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Dr. Jin: Episode 3
by | June 9, 2012 | 146 Comments

This show is awesomely bad, endlessly hilarious, and has more brain injuries than you can shake a doctor’s bag at. I don’t know whether Dr. Jin has acknowledged that it is unintentionally one of the funniest shows of the year, but it doesn’t even matter at this point. Just keep up the good(?) work.

I’ve developed a lot of affection for this show, so maybe most of my laughs come from how inherently ridiculous everything is. Maybe if this show were played for comedy it’d be less funny, and so the comedy comes from everyone playing their scenes straight like they’re really in a serious, respectable show. That’s not to say the show is a total joke – it does try to wring a sense of pathos from its scenes, only it’s like the production team relayed its messages through a game of telephone.

As for the ratings, Dr. Jin rose from the previous week’s 10.8% to 13.8%, while A Gentleman’s Dignity stayed slightly ahead at 14.0%.


Minister Kim is down for the count, effectively putting Hyuk’s execution on hold while everyone rushes to his side. Even after hearing one of the minister’s associates say that he’s been having headaches since he bumped his head, Doctor Yoo is like, Nah. He’s totally fine.

Only Hyuk’s doctor-senses start tingling, and he begins to ask a series of questions (still tied up) that lead him to believe the minister has a subdural hematoma – another brain with a blood clot, basically. Kyung-tak accuses Hyuk of stalling for time, and a dramatic close-up reveals that Hyuk is dead serious: “There’s no time, his life is in danger!”

So he and Kyung-tak strike a deal: If Hyuk can’t save his father’s life, he’ll be executed as planned.

At the minister’s house, Hyuk readies for another brain surgery – though this time, his life depends on it. He’s hoping that he’ll find a blood clot because not finding one would mean Minister Kim had a stroke, which even our great doctor can’t cure.

Young-rae tracks down Kyung-tak outside and asks to be allowed to help in the surgery, because every second matters. When we next see her she’s inside the operating-bedroom acting as a nurse while Hyuk cuts into Minister Kim’s forehead. It’s pretty gruesome.

Everyone’s faces are covered up to their eyes, so it’s funny to see all this talking with no mouths moving. It’s also funny when Doctor Yoo begins to protest, and Kyung-tak just goes: “Be quiet. We’re doing an operation.” Ha.

Meanwhile, Chun-hong plays the gayageum while Ha-eung loafs about nearby. It’s said that she can see the future, so Ha-eung asks about Hyuk’s fate – and a string snaps ominously. Dun dun dun.

Back with Hyuk, we’re once again treated to a brain-chiseling scene. Only he’s in for a shock when there’s no blood clot to be found… but that’s okay, because he can just make a hole in the other side of Minister Kim’s head. Kyung-tak isn’t having any of that and aims his gun at Hyuk’s head.

Young-rae tries to sway Kyung-tak into putting the gun down, but he warns Hyuk, “If you don’t stop, your head could be the one with the hole in it.” Hyuk doesn’t stop, and Kyung-tak fires…

…Right past Hyuk’s head. He warns that Hyuk can only drill one more hole into his father’s skull before he really shoots him. So he chisels another gruesome hole into Minister Kim’s head, and this time, they find the blood clot. Success!

Doctor Yoo is in a hurry to mouth breathe right over the minister’s open head wound, and blood shoots out from the wound right onto his face. Hyuk deadpans, “Don’t worry. It’s blood that needed to come out anyway.” HAHA.

There’s a hilarious exchange once the boys are alone, with Kyung-tak threatening to kill Hyuk if he won’t reveal where his medical skills come from… before he smiles, “There’s no need to be scared. Since you saved His Excellency, I now know your skills. So I won’t kill you.” Omo. Was Kyung-tak making a funny?

He’s thankful to Hyuk for saving his father’s life, so the I-almost-had-you-beheaded-thing is all water under the bridge now. Hyuk is still under suspicion, but for now, Kyung-tak introduces himself. Hyuk does the same. Aww, are they going to be friends?

Young-hwi and his sister meet Hyuk outside, and he’s oddly insistent that Hyuk stay at their house. I’m guessing this has to do with his whole secret identity.

Kyung-tak seems hesitant to even hold his father’s hand inside, and skitters away when his brother, DAE-GYUN (the Legitimate Son), comes barging in. He pushes Kyung-tak out of the way to yell at his temporarily-comatose father, because that always helps.

It’s clear from the get-go that the brothers have a bad relationship, but in case it wasn’t, Dae-gyun starts hitting Kyung-tak the moment he meekly suggests that their father needs rest. He reminds his little brother that he’s nothing but a bastard child, which makes Kyung-tak refer to “the Kim family” like an outsider. Aww.

Young-rae introduces Hyuk to the room he’ll be staying in, and returns his ring now that he’s not dead. He stops her on her way out to ask if she’s ever seen him before, clearly thinking of Mina. She obviously hasn’t, and Hyuk is left alone.

A grand feast is being prepared to celebrate Minister Kim’s recovery, with Dae-gyun leading the pack. Kyung-tak is there only to act as a guard, though Dae-gyun still eyes him with obvious disdain, though he’s at least distracted by the sight of Chun-hong approaching. He’s instantly taken by her beauty.

Meanwhile, Mom prepares a gift for the reluctant Young-rae to take to the party, citing that Minister Kim will be her future father-in-law. Hyuk and Young-hwi emerge from the house, and Young-rae laughs to see Hyuk in his brand-new Joseon regalia, which she secretly stayed up all night to sew for him.

Hyuk’s lack of topknot is a problem, and Young-rae comes up with a solution… by tacking a horsehair extension to the back of his head and styling it into a (literal) pony tail.

The two siblings and Hyuk head down a busy street, with Young-hwi joking about how he’s failed the civil exam four times and Young-rae jumping in to defend him – it’s not that he lacks knowledge, it’s that the rich and powerful buy their positions. She can at least recognize that it’s unfair.

Young-hwi laments to Hyuk that if his sister weren’t born a girl she’d have done great deeds. Ah well. He sends Hyuk on his way, and then shares an ominous look with a suspicious passer by. Anonymous, Activate!

His fellow Anonymous members wait for him in a hideaway, though it’s clear he’s the leader of the bunch. They report their losses (three men) from the fight the other night and blame Kyung-tak for setting the trap. Young-hwi advises them to stay low for the time being.

Chun-hong entertains Minister Kim and all his cohorts with a gayageum before pouring their drinks. One of the ministers asks her to see into Minister Kim’s future, an idea that makes her briefly uncomfortable before she covers smoothly with the generic answer that he was born with divine luck. “You were saved from a sickness that even the Royal Doctor had no knowledge of, and were saved by the person who was about to be executed… If that is not divine luck, what is?”

It’s definitely not a good fortune for the nearby Doctor Yoo, though that seems to be less important than the lecherous and scary stares Dae-gyun keeps sending Chun-hong’s way. I’m thinking this is going to become an issue pretty soon.

Hyuk and Young-rae arrive at the outskirts of the party where Kyung-tak is keeping guard. He’s not the biggest fan of Hyuk staying at his fiancée’s house, but lets it slide for now.

They’re interrupted by shouting, and turn to find Ha-eung struggling to be let in, though he’s without an invitation. I love that he argues his point – Hyuk saved Minister Kim’s life, right? Well, he saved Hyuk’s life, ergo he technically saved Minister Kim’s life. Hyuk takes his side, and Kyung-tak allows it.

But Kyung-tak can’t seem to catch a break, as Ha-eung marches right up to him, looks him square in the eye, and proclaims: “You, aren’t you the Left State Counselor’s offspring from a concubine, Kim Kyung-tak?” Aww. Feelings hurt, he warns Ha-eung against going into the VIP section and tells him to just eat and leave.

I officially love any scene with Ha-eung in it, but Ha-eung and Hyuk are cute together. He’s prepared a whole scheme for Hyuk to earn money by saving lives, and can’t comprehend that Hyuk has a moral problem with it (although that’s what doctors do in the modern day anyway), so each time Hyuk tries to say no, Ha-eung thinks it’s over the profit ratio. Haha. If we go by Ha-eung’s standards, then Hyuk is a master haggler. (No wonder why Ha-eung is so poor at gambling.)

Hyuk gets preferential treatment to see the minister first, even though it’s cute/sad to see Kyung-tak trying to shoe his fiancée in first, to show some clout. Aww.

Minister Kim is more than happy to pour a drink for the man who saved his life, a point which keeps getting rubbed in Doctor Yoo’s face. No one can figure out where he learned his skills from and no one (especially Minister Kim) seems to care. He offers Hyuk anything he wants – land, money – but Hyuk denies any payment.

Chun-hong, who has been intently watching Hyuk up until now, excuses herself from the table. Dae-gyun watches her with that creepy stare of his. There’s a long line of people waiting to greet Minister Kim and Young-rae doesn’t want to stand in it, insisting to Kyung-tak that she’ll greet him later.

But Kyung-tak, intent on showing his girlfriend to his father, takes her by the wrist and forces her to the front of the line. Hyuk is now sitting alongside Minister Kim, and Dae-gyun is about to blow a gasket that his bastard brother dares to make a scene.

It’s Minister Kim who allows it, and he surprisingly proves himself to be… a nice guy? Huh. They all seem to have known her late father, though Minister Kim is the only one out of his table to treat her with respect. Even when the other ministers laugh at the meager gift her mother prepared, Minister Kim smoothly covers by saying that it’s just what he likes. Aww. That’s really nice of him.

But then he’s not so nice, because he can’t help but laugh when the ministers joke at her brother’s expense. Kyung-tak interrupts their fun by claiming that he brought Young-rae as his fiancée, which has everyone’s attention. It’s going to get old if I keep mentioning Dae-gyun being terrible, so just know that every time Kyung-tak talks, Dae-gyun is making some sort of angry face or saying something mean.

They all make a big to-do that Kyung-tak, as a bastard son, would marry a nobleman’s daughter, however bankrupt she is. (Young-rae’s family has fallen on hard times, but she’s still considered a noblewoman.) Young-rae has already taken all that she can, so she bows out and leaves. Kyung-tak follows her after sending a wounded puppy-dog look to his father.

Ha-eung comes to crash the party by faking a hunched back and a mental disability (he’s very drunk, if that helps), and eventually all the ministers start laughing at his antics(?).

Kyung-tak follows Young-rae out, and she turns on him with tears in her eyes. The way she talks makes it seem like she’s blaming Kyung-tak for everything, which I kind of get, but seriously, if she had two eyes she would have seen that he was being degraded too. It’s not like he was trying for this end result.

Kyung-tak: “No matter what the world says, you’re mine. My lover.” Aww. Hyuk climbs a hill nearby and just looks at them. He has such a poker face that I can’t ever really tell what he’s thinking.

We find Dae-gyun and Chun-hong on a nearby boat, with him declaring that he’ll remove her from the gisaeng registry to be his concubine and give her money and power. He’s totally enamored with her and she knows it, though the exchange grows dark as she asks him whether he cares for her enough to die for her.

He thinks it’s just a sentiment and she locks her arms around him, a motion that he thinks is her getting friendly – only she murmurs that if he can die for her, then he should show her… and she drags him with her as she jumps off the side of the boat and into the water. Whoa, what? Is she trying to drown him?

It seems to be a test of dedication that Dae-gyun fails, because he swims to shore while Chun-hong stays drowning in the river. Everyone looks on as Hyuk all but tears his outer layer of clothing off like he’s Superman and dives into the water to save her. (That hair has got to weigh a ton.)

He drags her onto shore, only she’s not breathing. Ha-eung has practically started mourning already (I guess a little water in the lungs was like a death sentence in Joseon) and brings the funny to Hyuk’s administration of CPR. It’s extra hilarious when all the onlookers reel in horror at the sight of Hyuk administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Ha-eung: “You don’t have anything better to do? To a corpse?” HA. Dr. Jin, Necrophiliac.

Even Young-rae comes to witness the scene, equally horrified, until Chun-hong suddenly coughs up water. She’s alive!

She’s more interested to know who saved her, and Ha-eung is happy to tell her Hyuk saved her life. She wants him to go to the nearby gibang so she can repay him, though Hyuk leaves them to follow after Young-rae.

She’s completely scandalized that he’d kiss a gisaeng, unable to connect the dots that he wasn’t in it for the joyride.

Meanwhile, a royal command comes down to the party, that demands all officials report to the palace immediately.

Hyuk follows Young-rae home through one of the poorer areas of town, where a dirt-covered child flashes her a toothy grin. She knows the child and his mother, and promises to return soon to pay a proper visit. The sound of impending horse hooves interrupts the proceedings, separating Hyuk and Young-rae from the child, left in the middle of the road.

It’s all the officials riding from the party to the palace, and the mother goes to shield her son from being trampled. One of the horses rears back, and the mother gets hit with a hoof to her forehead. If only there were a competent neurosurgeon in Joseon…

Only Kyung-tak looks back, but even he can’t stop. Luckily Hyuk is on the scene (although at this point I’d argue that he just brings bad luck with him) and knows exactly what to do.

The situation is dire, and as usual, there’s just no time. He sends Young-rae to get his doctor bag while Ha-eung happens on the scene, and retches the second he sees the mother’s head wound. Bad luck for him, because Hyuk employs him to help him carry the patient to her home.

And, of course, her home is in a village of the sick, disenfranchised, and dying. Get to know it, because we’ll probably be spending a lot of time here – if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.

Young-rae runs into some trouble when bandits steal Hyuk’s bottomless bag of medical supplies, and she chases the thief into a dead end. Only their leader, JOO PAL-YI (Lee Won-jong!) proves a menacing presence. He’s not ready to let that bag go, nor is Young-rae willing to give it up, so she brandishes her silver dagger at her own throat. Young-rae: “Kill me and take it.”

Now he’s curious to see what’s in the bag, though his minion swiftly points out that it’s the doctor’s bag – you know, the one who shoved a pen in his throat and saved his life. Pal-yi is quick on the uptake, and motions his minion closer…

And next we see him, he’s on a delivery mission with Hyuk’s bag, sporting a black eye and a bloody nose. Ha. Young-rae can’t keep up, so he goes ahead without her.

Ha-eung brings the boiling water, Minion brings the bag, Hyuk starts the procedure. Pretty much the whole town is crammed into one tiny room.

Then Ha-eung goes out of the room and ends up running into the patient’s violent husband, which sends both of them back into the room. Husband/Father barges in and demands that Hyuk stop the procedure – his wife’s life isn’t worth living anyway. Er.

I can see that they’re trying to achieve a level of poignancy by pointing out how miserable her life is and the whole rich/poor dichotomy, but this is a weird way to go about it. Basically her husband goes nuts and tries to kill her himself, but he ends up crushing Hyuk’s finger with a mallet instead.

Mother speaks up for herself and tells Hyuk to do as her husband asks and let her die – she doesn’t have money for medicine, and there’s no use in living a life like hers. Her husband blames the nobility for her state, to which Hyuk replies, “A rich person or not is the same patient to me. Even if this person were to die of hunger tomorrow… if I can save her today, then I’m going to.”

Father has a change of heart, Hyuk begins the procedure again. Turns out that Hyuk is also experiencing a change of heart – remember that patient he flatly turned away in the first episode? Well, now he’s learning. In voiceover we hear him say, “This might be my second chance to save someone. The hope that you can live and that you have to live… I need to make that hope possible with my own hands.”

He saves the woman and saves the day. Young-rae patches up Hyuk’s finger outside, and marvels over his doctor’s bag: “Every time I see it, it amazes me. It seems to magically save dying people.” Girl, you are telling me.

She reminds him of Mina, which reminds him of something Mina once said: “That no matter what the results are, a doctor should try to save the patient. And that is what I’m doing as a doctor.”

That’s how he explains the Chun-hong CPR thing, which segues into a conversation about Kyung-tak, her fiancé. Young-rae claims it was something her mother arranged once they’d fallen on hard times.

They look over a vista of Hanyang together, which has Hyuk in tears – he’d looked over Seoul the same way, with Mina. Now he looks at Young-rae in a new light, thinking that she might be just another side of Mina…

The street is deserted after sunset. A man walks into Hyuk and Mina’s path, doubles over in pain, soils himself explosively and vomits. (L.O.L. at the speed in which this all happens.) Young-rae’s eyes widen as she backs away – it’s cholera. Uh oh.

Looks like another job for Dr. Jin!


A-mazing. I wasn’t sure if Dr. Jin could keep up its winning streak of hilarious cliffhangers, but this one takes the cake. How do you top a minister with a hematoma? Cholera. How do you top cholera? Heck if I know, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

There’s definitely no shying away from the gruesome details of the medical sequences, though I’m left wondering: What audience are they trying to please with their close-ups? None of the scenes were quite realistic enough to be nauseating but it’s the unflinching attention that’s interesting – i.e. the diarrhea pouring from the cholera-ridden man’s pants. And if that’s one guy with cholera, and the show is planning a cholera outbreak, yeesh. (They might be jumping the gun by a couple of decades, since there was a severe cholera epidemic that swept Joseon in 1886.)

We did get some interesting developments this episode, with Kyung-tak shaping up to be a pitiable/likable character (line delivery issues aside), and Chun-hong’s suicide attempt. Although with her ability to see the future, I’m inclined to think that it all had something to do with Fate – she seemed too intently interested on who did the saving, as if she were expecting one answer and received another.

I’m still not quite getting the animosity level between Young-rae and Kyung-tak, and was even more confused when his father went out of his way to be kind to her. Kyung-tak has all the emotional strength of a ten-year-old girl with the loyalty of a puppy and it’s always a no-go with her, which makes me wonder if the show is setting up an “I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You” sort of thing with her and Hyuk. In which case, bleh.

Regardless, in a show where every operating room becomes a clown car and any shot with more than two people is composed like The Last Supper, we can’t set the bar too high – because someone will inevitably hit their head on it.


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  1. panshel

    I’m laughing my head off just reading your recap, HeadsNo2! Maybe I should watch this comedy? just for the laughs. Thanks for recapping. Keep the laughs coming!

    • 1.1 Steamy Bun

      LOL seriously, reading this is really making me want to watch the show! Thank you HeadsNo2 for the laughs.

      • 1.1.1 Birthday Girl


  2. AVtools

    This remake is quite bad :P! Go watch the original japanese drama with the same name,people, it’s amazing!

    • 2.1 Yumi

      YES IT IS.

    • 2.2 Betty

      Yes realllllly bad!!! I desperately wanted to love this drama because of Song Seung Heon and maybe Park Min Young but I found that I can’t despite my huge efforts.

      It seems like all the scenes are coming out wrong and Dr Jin is always running into somebody he need to save. I feel exhausted for him. Can this dude get a break or something!!! Plus can’t he perform in peace, instead of having to argue/defend himself first each time he try to save somebody?!! It’s tiring and it plays on my last nerve.

      I stopped to watch this show after the 3rd episode. Instead I am watching the Japanese version and there is NO comparison! Japanese version WAAAAAY BETTER.

    • 2.3 Ingrid

      Can I have the website pls?

    • 2.4 pepperandice

      yes, seriously do watch the jap version, its sooo much better, its all setup in a very japdrama kind of way though, so expect alot more self-revelatory angst (i think half of any screen time iv ever seen on a japdrama, and iv watched a.lot., is spent on melodramatic declarations of self discovery haha lovehate that ) and alotlot less romance but much much better plotting and pacing and character establishment and variance

  3. Gab

    Oh Dr.Jin, the terribleness of your plot is incomprehensible. It’s so sad, but so funny.

    If only all time-travel dramas were as good as Queen In-hyun’s Man…

    • 3.1 Makoto

      you got it. Queen Inhyun’s Man is all the best. 🙂

    • 3.2 thorned sakura

      Make that ALL dramas be like QIHM!hehehe

      Seriously,i tried watching other dramas after that show but i cannot even immerse myself totally with the story since ever so often i find myself comparing the lead guys with KBD!!!

      ..and it doesn’t help that until now we haven’t received any response from YIN regarding JHW’s confession…please YG and YIN,give us your answer already or i might never find the closure i needed!!!waaaah

  4. Trina

    this episode was not that bad… i did not laugh more like a yawn at some parts. regardless, I hope this will be end of time traveling. Oh wait there is Faith and I hope no more time traveling…

  5. Kat

    J-dramas have a quality that K-dramas can not consistently replicate. When J-dramas want to be serious, they go all-out, often no less than completely professional. Everyone seems to be somber and it’s sobering. Screen time is pretty equally split with the cast, though the main leads do still get their poignant moments. That’s what I like about J-dramas, and it’s because of this quality that I love watching occupational J-dramas. (If I were to pick and choose a K-drama that best captures this element of J-dramas, think Sign/Ghost comes to mind.)

    • 5.1 LK

      I agree, Sign/Ghost do remind me of certain J-dramas. It’s the attention to details and solid storyline I think. It’s less focused on a love story too.

      I can’t say I love J-dramas though. There’s something about Japanese humor that I simply don’t get. Some times it’s just beyond ridiculous. Korean humor though doesn’t feel over-the-top to me.

      • 5.1.1 Sherlock

        It’s the other way round for me. I think with Japanese humour, it’s more about their pop trivia and culture. So it’s a bit hard to understand the joke when you’re not familiar with their culture.

        I like Korean humour but some can be over-the-top to downright gross. Like stuffing your face with food while talking (looking at you, Eun-chan of Coffee Prince in ep1), picking their nose and toenails (that booger thing in 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant is nasty) or any bodily function. I prefer their humour subtle, not the ones that are obviously for laugh.

    • 5.2 Kay

      I agree!
      The Jdrama version of Jin was absolutely fantastic, with sober tones throughout the whole series.

    • 5.3 Lise

      Am prolly the only one then that basically puts jdramas in the same category as tdramas, they just make no sense to me! Only jdrama i totally love is ‘koko hitotsu na koi’ or sth like that cant remember the title properly, now that was some good stuff!

      • 5.3.1 Ryoko

        Ah, you mean Tatta Hitotsu No Koi, the one with Kame from KATTUN. I liked it as well 🙂 If you like Kame, he starred in a pretty good jdrama called Nobuta wo Produce.

        • pepperandice

          my god…nobuta….now thats some old school jdrama referencing man (lol i know its not that old but it feels that way after such an age of kdramaing for me)

      • 5.3.2 pepperandice

        jdrama is definitely highest on the scale of makenosenseness-it used to be exactly what made it so fun to watch for me but after years of it and then being exposed to kdramas i ended up getting so sick of it that iv stopped watching jdramas entirely,jdramas have really interesting characters but the problem with that is the plot tends to zing so quickly off into a stratosphere of incredulousness that it makes it very difficult to be emotionally invested in a story that makes no fucking sense and would never happen in real life(i know some of them are meant to be that way but thats what got sickening after awhile is what i mean) even though im in LOVE with the characters and actors and even the directing (liargame, hanakimi, hotaru no hikari, unubore deka)
        also the lack of actual lovey scenes that were developed in a real world way in most jdramas was the last straw in making it very easy to just dump the whole genre altogether (im specifically talking about dramas where there IS a setup of a couple liking each other, obviously if there clearly isnt meant to be a couple as the focus of the show then i have no prob with that, watched many kickass shows like that, for example jin, but when there IS a setup and even at the end of 12 episodes or whatever there is NO conclusion, barely even a hug, dont tell me that doesnt just piss you off..)

    • 5.4 isaak84

      i’m really keen on watching some jdramas can you recommand for me a good one , but i want a serious,sad drama not about high school, please;)

      • 5.4.1 pauper

        Since you want a serious, sad drama:
        1. Bara no Nai Hanaya
        2. VOICE
        3. Karei naru Ichizoku – A grandeur in every aspect.
        4. Freeter, Ie o Kau – Quite a heavy drama about depression. I’m not into serious dramas but I kept reaching out for the next episode once I started.
        5. Zenkai Girl – Supposed to be a light rom-com but it got pretty serious halfway through. But I love it all the same ♥

        You won’t know what hit you when you watch #1 an 2. I cried every episode. Ugly cry, like raining on my face crying. I’d recommend 1 Litre of Tears but it’s a family & high school drama. These are all I could think of at the top of my head. Enjoy!

        • pepperandice

          omg i cant believe i forgot about bara no nai hanaya, yes yes strong second recommendation for that one

        • Yumi

          Yes! Yes! to ZENKAI GIRL

          Also enjoyed

          HOTARU NO HIKARI. (rom-com)

        • Yumi

          I will say the best Japanese drama, hands down

          filmed is


          The acting was amazing but the actors playing lead mother and child tore up my heart.


        • isaak84

          thank you very much I’ll watch them for sure 🙂

        • noi

          watch kimutaku dramas. they range from cutie college romance, sport! friendship! love!, a journey to be a minister, brainmaniac detective, “sound of music”-ish kiddos family tale, makjang fest like “flame of ambition”, and even you can find sexy dark kimutaku with *spoiler*birth! secret!*spoiler* as a bonus.

          i skip most of 2011 k-dramas for finishing his famous dramas (and yet to be finished T_T) and i’d say it worth my time. his acting might not be the best, and he’s not my favorite actor, but his drama list is the best one i can see in my j-drama history (hehe).

      • 5.4.2 hahahahhaa

        serious drama…hmmm.i highly recommend 1 Liter of Tears(dorama) not the movie..but both made me cry a bucket of tears…Bloody Monday is also good…
        I can give u a list of good japanese drama(dorama) but the sad one minus the high school theme
        all drama of Takuya Kimura
        ..most shows i watched from japan are workplace drama and it is awesome!from hospital drama to police to kitchen…doramas are best in occupational drama and i highly recommend that you try them..its worth it

        • Zie

          Agree… I love watching Jdrama’s occupational one. it just awesome especially the detective and hospital one. I’m not really liking the High School one thou.

        • pepperandice

          1 litre of tears was the first thing i was gonna recommend after hearing sad and serious haha, my god i think i cried myself to utter swollenness in almost every single freaking episode of that…
          jdramas tend to throw in alot of slapstick for their moderndrama fare so its not that easy to recommend a TOTALLY sad and serious one, Pride is good,
          stuff thats not sad/serious but is tonally less about humour would be–liar game, kurosagi, all from my days of serious j fangirling, urgh its been so long i cant even rmb what else i used to watch…

          • Ilovemandoo

            Seriously!! Sadly, I marathoned the entire drama in one day and sat in front of my computer with a tissue box. Pretty sure my face was unrecognizable at the end of the day……

        • isaak84

          thanks for reolying 🙂

      • 5.4.3 Zie

        Try Pride…. Its one of my fav. JDrama. Its serious, some what sad but importantly romantic…

        • isaak84

          thanks ,i’ll give it a try for sure;)

      • 5.4.4 pepperandice

        Sekai no Chūshin de, Ai o Sakebu, or Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World in english, my god i confused 1 litre of tears with this one when i was recommending earlier lol, actually didnt like 1 litre that much compared to this one haha, prob just did that cos i actually cried 1 litre of tears with sekai

        • isaak84

          thank you 🙂

    • 5.5 Jessica

      The only problem with jdramas is that they don’t do the romance ams angst angle as well.

  6. Dara


  7. Ani

    As for the ratings, Dr. Jin rose from the previous week’s 10.8% to 13.8%

    So, basically the show is so crazy it’s hooking people? Hahahaha. Yeah, it could be because people are in it for the cast or the intrigue from the source material. But I’d like to see this as more of the kdramaland version of Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro , but you know, instead of high sales on Amazon, it’s receiving high ratings, and instead of a low budget it’s going all out. I gotta give it to them. Not a bad turn of events for those involved. Hahaha. I still need to sit down and watch the j-dorama version as is recommended by the horde of fans out there. For the horde! XD

    • 7.1 Zie

      Or Maybe people just watch it for the laugh?


      • 7.1.1 Ani

        But I’d like to see this as more of the kdramaland version of Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro

        That means people are in it for the laughs. Except Yuusha had charm. I’m not sure if Dr. Jin does. X/

        *runs the other way*

        • Kiara

          Lol.. runs with Ani.

  8. spjork

    Eeeee, I’ve been waiting a whole week to say this:


    • 8.1 AuntieMame

      Don’t forget . . . projectile vomiting.

      This drama is only worth watching in order to be able to relate to the hilarious and great recaps from HeadsNo2.

      First epidemic was brain surgery. Next we have cholera. Perhaps, we should have a poll on all the illnesses/diseases that will be covered in the 24 episodes.
      Or betting odds?

      Thanks for the entertaining and delightful recap.

      • 8.1.1 Cynthia


        Smallpox should be next.
        Caesareans should be needed.
        STDs treated.
        Something with skin boils (cause they’re really yucky
        and should photograph well).
        And about 30 more brain operations for various reasons.

        Let’s just hope that his magic medic bag is STUFFED with lots of medical goodies. So far, it’s had an endless variety.

        • AuntieMame

          Yep, that bag makes me think of Mary Poppin’s bag! LOL

        • Gaeina Lee

          I believe Dr. Jin’s bag is as magical as Doraemon’s pocket… So, we don’t have to worry about med supplies.. ^^

    • 8.2 houstontwin

      I never saw a drama before, from any nation, that treated the viewer to the sight of diarrhea.

      • 8.2.1 semmiana

        Oh mannnn, I can’t stop laughing at your comment. Treating the viewer to the sight of diarrhea! I think I’ll be smirking about that all day! 🙂

  9. coffeeholicat

    🙁 i rly like ssh but this drama is so silly. and the time period they chose to time-slip in… i just don’t quite understand. (i could be biased since i really like queen myungseong historically speaking… she was so intelligent and liberal-thinking… and i HATE daewongun… if he wasn’t so adamant in keeping korea closed we could have avoided the japanese take-over and such… that and i watched the drama several years back and he was so freaking evil and controlling.)

    oh, and after qihm, i can’t watch any more time-slip dramas… (was in love with jhw since ‘my sweet seoul’ and ‘old miss diary’… so am still mourning the fact that he’s in love with yin… *sigh*)

    • 9.1 Shiku

      I read somewhere that he initially wanted it open and requested some help from France with some border problems but they refused. He then became an isolationist.

  10. 10 WM

    You know Dr. Jin is going to have to perform surgery on himself one of these days. That’s the only way the writers can keep topping themselves. Wide awake brain surgery on himself!

    Right now I have to admit, I’m more interested in the side characters than the mains. Though I have to agree with your assessment that this show is hilariously non-intentionally funny, and that’s what keeps me watching. Like a non-lethal clown car wreck involving lots of nerf, squeaky noses, and apparently fake pony tails. Really, really good fake pony tails, at that. It stayed on in the water! Now, where did that creepy gummy fetus go off to?

    • 10.1 Claudia

      “You know Dr. Jin is going to have to perform surgery on himself one of these days. That’s the only way the writers can keep topping themselves. Wide awake brain surgery on himself!”

      With how this drama is unfolding, we can never rule that out. 🙂

      • 10.1.1 spjork

        Which reminds me of that one movie in the Hannibal Lecter series…with the scene where Ray Liota has been lobotomized but is still lucid, tied to a chair in his kitchen and made to eat his own brains that have been pan-fried in butter.


        • bishbash

          me n my friends were laughing away at that scene…

  11. 11 Stardust

    LOL I don’t plan to watch this show, so I am loving the funny in the recaps to follow it somewhat.. lol I giggled at this line “Aww, are they going to be friends” and thought yeah friends, until they start fighting over PMY LOL

    As always, thanks for recapping!

    • 11.1 Robs

      You took the words right out of my mouth . I’m still laughing at the re-cap and everyone’s comments. This is the best comedy I’m not watching…

  12. 12 Yumi

    THANKS for the re-cap.

    I can enjoy without spending my time watching.

    The Japanese version Jin I and II were wonderful.

    except the ending was bittersad. I am convinced the Japanese are anti-romantic and have little tolerance for happy endings when they can find a way to crush all romantic hope.

    • 12.1 -K

      Seriously, why must someone always die? I’m a delicate flower.

      Everyone should only live happily every after dancing under unicorn pedestal rainbows. The end.

      • 12.1.1 houstontwin

        -K, I really am that way. I can’t stand sad endings! Sometimes I read recaps just to make sure that I avoid irredeemably tragic episodes. I’m not proud of this.

        • -K

          Me too!

          • WM

            Me three! Sometimes if the show seems like it’ll have a bad (i.e. someone dies) ending, I’ll wait to watch until I find out exactly what happened. I learned my lesson with “It Happened in Bali”.

    • 12.2 Ryoko

      “I am convinced the Japanese are anti-romantic and have little tolerance for happy endings when they can find a way to crush all romantic hope.”

      Exactly! This is the reason why I switched from jdramas to kdramas. I don’t always need to have a happy ending (that’s just not realistic), but the Japanese seem to go out of their way to contrive un-happy endings. I think Maou is one of the few jdramas that pulled off a un-happy ending perfectly.

    • 12.3 Zie

      That what I love actually when watching JDrama.. not every budding relationship can turn into romance..

      Btw, if you want to watch some romance in Jdrama.. Try to watch Pride! AWESOME!

  13. 13 Yeng

    I have never watched a medical drama before, so I can really compare this other drama. In fact, I feel that this one has less story/actual plot than regular drama. It seems that they are just feeding us medical documentary video, which I am fine with, though it does get boring.

  14. 14 Demi

    Lol. Your comments at the beginning are too harsh. O_O

    Mmm.. I’m enjoying the drama so far! ^^~ (I just watched the 5th episode) maybe because I’m actually watching the drama instead of tying to find something funny in it?

    Yes. I guess it’s a bit weird that sick people appears in front of Dr Jin, but it’s a medical drama after all.

    So far, I find Kim Kyung Tak the most interesting character. There are so many interesting facts about him. I’m curious of how his character will develop and change as time passes and when he discovers the betrayal of his best friend and of course when he finally decides to face the fact that his fiancé is falling for other man.

    • 14.1 Demi

      Thanks for the recap. 🙂

    • 14.2 HeadsNo2

      Weird, I’m also enjoying this drama while actually watching it.

      • 14.2.1 Demi

        Then I guess we are having different kinds of ‘fun’ xD

        I am looking forward your recap of the 5th episode, it’s the one I’ve enjoyed the most.

        • Trina

          Nahh… ep 4 is the the really funny one… I laugh so much that I cried..

          • Demi

            Ok. Good for you.

      • 14.2.2 meh

        me too..i’m enjoying it…

        oh well…to each his own then..if you’re in for the laugh, jump in…if you’re in just for the heck of making fun out of the lead characters, jump in..if you’re in just to point out that this drama has more flaws than there are verses in the bible, jump in..if you’re in just to show how good you are in dissecting and deconstructing each and every scene, jump in..

        point is, this drama is still making waves despite all the negative comments and despite the read-between-the-lines “don’t watch it” messages…

        what??? a really bad drama that is already being sold millions to the other countries? not bad…not bad…LOL

        just continue being unintentionally hilariously funny and farcical Dr. Jin…and pocket the profit!

    • 14.3 houstontwin

      I’m enjoying it too. Even though I know it’s bad.

      • 14.3.1 Momos

        Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2.
        I lol-ed so much reading your recap, that I felt guilty toward Jae Joong. At first I promised myself to watch this drama becoz there is JJ in it, and then come the recaps. There goes my intention to the wind…. sorry JJ, I just really feel bad for you. After all the promotion they made for this.
        Anyway, I’ll keep on reading the recap n hopefully eventually I could bring myself to watch the whole series despite the misfortune hillarity. Jae Joong Fighting!!!

  15. 15 sm1leitsamy

    “…we can’t set the bar too high – because someone will inevitably hit their head on it.”

    Not going to watch this drama, but I LOVE your writing, Heads 🙂

  16. 16 crazedlu


  17. 17 Tenshii

    I believe the reason that keeps me watching it is the casts and not the plot XD

    • 17.1 Roro

      me too. ^_^

  18. 18 Laya

    Thank you for the recap! 😀

    I guess people are watching more because it’s crazy? (And there’s always the pretty!)

    • 18.1 jbb

      It’s all about the hair. I keep wondering how she made that ponytail look so good.

  19. 19 kaigou

    “we can’t set the bar too high – because someone will inevitably hit their head on it.”

    OMG I think I love you. No need to watch the show, i can just read your recaps and die of the lulz repeatedly all the way through!

  20. 20 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2!

    This is the comment I left on OT yesterday – having watched ep 5, all I can say is:
    “I’m pretty sure that Dr. Jin tanked for me right after they showed the scene of the peasant with cholera – and how did we know he had cholera?

    Well, the shooting diarrhea close-up was a major giveaway.

    What in the heck is WRONG with this Kdrama?! I want to kidnap my Jaejoong and drag him outta there. Park Min-young can stay there – it’s her punishment for not doing ‘Faith’ with Min-ho!”

  21. 21 Gaeina Lee

    Ugh. Am I the only 1 who love Dr. Jin here? Well, I guess then I could have SSH all by myself..

    This drama is not perfect but not so bad either in my pov. All the leads are good, and Jaejoong has shown improvement in his acting skill. The scheme (and writer) is getting better after this eps.

    SSH 5 o’clock shadows is just sexy in here, and his gaze is… Oh, well, and I love to be able to see the glimpse of the not-so-ancient picturesque Seoul and Han river from the hill with him… ^^

    • 21.1 toritorisan

      I also am in the minority and like Dr. Jin. I cried at the end of episode 5, it was really sad and not funny at all. Interesting to see how how the synopsis will appear on Dramabeans when it comes out…

      Actually the weakest part of the drama for me is the addition of KT’s character, who was not in the Jdrama. Originally I thought he was going to be a supporter of Jin and YR’s brother. But instead, he seems to be whiny due to his complex of being a son of a concubine. I’d rather him be a stronger character like YR’s brother – whereas he is trying to fight the injustice of the class system, than being part of it. I’m hoping KT will “wake up” and become a stronger character.

      ENDING SPOILER (for Japanese versions)
      Anyways I’m sticking towards this drama to see which ending the Kdrama will go with. Will it end with Jin going back to the future (drama) or will it end with Jin returning to the past and getting together with Saki (or YR in this version) (manga)? I’m hoping for the latter actually…

  22. 22 Shiku

    A still entertained by it and curious to see where it will go although I think the director needs to be fired as he doesn’t know how to do subtlety. He had too many scenes showing explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting.

    Kinda SPOILERY
    “I’m still not quite getting the animosity level between Young-rae and Kyung-tak, and was even more confused when his father went out of his way to be kind to her”

    It because she is Catholic and it will be a death sentence if they find out, courtesy of dear Father-in-law and husband-to-be.

  23. 23 gummimochi

    Oh friend, you make me laugh and smile. This was such a delightful recap 😀

    Poor Kyung-tak. Boy needs a hug.

  24. 24 lidy

    i’m just basically waiting for Faith

    • 24.1 hana

      LOL … some people have too much faith in Faith .

      • 24.1.1 Shiku

        I know right?

  25. 25 harunomasu

    How come this drama make the original look like a complete joke? I don’t know whether it’s the script (but they copied it from the original!) or the directing, but really, while I watch this only one word enter my mind, “Boring”. Maybe it’s because I already know the outcome since I’ve watched the original JIN, or maybe because I set my expectation too high, but really, I felt like throwing up when they throw the love-line scene in the drama when the original almost have none of it. Oh well, maybe I’m just a bitter girl.

    Thanks for the recaps as always. Will continue to watch to see just how messed up this drama can be /shrugs

  26. 26 anna

    They’re trying too hard to be like Jdrama JIN (I mean yes, it’s an “adaptation”), but can’t they just say they get the idea from JIN and try to actually write their own Korean history instead of trying to copy the jdrama exactly.

  27. 27 Jenny

    Hahahaha, O love how hilarious this show is while it’s trying to be very serious and oh so dramatic.
    The japanese version used diseases that were founds in records (like cholera, beriberi which was a vitamin deficiency and of course STD’s that courtesans’s had) and just executed it so much better, well and of course Osawa Takao is a much better actor then mr. handtowel.
    Jaejoong is just wooden, the supporting characters are far more interesting.

  28. 28 Dr Jin

    Help me somebody. Get me out of this hell hole. I see a lot of pigs and cows wandering around this village like nobody’s business. So I am expecting the Next Big Thing to be bird flu, swine flu or mad cow disease, or maybe a brand new mutated mad bird-swine-cow flu epidermic. And does anyone know where my creepy fetus friend is? I kinda miss him.

  29. 29 Adi

    ….I dont think the show is as bad or as much of a joke as you’re trying to make it sound. At least it’s not your normal, average, boring-and-old-as-hell kdrama storyline. It tries to change it up, and I appreciate that the show is making SOME effort to do some research and prop work (good or not). The same can’t be said for a looooot of other shitty kdramas.

    Plus, Dr. Jin is definitely better than a lot of the boring trash out right now. I’d say Ghost is the best at the moment, with (so far) a storyline that is proving that the writer actually has a plan, and Dr. Jin would be next. Definitely tops I Do I Do, and let’s not even talk about the trash that is Big and Gentleman’s Dignity….

    yeeesh. Some of you people have weird tastes/weird ways of interpreting stuff.

    • 29.1 harunomasu

      The problem is that, this idea is NOT even original since they copied it from the original JIN, EXACTLY, without changing a scene (except they add those sickening love-line) and that’s why it looks like a complete joke to most of us who had watched the original drama (or to those who haven’t watched the original).

      And why you have to compare it to “I Do I Do”, “Big”, and “Gentleman’s Dignity” when they are in different category? Those three you mentioned are Rom-coms, and Dr. Jin supposed to be Serious-Medical-Drama not Rom-Com-Medical-Drama.

      • 29.1.1 yossie

        “I Do I Do”, “Big”, and “Gentleman’s Dignity” when they are in different category? Those three you mentioned are Rom-coms, and Dr. Jin supposed to be Serious-Medical-Drama not Rom-Com-Medical-Drama.”

        Hahaha… I agree with you.

        Someone needs to get it right.

      • 29.1.2 Zie

        Hahahaha DITTO!

      • 29.1.3 Adi

        Well, I haven’t seen the original, so to me this is new. (I never watch Jdramas.) Therefore, you guys have to consider that maybe to people who have never heard of this storyline before, it doesn’t actually seem so bad.

        And who cares if those shows are in different categories? I don’t need to get anything “right”. The point I was making was that this drama is far more interesting to watch than those romcoms. I don’t have to excuse the romcoms for being boring because they’re romcoms; any show, regardless of genre, should be exciting and not over-used-feeling for anyone to really think it’s great. Thus, if I were to pick something to watch out of all the kdramas currently airing, I’d go with Ghost and Dr. Jin. It’s not my fault you guys can’t read, and misunderstood where I’m judging from.

        • doraemon

          Get use to all these bashing by the so-called J-Ver supporters of Jin. It’s not just happening here but in other forums as well. There are still many who enjoy this drama like you, and who can pick up what is still good about it, i.e. unbiased.^-^

          • Adi

            Yeah, I’m getting so annoyed by the trashy comments I’m seeing on Viki that I’ve just turned off everything altogether, so I can actually view the drama the way it was meant to viewed.

        • mia

          I just want to say that I agree with you 120%. Ghost and Dr. Jin are the only two dramas I am watching right now. ^^

          • Adi

            well thank you hun. Glad that SOME people online still have taste. <3

        • harunomasu

          And you misunderstand my point too. You compare the dramas that are in different league than Jin, so of course they’re not going to be the same. I’m not a supporter of original JIN, I merely said that this drama supposed to be a MEDICAL drama, and it can go without love-line thing, which make this drama become boring to me.

          If you don’t want to get criticized, then I guess it’s no point for me too to explain it to you that comparing JIN to ‘I do 2x’, ‘Gentleman Dignity’, and ‘Big’ is not right. Oh well, as you wish.

      • 29.1.4 starfield

        Saying the K-version copied the J-version without changing a scene is such an untrue statement, that I even doubt that you watched the J-version?

        For one, the history parts are completely different for obvious reasons. For two, the female leads have really different setup & personalities. For three, there are so many supporting characters in the K-version that don’t have a J-version equivalent, AT ALL. For four, medical plots aside, all the other arcs in the K-version are original as well.

        I personally think the J-version is a masterpiece, and so far far exceeds the K-version in terms of quality. But to say that to say that K-version is a complete carbon copy of the J-version, again, seriously makes me suspect you didn’t watch the J-version.

    • 29.2 Cynthia

      “….I appreciate that the show is making SOME effort to do some research and prop work (good or not). The same can’t be said for a looooot of other shitty kdramas….”

      Are you speaking literally or figuratively? ‘Cause lucky for us, Dr. Jin covers both!


    • 29.3 Sabah

      Diversity is the best defence against the homogenization of the world.

      Surely there is enough space on this planet for Dr Jin AND its contemporaries as well as the people who watch them?

  30. 30 Trina

    Can we have the poll of what is the next disease, please. I think the next one will be kidney stone…

    • 30.1 -K

      Argggg scurvy!

  31. 31 Kricket

    I think by the end of the series, we’ll have gone through 30+ diseases, outbreaks, and surgeries. Heck, we might even time-skip a disease for the fun of it. This is beginning to be episodic, with not one but two medical problems per episode.
    I think it’s entertaining for what it is. I’m not mentally stressed watching it and I get a kick out of it (not for reasons the crew wants). The goal of TV is to entertain, and I guess the series does that. Plus, Dr. Jin here is drool-worthy handsome.
    I’m currently preparing my tissues, for my tears of stomach-breaking laughter.
    Watching Dr. Jin, unintentional laughs ahoy!

    • 31.1 jbb

      I see Dr. Jin becoming a cult classic…

  32. 32 starfield

    Regardless of whether or not I agree with everything you said, thank you for the recap Heads =))) !!!

    I lol’ed at “Luckily Hyuk is on the scene (although at this point I’d argue that he just brings bad luck with him)”. Although this is hardly a Dr. Jin invention- if you follow any Japanese detective TV show you’d know what I mean- in every episode people die right in front of the hero no matter where he goes, that he might as well be Death itself XD

    I mean I get that this IS mostly a medical drama, the time traveling is a mere plot device & the political struggle the backdrop for the story, so it’s only natural to give our hero lots of patients to save. But they still ought to have paced better, so the occurrence of yet another new patient does not have the unintended effect of making the audience laugh/roll their eyes.

    That being said, I thought the directing & writing got noticeably better in ep.5, which is the first episode that I really took serious of. And ep. 4 had some intentionally (lol) hilarious moments + one new intentionally hilarious side character- although all the puking made it a bit silly.

    I hope the show keeps getting better!

    • 32.1 jbb

      We should call him “Lucky Hyuk”.

  33. 33 houstontwin

    Ha-Eung reminds me a lot of “I Claudius” (a dramatization of the historical novel by Robert Graves). Wherein Claudius acts like a fool in order to survive the machinations of Caesar’s blood thirsty family. In the end, he is Caesar!

  34. 34 Lise

    Speaking of the cholera outbreak i made the mistake of watching ep 4 while eating….yeahs not pleasant at all!

  35. 35 John


    Love your recap. Anonymous, Activate! Ha-ha.

    I just finished watching Jin2 , so I can’t bring myself to watch this.

  36. 36 Lulla

    You know what..after watching several episodes, I found that this drama is not that bad. It’s just..well.. I can guess what’ll happen next *sigh*.. so there are noo surprise. If u just wanna enjoy it without have to think a lot, then it’s okay.

    Oh yeah..and I like the gisaeng. She’s so pretty and ellegant.

  37. 37 Zie

    You know… something trigger in my head while reading the recap (I haven’t finish reading it)… All these saving that he do/did. Won’t it change the course of history or something? I mean some of those he saved, some of them I think suppose to die if he did not save the… So, basically he disrupting the course of history?

    • 37.1 Shiku

      I would think the same but they haven’t showed this with the character, I hope they do.

  38. 38 sally_b

    Thanks HeadsNo2…most excellent recap.

    ah ~ what to say about this show? I’m hooked for all the wrong reasons…unintentional funny & 2nd hand embarrassment.

    **** But I’m still gonna watch it…somehow expecting the Major Korean variety show MCs to appear for cameos.

    Yoo Jaesuk & Kang Hodong as conjoined twins..Dr. Jin will perform surgery with a binyeo/hairpin and random farm tools. total success.

    these episodes just write themselves. ~❤

  39. 39 Ilona

    A little Jae crash? 🙂

  40. 40 hana

    this drama is neither funny or entertaining to me … I give up on this show .

    • 40.1 Betty

      Agreed. It’s more like a “roll my eyes at all the nonsense” show. But sometimes I do laugh at the absurdities but it’s more the roll my eyes that wins during the entire show. I gave up to.

  41. 41 mirabella

    “it’s like the production team relayed its messages through a game of telephone”
    great metaphora XDD made it all feel so much clearer now LOL

  42. 42 natsumijan

    I have decided to steer far away from watching Dr. Jin else I’d be spending the entire episode listing down all its mistake-ridden and unbelievable medical scenarios. what a waste of park min young and lee bum soo!

  43. 43 moo

    It seems like I’m part of the minority that genuinely likes this drama. I really enjoy it.

  44. 44 21

    Hahaha! You make this drama sound really funny so I will definitely check this out if I have time! Thanks for the recap!

  45. 45 canxi

    I’ve been hearing about hilariously bad this show is. Awww and Jin Yi Han is in this??? When is he gonna be in something good???

  46. 46 jn123

    Oh god, I’m in stitches all over again reading your recap, particularly the last paragraph.

    I’m loving Dr Jin for the same reason you seem to be– the glorious ridiculousness. I’m entertained for all the wrong reasons with this one, but nonetheless, I am entertained *massively.* I keep thinking it’s a sort of unholy love child of Jejoongwon and Strongest Chilwoo. (Or, you know, an unholy embryo preserved in a jar.) It’s a perfect storm of cheese and bad acting (Song Seung Heon’s anguished face kills me every time (again, not for the right reasons)) and pretty costumes/scenery/people and earnestness? Somehow that last is key, even when it’s not working for the usual ends.

    Anyway, so glad you’re recapping this, HeadsNo2! I really can’t wait for your take on the cholera.

  47. 47 GRAWL

    I’m so surprised none of Dr. Jin’s patients have contracted sepsis or some kind of other infection considering the immense level of sterile conditions that must be upheld during operations/surgeries in hospitals…

    I’m not watching this drama but I will continue reading your recaps! Tis’ a pretty silly drama. 😀

  48. 48 aoiaheen

    I’m really glad you girls are recapping this. This reminds me of the Strongest Chil Woo recaps. Whenever I need a good laugh I’ll be coming here.

  49. 49 Hanachio

    I only saw the 1 and 2 because my friend is Jaejoon´s fan xD but no more … is really boring, has no story and I hate all those surgeries with CSI zooms… :/ disgusting

  50. 50 mellisa

    After watching the diarrhea scene – Jin Hyuk has become Jin Yuck…

    For some reason I am liking the show…. it is the only one i am watching right now.

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