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Ghost: Episode 1
by | June 2, 2012 | 152 Comments

YAYAYAYAYAYA! You all probably have no idea how excited I was for this drama. And no, it’s not because of So Ji Sub or Lee Yeon Hee (pshaw, who?). Rather, I’m more excited for the writer Kim Eun Hee, as she gave the drama world Sign and Harvest Villa.

We start off with a suicide case – an up-and-coming actress (played by model Lee Som) under the glare of a sex scandal has committed suicide. Shin Hyo Jung’s death shocks netizens all over, and they begin demanding to see this “list of sexual favors” that supposedly exists within the entertainment industry.

We go back 10 days before the incident. KIM WOO HYUN (So Ji Sub) walks down an empty hallway towards a lecture hall, where hundreds of police cadets are restlessly waiting for class to start. As soon as he enters the room, he pinpoints one student based on his cell phone number. That student had just texted to a friend, bitching about being indoors at a “bullshit” class on cyber investigation.

Woo Hyun: “Student – I’ll tell you why you have to listen to this bullshit about cyber investigation. Just now – someone hacked all of your information through your smartphone.” And I have access to it!


Woo Hyun explains that through cyber-hacking, someone can steal their identity and use all the information dangerously. There are no boundaries to this crime. We even watch Woo Hyun and his team taking down an illegal gambling site as he lectures – an illegal site where users make money with Korean Won from all over the world. Servers are located in Japan; call centers in China; financial transactions in Hong Kong. The only way to take down this pan-Asia gambling ring is to bust all of them at the same time without getting their attention. In addition, the police have to be careful that no one is tipped off because if the computers are shut down or destroyed, all the evidence is gone.

A woman in the Hong Kong center prepares to leave for the day, with Woo Hyun and his men surrounding the front door, armed. And what do you know – that woman ends up being YOO KANG MI (Lee Yeon Hee). She opens the door for Woo Hyun and his team, and holds down the nearest criminal. The police quickly grab each criminal in the room and push them far away from the computers before they can turn it off. One man manages to throw two computers out the window before he is finally subdued.

But then they all encounter a bigger problem – all the servers are set to self-destruct. Kang Mi and another officer quickly try to counteract the program, but to no avail. They lose all the servers and all the evidence. The screens turn blank, and then a binary code sequence forms the letter H in the middle of the screen. It’s the notorious hacker Hades. Woo Hyun ain’t pleased.

The next day, the media swarms around the police investigation bureau asking for clarification on whether the cyber team failed in their investigation. Director JUN JAE WOOK (Jang Hyun Sung) storms into the cyber team’s office – how could they have lost all the evidence that was right before them? He throws a mouse angrily across the room. That’s when Woo Hyun comes in to see his team getting yelled at. He calmly reminds Director Jun that as an outsider to the cyber team he’s not allowed to touch the computers or any device because he could be destroying digital evidence. There’s even a little placard on the desks that says “Do Not Touch.” I can see how Woo Hyun’s expressionless but condescending manner can also be quite infuriating.

Jun reminds him to keep his manners, but Woo Hyun didn’t join the police to be respectful. He joined to catch criminals. Touche. Besides, did Jun really think he’d arrive to work empty-handed? He’s already gone through the record of the Bangladesh server that Hades worked through.

Jun reminds the team that they all have to catch Hades because all of their jobs will be on the line – not just Woo Hyun’s. That’s when the head of the Investigation Bureau SHIN GYUNG SOO (Choi Jung Woo) arrives. The head is more easygoing and calm, and he tells Jun to just go and collect evidence from the crime scenes in Hong Kong. Sure Woo Hyun’s team messed up, even with international cooperation, and sure they made the police look bad. But Woo Hyun said he’d catch Hades, didn’t he? Gosh, Chief Shin has so much faith in Woo Hyun.

Woo Hyun does a presentation to his team. He’s found all the IP addresses that Hades worked through when running that self-destruct program. Scientist KANG EUNG JIN (Baek Seung Hyun) shows the team a modem-like reverser that can help the team backtrace the connection to Hades. The team installs the reverser at each of the IP address locations, counting on the hope that Hades will use those same IP addresses when he hacks again.

It ends up being a late night for Woo Hyun and Kang Mi as they wait for a hit on one of the IP addresses. Kang Mi asks what Woo Hyun would do to Hades if he caught him. After all, Hades’ behavior is not usually associated with gambling sites, but he’s more of a hacker for secret intelligence and then sharing them to the world. (A dangerous WikiLeaks?) Woo Hyun: “He committed a crime, so he needs to be punished.” Duh. Kang Mi – what other ideas were you thinking?

Every day life in Seoul is revolved around the phone and internet. People check the news, the weather, and follow their favorite stars’ tweets. It is the same for Shin Hyo Jung, who knows how to promote herself via Twitter by snapping a photo of her make-up free face first thing when she wakes up. Her uber-fans swallow it up (with a cameo from Sign serial killer Kim Sung Oh as a regular guy craaaaaaaazy about her), and soon she’s the talk of the town because of how pretty she is, or what her latest projects are. Her search ranking goes up in Naver, but what really makes it go off the charts is when one person makes a comment that Hyo Jung performed some sexual favors to get where she is now, and that there is a list. Everyone starts bashing her, or demanding to see proof of this list.

Even some of the cyber team members, such as Eung Jin and Lee Tae Kyun (G.O. from MBLAQ), look at pictures of her endlessly, but they justify it by saying they’re investigating Hyo Jung’s defamation case.

Suddenly Kang Mi bursts in, announcing that Woo Hyun’s found Hades. Everyone huddles around Woo Hyun’s laptop in an attempt to make typing computer code look exciting. Woo Hyun narrows down the IP address to one, and he and Kang Mi set off for the location.

Hades, sitting in a dark stairwell with only a laptop, hacks into Hyo Jung’s computer. Now he can see her monitor, and has turned on her webcam so that he can watch her as she types. Hyo Jung is visibly rattled, and she signs in to Twitter to post one last message – a message that shocks her followers, and gets forwarded to everyone else in Korea.

Woo Hyun receives the building number and apartment where Hades is supposedly hacking through. Just as he and Kang Mi are about to enter the building, a sudden crash through the glass awning catches their attention. A girl has just jumped to her death from high above, and a bystander confirms that it’s Hyo Jung. Her last tweet? “I just want to die. I just want to die. Goodbye.” And now we’re back to the beginning of the episode.

Kang Mi and Tae Kyun collect evidence at Hyo Jung’s apartment by taking pictures of everything on her computer and desk as it was found. Unfortunately for them, the blustering, brawny violent crimes chief KWON HYUK JOO (Kwak Do Won) is in charge of the investigation, and he wants the cyber team out. He dislikes Kang Mi for having been a dim-witted police cadet a couple years ago who didn’t even realize she was talking to the suspect and got herself handcuffed. To Kang Mi’s credit, she eventually caught the guy.

Woo Hyun comes in bearing more bad news for Hyuk Joo. He’s gotten permission from the higher-ups that the cyber team take care of all the digital evidence, as it is closely connected to their Hades case. If they find any evidence regarding Hyuk Joo’s investigation, they’ll give it to them. Hyuk Joo blusters his way through, angry that he has to answer to Woo Hyun and his team of hackers. He doesn’t believe in cyber crime and all that nonsense.

Calmly – and irritatingly – Woo Hyun points out that cyber investigation is the new form of profiling. Instead of using psychology when seeing the victim or suspect, they can go into the computer records and find out what kind of person he/she truly is. After all, people are usually more honest behind a computer with that cyber veil of anonymity. Can’t argue with that. Woo Hyun wins this round.

As they leave, Tae Kyun wonders why Hyuk Joo hates Woo Hyun so much. Kang Mi explains that one time, Woo Hyun found evidence that pointed to Hyuk Joo as a suspect. Hehe – that would make a guy hold a long grudge. The only puzzling piece about this case is that Hades usually hacked police or government offices, so why did he go after an actress this time?

Kang Mi heads to the parking lot to drive back her own car, but she finds a sneaky fellow writing down her phone number on the car. She quickly pins him down by twisting his arm, and the fellow cries mercy. He’s PARK KI YOUNG  (Daniel Choi) and boy is he charming he is a reporter. He quickly figures that she must be an investigator and tries to get a comment out of her, but she stays mum. She realizes that the black SUV next to her was parked by an idiot who did it so close she can’t even get into her car. She calls up the number on that car and it connects her to none other than Ki Young. Yes he parked it, but he only did it because he had no space.

Kang Mi orders him to pull it out so that she can get out, but he feigns having a pain shoot up his arm from her arm twisting earlier. So she takes his car keys and expertly re-parks his car so that there’s more room on her car’s driver side. Ki Young: “Wow… Bravo! But… how are you going to get out?” Now, Ki Young’s driver-side car door is too close to the pillar! Heeeeee! Kang Mi crawls to get out through the passenger side to get to her car.

Ki Young tries to get one comment out of her, asking if the rumors are true – that Hyo Jung didn’t write the last Twitter message. Kang Mi doesn’t answer, and heads straight back to the bureau instead. Ki Young watches her leave with a smile, but it quickly fades away into a hard stare.

Ki Young heads back to his shabby office for his little newspaper “True Story.” He only has one assistant/writer CHOI SEUNG YOON (Song Ha Yoon), who is such a rookie that she doesn’t even know how to write an article yet. Ki Young advises her to go try writing a novel, and that in itself may turn into an article, for practice. It’s enough to distract her so that he can go into his locked room and shut her out. Inside he has whiteboards and papers hanging all over his room, like some secret obsessive killer or investigator’s den. Hmmm – Ki Young is quite suspicious…

Back at the cyber team office, the members carefully record everything in Hyo Jung’s laptop before taking it apart and copying the hard drive. Investigator HAN YOUNG SUK (Kwon Hae Hyo) is impatient as he wants to take a look inside Hyo Jung’s computer already and see if her sex list exists. Kang Mi opens up Hyo Jung’s desktop on her computer and finds that there’s nothing out of the ordinary on her computer. The recent searches made were all related to symptoms of stress, which made sense considering the scandal she was going through. Kang Mi then remembers Ki Young’s comment about her Twitter post and takes a deeper look into that.

Conclusion: Hyo Jung didn’t write that last Twitter message. Instead, it was written from a different IP location. Woo Hyun immediately asks if Hyo Jung could have used a different device. Hyo Jung’s phone is eliminated as a possibility, as it was undergoing repairs at that time. No one remembers if there was a tablet or another phone around. Woo Hyun calls up Hyuk Joo, who isn’t keen on believing that Hyo Jung’s last Twitter message was a fake. But Hyuk Joo does have one of his detectives to look into whether another device was found at the scene, and to check the CCTV cameras of that building.

Hyuk Joo’s station is also busy with callers from pranksters and tipsters regarding Hyo Jung’s death. When Hyuk Joo himself picks up a phone call to tell the prankster off, that “prankster” seriously says that Hyo Jung’s death was murder. Hyuk Joo hangs up on the guy, and the “prankster” walks out of a phone booth, wearing a dark cap. We don’t see his face, but we can presume he’s Hades. But he also sounds a lot like Ki Young…

Woo Hyun is also in Hyo Jung’s house, searching for any sign of another device, when he gets a call from Kang Mi. She’s confirmed that the tweet was sent from Hyo Jung’s IP address. However, at the time stamp of when the tweet was sent out (11:13 pm), she was actually writing an email. Therefore she couldn’t have been doing both at the same time. Woo Hyun then catches sight of Hyo Jung’s router – she’s had an unsecured wireless network. Anyone within 50 meters and with access to Hyo Jung’s Twitter account could have done it.

The possibility of murder growing ever stronger, even Hyuk Joo tries to convince his chief that it’s too early to rule Hyo Jung’s death as a suicide. However, the chief is adamant in calling it a suicide for the press conference – and of course it’s not because he’s getting pressure from higher-ups, oh noooo

What’s better is that Hyuk Joo’s detective, BYUN SANG WOO (Im Ji Kyu), comes in during the press conference with something to show Hyuk Joo. The building Hyo Jung lived in had a lot of important officials and politicians as well, and so to protect their privacy there were no cameras in the hallways and staircases. However, Sang Woo managed to find some cameras from outside that pointed towards the building. In the video, they see a mysterious person leaving Hyo Jeong’s floor…

Woo Hyun drives back to the office, and phones in his members to put Hades on the top suspects list. Stuck in traffic, he can see the police chief at the press conference ruling Hyo Jung’s death as suicide on the jumbotrons. At that moment, the people on the street around him get a text message – “Shin Hyo Jung was murdered. She didn’t commit suicide.”

At that moment, the big jumbotron changes from the press conference to the web cam on Hyo Jung’s computer. People, including Woo Hyun, watch entranced as Hyo Jung gets up from her computer, greets someone, and then is subsequently pushed out of the window by a dark figure. It plays on repeat, and the message and video spread like wildfire.

Woo Hyun dashes off to the building, where the tech team controlling the jumbotron is having a hard time overriding the system. He takes over at the computers and does a search on who hacked in to the system. It’s Hades. Duh. But a brief call to Kang Mi confirms that Hades didn’t use any of the IP’s where they had installed a reverse tracker. So Woo Hyun does some quick calculations. Hades must have used the building’s WiFi service, and because he sent out the text to people 50 meters from the building, it’s likely that he’s in the building.

He asks one of the technicians which rooms in the building are closest to the intersection and have WiFi. They spot a rest area where employees can have snack breaks, and Woo Hyun sees a man in a blue jacket and dark cap walking out with a laptop bag. Bingo.

Ensue chase through the subway station. Woo Hyun very nearly loses Hades in the crowds, and so he decides to use Hades’ trick against him. Using a hacking program, Woo Hyun sends a text to everyone on the platform to point and call out if they see someone matching Hades’ description. People start pointing, and Hades starts running. He darts off and eludes Woo Hyun again.

Chief Shin calls for a conference with Director Jun, Hyuk Joo, and Hyuk Joo’s chief present. He wants an explanation for this media fiasco. Hyuk Joo steps in to say that he never ruled it a suicide, thus leaving his boss out hanging to dry. Rather, he’s found the prime suspect for the case – Hades.

At the same moment, Hades is hiding behind a pillar, waiting for the coast to clear. Except… Woo Hyun appears behind him, gun at his head. He orders Hades to turn around… and it’s Ki Young!! What’s worse is, Ki Young was Woo Hyun’s roommate at the police academy! That is, until Ki Young dropped out. Woo Hyun is stunned – and he remains stunned for the duration of their conversation. Ki Young can only smile wryly.

Woo Hyun comes to his senses and pins Ki Young against the pillar. How could he commit those crimes? Ki Young admits to hacking into Hyo Jung’s computer, but he swears he didn’t kill her. He never saw the killer’s face either, but saw the killer’s watch with a face of a map. As soon as he witnessed the murder, he ran for it, but then realized maybe he should go check and see if he could catch the killer. That’s how Ki Young got caught on the CCTV camera footage that Sang Woo found. However, by the time he got to Hyo Jung’s floor, the killer was gone.

Hyuk Joo’s presentation to the police paints Ki Young as the killer though, and he’s already dispatched a team to Ki Young’s home. But it’s also unlikely that he is the killer because if he were, why would he have posted a video that would incriminate him? Ki Young has a good reason to hack Hyo Jung’s computer too. (Ha – don’t all hackers?) He was contacted by a mysterious person who knew his identity as Hades. If Ki Young found a file called “Phantom” on Hyo Jung’s computer, he would be paid handsomely.

Ki Young took on the task because he was curious as to who this person who knew his identity was. If he found the file, perhaps he could trace it to the person. Also, he knew Hyo Jung had the file hidden somewhere in her computer because that last email she was composing was to a newspaper saying that she had a document that would reveal a dastardly crime.

Then she was killed, and her murderer deleted the email before it was ever sent. It’s highly possible the document she was going to send was the list of sexual favors.

Woo Hyun can’t process all of this immediately, though it fits with everything Kang Mi also told him. He wants Ki Young to come in to the office with him. Fat chance. Ki Young wants to find the killer on his own first, as he has a different sense of justice than Woo Hyun. And with that, he jumps over the tracks, right past a speeding train, and escapes on that train right before Woo Hyun’s eyes.

Back in the office, Kang Mi has an update on the video upload that Ki Young did. One of the team members, Officer Lee Hye Ram, managed to zoom in on a window that contained the killer’s reflection. The glare was very strong, so Hye Ram creates an outline of the reflection to map out the features and find a match. Meanwhile, Hyuk Joo and Sang Woo’s team break into Ki Young’s office in True Story, with Hyuk Joo doing the old-fashioned shoulder smash against the super fancy locked door. It works. Inside they see a den full of notes and pictures of Hyo Jung. Ki Young is Hyo Jung’s stalker.

And when the face match comes in for Woo Hyun’s team, it matches Ki Young’s.

Woo Hyun still can’t wrap his mind around the idea that Ki Young is the killer,  remembering what Ki Young told him. He orders Kang Mi to locate the sexual favors list if she can, as he believes there is someone powerful backing up Hyo Jung. He wonders if the whole video is possibly a set up, since he’d much rather believe in Ki Young. So Kang Mi goes digging, but it gives her a headache after staring at the computers for so long. She searches for ‘headache’ and some auto-search terms show ‘headaches during pregnancy’. Kang Mi realizes that all those search terms Hyo Jung had in her computer all had auto-entries related to pregnancy: headaches during pregnancy, stress during pregnancy, vomiting during pregnancy.

Hyo Jung was pregnant.

Kang Mi searches for the nearest pharmacy and asks if the pharmacist remembers seeing Hyo Jung. The pharmacist doesn’t, since she’d remember a celebrity. Kang Mi then shows her a picture of a cap and mask that were found next to Hyo Jung’s computer at the crime scene; that the pharmacist remembers. She also remembers seeing disguised Hyo Jung get into someone’s really fancy car and drive off. Hyo Jung was arguing with the driver though. It’s possible that the man Hyo Jung was with didn’t want her to be pregnant.

Woo Hyun returns to Hyo Jung’s apartment building, replaying Ki Young’s version of the events in his head. He’s puzzled over why Ki Young was caught by the cameras, but not the killer. Even with no cameras in the hallways and staircases, and even if he avoided Ki Young, the killer should have been seen by the CCTV cameras placed at the lobby and outside the building. Unless… the killer never left the building. Unless… the killer was Hyo Jung’s next door neighbor.

He rings the doorbell to the apartment next door, and slowly, a person wearing a watch with a map on the face opens the door.

And Ki Young, dressed in a sharp suit, enters the Investigation Bureau with Woo Hyun’s police ID.

So Ji Sub: *shocked face.*


WHAT IN THE WHAT!? Damn you, Cliffhanger!

Some caveats before I get to the comments: 1) This is my first So Ji Sub drama so all of my judgments come solely on this drama. 2) I don’t like Lee Yeon Hee. Paradise Ranch – ’nuff said. 3) I’m only watching this for the story. That’s it.

OK so let me comment on the drama overall. It’s exactly what I expected out of a crime thriller and suspenseful enough. It doesn’t have Park Shin Yang‘s hysterics, which makes me feel like this drama is so much more toned down, but actually it’s not. It still has its twists and turns, and it’s quite expositional – more so than the OCN dramas I’ve been watching of late (namely Special Affairs Team TEN and Hero). The OCN dramas leave much unsaid. This drama leaves little to be unsaid, BUT knowing this writer, it just means there will be more questions and more twists. She and her husband are known for tightly plotted storylines, where every possibility and evidence is explored. I love that Ki Young’s character is so rife with possibilities because you really don’t know if he’s good or bad, and he always seems to have an ulterior motive.

I also have to say – I love the cameraman and director in that they give this drama a movie-like quality and use the camera and space to help depict the emotions and relationships going on in that scene. At one point, the camera swings upside down to reflect the chaos in Seoul over the video broadcast and Woo Hyun’s night turning upside down literally. Then there’s this great pan between Woo Hyun and Ki Young when they face off at the train station; they were friends, but the distance between them is so great that they can no longer fit in one frame. Plus, the use of focus and soft focus is great – where the foreground is sharp and the background is blurred out.

While hacking and cyber-crime isn’t all too interesting (I don’t feel an adrenaline rush watching people huddle around a computer), it is fun when it comes down to solving the case and putting the clues together. I like some computer manipulation – like when you discover the reflection in the window matches Ki Young’s face – but I don’t like watching people write code. But that’s up to the actors to make it look interesting… and speaking of which…

I’m going to say it now that I think Lee Yeon Hee and So Ji Sub are the most boring parts of this show. Yes I said it! My opinions may change as the show goes along. For Lee Yeon Hee, her character is supposed to be a beauty and smart, but she doesn’t seem all that smart. She’s great at reading the lines out loud with some feeling, rather than really acting. As for So Ji Sub, the dude is expressionless. And stiff. I don’t know if he’s usually like this, but he’s not usually in this type of thriller, so I wonder if this drama is a good way to change public perception of him. I don’t mind him as much as Lee Yeon Hee, but he needs to learn a new expression. He’s kind of alternating between “stoic-straight-face” and “I’m-so-shocked-my-eyebrow-is-arched-up-a-little face.”

At least they have a decent supporting cast. In fact, I feel like Daniel Choi is carrying on the exciting element of the show. He has a wider variety of expressions to boot, and also he’s the one with the complexities in motive and personality. I wonder who the real killer is, and if Uhm Ki Joon will come out as well. I only realized now that if you squint, Daniel Choi and Uhm Ki Joon kinda look alike, which would mean that either of the two could pass of as the killer. Gah! Exciting!

I can see this list of sexual favors ramping up to be the major story arc for the drama, because it can involve so many people in high, public places. I also hope we have more episodic cases that can be started and solved quickly so that we’re not spending all our time on this one. But I really trust the writer of this drama, as long as she has some help from her husband Jang Hang Joon too!

Once again – NO SPOILERS PLEASE! Especially if you’ve seen episode 2 and ahead.


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  1. diorama

    Thank you for the recap! The cyber aspect of the drama makes me scoff a bit (shutting down a computer means lost data? Yeah right) but I have faith in the writer that they’ll be able to write a good story.

    • 1.1 MsB

      As a computer geek, it can happen! Especially with a dormant virus sitting on your computer, waiting for you to shut it down (think there was a virus a couple of years ago like that)!

    • 1.2 DB5K

      This show’s technical aspects are actually really accurate. Many people operating illegally are prepared to destroy evidence on their hard drives in case they get caught, so it’s very possible some people may have programmed their computers to wipe all drives upon manual shut down.

    • 1.3 momosan

      It’s actually simpler to arrange for the data to be irretrievable. A full secure wipe of data takes a goodly amount of time, however, encryption of the data and destruction of one key file is easy peasy. So, if you shut the power off, there is technically a split second of a window where the password can still be retrieved while the data is dismounted. After that, assuming that the password hasn’t otherwise been coughed up, you are toast without the password and key.

      You’d be surprised at what can be hacked and how things are hacked. If you want to see the cutting edge of hacks, BlackHat+Defcon is the place. Last year there was a theoretical hack given of medical devices. Last week, the feds were admitting it was more than feasible and warning manufacturers to think of these things. You don’t even bring a computer or cellphone to Defcon without expecting it to be hacked – they are THAT good. In fact, last year, as I recall it, they were hacking RFID chips just for giggles.

      • 1.3.1 momosan

        oops, got cut off! That said, as much as I love me some SJS, I only lasted about half of this episode before I gave up. I’ll keep reading the recaps, and if it somehow comes around, I’ll marathon it some rainy weekend.

      • 1.3.2 DB5K

        Haha!! You’re right. It would take a really long time to securely wipe data. As you said, the best way to protect your data is with encryption. My point was just that it IS possible to make your data irretrievable with a simple shut down. I’m not really a techie; how can I when I’m a legal studies major ;~; If I could go back to the beginning of high school, though, I’d focus on computer programming. I only discovered I loved math/science during senior year when I took Calc BC and AP physics. Sigh… I can’t believe I thought math was boring. It’s absolutely thrilling compared to legal/government studies. At least IR/IPE is still interesting 🙂

        And you should watch episode 2 before you decide to put it off!!!

  2. -K

    Great flick.

    **crosses fingers that episode 3 is just as good as 2**

    • 2.1 nomu.chua.Seung-gi

      At the beginning of ep 2 I was SO CONFUSED!! lulz

      But a nice reversal of the characters, eh?!

  3. nomu.chua.Seung-gi

    Watched the first two episodes and wowww it’s GOOD!! It bears resemblance to this hollywood movie (if I reveal the name, it’ll be a major spoiler) but i LIKE it a lot!!

    Hopefully it’s able to keep the momentum going. And, so much eye candy! Me likes, heh. The dramas this year are SO.GOOD!!

    • 3.1 mtoh

      Are you thinking about movie with Gone in the 60 seconds actor…? I know about that… 😉

      • 3.1.1 yoga girl

        yeah i know.i am starting to get addicted to this drama,it has a lot of potential. cant wait for wed to come.

      • 3.1.2 nomu.chua.Seung-gi

        mtoh!! My TK2H chingu…this is Saima!! 😀

        It’s always good to ‘see’ familiar faces liking new shows. shhh….let’s keep the title on the D-lo. Don’t wanna spoil it for HeadsNo2 and others who have yet to watch Ep 2!!

        • mtoh

          Saimaaaaa, my dear!!!!!You are here, find me me on Tw…it’s all the same…

    • 3.2 ilikemangos

      :O SAIMA & MTOH.

      i just finished ep 1. and now watching ep 2. It’s actually drawing me in. And gettin’ good! Definitely will be on board.
      Currently watching like 10 dramas all at once. ha

  4. MsB

    Ok, I am putting on my computer geek hat for the moment. The first episode would not be very interesting for a lot of people because it really immerses you into the world of hacking! Things they showcased, I know happen; there were also things that were totally new to me (phone spamming, who knew!). But because of the first episode, I was immediately hooked.

    As far as the players, Daniel Choi, excellent! So Ji Sub, I’m just happy to see him playing an entirely different type of role! I think the seriousness of his character is because of his job. I would not expect a head cyper specialist to be joking around but to be a super geek (pretty as he may be). The female lead, I will hold judgment for now because right now, she could be there or not, I would not care.

    @nomu.chua.Seung-gi mentioned a Hollywood movie that is similar, there are a couple but besides the premise of hacking, I think that is where the similarities end.

    Lets just say after watching this, I must now watch Sign. It was a great start and I CANNOT WAIT to talk about episode 2!

    • 4.1 mtoh

      Ep 2…waiting too… fast fingers please, Kaedejun…thanks 😉

    • 4.2 GANJI.

      The movie they mean has nothing to do with hacking though… just wait till episode 2 and see for yourself 🙂

    • 4.3 s

      I did watch Sign but I was tempted to when kaedejun said it was by the same writer.

      THEN i remembered it had one of the worse, or rather, mindfu*king finale ever. Um.

      • 4.3.1 s

        *didn’t watch, I meant.

      • 4.3.2 MsB

        Watching it now, I don’t expect a happy ending. #MoneyTalks

  5. neemcha

    @kaedejun, i already watched episode two, and you will love it!!

  6. mtoh

    OMG, DB is recapping GHOST….yeahhhh, so happy…
    Loved 2nd episode, can’t wait to comment that…
    Now know why DChoi isn’t on the poster for Ghost…

  7. Ivoire

    Thank you Kaedejun for the recaps! Off to read…

  8. Noelle

    Wow. I love Daniel Choi in this role. I’ve only seen him in romcoms so this is a nice change. If I watch this it would be for the story, DC, and EKJ but I think I just might stick with the recaps. Thank you for the recaps KDJun! Looking forward to episode 2.

    • 8.1 sunandmoon

      I also really liked DC in this kind of role. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of him before when he was playing bumbling characters, but this drama made me sit up and take notice of his versatility.

  9. happybunny

    Thank you so much!! And I looooove Daniel Choi! That’s all…

    • 9.1 Jihwan

      I almost jumped out of my seat when Daniel Choi appeared 20 minutes into the first episode to save us from the expressionless pair of lead actors.

  10. 10 obachan

    I thought SJB was stiff for the first episode, but hold your judgement until you see the second episode–there is a reason why he choose to restrain his performance in the episode 1 and we all know why. ^.^
    I think Ghost will probably end up to be a great run this year!! And finally after MISA, SJB finally seems to take upon a good project. Cain and Abel, Road 1 all end up to be disastrous. However, he is brilliant in Rough Cut though. That’s why I am uber excited about Ghost. SJB does not beautiful female leads but capable co-actors/actresses to challenge him. He has such a tour-de-force performance in MISA because all other actors/actresses are amazing (even a newbie like Lim Soo Jung was more than impressive). In Rough Cut, he played against Kang Ji Hwan and we all know how talented KJW is.
    That’s why I think Ghost will be a good experience for SJB. Daniel Choi and UKJ are all great but underrated actors. I hope through this drama, SJB will rise to the challenge and he always has his best in an occasion like this. SJB is definitely set on the top of Korean stars, now all he needs is to keep bringing his acting capacities to the next level.

    • 10.1 MsB

      What’s MISA? Rough Cut? Great! Also liked Only You. I only watched Cain and Abel because of SJS and he was not super bad; the guy playing the brother, must better in Gaksital!

      • 10.1.1 UJ

        MISA = Mianada saranghamnida (I am sorry, I love you)

        Its probably SJS’s best drama 🙂

        • MsB

          Ok, saw that. Liked except for the last scene which freaked me out! The rest was as I expected.

  11. 11 Ar-Feiniel

    1st ep was kind of ok and I thought that there was a nice set up for the 2nd ep. But as I was watching 2nd ep I started to feel uneasy. I thought to myself: “Please drama gods, play this story the smart way, don’t go all cliché on us, don’t make this a crazy mess.” Funny, if this was an american tv show, it’d have never crossed my mind, that they would use such a ridiculous idea, but with a kdrama it was sort of expected. Also, acting was meh and the charatcters were forgettable. And not smart. AT ALL. Hate stupid people, but idiot cops are cringeworthy.
    It ain’t no Special Affairs Team TEN. *sigh*

    • 11.1 DB5K

      The first episode was kind of okay?? It was BEAUTIFUL. I guess it was only interesting and exciting to techies.

      And do not get me started about ridiculous plot twists in American TV shows. Have you watched Alias??? Have you seen 24???

      This drama is NOT a crazy mess. I hate messy kdrama scripts, and Ghost has one of the most exquisitely organized and well planned out scripts I have ever seen. And how can you say it’s not smart?? It pains me to hear you say so TT_TT

      • 11.1.1 Ar-Feiniel

        Well, I’ve watched only 1st season of both Alias and 24, cos I can’t stand the ridiculous plots;p And the twist at the end of 2nd episode IS crazy, cos there’s no way that it could fly in a real life. Unless the doctors and cops are halfwits. I woudn’t mind if that happend in a sci-fi/fantasy drama where I can just suspend disbelief, but police procedurals should operate on logic and common sense and not on it’s-interesting-so-let’s-go-with-it ideas.

    • 11.2 Birdie

      Maybe you don’t like this genre, but for me, it was a pretty solid first episode. The cyber crime bits were interesting and it managed to keep me interested to want to know the story further.If you had watched Sign, which was great, you will expect the story to be thrilling.I do have to agree with kaedejun that LYH and SJS acting are pretty stiff.I think computer nerds can be interesting characters,so I hope they can step up their acting in later episodes.

  12. 12 Laeah

    Episode 2 is ten times better.

    I kind of wish Daniel Choi had So Ji Sub’s role instead of So Ji Sub, as much as I love SJS, I think Daniel would have been better in carrying the series forward… I can’t decide.

    • 12.1 kay

      I think the same, I’m in the end of series and So JI Sub despite taking park ki young place ,is still so expressionless and stiff that i can’t bear to watch it anymore.I understand he must act like the former team leader , but outside work shouldn’t he resemble a bit old park ki young.They messed it u completely.So Ji Sub failed to portray park ki young!Daniel Choi was so awesome!

  13. 13 saiffy001

    Daniel Choi is in this drama?! That means I’m watching.

    • 13.1 Laeah

      He’s only a cameo.

  14. 14 Sunmi

    Episode 1 was pretty good.

    The musical score, however, leaves MUCH to be desired. It’s like 10 different people put the OST together. At one point some super sappy music played while SJS brooded, which I found confusing and jarring because such music is best for rom-com dramas where the male hero is wondering why he’s such an ass and not for super!serious! crime dramas where the male hero is wondering why he can’t figure anything out.

    I agree with the recapper on several points including SJS’s acting being stiff and flat and also that the female lead was about as interesting as drying paint. While the show’s premise is super interesting (I’m a nerd like that :3) I can’t help noticing all the holes in the plot the biggest of which was the whole pregnancy. Wouldn’t the police have figured that out before the cyber team? Though dead folks aren’t my thing, I should think that an autopsy is prioritized enough so that the cyber team would know already that their victim was pregnant. I mean if they were able to deduce cause of death (quickly enough for the stick-up-his-ass Chief of Police to give a press conference) shouldn’t they have known there was also a baby in the oven? IDK. Maybe this will be resolved in the 2nd episode? But it’s the little things, the small holes, that take the punch out of this show.

    But I’m still super interested mostly because of Daniel Choi. I’ve never seen him in anything else but his character has me intrigued. Plus he’s kinda cute. :3

    • 14.1 xelie

      totally agree with you.

      the background music was a disaster. n i’m utterly disappointed about the big hole in the plot about the pregnancy. seriously, how would the coroner not discover it in the first place? it’s so impossible unless an autopsy wasn’t carried out. but how would an autopsy not be carried out in such a controversial case? i think the writer just wanted to create some dramatic effect, and forgot to fill up the holes.

      thankfully there’s awesome Daniel Choi to the rescue. though sadly he was just making guest appearance for this drama.

      • 14.1.1 Sunmi

        Yes! I agree completely; the writer wanted drama but forgot the giant plot holes.

        I just found out Daniel Choi is just making a guest appearance! I’m really bummed by this news since he was the only good thing about the show. I don’t know if I’ll keep watching since I didn’t enjoy either of the first two episodes. *sigh*

    • 14.2 sunandmoon

      No, the lack of an autopsy is NOT a plot hole — it is completely consistent with the conspiracy surrounding the murder. The police higher-ups say there is no need for an autopsy because the Twitter note clearly points to suicide and the case should be closed quickly. And the violent crimes unit chief protests this, saying they need to investigate this further. But as we find out in episode 2 (hope is this not too much a spoiler), some of the police are also involved in covering up the murder.

      • 14.2.1 Sunmi

        Well…uh…you kind of gave it away there. It only seems like a plot hole to people who haven’t seen the 2nd episode.

  15. 15 Locturne

    Daniel Choi definitely carried the show. I wish he starred in a good drama soon, since apparently he’s just a cameo here. I don’t know if I’ll keep watching Ghost, because SJS and Lee Yeon Hee are indeed really stiff and their characters are not really appealing…

    • 15.1 Mara

      I’ll keep watching because the premise is fascinating.

  16. 16 beggar1015

    I’d like to see this drama Ghost that everyone else is watching and enjoying, because the Ghost I saw – at least as much as I could force myself to watch – was absolutely horrible. I kept looking at the clock and being surprised at how little time had passed since the last time I looked at the clock. This So Ji Sub is a terrible actor. I thought Uhm Tae Woong had no facial expression, but SJS has him beat hands down. That last picture in the recap, of SJS’s “shocked face” – that was the same face he had every time he was on screen, whether he was fussing over a computer mouse or having a dead body drop practically at his feet. I’ve not seen a So Ji Sub drama before (couldn’t get through ten minutes of Road No. 1) so I don’t know if this is how he usually is or if this is how his character is written. I hear this Daniel Choi is a good actor. I just couldn’t make it to when he showed up so I’ll have to take everyone’s word for it.

  17. 17 Shiku

    I kinda knew you’d recap this. Thanks!

  18. 18 Samlun

    The episode 2 is even better than ep 1. My mind filled with so many questions watching it. I can’t wait for next week.

  19. 19 Arwen

    I have to agree with what Samlun above me said: ep. 2 is even better than this one! I’m so HOOKED! It was twist, after twist, after twist. The premise at the beginning wasn’t really interesting to me, but I gave it a shot cause all of the dramas I had been watching had ended. And boy, am I glad now!
    But, on the other hand, Lee Yeon Hee was kind of sucky. She reminded me of the female lead in TEN (whose name now escapes me), who was I think between clumsy and idiotic at times. All I’ve seen of So Ji Sub was his last movie and it was ok. But it is true that the guy doesn’t seem to have a whole array of facial expressions, let alone any. Daniel Choi I ADORED, and it was refreshing to see him in a role where he doesn’t just play a baby-faced, cutesy, super-good guy. This new kind of “bad ass” edge in him is awesome!

  20. 20 GANJI.

    Episode 2 was pretty exciting yeah (!), but I don’t think I’ll be watching past this episode as this drama is too serious for me. But I’m not regretting watching these first 2 episodes! Your heads will turn with episode 2, have fun 🙂

  21. 21 isabelle

    Love So Ji Sub and Choi Daniel. Love the show already,there are so many stars i like –

    Im Ji Kyu – loved his character as Dokko Jins assistant.
    Kwon Hae-Hyo – i thought he had great potential in LTM but not much to show.

    • 21.1 jomo

      I also love Im Ji Kyu – he is a scene stiller BIG TIME already after one episode.

      The guy who plays KWON HYUK JOO (Kwak Do Won) is pretty much an attempt at a clone of Song Kang-ho.
      From the middle parted heavy hair-do, to his distinctive profile, and even the army jacket.
      While I appreciate the homage, I wish one day SKH would do a tv show!!!

  22. 22 Lise

    i should def type something db-smart…thinking……thinking..
    ok Daniel Choi is too much for me to handle! is the man sexy or what!!!

    • 22.1 Lise

      replying to my own comment-classy! but yeahs between Ghost and Bridal Mask am not sure my blood pressure can handle the 2 simultaneously! damn! and i guess am watching another SJS cuz i totally luved him, am no drama critic but i’d say i’ve watched totally cringe worthy performances in my lifetime and his didnt even come close! and the girl, yes! she annoys me for some weird reason. just had a ridiculous idea, anybody else think ‘Mung Jihyo’ would kill that role?!! and finally cant wait for ‘Doc Poopy pants’ lols to make an appearance

      ***********SPOILER ALERT****************

      (tho i think he does make his entrance in ep 2 but the drama just isnt telling us that-yet!)

      • 22.1.1 rr

        i haven’t watched this yet but i read the recap already.. a lot says that the female lead is not good and i agree Ace Ji hyo will nail this role haha now i’m imagining what it will be like if this is Ji Hyo and Jong kook solving crimes together^^

  23. 23 TeeteeTrangbriggs

    Thank for the recap, about SJS I always think he such a overrated actor. He have only one expression ,sorry to his fans girls😔😔😔😔

    • 23.1 mtoh

      We hope for some changes, because he won’t be he in his body…Is this drama good or what 😉 haha

    • 23.2 MsB

      Yeah, I expect some changes after ep 2 also

    • 23.3 kopytko

      It’s not that he’s totally overrated. It’s just he sometimes gets to play a character other than his area of expertise: a simple guy with a twisted history. In my eyes he’s brilliant as an unlucky simpleton and watching this episode I had a feeling I hear him scream for a hammer or another useful tool, because all those computers are worthless.

      • 23.3.1 MsB

        His character in the mini-mini U-Turn is a character I would like to see him play one day!

        • kopytko

          What kind of character was that? I’ve never seen U-turn…

          • Ilona

            It’ s short adversing drama, consists of 4 ep. He played in it with the same actress from Ghost. Ghost their second work together.

    • 23.4 obachan

      OK. I guess everyone has a different view for “acting”–for people who are habituated to the OTT acting that is the formula of Kdrama acting, of course, SJB is not a “good” actor. I guess in this case, the world-famous Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung are worthy of their names for many people because they don’t rely on facial expressions to deliver their acting.
      Let’s see how the critic from Twitch says about SJB’s performance in Rough Cut.

      • 23.4.1 sunandmoon

        I am not particularly a fan of SJS, but I have previously seen him in Only You, and he will always be a good actor in my eyes. If it’s true that he has only limited range, he does that range extremely well. I can think of very few actors, Korean or otherwise, who can express stoic pathos like this man. His eyes have great depth.

        In the “face off” scene at the metro terminal, I didn’t think Daniel Choi outshone SJS. DC definitely did a great job of showing different colors and layers, but SJS more than matched him in intensity.

        I am surprised at so much criticism being directed at SJS. He is not the worst thing about this drama. And in the world of k-dramas, he is by no means on the bottom rungs in ability. In fact, he brings a film-quality presence to this TV series – as does DC and others in this drama who have experience in film.

  24. 24 Cat

    Okay so even though the first episode got me howling with laughter due to the predictability of things, I really enjoyed the strong twist of the personality inter-change.
    Seems to be carried out quite well, although with Ranch Girl around it’s a bit of a nuisance -____-

    I actually liked SJS in this one, his cold, emotionless exterior fits WooKyung’s history. Would be weird if a cop, who’s in deep shit, ran around with all the colours of emotion on his face.

    One year drama break and I think I’m back on board 😀

  25. 25 reallycool

    I was actually about to give up on this drama after the first episode. I’ve seen better acting from both So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee so I was kinda disappointed, but after watching episode 2 I’m hooked.

  26. 26 anna

    Can’t wait to see your take on episode 2! I’m really excited for this drama already. I didn’t think I would like it since SJS’s character seriously bored me to death, but… there’s episode two.

  27. 27 Steph

    I think you need too watch both eps before figuring out wethe rit’s your cup of tea or if it’s any good. I liked the first ep. I thought it was faced paced and it made me think. I really liked ep 2 though. I thought everyone started to loosen up and there were some great developments. Also, I love Yeon Hee, but I do think she’s a little stiff at times and has a ways to go as an actress. However, I think this role suits her and she was pretty good in ep2. We’ll see how it continues. I’ll probably stick with this because ot’s my kind of story.

  28. 28 Jessa

    I can’t wait for your recap of Ep 2.!

    I’m looking forward to Ep 3. & 4. next week 🙂

  29. 29 cv

    Seeeee, I knew people would like it. 🙂

    IF you are a fan of Ten, Sign, this one should be just as good. ^^

    Thanks for recapping! 😀

  30. 30 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    not hooked yet… but I love the writer too so I am waiting. I do like the fact that the main character seems flawed (really, really flawed). I don’t like perfect “clark kent” like heroes. I like Daniel Choi’s character though, so I think between him and Kim Eun Hee I may stick around.

  31. 31 Cynthia

    “As for So Ji Sub, the dude is expressionless. And stiff. I don’t know if he’s usually like this, but he’s not usually in this type of thriller, so I wonder if this drama is a good way to change public perception of him. I don’t mind him as much as Lee Yeon Hee, but he needs to learn a new expression. He’s kind of alternating between “stoic-straight-face” and “I’m-so-shocked-my-eyebrow-is-arched-up-a-little face.”

    And this is exactly why I can’t watch this. We’ve discussed SJS’s acting (or lack, thereof) ad nauseum in OT and had good laughs over the subject but when it comes to my precious drama-watching time, I can’t waste it on a 16 or 20 ep drama where the lead NEVER changes expression. I find myself becoming fixated on that one aspect and good storytelling goes down the drain of distraction.

    The general consensus seems to be that ep 2 is a 180 degree turn from ep 1 – I’ll wait until Kaedejun’s next recap and see what my fellow DBers have to say.

    Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun – it’s a lot of work! 🙂

    • 31.1 becca_boo

      The episode was definitely carried by the mystery (I don’t really care, but it’s intriguing) and especially Daniel Choi, who was pitch-perfect. I think his layered acting just made SJS’s more obviously flat in that train scene. I was enjoying watching DC and cringing at the same time because of the difference between the two guys.

      The chance to watch DC and Uhm Ki-joon is enough for me, so I’ll probably stick with the drama, at least for now. But I won’t blame you if SJS puts you off.

      By the way, I still love what you said about him hearing white noise in his head – he really does look like that. I hold out hope that he’s only like that when he’s acting, but it does makes me laugh.

      Sorry for beating a dead horse, but I just had to reply to your comment. I’m still fascinated by the disparity between SJS’s acting ability and his popularity.

      • 31.1.1 obachan

        well. Have you watched Love in Bali? MISA? And Rough Cut? I am astounded that some people here do not know what MISA is. MISA was one of the biggest Hallyu wave back in the same year when Full House came out. I understand why some people do not like SJB or his acting, (for instance, like javabeans :D) because SJB gets typecast a lot. Javabeans also got all critical to his controversial photo shoot years ago, which I found interesting. (I guess if you don’t like someone that much, everything they did can be a bit *problematic*).

        Anyway, I would say SJB’s performance in MISA is top notch. If he is not your cup of tea,it’s fine. But I rarely and almost never saw any critics criticizing his acting in MISA. MISA has remained one of the most influential dramas and despite its flaws and cliches, it’s a drama full of heart. I personally think SJB is made for that character.

        I was really disappointed at SJB and HJM when I watched Cain and Abel. But then I regained my confidence again when I watched Rough Cut~ SJB is not the great actor and he definitely needs to be challenged, but he definitely is not one of those Hallyu stars who only have beautiful looks without substance.

        (Not come to think of it…most of the Hallyu stars are not really the best actors/ actresses. :D)

        • mtoh

          I’ve watched WHIB, and one of my favorite dramas ever, but that doesn’t mean it was all because SJS…he was OK…
          Agree, Hallyu stars aren’t the best actor/ess, SSH is one example…don’t get me wrong I adore that man…but when it comes to acting…hm…my robot dear…but I always love to see him trying…
          Daniel Choi is good, we’ll see him in the moments like flashbacks…I think…
          At the end, I love this kind of dramas, if story is good, I don’t mind some off acting…

          • obachan

            lol So seriously…nobody here has ever watched MISA? If you never watched that, you would never know where his fame comes from…

          • MsB

            @mtoh, I just never heard to referred to as MISA. Now that its explained, I know what it is and I loved it (except for the weird female ending). Its what made me fall in love with SJS.

            Yes, SJS tends to act as one type of character but if you seen Cain and Abel, you would know that he has the ability to play a different type. As the Abel character, you did see two characters. Him in Cain and Abel made it tolerable to watch. The brother, I like so much better in Gaksital!

            But if you have not see Rough Cut or Only You, see those and then judge his acting capabilities!

          • kopytko

            I have seen MiSa. Obachan, I agree with you on typecasting. He’s usually an underprivileged/deprived simple guy with rough exterior and warm heart who just happens to have really bad luck all his life. He’s mastered this type of character to perfection and even the nasty, cynical me melts 😉

          • mtoh

            @MsB, I haven’t seen Misa or Only you, but again I always go with my feeling…that means I’m stack with this drama.
            As for SJS, he isn’t the best actor for me, he has that sad, puppy eyes, which can be used as advantage sometimes, but in the end they don’t allow him to look different. To state, I’m not his crazy fan, but he’s someone who could get this tru, as long as story is well and allows him to show different side.

        • becca_boo

          Actually I watched all of MiSa and thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I didn’t think that it was a great drama. I’m sorry if I came off too harsh because I do like SJS, and any criticism is said with love. I don’t think he’s an amazing actor, but when his character is well-written, he does pretty well.

          I know a big part of his popularity is all of the melodramas he’s done, but it’s odd to me because I don’t think that kind of drama is the best fit for him. I saw the first two episodes of We Are Dating Now and thought that kind of character suited him much better.

          I’m open to the possibility that he could be really good and just hasn’t found the right character or director to help him shine. I may come off critical, but I do have a soft spot for him, and I want him to do well.

          • mtoh

            It’s OK, we don’t need to adore actor/ss to enjoy drama…
            Sometimes if stars line up we have everything in one package…
            Me personally, love to be pleasant surprised.

  32. 32 Huong

    I was absolutely in love with Sign so this was great. It’s like I can re-watch Sign with a different story. However, that also says it’s kind of the same. In Sign, we have the National Forensic Center, this we have the National Cyber Police or something. In Sign, we also started with a murder case of a major star, it’s the same thing here. And in Sign, the story moved also to a year later, it’s the same thing here…

  33. 33 senti

    love this drama, i like So ji Sub in MISA better but still he is my fave actor 🙂 I’m looking forward to Ep 3 thanks for the recap

  34. 34 observantzani

    THANK YOU! I just knew you would recap this. Your recaps are truly wonderful. Can’t wait for the rest! Thanks!

  35. 35 DB5K


    Ghost, at least so far, is eons better than Sign, so any comparisons will put me off. Some elements of the plot might not be original (F*** O** anyone?), but the way events unfolded, the layers and layers of mysteries, and the artful story telling, is what makes Ghost’s intricate script so sophisticated and elegant.

    I liked the intro to the cyber investigations unit, which did a good job of quickly introducing the characters, showing their daily tasks and their role in solving crimes, and emphasizing the prevalence of internet use in our lives. It brings home the relevance of this drama’s subject to South Korea, the most wired country in the world.

    I liked the way Shin Hyo Jung’s suicide case and Hades’ case were skillfully tied together. I liked the complexities of the suicide case and how it led to new implications. I liked how the cons***** plot against Ki Young was set up. I liked how the lies of the cons***** plot were revealed to Woohyun and Lee Yeon Hee’s character. Can you tell I liked everything about the script ^^? The script writer did an amazing job of explaining mysteries, which in turn led to new mysteries.

    I really, really appreciate the technical aspects of the show, because it added to the realism. I truly appreciate the expositional aspects of the show. I enjoyed following the logical processes going on in Woohyun’s mind. I enjoyed seeing how cyber technology was utilized to find answers to solve crimes. I guess I’m somewhat of a techie, so I personally find the hacking/computer scenes exciting~~

    So Ji Sub comes off as emotionless, but I believe it was purposefully done, which you may find out when you watch second episode.

    And lastly, I find Chief Shin to be suspicious. His kindliness towards seems to be over played. The fishy uptight Director Jun might be a red herring.

  36. 36 xnopex

    i’m burnt out on crime-centered dramas (i’m watching 4 on japanese tv now) but this one sounds good from the recaps.

    i’ll give it a chance. thanks for the recap.

  37. 37 Joe

    I remember the scene where the man wearing the black strap gold watch with a image of the world map. He knows the murder victim Shin Hyo-Jung and Detective Kim Woo-Hyun and Park Gi-Young. He is in the driver (The camera zooms in to the arm that is wearing the black strap gold watch with a image of the world map.) seated in the fancy car waiting for Hyo Jung get into from the drug store.

    I remember that scene where Detective Kim Woo Hyun returns to Hyo Jung’s apartment building. And, he is replaying Ki Young’s version of the events in his head. He’s puzzled over why Ki Young was caught by the cameras, but not the killer. Even with no cameras in the hallways and staircases, and even if he avoided Ki Young, the killer should have been seen by the CCTV cameras placed at the lobby and outside the building.

    Detective Kim Woo Hyun rings the doorbell to the apartment next door (I hear The Phantom of the Opera playing in the background for suspense I guess.), and slowly, a person wearing a watch with a map on the face opens the door. Guest what Detective Kim Woo-Hyun is shocked because he knows the man wearing the black strap gold watch with a image of the world map.

    You will be shock to what is found hidden in Hyo Jung laptop’s hard drive that is lock up at the Investigation Bureau storage room…when Park Gi-Young gets his hands on it. I was.

  38. 38 linda

    wait till you see ep2. So much expectation is building after ep2.

  39. 39 antonia

    yayyyyyy thank you so much for recaping this!!! i like episode 1 of ghost so much, but episode 2 is so freaking awesome, i can’t wait to read your recap and comments about it!!! and i can’t wait for episode 3!!!!!
    sjs in episode 2 is really good, i think it makes a lot of sense that he’s cold and stiff in episode 1, he is great in episode 2, and i have high expectations from epi 3 🙂

  40. 40 Kisa27

    First I did not the like the first ep cause i watched it without sub and it really didn’t keep my interest. Seriously i watch alot of drama without subs and they actually keep my interest well this one didn’t. However i just read you sub and and i started to love. Just right now I finished watching ep 2. Let me tell you this story is might strong and I hope it stays like that.

    Anyways I already figured out who the bad guy in this drama is. It’s so obvious that its crazy? If you thinking you know the answer well congrats but the person i’m thinking about your not thinking about so wrong answer.

  41. 41 missjb

    whahhh I’m so sad to read a comment that So Ji SUb’s acting is kind bad here after all (SOBS)… I loveeeeee him since watching MISA and WHIB and become obsessed since then . and loving him even more after watching him in Rough cut.

    I haven’t seen this drama, Is the first 2 episode “that” good ? I wonder….

    Thanks kaedejun for the wonderful recap… I’m soooo watching this because So Ji SUb and Uhm Ki Joon which I LOVEEE in Scent of a woman…

    If this drama is that good…. GAHH so many dram so little time!

    • 41.1 antonia

      so ji sub acting is not bad!!!! of course he’s cold in first epi, but it’s supposed to be so. in second epi he shines… and i’m really looking forward episode 3, i’m sure he’s going to surprise us all, because his character will be more demanding
      and yes the first 2 episodes are more than good

  42. 42 schlieren

    Sooo happy this is getting reviewed. I’ve definitely been checking back frequently to see if it had been posted.

    And Hot DAMN! Choi Daniel needs to do more ‘swavey sexy geek/conflicted motive’ characters more often! Don’t get me wrong, I love his adorkableness as much as the next girl, but this was such an awesome change of pace. Hope he gets a staring role with this type of character soon. Pity this one was only a cameo.

    I’m completely hooked. Out of the 3 Wed/Thurs shows, this one is probably my favourite. But hey, throw Phantom of the Opera in their to dramatize the villian and I’m sold 😉 I cannot wait for Wednesday to show up.

    • 42.1 becca_boo

      I had the same thought: “Daniel Choi should totally do a thriller next!” I’m thinking he’d be awesome in something in the vein of City Hunter. I love his geeky side, too (So. Cute.), but his intensity here surprised me – and I love it. Now I’m dying for more of the same.

      • 42.1.1 mtoh

        I thought Daniel was sweet in BFB but in Musical, didn’t like it, but maybe that could be because of main actress…I didn’t like her in BFF…

  43. 43 orangy911

    This is actually much more compelling than I thought it would be! I was pleasantly surprised.

    I really liked Daniel Choi in here though. He never fails to amaze me with his screen presence.

  44. 44 becca_boo

    I think it’s common knowledge that So Ji-sub isn’t a great actor. I would like to point out, though, that he actually has FOUR expressions. As you mentioned there are the “stoic-straight-face” and “I’m-so-shocked-my-eyebrow-is-arched-up-a-little-face,” but there’s also the “I’m-so-angry-my-eyeballs-are-going-to-pop-out-face,” as well as his “I’m-in-pain-so-I’m-going-to-squint-and-hold-my-head-face.” I say this with love, of course, because I actually do like the guy for some inexplicable reason. And, no, it’s not because he’s a hunk.

    I thought Daniel Choi carried the episode, too, acting-wise (it also helps that his character was the best written), which makes me really sad that he’s only doing a cameo. One thing So Ji-sub actually does well is cute-bickery bromance. I don’t want Ki-young to be the killer! I want him to join the team and become Woo-hyun’s roommate again. I want Jin-wook-&-Sam-dong-esque underwear wars! Give me the bromance!!

    Good thing we have Uhm Ki-joon – that guy could give a pancake depth, and I’m betting his character will be well-written, too, so no worries, there.

    Thanks for the recap! I was wondering if you’d be doing this one. You’re like the unofficial crime-show-recapper. : )

    • 44.1 DB5K

      Daniel Choi’s acting was solid, but he was by no means phenomenal. I agree that a large part of our fascination with his performance is due to his characterization and the important role he plays. The person who said that Daniel Choi never fails to be amazing has obviously never seen High Kick 2. Daniel Choi was pretty stiff and emotionless most of the time.

      And as for So Ji Sub, you forgot about his tragic crying scenes, lol. He can pour out tears like no other. I’m not a So Ji Sub fan, but I think he’s a strong actor. He’s not great, but he manages to convey a bit more depth and pathos than others.

      I feel like he’s being unfairly criticized. His character is pretty emotionless so far, but So Ji Sub definitely has the acting chops to give a powerful, emotional performance. Have you ever seen his enraged, vengeful, heartbroken acting? It’s pretty good, given that he can pull it off without awkwardness. Also, So Ji Sub can do so many more types of characters than the brooding, melancholy type. He can be really shy, awkward, and cute; he can actually make a sweet happy smile; he can be playful and boyish; he can even be funny (gasp). I think So Ji Sub should take on different projects to showcase his acting range. Since he’s always doing serious roles, people feel disconnected to him emotionally.

      • 44.1.1 antonia

        “I feel like he’s being unfairly criticized. His character is pretty emotionless so far, but So Ji Sub definitely has the acting chops to give a powerful, emotional performance. Have you ever seen his enraged, vengeful, heartbroken acting? It’s pretty good, given that he can pull it off without awkwardness. Also, So Ji Sub can do so many more types of characters than the brooding, melancholy type. He can be really shy, awkward, and cute; he can actually make a sweet happy smile; he can be playful and boyish; he can even be funny (gasp). I think So Ji Sub should take on different projects to showcase his acting range. Since he’s always doing serious roles, people feel disconnected to him emotionally.”

        i agree with you, and it’s not only because i’m a fan of him (i admit he’s my favorite actor, maybe not the best actor in korea but my favorite) because he is not only goodlooking but he CAN act well. he moves me in a way no other actor can move me. just remembering his intense scenes in MISA or Bali, his endearing Park Chul Woon in Glass Slippers, his sexy and badass character in Rough Cut, his ridiculous and funny In Chul in TYOL, his cute and nerdy character in we are dating now, his adorable Cho In in Only You (and he was Cho In), just remembering him makes me cry or laugh or smile
        i can get that some people might not like him (tough i can’t understand why) but i don’t like him to be so illspoken. there’s many actors i don’t like but i don’t offend them cause i respect them as people and i respect their fans… just saying

    • 44.2 mtoh

      Finally, found your comment…LOL 4 face expressions!
      You didn’t watch ep 2…bromance isn’t option…but then, it is…you’ll see why…
      As for Uhm Ki-Joon…I really hope that he isn’t the phantom, and I’m expecting good acting form him…maybe he’ll shine everyone else…let’s just wait and see…

  45. 45 The Real CZ

    I was only interested in Ghost because I’m a big Lee Yeon Hee fan, but the first two episodes were badass. Seeing the comments about Sign in here, it seems like I should clear some time so I can marathon that series lol.

  46. 46 Marni

    WOW, I saved Ghost for last thinking it was going to be boring but WOW! Loved it!

  47. 47 bigwink

    “I only realized now that if you squint, Daniel Choi and Uhm Ki Joon kinda look alike”
    Ahahahahaaaahaaahhahahahahahaahaaa can’t get enough of that!

  48. 48 dls

    Thanks for the recap.
    Is the first K-drama about cyber-crime?
    I’ve only watched cyber crime drama Bloody Monday (Jdrama) about a genius boy hacker. It’s quite interesting, but the enemy was a quite unbelievable terrorist. I think Ghost has a better interesting aspect in Ki Young played by Daniel Choi. He is unpredictable.
    So let’s see how the drama will progress.
    Looking forward for next ep. recap!

    • 48.1 Dita

      Yeah, I also remember Bloody Monday when I see this drama…
      Well, I wonder if Ghost could be as good as Bloody Monday, or even better 🙂

      Woo Hyun-ah, if you need help, just call Fujimaru-kun, haha 😀

      • 48.1.1 enamor

        & here I am thinking I’m the only one who remembered Bloody Monday while reading the recap.

        Don’t we all love that drama? Hacking never gets so exciting.

        Keeping my fingers crossed for Ghost to deliver just as much. Let’s go!

  49. 49 Suzi Q

    I’m a computer geek so I love all this high tech stuff which adds realism. Boy! I’m impress that they spent beaucoup bucks on the special effects.

    Anyways, I agree that So Ji Sub’s acting has alot to be desired as well as Lee Yeon Hee whom I hated in Paradise Ranch, a major disaster of a drama. At first, I didn’t recognize her because of her long hair which is different from the weird bob she sported in PR.

    So Ji Sub’s latest choices of dramas and movies haven’t been that great. Both actors are equally boring and expressionless, and it’s a shame because they are the leads.Heaven help us if these two are suppose to be romantic later on in this drama. Expressionless persona for SJS, and LYH doesn’t appear to be a very intelligent officer and seems out of place in her role.

    I liked Daniel Choi in this drama, but it’s too bad he’s only doing a cameo? Can’t wait until he’s in another drama soon!

  50. 50 megara

    I love this drama already!

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