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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 8
by | June 22, 2012 | 130 Comments

It seems the constant “Mango Six” product placement ads are working; I always crave large fruit smoothies whenever I watch this drama. There’s a little less funny but Jung Rok’s ridiculous antics prevent the drama from melting into a puddle of angst. Rock on, trophy husband. Rock on.


It’s 1993 and the boys are on a group blind date with three average-looking girls. The guys realize that only one lucky guy will be dateless and not have to deal with the “unattractiveness” so they have a competition to see who can be the suckiest catch.

Jung Rok cheerfully announces that he’s always been in last place in school ranking systems while Yoon pulls the mama-boy act. PUHAHAH. Tae San pretends to have a muscle spasm disease and Do Jin suddenly develops a lisp. Puhlenchie puhlie (french fry), anyone?

Just then, a fourth girl shows up and apologizes for being late; her tutoring appointment went into overtime. She introduces herself as Kim Eun Hee and the boys stare at her with hearts shooting out from their eyes.

Before Yoon’s birthday party starts, Jung Rok brags to his friends that he spent the night with Eun Hee on an island once when the boats stopped running. However, Tae San and Yoon both claim that Eun Hee was with them that particular night. Uh, okay. You guys couldn’t all have been with her…unless she has two evil clones. One of the models asks who Eun Hee is and the three guys say that she was their first love.

Yi Soo ignores Do Jin’s gazillionth phone call and opens her new laptop. She draws back in shock and disgust when her laptop’s wallpaper shows a picture of Yi Soo in a bikini photoshopped into the blanket on Do Jin’s bed. Eh. That’s a tad creepy.

Do Jin calls again and she throws her phone onto her bed in frustration. It bounces off the bed and ends up on the floor, causing her to crouch down and pick it up. She remembers that Tae San’s gloves are still under her bed and pulls them out while Do Jin calls yet again.

Me Ahri cries as Tae San drags her out of Yoon’s birthday party, but Yoon stops them. He tells Tae San that they should talk another time; there’s no need to treat her like this in front of strangers. Yoon glances at Do Jin who stands up and gently leads Me Ahri out.

Jung Rok escorts the other women to their cars while Yoon and Tae San stand in silence. Outside, Do Jin tells Me Ahri that he’ll take her wherever she wants to go and she murmurs that it’s strange for him to be so nice, with a small smile.

She tells him that she’s okay and that he should go inside to make sure Tae San doesn’t beat up Yoon. She starts to walk away and Do Jin asks where she’s going. Me Ahri fights tears as she turns around and replies that it’s only ten; she’s not a little kid. Aw.

Yi Soo meets Se Ra at the front door which makes for an uncomfortable moment of silence. Se Ra asks to sit and talk but Yi Soo replies that Se Ra should say what she wants now. She was on her way out. Can you feel the frosty tension yet?

Se Ra apologizes for her behavior by saying that she overreacted. Yup. Read it again. She apologizes. Se Ra tells her that she’s sorry for not saving Yi Soo’s pride and then thanks her; this situation has made Se Ra realize how much Tae San means to her.

Yi Soo accepts the apology on the condition that Tae San remains unaware of their fight. She also says that she can move out tomorrow if Se Ra wants but Se Ra replies that she can’t pay back Yi Soo’s deposit yet.

Yi Soo walks outside and ends up throwing Tae San’s gloves into the donation bin sadly. She heaves a heavy sigh before returning home.

Jung Rok and Do Jin observe Yoon and Tae San as they drink separately in a booth. Do Jin asks who Jung Rok would support if the two guys got into a fight and Jung Rok automatically picks Yoon. Yoon knows the contents of Min Sook’s will. Bahahah.

Jung Rok asks who Do Jin will root for and Do Jin replies that he supports Jung Rok all the way. Hahah. They’re a pretty cute bro couple too.

Tae San tells Yoon that he trusts him to do the right thing and Yoon replies that there is no need to worry. He’s trying his best to stay on the “moral” path. Noooo Yoon! There is no moral path. Your heart usually trumps morals anyway! This is what happens when you’re too smart. Stop thinking.

Jung Rok wonders where Me Ahri went and Do Jin replies that she’s probably with the one person who never picks up his calls. His prediction turns out to be correct as Me Ahri and Yi Soo discuss tonight’s events at a sauna. Hee.

They sigh at how complicated their relationships can be and Yi Soo announces that she’s going to go to sleep first. As she sleeps, Me Ahri stealthily texts Do Jin with Yi Soo’s phone that they’re at a sauna. The boys arrive to pick them up and they all end up staying at the residence hotel.

At the hotel, Me Ahri and Do Jin head up first so she can use the bathroom. Jung Rok and Yi Soo formally introduce themselves and walk into the hotel lobby after the car is parked.

Unfortunately, Min Sook notices the two together as she leaves a meeting with her friends and she assumes the worst. Uh oh. She follows them up to the hotel room and angrily pushes the doorbell.

Yi Soo opens the door and finds Min Sook in the hallway with laser beams shooting out of her eyes. A storm’s coming and Yi Soo just walked into it without any protection.

Min Sook tries to get Yi Soo to admit that she’s here to sleep with Jung Rok, with her intimidating airs. Jung Rok comes out of a room and Min Sook snaps that she wants to hear what his excuse for being at a hotel with another woman is; he can’t possibly be having a party with his friends, can he? Where are all the people?

At that moment, Do Jin enters the living room and Min Sook blinks in confusion. Me Ahri also enters and Min Sook finds herself caught with her foot in her mouth. She quickly lets out a nervous laugh and regains her composure by introducing herself.

Jung Rok assumes that Min Sook was searching for him because she was worried (hah) and starts to inform his wife about the huge accident Me Ahri caused at Yoon’s birthday today. He even goes through a fast-forwarded reenactment. Lol.

Min Sook states that she’ll make sure everyone is given the best service at the hotel and leaves with another apology to Yi Soo. Jung Rok follows her out eagerly as Yi Soo bursts out laughing, saying that she saw Min Sook at Yoon’s office on Christmas Eve with divorce papers. Now she understands why Min Sook was there.

Jung Rok comes back with his shoulders hunched and he picks up the phone to order a bunch of room service as a form of petty revenge. Hehe. Me Ahri claims that she’s tired and Yi Soo tries to follow her inside but is stopped by Do Jin who pleads with her to drink with him. She reluctantly(?) stays outside.

As they drink, Jung Rok informs her that Do Jin designed the wine’s label. Do Jin smiles proudly and pretends to be modest but Jung Rok says now Yi Soo will never drink that wine again. Hahah. You are such a (lovable) butthead.

Do Jin sends Jung Rok signals that he should go inside and sleep, only Jung Rok keeps asking what will happen if he sleeps right now. Yi Soo declares that she’s going to sleep soon too and Do Jin protests; who will carry him to his bed if he gets all drunk…

Yi Soo hisses at him to shut up and Jung Rok puts on an “I knew it” face. Yi Soo did seem to know her way around this building better than he did. Hehe. He asks if they’re dating and Yi Soo stammers no. At that moment, Jung Rok gets a phone call and he quickly announces that he’s going to sleep.

He heads into the room and Do Jin keeps Yi Soo from going inside. Does she know how long he’s been waiting to be alone with her? Rawr. He holds her hand to prevent her from leaving (swoon) and he asks if she met a younger boyfriend yet. She replies that she’s only thought about meeting one.

Do Jin asks if one usually gets angry over little things because of other people. She should know since she’s an expert at unrequited love, right? She wonders what makes him so upset and he replies that he doesn’t understand why she doesn’t like him.

He questions if she thinks he’s good-looking and she immediately states yes, but he’s not her type. He replies that there are guys who fit the taste of every women in the universe. Kek. She laughs that it’s good to see him with such confidence.

He asks her to follow her feelings instead of her brain once in a while. If not, blame it on the alcohol. She also has a third choice and can follow his lead. He leans in for a kiss but gets interrupted by Jung Rok who enters the room again. AGH! You are so not lovable right now. GO BACK INSIDE.

Yi Soo pretends to sleep and Jung Rok mentions that Do Jin should send her inside. Do Jin replies that he’s going to use the main bedroom with her and Jung Rok shrugs okay. Hm. I forgive you a little bit, Jung Rok. Stay outside.

Do Jin carries Yi Soo inside the bedroom while she shoots him looks of despair. Oh please. You know you like it. ::wink::

He plops her down on the bed and she squeals that Jung Rok is going to misunderstand that she’s sleeping with him. Do Jin replies that it’s not a misunderstanding if they really sleep together though. Hehe.

She begs for him to take her to Me Ahri’s room but Do Jin refuses, claiming that she’s way too heavy to hold again. He texts nonchalantly and she messes up her hair like she just woke up and zombie-walks to the other room.

Do Jin comes home the next morning to find Yoon in a flower apron setting the table for breakfast again. ::tries not to squeal:: However, Yoon’s food turns out to be less tasty than it looks and he slowly hands a disappointed Do Jin some store-bought bread. Heh.

At Jung Rok’s café, Do Jin complains about Yoon in an apron pretending to be his wife. He tells Jung Rok that Yoon needs to start dating again but Me Ahri cuts him off by slamming down his drink.

She tells him to shove all ideas of setting Yoon up on a blind date out the window. Jung Rok murmurs that Do Jin has ticked off Park Min Sook Jr. and Do Jin wonders if she spit in his drink. She makes a move to spit now and he quickly steals it away. Hee. They are way too adorable.

The three banter back and forth and Tae San watches them sadly from his car. He gives up trying to call his baby sister and drives away. Ack. It feels wrong to see a dejected Tae San.

Yi Soo turns on her phone at school and looks at the text messages she missed last night. She sees that Do Jin had sent her a bunch of messages addressing Tae San and commenting on how pretty Yi Soo is and that she wants him to pick her up. So that’s who he was texting yesterday.

The last message states that if he picks up her up, he doesn’t know what he’ll do when he sets her down again. She blushes and holds back a little smile.

Tae San and Do Jin are mailed a list of building code violations from the client who injured their employee. They search for violations in the buildings the client owns and present them to him when they meet. They blackmail him into cancelling his complaints and leave the meeting high-fiving each other. Heh.

Yi Soo gets a phone call that Se Ra is in the hospital after collapsing from exhaustion. She rushes over and scolds Se Ra for not taking better care of her health. Yi Soo calls Tae San to inform him that Se Ra is sick.

He remains aloof and tells her that he will pretend not to have gotten this call before hanging up. Yi Soo pretends that he had just told her that he’s out of town but Se Ra sees through Yi Soo’s act and sobs into her pillow.

Me Ahri stares at the bag she created for Yoon but quickly hides it when Tae San enters after knocking. He admits that he really missed her when she was gone and begs her not to make him send her away on a plane again. My heartstrings are pulled tight as he leaves and she blinks away tears.

Yoon practices pitching into a basket but keeps missing. He stretches and gears up to throw another ball but stops when he sees a squatting Tae San with his catcher’s mitt held out in front of him.

Tae San makes a bunch of signs with his fingers and Yoon asks what he’s signaling. Tae San responds that he wants to know what Yoon is doing by himself. He then makes different motions and translates those signals as congratulating Yoon on his birthday.

They head to Jung Rok’s bar so Tae San can buy drinks, and they find Do Jin by himself. As they sit, Jung Rok runs up and demands to know how much money they’re going to give at his funeral. Wha?

Jung Rok asks if they could give the money to him now so he can divorce his wife. HAH! They respond that they’re not sure if they’ll attend his funeral since they’re all so busy (aw sad) and that he’s on his own if he divorces Min Sook. The most they will give him is 100,000 won (or $100) each. Keke.

Just then, Min Sook texts Jung Rok that he needs to get his butt over to a meeting she’s having with her frenemies and their husbands. He claims that his friends are dead to him as he rushes out to the restaurant where Min Sook waits impatiently.

He arrives in style and acts the perfect, loving husband role so convincingly that Min Sook’s friends convulse from jealousy. Min Sook smiles in satisfaction.

Yi Soo calls Me Ahri to meet her over the weekend but Me Ahri responds that she can’t talk right now. She’s currently at Yoon’s office to drop off his birthday present. She presents it to him proudly but he commands her to take it back. Ugh. Stop being so mean to her. You’re supposed to be the nice one.

Yoon’s evil colleague comes in to deliver lunch that was sent to him from a woman named Lee Mi Kyung. When she leaves, Me Ahri demands to know who that woman is; why does he accept this lunch but not her present? He gravely responds that Lee Mi Kyung is his mother-in-law. Oops.

Over the weekend, Me Ahri presents Yi Soo with Tae San’s high school yearbook and Yi Soo tapes his picture back into its original place. Me Ahri looks at her in surprise and asks if she dislikes Tae San now.

Me Ahri claims that she’s on Yi Soo’s side more than she is on Tae San’s or Se Ra’s sides but Yi So responds that she’s on Se Ra’s side. The two women walk outside and Me Ahri comments that one can never really take back the feelings for a person once they’re given.

Yi Soo tells Me Ahri that she hid her love because it could have hurt Tae San if he found out about it. Me Ahri replies that Yi Soo really is more mature and adult-like than she is. She gives Yi Soo a smile and a wave before running off to work.

Do Jin calls Yi Soo again but all she can do is stare at her phone when his name shows up on the screen. He ends up texting her out of frustration.

Tae San, Ms. Seo isn’t picking up my calls. I shouldn’t ask why she’s not picking up, right? Unrequited love…it’s a little…sorrowful…

She reads the text but Do Jin is left waiting for a response for hours before going to an art gallery to meet Tae San. Tae San informs Do Jin that he’s going to finish the kitchen this week in order to surprise Se Ra while she’s gone. Do Jin’s eyes light up and he comments that Yi Soo will be alone for a week then.

Tae San nods and says that means he’ll be alone with Yi Soo as he finishes the kitchen. Do Jin’s smile leaves his face and he not-so-subtly asks if Tae San needs help. Tae San responds with a question of his own: does it bother Do Jin that another man will be with Yi Soo?

They finish shopping and Tae San gives Do Jin the plan for the kitchen. He says that he can’t do it because he knows Yi Soo likes him…but Do Jin already knew that, didn’t he.

Tae San asks why Do Jin didn’t tell him about Yi soo’s crush before and the atmosphere between them gets tense. Do Jin carefully responds that nothing would have happened if Tae San knew. It’s not like he’d waver in his feelings for Se Ra.

But Tae San’s answer implies otherwise. He asks what if his feelings did waver, which makes Do Jin look up at him in alarm. However, before Do Jin can respond, Yi Soo shows up and wonders what the two guys are doing outside her house.


Tae San has been the reliable, good-natured friend but he’s also not a pushover. He can be cruel if he wants to be, like when he indirectly tells Yi Soo that he prefers Se Ra over her. I suppose that it’s refreshing to see a slightly darker tone to his character. I can appreciate that he’s flawed and acts on his own selfish desires because that’s what humans do.

Still, I find that Tae San is my least favorite of the F44 because he has a tendency to get very passive-aggressive. He is a sweet boyfriend to Se Ra and he obviously cares a lot for the people around him, but I also think he feels a sense of self-entitlement. When Do Jin drives him to Jung Rok’s bar, Tae San keeps asking if Yoon really stopped him from dragging Me Ahri out and sending her home.

Do Jin gently reminds him that Me Ahri isn’t a child but Tae San only cares about how Yoon stood up to him. He focuses on how other people have wronged him more than the mistakes that he has made. He tells Me Ahri that it’ll hurt him if she acts on her feelings for Yoon because he’ll have to send her back to the US, which will make him lonely. In the end, it’s still all. about. him. As a result, sweet Yoon will take the noble idiot route to preserve Tae San’s peace of mind.

I talked about the age difference between Me Ahri and Yoon a little bit before and there are many happy couples that have age differences larger than 16 out there. I think Yoon and Me Ahri are adorable together and her innocent, sunny disposition balances out his more serious personality.

She loves him unconditionally and has stuck with her feelings for him for years, which is something that I admire. She’s 24, which is an age to go on group blind dates with her friends and meet new people, but she doesn’t because she remains strictly loyal to Yoon. The difficulty of their romance blossoming really starts with Yoon’s inability to take what he wants.

His reasons for not following his heart are understandable; he’s a widow, much older than Me Ahri in terms of age and maturity, and he’s best friends with her overprotective brother. We haven’t even brought up her parents who will probably show up later to throw hissy fits at their relationship. Yoon is also still caught up in this duty that he feels towards his mother-in-law and his late wife.

He could still be dealing with lingering feelings for his wife and doesn’t want to “betray” her by moving on. Yoon is so caught up in trying to please everyone that he ends up hurting himself. What happens if, God forbid, Me Ahri finally gives up on him? Will he actually step up to the plate and work to get her back? Or will he just let her slip by without even trying?

The drama is taking a more realistic approach to Yi Soo’s crush on Tae San and it makes sense that she distances herself from Do Jin as she tries to piece her heart back together. I think she’s also still not sure whether or not Do Jin really cares for her, which comes partially from Do Jin’s tendency to talk in a sarcastic way about everything. It is also gratifying to see Do Jin not get the girl for once.

However, I’m getting a little tired of the slow pace and I’m praying that Yi Soo acknowledges her feelings for Do Jin soon…like maybe this weekend. This drama works best when it’s light-hearted because the plot is relatively shallow and uncomplicated. There is no political event or matter of life-and-death that makes prolonged angst understandable. I hope that it picks up soon.

Discussion question of the day: what’s your favorite F44 pairing?


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  1. rjyuggy

    Do Jin and Yoon is my favorite pairing. Both are hopelessly romatics.

    • 1.1 katiamon

      yeah, Do Jin and Yoon!!!!! great sample of bromance =)

    • 1.2 ~Feather~

      I ship this couple! 😀
      I wouldn’t mind if they ended up together by the end of the show 😉

      • 1.2.1 YOO

        How i loled at Do Jin going all ” we need to find yoon a girlfriend – he’s been cooking and shopping for aprons from the newly weds section . “

    • 1.3 Bengbeng

      i love them too! Just one look from Yoon and Do Jin understood already that he wants him to take Meahri outside.

      As much as i want Yoon and Me ahri to be together, i wouldn’t want to mess up the friendship too. I wonder if Eun Hee is still alive and if she’s the girl in the picture of Colin who seems to be looking for his dad. For some reason, i want Yoon to be the Dad =)

      • 1.3.1 rjyuggy

        my gut tells me that Tae San is the father. we have to find out.

        • dpacats

          mine tells me that its DoJin, coz he’s the only who’s not there to give his reason/brag about being with Eun Hee ‘that night’??….

  2. Jenni

    I love Do Jin and Yoon! Yoon is so cute in an apron, cooking for him 😀

  3. Rashell

    Yay…Love this show.

    Now for the question of the day. My favorite pairing isssss….Yoon/Meahri! I just love them both as characters and think they’re a perfect compliment for the other. The age difference doesn’t bother me at all. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

    ITA about Tae San being my least favorite of the F44. He looks like a perfect guy from a distance, but up close he’s flawed like everyone else. Only he doesn’t seem to realize it like the others do. Jung Rok owns the fact that he’s a playboy. Do Jin knows he’s cold and aloof. Yoon knows that he’s shy and understated. But Tae San doesn’t seem to get that he’s kind of selfish and narcissistic sometimes.

    I’m also ready for more forward movement in the YiSoo/DoJin realationship. It’s time for her to start to have feelings for him too.

    Can’t wait for this weekend’s episodes!!

    • 3.1 Rashell

      Oh crap…misunderstood the question of the day. Am going with Yoon/Do Jin too. So adorable playing house together.

  4. annashee

    DoJin and Yoon are the best pair 🙂 thanks for the recaps. I totally agree with you that the plot is a bit shallow. I feel as though there isn’t much purpose..

  5. ryuu

    Definitely Yoon and Do Jin..!!!

  6. tryshalim

    i need more do jin and yi soo moments! after the amazeballs kiss scene and the bathroom scene in episode 6, i feel that they really need to up the number of squeal-worthy scenes! im really liking A Gentleman’s Dignity, even though i was actually just starting to watch it cos i have nothing else to watch! a really pleasant surprise and im loving all the actors and how the plot is going! 😀

  7. WM

    My favorite pairing: Jung Rok and his ego. lol He cracks me up, even if he is a lousy (really lousy) husband.

    I love this show. It’s a nice little bright spot in what’s been a sea of depressing shows. Thank you so, so much for recaps!

    • 7.1 MsB

      I like that! Jung and his ego! Funny! And absolutely correct!

    • 7.2 deasy

      But also Do Jin and Jung Rok is the Best. or I can call them Pervert couple or Duo Playboy. just take a look their conversation. they are so funny and adorable. I ship for JR and DJ…

      • 7.2.1 Lusi

        Me too. Jung Rok and Do Jin, they’re both playboy. And that’s right, their dialog always so funny 😀

  8. zie

    Hehehehe I love Do Jin and Yoon too.. They are adorable together and I love the fact that they know each other secret. Dj knows Y likes MR and Y knows DJ likes YS first. Plus, I feel DJ and Y are closer with each other.

  9. smile134

    Well, I’m such an impatient person that when I watched this episode, I just wanted to scream at Tae-san for his reaction with everything.
    First, he “threatened” to separate Me Ahri and Yoon. I see his “popular” reason for doing it, age difference and Yoon’s status as a widow. But seriously, he has been one of Yoon’s best friends for more than 20 years, he knows that Yoon is a good, mature and responsible person. So what’s wrong with Yoon having feeling for Me Ahri (in Tae-san’s mind)? Will it be better for Me Ahri to marry a good person and also the one she loves like Yoon rather than to leave everything, and later on maybe be with someone that nobody knows that he will be good for her or not.
    Second, at the end of the episode, he asked why Do-jin did not tell him about Yi-soo’s crush on him. Simply it’s not Do-jin’s crush to tell. If Do-jin did something like that, he would be as bad as Sera (in my opinion). Furthermore, it’s Yi-soo feeling, and it’s her choice to tell him or not.
    Sorry I may speak too much, but I just feel really uncomfortable with Tae-san in this episode.

    • 9.1 smile134

      *SPOILER (maybe)*
      About Yi-soo and Do-jin, I think she will realize her feeling by this weekend’s episode. Did you see the preview? I’m excited about tomorrow already ^^

    • 9.2 Leishers

      Omg @Smile134 You said everything perfectly. That was exactly my reaction (pissed at Tae-San) and wondering why he’s trying to squelch his friends happiness. Yoon isn’t some pervert Ahjussi, he’s an intelligent man and great husband material.
      Orangy911 also said what I think every single time “Yoon and Meari perfectly balance out each other”. Her perky self—I hope her brothers hatred and further development doesn’t taint her perkiness.

      • 9.2.1 Ivoire

        I agree with Orangy 911 (on Tae-San, and Yoon-Me Ahri), Smile134 and Leishers. Well said…

    • 9.3 come2noona

      Exactly… it is not Do-Jin’s place to tell anyone about Yi-soo’s crush.

      • 9.3.1 Mystisith

        Really! He should mind his own business! He has a woman already and he’s trying to put Do-jin on the grill? Not cool!

        I really hope the nasty question at the end of this ep is to help Do-jin acknowledging his feelings toward YS (love and not only attraction).

        ***midspoiler alert***Preview ep 8:

        YS heard their conversation, hidden behind the truck. Maybe TS knew she was here and he wanted DJ to spit the words “I love her” in her presence so she would definitely give up on her childish crush for him. Maybe he’s matchmaking them with the kitchen thing…

        • smile134

          Thanks for helping me understand the preview. My Korean is only enough for me to know that Yi-soo said: “I like him” at the end of the preview.

          *SPOILER (well, technically not spoiler if you already watched ep 9)*
          After finishing ep 9, I take back the 2nd point that I made about Tae-san. He’s ok again for me :D. Can’t wait for ep 10 tomorrow ^^

  10. 10 Wooyoung

    Jungrok. And his adorkable self.

  11. 11 Damselfly H

    I like Do Jin/Tae San pairing. As much as there’s actual bickering going on between Yoon and Do Jin, I am also see the relationship unfold between Do Jin and Tae San. Remember, Do Jin’s went bankrupt with his business pursuits three times. Tae San is in a sense taking care of Do Jin by being in his business partner and make sure Do Jin is covered with his stress-induced amnesia. As for a sense of entitlement, there’s an air of Tae San being the caretaker of Me Ahri and Do Jin. This is more like a combination of empty nest syndrome and being over-protective of people around him.

    • 11.1 spjork

      As I understand it, Tae San is being an over-protective older brother in this situation not just because of the significant age difference or because Yoon is a friend of his. It’s primarily because Yoon has already been married. He’s tainted goods– divorced people are often thought of as being “untouchables” (especially if the divorced party come attached with children) and while being a widower is not quite as bad, it still renders Yoon handicapped in the dating/marriage market. I say market specifically because, in Korea, people are constantly commodified and judged on the sum of their qualities (some innate, but mostly circumstantial– referred to in dramas as someone’s “spec” ie. specifications such as marital status, age, education, family background, etc)

      It is an ass backwards, archaic and thoroughly repugnant prejudice to hold in a modern society but one that persists. That such a stigma should prevent two people who genuinely love one another from making each other happy is a crying shame but, believe it or not, does happen in real life. You have to keep in mind that Me Ahri, a girl whose value in Korean society is as high as it will ever get (young, pretty, college graduate, educated overseas, from a good- read rich- family), she would be seen to be “wasting” herself on a once-married man.

      • 11.1.1 Leishers

        Seriously, I know what you just said is very much true, but it is so sad. She needs to elope. But –remembering SG–Kim Eun Sook seems to love the family-wont-accept-you plot. Meahri is waaaay too sunny and devoted to let Yoon succumb to societies prejudices. Yoon & Meahri Fighting!!!!!

  12. 12 mtoh

    DJ&J, J&TS, TS&JR, DJ&TS, J&JR, DJ&JR, Ohhh bromance…

  13. 13 Christy

    I look forward to this drama every week. It’s so cute and funny!

  14. 14 Kdrama fan

    Do Jin/Tae San…I know a lot of you are thinking “WHAT!”, but they compliment each other. Yes, they are both narcissistic but they also love their women–Do Jin/Yi Soo and Tae San/Se Re. I see Tae San trying to help Do Jin in the last scene not with kid gloves but with an iron fist. 🙂 While Do Jin has helped Se Re by telling her to show more love toward Tae San during the whole revelation of Yi Soo’s crush on Tae San.

    • 14.1 spjork

      Yeah, but I have to wonder…was Tae San really doing it to help Do Jin because he’s a good friend or was he doing it to try and take the heat off of himself because he found himself wavering once he found out about Yi Soo’s crush?

  15. 15 kayana20

    I can’t stant Tae-San him and Sera deserve each other they only care about their feelings and happiness. Why is Tae-San coming at Do-Jin for not telling him about Yi-Soo when it’s obvious Do-Jin loves her and obviously did not want to her or humiliate her. Yi-Soo better get it together because the games are getting tired. Does she like him or not? Just turn him down if you don’t return his feelings so he doesn’t have to keep waiting on this unrequited love. Thank Goodness thw climax is coming so they will be a couple soon yay so excited!

    • 15.1 Leishers

      Listen, a crush is good. Its fun, and it gives you a look at what you like in a guy–Yet, its just a crush. Not saying its something you get over fast, oh no. Its still potent.
      But what K-Dramas show you is that true love? That stuff take you any which way. It creeps up on you. Just like how Do Jin creeps up on Yi Soo. She’s way more comfortable with him than she is with Tae San, and even though she doesnt know about him yet, its clear she feels something for him even when she tries her hardest not to. A crush (Tae San) is all good, and nice to moon over. But when love come (Do Jin) you wonder about it and suddenly miss it even when you dont know its love.

  16. 16 Beekinga

    Me. I don’t have a fav pair. I love them all. Pack them up nice to take away. All of them are definite musts. Each one has a trait that makes for a lovely balance…so no pairs. Foursomes sil vous plait. I’m willing to do a reversal on the arabian 1001 nights and bestow myself with a…what would be the masculine word for harem? hehe.

    One thing this show has taught me…The funeral fee. That is awesome and clever to boot. I guess dying is expensive everywhere…in Spain people tend to pay demise insurance all their lives to have their own funerals catered for, because when you go without insurance the poor bereaved relatives have to fork something close to 6000€ for a basic one. When I learnt of it back in the 1st ep, I went around commenting, and everyone seems to think it is a cool tradition. =0)

  17. 17 mita

    The opening is so hilarious that I laughed so hard.

    The last picture. said it all, I like Do Jin/Taesan pairing.

  18. 18 Tara S.

    Thank you, Thank you orangy, for the recap!

    I too think your assessment of Tae San’s character is spot on I hadn’t really thought about why his character was my least favorite. So thank you for your insight, now I can put my finger on why he continues to rub me the wrong way. I am wondering how he answers the question Do Jin posed at the end of the episode, because if he tries to hang on to both Se Ra and Yi Soon, I will have to unleash a slap down…which will just be me, yelling at my tv screen.

    Maybe it is because he is the first born son of an extremely wealthy family and it was many years before Me-ahri was born. Maybe my brain has just been kdramafied : )

    My couple I am rooting for, is Yoon/Me Ahri, but I also want to give some non F44 love to Yi Soo and Me Ahri. Actually I find Yi Soo, to be more grounded when she is around her former student.

  19. 19 comradeS

    Do-jin and Yoon all the way. Yoon in an apron, making breakfast for Do-jin is just too adorable.

  20. 20 Shirley

    I know most will pick Do Jin-Yi Soo, but Yoon-Me Ahri is AGD’s other OTP and my fave pairing all the way!

    I just ADORE this couple to pieces! My heart aches watching Yoon suppress his feelings for Me Ahri. He genuinely believes he’s doing the honorable thing by pushing her away, but in return he’s making himself miserable.

    I’m dying to see how this love story develops and what will push Yoon over the edge that will make him hold onto Me Ahri.

    • 20.1 becca_boo

      Preach it, sister! As far as I’m concerned, Yoon and Me Ahri ARE the OTP in this show. I think Do-jin and Yi-soo are cute, but I’m not nearly as invested in them. The problems they face mostly stem from his arrogant-jerk behavior and her doormat attitude (she’s awesome when she’s in teacher mode but fairly pathetic the rest of the time), but Yoon and Me Ahri have a conflict that I can actually care about because most of their problems are external. Namely, Tae-san trying to keep Me Ahri away from Yoon, and Yoon trying to keep away from Me Ahri in order to honor Tae-san and keep their friendship.

      Love Yoon and Me Ahri to pieces, whether they’re apart or together, so I’m looking forward to the rest of their story.

      Yoon-Me Ahri, fighting!

      • 20.1.1 Ivoire

        Amen and amen and amen. Well said, and I concur Becca_boo and Shirley. Yoon and Me Ahri are my OTP as well. They are the ones I am following closely 🙂 and I am invested in the most.

      • 20.1.2 Shirley

        Agreed! I’m so emotionally invested in Yoon-Me Ahri it’s not even funny. Their type of love is rarely portrayed in Korean dramas, yet it tends to be prevalent in every day society and it’s incredibly fascinating to see how it all unfolds.

        Yoon and Me Ahri are perfect complements; his Yin to her Yang. I’m an old romantic and believe that true love does persevere when the odds are stacked against you if BOTH are committed to fighting for their happiness. And boy, are the odds stacked against this couple.

        The ball’s in Yoon’s court, but for him to budge, we have to wait for that domino piece to fall that sends him over the edge. The question is, what will that piece be?

        Kim Min Jong and Yoon Jin Ni’s chemistry is off the charts and there’s no doubt that’s a major reason why this coupling is so hot among viewers.

  21. 21 hypersleep

    I love the question! But since y’all have already commented on Yoon/Do Jin, I really, really want to discuss a bro pair that has been super bothering me: Yoon and Tae San.

    Their friendship is so weird, and let me just start this by saying that I value Yoon higher than I do Tae San. I do like Yoon, but the guy SO passive. Maybe as a lawyer and having a job solving arguments, he doesn’t want his personal life to be invaded with fights, and that’s why he tends to avoid facing his problems.

    With this said, this brings up Yoon’s greatest strengths: he really does try his darndest not to do drama, and is INCREDIBLY loyal to his friends, without any reservation. Not only is he loyal to his friends, he’s also proven to be loyal to Yi Soo as well, and shows loyalty to not only to his late wife’s memory, but also her mother(!). It takes a good man to seek and continue a relationship with an in-law after their spouse has passed on. I’m not sure if his past wife prevents him from having a relationship with Me Ahri, I’d like to think that instead it’s due to his loyalty to Tae San that stops him.

    It’s a very big concern if your potential-girlfriend’s family isn’t comfortable with your dating. Not only would it put stress on you, it’d also end up putting stress your girlfriend, and her relationship with her family. Not to mention the stress that would come into the friendship between yourself and one of your best friends, her brother. And honestly, Tae San has very good reasons to object to their relationship. Me Ahri is an awesome character most of the time, and I love her interactions with the other characters, but when she is around Yoon she can be frighteningly obsessive. It would not be healthy to enter into a relationship like that, and Tae San is right to object their relationship.

    Whereas Yoon tries to avoid drama, Tae San relishes it. These past few episode, I feel like Tae San has been waving around problems as a way to test people. He totally tested Yi Soo in episode 7 by blatantly teller her that he likes Se Ra when he knew she liked him. And also, how could he get mad at Yoon receiving Me Ahri’s confession? It really wasn’t any secret. Her crush was about as subtle as getting hit by a bus. Why did he need to get so mad at Yoon?

    Which brings us to your biggest mess-up: What do you do when your girlfriend is in the hospital? Continue plotting more ways to blackmail your client? Oh. Huh. Okay, modification: maybe you don’t know she’s in there because she didn’t call you. Fine. But what about when her roommate calls to tell you that they’re in the ER? And then asks if you might want to check in? You’re seriously going to ignore it? All right, I get it. You finally figured out that your girlfriend isn’t the embodiment of kindness, and probably has a few screws loose upstairs, but she’s still your girlfriend. You might be having some issues, but she’s the fact still remains that she’s in the hospital. It takes a pretty heartless person to ignore that. This is pretty bad by itself, but when you couple it with how rudely you interacted and hung up on the concerned roommate it just became so infinitely worse.

    Seriously Tae San. Like, fifty points from Slytherin. By next week you’d have better get it together and issue out some apologies.

    • 21.1 come2noona

      “And also, how could he get mad at Yoon receiving Me Ahri’s confession? It really wasn’t any secret. Her crush was about as subtle as getting hit by a bus. Why did he need to get so mad at Yoon?”


    • 21.2 spjork

      Along with all the issues you mentioned above, Yoon is also refusing to accept Me Ahri’s feelings out of loyalty to and consideration for her because of his status as a widower. He knows that she could meet someone who would be “better” on paper and doesn’t want to burden her with his past baggage.

    • 21.3 umalily

      Tae San is an interesting character and I liked him initially fairly well. I also like how he loves his girlfriend. Yes he stands in the way of Mae Ri and Yoon but someone had to.
      “50 points from Slytherin” loved that!

  22. 22 Atiras

    curious to know if the writers are consulting with men for this show? i mean its all about the male perspective…

    • 22.1 Vernz

      I think so as it’s ‘gentleman’s dignity’

  23. 23 Atiras

    also is the fourth gal Kim Eun Hee, with who 3 of the F44 claim to have affair with the mother of Colin? whaddya folks think?

    • 23.1 hypersleep

      Love this question!! I’m not sure, but I think it’s either Tae San or Do Jin.

      If it’s Tae San, then later on this might be the perfect reason why Colin can’t pursue Me Ahri because incest

      But I think it’s probably Do Jin. He might not remember everything he did with his mom due to his condition, and have trouble coming to terms with it. Also, he might pass his illness on to his son, and that’s more drama.

      oh, this is fun 🙂

      • 23.1.1 Atiras

        Tae San doesnt seem to be the love’em and leave’em type! agree with so many comments regarding passive-aggressiveness. he also suffers from low self-esteem as he is not confident leaving se-ra in the company of other man (she is not helping with her cheating ways either but tae san does not know her escapades). i think he would have done well with Yi Soo’s wimpy nature as she would have been content with him alone.

        could be Do Jin or Jung Rok. i am hoping it will be the latter to bring in an added interest for Min Sook who now has to deal with a player hubby and a step son! it will add some depth to jung rok’s character if he steps up to the plate and acknowledges his son! 😉

    • 23.2 come2noona

      Yup. I think she’s Collin’s mom and the dad is……? I will put money on Do-Jin.

      • 23.2.1 Mystisith

        I bet on Do-jin too. The girl seated in front of him at the group date and she clearly liked him better.

        • dpacats

          yap, my guess is Do Jin as he’s clearly the only who’s not present when the guys brag about ‘that night’ with Eun Hee….

    • 23.3 DramaticTeacher

      I thinks she is and she is probably dead or something, and Colin is now looking for his father from pictures etc.
      But, if he doesn’t know who the father is, it means that Eun Hee did it with all the 4 guys of F44. That makes her kind of a bitch….

      But maybe he already knows who it is and they’re just teasing us.

      And I have to sat I love MeAhri, she is adorable with JungRo, with Yoon and with Colin. I wouldn’t mind if she ends up with Colin instead of Yoon.

      • 23.3.1 DramaticTeacher

        *I have to say, and I meant JungRok..

    • 23.4 pokepoke.monster

      ahh nice question! i was wondering the same thing… i was thinking it might be do jin, cause he wasn’t present when the other three mentioned eun hee as their first love. i think it’ll end up being a misunderstanding in the end though :O

    • 23.5 Abbie

      If you remember, Do-jin never said he slept with her. Jung-rok, Tae-san and Yoon said they did. Since he seems like the unlikeliest candidate (and because no one else is saying him) I think Yoon is Colin’s father. If Eun-hee is even Colin’s mother. Is she? I think it will be a nice twist to the drama if Yoon turns out to be his father, and he’s been jealous of Colin’s and Me Ahri’s interactions. Way more drama if Me Ahri develops feelings for Colin too. I can totally see Yoon giving up his feelings for Me Ahri in that case. Though it would be creepy, now that I think of it. Anyway, I’m putting my money on Yoon as the father!

      • 23.5.1 Kyla

        I guess those three were just telling a lie, none of them really slept with Colin’s mother. I guess it’s only DJ who really slept with Colin’s mother but it doesn’t mean that he’s the father of Colin but it will lead some misunderstandings.. My guess is none of them is really Colin’s father.

        • Dylan

          Me thinks the same! None of them is really Colin’s father.

  24. 24 Eliza

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Yoon was Colin’s father so if he and Meahri get married, he’d be her stepson!! LOL

    • 24.1 DramaticTeacher

      Woah, haha

    • 24.2 lea

      LOL. You’re right. That’ll be so funny and awkward if Me Ahri became his step mother

  25. 25 kimheami

    although i do love dojin and yoon.
    My favorite is dojin and jungrok. just because both of them are so playful and devious. bwahahahha

  26. 26 Ivoire

    Thank you Orangy911, I have been waiting for this, and mostly on your take on the Yoon-Me Ahri pairing. Thank you again…

    • 26.1 Atiras


      when we fall in love its often hard to make a well thought out call. the question is what happens when the thrill, the romance wears out and couples fall into routine living? will Yoon’s staid (although his cute fanboying adds a wonderful layer) personality will work with maehri’s efervescent (and a little immature) one? for me its not so much the age difference (it sometimes does matter but i think Yoon can keep up with people half his age in terms of physical fitness) as the differences in their personalities that makes for interesting speculations.

      not sure about the difference of age between Tae Kand ang Ji Ahn in IDID but there too I was wondering if the older person kept treating the younger one like a child, how will the romance take root down the road? Here atleast we see the physical attraction between the two!

      so love the subbers of AGD! saranghaeeeeeoooooooo dear subbers!!!!!

      • 26.1.1 Ivoire

        Hello Atiras and thank you so much for your comment. I do agree with you that true, lasting love and relationship has to stand the test of time and with it the tests that life throws our way, meaning when the romance is over, life settles in and reality settles in as well (all the things that you have listed).
        In Yoon-Me Ahri’s case, I still do think that they are good for each other. I agree with you that the age difference thing is not the biggest concern. I do think that they would be good for one another. Yoon strikes me as the angsty, *noble idiot*, loyal, dependable, loving and caring guy and very husband material (i.e. his relationship with his mother-in-law and the way he acts towards her, still). He is also tempered and calm and Me Ahri needs some of that in her life. Also, to be real, he is also financially secure, which is very good.
        Me Ahri is fun, bubbly, honest, loyal and caring. I do think she would be good for Yoon, because she doesn’t brood as much and she tends to bring sunshine. More importantly to me, she has the courage of her convictions (in this case her feelings for Yoon and she is loyal to them). Yoon could learn from her. I totally understand that this might be hard for him, getting into a new relationship, especially considering the obstacles Orangy911 so well described. However, this is also about his happiness and Me Ahri’s and in this case, he hasn’t been as courageous as she is (not yet). He said it himself: “He has been suppressing his feelings for the past two months” making sure he doesn’t act on them. I can appreciate that he would question if this would be right to do (getting together with Me Ahri) and he should give it some thought. However, this is Kdramaland and so we can safely assume that his feelings for her are sincere and we KNOW that he is a great guy (and a great catch),who can be funny (have you seen him dance, so cute and adorable. How can one resist that ? 🙂 ).
        I do agree with Orangy 911 that they DO balance each other out and that over time, they could (successfully) work on their differences which in their case (IMO) are good and manageable. I feel I have talked in circles but I hope I was able to explain myself. I DO think Yoon should fight for Me Ahri (to her brother and for her to see it and feel it, and to her family when he meets them), he shouldn’t just get her. She deserves to have someone fight for her, she is doing the same for him. He is the Oppa, he should fight to get her (all men should, IMHO 🙂 )

        Now regarding Kae Tan and Ji Ahn in IDID, a lot of things have to change for those two to have a successsful relationship, I agree with you. I personally feel that the change should come more from Ji Ahn than from Kae Tan because he is further along emotionally and has accepted things that she is still struggling with (being a mother, changes in her career, other areas of her life etc…). Look at how they react to the same situation/information. That tells us that Kae Tan is more willing to risk things (even though he doesn’t have all the answers) than she does. Her life plans are about to change and she is scared, understandably so, I would be too.
        What I REALLY like about KT is that so far (what we know of him), he has been consistent in his role as a son, and as someone who is curious about JA and falling in love with her (even though he hasn’t admitted his feeling to himself, which takes time, so again, I understand). KT has a heart and he shows it time and time again (he comes back with the umbrella in ep.1, he is protective of JA to his friend and colleagues, he tries to cheer her up when she is down, he gets her food when she has cravings and makes sure she eats, he prevents her from drinking and in the process makes a fool of himself by getting drunk, he genuinely cares about her and we see it. He cleans her place thoroughly and cooks for her, he lets her abuse him verbally and physically and even he questions why he does that, etc… How many men do you know who would do that 🙂 ?)
        KT is a great son, his dad said so and that is why he felt so bad being the reason behind some of the things KT suffered and he wants to make it up to him. In spite of all of that, KT doesn’t hold a grudge (KT doesn’t hold grudges in general, have you notice that :-), not to his colleague who told his secret, not to his friend who spilled it, not to his coworkers who demean him) and wants to see his dad happy. He values family deeply and he gets that from his dad. KT is willing to sacrifice for family and that is something JA doesn’t have/know.

        So, I do think KT and JA have a chance IF (and there are a few of those) JA grows and acknowledges that she sees him as a man (because we have seen that she lied about that) and starts treating him like one. The good news with KT is that he DOES have a LOT to offer, she just have to meet him half way. She will feel that she has a lot to loose, but that might not necessarily be the case. KT didn’t go to college, but he is not dumb. He needs someone to take him under his/her wings and teach and he has shown that he is hard working and willing to learn (remember how he polished and cleaned ALL THE SHOES, where did he learn that 🙂 ). So KT would be a good provider, given the opportunity. And he is soooo loyal (always a good thing in my book).

        So yeah, both have to grow (JA more so than KT, IMO) and their relationship needs to shift if it is to work out. Those are the different reasons why we are watching this drama, isn’t it? To see how/if they grow and how things will work out for all the characters involved. I am rooting for KT, all the way!!! 🙂

        Wow, I LOVE analyzing Kdramas, and you have just allowed me to do that. So thank you :-). I hope you are having/will have a great weekend!

        • Ivoire

          Also, I totally love Yoon (if that wasn’t obvious already) (and Me Ahri to an extent). Yoon is my kind of oppa (if I had an older brother/cousin, male relative kind of guy or friend) and my kind of guy. Would hate to see him get depressed though. I get the sense that he would take him a long time to come out of that funk, hence Me Ahri 🙂

          • Atiras


            i am leery about one individual relying on another to get them out of depressive state of things. its too much of a burden on the one who has to do the heavy lifting.

            yoon has a childish-silly side to him (fanboy act / momma’s boy act). i would like to think maehri can bring that side of him out more than his overly sensitive-depressing side 🙂

            nice to read your analysis though.

            the things that bugs me about ji an is how horribly she treats everyone around her. hope to see that change and fast.

            hope your weekend is going well!

  27. 27 linda

    Dojin and yoon <3333333333333

  28. 28 Cynthia

    I just LOVE these opening scenes in AGD. Seeing those ‘older’ faces wearing retro hairstyles and clothing is a hoot, to say nothing of the boys and their totally juvenile way of getting out of dates with the not-so-pretty.

    Shades of ‘Mama Mia’ with the appearance of Colin’s mother – particularly (and highly improbable) the alluded fact that she had sex with all four of them and now Colin has to figure out who the babydaddy is.
    I hope that it ends up to be Tae-san. Man/child needs to be taken down a few pegs, STAT. He’s one selfish dude.

    My favorite pairing? I don’t have one – it changes from ep to ep, and that gives credit to creative writing. The characters are never stagnant in their portrayals.

    Thanks for the recap. It was a fun read!

  29. 29 becca_boo

    Favorite F44 pairing? Is it even a question: Do-jin and Yoon, hands down. They’re like an adorable old married couple. Seriously, I could watch just the two of them for an entire episode, whether they’re bickering (adorably!) or having a serious discussion… about what each thinks is wrong with the other. So. Sweet.

    On the other hand, I’m increasingly frustrated with Tae-san. I agree with all you said, with the exception that I don’t actually think he’s a good boyfriend. Se-ra is far from perfect, but he’s no model of virtue, either. They’re both incredibly selfish, volatile, and possessive, and they both know it but don’t do anything to change. They’re probably going to be together in the end, anyway, but if they don’t both take major steps toward maturity and understanding (and dare I ask for trust?), I’m afraid I’m just not gonna care.

    Thanks for the recap and your great comments!

  30. 30 Mars

    My favorite pairing is jungrok & whoever:) his a joke of the bunch. One more night!!!
    Thanks for recapping,

  31. 31 Sunshine

    my favorite is jung rok and do jin.,,,love the two in the first part – picking up the girls at the sauna
    “since we are gentleman” lol love their expression on their face

  32. 32 Jules

    Personally, my favourite pairing (or possible pairing, really) at the moment is Yoon/Me Ah-ri, because I see chemistry between them and because I think she’d be good for him (whether he’d be good for her or not is another matter entirely).

    I find myself becoming increasingly annoyed with Se-ra, because she seems to be throwing away her friendship with Yi-soo over a simple crush, when she knows full-well that Yi-soo would never do anything about it. But then, I wonder if I’d be able to be magnanimous were I in her position… hm, it’s something to think about.

    (also: I couldn’t have been the only one to squeal a little – albeit silently – when Yi-soo started singing ‘Blue’, right? :))

    Thanks for the recap, orangy911!

    • 32.1 Atiras

      se-ra has a boat load of psychological problems! seriously its better not to have friends like her in one’s life.

  33. 33 kelinci biru

    Yoon of course! I started watching other Kim Min Jong dramas.

  34. 34 kirara

    AHHHH I love it ! Park Min Sook Jr!! Totally! 😀

    Answer to your question.. hard to decide but I think Do jin an Jung Rok only because they are super duper hilarious TOGETHER!!

    BUt yeah, I agree that its going to get a bit dark and murky now that Tae San knows Yi Soo likes him but I’m hoping the plot gets more messy now that its a triangle.. and I’m also frustrated a bit that Yi Soo doesnt act much, but if i was in her shoes, I would be wondering whether Do Jin is serious or not.. because he’s so sarcastic.. I wouldnt want to move forward to answering his feelings only to find he’s just toying with her and not at ALL have feelings for her.

    Ahh.. I hope the excitement rises this weekend.. Can’t Wait!!! Thanks for posting!!! 😀

    • 34.1 Leishers

      Hi @Kirara
      Your not the only one to say it, and I am not attacking you, please dont get me wrong. Its just that when I see the “I would be wondering whether Do Jin is serious or not.. because he’s so sarcastic..” I get to thinking what that has to do. people hide behind their sarcasm, jest and any little thing they can. But I would say that the only reason that should make Yi Soo wonder about Do Jin (du din LMAO) is the girl she saw at his house–His playboy mentality. But I think that she should see behind his sarcasm, especially when he gets into that mode of telling her things up front. There should be no misunderstanding there. When the real thing (love, not crush) comes around, we are unknowingly apprehensive. Ahh I dont know what to expect.

      • 34.1.1 kirara

        Well let’s hope she sees past his sarcasm and he does seriously pour out his feelings because he is sarcastic and yes at times he acts so “gentlemanly” (as this dramas title! :D) but when they zero in on his past we can see he’s been having struggles himself..

        But with that said. I agree that when the real thing comes around we are scared and not sure how to move forward..including myself, its hard to open up to others.. I just hope this drama teaches me a thing or two about how to move forward.

        Thanks for your input. 🙂

        • Leishers

          Hi @Kirara
          Yeah Do Jin is having struggles. But it is so true, when the real thing comes around we are so scared and always second guessing everything. But one thing is for sure, you’re always comfortable with the person. It is hard to open up to others, and sometimes when you think you have, you see that you’ve been holding a piece back all along. I realized that the other day. Self preservation? heheh.
          I hope you move forward, but at the pace thats perfect for you. Its never bad to be sure 🙂

  35. 35 Linda121

    I love Jung Rok! He’s one of my favorite! I love them all except for Tae San, I have a hard time liking him. I hope Yoon steps it up because I think I see colin as a potential for Me Ahri. And I think that Do Jin just might be the father…?

    • 35.1 JBB

      Do Jin being dad would certainly cause relationship issues for the OTP for a few episodes.

  36. 36 JustJen

    Whoo hoo! New Recap!

    Also, I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but what does f44 stand for?

    Finally, favourite F44 pair: Do Jin and Yoon, especially when Yoon is being all house-wifey.

    • 36.1 come2noona


      Just like there was the “F4” in “Boys Over Flowers” (the “Flower 4″…4 cute boys), there is the “F44” here. In this case F still stands for flower (good looking) and 44 refers not to how many there are, but to their approximate ages.


  37. 37 Luffy

    Uh I disagree with most of what you said. 1) I don’t find tae san to be too selfish. I think he’s raised his sister for a long time and is only trying to do what’s best for her. I don’t feel
    Ike he’s trying to make it about himself at all. I think he was surprised that yoon grabbed his hand because to him, yoon had no right to intrude on the way he handles his sister.

    2) I know this is unpopular, but I feel really grossed out by yoon and Me arhi. For one, hasn’t yoon mentioned multiple times that he’s watched her since she was a baby? What kind of relationship is that where someone who has been an adult figure to your whole life falls in love with you? I find that weird. Secondly, people like to say age doesn’t matter, but in reality it does. I really dislike the fact that me arhi acts so childishly. Seriously there was no reason an adult woman should break down in tears and start yelling her head off because of the opinion of two STRANGERS. Yoon is an adult with responsibilities and maturity. Me arhi has none of that. You expect me to believe that he finds her interruptions at work and constant obsession attractive? I’m 18 and I don’t even act like that. I feel like they have no real substance to their relationship. She worships him because she’s always looked up to him, but is worship and obsession love? No it’s not. I dont even see why he would fall for her other than the fact that she’s pretty and that this is a drama so there doesn’t have to be a legitimate reason to fall in love. I also feel as if the relationship is I’ll suited because the two are at two completely different phases in their lives. Yoon has already experienced a lot. He’s dated and been married he has a job now he’s transitioning into midlife. Me arhi just finished school, she’s never dated, she’s just gotten her first part time job, shes lived at home all her life and is still under the control of her older brother. She’s not even independent yet. Even though she is 24 she might as well be a teen again.

    In conclusion I am 100% against the romance and I will stop watching this drama because it turns my stomach. Sorry for the essay, but it really upsets me.

    • 37.1 mita

      You said what I need to say. I’m also 100% against Yoon/MR pairing because of the reasons you stated.

    • 37.2 Leishers

      Wait, I’m sorry. First of all I would like to say that I respect your point of view,a nd I am not trying to tell you to change it, or for you to watch the show but I really wanted to point out something: 1) Age really is just a number to some people. It all depends on what a person is looking for in a spouse, not everyone wants to be the same age because there is different attractions that people link with age. Everyone is different. In Meahri’s case, she see’s a stable guy who has always been there, who is considerate, and who is sure of himself. People do see security in that, and that could be Meahri’s case.
      2) Yoon Was a teenager, albeit almost out of high school, when Me Ahri was born. Just because he watched her growing up doesn’t automatically classify him as a pervert, or something of that nature. Someone who is 10 years older can watch you grown up. Just because they “Watched” you doesn’t automatically put in a perverse sense.
      3) Me Ahri crying at Yoon’s party might seem a bit juvenile, and trust me I too was like “ugh don’t cry, it makes you look childish”. But putting that aside, you see that that scene was vital because her frustration at everything–her brother, Yoon, the stigma that society places on a situation like hers–probably just over flowed. No one likes to have their way completely blocked at all turns. No one wants to constantly be threading against the tides. Her tears show her sincerity. She has love for yoon, not just a crush. But a love that’s totally innocent and filled with trust. Yes their age is different, but that doesn’t automatically means that they are at different points in their life. It is all about priority. And Meahri, as we’ve learned, has been pretty single minded–which may come off as obsessive to you.
      I am just trying to say that the age difference, him watching her grow up, doesn’t mean anything. You seem like a perfectly level headed mature person and you are only 18 years old. You have different standards and priority, thats cool, I respect that. But just because something else is different than how you would deem acceptable, doesn’t make it any less workable. If you lived back in the Victorian era and you were from a family of wealth, you entered the marriage market at 15, and your parents throw you at the richest, who would probably be in their late 20’s, early 30’s or 40’s. And there were some situation in which the girls married older. Well I am sorry for this long response, but I hope I could shed some light. I mean you may still not get it, and that’s okay. But it really is not gross. Liking a older guy is not sick, even if he did witness you grow up. Plus the role he was in, totally exempts him from being a creeper. He is the brothers friend, not the parents friend–and that happens at times. I don’t know if you get what I am saying, but I tried.

      • 37.2.1 Atiras

        Meahri’s outburst seemed like a ‘tipping point’ kind of a situation.
        1. she comes with a cake for yoon
        2. sees 2 appropriate age ladies with the men
        3. gets scolded by her brother in front of them (strangers cum rivals)
        4. cold shouldered by Yoon
        5. gets ridiculed by the said stranger cum rivals
        6. gets ordered by her brother to not drink and to go home

        i think the whole situation was just too much for her. personally, i would have ignored the women and told my brother to shut up. i also would have proceeded to get yoon to blow out the candles, cut the cake and eat it but thats just me 🙂

        • YOO

          I was so embarrassed i couldn’t watch that scene . Tae San lost major points with me in this episode by telling her that she should go home like she was a kid and then proceding by draging her out of there . I get that he’s protective of her but ugh if he was my brother – i would’ve been spitting murder .
          And then Yoon acting like she was merely some background music ! just this whole episode .

          • Atiras


            tae-san’s character is quite unappealing to me as a romantic interest. i dont like the man to act all protective and macho-jealous type. se-ra and tae-san are mutually destructive and incompatible. they bring out the worst in each other.

            also not appreciative of yoon. he must make his stance clear to all instead of dragging this out forever. but thats what dramas are all about!

  38. 38 sherry_laruku

    Kim Do Jin and Tae San are alpha males in this pack… so they won’t make a good pair with each other…

    Fave pair – Tae San & Jung Rok.. simply because they don’t mind wearing someone else briefs…

    Fave F44 would be Kim Do Jin… all the way, how can a 40 year ahjussi with unflattering body, no choco abs/muscle.. can be sooo damn sexy??

  39. 39 Abbie

    First, my favorite F44 pairing is Do-jin and Yoon!

    Second, I had a love-hate relationship with Yoon and Tae-san this episode. I get all the reasons why Yoon is not pursing a relationship with Me Ahri (his wife, his mother-in-law and Tae-san, plus all the other reasons) but, dude, come on. Are you really gonna stay single for the rest of your life? Do you really think your wife would have wanted that? And, Tae-san is just being jerky about the whole thing. Me Ahri is 24 years old. She’s perfectly capable of looking after herself, and making smart choices, and following her heart. She’s not, as she has pointed out numerous times, a little kid anymore. Tae-san just needs to trust her more, and not act a selfish, spoiled kid himself.

    Also, the Yi-soo and Do-jin relationship is going way too slow. Hurry up!

    Jung-rok I actually liked in this episode. Not that I don’t like him, I just found him annoying, previously. And I warmed a little towards his wife. I felt happy for her when Jung-rok acted like an actual husband in front of her frenemies. And Se Ra was okay in this episode. I pitied her a bit. There was no Colin in this episode. That sucked. I am really curious about his story. I bet he’s Yoon’s son. Just kidding, I don’t know who he is. I just hope his story line picks up a bit more.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

  40. 40 Im Ju [email protected]

    Do In and Yoon all the way!!!!!!

  41. 41 celie

    I really don’t like the Yoon and Me Ahri couple. I think she’s way too immature for Yoon. I usually don’t mind the age differences, but this is too much. She doesn’t even act her age… who cries like that?! I’m surprised he isn’t beyond annoyed with her at this point.

    As for Do Jin and Yi Soo… they really need to get together soon! Hopefully, their relationship progresses this weekend.

    Se Ra and Tae San… I didn’t like this couple before but I’ve grown to like Se Ra now that she has shown her true feelings for Tae San. At first, I thought she was just playing with him, but after she cried in the hospital, I felt like crying with her too! I hope Tae San doesn’t fall out of love with her. 🙁

    Min Sook and Jung Rok don’t get a lot of screen time together, which is sad. We need more Min Sook… she’s hilarious!

    • 41.1 Paloma

      I think there is a perfect balance between Me Ahri and Yoon. He is so mature, quiet, “in” and she is so young, expressive, extrovert, lively, full of energy.

      I know there is an “age gap” but who cares about that!!! It is not lovely and great when you find your real love in life?

      I really hope he will fight for her a bit more very soon, expressing his real feelings for her.

    • 41.2 Atiras

      se-ra’s tears could also be self-pity! she is used to tae san running after her all the time. its a quirk in their weird relationship. she sleeps/makes out with other men while in a relationship to affirm her self-worth.

      i am not sure what the writers are trying to do with her character. these kind of traits are hard to overcome in real life and yet she apologizes (rather deprecatingly) to yi soo and cries because the one time tae san refused to jump through her hoops.

      i wouldnt want this woman for a friend leave alone a romantic partner. too much psychotic baggage!

  42. 42 Helena

    thanks orangy911,

    the character of yi soo’s colleague – the school teacher is much more suitable for yoon’s character, but too late now.

    still don’t dig the yoon/maeri’s skinship enventhough jealousy plot is instill in yoon in epi 9 . he is still her big hyung.

    she still got this habit of using her teacher’s phone to send texts to her brother’s friend and three adults had to get involve in her fiasco and she staying away from her brother how long will it be ?

    and the future sis-in law, his brother has to beg his sister to text for her golf tournament !, immature for a 24 year old girl.

    • 42.1 Helena

      f44 pairing :-

      do jin and jung rok

      tae san and yoon

    • 42.2 Kla

      That’s why I’m against Yoon/Maeri pairing. She’s still immature and has to experience more in life. She’s only 24 years old and it’s a waste to just focus herself to a man who’s almost her father. If I were Tae san I will obeject to not only because of the age gap but Maeri is still very young and Yoon is not just somebody and had seen MR’s growth since birth. As Tae San said, he raised MR, almost his father so TS thought that Yoon being his friend should also treat MR same as that.

    • 42.3 Fatemeh

      Thanks for the recap.
      Actually I find the matter of love more important than a matter of life and death. can we even live without love? I don’t think it is shallow or uncomplicated.

      I don’t think MA is immature in not liking SR. She saw him kissing another man when SR was on a trip to the US with TS. How can MA like a woman who betrayed her brother while on a trip with him? Actually SR’s tears does not mean anything but selfishness. She can have temporary partners when ever she wants but TS has to be by her side always! And she even pushes those male friends of hers whom she takes home on YS. A betrayer in all senses SR is! Not like her at all!

    • 42.4 Beatrice

      orangy911, thanks

      mae ri love her teacher so much that she played with her handphone,

      and she thought that her brother with yi soo is so much better than with but

      and now we noticed yi soo going for do jin,

      so, nothing is permanent, love is temporary too!

      today you say I love you, few months later –
      don’t love you anymore ! ha ha. !

  43. 43 yossie

    Do Jin and Jung Rok!!

  44. 44 AGD Daebak!!!

    oh, i don’t need other people, i just want do jin to myself. He’s so cute!!!

  45. 45 June

    My fav F44 pairing is Jung Rok and Do Jin

  46. 46 Dylan

    Agreed! I’m one of Kim Min Jong’s loyal fans out there and once fantasized having Kim Min Jong acts in a character of matured man falling in love with younger woman but due to multiple trials and tribulations, the relationship goes wrong here and there but manages to end with a happy ending perhaps, a wedding.

    LOL Guess I should start writing during that time hah! but just keeps on fantasizing the way he’ll act it up and voila, AGD’s writer granted my fantasy~!

    Adore Yoon-Meahri the most in this drama (plus rooting for this drama since the filming had not been started yet just because Kim Min Jong is one of the cast LOL).

    The first thing I would do after downloaded the drama is, keep forwarding and search for Yoon-Meahri couple scenes, watch multiple times, then I’ll start watching the whole episode!


  47. 47 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! I thought this episode had the best flashback! At episode 8, I don’t think this drama is going to reach any kdrama heights in being memorable 2 or 3 or 4 years from now, but darn it, if it isn’t a very entertaining one. I love how the flashbacks and how they replace the swears with all these sound effects!

    My favorite F44 pairing is probably Do Jin and Tae-san. I love how they ganged up against that bastard in this episode. However, I think what I love most is how much they love Yoon. Yoon’s the one who doesn’t get hit or insulted as much and is the one everyone wants on his side.

    I really like Tae-san too though he annoyed me in the beginning of the episode regarding how he treated Meahri. His character feels the most real in that aside from his wealth (which isn’t very apparent), he’s pretty much your average joe. I don’t think he’s gone dark or anything. His way of turning Yi Soo down was a way to preserve her pride. He didn’t want to let her know that he knew (if Sera was a better friend, he wouldn’t have known in the first place), but he also didn’t want to accidentally lead Yi Soo on. His way of rejecting her was a way to let them move on quietly. And I can understand why he didn’t want Yoon to get with Meahri. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there is a a teensy bit of stigma in South Korea regarding marrying widowers if it is your first marriage.

    Regarding his attitude towards Sera- really crappy! He has dealt with enough crap from her. He should have also let his upset feelings go and just see to her at the hospital. I’d like to think if she was seriously injured, he would have shown up.

    Jung-rok rocked in this episode. Though he has a wandering eye, when he’s set on playing the part of Min-sook’s husband, he was super reliable and stepped up.

  48. 48 lilis

    hai, wow this heated conversation about age difference and immaturity is creeping me out, for me it doesnt matter at all. i like the pairing because it is a DRAMA first of all and this kind of situation really happens in reality ,and i am curious how will the writer will portray their relationship. speaking as an adult, the age between yoon and meari is not a big deal in today’s world. she an adult already with a bit over the sunshine spirit.well that what makes the drama shine a bit..right. if the pairing really happen, i am glad. maybe after this yoon can guide her to be more mature(hope so).but i guess there will be though roads ahead. If i am not mistaken meari is a bag designer. she did mention she is in the newspaper once if not mistaken besides working partime.like do jin said “ADOLESCENT DON’T MATURE, THEY JUST GROW OLDER” heeee…

    • 48.1 skelly

      That’s one reason why this won’t be a show I watch with my husband – he would be so insulted by the way they present these older men as juveniles in suits. It’s true, there are some men who just never grow up, but this isn’t true for all men and the ones who are “Peter Pans” are certainly nothing to smile over – they are a total pain to deal with, not cute at all. Maybe that’s why I just can’t get into the humor of this show, I have to deal with these jerks in real life.. . they are busy making my office a misery and divorcing my friends.

  49. 49 Paloma

    Watching episode 9!! Absolutely in love with the drama.
    Sooooooooo romantic. My heart is melted!!!!
    Changes in the game between Do Jin and Yo Soo!! At last!!!!

  50. 50 Solange

    widow = woman whose husband has died
    widower = man whose wife has died = YOON

    (apologies if this has already been corrected)

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