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I Do, I Do: Episode 9
by | June 29, 2012 | 95 Comments

Our couple go head to head but not necessarily in the way you might be thinking. The Black Knight aka the Real Daddy Long Legs gets to put on his chivalrous armor and remind us why we love him so darn much. And apparently, so does everyone else.

Well, except for the guy who wants to stomp around declaring what’s not his as his. The shoe doesn’t fit so stop trying to shove her foot into it.


Moment Killer Eun-sung marches up to Ji-an and tells her that he’s been looking high and low for her. He’s been so worried that he nearly filed a missing person’s report. Woah Doc – she’s a pregnant woman not a rebellious lost teenage girl.

And what? You were about to call Dad?! I’ve jumped ship from Team Doc.

Tae-kang apologizes that he took Ji-an against her will and she cuts off, “What are you sorry about?” (THANK YOU) She thanks Eun-sung for his concern but finds his anger unfounded. Eun-sung launches into a shpeal about how Ji-an does as she pleases without thinking of others…and then Tae-kang steps in that people who love each other shouldn’t fight like this.

Placing their hands in each other’s, he adds that they have to communicate and think of unborn baby. He earns two shocked frozen faces in return. HA. He takes his leave and Eun-sung stumbles,”Did he catch on that you’re pregnant?”

Ji-an apologizes for the misunderstanding – she’ll make sure she talks with Tae-kang tomorrow that the baby isn’t Eun-sung’s. But he just laughs in response, seemingly okay with the mixup.

Tae-kang waits right outside the gate and confronts Eun-sung about coming to the workplace and making a pregnant woman cry. Eun-sung politely tells him to butt out (clearly a lecture you should be giving yourself, Doc) and Tae-kang asserts that he can’t stand by to see a woman cry.

His name? “Park. Tae. Kang.” which sounds totally badass and confident. When he’s asked about his age he starts, “Twen– you don’t need to know that.” Now formally introduced, they shake, tightening each other’s grasp harder by the moment.

Ji-an sits at home, telling herself it’s no big deal to come clean to Tae-kang. She imagines Giddy Tae-kang taking full responsibility and arriving at her doorstep ready to move in. Dad invites himself into the household as well, claiming her shoe closet as his room. Ji-an shakes her head to rid herself of the thought.

Meanwhile Tae-kang can’t sleep, restless and Choong-baek tells him that he need to cut ties from Ji-an or else he’ll be the one end up hurt.

He’s the first one to speak the next morning at work, confessing that he’s known for a while ever since he discovered the ultrasound photo. He hasn’t told a soul, and carefully asks how long Ji-an intends to keep it a secret since she’ll be showing soon.

Accepting her answer that until the collaboration is over, he ekes out that it must be nice knowing the father is an OB/GYN. Ji-an doesn’t correct him (grr).

Tae-kang changes the subject to his hardcore shoe design training and she forks over a huge medical textbook about podiatry, “Memorize it.” Ji-an piles on the workload, reminding him of his vow that he’d do anything he was told. He gapes in astonishment and she tells him that he likes doing things in one go. Heh.

As a token of motivation, she tells him to take it as an opportunity to show up the people who look down on him for being a high school grad, including herself. He’ll try and she tells him to see the sun from the East Sea. (He says “hae-bol-kkae” which also means “I’ll see the sun.”)

Catching on the wordplay, he pipes that he’ll do it so long as Ji-an shapes him into a designer. She cocks her head in reply.

Bong-soo reels in shock at the news that Tae-kang didn’t join Na-ri’s team after all, effectively ruining his chances to join the design team. He grabs Tae-kang by the collar who tells him it’s all part of his grand plan.

In fact, Ji-an was the one who chose him to be on her team as her protege. Bong-soo blusters, “What did you do?” Pfft. Tae-kang asks for one month. Bong-soo balks, “So I only have to wait one more months?!”

Ji-an calls Eun-sung who relishes in the fact that she hasn’t come out with the truth to Tae-kang. He readily agrees to play Baby Daddy until after the collaboration. In exchange she’ll have to buy him a car. A camping car full of amenities like a bar and tub.

Ji-an stares at the phone all, Where does this guy get at? Sigh, isn’t it just easier telling Tae-kang than all this roundabout, hon?

Tae-kang works relentlessly to memorize vocabulary, drawing up sketch after sketch into the wee hours of the night. Even Dad helps out, recording the textbook into audio while Tae-kang works. So cute.

HA – I love that the old lady painting creeps Ji-an out so much that she covers her face.

Tae-kang pops in with his hundred sketches in hand. Ji-an starts off with praise… for Bong-soo. HAHA. Tae-kang looks up helplessly that sunbae offered to take a look at them and gapes at his harsh punishment to redo them plus another hundred.

Thankfully his pop quiz score isn’t too shabby and Ji-an talks to Ankle, “Your dad isn’t all that dumb.”

Jake’s team packs up to go on a team outing and she orders Tae-kang that they’ll be doing the same. That bright excited smile turns upside down when that “outing” means the local park.

They grab a picnic spot. Tae-kang hands her a pint of milk (aw) and notes that Ji-an hasn’t been wearing her killer heels lately. She’s acting on doctors orders and gradually decreasing the heel length so she doesn’t cause suspicion.

That prompts the question of why women resort themselves to killing their feet wearing stilettos. Fashion over comfort, kiddo. If they wanted to look taller, they could wear platforms or shoe inserts.

She’s impressed that he’s learning and asks, “Were you ever curious about these things when you worked for your father for 10 years?” The answer’s no, and he beams at the thought of making progress. Despite Ji-an’s reminder that it’s only the beginning, he can’t help but be proud of himself.

They sketch in the park together and Tae-kang nods off. Ji-an curiously listens in to his headphones and hears Dad’s voice reciting the textbook. The sight of his bare feet piques her curiosity and she compares their feet. Talking to Ankle again, she muses, “I wonder whose feet you’ll take after.”

She eventually falls asleep too and they nap in the shade, their heads resting against each other (which is just about the cutest thing ever). Tae-kang is the first to wake and Ji-an’s head naturally falls against his shoulder.

Tae-kang smiles then lightly brushes his finger against her lips bringing his face closer to hers… and her eyes flutter awake. DAMN.

In order to get over the awkward moment (and Ji-an’s icy glare), he blusters that there was a bug but then puts a finger to his own lips at the missed opportunity. I’ll say.

They relocate to the jokbal restaurant and Tae-kang tenses when Eun-sung calls, looking longingly towards Ji-an as she takes the call. His heart further gets broken into pieces when she leaves first, leaving him to eat the most depressing looking jokbal ever.

At the hospital, an annoyed Ji-an asks Eun-sung what the urgent matter was. He informs her that they have to assign her a new physician and he knows just the doc up for the job. Uh-oh, you’re not… wait… why are you leaving…

Sure enough, two seconds later, a doctor sits in the chair, introducing himself. Do I even need to say it’s Eun-sung wearing glasses? This doctor is okay with business trips, e-mails, and phone inquiries.

Ji-an turns to leave which is when Dr. Without Borders contends that not a single doctor will take her case because of her notorious track record and behavior. He’s the only one in the world who will. I’m about to break those glasses in half.

She says that she’s not willing to show her uterus to a man she went on a matseon with. Dr. Without Borders cuts her off that he’s seen his friends’ wives (ew) and sure it was awkward at first but it was fine as time went on (double ew).

Then Ji-an barks what I’m thinking that they’re weird and Dr. Without Borders gets the last word, “They’re mothers.”

Rather than finding a laundry list of qualities (the kicker being a female doctor. You didn’t think of this beforehand?) for a new doctor, Jun-hee says sarcastically that she might as well find Ji-an a perfect husband instead.

So Ji-an dangles a sold-out bag that she could pull some strings to acquire… and Jun-hee bites the bait that she’ll do whatever she can to help.

Na-ri’s face lights up when she gets a call from Madame Jang about dinner. Too bad that it’s a matseon in disguise with a sleazeball who rambles on about how they’ll have to live abroad and asks after her inheritance.

She cuts in and whispers what he thinks of her and then suggests they continue the date upstairs in a suite. His fork clatters to the table in surprise and he takes her suggestion to head upstairs first.

Na-ri drives off, crying. She says to herself, “You idiot.”

At the same time, Tae-kang is doing his best to hold it together, both Choong-baek and Na-ri’s words that he’ll end up hurt bringing tears to his eyes. He turns around to see Na-ri standing there, her face bathed in the shadows and he jumps. These two should be in a comedy troupe.

They head over to Choong-baek’s restaurant for a drink and not surprisingly, the best friend stares in awe at the pretty. Na-ri introduces herself as a colleague which Tae-kang doesn’t correct and Choong-baek declares everything’s on the house, “It’s free for beauties -jjoo!”

Dad and Choong-baek giggle in the kitchen watching the two.

Ji-an finds Mom waiting for her at her apartment, making gom tang (oxtail soup). D’aww Mom, I knew you’d come ’round. She nags about how messy the place is and how there wasn’t anything in the fridge… and Ji-an silently pulls her in for a back hug.

It’s a beautiful moment as they just stand there, holding back their tears to stay strong for the other.

They sit to eat and Mom tells her that Dad isn’t quite ready to face her after the news about the menopause. Ji-an jokes she’s healthy enough to deliver a child. Assuring her that she’s more than fine, Ji-an tells Mom that she even talks to Ankle, named after her own prettiest body part.

Taking her hand, Mom says that she was always jealous of Ji-an not for her success but that she built a life for herself. She tells Ji-an, “Let’s raise it well. Mom will help you out.”

Ji-an takes in the affection and then stops Mom when she gets up to leave. Mom initially uses the excuse that she has to catch the last bus, but then reveals that Dad is waiting outside. Then we see her get yelled at for coming out so late.

By the window, Ji-an tells Ankle, “When you get older, don’t mistreat your parents like I did.”

Getting some air and overlooking the city, Na-ri asks about his family. It’s only Dad and myself with Mom out of the picture long ago and Na-ri declares, tipsy, “I have two mothers! Aren’t you jealous?”

Na-ri reveals that she wanted to become a shoe designer to follow in her biological mother’s footsteps. But no matter how hard she works, she can never best the ones with natural talent.

Her heel breaks the next minute and when Tae-kang realizes it’s too broken to salvage, he offers his sneakers for her to wear. Even without the twinkling music, we know that she’s showing the classic signs of Tae-kang Syndrome, sneaking in glances as they walk back.

At home, Tae-kang works to fix the heel, handing it to Dad when he finds it too difficult a job. Dad slips up and it rips which is when Tae-kang wails, “Dad! That’s the Vice President’s!’

Dad puts two and two together and they hilariously bicker over the shoe, grabbing at it from both ends and causing further damage. HAHAHA, these two.

Ji-an casts a suspicious eye to Jun-hee, wary that she found someone who fulfilled all of her requirements. Well, she had every right be because after a long time of waiting Dr. Without Borders is sitting across from her, re-introducing himself.

Turns out he was the one who sent Mom and Dad over to visit and Ji-an agrees to be seen by him in thanks. She previously thought that pregnancy and motherhood would be easy but her parents’ visit motivated her to try her best. However, she draws the line at cervical tests to which he (thankfully) agrees.

They jump in with the check-up and he runs her through questions that get progressively more embarrassing to answer in a coffee shop. She squeaks her answers as his unwavering tone asks if she’s constipated. He adds that she should never prevent any normal bodily function, namely farting.

With a quick glance, he notes that she’ll need to change her underthings into maternity wear. If it couldn’t get any more embarrassing, it just did because he starts to show her HOW to massage her breasts if they get sore.

She can barely stare at him in complete disbelief. Then he just keeps going on and on and I think my eyes have burned through my sockets. I just… can’t undo it.

Bong-soo declares the shoes ruined and suggests Tae-kang can see his fortune teller (named “Boy that Embraces the Sun”). Good ol’ Tae-kang comes clean about the shoes and Na-ri smiles as he promises to pay her back.

She has a better idea – why doesn’t he give her the sneakers she borrowed last night? He skips down the steps for getting off the hook easily.

Ji-an calls him in and plops a pair of heels in his size. He can wear these for a week and then write on his experience so he can understand why women wear heels.

Tae-kang asks Ji-an if she doesn’t plan to get married to Eun-sung. She has no such plans and reasons such as she’s older or the parent’s wishes or that everyone does it isn’t good enough for her, “What kind of marriage is that? Those are shackles.”

He takes this answer that Eun-sung isn’t willing to marry her and puffs up that it’s a person’s duty to take responsibility if someone gets another person pregnant. Ji-an sternly warns, “I make my own decisions and I take my own responsibility.”

She reminds him that he grew up with a single parent – was he ever unhappy or lonely? The answer’s no.

Eun-sung is by the newborn ward again and his doctor buddy asks if there’s a lot on his mind. He encourages Eun-sung to hurry up with the babymaking with his ladyfriend if he likes kids that much.

Solemnly, Eun-sung asks about adoption – would he be able to raise another person’s child and love them as if they were his own? Dr. Yang figures that missile must have pierced deep into Eun-sung’s heart and bets in his favor.

Na-ri buys a pair of shoes the cleaning ajummas found in the trash. Jake is impressed with the design and at closer examination, Na-ri realizes that Tae-kang was the one who redesigned them.

Meanwhile, Tae-kang hobbles around in the heels in Choong-baek’s restaurant. It’s beyond me why he’s wearing them around in public and he whines to his best buddy that he STILL doesn’t get why women torture themselves in these.

So he gets the brilliant idea that he has to go big or go home. Thus begins Operation Tae-kang into Tae-yang, dressing him to a her, waxing (via duct tape…ouch), with hair and makeup.

They get looks of horror as Tae-yang walks the streets with Choong-baek, awkwardly reaching to adjust his wardrobe in public. No shame to go pee in the men’s bathroom? Cool.

Their experiment has left Tae-kang with more questions than answers. He already asked Dad why women go through all that trouble to dress themselves up with clothes, makeup, hair, and shoes, and Dad told it was all to seduce men.

But their conversation gets cut short at the sight of Eun-sung at a nearby table. Why does he have a powerpoint presentation entitled, “How to make Hwang Ji-an a Mother?” Beats me.

In Tae-kang’s eyes Eun-sung is with another woman massaging her hand affectionately. But we know that he’s actually running through his master plan with Jun-hee. Because of course pregnancy and motherhood will always go as planned.

Tae-kang gets up in defiance, ready to punch someone as Choong-baek holds him back. Then we cut to Eun-sung showing Jun-hee how to reduce swelling in Ji-an’s hand. Jun-hee barks that this is something the baby’s daddy should be doing.

She feeds his curiosity that he’s an employee at the same company. Starting to connect the dots, Eun-sung asks for his name… when a punch comes flying at his face. Is it sadistic of me to find that oddly satisfying?

Now sporting a fresh black eye, Eun-sung gets up as Tae-kang grabs him by the collar. “You rotten bastard.”

They stare at each other as Ji-an turns the corner just in time to witness their standoff.



There you have it – another episode where Tae-kang is in the dark. At this rate, he won’t find out that the baby is his until the kid’s 18. Also, I can probably almost always rely on Moment Killer Eun-sung to swoop in just in time to stop Ji-an from sharing the pregnancy news with someone she not only wants to tell but has the right to know. So it’s okay for you to tell her parents she was diagnosed with premature menopause but not okay for her to talk about her own health?

I thought that we’d already crossed the border of totally unethical medical practice when Dr. Without Borders conducted Ji-an’s ultrasound, but nope – he decides that he’s going to be her doctor. Do you know that you have to be the one delivering the baby too? Maybe it’s written in your powerpoint presentation.

His demeanor, words, and actions are so inappropriate and wrong at this point that I wonder how Eun-sung became such a recognized doctor in the first place. And then his blatant disregard of how comfortable or not she felt towards him being her doctor just made me want to throw that punch myself. What I so frightfully feared became a horrible reality. It really is such a pity because I love Park Gun-hyung ever since I saw him in Innocent Steps.

However, I loved that Mom got her moment to shine after how upset she was over Ji-an’s pregnancy. She’s a caring and affectionate mother who loves her daughter. Though her marriage is far from perfect, that scene tacked on another motivation for Ji-an to be a good mother to her unborn child.

I’ve mentioned it before but I like the “Rome wasn’t built in a day” concept for both of our lead characters whether it comes to motherhood for Ji-an or becoming a designer for Tae-kang. I love how this drama shows that it takes hard work, that it takes wise words from the experienced, and a desire to work towards it. There’s no one thing that caused a drastic improvement.

We can tell that Ji-an needed to awaken her maternal instinct and Tae-kang needed to tap into his inner talents. By gaining confidence in those and allowing them to shine through, the possibilities are endless to what they can achieve.


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  1. Tara S

    Yay!!! Thank you so much gummimochi for the recap 🙂

    • 1.1 Betty

      Thank you for this nice recap :-))

      Nice episode. Still too slow in my opinion but now I am wondering if it’s not on purpose to show Ji An that Tae Kang loves her even though he think it’s not his baby.

      It’s creepy that the doctor insist so much on being her obstétrician. This is wrong on so many level!!!

      • 1.1.1 True2u

        YES, i think that’s what they are doing, having TK love her even thought he thinks the baby is not his. That where you can see the difference between TK and the Doc. TK is willing to love Ji-An even if the child she is carrying is not his.

        Agreed again, that’s creepy on soo many levels!!!!

  2. ck1Oz

    Whoa you guys.How can you stand that doctor?Even reading the recap of what he is doing is enough to report him to the Medical Board.

    • 2.1 True2u

      We put up with him because we LOVE TK & Ji-An. -_-
      The opening scene when he asked Ji-An, A grown ASS woman, “What time do you think it is?” had me going BONKERS!!!!, it’s as if he was talking to a “rebellious lost teenage girl” as gummimochi puts it.

      i just LOVE the Title gummimochi has given him, “Dr. Without Borders” and i should add “Man without Borders”

    • 2.2 alua

      Hate the doctor. Can’t stand him.

      I was never on his ship anyhow (too slimy from the beginning) but now he’s just lots of red flags all around.

      It’s ick and creepy that he wants to treat someone who has rejected him but he is still in love with.

      It’s infuriating that he’s like “Why are you back so late? I was about to go to the police”.


      I actually can’t laugh about “Dr. Without Borders” – as clever as that pun is, the doctor’s creepiness behind it keeps me from finding it funny.

      • 2.2.1 True2u

        I agreed, i can understand he has fallen for Ji-An, but i think its only her strong facade that he’s in love with, I HATE the fact that he treats her like he owns her, and this is episode 9 and he has yet to to sit and think about what she is really going through. Everything was always me, me, me, ME, ME.

        He just jumped off the charts when he offered himself to be her OB, like COME ON!!!!!! how CRAZY can you get.. -.-

        I have to ADMIT that punch in the end was AMAZING, sorry, i just feel TK did us all a favor and punched the guy for all his COCK-BLOCKAGE and his CREEPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • alua

          “He just jumped off the charts when he offered himself to be her OB, like COME ON!!!!!! how CRAZY can you get.. -.-”

          And the way he did it too. Playing around and saying I’ll get the new doctor and then walking back in himself, adding the glasses as if playing dress up! (Actually, I knew it would be him walking in.)

          • true2u

            I knew it was going to be him, -_-. And his attitude in ep 10 was just, damn Doc give up.

        • toystar

          Hi True2u
          I am goin say I agree with u. Doc is soooo creepy he’s now scary!! TK fighting!!!

          • true2u

            You should have capitalize creepy, LOL! TK!!!!!! “TEAM BABY DADDY!”

  3. mary

    gummi, your recap cracks me up!

    I can’t hate the actor playing the doctor, not with the “how to massage your breast when they hurt” scene!

  4. kewbie

    Hahah I love you! “Dr. Without Borders” — hahaha!

    I needed that laugh this morning. Thanks for the recap. Eun Sung really needs to step away…I don’t see any good reason for him to be all up in Ji An’s business — literally and figuratively!

    • 4.1 Rachel

      Second that. So funny! Is he really going to deliver the baby? I hope not.

      As for why she is keeping Tae Kang in the dark, I think the way people think about parental rights is different in Korea. It seems like most of the time one parent has full custody, sometimes with no visitation rights at all. It’s not like the US, where we assume it’s in the best interests of the child for both parents to be involved. Not saying it’s right or I agree with it.

    • 4.2 SillyRnti

      Agreed. That “Dr. Without Border” line made me laugh for a full minute. I haven’t yet watched the last few episodes but I still read the recaps b/c they are hilarious. Thank you gummimochi!

    • 4.3 Betty

      LOLLLLLL for “all up in Ji An’s business — literally and figuratively!”

    • 4.4 Rule

      actually she does encourage him and so he sort of tags along with her, rightly so I guess she finds he is more suited to her.
      I can t really hate him, as I feel he cares for her in her way…does get creepy thou

  5. Yue

    This is so slow paced that the drama is lucky they have Kim Su Ah… If it was any other female lead, I would have given up already. It’s frustrating to see Tae Kang in the dark week after week. I just wish they’d let him know already. I do think that Tae Kang would be able to live up to his roles. Be it a promising designer or a dad. I just wish Ji An would give him a chance…

    • 5.1 Mystisith

      Agree. How far is she supposed to be in her pregnancy? To be honest, I find it slow and nothing happens much. I enjoy gummimochi ranting (thanks for the recap by the way) more than the actual drama. Doc becoming a psychopath bastard? Bwahaha… It’s the only thing the writer could find to clear the way for the OTP? Sorry, but for me this show is an epic fail. I’m so sad for all the cast, really.

      • 5.1.1 Tyme

        I think 13 weeks? I’m not sure if I heard that right though…

      • 5.1.2 zsa

        Sorry but I don’t think the show is an epic fail. It is receiving enough love from all of us, and the actors, esp LJW is starting to be recognized for his acting talents…love rain and wild romance may fall into that category if you look at failures ratings wise, but IDID is still at much higher range…I don’t pity the actors, they are taking a brave step at choosing a drama which depicts real life and real conflicts, which is more than we can say abt popular ones which are just fantasy based…

    • 5.2 Aisu

      Yeah…this drama story line almost nearly similar with the drama storyline (not technically) in my country which I and most of the people despise it a lot because of suppression, hiding the fact between the characters yet the viewers know, how stressing. since this drama is with Korea touch it’s way lot better than in mine.

      and you right this drama lucky to have Kim Sun ah and others great cast. Or perhaps MBCs know actually, by the story the drama should be placed the most incredible and nailed actors or else it could be worse than big budget drama yet failed ‘Korean peninsula’.

  6. KDrama Fan

    GM, thanks for the recap! You’ve become a speed machine 🙂

    So glad to have this recap so I can comment on this without giving anything away.

    This was my favorite episode so far.

    I am getting that ‘falling for the drama’ feeling…

    Looking forward to Episode 10!

  7. E-Bone

    I’m debating the possibility that TK really won’t find out he’s the father until the show is almost over. Disappointing though, b/c he already dotes on Ji An so much, to see that amplified 10x would be cuteness overload. *visions of the two at Lamaze classes dancing in my head*

    The Doctor is so irritating to me that I roll my eyes every time he appears on screen. He comes off a bit controlling and arrogant, me thinks Ji An dodged a bullet by cutting the relationship off when she did. I’m wondering why the writers decided to make his character like this, when normally I’d find myself rooting for the second male lead (just a little bit). *counting down the days until TK hits him again, cause you know someone will*

  8. oftheshore

    Loved the Scene with JA’s mother – it’s clear that her own husband is very controlling, and she just wants her daughter to live the life she really wants to live. I also loved that we got to see TK’s designer talent in action – no spoilers, but the next episode was satisfying in that sense as well. The scene in the park was adorable, too. I also sometimes think JA is testing the waters with TK – you can notice her smile when he does something properly, so maybe she just wants to be sure about him?

    • 8.1 jomo

      The mother/daughter scene was one of my favs of this drama so far…I liked that we got to see JA’s vulnerability, and then that her own mother is intimidated by her daughter. JA’s Oma reminds me of mine, not really confident about herself, but still a very loving mother.

      BUT, it hurt me a lot that the mother does NOT give her daughter as much attention as the overbearing father.
      I am beginning to see that some of JA’s intimacy issues may not be self-inflicted. Based on what we have seen, even with the fanning bugs away moment, it is possible that JA may have felt like a third wheel once in a while.

  9. pikapuffie


    DYING!!!! omg laughing so hard. honestly this ep semi turned me off the drama except for the cute scene in the park. i thought the cross dressing scene was stupid and unnecessary. and yet ANOTHER time waster so that he can’t find out he’s the baby daddy. but the next ep picks it up thankfully.

  10. 10 Kim

    Dr. Without Borders is without a doubt the funniest nickname you guys have come up with. I was lmao during the breast massaging scene. It seems like he does care about jian, but I still can’t get over how he’s forcing his way into her life. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when tae kang finally finds out that he’s the daddy.

  11. 11 namcha

    The massaging of the breast scene had me in stitches. The cross dressing was just filler. I get a feeling they are going to drag out the baby daddy reveal until the very last few eps.

    • 11.1 Betty

      The massaging breast creeped me out big time and gave me goosebumps and not in a good way… brrrrrrrrrr

  12. 12 Alkachan

    Thank you so much for your recap ! Always a pleasure to read, and such an added-value to enjoy the episode !

    Cheers to all shoes (and Tae-Kang) lovers !

  13. 13 JJ

    that scene with the doc giving her breast exer instructions cracked me to da max! gosh it was funny but in reality he shldn’t hv done that illustrations in public i know this is fiction but gosh 🙂 LOLzzz other than that i nvr thot i’d enjoy this drama much more than i did the other drama Big where i got bored now!
    thnx for recaps! epis 10 is already subbed if in case some of you haven’t been to viki

  14. 14 jomo


    Come live with me and be my love!

  15. 15 Oonpa

    Dramabeans’s recappers are getting funnier and funnier.

    Gummi+headsno are definitely growing on me.

  16. 16 Soso

    OMG, “Dr. Without Borders” had me cracking up! And the burnt eye socket… that was just so weird and so obviously for comedic effect that it winded up not even being funny.

    I really had hopes for ES, but now he’s definitely crossed the line where I can’t ship him and JA at all. I wish the drama had made him a more believable potential mate, but he’s disappointingly turned into that sterotypical second lead, one-sided obsessive who hasn’t a clue that he’s being way too pushy and forceful. He may come across as caring, but really he’s being incredibly self-centered. Ironic considering he think JA is the only who only thinks of herself.

    Thanks for a fun recap!

  17. 17 favoree

    Oh, no, guys, why are you so mean to this drama? I find it the best now. I adore KSA, but being at episode 10 already, I must say Lee Jang Woo is catching up. He is extremely cute.

    • 17.1 True2u

      I agreed, This drama is the ONLY drama that I’m ADDICTED to, then Ghost comes in # 2.

      • 17.1.1 zsa

        Same here…I love the drama…yes the writing could be better but the actors make up for it…i don’t mind TK not knowing abt the baby yet,,,coz he needs to be sure of his feelings first, and JA though attracted to him, needs to know that he’s not just in it for the baby…team daddy gogogo!!!

  18. 18 jomo

    Thanks for the recap and thanks for “Dr. Without Borders”
    DWOB is perfect for him!

    I loved this episode, filler and all, mostly because I have become slavishly devoted to TK, or actually, LJW, who keeps improving and warming me to my very core.

    And seriously, he’s on screen most of the show – talking to himself, being ridiculous, beings so so sweet to everyone, working hard. The PD seems to have placed the responsibility for every episode on his shoulders.

    JA has wonderful moments, but she says or admits or reveals so little about her true feelings, you have to fill in the blanks with the character. I sense, because of the charged moments between her and TK, that she is slowly melting in the brilliance of his sun. How could she resist his sincerity?
    But when will this iceburg start to crack enough so we can see inside, so TK CAN SEE?

    They have made her so unreachable as a person, it will be interesting to see her years and years of facade crumble. Will it be all at once or little by little?
    I have no idea, I just want her to smile at him once, and let him know she appreciates his efforts. That would be a sight to see…

    • 18.1 favoree

      Agree agree agreee!!!!!!
      KSA here plays a deep and powerful left hand party, if we compare this drama to piano piece. I miss her smile and generally more acting too, but her incredible power is present as usual.
      As for LJW, believe me guys, by the next 2 episodes you will be finding yourselves rewinding the episodes just to see him again and again, he is JUST ALL RIGHT .
      If only the writers won’t screw it up , of course. It’s too easy to start looking for compromises, rather than continue with the absolute purity of this love, from both TK and JA. I understand JA, I would not let myself to accept TK’s love neither., at least at this stage. But I would definitely be deeply touched, I’d rather say- wounded- by his sincerity.

      • 18.1.1 jYmY

        From the beginning, he hasn’t backed away from showing sympathy to whoever he thinks needed it.

        It is cool to see him go toe to toe with the all-powerful JA despite the fact he is negotiating from a powerless stance.

        While the doctor keeps trying to control JA by giving (forcing on) her what he THINKS she needs, TK is actually listening to her, letting her make the decsions.

        His scenes with the Director are also wonderful because he is the only one that treats her as an equal, even though he is not.

    • 18.2 Kappy

      Yes, yes, thanks so much for the recap, gummimochi. And agreed… Dr. Without Borders is ace.

      And @jomo – the acronym DWOB is perfect! We see the JA iceberg slowly melting, in the brilliance of the TK sun. He’s killing her with kindness – the good kind of killing, as odd as that sounds. It’s true… who can resist that sincerity? And when it’s driven by love? Not me. Not for long. And the same is obviously happening to Miss Iceberg. Melting away..

  19. 19 sunahforever

    you will, you will …wait for next episode … no spoilers but who would not melt under TK’s loving nature…tenn teng teng, d best moments are coming up… omo omo omo

  20. 20 Yasie

    I think they are just dragging out this reveal to add more romantic tension. If they reveal it now TK will be all over JA (yay!!!) which would be awesome to us but in dramaland there need to be a conflict called president, vice pressident and TK dad. we can see that TK dad like the young vice pres much more than JA and even pres looks like she is starting like TK amd what does it all mean. TK and Vice pres gonna be set up for a couple of eps while JA is with DWB( doctor without borders lol.). Then Ja will start to get jealous of him being nice to the vice pres. Thus beginning the love square. But seriously it is too awkarard to have ur ex blind date as your obgyn doctor. Well i guess it wants of the goods eventhough they are already taken.

  21. 21 Alice

    gummimochi thank you !

    the scriptwriter wrote the script for
    “Dr. without borders”,

    and the actor is doing good acting on his part, don’t hate him too much because he is trying his best to help the newly blurred mother- to- be who got no time to read about pregnancy health !.

    I envisage she will switch doctor when delivery period ensue or the young man will deliver his baby himself to make it more comedy !!like using the cart barrow !!

  22. 22 In Su

    Dr. ES “adoption”? Is he that much in love with her?
    Will TK love her even if it’s not his child?

    I really like the IDID team for taking on the misogynist and male dominated Korean society
    I now respect KSA for taking this drama.

    • 22.1 jYmY

      I can’t even imagine how TK will react when he finds out.
      I am guessing full blown cardiac arrest of happines…

  23. 23 Amaya

    Ugh. Eun-sung is breaking every single rule of ethics there is. I can’t take it. Especially since I’m learning them right now as a med student and..and…he just….he comes on the screen and I cringe and then he breaks some new rule and I groan. And I was thoroughly disgusted when he was talking about examining the vaginas of people he knew. Just…..ew.

    • 23.1 Cynthia

      True, but I’m having a problem with perceiving the doctor as a physician who truly has no borders, or is this an acceptable portrayal of Eastern medicine and the realities therein?

      No question, ethical boundaries in the West are iron-clad, with offenders being sued or losing licenses should those boundaries become breached.

      That being said, what constitutes ethical boundaries for Eastern phycians? Believing that Kdramas accurately portray the ‘real’ Eastern physician is just silly, maybe. Living in the States doesn’t give me the right to pass judgement on Eastern medicine practioners from a different country/culture.

      • 23.1.1 Kappy

        @ Cynthia – Good point, ’cause I’m wondering the same thing. Less (or eased) borders allowed in the East? Or is this a man whose borders/lines are being blurred by love? Or both?

      • 23.1.2 Atiras

        in most asian countries, the rules of ethics and other medical malpractice laws of the west dont apply.

        in reality (like in dramas) there is little doctor-patient confidentiality with the doctors often preferring to talk to the patient’s family about diagnosis etc rather than directly to the patient herself (bloody frustrating).

        there is no culture of litigation (unless its something super serious) in medicine.

        these leads to different set of troubles than those in the west (high malpractice insurance for the docs passed on to patients as fees, ordering of all tests under the sun to cover doc’s ass which drives up healthcare costs, etc). It is harder to correct bad medical practices, opaque systems, little power in the hands of patients.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Asia is a huge continent though… Including India and Iran…

          Do you mean East Asia?

          Rules vary also country to country.

  24. 24 Heather

    I really enjoyed this episode–I love the park scene, balanced with the weight of the mother scene.

    Was anyone else distracted by how gorgeous KSA’s dress was? I need to find that in the US and…in my price range 😛

    • 24.1 Insu

      Sorry, I hear many of the best IDID fashion sells out very fast in Korea. My Ex is vacationing in Korea right now and watching this.

  25. 25 Shia

    I love the fact that for the past few episodes (I don’t remember when it started) JA has been referring to TK as the baby’s father. Like it is soooo cute! For example when she is talking about his foot quiz and says the baby’s dad isn’t that dumb. I just feel as though the romance can finally start now on her side because she is acknowledging the baby’s dad slowly in her own way.

  26. 26 TammieR

    The breast massage scene had me on the floor. I even made hubby watch it and he was dying laughing.

    I nearly died when I read that Dr. Without Borders was the guy from Innocent Steps. I loved that movie. And now I’ve wasted most of the morning watching bits and pieces of it. Late for work again. Oh well, it was for a good cause, right? We may all want to punch him in the face, but we wouldn’t turn down a turn around the floor with him, would we?

  27. 27 Suzi Q

    I enjoy your funny recaps so much.This episode was hilarious!
    Love your comment about Dr. without Borders. I agree Eun-sung is definitively doing some unethical things. Is he nuts? Massaging his chest (boobs) in a public place?

    I thought LJW makes one ugly looking lady. He was so funny walking in those shoes and wearing ladies garments.
    I don’t think Ji-an meant for him to go out in public like that.
    Probably every one thought he was a drag queen. LOL.

    I wish they stop keeping Tae Kang in the dark about the baby. Everyone around Ji-an knows about it. When is Ji-an going to tell him before someone else blabs it out?

    • 27.1 Kappy

      I, for one, actually thought he made a pretty lady. Of course the body doesn’t fit, but his face was pretty to me. And I usually don’t think this of any man dressed in drag (well, except for Heechul of SUJU), because most often, to me, a good-looking male does not a good-looking female make.

      It was funny to watch him walking down the street arm-in-arm with his friend who was sooo embarrassed to be seen with him/her. That’s dedication, man.

      • 27.1.1 True2u

        The bathroom scene was brilliant!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard i was crying, i just love when he said “Anyong Haseyo” to the other guy, LMAO!!! he had me on the floor.

      • 27.1.2 True2u

        YES, That’s dedication. Especially when TK bra wasn’t fixed right, and TK took his hand and place it on the fake boobs and told him to fix it for him. LOL XD

  28. 28 Aera

    I’m pretty sure they won’t do the big reveal until the end of the drama. Tae Kang is supposed to show his loyalty to Ji An by taking care of her even without knowing for sure that she’s pregnant with his baby (thereby earning her love and trust). As for the hack job done on ES’ character, I just can’t with the writers. Methinks they succeeded a little too well in crafting a sympathetic character and then decided to sabotage him for the sake of the main lead.

  29. 29 panshel

    I love the “Park. Tae. Kang.” That does sound badass. Tae Kang is such a sweetheart, he really deserves all the love/crushes coming his way.

  30. 30 Kim Yoonmi

    This episode kinda bored me, but Episode 10 knocked my socks off. Wow. (No spoilers alert)

    TK really steps up to be a man in this and the next episode, which warms my heart. He’s not there yet and he doesn’t quite understand yet, but the fact he’s willing to put in the effort to understand and LISTEN unlike Dr without borders really makes me want to root for him unlike before. Before it was “That’s sweet… Awww…” But now it’s more like, “Game is on.”

    I like especially that Tae Kang’s rival isn’t the NPD doctor, but it is Ji An herself. (Which is why the rivals really don’t need to be there–they feel like filler.)

    • 30.1 Insu

      YES! 10 was great. Dr. is not the only one thinking of marrying her with someone else’s baby.

  31. 31 Rebecca34

    I won’t read, won’t read except the comments at the end. Only on e 6 but TK still doesnt know in e 9??? I’m seriously wondering if I should drop this. Assuming the keep the baby and get together they need time to react grow as a couple ect. I agree with the other poster no KSA definitely wouldn’t keep watching. Still better than the disaster that was Rooftop Prince……thanks for the effort in the recap!!!!

  32. 32 MJ

    Tae Kang, you look so pretty in drag…getting the hang of what it feels like to be a woman wearing high heels that can harm you in the long run the higher the heels, the greater the risk of long-term harm on a woman’s knee joints.

    Women commonly sacrifice comfort for fashion, but their choices in footwear may be causing long-term damage to their bodies.

  33. 33 jastinel

    Thanks gummimochi for the recap!

  34. 34 JAMBO42

    “Tae Kang Syndrome”….that’s so cute! I almost like Na Ri and Tae Kang together…

    • 34.1 Rule

      awe……NOOOO!! I like JA. the other is kinda creeeeePy

  35. 35 dieseltrain

    love your summaries. hurry with episode 10 summaries. lol. I agree with many of you if it wasn’t KSA as the main female lead i would have stopped watching.

  36. 36 A

    Thank you gummimochi! Your sense of humour is refreshing and much appreciated ! 😀

  37. 37 denwanai

    I like “Dr. without boundaries” better. and I did really LOVE Innocent Steps. A charming well acted movie.

  38. 38 Aisu

    Early recap Gm?? nice… 🙂 thank you
    Tae Kang and Jian have something in common, admit their mistakes and won’t hardly to say sorry, and TK do that in her place, good boy ^^.

    the outing is priceless scene, the two fit perfectly, it’s bit thrilling scene, love it, we won’t know that we would seen Jian’s other side of what she thinks all this time and become one of the gateway of their future.

    the doc made me felt like wtf??? that’s public venue, I won’t do that even for health reason, even JA can’t hide her shame ES insist to deliver the lesson standing, again wtf???sorry…

    felt so sorry for TK he blind of the fact, yet he awarded as a penniless in result of his never ending concern of Jian. The writer should let him know asap, or else I’m going to get stress of ughhh….

  39. 39 Poof

    I like the Doctor. Ji An is so irresponsible with her baby, that he has to be up there in everything. He has to get her meds, make her come to appointments, make sure she’s eating right, and all that.. she just doesn’t get it. & With her early menopause thing, it’s even worse. He might interrupt some moments, but she works with TK and sees him all the time, at any point she could come clean, but she keeps it all in.

  40. 40 Marie

    This may be the wrong place to ask but I was curious if anyone could recommend an older man – younger woman drama besides A Thousand Kisses. I’ve seen a ton of noona romances and enjoyed them but, to my great surprise, I haven’t found very many ‘oppa’ romances (surprising since I know that it’s much, much more common for young women to marry older men than the other way around).

    • 40.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Sweet 18 had a younger girl (18) and an older guy. (late 20’s?)

      But in general it’s not done because dramas are an outlet for house Ajumma to get a fantasy while they clean house.

      Men usually don’t watch that many dramas…

    • 40.2 malta

      There are many dramas with older men, younger women pairings, but because it isn’t really a taboo thing, it either doesn’t get mentioned or isn’t a major plot point. There’s not much drama in a 27yr old woman dating a 37yr old man even though the age gap is 10yrs. Also many of the older man/younger woman pairings are with the older generation who play the parents and it may just be an actor thing, but much older men get paired with much younger actresses all the time which happened in ATK with the older couple with the Dad who was in a wheelchair. The Dad is in his 70’s and the Mom is 52.

      I think the age gap would have to be really big for it to be a part of the plot like it is currently in A Gentleman’s Dignity where the age gap is 16 years and they are selling that ship hard. I don’t remember what the age gap was in ATK for the younger couple, but I think it was maybe 8 to 10yrs and although it is was part of the plot, it was not where all the drama came from. Unfortunately I watched that entire drama and I cannot recommend it. Stay away if you cherish your sanity! 🙂

      A 4 year age gap, which isn’t even that much, is enough for a noona romance. The age gap in this drama might be the biggest one I’ve seen in a noona romance and I’m not sure we even know what the age gap is… maybe 10yrs? Since TK is 27 and I think JA is suppose to be 37?

  41. 41 Yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    I’m really enjoying this drama.

    It doesn’t feel slow to me. It feels like a character driven drama and those always take a while to unfold.

    I only just realize that it was episode ten and the relationship between the OTP had been established between them as yet.

    I think the slow pace of the drama was necessary so that TK can grow up to be worthy of being a partner JA. He isn’t there yet, but he is on his way.

    • 41.1 Tara S

      I completely agree with your sentiments. I love this show and have completely fallen in love with the characters over time.

      • 41.1.1 daria

        me three… i am okay with the pacing & i’m so completely invested in this drama it’s not even funny! for the first time, i am actually reading live updates on wed-thu nights… THAT BAD!

        i love the way TK looks at JA 😉

  42. 42 Miharu

    Thanks for the recap! It’s always have been my habit to check your recap after watching the episodes.

    So far, I am enjoying this drama, and its a first that I don’t feel a electrifying love towards the 2nd male lead, I think its because he’s just too pushy for me. Can’t wait for the next episodes to come! BTW, what is the brand name of the bag that Ji-an gave her friend? Did anyone noticed?

  43. 43 Rovi

    “Thus begins Operation Tae-kang into Tae-yang, dressing him to a her, waxing (via duct tape…ouch), with hair and makeup.” – OMG~!!! ROFLING~!!! Reminds me of the time when Lee Jang-woo’s charcater in “Three Brothers” went all draggy for an operation~!!! And the name…well, yang is a feminine suffix, but when mixed with tae, is a fail combo…makes me think of Taeyang of Big Bang *lurches to barf*

  44. 44 Anne-So

    Dr EunSeung is quite annoying, you guys told it well.
    But I got a huge problem with JA’s behaviour. She is fierce and proud, she doesn’t need anyone to live, she cope with everything herself, that’s amazing and I love this character.
    But she didn’t tell the father of her child yet about her pregnancy, which in my opinion, makes her egoistic as hell. What is this mentality? Is it srs? How come the FATHER is still not aware? No matter who he is, he has the right to know, and she needs to stop thinking about her or him, but only about the child. This shouldn’t be for her that she should tell him, not for him, but for the damn child.
    She can always refuse to marry him, she has to face the reality because it’s about her child’s life.
    Rly, I don’t get it. I don’t get how that works, how in some countries, when there is a divorce, the father never sees his children anymore because the mother doesn’t want to. This is this kind of mentality that is so annoying.

    This is a good drama because TK is LOVE, and I very much like Kim Sun Ah’s character. This is sad that it is mature in some ways and immature in some others. It could have been greater .

    • 44.1 Insu

      The writer wants you to know if he loves her even tho it’s not his baby.
      Doctor seems like he’s going to marry her, note the “adoption” discussion.

      IDID is an effort to change Korean men’s attitude towards single moms. I’m Korean and I know many Koreans see single mom as used condom thrown away by the dad with the baby in her.

      • 44.1.1 malta

        “ingle mom as used condom thrown away by the dad with the baby in her.”

        This is very, very disturbing…

    • 44.2 Kim Yoonmi

      It makes more sense in Episode 10…

      Also to echo the sentiments–Single Mothers are treated really horribly in Korea. Especially babies born out of wedlock. (Which should illuminate this drama)

      JA’s justification for not telling the father makes a lot of sense in episode 10–it just takes a while for it to be spilled.

      If Korea wants to improve the birth rate, they probably should help single mothers more, promote day care facilities within work places and give general support for the working mom. So it’s not that you are cold and calculating for wanting both. But the head is slower than the body of Korea and the idea of women’s rights to that degree can’t happen overnight.

      • 44.2.1 Insu

        Hi, Yumi! Glad to meet another ‘sister’ from/in Korea.

        • Insu

          ooops sorry, I thought only a woman in or from Korea would know how maledominated and misogynist Korea is.

  45. 45 sulyn

    Thanks for the recap. Am really enjoying the drama more after reading your recap. Thanks again.

  46. 46 Insu

    Medical ethics in Korea, the doctor is a man and he can do anything he wants with women. My immigrant friends see only Korean woman doctots, becuase of language and well you just have to know the status of women in Korea. When their mom comes to NYC to visit, they’re just as bad, exactly like it is in so many kdramas and IDID on correct behavoir

  47. 47 malta

    Tae Kang is so awesome!!!! LUV him.

    The doc is creepy. How can you contemplate adopting another person’s baby when “reality check Doc!!!!! You are still NOT in a relationship with the baby’s mother!” It’s like Eun Sung thinks he’s the lead in the drama who needs to grow and change and accept Ji An. Wrong. It’s the other way around and he’s just completely clueless and in denial about it. I don’t know why Ji An puts up with it. When Ji An was like, “I don’t want my blind date looking at my vagina…[while I’m carrying another man’s baby]!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I was like, YES! YES! YES! Stop being creepy Doc.

    I love Ji An, but she needs to be honest with Tae Kang and tell him what’s up. Also I think if you have to be a single mother, then you have to, but 2 parents raising a child should be the goal if possible. There are plenty of single super moms and single super dads out there, but having seen how hard it is to raise a child by yourself with my own eyes, I find it very unrealistic that any woman would choose this path if they had any other choice. So I think Ji An doesn’t want to get married because she is afraid she will have to be shackled like her mother, not because she thinks single motherhood is going to be cakewalk.

    Even if she is not interested in marriage she is going to need Tae Kang’s help. Tae Kang can be the baby’s father without marrying Ji An. And for the record HELL to the NO is Eun Sung adopting Tae Kang’s baby! ohhhh. >:( Just thinking about it makes me mad. I would have to hunt down the writer for this drama if some stupid ish like that happened. A 27yr old man is NOT a child and is more than capable of being a father.

  48. 48 Leigh

    Being the doctor in this drama is no easy task…first of all, the role demanded an actor who can really act, and that is, PGY. His character may seem creepy, etc., but it’s really the actor who makes us feel he is creepy. He was cast in the hardest role, I think. And for that matter, I love KSA, but her character here lacks something….in fact, both roles of the doctor and her, are not likable. Why the writers did this is beyond me, a terrible waste of talent, as both are terrific artists. Now LJW, he has potential, while young, he was just great in MOH…and he is quite adorable here. Don’t know where this story is going, but to see KSA character get reconciled with her parents is a plus. To see LJW’s dad get prosperous would be great to see. At this point, I hate the story line…however, when the doctor told Jian that her breasts would start hurting——–I burst out laughing…imagine him pulling that off without cracking up and really acting like a jerk, that’s why I love him…

  49. 49 Lilian

    The second lead is
    usually domed to bad writimg. It is the samw here . It is really seldom that manage to stand out.

  50. 50 KimKas

    Eun Sung would have gotten that punch WAAAAAY before that from me. The moment he arrived with the glasses was one, the other was when he was showing her ways to counter pregnancy symptoms. He’s just bloody dead if I find him.

    For some reason I really can’t find any element to adhere to in this story, it never got me going in any way and as earnest Tae Kang is, I just cannot find something to tag along with him. How can he be so clueless about the fact that he could be the baby’s father ? Surely he can just do the maths between when the ultra-sound picture was taken and when both he and Ji An had their one-night stand ?

    I wanted to see a whole lot more of the How-to-make-nice-shoes-for-ladies tutoring to Tae Kang much earlier. That was the one thing that should been used a lot more to develop Tae Kang’s and Ji An’s relationship. Bit of a late entry but at least we’re getting there.

    Na Ri is still a bit of a lost soul and I’m not really sure what role she’s supposed to fulfill, if any.

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