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Golden Time holds poster shoots, releases stills
by | June 24, 2012 | 59 Comments

More promo photos are out for MBC’s upcoming drama Golden Time, which held its poster shoot on June 25 and released its most recent batch of photos featuring series leads Lee Seon-kyun and Hwang Jung-eum.

You can expect to see some sort of fancified version of the shots below in the soon-to-come official posters, which look… admittedly like stills from every other medical drama out there (New Heart, White Tower, Brain, and Syndrome come to mind, among others). Though I suppose there are only so many ways you can configure actors + scrubs + scalpels + operation room equipment. I wish they’d try a little harder for variety, though, or some sense of individuality, since I’m still left wondering what the drama’s about. Aside from le medicine, I mean.

This drama reunites Mr. Voice with his Pasta director Kwon Seok-jang (who also did My Princess), which makes me wonder if Golden Time will showcase a similarly light, bantery vibe between its leads. Those other dramas were straight-up rom-coms while this one seems like a straight-up medical show, but at least our leading mean’s got experience in both, having also acted in premium medical drama White Tower.

Golden Time replaces Light and Shadow on Mondays and Tuesdays, and premieres on July 9.

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59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Laica

    It’s nice to see Hwang Jung-eum with decent hair.

    I normally avoid medical dramas like the plague – no pun intended – but The Voice’s siren song might just pull me in… I can hear it already…

    • 1.1 Fabmari

      I cant forget the cutesy image Hwang Jung-eum trying to ‘steal’ Jiseok with her aego and her petty fight with Hasun in High Kick 3.
      Korean actors really can do a lot of roles.

      • 1.1.1 ditdut

        LOL, you gotta watch High Kick 2 then,, Hwang Jungeum was EPIC in it.

        • mileena89

          No kidding, she was basically the “lifeblood” of HK. That show brought out many breakout stars like Yoon Si Yoon, Choi Daniel, Shin Se Kyung, Yoo In Na, Lee Kwang Soo etc. All with their own streaks and I like them all. But IMO all would be for naught if without HJE, she suddenly became the main reason for me to watch HK, unintentionally I was waiting for her appearance every episodes. Plus she went all the way from rags to rich after that show.

          • Daisy

            I agree! It’s because of high kick I became a fan of HJE! I think people say that she can’t act should watch high kick!

    • 1.2 sally_b

      @Laica – re”I normally avoid medical dramas like the plague”

      I concur.

      me + medical dramas = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      I’ve spent A LOT of time in hospitals & nursing homes due to elder family members ~ not a happy state of mind for me. If I’m gonna watch melo…I want it to be set in exotic locations with awesome wardrobe changes. Scrubs and bed-pans ….are not what I consider being entertained.

      The cast is pretty though πŸ˜‰

      • 1.2.1 Laica

        Aw. Yeah, for me it’s long illness and lots of stupid doctors that have made me kind of allergic to the medical profession. Plus I can’t handle the inevitable surgery gore.

        But I do like character-centric stories, in whatever setting. It depends on the writing, and what kind of medicine is being portrayed.

        A story about a psych ward would be kind of cool. But probably would never happen considering how much stigma mental illness carries in Korea.

  2. kathy

    thanks JB,

    This profession is the “in thing” in kdramas.

    How about deep sea divers ?. – interesting ?.

  3. mary

    Yey, it’s the king in K2H! πŸ˜€ I hope he’s not going to be shouty here.

    BTW, drama = promotion = variety show guestings, right?

    *hoping for another LSK guesting on 1N2D*

    • 3.1 jomo

      He played a doc in Brain, too.
      VERY funny and strange character. Loved him there, too.

  4. xiaoSxin

    It’s Jae Kang Hyung!!! Glad to see him back again after his memorable part in K2H. Of course, seeing The Voice back on small screen is a long time coming. Pasta is so long ago.

  5. songjoongkilove

    i guess jae kang hyung and the voice are good friends πŸ™‚ they appeared in a movie together, Pasta, and now this.

    Ahh… Love the voice… hopefully the ratings are good despite the lack of A listed actors

    • 5.1 Noelle

      Totally forgot they were in Pasta together!

      • 5.1.1 Mashimomo

        Strangely enough I loved his character on Pasta as the meddling ex-CEO. To see him and the Voice together again makes me super excited! And I love LSK’s hair on here, makes me want to run my fingers thru it, so adorable.

  6. wtfchi

    The “bad” guy from pasta (lee sung min) and Lee sun gyun in the same show again ahaha interesting.

  7. Danna

    that poster with all of the leads looks like Pasta’s too

  8. Suzi Q

    Seen White Tower, Brain, and Syndrome, so hope this series will be something different and ingenious.

    Boy! Hwang Jung Eun is in another drama so fast. I’m still waiting to see her in Full House 2.

  9. KDaddict

    The male lead’s smile often looks like a smirk to me. See Photos 1, 6, 7.

  10. 10 ck1Oz

    Well, at least he has the scruffy hair right πŸ™‚

  11. 11 YY

    Maybe it’s time to turn our attention to the transport system. How about “Bus” or “Love Ride”? This would detail the ups and downs of a struggling bus driver. Make it a female driver, spunky and feisty, cheerful and optimistic (rolls eyes) who treats her passengers with warmth and concern and goes the extra mile by sending elderly passengers to their doorstep (who cares about schedules!). One morning, a rich handsome chaebol (I want Yunu of “Hearts of 19” in this role I LOVE YOU YUNU!!!!!) clambers into the bus, all sweaty (wink wink), tries to pay by credit card, and sparks fly….

    • 11.1 Yumi

      Love it. Our SFCO female bus-driver must also deliver milk while driving her bus route. [I’m not sure of the logistic of her riding her milk delivery bicycle as she drives the bus, but she is sure to be smart enough to figure it out]

      I’d watch.

      Unfortunately the only time chaebol get on the busses in K-drama it is to chase after their poor prideful spunky Cinderella who refuses to ride in their expensive cars or allow them to pay for taxis. So by the time out spunky bus-driver spots the chaebol, he would have his eyes on another poor-feisty beauty.

    • 11.2 Laica

      Jang Geun-seok could do the OST. They wouldn’t even have to write a new song, they could use that one about him loving his bus from what was it, Mary Stayed Out All Night?

    • 11.3 jomo

      How about “Get Your Motor Running” for a title?

      Love begins when the driver chucks her schedule and goes
      “Heading for the highway/looking for adventure/and whatever comes our way…

      It’s like the Partridge Family, only there is no family, and nobody sings wearing velvet and ruffles…

    • 11.4 ladida

      But…I actually really wanna watch this! Tries to pay by credit card…Bahahahhaha!

  12. 12 Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

  13. 13 Eli

    Ewww crocs… no.

    • 13.1 mary

      Been inside hospitals a lot (I used to live in one), and I see a lot of doctors and nurses wearing crocs.

      Maybe the production is just trying to stay true to the culture in the hospital. πŸ˜€

      • 13.1.1 titi

        I am a resident and I have to say we go for the most comfortable feet-do, and crocs is one of the best around πŸ˜€

      • 13.1.2 jomo

        Crocs almost NEVER wear out.
        And aren’t they “sterilizable” for lack of a better word?

        They also wear Dansko clogs – just like chefs, hair stylists and other folks who are on their feet all day.

        • mary

          @titi and jomo,

          Thanks for explaining it better. πŸ˜€

          If the prod team put that much thought and detail into the costumes, hopefully this med drama will be a believable one.

          But with Dr Jin setting the bar for med dramas, if this sucks more it’d be an achievement in itself! πŸ˜›

  14. 14 Beng-Beng

    i don’t know if this is a silly question, but what happened to Full House 2?

    • 14.1 BellaMafia

      I was wondering the same thing too..

  15. 15 Noelle

    His hair is ridic. A comb stat!

    I wonder if they will say Golden Time when it’s GT time? Will it be like Gaksitaaaal? Every episode will have the Voice say,”We only have this brief window, it’s …(pause for effect) … Golden Time”. And everyone does a series of serious looks and glances to convey the extremeness of the situation. I hope not.

    • 15.1 Lovebug

      My thoughts exactly re. the hair.

      Regarding your other comments – Hilarious!!

    • 15.2 ~Feather~

      Bwahahaha! I would not be able to take that seriously.

  16. 16 Bianca

    Wow, Hwang Jung-eum is sooo pretty here! Love it. Finally looks like she get character who is described as pretty and even rich (a successor). She is one of CF Queen and always included in prettiest and sexiest K stars list, so I’m glad she finally has the chance to show it in drama since High Kick. Though who knows about her wardrobe here, don’t tell me she’ll only wear doctor garbs *gasp*.

    That pic with her and Lee Sun-gyun standing side-by-side at the topmost is EPIC. They looks very good together. I like The Voice style too, simple and messy but suits him.

    Bring fresh ingredients on the table, GT! Be a memorable medical drama.

  17. 17 'dalia

    wow Mr. Voice really looks good in those promo shots. and i do so love him – but gah…still don’t think i can tune into watch a straight up medical drama.

    also, the director does give me much hope. he directed 2 dramas i dropped around episode 10 >>

    • 17.1 'dalia

      meant to say DOESN’T give me much hope…

  18. 18 bluemoon

    Oh My God! Is it just me or did Lee Seon-kyun look younger? I want to know what he has been eating and drinking. Life must have been treating him well. Gosh, I am so happy to see him looking SO healthy.

  19. 19 ida

    No offence meant but those stills look more like some kind of light documentary than a drama per se..
    It looks light, though I’m not sure if it’ll be fluffy.
    Anyhoo,those stills dont really spark any interest in me..

  20. 20 melusine

    Surgeon Bong Dal-hee was very watchable, so I do think there’s room for these romance-medical (workplace) dramas.

    I just wish it were somebody else but Lee Seon-kyun. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Voice, and it’s obvious he had a good working experience with the Pasta PD. But seeing him in scrubs just makes me think of White Tower, and since that was THE BEST KOREAN MEDICAL DRAMA OF ALLLLL TIMEEEEE, that’s maybe not a reference your drama should be making.

  21. 21 row.an

    how random. i have the exact same dark blue crocs Mr Voice is wearing weeeee~

  22. 22 aX

    Isn’t she still doing FULL HOUSE 2?

    • 22.1 Daisy

      Full house 2 has already been done filming a while ago. Now it’s just waiting for a broadcast station to pick it up!

  23. 23 DB5K

    Sorry for hijacking this post, but JB, y u no share your first impressions of I Need Romance 2?? It’s soo cute >_< !!

    I guess to make this comment more relevant I can add my thoughts about Golden Time. Based on the stills, I'd say this is going to be a humanistic drama. Lots of heart and tears and all that. However, I just cannot forgive the producers for casting Hwang Jung Eum as an intern/doctor. I like her well enough, but dang, her squeaky voice and circle lenses = overload of forced aegyo sometimes. Meh, maybe her image from WGM and High Kick is too ingrained in my mind. I couldn't really appreciate her acting in Can You Hear My Heart either~~

  24. 24 soomi

    According to the interview on section tv, the drama looks like it will have a bit of lee sun gyun style humor. he said his character is a doctor character that has never been portrayed yet…he said he’s a nalari doctor i think haha

    • 24.1 Beng-Beng

      what’s “nalari”, sorry for asking

  25. 25 Lisa

    Ewwwww what the hell is that hair thing. It looks like it’s alive!

  26. 26 hpn88

    Just realized, The Voice and Gong Yoo back on screen kind of at the same time – sadly not in the same show.

  27. 27 JD

    Thank god her hair’s normal again. Kind of. Better than a mushroom head anyway.

  28. 28 canxi

    Maybe if this was a comedy. How hasn’t Korea tackled the comical medical show yet? Like Scrubs! But…Korean. It would be so much fun! C’mon guys, how many brain surgeries and sickly children does one really need in life?

    I liked Scrubs because it focused more on the behind the scenes stuff and the personalities, they should try it.

  29. 29 Daniella

    She’s soo pretty!

  30. 30 gracie

    Gah I was confused for a second because my past teacher’s name is Mr. Voice, Voice being his first name. (I’ve always wondered what his parents were thinking…) anyway, I’m curious about what this drama is going to be like. Hopefully great! πŸ™‚

  31. 31 Rovi

    Lee Seon-gyun + medical drama = White Tower

    ’nuff said

  32. 32 GraceY

    i feel like docs really like to wear crocs lol

  33. 33 MONKEY


  34. 34 EBL

    Anyone, what’s the ending song name in the drama??

  35. 35 Lilian

    Ooh…Mr Pasta is back. Not sure whether I will watch it though.

  36. 36 Jane


    However, Crocs… hate them.

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