trolled around.

            Another small gripe about her character, she’s supposed to be a baseball maniac. But the way she’s explaining about baseball is like she’s reading a textbook. There’s no passion in it. Maybe I spend my time too much around baseball fans, but the those fans always have this kind of “mad” glint when they talk about their fave game. I didnt see it in KHN, thus it’s hard for me to buy that she’s a huge baseball fans.

            But I guess I will keep watching this for the sake of bromance, ha. Bromance FTW!

          • Betty

            I really like this drama but I can’t stand KNH character. Me too she makes me roll my eyes, huff and puff most of the time if not every time. I do like her in other movies but here she just annoys me big time. Always whining and pretending to be proud, strong and all while the truth is she is just plain annoying, whining and taking advantage of Do Jin every time she have a chance… *rolling my eyes*

          • Saima

            KHN’s character IS super-aggravating. Due to her I was turned off from watching the show. That said, she’s getting better…[hoping I’m not wrong]

          • anonymous

            I’m still not sold on KHN ‘s acting although I’m kinna enjoying the show.I don’t know why she could’nt seem to get the hint from Sera.She’s supposed to be a teacher and I assume that’s she’s intellectual. I also like the main male lead although Hyun bin seemed to deliver the lines faster with crisp or better impact.

          • ares

            I watched the first 4 eps with a fast fwd button. After watching KHN in “you’re my pets” (couldn’t finish it). I question about her selection of work and her acting skills a bit. Is it just me, I also find JDG very scrawny comparing to the other 3 of middle aged F4.

          • YT629

            I think the issue with KHN’s character is that she’s acting too “nice” or as a pushover but also in a way that’s frustrating for some people to watch. Like Dojin said, “why didn’t she ever confess to Taesan?” When Taesan asked her for Sera’s number, that seemed like the perfect moment to tell him how she really felt.

            I think these issues come up because characters like Yisoo and Sera are being developed by the writer as real people, with flaws, who can be passive aggressive or petty sometimes. Which is why while I don’t like Sera’s character very much, I can see where she’s coming from and why she’s pissed off. From her perspective, she feels like she’s been made a fool of by being introduced by her best friend, to the guy her best friend was in love with. It’s kinda like “well if you liked him, why didn’t you just TELL me before we started dating & things got to this point?” Anyway I hope ultimately that their friendship doesn’t suffer too much because of this.

      • 1.2.2 sa

        I disagree…I think IDID is coming on nicely…ep 6 was great…anyway, I watch both…IDID during the week and AGD during weekend…

    • 1.3 Joe

      If you’d rather ditch “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, that’s your prerogative.

  2. Beng-Beng

    I just love this kdrama. i feel that the love story between the 2 leads is quite different from any other that i’ve seen =).

    thanks for the recap Orangy911 =)

  3. Raitei

    Mr. Cray Cray. Lol. I think that’s an awesome and fitting nickname for him. XD

  4. apriltenfan

    Thanks for the recap! I appreciate all of your efforts to catch up.

    I loved this episode and found myself laughing from beginning to end. Yoon’;s fanboy awkwardness . . . his friends mortified response. Me Ahri’s negotiations with Do Jin. Do Jin’s freaked out reaction to being caught looking at Yi Soo’s pictures. Awesome!

    I know that a lot of viewers are frustrated by the immaturity of the characters, but it’s not bothering me at all.

    My take on a few characters:

    Se Ra is at a crossroads in her professional career. She is not performing like she used to as a golfer and the relationship with Tae San that she has taken for granted is now being challenged. Her insecurity and petty behavior makes sense to me. Doesn’t mean I like it, but it makes sense for what we know about her character, so far.

    Do Jin should be more mature, probably. But for the first time in a long time (if ever), he is not totally in control of his relationship with a woman. She has more power over him than he would like and his behavior gives us insight into his emotional state.

    Because this is television and we don’t have the opportunity to get inside the character’s heads the way would could in a novel, the characters have to act out in ways to show us what they’re going through. AGD does this to in a very refreshing and hilarious way.

    Still love this show and can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • 4.1 apriltenfan

      Oops! That should be ” the way we could in a novel”

    • 4.2 Saima

      JDG ahjusshi’s hot!! lulz

      Was I the only one who noticed JDG’s lil smile when they were discussing SNSD? He’s adorable. Mind you I kinda hated DJ so major props to JDG for making him likable despite his obsessive tendencies. =)

      • 4.2.1 Saima

        Apologies! This comment is in response to #6. *facepalms*

        Looks like today isn’t a good day to multi-task.

    • 4.3 JoAnne

      Very well said. I get so frustrated when people say things are over the top. It’s a comedy, played for laughs. It kind of has to be over the top. If it was exactly like real life…well…then we could just watch our friends.

      • 4.3.1 mtoh

        This man knows his job well..,we got body and face acting together…

    • 4.4 DanyDanyBobany

      “Do Jin should be more mature, probably. But for the first time in a long time (if ever), he is not totally in control of his relationship with a woman. She has more power over him than he would like and his behavior gives us insight into his emotional state.”


      • 4.4.1 skelly

        Still hate him. He did right by the Se Ra situation but the coffee on the laptop – after prying into her files – and rear-ending a car because she is TALKING to the person in the car… Mr. Cray Cray, indeed.
        And I don’t give him props for hurling the glass at the nasty client – if he’s really a successful businessman (I’m beginning to wonder if this is true) he would have hauled Yoon in there with him and slapped a lawsuit on that guy first thing – along with a warrant for assault.
        And I’ve seen episode 6, and I’m still not impressed. Is JDG supposed to be some sort of hottie?

        • jelly

          His actions about the computer don’t annoy me because he was looking at her internet browser. Its the same kinda thing when friends go on your facebook and type up stupid statuses on your account. I don’t feel like its the same as looking through someone’s personal files.

          The car crashing thing is a bit more crazy that’s for sure. But its because he’s not usually the reacher in a relationship and thus he’s prone to bouts of jealousy. For him its usually the girl who gets jealous about him not the other way around. If that was Taesan in the car he probably would have just sucked it up and left. But he’s told Yisoo before I think that if she doesn’t want to be with Taesan don’t choose anyone else but me or something along those lines. She’s in a sexy dress, smiling very prettily and she told him to pick her up. Its crazy but once again, it requires me to suspend a bit of my belief but not enough to annoy me.

          Also, he’s not a successful businessman, Taesan is. In the first ep Taesan was complaining about how unreasonable Dojin is about business related stuff. So he’s a successful architect but Taesan handles the business side of things. Also, there is no evidence with the glass throwing thing because it wasn’t reported straight away. So its the client’s word against the employee. Dojin was filled with rage and I dunno, it didn’t bother me he did that.

          And with Jang Dong Gun being a hottie, to me he is but I know that hotness is something that’s different to everyone so I’m not surprised if you don’t find him hot. I thought my mum would find him hot especially since all the celebs I find hot are usually too feminine for her LOL but she was like …no… I guess I really like this drama because of Dojin and Yisoo so if neither of the characters impress you then I don’t think you’re gonna enjoy this drama very much

          • momosa

            “The car crashing thing is a bit more crazy that’s for sure…”

            That’s a knee jerk reaction because he thought she’s going to get in the car with someone who offers her the highest amount of money (as suggested by him, keke) plus the obvious fact that he’s jealous.

  5. Patricedee

    Thanks for the recap orangy911! I really love this drama because it’s light and funny. I just hope that Yi Soo can be more mature.. Also, am I the only one who thinks Jang Dong Gun is hot? There’s something in his face that makes him handsome I’m just not sure if it’s the eyes, the lips or the jawline. OMG another ajusshi crush.

    • 5.1 Mystisith

      He is obviously not a classical handsome but his charisma is undeniable. It’s also because the character is written that way: Experienced, self confident, playful.
      And the suits!!! 🙂

      • 5.1.1 kopytko

        Suits, yeah… But what about the safety pins in his jackets? Why does he wear them, like always?

        • Mystisith

          Inside joke for Secret Garden lovers (safety pin used by Gil Ra-im to fix her bag). Or else it’s just a fetish or a lucky charm.

          • kopytko

            Let’s go by the lucky charm ;P

          • jomo

            Knowing the writer likes to self reference, I am going with SG, too. Although that was all about the girl not treating herself well, and not being aware of her own appearance.

            That certainly doesn’t describe DJ.

        • med

          the AGD logo has pin in it so maybe the significance will be revealed later 🙂

        • kyla

          It’s fashion. Before he said yes doing this drama, he’s already wearing those pins. Just saw him wearing those pins with Bingbing on the press conference of My Way.

      • 5.1.2 Patricedee

        I love love love the suits! 🙂

        • jomo

          Love love love his tight little vests, too.
          I don’t know why they are so sexy…just adore that look.

      • 5.1.3 spjork

        I know some people who would string you up for saying that he’s not classically handsome, Mystisith!

        In the 90’s, JDG was the vanguard of “classically handsome” in Korea and set the standard by which all other men were judged. In the past 15+years he has been referenced in countless dramas and movies for his looks– much like Kim Tae Hee who’s the female equivalent of “the ideal.”

        Having said all of the above, I never thought he was all that handsome and didn’t get what all the fuss was about (I feel the same about Lee Min Ho now–
        I’m more of a Yoo Gun/Dan Henney/Song Seung Hun type of girl). Good looking, sure, and certainly not ugly, but a little too chubby and the general structure of his face and certain features not that compelling.

        With this drama, though, I’ve finally come to appreciate why others find him handsome. The weight loss has helped but, primarily, I think it’s that thing that happens only with men– they get better with age. A prime example of this being George Clooney.

        • Mystisith

          I love him and agree with you! JDG fans please, spare me. 🙂
          But I’m not sure the youngsters here see it that way. Popular style those days are Flower boys and Muscled guys. He his more the guy next door.

        • Saima

          Looks are so subjective. Who doesn’t appreciate all those good-looking actors/idols.

          In K-entertainment I love Daesung & GD (of BigBang), and Seung-gi. I love them not because of their looks but other factors. They have that je nais se quoi quality that can’t be merely pinned down on looks. I would say the same for JDG. He makes DJ a LOT more likable than he really is.

      • 5.1.4 AGD Daebak!!!

        did somebody just said JDG is NOT the classical handsome man??? My goodness, peoples tastes are really different. To me JDG is the most gorgeous man, not only in Korea but in the world. Honest. Every features on his face is beautiful…super beautiful. And when he smiles, i practically go to heaven.

        Go and tell Koreans that you find him not classical handsome, and they’ll look at you like you are out of your mind.

        But it’s okay, you are entitled to you own opinion.

        • kyla

          Yeah, Koreans adore JDG so much. I remember when I went to Korea, I went to a store and told those salesladies that I met JDG, all of them who are in their 30’s and 40’s started giggling like teenagers and even the store manager who’s so busy joined them forgetting the other customers inside the store. They’re so excited to know how JDG looked like because they told me that for normal people like them, seeing JDG is next to impossible.

      • 5.1.5 momosa

        He has too much powder on his face & of the wrong colour tone, it makes his face shiny & pale at the same time … I’m blaming it on my new computer screen that gives out near perfect resolution. Otherwise, he looks good from far, haha.

    • 5.2 blahblahh

      @Patricedee: yes, he’s hot in an ajusshi / gentlemen style (whatever is that), but at certain moments he just turns into a bottle of pure testosterone. Check out his movies, esp Taegukgi. Love love love.

      • 5.2.1 Patricedee

        I love Taegukgi!! I watched it because of Won Bin and I never thought I’ll fell for Jang Dong Gun too. He’s awesome in that movie 😀

    • 5.3 JoJo

      Jang Dong Gun is hot…His eyes go right through me and I nearly dissolved into a puddle when I saw him on the big screen.

    • 5.4 -aDa-

      Yes he has much charisma.. I can’t help but think that at times he looks like a korean version of Johnny Depp…i think it’s the lips 😛

      • 5.4.1 celest1al

        Agreed that he resembles Johnny Depp! I feel like all his features look similar to his… eyes, nose, lips, face-shape.

    • 5.5 kyla

      JDG is really handsome and very charismatic on screen and in person. His nose, lips and jawline as well as his flawless skin makes him so good looking.

    • 5.6 celest1al

      You are not alone my friend! JDG is definitely a hot man. I think it’s cause he looks a bit different from the rest. He has really large and deep-set eyes. And his double eyelid is not due to surgery either. There are not many Koreans with his type of eyes.

      Like another poster mentioned, he resembles Johnny Depp a lot, especially after he lost weight on his face. I also find that his smirks and aura remind me of classic American actors like Clark Gable and Cary Grant. He has a sophistication about him… which I think helps a lot when his character is acting crazy and immature.

  6. kopytko

    Thank you for the recap!
    This drama is the best entertainment for me at the moment. I love the characters. I am intrigued by JungRok and MinSook couple. We all know who’s got the upper hand in this relationship :), but I wonder how they really feel about each other. I think most women in MS’ position would chase the unfaithful husband away, yet she doesn’t. I really would like to know more about them.
    And I cannot find words to describe how I like DoJin. He’s hilarious, he can be blunt, he can be nasty, but when it comes to it, he rescues his damsel in distress. *swoons*

    • 6.1 Houstontwin

      I wonder if JR’s bad behavior has something to do with MS’s success. Maybe feeling dependent threatena his masculinity and his promiscuity is a form of compensation.

  7. Sunye+GD

    I love this drama!!!!!!! I’ve already watched upto episode 6 and can’t wait for the 7th episode to air tomorrow.

    Can anyone help me out and tell me the name of the phone Kim Ha Neul is using. I dunno why but I just have to have it!

    • 7.1 pinkabella

      pretty sure the phone is a samsung galaxy note 🙂 – lots of the dramas that are airing atm seem to be sprucing them hmmm

      ps. love this drama too!!

      • 7.1.1 xgabrielacorrea

        Actually, isn’t a samsung galaxy note. It’s a LG Optimus 4X HD, sponsor of the drama. ^^

  8. Damselfly H

    As always, thank you for your recap!

    FYI, I think Yoon is 41 since he’s Do Jin’s classmate in high school, while Me Ahri is 24. She will mention her age in ep. 6. Seventeen years is pretty creepy age difference, but…it’s not unusual these days. 🙂

    • 8.1 kopytko

      I think it is not numbers that matters in this situation. Rather, it is about Yoon and Meahri being in different phases of their lives. He’s a widower, she’s a kiddo who never knew any sorrow. She doesn’t seem an equal partner to him – the fact that he’s known her since her birth might be a burden, as making him take all the responsibility for the relationship.

      BTW, my great-grandparents had 29 years between them. And recently their son (my grandpa) told me to marry a guy no more than 5 years older than myself. LOL

    • 8.2 Lizzie

      The creeoy thing isn’t that he is that old.

      The creepy thing is that he saw her when she was a baby, then a kid, then a teen…. isn’t creepy?

      But I believe he never really saw her as a woman until she appeared again all slim and pretty… 🙂 before it I believe he just saw his brother’s sister being cute 🙂

    • 8.3 ~Feather~

      My parents are 12 years apart. My mother was around 25 years old when she got married. I think some people are taken aback by my very open mind (my parents are REALLLLY traditional, though) because I don’t mind age differences as long as both people love each other. Though some people would argue that I have an idealistic point of view, in reality I’m rather cynical 😀

  9. TammieR

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    Hooray for men! (Especially that Do Jin. Hello!) I love the dynamic of their friendship. The beginning of this episode had me rolling on the floor! Joon making a total idiot of himself, the dance moves and the three friends watching was way too funny.

    I have always loved my weekends, but with AGD to look forward to, they are even better!

    • 9.1 Korazy Lady

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      • 9.1.1 Atiras

        agree with all the ‘not my son’ comments as these ‘boys’ all fall comfortably in my OPPA zone….. yippeee

        i posted this elsewhere but here goes….

        every time i see Kim Su Ro being all macho-possessive, it triggers memories of his ‘Game Devil” and ‘Chunderalla’s Step Mother’ titles rolled into 1 😀

        JDG seems a little hagard and to me he is a little too thin compared to KMJ and the other guys.

        • Saima

          yeah, I really couldn’t into (wow nice choice of words, Self!) THE scene in Ep 6 because of his rather skeletal chest.

  10. 10 duckie

    I love how JGD becomes a puddle of goo when he sees Yi-Soo. He cannot help but try to get her attention, try to see her more often. Turning up for events that he doesn’t like. But he is a cool city person with a warm heart. Pretty jaded at best but now that he has been touched by someone who is pure at heart.
    I love the OST especially the cute theme song. I love Big Baby driver’s “Spring I love you best”.
    I love JGD’s loving eyes whenever he sees Yi-Soo.
    The 4 some are absolutely hilarious! The fanboydom of Yoon had been cringing too. So embarrassing!!!

  11. 11 Sabah

    ‘All elephants are grey but not all grey things are elephants.’

    I too would be feeling the ‘ick’ factor in regards Yoon and Me Ahri if not for knowing of a real life couple in the same situation. Looking at it from an outside perspective it does seem ‘weird’ and not in a selcouth way.

    I remember the negativity and opposition with the real life couple, where many if not all friends and family were against it, maybe even they still are. He too knew her from her childhood, his best friend’s little sister, saw her grow up, since there was a 15 year gap between them. However she always loved him and he always cared a lot for her. When she was 15 she knew there would never be another man she would ever love like him NOR was there ever going to be another man like him in her life. Time went by, she grew up and he got married and then widowed.

    Finally when she was 18 and he was 33 she offered herself to him and he resisted mainly because of social convention yet all the while feeling that pull towards her, moreso her sincere and loving feelings towards him. It wasn’t that he was attracted to her youth but rather he was attracted to her kindness and her soulful spirit.

    How do I know all this? That girl was someone I looked up to, my unni of sorts. One day, I don’t know how, but I managed to ask him this very question, how did care and attention for your brother’s younger sister turn into love, a love felt between a man and woman? I asked him would he allow his young daughter to marry a man 15 years older than him? I meant him no spite, and only sought to understand which I hope he realized. Nevertheless, he replied sincerely. He quoted above quote and said, he knows that people look down upon him, maybe even regarded him as some sort of a paedophile BUT only he and his wife and God know the truth of it.

    He continued that outwardly it may seem to be a lot of things BUT in truth what began as care for his best friend’s little sister and guardianship turned into a friendship from which a deep bond of love grew and eventually ignited a passion too.

    Would he let his daughter do the same? He said, that although many, many men will marry much younger women for youth and beauty and again there are many predators seeking evil ends, you can not judge every case by the majority. Each case must be evaluated alone. You must look to the substance of each relationship and not just the form.

    I know that for many years I misjudged him and now I realize the depth of his love. He sacrificed much to be with her, his honour, his reputation, his dignity. Yet he gained something VERY FEW people will ever know. A love that seemingly will last forever.

    I just wanted to share because whilst watching this drama, I am reminded so much of that couple and I hope that the writers will help to enlighten people to the truth of a small minority in the face of an overwhelming majority.

    • 11.1 Saima

      aww, how lovely!! Thanks for sharing, Sabah.

    • 11.2 Mystisith

      I so understand what you are telling here. My parents were 16 years apart. I wouldn’t say they were a perfect couple, far from it. But the age difference can be a strength too. With sincere feelings and if both partners have all the keys to decide, I don’t see where’s the problem. For the characters in that drama, I think it’s the good moment to be together: They will learn and help each other. They will eventually separate to find their true life love.

      • 11.2.1 Sabah

        “I don’t see where’s the problem”

        Exactly. I realized that I spend a lot of time analysing other people’s problems or even Kdrama couple’s problems because then I don’t have to think about me…

        “the age difference can be a strength too.” I agree.

        “For the characters in that drama, I think it’s the good moment to be together: They will learn and help each other.”

        I am not worried so much how the couple will be portrayed but moreso the reactions from the friends and family, especially Tae San. I think that really is the hardest thing, even more than struggling with your own feelings.

    • 11.3 Atiras

      whole heartedly agree with looking at everything on a case by case basis. and i mean everything in life!

      my first crush was 10 years older than me. it was one-sided (mine) although he knew (i wasnt as brash as Maehri and a LOT younger than her at the time). well…. life happened…. but i have fond memories of those pure, innocent times…..

      • 11.3.1 Sabah

        Good times!

        I remember studying really hard, so that I could get a good job and earn lots of money BECAUSE all I needed to become Mrs Keanu Reeves, was to just meet him. Hehe. True story.

        • Atiras

          Sabah Dear

          you can still be Mrs. Reeves in your head minus the headache of handling that bad boy in real life 😉

          hope you achieved the rest of the dream. merry weekend!!

          • Sabah

            Aw, thank you for your kindness.

            You have no idea how long I held onto that dream. Way past the ‘years of maturity.’ Ahem.

            As you said, life happened so that you never regret anything. Good memories.

  12. 12 Saima

    The opening scene was HILARIOUS!! The boise’s face on witnessing Yoon’s excellent fanboying skills was prolly the best part. heeeeeeeeee

    DJ has started to become more vulnerable to YS!! yayyy. And, more human and likable. So glad he gave SR the talking to. She’ll get even more annoying in Ep 6. ughhh!

    I want to know more abt KR’s back story with his wife. Has he always been a cheater?

    Am I the only one who finds the actresses plying SR and MR too skinny? Their legs are hardly attractive…they’re akin to pre-pubsecent girls’.

    • 12.1 jomo

      I replayed that first scene about five times.
      Cringing and LOL ing the whole time.
      Loved his performance and ALL the boys’ embarassment!

      • 12.1.1 Saima

        I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve watched that scene! Just recalling that sequence cracks me up. He lil jiggy was da bomb. lulz.

        Why so cute, Yoon?!

        Waiting for tomorrow!! =) Cannot believe this since I kinda despise this show in the beginning.

      • 12.1.2 kewbie

        Me, too! I always crack up at the part where Yoon starts singing, “Shoo-shoo-shooooo!” Haha…

      • 12.1.3 Atiras

        me too!!!!! super freaking funny! going to watch it again now….. 😀

      • 12.1.4 momosa

        Lol, funny as it seems, I was a bit worry that his legs might not be able to take the pressure of being swung around….yunno, things crack unexpectedly when you are in 40s.

    • 12.2 Korazy Lady

      My favorite opening so far!

    • 12.3 anonymous

      I also find the opening hilarious.I’m enjoying this drama.

    • 12.4 mtoh

      Hehaa, the best part is, they aren’t done! 😉

  13. 13 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!
    I love your candid approach to the show – we get to see it warts and all.
    I am still watching mostly because of DJ. He is a very refreshing character to watch. Very smart man, and is showing to be very thoughtful.
    How he is handling that his crush has a crush on his friend is super cool.

    It was VERY Chul-su (What’s Up Fox?) to crash into the back of the car. I even yelled “Chul-su-ah!! What are you doing?”

    Mostly I loved that he immediately has to go see YS after examining the handwriting on the card.
    There is something so pure and sweet and natural that he would HAVE to confront her then about it. He couldn’t wait, or call, or text, no! He HAD to go see her.

    Just like the 7th grader who finds out his crush came back from summer vacation, jumps on his bike and rides over to her street to say “Hello.” Only when he gets there does he realize that he had no plan. What does he say now?

    • 13.1 drmjs

      Spot on jomo! I’m loving how DJ reverts back into being a 16 year old when YS is around. The guy is insane! And cute!

      Thank you for recapping AGD orangy911!

    • 13.2 Saima

      DJ’s now becoming increasingly insecure about YS. That’s so much fun to watch. I almost sound like a sadist BUT he was kinda a jerkwad in the beginning to YS.

    • 13.3 mtoh

      I love his acting like, I’m 40 years old man, I can handle this, and he goes and knock his Betty…haha, you were saying.

  14. 14 JoJo

    Thanks for the recaps. They got me interested and I’m hooked. I like seasoned actors doing their thing and having a good time doing it. Enjoy KH’s give and take with HDG. I’ve been lol watching this, but also find the mental image of Me Ahri, in her kindergarten uniform, sitting on Yoon’s lap a little off-putting.

  15. 15 kelinci biru

    I really enjoy this drama, even more because I find the conflict is simple (after watching King 2hearts and Queen In Hyun’s Man) which conflicts are far more complex.

    Watching this I can laugh or cringe at our characters and it sure help that our characters has so much charm..

    Can’t wait for episode 7. And episode6 recap. What is going to happen now?

  16. 16 Dix

    I didn’t find that car crash charming at all. I doubt most women will like that in real life. A man who resorts so such violence is not date-able in my book. Still not feeling the grown ups apart from Tae San and his sister. They both seem the most genuine and are real to themselves.

    Kim Ha Nuel’s acting in this drama has been sub par too. Don’t know if it’s the editing but there have been several times when her reaction to situations was slow, just not on cue. It feels weird.

    The drama is light and has it funny moments so I will keep watching for now.

    • 16.1 Mystisith

      The car crash is not supposed to be charming in my opinion. Lol: It’s truly horrifying! It’s just a scene to show how childish and jealous he is.

      • 16.1.1 Atiras

        there’s something about it in the next episode which is funny. you will laugh watching it.

        • Mystisith

          I know! I already wrote the recap for it. 🙂 And I will rewatch ep6 at least 56 times before the next arrives on my screen.

          • Atiras

            oh Betty!!!!

    • 16.2 celest1al

      I don’t think anyone thinks it as romantic! Hahaha. You’ll see that YS definitely doesn’t see it as romantic, and neither does DJ himself.

  17. 17 nouastella

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    I love this drama, makes my weekend entertaining always!!! I hope you’ll continue to update ur recaps.
    Thanks so much!!!!!

  18. 18 S

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    I loved that opening with the SNSD cameo. Yoon totally cracked me up.

  19. 19 Yumi

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  20. 20 kewbie

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  21. 21 lenrasoon

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    i really liked this episode but yeah the last scene was a little too much for me.

  22. 22 cindy

    Hmm, I’m enjoying this drama a lot, but the main girl is annoying.

    She always judges before knowing the truth – most of times with DJ.

    She has a crush on her friend’s boyfriend – and even though I know she had the crush before her friend dating him, but it has already been 1 year and she is still has the crush on him, worse yet sometimes she gazes at him or flirts with him without knowing… even in front of her friend.

    She never tried to stop this crush or getting far from this person… I mean, if she wants to forget her crush she should stop being so friendly or going to the baseball games…

    I also feel like punching her everytime she runs like a crazy woman saying ”ottoke? ottoke?” and hitting her head or doing crazy monkeys moves…. Why she can’t act like a adult.

    • 22.1 jelly

      I think one of the big things about this drama is highlighting that even though they may be adults, at heart, they are still young. Age doesn’t mean that you have to act a certain way. While we view her actions as immature, when she does stuff like that, no one in the drama actually sees her or is supposed to see her. She’s herself when no one is watching and I find it funny and I don’t have a problem about it. Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t be a crazy woman. Just you be a crazy woman when no one’s looking so you don’t get judged for it LOL

      And the crush thing is a bit irritating I guess and if you were a girl friend of Yisoo you would just be like, MAN UP OR GET OUT. But she doesn’t really have many friendships like that I feel other than Sera which would make a pretty awkward conversation. Yisoo’s just hasn’t met any man who meets the standard that Taesan has set so there hasn’t been any incentive for her to end her crush. You can’t stop things like crushes that easily I feel.

  23. 23 yossie

    But, you forgot to include that :


    • 23.1 Mystisith

      Isn’t that a glorious line? The dialogues are just insanely funny.

      • 23.1.1 yossie

        Yes, I nearly crashed my laptop because I was dropping something onto it. So damn funny…but yeah the reason for not saving adult movies in his heart is : MY HEART DOESN’T HAVE HD QUALITY!

        and he should’ve said also : BECAUSE I CAN’T REWIND IT

    • 23.2 Atiras

      these are adult dialogues! refreshing from the typical sappy stuff elsewhere. i liked K2H dialogues as well. IDID is also good.

    • 23.3 Saima

      Yeah, that was a good one.

      I’m so glad Orangy’s on board with recapping. Often times I forget the scenes/dialogues. So, it’s a little difficult to have that organic/spontaneous reaction when commenting on these recaps.

      There is one awesome dialogue which I’ve made a point to remember in Ep 6. haha, such a nerd!!

  24. 24 kkrazy

    I actually enjoy that fact that he ran his beloved ‘Betty’ into another car because of his insecurities.

    It was set up very well, in that scene where he threw the glass, acts all manly and then repents for his rash behavior.

    He has a long way to go, but it may be the first time in along time, he really has cared. He doesn’t just give up because it really doesn’t matter to him.

  25. 25 celest1al

    There was a moment that I really loved in this episode. It was after he spilled coffee on her laptop… I loved how his face changed from embarrassment, to shock, to curiously amused. He was so embarrassed (as he should have been) cause of his idiotic move, and then shocked that she only cared about the computer monitor, and then curiously amused at the fact how honest she is about how hard she worked to get the bikini pictures to look good. At the end of it, I loved the little laugh he let out. It was a laugh of relief, and the you-are-acting-so-cute-right-now kind of laugh.

    I loved how he had just poured a cup of coffee and ruined her laptop… yet he went out in such a cool and sexy way. Great way to turn things around DJ! 😉

  26. 26 koreampuff

    Wait.. who’s jonghyub? Am I missing something?

    • 26.1 koreampuff

      Ohhhhhh wait the student?

      • 26.1.1 judge

        i think orangy mistype his name should be ” Dong Hyub

  27. 27 cindy

    The car scene… well we can think that now YS is in another level! Where DJ don’t even think about his ”betty” bwahahah meaning she is becoming more and more important to him. I don’t know you but I believe the others girls he dated all weren’t that important as his betty is.

    Btw, Am I the one that thinks he had a first love who treated him like shit or rejected him? Because when cheater ahjusshi said about a woman’s name, his face was a bit… like… hurt? Is it Colin’s mom his first love?

    Maybe the son is his after all……….

    • 27.1 momosa

      You think so? I suspect he could be Colin’s dad & to complicate the story, Colin could even end up being YS’s admirer…

  28. 28 ...

    maybe another view can be taken about the yoon-maeri storyline. i’m inclined to believe that as yoon was married, and was/is clearly devoted to his deceased wife, he probably didn’t see maeri as a ‘woman’ or develop feelings, until after his wife died. i don’t know. the series hasn’t really gone into it that much, but that’s the way i want to see it anyway. helps to avoid any ickiness.

    • 28.1 cindy

      Yeah he never saw her more than his friend’s little sister who had a crush on her.

      It is also not clear since when she started her crush, maybe after Yoon’s wife died she thought she had a chance? But her brother sent her away to study abroad.

      Then she came back all pretty and Yoon who has been feeling alone for a long time noticed her more than a friend’s siter… and since he seemed to like her before (as in like her as a ”person” not woman-man kind of liking)

    • 28.2 mtoh

      There’s s’thing deeper, I bet we will see that as flashback or similar soon.

  29. 29 Iviih

    A big thanks for @orangy911 for recapping this and being so fast too!! Thanks for the dedication!

    Can’t wait to see your thoughts about episode 6!


  30. 30 kirara

    I was literally DID NOT THINK he was going to spill coffee on her computer screen.. And he had a 2 second hesitation on whether to put coffee or not and she was watching him the entire time, so if he acted a bit quicker, then maybe should MAYBE wouldve noticed..but men will be men.. Staring down her bikini for a picture posted online?? GEEZ.. but AHAHAHAH

    BUT I was laughing so hard when he like just WHAMMED the car in front… No matter how jealous you are.. instead of hitting your opponent, why not get out of the car and grab Yi Soo saying she is with you and then get back in the car.. its not worth hurting BETTY.. AHAHAHAH 😀

    Now to Ep6 recaps! 🙂

    • 30.1 mtoh

      He couldn’t look Betty in the eyes (lights)…hahah

  31. 31 Faythe

    I love YS. She’s funny and sincere. She keeps DJ grounded. As for liking TS, she liked him before SR dated him. Her crush is absolutely harmless because she never intended to interfere or steal him away. I don’t think she had ever flirt with him. Usually she goes out of her way to give them privacy. I personally don’t think she was whiny. Her reaction is just honest.

  32. 32 umalily

    I like Min Sook! I hope she has more story lines.
    She should dump her cheating husband and marry a much younger man!

  33. 33 jelly

    What I like about this drama is that I actually am loving all the characters. I love how its not about heroes and villains (at least not yet) and how every character has their strengths and weaknesses and flaws. I don’t actually feel like they’re caricatures anymore and I can picture these people in real life. Sure some of the stuff they do is a quite cray cray but this drama has taken hold of me so much that I can actually picture a guy, slamming his car into another person’s car just because the girl he likes is talking to the person inside the other car.

    I like how the main guy is cool, calm and collected and sexy hehehe, but also childish, immature and acts a little idiotically. He’s not perfect and I love that. Sure he may seem perfect in that whole I’m the coolest asshole in the world kinda way but he’s actually not that cool and he’s quite caring as well. I could go on for pages about how much I like this drama.

    I really didn’t think I would like it this much but from liking it cause it was lighthearted summer fun to loving it, I just can’t wait for each episode 😀

  34. 34 DEE

    thank you for recaping. I like it…

  35. 35 Christine

    I love YS and DJ the best. I really love their interaction n chemistry and this drama is definitely worth watching! Fighting….

  36. 36 Luk

    tbh, at this point (or should I say by the end of ep 6, spoilers?) I am more interested in Jung Rok and Min Sook’s relationship, seeing that all they showed was Jung Rok constantly getting caught by Min Sook for wooing younger women and Min Sook fuming over it while Jung Rok tries to play it off. Especially in ep 6 where they had their little scuffle with the dancing? and his presentation of his ring straight from his bowels. I had to admit, I thought that was pretty cute (the scuffle, not the obtaining-ring-from-bowels thing). Maybe find out why JR married MS and why MS still holds on to JR even after all the cheating deeds he’s done. I’m also interested in seeing how Se Ra and Tae San’s relationship play out after Yi Soo’s secret was revealed. Lastly, I admit, I don’t like DJ (the character) so far. It reminds me too much of the “bad boy with a soft side” that is in every kdrama (well 80-90% of them) that is the male lead. I mean, so many women/girls watch these dramas and are bombarded with these types of men that irl results in many women look for “tough” guys, so they can “soften” them by finding their “inner good”. Thus we wonder why women like “tough guys” who don’t treat them right…. probably so they can somehow turn these “tough guys” into “loving guys” (a lil theory of mine on media affecting human behaviour). Though I do admit, it makes for good drama viewing, but seriously, it’s over-done and a bit annoyingly generic. Which is why I like dramas like this with multiple couples, so we get different varieties. Ok… I’m done.

  37. 37 Faythe

    For me I don’t think there was any good time for her to tell TS or SR about her crush. No point in telling a guy that you like him when he came right out & said that he’s interested in your friend. As for SR, she’s not acting like this because she felt like a fool or betrayed. She’s like this because she’s afraid that TS will waver. She knows how much TS likes YS as a person, and she’s the only other woman that is close to him. But if she feel this, she should work harder in this relationship.

  38. 38 goldeng

    Yoon oppaaaaa!! <333 i love him really…! when he closed his eyes waiting for the kiss… so cuteee!! <3 im a bit uncomfortable at times with him talking like me ah ri is still a baby… shes a woman now…
    Do jin… HUL!! i was like "woahh hes so cool!" when he talked to Se Ra and i was praising him like theres no tomorrow been all badass defending his worker BUT then he covered the screen with coffee… after repairing it… T__T rofl! hes got his dumb moments too xDD but the car accident was so not cool!! he looked like a psycho/stalker!! if that happened in reality to me id call the police to arrest that weirdo… creepy lol

  39. 39 Abbie

    I’m a little confused, so please enlighten me. How old is Me Ahri? Is she in high school, or is she in her early twenties?

    Anyway, this episode was great, but I’m kinda getting tired of several of the characters already. Jung Rok and his wife, Se Ra and Tae San, and Do Jin, sadly. Those characters are getting tiresome and repetitive. Yi Soo is grating on my nerves too, but not to the extent of the others. Actually, the only characters I’m interested in are Me Ahri, Yoon, and that Colin guy who pops up every once in blue moon. I’m really interested in the back stories of Yoon and Colin.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911.

  40. 40 Lilian

    Why I like this show? 1. definitely the bromance. 2. I like the chemistry between the cast, esp Yoon an Meh a ri. =)

  41. 41 Neko Summ

    one do jin thats my answer

  42. 42 Neko Summ

    wheres my cookie?

  43. 43 Mamae

    What is the name of the song played in the club when meahri and co. stood up to dance

    • 43.1 Jessica

      Moves like Jagger – Maroon 5

  44. 44 amri jang

    I think one or two of you don’t find JDG’s looks as not compelling and classically handsome? Didn’t they always say that JDG’s a walking piece of art? With fine chisseled nose, big eyes and small lips? Maybe you should watch superstar diary feat JDG so you will be enlightened. He’s charisma and good looks personified. His good looks has always been the template of many plastic surgeons in Korea meaning a lot of guys going under the knife want to look exactly like him. So it’s only females who find him so attractive but the males, too! So you still think JDG is not classically handsome and his features not so compelling? You two are a minute of fraction who don’t see him so good looking. When you say classic, it’s timeless and forever handsome no matter how old he gets, he stays handsome. And JDG’s like that because he’s much better looking as he aged. His good looks never go out of style! Kim Do Jin fighting!!!

  45. 45 amri jang

    @skelly, you never really ran out of rants, complaints about this drama esp on Do Jin and the actor portraying his character. Maybe should have quit right after episode 1. Whenever I read your comments, I can’t help but wonder what have kept you to watch the drama when you are disgusted with it and highly disliked it the same way you kept hating the Do Jin character and at times even went personal attacking the real person, JDG. It really showed how much you dislike JDG. Well to each his own as they say. But can’t you be a little subtle hating a person by shutting up most esp if you can’t say nice things about him. There is such thing as silence and mute button. Try using them next time around okay? Try not to watch dramas that you detest to save yourself from too much stress and angst. As it can be inferred that you’re not one happy individual who’s a fault finder, too. Get a life will you?

  46. 46 Jessica

    What’s the background song when they’re having lunch while the ankward situation?????
    Please help me find it…I’ve been looking for it like a crazy!!!

  47. 47 Angie Iam

    yi soo is so… UGHHHH! why does she lie when the truth (or partial truth) will suffice??
    e.g. taesan walks in “yi soo ssi i thought you weren’t home”
    “yeah i was sposed to go hiking but it was cancelled. i was on my way to meet some friends until your sister sent me this dress and i had to try it on! i’ll change and get going. annyeong!”

    i know i know! my way doesn’t set up for the rest of the ep. but it makes more sense for people their age.

  48. 48 Angie Iam

    and DO JIN!! mr. cray cray indeed!!

    he was awesome standing up for his employee. but pouring coffee on electronics? it’s fun seeing him panic. i still remember mr. aggressive butt from ep 1. but that car crash smh RUN YI SOO RUUUUN

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