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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 6
by | June 16, 2012 | 98 Comments

Finally! The episode that we’ve been waiting for has arrived. A lot happens in the span of an hour and I love where the story is headed. Tae San finally finds out about Yi Soo’s crush, while Do Jin kicks his wooing up a notch. Green-eyed monsters start to spring up everywhere and the maturity level drops even further. You know I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Today’s opening has Jung Rok and Do Jin facing off in a do-or-die billiards match against Tae San and Yoon. The game starts off badly for Do Jin’s team when Jung Rok loses the rock-paper-scissors game to determine who goes first.

After a series of tense, dramatic plays the game ends in Yoon and Jung Rok’s favor. Do Jin notes that the joy from playing pool with his friends hasn’t changed even after all these years. D’aw. You guys are so cute.

Yoon and his colleague notice Yi Soo on the sidewalk as they head home after having drinks. They stop the car and she quickly explains her situation. He tells her to get in when Yoon’s car suddenly lurches forward. Everyone steps out of their car and Do Jin’s rage quickly dissipates when he realizes he hit Yoon’s car. Keke.

Yoon asks if he’s crazy and Do Jin responds that he’s not; he just had to prevent Yi Soo from getting into another person’s car. He promises to pay for all the damages and whisks Yi Soo away. He starts to drive her home but is forced to change directions when she tells him she can’t bother Tae San and Se Ra. Wait. Didn’t you see Tae San at his house already?

Yi Soo asks to be dropped off at a sauna and he responds that she must like places with warm temperatures. Puhaha. She shoots him a glare and he suggests staying at one of his company’s dorms. She reluctantly accepts his offer and he drives happily. Haha. He might as well break out into song.

After they arrive at the dorm building, Do Jin musters up the courage to see how badly “Betty” is injured. Betty’s front bumper is partially crushed and Do Jin lets out a sob. Heh. He formally introduces Betty to Yi Soo and comments that she’s a loyal, brave little car. Yi Soo can do nothing but laugh at his silliness.

They head upstairs to a room and Do Jin compliments how sexy she looks in the dress and flustered Yi Soo lets out an embarrassed laugh. Suddenly, they hear Tae San knock on the front door and Yi Soo stares at Do Jin like a deer in headlights. He motions for her to go into a bedroom and she quickly hides.

Do Jin lets Tae San in and questions why he’s not with Se Ra. Tae San gives a vague answer and announces that he’s going to crash on the couch tonight. Do Jin shrugs and tells him to do what he wants as he walks into the bedroom where Yi Soo is. He nonchalantly tells her that Tae San will be sleeping over and that he’s going to take a shower. He ignores her demands to kick Tae San out with a smirk.

Yi Soo hears Tae San’s voice near the bedroom door so she runs into the bathroom where Do Jin is currently undressing. Did I just write that correctly? Yup. Undressing. Alrighty then.

Tae San stops outside the bathroom door and invites Do Jin out for a drink with some friends. Do Jin “traps” Yi Soo and she finds herself staring at Do Jin’s bare chest as he talks to Tae San. Whoo. Is it getting hot in here or what…

Tae San urges Do Jin to meet the other boys with him but Do Jin declines. He draws the conversation out to prolong his enjoyment at embarrassing Yi Soo. Do Jin tells Tae San to stay safe and that he loves him, all while staring down at a flustered Yi Soo. Tae San laughs that Do Jin must be feeling ill today.

Yi Soo pushes Do Jin off after the front door slams shut and runs into the bedroom to calm down. She requests that he lend her $30 so she can take a taxi home and he sighs that she’s playing very hard to get. He takes out his wallet, which is when Yi Soo sees her picture from Me Ahri’s yearbook next to his ID. That’s so cute.

Yi Soo leaves, and Do Jin meets the guys. Tae San asks about the owner of the handbag on the couch, but Do Jin avoids answering. Yoon soon joins them and chides Do Jin for acting so rashly with his car. Do Jin reminds him that it was because of his burning passion for one woman and the other two stare at him with a mixture of disbelief and confusion.

Se Ra practices on the driving range when a nosy journalist shows up to ask her questions about the upcoming season. Her bad mood clouds her better judgment and she rudely tells him that she’s always been known for her face more than her skills. I smell bad publicity…

The girl who received Yi Soo’s shoes waits in Do Jin’s office, and she assures him that she’s not here to cry or cling onto him. She just wants to return the shoes. She muses that she’s surprised by how serious he is about his crush, admitting that she hopes his love continues to be one-sided because he’s a guy without a heart. Do Jin is taken aback by her words—is this the first time a girl has pointed it out to him?

Yoon’s co-worker comes to the café to buy drinks for Yoon and herself. Me Ahri perks up at Yoon’s name and tells the woman that she’ll bring the drinks to them. The co-worker grabs the buzzer anyway and slaps away Me Ahri’s hand when she tries to keep it on the counter. Kitty has claws apparently.

Me Ahri rushes out from behind the counter and is angrily confronting the woman when Yoon shows up. He tells her that she’s overreacting when she informs him that his colleague hit her and her eyes well up with tears when she realizes he’s not taking her side. Yoon! You’re supposed to be the nice one!

Me Ahri calls Yi Soo to apologize for the night at the club and admits that she accidentally lost her phone. Yi Soo hangs up on her after saying that she does nothing to make her life easier, and runs into Dong Hyub on her way to class. She notices that he’s headed in the opposite direction of the classroom and he replies that students can miss class but teachers can’t. Heheh.

He moves past her and jumps over the school wall with his friends… only to find Yi Soo on the other side with a baseball bat. Hah! The other guys bow their heads in disappointment and head towards the front gate when Dong Hyub stops them. They need to maintain some pride. He makes them hop back over the wall.

Tae San reads an article claiming that Se Ra cares about more about getting endorsements than improving her golfing skills. He finds her at the driving range and gently rebukes her for not turning to him when she’s having a hard time.

She wonders what he’s talking about and he tries to prevent her from checking her phone, which has an angry voicemail from him demanding to know where she is. He smashes the phone with his foot while keeping Se Ra in a bear hug. Hee.

Yoon gives Do Jin the amount to pay for his colleague’s hospital bill and Do Jin responds that a man’s passion for one woman is quite expensive nowadays. Yoon compares him to a little kid pulling on his crush’s pigtails which Do Jin takes in stride. At least he’s not wishy-washy with his feelings like someone. Yoon sighs and walks away silently.

Me Ahri stomps into Yoon’s office and claims that she’s going to sue his co-worker. He asks for evidence that the woman hit her and she replies that she’s the witness. He tells her to stop acting so immaturely, causing her to bend down and give him a kiss on the cheek.

She asks if he has proof that a pretty, rich girl gave him a kiss right now. He stands up to scold her and she finds herself fighting tears again. She informs him that she’s not a seven-year-old who drew all over his documents. If he wants to reject her, he should do it properly and treat her like the twenty-four-year old she is. She’s not a child anymore.

Colin is headed to Jung Rok’s café when he spots Me Ahri coming outside for a breath of fresh air. He starts to walk towards her when Yoon’s colleague shows up, causing Me Ahri to charge towards her and elbow the woman violently. Bwahah.

Min Sook is working with a client at her art gallery when Jung Rok shows up with a huge grin. The client remarks that Min Sook’s husband is quite handsome and Min Sook smiles while gritting her teeth. He’s obviously here because he did something wrong.

They go out into the gardens and Min Sook commands him to return the gym equipment he bought with the store credit card. He whines that he wants to maintain his body for her. Lol. That’s likely.

She reaches out to give him a little smack but is blocked by Jung Rok. He wraps his arm around her waist and flirtatiously tells her that hitting is bad. A text notification sounds, and the message states that Jung Rok is the reason the sender continues to live. Jung Rok tries to convince her that the sender is a man but Min Sook is sharp enough to know better.

He goes so far as to smash the phone out of desperation but she tells him to retrieve the chip. Haha. That’s what you get for marrying someone smarter than you. Jung Rok ends up at a cell phone store where he meets Tae San, and begs for a place to stay for a couple nights. Oh Jung Rok. You just never learn, do you.

Jung Rok tries to persuade Me Ahri to join his side as a double spy and she hesitates for a second before cheerfully accepting. She has one condition: ask Yoon to not come to the café for a bit because something embarrassing happened.

As soon as she makes that request, Yoon shows up and urges Jung Rok to find another part-time worker. The one in front of him right now isn’t that pretty. Hah. Colin walks in and Me Ahri quickly flashes him a welcome smile.

Colin tells her that he still wants a free dinner for saving her when she was trapped in a bathroom at the club a couple days ago, and she laughs that they can grab food after her shift ends. Yoon carefully observes the conversation and tries to shake off twinges of jealousy.

Colin asks Me Ahri how she knows the four men and she replies that Tae San is her older brother while the others are his closest friends. She readily answers his questions but pauses every so often to remind him to use formal language because he’s younger than her. He smirks and continues to grill her without honorifics.

Se Ra is reading the nasty article about her golf career when Yi Soo asks her if she knew that Tae San’s family was financially well-off. Se Ra replies that she doesn’t date men without money, remember? Lol! I might not be a huge fan of Se Ra but I do admire her honesty.

She marvels at Yi Soo’s ability to like people despite knowing what their financial status is and Yi Soo gives a little laugh, missing the indirect jab at her crush on Tae San. She heads out to buy dinner while grabbing Se Ra’s jacket.

Yi Soo whips through the front door and nearly knocks over Do Jin, who has come with another gift. He says he’s abiding by her dating rules and that he bought a new pair of shoes that will be paid for over a fourteen-month period.

He places the shoes on the ground and asks her to wear them with a pretty outfit when she accepts him. Aw Do Jin. You’re bending your rules to make her more comfortable. I’m so proud of you.

Their quiet moment is interrupted when Tae San grabs Yi Soo in a back hug. He assumes that he’s holding Se Ra because of the jacket and Yi Soo stands frozen at his touch. At that moment, Se Ra comes out and a blanket of awkwardness covers the front yard.

Tae San sputters that he thought Yi Soo was Se Ra because of the jacket and Se Ra glances over at her speechless roommate. Do Jin quickly rips the jacket off of Yi Soo and hands it over to Se Ra.

He then grabs Yi Soo’s wrist and states that they were on their way out somewhere before Tae San came. Do Jin’s gift is sadly left behind as Tae San heads indoors.

Yi Soo walks in a daze with Do Jin and she mentions that it feels like Tae San is still behind her. She muses that it’ll take awhile for her to come back down to reality and that she can’t forget how tightly he held her.

Do Jin responds that he thinks he knows how to change that and he gently pulls her in for a kiss. The camera winds around them and flickers of moonlight peek through the tree branches. Well, hello there. Let’s replay that a couple times before we move on, shall we?

After they break apart, Do Jin places his his jacket over her shoulders and wonders if his idea worked. Uh, it had better work. Otherwise I have no hope for Yi Soo and demand that you run away with Yoon. The two lovebirds walk beneath the cherry blossoms in silence.

Se Ra informs Tae San that he’s Yi Soo’s 20-second man. He laughs, thinking she’s joking, but slides into silence as Se Ra keeps talking. She wonders if he’s never felt anything for Yi Soo but doesn’t receive an answer as Tae San sits in shock at this new information.

The guys meet at a bar and Tae San and Do Jin ignore each other as they drink. Yoon and Jung Rok study their friends and try to guess why they’re so serious. Yoon guesses that one of them has cancer while Jung Rok gasps that a random woman probably showed up with a kid to demand child support. Haha. They’re so bad at moral support.

Bubbles drift around the bathroom as Yi Soo sits in her bathtub and recalls all the times she spent with Do Jin over the past year. She touches her lips and thinks about what the kiss means to her.


Important things first. The kiss! I admit I was surprised at how it played out. I’ve been used to so many drama heroes who force passionate, uncomfortable-to-watch kisses on their unrequited loves that I had predicted the same from Do Jin, especially because he can be really aggressive.

Granted, the kiss is technically forced and Yi Soo was completely unprepared for it (hence the wide eye-blinking). But it was nice to see him surprise her with a gentle kiss and it’s obvious that she’s now thinking about Do Jin more than Tae San. The cherry blossom setting made it even more magical and I was half-expecting to see singing little fairies with harps surround the lovers.

Do Jin is slowly adapting to Yi Soo’s rules and the 14-month payment plan for the shoes is an indication of how serious his crush is. The first shoe gift was his way of pouring all this attention on her and he had thought that it would be a matter of time before Yi Soo accepted him.

Only Yi Soo cares more for the smaller, less material things which is why she liked Tae San without any thought of wealth. I believe Do Jin bought more expensive shoes partially to out-do himself and also to prove that she means more to him than before.

He’s willing to put in a lot of effort every month to win her heart and he hopes that the end result will be her acceptance. It’s a simple concept but I think it fits Do Jin perfectly because he doesn’t know how to get the girl without using his body and money. I did enjoy watching him show off his chest in the bathroom though, bahaha. ‘twas a pretty sexy scene.

Also, is Yoon’s colleague scary or what? I’m always astounded by how two-faced a person can be and this lady is no exception. It’s understandable for her to be so protective of Yoon because he is a handsome, kind, and talented man. In short, he’s perfect husband material.

She also thinks she has a chance with him because he treats Me Ahri like a baby. I’m so glad that Do Jin and Me Ahri herself point out that he needs to figure out his feelings and make a decision soon. The situation is messy because of the age difference and (I’d say more importantly) because she’s Tae San’s younger sister. There’s no doubt that Tae San will throw a fit at their relationship.

We’ll have to see how everything plays out and I think this week’s episodes will reveal Yoon’s decision. I’m just hoping that he goes with his heart and not his head.


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  1. spjork

    Ugh, the cherry blossoms.


    • 1.1 spjork

      Heh, perhaps the writer thinks that if they keep mentioning through various bit players how handsome and attractive Jung Rok is, the audience will come to believe it. Highly unlikely, in my opinion!

      Anyhow, I like how Jung Rok seems to be single-handedly keeping the Korean electronics market from going under in these recessionary times via his womanizing– having to replace his laptop in the previous episode and his cellphone in this one.

      • 1.1.1 comradeS

        Lee Jong-hyuk, in my opinion, is one of the sexiest Korean actors. However, his stylist for this show, has done horrible things to him.

        • KDrama Fan

          Totally comradeS! It’s like they don’t him to look half like the handsome man he is.

          • kopytko

            Yup. He’s one hot ajussi. And I may be the only one, but I don’t care: I love his hairstyle!

        • chula

          agreed. lee jong hot got the short end of the stick when it comes to hairstyles for this drama. they literally gave him the 44-yeard old version of the Jun Pyo pama.

        • asianromance

          He definitely has a bad stylist. They’re making him an Oska-lite. I looked this dude up and he looks so handsome in other dramas and press pictures. I think Im Tae San or Yoon’s character got the better stylists.

      • 1.1.2 spjork

        Hahaha, you’re all totally going to track me down and smother me in my sleep!

        Ahjumma hit squad

    • 1.2 diddy47


      on the ‘a gentlemans dignity’ ost it doesn’t include this song, though it was used in several scenes in the drama eg. at 40 mins in episode 6(after yoon and meari’s altercation)


      please help me identify the title and artist, shazam and soundhound failed miserably

  2. jenny

    Omg, the ending kiss is similar to how Ren was jealous about Kyoko being oblivous after Shou’s kiss! So then he kisses her to make her be shocked about his kiss as apposed to Shou’s!

    Sorry, Skip beat fan girl…..but still LOVE this drama!

    • 2.1 striker

      LOL (>__<)

    • 2.2 Pat

      I so hate these limp rag Korean kisses Sooooooo unsexy and creepy. Are females ALL supposed to act 12 yr old cute? How can you stand it? I love Kim Suh Na because she never does that.

  3. Mars

    Yeah! Let’s watch that kiss several more times:) wait! The bathroom scene too! Oh lala! Haba haba…

    • 3.1 OMG

      M with you there…

  4. Allan

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  5. makoto

    Thanks for the recap. 🙂 The bromance between those 4 men really makes me envious. And I can’t wait to see where Yoon & Meahri go for the next episode. I wish it would be a good progress for them. I can understand if Tae san dissapproves their relationship, no matter what, a brother always thinks that his younger sister is always a mere baby child to him. but I hope he would permit them later. Both Yoon and Meahri could make a sweet couple. 🙂

  6. umalily

    Great Job! Can someone explain why Do Jin leaves his shoes at the pool hall? Is that his payment for losing?

    • 6.1 Meida

      I think it was to show that he was so caught up in the game and being with his friends that he forgot to put them on. That’s how I interpreted it. They were talking about a bet while playing but I don’t think it was because of that.

      • 6.1.1 umalily


    • 6.2 kyla

      I think DJ is suffering from memory lapses.

      • 6.2.1 kopytko

        Wow! you’re a keen observer! Kudos.

      • 6.2.2 niKai

        yup. I think the writer put it there to give us prelude to his memory lapses arc in the story?

  7. July

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the BUBBLE SCENE!!! I would have been fine with the show ending with the kiss, which was great, by the way, but, instead, they end it with Yi-Soo realizing she has feelings for Do-Jin. It’s done spectaculraly well and the song in the background was awesome!

  8. becca_boo

    This was probably the best episode so far. I love how funny this show is, but I’m glad to see the writer delving into character’s emotions a little more.

    I’m probably not alone when I say that Yoon is my favorite. I was kinda mad at him this episode for the way he treated Me-ahri, but I still swoon whenever he’s onscreen. This is one of the rare cases where I think Second Lead Syndrome will be worth it because I am totally rooting for him and Me-ahri.

    Thanks for a great recap!

    • 8.1 Rashell

      I’m in the same boat. Yoon is my favorite too. I’m shipping Yoon/Me Ahri more than lead couple.

      • 8.1.1 becca_boo

        You mean they aren’t the OTP in this drama? Dang, could’ve fooled me. : ) That said, though, I am enjoying Yoon’s jealousy whenever he sees Colin. It’s adorable.

      • 8.1.2 nuri

        Me too. i love Yoon and Me Ahri..

    • 8.2 asianromance

      I think Yoon’s my favorite too. Do Jin is sexy and slightly mysterious. I find Tae-san really friendly and social (if I date him, he would get along with all my friends and their bfs). But Yoon is just such a nice and warm person. Makes me want to hug him constantly. I can understand why Me-ah-ri fell in love with him.

  9. kyla

    Love this episode. I’ve watched the cherry blossom kissing scene over and over again. When I first saw the stills of the scene before, I thought it would be cliche and chesy but I was wrong. That scene is so wonderful and so romantic with the cherry blossoms and lovely music at the background. JDG and KHN acted it well and it’s so lovely watching them together.

  10. 10 goldeng

    this ep. was great!!! ohh the cherry blossom kiss was cute!! but again, im puzzled with Yoon…
    my dear yoon oppa: IGNORE TAE SAN! AND DOTN OVERTHINK! tae san has no right to get in their way… i mean, if he’s dating someone as selfish and superficial plus foxy as Se Ra even when his sister doesnt approve her… he clearly told her he would date se Ra anyways… then why would he has the right to oppose her sister if she wants to date someone HE KNOWS is a good man?

    ps: i fangirl everytime jonghyun appears lol burning jonghyun fighting!

  11. 11 JoJo

    Thanks for the recaps…love the series…the acting is good…but hate wide-eyed kisses…Do-Jin has no abs to speak of, but oozes sexiness…hope the bromance continues…

  12. 12 dls

    the bare chest scene… how could you think a 40 years old ajussi can be so hot? JDG can pull it off.

    • 12.1 Corn tea


    • 12.2 come2noona

      Just wait until you are 40. You will better understand then. 🙂

  13. 13 reyna

    you have no idea how many times i’ve paused and replayed their bathroom scene. the way he said “i love you” to “Tae San”…how their bodies wherethisclose…arrggg!!! even i felt the heat 🙂

  14. 14 Dylan

    Me nearly wanted to crash my monitor screen when Kang Attorney said she did nothing upon Mea-rin in front of Yoon. Screaming out loud : Yoon! You better check the CCTV!! LOL

    Btw, the manager asked Mea-ri did the attorney really hit her but did anyone realize the manager was at her back during the incident occurred??

    • 14.1 goldeng

      IKR?? i was like you’re friends with the boss of that place!! ask for the cctv tapes!! seriously… between se ra and her i dunno whos worst lol

  15. 15 MJ

    End of 5 beginning of Episode 6

    The red dress from Me Ahri to Yi Soo … causes Yi Soo trouble.

    1. She didn’t load up her clutch purse with cash and other essentials women need in thir purses.

    2. Have no money, no credit cards, no ride home in a taxi or public transportation – bus or subway.

    3. Her smartphone runs out of power. After her last call to Do Jin asking for him to pick her up describing how she is dreesed to him and her location to pick her up.

    And, Do Jin reply to Yi-Soo is that she should just go home with the first man who offers her money as he makes a U-turn to rescue her. Do Jin arrives to Yi-Soo destination & sees her having a conversation to someone seated in a white car ahead of his suv. So funny, when Do Jin mind goes in a tailspin thinking that Yi-Soo is really getting in that car with the first man who offers her money because in the short red dress Yi-Soo is dressed like a call girl of the night. That is why he rear ends the white car. I’m surpised that no one got hurt in the white car. Unaware to Do Jin that his friend Choi Yoon is in that vehicle he just rear ended. In the end, Yi-Soo rides off with Do Jin. Do Jin crazy about Yi-Soo… ah romance for these 2.

    Oh, he has hurt his Betty White. Named is suv Betty and the suv is White.


    Why is it:

    In K-dramas you hardly see the characters re-charge their cell phones.
    The cellphone must have a very, very, very long battery life.
    The cellphone stays on but not plugged in for recharging when characters are home sleep.

    The characters take out the battery first without powering off their cell phones to annoying phone calls from boyfriends, girlfriends, their parents or friends they are mad at.

    Why not just press the power button until the cellphone turns off automatically to annoying phone calls. I surprise cellphone memory storage of important numbers or items saved does not get destroyed.

  16. 16 houstontwin

    Orangy911, thanks for the subs! When Tae San bumps into Yi Soo at his house, he lies and says he came back for a bottle of wine , so YS assumes he’s planning to resume his overnight date.

    • 16.1 sherry_laruku

      Yup, that’s right. TS mentioned to Yi Soo he came back for the wine that Sera like….

      Plus, I love how DJ wit that he can make the temperature hot for her…

  17. 17 MAC

    What’s the song playing during the bubble bath scene at the end?

    • 17.1 kyla

      You are Everywhere by Big Baby Driver

      • 17.1.1 July

        Thank you! I’ve been wanting to know the name of that song too.

  18. 18 fushunlyn

    cool <3

  19. 19 yossie

    Sera is a b*tch, end of story.

    • 19.1 Dylan

      agreed but i sense something will happen between Se-ra and Tae-san which turn her to be the worthy-girlfriend to Tae-san..just guessing~ Because I do think Se-ra offers something else than being bitchy almost all the time.

      Upon seeing Yi-soo having crush on Tae-san maybe she would realize she must do something to change her attitude as well as to correct the relationship betwen her and Tae-san…

    • 19.2 jelly

      She’s a bitch but I can’t seem to outright hate her because you can tell that’s she’s totally insecure about herself because she knows that Yisoo fits Taesan way more than she does. Which allows room for change rather than if she was just a bitch and nothing else.

      • 19.2.1 Shukmeister

        Se Ra is still a loser who poisons her relationship with her neediness and poisons her job with her emotions. I want to tell her to put her big girl pants on and grow up.

      • 19.2.2 asianromance

        I feel the same way too. I think my sympathy for her has to do with the actress being really good at conveying that Sera is more layered than “requisite-k-drama-bitch”. You can tell she puts up a front over her vulnerabilities. I can also feel like she cares about Yi Soo even if she is lashing out like crazy now.

  20. 20 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap, as always!

  21. 21 mtoh

    The best part of AGD are opening scenes of each episode 😉

    There’s something about mans who acts like teens with 3 things on the mind; girl, girls, friendship.

    Nice job orangy911, you catch up real fast!

  22. 22 KDrama Fan

    Thanks orangy911 for the recap.

    Awesome but I wish you hadn’t given away that ITS finds out about YS’s straight up though.

    • 22.1 orangy911

      I apologize if you thought the beginning paragraph contained a spoiler but I had assumed most fans of the drama had watched this episode because it’s been over a week since it aired.

  23. 23 epyc

    I am liking this drama more and more. It is a fun and delightful watch, especially after the recent crop of dramatic dramas. Honestly, the characters are really relatable as I could see those I know in this drama, men and women included.

    While JDG’s character may start off like a jerk at the beginning, he is improving in my book espisode after episode. In fact, he is very clear-eyed with those around him. His telling SR to be a worthy girlfriend of TS and advising Yoon to be true to his own feelings just stack up the brownie points as a character.

    Now that seven episodes over, I suspect the writer is actually creating a playboy version of JDG’s perfect man character from All about Eve. The way he pursues and woos YS is truly swoony-worthy.

    KHN is the weakest link in this drama, bordering either bland or over-acting. Who would fit that role better?? Chae Rim – anyone? (Not an AAE reunion but she could pull off the sweet teacher character without a doubt.)

    • 23.1 mtoh

      Hmm, if you don’t mind, I would put little Que Sera, Sera in your JDG analyze…

  24. 24 JustJen

    Thanks for these recaps. I haven’t actually been watching, but reading your recaps have been fun.

  25. 25 LadyF

    Thanks for the recap. altho i have watched it online, but i just have to come back here and read ur recap sypnosis. i personally love this epi and wait until epi 7..my god. kabooom!!!! hehehe..really miss JDG on the tv screen. and he can be funny. really love AGD!!! Cant wait to get my hands on the DVD.

  26. 26 Lemon

    I’m totally tuning in to see how Yoon and Me Ahri’s relationship plays out!

    The (16 year?) age gap doesn’t bother me and I think really cute how he cares for her but doesn’t dare act on his feelings (yet).

    The way he got jealous of that Colin boy when Me Ahri was talking him – AWESOME. He was so uncomfortable that he stalked out without buying a drink lol. Ok I’m ranting.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 26.1 Huong

      Yes, I absolutely am in love with this couple too, not the leading one. And that’s kind of similar to the F4 Boys Over Flowers, where my heart went to the second lead couple

      • 26.1.1 ~Feather~

        same thing happened to me when watching BOF. XD
        I’m really invested on this couple, I want Yoon to act on his feelings. Now, i will be off to watch the latest episode!

  27. 27 nyah

    Do any canto-people know the name of the song playing when the boys are shooting pool in the beginning? Thx for the recap =)

    • 27.1 Samantha

      its by Leslie Cheung by sorry i cant remember the song name

      • 27.1.1 Dylan

        And every time i heard this song being played, can’t help myself by thinking of Yoo Jae Suk who memorized the full lyrics during the karaoke mission at one of the episode of Running Man…kekeke

        • zie

          HAHAHAHAHA I wouldn’t know about the song if not because of Running Man… LoL

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    and the KISS it was so beautiful DJ is definitely trying to shake YS feelings, is so nice to see the male lead working hard to make his crush fall for him.

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    Loving the drama, I’m hoping it doesn’t steer into the whole melodrama angle too much – I can see it coming with Colin’s backstory, but I’m hoping they’ll know how to do it without going all makjang or something.

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      Anyway, I don’t really find her as a pushover – what CAN you do if you find out that your friend is dating your crush? She wouldn’t have been as likeable had she still pursued him despite knowing that he’s together with her best friend.

      I hope the drama doesn’t go for the whole love rectangle route – I can’t really see Yi Soo with Tae San, to be honest. Yeah variety shows might’ve spoiled Kim SooRo for me, LOL, I can only see his competitive side in him, although I know he’s a good actor.

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    I agree, Lee Jong Hyuk was a badass that you love to hate in Chuno, but his hairdo is the worst of the 4 and makes him look unbelievable as a Lothario.
    The only character I’m don’t like is Se Ra. Very shallow and materalistic because she doesn’t date men without $$$. Yi Soo never told Tae San about her crush, so why is Se Ra so hot and bothered since she’s two timing him anyway?
    I especially like the second leads, Yoon and Me Ahri’s non- romance. She is adorable, and I like the way she gets Yi Soo in all kinds of trouble. Yoon’s indecision and denial will cost him if he doesn’t makes up his mind soon before Colin steals her away. I’m seeing the green eyed monster.

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    • 39.1 Pat

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      bland Yi Soo for no reason, but would consider her a challenge to his ego; at least til he got to know her. JDG is so wasted in this drama.

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    Yoon just needs to decide what he wants, accept MR… (by the way have you guys seen his turn at Running Man with co/guest Choi Si Won, our ‘Yoon’ is so hilarious there.)

    Then TS and SR, well he truly does like SR, SR needs to grow up… YS could just be awful and submarine that relationship but YS accepts its not her and TS…

    DJ still a hottie-though needs some work in the abs dept (but I’ll take him)love his bull in the china shop ‘tude with YS!! Who wouldn’t want a man to sacrifice his ‘Betty’ to get your attention!! Luckily he doesn’t become a caveman but handles YS gently when it becomes physical.. He is so cool with his frustration at YS… As for YS, no way do I see her as a pushover. She’s a great friend–didn’t sacrifice her friendship with SR over TS… A great teacher to the young punks… Love her w MR and she gets along well with Yoon.. Truly great she’s not easily swayed by DJ… Isn’t it best to slowly see him as a hidden gem beyond that selfish playboy jerk!!! Hope DJ isn’t the type that once the conquest is over, it’s over.. Thanks for the great recaps.. Can’t wait for the next one…

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