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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 9
by | June 28, 2012 | 138 Comments

This episode gives a great reversal and there’s some good drama that got me howling at my computer screen while wishing the episode wouldn’t end yet. It’s a quite dangerous situation, really. This is how addictions begin…


Jung Rok joins Tae San and Yoon in front of a locker room mirror and stars to pull out bottle after bottle of skin care products. Tae San and Yoon start to mock him for his girly tendencies but Jung Rok remains unruffled; a man’s gotta do what he has to do to stay handsome.

Do Jin enters the scene but abruptly puts his hand behind his back when he sees Yoon and Tae San making fun of Jung Rok. The guys catch Do Jin’s strange movement and make him show off what he’s hiding, which turns out to be a pink eye brow shaper. Lol.

Jung Rok tries to take the tool away from Do Jin as Tae San and Yoon slink back to the counter to steal some of Jung Rok’s lotions. Heh. You sillies.

Yi Soo interrupts Do Jin and Tae San’s conversation and Tae San quickly informs her that they’re here to finish Se Ra’s kitchen. He makes up an excuse to explain why Do Jin will be finishing the project and Yi Soo absentmindedly nods while congratulating Tae San and Se Ra’s one-year anniversary since they started dating.

She ignores Do Jin as she walks past the men but he calls out to her, saying that it’s nice to see her too. Yi Soo forces herself to turn around and greets him coolly before heading inside.

The guys watch her go inside and Tae San wonders if Yi Soo heard them talking. Do Jin playfully responds that they might finally go for the same girl after 40 years and Tae San replies they already fell for Eun Hee at the same time before.

Do Jin stiffens at Tae San’s words and quickly changes the subject. He asks what Tae San means to do about Yi Soo and Tae San says that if he were 20 years old, he would meet both women without thinking. If he were 30, he would have met both women after thinking for a little bit.

Now that he’s 40, however, he’s going to stay with Se Ra because she stands by him even though she probably wavers in her feelings from time to time.

After Tae San leaves, Do Jin asks the construction workers to leave and heads inside the house. Yi Soo asks how long the kitchen work will take and Do Jin responds that it’ll take at least a week. She heaves a sigh and then walks into her room to change.

She comes out in work attire and asks what she should do to help. He responds that she should sing because she has such an amazing voice. Hee. She ends up holding a bunch of nails in her hands for him to look through and he takes the chance to trace his fingers along her hands.

Do Jin asks her to hold a piece of wood still so he can drill it in place. She grabs it and then he puts his arms around her to drill the nails. Gah. He’s such a player. She squirms uncomfortably and he tells her that something else will get drilled if she keeps moving. Heh.

He continues to flirt with her which earns him a fist near his face. Kek. Yi Soo quickly laughs and asks brightly what she should do next. She winds up holding a light fixture against the ceiling as Do Jin screws it in.

She stares at him, surprised at how immersed he is while working. He glances down and she looks away. She warns him not to give her a surprise kiss or anything strange like that and he smirks. So that’s the kind of skinship she likes. Hehehe.

They finish working for the day and Do Jin asks Yi Soo to feed him. She replies that she’ll buy sandwiches since she can’t cook in the kitchen. While Yi Soo goes out to the store, Me Ahri stops by Do Jin’s apartment to drop off Yoon’s present. She laughs when she spots a flowery apron and then looks curiously at a clean set of dishes on the table.

As Yi Soo buys sandwiches, she thinks back to Do Jin and Tae San’s conversation earlier in the day. She had hidden behind the truck and then interrupted them to avoid hearing Tae San’s answer to what he would do now that he knows about Yi Soo’s crush.

She returns home to find Do Jin sleeping on the couch. She sits and observes him until he opens his eyes. He asks her if she bought delicious sandwiches and she says yes. He then asks if she can’t just like him and all he receives is a blank stare in response.

She tries to stand up but he grabs her arm to keep her from leaving. He asks if she looked at the new laptop and she lies that she didn’t. She stands up again but he man-handles her onto the couch. She ends up lying down on the couch as he comments that she looks like this on his bed too…

Yi Soo turns red and she reaches out to give him a good smack but is blocked again. He laughs that she must really like violent skinship and tells her to check the laptop for a folder labeled “Do Jin’s Private File.”

She quickly responds that she didn’t see anything like that and he grins like the Chesire Cat. So she did open the laptop. Hahaha.

He tells her to open the file and asks if he can take the sandwiches. She looks up at him in surprise; is he leaving now? Haha. Wrong question. He wonders if he should stay over for a sleepover since she seems so sad about him leaving and she rushes him out the front door. Heheh.

Do Jin murmurs that he really doesn’t want to leave as he drives home. Oh you lovesick puppy. At the same time, Yi Soo ponders over what to wear to class the next day but keeps getting distracted by thoughts of Do Jin.

A bag falls out of the closet and she reaches down to see the partially unraveled sweater dress. She smiles at the memory of her first meeting with Do Jin. However, her mood changes when her phone indicates that “Mom” is calling. She ignores the call. Ah, yes. We can never have too many parenting issues in dramas, can we.

Yoon comes home to see flowers and Me Ahri’s present on his desk. He opens the card which reads “I’m sorry for ruining your birthday. It’s late but happy birthday.”

Min Sook comes out of the bathroom after a shower to see Jung Rok with a rose in his mouth as he lounges on the bed. Puaha. He tells her that he’s being a good boy today, while walking towards a table to pour some wine.

She ignores his request to sit with him at the table and climbs into bed. Jung Rok’s eyes sparkle and he comments that she moves fast. Bahaha. He climbs into bed with her and she tells him to stretch out his arm so she can use it as a pillow.

In a disappointed tone, he asks if she’s just going to sleep and she orders him to pat her gently until she falls asleep. He awkwardly follows her commands and she sighs.

Min Sook: This is all I wanted from you. Not something hot, but something warm.
Jung Rok: What’s something warm?
Ming Sok: It’s being next to me and patting my back until I sleep. Then when I wake up, I see your face first thing in the morning.

Jung Rok studies Min Sook’s face as if seeing her in a different light. She tells him that an entire season has passed and all she did was dislike him. He says nothing in return.

Me Ahri and Colin step into a restaurant and see Yoon with his evil colleague having lunch at another table. Me Ahri marches up to the table behind the two lawyers and purposely sits in the chair closest to Yoon. Colin wonders what the relationship is between her and Yoon.

Me Ahri replies that they’re a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. Erm. Without the dying part, right? Colin informs her that she can observe Yoon better if she switches seats but she replies that she wants to be close to Yoon. At that, Yoon springs up and tells his colleague that he’ll head into the office first. D’aw. Me Ahri sadly watches him leave.

Later, Colin speaks to his mother on the phone. He comments that Korea is great and then begs her to unfreeze his credit card. Heh. Tae San and Do Jin pass him by as they head out to lunch and he whips out the picture of his mom and F44. Wait. Are you searching for your father without your mom knowing? ‘Cause…couldn’t she just tell you? Or does she not know either…wah…confused.

Tae San watches Se Ra play golf on his phone during lunch and Do Jin urges him to cheer her on in person. Tae San shakes his head no, even as he worriedly observes the game. Meanwhile, Se Ra looks around for Tae San at every putting green.

Do Jin comes back to the office and commands his employees to drop what they’re doing and work on a special project. He then calls Jung Rok and Yoon to inform them that they need to save Tae San’s love life. They head to the tournament in Betty but see Tae San’s car swoosh past them on the highway.

Some time later, Se Ra looks around again for Tae San, who actually shows up. They look at each other lovingly but get distracted when the other three guys run over to hold up a huge pink sign that has words of encouragement on it for Se Ra. Hehe. They’re such dorks. After the tournament ends, Se Ra and Tae San hug and reconcile.

The gang heads to Jung Rok’s bar to celebrate Se Ra placing 11th in the tournament. Jung Rok and Yoon wonder why Yi Soo isn’t joining them and Se Ra awkwardly says that she’ll call her right now. Tae San follows Se Ra out to the hallway and assures her that she doesn’t have to do anything if she’s uncomfortable. It’s her day. She pats his shoulder and tells him that she’s okay.

After he leaves, Se Ra calls Yi Soo and states that everybody wants Yi Soo to come over to Jung Rok’s bar. However, she entreats that Yi Soo retrain from coming because it will make her and Tae San uncomfortable. Ugh. You two selfish beings belong together.

Yi Soo ignores Se Ra’s request and replies that she’ll go to the bar. Se Ra and Tae San need to face her sometime. Her eyes start to wander towards the shoes that Do Jin bought her and she informs Se Ra that she’ll be there soon. I have a really bad feeling about this.

Some time later, Yi Soo walks into the bar and Do Jin’s eyes widen when he realizes that she’s wearing the special pink heels. His face lights up with hope and he grins widely. OH CRAP. Please turn around.

Yi Soo sits down and commends Se Ra for getting out of her slump. Se Ra snipes that Yi Soo came pretty fast, as if she was getting ready to come when she called. Tae San jumps in and nervously asks if Se Ra is ready to go home yet. Se Ra replies that she wants to drink more while glaring at Yi Soo.

Jung Rok comments that Yi Soo looks different and wonders if something good happened today. Do Jin happily responds that Yi Soo really does look beautiful, especially because high-heeled shoes give women wings. She gives him a guilty look which he misses in his giddy state.

Jung Rok and Yoon continue to praise Yi Soo but Tae San cuts them off; how dare they lust after their umpire. Jung Rok responds that his words are habit, not lustful. Kekeke.

Yi Soo smiles and comments that it feels good to have Tae San defend her. It’s no wonder a lot of girls like Tae San. Se Ra looks up at Yi Soo in alarm but Yi Soo plows on by saying that Tae San is quite popular with the girls. Even she liked him at one point.

Everyone freezes at those words and I hit pause for five minutes. I don’t want to watch this. Noooo. Yoon’s mouth drops and he looks at Tae San and then Yi Soo. Jung Rok then laughs that Yi Soo is praising Tae San too much.

Do Jin stares at Yi Soo in confusion but she ignores him. She insists that what she just said was true. She used to like Tae San before he and Se Ra started dating. She finally drops the bomb by saying that now, her world is full with Do Jin’s presence. She informs everyone that she and Do Jin are dating. EFF!!! You went there. I’m going to cry for Do Jin in a corner now.

The boys start to congratulate Do Jin and Tae San remarks that he should have told them before. He quickly excuses himself to the bathroom and requests Yi Soo to come with him. When they walk into a separate room, he whirls around and reminds her that she was to wear the shoes when she was sincerely ready to return his feelings for her.

She quickly states that she’s sorry and she can explains but he cuts her off to reject the apology. She pleads with him to understand and he angrily responds that this isn’t the time for him to be understanding.

Do Jin: I really like you but that doesn’t mean you can use me.
Yi Soo: It wasn’t meant to be like that.
Do Jin: But that’s how it turned out. I admit that I was wrong too. I lied that I fell for you at first sight. When I first saw you, I wanted to sleep with you. But the more I saw you, the more I started to fall for you. I started thinking that we could be together for a long time even as I was accepting chocolates that were meant for another man.
Yi Soo: Se Ra and Tae San’s relationship was rocky because of me. So..
Do Jin: So I wasn’t considered when you thought about who would be hurt because of you.
Yi Soo: I wanted to make peace…
Do Jin: Peace? I don’t care about that. My pride and my feelings are more important to me. I still like you but not enough to accept this kind of treatment.

They leave the bar and he requests that they not see each other again and drives off, leaving her shell-shocked in the parking lot.

Yi Soo sits on the bathroom floor and memories of Do Jin start to swirl around her head. The flashbacks are accompanied by bubbles which start to shatter as she realizes that she hurt someone she really cares about.

Tears start to roll down her cheeks as she cries out “I’ve liked him all this time. I like him.” Se Ra pounds on the door outside when she hears Yi Soo crying but receives no answer. ARGH. This all started because of YOU.

Min Sook walks around her art gallery when the sound system cuts off. She hears a familiar voice singing throughout the store and we see Jung Rok in the security room strumming a guitar while singing his heart out. Min Sook starts to tear up. Aw.

The next morning, Yi Soo waits outside Do Jin’s office and she lights up when she sees Betty heading into the parking lot. Do Jin gets out of his car and checks his messages. He sees Yi Soo’s text but puts his phone back into his pocket.

Yi Soo walks slowly to Do Jin but he gives her the cold shoulder and quickly goes inside the office. She spends the entire day waiting for him but ends up leaving late at night without seeing Do Jin. He watches her walk home from his office window.

Yi Soo comes home and Se Ra asks about the kitchen. Yi Soo explains that it’s a one-year anniversary present from Tae San and gives a half-hearted “congrats.” Before she heads into her room, Se Ra bluntly tells her that she knows Operation “Dating Do Jin” is made-up.

She goes on to say that she heard Yi Soo crying the other night. She now believes that Yi Soo is a sincere friend who won’t mess up her relationship with Tae San. I’m so close to hurting you right now…

Yi Soo changes the subject quickly and informs Se Ra that she’s currently looking for another place to stay. Se Ra replies that Yi Soo should just stay. She doesn’t think she’ll have her deposit by next month either.

Meanwhile, Yoon packs for the baseball game tomorrow and Do Jin asks if Yi Soo will be the umpire tomorrow. Yoon nods and Do Jin quietly mumbles that he misses her. He wants to see her but also doesn’t want to see her, which makes Yoon (and me) question his friend’s sanity.

At the baseball field, Yi Soo cheerfully greets the other players but stops in her tracks when she sees Do Jin in baseball gear practicing his swing. A smile plays across her lips and she warmly says hi to Do Jin.

She comments that he must have been very busy yesterday and he replies that he left late because someone that he didn’t want to see was waiting outside. She blinks in surprise. Is he not here because he’s not mad at her anymore? Oh, lordy. Really? You don’t get off that easily…

He scoffs; she’s not important enough to move around scheduled appointments. He moves away from her and she looks after him while heaving a disappointed sigh.

F44 and their teammates get pummeled by the other team and the score is soon 2 to 7. Cheerleader Me Ahri puts on another energizing performance to pump up her oppas, which makes Se Ra wrinkle her nose at how stupid Me Ahri looks.

Me Ahri scolds Se Ra for being such a downer and challenges her; can she cheer any better? Se Ra rips off her jacket and starts to chant “Im Tae San,” which distracts the opposing team and embarrasses Tae San.

The tide begins to turn as the other team loses their focus because of the loud cheering from the pretty girls and the game goes to F44. They decide to go to dinner to celebrate the win but Me Ahri nervously chirps that she has other plans tonight, after a stern glance from Tae San. Ugh. I want more Yoon and Me Ahri and less of you and your annoying girlfriend.

At the restaurant, Yi Soo tries to get Do Jin’s attention but he keeps avoiding her. When he reaches for a side dish, she puts the entire plate in front of him only to have him slam down his chopsticks. Yoon observes the entire exchange with a worried expression.

Yi Soo texts if they can talk after dinner but Do Jin refrains from answering the message even though he sees it. She hesitates for a little bit before interrupting Do Jin’s conversation with an employee to point out that he got a text.

The employee turns away to let the two have some privacy and Do Jin motions for her to come towards him. She leans across the table and he whispers one sentence into her ear:”Don’t flirt with me if you’re not going to sleep with me.”


There was a criminal lack of Yoon and Me Ahri today which made me quite sad. On the other hand, we had two great scenes with Jung Rok and Min Sook. It was surprising to see Min Sook’s vulnerable side and I think Jung Rok was also taken aback at how honest she was about what she wanted from him.

Jung Rok is probably the least mature out of all the four guys. He’s hilarious and perfectly honest about his faults which I love, but he also takes Min Sook for granted. She’s actually quite insecure and sensitive beneath the icy, snobby demeanor and it made me a little sad when she talked about how she just wants something warm from Jung Rok.

He’s really into the hot, unpredictable side of romance whereas Min Sook just wants stability. He can act the part of the perfect husband (like when she’s at her meeting with her friends), but we’ll see if he can actually become the part.

Whoo. Yi Soo. I had to stop watching when I saw her come into the bar with the pink shoes on. The look on Do Jin’s face and how quickly it changed from surprise to elation to confusion and then anger was astonishing. I still can’t believe that she played around with his feelings like that.

Honestly, she could have come in without the shoes and still pretended that she and Do Jin were dating. I don’t even understand why she had to go out of her way to make Tae San and Se Ra feel secure about their relationship. If they feel threatened by a woman (who by the way has said OVER AND OVER again that she doesn’t want to interfere), then that’s their problem. It shows that they lack faith in each other.

Also, Se Ra knew that Yi Soo was lying. Wouldn’t that bring us back to square one? “Your crying in the bathroom made me believe in your sincerity?” What kind of crap is that? I’ve said that I cared for Tae San and Se Ra the least and now I just find them insufferable. Please go aawayyyy.

I know that something needed to push Do Jin over the edge so that he could turn away from Yi Soo, which would help her realize that she’s liked him all along. I get the plot point and that it’s a necessary evil for us to move along, but did she really have to hurt him like that? Sigh. It’s time for Yi Soo to pursue Do Jin and I hope he doesn’t give in too easily.

Lastly, apologies for the delay! Life put on its crazy hat and wouldn’t take it off for the past couple of days. I’ll try to finish up the next recap soon.


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    Shin Poom Syndrome ^_^
    I also have it

    • 1.2 MsB

      Me too. I own it!

      • 1.2.1 kakashi

        is it Saturday yet??? lol

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      Shin Poom Syndrome is taking over the world!

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      Or should I borrow from Big and just say ‘Hoi Hoi!’

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      haha yes….and it’s only episode 10. This drama is going to kill me, isn’t it?

  2. Sunshine

    poor do jin…his last line i dont know if i am hurting with him or squealing in the corner

    • 2.1 OMG

      Honestly i think she deserved it…she hurt his feeling really really REALLY bad…n in front of his friends too!!

      • 2.1.1 memyself

        yeah, she did that. and I was mumbling and cursing at the monitor all the while telling Yi soe what an ass she was at that moment .. haha

  3. linda

    Thank you for the recap. The bathroom bubble scene is awesome and touching. This drama is slowly growing on me.

    • 3.1 July

      Me too. I always love it when the bubbles make an appearance.

      • 3.1.1 deasy

        yes more over when the bubbles break one by one and then YS start crying, my heart ache. the background sound at that time is great. the ost is daebaakkkk….

        • memyself

          I liked everything about that scene especially the breaking of bubbles, when the illusion shatters and the realization sets in .. and the ost is as awesome. i like that song.

    • 3.2 memyself

      yup. the bubble scene was pretty awesome. i liked it a LOT

  4. mtoh

    orangy911, nothing much but you have little mistake in numbers…

    Btw DJ is a man, and he realized he can’t keep up with her worse then MR childish act.

  5. livvy

    Been waiting for this. Thanks for doing it 🙂

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    Thank you very much for the recap 🙂

    OMG Yi Soo What Did YOu Do!?! . . . 🙁

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    Orangy, I adore you!!! Thank you <3

    And Do Jin's look of adoration and elation was absolutely gold <3 I was cringing in my seat just knowing how hurt he was going to be! GAH arrow to my own heart

    • 7.1 July

      I loved how it even seemed like his eyes sparkled. He has very expressive eyes and he captured all the various emotions perfectly. I really felt bad for him when he realized that she didn’t put the shoes on for him. But, like orangy911 stated, that scene was needed for Do Jin to distance himself from YiSoo, so that she can then realize how much he actually means to her.

    • 7.2 JoAnne

      oh, he looked SO HAPPY. Like someone gave him a puppy on his 5th birthday. It broke my heart.

  8. bubble

    omg Jang Dong Gun is such a good actor, I’m currently trying to get my hands on everything he ever did…

    • 8.1 lennonfrk

      Watch Chingu—I own it and it makes me cry every time. He’s really good in that. Also, All About Eve is good. I’ve liked him for a long time and this show is just reaffirming why.

    • 8.2 mita

      Watch Taegukgi, Typhoon, Friend and 2009 Lost Memories, he’s amazing in those movies.

      For his dramas, All About Eve, Medical Brothers and The Final Match are enjoyable to watch.

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        Taegukgi with Won Bin is the best!!!

        OMG! this drama is very addictive to me.

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      he recently did a hollywood movie ‘the warrior’s way’. nothing much but watched it just for JDG.

  9. MsB

    The range of emotions on Do Jin’s face when Yi Soo walk in was AMAZING! Amazing acting! I felt his elation, happiness and then like a rock falling off a cliff, I felt his disappointment and angry. I was mad with him! Boy, that was the wrong thing for her to do! Meari/Yoon, I’ll be excited about that relationship when she grows up! Tae San/Se Ra, what a couple of buttholes! As far as Jung Rok and Ming Sook, they almost stole the show! And who does not love the prologues!

    • 9.1 mtoh

      This is why face and body need to work together to have great acting… They deliver, oh they deliver.

      She stepped on his heart and didn’t bother to turn back, ooo, DJ reaction approved.

      Rocky you Peter Pan, never leave Neverland!

    • 9.2 kakashi

      I feel a bit sorry for young Lee Jong-Hyun, whose acting is bleh to begin with – but with such a cast next to you, it becomes so glaringly obvious … I fear we’ll see more of him in the upcoming episodes, so I hope he’s a fast learner

      • 9.2.1 mtoh

        Hehehe, can we say Idol for him…
        He can get some good tips…watch and learn.

        I think we’re on the road of Mamma Mia. . .

    • 9.3 mita

      That’s why I like JDG so much because he’s really trying to give his all when he acts.

      When I saw YS came to the bar with those heels, I already wanted to cry because I know what’s coming. Poor DJ, his happiness is shortlived, really dislikes YS in this episode.

      • 9.3.1 skelly

        I was actually glad it happened. He’s pretty much been a pushy jerk when it comes to women, and I really felt he had it coming.
        I don’t blame her that much because all along he has made it really difficult to believe he was sincere. He’s been in full-out flirt mode since the moment they met. It’s like the boy who cried wolf, how do you know when a player isn’t playing any more? And what he said at the end shows that he really hasn’t changed. He’s going to ignore her/treat her rudely unless she sleeps with him? Really?
        At least she finally sees what she did wrong, and how her behavior was hurtful. As for him, he never seems to realize how his behavior may hurt others, because he is always right.
        I’m sorry, I know I should be on this guy’s side by now, but I still see him as a self-absorbed jerk.

  10. 10 ani

    Thanks for the recap orangy911! Though I feel sorry for Do Jin I have to say that he sort of had it coming. I found his overbearing ways a bit creepy. So for once he was the one used by a woman. Can’t wait to see how they’ll make up !

    • 10.1 kewbie

      Thank you for saying that! I totally agree.

      • 10.1.1 trotwood

        Thanks for this. I thought I would be the only one who thought this, too. AS much as I have come to have a soft spot for Sir Smexyness, I really needed him to feel some hurt sometime. He has been in pursuit drive this entire time, feeling disappointed by her “distraction” for his friend, but not really threatened or bothered. . . so confident that she will eventually just fall into his hands at any moment. This really bothered me. I have not really liked Yi Soo’s character that much up to this point ( I like her more when she is with the students and with her friend than when she is with him), but I do understand why she did what she did. her first priority is not him but her two friends with whom she has been firends for a long time. He is hurt, as he admits, because his pride is hurt and his pride is still more important to him than she is. So know, I do not feel that he is justified in being so angry.

        I do not like where this is heading. I do not want her to turn back into another puppy woman with a one-sided love for Do Jin. She won’t even get a friendship out of this one. I would rather she spend ONLY one episode feeling sorry and then trying to move on . . . perhaps with the younger boyfriend idea? Do Jin also needs to understand that he should not get his own way in every relationship he has. He seems to get that from both his male friends and his female companions.

        Besides, I want a brooding shower scene!! We are owed.

        • Mystisith

          I don’t see things like you: You say YS should protect the friendship. What friendship? A roommate who is just toxic for her (at this point in the story) and a guy she had a crush on but who is just an acquaintance to me (if he couldn’t even see that she loved him, it means a lot to me). YS friendship is as unrequited as her previous crush on Tae-san. Personally, I would move and let them alone in the house. On the other side, a guy madly in love and sincere waited for her for eternity. I wouldn’t hesitate a second if I was her.

          • trotwood

            I think Do Jin is only as sincere as he can be, but I don’t really believe he even understands what sincerity means to her. Remember he was the one who slep with another woman while proclaiming his obsession with her. I agree that it would be best for her to move out. “I” do not believe in the friendship, but YS does, so that choice (as much as I don’t like it) makes sense for her.

            I do want YS and DJ to eventually get together, but I still think that Do Jin is far too conceited to give another person the sincere relationship that he seems to want in return.

  11. 11 sabriyahm

    I hate Yoon and Me Ah Ri. There relationship is creepy to me. I also like Im Tae San and Se Ra. (him more then her) So they are insecure. Who isn’t? And I agree that Yi Soo needs to do she pursuing now. She really did a pretty terrible thing to someone she knows cares for her. I must admit sometimes I read these recaps/comments and feel old. This Yoon/ Me Ah ri love is something I can’t understand. The 16 year age gap is bad enough. But I could live with it if they were in any way equals. They are not. She is an immature child. She seems less mature then the average 24 year old. She seems like a teenager to me. maybe its because I have a teenager but I would pity Yoon if he ended up married to her. WHo wants to be stuck “raising” your spouse.

    • 11.1 fionnula

      People love the Yoon/Me Ahri ship because of the cuteness. She genuinely loves him and there are definitely affectionate feelings on his side as well. But you can tell he tortures himself as being not good enough because he’s far older than she is. Though to tell the truth, having watched episode 10, your comment about her immaturity is true. But you can tell that there is something there. If they both have quite positive feelings towards each other after all the time they’ve known each other, there is hope.

      • 11.1.1 Mina Park

        I agree with you fionnula, they are a cute couple and there is a genuine love between them. I was a little wierded out by the couple too at first, but I think they have a great chemistry that has totally pulled me in! I guess we will see how the story develops, I think ep. 10 left it open to go either way.

        Sidenote, I don’t see Meahri and Collin at all as a couple…there hasn’t been anything there it seems. Curiostiy on his part of her connection to the 4 men, and on her part, a distraction from Yoon, but nothing romantic at all.

      • 11.1.2 imcun

        age gap really doesnt matter nowadays .. as long as both parties loved each other .. yeah i opposed about the relationship at first, but think that Yoon is a widow with no child so why not .. and Yoon’s face are like 30 something and not 40 something makes them a great couple .. maybe better than Yi Soo and Do Jin couple 🙂

    • 11.2 MsB

      Like one blogger, he would become a single parent! Best line ever!!!!

      • 11.2.1 gretac

        very funny!
        however, I’d like to point out that any of the women who marries any of the other 3 of the F44 becomes (has become, in MS’s case) a single parent too!!

    • 11.3 umalily

      I don’t like Me Ah Ri half the time. She’s immature and annoying. When she cried at the restaurant that she didn’t see Yoon leave, it was like nails grating on a chalk

      • 11.3.1 W&S

        Yeah…that crying/wailing scene at the bar really put me off. I can handle her being cute other times, but the crying scene…she does act like she’s 16…and it might be OK if Yoon acts like he’s 20, but he’s a quiet mature guy.

        I just don’t see this happening.

    • 11.4 sherry_laruku

      Me Ah Ari is Little Min Sook. Yoon doesn’t need to raise her. ^_~

  12. 12 DMKO

    Thank you orangy911 for your recap, have been checking several times a day for your comments! Do Jin last comment made me feel kinda yucky, even though Yi Soo was really thoughtless using him like that.

  13. 13 Mars

    Thank you!!! Jungrok can sing good! Poor DJ his so hurt but still misses her:(

  14. 14 toystar

    The Do Jin & Yi Soo bar seen I couldn’t watch it 2 uncomfortable. I knew it would be painful and I am not sure if she’s actually that cruel or just clueless. He was honest about his feelings and saved her from so many embarrassing situations. Why hurt the man you love? Thanks for the recap!!!

    • 14.1 skelly

      Like Yi Soo, I am not at all convinced that he is really in love. And his final comment about her not showing him attention unless she was ready to sleep with him, did not help in the least. If you truly love someone, that is NOT what you say to them, even if your feeling are hurt. He’s just his same old manipulative self.

  15. 15 trkn91

    I was waiting for your recap for days…long days…too long days… 😀 this drama is addictive,searching for ep 11 preview for days…long days…too long days…But still it didn’t show up ! argh ! JDG’s face expressions are priceless.I think that’s my first time watching him,but already he took my heart.No wonder he is loved by thousands.kkkkkkk

    • 15.1 MsB

      My first time too! Now I want to watch everything he has done!

      • 15.1.1 trkn91

        Yea,me too.Just checked dramawiki to see where he acted before.

    • 15.2 deb

      supposedly collin drops the “ONE OF YOU IS MY DAD” bomb on all 4 of them…dun dun dun…

      • 15.2.1 anonymous

        This is like Mama mia except that it’s a daughter instead of a son. I’ m beginning to like it. I liked JDG in “All about Eve”.KHN, I’m starting to warm up.

      • 15.2.2 trkn91

        isn’t it too soon ? i want to see more romance between YS&DJ 😀 and the video preview isn’t out yet.

  16. 16 Kyla

    I loved this episode, so much angst which makes the drama more interesting to watch. JDG and KHN really own their characters and I was really affected emotionally watching their scenes.

    Thanks orangy911 for recapping this series, loved it.

  17. 17 kimbapqueen

    Oh goodness. I HATED almost everyone in this episode. The only people that I enjoyed watching were min seok, jungrok, and do jin. I couldn’t even bear to see the scene where yi soo wore those heels. It irked me that much.

    • 17.1 mtoh

      I love the way MS step on Rocky, she let him feel his smart, but she says one word and his puppy…hahhaha

    • 17.2 skelly

      Same here – I actually found that the only person I really liked in this episode was Min Sook – who would have thought…!

  18. 18 kewbie

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  19. 19 lennonfrk

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    • 19.1 deb

      Best bromance ever.

    • 19.2 sherry_laruku

      I love the sound effects by Jung Rok.. Tok! Tok!

  20. 20 lovedramas

    I was so mad at Yi Soo for using Do Jin like that. Sure, he’s a total jerk half the time, but I still didn’t think it justified her doing that and plus, it accomplished just about nothing. It’s like Sera cares that she did that. TS and Sera … urgh – they need to get a life. What is with Yi Soo? Why does she have to prove that she doesn’t like TS.

    I also know that this plot point had to happen but doesn’t mean I like it. LOL.

    JDG – you are so swoon worthy… love him way more now than before back when I saw his last drama. 🙂 Gets better with age 🙂

  21. 21 Aera

    Is it just me or is there a decided prejudice against more ‘traditional’ older man – younger woman relationships around here? Why is it so adorable and swoonworthy when a young guy falls in love with an older lady but only creepy and predatory when a mature man falls in love with a younger girl? I honestly don’t get it… I love fantasizing about younger men just as much as the next woman but the truth is that most women fall in love with and get married to older men. Still, age really is just a number so why not enjoy the drama instead of getting hung up on it (and this goes to the people hating on noona – dongsaeng dramas as well)?

    • 21.1 urbanscrappy

      I was reading the comments and thinking the exact same thing.
      Just because you’re the same age doesn’t mean you’re at the same place emotionally. Even if you are is that a good thing? Every relationship is different, some thrive on similarities between partners, some on the differences. If it works, I think anything should go. Just because he’s older doesn’t mean they can’t connect and it be real.

    • 21.2 MsB

      See, its not the age difference of 16 years; the remarkably difference in maturity level! If Meari can go through one scene without whining and crying; I’d be happy! Yoon lost his wife early in their marriage. He does not need a child to raise but a partner. That is my objection. I’d have the same objection if the female was older and the male was younger. She needs to grow up and I hope there is some turning point in the drama that she does! I like it but for Yoon at this moment, no.

      • 21.2.1 sally_b

        my two cents— Meari’s character has been intentionally written as immature and *should* be having some kind of character arc based on her experience of having loved & lost. (temporarily, in my opinion— I think the writer intends this couple to happen in the 11th hour)

        Yoon is widowed and broody…c’mon, a man who wears a floral apron to make his flatmate breakfast is a man who is clearly in need of a home and someone to take care of.

        Meari is cheerful and openly expressive…including fits of boo-hooing. To be honest, if her brother would step away from his self-interested denial…..he could keep one of his dearest friends AND his sister by his selfish side.

        I like that the story has so many couple angles and areas for growth and development. (though I would happily receive an epi or two without much of the TaeSan/SeRa couple) Selfishness & *lording it* over others does nothing for my entertainment value. cheers ~

      • 21.2.2 pohonphee

        Truthfully it is not about the age but maturity. The reason why I don’t really get what’s about noona and dongsaeng relationship that make it is so popular in dramaland because they seem like to potray this nam dongsaeng as highschooler or jobless or so much dependable on his parents, whining every time he meets a problem and throw tantrum and hissy fits when he gets jealouse. And the noona has to be his tree who doesn’t waver? She has to be one who has to become even more mature when she chooses to be in the relationship, resque him every time and has to be one who more understanding. I don’t want my self have a partner in relationship that feels like I have a kid instead. I want to be supported sometime like I want to be one that my partner can turn to and depend upon when the time is calling. It is not about the age at all. But most dramas have intent to make that statement but go back ward in the potrayal.

        • skelly

          Here here! I don’t like the relationship here and I don’t like it in I Do I Do for the same reason – you have this huge gap not just in years but in experience and maturity level. It’s almost as bad as this Jdrama about a teacher and her student that totally gave me the creeps.

  22. 22 subject

    This is the first time since I’m watching writer’s Kim dramas (and believe me, I watched them all) that I absolutely HATE the female lead’s character. I always stay away from the Hong Sisters for this reason: I can’t bare to watch STUPID woman. it’s beyond clueless and beyond naive. She’s plain stupid.

    I don’t care how much from now on she’ll be perfect and understanding and carrying to Do Jin, cause it’s obviously they will end up together, I would never forget how AWFUL and STUPID she was in the pub. First of all, Se Ra asked her not to come, and she came (Yes, Se Ra had all the rights to ask her that. It was her celebration and there is a terrible tension between her and Sa Ra&Tae San). Second, from the moment she entered, she did not shut up. And God, how much nonsense can you put in 6 sentences? How the hell, a 36 years old woman has no sense of place and situation she be at? How she did not notice they all felt uncomfortable and how the hell is she cruelly hurt the only man standing next to her from the beginning? And even after that, he protect and save her face.

    I don’t care much about the love line in AGD cause none of them (besides Jung Rok and Min Suk – just cause I can’t stop laughing). I’m sticking to it cause of the multi laughter (like the cheer-leading scene this episode – priceless!) and the bromance.

    Thanks for the recap, orangy911. Although I do not connect and agree with your insights, it was nice to read.

    • 22.1 Atiras

      agree. yi soo was pretty immature and inconsiderate in this episode.

    • 22.2 Stardust

      I agree with your views totally!! So much so I was really enjoying what happens later haha … How silly can that woman be? To continuously hurt the one guy who has been sincere to her from the start…
      Thank you for your recaps! =D

      • 22.2.1 skelly

        Hm. He’s been sincere, I guess – we don’t really know for sure. He’s had over two decades of playing around in his past – is he really in love with her? He’s been pushing her to sleep with him, but that’s not love. He has sometimes stepped in to pull her stupid head out of the flames, but that isn’t love, either. He’s been very sincere in wanting things his way. He’s been brutally honest about his needs and how he will do whatever it takes to get them met. But does it make someone less of a jerk when they know they are being a jerk and freely admit it? I don’t think so. A sincere jerk is still a jerk.

        • momosa

          I just catched up to ep 9 and yes, he is a jerk thru and thru. Yi Soo is sincerely sorry as well, as she waited & tried many times to apologise for her silly mistake, so I really don’t want to have YS chasing around him in coming episodes. And the last line – what was that??

  23. 23 Rashell

    Re Tae San/Se Ra :I want more Yoon and Me Ahri and less of you and your annoying girlfriend.

    Orangy this line sums up my feelings exactly! I’m really almost hating that selfish couple at this point.

    This episode was not my favorite. Yi Soo apparently learned from her roomate this episode in the selfish department, and there wasn’t near enough Yoon/Meahri.

    This drama is finally goint to the place where Yi Soo realizes she does like Do Jin. Now we get to see her convince him. Nice way to turn the tables. Love this drama!

  24. 24 Im Ju [email protected]

    Me Ahri doesn’t deserve Yoon. She’s 24 and behave like a small kid. Cute in the beginnin but surely Yoon will ge tired if he were to marry this kind of girl. Tire to entertaint her antics and immaturity.

    • 24.1 Mystisith

      Let them live together for a month: They will kill each other or they will marry.

      • 24.1.1 Dylan

        They’ll get married! Hehehe Meari gets his Yoon at last and I don’t think she has other things to bother much aside from Yoon cuz all she wanted is Yoon and that’s enough. Hahaha

        Erm, don’t you think a lonely guy like Yoon needs someone to ‘entertain’ him and to lift the ‘burden’ from his shoulders and Meari is his one and only ‘clown’…?

  25. 25 Niki

    Yi Soo deserved that setdown she got from Do Jin. As much as i dislike his stubborn handsy obnoxious attitude, his intentions towards her was always clear and he had gone along with her “play” whenever things got awkward between her, Sera and Tae San. So for YS to literally walk over DJ’s heart with the shoes he gave her as a symbol of acceptance just coz she wanted to keep her peace, that left a bad taste in my mouth. He did say specifically that the day she puts on those shoes and appear before him, is the time he knows that she has accepted his heart. This is the one-time i applaud Do Jin for being forth-right. She needed to hear the hard truth and stop taking things for granted. I want to like her (really i do coz this is Kim Ha Neul we’re talking about) but i really cant root for a woman who doesnt know what she wants and keep pulling the hot-cold act.

  26. 26 kirandeep sraon

    okay so i love this drama.. not cuz kim na huel is pretty.. but cuz she has AWESOMe chemistry with the lead actor.. not to mention he’s too freakin HAWT for his age.. lol nonetheless
    .. i find this the most interesting of ido ido ,, big .. dramas… even tho it has something to do with secret garden.. i think this drama exceeds SG.. itts sssssssssso much more better than that… it was boring.. frankly…

    but………. OMG… cn blue’s jonjhyun is freakin gorgeous.. i am in love with that man.. he’s so prettily manly .. lol..

    • 26.1 DramaticTeacher

      I also like him, I get googly eyed every time I see him:D

  27. 27 sleeplessinwgtn

    I love that this drama shows that the characters are human… they make mistakes… just like what Yi Soo did to Do Jin and vice versa. That’s how it is in real life.

    If only we can look at what we’ll do in real life in a drama before we act, then we can avoid those mistakes. But that’s not possible so we all go through life committing little and huge mistakes. It’s how we rectify them and make amends for them that make us better humans.

  28. 28 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! I happen to like Im Tae San and Sera (yeah she’s a bitchy and insecure) and want their relationship to succeed. I like seeing their ups and downs…and all their faults. I want to see them overcome them and reconcile. And who hasn’t had friends or family members who are insecure or selfish but you still want to see them be happy in the end?

    And while their insecurity led Yi Soo to make that dumb decision, I still felt like Yi Soo had the sole responsibility of what went down. She knew how Do Jin felt about her. The first time she used him, she didn’t know his feelings. Now that she has a better idea of his feelings, she used him again. This time with the special heels he got her. This time wasn’t a panic-of-the-moment decision like the first time. She planned and plotted it from the moment she hung up on Sera and through her ride over to the bar. She could have said she’s fallen in love with someone else who isn’t Do Jin. No matter how much you love your friends and want to do all sorts of sacrifices for them, you should always keep a certain level of decency.

    I love Yoon and I love Meahri, but I was glad to get a breather from all the Meahri-whines-and-pines-over-Yoon scenes. I can’t stand to see cheerful Meahri act so sad and desperate. I was disappointed to see her not even pay attention to Colin when he was the one having lunch with her. It just feels so inconsiderate. I want her to grow up a bit (screw the age difference and let’s talk about the maturity difference). I also want Yoon to do the pursuing and not at the 11th hour please, because this girl has spent years chasing after him.

    I think in the end, the Min-sook and Jung-rok couple stole the show. I want to see Min-sook be loved and cared for. And damn can Jung-rok pull off the romance. That singing would also make me want to forgive a man for having a wandering eye.

  29. 29 meecheellee

    HAHA. I was VERY close to hurting Se-Ra also. Believe me. You would not have wanted to be next to me while watching those parts… I might have bitch-slapped someone. Just sayin’. XP

  30. 30 Brenda

    Wow, I didn’t know I could feel such disappointment and annoyance all in one episode.

    First of all, I find myself really enjoying this show despite the fact that I don’t like any of the characters..(strange, I know).
    I found myself consistently adoring Me Ahri throughout the drama, but in this episode, I just found her constant pining and stalking of Yoon to be insufferable. I understand that she’s loved him her entire life and that if she isn’t the proactive one, then he will probably never make a move on her because of her brother, but maybe it’s time that she gave him space. When she had that conversation about one-sided loves with Yi Soo in an earlier episode, I though she kind of realized that she needed to give him more time…but apparently she didn’t. She told him that she is no longer a child, but those words are hard to believe when she acts like one every time she’s by him.

    Now for Yi Soo…What the HELL was she thinking?!?!?!?! This is the one thing that pissed me off so much about the love line between Joo Won and Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden as well. It’s how the girl cares about everyone else’s feelings but spares no expense when it comes to hurting the one person who only cares about her feelings.
    Sure, Kim Do Jin may act like an asshole at times, but he is also the one who continually saves her ass and she should be at least grateful for it. She knew that he was being sincere the entire time and yet she abused his feelings to help Se-Ra and Tae-San?? The two most selfish people in the entire circle of friends? Like what he said in the drama, how many times must he “understand” her? He’s done too much for her and didn’t deserve that kind of BS.
    She should’ve known that that was not the time nor place to do that. She not only destroyed Do Jin’s positive feelings for her, she publicly humiliated him in front of his best friends. Ugh…I could kill her right now.

    Lastly, Se-Ra and Tae-San . . . if they were to get hit by a car and die before the dramas end. . .I don’t think I’d mourn. . .just saying.

  31. 31 goldeng

    ughh i find tae san and se ra effing annoying!!! really i want more of yoon and me ah ri!! i just fast forward when i see them… UGH!! tae san interfering and treating me ah ri like a 10 year old not even letting her stay with them when yi soo, do jin,etc. are her friends too… and Se ra so insecure treating her only friend like crap… not cool…
    yi soo instead of putting se ra in her place ended up hurting do jin…

    i thought she was going to do something dumb but man, i was hoping to be wrong… that was seriously stupid!! and she even used the shoes thats cruel!! while he was talking all angry i was nodding like crazy… he was soooo right! he kept her secret and always helped her… and he still cares about her… i felt so bad for him u.u let her suffer a bit more…

  32. 32 smile134

    Well, like you said, we all know the angst between Do Jin and Yi Soo will come somewhere, somehow (’cause this is Kdrama, misunderstanding/conflict coming from noble idiot is indispensable). My favorite moment in this episode belongs to Jung Rok – Min Sook couple. In a brief moment, I think they shine much more than Tae San -Se Ra. Last episode, I felt a glimpse of loneliness in Min Sook. I think she may seem to have everything but she is actually very lonely. Her ‘friends’ either hates her or is jealous of her, just like they are counting every minute until they can see she fails. I think her workers perhaps are also afraid of her or flattering her with insincere words. Jung Rok may not be the best husband but at least he is honest with her about his faults. I believe (and hope) that at some points, he does love her and care for her.

  33. 33 JoJo

    Thanks for the recap…I just love this series…hope the writers don’t screw it up…

  34. 34 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  35. 35 jomo

    Thanks for the recap. Love your candid thoughts every week.

    I did watch and laugh and cringe and OMG WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YS?!!

    I officially hate her. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Can a woman be a dick, cause she WAS!

  36. 36 Dux

    Anybody else totally caught off gard by Jung-rok’s AMAZING voice? It was so good! Not sure if that idol boy can even compete lol!

    • 36.1 asianromance

      I was definitely caught off-guard! I can definitely see why Min-sook would want to keep Jung-rok around. I totally melted at his voice.

    • 36.2 angie602

      Yeah.. I got a shock when he started singing. I thought it was just a voiceover of someone’s voice. But after listening to it carefully, it was not and I was amazed by his voice… Guess he is one of those actors who can really sing well and act well.. 🙂

    • 36.3 imcun

      yeah, that dude sure can sing .. love him more XD

    • 36.4 nouastella

      That idol boy surely can compete with Jung-rok. That idol boy’s name is Lee Jonghyun and happens to be Cnblue’s a vocalist.

    • 36.5 nouastella

      That idol boy surely can compete with Jung-rok. That idol boy’s name is Lee Jonghyun and happens to be Cnblue’s vocalist.

    • 36.6 sachiko erin

      Jonghyun has such beautiful voice..he’s good

  37. 37 MAC

    As i said before, this drama really grows on you. The story is simple, but I think the acting of the F44 is what holds me in + sizzling gazes of DJ 😉

    As Orangy said, you almost always get that feeling of “don’t end yet, don’t end yet!”because you’re hooked.

  38. 38 ~Feather~

    This episode was so cringe-worthy because of Yi soo. I like the fact that Do Jin finally had a girl use him instead of the other way around of him using and then leaving a girl. It made him realize that everything won’t always go his way. I don’t like how Yi soo went about it, though. I have to agree when stating that she could have done that bar scene without wearing the shoes Do Jin gave her. It’s not like everyone else knew that he told her to wear them when she was ready to accept is affection; only he and yi soo knew of that. It wouldn’t have been anymore proof of there “relationship” if she wore them. Using Do Jin’s feelings as a way to make “peace” isn’t a solution. There is no peace if someone’s feeling are being put through the chaos of the situation just created. After doing something like that, she shouldn’t expect Do Jin to just be alright after only a few days. She needs to know that a pain like that takes more than just an apologetic excuse and explanation. She needs to be sincere with her feelings too; she can’t be afraid to admit her feelings. What she did was wrong, but I’m sure she will attempt to right the wrongs. 🙂
    I agree that Se ra and Tae san deserve each other–2 selfish people can have each other! Their insecurity is ruining the lives of the people around them, and even destroying relationships! Se ra needs to go take some therapy sessions and she can drag tae san with her for being a control freak with the relationship of his little sister and the best friend he trusts the MOST. What’s going to happen? Is Yoon going to suddenly run off with Meahri’s money!?!? Yoon’s not like some stranger he doesn’t know. I think if I was in his position, I would want someone I trusted and knew to be with my little sister instead of some weirdo that might be a secret psychopath.
    OK, I REALLY needed to get that off my chest *breathes comfortably*

    • 38.1 gretac


  39. 39 Noelle

    I find TS kind of cruel. Why would he put Do Jin on the rocks even for a moment about Yi Soo? What kind of friend does that? Not a very good one. I wonder if this show will end with them broken up but they all some how run into each other and we are left with an ending of hope they will all reunite?

    • 39.1 Noelle

      Love the reversal! I was waiting for this to happen for so long. I really want this to happen in Yoon’s relationship with Meahri which will probably only happen when TS the Ass decides to send her away like the douche he is.

  40. 40 lilis

    well, i do hope the writer will make a change with meari’s level of maturity in the next 10 episode and make yoon start chasing her hehee.,maybe the writer intended to make her like that in the beginning.sooo lets wait and see.even if you are 34 and you still whinning and crying like a baby is also unacceptable maturity.but if the whinning and crying of meari still continues until the 19 episode then i think there will beee little hope to see them together but nooooooooo…i want to see happy ending for all F44….

    • 40.1 angie602

      Meari is 24. Though I agree that her constant whining and crying is starting to anony me some…….

      • 40.1.1 JBB

        I found her behavior to be more like a 12-14 year old. I know 24 year olds who in no way act like her.

        • zodd

          This she ain’t acting like a 24 year old. More like a teenager.

  41. 41 Suzi Q

    I wasn’t expecting much from this drama.But I just love it. The characters are so well written for each member of the F44 and their women. Finally, an intelligent well done adult comedy.
    I like the Yoon and Me Ahri pairing, but she’s got to stop whining and crying. How can Yoon stand such a crybaby? She’s got to get her act together and get Yoon to think of her as an woman and not a child.

  42. 42 Lea

    Hm, perhaps Colin’s mother is Eun Hee?

  43. 43 Lemon

    I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand why Dojin was so upset about Yisoo wearing his heels.

    Yes, she told everyone that she used to like Taesan (keyword: used) and is now over him and that she and Dojin are together. She’s not exactly lying, since she IS over Taesan and is seeing Dojin in a new light. Plus wearing the pink shoes is a message to Dojin that she does like him, and that her words are sincere.

    I took it that way, so I didn’t understand why he got so mad and said she used him. Can someone please explain it to me?

    I’m also disappointed by the lack of Yoon/Meahri scenes last week 🙁

    • 43.1 mtoh

      When she received shoes, DJ gave her a cover in front of TS and shoes were left behind.
      After that, DJ told her to wear that shoes when she decided to start honestly with him.
      And what does she do, wears shoes and steps on him. She isn’t wearing it for him, because of him, she was wearing it to make point in front of TS and that was the problem.
      She didn’t come for him, she used him.., and he allows to be used only when he says so and act so.

  44. 44 memyself

    I also paused and took some time before watching the rest of the episode when she entered wearing the pink shoes. I was like “really?! REEEALLY??!!!!!!! how could U. That’s tooooo cruel. I was worrying for Do Jin all along :)) and then of course there was the ending. I couldn’t wait for the next episode and what Do Jin told her kept repeating in my head. can’t imagine what it must have done to Yi so. heh.
    great episode. many great moments … and thanks for the recaps. really appreciate it 🙂

  45. 45 tangee

    Veterans are veterans. No doubt about it. So shipping for YiSoo/DoJin. Chemistry – A+. am experiencing extreme withdraw symptoms. Luv every character in the show esp. JungRok. He’s a dear. Come Saturday, come please!..

  46. 46 noanao

    Does anyone notice how DJ’s face hardened every time Eun Hee’s name came out? It made me so terrifyingly nervous =___=;;;; What if Colin is actually DJ’s kid and it’s not helping when the kid seemed to share the same trait with DJ – scathing tongue and cold and aloof behavior. And from what I saw when JR went and met EH, that woman sent off this very uncomfortable vibes around her, she looked like a cunning woman.

    Please drama, don’t try to ruin my OTP T________T

  47. 47 binnie

    my addiction starts from this episode, what Do Jin say echo the title of this drama. i am not a gentle man and i have my pride!!!!! how could Yi soo done that to Do jin, but that is the turning point, for the first 8eps was Do Jin pursue Yisoo, now it’s the time for Yisoo to get back Do jin~

    cant wait for the AGD day~~~~~~

  48. 48 iammt2

    i cannot express my love of this drama, its soundtrack, and the fact that the plot is about people and their feelings and their chemistry and just simple goodness.

    holy chocolate milk cow this show is fantastic.

    the whole Yoon/Me Ahri age thing is interesting because i feel that Me Ahri is only immature when she is treated as a child. otherwise she is a gregarious, kind young woman in love. when she is with Yi Soo she is far more mature than when she is with F44. i love when she demands that Yoon treat her like an adult because it forces him to reevaluate how he sees her. Also would like to see Yi Soo slap down Tae San for treating his sister like a kid when she is a grown woman. Very, very hard. with the rest of the cast as a witness.

    Majorly hoping that Do Jin is the papa of Collin, simply because I want Yi Soo to be a step mama.

    • 48.1 Dylan

      when she is with Yi Soo she is far more mature than when she is with F44. – ahh, just realized it she’s way matured when she’s with yisoo!

      hence, Meari is not that ‘child’. She acts childish in front of Yoon, hurmmm cuz that’s how a woman will act if she fells in love with a man…like Yoon. ehhh

  49. 49 lilis

    i agree with iammt2, now that you mention it, i realize that when me ahri is with yisoo, she changes into a different person but same personality. the rest of the main cast, i love them a lottt….

  50. 50 Helena

    tq GF

    Do jin acted flirty fortune teller when physically tracing yi soo ‘s fingers,

    and looks like he is going to kiss her armpit if the director ask him to so !!!!.

    Colin’s father, do jin or jung ruk ?.

    Do jin testing yi soo’s ethics as a school teacher and also with her students when do jin asked her to sleep with him,

    conflicting issue here as a role model teacher, will she break
    her principle and sleep with him ?

    because that is what the 40 year old ahjushi wants, he not only want a lovey dovey skinship, but he also wants more from her in term of physical needs.

    • 50.1 Helena

      sorry typo error ! thank you orangy911

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