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I Do, I Do: Episode 4
by | June 10, 2012 | 88 Comments

Oh, I didn’t see you there. We learn the story behind Ji-an’s drive to succeed and some secrets can’t stay hidden for long. Ji-an finally hears the news we’ve all been waiting for and I can safely say it will change her life forever.


Eun-sung is met with Ji-an’s perplexed expression after a surprise peck on the cheek. He’s made his mark like an official contract he says. He offers his own in return if she finds the arrangement unfair. Cheeky.

Magical music fades and Ji-an rightfully questions, “How many girls fell for this?” God I love a heroine who doesn’t immediately fall head over heels over one small gesture. He admits to a dozen or maybe twenty. The count they use here is a dozen pencils or a small pack of 20 dried fish.

She can spot a player a mile away and muses that Eun-sung’s skilled enough to have seduced at least 20 women. He wryly retorts, “It’s not because you’re dried up?”

He immediately apologizes when Ji-an balks and adds, “But you know something? You look sexy when you get mad.” Ji-an blubbers in response. Eun-sung vows that in one month, “I’ll revive all of those dried up dating cells.” Big talk, lover boy.

On their morning jog, Jun-hee is impressed with Eun-sung’s sweet words. Ji-an: “If you like sugar water too much, you’ll get diabetes.” (ha) Insisting that she should marry him for real, she reminds Ji-an that a guy like him doesn’t fall for a brash girl like her every day.

There won’t be anyone by her side after her parents pass away and Jun-hee chugs away, “There’s a hole in people’s hearts that can only be filled by people, not money.”

Dating and marriage are all part of life, Jun-hee explains and looks back to see Ji-an struggling from the light physical exertion.

Things at the office are still rough for Tae-kang who came in early to clean the office spic and span. His efforts are for naught because he gets berated for his efforts by his sunbae coworkers. Awww… A for Effort!

Ji-an is filled on the previous evening’s events and asks after Na-ri’s response to the public dancing display. She raises an eyebrow at the news that Tae-kang wasn’t fired nor did Na-ri get annoyed and wonders what card she’s holding.

A guest arrives to her office – Madame Jang – who hints that Ji-an should be prepared as the next CEO of the company. That confuses Ji-an who has naturally assumed that Na-ri will would take over as the Chairman’s daughter.

Madame Jang raises an eyebrow at this – did Na-ri assume that she’d inherit the company? She admits that she knows nothing when it comes to those who build their success from scratch because of her lengthy well-born lineage.

What she does know, however, is that she would choose a hardworking person who loves the company like Ji-an than someone who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

And then she drops the bomb – she wants Ji-an to take over the company.

The news shocks her and Madam Jang explains that it was Ji-an who shaped the company into a brand name. She remembers that it was Ji-an’s dream to launch her own brand and display her work. “Don’t you think it’s time to make that dream come true?”

Ji-an returns to her office, shell-shocked. Once the news sinks in, she squeals in her chair in excitement.

Na-ri spots Madame Jang who greets her with an icy cold air. Has Na-ri been proclaiming to others that she would be the next CEO?

She steps closer and whispers that she’s afraid that Na-ri’s unrefined roots will be disclosed…just like her mother. “You’d hate that, right?” Ooh, does this mean that Na-ri is of illegitimate birth?

The staff continues to tease and outcast Tae-kang whose job is no better than a minion. Like fixing the copy machine or picking out tiny gems by color. He sits alone outside at lunch hour after being conspicuously left out of the lunch group.

He grumbles that he knew things were going too well and screams at the sky at his miserable life. After he nearly chokes on his food, he sees someone else on the rooftop. It’s Na-ri who mulls over Madame Jang’s hurtful previous words.

Finding themselves alone at the office, Ji-an drops that she’s heard about the dancing with Na-ri at the office party. She makes it a point to dig that Na-ri won’t let the issue go easily and threatens that he might be on the chopping block.

Tae-kang notes a flare of jealousy and replies that he found Na-ri nice enough, she’s much younger than someone else he knows, and she’s the President’s daughter.

That successfully digs under Ji-an’s skin and she retorts that he’s a poor judge of character because he’s so young. She switches into a babyish voice when he gripes that he’s certainly old enough, teasing him. “How old are you? Two? Three?”

He instructs her to check behind his ears if it’s wet or not (an indication that one is young or inexperienced) and places her hand on his head.

Ji-an slips while she struggles against his grip. He catches her before she falls and ends up on top of her… which is of course the rest of the staff walks in to witness this compromising position. HA!

Tae-kang retreats to the bathroom when he hears a strange noise in the stall. He raps on the door… to find the entry-level intern on the john doing his business. Oh Korea, you and your toilet humor.

They grab a drink while the intern shares that though he’d love to resign, his wife is expecting again with twins.

He gasps when he learns the exorbitant cost of raising just one child since he dreamed of having a large family. The intern tells him that he’s better off living alone just like Medusa, aka Ji-an.

He lights up when he hears that Ji-an entered the company at the same time as the intern, moreso that she’s so successful given she too was an outcast among the rookies.

We flashback to younger Ji-an who was scolded for speaking up when her work was criticized by a superior. Confident that her work would be well-received, she asked to participate in open rounds of judging and bet her job on it.

Tae-kang snaps his fingers; that’s when she succeeded right? Nope – she failed and was demoted to customer service.

We see another flashback of Ji-an crying in the bathroom. She vowed that she’d bring this very design into reality when she made it one day. Then we cut to present day Ji-an in her grand shoe closet looking at the same design with fondness.

After that, Ji-an dedicated her life to her work. She scored three hit designs the very next year, marking the beginning of the Medusa era.

He drunkenly muses that one has to live their life with blinders if they want to succeed like her. He adds that it’s no surprise that her parents disowned her because of her workaholic behavior.

Tae-kang remains optimistic – surely there’s no way a parent could actually abandon their child. Parents would become a little sadder because their children are getting busier. The intern insists that those rumors are true; he heard it from a reliable source.

So Tae-kang gets riled up and raises his voice to defend her, “It’s not true! How would the person feel if they heard this!” Aw. He storms out.

Choong-baek sits at the table to apologize for his friend, “They say that one’s ‘first’ is always special.” Uh, did you just out your friend?

The intern swears that he won’t tell a soul (psh) and soon enough, word gets out.

Ji-an decides to go ahead to make her first design into a reality and orders a sample to be made. None of the staff are willing to step up and it gets handed off to Tae-kang (who’s still sorting out gems, ha). I sense disaster ahead.

On his way to the factory, he guards it like his life depended on it. In a distracted moment, however, it gets swiped from him and the thieves outrun him. Uh well, crap.

He informs the police that everything else is worthless compared to the design because it’s costs more than his life.

An urgent meeting is called and Ji-an scoffs that rumors about her are being circulated again. Are they calling her out as a lesbian? Na-ri explains that the company forums are rift with the rumor that Ji-an and Tae-kang are involved.

Then she calls in the source of the rumor who is none other than the intern himself. Na-ri threatens that he must be well aware of the punishments for slander given his law background. She explains that ruining Ji-an means blackening the company’s image.

He stands there, trembling in fear, and just when Na-ri calls to press charges against him, he blubbers, “I didn’t make it up! I-I personally—” He confirms that he heard it from Tae-kang himself which is when the President turns to Ji-an for an explanation.

Na-ri gives the slightest of smirks as Ji-an forms her hands into fists.

We don’t see her answer right away but she storms out of the meeting room. She spots Tae-kang in the hallway and shoots death rays at him with her eyes.

Once they’re in her office, Tae-kang starts to apologize (for the lost design) but she slaps him across the face. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

She accuses him for spreading the news that they slept together. Does he know what kind of position he left her in? “Do you even know what you did to me?!” Uh, I have an answer! Pick me!

Tae-kang exclaims that he didn’t do anything but Ji-an fumes, “Because of trash like you, why do I have to go through this?” She’s made it this far but now she’s faced to deal with this issue. Blaming the night together on alcohol, she spits that would never have been involved with him if she weren’t drunk.

He just takes it and then answers, “Is that how you really feel?” She nods. He responds, “Let’s pretend that I said it – no, I told the whole world that we had a drunk one night stand!” She breathes, “Bastard.”

But it doesn’t matter, Tae-kang tells her – this is the truth she’s come to believe and nothing he says will change it. “I’m trash who sold knockoffs in a street corner in Itaewon,. I’m a guy who’s no better than a fly.”

How sorry he feels for her to have been involved with a guy like him. Ack, you’re breaking my heart here, kid!

Angry tears welling up in her eyes, Ji-an tells him to get lost and he retorts. “I don’t want to. No matter what kind of fly they are, they don’t end their own lives. So if you want me gone, then fire me yourself.”

Tae-kang turns to leave but then looks at her to say one final thing, “That night might have been a dirty and shameful mistake for you. But it wasn’t for me.”

He’s never been ashamed of anything he’s done in his life. However small, his feelings were genuine.

Ji-an meets with Madame Jang again, who’s heard the news and tells her that she should be careful of what she drinks from now on. Wait, ’cause you know she’s pregnant or because you think she’ll be targeted as a potential threat to become CEO?

She’s already taken measures to remove the intern and Tae-kang from their positions so Ji-an needn’t worry. She warns Ji-an to be careful not to expose her weaknesses this early in the game.

Tae-kang sits alone at the office (sorting out gems again) as Ji-an’s words about what he did to her ring in his ears. In frustration, he throws the rest of the gems off of the desk.

He walks home, cursing himself for trying to make it as a designer when Dad grabs him in a headlock. He’s got good news – their old house is back on sale. With Tae-kang’s prize money, his salary, and a loan, they can pull some strings to acquire the house again.

That’s the last thing on Tae-kang’s mind and he walks out. Dad follows him, repeating his earlier promise that he would buy back that house for them. Tae-kang looks at him and start, “Dad, I…I…”

I start to think that he’ll own up to possibly losing his job when he asks instead, “Do you believe in me? Or did you just say that to encourage me?”

Dad sweetly tells him that just like the great sons of yore, Tae-kang is his son. He’s inherited Dad’s skill and Tae-kang is his other self. “If I can’t believe you, who can I believe?” Aw Dad!

At those words, Tae-kang resolves that they’ll go ahead and sign the contract, future be damned. Dad lights up and breaks into a smile.

Ji-an is preoccupied with her thoughts at dinner as Eun-sung’s questions come in through one ear and out the other. Lucky for her that our gynecologist is ALSO a psychiatrist and he offers to hear her out, free of charge.

“I killed someone.” Ji-an admits. Eun-sung jokes that he’ll have to charge her for this service but she continues that she stood by as two people’s lives changed forever. She corrects herself – she was the one who did it. “Even if I wasn’t a kind person, I never wanted to live as a coward.”

Eun-sung comforts her that everyone are cowards, especially when they have something to protect. He’s sure that there was something more important that she wanted to protect. Ji-an agrees but it doesn’t make her feel any better about the situation.

This is a serious problem then, Eun-sung observes, so it calls for the ultimate prescription.

He brings her to the newborn wing at the hospital, calling it “Baby Therapy.” Ji-an is reluctant to look at the infants so Eun-sung shares that when he looks at them, even the roughest day at the office doesn’t seem so bad.

They visit the NICU next and introduces her to a preemie (named Se7en because he was born at 7 months and a reference to the singer). Ji-an worries that he might die because he’s not as strong as the others.

Eun-sung explains that Se7en had a slew of health problems when he was born but now he’s the strongest baby in the hospital. He invites Ji-an to put out her hand to hold its hand.

Just when her pinky hovers over him, the baby grasps onto it with his fist, eliciting a small gasp from Ji-an. “Now that I look at him he looks like a healthy and mature boy. He’s strong too.” She comments.

Eun-sung adds, “And, he’s also good with the ladies.” Pfft.

Ji-an excuses herself that there’s somewhere she needs to go before she turns into a coward again. She marches straight into Madame Jang’s office and asks her to revoke Tae-kang and the intern’s dismissal.

They also must have had something to protect and she understands that it was wrong of her to think of just herself.

Madame Jang agrees to do but reminds her that a bit of compassion can be a weakness but Ji-an clarifies that she’s acting out of her pride.

Donning a pair of killer red heels, Ji-an carries out her mission. Seeing a group of employees whispering about her, Ji-an butts into their conversation.

If they’re so curious, they can ask her in person. What do they want to know? How they met? The color of her underwear? Her first love? Omg, this retaliation is so awesome.

They scurry away and Ji-an faces Na-ri next. She admits to being offered the CEO position and that she was scared when a new young-faced Na-ri came in.

But then she realized that backstabbers only concentrate on the backs of others so if Na-ri wants to win fair and square, she can do so without hiding behind Daddy. Niiiice.

She gives the intern an earful about staying out of other people’s business and he squeaks that he actually didn’t hear the story from Tae-kang himself but his friend. Thanks for that belated news.

She lingers around trying to muster up the courage to talk to him but Tae-kang gets called away.

Ji-an calls Eun-sung to buy him dinner in thanks for last night. I love Eun-sung’s little fist pump. He invites her to come by his house instead and she stutters, “Y-your house?”

Jun-hee informs her that it’s a clear sign of, “Let’s take it to the next level.” She advises Ji-an to go get a new set of undies.

When Ji-an balks, Jun-hee tells her, “At our age, acting coy does more harm than good!”

Eun-sung consults his coworker to change shifts, offering to cover all the holidays for the rest of the year. His cohort asks if he’s dating and he shakes his head, “I’m getting married!”

Teehee. Both Ji-an and Eun-sung get ready for the date separately: she goes to buy a set of underwear as he goes food shopping.

At the florist, he’s all, “I don’t want the boring normal ones. They have to be dazzling without being showy but not too simple that they look cheap. Something that has a certain allure.” The look he gets is a Are you kidding me right now?

Ji-an steps out of her office to see Tae-kang sleeping at his desk. She covers him with his jacket as she thinks back when he told her that his feelings were genuine. She smiles at his rudimentary sketches.

Tae-kang suddenly bolts awake, scaring the both of them. Immediately, he covers himself, “What were you doing to me?” HA.

They stand there awkwardly until Ji-an criticizes his sketches – if he didn’t know how, he should have asked his coworkers. But he mutters that no one’s willing to teach the outcast. So she takes it upon herself to show him how.

Afterwards, she admits that she heard the news that Tae-kang didn’t spread the story. Ji-an acknowledges that she wouldn’t have believed him and murmurs, “Sorry.”

Surprised, Tae-kang asks her to repeat it and she mumbles, “I’m sorry.” Breaking into a smile he asks again, “What?”

This time she looks straight at him and says, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry! Is that enough? Are you satisfied?” They both give a small laugh until Ji-an asks after her design. Oh crap I forgot about that.

Tae-kang braces himself and then laughs awkwardly… and we hear a blood-curling scream resonate throughout the building. Ji-an chases after him in the office until she collapses in pain.

Oh no. Eun-sung readies a perfect dinner with the perfect mood music complete with a sparkling necklace.

Ji-an wakes in the hospital exclaiming, “My shoe!” The doctor informs her that the danger has passed and that Ji-an should be more careful in the future.

Why? “You’re pregnant.”



Now she knows. We knew that this moment was coming well before Ji-an knew herself. The question now is what Ji-an plans to do next. I’ll admit that for the first few episodes, I honestly thought that she would go through the pregnancy with some hormonal antics involved. But then I was pegged with the question: What if she doesn’t keep it? It wouldn’t make much of a story if she didn’t given that the entire premise is about becoming pregnant because of one night stand. Plus, we’d be delving more into melo territory than a rom-com. Yet it would be a fascinating question to ask and explore. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we were schooled about this issue in a rom-com and question how Korea approaches the idea of pregnancy and motherhood?

A small note about Na-ri. I actually enjoy her character a lot because she’s not outright evil nor is she a particular malicious character towards Ji-an thus far. At the end of the day, she’s a lonely soul who craves for love from her parents (and Ji-an).

For now, I see her gestures towards Ji-an as genuine and trying to make a friend. Who we really should be suspicious of is Madame Jang who seem to be the puppeteer of this company.

Both of our male characters will eventually have to know about the pregnancy and I wonder about Tae-kang’s reaction. I breathed a sigh of relief when he said completely bright-eyed that he wanted lots of children and that he dreamed of being part of a big family. Since all he has is Dad, I can see that he would love someone else to adore just like he is. Tae-kang’s earnestness is beyond adorable and we can tell that he works hard at everything and that he doesn’t take anything for granted.

The way Lee Jang-woo plays this character reminds me of a part of his actual self as well. I saw portions of We Got Married (you can argue that show is also fake, but it’s the closest shot to see his actual personality) and the word that popped into my head is earnest. He does ham up Tae-kang a bit, but instead of being annoyed, I just wanna pinch his adorable cheeks. Well, you know, aside from the whole forceful holding last episode.

On the other hand, I’m pretty skeptical about Eun-sung. That man is wayy too perfect where I have to raise an eyebrow. It’ll be interesting to see if his reaction to Ji-an’s pregnancy isn’t what we expect from Mr. Perfect. Then we can assign a flaw and not put him on a pedestal. I will admit that it was adorable watching him trying to perfect every little detail for their date and then my heart broke a little knowing that Ji-an would never make it. He’ll have to work harder to win her heart in a month.

It takes work to revive those dried up cells, Doc.


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  1. jaeng


  2. Olivia

    Wonder what Na Ri’s role in the drama is? Ji Ahn and Tae Kang are obviously the OTP so I hope she doesn’t become an annoying, stereotypical second lead. I hope she gets together with the doctor — I love the idea of second leads also getting their chance at happiness!

    BTW, can anyone recommend dramas where the second leads also get together? It’s like getting two love stories for the price of one. Thanks!

    • 2.1 Thoa

      You should watch smile dong hae. its like about 50 episode or so. there is quite a few lovable couple in that drama.
      i don’t want to spoil the ending for you though.

      also, lee jang woo plays the second lead in it.

    • 2.2 stephanie

      coffee prince!

    • 2.3 Ash

      Try watching secret garden!

    • 2.4 sulyn

      Yes, you do see that in My Lovely Samsoon – the drama that was a big big hit in 2005 and raised KSA’s status as a top actress.

    • 2.5 errrrr....

      Protect the Boss
      The second lead is perfect in that drama, i hope Nari become more like Nayun in PTB. Nayun is a very funny and earnest character where the rival do not must become a standard annoying K-Drama second lead, and she get her own guy too.

    • 2.6 ninji

      Dal Ja’s Spring, Heartstrings, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry and Me Too, Flower. And Wild Romance has the adorable robot-battery couple.

    • 2.7 luvs

      I am currently watching a family drama called “Unexpected You”. One of the conflicts in the drama at around epi 28 is the issue of pregnancy and having careers which is the primary conflict in I DO I DO.

  3. Nazi Who

    Can’t wait to watch this show! Summer starts in 3 weeks. Yeah
    I just got to stop reading the recaps

  4. DramaticTeacher

    Thanks for the recap!

  5. mae

    loved this episode!!!

  6. Olivia

    Am I crazy for wanting Na Ri and the doctor to be together? I LOVE dramas where the second leads also get happy endings!

    • 6.1 Brandi

      No, it’s not just you; I’m suffering from Second Lead Syndrome as well.

    • 6.2 rearwindow

      I want the 2nd lead to get a happy ending in this, too…just not with Na-ri. With Ji-an! I am falling hard for that pairing.

  7. Saima

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I feel there’s finally an emotional connection b/w JA and TK.

    KSA was SO awesome in this episode….she portrayed the gamut of emotions that JA was going through after her connection with TK was revealed.

    • 7.1 zsa

      I love that part too…awesomeness…the way she expressed her anger and frustrations…and the tears. anger, hurt, wasted kind of feeling all rolled into one…it’s refreshing not to see the ‘chaebol guy male lead’ doing this for the first time….one uP for IDID!!

  8. beggar1015

    I’m still a little bit confused about the relationship between Na Ri and Madame Jang. As I understood it, Jang is the wife of the chairman and Na Ri is his daughter by his mistress, which would explain the coldness and distance between the two women. Also, I’m getting the vibe that the company came through Jang’s family, so of course she wouldn’t want an outsider like Na Ri sitting in the CEO seat.

    Lastly, I wonder if Madame Jang is the older woman who took homeless Ji An, which is why they know each other so well.

    Or I’m wrong. That’s always possible.

    • 8.1 SoyJade

      I am confused as well.

  9. aya

    It seems that I love the interaction between Ji An and Tae-kang more than her with the Doc as of this episode. Tae-kang is stepping up his game..

  10. 10 Denali

    Thank you for sharing your insight on this drama. I also look forward to reading your next recaps.

    Truthfully I do relate to Ji-an’s character a lot: same age, marital status, workaholic habits, questioning. I am in her shoes, so to speak. In real life, Tae-Kang would not stand a single chance as a potential lover/husband/parent, especially compared to Eun Seong. Almost everything in his behavior screams “kid” whereas the gynecologist emanates manhood. And THAT, not cutesy faces, is appealing when facing pregnancy and marriage.
    Yet, this is dramaland. Let’s see how the writer plans to unfold each character’s personal growth and indeed tackle the sensitive issue of motherhood outside of wedlocks.

    • 10.1 SoyJade

      I agree with you ! I am wondering how they are going to do it. Why would a professional like her choose a kid like him over the DR? specially when she can afford to be a single mother.

      • 10.1.1 hyr

        yeah, rite… i hope the writer can show us why JA choose TK over ES in logical way. truly, i hate when the heroine fell in love to hero without too much effort, just like take care my lady (?) where the heroine suddenly felt in love with her butler when she already has a very good looking boyfriend wannabe.

    • 10.2 lah dee dah

      I think it goes both ways. Tae-Kang is too naive and not at the level yet where he can take care of another person. But he is earnest and does have heart, and he definitely has the love to love another person. Ji-an is too much of a workaholic and sheltered person to care about anyone else. But she is softening and has a heart beneath the rough exterior as well. As the drama progresses, I’m sure Tae-Kang will mature and Ji-an will soften and open up so that they will able to be good lovers/partners/parents.

  11. 11 SoyJade

    Thanks for the recap! I am mostly watching this drama for KSA. She is my favorite female actress. I also liked Jang-Woo in MOH, though I did not like that drama at all.

    I am sort of undecided about how I like this drama. I like it, but I do not love it. It bothers me that I do not know why exactly. I don’t really feel any real strong chemistry between the main pairing after the first episode. I feel a little more of a compatibility KSA and the DR. At least she sees him as more of an equal.
    I’m simply not sold in what everyone’s supposed emotions. It really upset me when Ji-An slapped Tae-Kang. I don’t like physical violence. I think it is extremely disrespectful and belittling. I don’t think how angry she was is a justification for slapping someone across the face. If HE had done anything near what SHE did everyone would have been in an uproar. It’s hard for me to see how people who can say such mean things to each other(specially her), can enter a healthy relationship in the future. A lot of forgiving and healing will be required to make it possible.

    Maybe I’m just over thinking this whole thing. I like the drama, these other thoughts keep distracting me and pulling me out of fully enjoying it. I blame QIHM. After watching that it will take me a long time to accept anything less.

    • 11.1 Saima

      I agree with you about JA slapping TK. I despise it when a character doesn’t respect another ‘just’ because they aren’t educated enough or well-off or what have you. Her slapping him just highlighted the fact that she doesn’t respect him as an individual. Period!!

      I read somewhere that a bunch of viewers were upset when TK held both JA’s arms in Ep 3. umm, would it have been okay if she’d have slapped him instead? At that point what gave her the right to slap him anyways. Sure, he can be immature and lazy but the way she views him is sad to me!! :/

    • 11.2 Denali

      Oh heck yeah. QIHM is unmatchable and has left us all in a state of daze, sighing and daydreaming, right? 😀

      I so agree with you too on the violence, which bugged me in KSA’s previous drama too.

      I guess that I too would like to love this drama because she is such a talented actress but something just does not feel right. Some have argued that the age gap with Joo Won is no hurdle to have chemistry, citing Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s pairing in TK2H. I beg to differ because thru interviews and shows, the latter does not seem willing to commit and start a family yet, while KSA did demonstrate her motherlike and womanly side many times. I REALLY wish that she would stop being paired with such youngsters, and have two grown-up men fight for her in her dramas, and maybe in real life as well. Well at least I wish happiness for her, whatever that includes or not.

    • 11.3 lah dee dah

      Like I said in the comments for the previous episode, I also do not like the violent tendencies Ji-an is showing towards Tae-Kang. She actually hit him in the previous episode, and tried to do it again right after. That’s why he grabbed her hands, she was mid-fling in her slaps. And in this episode, the slapping when he did nothing wrong. Why no outrage for what Ji-an does to Tae-Kang, why is there only outrage if a man does something? Also, while I understand how Ji-an became how she is, she really is just a witch. I know that as the drama goes on, she will eventually soften, etc., but for now, she may be smart and strong, but there is a reason no one wants to be her friend in the drama, and I’m having a hard time liking a character that treats people like Tae-Kang the way she does. That said, I think both KSA and Jang-Woo are doing a good job with their characters.

    • 11.4 sulyn

      Yes, I wonder too. But they do show lots of slappings in kdramas. They just slap each other left and right. In SOAW, LDW was slapped 3 times by that rich girl and at least twice by his “father”. I felt sorry for LJW too, when KSA slapped him but it’s understandable. She is real mad and was so humiliated in front of the high ranking officials in her company but she did apologise when the truth was revealed.

  12. 12 Elle

    Love your recaps, gummimochi~! I also love how this story is evolving. I really liked the diamond shoe necklace Doc got for Ji-An, too. I think he’s really taken with her and has stepped up his game to win her over. He’s a bright spot in this show ..at least for me, anyway. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

  13. 13 spazmo

    we need to see eun sung and ji an do ballroom dancing, since he was in Innocent Steps and she was in Scent of a Woman and she also did the tango with Rain! maybe they’ll do it on a date? : )

    • 13.1 trotwood

      Don’t foget that she did the tango with Cha Seung Won in City Hall. I am still sweating from that one!!! Talk about enough chemistry to start their own lab.

      • 13.1.1 skelly

        Sigh, those were the days. Why can’t they pair KSA with someone on her level? Yes, I suppose it’s a laugh riot to see her hitched with this cute little chubby-cheeked kid, but she deserves so much better…someone older, wiser, stronger, and sexy, not cute.
        It seems like her management really doesn’t know what to do with KSA. She knocks it out of the part in City Hall, then in her next two gigs she’s dying of cancer. She’s got the incredible ability to connect with her co-stars – I once said she could have chemistry with a stalk of celery, if it was called for (When It’s At Night is a case in point) but WHY can’t it be a man? Lee Dong Wook was borderline, this is ridiculous (granted, the fact that I am the only person on the planet who detested We Got Married and is thrilled that it is gone may have something to do with that).

        • Cynthia

          WGM just resumed taping new episodes, much to our everlasting delight!

        • JoJo

          Amen to pairing KSA to someone on her level.

      • 13.1.2 spazmo

        well, now i have to go check that out… park gun hyung was really hot in Innocent Steps, tho…

  14. 14 Ivoire

    Thank you so much for your recap!

  15. 15 coolrepublica

    I know second leads rarely if ever get the lead except for Park Shi Hoo, but I think we all agree that the doctor suits her best.

    My idea for the show is that the baby becomes the lead in her life and she gets with the doctor but the father is still involved in the life and they are all 3 happy together.

    It would be ground breaking for Korean dramas and the best outcome. She needs to be with the doctor.

    I like Kim Sun Ah dramas because they have such adult feel to them. They are not at all your typical Korean dramas. I think she has a lot of say on how her characters depicted by writers. If they try to pin her to father and it doesn’t feel right, I am sure she would ask for a re-write.

  16. 16 spjork

    Thanks for the recap, as usual!

    I have to say that this show is oddly lacklustre. As someone else has said previously, I like it well enough, but I don’t love it and I can’t quite put my finger on why that is.

    BTW, a ‘daeri’ is a titled junior, a step up in authority and rank from interns and new hires– definitely not an intern.

    • 16.1 gummimochi

      Thanks for the note! Not sure if this junior (who is not-so-junior) fella is going to be sticking around much longer but duly noted!

  17. 17 ~Feather~

    Thanks for the recap! I just can’t wait until Wednesday for the next episode, it’s killing me to find out how everyone takes the news about the pregnancy.

    I know this is a minuscule detail, but I wanted to point it out just in case.

    When Madame Jang told Ji-an to be careful of what she drank, she wasn’t trying to tell Ji-an that she might be poisoned since she is competing for the CEO position, or implying that she thought she was pregnant.
    She was just trying to say that she should have better tastes now that she might be in a more important position.
    When Madame Jang had first visited Ji-an in this episode, Ji-an didn’t have anything prepared to offer her to drink or eat, so she had to have one of her employees bring some tea that had to be made using a tea bag. Madame Jang just looked at it with a bit of a stiff and disapproving look.
    The next time that Ji-an went to Madame Jang after the rumors spread, Madame Jang presented her with tea brought from Japan. She said that she should take it and drink that from now on instead of tea made using teabags. It’s much more fitting for her position.

    • 17.1 Carinne

      Yes, I agree with your observation between Madame Jang and Ji-an. One other possibility may be Ji-an’s menopause rumors spread throughout the building at some point already and in the ears of Madame Jang. Like when Ji-an was forced out of her quaint office space by Na-ri’s princess demands, she dropped her menopause pamphlet in front of all her design team, and knowing how nosy the majority are with a churro up their butthole, I wouldn’t bypass a hearty notion the haters want nothing less than to dig a deeper grave for Medusa to lie in. ‘Cause no one can be that perfect, right?

      I think Madame Jang is mothering Ji-an a bit, that’s all, and for what? She’s got to tune-up her android well to keep it working efficiently, no? You know what I mean, take it with a grain of salt how I was referring Ji-an as an android.

      Everyone should know by now a tea bag is no way a greater detox than premium tea blends done with a little kung fu and earnest skills. =)

      • 17.1.1 ~Feather~

        I like your aspect on that scene.
        Yes, I understand how you can compare Madame Jang’s view of Ji-an as an android. She wants her to take over the company so Nari can’t have it.
        I think she only thinks of handmade imported tea to be better than manufactured tea out of vanity. Even if it doesn’t seem better, it is more expensive, and we know what $$$ means to her.

  18. 18 MidwestMz

    There are some actors that I watch just because of who they are and KSA is at the very top of my list for the female line. Every thing that I have seen her in to date has been good. Like some, on this one so far I am kind of on the fence. Premise workable, execution of her character as a whole ok, but interaction so far with her younger counter part, ish? Totally agree with all and say the slapping in the kdramas I really do not like or understand. (cultural?) The dtr is more her level, but then perhaps that is the purpose of his character, to help Tae-kang to have a level to aspire or grow to? I enjoy both male leads though at this point, for their own points. Tae-kang is sooooo out of his depth, but by hook or crook, by george going to try and make it to the finish and top. Eun-sung seems to have finally found something he did, or did not know he was looking for. With his nose pressed up to the glass, he is so super trying not to be too obvious that he wants it, that he will win it, that he will get it!!! Holding out more hope for this drama now then I was with the first few episodes, hope it holds and only builds from here. Where to . . . . . . . . ?

  19. 19 Leona

    about the violence in this show… it ain’t that good because it is on main broadcast… for some people it doesn’t feel right … yet it is as immature as our characters are. In real life things like this happens,but it is up to us to avoid violent people or deal with them properly.
    JiAn with all her professional success is truly immature when it comes about dating and relationships, while Tae Kang is immature because of his age.
    Their behavior is one of kindergarden kids” a 5 years old boy pulls the pigtails of a girl, she retorts and hits him”. 11 years later in high school, she would try to hit him just to get closer , he would keep her writs …to not be hurt nor hurt her.
    Indeed looks weird with adults – however our characters have the look of an adult with the mindset of a kid/inexperienced teenager…
    @spjork I like it well enough, but I don’t love it and I can’t quite put my finger on why that is. It is sexual tension … it ain’t there … Lee Jang Woo is hot at 26 years old and Kim SunAh is hot at 37. With all the sex talk in this show the PD forgot that the little gestures are the ones that make the viewers to feel the chemistry between the leads. Even though the chemistry is there… everyone is conscious about the reality and the PD doesn’t try to make it in our faces that they are meant to each other… like any other PD would do at this point of the story
    To me it looks like the PD would like to describe a slice of life with a sprinkle of “ZOMG what the hell just happened to me”( replace ME with each character from IDID) He describes the feelings/life each character has.JiAn wants to advance in her career, Tae Kang wants a job, the DR wants a wife on his liking, NaRi wants to be the CEO because she wants to be seen as daddy’s girl, her every pore yells chairman is my DAD- it is wrong because she should be seen as a good professional and in some scenes proved she was just spoiled and in others that she has the smarts.
    Everyone have the same feelings about their parents: they want recognition and love, to prove that they are good/filial kids: JiAn wants to redeem her workaholic self, TaeKang wants his dad to be proud of him and buy back the house, EunSeong wants to be a good son by bringing home a good wife and JiAn has all the chances to look good in his mother’s eyes, NaRi wants to be closer to her father etc

    At this moment everyone can’t see the forest because of the trees: everyone wants to be a good kid by doing everything as their parents think it is good for them: JiAn as a good housewife should resign but as far as we know it she would be dead without her work, for now TaeKang shouldn’t marry because he doesn’t have a roof over his head, EunSeong likes JiAn… yet the question is where are his skeletons hidden, NaRi receives every material thing her papa can offer her, yet she longs to be with him… a right that every child should have but it was denied to her.

    • 19.1 aya

      i just love your take on each character. My concern now is the skeletons hidden in Doc closet and how/when they will be revealed, and how both guys will react to the news that she is preggy..

  20. 20 Heather

    Granted, I can’t relate to Ji-an’s life situation, however I don’t want to see her with the doctor. He rubbed me the wrong way slightly because he seemed too pushy and not caring about her agency when she kept saying “No thanks…” However, I tend to root for the first male leads who are douchey and pushy so it’s a little hypocritical that I’m objecting to it this time…

    I was actually pleasantly surprised with Jang-woo’s work here because he was so different from they guy I was used to on WGM. He is so silly and playful here 🙂 Excited for new WGM eps next week to be able to compare!

  21. 21 Hanachio

    I love this story! I really hope TK to know soon about the baby and they together keep the secret!! :_)

    I don´t like the doctor 🙁 He´s too perfect but simple and is NO passion…she´s happy with him but I can´t see love or fire in her eyes… and obviosly she feels something when she is with TK <3 ! TK fighting! haha

  22. 22 Skylar

    I’m so torn. I love this show, but Tae-Kang is just… annoying me? I don’t know. I like him, but I don’t like him with Ji-an. I love the Doctor, and not just because he’s ‘perfect’, I just think he’s more on her level, and can deal with her emotionally… but then again, we’ll see what happens when her pregnancy is revealed. I’ve always had a problem with the second lead syndrome! I fall in love with them over the lead. 😛

    Thanks for the recap, it’s amazing, as usual. ^_^ Can’t wait for episode 5.

    • 22.1 TamTam

      Ack, I’m with you. I usually don’t have the second lead syndrome. But the lead is really too young physically and emotionally. I’m so disappointed because I love LJW in WGM 🙁

      • 22.1.1 babyfat

        Totally agree w/ you – love my Jangwoonim in WGM – but some how he’s mybe too young stand next to the great Kin Suh NA – there’s noe chemstry no sizzles no sparks – the second lead male is all Tall dark accomplished confident kind of men – now he’s my type .lol

    • 22.2 asparagusoup....

      i totally agree with you, he can read her like an open book..even this early he knows something is bothering her and without even intentionally doing it, he must have given her insights on how to deal with her problem…bringing out her best character to deal with her present situation… im really going for this pairing…

      thanks for the recap…looking forward to the next episodes 5 & 6….

  23. 23 Aisu

    I read Ji An character’s cast lines at viki, it said “I do protect the child of my own” and “I’m a stronger mom just being a woman” (it’s probably taken from idid website), About the baby she will keep it, and I think her determination to keep the baby become the story of future episodes. And about the talking who fits Ji An well considering the flaws and perfectness of both male leads, imo the two of them were playing well with the role, the writer deliberately put the situation where viewer plant their views of it. Don’t forget the other female lead that add more story to this drama, I just can’t see how the drama’s going (love Kdrama with it’s twist and mystery) since it’s only 16 episode, need more duration for characters development, I see JA,TK ‘n NR in it, because every episode feels too fast for me. I’m bother with JA-TK bickering and spit each other (I read somewhere, JA character will talk loud when she nervous? so when TK around she nervous?) but love their sexual tension, as for the JA-ES, I don’t see JA felt comfortable with the dates, can’t imagine when JA make it with the dinner, ‘awkward’, more to responsibility. Just can’t wait for ep 5, waiting for your next recap and thoughts gummimoci, thanks.

  24. 24 zsa

    OMO…I love all this recap marathons…I’m in heaven :-))

  25. 25 kewbie

    “It takes work to revive those dried up cells, Doc.”

    Truer words, GM. Thanks for recapping!

    I don’t know if I like the doctor just yet. I thought he was cute and charming at first, but lately he seems to be more player-ish, and seeing as Ji-an is calling him out, too, she can see the player coming out as well. How good will he be to her when he finds out that she’s pregnant? I read in the previous recap where a commenter said, what if he uses that “pregnant” excuse to speed up the whole marriage thing? I can see him doing that. Even more than that, how will Tae-kang step up? Also, how will he get her parents to like him? That’ll be interesting.

    • 25.1 mona

      good idea. how intersting!!!!! i didnt think about it. maybe mr perfect accepts her baby and uses pregnancy issue as an exuse to speed up marriage. i think it is possible because he fell in love with her. in ji an house he said if we dont have children it doesnt matter i am happy enough with ji an. i think this idea near to his personality. he wants ji an no matter what happened before.

      i know LJW is lead role and he is adorable and cute but dr jo is a perfect man for ji an life . he can support her but KT is unable to protect ji an . maybe in future eps when he find out about his baby . he grows up and he shows that he can be ji an man. i hope writer can give us a good reason when ji an picks KT over ES.
      i am waiting for ep5 . kim suna unnie you are the best. i do ido fighting
      thanks for recaps

  26. 26 nabithoj

    I can’t see Lee Jang Woo as Lee Jang Woo. I just keep seeing HwanHee…ackk!!! But Eu nsung is really handsome guy. What is his name again, anybody?

    • 26.1 Juliang

      He is Park Gun Hyung 🙂
      I am really surprised when i saw him in this Drama.
      Lately i am really into Korean Musical, i knew Park Gun Hyung is a musical actor, he was nominated for Best Actor award in Musical Award last week. I never know that he does Drama too, i thought the Doc face looks so familiar XD

      • 26.1.1 linda macy

        Park Gun Hyung was DonJi in Kingdom of the Wind.
        He was outstanding in this historical drama. Terrific fight scene between him and Song il Guk.

  27. 27 MJP

    This drama is moving at a very leisurely pace. I’m not sure if that makes me happy or displeased.

    I can’t believe that it took until the end of episode 4 for the news to be out that she is pregnant (임신).

    I hope the pace picks up a little bit because it’s getting a bit boring to me. As Gummimochi stated there is no real threat other than the threat in the female lead’s imagination. And as we know, sometimes that can make for a boring drama.

  28. 28 shin mi rae

    Thanks gumimochi for the wonderful recaps. I’m loving the drama but i’m still waiting for the heart tugging moment. Anyway, everyone seems to be arguing who will be the better father figure for Ji-An’s baby. My question is why should she choose? she does not need either men. well tae kang is the baby’s bio father. but Ji-An can raise this baby well on her own. she is a successful independent woman. go girl power. i hope they explore that. but heck, who am i kidding… if they do this, that will take the rom out of rom-com. but really kim sun ah is doing a perfect job as alpha female. i hope they dont ruin the character of hwang ji-an with inconsistent actions when the baby plot comes along.

  29. 29 Carinne

    I am displeased the fact Ji-an is very well collected when she’s with the doc who is her soul mate for certain (they meet eye level on everything between them), but she loses herself while she’s with Tae-kang in every scene. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Well, it’s more therapeutic if so. I don’t mind if she loses to the doc but I just can’t stand it when she’s being upchucked by free willy here. All the pain and suffering we see her react in front of Tae-kang only, thus far. I am a pissed off chica!

  30. 30 Aisu

    I saw it too, me too think that scene is someone’s imagination (maybe TK?) because the scene is rather silly and try to up the funny scene, I hope that was only an imagination, because again the drama so far show lot portion of serious issue than the hilarious moment (only the teaser show the absurd funny silly image), I hope TK’s personality have bit improvement to be a fair man for Ji An and cool handsome father for their child/children?? 🙂

    • 30.1 Aisu

      the former comments (by Jastinel) deleted because of content spoiler??!!!
      well this is about the scene that the shoot began this day June 11, so maybe for 8th, 9th or 10th episode?? well just enjoy the upcoming episode for tomorrow Wednesday then \^^/ , se ya for ep 5’s recap gm ^^

  31. 31 Kim Yoonmi

    Still praying that Ji-An’s problems aren’t magically solved by having a man and a baby… that she fights her way through her social woes on her own merit. Is it too much to hope for? Hmm… show? Or show, are you going to take the easy way and somewhat sexist way out???

    Please don’t say it’s so show. See, other shows before you conquered that on their own. Even Baby-faced Beauty of recent managed to make a career-oriented woman that wasn’t a total stiff back and earned her way up–yes a little aid, but not an all out horse and carriage rescue. Please show, don’t go there… or I’ll have to drop you and then I’ll be mad you ruined my Sun-Ah fix. Please show, make your writer see that road will make fans mad. Turn the tables, please.

  32. 32 zsa

    Many are so unhappy that JA will have to settle down with a kid and a hubby to be happy. I think that she deserves to be happy, even if it means having a kid and a hubby…just because she’s JA doesn’t mean she has to be different and not want any of these…it’s just that she doesn’t go out of her way to have these that makes her admirable. Many ppl only realize how fullfilling having a child is only AFTER the child is born, so ppl are allowed to change when they experience something different than their imagination of what happiness is.

    There is such a thing as work life balance, she can be happy having all…or she can choose being a single mother if none of the males can capture her heart…but if she does fall in love, and with whomever, I’m not gonna think of her as less ‘strong’ of a person….because though our standards don’t usually change, they do get adjusted once in a while:-)

  33. 33 spazmo

    Park Gun Hyung
    watch him in Innocent Steps, a movie about ballroom dancing. and yes, he is quite hot in that movie. he has that “je ne sais quoi” factor…


    • 33.1 spazmo

      my comment was a response to:
      nabithoj June 10th, 2012 at 9:22 pm

  34. 34 Recovering from QIHM aka MsB

    I will probably just read the recaps. As usual, gummimochi, you’ve made the show more interesting. Na-ri, I feel sorry for. Chairman Jang seems like the older sister, either by their father remarrying or illegitimacy but the way she treats Na-Ri must have made her life extremely lonely.

  35. 35 subject

    It’s the first time since I started watching Kim Sun Ah’s dramas that I really don’t see any chemistry with the main male lead. Yes, he’s cute, but damn, couldn’t they find someone who’s actually CAN play. I know that somehow, at the end, I MAY like him more, but I still think his skills are poor.

    Aish, I knew I shouldn’t start watching after I read the plot and now it’s even more bummer cause I’m sure she’ll end up with that punk and not with the lovely doctor.

  36. 36 amZing

    given her character unless forced to tell him she won’t. she’s more likely to try to stand on her on leaning on her friend until her emotions sway her. he’ll be walking on thin ice and the moment he lets her down doc will be there to pick up the pieces.

  37. 37 yuoi

    @ #34 subject, I’m pretty much biased since I am LJW’s fan, so words that he can’t act are quite harsh to me. Yes, he may not be the most experienced actor out there and his comedic role looks not that convincing compared to more realistic characters of KSA and PGH. I’m sure you wouldn’t say like this if there are no silly things he has to do as Tae-kang. But if your personal opinion about his disability to act includes his more quiet/dramatic moments (like 1st episode – moment under rain, or this, 4th, episode – Tae-kang telling Jian that he’s not emabarassed of what happened between them), then well, hmm, okay.

    Also with addition to “he cant act” I’ve met comments like “he overacts”. I’ve watched one BTS vid from the first episode when Tae-kang and his Dad visit a local office where Dad is trying to disown Tae-kang. So there were several takes of this scene: and it was PD himself, as well as Park Young Kyu who advised him to play with the bigger reactions, the loudest version made it into the episode. What I’m trying to say is that Jangwoo is simply doing what he’s asked. This role of him actually reminds me Lee Seung Gi’s Dae-woong in MGIG with wide-open-eyes acting and big reactions. And while Dae-woong was in the universe of Gumiho and overall overloading cuteness, Tae-kang as a character is built in our realistic world with characters we can easily relate to. I’m not sure why he has to be that child-like, but can guess that is for his personal growth would be more evident by the end of the drama.

    So I do admit that Jangwoo as an actor tends to overact some moments, but not because he’s a bad actor but because that how his role is written or what is required from him.

    Also I dont find the idea of Tae-kang being a dad that terrible, even comparing him to Eun-sung. He may not be a high-profiled professional at this moment, or has an attitude of 15 years old teenager, but he has a big and kind heart what is always a win for me. Also he has determination, so who knows, maybe he’ll make it big soon or by 16th episode as he stated before ^^”

    About chemistry with KSA, it’s definitely there, but unfortunately, not in all moments. I feel it in the 1st episode, I feel it here, and hopefully you all will be feel it in the next episodes when the actual acknowledged feeling between the main OTP starts to appear. And okay, I’m just dying to watch the real bed scene, when, when will drama air it? (I don’t think it’s a spoiler to tell that there was filmed much more of a bed scene than was aired in Episode 1, so hopefully there should be some kind of flashback to what really happened between Tae-kang and Jian that night).

    • 37.1 subject

      First of all sorry if I sounded too harsh, I didn’t mean to harm none of LJW’s fans.

      Second, I wrote it based on two dramas that I’ve seen him so far – Man Of Honor and I do, I do. MOH was awful! it was bad from top to bottom. It started from silly screenwriting, continued with overacting and ends with a very bad directing. I don’t care about ratings, because it had a pretty good success in this area, but I do care about my precious time. I’m ready and want to invest my little free time in something good, entertaining and high quality.

      So far, I don’t see where the qualities of a great actor. The fact that he plays in a romantic-comedy genre, should not impair his acting skills, if it exists. I can give you multiple examples of actor and actresses that keeping their high acting quality although it’s a rom-com.

      I can tell you another thing. 20 years ago, I thought the same about Leonardo Dicaprio, and even though I still don’t like him as a person, I admire his acting skills. He’s one of his generation. So, maybe, after long experience, acting classes and time, I can look at him and say, before X years he was bad, but he became one of his generation.

      • 37.1.1 yuoi

        I’m very agree about MOH: I myself ended up watching only Jangwoo’s parts by the 2nd part of the drama. And still not sure how things ended there. But (I know, I’m telling this from the position of the fan but it wasnt only fans’ opinion) Jangwoo’s acting had really shining moments in that [terrible] drama.

        But your opinion is YOUR opinion, and I appreciate it. Also I really hope that Jangwoo will be able to become ‘second Dicaprio’ in your list of before bad actors 😀

      • 37.1.2 linda macy

        I can remember when they said Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood were just pretty faces and couldn’t act. So much for that theory. So you just never know!

    • 37.2 zsa

      Don’t worry, I agree with you…He definitely CAN act…but one cannot buy experience, once he has that he’ll be ‘one awesome actor’ …just look at Yoo chun in ‘Dating on Earth’ …I thought he was never gonna act right, but look at him now??? Jang Woo has the talent, he’s not like some of the REALLY hopeless ones out there who can’t act, but still get roles, and more surprisingly, the ratings!!!

    • 37.3 luvs

      I think the actor doing Tae Kang is doing a convincing job. He is so adorable. Needs some growing up to do but I think he is guileless. It gets funnier – just watched epi 5,6.
      what I don’t understand so far in the drama is the relationship between Ji An and her father- I don’t get the father?????

  38. 38 Dorotka

    I’m surprisingly still more interested in this show than in G.Dignity… true IDID has less witty dialogues, but I feel much more for the characters here…

    I can see the conflict of Ji An coming, whether to go for the dream career or to keep the baby… and I hope they don’t make it black and white but with plenty of layers.

    And why not to keep the job and have a stay-at-home dad who can so well play at the level of the baby?
    And I can see even more playful grandfather ^^

  39. 39 YChase007

    These four episodes thus far have created quite a dynamic unto which you believe or perceive to be a great match and what FATE has brought together. JA is definitely opening up to the Doctor ES but she has her doubts about moving forward with the Player. Now with TK she’s had some interactions and this episode (prior to the shoe incident) she was opening to the thought of helping him out finding kinship with being an Outcast/Misfit in the same company.

    As of right now, I can perceive three possible outcomes under this ROMCOM genre:

    (A) She goes the single mother route and raises her child on her own with TK coming to visit as he grows up.
    (B) She gets married with TK and raise the child together
    (C) She gets married with ES and raise the child together with TK coming to visit.

    What would I prefer… well its hard to say. Realizing her personality how can she be with an immature child like TK however, that doesn’t mean that he cant grow into a responsible man.

    The doctor is cute and almost to perfect (even though he was acting immature in the beginning fighting his parents on the marriage tip). Will he be able to raise the child as his own with no misgivings or bitterness.

    The thoughts whirl like crazy, cant wait to see how the writers will pay this one out.

  40. 40 everriell

    thank you

  41. 41 Suzi Q

    Slam Bang! Thank You Ma’am! Menopause baby! I guess JA is not all dried up after all. I Do, I Do is cute,funny, fast, breezy comedy.So far, I like all of the engaging actors!

    It would be awesome of Park Gun Hyung and Kim Sun Ah would dance together in an episode.Not necessarily the tango.He was a convincing ball room dancer in the movie, Innocent Steps.He could really dance any dance routine.Also,I just finished watching him as a neurosurgeon in Syndrome and saw him in the Kingdom of the Winds. He is a very experienced and versatile actor. ES seems to be more chemistry with JA, but whether he can accept another man’s child remains to be seen.

    I like Lee Jang Woo’s character.He lost some weight so he looks younger than when he appeared as the serious and despicable brother in Smile, Donghae.

    Can’t predict how JA will go with the knowledge that she’s pregnant. This might be her only chance to have a baby since she is premenopausal.

    • 41.1 zsa

      I think JA will react as how unplanned pregnant mothers would…regret, not wanting the baby, etc…I hope audience won’t think that it’s cruel coz it’s a natural reaction…what’s important is how she deals with this initial reaction and decide….can’t wait!!!

  42. 42 Hayamira

    I don’t think it’s all about the Doc fitting Ji-AN “level” status.I though it was about love.It’s not whether they fit each other as them being in the career wise and whatnot.I think it’s about two people falling in love(obviously Taekang an Ji-an) withTae K realizing his potential and becoming more mature for his child and women he both love and Ji-an realizing that there’s more to life than work.
    I like my character’s with issues and challenges and the Doc just really rubs me the wrong way.”Perfection” is something that doesn’t exist.We may try out best but no one’s perfect and I think him being portrayed as the “perfect guy” is just what the writer’s want and a way for TK to fight for Ji-An as well.

    • 42.1 zsa

      I totally agree…it’s not wrong so I don’t get why ppl can’t see JA and TK together…TK is an adult…he is 27…and they are not related, so it’s not incestuos relationship…if everything is so clear cut and perfect, where’s the ‘drama’? Where’s the ‘fiction’ depicting ‘reality’…cos reality IS ‘complicated’!!

  43. 43 Yasie

    Wow everyone seems to be lovin the doctor at this point. I admit i love him too and feel so bad he has to be the second lead cuz he seems like he would be a good main lead for KSA, even with that said i still like the main pairing cuz i am just a sucker for older women -younger men i loves those type dramas so i can’t wait to see how this drama unfolds and the see the young male lead development. But i will have my box of tissue on the side to shared a tear for the second male lead who always gets the short end of the stick and will probably to deliver the baby if she haves it.

  44. 44 namcha

    I like the doc because he is so ‘good on paper”. He’s got everything, looks, career, charm but Jiran seems to be more taken with TK and the guy is trying really hard to succeed and be a better person.

  45. 45 Soso

    Finally saw all the episodes and read the recaps and I’m in the “I’m not sure what I feel” boat regarding this drama. My first reaction after 2 episode of IDID and Big was that I liked IDID alot and more than Big. After 4 episodes of both, now I like Big more and IDID is starting annoy me a bit.

    I’ve never been a particular KSA fan though I think she’s a fine actress. I think she’s acting great here, but I feel like the material isn’t quite up to the level of her skill. I was hoping for a drama with less cliches, but going into ep.5, the drama is starting to fall into a lot of familiar k-drama sterotypes.

    The really immature young male, where I really can’t see what the attraction is except cute face. The 2nd lead seems perfect at first, but is starting to look like typical second lead, putting 100% into a romance that’s mostly in his head, not at all clued in to the fact that she’s just not that interested, playing the perfect role through out rejection after rejection.

    Sly, backstabbing, face slapping second female lead.

    The ubber old-fashioned dad… I seriously can’t stand the dad. He’s always yelling, at the mom, at his daughter and he’s so proud of all her awards and yet he wants her to give it all up to support the husband and be a baby machine?

    The only character that doesn’t annoy me is the TK’s dad. He’s super cool, loved him in PTB, too.

    Also, all the stuff happening seems so manipulative and not at all organic. The accidental compromising position exactly when the co-workers arrive, the revealing by friend of the one night stand and at the same time, TK gets the 1st design stolen, the finding out of pregnancy after a visit to the ER, all we were missing is that TK didn’t carry JA to the hospital on his back.

    The drama is pretty easy to watch, but I guess b/c I think the acting is pretty good all around, I’m hoping for a better story.

    Thanks for writing the recaps!

  46. 46 Lilian

    Finally…..I agree. This chAracter suits Jang Woo a lot. looking forward to next episode.

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