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Ghost: Episode 8
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This school is CRAAAAY-ZAYYYY. School has never felt more like a prison until this drama, where the teachers can be so evil in the name of “doing what’s best for the kids.” It’s the most extreme depiction of “Asian Kids Only Study” stereotype I have seen in a drama so far, and boy does it make me want to punch out “Tiger Teachers.”


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Problem at hand: Kang Mi has gotten a little too curious about the piece of paper sticking on the pipe by the art room. So curious that she loses her grip on the window and falls backwards out the window!

Her fall is stopped halfway – Woo Hyun has caught her! He managed to figure out just in time that the art room was the place where all the “suicides” occurred. Just before she completely fell out, he grabbed her by the arm and pulls her back in. The two of them are breathless as they realize just what could have happened.

The local police arrive for a full on investigation while the students are having a late night cram session for their finals the following day. (Students should SLEEP – not cram! – the night before a test!) Yeon Sook tells all the students under her charge to continue studying, and she goes out to see what all the ruckus Kang Mi and Woo Hyun must have stirred up. In her class, the student with the white bow looks up – will she be caught now?

The teachers gather in the teachers’ office as Woo Hyun checks out Yeon Sook’s computer. Yeon Sook is shocked to hear her students were murdered, since she was perfectly willing to believe that they were stressed and suicidal. The log states that Soo Yeon’s phone was confiscated on June 8th; Woo Hyun sees that Yeon Sook’s computer was hacked on June 9th at 3PM. Yeon Sook says it’s impossible – her computer could not have been hacked!

Lady – don’t try to fight those who know cyber crime when they see one.

She finally admits her computer had been hacked, but the answer sheet was never leaked out. As a rule, all teachers create the tests and answer sheet in their homes so that no student would have access to it. Another teacher comes to her defense and says that during the hacking, the school’s schedule for the semester and a list of scholarship candidates were leaked out. Basically, the main suspect had used the opportunity of the hacking to spread the rumor of the answer sheet being leaked, and it’s possible the suspect is also the hacker.

The easiest way for the police to find out who did the hacking would have been to look at the CCTV footage – but there are none in the teachers’ office. To avoid more victims, Woo Hyun suggests they cancel the final. Yeon Sook: “Are you crazy!? The final is tomorrow. The students would be so confused!” No – the students would be happy. Yeon Sook compromises – she will warn every student about the false rumors and lock the art room so that another murder would not happen. Oh goody – so students have to worry about a final and a killer in their midst. Yippee.

The local detective has already requested for DNA and fingerprint identification at the scene of the crime (finally), so hopefully he’ll have something solid for Woo Hyun and Kang Mi. He leaves to go question the students and witnesses as well.

Sang Woo heads to Hae Myung Resorts to ask the concierge about villa number 15. The concierge refuses to give out any information about that particular house. Hyuk Joo dryly comments that the concierge gave out so much information on villa 12, but is tight-lipped on villa 15. They leave the resort without prodding for more information, and then the concierge calls up Jae Hee again to report Hyuk Joo’s investigation. He then leaves the front desk for a break, as lying to the police can be such a stressful job!

Hyuk Joo sneaks back to the front desk – he never left! Making sure the coast is clear, he does a quick redial and hears Jae Hee’s voice at the end, calling as a representative for Safe Tech’s development team. Aha!

Woo Hyun brings Soo Yeon’s phone back to the bureau for some investigation. As he takes it apart, his team is still trying to get over the fact that high school students have such murderous intent. They can’t figure out what the motive is for killing these students, as Jin Won and Soo Yeon have no common link between them. Woo Hyun manages to load up all the contents of the phone onto the computer and backs it up. The text messages that Soo Yeon sent and all of the apps downloaded were all studying related. Eung Jin: “For a senior, this is just too much [studying].”

From experience, Kang Mi says that Seong Yeon High emphasizes first place; if you’re not first, then there’s no point for you to be there. (Um – for someone to be first, it means there has to be a second, third, fourth, etc… Just sayin’.) Young Suk: “This is not a school. What kind of school is this?!” Ditto.

The next day, the students are scrambling to finish the test questions for their English II final. One of the teachers – the gym teacher – ruthlessly grabs each student’s answer sheet the minute the exam ends. He reminds the students that the rumors about an answer sheet are all untrue, so they should just study. “If you don’t want to be trampled on, trample others. Everyone else except yourself is the competition. In this world, if you become distracted, you become a loser.” Dude – what kind of lesson are you teaching these kids!?

Of course, the teacher saying that the rumors are untrue only makes it more true for the students. Since he’s referring to it, he’s affirming that it exists. Suspicions fly around in the classroom over who could possibly have the answer sheet already.

Back at the bureau, Woo Hyun checks out the email log on Soo Yeon’s phone. After it was confiscated, the phone was opened a total of 8 times. Woo Hyun does the math – if the suspect opened the phone to send 3 emails to Jin Won, 3 emails to Soo Yeon, and then one more time to delete the emails from Jin Won’s inbox, then it should only have been opened 7 times. The suspect didn’t have to open it to delete Soo Yeon’s inbox since she went straight to Soo Yeon’s room.

For the 8th time that the phone was opened… it must mean that the suspect sent one more email out. One more target. And this was done right before Woo Hyun went into the teacher’s office the night before.

And at that moment, we see the students during their break gossiping, while another student – Jung Mi Young – stares at her email: she just got a message from the suspect about getting the answer sheet.

Woo Hyun organizes a team to head out back to the school for further investigation, but Kang Mi has found another clue. She’s read through the texts again, and noticed one from Soo Yeon to a friend about volunteering at a library. She remembers that the other student, Ji Soo, had mentioned about volunteering with Jin Won. It might be a long shot, but the connection between Soo Yeon and Jin Won could be this volunteering task. The suspect could have been part of that group as well.

Meanwhile, Hyuk Joo orders Young Suk to do another investigation over Nam Sang Won’s case and villa 15. He wants a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at the case, but he can’t tell Young Suk why this closed case must be reopened. The investigation must also be kept secret from Woo Hyun.

Sang Woo wonders why Young Suk must do a reinvestigation if he already did a thorough job on it. Hyuk Joo: “Because Young Suk is the best in that field.” Also, he has another project for Sang Woo to do with him…

At Safe Tech’s courtyard cafe, Seung Yoon conducts an interview with Jae Hee on the company’s development team. She thanks him for his time, and hands him a small memento – a USB – as a token of her gratitude for granting the interview. Jae Hee accepts the gift with a smile. He smiles!!!

Seung Yoon leaves the building and finds Hyuk Joo and Sang Woo parked a little ways away. The interview was just a set up so that Hyuk Joo could plant a bug on Jae Hee with that USB. Sang Woo is the only one who thinks this whole plan is crazy, because wiretapping is illegal and if caught, they’d lose their jobs. Seung Yoon is only concerned about getting her scoop. She won’t let Hyuk Joo leave her hanging, but he dismisses her like a pest.

So Seung Yoon calls up Jae Hee again. Could she come back up to his office, as she seems to have left something behind? Hyuk Joo and Sang Woo run out of their cars, pick her up by the arms, and dump her into the backseat of their car. Seung Yoon: “Oh never mind! I found it in my bag!” Hahaha – I enjoy watching her get on Hyuk Joo’s annoying side.

Hyuk Joo turns on the listening device and puts on an earbud. He refuses to share it with Seung Yoon, so she ends up putting her ear right next to his to see if he hears any scoop. Aw – they look like father and daughter…

Woo Hyun and Kang Mi return to the school to ask Yeon Sook for the volunteer program’s log. She resentfully gives it to them, finding no connection between the volunteer program and the murders. Lady – you really need to stop trying to figure things out on your own, because you don’t really understand what’s going on in your own school. Woo Hyun finds that Jin Won volunteered twice more than others despite the exams coming up.

Yeon Sook explains that Jin Won was a candidate for the Choonchu Scholarship, which helps students pay for tuition if they can’t afford it. Volunteer work and grades are equal factors in deciding which student best deserves the scholarship. Jin Won and Soo Yeon were both the strongest candidates for the scholarship, which explains why Jin Won did so much volunteer work. It also explains why both were desperate enough to get the answers for the final exam, since their future at that school was riding on it.

Woo Hyun deduces that the suspect must have realized she was not on the list for the scholarship, or was too low in the ranking of the candidates. Therefore, she was targeting those who were her biggest rivals. The next target and the killer are both on this list, so he requests that all the candidates be gathered in one place for questioning.

While waiting for the students to gather, Woo Hyun requests for all of their personal files. He’s figured out a way to possibly find out which student created the foreign email account. He logs on to the email provider with the suspect’s username “bluesky” and then pretends he’s forgotten the password. The security question is “What is your father’s name?” Woo Hyun has Kang Mi read to him each student’s father’s names and inputs it as an answer.

Success happens with Kwak Ji Soo’s father’s name. On the candidate sheet, she’s ranked third behind Jin Won and Soo Yeon on who might get the scholarship. It’s highly likely she’s the one who killed her classmates.

Woo Hyun is still skeptical though since it’s also possible that someone signed up for the email account with Ji Soo’s identity. They arrive at the room where the students have gathered, and immediately notice that Ji Soo is missing. The local detective and Kang Mi head out to search for her. Woo Hyun also notices that there is one more person aside from her who is not present: Mi Young. He asks Yeon Sook what kind of student she is, and we discover that Mi Young was the student in the beginning of episode 7 who broke down and ate all the food from the floor. Though Mi Young was a good student, she did have a mental breakdown. The teachers wanted to send her to a hospital, but she refused to and got better.

Since the documentary was shot during the days of the first attack, and was shot everywhere, Woo Hyun also realizes that the camera could have caught who hacked into Yeon Sook’s computer. He requests for the footage from the production company and then fast forwards the footage to 3pm, when the computer was hacked.

When the interview moves to the teachers’ office, Yeon Sook sits with her back to a mirror on the wall. Lucky Woo Hyun! He manages to see that there’s a reflection of a student in that mirror, sitting at Yeon Sook’s desk and hacking into that computer. It’s amazing no one noticed this White Bow student…

Meanwhile, each students’ rooms are searched and checked as the police try to find Ji Soo. Kang Mi runs up and down the stairs to each floor when suddenly – she’s stopped in the stairwell. Student?! Killer?! What’s going on!? Don’t change scenes now!

A student re-reads the task to drop a mannequin from the roof where the other students fell off; we don’t see her face, but we do see her struggle to carry the mannequin over the barrier on the roof. The mannequin falls to the ground with a horrific smash, and then we see the White Bow student running to push that student off the roof. White Bow student finds herself face-to-face with Kang Mi. And Kang Mi finds herself face-to-face with Mi Young.

Mi Young was the one who killed all the other students, and sent the final email to Ji Soo. In the stairwell, Ji Soo had shown Kang Mi the email and asked for help, so they switched places in order to catch the killer. Mi Young smiles craftily – does Kang Mi have proof?

She doesn’t – but Woo Hyun does. He appears on the roof with the local detective and Yeon Sook. The video shows that she hacked into Yeon Sook’s computer for the candidates’ list. When Mi Young found that she was ranked fourth in possibly getting the scholarship, she came up with this plan to get rid of each of her rivals. She then used Ji Soo’s name to create the email account, and used her own phone to send the final email. When we thought she was the recipient of the threatening email, she was actually sending it out to Ji Soo.

The local detective slaps the handcuffs over her wrist. Her only words of defense: “I didn’t tell them to die! I told them I’d tell them the answers, but not to die! They killed themselves!” Yeon Sook is appalled that Mi Young would think such a thing, but Mi Young says she’s only doing what she learned: “If you don’t want to be trampled on, trample others. Once you lose, it’s over!”

I knew that stupid lesson was going to bite these teachers in the ass!

Reporters gather outside Seong Yeon High to report on the deaths. In the interrogation room, Mi Young ends up slamming her head against the desk repeatedly, and then goes into epilepsy shock when the police come in to stop her. She receives treatment for her mental breakdown caused by stress. To prevent others from becoming like her, an onsite psychiatrist provides counseling at the school. I think what you actually need to do is to get rid of those crazy teachers who care only about grades.

The students eligible for the scholarship are announced, and Kwak Ji Soo gets it. However, that award is tinged with the blood of her fellow students, so instead of accepting it, she packs up her bags, and leaves her drop-out form by the outlined bodies of her classmates in the courtyard.

The next day, Woo Hyun finds Kang Mi on the bureau’s rooftop. She wonders what could have happened if she didn’t meet Woo Hyun after Eun Sol’s death. It’s possible she could have ended up as crazy as Mi Young or committed suicide like Eun Sol. However, old-Woo Hyun had told her that she must live her life to the fullest in Eun Sol’s memory, and to just be sorry. That’s what she’s been doing ever since – living her life for two people.

And Woo Hyun is doing the same – for Ki Young and for old-Woo Hyun.

Case closed!

One bright and sunny morning, the people of Seoul tune in to a particular channel on the radio – commuters, joggers, housewives, students alike all listen to a song request for Bach’s “Air on G String.” It’s a mellow song that’s rudely interrupted by static, and a desperate voice screaming, “Se Kang Group is watching everyone!” And then he screams in pain, with bursts of static, and then his voice is gone. The listeners are all confused by the weird interruption, as it was both jarring, strange, and very creepy.

But one housewife has a particularly bad reaction to the interruption, and turns off the radio. She’s a housewife living in the Se Kang Townhouses, and she’s the wife of the deceased Nam Sang Won.


One particular person refuses to wake up to the sound of her phone ringing. Even though it’s 10:15AM, Kang Mi just rolls over in her sleep, trying to ignore the call from Woo Hyun.

Suddenly her computer turns on and rock music blasts through the speakers. Kang Mi wakes up in fright, as the image on the screen looks a lot like the one when the “Phantom of the Opera” song was playing. But then the words “WAKE UP WILL YOU!?” start scrolling through the screen.

Kang Mi: “Park Ki Young, you~!”

HEEHEEHEE. And it doesn’t stop there – Ki Young, I mean, Woo Hyun sends her a video message. Looking all stern and serious, he says, “Wash up in 5 minutes, change your clothes, and come to the cafe across the street, now!” And then he looks around the cafe as if to make sure no one’s staring at him, and turns it off.

HAHA – you’re so adorably awkward. Kang Mi storms into the cafe and he hands her a cup of coffee.

Kang Mi: When’d you infect my computer with that virus?

Woo Hyun: Just now.

Kang Mi: You know I’m a cyber crime cop right?

Woo Hyun: That’s why I deleted it already.

HAHA. It’s her day off and she’s annoyed that Woo Hyun is calling her out so early. He shows her his computer, where he’s gotten screen caps from Gu Yeon Joo’s car’s black box. He believes that Yeon Joo is getting close to him on purpose because when he tried to kiss her, she had reacted strangely. Kang Mi is stuck on the fact that he kissed her – did he really do it? Woo Hyun: “Am I not allowed to?” Hahaha – Woo Hyun is amused that Kang Mi is so affected by the kiss, but she’s trying to act cool about it.

Woo Hyun believes that Yeon Joo is on the killer’s side, and simply trying to contact him. She had installed the black box recently, so he hacked into it to get information on where she’d been recently. He split up the locations exactly in half – they’ll both check out the places she’d been and see if there’s anything suspicious. Wow – putting her to work on her day off?!

When Woo Hyun leaves, Kang Mi is still troubled: “He kissed her?”

Based on the locations, they visit her home, gym, a wine bar she frequents, and work. ‘Phantom’ would not have met her in those places since they’re so open and public. There’s one location left, and Woo Hyun heads to the outskirts of Seoul.

After several days’ worth of stake outs, our motley crew of Hyuk Joo, Sang Woo, and Seung Yoon finally get a pay off! Jae Hee is on his way out, so they need to follow him. He also left with the bugged USB in his bag.

After driving all day, Woo Hyun ends up entering Hae Myung Resort. Oh boy – we know how this is going to end…

Hyuk Joo and team follow Jae Hee all day as well, and I’m surprised Jae Hee hasn’t caught on to the fact that he’s getting tailed. But they nearly get into an accident when another car pulls out right in front of them, cutting them off from Jae Hee. By the time they get around the car, they’ve lost Jae Hee, and they lost the signal on the bug. But Hyuk Joo sees signs towards Hae Myung Resort. Could it be…?

He orders Sang Woo to turn right – let’s head to Hae Myung Resort!

Woo Hyun drives up to the guard gate in front of Hae Myung Resort and shows his ID. Without asking for more information, they smile and let him through immediately. So they recognize him from before… He drives right up to villa 15, where Yeon Joo’s car had gone. The house is quiet, but the light is on.

Woo Hyun walks right inside. Really!? You’re going to just go in, not knowing what you’ll see!?

Suddenly, he recognizes the living room; it’s where the phantom video file had taken place, where Nam Sang Won had died. Woo Hyun realizes that this is a dangerous place indeed.

And then, Hyun Min appears, coming down the stairs.

Hyun Min: We meet again, Lieutenant Kim Woo Hyun. What brings you here?

Woo Hyun: I was investigating a homicide case that occurred a year ago.

Hyun Min smiles. Dun dun dun!


Not the best two episodes of the week, but I had my fair share of enjoyment. Particularly when Kang Mi sees Ki Young instead of Woo Hyun, because then their relationship is much more amusing. When she works with him as a partner solving crimes, it’s a much more staid and solid relationship. When she works with him trying to figure out who Shin Hyo Jung’s killer is, it’s like watching the younger brother boss his older sister around – and she listens! It also allows Woo Hyun to loosen up a bit because he doesn’t have to be on his guard in front of her, and that allows So Ji Sub to give me a few more expressions than “the raised eyebrow” look.

I don’t think I enjoyed this case as much because it involved overachieving students who would kill each other over grades for money, and the teachers who taught them the wrong way to live their lives. It’s a good thing these episodes weren’t extolling the whole “Study! Study! Study!” mindset. The teachers pissed me off so much because they were more single-minded and obsessed with good grades than the students. How could you teach teenagers during their most impressionable stage of their life a lesson like “Trample on others before they trample you!” or “If you lose now, you’re a loser for life!”

No reason or excuse can make me understand where the teachers are coming from when they say those things. It made me really wish that they were the actual murderers and get arrested. But in a way, they really are; they’re the ones who formed the students’ mindsets. They created the monster.

I’m curious on what will happen this week, as I’m sure the culprit for that random radio interruption is sure to be the focus. Also – the net is closing in ever tighter on Woo Hyun and Hyun Min!


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  1. wanderlust

    so ji sub should really do a comedy soon, I think he’d be wonderful! sad as it is, such a study culture does exist in Korea so much to the point that they got the highest rate of highschool suicides so I liked seeing this case unfold.

    and bwahahaha at woo hyun waking up kang mi! that’s what you get for trying to outsleep a genius computer hacker 🙂

    thanks for the recap kaedejun!

    • 1.1 Kiara

      “so ji sub should really do a comedy soon”
      Agree, its like watching the same character over and over with different titles. Come-on man play something different.
      Thank you for the recaps “). I really want to love this show but the two leads are boring as heck, especially the female lead. I missed Daniel Choi, he had more chemistry with SJS than whats her name>….Lee YH?. I guess there is always Mad Cow and his side-kick.

      • 1.1.1 MsB

        Besides missing Daniel Choi, I think Ji Sub is doing a decent job of showing us two facades; one Ki Young and the other Woo Hyun when he is at work. A comedy? I’ve been begging to see him do one! A mini short he did was the closest to comedy I’ve ver seen him do.

        • antonia

          comedy movie: sophie revenge (he`s not the leading man though, but he was cute and funny)

          comedy drama (well his role was fun): thousand years of love

  2. katiamon

    It’s so funny when Ki Young is himself on Woo Hyun’s body, their relationship is kind of odd but i like it. Thanks for the recap =)

  3. redfox

    if asian kids study so much, how come they still don´t speak proper english?

    • 3.1 kopytko

      Because you should learn properly, not just a lot. You need multiple sources and multiple types of activities (activities not mindless cramming), you cannot rely solely on your textbook. One of my professors said that one cannot learn a language without engaging emotions.

      From a teacher’s point of view this school is a pathology. You can’t really have good results if you are at odds with basic needs of your body and mind. I was thinking: let the kids sleep! And go for a walk. On the other side, the long hours of study are prerequisite in Asian educational systems, which are based on memorising things.

    • 3.2 CM

      This means you really haven’t met Asians in real life yet darling. I have so many Asian friends here in UK that speak perfect English, and yes, they grew up in their home country, not UK.

    • 3.3 wanderlust

      Asian languages and english languages have different speech and tongue patterns, it’s not a matter of learning the grammar and vocabulary. Their tongue patterns have been conditions since birth, for exam korean hads a very quick slide to it as opposed to english words which are defined by the tongue, which is where you get the “accent”. You’ll be hard pressed to get rid of that straight away, if ever, and in addition their is slang and idioms in which only native speakers now. Every language is difficult and has it’s own nuances, it must be put into practice, study has the least to do with it.

    • 3.4 sunandmoon

      They don’t just study English…

    • 3.5 Lilly

      There is no such thing as proper or perfect English.
      There are too many different accents of English speakers for any one accent to be considered the proper or perfect one.

    • 3.6 MsB

      I can say the same thing about English speaking people not speaking proper English. It all has to do with the interactions with people. I’ve taken 4 languages and cannot speak any properly. Why? not enough interaction with people speaking the language. I think everyone should be bilingual!

  4. Denali

    Thanks for your hard work on recapping this “somehow dark” drama, Kaedejun. 🙂

    Indeed such teachers are appalling. :-/

    … and that allows So Ji Sub to give me a few more expressions than “the raised eyebrow” look.
    Ah, so he too, just like Woonie and Shi-hoo-yah, was looking at you then? 😀 😀 😀

    • 4.1 antonia

      Ah, so he too, just like Woonie and Shi-hoo-yah, was looking at you then?

      lol, didn’t notice it!!!

  5. wopey

    thanks for the recap!

    this drama is so dense that recaps don’t do it justice! i’d recommend watching the actual drama instead of reading the plot summary! these two episodes aren’t as interesting as the previous ones though! i wonder what’s going to happen with woohyun and hyunmin in the next episode!!!

  6. Daisy

    Every time I see “woo hyun” ( So Ji Sub)loosen up I imagine Ki young (Daniel Choi’s) face doing it!
    Ohh how I wish Daniel got a bigger role XD

    The student case is soo shocking! Things try do to get new marks.

    • 6.1 calgary

      Not just to get new marks.. to get a scholarship to stay in the school so parents don’t have to pay.

      Alot of the time in Asia, parents work multiple jobs and sacrifice everything, even sell their house so their child can get into a great school.

      A student in 4th place seeing that if they just have to ‘off’ the 3 other students, they could get a scholarship to stay that extra year to finish and save their parents a lifetime of sacrifice. This is why the list is always confidential.

      If I knew the list, I might be tempted to do such a thing.

      The start of the next episode at Villa #15 should be exciting. Plus I’m waiting for the next mini-case!

      • 6.1.1 meecheellee

        “That’s why the list is always confidential.”

        Thank goodness. Dearie me, anymore of this “If you don’t want to be trampled on, trample others. Once you lose, it’s over!” and I think I’m gonna have to avoid any prestigious high school campuses/ high schoolers. Sweet Jesus. Hopefully there aren’t many/any cases like these in real life Korea.

        Scared the wits outta me, that girl. But this case reminds me of the high school case in Vampire Prosecutor… http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/10/vampire-prosecutor-episode-5/ So now high school girls are scary, yes?

        Just kidding. But man, those dramas…

        • Anon1403

          Actually cases like the school one do exists, what we see in dramas are somehow inspirations and perhaps a cry from the producers shouting out for the society.

          There´s actually a lot of school bullies going on in SK because of the hierarchy system.

          Also yes their grades means everything to them and their parents and the way “other” looks at them. It´s just the asian principle, that if you dont have good grades you won´t get into top universities/colleges and you won´t be able to study, and you won´t be worth anything in life.

          It´s pretty harsh, but that´s how it is in the Asian culture. The kids has been taught and implanted this principles for ages and it´s been going on for generations.

  7. meecheellee

    HAHAHAHAHA. I lub So Ji Sub…

    Kang Mi: When’d you infect my computer with that virus?

    Woo Hyun: Just now.

    Kang Mi: You know I’m a cyber crime cop right?

    Woo Hyun: That’s why I deleted it already.

    LUV THEM(: <3

    • 7.1 Anon1403

      Aww yeah the wake-up scene was soo cute!! ~

      I really love to see more of KangMi and KiYoung in the future episodes, and mostly more of KiYoung in general 😀

    • 7.2 antonia

      the waking up and the cafe conversation are the cutest thing i watch in a long time!!!!
      i just love it!! but now they make me want more scenes like these <3333

  8. linda

    The wake up alarm scene is so cute. Thank you so much for the recap.

  9. annashee

    ay it was touching to see the kwakjjisoo not take the scholarship. showed some humanity in the students there. although i do enjoy the plot, im sort of getting tired of the one dimensional characters……

  10. 10 [email protected]

    Thanks for your recap! This is a really smart and clever drama. I love it when small signs of KY show up (aka alarm scene) and it would be nice to see more romance between the two main leads. Looking forward to this week’s episodes.

  11. 11 smile134

    I don’t know whether or not the writer wrote this story partly based the fact that some Korean students killed themselves due to pressure from school and family. When I started watching episode 7, I actually hoped for a different ending for the story of these students. In my imaginary, the suicide case (which appeared as murder case) could be these late students plan as a warning for those extreme education that they received. I know this may sound too extreme, but I was hoping students could be written smarter, not that insane (those ‘best’ students who cut their own hands and did whatever the culprit told them for an answer sheet and the one who killed her friends for scholarship).
    About the big picture, I think this week episodes bring us close to the truth (as all the characters mades progress in their investigation and we get to understand more about Hyun Min). That’s the thing I like about this drama, it is moving with a fast pace, quickly unfolds the twist/secrets and heads us to a bigger story 🙂

  12. 12 Lise

    I have seen SJS doing badass action in a movie with Kang Ji Hwan and i gotta say rough or prim he can rock both looks, me ‘lubin’ him!

    • 12.1 antonia

      me too <3333

      • 12.1.1 Dara

        Aww..yeah, Rough Cut, my fav!

        • MsB

          My fav too!!

  13. 13 antonia

    i don’t get why some of you didn’t like last week episodes, i really love them!!! diferent tastes i guess
    as usually the first part of the epi solve the case, the second part give us a hint of what would come next and what happened in the past!!!
    i’m really excited about this week epis, episode 9 can’t come too soon, i think mad cow will see KY and suspect even more!!! but i can’t imagine what will happen between KY and HM!!! i’m really nervous about it
    and that screaming on the radio, how creepy, and more important who did it???? would KM/WH or mad cow find out????
    and i think Jae Hee knows abou the bug!!! he’s driving them to the villa on purpose!!!! why??? don’t know
    lastly i need more KM/KY cute scenes!!!! please show pleaseeeeee

  14. 14 sunandmoon

    The scene where the radio station was hacked was my favorite part, although I think they could have made it even creepier.

  15. 15 minnie

    the only thing that made me happy about this episode is Kang Mi- Ki Young! i love how he keep annoying her and the fact that the kiss totally bothered her 🙂

    i hope to see their relationship advances!

  16. 16 MM

    I don’t get why some find this particular case is boring. I remember my friends who are trying their best to get a scholarship. They would work so hard to keep it because the scholarship will help them a lot financially. The devastation when they lost the scholarship or were rejected, it was heartbreaking.

    I guess some who don’t have a direct or indirect experience of the topic addressed will really find it less entertaining. For us who have, and it may sound cheesy, this touched my heart. Kwak Ji Soo’s decision of rejecting the scholarship and her gesture of placing her drop out form on the place where dead schoolmates died, made me see that even if that school is somewhat crazy and brutal, there is still an ounce of humanity remained in the few.

    For me, the school episode was not the best but it sets a less hmm……suspense tone and is heartwarming. And I get to understand Kang Mi a little. Plus the adorable moments bet Kang Mi and Ki Young? Oh please, I luuuuffff it. Keekkekekek.

  17. 17 Lilly

    “Oh goody – so students have to worry about a final and a killer in their midst. Yippee.”


  18. 18 arinkorin

    For me episode 7 was so-so, but episode 8 kind of made up for it with the Hyun Min-Woo Hyun face off and Kang Mi-Gi Young cute interactions. Oh, not that significant but I find Jae Hee (Phantom’s assistant(?)) kind of nice when he’s all smiley in that short fake interview. If only he’s not evil.

    Eeekk, I can’t wait for this week’s episodes! There are still so many things to be resolved and we only have 8 episodes left right? I hope they will focus less on these random cases and they should start focusing on resolving the Shin Hyo Jung’s case.

    Ohhhh, and Hyun Min’s cousin! That’s Lee Jae Yoon from the weekend drama ‘My Love by My Side’ right? I kind of squealed a little when he appeared. I was assuming that he must play quite an important part in Hyun Min’s life because… it’s Lee Jae Yoon? Haha ok that is just a personal view, so I might be wrong.

    • 18.1 Lise

      Ha! Yes the cousin, love him! Saw him first in some drama where he was speaking English (i know no biggie) but man, did he sound sexy! But it looks like hes put on some weight ; (

  19. 19 rheina07

    I super love the way Ki Young forcing Kang Mi to wake up with hacking ! hahahha

    I surprised at first, and thought that the Phanton of Opera-killer-series will start again, but feel at ease since it’s Ki Young’s prank.

    soooo cuteeee :3

    and the video message he sent to Kang Mi, oh my, another galaxy note as seen on Rooftop Prince !

    Is there someone who want to buy it for me, pleaseee? hahaha

    • 19.1 MsB

      I was happy NOT to hear the Phantom theme! I’d love to get my hands on that hacking algorithm! I have a few co-workers I’d like to freak out!

  20. 20 MsB

    Can I say for a trained academy cop, Kang M does some stupid stuff! Will she be the death of Woo Hyun/Ki Young? The story line was fascinating but it would have best been served with one helping/episode. I think the fact that they dragged it to 2 episodes was an overkill. The idiot squad ( Hyuk Joo, Sang Woo, and Seung Yoon ) will always be a step behind for awhile. We will see how much that adds to the show. I agree, these two episodes were kind of lacking; they had moments of interest but I’ll be the first to admit I had to watch twice because I literally fell asleep on both of them. Overall, I still like this drama and I think Ji Sub is continuing to do a good job convincing us he is two ppl. Here’s to next week picking up with his first direct encounter with Phantom!

  21. 21 Leeyuri

    I really enjoyed this episode, especially the wake-up scene and also the café conversation (with the cute little french song in the background).
    I love Gi Young’s personality so it’s nice to see it more.
    Also, I don’t think Kang YM is boring or stupid. I actually really like this character! Most of the girls in the dramas nowadays are irritated and screaming at the male lead. I like the soft and pure personality of YM.
    And I think it fits perfectly with Gi Young’s behaviour in general, because it makes cute scenes like that!
    I hope we will see more scenes with the two of them in the future 😉

    • 21.1 Dagshelger

      do you the title of that cute litle french song??

  22. 22 jvip

    Does anyone knows the title of the ending song in the first episode??
    I’ve been searching it like crazy, still I couldn’t find it!!!
    It’s a really nice song!!!!

  23. 23 Lee

    it’s not an epilepsy shock, it’s a seizure.

    Seizure doesn’t always mean epilepsy. Someone with high stress level, fever, or dehydrated, can end up having seizure.

    ..just saying.

  24. 24 Angela

    Does anyone knows the title of the song in scene where he was wake up her??
    Help me plz((

    • 24.1 Dagshelger

      wake up or when they in cafe??

  25. 25 Dagshelger

    Anyone knows the song when so ji sub and yeon hee talking in cafe??

  26. 26 Shado

    Another lesson from this episode: never befriend a hacker (esp the one named Park Ki Young) if you don’t want your sleep-in day to be ruined.
    It was funny though 🙂

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