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I Do, I Do: Episode 7
by | June 23, 2012 | 81 Comments

Sometimes it takes the sound of a tiny heartbeat to turn the heel of a cold-hearted Medusa. Split between the growing responsibility inside of her and the external pressures around her, Ji-an will have to carve her own path in the unexpected journey to motherhood.


After Eun-sung’s stinging confession, Ji-an swallows hard and accepts that things worked out for the better. He’s a good man and for the briefest of moments, if she were to ever consider marriage; it would be with a man like him.

If he can act like the perfect son-in-law for the worst woman ever, how much better could he treat someone who deserved it? “So stop wasting your time and love on me and find someone else. Build a happy life together.”

She steps inside to break the news when Eun-sung stops her. He kneels in front of the families, telling them, “I can’t go through with this marriage. I don’t think I’m suited for marriage. I don’t think I’m capable to make Ji-an happy like this. I’m sorry.”

Shocked faces all around save for Dad whose scowl I can feel from here.

Once they’re alone, Mom and Dad turn to Ji-an, asking if this was her doing. They know that she previously lied about a fake business trip and Dad demands that she beg for Eun-sung’s forgiveness. And if she’s not willing to, he’ll do it himself.

Which is when Ji-an drops the bomb, “I’m pregnant.” Both parents stare in disbelief as Ji-an informs them that Eun-sung knows that it isn’t his. Shell-shocked, Mom collapses. When she hears that her pregnancy was an accident, Mom wails and pelts her, heartbroken. Ji-an clutches her stomach and cries.

Tae-kang waits outside of Ji-an’s apartment with his grandmother’s ring given to him by Dad. It slips out of his hand when he nods off and Eun-sung picks it up to return it to him. Oh right – you two don’t know each other.

They both wait, (Tae-kang adorably does exercises to keep himself awake), and Tae-kang is the first to break the silence – he’s been waiting over 2 hours for his lady and figures that she must be back at work, having forgotten all about him.

He reasons that she takes pleasure in work which Eun-sung mentions that it sounds like a lot like someone he knows. She should because you’re both waiting for the same woman.

Joking that Eun-sung must have it better because he’s waiting for a woman who throws punches and screams on a dime, Eun-sung retorts that he doesn’t. The woman he knows is inflexible and does everything her own way. Er, you are trying to woo this woman, right?

So Tae-kang asks why Eun-sung would date such a woman and Eun-sung turns the question back on him – then why does he love that witch? Laughing uncomfortably, Tae-kang corrects him that it’s not love but he’s just a wee bit curious.

When a tired Ji-an walks towards them, it’s Eun-sung who approaches first. Tae-kang realizes that they’ve been waiting for the same person and hangs back as Eun-sung leads Ji-an inside.

Eun-sung sighs deeply at the sight of a nearly empty refrigerator. He mentions that his words were too harsh and stemmed from a moment of anger. Ji-an asks if he’s here to apologize but he clarifies that he came to clear the air, not wanting to end things the way they did.

He admits, “For the first time, I dreamed of living together with someone. Waking up, eating, crying, and laughing together.” He thought that his life would be fun from now on and looked forward to it. “But things don’t always turn out the way you hoped.”

Ji-an tells him that people tend to live that way anyway while keeping guard of when they might be backstabbed.

After she told her parents that she was pregnant, it was the first time in her life that her mother hit her. In that moment, Ji-an reached for her stomach, afraid of what might happen to the life inside of her. Eun-sung answers, “Because it’s instinct.”

Ji-an says, “So… I’m going to keep the baby.” If someone like her can have maternal instinct, then she wants to anticipate what comes next. Eun-sung looks at her with a mix of relief and shock and accepts her decision.

Before he leaves, Ji-an returns the shoe necklace to Eun-sung and puts out her hand. They exchange a polite but lingering goodbye as Eun-sung gives a final squeeze of her hand.

At the restaurant, Choong-baek gives a I told you so that of course there’s another man in the picture, the chances now 50/50 that it’s Tae-kang’s. But Tae-kang mulls over that it could be a friend, a relative maybe, knowing that Medusa wouldn’t let just any guy in her house. Choong-baek points out, “You went. Twice.”

Tae-kang jumps on the defensive and then his voice trails off, “That’s because… I’m not any guy.” It annoys him that his buddy refers to him as tsukidashi (a tiny snack/appetizer) in Ji-an’s life. It’s not like she’s young or nice so why does Tae-kang like her? Which is when Tae-kang shouts, “Who said I like her?!”

He storms out, trying to make sense of the situation. Heh – I love that he tries to sketch the relationship between himself, Ji-an, and “that jerk” at work to organize his thoughts only to sigh, wondering who the father is.

Ji-an settles into her office as we flashback to the latter part of the conversation with her parents the previous evening. Dad conceded that Ji-an didn’t have to get married and could live out her own life.

He would throw in the towel about badgering about her life… on the condition that Ji-an doesn’t keep the baby. He’d given her three days to consider or Ji-an can continue living her life without seeing her parents.

Back in the present, Ji-an buries her head on her desk.

Tae-kang comes in bearing her lunch and just when he’s about to mention last night, her phone rings. It’s Eun-sung who suggests that Ji-an receive prenatal care at his hospital. And this is still ethical, how?

Ji-an politely refuses, since it would be awkward and uncomfortable to run into each other but Eun-sung insists that a doctor would maintain professionalism with his patient. Asking her to come to your hospital and increasing the odds that you might be the one caring for her doesn’t sound very competent to me.

I love it how Tae-kang constantly tries to eavesdrop on the conversation, even putting an ear to the door outside her office. He can’t hear a thing and then a voice behind him whispers, “Hear what?”

He jumps back in surprise as Na-ri gives a little smirk. She’s on her way to lunch and invites Tae-kang to join her.

Tae-kang grumbles on the rooftop, chomping down on his kimbap. He expected the VP to take him out for a fancy meal but Na-ri explains that she eats here since it’s odd to go out and eat alone.

Adding to their list of commonalities, turns out that Na-ri and Tae-kang are donggap and Tae-kang smugs that he’s a month older (“I’m the oppa!”). He comes crashing down to reality the next moment, remembering that Na-ri is still his boss.

Na-ri asks what kind of relationship he has with Ji-an. He tells her that there are only a select few women in his contact list he’s glad to hear from, others who he shrugs at, and about half who he wonders who they are. On that list, Ji-an falls under the ‘spam’ category and Na-ri can barely suppress a smile at that answer.

Facepalm. Jun-hee and Ji-an end up at Eun-sung’s hospital anyway and what do you know – he’ll be doing the ultrasound himself. I’m sure that breaks like 50 ethical principles, Doc.

Eun-sung comments that Ji-an’s reluctance must mean that she still sees him like a man while he doesn’t reciprocate that (Mmhmm okay). After a small tussle over her coverup, it’s only after he applies the cold ultrasound gel that he deadpans, “Oh it’s cold.” This part of your petty revenge, man?

As expected, he can barely maintain his poker face once the fetus comes into view as the reality cements before his eyes. Ji-an registers his reaction and asks if there’s anything wrong, but he reports that it appears healthy.

Jun-hee nudges that Ji-an didn’t hear “that” last time, meaning the baby’s heartbeat. Ji-an’s eyes grow wide at the sound of the beating heart fills the room and then asks to stop for a moment. Confused, she asks, “Is it always like this? I hear something strange.”

Alarmed, Jun-hee asks what she hears and Ji-an responds, “Gudoo/Gudoo/Gudoo (shoe).” They look at her as if she was going crazy and they listen once more. Ji-an turns to the screen, convinced that’s what she hears, and let out the tiniest of smiles.

As Ji-an sets down the cutest pair of pink baby heels amidst her shoe closet, she thinks back to her conversation with Jun-hee about the baby’s father earlier that day. Ji-an argued that it’s not like they’d be living together but Jun-hee reminded her that half her baby’s DNA belongs to him.

That means factors like whether he has a high IQ and his family’s genetic history are all important to keep in mind. Yes, the baby could take after Ji-an but it could also resemble the baby’s father or its grandfather. So she has to find out.

What better way to grab his attention then to send a text, “Jokbal. Within 15 minutes.” Tae-kang rushes over and then surveys her house. He asks, “Are you alone?” Ji-an raises an eyebrow, “Do I look alone? You’re here with me.”

He whines why she keeps ordering him around and Ji-an reminds him that he’s her slave until he recovers that design. She narrows her eyes, “Are you dumb?” Tae-kang takes offense – he might not have gotten good grades but he’s plenty smart enough.

Their entire exchange turns into a semi-interrogative interview as she nitpicks about everything he says and does (“Do you have mysophobia [fear of contamination and germs]? I hear that’s inheritable. Are you left-handed?!”)

As he steps away, Ji-an counts off to see how tall he is. (She measures his body proportions by counting off the number of “heads” with 8 heads tall as the usual ideal.)

Tae-kang hilariously praises himself in the mirror, misinterpreting Ji-an’s overtures as showing interest in him. He puffs up, “Sure. I’m not just any guy.” Then he sprays Ji-an’s perfume into the air and then rubs it on himself, taking in “Medusa’s scent.” Pffft.

Meanwhile, Ji-an frets nervously, running through a list in her head about what to ask. “Blood type, genetic diseases, allergies…” It looks like she won’t be able to ask any of them because Eun-sung calls that he’s on his way to visit. Way to give a girl no notice. Do you think you’re best buds now that you’re not to be married?

Tae-kang runs into Eun-sung after he’s hurriedly ushered out the door. His imagination takes over as he fantasizes the two engage in a tango that ends up with their faces inches from one another. Then he fumes when the lights in her apartments flicker out.

Unlike his fantasy, Eun-sung is busy presenting his gifts: a star projection system and a relaxing sound machine to help her sleep. Ji-an mutters that he must think he’s her Daddy Long Legs and Eun-sung says he fits the description.

Looking at the projected night sky on her ceiling, Ji-an recalls when she used to fall asleep on her father’s lap as a child and her mother used to shoo away the mosquitoes. Those simple and happy memories bring her emotions to the forefront and Ji-an dismisses them as her hormones acting up.

Eun-sung listens to all of this in silence. They’re interrupted by Tae-kang at the door who angrily stuffs a business card in Ji-an and instructs her to order jokbal herself in the future before storming out. In his car, Eun-sung ponders over the clues about Tae-kang and Ji-an.

Outside, Tae-kang convinces himself repeatedly that he did the right thing. Yet his strained expression betray his words that he’s finally free of Medusa, guzzling down a bottle of soju to ease his suffering.

Ji-an stares at the projected sky and her memories trickle back to the same picture she described earlier. As she falls asleep peacefully, the adult Ji-an replaces the child Ji-an as Dad watches over as she sleeps and Mom shoos away the mosquitoes.

The phones are ringing off the hook at the office, the company all abuzz with the rumors that famous designer Jake Han is visiting the company. Then Tae-kang drops in with the faux pas, “Who’s Jake Han?”

Which makes our introduction to his character absolutely hilarious as Tae-kang mistakenly mops his shoes. Jake shrills, “Oh my shoes!” If that weren’t funny enough, Tae-kang taps on his shoulder to move so he can continue cleaning. HAHAHA.

Ji-an walks in to see her staff fawn all over the huffy designer. She’s displeased to hear that he’ll be the supervisor in their next project.

Cut to Bong-soo giving Tae-kang the lowdown on Jake’s impressive resume, and even referred to as the “second Manolo Blahnik.” He’s a friend of Na-ri and Bong-soo hypothesizes that he’s here to win the stockholders’ favor for Na-ri as the next CEO.

Tae-kang curses at his unfortunate luck, recalling their first meeting. He scrubs Jake’s mopped shoes harder.

Na-ri apologizes that she didn’t inform Ji-an of Jake’s arrival sooner. She gets that familiar twinge of annoyance when Ji-an is completely unfazed, saying that she likes surprise gifts.

Continuing to press her, Na-ri says that there’s no need to act like she’s not scared but Ji-an fires back that Na-ri knows that there’s no way Ji-an can fake that.

Dripping with sarcasm, she considers it an honor to work with the famous Jake Han. She recognizes that Na-ri’s ability to pull in star power is a mark of Na-ri’s capability to run the company. And then Ji-an gives her a big thumbs up.

Interesting then that Jake mentions that Ji-an used to be Na-ri’s role model. She used to make scrapbooks of Ji-an’s autobiography – what happened to the ultimate fangirl? He muses aloud, “What could make yesterday’s idol today’s rival?”

Na-ri tells him that he’s got it all wrong – Ji-an isn’t even at her level to be considered a rival. It’s true since Ji-an has years of experience ahead of you.

Tae-kang comes knocking with Jake’s shined shoes in hand. However, just when he’s about to leave does he hear behind him, “Hey rag.”

He looks back and sees Jake leisurely kick off his slippers, hinting that Tae-kang can’t just leave. Oh ugh, is there someone to blow your nose for you too? When Tae-kang hesitates, he repeats the command in English.

Na-ri tells Jake to stop kidding around but Tae-kang kneels to put the shoes on for him. Once he leaves, Na-ri ineffectively fires in English, “You suck.”

Uh, do you think that really made a dent in Jake’s thick-skinned armor? At least now I know that your PG-rated curses apply to both Korean and English.

Looks like Dad hunted down the real estate con after all. He’s left the man pretty badly beaten (which is oddly satisfying) and both men are in cuffs for their actions. Choong-baek hurries to call Bong-soo to find out Tae-kang’s whereabouts…

Tae-kang is busy dancing to 2PM’s “Heartbeat” at a noraebang (karaoke) to his coworkers.
Hehe and he points to Ji-an whenever the lyrics are, “Listen to my heartbeat/It’s beating for you.”

Ji-an turns down a drink from Jake, a response that doesn’t go unnoticed by Na-ri. Arguing that they’re here to welcome Jake, he then pours out the biggest shot of whiskey ever. “I’ll pour as much as I’m glad to meet you. So you can drink as much you’re happy to welcome me.”

Na-ri continues to egg Ji-an on that her words of praise about Jake don’t match her actions – does Ji-an’s age concern her? She continues that refusing a drink is disrespectful to their honored guest and Ji-an counters, “Isn’t this more disrespectful?”

But Na-ri insists that it’s the Korean way to accept and Ji-an raises her glass, contemplating her next move… when Tae-kang swoops in and down the entire contents of the glass in one shot. Dayum.

He proclaims himself as Ji-an’s Black Knight (a man who steps in to drink for the woman) and then continues to drink shot after shot. Soon he’s completely plastered, doubled over at the table. In his drunken stupor, he demands that Jake pour another glass for “the rag.” Oof.

This is how Bong-soo finds him, pulling him out of the room and roaring that his father is in trouble. He has trouble trying to find a cab when Ji-an pulls up, offering to give them a ride. Bong-soo: “If you go for a bit… to Incheon.”

Ji-an balks and snipes, “Get out.” HA.

Thankfully Medusa has a heart because they arrive at the police station. Ji-an overhears Choong-baek explains that Dad clubbed the guy who scammed them out of Tae-kang’s money and how Tae-kang sold their house to get Dad out of prison.

The mention that Dad made and sold knockoffs that led to his imprisonment leads Ji-an to recall when Tae-kang mentioned his father who worked in the industry.

Suddenly, Tae-kang bolts up and drunkenly barks to see Ji-an, “I’ve got something to say to her! Where is she?!”

Ji-an calmly walks up to him and Tae-kang launches in a drunken rant, “How dare you treat me like a free snack? You toyed with me? You stepped on my sincerity! I even got you a ring…”

He can’t wrap his head around why he keeps getting hit and scolded and wonders if it was because of that night. It may have meant nothing to her, but it meant something to him. Pointing to his chest, he says, “It’s stuck right in here!”

Shouting now, he roars, “Because! It was my first time. You were the first woman I–” And Ji-an places a hand to his mouth to shut him up.



Overall, I’m still invested in this show because it intrigues me how the little things of pregnancy and motherhood are beginning to change Ji-an’s heart. Things like she’s curious of the future, that she imagines possible motherhood and listening to the baby’s heartbeat are slowly melting that Medusa-like heart. I’ll say that it was a little corny to have Ji-an think the heartbeat beat like, “gudoo/gudoo” but it was Kim Sun-ah’s flash of realization in her eyes that sold it to me.

Now that Ji-an has made the decision to continue the pregnancy, we can see that the decision is faced with its own obstacles that differ from her expectations. For instance, we have the case with her parents’ reactions. It shocked me that Dad wanted her to go through with the abortion, putting their current and future relationship on the line. It screamed unfair and harsh and I chalked up another “Dad sucks” tally. But in Dad’s eyes, a child out of wedlock can bring shame onto the family and the individual, and it’s possible that he feels this is the best solution for everyone to save face.

Moreover, Korea is a shame culture where guilt trips aren’t necessarily always spoken as an attack but in order to ‘enlighten’ their children about morality. It’s a difficult boundary to tease apart and it doesn’t make the words any less hurtful. So Ji-an is split between her value to be filial to her parents while making the best conscious decision for herself and the growing life inside of her.

There are the added elements that both Mom and Dad are rough and poorly written characters and their reactions swing between both extremes. I feel like I have to dig pretty deep to find any empathy for her parents even after the happier memory of them keeping the mosquitoes at bay so that they don’t bite Ji-an. The emotional scarring for both parties run deep and at this point, neither seems at a place to fully understand the other, and perhaps they never will.

I’m pretty convinced after watching this episode that Eun-sung has serious boundary issues. Who invites his ex-pregnant-betrothed-to-be to receive prenatal care to his own hospital? And then administers the ultrasound himself? Then you just “drop by” with gifts whenever you want after you publicly call off your marriage to both sides of the family? Do you even understand what Daddy Long Legs means? You see how many questions I’ve got going here? You can keep saying that you can keep your emotions under wraps but we can all see that you can’t do that.

How am I supposed to keep liking you if you don’t know where you stand? Answer me that, Doc.


81 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. zsa

    I loved all of ep 7 except when Jake WTH came in…okay…I know why he’s there at ep 8, but I can’t console my self….And I agree with the boundary issue…how could he trick her into the ultrasound?…It must’ve been difficult for JA…now that’s not fair…that said, I’m Loving our loverboy Tae Kang….

    • 1.1 true2u

      that Jake guy …….. the guy is a STALKER!!!!!

      aside from that I’m surprise no one said anything about the imagination scene, it had me on the floor LLOOOOLL!!! XD. TK imaginations are always a treat for me.

      • 1.1.1 true2u

        ^ sorry my comment got messed up BAD!!
        that Jake guy …….. the guy is a STALKER!!!!!

        aside from that I’m surprise no one said anything about the imagination scene, it had me on the floor LLOOOOLL!!! XD. TK imaginations are always a treat for me.

        • true2u

          ^ sorry my comment got messed up BADLY!!

          • true2u

            that Jake guy …….. the guy is a STALKER!!!!!

    • 1.2 true2u

      that Jake guy, what can i say about that bastard, if Nari thought this will help get the position of CEO without working hard she has a next thing coming to her. and the doc (-.-) Sorry the guy creeps me out, if a man was like that in my life i would have put out a restraining order against him. he shows up when he pleases, even when she say she can’t see him right now he continues and her feelings again are thrown out the window. Episode 8 sealed the deal to where i literally HATE the guy. spoiler > the guy is a STALKER!!!!!

      can someone delete those other comments. idk why it came out so messed up (-.-).. sorry.

  2. Paloma

    Maybe it is only me but I am little bit fed up with that continous “cold heart attitude” from her. She never smiles or shows a little bit of emotion (just in the shoe scene and it was for few seconds until she protected herself again with that cold apperance) The contrary she is still very hard and cold with her words in front of TK.
    I am also fed up with that kind of “childish” attitude from TK. I think she needs a stronger man. A man with a strong attitude to “break” that “barrier” that she has around her.
    The drama is becoming a bit boring….

    • 2.1 Rachel

      Agreed. There hasn’t been much growth in either Ji An or Tae Kang. Her character has been pretty one-note so far. Occasionally we see glimmers of a softer side, but she is always soooo mean to Tae Kang that it’s hard to believe he would fall for her.

    • 2.2 Mystisith

      I think and feel the same. I fast forward a lot cause KSA’s character is like a perpetual stick in the *** character. Limit unhealthy mentally and emotionally speaking. She really has only shoes that matter in her life: No hobby or other friends? How can you survive in a society that values social values and interactions with such a temper?
      I’m also not fan of the cool kid attitude of TK. It’s a caricature, not a person. So, you could say the only character I like is the Doc, from the beginning. He’s kind of manipulative and sticky but he’s the only one that can tell her the awful truth(s) that she doesn’t want to hear. For me he is the only one acting like a real human being in that show: He has feelings and tries to act on them accordingly, even if it’s stalkerish and inadequate. At least he proves than he cares for JA and her baby, and her parents. It’s not professional but it feels real to me.

      • 2.2.1 Leona

        the Doc is the only one who makes me press FF ( I just whish to delete this char)
        Btw I loved the actor in ” When The Spring Comes” there Kim Gap Soo was his father and a con, while he was prosecutor

    • 2.3 Yumi

      I think that if she was a easy going emotionally whole human being then there would be no story to tell.

      Her growth and change is the story. The same with Tae-Kang.

  3. Carole McDonnell

    I’ve lost all my patience with this show. It almost feels as if the characters aren’t real characters at all but folks who are symbolic of certain traits. So each scene is like traits meeting and bouncing off each other (Doctor “caregiver trait + Upstanding Man MEETS Strong Career Menopausal Woman who is unexpectedly pregnant.)

    I can play with high concept stories and I can deal with “broad strokes” BUT there does come a time when characters become organic. And I was believing/hoping the story would become organic but then you have the two “potentials” waiting together for the same woman curbside. It was kinda the last straw for me.

  4. leonardswench

    I’m stopping: I’ll marathon when it’s done and get the lost cause over with in one painful weekend.

    No more anticipation for me, I’m sure that Kim Sun-ah will continue to act her heart out and the script and production won’t keep up with her. Too bad.

  5. zsa

    I think the writer has to make her that way for quite a while to make it real…it’s true one might be forced into pregnancy, but one can’t force oneself to change overnight….self discovery is usually slow and painful…i think it’s realistic…

    • 5.1 true2u

      very realistic, i would be like WTH if she had changed overnight, it took her years to build up that barrier she has and for it to coming crumbling down in just 7 episodes would be unbelievable. that’s way the Doc character irks me, how can a man who hate the concept of being married change to fast in less than 2 episodes? his change was not realistic no matter how hard i try to understand.

    • 5.2 Kim

      I agree. Sometimes dramas let the characters change too fast and it is like whiplash. Totally unrealistic. I think it is interesting to watch her struggle through this decision slowly and to see the unexpected reactions from people around her. I was most surprised by dad, but it makes more sense the more I think about it.
      The guy who you think would be the most pro-abortion – TK the immature man-child – is the one who actually acts the most responsibly in my mind. He’s willing to marry her if the child is his, he’s wiling to take care of her, and even be her slave. And unlike ES, he’s wiling to give her some space. (Another note about TK, it is clear that while he is immature, he’s actually a decent and loyal guy, as evidenced by his relationship with his dad.) I think ES’s reactions are pretty realistic though. It is clear that he does care about Ji-An and is having a hard time completely letting go (hence the stalkerish behavior), but he’s unwilling to completely take responsibility and continue a real relationship.
      I originally starting watching this show, thinking it would be fluff, but it has actually proved to be quite interesting. And I’m enjoying seeing KSA in a different role after watching MNIKSS for the first time.

    • 5.3 Yumi

      I am loving I Do I Do.

      I’m surprised at the amount of complaints I am hearing about the pace of the drama.

      I think KSA is amazing in her role. Her performance is beautifully nuanced and her presentation of the toughness necessary to succeed in the corporate world. Over the years the armor built up has allowed her to succeed. A one-night stand with an eager puppy isn’t going to make that armor vanish in the blink of an eye.

      It is wonderful to see her slow growth and return to self.

      I think of Ji-an as someone who in order to succeed has become consumed by work and allowed the softer side of her personality to atrophy. Her regain balance is the lesson of the drama.

      Tae-Kang maturing is the other lesson.

  6. Mari

    Hope the writers will make Tae Kang and Ji An a more believable pair in the future. He just seems so far from an ideal partner for her at this point that I’d rather she end up single. Anyone else think that Eun Sung and Na Ri could end up meeting in the future? They would be perfect together – someone who desperately craves attention with someone who has a lot of attention to give, ha!

    • 6.1 Leona

      Eun Sung and Na Ri – when the hell freezes over… He is older and playboy, even though she soooo needs a father figure right now, and he sooo needs a woman to click with him, to make him fall over heels, while NaRi is too superficial and self centered. But I could see EunSung with the rookie girl from designer team… she is vulnerable and young but I can root for her to control the bastard that EunSung is now
      I know baddie with baddie sometimes it is for the best, and NaRi would have the spine to tell EunSung to back off when he goes overboard with forcing his actions against a woman wishes, but I need something better for NaRi, and EunSung under a huge heel, NaRi could do it… but this drama it is about this… everyone could be perfect OTP for each other except Tae Kang and Ji An… yet in real life we don’t marry with the Good Fairy or Prince Charming

      • 6.1.1 Mari

        I was only half-kidding but Eun Sung is hardly a bastard. He’s overbearing and a little insensitive at times but he’s got a good heart and wants the best for Ji An. I feel a lot of pity towards his character – Ji An is his chance at redemption yet he can’t be with her due more than anything to circumstances. I don’t think he’ll be as big an obstacle in the OTP’s romance as you’re insinuating.

        Na Ri needs someone she can look up to and who will be there for her. She also needs a good kick in the pants once in a while. Na Ri also won’t take any crap from Eun Sung and she might teach him a little empathy as well. If this couple were to happen, I’d be so on board. Anything can happen in kdramaland 🙂

        • Leona

          I didn’t even think at EunSung as third wheel for our OTP. I thought about him “what if he would be a man in my life, would I like him or hate him” it was plain and simple for me
          I tend to love a good villain or a good bitch in a kdrama.

          I loved to bits the bitch from Personal taste, Jang Joon Ha (Nam Goong Min) in Can You hear my heart,Goo Ma Jun(joo Won) In Baker King, Foxy Hunter ( No Min Woo) in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, the serial killer from Sign, Kim Nam Jin can’t act to save his life but somehow it worked as villain in A thousand years of love on the other hand Kim Nam Gil has the acting chops and rocked the town as Bidam in Queen Seon Deok, more even Ko Hyun Jung as MiShil was awesome.

  7. Leona

    For me this is the weakest episode of the series… the one that makes or breaks a show… I got over it ( I cringed too much) because episode 8 was gold.
    Ep 7 was the bridge between set-up and actual plot, each character have its own trajectory, even though the passing was a bumpy one. I would love to see the show keeping the motherhood as a main plot, but this ain’t a jdrama therefore here we go with usual kplot.

    Even I am pro choice, I found myself in the situation that we can’t have children, yet I keep my conviction. However Hwang JiAn isn’t that desperate to give up the baby, it is her chance at motherhood, more in her situation any mom would fight for her baby more than she does, because she is at the age when chances to have a baby are slim without premature menopause at horizon. It wouldn’t be beneath me to marry one of the boytoys just to please the society, but in my country the husband is considered the father or if not married the father is simply “unknown”. Legally speaking is more complicated than it sounds. I would avoid the doc because he is as manipulative as she is, but more he forces himself into her life – for me it is guy I would put in the “spam” category – not only now… but from the beginning – sometimes it is nice to see the hero doing stuff against heroine’s wishes, but he is at creepy stalkerish level – in a situation that even a stalker would be nice to have around.

    Tae Kang is still a child and a young horny lad is a bad choice for any woman near menopause, HOW could she even see him as man, so I can understand her attitude against him. Don’t get me wrong my husband is 4 years younger than me, but for JiAn TK is all kinds of wrong even in her eyes… this is her drama: she can’t even consider him as father nor husband nor even friend because she can’t relate to him, she ain’t no Knight in Shining armor to save the damsel in distress that TK is right now. It is fun to see him trying for the best doing everything wrong – but this will wear out soon.
    But the DOC annoys the hell out of me.
    BTW who is the actor playing Jake Han? I loved that finally someone can speak English with a good pronunciation ( the second was the heroine of Marriage Plot ) !! There are so many Korean-American actors with terrible pronunciation but this time at least his lines were believable.

  8. Ale

    I myself enjoyed this episode and episode 8. Although the pace of this drama is not fast, I like the little moments that gives us another insight into the characters; for example, I like how Tae Kang tries his best to care for Ji An. Although it seems difficult to perceive how he might fall for someone who does not treat him well, I think, overtime they will make a good pair. TK is warm, kind-hearted, devoted to his family (his father) and tries to maintain positiveness, whereas Ji An is cold and not very good in handling personal relationships. I think it is TK’s personality that will soften Ji An and help her grow as a person – in areas where she is lacking. I also like to see Ji An struggle between her career, and trying to care for the baby. I like that she didn’t succumb to her father’s words – to choose the baby or her family – but told him calmly that she will think about it and we know what her answer would be. Also, if anything, I think Ji An is great for doing what she loves, which is not often the case in today’s society. Shoes are her passion and I can only imagine what she is going through when her career “plans” seem to fall apart. This a drama that makes me excited to see the characters evolve from where they were to where they will end up.

  9. Lilik

    i love this drama….

  10. 10 Kim Yoonmi

    I think Episode 8 sold TK (without the spoilers) for me. He, you know, respects boundaries. I don’t get that feeling with the doc and I shook my fist at the screen again in Episode 8 at him.

    The writer’s weakness is clearly characterization. She’s kinda new to the game, but if she wants to make compelling dramas, she needs compelling characters that are not all flaws, stereotypes or virtues.

    I know how I would fix each of the characters to keep their flaws, but at least make them more compelling…. (Here are my writerly suggestions)

    1. The father. OK, he can be a jerk and be all imposing, but if you watched Sweet 19, those traditional values can be illuminated with a background of tradition. Play up the traditional angle. You can do it in these methods:
    A. They have a family home he wishes to preserve that’s been in his family for generations. He’s already gotten the disappointment that Ji-An is a girl, but he wants to protect it from a cousin/relative, so he wants Ji-An to have children quickly. (This makes his character more compelling)
    B. He’s grown up in the atrocities of war, his family had everything and always talked of privilege, of the old life before the war. (This gives him something to harp on Ji-An about *Why* he’s so harsh on her instead of just yelling.) He wishes to return the family to such times. (See Queen Elizabeth II)

    It won’t make his outburst more forgivable by a long shot, but motivation gives the character dimension and the actors won’t get bored and have nothing else to go on. I personally like option A a lot. You have a house to show already from the location. If you go on about how it was in the family straight for generations, it helps. If you add something like the makjang that Evil Second Lead’s mother is the one that wants it… it helps the conflict have richness.

    2. Fix the mother
    Eyeroll from her saying Yeobo–instead, I would have her back up her husband’s position and maybe have her background be maybe option B from previous? That would make a tough wall for Ji-An and explain her cold exterior–she’s never really gotten support so she had to meek it out for herself all her life. It also would explain the lack of friends evenly. If she has no one to turn to, it also brings sympathy.

    3. Fix Eun Sung
    He needs subtlety. I want him to be traditional AND move the heart at the same time. So he can be a doctor, yes, but I think the Knight that moves in the background type would be good for him. So he backs up Ji-An in front of her parents, giving her someone on her side, and warming her heart. (Instead of constantly fighting her), yet has a conflict/is torn over her decision to have the baby. He wants to support her, but by the time you get to his confession, you *feel* for him. Because he loves this woman, but he is prolife, yet he was always *dreaming* of having kids with her. (You can facilitate this with *his* dreams* of the future by showing them.) And dammit–make them go out on more dates. Make him win her little by little even if he has to claw at it WITHOUT overstepping boundaries. He also could use a background story on *why* it must be Ji-an. (You don’t have to make it makjang, just a throw away line.) I love heroes that suffer a little to get the girl, but show patience at the same time. (See the drama Prosecutor Princess… OMG, that’s the definition of background prince… (though he was also his own worst enemy))

    4. Fix TK’s father.
    Man is a stereotype useless mess. I think background on the character is necessary. For example, how much he and his wife really wanted Tae Kang. And *occasionally* he could play (I know, I shouldn’t say this) Noble Idiot syndrome for his son *and* have it work. I would like their relationship to look just a bit functional at times. It doesn’t have to work 100% of the time, but it should work once in a while, so it doesn’t look like they are just perpetually dragging each other down. Also if you add a few lines about how he misses his wife, etc, that would help out.

    5. TK
    A bit too bumbling/inept. Getting better in Episode 8. I like his shadow knight stuff, and his honesty is showing through. I could have done without the exposition by his father explaining his character. (Which isn’t a spoiler since we already know). I would like him to show he can succeed at something, or that he has a glimmer of talent, but is raw around the edges. You can see that kind of thing in such dramas as Baby-Faced Beauty. Her talent was good, just raw around the edges. That way you *believe* he could support Ji-an’s decision. This would be instant character arc AND enhance his function in the story (Antithesis to Eun Sung)

    I think one can do all of that for the space that was already given *and* hit all of the plot points at the same time. If the doctor wasn’t stalking right now, but shadow knighting and sending flowers, making Ji-An laugh even a little smirk to the side, I’d feel for him, even through his traditional values.

    Characters are one of the things I know how to do well… you just have to cram a few lines of dialog here or there to get some background in so people UNDERSTAND the character, but doesn’t mean they will AGREE with the character. But Understanding will get you far when writing characters. Understanding makes bad characters palatable, even on screen. (Which is why Na-ri isn’t quite selling it. Her motivations aren’t clear. That’s the writing’s fault.)

    And there are plenty of examples *in Korea* to help flesh out the characters and then take on their own twist over time. Good actors can take character background very far. I have faith in these actors to be able to do that, but the writing needs to throw them a bone.

    • 10.1 kappy

      First of all, thanks to gummimochi for the recap! I was glad to see it pop up today.

      @Ale – I enjoyed your comments and agree with you. The writers need to throw us a bone and give us more on the background of the characters. I do find myself wishing they’d interject a line here and there at key times which would aid in my understanding the “why” of some of these characters. Audience members are forgiving, I find, and a little goes a long way.

      I continue to watch, and though I am tiring of the “iron maiden” exterior of Ji An, it’s true that a majority of a lifetime of her being that way is not going to change on a dime. We are seeing little inklings of change with her, though I am eager for bigger inklings of the same. Tae Kang is such a sweetie, and his wanting to take responsibility is admirable and his brewing jealousy is cute. Sure he is immature, but not the spoiled brat kind of immature. He is more the innocent, kind, open-hearted, semi-gullible kind of immature, which just might be the right medicine for the situation she’s in and her cold-heart-itis.

      As for the doc, even though he has a weird way of showing it, he has fallen for her despite her disinterest in him and he wishes to care for her, hopefully one day to win her heart. His constant dropping in without notice and disregarding her will, however, is an encroachment and needs to stop or at least change drastically if he is to have any hope of being with her.

      • 10.1.1 kappy

        @Kim Yoonmi – Sorry, I meant my comments to be directed to you. (I did enjoy your comments, too, Ale)

  11. 11 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap, Gummimochi!

  12. 12 Jalwyn

    I just noticed this. GD&TOP’s song “Bbeoki Gayo”, if I’m not mistaken, was inspired by the same phrase from My Lovely Sam Soon. Aaaand then there was this line in the song that went “…Sweet Medusa” Hihi! I just loved how it’s all intetionally (and unintentionally) connected to each other :)))

  13. 13 Linda121

    Totally agree with you about Eun-sung. Its like you’re never going to win the girl if you keep on daddy long legging her. I used to love him but now I’m over him, he’s immature, they weren’t even “dating” for that long and he felt a right to express himself. I mean don’t get me wrong he has a right to say how he feels but to an extent, and if you broke it off and shook on it then don’t call her anymore!!!
    On a different note I’m truly starting to dislike Na ri and this “Jake” character. Jake is whatevers because he’s a douche, but I find it interesting that Na-ri was a fan of Ji-an because it makes since…Jake did have a good question for Na ri, it’s interesting to find out why she suddenly hated her. But all that aside Ji-an is still in my eyes more qualified than Na ri to be head of that company whether she likes it not

    • 13.1 sulyn

      Jian might be NaRi’s role model but they are competitors now. That’s why she’ll do anything to bring Jian down so that she can take over the company.

      Thanks for the lovely recap. Looking forward to the next.

  14. 14 jastinel

    Thanks gummimochi for the recap!

  15. 15 toystar

    I love this drama so far but I believe the doctor fell in love just a little 2 fast. I am all for team sexy heels/cute baby. I could live in her closet!!!!! KSA yay!!!!

  16. 16 daniela

    ”After a small tussle over her coverup, it’s only after he applies the cold ultrasound gel that he deadpans, “Oh it’s cold.” This part of your petty revenge, man? ” = no, actually it’s cold, no matter what the doctor wants.

  17. 17 midwestmz

    This is one of those productions that sneaks up and grabs you. The first few episodes did not impress. Hanging in there has proven the worth of the production and actors. Light when needed and gripping when tone is serious. Try it, you’ll like it, if not I’m sorry, I thought you would . . . . . .

  18. 18 MaryMz

    the only reason i am still with this drama is because of ksa (i love her) but man this pacing is killer… we are the HALF WAY POINT and its like all that has happened could have been done in 4 episodes tops! the fact that we are still in character/story development mode is really driving me insane I mean seriously was there really a need to introduce this Jake character… we already know that Na-Ri is still an overly entitled like child ugh… what more.

    but just like i hated twilight and yet i finished the series so i can properly bash it… I will do the same with I DO I DO.

    Bu if things don’t turn around by this week I am officially placing this drama in the “you’ve just been punk’d” folder

  19. 19 kaidanmono

    I don’t really understand all the “hate” TK gets. Sure, he is still immature, and the fact that he seems to be pretty inept is also kind of annoying. The show told us that he was smart, but they haven’t shown us yet. Show us please!

    But apart from that, he’s got plenty of good characteristics. He’s able to stick with a job that’s in many ways degrading and demeaning. Yes, he was on the verge of quitting a couple of times, but he didn’t. I consider myself a pretty responsible person but I’m not sure I could survive in a work environment like that. Being able to put your pride aside to get the job done seems like something only an adult would be able to do.
    He’s also kind and respectful of Ji-an’s boundaries, more so than that Doctor. He respects and loves his father and would have gone to jail for him. He screws up but accepts responsibility for his mistakes.

    Why do you guys hate him so much? o.o I’ve known plenty of relatively “old” people who act way more immature and despicable than him. He’s not perfect by a long shot, but he sure is better than all those stupid playboy jaebol stereotypes. At least he works.

    • 19.1 정남

      I actually prefer him over the pup, no matter how cute he is which doesn’t really do it for me, ideals without means really annoys me which I guess why I stopped watching and only read the exceptional recaps.

    • 19.2 rearwindow

      I don’t think anyone hates TK, they’re just not sold on a romantic pairing between him and Ji-an. At least that’s where I’m at. I like his character a lot, and though I think Sun-ah acts circles around Jang-woo, his acting is serviceable. I think it’s mainly a problem of the show taking a reaaally long time to develop the romantic relationship between JA & TK and sort of spinning its wheels when it comes to the relationships in general.

    • 19.3 IBELIS

      I don’t hat TK in fact i think he is just what JA needs. First I have to say I think something happen in JA family that change her relationship with her father, and it happen while she was still young. I think she is carrying a lot of pain and her Medusa shell is her protection.

      TK see’s her differently because from the start he saw how her fathers words hurt her, he has seen her weak and in tears. In her drunkenness she showed him aside of her no one else has seen. She allows him to see her pain and that’s part of why he overlooks the other.

      TK knows how to care for someone and show his appreciation for them. He has loyalty and is a person you can lean on.

      JA dismisses TK for the same reason’s most people watching do, but the things he lacks are not the things she needs and in her heart she knows that.

      ES is not a bad guy but him and JA have to many of the same flaws. The way he barges into her apartment is a reflection of who he is. She told him she made a mistake, but she never said her and the baby’s father had no contact. She never said the baby’s father was not a part of her life. She never said that she wouldn’t try to work it out with the baby’s father. And ES never asked.

  20. 20 Elle

    As always … great job on the recap, Gummimochi! Since I’m a big fan of KSA, I’ll stick it out and keep watching along with reading gummi’s fab recaps. Here’s hoping it gets better.

  21. 21 Sabah

    Felt like rambling, feel free to ignore.

    Although I agree with you, for the most part on the one dimensional feel of her parents, but when you said “I feel like I have to dig pretty deep to find any empathy for her parents even after the happier memory of them keeping the mosquitoes at bay so that they don’t bite Ji-an,” I felt that maybe that was being too harsh, in that I believe this to be the reality of most parents.

    “Loving that, (picture of a young girl) is easy, it’s like loving a puppy.”

    One of my favourite quotes, from a fictional character on how parents find it easier to love and show that love to children when compared to their adult versions.

    I am NOT saying that this is all right and we shouldn’t try harder as parents BUT sometimes it is hard for people to look at their children and NOT see their failed hopes and dreams for them. Think, House, ‘Daddy’s boy’ episode when Dr Wilson says, ‘You know what I figure is worse than watching your son become crippled? Watching him be miserable.’

  22. 22 Mia

    this keeps coming up in dramas, what or who exactly is daddy long legs?

    and I totally love Ji-an, I can’t really see her with either of the two guys in the long run, but so what, she would be awesome on her own with her “ankle” (which is a weird name to call your unborn baby, possibly a mistranslation on viki?) she should find some girlfriends to support her and other mums to learn from

    • 22.1 mellisa

      this might help you understand the expression


    • 22.2 mellisa

      here is another


    • 22.3 Aisu

      daddy long legs, if you read old Japanesse manga you’ll know.
      haha about Jian calls the baby “ankle” maybe because she has the kind of stern personality and very new for this kind pregnancy things and maybe because of the location of the baby ^^ either it’s meant to be funny, this is Rom-Com drama isn’t

    • 22.4 Jabberwocky

      i may be wrong, but this is what i learn about the term “ankle” from watching best [email protected] love. the term ankle i think refer to something or someone who held you down, meaning stopping you from being successful, or soaring high, or going forward (toward success). why ankle? coz when something or someone hold your ankle, it stops you from going walking forward, being successful. in Best Love, Aejung refuse to acknowledge her relationship with Dokkojin as she was afraid of being the ‘ankle woman’, the person who might endanger Dokkojin’s image and career. So in IDID, Ji-an calls her baby ankle coz she may feel that the baby will kinda slow her pace from being a succesful career woman.
      i hope i make sense. im not that good with words and explaining stuff. =)

      • 22.4.1 kappy

        This sounds similar to Achilles’ Heel. Here’s a link explaining:


      • 22.4.2 Mia

        that totally makes sense, I figured something similar but wasn’t sure whether maybe there was a different culture specific explanation

  23. 23 Aisu

    Thanks for the recap, don’t get bore I’ll say it every week 🙂
    you highlight the USG scene, which is to me kinda awkward, but KSA never failed me to laugh and being touched.

    one note to who said that KSA’s acting is flat, well the character’s cold, and lonely, and can’t find other actress play cold as natural and felt not evil as KSA. No character detail portrayed, that’s bad.

    I Felt big part of disappointed here, yeah but sometimes life didn’t go as we want and planned like this drama, like how JA’s fathers face the fact that JA’s pregnant out of wedlock and how he treats his wife, or JA’s attitude toward TK which is getting viewers nerve (well you know you need stronger heat to melt iron right?), then TK’s character which is overreact sometimes but inside he really is mature man. You guys used to watch Kdrama which has perfect character of one of the lead at least, but not in this drama, each lead has likeable and unlikeable personality. Which is this is a challenge for the actors to fight the story itself.

    when you noted all kdrama love life style, actually in reality it didn’t go so, majority Korean male are passive people and more to how to survive (based on a confession of Korean singer in my country), you can noticed why K-actors stand single or having no serious relationship. That’s it this drama isn’t Korean dreams, but reality, so they much or less didn’t favor this drama. And this is my worries, from history, fashion drama isn’t Korean favor, you can note “style” and “fashion king”.

    Back to the episode, I felt TK start to throw his immature style after he knows there’s other guy, and the heartbeat lyrics, he knows for sure the meaning yet he claims no love to JA, how innocent. Then hoping that Jake didn’t fully follow NR’s war toward JA, he has good reputation right, he shouldn’t help the dirty way.
    I’m bit frustration here, the scene that I wish there didn’t come out and so much scenes unpublished in the drama. *sigh*

    • 23.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Style and Fashion King also suffered from poor writing. Writing can make up for a lot of flaws, but often the best actors/directors can’t make up for bad writing. (See Lie to Me. TT I’m still crying over that one.)

      Baby-faced Beauty did fairly well, though. That was also about fashion. Bright Girl’s Success Story was mixed.

      Fashion King I didn’t particularly watch, but I saw also complaints about bad writing.

      I think the reason they tend not to do well is that the stories often focus on the Chebal Chaebol politics. That always loses people quickly. (It’s also the easiest conflict to think up, which makes it boring.) The reason Jang Nara dramas of the same genre did well is because it portrayed the under dog trying to overcome the Chebal Chaebol. While the politics were there, the underdog overcoming the Big brother, is always a universal theme that resonates throughout cultures.

      As for stable relationships with actors… ^_^ MC Yoo has had a stable relationship with his wife for years and has children. He also seems to be very much in love with her. Big Nose Hyung also has a wife and a son and is in a stable relationship. She boasted about how much in love she was with her husband on Strong Heart. He also did likewise on Running Man.

      As for this drama, it’s again with the office politics. As I said before, I think if TK went the way of the Jang Nara dramas and showed a glimmer of talent but rough edges we could actually buy, then the main conflict would be enhanced by him trying to become a better man and we could see him melting JA that way…

      • 23.1.1 Aisu

        I like style, and that’s false to RSW reject CH with KSA, CH well accepted though^_^, I didn’t really watch FK too, not really interesting after ep 1(just because YAI I watch it) and knowing the rating’s is not too good. baby faced beauty? not into Jang Nara ^^.

        this all my rant for KSA, because I want Daesang again for her, AJA.

        Like MC Jae Suk and Suk Jin hilarious men ^^, but what about popular, good looking, hot, handsome actors/actress?? whom I know is only JDG and HGI

        I want to write my other view of JiAn why she always like that to TK, but this isn’t the right episode recap.

      • 23.1.2 Aisu

        for your last paragraph, yea…feel bad for LJW, his character’s too lowly and immature at first, finally there’s a hope for TK to develop after watch ep 8, again curious how everything settled for TK to be a fair man that our Hwang Isa finally put her hand in his and imagine many more, is there jealousy battle between two CEO candidate??…really must be very interesting ^^

  24. 24 mememomo

    Thanks for the recap gummimochi!

  25. 25 sunahforever

    oh dear, why are we losing support for this drama? I thot it is getting better every chapter. KSA is awesome…..pls support her if not for the drama! KSA hwating!

    • 25.1 true2u

      Idk? I LOVE this drama its actually the only drama i am watching that i get excited about.

    • 25.2 Kim Yoonmi

      Actors and directing are there, just not the writing. TT I’d beg the writer to do better. She could still turn it around. Because *Love* the acting and I think the shot work by the PD and cutting are good. Don’t care if it’s in the Eleventh Hour, please, please writer, don’t waste all that cool talent.

    • 25.3 Aisu

      Yeah dunno why, but this is way better than some hits previous dramas. And I’m happy I do I do is well accepted outside Korea :).

      I read lot of good comments and some of back off because of cliche story and too big age gap. I dun see it cliche, we can learn a lot from this drama actually, and KSA’s acting and appearance are superb here, she looks much2 younger than her age and unfortunately LJW too, the hair cut made him like teenager. But she always able to build the chemistry with his co-star, so I’m stick to her and this drama.
      But I love this drama because of KSA and I’m an older woman – younger man shipper, I think that’s cool, the difference is unusual.

      • 25.3.1 zsa

        It’s doing pretty great at online sites too…most popular out of the three by far at dramacrazy and mysoju…fighting!!!

    • 25.4 sulyn

      Agree. This drama is getting more and more interesting and KSA is just awesome. Love her acting and her dress sense. They are simply lovely. I’ve said that before and I’ll say that again. Please change LJW’s image. He’s supposed to be in his late twenties, right? So don’t make him look like a teenager. Anyway, he’s so adorably cute.

      • 25.4.1 sunahforever

        thank you thank you for those who are with me!!! TK is too cute and I thk LJW is doing a great job too…I believe some people find the drama slow but the writers are just trying to work with changing the characters very slowly to be realistic. Also, just with the baby plot dungive them much room to be too ambitious….anyway can’t wait till next week!!!

    • 25.5 zsa

      don’t worry…I love it too…I can’t explain it,,,,I’ll be here till the end….Jian Tae Kang….fighting!!!

  26. 26 xnopex

    thanks again for the recap

    i’ve been enjoying it so far but i think i’m going to shelve this one for a bit and come back to it later. the gripes with the doctor (def some troubling boundary issues) are the same ones i have and the concern with the parents is another.

    i know this is a romcom and her pregnancy is essentially a plot device but a part of me is wincing at the expectation set up in this drama that a baby is going to be the sole impetus for ji-an’s “magical” transformation and everything is going to be just so awesome. this isn’t a”bad” thing (i can shut my brain down and go with it. i sat through secret garden) however it’s one of few tropes i cringe at every time i see it

    (unpopular opinion) not all women are meant to be mothers, marriage and child-rearing shouldn’t be the apexes of womenhood, and not all women magically become perfect/loving/warm human beings as soon as they’re pregnant. the expectation that she’s going to transform from medusa to a proper lady after all this has me cringing.

    like zsa is correct in saying that the drama is realistic in showing that slow change but i personally have a feeling that change is going to be handled poorly now that we’re halfway through the show.

    ji’an is about to sacrifice a career she’s loves*** and has devoted her entire life to it. this isn’t an easy decision to make. the show not getting much mileage over that internal conflict really bummed me out. i’d like to see a bit less of KY and the doctor at this point and have a few episodes dedicated to a bit more self reflection. we got one episode of her oversleeping in her shoe den or whatever but that was it.

    ***i don’t know if korea works the same as other many other countries but as soon as a woman has a child and gets married, she’s essentially taken out of the workforce, and put to raise a family. there’s an expectation thrust upon her that she will delay returning to the workforce until her children reach school age. for many independent women, this creates a bit of a burden on her husband as she remains dependent on her husband’s income to help sustain this change.

    granted, times are changing and this might not be the case with all women (thank god). some husbands are more than happy to step up and push equal time in child rearing and don’t call raising their own child as “babysitting”. however women (especially in the states) deal with the unfortunate reality of diminished earnings and losing financial autonomy after choosing to start a family as the corporate world isn’t that accommodating. the business world pushes a crap ultimatum on women (work or family) and i thought that this conflict would be at the forefront of this drama but we get comedy and what’s shaping up to be a love rectangle.

    either way, i’ll still read the recaps and come back to this drama as i actually like the actors.

    • 26.1 malta

      I don’t think the pregnancy is a plot device to bring TK and JA together. I think the pregnancy is the plot. That is why it is such a central part of several episodes and I expect it to remain at the center of the plot. It’s refreshingly realistic that the drama doesn’t gloss over this.

    • 26.2 malta

      “(unpopular opinion) not all women are meant to be mothers, marriage and child-rearing shouldn’t be the apexes of womenhood, and not all women magically become perfect/loving/warm human beings as soon as they’re pregnant. the expectation that she’s going to transform from medusa to a proper lady after all this has me cringing”

      Not all women are meant to be mother’s, but it’s Ji An’s “right” to choose to be one regardless of her attitude.

  27. 27 maritess

    I’m really curiuos about this drama..
    can i ask when will be the next recap?

  28. 28 Angela

    Am I the only one that thinks that Yeom Na-Ri looks exactly like SHINee’s Taemin?

  29. 29 zsa

    Does anyone else notice the way JA shakes hands. She doesn’t really grip the other person’s hand and just let her hand slide…it’s pretty detached, but when she shook ES hands during their goodbye, it was still the same….so he hasn’t captured her heart…hehe…it’s just something i noticed…

    • 29.1 aya

      I notice that since Nari came on scene in episode 2, i think the first person she will have a REAL hand shake with will be TK. I also realized that sometimes when she is around TK she lets down her guard and allow him to take control especially in episode 8. >.<

    • 29.2 Aisu

      🙂 I notice it too, ES always touch her but not vice versa,
      but with TK, JA always hit him and show caring after she hits him a lot in episode 5. So cute ^_^.
      Does she did it to everyone? any gender? to TK that must be cute, to me that’s awkward ^_^, but still funny Lol XD

  30. 30 come2noona

    TK’s imagined bedroom scene had me laughing hard.
    I actually like this drama and will continue to watch. Sure it is flawed and some of the characters are a PITA *cough* mom and dad*cough*, but I am entertained.

  31. 31 Leigh

    The story is a little messy…at this point, who can help JA? The doctor is doing what he knows how to do, and TK is trying so hard to do what is right…but the age thing is too much for me. And who needs this Jake guy…yuckeroo…and who needs Nari for that matter? and the parents of both JA and TK…
    I think that the struggle that JA had about whether to keep the baby or not, is the only real thing in this drama. I have several older friends who terminated their pregnancies when they were young, and all of them still suffer from the decision they made. In keeping the baby, she may jeopardize her career…Nari would gloat…at least the doctor has the means to take care of her if they eventually get together. Can you imagine if JA and TK would marry? Cute as he is, they’d be living off her savings and in her place…and who’s going to take care of the baby? At this point, I don’t really want to know…THE recap however, is always priceless!

  32. 32 SKH

    I don’t like TK’s and JA interaction – he’s OTT and she’s too cold.

    TK is a real pain in the bum – a real baby – childish, immature and dumb. For real. The only character I truly like is the doc (not just because he’s nice to look at…). He seems to at least have his head on his shoulders as well as his heart – if slightly off centre, in the right place.

    The parents are one-dimensional and boring and JA’s friend seems ‘on’/’off’ about JA having her baby.

  33. 33 Noelle

    OH man does her dad suck or what? Thanks for the recap looking forward to the next ep!

  34. 34 Mary

    Wanted to add a few more points here:

    KSA character I hold in the same regard as Meryl Streep’s Devil Wears Prada Anna Wintoar-esque inspired character & Sandra Bullock’s the Proposal character. A career driven businesswoman in a predominantly male position has to gain a thicker skin in order to succeed and not be ruled by emotions when making critical decisions. Therefore I find the comments of her “one noted character” a little to harsh because this is a multi-facet character with many layers (like an onion). On the exterior she’s this cold, hardcore boss that was able to mold her collegues to toe the line and pushes them to suceed (coming off as standoffish and robotic) while on their interior and personal side they are lonely, sensitive and most of loving. This is a very complex character to portray and not many actress could have pulled it off without coming off as extreme biatches. So Kim Sun Ah is doing a bang up job with this character.

    Mostly I am having a huge (H U G E) problem with the story’s pace and development as it is really really really lagging.

    I think they spent way to much time building this story between Jian and Eun Sung aka creepy doctor (which surprisingly I don’t find creepy at all, overbearing yes but not creepy). I think his character is one that saw something he wanted and went full steam on it. And knowing the full measure of Ji-an, after their first conversation that was pretty revealing, he’s way ahead became very clear… lest not forget that had she not been preggers then this story would have ended up with the Good Doctor as the main and not second fiddle.

    Now getting on the Tae Kung character a little: yes, I agree that he is that loveable, slightly gullible, a little clueless dork that Ji-an just happened to stumble upon. And I totally buy that he is somewhat fond/falling for her despite her flaws. As any non-virgin could tell you, you kinda hold your first in a higher regard especially during those first few rose tinted months. So his being intrigued/taken by her and not wanting to own up or fess up is totally within that character. It is said the last person to find out they are in love is oneself.

    In regards to Jian and TK interactions: even when she’s at her nastiest, he is still there. I think the breaking off of the teams was a good thing for their story development but more on that in episode 8. What I find somewhat disturbing is that theya re building this as a one-sided love for TK so far. He’s the one fantasizing and thinking the possibility and she’s telling everyone and her mother that she is pregnant but him.

    All in this “love” triangle (without bringing in Na-Ri who is acting way to into TK) they haven’t really built up the rivalry much and we are on episode 8 people… we are half way there!

    They need to hurry this up.

  35. 35 malta

    I really enjoyed episode 8 and I’m loving the drama. I like the slower pace because it really lets us learn about each of the characters especially Ji An.

    I feel protective of Ji An and I like her very much. I think she and I would get along well in real life because I am not put off by people who seem cold on the outside or intimidated by people who have passion for their work. Most people who seem cold on the outside are extremely deep feeling or even neurotic, (even more so than those who seem outwardly gregarious and friendly), but they just keep it all inside.

    Also, unlike others I actually don’t think she’s Medusa. She’s not that mean of a boss. She’s just someone who has a lot of responsibility and is serious about her work. Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada was 100 times worse than her. Plus Ji An treats all her employees and Tae Kang way better than any of the office staff treat Tae Kang. She’s hard on them, but gives them opportunities, like the competition they are working on. She is never just downright degrading to them like the staff and Jake Han (what a douche) is to Tae Kang.

    I find it disheartening that people think that Ji An is *not fit* to be a mother just because she has been so career driven up to this point…

    I really appreciate how much time the drama has spent on the pregnancy and how Ji An responds to it as well as others. I feel like by treating the pregnancy with real seriousness it is not a device used simply to bring two very unlikely people together. Instead the pregnancy is how we learn about each of the main characters and especially Ji An, whose innermost thoughts, fears and struggles we know. I just really, really like Ji An. She feels real and she feels adult. Like she’s lived life and learned a thing or two although like everyone else, there is still so much to learn.

    I really like Tae Kang also. I feel like most of the dramas characterization energy is sucked up by Ji An and so Tae Kang is drawn with really broad strokes, but I don’t mind. I like the actor playing Tae Kang so I admit my own bias, but I find Tae Kang funny and loveable, albeit often time irritating goofball. I don’t think he is irresponsible at all, but just trying to figure out what to do with his life and how to do it. He has some really great virtues, such as loyalty and respect, respect, respect! He can work on the other stuff. Plus I think he would make a good Dad given how good of a relationship he has with his own dad and the fact that he is willing to take on the role without having to be told to do so because it’s a responsibility.

    Eun Sung confuses me. How can you yell at someone telling them how horrible they are one day and then the next day be taking care of them and keeping their secret. He needs to get his rap straight. He is emotionally manipulative towards Ji An and that really irks me. Are you the supportive friend with deeper feelings or are you jilted possible lover? Get it straight and stop giving us whiplash already. Also what role is he proposing he has in her life by continuing to be by her side as Ji An’s pregnancy?

    …looking forward to the next episode.

  36. 36 Melissa

    I feel like giving up on this drama. I completely lost all interest in the drama after the first half of this episode. I don’t know if it’s just me but the karaoke and drunk scenes felt so friggin’ long! Way to stall the drama with boring and pointless scenes! There’s not much comedy either. I enjoy watching Ji An and Eunsung more so than Ji An and Tae Kang. When Ji An and the doctor shook hands, it was her who didn’t want to let go of his hand. Along with his and her confession to him about how she can see herself with him in the future clearly shows that she’s interested in him. But her visit to the doctor was annoying. Seriously, can this woman just stop thinking about her damn shoes!?Anways, Tae Kang and Ji An together is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring! If this goes on like this in episode 8, I am seriously going to stop. As of right now, I am only doing this for the doctor and Yesung’s song. Haha.

  37. 37 Lilian

    Love the ending! Super funny…..but I am definitely getting an eerie feelung from the doc. Time for u to give up and forget.

  38. 38 Sweeta

    Who is playing Jake Han? I have searched everywhere, but can’t seem to find it. Thank you! :-))

  39. 39 naja17

    @Sweeta jake han is oh min suk (/seok) n doesnt anyone think he looks like a mature(older) Im seulong frm 2AM??

  40. 40 Gemoshi

    Well I’m a late comer to the series and let me tell you this. That Jake character is a TOTAL D-BAG. OMG, how obnoxious can you get?

    Okay that’s all.

    I’m still watching but so far it’s pretty hard to relate to these characters. They frustrate you to the high heavens and you sit there and think, “how can people treat each other like that?” Well I guess it’s true. Life is a “rat race.”


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