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I Do, I Do: Episode 8
by | June 24, 2012 | 103 Comments

Instead of going toe to toe about Ji-an’s pregnancy, people continue to tiptoe around the subject. Ji-an realizes that her Daddy Long Legs might not be the proclaimed Doc after all. Maybe instead, it’s the one who’s been looking out for you in the shadows, ready to catch you if you fall.


The next morning, Tae-kang rouses awake to three stern pairs of eyes. He jumps off the couch, apologizing profusely for his drunken behavior. Fighting the world’s worst hangover, he asks Choong-baek what happened and notices Dad and Scam Man still in cuffs.

Once they’re out of the station, Dad asks after that strange woman Tae-kang planned to give his grandmother’s ring to. But they’ve got more pressing issues to worry about like being penniless.

Scam Man claims he’s out of money (Dad: “And you believe him?” Tae-kang: “We’re here because you did!”) and Dad gruffly points the finger to himself that he’s the one to blame for being cheated. Tae-kang launches at Choong-baek too for hiding the truth from him.

Dad defends that he kept Tae-kang in the dark because he knew that he would blow up like this. Tae-kang: “But you should have told me anyway! You said you could trust me. You said that I was the only one in the world you could trust! How can you say we’re family when you hide stuff like this!” He storms off.

In the car, Ji-an gets the rundown on Tae-kang’s family history from when his father’s small shop in Myungdong went up in flames and they had to resort to making and selling knockoffs. Then when they were caught, Tae-kang had to sell off their house to make bail. She thinks back to Tae-kang’s fake confession to cover for Dad.

Bong-soo interrupts her thoughts – won’t she think back to that moment every time she sees him? You know, how he said Ji-an was his first. Now she will, blabbermouth.

Tae-kang tortures himself outside the office, Choong-baek’s words that Tae-kang declared his confession to the world ringing in his ears.

Eun-sung heads to a nearby cafe to greet his guest. It’s Dad who’s here to ask for a favor – couldn’t Eun-sung persuade her to rid herself of the baby? But he’s pro-life!

Dad recognizes that his relationship with Ji-an is spotty but he can’t have his daughter become a single mother. He pleads, “Her life depends on this.”

Eun-sung speaks up that he can’t do it because he thinks differently. Keeping a child isn’t necessarily an easy decision but it’s not wrong either. He contends that Ji-an has the resources and willpower to raise a child.

Noting that Eun-sung won’t help his cause, Dad gets up to leave when Eun-sung drops that Ji-an is going through premature menopause. The news that this may be her only chance to have a child sends Dad teetering back in shock.

Ji-an stares at Madame Jang’s new gift – a life size portrait of who I assume was a successful woman in her era. Though I can’t help but think that Ji-an sees menopause and her age in it instead.

Na-ri seethes in her office, noticing that Madame Jang chose to visit Ji-an instead of her. She complains to Jake that they have to come up with a new edge to beat Ji-an’s designs.

Jake tells her that it’s no big deal and Na-ri rips the video game from his hands; Ji-an isn’t to be trifled with. Pulling all nighters and pouring her life into the collaboration, Na-ri is sure that Ji-an has something else up her sleeve.

Ji-an notices that Tae-kang is conspicuously missing from work. Concerned, her brain starts to imagine what he might be doing. In it, Fantasy Tae-kang stands on a bridge ready to end his life, the harsh words and actions from Ji-an flashing before his life. Just before he jumps, Ji-an snaps out of it.

She clears her afternoon schedule to drop by Choong-baek’s restaurant. Watching the man dance is a frightening sight to say the least and Ji-an points to her stomach that it’s all its fault. From now on, she’ll be calling it “Ankle.” (She extracts it from the phrase ‘grabbed by the ankle’ or dragged down.)

When Ji-an turns around, she jumps out of her skin to be met with Dad’s piercing gaze.

They sit down and Dad starts with the third degree about how she knows Tae-kang. Choong-baek is appointed to clarify the relations. He starts that Ji-an his work superior but then SHE was the one who caught Tae-kang.

That’s why Dad went to jail and why they’re in the mess they are. Well that’s what you get when you get a chatterbox to do your ‘splaining.

Ji-an sends a swift kick underneath the table and Choong-baek catches himself that nothing is going on between them.

Dad points a finger at Ji-an: “It was YOU who caught Tae-kang?” She counters that he’s the one who was crafting knockoffs. He’s in no position to get riled up because Dad should have raised his son to learn right from wrong, rather than hammering in how to make a bunch of rip-offs.

Lacking in both perseverance and fighting spirit, Tae-kang is already an outcast as a high school graduate. In other words he’s treated as a rag, subjugated to the most menial of tasks like cleaning or getting coffee. And why is that? “Because that’s all he knows how to do.”

He’s well on his way to being fired and Ji-an threatens to really fire him if he doesn’t show up to work tomorrow.

She gets up to leave when Dad calls out, “Don’t speak of my son so carelessly.” He’s the kindest person in the world who never complained that he didn’t have a mother; the first who laughed so he wouldn’t worry his father.

He even took the full blame when he was arrested. Dad cries, “Who are you? Who are you to look down at my son?”

Once outside, she huffs, “Why is he making me out to be the bad guy when he’s the one not raising his kid properly?”

She arrives at the office to see the staff pack up her things and Team Leader Ma explains that they have a new boss. Na-ri appears at the door to introduce their new Chief Designer… and in walks Tae-kang, all spiffy and in shades.

HA – this is definitely a dream. Dream Tae-kang coolly takes off his shade and approaches her, calling her, “Hwang Ji-an sshi.”

Then Ji-an jolts awake from the dream, wondering if it’s a temong (a conception dream).

Tae-kang sulks in hanging his head, ignoring Ji-an’s initial questions about where he’s been. He’s going to quit because it was only a matter of time he’d be fired and he stuck around hoping things would work out. So it’s better off that he face reality sooner than later.

Ji-an sarcastically adds that it’s just that easy for him and that he must have some pride left. She’s tired of seeing his face too – so how should they handle her compensation for the design? Given the math, he’d owe her about 9 million won (or approx $900,000).

Tae-kang cites that it’s unfair and she fires that the real world is much colder than this. Does he find the world laughable to preserve his pride? She pities her father who blindly trusts in his son.

She leaves him with one final thing: No matter what he thinks of that night, it meant nothing to her. “There’s never been a time I’ve seen you as a man. Now or ever.”

Tae-kang stands there frozen as tears well up in his eyes. Ji-an stops in her tracks for a moment as well but walks off.

Now staying behind Choong-baek’s restaurant, Dad looks fondly upon an old photo of himself and Tae-kang. He feigns sleep when his son gets home. As soon as they’re alone, he tells Tae-kang to quit the company.

Tae-kang points out the discrepancy between his earlier words and now – when was it when Dad said it was better than most brand names? Getting up, Dad tells him that a man needs to preserve his pride. Without it, he’s simply hollow bread – just a shell.

Tae-kang retorts that Dad taught him that pride is more useless than a wad of spat out gum. Dad asks if his son is giving up his life because he did before.

He starts, “When I was your age…” but Tae-kang finishes the story having heard it from grandma: he had a child, his wife ran away, and moved neighborhoods frequently to take care of a crying baby all without a moment of sleep.

Tae-kang declares that he’s going to put his pride aside for now and vows that he’ll earn the money back to repay their debt, buy an expensive building, and get back their house.

He says this with his eyes glazed over in tears and then shuffles over to hug Dad. Dad’s not in the mood to play wrestle but soon they’re tussling on the ground, just like old times.

With new resolve and determination, Tae-kang heads back to work, only to be confused by the staff up to their neck in preparations for the upcoming collaboration.

Another person who’s on the receiving end of Medusa’s coldness is Dr. Yang, Eun-sung’s doctor friend. He calls to set up an appointment only to be dismissed.

Dr. Yang slams the chart on his desk that he won’t take the case; a doctor shouldn’t have to beg the patient for an appointment. He adds that Ji-an said that if he needed to say something he can send “an e-mail.” HAHAHA.

Na-ri gathers the team together for a pre-showcase of the designs for the collaboration. As expected the staff’s designs are subpar compared to Ji-an’s elaborate concept.

Then Jake gets on his high horse and comments that he’s slightly disappointed. He wonders if he held too high of an expectation… Here, lemme rip off those fashion glasses off your face.

Ji-an answers that it’s not a final product which is when Na-ri tosses out, “Are you going through a slump?” She laughs it off the next moment as if it weren’t a big deal but it’s the underhanded tone of an insult that gets under Ji-an’s skin.

Jake pops in and suggests that they break into two teams and whichever concept is better will be featured in the collaboration. Na-ri appoints Jake and Ji-an to be team leaders, leaving the other members to decide whose team they want to join.

The staff gossip about Ji-an’s odd behavior – her tiredness and missed buyer meetings do suggest that she may be going through a slump… and Team Leader Ma breaks up the gabfest.

Tae-kang steps out of the office when he hears a voice call out,”Hey Rag!” Jake (who’s taken to calling him rag with a Engrishified accent) pulls him in a side hug, asking whose team he plans to join.

Na-ri silent nudges Jake away and invites Tae-kang to join their team so he can learn design properly. Tae-kang downplays the offer, saying that he won’t be much of a help but that won’t matter, “Because we’re Rooftop buddies.” Tae-kang beams.

“Friends?!” Bong-soo shrills in disbelief. Tae-kang has a smug smirk on his face – does Na-ri have any friends besides Jake? He laughs maniacally and tells Bong-soo that this makes him cool by association.

In excitement, Bong-soo wraps him in a hug, “I love you!” This means that Tae-kang can pull some strings so he can work on the design team right? Sure! While we’re at it, let’s just throw a party! ‘Cause why not when you’re best buddies with the VP right?

Ji-an runs through her list of potential team members. Surely maknae Da-in and Team Leader Ma will join her, right? Wrong.

Tae-kang tries his best to convince Team Leader Ma to join Ji-an’s team or else she’ll have to hack it alone. He looks back and forth, conflicted. Cut to: Ji-an’s disapproving look as Tae-kang positively radiates with a bright smile.

That’s the last thing she wants to see and she orders him out of her office. Ji-an angrily flips through the pages of a magazine, furious that not even one person on her staff was on her side (Tae-kang was!). Then she looks to the old lady portrait, swallowing hard as Na-ri’s words about a slump ring out.

Thanks to the pregnancy, her breasts are sore and Ji-an does a little silent dance to take off her bra. Now free, she stretches out… and in walks Tae-kang mid I believe I can fly pose with her bra laid out on the table. HAHA.

Averting his eyes, Tae-kang admits that he saw a wee bit and he’s around to help in any way he can. Ji-an haphazardly covers herself with a file and then awkwardly shuffles out, making sure Tae-kang’s eyes are closed.

Eun-sung visits the company to see Ji-an. The men run into each other at the elevator and Ji-an coolly addresses Tae-kang as a colleague in front of Eun-sung. Tae-kang scoffs after being told to bring in refreshments, “Do I have to bring that jerk juice too?!”

She asks what brought him here without notice (Do you need to ask? He just comes whenever he feels like, doesn’t he?). Eun-sung tells her that it’s the only way to see her and
mentions he’s in the process of searching for another doctor since Dr. Yang won’t take her case.

Handing her a booklet, he tells her to take care of her health by cutting her caffeine supply and not to do any heavy lifting. And about those shoes… That’s a sacrifice she can’t give up and Ji-an scoffs, “I’m someone who makes shoes.” Eun-sung retorts: “Now you’re someone who’s having a baby.” Did she think it was easy to become a mother?

Eun-sung comes clean about Dad’s visit and that he told Dad about the premature menopause. She yells, “How could you tell him that?!” So much for patient-doctor confidentiality in dramaland.

Tae-kang notices the tension, looking curiously at the pregnancy booklet in the table. Eun-sung gets up to greet him properly and smoothly lies about letting him know about any pregnant women in the area.

Ji-an is still in shock, and Eun-sung assures her that Tae-kang probably didn’t catch on. Right except for that booklet that clearly spells out pregnancy. But Ji-an starts breaking down that everything is a mess: her parents hate her and people at work thinks she’s going through a slump and she can’t say anything to Madame Jang. Now he wants her to give up her shoes?!

Eun-sung tells her to calm down (Dude so not what you say to a pregnant woman or any woman in that moment for that matter). That’s the last straw for her as she bites down that now she can’t even get angry when she wants because of this baby.

He rushes to her side, concerned that she might have to go to the hospital but she demands that he leaves her be. Eun-sung storms off and Tae-kang listens to her sobs from the other side of the door, his hand hovering over the handle.

Tae-kang finally knocks on the door that he’s leaving but invites her to join him since he’s going to eat. He hasn’t seen her eat all day and as he glances at her stomach, “You have to think of your body too.”

Ji-an is all cried out and he continues to coax her (I love that jokbal is his go-to now). He apologizes and then grabs her bag telling her that he’ll be waiting at the elevator.

He dangles it off of his hand while Ji-an follows him out the door. She’s too annoyed and tired to play games with him but Tae-kang insists that she needs to eat anyway. He stuffs the bag underneath his shirt and grabs a taxi.

She’s still annoyed and then he tenderly reaches for her arm and assures her that it’s just dinner. Meanwhile, we see Eun-sung at the pharmacy picking up some meds and returns to an empty office. He finds her phone and car still at the office.

Ji-an snarls at Tae-kang at their destination. Dad and crew are in the middle of a BBQ party and he gruffly invites her to join in. Tae-kang sweetly covers her with his jacket as she sits by the corner.

The sizzling sound and smell of food churn her stomach and Tae-kang offers her to feed her a wrap. Hunger wins out and she silently eats it.

The others call for a round of shots and Tae-kang steps in on Ji-an’s behalf that she has an allergy. He gives her a water instead and she shoots him a curious look.

Everyone is plenty happy tipsy by now with Dad breaking out into song. Ji-an fidgets uncomfortably with an indiscernible expression. Then I realize that she’s got to go but holding it in.

Problem is that the bathroom is a far ways off and time is of the essence. Tae-kang digs through some empty boxes and uncovers a wheelbarrow/cart contraption, telling her to get in. HAHA.

I thought you were going to just create a private space for her but you’re gonna wheel her down the hill?

The ride back up is far more pleasant as Ji-an stares into the night sky, reminded of when she was younger. She’s curious about something – why did Tae-kang choose to join her team? Did she look pitiful?

Tae-kang says that wasn’t the case and tells her that the scary teachers are the ones who teach better. He believed by sticking around, he might pick up a thing or two.

“Do you want to learn properly?” and Tae-kang turns around, ecstatic at the chance to learn directly under Ji-an.

Tae-kang walks her back home but before he leaves, Ji-an asks why he prevented her from drinking tonight and at the office party with Jake. He stutters that it seemed like she didn’t want to.

Ji-an musters up the courage to bring up the booklet and Tae-kang looks with expectant eyes, waiting for her to tell him that she’s pregnant.

Which is when Eun-sung, who’s been roaming around town looking for her, calls out her name.



Talk about worst timing ever. Especially when Tae-kang has been dying to hear about the news of the pregnancy, ready to hear it for about three episodes now. This cliffhanger didn’t leave me feel wanting, but moreso I wanted to kick Eun-sung out of there so Tae-kang didn’t have to wait for another week to hear what he already knows.

What I love about this drama is the mature tone in its storytelling. The family conflicts are deep and complicated and the issues faced within abortion and pregnancy are all questions that aren’t usually touched upon. There are people who hold very differing opinions depending on their moral values and seeing that is extremely refreshing, especially when those worlds clash against each other. That inspires healthy conflict not only within the drama but also in the thread as well.

That being said, the series’ flaws have reared its ugly head. Some characters seriously suffer from the poor writing and some scenes seem like fluff to occupy some time. So I’m thankful that we’ve got some actors to bring up the rear, pouring their lives into their characters. I expected as much from Kim Sun-ah and I’m pleasantly surprised by Lee Jang-woo’s performance. His comedic performance is still hammy and almost anime-like but the more heartbreaking moments do resonate with me as well. Then the more lines we give to Im Soo-hyang’s character, the more I realize that her acting ability can’t keep up with the evil, cunning, yet fragile character Na-ri is supposed to be. She gets easily outshone by Kim Sun-ah in those confrontations and I found her much more likeable in those comedic moments with Lee Jang-woo.

We’re really moving at a snail’s pace here and if I have to wait another week for being to dance around the subject about Ji-an’s pregnancy with I know you know but you don’t know that I know, I’m going to strike my heel over someone’s head.


103 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ninji

    Tae-kang <3

  2. Ariane

    Poor KSA… I’ve heard the ratings are quite dismal.

    • 2.1 True2u

      The ratings might not be GREAT, but outside of Korea its getting a lot of fans. it held # 1 spot on mysoju for a month ‘and now it’s #2″and a few other drama sites. not to mention all of her outfit are a HIT in Korea, everything is SOLD out the same day it goes on sale. For me ratings doesn’t make to the drama, I’ve seen some of the best dramas and the ratings were low..

      • 2.1.1 Ariane

        Sure, but ratings are what boost careers. I think KSA was unwise for choosing such a poorly scripted project. She needs to stay away from the noona-dongsaeng stuff and do things like City Hall… I’d hate to see her become typecast in the future.

        • zsa

          I thinks she has tried very different things in the past…Samsoon was out of this world, the movies she did were police stuff and romance, CH no noona dongsaeng, WIAN…no noona dongsaeng,…SOAW cancer patient,,,…and artists are only given up to 3 or 4 eps scripts at the beginning, sometimes just a synopsis during contract signing, I don’t think they should be blamed. Or else would anyone ever agreed to act in Fashion King? It’s all luck from there on…but one thing I love abt korean actors is that they pour heart and soul into their acting…leaving us quite shameful of this ratings game…yes it’s important but nobody can please everybody ALL the time…

          • mary

            “Or else would anyone ever agreed to act in Fashion King?”

            PWAHAHA best example of “beware-the-interesting-storyline-synopsis” ever!

          • yuyunzzz

            i love n agree bout it. take care of us captain, can’t loose were starred by A-list actor/actress but still has bad rating, but I love it. I dont think the rating represent everything. maybe it’s too open for Korean to discuss about single mom pregnancy, but its happened nowadays. Its not only happened for noona-dongseng, but its could be happened to anybody.

          • zsa

            I just watched ‘can’t loose’ and am totally in love with it…I found new respect for CJW and loved YSH…the story is sooo reallll and acting, superb….!!!It’s like a more adult and married version of full house…hehe

        • zsa

          I think she’s already top game in her career…artists only get synopsis during contract signing and early on maybe scripts to eps 2 and 3. The rest is luck….she is not typecast…she has done very different roles even ones we thought would never be well received like Shin Mi Rae and Lee Yon Jae….but they were hit….In fact she has been quite wise in her choices but nobody can please everbody ALL the time…

          • zsa

            sorry for the double post 🙁

          • pnut

            well i agree with BOTH of your posts even if they weren’t intentionally both put up. thank you for bringing this side of the drama world to light. poor actors sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to scripting. KSA is blowing me away in this. Sometimes I had to look again and remind myself it was her…her character is so different from anything else she’s played. I saw a bit of her in that bra scene, haha!! but like it’s been said, these’s actors pour everything into their characters. imagine how awful it would be if the script was lacking and then the actors weren’t all in? eeep! also, i agree about the ratings not being a good representation of the drama. i feel there are a lot of poorly rated dramas that are like hidden gems in dramaland. <3 finding those! =D happy watching


        • True2u

          Yes, role like City Hall suits her, but lets not forget, like zsa said, she is already at top. She’s already been dubbed as The Queen of romance comedy. how far can she go beyond that? lets not forget that although she is in a lot of noona-dongsaeng stuff, they were HITS, MLKSS, KSA and Hyun Bin (7 years diff), Scent Of A Woman, KSA and LDW (6 years diff), She’s On Duty, KSA and Gong Yoo (4 years diff). Although they were HITS, she herself did not know they would be HITS, she just chose a script that she thinks others can relate to and the fact that each of her drama deals with real life circumstances. Even this one, look at the world around you and see if there is not one relationship with the girl being older than the guy, there is and that’s what this drama is trying to show as well as what a one night stand can result in, and how your not suppose to drown yourself in your work and forget about how to life which Ji-An has done. The reason why i love KSA dramas is that i can relate to her character and so can my family, when i look at Ji-An i can see my sister, works like a MAD woman, but now that she is pregnant she’s learning how to take care of her body and take it easy from work for a while.

      • 2.1.2 Maggie

        no. 1 gentlemen’s dignity – 18.7 % – epi 8

        no. 2 bridal mask ?.

      • 2.1.3 AWE

        all of us in Austin Texas are digging this drama! love love love the maturity of the writing, acting and fashion. that said, i have to agree with others about the pace. ‘slow as molasses in january.’ the writers could have given us some drama grits about how dad’s shoe factory was snuffed out to eliminate competition from madame’s factory. just saying. here in texas, we’re dreaming twang on this drama and hoping we could have [already] seen some elbow rubbing between the dad and ji an to make shoes that rival the other team’s design…not to mention that the writers could use the rubbing elbows to reveal that tae kang DOES possess MAD shoe skills. i mean…if the shoe fits…? also, texan cow-pokes really like the ‘innocent steps’ doctor…so pls stop dissing the dewd. if the writers had fire in their pants, the doc would have moved on by now and something dee-lish could have started between saw bones and na-ri. that said, we texans also would like to see some cougar action between the madame and jake, mostly because in texas, we believe that even the hatfields and mccoys had some flings. DANG, girl! we should be writing this here drama. chalk full of action, love, and bbques! ok—snapping out my wishful writers’ dream now and will tune into next week’s snail pace epis. ya’ all come back, now.

        • Tunmi

          Aw I love that, and you echoed my thoughts exactly–from Maryland on the East Coast

      • 2.1.4 In Su

        #1 on Wed & Thurs (same as IDID) is Bridal Mask or guys killing, fighting, chasing probably with explosions. I guess with a title like that, somebody will fall in love with a girl who’ll wear a bridal mask at the end…. sarcasm.

    • 2.2 Seanshine

      I’m sorry to hear that as well.. But It’s true that outside of little Korea, KSA has a huge following for this show. I was a little disappointed when I heard that it wasnt gonna be recapped; and when I visited other websites (*trying to get my I do I do fix) others felt the same way.

      I like the show so far. I agree with others that I would also like to see other scripts displaying her vast talents. But honestly.. what really are the top viewer shows in Korea at this moment?? Bridal Mask?? Big??? I watched a few episodes of both and really didnt care for either. Thats just me!

      Thanks for the recap! 🙂

      • 2.2.1 True2u

        BIG rating isn’t really that great, both IDID and BIG is close in ratings

        • Kim Yoonmi

          If YAB is any indication, usually people store up Hong Sister dramas and then insist on watching them later. I can understand the need to rewind sometimes… YAB, by viewer demand got rerun. (Which is not usual)

          The action drams, in general, are also doing well in Korea and have been holding the number one spot in most cases.

          Anyway, on ratings, it doesn’t really count if it’s in another country through the internet, because that doesn’t sell product in Korea… which is what the sponsors want.

          • Aisu

            reading of news in Korea’s site, despite it’s low rating, the fashion product selling of I Do I Do doing well, what about that???

          • Kim Yoonmi

            @Aisu–welcome to the age of the internet. I think worldwide most of the arts (Books, visual, performance), etc hasn’t really caught up to the internet, so old execs are trying to still make profit in old ways.

            Also, I think it’s possible to like the products of a show and not like the show itself… I wonder if that makes sense…

            So, for example, one can really like the music of Goong, buy the soundtrack, but not like the show (Which was a claim).

            From the stills of IDID, I think one can really admire the tons of shoes… but not like the show. I hope that makes sense.

    • 2.3 NoRae

      I think that the raitings are quite decent. According to AGB, it goes up and down from 10% to 12% in Seoul and from 8% to 10% nationwide.
      I don’t know but that’s pretty ok for me, it’s not really down in the 5 or 4% area but it’s not that high too.

  3. Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi – you’ve been busy! 🙂

    Have to agree with your recap – it’s taking WAY too long for the “You’re the BabyDaddy” news to hit the fan. Tae-kang’s character needs to have a concrete goal and the pregnancy will allow for that. I’d imagine that the possible outcome for this drama is that he’ll wind up being a house-husband (happily) while Ji-an continues with her career and running the company.

    I continue to be impressed at Jang-woo’s dramatic scenes. Boy can get all teary like nobody’s business.

    • 3.1 Betty

      Thank you Gummimochi for the recap ; such a delight!!! I agree about the “daddy’s baby” issue. I love love love this show but the slow pace is driving me insane. I hope that in the next couple episodes they will finally let TK knows that he is the dad so that we can move on into the other issues.

    • 3.2 Kim Yoonmi

      Newbie writers are often afraid to let plot points roll through the story because they aren’t sure what’s on the other side of that plot point, so they try to save it.

      I think the writer should let it go and then see about making TK more believable as a designer. There are plenty of plot points after he knows too.

      If she lets it go another episode, that’s pretty lousy and shows a lack of confidence in the audience characters and the writer herself…

      However, I did like this episode a lot. TK stepped up as a man.

  4. Tara S.

    Thank you so much for your hard work gummimochi!

  5. OMG

    This is another Kdrama where the storyline is moving soooooooo slowly!!!! I mean come-on, its episode 8 and this is where we are…..no romance or spark or anything between the two supposed main leads……i feel like we are going in circles on the same spot….

    “We’re really moving at a snail’s pace here and if I have to wait another week for being to dance around the subject about Ji-an’s pregnancy with I know you know but you don’t know that I know, I’m going to strike my heel over someone’s head.” ….totally agree with you there!!!

    Sorry doc, i never liked you and this episode just made it worse….u needs to stop COCKBLOCKING!!!!!

    • 5.1 TheMugen

      Yeah, Mr. Doc really does need to disappear and stop interfering. Never liked him either.

      It’s not right for him to divulge confidential information about a patient (Ji An) to the patient’s father (or anyone). He should have his medical license revoked.

      • 5.1.1 Robs

        I know this is picky… The Dr. is walking a fine line in regards to ethics, however, technically he is not her doctor. She told him about the menopause and pregnacy during times outside of a doctor/patient situation.

        I’m just trying to figure out what his role in the drama for the future will be. I think his purpose in the story line is done. I just don’t want the writers to make him into complete ass.

        • Yumi

          I agree with you about the doctor.

          He wasn’t acting as her doctor when he shared her information with her father. He was acting as a ex-boyfriend with insight the father had no access to. And as you point out the info he shared was not doctor/patient info.

          The doctor did muddy the water because he had come into the clinic as a patient.

          Unlike most people I’m not having an issue with the pace of the show. It strikes me as a character study more so than an “action” filled comedy.

          I don’t have a problem with the doctor hanging around and stepping up to be a viable alternative to Tae-Kang. I think he might be willing to have her even if the baby isn’t his and then she will actually have to CHOOSE Tae-Kang isn’t of ending up with him by default. Also the doctor is there so that her parents can push her towards another option.

          I think the things the doctor provides for Ji-an she can give herself, and what Tae-Kang provides, is what Ji-an forgot [or forgot to admit] that she needs.

          • Shiku

            “I think the things the doctor provides for Ji-an she can give herself, and what Tae-Kang provides, is what Ji-an forgot [or forgot to admit] that she needs.”

            I disagree, Ji An still needs the doctor to get her to face reality that she is pregnant and she needs to change her lifestyle a little bit e.g. going to the doctor, shoes, vitamins. She is still trying to come to terms with her pregnancy so she can’t think of these things herself, if she did she wouldn’t have brushed off Dr. Yang like she did.

            Tae-kang is her daddy-long legs, I like that he is quietly taking care of her but for him to be exactly 100% what she needs he needs to be able to confront her at times. She doesn’t need a pushover, she needs someone who will take care of her and still be able to push her whenit is time.

      • 5.1.2 Carfaycor

        I liked the doc at first, now every time he shows up I’m screaming for him to leave and stop messing everything up.
        I really hope that the writers aren’t dragging out Ji-an not telling Tae-kang about the baby because they don’t know what else to write about afterwards.

    • 5.2 True2u

      the word “COCKBLOCKING” always makes me laugh, but your DAMN right, every time something between the 2 is going to happened this guy appears, some say he’s worried, Ok i can understand that, but he saw that she was OK and was talking to TK and realized she was going to spill the beans then he stopped her by calling her name. (-.-). I hope ep 9&10 will bring our leads closer.

      Is it 16 or 20 episodes, on one site it claims it will be 16 episodes and another site says its 20 episdoes.

    • 5.3 Seanshine

      LMAO!!! I love that! Doc is really Cockblocking for real! i mean, at the end I’m saying.. “say it, say it!” Then he appears. I liked him in the begining, but now he’s annoying the hell out of me. 🙁

      *Also, the part with dad speaking to Ji An about his son, I felt a pang in my heart. I really felt bad for Tae Kang and how far he has to go with growing up and being able to turn Ji An’s heart & mind towards him. I’ll be the first to admit, the guy is just too immature. Even Cha Chi Soo @19yrs (FBRS) seemed more in tune with a mature older woman at times. Tae Kang (though adorable and humble than the aboved mentioned ficitional boytoy) still wins me over because he’s not arrogant, but seems pure of nature.

      Love the show… hope it ends well. 🙂

      • 5.3.1 Betty

        TK is really immature but he does have a reaaaally big heart and he is genuine in his actions and his feelings. You can feel his sincerity and sometimes it’s heartbreaking because nobody notices it, and certainly not JA.

        It’s why the slow pace of the drama is a problem because it makes it hard for him to grow as a man and as a caregiver/taker. If he knew from the beginning then he would have tried hard to become a father figure for his kid and maybe he would have step up in front of those bullies at work. Now he is just trying to do is best but mostly being passive with JA and the bullies. Knowing about the baby can make him change drastically.

  6. Oonpa

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    I agree that the story telling is REALLY slow right now. It’s like TK’s never going to find out that he’s going to be a dad…

    I LOVE park gun hyung, though. He’s not perfect in this drama (acting as the Doctor) but he’s pure gold in everything else. “syndrome” was SO good because if him. Haha.

    • 6.1 zie

      I fall for him in Syndrome too.. He was pure gold there.. He is one of the reason why I wanted to watch I do I do actually. I was disappointed when I found out he was the second lead here… T____T

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    Tae-Kang’s father was really right on the money when he said Tae-Kang is kindest person in the world.

    I love that when the possibility that Ji-an child might not be his child it didn’t make Tae-Kang stop being concerned about her and helping her surreptitiously whenever he could. He really is a sweetheart. I’m not sure he’s all that bright, but I am sure he is sweet.

    I know that several people have been upset over Eun-Sung’s reaction to Ji-an’s pregnancy. But I’m willing to give him some slack over his initial reaction. He had been envisioning a life with Ji-an and her pregnancy totally destroyed that dream. Yeah, it was a dream for two he had built on his own, but it was still a dream destroyed and everyone is entitled to behave less than perfectly when they have their dream shattered.

    I like that right now Eun-Sung still seems to want to help her. I don’t think he is sure he want to give up that dream. But while i’m okay with him acting on his concern as a friend, using his doctor knowledge. He really need to NOT act as her doctor in any capacity. EEK!

    • 7.1 OMG

      Yea I love that despite the fact that he thinks the kid is not his, he is still willing to help her out….cute!!!

    • 7.2 zsa

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    • 7.3 Atiras

      in the first or second episode, TK had taken dad’s hard earned money to buy his motorcycle beyonce. now he is the golden son. the plot has been going astray from the very beginning.

      the actors are whats keeping me engaged so far. these are some awesome talent! KSA has conquered the romantic comedy queen title a long time ago. i would really love to see her in more diverse roles (films) where she can truly test her potential. i love that woman!

  8. Jules

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    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi! (one question, though: why the asterisk, when there’s no further information on the asterisked point later on in the recap?)

    • 8.1 Cynthia

      Yeah, I caught that, too, as I scrolled downward in a fruitless search. Although, considering the long length of this recap, it just might have been something Gummi just forgot to follow-up on?

    • 8.2 gummimochi

      You guys are totally on the ball! It’s an editing error. Forgot to remove it in the editing process. Thanks for the note! 🙂

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    Cute JA talking to the baby, what I love is she didn’t come out with how lowly and immature and random (is that true? there’s something that JA not honest) was her baby’s father, but still she’ll treasure the baby even though risking her precious career.

    wonder, TK describe as a handsome guy, how come he hasn’t a single close girlfriend?? even NR easily love his easygoing character.

    Love the cover, JA dreams of new chief designer TK XD, love the scene too. She really wanted TK to be a classy man haha…from forthcoming conception?? XD

    Yeah, what about ES interrupting, I really want to call the police to arrest him from broke the privacy, aiissshhh…
    it’s not TK will know the truth next wed, but US!! who suffer waiting for a week T__T.

    Next wed episode anticipation JA-TK-Ankle VS F*go*t Jake. Can’t wait blooming romance in one family team. \^^/

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    “Ji-an realizes that her Daddy Long Legs might not be the proclaimed Doc after all. Maybe instead, it’s the one who’s been looking out for you in the shadows, ready to catch you if you fall”

  12. 12 KDrama Fan

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    With this episode I can see why the house scamming needed to happen.

    Caught a little of Treasure Hunter the other night which restored my joy in watching in KSA.

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    Thanks for the recapt, gummimochi!
    I mentioned this in the OT, but I love that TK is not a Jerk With a Heart of Gold (see TV Tropes for more details), but a genuinely nice guy. Take the scene where he takes JA’s bag and makes her go get dinner – he isn’t forceful, there’s no wrist grabbing Secret Garden and Brilliant Legacy-style.
    I feel like I should like this drama less, but I’ll watch almost anything with a *mature* heroine who is not a complete klutz (any recommendations, by the way?), and I really, genuinely want TK to find his place in this world – I don’t even care if he becomes a stay-home dad or a great designer.

    • 13.1 True2u

      dramas i would recommend is all of KSA work, and history of a salary man.

      I also like the fact that he is not forceful like some one else, cough*<"F" that, that damn annoying Doctor. and I've also realized that Ji-An violent habits toward TK has died down, in the scene when he had her bag, she could had easily kicked him where it hurts, but she just screamed in his ear.

    • 13.2 marisa

      You’ve said everything I wanted to say (and way better than I could). Thanks!

    • 13.3 msim

      These 5 dramas have great modern women with functioning brains, careers and humour. They are refreshingly honest in their love lives as well:

      The woman who still wants to marry

      Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs (or 9 ends 2 outs)

      City Hall

      I am Legend (though it fizzles badly in the second half)

      Personal Taste (see fizzling above)

  14. 14 True2u

    Doc PISSES ME THE HELL OFF (-.-). He waltz around doing anything and everything he pleases. I hate the fact that he took it upon himself to tell Ji-An father about her meno. like you’ve said Gm in the last recap

    “I’m pretty convinced after watching this episode that Eun-sung has serious boundary issues.”

    Honestly the guy got a problem and it’s more than boundary issues, he acts like her owns. Not once has this guy sit down and try to understand her feelings. I was shock when he went to her job and just waltz right in the room like he owns the place, what kind of business allows strangers in, and every time he’s with her she always end crying or being hurt aishhh….. (-.-), then TK is the one left to cheer her up. (He does one HELL of a job doing) YAY!! “Team Baby Daddy” <<i'm trying to keep it clean, there i few things i would to love say but i will keep it on "Viki"

    Aside from that this episode is GOLD.. TK character shined like no other, Ji-An dream had me on the floor HAHAHA XD, and lets not forget about the scene when she wanted to pee. I also loved The scene when he said " get on your carriage, Princess". If no one has realized, Ji-An mood changes when she is by TK side, the way her treats her, like she is precious and needs to be taken care of is what she needs, even if she has yet to realize it.

  15. 15 everriell

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  16. 16 Mary

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  17. 17 Ariane

    Can I ship Ji An with herself? She doesn’t need TK or ES in her life.

    • 17.1 jfrhry

      can I join? I dont think she need both of them. she can take care herself

      • 17.1.1 zie

        Maybe this is how they gonna end it? JA becomes a single mother. Just when she imagine of her and her daughter.. There is no need for man in her life..

        I mean why does it has to be either the Doc or TK? She could just stay single and take care of her kid but of course the Baby Daddy needs to be in the kid life but he does not need to be her significant other..

        I’m just saying..

      • 17.1.2 sulyn

        But TK said the she can’t even clean her place and throw out the garbage so, how is she going to raise a baby …..

        • zie

          She just need to balance her life. Once she realises the important of her baby to her, she will make some changes in her life.. I think this is her problem right now.. She haven’t really fully accepted the fact that she is pregnant and need to get her priority straight.. Once she does, I can see her being a good mom but right now she is too focus on her career.

          It seems from the way you said it (Sorry if I misinterpreted it) but it looks like she needs someone in her life just to clean after her. That does not make a good marriage.. She can just hire a cleaning lady to do the job and focus on both her career and her kid.

    • 17.2 So3

      Oh i’m totally on the same ship. After 8 eps I really think that Jian is fine by herself. ES and TK? thanks but no thanks.

      • 17.2.1 marisa

        She needs real friends more than anything else.

        Her parents are fools (wanting her to be a housewife – while she is allergic to all things “homely), her best friend is too self-absorbed, and the doctor is a stalker with dubious ethics.
        TK is a sweetie actually; they should be best friends who support one another.
        That will last longer than most marriages.

        • jomo

          “She needs real friends more than anything else.”

          I think you hit the nail on the head and cracked the nut at the same time.

          While she has worked and lived all by herself and felt that was just fine, she exposed her true feelings when nobody showed up for her dinner, and then, nobody wanted to be on her team.

          For whatever reason, TK managed to see her in a moment and a place that did not intimidate him. He approached her out of compassion, not fear. From his perspective, she does need people, and he believed from the git-go that he could help her. THAT is why he keeps going at her, because he truly cares about her as a person.

    • 17.3 la dee dah

      Ji-an may not need TK or ES in her life “romantically”, but for the baby, she needs TK in her life, because he is the father, and the baby and TK deserve to be in each other’s lives.

      • 17.3.1 zsa

        sometimes it’s not about what you need…like many say, JA doesn’t NEED TK, but it’s an awful waste not to let yrself fall in love and have someone to share your life in many different levels…that’s what marriage and man-woman love offers….of course it’s not compulsory, ppl don’t die from not having a husband, child or marriage, but I think it’s unwise to shut yrself and just remain single just because you can….JA can be happy being a single mom, but who knows, she might just be happier being a mom, wife, and a companion to that lovely man TK…if she falls in love with him…and if he loves her in return…

        • malta

          Totally agree. Just because Ji An can take care of herself and her child doesn’t mean she should be required to do it alone. TK may not be a person she needs right now, but she can grow to want him in her life.

  18. 18 zsa

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  19. 19 Ivoire

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  21. 21 MaskBunny

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  22. 22 KD

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    And I hope the doctor redeems himself a little bit. He’s interfering in JA’s life when no interference is needed. Sure she’s new to being pregnant but I’m sure she can figure it out! She does have a friend who is a mother.

    I am really loving this show but it does need to speed up both in plot and in the actual romance between the main characters.

  23. 23 pumpkinattack

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  24. 24 sulyn

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    And yes, I do hope that the pace of this drama will be hastened a little. I guess this will happen as TK will be JA’s protege. They will be together more often, right? So, do we expect to see lovey dovey scenes and “kissing” as well?

    JA will not be able to wear high heels soon – would the adorable TK, under the tutelage of JA come out with a unique winning design for pregnant women?

  25. 25 Suzi Q

    I still can’t fathom why practically everyone knows about the baby except the baby’s father.It’s been 8 episodes, and Ji-an has to come out of the face the music sooner I hope than later. She has to tell Tae Kang up front before the Sh.. hits the fan with Tae Kang is standing in front of it. He is too kind hearted and naive, and he has been waiting so long for her to tell him. The Doc is getting annoying and is becoming a pain in the butt character.

    Ji-an still hasn’t truly accepted the fetus because she’s only thinking about herself.. not taking vitamins, not eating healthy meals and not giving up her stiletto high heels. She says she wants to keep the baby, but she really isn’t doing her best to keep the baby healthy which is really upsetting.

    The slow story line has to start picking up. I really enjoyed it at the beginning, but it’s starting to go downhill…

  26. 26 angryparsnip

    I wrote this before but Ji An paired with TK is just way to icky for me… he looks way to young and acts like it too.
    I think he just wants a family.
    I know everyone here loves him here.
    I will just keep reading the great recaps because I really can’t watch the two of them together.
    I think the Doctor just doesn’t know the right thing to do and when he tries he does it very badly,,, le sigh
    Just saying…
    Now commence with the TK love.

    cheers, parsnip

  27. 27 zsa

    That’s too bad….I love them together. I find it ick-some that men 17 or 18 years older can marry their younger counterparts, but it gets frowned upon when the woman is older…that’s just a whole lot of dog poop…which is smelly and icky…

    • 27.1 True2u

      That how it always goes, which pisses me off. The guy can be 10 years and older and it’s fine, but when it comes to the women being older it’s immediately wrong. For instant, I didn’t see all these hate and icky comment with “The Greatest Love” CSW is 10 years older than KHJ, but it was FINE because he was a man.

      • 27.1.1 yuyunzzz

        yeah… what wrong with the older woman? my sister married with 3yrs younger bro in law and my aunt is 6 yrs older than her husband and they still lovey-dovey for each others after 10 years. I dont think ages is the problem in a relationship. beside, the statistic shows that woman able to live longer than man. 🙂

        • jastinel

          Right, my hubby is younger than me. When we got married his only 24. I`m happily married for 17 years now.

          • angryparsnip

            I knew I would get grief for that comment…
            I am for anyone marring anyone what ever the age.
            After 38 years of marriage, 4 children one of who died, building up the company, struggling with what life throws at you, my husband walked out because he wanted a younger wife.
            I think the creepy older man much younger woman has a big ick factor even before the x walked out.

            What I meant is he is very young in body and mind.
            Personally I hope she keeps the baby and stays single. She really needs to grow up herself before the baby comes.
            cheers, parsnip

          • skelly

            Oh parsnip, I would love to hear what you think about A Gentleman’s Dignity… there’s a show where I am definitely NOT feeling the comedy. I can’t laugh at the serial cheater, or the 41-year-old boys who never grow up, or cheer the match-up of a 41-year-old man and a 24-year-old girl. When you see these situations in real life, and you see the misery they leave in their wake, it becomes really hard to laugh and cheer about it in a drama.

  28. 28 jastinel

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    I love this drama and I love KSA as Jian!

  29. 29 sunahforever

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    • 29.1 jastinel

      Hi Sis, I`m still a very active fan of KSA, I always support her. There is no way I will disappear whenever she has a drama or movie. I often visit soompi, her fan cafe, updating my I do, I do FB page and other fan site. I`m not good in analyzing or giving my views about her drama, so I`d rather to keep quiet and read other peoples opinion and it helps a lot for me to understand KSA drama.

  30. 30 jomo

    Thanks for your very thoughtful recap…

    I am barely hanging on now, mostly because it does feel tredmill like right now…The good parts of this episode – all 5 minutes total – could have been in Ep 7.

    Now that she has accepted TK to be a person in her live, albeit work team, hopefully, we can start unwinding the other parts of their relationship.

    It doesn’t mean that she has to change, but she has to
    1. decide whether she wants to go this alone, or rely on someone for help.
    2..re-evaluate what she wants from this “help.” It is one thing to hire a nanny to cook, clean, etc. It is a totally different, and much more complicated to willingly invite someone into her life as an equal partner.

    Think about how removed she is emotionally from other people right now. Luckily she gets 40 weeks to get used to being a mother, but to go from being valiantly single to letting TK get close is a tougher challenge.

    Let’s say she starts to see TK as a man, we still need to see the balance of power shift. Only if she begins to value what he brings can this happen. Yes, only one person can wear the pants, and that is HER, but she still has to see him as an equal.

    This makes me think of the fable of the sun and the wind arguing over who is stronger. They decide to test their abilities on a man who was wearing a coat. The wind goes first and blows and blows, but that results in the man holding the coat tighter to his body.
    The sun just shines directing all his warmth towards the man, who because of the heat removes the coat.

    She is very much the powerful wind, and he, the warm sun.
    They can be true partners – gender roles aside. This relationship can work if and when there is mutual respect.

  31. 31 Eimichiko

    Get on with the lovey-dovey scenes already. :p

    Suna is so pretty in this drama. And I’m totally into the wardrobe.

    • 31.1 sulyn

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  32. 32 Enkhee

    I love this show. It’s not overly klutzy and cutesy, with just the right amount of fluff and plot. The way things are going really slow is frustrating but understandable. Ji An doesn’t see Tae Kang as father material at all, she’s not even considering him as a partner. Like she said, he’s not a man in her eyes. Right now it’s just the baby for her. That’s a pretty big news on it’s own. And he’s all ready to take responsibility in his mind. First she has to fall for him as a man, not just a potential daddy to keep around for baby’s sake.

    Can’t wait.

  33. 33 Lovebug

    So I am seriously crushing on Tae-kang (and by extenstion Lee Jang woo). I am rooting for Jian and Him as the OTP simply because of his heart. Honestly this drama pairing reminds me alot of the feeling I got watching Queen of Reversals. Park Shi hoo’s Goo Yong shik (who might be might favorite male character to date – or atleast the one I most like to actually date in real life) had so much heart and sincerity for Kim Nam Joo’s much more mature (she already had the kid) older and slightly bitter character. Even though at times I felt like she didn’t deserve him, his sincerity (and freakin adorableness) melted her hard heart AND made me root for the relationship despite the differences in maturity level (and honestley appearance regarding age). Hoping that Tae-Kang will become a equal worthy of a true partnerhip in Jian’s eyes by the end of the drama.

    Team Baby Daddy for sure!! lol

  34. 34 feydo

    I hope this awesome drama will be EXTENDED can not get enough of Tae-kang and Kim Sun Ah’ scene, wanted more of them on the screen without the Doc interruption. Kim Sun Ah, no shadow of a doubt is an excellent actress, any drama with Sunna on it, count me in will not pass this opportunity. Keep counting and always looking forward of Wed and Thurs. to come, if only i possess super power, will shorten days etc. I’m so loving Sunny and Tae-kang right now, and the kiss scene that everyone is yearning hope also that will happen in next episode! JITAE couple FIGHTING!!!

    Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication for the recap, GUMMIMOCHI.

  35. 35 mtoenlob

    Putting aside the romantic angle for the time being, at this point in Jian’s life, I think she needs the presence of both men – Tae Kang and Eun-sung.

    Knowing fully well that Jian has a mind of her own, unmoving to the point of being obstinate, you just can’t order her around. Especially not Tae Kang. It takes someone like the doctor to tell her pointblank what she has to do and not do now that she is in a condition that is entirely new to her. Work, she can accomplish that even with eyes shut but pregnancy is different thing altogether. As she terms it, it is a new path that presented itself and she is curious what it brings and she is willing to try. But she hasn’t fully absorb the idea that it takes a lot of different discipline to tackle it and changes have to be in order i.e. no more all nighter, eating on time, even the type of shoes she can wear. The mention of shoes was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Shoes are her passion, her life and telling her she cannot wear heels is something incomprehensible to her. If only he puts aside his overbearing manners, Eun-sung is one who can guide her through the physical rudiments of her pregnancy.

    Since Tae Kang shows more sensitivity in dealing with Jian,on the other hand, he is one who can provide emotional anchor for Jian. Tae Kang, in spite of his youth seems to be more consciously aware and acutely perceptive of what Jian is going through both in her career and personal life. It maybe because he has seen her in her most vulnerable state that he can be more compassionate and extend appropriate responses to her needs. Tae Kang might have been through several hardships but these difficulties haven’t dampen his exuberant spirit which is reinforced by the affectionate relationship he has with his father.

    Now, if only she can have both.

  36. 36 Peggy

    Well I have not seen any of this drama yet but I can’t wait. also have not read all of the above posts. However, I predict it will not matter one iota what the ratings are now. they will not prevent this drama from being a favourite. they have two of the most attractive people in the leads and I do mean Lee Jang Woo and Kim Sun A. He is adorable and he is not too young for her. He is a young man and obviously he is an adult, He looks good and is a pretty good actor and moreover he already has done a few different characters in main leads already. I really am looking forward to seeing this drama.

  37. 37 malta

    This episode made me like Tae Kang even more. He is so sweet and sincere. Hurray for the nice guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to say if I were Tae Kang, I would have asked Ji An about the pregnancy already. Obviously he is hypersensitive about the whole baby situation given that his mother abandoned him and his father was younger when he was born. I think he would make such an awesome Dad though. That baby would so be daddy’s little girl. Very cute.

    The best part of the episode was when Tae Kang’s gang and Ji An were eating and the guys started to sing. All the best characters in the show were together. I want Ji An and Tae Kang to get together, Ji An to quit her job and start her own shoe brand with Tae Kang and his Dad. Just like Jae Hee from Me Too Flower! did. Start a business in a back alley, and have a happy family. Forget Na Ri, whose problems/obstacles will surely continue with or without Ji An there, and forget all the corporate BS. She should drop those disloyal “yes man” employees of hers and start her own business.

    Eun Sung needs to go away. He’s not the father. He’s not the boyfriend. He’s not her doctor. And IMO he’s not doing the best job of just being a friend. Notice the difference between how Eun Sung and Tae Kang try to get Ji An to take care of her health. One bludgeons her over the head with it and leaves her crying while the other gets her a good meal while saving her from having to drink…or peeing on herself.

    • 37.1 Jo West

      yes, i am with you, TK has a heart of gold. Just wish that JiAn would realize how much her words and actions hurt him. I swear that practically at the end of every interaction with JiAn, TK is on the verge of tears. It’s sad to watch (by the way, the actor does a good job at portraying extremes, one minute OTT funny, then really sad the next). Then again, she did try to dis-way him from getting attached to her. He just can’t let her go, his feelings have gone beyond just sense of duty and are now love or infatuation. He needs to either move on and get his feelings on other things or people, or get the guts to take some action to make JiAn realize that he is a person with feelings.
      With that said, even though I like TK more for JiAn, I still like the doctor, he cares a lot and makes a big effort. I don’t always like his tactics (too forceful), but he has good intentions.
      If JiAn continues to be dismissive towards TK, then TK should realize that other people (NaRi) like him. But, i sense that he is too much attached to JiAn to do so.

  38. 38 Adrian

    While trite in some places, one cannot deny the chemistry between the leads..KSA and LJW are doing an incredible job of rising above the material and putting together a quality couple in spite of the odds.

  39. 39 hey

    I’m afraid with the pacing of this drama, this drama will end 3 ways:

    1. Ji An will have a miscarriage but from her experience will finally peel back a couple of her layers and express herself a little more.

    2. Ji An will have the baby and will raise it with TK – but they will not be together. She’ll grow to respect him, yes, but it’ll be just that.

    3. Ji An will have a boy. I mean, how hilarious and ironic would that be?


    • 39.1 In Su

      4. JA never marries, so that she can be free. Visitation yes, marriage no.

      5. JA never tells TK is the dad, so he can marry Vice President Na Ri.

  40. 40 kdlover

    I’m the opposite of everyone. I think she should be with the doc. I believe the doc loves her and cares for her. the reason why the doc is always in the way is because he like the leading lady. ( if, i was in the docs shoes i will try to fight for the person i like till i cant fight anymore) The baby daddy to me he is too innocent, he acts like a child so she will be rising two children instead of one, and who said because you got a baby with someone you should end up together. that is why people are in marriages they don’t like ( i wish the writer would think along those lines) but we know in Kd she will end up with the baby’s daddy.

    • 40.1 Melissa

      I seriously thought I was the only one feeling this way. What annoys me the most about TK is his innocence. He’s a 20-something-year-old man and he has the innocence of a young teenage girl. It’s just not believable enough for me.

      I’m at episode 10 and they’re still talking about her having to marry the baby’s daddy and that it’s only right if she gets with him because she and her kid won’t make it out alive being a single mother. Even TK annoyed JA with his stupid comments about how she shouldn’t be a single mother.

      I’m on the same boat with you about the Dr. If people are complaining about him being a stalker, why don’t they wonder why the hell TK is able to be at sooo many places in a short span of time. I swear, that kid has some kind of superhero powers to be everywhere. It’s clear that the doctor like JA from their first meeting. It’s only natural for someone to keep trying and not give up easily at someone who they have strong feelings for. I think we’ve all seen enough dramas to know that there will at least be one actor and one actress in each drama playing this doctor’s role. So to say that the doctor is selfish is a little absurd when almost every drama as a character who just won’t step away easily just because another person likes the person he or she likes. He knows that JA needs the extra help with her pregnancy and he’s helping her because he cares for her and her baby, and without him, she would be clueless and careless. I honestly think that without the Dr, this drama would be more boring than it is now. The chemistry between TK and JA is weak and the humor & cuteness are just not there anymore. I can at least awww and giggle at the things the Dr does while for TK, I seriously just roll my eyes. I’m continuing this drama for the Dr although I already know TK and JA will predictably end up together.

  41. 41 toystar


  42. 42 KimKas

    From some reason I don’t quite like this show as much as I would like to…

    The themes that are discussed in the drama are very interesting and can bring deep discussions, pregnancy, work-life balance for women, etc. It really can be brilliant but the script doesn’t know what it wants to do, that’s my feeling.

    Tae Kang, for all his earnestness, is just a clueless man who can’t save himself or anyone for s***. Maybe it’s me but I just can’t bring myself to like such an irresponsible character as him.

    Eun Sung is way too egotistical to be a good partner (in a man-woman relationship I mean). For sure he’s caring and all when he wants to but I did find it rather unwelcome that he felt so hurt when Ji An broke him the news about her pregnancy. From then on his behaviour is just… Well : odd.

    I’ll watch the show till the end now that I’ve started, but it feels like a bit of a let-down to me, like Can’t Lose.

  43. 43 Jenny

    She’s just disgustingly mean at him. For that boy sex with her was his first time having sex, ever, with anyone, and for him it meant something. Why constantly trample on him? Such a kind person, while she’s being really nasty about it. So immature of her.

    I mean, if the situation was reversed and it would have been her first time and he would be mean about, whoa, I wonder who wouldn’t regard him as a nasty bastard. But still, it’s the same with the situation being the way it is.


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