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Lee Jung-jae, Kim Hye-soo as Thieves in Vogue
by | June 23, 2012 | 25 Comments

*Sizzle.* Well, this is one way to stir interest in caper film The Thieves, which headlines the two stars pictured here in this Vogue Korea photo shoot, Lee Jung-jae and Kim Hye-soo, whose concept of the day is “dangerous partners.” I’ll say.

In the diamond-heist movie featuring a team of ten professional thieves, Lee Jung-jae directs his crew to steal the gem called Tear of the Sun from a casino in Macau. The movie is a collection of some big movie names, like Jeon Ji-hyun, Kim Yoon-seok and Kim Soo-hyun, putting it squarely in summer blockbuster territory. The props from the shoot tell us what to expect: guns, gambling, fast cars, and some hot chemistry.

I don’t have any expectations that this movie will be anything deeper than a fast, slick ride with cool tricks and lots of eye candy… but really, isn’t that enough? The movie releases on July 25.


And here are a few more stills from the movie:

Via My Daily


25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. belkiss

    Super excited . Thank you so much

  2. rjyuggy

    action scenes like a boss

  3. canxi

    I’m down for a slick summer blockbuster. It’s too hot to think so deeply o.o;; hahahha

  4. jubilantia

    SO PSYCHED FOR THIS. Korean Ocean’s Eleven, here we come!

  5. Roxy

    Kim Soo Hyun in tank top <3

    • 5.1 diorama

      Second that. I don’t think I’ll need subs for this movie.

      But why that unflattering yellow perm on Kim Hye Soo? Ergh.

    • 5.2 Gab


  6. Z

    Sorry, but that first picture is just way too disturbing to be sexy.

    • 6.1 Biscuit

      That, and I thought she was wearing a bib.

      • 6.1.1 YY

        I thought it was a table napkin.

  7. Laica

    Lee Jung-jae with that moustache reminds me of Clark Gable. Rawr.

  8. girlatsea

    Oh my goodess~ Kim Soo-hyun. He kind of looks a little younger though.

  9. girlatsea

    Oh my goodness~ Kim Soo-hyun. He kind of looks a little younger though.

  10. 10 ck1Oz

    Gulp.This would be the first time I’ve said that Kim Soo Hyun looks delicious and summer ready.It sounds all sorts of wrong but that’s how he looks. 🙂

  11. 11 msim

    My only worry is that the screen might melt with such a cast.
    For once, not just one or two but many women involved in the actual heist/action – not just as “the girlfriend” or “the missus”.

    And maybe it’s my penchant for subtext by the last two pictures are screaming “hello subtext!” – which I enjoy immensely.

  12. 12 DB

    So excited for this movie!
    i like how they mixed two country in it, awesomeness over load!

  13. 13 cookieman

    eh. that’s angelica lee sin jie in the second last picture with kim hye soo, isn’t it

  14. 14 Enkhee

    Lee Jung Jae all suited up is so hot. This movie really won’t need subtitles. All scenes with him will be linguistically incomprehensible anyway.

  15. 15 Noelle

    KHS is just gorgeous. I don’t understand the wig but everything else is awesome.

    I just saw her vampire shoot which I loved aside from the out of place pot she was holding.

    Can’t wait to watch her smolder on screen! Love her.

  16. 16 Dunedin

    No matter where, or how she appears, Kim Hye-soo is still quite capable of blowing all of the other witches off the scene. Hot as firecracker on the 4th of July, that one… 😉

  17. 17 Kyungsoo

    Thieves has potential

    Vogue Korea has outdone itself: man with gun pinning woman down on bed but falling for her sexual seduction, man with Porsche coming home to sexy wife-y ready for gratification, last photo….
    the ways of objectifiying a woman are really endless

  18. 18 Rovi

    Spying sexy master from the Housemaid and Jang Hee-bin, but why does mine eyes stray over to a sexy (and derpy-Sam-dong-ish way) *hummunah hummunah* Kim Soo-hyun??? XD

    Incoherent, sorry…

  19. 19 kyary

    Omg Kim Soo Hyun! I think he looks kinda out of place here because he’s so adorablee xP

  20. 20 Cam

    Ooo. Ooo. Oh. My. Gosh. XD

  21. 21 Carinne

    No topless photo of KSH???? I’m utterly disappointed. =(

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