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I Do, I Do: Episode 10
by | June 30, 2012 | 172 Comments

The show has gained its footing and just in time. This episode cushioned the crazy antics of last episode by adding more cute and more heart. I’m glad you haven’t forgotten why we fell for you in the first place, drama. Both leads have to face one crucial question: Will love or career come out on top?

Ratings are holding still at 10.4% for Episode 9 and 10.5% for Episode 10.


Ji-an steps in as Tae-kang hurls insults at Dr. Without Borders, his hands still gripped on his collar. He starts explaining Eun-sung’s McCheaterson ways but stops mid-sentence when she sends him and icy stare. Fuming, she orders him to follow her.

Now outside, she lets out her anger while Tae-kang protests that he thought he caught Eun-sung cheating red-handed. She retorts that even if Eun-sung was, Tae-kang shouldn’t have let his fists fly first. Her words sting: “Who the hell are you? Are you such a pathetic bastard?”

Tae-kang doesn’t see the point to apologize to anyone who won’t take responsibility for their actions and Ji-an repeats again that she’s no one’s possession. With that, she orders him to apologize.

After a smart kick under the table, Tae-kang braces himself and serves an apology no one finds believable. His further attempts aren’t any more genuine than the last. Fed up, Eun-sung rises, stating that they’ll need to settle compensation.

He throws out an arbitrarily high sum ($1000) for his wimpy injuries, Jun-hee adding fuel to the fire that he has emotional repercussions as well. On the sidelines Choong-baek begs his friend to plead for forgiveness on his knees but Tae-kang puts his foot down, unwilling to compromise his pride.

When Ji-an steps up to pay for it herself, Tae-kang insists that he’ll pay. “It’s better than running away like a coward.”

Problem is he can’t scrounge up the money with his credit cards wiped. So he sidles up to Choong-baek who brushes him off that this is Tae-kang’s lesson. Now Ji-an will think of him as pathetic and like a child. He leaves his buddy in the dust.

Jun-hee’s eyes nearly pop out of her head when she learns that not only is Tae-kang the father, he thinks that the baby is Eun-sung’s. Getting a headache out of the complicated triangle, she instructs Ji-an to cut ties with Baby Daddy (i.e. fire him). Ji-an’s already tied down because of the pregnancy – does she want to be dragged down by its father?

Tae-kang has no means to provide child support or be of any reasonable help. She should be lucky if he doesn’t live off her her money. Ji-an comes to his defense, “He’s…not that kind of kid.”

At Jun-hee’s argument that he balked at the compensation, Ji-an counters that it’s no small sum – doesn’t she remember the woes of working for less than minimum wage? Things are tough and finding new employment is difficult which Jun-hee interprets as empathy towards Tae-kang.

She advises Ji-an that marrying Eun-sung will solve all of those problems to which Ji-an tells her to get out.

Ji-an sits in her shoe closet examining her sketches (all of Tae-kang aww). She mutters to Ankle, “What am I to do about your father?” She receives a text from Eun-sung about an expecting mothers class.

Eun-sung, who’s out on a run to take his mind off of things smiles and laugh at her curt reply, “Yes.”

The next day, Ji-an spots one of the other mothers reading her autobiography and gets caught in her attempt to sneak away. She doesn’t want to be recognized and Eun-sung comes to the rescue with a quick change of wardrobe much more demure than her high fashion.

She has trouble in Lamaze class and gets polite laughter after she introduces herself as “Ankle’s mother, 13 weeks.”

Dr. Without Borders leads the women through a mindfulness activity. Ji-an raises an eyebrow at the whole “imagine your happiest moment” concept at first but complies when Eun-sung gently reprimands her to concentrate.

The recent picnic date in the park comes to her mind; memories of sketching under the shade, falling asleep on Tae-kang’s shoulder. Realization settles in as her eyes flutter awake… hm maybe she does have feelings for Tae-kang after all. About time, I’ll say.

At the office, Na-ri looks curiously over a studious Tae-kang memorizing shoe jargon. When he greets her, he immediately notices her shoes (the same ones she picked up in the trash) but she cuts him off before he can verbally recognize them, telling him that she bought them. Then she makes it a point to walk backwards to show them off.

She calls him into her office to present him with a spankin’ new pair of golf-style dress shoes which are much better than the casual sneakers he wears to work. Tae-kang’s grateful for the gift but then she pouts and puts out her hands, explaining that if one giveth one must also receive. HA – I love you more like this: less evil and more bumbling cute.

Eun-sung concludes that Ji-an isn’t gaining enough weight on her pregnancy timeline and he brings her to the jokbal restaurant to put on some pounds. They find it closed to Ji-an’s dismay… which is when Tae-kang and Na-ri come walking in their direction. Hellllooo awkward four-way stare!

Na-ri wonders how Ji-an managed to keep such a catch (cough) under the radar
and asks about Eun-sung’s bruise. He dismisses it as getting in a tussle with a dog (namely a chihuahua) and Tae-kang silently seethes.

The fact that Tae-kang’s already sporting the new dress shoes and digs in that VP got it for him and that it’s brand name. She calmly dishes back, “I thought they were knockoffs.”

Ji-an’s annoyance meter rises when she hears that the two are quite friendly and when Eun-sung orders for the both of them. There’s no need to be embarrassed because she’s beautiful even if she gains weight.

He offers to pay for their meal (Tae-kang is downing his water by this point) and when Tae-kang is asked what they should get, he whispers, “The most expensive thing. Double it.” Then Eun-sung orders it. HA!

I love how they exchange stares all, Two can play this game, buddy.

Don’t you love it how all women’s arguments take place in front of the bathroom mirror? Ji-an gives a passing compliment to Na-ri’s reformed shoes, figuring it’s Jake’s handiwork. Na-ri corrects her that she found a designer who has great sense, passion, and good-looking to boot. Who’s that? “Park Tae-kang.”

Na-ri is sad to hear that Tae-kang is still lacking as a up and coming designer in Ji-an’s eyes and advises that she treat her one and only team member better. He could be a hidden gem after all.

But Ji-an throws that idea back at her – is she really keeping an eye on her own team members? They’re giving their all– and Na-ri interrupts, observing that Ji-an’s gotten bigger. To avoid the confrontational question, she pettily wonders if it’s because Ji-an’s older.

“And you don’t think you’ll get older?” Ji-an retorts as Na-ri gasps in horror. Bragging about youth is simply petty and Na-ri does look a little older than her age…

She best take care of herself or else she’ll find herself looking like an ajumma the next moment. “It’s called ‘Conservation of Self Healing.'” Hehehe…

The boys are having their own battle at the table. Eun-sung assures Tae-kang that he needn’t worry about the compensation; it was just a scare tactic. Tae-kang, on the other hand, has a more pressing question on his mind: Is he really not going to marry Ji-an?

Tae-kang doesn’t find Eun-sung’s answer that he respects Ji-an’s opinion acceptable. He calls the Doc out that he’s giving that pathetic excuse because Eun-sung doesn’t want to get married.

Then Eun-sung asks (in banmal) what he should do. Should he propose to Ji-an this instant? Go ahead and get a marriage license? Move in with Ji-an and send out wedding invitations? Is this what Tae-kang imagined?

No, it’s not because Tae-kang sighs in response, “I just… want her to be happy.” Awww.

So Eun-sung concludes that Tae-kang wanted something more like out of a drama and says, “Don’t worry. Whether it’s a soap opera or a melodrama, it’s our movie. So we’ll film it ourselves.”

Tae-kang can go shoot his own movie and he tells him to stop butting in. Seriously you should be giving these talks to yourself, Dr. Without Borders.

Then when the ladies return, he twists Tae-kang’s words by mentioning that Tae-kang asked when they were going to get married. Damn it Doc! Grave meet bigger hole. Ji-an stares at Tae-kang to gauge his reaction and she rises from the table with Eun-sung first, mistakenly leaving her phone behind.

Ji-an asks the question I’ve got burning in my head too, “What was that?” He answers that if they’re going to trick people, they might as well go big or go home. But he’s noticed that Ji-an is especially concerned around Tae-kang – is it because he’s the father?

Ji-an admits to it and turns back the question onto him: Is that why Eun-sung acted like that to him? “How childish.”

What Eun-sung can’t wrap his head around is where Tae-kang stands in her life. Does she have feelings for him? These are all questions you should be writing down in your own self reflection journal.

Ji-an answers that they’re only have a biological tie. “It’s just like getting sperm from a sperm bank. Not a man, but an organism without meaning or value. He’s like a speck of dust. You satisfied?”

…which is the same answer that Tae-kang overhears not too far away, having stepped outside to return her phone. Once he’s gone, she stammers, “How much has he heard?” Angry, Eun-sung tells her to ask him herself.

Na-ri clocks Tae-kang’s mood and comments that the two look good together. Tae-kang scoffs at her comment that Eun-sung must really like Ji-an. In her eyes, she thought Ji-an as pretty for the first time.

Women who receive love are more radiant than those who give it. “Which is why people are attracted to those already in a relationship.”

Dad marvels at the shoes (Tae-kang gave them to him as a gift, aw) as Tae-kang watches television about non-Korean married women. That sparks him to ask what kind of woman Dad would approve of.

He gets the classic, “It doesn’t matter as long as you’re in love,” answer, even approving someone who’s much older. What about a woman pregnant with another man’s child then?

Dad’s face grows stern and soon Tae-kang finds himself in a headlock between Dad’s legs.

How adorable is it that Tae-kang leaves her a pint of milk on her desk asking that he needs more time to work on his high heels report? Ji-an lets out the smallest of smiles and then runs through his 200 sketches. She sighs deeply, conflicted about having to fire him.

The pregnancy hormones seemed to have shifted into higher gear because now Ji-an has the nose of a bloodhound, super sensitive to any strange smells. She starts lurching to everyone’s astonishment.

Naturally the first conclusion in dramaland is preggers (which no one explains but I’m amazed how quick everyone is on the uptake to suspect this) … and then Tae-kang pretends to gag with her.

With the power of suggestion, everyone else starts wondering if the food’s gone bad and gags themselves. He gets scolded for his actions.

Ji-an mutters that he didn’t have butt in but Tae-kang’s sharp enough to know that she’s truly grateful. This time he accepts his reading assignment without complaint, flipping through the pages for a sneak preview.

Noticing that he’s back to wearing his old sneakers, her lips curl into a half-smile to hear that he’s given them away to Dad. And then he does the sweetest thing ever, presenting her with a small gift: erasers that are perfect mini replicas of the very first pair of shoes she ever designed.

Ji-an is clearly moved but she doesn’t show it, “Who told you to make these?” Returning them, she ices that if he had this kind of spare time, he could have spent it on his shoe design training. He throws them in the trash and leaves.

Madame Jang calls the next minute and Ji-an turns down the opportunity for a major broadcasting network to do a documentary on her life. Jake tells Na-ri that he loves the work of this mysterious designer, citing that it reminds him of his own first design.

Bong-soo pulls Tae-kang aside to let him know of a new job position that’s perfect for his father. Tae-kang tells him that it’s impossible because Ji-an will recognize him as the man who makes knockoffs. But one detail of what the salary is makes Tae-kang gasp in surprise.

Cut to: Dad in a wig and a drawn on mole. I torn between this and Tae-kang in drag last episode. Dad’s reluctant that the disguise will work but changes his tune when he hears about the salary. Like father, like son.

They walk down the hall totally, I’ve got this, wary of anyone who might recognize them. They allllmost make it past Na-ri who stops them. She gives a curious look and starts, “Those shoes…” then lets them go. You can almost see the phew on their faces.

The staff has finally figured out that Jake never intended to incorporate them into the design process when Madame Jang comes to visit. Ji-an’s away and she waits in her office. She notices the old lady’s face covered up and gives off what is a seemingly pissed off expression.

Then she wonders at the prenatal vitamins and medications left on the coffee table. Her eyes flicker. OH NO – does she know?!

Next thing we know, her secretary reports that it’s true – Ji-an’s pregnant.

Ji-an and Tae-kang are busy shopping around for fabrics. These two should just drink health drinks all the time. So darned cute. Tae-kang gets overly sensitive about anyone who comes near Ji-an and then ends up covering her with his body so she doesn’t get hit. Instant backhug.

He follows her like a loyal puppy, even suggesting they take a little break, insisting that he’s fine.

Aww, Se7en is returned to his happy parents’ arms for the first time and the staff celebrate his survival. Eun-sung thinks back to when Se7en grasped Ji-an’s finger. Her earlier words about how childish he acted towards Tae-kang tug at him and he sends her a text to celebrate Se7en’s discharge from the hospital.

Which of course for Dr. Without Borders means he can drop by with food in hand. But then he sees Tae-kang driving into the parking lot with Ji-an sleeping in the car.

Tae-kang gently wakes Ji-an and when she’s too tired to get out, he walks over to her side of the car. Ji-an jolts awake when he moves to lift her and Tae-kang tells her that he’s doing it thinking of the baby’s welfare.

Very slowly, she places her arms around his neck and allows him to carry her out of the car. Eun-sung looks on with disbelief and shock. He places his hand over the car door but then lets go.

Tae-kang carries her all the way to her bed. He asks if he should call “that person” (Eun-sung) and tells her that these are the times where she could call upon the father. Hey that’s you!… but you don’t know that yet.

Her indifference towards it makes Tae-kang ask if there’s something wrong with Eun-sung. He’s got a good job, money, and pretty good-looking… Ji-an asks, “Do you want to see me with him?”

Tae-kang tells her that it’s better off than facing it alone and it’s not like he can be by her side forever… Gah, why are you trying to break my heart?!

She declines his insistence to stay longer to cook or clean and she grants him to take photos of her shoe closet so he can practice his sketching. The sketchbook’s in there!!

He snaps photos of the shoes and smiles when he sees his mini erasers next to their real-life model.

Ji-an sits on her bed, loneliness slowly sinking in. She absent-mindedly grants Tae-kang to look through her sketchbook. She runs in… but Tae-kang’s seen all the sketches he needs to see.

He holds them up and asks why she drew them. She says they’re nothing and squeak-whispers, “Hand it over.” He stands there frozen, and she takes the sketchbook from him.

But as she turns to leave, he whirls her around and tells her, “Let’s be honest to each other for just 1 minute.” He repeats his question why she drew sketches of him. She stares back at him, silent.

Tae-kang gazes into her eyes and he carefully pulls her into a tender kiss. After they break apart, both of them need to catch their breath. Then Tae-kang says, “I’ll be going.” and actually LEAVES?! THAT’S IT?!

Outside, he breaks into the biggest smile, his hand on his heart, “I thought my heart was going to burst!” You’re satisfied with that wimpy little kiss?!

Eun-sung is still in his car, shell-shocked.

Dad celebrates his recent hiring with Choong-baek and Bong-soo over a drink. The others worry about Tae-kang’s reaction towards Dad’s employment. So they all freeze when Tae-kang bursts in, “Dad!” thinking that he’s upset… but then Tae-kang pulls Dad into a hug, “I love you!”

They’re interrupted by Na-ri and Jake’s arrival. Tae-kang stares wide-eyed at the opportunity they’re offering: a chance to study abroad and work as an intern in Jake’s company, all expenses paid.

Jake explains that he’s seen Tae-kang’s potential and genuinely impressed by Tae-kang’s work with Na-ri’s shoes and the design in the Reform Contest. At Tae-kang’s gape expression, he reminds Tae-kang that this is usually the moment where the person wells up with emotion, touched.

He excuses himself to the bathroom and lights up. This is like the best day of your life in both the personal and career sense, kiddo.

Ji-an thinks back to the kiss, placing a finger over her lip. Madame Jang drops by to visit and hands Ji-an a sushi dinner with a smile. Damn you, woman; I don’t know that much about pregnancy but I know sushi is no good if you’re preggers!

Ji-an stiffens as Madame Jang picks up a prenatal education book from her coffee table. Before she can tell the truth, Madame Jang cuts her off with a smile, “Congratulations… on your marriage. When’s the wedding?”

Apologizing that she should have informed Madame Jang sooner, Ji-an tells her that she plans on raising the child alone. Madame Jang continues to play dumb, telling her that Ji-an has built up her reputation as a successful gold miss and now she’s going to be a single mother? Can she introduce her as a future President of the company now?

Which is when Ji-an firmly replies, “I will give up on the chance to be President.”



Aw, yeah. I love this dilemma. The workaholic gives up the top of the career throne while the family man has a chance to advance his career. I was wondering why the writers were pulling the thread to this inevitable truth that Tae-kang really needs to hear at this point; about the truth of Ji-an’s pregnancy. But I’m going to continue to roll with it for now… don’t ask me why, but I’m curious to see how the writers will handle the grave they keep digging themselves further in. Don’t you know you stop at 6 feet under? No? Still digging?

I love that Ji-an took that stance of choosing motherhood over running a company which might have been her initial dream. I also love that she didn’t skirt the issue when Madame Jang came to see her, just hinting that she might know about the pregnancy without actually outright admitting that she does. This is her way of taking ownership for her actions, being firm on her decisions, ready to face the consequences that come with them.

It makes me wonder if Ji-an ever looked to Madame Jang as a mother figure at all given that she kept her own at arm’s length for a while. Though it’s beyond me why she should if this is true because there’s hardly any kind of mother vibe I get under that thick armor of conniving eeevvviiiilll. But it would make an interesting turn of events of learning more about motherhood and to be a good mother from her biological mom than one who doesn’t know love. What kind of mother, nay what kind of person would send Na-ri on a blind date with a jerk?

I loved how Ji-an’s realization that she may like Tae-kang played out during Lamaze class and especially in front of Dr. Without Borders. We got teeny hints that suggested that she didn’t hate him but in this episode from defending Tae-kang to the sketches to the tiny eraser shoes we can tell she cares just a wee bit. What’s great is that her happiest moment is the two of them sketching at the park which perfectly mirrors an earlier episode when Ji-an imagined herself drawing with her imaginary daughter. You might gripe that “why is she still being mean to Tae-kang” and I’m with you on that issue but if something taps your cold Medusa heart, wouldn’t you think that vulnerability was you acting out of character?

So I’ll be honest – I was spoiled about the kiss (and for a spoiler-free girl like me I was NOT happy about it) so it didn’t quite have the same ‘sqqqueee’ effect it could have been. But I appreciated how gentle Tae-kang was and despite my initial “THAT’S IT?!” outburst, I realized that even placing his head near hers is just about a great as a feat as taking the first steps on the Moon. I just wanted moar.

What I would do to be swept off of my feet.


172 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. zsa

    this show is progressing wonderfully….thanks for not giving up gummimochi and the rest of us here…I love our OTP and their real conflicts…aja aja IDID!!!

  2. zsa

    Those sketches and cute erasers had me smiling like an idiot for hours….and the kiss…simple but really had me in knots…love it (of course MOAR would be awesome since we know our OTP are not shy kissers, hehe)

  3. A


    unlike you gummimochi, I had not been spoiled about the kiss so I was pleasantly surprised

    honestly even tho the kiss was sooooooo adorable and just heart-stopping, TK’s reaction afterwards and also their fabric buying date was the best scene of the episode

    I love how Ji-an envisioned their park date in Lamaze class… sigh

    I never thought that they’d have so much chemistry but they are so cute together! πŸ˜€

    • 3.1 Yumi

      I loved the juxtaposition of the doctor watching over JiAn and seeming a bit proprietary, never imagining that JiAn’s peace and stress free place is filled with TK.

      • 3.1.1 Amaya

        ^^^^ this this this this. hahahah, and it was so satisfying to have him watch her being carried by TK. At the beginning of that scene, I was groaning because I thought he was showing off his talent of having the worst timing in the world, and was going to ruin their awesome night. I’m just barely hanging on to IDID, I’m extremely frustrated with the pace of some things…but I’ll stay on board this ship for a little longer to see how things go…. the leads have so much chemistry ><!!

  4. Noelle

    I really liked this episode even though I was left heartbroken for the Doc. I’m just glad she finally made an actual decision about the job. I have a feeling Madame Jang will not take this lightly. Probably like a betrayal with her disposition. This will not be an easy declaration on Ji An’s part but she might get an ally out of Na Ri.

    Looking forward to the next ep/recap!

  5. true2u

    What an episode, what can i say? it was pure GOLD!
    Our couple is moving along just wonderfully, the rubber shoe had me smiling so much my cheeks hurt XD.

    This episode had so much scene that i love its hard to choose with was mu favorite. the scene when Doc told her to imagine her happiest moment and she thought of her and TK at the park almost killed me with cuteness, her expression when she realize what she was thinking about was pricessless, and i love the fact that the imagination kept going without her trying to refute it. Thanks a lot Doc u made her realize what was in her heart.

    The other scene was the little date scene, Gosh did you see how protective TK was? If one could die from cuteness then it would have been this scene.

    Then the last scene was when he carried her from the car. This scene had my stomach in knots, when he placed her on the bed and the convo, that took place between them was crazy especially when Ji-An asked TK if he wants her to be with the Doc, WOW! and when Then he asked her

    • 5.1 jomo

      I watched this in my family room surrounded by various children and husband.
      It was one long chain of “Awww!” “Oh!” “AWWWWW!”
      “Woot!” “AWWWWWWWWW!” “YES!”
      “Oh?!” “YESSSSSS!”

      They keep saying, “STOP that!”

      I can’t help it. This show found ALL of my buttons.

      • 5.1.1 True2u

        LOL!! I can totally see it but I’m the opposite, i couldn’t sit with my families and friends because they HATE it, when i get into my screaming and Awwwwww moods -_-. That’s why i have a time when my room goes on lock down, sometimes it take 3 hours to watch one episode (-_-), i know, I’m just obsess. this episode had me screaming, crying <"Out of JOY", jumping up and down, laughing. My family has come to the conclusion that I've completely gone CRAZY!!!. My dad always ask, "What the HELL wrong with her", sometimes he comes and knock down the door like some police just to tell me to "SHUT UP". I asked his just this week, "Dad are are used to me? he said, "I have had you for 21 years how can i not get used to you by now" Gosh, I almost started screaming "AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! XD.

        I AGREE, i can't help it, this show really pushes ALL my buttons, in ALL the right places and at the right time.

        • okgo


  6. Stardust

    Thank you gummi for the recap =D The characters are cute and Tae Kang needs to know! aargh why are they dragging this out..

  7. true2u

    What an episode, what can i say? it was pure GOLD!
    Our couple is moving along just wonderfully, the rubber shoe had me smiling so much my cheeks hurt XD.

    This episode had so much scene that i love its hard to choose with was mu favorite. the scene when Doc told her to imagine her happiest moment and she thought of her and TK at the park almost killed me with cuteness, her expression when she realize what she was thinking about was pricessless, and i love the fact that the imagination kept going without her trying to refute it. Thanks a lot Doc u made her realize what was in her heart.

    The other scene was the little date scene, Gosh did you see how protective TK was? If one could die from cuteness then it would have been this scene.

    Then the last scene was when he carried her from the car. This scene had my stomach in knots, when he placed her on the bed and the convo, that took place between them was crazy especially when Ji-An asked TK if he wants her to be with the Doc, WOW! Fast forward a bit when he was going to leave and asked her to to take some picture of her shoes KYAA!!!!!!. And when he saw that she had the the rubber shoe he made, then he asked her if he can take a look at her sketch book i starting screaming. Then THAT KISS, yes i’m satisfied i’m really satisfied. XD!!!

    Now for the Doc, plz give up. when he saw TK carrying her and wanted to interrupt almost made me lose my voice i was screaming “Go home dammit -_-” my dad came to my room and had to tell me to shut up -_-. And i hate the fact that he keeps inviting himself over without first getting her consent.

    • 7.1 true2u

      Im so sorry for the multiple comment s, my phone is dumb sometimes -_-

    • 7.2 sulyn

      It’s a good thing the doc redeemed himself by not getting out of the car. That kiss could be better. KSA did not kiss back at all – rather unusual! Was she shocked? She didn’t expect that? Perhaps she is still in a turmoil.

      • 7.2.1 true2u

        Ji-An reacted the way she did because it was her character, yes, KSA regular kiss would have been A LOT better. I can understand Ji-An reaction to the first kiss. TK is melting her every episode, if she had kissed him back then her barrier whould have been completely shattered, it’s until TK completely break her barrier that i’m looking for the staple kisses by KSA, yes “kisses” i Don’t one kiss i want MORE!!!!

        • Aisu

          Make sense, joins you πŸ™‚

        • jomo

          Me, three. I think we WILL see THAT kiss we want to see, but later.

      • 7.2.2 Yumi

        Actually, she did kiss him back. If you look closely at the shot when the kiss occurred, you’ll see that she doesn’t have the close-lip non-response that women often give in K-dramas (I’m talking about you Musical) instead it looks as if her lip (bottom) had responded to his kiss.

        The cut they used for the flashback was different. In that one JiAn was classic K-drama female passive.

        • Ivoire

          Hello there,

          I agree with Yumi, Ji An did kiss him back. If you watch the scene carefully, you will see at the end of the kiss that she actually did kiss him back. I think she might have been a little surprised by the kiss and only got into it halfway through the kissing, which might explain why it wasn’t a very deep kiss.

          There are different kinds of kisses and I think all kinds should be welcome, as they show different kinds of emotions and different personalities in the characters. This kiss was a great kiss (in my book) for where both of the characters are with each other. They are not dating and they are not in a relationship yet (neither one has come to such an agreement with each other) and as true2u has stated, TK is “slowly” melting JA’s heart and resistance. We have to remember how she saw him originally (not very competent and successful, basically not worthy of her) and she has tried to keep him at arm’s length, so TK can only proceed carefully (besides, I think it is his nature to do so).
          TK shouldn’t just jump on her with his kisses, that would not look and feel right (to me at least), based on how their relationship is being build up (the pace of it). And I am grateful he did not force a kiss on her. I HATE forced kisses. How many people want to be kissed like that in real life? (and I know, dramas are not about real life, still. I just don’t find them romantic and attractive). I also feel that forced kisses seem to say that it is OK to force a kiss on a woman, which I disagree with. The other person has to want to be kissed, which is why I prefer it when one can see the kiss coming, because then that person has the time to accept it (tacitly) or refuse it. The heroine in QIHM was a great example of why it would be OK to surprise-kiss someone, or kiss her at all. She invited and welcomed his kisses, and she had a way of abandoning herself to them (the kisses) that made it OK to see him kiss her as much as he did and in the way he did.
          I LOVE it when the guy has that look of “I am about to kiss you” a la CSW in Best Love (episode 14). The surprised kisses I am OK with are the quick peck on the lips (a la Personal Taste when they went ice skating) or if the person being kissed had indicated in previous interactions that they would be OK with being kissed, surprised or not.

          Someone reminded us that TK was a virgin before his night with JA, so it might be safe to assume that at 27ish, he has not dated a lot (if he has at all). Staying in character, he is gentle and soft with her, not only in his kiss (at least this one) but in the way he
          approaches her and handles her in general. Throughout this episode and in the past, he has behaved in the same manner with her (I can recount many scenes where he either does stuff for for her or makes her do things for her own good, but he doesn’t aggressively push her, he does it in a gentle way) and in that sense, he is different from her (which must be refreshing for her, to have someone treat her in this way). He is like that with everyone, it is a part of his personality.

          Kdramaland offers us different kinds of heroes and I personally welcome (with both arms) this kind of hero. He is kind, gentle, thoughtful, hard working, loyal, devoted, dedicated, smart, nurturing, has potential and a great sense of responsibilities. He is also very chilvarous. It is so refreshing to see that chilvary is not dead (so many chilvarous moments in this show) and that a hero can be attractive (both physically and otherwise) and winsome without being your typical jerk chaebol.
          Don’t get me wrong, when I see a jerk chaebol, I look forward to his growth and his changes like anyone else, but I LOVE TK and I LOVE that he is like a puppy when he is around JA. He ADORES her *sighs,* And he said it well “he just wants her to be happy.” TK is a keeper, in my book. Yes, he is young (not that young, if she is 37, as someone mentioned, he is [I think] 10 younger, which makes him 27, good enough for me), bubbly at times, but his heart is in the right place and he is a compassionate person who treats people right *End of rave* πŸ™‚

          Coming back to the kiss, it was gentle, soft and sweet. Again appropriate for where they both are in their interactions/burgeoning relationship. Not every kiss needs to be a French kiss in my book. There is something to be said about the gentle, soft, not-deep kisses kinds. They convey warmth and a slow built to intimacy IMO.
          A few people have mentioned that this is KSA and she is not shy about kissing. That might be the case, however this is not about KSA as much as it is about the character she is playing and the context in which she is playing that character. A good actor/actress would play all kinds of roles, CONVINCINGLY, I might add. And she is doing fine here, soft, gentle kisses and all πŸ™‚

          • Yumi

            “He is kind, gentle, thoughtful, hard working, loyal, devoted, dedicated, smart, nurturing, has potential and a great sense of responsibilities. He is also very chilvarous.”

            That’s my definition of a Beta guy, and beta are my favorite. K-drams don’t favor them the way I do. They are usually second leads and they rarely get the girl/woman.

            But this time the beta will win..

            Go Beta!!!1

          • jomo

            “K-drams don’t favor them the way I do.”
            I KNOW!
            I think that one of the reasons I love TK because he isn’t trying to hog all the spotlight and is confident in enough in himself that he pretends to let others win in the showdowns.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            @Yumi ^^;; I dislike both Alphas and Betas. I like equal footing. TK seems to be working hard to act as an equal and be good enough to be an equal in JA’s eyes. That’s why it’s been taking him so long to get to this point.

            Equals are even more rare than Alphas and Betas.

            I enjoyed that about My Princess–it was a relationship of equals by the end. I loved how handtowel often got floored by his woman–here he’s trying to go all Mr. Darcy on her and she has it in the bag. (I know it wasn’t all that popular, but I’d definitely watch that drama again. Maybe just to study it.)

            I also hate chivalry of two kinds:
            1. Knight rides and says to the princess, “I shall save you—from yourself fair maiden.” *gag*
            2. I am doing something chivalrous, fair maiden. Recognize me in my full glory and shining armor. *gag*

            I like the acts of kindness where he’s not beating his chest, but because he thinks it is the right thing to do, but asks the maiden first.

            “Hello maiden, I see you are stuck in that tower there. Would you need help getting down?”
            “Yes? OK, what can I do to help you get down?”
            If she requests too much, he knows how to put limits to not bend to what she wants 100%, but what is the best for her in general.

            Bingo! Love that. Also I like the dark knight type of stuff, where he does stuff without credit. Also where he’s willing to adapt to the changing situation and back off his chivalry when she has it under control (OMG, that’s what I loved about My Princess. <– Yes, I know I'm gushing, and yes, I might be thinking about dripping abs… but really that character was yummy all over.)

            I'm hoping TK neither totally lets JA control him with a whip and neither lords over her like doctor without borders–instead he asks her to meet him halfway. Because that would knock my Noona relationship trope socks off.

          • Yumi

            I think our understanding of Beta might be a little different.

            A Beta men, for me, aren’t doormats, but men who support their partners to reach their full potential without telling them what to do or removing all foreseeable obstacle from their path.

            To my mingdthe basic and most important tool of a great Beta male is communication.

            Beta might not be the best term, since it implies second or after alpha, or opposite of alpha, but it is the only one I could think of that others might understand.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            @ Yumi
            Then are doormats Zetas?

            I hate doormats too. Also the nerdy guy that can’t clean up but still drools after busty girls like he’s watched too many porn movies. What Greek letter do you assign those?

          • Yumi

            @ Kim Yoonmi

            Maybe they are iota, as in “I don’t give an iota”

            Can’t really name them because Greek is all Greek to me.

            i don’t like the Alpha Beta, Gamma, Delta distinction because is supposes a hierarchal order when thing are not really better or worse than, but instead are different from.

            When I split my class in two, instead of teams “a” and “b” or 1 & 2, I usually have “Team A” and “Team 1” no hierarchy, just different.

          • malta

            “Kdramaland offers us different kinds of heroes and I personally welcome (with both arms) this kind of hero. He is kind, gentle, thoughtful, hard working, loyal, devoted, dedicated, smart, nurturing, has potential and a great sense of responsibilities. He is also very chilvarous. It is so refreshing to see that chilvary is not dead (so many chilvarous moments in this show) and that a hero can be attractive (both physically and otherwise) and winsome without being your typical jerk chaebol.”

            YES! SO AGREE! πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            @ Malta, hello there!!!! And I just want to say: “Thank you!” for seeing what I saw in KT and for voicing it πŸ™‚

  8. kewbie

    Thanks for the recap! So many cute moments in this episode. I found myself smiling a lot. Why is Ji An so afraid to tell Tae Kang that he is the baby daddy? Does she really want to do it all by herself? He genuinely cares for her so how much more does he have to do to finally sway her?

    • 8.1 zsa

      I think more than anything else she is convinced that the ‘accidental’ pregnancy should not affect TK since it was a mistake. Initially she wasn’t sure herself whether to keep the baby or not. Now she realises that soo much must be sacrificed just by the decision to be a mother, and I’m guessing for TK it will be much more. But she has always had a soft spot for TK knowing he’s the father…she doesnt push him away anymore,,,and she doesn’t want to hold him back just because there’s a baby…but if LOVE is in the picture, anything can happen…

      • 8.1.1 jomo


      • 8.1.2 mtoenlob


    • 8.2 oftheshore

      I also think she was trying to test the waters and get to know him, and now she’s kind of…grooming him to be something more, because she sees the potential in him (I hope). You could tell that from the scene where she talks to his dad. It’s clear that she thinks TK can do better than making coffee.:)

    • 8.3 jomo

      I agree.
      The story is about how she deals with the surprise pregnancy, and later, how she will have to deal with the baby as a working mother and the bias against her.

      When you think about the tone and “mission” for this drama, I don’t think they want us to actually see a full blown pregnant KSA on our screens for long, but we will get to see her with the baby. Awwwww, can’t wait!

      Who else thinks she will end up opening her own Gudu boutique named “Ankle” that she, TK and TK’s dad run together? Single mom success, a la Baby Boomer starring Diane Keaton.

      • 8.3.1 Ivoire

        @ Jomo, Hello!

        I like your idea of JA opening up (successfully) her boutique (and then a few other ones) appropriately called “Ankle” with KT and KT’s dad. That would be awesome!

      • 8.3.2 daria

        i was just thinking the exact same thing!

      • 8.3.3 sulyn

        Love your thoughts about them opening a shoe boutique named, Ankle.

  9. frances

    i predict a time jump….

    • 9.1 Tara S.

      I second that

      • 9.1.1 InSu

        @frances LOL! I almost dropped my phone when I read your post.
        THNX !

    • 9.2 Aisu

      IF THERE a time jump it should be in ep 15 or 16

      • 9.2.1 Leona

        not appropriate but I would do the time jump next week with a cliffhanger for the other week. Why? let TK to come to love a single mother, but this means sacrifice – first 3 years of your kid live is something that you can’t get back.

        I like where the scriptwriter goes : they are an item because they like each other no matter what and not forced feelings because of the baby. It is something new even for klala land

        It isn’t right but it wouldn’t be out of the box if TK goes to USA for 3 years ( college+ internship) – Frankly studying at 27 is easier than at 22. When I was young I wasn’t in top 4, while at 27 I was competing with 23 years old kids and I was in top3 for 2 years in a row.

        • InSu

          Hi Leona. Now that we know 2 rivals love her with Ankle, will M. Jang respect single mom too?
          How will she accept JA winding up like herself, a divorced thus unwanted woman, humiliated by her husband who left her for a better woman?
          I mean the writers seem to champion acceptance of single moms, why not divorced women too?

        • Aisu

          That’s why I don’t want to create the next episode’s story line on my own, I hope there are better and smart twists. Must remember at age 29 Korean male should do military duty.

          Just a slight spoiler but not clear don’t worry.
          I catch her words, Kim Sun Ah in her FB states that now Jian didn’t live as Director Hwang but as Hwang Ji An, That’s it I’ll stop at the point, I don’t want to imagining anything just rely on the writer.

          • EvaLee

            I believe that TK mentioned having already finished his military duty.

    • 9.3 Yumi

      I was thinking that a time jump made sense and would allow TK time to grow up and become worthy of being an equal partner with JA.

      My only concern is how will/can you separate him from the baby if he realize he is the father.

      I think JA idea of how TK would react if he found out was pretty on the nose.

  10. 10 Aisu

    T__T thank you gummimochi… love all the scenes so much in this episode they are getting better and better :). and always waiting what you think of every episode.

    Love how Jian meant to take over TaeKang weight of Eunsung’s joke, and love how Tae Kang take over back, they unconsciously defend each other, awww. I hope Jian follow her heart out not what Jun hee said.

    huhuhu each brought their colleague to the jokkbal restaurant, lucky the others didn’t have to eat what Jian and Taekang share just the two of them ^_^.
    How fast NR didn’t confront Jian back like usual, meanwhile in the office she seems displeased by her, will NR re-admire her past role model (Jian)?? eheheh..

    About you said That’s it?? after the kiss. yeah me thinks so, but seeing back to previous episodes, how Jian treats him and her sharp words to him, it’s seems like a dream to him to have his feeling reciprocated, he’s so damn happy, not only the kiss but Jian has feeling for him too, and when Tae Kang said “I love you” to his dad, I felt like he feels so grateful to be born and raised in this world (love it, Jian like his whole life khekhekhe). This is the part I love the most in the drama.
    But still I’m expected expert kisses of the good kisser branded of both leads :).

    Yeah this reversal condition of Jian and Taekang in the last scenes of this episode, why the writer suppress Jian pregnancy info to Taekang till episode 10?? I’m so into this drama, this is stressing me inside.

    • 10.1 InSu

      @Aisu. IDID writer(s) argues that single moms can be loved. Korea ia a very backwards. Divorced women and single moms are considered filthy. I’m want to see Madam Jang’s to join Dr. & TK’s team. Like I said, divorced women occupy the same social position in Korea.
      BTW I Korean and really did grow up there.

  11. 11 sesr

    man this show has some ugly leads ugh

    • 11.1 Buffeebeans

      better looking than you…

    • 11.2 kappy

      You must have a different meaning of “ugly” than I have. Or of “leads.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose, and I think that most here would agree that although they might not be their cup-o-tea in the looks department, they are far from ugly.

  12. 12 Yumi

    Thank you for the recap.

    I know some viewers/fans are dissatisfied with the pace of JA acceptance of TK. But for me it makes sense. JA is in her mid-thirties and near the very top of her profession and seemingly a fully grown adult. TK is in his twenties and emotionally younger than many twenty years old. Even if JA loves him I can understand her hesitation at trusting her live and happiness into his hand. Before he met her, his statistics on paper made him seem feckless. Also he was an emotional virgin, for all she knows she might be his first love/crush. Who tries to build a life on a first crush these days.

    I have one continuity question, how did tiny shoes get in JA’s closet.

    From the clothes JA was wearing the outing to buy fabric happened the same say as the gift of the tiny shoes. JA and TK were together all day, so when did she have the opportunity to place tiny shoe in her shoe room? did I miss something?

    • 12.1 Aisu

      yea…didn’t realize it hahaha..loophole??
      maybe we could assume, that at the day time before they go to the fabric’s market, Jian come home to get something and she brings along the tiny shoe eheheheh.
      Sometimes viewer could be the writer’s doppelganger^^.

      • 12.1.1 sulyn

        Haha, I was wondering too and I love your assumption. That cute pair of shoes couldn’t have walked there, right?

      • 12.1.2 kappy

        @Aisu – That must have been what happened. πŸ˜‰ Remember Madame Jang came in looking for her and the manager lady said she stepped out? I mean, I also know she was out with TK a-shoppin’, but it coulda been…

  13. 13 shiku

    Why does Taekang have racoon on his head? It seems as if he is wearing Donald Trump’s headpiece. I don’t know why I just realized his hairstyle but it is so unflattering!

    • 13.1 Yumi

      Please don’t make fun of people with racoons on their heads.

      I recently got a fro-hawk and from the back it looks like I’m wearing a long tailed rodent on my head.

      rodents on the head hair-cuts are cutting edge-literally and otherwise.

      • 13.1.1 jomo


      • 13.1.2 Betty

        LOL Yumi

      • 13.1.3 Ivoire

        Yeah, LOL Yumi πŸ™‚

      • 13.1.4 Awe

        Yumi, honey. You keep telling yourself that AND we’ll keep telling you that it’ll grow out. OY. fro-hawk…really. bad hair is not an excuse.

        And shiku, darling. Baby Daddy has some fine locks for running my fingers through. i like his look/hair. thick and luxurious. ooh baby baby.

        anyhooooo—thanks for recap, Guuuums. agreed that writers are digging to china for a bone that was never buried. Texans want ta see some actiones!!! (that’s tex-mex for action)

        to be honest, all the slow-pace, sit-on-the-fence indecisiveness is to be blamed on BRANGELINA. afterall, those 2 turds started the have babies not marriage biz. however, imma hoping that Baby Daddy’s kiss finally melts JiAn’s cold, hard heart and we start to see the relationship develop.

        anyone else thinking what to do about doc-blocker? NaRi isn’t his type but how do we get a new character to distract him from JiAn? I’d volunteer, but my Korean is first grader mat’l. any volunteers out there?

  14. 14 jnet

    first, thanks so much for the recaps! It’s always great to see someone else’s thoughts on a drama. Second, I’m normally a passive dramabeans reader, but after the past couple recaps, I just had to say: I LOVE that you dubbed Eun Sung Dr. Without Borders. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  15. 15 1lostbear

    Awww. Cute. Cute. Cute! Eun Sung makes me cringe so badly. As a doctor in training (kind of, long way to go), I know how awkward it is when people close to you come for medical advice. My aunt was asking about a problem the other day, and I had to ask a sensitive question to answer her concerns. While that’s not weird with the patients I see, it is definitely weird with people I directly know. Grr…I don’t get how he does it without feeling any awkwardness. I really do hope medical ethics in Korea aren’t that lenient.

    I love how they’re both inevitably going to be making the same decision in terms of their careers. Career advancement (Ji An already made her choice, it seems) vs. baby.

    I like that this drama for the most part is so low-key. And finally, a drama where I don’t have Second Lead Syndrome.

    Thanks for the recaps!!

  16. 16 Elle

    Oh, Gummi! How I love your recaps and fine observations! I laughed out loud during meeting where Jian gets nauseous and to cover for her TK starts gagging too. The shopping scene is adorable as well. Oh goodness, so many sweet moments this time around. Looking forward to the next episode!

  17. 17 Leona

    It might be too makjang, but WHAT IF Madame Jang is Tae Kang’s mother? She doesn’t have any children and her personality fits to one who would abandon a husband with newly born baby if a better opportunity would be at horizon. At least now she demands Ji An to step on bodies and her own life to show the image the company requires. This woman doesn’t have an issue to marry Ji An off with the jerks she send to Na Ri if the situation requires it. Therefore it wouldn’t be out of character if she were an abandoning momster.
    She would fire TK father on spot when she would see him in the company.

    • 17.1 magnetic70

      omo! omo! I was thinking the same thing. ‘momster’! funny and sad at the same time. let’s see what happens πŸ™‚ i pray that the writers would amaze us in the coming episodes.

    • 17.2 Awe

      leona: same wave-length as me. and…i was thinking that we could UP the drama by having Madame Jang responsible for starting fire in TK’s dad’s factory to eliminate competition. hehe—watching k-drams makes me evil.

      to be honest, the writers need to move over and let me write an episode or two…just to get things rolling.

  18. 18 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the recap GM.

    This was definitely my favorite episode. Though watching the last 10 minutes unsubbed before seeing the whole subbed episode may have helped:)

    TK’s earnest, loyal, impulsive and almost childlike personality put me off at the beginning of the drama but now I appreciate that he’s like that.

    In regards to the underground parking lot scene I’m so glad ES held off for once.

    Hope TK’s impulsiveness doesn’t put him on a plane by Jake’s side….

  19. 19 panshel

    I was spoiled about the kiss, too. (BOO!!) But it was still cute to see. Please just tell Tae Kang already!

    • 19.1 InSu

      He will know soon, like sacrifice USA thing. Remeber Na Ri’s mom & dad live in USA.

  20. 20 Suzi Q

    Jake and Nari are giving Tae Kang an offer he can’t refuse. A golden Opportunity.They barely mention it, but this will be another point why Ji-an can’t tell him about the baby. She starting to have genuine feelings for him and the baby.
    She probably going to fire him so he can go to the U.S.Can’t wait for the next episode.

    • 20.1 InSu

      Yes. I agree. And Na Ri’s mom and dad live in USA which means marriage of 2 good friend of the SAME age. So tempting to leave JA with what TK believes is Doc’s baby.
      So much interesting thread to develope and even tho I hate dramas longer than 16 episodes, I want more because it needs them.

    • 20.2 alua

      I think Tae Kang has reasons to turn down the offer. Not just in terms of Ji An (whom he likes) and the baby (which is his – although right now this isn’t a factor that comes into play since he doesn’t know that), but he is a family oriented person and going to the US means leaving behind his father and all the life he has ever known.

      There are plenty of people would not go for this, regardless of how big an opportunity. I can see his father tell him to go, but given the closeness of their relationship, I don’t think it is an easy and definite choice for Tae Kang to make.

  21. 21 Elina

    I was also spoiled… An ajummah in the subway was playing it on her mobile. Damn you Koreans and your TV on the go.

    • 21.1 True2u

      LOL!!!, it was spoiled for me 2 but i was allkpop fault -_-

      • 21.1.1 ~Feather~

        same here, I was so annoyed. Darn diligent writers!

  22. 22 magii

    Thanks for the recap. Actually, what I liked in this episode not the kiss itself but the reaction that follow! Ji an moment of silent and TK jump!( I think he rushed to leave so he can have a space.he he). On the hand, I understand Ji an action and her desire to keep TK out of all this pregnancy issue( though she doesn’t have the right to decide on his behave) I think from her prospective involving him in this mistake and give him such responsibility which he isn’t ready is just another mistake and it will look as if she blame him for her on action( it was mentioned that she never blamed her team for a failure, rather , she take the responsibility as a leader). Plus, she isn’t the type to depend on others, so she shoulder every thing alone. Such habit needs time to break

  23. 23 kim

    Hope Tk accepts the opportunity to study in a few months and will be back before JA gives birth. πŸ™‚ thanks for d recaps gumimochi!

    • 23.1 kbnhkr

      But the offer about 3 (!) years. πŸ™
      I hope he’ll not accept it. He already found the best teacher after all, or not? πŸ™‚

      • 23.1.1 InSu

        But TK gets to meet Na Ri’s mom and dad and get to marry his good friend who is the SAME age.

        • alua

          Except that TK likes JA, not NR. It’s not good enough a reason to marry someone just because they are the same age, and even less if the someone he does like is having his baby AND likes him back (even if she’s only just starting to realise this).

          What reason is there for TK to marry NR other than that they are the same age?

          • Ivoire

            Hi Alua, very good points :-)!!!! Thanks for sharing those.

  24. 24 all4movies

    I like Ji An and I like Tae Kang, just not together. When I saw Ji An in TK’s arms, it was like looking at a son carrying his mother. Yuck.

    Also, Dr. Without Borders lacks the appeal of Dr. Poopypants.

    • 24.1 zsa

      sorry, but I thought the chemistry was explosive…that’s not how you carry yr mother, and she doesn’t look like JA…JA is hot!!!

      • 24.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Zsa, I agree, JA IS hot!!! she doesn’t look like she could be KT’s mom.

    • 24.2 Aisu

      That’s not what I see, he’s like carrying his Lover πŸ™‚
      and Jian is in love and bit in vulnerable state.
      Yeah right chemistry’s everywhere, I Think this is better than in SOAW, here The chemistry radiation is greater only though 2 episodes.

    • 24.3 InSu

      ^_^ mmmm, Dr. Poopypants!!!

    • 24.4 jastinel

      KSA doesn`t looked that old, in fact they looked cute together specially the scene in the market.

      • 24.4.1 Ivoire

        Hi Jastinel, yes, the scene at the market, cuteness overload *sighs* I LOVE the way he looks at her and says “Bitamin Shi,” SO CUTE :-)!!!
        And what about the way he gets down to her level and tenderly asks her if they should rest for a few minutes (when she sits down), and then gently suggests that they do just that, and then says that he is OK even though he has been carrying those cloth rolls for a while. He is ALL ABOUT HER AND HER NEEDS (throughout the episode and throughout the drama so far) and I LOVE that about him *sighs again* :-).

  25. 25 hit_me_you_die

    yay! i like it! thanks for recapping πŸ™‚

  26. 26 ninji

    Kim Sun-ah is a lucky woman, gets to kiss all these hot and cute manchilds.

    • 26.1 kbnhkr

      Or LJW (and you can replace his name with KSA’s any other male partners’ names) is a lucky man, gets the chance to kiss an amazing, talented, beautiful actress. πŸ˜‰

      • 26.1.1 InSu

        AND she’s funny too. See Bi & KSA prank on youtube. Also their tango rehersal on youtube.

      • 26.1.2 jastinel

        I second to that, thanks gummimochi for the recap!

    • 26.2 jastinel

      In my opinion those actors are the lucky ones, cause they get to worked with an actress who is very much dedicated to her craft and she cares for them and gave them good motivation, moral support, so they can act well with the given character. I`m happy that most of her leading men praised her for being a superb actress and a good person that she is. They always end up being her close friend.

  27. 27 Lise

    Ok hes not taking that offer is he??? But i hope they dont do the classic airport scene with JA showing up and declaring him daddy!

    • 27.1 InSu

      More like JA giving TK up for his career and let him marry someone his age like TK’s good friend, NR. Noble Sacrifice.

      • 27.1.1 Aisu

        no we should keep on I do I do OTP track.

  28. 28 sulyn

    Thanks for the recap. Woooooh, I just love the way TK waltzed around JA to protect her at the shopping arcade. Such a sweet scene.

  29. 29 oftheshore

    Alright, I think I need me one of those Tae Kangs – can I get one without getting pregnant, please?

    • 29.1 Ivoire

      I am right behind you in that line Oftheshore πŸ™‚ Where do we sign up?
      I have said it before (on OT #246 and here and maybe in other places like OT #245 as well) but I will say it again (if I may): the guy cooks (and it is good), cleans, he is respectful, he ADORES her (and the baby), he is loyal, devoted, hard working, has the potential to be good at what he does and make a good living from it, LOVES his family (I LOVE his relationship with his dad), is humble, kind, gentle and he is smart and he is a positive guy (usually cheering others up). He doesn’t wallow in pity and he doesn’t brood. He is very protective of her and he usually doesn’t hold grudges.

      Hum… what’s not to like?

      Again, where do we sign up, please?

      • 29.1.1 oftheshore


        Are you me?:) You seem to be saying the exact things I wanted to say here and on OT!

        I’m so glad to see the reverse in the trend of cold, broody and (somewhat) violent alpha-male leads. As JK Rowling once said, ‘Always go for the good guy’.

        We need to find the Tae Kang Factory headquarters, it seems…

      • 29.1.2 Ivoire

        @ Oftheshore,

        Thank you for your kind and funny comments. How about this? I might not be you, but I could possibly be your twin (considering how we seem to be thinking alike regarding this show)?
        Thank you also for reading my (long) posts on OT, I do get vested in the characters (it is more fun that way, isn’t it :-)?) and I LOVE analyzing them. Yeah, I don’t have too much of a social life at the moment πŸ™‚ (and even if I did, I think I would still get invested in the characters the same).

        I, too am glad to see a different kind of hero in Kdrama (and in a rom-com of all kinds of dramas). I don’t relate to and appreciate the cold, broody and (somewhat) violent alpha-male leads. I just tolerate their behavior, hoping for a change and a growth in their behavior that will match their mean-ness at the beginning of the drama (otherwise, it is not really worth it for me). You know, there is nothing wrong with being a kind and gentle guy. I guess the Alpha males are written a lot for opportunities to have conflict and drama, so it can actually be a “drama” πŸ™‚

        Yes, we should hunt down the Tae Kang Factory headquarters. I would like to have one TK, on the older side of things, since I am older than TK. I do love his qualities, so yeah, those should be in there. Would love to know what it is like to be in a relationship with a kind, capable, successful (OK, ALL the attributes I listed about TK above) who ADORES me (and let’s me ADORE him back). That would be something… When and if you do find yours, please let me know :-).

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Our company is working on a Joe Cheng Clone. We are considering expanding our line, but we have to warn you that the clones come with some conditions…

          They cannot see the original on TV ever. Because they will leave you to become actors. And you can’t have that.

          They can’t run into each other.

          And they cost a good bit of money.

          Oh and you need to pay for the brainwashing… which is not included in the cloning cost. (You need to refresh the brainwashing as well.)

          And they cannot EVER see their OTP. Because they will leave you.

          If you can maintain that lifestyle… you probably could handle a clone. However, our factory hasn’t quite processed for a drama personality–that’s harder. And we’d need the raw DNA and fact input from the original actor. (The reason why we can do Joe clones is because one of our employees got his signature.)

          • oftheshore

            Hm, that’s a lot of conditions; instead, maybe, we should invest into a Tae Kang School for Romantic Leads?

          • Ivoire

            @ Kim Yoonmi, Hi

            LOL at your response. I did have the same reaction as Oftheshore when I read it two days ago and thought that there were a lot of conditions to having a KT clone, making it not very desirable to have one after all. I didn’t understand why we would have to brainwash them, if they are already like KT, maybe so they would focus on us and not on Ji An? (If they are programmed to like her [like the original KT] and only know her name. Still, you would think that because we ordered them, they would be made being suitable to the person they would be going to).
            Yeah, I would go with Oftheshore and invest into a Tae Kang School for Romantic Leads and potentially Great Husbands (for those interested in that kind of turn of events).
            Thank you for using your creative juices to help us figure out a way to have a KT clone. By the way, who is Joe Chen?

          • Kim Yoonmi

            @Ivoire *clears voice for sales pitch* he is the incredible actor that starred in such dramas as The Rose, It Started With a Kiss, and They Kiss Again. He is known for his incredible looks, outgoing nature and a dialect that is considered somewhat girly. He is currently dating someone other than Ariel Lin, whom the dramasphere calls his OTP, (though she’s dating a crew member)

            BUUTTTT for the incredible price of 29,999.99 (dollars) in monthly installments, you can get your own clone!!! Yes! You just have to make sure he’s never exposed to his own dramas or the thought of acting. The original is incredibly popular with people, so you know that you’d want him.

            We are currently working on a Zi Shu version, but since this is against Joe’s natural personality type, no guarantees are made.

            There is a limited guarantee See conditions above. Get your Joe Clone today.

            Our scientists picked off the donor skin cells from an autograph that was collected by our company.

          • Ivoire

            @ Kim Yoonmi, I hope you will see this response πŸ™‚

            You mispelled Joe Chen (actually Joe Cheng) and when I googled his name to see his pictures, I saw pictures of a female and I didn’t look long enough to see what her name was. Just wanted to let you know.

            when I looked up Joe Cheng on Dramawiki, I realized that I had seen a little of him and Ariel Lin in a few (segments) of episodes of “They Kiss Again” on you tube. Thank you for the added info on who this actor is. He must be very popular and loved, if his clone costs 29, 999.99 (US dollars). I will have to decline the offer however, as that price (even though it is in monthly installments) is very high for me. It makes me wonder what the clone does that is so great for 29,999.99 (US dollars) (besides the fact that the original is very popular).
            One of the conditions is also that the clone not be exposed to acting or his own dramas. That sounds like the clone would require 24hrs surveillance, which I simply cannot provide. Another reason why I would have to decline this kindly offer.

            And so because I am really not familiar with all things Joe Cheng, I must ask: What is Zi Shu (or who is he, maybe?) and why is it against Joe’s natural personality type? (to have a Zi Shu version, as you mentioned in your response?)

            “Our scientists picked off the donor skin cells from an autograph that was collected by our company, ” is it safe to assume that your company has Joe Cheng’s permission to do the clones then? (just wondering…). Also, was the autograph maybe collected by you? πŸ™‚

            P.S.: I liked the *clears voice for sales pitch,* I thought it was funny :-). I hope you had a great day!

    • 29.2 daria

      hahahah, hey sisters… i think we might be a set of triplets! πŸ™‚ i’m just gonna ditto everything that Ivoire has said.
      ahhhh, all his amazing qualities… & c’mon, the way he looks at JA… i want that! *melt*

      any updates on the factory??????????? heheheh…

      • 29.2.1 Ivoire

        @ Daria Hi,

        Please join the club, the more the merrier and I am glad you are agreeing with me, essentially seeing what I see in KT. Yes, he does have great qualities and I LOVE THAT we get to actually SEE him fall (slowly) in love with her as well. That is one of the reasons why I am OK with the pace of the show.
        The way he looks at JA, I am there with you, I would like that as well πŸ™‚ Totally swoon worthy. Reminds me of Tae Bum and Soo Young in Ojackgyo Brothers (once he admitted that he was in love with her) and of the way Jae Ha looked at Hang Ah in The King 2 Hearts as well. There are some really good Korean actors who can portray that “I am sooo in love with you/I ADORE you” look and make it feel so real! That is a gift, wouldn’t you say?

        RE the factory, the orders have been placed and because KT is such an awesome guy, the orders will take a while to be done. Also, there will be a limited amount of KT-like guys released, so let us know if you are still interested πŸ™‚
        I hope your week is going well!

        • Awe

          me! me! pick me! i want a KT baby, baby!

          • Ivoire

            @ Awe, you have been added to the list. Not to worry. Welcome to the club :-)!

        • daria

          @ ivoire… hey back!
          hahahah, who do i have to kill to get on top of the list??? πŸ™‚
          have a great weekend there!

  30. 30 lee

    I want to see how Ji An handles Samonims wrath and how much she will realise what Na Ri was dealing with all this time, I think they will become great friends. BTW is anyone else pissed off by Ji An’s so called friend, seriously I feel like shes a more like an enemy. I always forget that the Dr was portrayed from the start as the imperfect second lead, he is a brat of the highest order always whining and throwing fits when things don’t go his way. The Dr may be the better prospect but Tae Kang is the better man (except for the marriage part, but i think he realises now that Ji An doesn’t need to be married to be happy).

    • 30.1 alua

      I don’t like Ji An’s best friend either. Getting her Eun Sung as the doctor was not just lame (for a bag!) but very, very wrong.

      I don’t know if it was an issue of the translation, but when the friend and Ji An got into an argument in her flat, and the friend responded with “Delete it! Delete it!” (which I’m interpreting as “abort it” as that is how it was translated in earlier episodes), I was very put off. Even if you are having a fight, how can you tell someone (your best friend supposedly), who you know has decided to have the baby, that they should abort it out of pure anger? She very much crossed a line there. (If this isn’t what she was saying and there was a mistranslation ignore this comment.)

      Also, I struggle to see why the friend would think Tae Kang is the worst for punching the doctor once she learned the reasoning behind it. Obviously Tae Kang should have used words rather than fists, but he assumed the doctor was cheating and stood up for Ji An – and that’s actually pretty nice.

      • 30.1.1 sunahforever

        I think when JH told JA to delete it, it is merely poor translation…what it should read would be, stop this relationship or terminate the relationship…as JH can see that JA is falling head over heels with the cutest boy ever…sigh….and she thinks that she should put a stop to that relationship immediately!!!

  31. 31 InSu

    I can’t wait to see if Madam Jang joins the 2 guys to form a “I <3 JA" team?

  32. 32 Yumi

    This is a great solution for the time jump.

    Yes, the offer is for three years but people change their minds when conditions/situations change.

    If JiAn doesn’t tell TK, and he continues to think the doc is the father it would make sense for him to accept the offer [even if he loathes Jake] and JiAn wouldn’t want to stand in his way.

    It would be great if TK then finds out that he is the daddy and JiAn isn’t married to doc and he rushes back to be by her side.

    that would be great because it would give him up to four months away to grow up away from her.

  33. 33 InSu

    Did I miss something? Isn’t Na Ri’s real mom in USA?
    Wasn’t M. Jang dumped for Na Ri’s mom?

    • 33.1 Aisu

      NR’s mother is the Mistress of Madam Jang’s husband, Madam Jang and NR’s father still married. Based on the synopsis, where and how’s NR mother is no explanation, in ep 9 remember?, NR said she has 2 mothers.

    • 33.2 Leona

      NaRi is the child of the mistress, something pretty common in klala land, specially if you watch family dramas (an example is the ballerina from Gloria, more
      Madame Jang is the new stepmother soon to be married to Na-ri’s father, the company president. However I wonder what is M. Jang’s relationship with NaRi’s mother – because M. Jang is pretty annoyed/ hates NaRi’s existence and compares her often with mom.

  34. 34 jomo

    Thanks for the recap. This was also my favorite episode so far…
    My favorite moment was this:
    <i<Ji-an asks, β€œDo you want to see me with him?”

    Tae-kang tells her that it’s better off than facing it alone and it’s not like he can be by her side forever… Gah, why are you trying to break my heart?!

    I did a complete rewatch of all 10 episodes, and was pleasantly surprised at how consistent the script and acting has been.
    TK’s β€œCan’t we just be honest with each other for one minute?” was an echo of when he asked JA that in the second episode. He pulled her close then, and they stared meaningfully for a bit. The attraction palpable then, didn’t go away, no matter determinedly she has tried to bury it, or shield herself from it.

    I’ll stick with my TK as sun metaphor, because he really is that for JA.
    But I have changed my mind on JA – that maybe she wasn’t the iceberg in the first place.
    I’m thinking she is the seed that had kept her heart hidden away.
    (Sorry for such an obvious analogy here!)

    With TK, she found fertile ground, and started to sprout roots. Watching her in the prenatal imaging exercise with her eyes closed, I pictured JA in the budding stages of the sunflower, when it tracks the path of her TK sun across the horizon.
    In that moment, she realized she liked to be near TK, and maybe that she needs to have him hear her.

    But she has to fight that urge. What possible purpose would TK serve in his present state? It is laughable to her that she would need someone after living alone and handling everything for 37 years.

    I like the recurring argument between TK and JA. That single motherhood is NOT the worst thing ever, and that she can do this without having to get married.
    Having a husband forced into your life is not the BEST thing for a new mother to have to deal with. However, while she doesn’t need a spouse, she does need assistance.

    I think she will find out that nobody has ever really raised a child alone. It is impossible – every parent needs to be surrounded by people who lend a hand during the difficult times – whether the comes from family, friends, neighbors, or paid child care. Sure, TK’s father was single, but they relied on gramma, too.

    Not sure if telling TK he is the father is a good idea yet. Telling him would make him crazy with the need to be responsible. She has made it clear that she is NOT going to marry the father of the baby. She is trying to keep him free from that burden.

    • 34.1 EvaLee

      Thanks for bringing up the “TK will go crazy with his desire for responsibility.” I think he will as well. There’s still some learning he has to do before he is grown enough to learn to accept this in a way that would not repulse JA. This gives both of them time to learn more about each other.

  35. 35 shin mi rae

    Thanks gumi!!! love it.

    At first, I was super disappointed and frustrated with that kiss… this is KSA!!! Queen of Kdrama kisses… Then I realize, Tae-Kang is taking the lead on the kissing. He kisses Ji-Ann. This is virgin-boy we are talking about. So he is just being consistent with his character… I know right, frustratingly irritating to want more yet understand why the kiss have to be sweet that way.

    While it is also frustrating that Tae-kang is still left in the dark about being “ankle’s daddy”, I sort of like the direction we are heading. If Tae-kang knows he is the baby’s daddy and start declaration of love for Ji-Ann, she will never know if its love for her or its just his adorable sense of responsibilities. this way, both of them will know that his love is real. i also like the way Ji-Ann is beginning to fall for Tae-Kang…

    And Hwang Ji-Ann rocks. Just like all KSA characters, I feel drawn to Ji-Ann. Kudos KSA for delivering another legendary character. Just when I thought my love for you have reached its peak, i feel it grow even more. I love you KSA!!!

    • 35.1 Aisu

      I’m with you, so fall in love with Jian Character, never ending Credit to KSA.

    • 35.2 jastinel

      “Kudos KSA for delivering another legendary character. Just when I thought my love for you have reached its peak, i feel it grow even more. I love you KSA!!!”

      As as fan of KSA, I would say the same, she is a remarkable actress, she never stop from being good, better and best…she`s always giving 1000% of herself for the role, just to give life to it.

    • 35.3 zsa

      I understand why there’s no dialogue when TK asks ‘Why did you draw this sketch’ because the look and silence from KSA’s facial expression is richer than any words could express…did you see that vulnerability, stoicism, love, fear, etc. going on there at the same time???Now that’s first class acting!!!! She’s just awesome!!!!

  36. 36 linda macy

    Thanks for the recap. Love the comments…lot’s of plot thoughts.
    I liked the kiss…it was so Tae Kang..he is so kind and gentle it would be so out of place for him to just grab her and plant a hot and heavy smooch and for her to respond.The kiss was a wonderful expression of the growth of this relationship. KSA has such a gift in making her leads seem like the most amazing men in the world. Actually do think Tae Kang is a gem, doesn’t every woman dream to meet a sweetheart like TK? This started off slow but now I am totally hooked and eagerly await each new Ep.

  37. 37 sunahforever

    oh gosh, this is d best episode yet! melted a few times over, d pre-natal scene on JA ‘s revelation, d rubber shoes, d TK carrying JA scene, d poignant kiss…. oh deary me!! I know I know, d kiss seemed pretty lame compared to d famous KSA kisses but it was very appropriate, as she is still very unsure abt TK….and slowly discovering her love for him…i like where the story is heading and pls understand why d writers still refused to spill d beans to TK… they want our lovely couple tomfall in love without the stigma of d baby getting in d way… i thk still got a bit to go b4 this important info is announced!!!

  38. 38 Ivoire

    Thank you Gummi for the recap πŸ™‚

  39. 39 sunahforever

    yes linda macy….I totally agree with u… the sweet kiss is d beginning of better things.. for those who dunno LJW that well, let me tell u he is a good kisser… and our missy Kim without question is d best kisser in whole of k drama land!…woot …. can’t wait for next episode!

  40. 40 Katie

    thankk yo Gimmmim..chi,

    kind and gentle person will change with different environment and influence and meeting much more prettier and sexier woman regardless of age !

    great challenge to his active libido !!.

  41. 41 Mzpakipot

    Thanks for the recap! Me thinks the kiss was so so sweet coz taekang was almost having a heart attack. lol thanks again! I am slowly enjoying the drama.

    • 41.1 Ivoire

      I agree with you. He was overcome with emotions, which is why he left as soon as he kissed her. He couldn’t talk, he had to get some air and get away, so he could process what had just happened and she needed some space as well (methinks) to process it.

    • 41.2 jomo

      I know, poor baby!
      Can you imagine the adrenline going through his body starting with the moment he saw with the baby baby shoes, then, the sketchbook, then seeing HER appear, then grabbing her close FINALLY, then the kiss?

    • 41.3 Ivoire

      @ Jomo, yeah, that was probably a lot for him to process and to experience, especially since he didn’t think that would ever happened with her. Remember that she did tell him that she didn’t seem him as man? And he sees the sketches of their feet, and of him? OMO… What happened? (was what he probably thought and he did ask her that).
      What he discovered TOTALLY CHANGED what he was assuming and that was HUGE. Yeah, big moment for him! He used to think she was out of his league, then after that discovery (and the kiss), maybe not…?

  42. 42 jun

    Does anyone remember a scene where Dr without Borders tried to kiss Ji An once but failed? So if Tae Kang succeeded here, it’s a great feat, and it confirms that both of them so like each other. Wonder how they’ll face each other at the office the next day? Heh.

    As for why the drama writers are dragging the paternity issue out, I think it’s because Ji An is the logical, practical and mature sort. Even though she imagines that Tae Kang would be happy about the baby and would be willing to take responsibility, the issue of whether he truly loves her for herself or because of the baby will constantly surface in her mind. And this is something she cannot abide.

    As it stands, we now see that Tae Kang likes (loves?) her and treasures the baby regardless of whether it’s his. So this will probably make Ji An swoon over him even more and eventually fall in love with him. (Woo TK~) Since they started off on the wrong footing, they have to at least fall in love the right way.

    Thanks for the recap, gummi!

  43. 43 Kim Yoonmi

    What I love about the kiss is that TK hesitated–he didn’t break her arm, he was slow, gentle, and took his time so she could refuse. She couldn’t say, “Well, he forced me” later. Also the soft gesture of putting his hand up to her face made it for me. Because there was no force, there was no “I’ll be your errand boy, whip me.” The kiss like he was literally closing a gap between them. He’s been working so hard to make that gap smaller and smaller that the gentle way he got past her defenses was amazing and summed up well in that one kiss.

    Plus I *loved* TK in this episode. The writer finally gave him potential to grasp on and some recognition for it. He didn’t shout at JA in the “I’m not listening to you” way. And he has shown consistently that he wants to be with JA despite it not being his baby. <3 ^6

    Plus when JA said why does she have to get married, and yelled at him, etc. And he said what about the child having a father, etc. OMG, I was on the edge, but then he turned it around which made me smile. He understood that for her it is a viable option, but he really doesn't care about that. What he wants isn't for the baby, but is for HER AND the Baby. (More cooing from my end) (Separate and together.)

    The problem with Dr. Without borders (besides he can't friggin' listen to a damned word she says.) is that he's more concerned about the whole ethics first, baby second and JA third. He has a clear ranking system… but TK seems to care about all three and is willing to examine and think about them and no matter what JA chooses, he'll support her through thick and thin. He bought chokpal for her even though he knew she might abort the baby and he didn't know what to feel about that. (This is not a pro/anti statement.) He didn't go on a yell fest and guilt trip her.

    So this episode made it for me. I just hate the bad ol' Doctor with a passion. I like men who put women first–their whole being, not just their health. Him lecturing about vitamins is less effective than TK gently not letting her be pressured into alcohol or giving her the food she wants.

    BTW, the whole iron pills thing. WTH is that. Dangerous… Pigs feet are better…. (Just saying don't get your pregnancy advice from this drama. Or believe the BS about Korea having abortion be illegal. The writer (singular–there is only one writer–female) is wrong.)

    • 43.1 Kim Yoonmi

      *Despite him thinking it’s not his baby.

      (Which, I think was the point of delaying it this long. The pacing can be a bit strange in this drama.)

      • 43.1.1 Betty

        I cannot speak for other countries but in France where I live, Iron pills are really common for pregnant women, to prevent or balance deficiency of iron. It’s prescribed really really often, so they are not wrong about that.

        Iron is among the most important minerals that is needed for a pregnant woman. And considering how Ji An is feeding herself she more than qualify for taking iron. I wasn’t surprise that Mme Jang had an hunch because of that because myself always suppose a woman is pregnant when I hear that she takes iron pills lol

      • 43.1.2 InSu

        Loved everything you said. Wish you were writing for Dramabeans.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Thank you but I’m procrastinating from writing my own stories. TT

          I should procrastinate and waste my time writing my own Korean drama to get away from the other writing, but laziness is right now my core motivation.

          I’ll leave recapping to the experts. I’ll just analyze everything like the story prostitute (Used in place of the less savory word. =P) I am.

    • 43.2 Ivoire

      Wow!!! Thank you so much for your thoughts Kim Yoonmi and for the way you explain TK and his growth to us. I might not always (totally) agree with all that you say, but I sure do enjoy reading your comments πŸ™‚

    • 43.3 Yumi

      I think the timing of TK kiss was interesting.

      After his first “last night was important/special to me” hoping it was something significant for JA he made a few attempts to have JA admit that something special happened, but she shot him down and he took responsibility for his feeling and didn’t try to force her to reciprocate.

      Once he realize she was pregnant he did his best to protect her and help her be well and happy. And he even supported her relationship to the theoretical father because he thought it was best for her. He backed off trying to get her to feel for him or even see him.

      He only made a move after he heard JA telling the doc that the baby’s biological father is a creature not a man to her.

      it was only after he kissed her that I became fully convinced that he believe the creature without value she was talking about was the doc.

      So after JA said the baby father had no value to her, after the doc seems disinclined to marry JA and after JA verified that she didn’t want him to call the doctor to take care of her, and after he saw her sketch of him JA had drawn that TK felt he had permission to disregard her” relationship” with the “baby daddy” and try to see if they had a chance.

      So, to me it was the restraint TK had shown toward her and her feeling that showed his respect for her and his integrity and made the Kiss [that kiss that he was so slow and deliberate in executing giving her enough time to stop it if she wanted him to stop] so sweet.

      • 43.3.1 Ivoire

        @ Yumi, WOW!!!! Really good and detailed analysis, thank you for sharing your thoughts :-). I would love to come back and comment later.

        • Ivoire

          Your analysis and reading of TK makes me love him even more…

      • 43.3.2 Kim Yoonmi

        He only advanced the kiss too, when he had clear indication from her side that she might reciprocate too… Only *after* he saw the drawings she made of his feet next to hers, his sleeping face and her expressions looking at the drawings–defenseless did he even attempt to kiss her.

        He looked her straight in the eye with that expression asking her to stop him if he was wrong, but she stayed put.

        I also liked that he stopped the kiss, because if he’d gone deeper it kind of would have crossed the line from “I like you” to “I want your body.” It wasn’t a carnal kiss at all, which is what made it better being so restrained. (I know from our end we want something more raw… but from a character POV, he’s trying to say “I like you, let’s date.” not “let’s go to bed now.”) So a short kiss and being embarrassed that he got that far is in line with his character. By his leaving, he left her to think, process and didn’t push her boundaries more–because he dared to take the lead for the first time.

        The whole action sweetened the deal and also advanced both characters at the same time as well as the plotline in appropriate ways. I think if they’d gone all carnal tongue like INR2 (as much as I love that show) I couldn’t believe that what TK values is her for herself and her mind–which is what he’s been trying to show her. Instead I’d be disappointed that he’s only using his lower extremities to express his desire for her as an object. (Which is how I feel the doc treats her)

        TK has good intuition about what JA needs.

        For me, story-wise the kiss was perfect. More carnal kisses can come later after JA realizes she’s been lying to herself in maybe the creation of their second baby. ^.~ <–definitely influenced by INR2 talk.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Or in short talk, TK diffused a bomb with expert precision.

          • sulyn

            Very well said. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

          • jomo


            I am still trying to imagine, figure out,actually, what the HECK happened their first night together.

            Was she really as wasted as she said? If so, why would TK have taken advantage of her? What I mean is, I DON’T think she was almost unconcious. I think mutual attraction started the who shebang. TK may have even tried to stop her, it is the sort of thing he would do. (Forgive me for filling in the blanks with moments from What’s Up Fox.)

            And while upon waking, she thought
            “What the heck happened?!” off camera she DID remember it and it was good.

          • Yumi


            My bet is that JA and TK were both drunk and that it was very sweet and both were vulnerable and that JA remembers every minute of it but chooses to block it or pretend otherwise.

            I think before the drama ends, and probably as late as the final episode we will see their first coming together.

            –I will confess that this belief by be influenced by the structure of Secret Garden when we saw the OTP first meeting at the very end. I thought that story telling device worked well and added resonance to the story.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            @Jomo–they might show it at the very end. If not I’ll take a stab at it with my story telling powers.

            TK stumbled in the hotel, holding her by the legs and around her middle. She probably said something about being so alone in this world and how she has absolutely no friends. “Na nun jinnnnn~jja~ chingu eopseo.” (I really have no friends.) He probably said that he’s here with her.

            So when he put her into the bed and pulled away, she probably pulled him back in. He, being innocent, pulled away. (Which is in character).

            She says something like, “Oy! Ot! Ot!.” (Hey clothes, clothes.) <–giving you the feeling of subtitles.
            So now, he's obligated to "help her with her clothes."

            He pulls off her shoes and she bosses him around. "Mul! Mul!" (Water, water)
            He helps her drink water, but it spills. She of course, complains, so he tries to clean it up without looking (through his fingers).

            She pulls him in and protests again. He apologizes "jwesonghamnida" (Sorry–super formal) and their eyes lock… JA challenges him. "Eh! Mosumyun, noo–" (pause for being drunk) "no–jinjja sassiliaseo– Keuge~ pogowaseo." *(Hey, if you… you… are being truthful… then… show me.")

            And yes, I can't spell Korean well in romaja. Give me hangeul… but then the majority of you won't be able to read that.

            And the slippery path went down from there… as TK got slowly seduced by JA. I think it was JA that kissed TK that night (and since he was already attracted to her in some ways–she has the face of famous model and actress KSA. kekeke.) he couldn't resist. I also think that since he was so timid in this episode. He probably enjoyed their night together, occasionally taking the lead (JA wouldn't want to remember that, since she's not the type to surrender/feel vulnerable) and it meant a lot to him beyond she was his first… so there are probably some tender moments in between… but that's not appropriate for non-cable TV, is it?

        • namcha

          Very well put. You should write this stuff.

  44. 44 InSu

    Loved everything you said. Wish you would write for Dramabeans.

  45. 45 midwestmz

    I am so in like with this kdrama!!

    There is an old expression, get them young and raise them right. Now, this would refer to your other half, or who you might have your eye on to eventually turn out to be your other half, i.e. TK!! Does anyone besides me just want to snatch him up and take him home and just nibble on him every now and then????

    Dr. N.B. does need to learn some, but is he truly out for the count after this episode??? Hummmmmm? Interesting that both male leads think they want to jump on her β€˜marry me’ wagon and adopt a child that is not there’s. From what I have read and watched, adoption is not as common or accepted (?) in Korea as in other countries? Someone please correct me on this if I have it wrong??

    I will sit here with bated breath for this weeks episodes, heavy sighhhhhh. . .

  46. 46 Rebecca34

    I feel like we finally finally got some forward movement!
    I can hardly watch the doc anymore. Why isn’t he married yet? He’s a lunatic. Dressing up in glasses to pretend to be a different person. What…???

    Other than that TK and JA are so cute. I feel like we are finally seeing some progression in character evolution and relationship wise. TK does seem a bit niave for a 27 year old man though.

  47. 47 daria

    it’s really fun to be reading all the comments here & all the support for IDID. i’ve been invested in this one since the very beginning & someone mentioned upstream about it pushing the right buttons… hunnee, i couldn’t agree more… it’s been pushing all the correct buttons for me too – pacing & all πŸ™‚

    i absolutely adore the adorably adorable TK but my biggest pleasure in this drama is the strong female lead that is JA. a female character that takes responsibility for her own actions and for whom ambition is not an ugly word.

    i love KSA for not taking up typical k-lala land roles & instead challenging ones like these – chubby girl pushing 30, home girl with the heart to be mayor, cancer patient & now, pregnant, independent career woman.

    i keep hearing that IDID isn’t actually killing it with the ratings. well, for me personally, you win some, you lose some, it’s down to personal taste at the end of the day. screw the ratings!

    • 47.1 zsa


  48. 48 chloette

    I thought the kiss didn’t have enough fireworks but it surely did create sparks for both TK and JA deep down.

    I just hope the writers don’t make Madame Jang to be Tae Kang’s MIA mom. Can’t even imagine that for a sec….

  49. 49 MariePhils

    Ca i be honest be with you for 1 minute…? woooahhh, my heart and mind are …begging for more romantic scenes between the lead couple…

  50. 50 Amy

    This is getting so good! After watching a string of shows that dragged on during the middle, I had little hope for this one. I was pretty sure by now both main characters would be aware of the situation, but would be kept apart by some subpar reason, and I would watching with my eyes propped open so I can just get to the end. I am pleasantly surprised. This show has managed to keep my interest. I am actually looking forward to Wednesday!

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