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Queen In-hyun’s Man: Episode 11
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There’s lots of feel-good satisfaction in this episode, which makes it an especially fun watch. Ladies taking charge of their destinies, men acting like children, reunions and some good old-fashioned smooching? Yeah, it’s allll good.

Episode 11 gives us just enough conflict to make the stakes worth it, but not so much that we’re dying in our seats, wanting the unhappy to end. ‘Cause we’re zooming along soon enough anyway, thank goodness.


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Hee-jin arrives at the awards ceremony and spots Boong-do standing in the crowd. THANK GOD. They stand there for long moments, taking in the sight of each other with relief, while the crowd blurs around them like they’re the only two who matter. Which is true enough.

The reverie breaks when Dong-min reclaims Hee-jin’s hand to lead her inside. In the brief moment that she looks away, Boong-do disappears from her sightline, and she walks the red carpet scanning the crowd for his face.

In fact, the glimpse was so brief that she’s back to doubting herself. When Soo-kyung asks about her distraction, Hee-jin admits that she thought she saw Boong-do, although she adds, “I know I was mistaken.”

Soo-kyung’s on edge when she slips out to meet Boong-do, although she wonders how she’ll even recognize the guy she’s never met. Boong-do, on the other hand, recognizes her and greets her warmly, which makes her suspicious—who is he, and what’s his deal? Boong-do sees that she doesn’t remember him: “I am disappointed. And I thought we had grown quite friendly.”

I enjoy the dash of droll humor in the editing of their conversation: We don’t need to hear the whole explanation, so we just get a drily funny long shot, no sound, with Soo-kyung gesticulating wildly. I love how she talks so emphatically with her hands.

We jump into the conversation as Boong-do asks about Hee-jin’s car. She doesn’t understand why Boong-do claims she taught him how to drive, and says in frustration, “You strangely say the same thing Hee-jin does.”

Soo-kyung says that even if she were to believe that Boong-do is from 300 years ago, it makes no sense that he’d be sitting here. He concedes that it makes sense for her to find the situation absurd, and she takes that as an admission of its fakeness, assuming he’s Hee-jin’s fan.

Boong-do silently sorts through everything as she talks. Once Soo-kyung steps aside, he thinks to himself, “It isn’t memories that have disappeared, but time.”

He thinks of the talisman that got cut, right under the character for time; essentially, time has reset in this new reality. While he and Hee-jin remember what they lived through, it didn’t actually happen in this world.

Having decided he’s a stalker-fan, Soo-kyung clucks to herself that it’s a shame for such a nice man to end up in his state. In fact, she feels sorry for Boong-do’s obsession, and starts telling him how Hee-jin really isn’t that great in person, hahaha. “It’s all makeup and lights!”

He still looks dispirited, though, so she says that a nice-looking guy like himself shouldn’t be hung up on celebrities when he’d have no problem finding women. That actually makes him choke on his tea, and he laughs, “Is that so? That is somewhat comforting.”

Her next words make him smile even more, because he’s already sat through the third degree with Soo-kyung, and her line of thinking is exactly the same as the Other Reality Soo-kyung’s: What school does he go to? Where is he from? How does he get by financially? Her reactions to his answers are likewise identical, and he laughs at her consistency of character.

Boong-do just has one question for Soo-kyung: Does Hee-jin think it was all a dream? Soo-kyung answers of course—a dream should be thought of as a dream. Why wouldn’t she, when she’s got a boyfriend and a good life?

Eep! The mention of “boyfriend” wipes the amusement from his face. Soo-kyung identifies him as Han Dong-min, the man at the awards with Hee-jin.

Speaking of which and whom, Hee-jin sits backstage awaiting her turn, her thoughts fixated on Soo-kyung’s strange response to that caller. Then she recalls Boong-do in the crowd… Was he real after all?

But Boong-do won’t be calling from that number anytime soon. He promises Soo-kyung not to contact Hee-jin again, “Because I can’t ruin the life of the woman I care for.”

Soo-kyung looks uncomfortable at his response and for crushing his hopes—not enough to stop meddling, but enough that she doesn’t feel good about it. That’s enough for me. I don’t love what she’s doing, but I can understand where she’s coming from.

Hee-jin deduces enough to be suspicious, and when Soo-kyung returns to the awards hall, she demands her phone back. She guesses that the call wasn’t a simple nude model request: “It was Kim Boong-do, wasn’t it?” Soo-kyung’s guilty look is enough to confirm it, and Hee-jin blows up: She did see him earlier! She wasn’t imagining things!

Soo-kyung says defensively that she did it because she was afraid Hee-jin would react exactly this way. Hee-jin asks where he went, and all Soo-kyung knows is what he said: “Home.”

Fuming and anxious, Hee-jin immediately heads outside, ignoring Soo-kyung’s shouts for her to come back. I love the image of Hee-jin kicking off her heels, running back down the now-empty red carpet like a Cinderella who’s chasing down her dream instead of running from it.

She darts across town barefoot with her dress train flung over her arm, and arrives at the cafe. Boong-do’s and Soo-kyung’s beverage glasses are still on the table, but he’s nowhere to be seen.

She takes one moment to let the disappointment sink in, but whirls around and flags down a taxi. No time to wallow. Got a man to catch!

Hee-jin bites her nails all the way to the park, urging the driver to hurry. He recognizes her from TV and is content to chat with his celebrity customer, but her patience runs out and she squawks, “I asked you to hurry! Are you going to take responsibility if my life gets ruined?!” She beats the seat in front of her and shrieks, “HIT THE GAS, WILL YOU!” Hee. Probably not the most PR-worthy move, but I approve.

She doesn’t even pay him upon arrival, just shouting at him to wait. Which is one of those things I always find funny about other dramas, when people are in life-or-death circumstances but manage to pay the driver before resuming their chase/escape/grand gesture.

Hee-jin arrives at the red telephone booth, spirits nosediving to see it empty. She sinks down into a crouch right there, heavy-hearted.

Joseon. Han-dong opens the gate to find a monk there, sent by monk Young-myung (the one Boong-do has been meeting) to check on Boong-do’s safety, in the aftermath of the attack earlier. Yoon-wol comes running up, her Boong-do-dar pinging at the suggestion of danger.

But Han-dong finds Boong-do at his desk, calmly writing. He instructs Han-dong to take a letter to the Euigeumbu (royal investigators), which tips them off about Ja-soo so they can arrest him before he flees the city.

Yoon-wol asks Boong-do whether he found his talisman. He says yes, but it must remain a secret from everyone, even monk Young-myung—its very existence is a threat. Yoon-wol agrees, then asks anxiously whether he met that woman.

Boong-do replies evenly, “How do you think it turned out?”

At the awards ceremony, Dong-min wonders where Hee-jin went. Soo-kyung is on pins and needles trying to get a hold of her, so when Hee-jin finally calls, hurries to answer. (Though she lies to Dong-min, not wanting to alarm him.)

Hee-jin calls from the cab, saying she couldn’t meet Boong-do and is on her way back. She sighs heavily and slumps over… and smiles?

Flashback: Hee-jin hunches in front of the phone booth and flips through her phone, seeing a page of calls from that booth. All those times Boong-do called, and she didn’t answer.

Boong-do returns to his hiding in the park, where he prepares to swap his modernwear for Joseon garb. He takes one last look out at the view… and sees Hee-jin in the booth. She’s dialing a number, perhaps her own, in a re-enactment of what he would have done. But she’s interrupted by a knock at the door.

She turns, and there he is. They stand for a long moment just staring at each other, till he asks, “Why are you here? Did you… chase me here?” Hee-jin steps forward and wraps her arms around his waist, head to chest.

That’s the image Hee-jin harbors in her head on the taxi ride, smiling secretly to herself.

Flashback over, we return to Yoon-wol’s question—did he meet “her”? Boong-do answers vaguely, “It is quite a relief that I had not committed a capital offense. Just know that.” HAHA. He means, of course, that he sure is glad he wasn’t having an illicit affair with the sitting queen.

Ja-soo makes another visit to prison to alert Minister Min of his impending departure; it’s only a matter of time before the authorities track him down. He confirms his earlier theory about the talisman, having seen Boong-do disappear with his own eyes.

Ja-soo slips out of the prison just before Han-dong arrives with his letter, so for now he’s able to evade capture.

Later that night, a party is in full swing at a Seoul nightclub, its attendees including Dong-min and a bunch of actors from the award ceremony. A room of actresses flirt with him to join their party, but he’s fixated on finding Hee-jin.

She’s outside, having slipped away quietly. Dong-min’s manager is outside, though, which sends her ducking behind cars. (Hilariously, we can hear him flirting with an actress and saying cheesy lines in the background. Like star, like manager?)

Another flashback shows us how Hee-jin had made plans with Boong-do to meet at home later, since they both had things to take care of. She’d stated her street address for him, frustrated at the lack of writing materials, but Boong-do had rattled it off right back at her: “Memorizing is a special skill of mine.” One of many.

Hee-jin scuttles her way to a taxi and makes it home safely. She immediately starts unzipping her dress, then stops and screams, her bra in full view: Boong-do sits in her apartment, staring. Gulp. He throws up a hand to shield his view, and says he didn’t mean to startle her or trespass.

Hee-jin zips herself back up and huffs that he sure did, and they banter back and forth about how he had no idea she’d just start stripping once she stepped inside her door, and she retorts that that’s totally normal behavior here, and he scoffs that it couldn’t possibly be. They’re so cute.

He wonders at her strange arm-twisted-behind-back pose, and she says the dress is tricky. He offers to help her, and she comments that he sure must feel confident in his ability to undress a woman.

Boong-do offers to step outside so she can change in peace, but she points out, “You’ve already seen everything—now you leave?” Never say he wasn’t fast on the uptake, because he sasses right back in his deadpan tone, “Because I have seen everything, I am now leaving.” Hee. She basically calls him the player-iest player that ever played.

Before he leaves, though, she asks for his talisman; she’s had enough of him disappearing on her. He asks if he won’t even be able to leave of his own will anymore, but she says that it’s worse for her: “I’m always left waiting for someone when I don’t even know when they’ll come.” Boong-do hands it over.

Hee-jin tucks it away in a drawer for safekeeping, which frankly makes me hugely nervous. Boong-do enjoys the night air on the terrace, but soon hears a voice around the corner. It’s Dong-min drunkenly telling his manager that he’s here at Hee-jin’s.

Boong-do ducks back inside, interrupting Hee-jin mid-dress. She yelps and calls him a player again, and he just goes with it: “You keep calling me a player, so let us just assume that is true.” There’s more pressing news, though: They have a guest. But for the first time, Boong-do’s looking scowly; he says pointedly, “It’s your boyfriend.” Omo, are you jealous? That’s adorable. Also, really satisfying.

Boong-do asks for his talisman, but she tells him not to leave. If she ignores the door, Dong-min ought to leave soon enough. Only to hear a beep-beep-beep! at the door as the password is punched in. Eek!

The door dings open and Dong-min comes in calling her name. Hee-jin jumps onto a couch feigning sleep, while Boong-do hides in the loft.

Dong-min pouts that she left the club and playfully grabs her in a headlock. Boong-do’s eyes narrow. Hee-jin tries to usher him to a cafe nearby—she has something “serious” to tell him—but Dong-min doesn’t want to hear anything serious. Instead, he changes his hold to grab her around the waist, then swoops in for a kiss.

I love the look on Hee-jin’s face as she cringes away, but not as much as what happens next: Boong-do squirts Dong-min with a water bottle, from upstairs, like he’s warding off an errant cat. Hee-jin plays it off as a leak, and when Dong-min grabs her again, Boong-do attacks again. Hee!

This squirting attack goes on forever, drenching Dong-min’s face, and that naturally makes Dong-min upset enough to want to find the damn source. Hee-jin points to an imaginary leak in the ceiling, then shoves him into the bathroom to wipe up before he looks up into the loft.

She leaves him there and hurries out to face Boong-do, telling him, “That was incredibly childish, do you know that?” He says innocently, “I merely saw the object containing water and pushed on it.”

He asks what she’s going to do about Dong-min, and she sighs that it’s not his fault, since he doesn’t know anything. Boong-do says, “Did I punish the wrong person? The one who gave her heart to two men is right here…” and he levels the spray bottle at her.

She takes exception—she did nothing wrong! By the way, HE was the one who was getting set up to marry the prime minister’s daughter. Haha. Oh, honey. It’s true, but it’s tantamount to admitting you Google-stalked him. He’s all, Hey how’d you know that? She retorts that everything’s right there in the Annals, and sniffs that he must be thrilled to have the path to success opened before him.

Boong-do teases, saying, “It is tempting.” But that provokes Hee-jin, who complains that she’d better do the punishing, and reaches for something to throw at him. But he stops her by saying, suddenly more serious, “If I take responsibility for you, will that take care of it?” Aieeee!

“Taking responsibility” is a common euphemism for marriage—as in, I’ll handle the consequences of everything so we can be together—and the weightiness of his proposal hangs in the air. It drains Hee-jin of all her pique, and she asks, “How will you do that?” Boong-do replies, “I will think it over, and return. Considering what I risked to come here and see Queen In-hyun’s face again [Hee-jin’s], what couldn’t I do?”

Hee-jin takes a moment to take this in, then asks, “You practiced that, didn’t you?” He’s just too good. She returns the talisman to him (oh thank god, that brief separation made me way too nervous), then says, “I’ll be the one taking responsibility.” I love her.

Dong-min emerges and Boong-do ducks back, ready to make his time-jump. Dong-min complains about her shoddy apartment and insists that she move right away, not paying her much heed when she tries to start a serious conversation. She won’t be put off and says point-blank, “Let’s break up.”

This comes out of left field for him, so Hee-jin attempts to explain in the clearest possible way, which isn’t very clear. She says that a former boyfriend has returned, one she dated before she got back together with Dong-min. That sounds like a lame excuse; he accuses her of blaming things on that dream man and now this other boyfriend. She says they’re the same person, and since there’s no good way to make that make sense, she asks him to think of it as her having amnesia, then regaining her memory back. She makes a point to clarify that she was definitely not two-timing.

She’s winding down the explanation when Dong-min suddenly erupts, flinging his jacket in her face and yelling that there’s a limit to his patience. He’s trying to accept everything because of her accident, but she’s really working his last nerve. So she’s dating this dream man, is she? Where is he, huh?

Hee-jin can only say that he’s out of reach right now because he went somewhere far away, which sounds so absurd that Dong-min laughs. He tells her that only when she produces this guy will he consider that she’s not lying.

Hee-jin can’t do that, but she reminds Dong-min, “I let you go quietly last time.” When he cheated on her, she didn’t say a thing because he’d asked her to be cool about it, because he’d met someone and had to follow his heart. So why can’t he take his own words when the situation is reversed?

Dong-min accuses her of doing this as revenge and takes a step toward her… just as a pillow knocks him down from above.

There stands Boong-do, not having leapt after all. He wasn’t convinced she’d be able to “take responsibility” on her own, and sure enough, here she is struggling: “Do you know so little of men?”

I love how the happy couple just stands there grinning at each other while Dong-min fumes: “Is this bastard Kim Boong-do?” Not only does Boong-do cop to that, he holds up the water bottle and claims credit for that too. And sticks out his tongue. Omg.

Dong-min calls him a son of a bitch and charges up the stairs, fists swinging. Oh, pretty boy, this is not a battle you can win. Boong-do dodges and swings, sending Dong-min sprawling onto the bed, then rushes to Hee-jin’s side: “I feel this every time, but that passionate nature of yours is truly a problem. How can you just act on emotion like that, without thinking how to deal with it?”

Dong-min charges back downstairs and grabs a golf club, swinging wildly at Boong-do. Thankfully Boong-do knows a few tricks and sends well-placed punches into Dong-min’s chest, claiming the golf club. Boong-do warns, “I can hold back twice, but not three times. I am warning you, so steer clear.”

Dong-min attacks again, but Boong-do delivers more swift blows and sends him running for cover in the bathroom. He slides the club into the doorjamb and shoots the cowering Dong-min a smile. Then kicks the door in.

It’s hysterical that Dong-min now reverts to sageuk speech to match Boong-do, though it’s an involuntary reflex: “No! Lower your weapon. Why do you act so? Let us talk this out.” Then Dong-min scrambles for safety and shuts himself in the shower. Omg. I love you, drama.

So Boong-do says, “I have decided that is the safest place for you.” He slides the golf club through the door handles, tying them with a towel for good measure.

Dong-min declares that Hee-jin is HIS girlfriend, which the whole world knows—who is Boong-do to insert himself between them and interfere? Those words give Boong-do pause, and he concedes, “Insert between. That is not untrue. One moment.”

He heads outside and asks Hee-jin, “What do you call stealing away a woman who has a prior claim?” Then he heads back to face Dong-min to argue semantics: “Insert between. Well, those words are not wrong. But if we are to take a precise accounting, I was first. Also, just because a goalkeeper exists does not mean a goal cannot be scored.” HAHA. Where’d you pick up soccer terms?

Boong-do says it’s a shame they couldn’t work this out civilly, and advises Dong-min to spend his time in the shower calming down. With a bow of the head, he exits. Heading back outside, he asks Hee-jin what a goalkeeper is. HAHA. Should’ve known it was a Hee-jin-ism.

Hee-jin figures that Soo-kyung will come home and release Dong-min (eventually), and suggests going out. Boong-do thinks she means time-warping away, but she snatches the talisman and says no, out.

Soo-kyung and Dong-min’s manager head home from the club in a happily tipsy state. Then Dong-min calls, practically spitting in fury, accusing some weird guy named Kim Boong-do of appearing out of nowhere and locking him in a shower. He gets even angrier when Soo-kyung seems to know who Boong-do is, accusing her of conspiring with Hee-jin while she was off two-timing him. Whoa there, buddy, you’re gonna give yourself a hernia.

Soo-kyung deals with this crisis in her trademark manner: She screams. Ha. She wails, “Am I going crazy? Look at me. Do I look like a crazy woman?” Manager: “Yes.”

Hee-jin takes Boong-do to an out-of-the-way hotel to use in the meantime and acquaints him with its features. She hops from explanation to explanation, and Boong-do breaks in to ask seriously, “Are you telling me to sleep here alone?”

She has to go back and handle the fallout, but promises to come back in the morning. He looks like a sad, lost puppy as he says, “But I don’t think I will be able to sleep. How am I supposed to spend this long, long night?” Okay, now you’re just being a player.

He pouts, “I am being left alone in a strange place, and my talisman has been taken away. Surely you aren’t really leaving?” Hee-jin hangs her head guiltily, then grabs for the remote—TV! He can amuse himself with that.

But Boong-do tosses the remote away and kisses her. Eee!

It’s Hee-jin who pulls away first, and she tells him in a practical tone that this is no time for this—not when there are so many things to do. “You said my passionate nature was a big problem,” she reminds him.

He replies, “Ah, but I didn’t tell you the other part—how appealing that is.”

Melt. She sighs, “Player.” He says, “I did not know it, but I think I am indeed a player. Agreed.”

More kisses.


So cute. It’s satisfying to see Boong-do exhibit jealousy, even if it seems half-joking, because he’s just so cool and composed that nothing ever ruffles his feathers. A handy trait when you’re on a five-year-long mission of avengerhood and justice, but potentially frustrating when you’re dealing with a love story and you can see why the heroine calls him a player. Hee-jin is such an open book about her emotions that we know exactly where she stands. I’ve never doubted that Boong-do is well on his way to genuinely loving her, but it was a refreshing change to see some of that on his face.

I agreed with Hee-jin regarding Dong-min, in that he was trying to be understanding and seemed like he was thrilled to be back with her. I never thought he’d turned over a new leaf, but a guy who appreciates his woman is always nice to see. And then he blew up and got ragey and my sympathy went poof. He didn’t actually hit her, but he did raise a hand to her and I wouldn’t have been terribly surprised if he’d escalated that confrontation before Boong-do stepped in. I won’t blame a guy for what I think he might’ve done, but what he did do raised enough red flags for me. So there he goes, back on the list of amusingly caddish.

His immaturity is hysterical—cowering on the toilet spouting sageuk-talk? Learned from playing a king, no less?—and how funny that Boong-do should act in kind to deal with him. He’s tried ignoring him (shower stall) and politely holding back (plane from Jeju), and in neither circumstance did Dong-min get it. You wanna get through to the manchild, you act like a manchild. (Which isn’t to say that Boong-do did it on purpose; in fact, it’s particularly hilarious because Boong-do’s reversion to childishness is so unexpected.)

Again this drama takes a middle-ground approach to the question of how much of the world is fated to turn out a certain way, and how much you can change through your choices. I’m liking the way we see the peripheral characters respond to these events in this new reality, as though for the first time, which I suppose it is for them.

What we get is not necessarily a preordained outcome (I have problems with the narrative rigidity of predestination), but a similar script unfolds anyway because people like Soo-kyung and Dong-min react similarly in similar circumstances despite a change in the details. How much do I love that the reason things repeat in this new reality isn’t because of some tyrannical arm of Fate but because of character consistency? Now there’s realism for ya, fantasy time-hopping historical fusion be damned.


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        Like the stoic nobleman who is so totally a player but you’re kinda-sorta wondering about that because you can only tell from his words and intonation, and never from his face. Until the words that led up to that kiss at the end of this episode, and its natural conclusion thereafter.

        Also, on a darker note, this show doesn’t prettify domestic abuse by fading away to black – you watch in growing horror as the “manchild” slaps this woman around without actually physically slapping her with his hand. It’s a flick of the towel, spraying water, little toxic humiliating verbal jabs, flaring temper when things don’t go his way and he’s not allowed to *have* his way. That’s some very realistic sh*t right there.

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          HJ’s flimsy excuse for her first kiss comparing the mores of both times, and then, the car kiss flashback back back with HJ in the Queen’s robes? Who would have thunk that something that sweet and tender could be used to terrify uri BD?
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    SO its official then.. Kim boong do- a naturally born player still i think hee jin influenced him there too for her way of explaining things just to get closer to him makes her a player through and through

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      his skills of adaptation is what takes the highlight here.

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    Exactly. Despite loving the romantic notion of destiny as espoused by George, I also tend to incline towards Mr Beebe’s idea that a ‘history of coincidence’ is rooted in a character’s propensities and inclinations.

    We can only alter ‘fate’ if we change ourselves first. The idea of destiny tends to make people ‘lazy.’ I don’t deny the force of destiny but rather I tend to live my life as though I am independent of it.

    That is why I prefer stories of coincidences rooted in character’s flaws, whims and ambitions rather than the external hand of fate; they seem more compelling and for me, much more natural. That is why this story is so much more intriguing for me; Boong Do’s more proactive approach to fate. (Which leads me onto that ‘I meant to do that’ line of reasoning from your thing vs thing post; as George and Fate tell you to ‘call it what you will, if it makes you feel better.)

    • 14.1 anais

      Sabah, you’re going all Forster and Room with a View on us. For a second, I wondered if I’d somehow ended up on the wrong blog post. 🙂

      • 14.1.1 Sabah

        Sorry. It isn’t so much that my fictional worlds collide but rather I tend to tie them together through threads of theories.

        Mr Beebe’s comment is the biggest thing I took away from ‘A Room with a View’ and ‘coincidentally’ I was reflecting upon it just recently and so it leapt up at me whilst reading JB’s comment.

        Once again, sorry. Feel free to ignore.

        • anais

          Oh no! No reason to be sorry! I was teasing and meant it as a compliment actually. Intertextuality is awesome.

          • Sabah

            Ah! Well, you do not compliment me but rather the semiotics of nature, found both in fiction and reality.

            Boong-Do. No reason for that except to leave you on a nice note. : )

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      Doing great JB and Headsno2… THANK YOU so muuch for recapping this amazing series which seemed to have recieved more of a worldwide love than locally ( from seeing the ratings…) …. 3 more eps to catch up to the end… I am so sad it will be over next week… T.T

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    And that back-and-forth banter in Hee-jin’s house, between BD and HJ, and him and Dong-min – priceless.

    I’m always surprised that this show manages the flashback/ flash forward/ flash in time? moments so well; in some other dramas the editing is abrupt and the placing, inappropriate. I’m interested in seeing how the writer is going to deal with just how much time can ‘bend’ or change without some serious consequences coming forth.

    In the meantime . . what’s not to like about that ending kiss? 🙂

    • 16.1 Stacy

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    • 20.1 jomo

      I had no idea he reverted to sageuk to match BD.
      That is genius writing!

      By the way, without knowing it, DM is also telling BD exactly what BD told him in the hospital the first reality around when they fought. LOVE THAT, too.

      • 20.1.1 July

        Lol. Wow, I had not caught that at all. That’s the problem when I watch airing episodes, I miss little things like that since I have such poor memory. That’s ok, though, since I plan to re-watch this drama by marthoning it once its over.

      • 20.1.2 skelly

        This is not the first time they have repeated dialogue and actions from one timeline to the other, although the context/person speaking changes. I love the elegance of it, the attention to detail from a writerly standpoint that is so rare. It shows attention to characterization, to how “real life” operates, and to the underlying questions about the nature and effect of time. It reminds me of that Dr. Who quote, which just has to be repeated:

        The Doctor: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.

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    Ahhh…reading this makes me wanna rewatch this episode for the nth time. *off watching*

    • 24.1 Saa

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    Anyway, I’m still amazed at the leads’ chemistry. And I love how the writer is using their height difference to enhance that sizzle between them. Often time, couples can just look awkward if they’re not matched up according to height. Or the writers strap 10 inch heels on the girl to compensate.

    Gah. Such a good drama!

    • 25.1 spjork

      Korean society in Joseon times wasn’t prudish, per se, just as the Victorians weren’t actually frigid and sexually repressed. Perhaps in public, but certainly not behind closed doors. Even back then men had libidos, despite the dictates of a Confucian society– as evidenced by whorehouses full of gisaengs and the fact that married men of means often had live-in mistresses/extra “wives.”

      Women, on the other hand, were expected to be virtuous and devoid of sexual desire. This double-standard, shockingly enough, is still in effect in modern day Korea albeit to a lesser extent. A woman cannot appear to “want it” (bal kyuh) too much and must “play shy” (put on a little nae soong) so as not to appear cheap and easy.

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    Am I the only one who kind of caught her breath at this:
    Boong-do says, “Did I punish the wrong person? The one who gave her heart to two men is right here…” and he levels the spray bottle at her. Do you see that look on his face you screen capped? OMG, he’s so cool I can’t stand it!
    That whole conversation was gold. Loved his answer to HJ’s jealous questioning about the minister’s daughter, too.
    It was a sequel to their library verbal ping-pong that got me all excited in ep 5.

    As we near the end of this show, I am hoping JHW gets a good offers after. We know he has picked some stinkers (for his character, not his acting.) This could be the beginning of the better part of his career.

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    • 28.1 tessieroo

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      • 28.1.1 jomo

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          • Saa

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          • JoAnne

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          • jomo

            I just just watched it, and I agree. Although, for the character, I was happy the Robot did not resort to that type of publicity for her band. The Mr. Idol film company, otoh, not so much like that they made JHW do that.

            Cute movie, cute music, but for the life of me, I don’t even remember how it ended. And I watched it less than 24 hours ago.

          • Stacy

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    I kinda feel a little bit sorry for Dong Min as he knows he is the boyfriend in this new reality but she acts distant and he is competing with a guy in a dream.

    Anyway, can someone explain to me about the talisman. I thought when Boong-do got hurt 2 eps ago, the talisman was torn in two and the assassin found it. The talisman at this point is all bloody and torn. So when Boong-do tracks down the assassin to get the talisman back in ep 10, I thought the assassin the it in the fire (or was I imagining it? But if it did how did he get to the future?). If he timeslipped in the future with the bloody talisman, why was it clean when he gave it to Heejin? I am so confused.

    • 32.1 anais

      The talisman was sliced into half by the assassin. Then, the assassin who retrieved it sewed it back together. There’s a shot somewhere that shows the sewing.

      Then, when Boongdo tracked down the assassins, he snatches the talisman back. See BD’s recap of Ep 10.

      • 32.1.1 jomo


      • 32.1.2 Shiku

        Then why is the talisman in ep 11 and 12 cleaner than in earlier episodes?

        • jomo

          I think that we are supposed to assume the blood wore off… I know it bothered some viewers to see it.

        • floyd

          The bloody talisman with stitches is placed inside a yellow envelope which doesn’t have any blood on it. On some bts photos u can see heejin playfully looking inside the yellow envelope for the talisman.

          • jun

            hope this question does not sound dumb (but if it is, excuse me), but is the talisman made of cloth?

        • foxiscully

          The talisman fell on the ground when BD & the assassins were fighting. It was raining then. We can assume that the rain washed some of the blood off; and when the assassins sewed the talisman (yes, it is a piece of cloth) & BD finally get to use it again, the memories came flooding back because time, that was severed when the talisman was cut in half, was restored when the cloth was sewed together 🙂

    • 32.2 jomo

      Nobody burned the talisman.
      Some kind off-screen soul repaired it, so the magic returned.

      There was a point where BD kicked the fire AT JS, but JS was holding on at that point.

      BD then grabbed it out of JS’s grip.

      When it flew into the air, BD caught it, at the instant he got stabbed, thus I jumped out of my chair and yelled “YES!”

      • 32.2.1 Shiku

        Won’t it have visible stitches? Why would it even work when the time character was cut in two? I know I need to stop nitpicking but it’s stuck in my mind.

        • jomo

          It had VERY visible stiches.

        • anais

          Jomo – can I unjinx myself?

          Shik – suspension of disbelief

          • jomo

            Oh yes, jinx off. You owe me 7 bottles of soju.
            ( I actually have two, and haven’t drunk them yet, so no rush!)

          • anais

            Anytime. Just let me know your brew of preference.

        • jomo

          Here is a ink to a screen shot of the amulet in BD’s hand after he lands in 2012 from ep 10.


          • anais

            Oh, the blood is still on the amulet, albeit a bit faded, which makes sense.

          • Shiku

            Thanks for the pic, I must have missed the stitiches.

          • jomo

            You know, BD had to have found a new envelope at one point, since when he stole the amulet back, it was naked.

            That is why it looks different, too. No blood there.

  33. 33 umbanana

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  34. 34 SoyJade

    Thanks for the review! I am wondering on ppl’s opinion about KBD asking HJ to stay with him. I was reading elsewhere that some ppl took issue with that request. They were claiming that it seemed out of character. Since Bd is a scholar from 300 years ago and even though he is forward thinking he still should hold a lot of the standards from that era. He has always been polite and asking for permission in every encounter with HJ, but the fact that he asked a woman, who is NOT MARRIED to him to stay and spend the night without having decided how he was going to “take responsibility” or whether he could or would stay, seemed unlike the BD we know. It seemed like he was not thinking about the consequences of those actions.

    I did not really think it was out of character but I was wondering at how actually cool and calmly BD takes seeing her somewhat naked and asking her to spend the night. I mean there are Grandpas(meaning men of an older generation) that are way more conservative and reserved on the way a woman should dress, behave and be treated. So, these thoughts crossed my mind, but did not bother me. The scene was done so well I did not find it strange or out of character.

    Also, I liked how HJ looked in that dress. She looks like a doll. Even her skin looks so smooth and a bit plastic like a doll. The colors in the last scenes are so eye catching. I really liked this episode.

    • 34.1 exquisitemelody

      He really is a player at heart and is taking advantage of the situation 😛 😛

      • 34.1.1 skelly

        I wouldn’t call him a player, I’d just call him a man. After all:
        He knows she likes him.
        He knows he likes her.
        He knows that both have prior relationships, and that they both have chosen each other.
        He knows that he is now in a society that is far more permissive than his own, where people hug and kiss out in public and anything goes regardless of marital status.
        There’s no man on earth that would not take full advantage of this situation, no matter how “gentlemanly” and “scholarly” they may be.

        • anais

          And he’s risked his life to come to her. And obviously will do so again to make it possible for them to be together, knowing that one of those options may include giving up his own life back in his own time. Yeah, I’d want to make sure what exactly I was giving up all that for.

          • SoyJade

            @ Anais: “Yeah, I’d want to make sure what exactly I was giving up all that for. ” —LOL! this makes it sound as he wanted a “probadita” as they say in Spanish.

            @exquisitemelody: LOL! A player by any other name….? 🙂

            @skelly: I also think that no matter how thoughtful one is everything that they have gone through and hormones can blind anyone.

        • JoAnne

          Not to mention that ‘Grandpa’ probably wouldn’t be so prudish, either, if he thought he might get somma dat.

          • SoyJade

            LOL! True!!jajaja And if grandpa looked like KBD….

    • 34.2 FunnyBunny

      I think Boong-do was partially teasing Hee-jin about staying the night, like when he kissed her in the library to show that he remembered the “good manners” she had taught him earlier. So it’s not totally out of character for him. On the other hand, he may be from the past, but he’s still a man *hint hint*
      Plus, even in Josen times men-nobel and working class alike-also spent evenings with giseangs-they don’t just pour tea and play music ya know- as well as common prostitutes, and they’re definitely not married to them either.
      As for taking resposibility, Boong-do said he’s working on it, and I believe him. He’s the type of man who keeps his word. Considering how attached they are to each other, and all the things they’ve gone through to be together-especially on Boong-do’s end. He’s not the type of person to leave Hee-jin all on her own.
      In addition, he’s approached this whole time travel adventure with amazing calm and a sense of humor. Instead of freaking out the minute he arrived in 2012 Seoul-no one would have blamed him for that-he just processes everything and tries to learn as much as he can. He’s a thinker, and it’s a great advantage for him.
      As far as Josen era standards go, he does retain a few. Like when I tells Hee-jin he prefers her in a hanbok than her contemporary clothes-cause he didn’t think she was pretty till he saw her in one haha! While it seems like Boong-do’s adjusting too much to modernity, he sees it as a must in his situation. It won’t help him any to be shouting “We never did X, Y, and Z in MY time! How outrageous!”
      He even considered sending Yoon-wol to 2012 because she would have more respect there. She wouldn’t be stuck with the options of Slave or Gisaeng because of her status. That shows he’s not 100% happy with the system in which Josen works under, or at least how it affects the people he cares about.
      Besides writing a very long love letter to Boong-do -sorry couldn’t help it-I hope I gave some additional perspective. Happy Friday! ^_^

      • 34.2.1 SoyJade

        FunnyBunny: I think you make excellent points. You even make ones I had not thought about or read elsewhere. Such as, wanting to take 2012 and him being unhappy with that part of the system. I was (against all that has been shown in his character) making his unhappiness only relating to the political area and not the societal one.

        I guess by thinking he is so gentle and seemingly perfect in character, it is easy to forget he IS a man and hormones + love + the fact that he could have lost her to time and another man + jealousy (I wonder if he was imagining how many “goodbye kisses” she had been giving to another man)= could have led her to make sure she did not disappear from his sight again.

        I wonder how life will be like after Boong Do. I was watching I DO, I DO and noticing how they treat each other mother than I would have Pre-QIHM. This OTP may have spoiled me for other dramas.

      • 34.2.2 SoyJade

        OH! Thank you for your response and perspective. 🙂

        • FunnyBunny

          SoyJade: I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to be “spoiled” by Boong-do’s character. I’d much rather have girls looking for men like him-as in close to his personality, not an exact replica,sorry ladies just not gonna happen. I’m a romantic but I’m also practical-than seeing the typical males leads who treat the heroine like crap but cover it up with a big “I Love You” band-aid in the end. Those drama’s make me want to throw things at my computer, or at least the writers-and then shake them violently while yelling “What are you trying to teach people??”

          Oh, and your welcome ^_^ I’m just happy someone appreciated my many ramblings, so thank you too!

      • 34.2.3 eternalfive

        Ooh yes, I completely agree about Boong-do being unhappy with the Joseon system – not actively unhappy, but I think there’s just a vague acknowledgement there of its restrictions and limitations. I think they hint at it in one ep in that scene where he offered to have Yoon-wol as his concubine and he makes a comment on it. And he’s always been extraordinarily intelligent and quick, so it’s easy to see him adapt and loosen up a little whenever he’s in the future.

        • IBELIS

          Also it was the first time he was going to spend the night to be with her. Most of their time together has just been an hour or two here and there.

  35. 35 miss ng

    **Yoon-wol comes running up, her Boong-do-dar pinging at the suggestion of danger. **

    Boong-do-dar – love it!!

  36. 36 h0ns

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  37. 37 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap, Javabeans. Off to read!

  38. 38 cindy


    I believe there is a typo?


    He looks like a sad, lost puppy as she says, “But I don’t think I will be able to sleep. How am I supposed to spend this long, long night?” Okay, now you’re just being a player.

    You mean as he says right? It is small but can confuse some people.

    And DM threw the towel not his jacket on HJ

    Kisses! And thanks so much for the recap!!!!!!!!!

  39. 39 Gegia

    I really love this drama!
    Give me a Boong-do, PLEEEAAASEEE!!
    I like so much the heroine and hero, she is so cute and straightforward with her feeling that is so refreshing and rare in a drama.
    Everytime I can’t wait for another ep.

    Thank you DB for your recap!

  40. 40 FunnyBunny

    Aaaaaannnnndddd the addiction continues. Sometimes I think reading JB’s reactions to the drama is more fun than actually watching the drama-And I adore QIHM with every fiber of my being!
    It’s taken him a while but Boong-do’s display of emotion is growing bit by bit! While I really love the stoic, calm scholar that he is, it’s also nice to know that the Tin Man has a heart too-and it belongs to Hee-jin!
    I can’t really pity Dong-min too much cause he kind of brought the break up on himself. No matter how dense one might be, it’s pretty obvious how uncomfortable Hee-jin is around him. Even when she asks for space he never lets up, and that’s pretty annoying. Was he a nice, attentive boyfriend? For a little while yes. Then the break up situation is reversed and he’s back to being all petty and vindictive. Yes, the announcement was a little outta left field-that’s Hee-jin for ya-but his reaction speaks volumes to his true character. Dong-min throws a tantrum and Hee-jin is the adult, calmly trying to reason with him.
    Soo-kung I can understand her motivation for her actions-didn’t like them, but I get it. She’s Hee-jin’s manager and friend, so it’s her job to act in Hee-jin’s best interest. Relationship with Dong-min+CM contract+popular drama=career success!
    Then along come this supposed “dream man” who could ruin all of that. Bearing that in mind, Soo-kyung’s goal is to make Hee-jin’s acting career the best it can be, even if it means sacrificing some of her personal happiness. Again, I don’t like it, but I get it.

  41. 41 Elaine Tee

    Can’t even begin to describe my love for this drama. All caught up now, but thanks for this recap, makes me want to rewatch the drama all over again <3

    PS. Thank goodness this drama has real kissing scenes.

  42. 42 harunomasu

    Firstly, thanks for the early recaps! Even if I have read reviews from other blogs, I still come back to yours and hoping you’ll post yours because I love the way you re-tell the story. It’s amazing and beautifully written <3

    Second, I really love your last line in your comment, "How much do I love that the reason things repeat in this new reality isn’t because of some tyrannical arm of Fate but because of character consistency?"

    I agree with your comments because, of all the kdramas I've watched so far, the characters in this drama stay true to their characterization from beginning until this episode. The manchild is still manchild, the smart is still smart, the hysterical (but predictable) girl still stay the same, no one changed a lot and that's what I appreciated from this drama. I hate it when the characters suddenly have changes in their characterization.

    Lastly, let me tell you this, I can't wait to read more recaps from you guys here <3

  43. 43 POGA

    This episode!!! I can’t write enough about my love for it. And my love for Ji Hyun Woo (…are we all sure he doesn’t have some medical problem that kept him from the military? …please?? PLEASE PLEASE? This is his first drama with an awesome, swoon-worthy character and it better not be his last for 3 or more years!).

    I swear, I’ve watched all the variety shows and performances of Ji Hyun Woo possible on YouTube in these last few days. He’s just too adorable. I can’t resist. Plus his musical talent. Plut BOONG-DO. The last time I had a drama crush was Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung-Yoo in Princess’ Man (the resemblances are there – scholarly, very clever person at the top of their exams. Family is killed. Becomes warrior/amazing fighter because of that and a search for revenge. Extremely cute and good-looking. Obviously, I have a type. And pick well. ^^)

    That said this episode was just so much love. There’s just enough talk that we ARE aware there is still an issue with the time traveling and not everything is settled. But they didn’t draw out the amnesia for too long like in many dramas. It ended when it ended and to give us a kind of break and time to fall in love with the couple again, is this sweetness.

    I mean, how great is it so see Boong-Do jealous and passionate, for once? If he was always so cool and calm it’d get to the point he is annoying. But now that he seems basically done with his goal of revenge and getting the queen back, he’s focusing on himself. And his own goals? Well, obviously, he has to claim his woman for himself right now…and his immaturity comes in with his jealousy. But it’s an adorable jealousy you can’t just help adore as well.

    Also how awesome is Hee-Jin with her “I’LL take responsibility.” Sure, she might not be the smartest or sharpest girl, the most successful, or the most gorgeous. But you can’t help adore her because she’s also not a wallflower at all, in any way, waiting to be saved. Her man in another era? She wants him to stay, and that’s natural, but her desire for him to not leave her doesn’t veer to the point of overly-selfish and annoying. Instead, she also wants to settle things on her side and make a clean cut rather than waffling about or keeping it under wraps, which I have to admit I love about her.

    And the kiss. Well. All I can say it….*siiiiiiiigh* Where is my Gim Boong-Do, and when I can I get him?

    • 43.1 anais

      Boong-Do vs. Seung Yoo.

      Boong-Do wins hands down. Other than their superficial trappings and basic family background, the individuals are so unlike one another.

      Seung-Yoo is rash, impetuous, reckless, emotional, etc. He is all heart, very little head. It’s a wonder he didn’t get killed. He certainly tempted fate enough times.

      Boong-Do is calm, methodical, observant, patient, thoughtful, generous, composed, etc. His head and heart have achieved that rare balance.

      Both are charismatic, but Seung-Yoo couldn’t take responsibility even for himself, let alone a maiden. No, I don’t think Seung-Yoo would have survived a 300 year leap in time. He’d have run around with his eyes bulging, brow furrowed, with a shellshocked yet angsty look.

      • 43.1.1 jomo

        Agree on all points! Vote for BD.

        • Ginko

          Me second! Winner for Boong-do!
          Best hero in Kdrama history!

      • 43.1.2 POGA

        Oh, yes, definitely Boon-Do wins hands down, haha. But I was talking about their basic similarities that definitely show I have a “type” at the mot simple level.

        But yes – Seung-Yoo would never have survived. And also the circumstance is quite different. Boong-Do is unbelievably adorable and so great. And while he is calm and methodical, as well as very logical and clever, in this episode we see a bit more of his heart and human side which is amazing.

        Hence why I’m still waiting for my Boong-Do right now. ^^

  44. 44 CupCake

    That KISS is SMOKING HOT ! I wonder if they did click and date in real life. Cute couple.

  45. 45 Stacy

    I’m starting to get nervous. This show has been too perfect for too long. The characters are awesome. The story is awesome. Everything so far is awesome…..

    I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, ya know? I think my biggest worry is that the ending will be some sort of “realistic” or “moral-of-the-story” ending. In no way do I trust that the beginning scene of ep 1 is how this show is going to actually end.

    I swear, if this show makes me cry…..

  46. 46 mskololia

    Thanks for explaining the part about the character time being slashed on the talisman.

    Lovely OTP.

  47. 47 delicatecloud

    Thanks JB for the recaps and your very funny and insightful review. I love, in particular, how you called Bong-Do the play-iest player that ever played! One of the very best kdrama kisses ever – loved the dance movement that they did (going around as one)!

    Was Bong-Do acting out of character, being from 300 years Josean era? I don’t think so – he is just a man on a mission and wanting to claim his woman as his own. He wanted to do that given that there is competition as HJ and HDM are (or were) dating. In the other reality, HDM was an ex-boyfriend who wanted to get back together and HJ was not having any of it; BD was not threatened by it. Looking at it from the context that he is a widower and perhaps has been to gisaeng houses, he is not unfamiliar with the ways of the world, even a world 300 years later. He is adapting well in this modern world which is strange to him yet the feelings that he has for HJ are feelings that are very human and would be true through the centuries – i.e. feelings of love and attraction between a man and a woman.

    I am sure things like that also happened in the Josean era if not why are they children born out of wedlock????!! Let’s not be prudish here.

    This drama is indeed one of the very finest and best for a long time – so simple yet to refined.

  48. 48 Daniella

    Is Kim bong do dreamy or what? I loved that kiss so Much that its on my to do list. When I first watched this episode I was so pissed at dong min. His temper is awful and its covered up with a fun and silly personality which is scary. I can’t believe she took that from qhim. Thank God for our Knight. Does anyone know this shows ratings? It needs some well deserved attention. The writings and the thought process is woven together so beautifully. I tried watching another drama with ji hyun woo but it wasn’t. The sane. He was playing the immature chabol son much different from bong do and it was hilarious but not the same. I also didn’t feel the chemistry with the lead actress so I am official an hyun-na (see what I did there.) Shipper. I refuse to ship these two with anyone else, haha!

    • 48.1 shl

      The ratings for episodes 1 to 9 are on the soompi forum front page. I believe QIHM has consistently stayed above 1%, which is considered pretty good for a cable show.

  49. 49 Daniella

    Excuse my errors please, I’m on my phone :/

  50. 50 Lulla

    This is the first drama that gets me so addicted. I’ve been watching it without subs since episode 6! Everytime an episode is uploaded in the internet, I download and watch it, wait for the recaps, watch it again while reading the recaps, then watch it again when the english sub comes out. I’ve been wanting to stop, but I keep on doing it until epi 14! Being like this is the first time for me.. I’ve never felt this curious about a drama like this before..not even with city hunter..

    Now, I declare that I have to watch the last 2 episodes with eng subs! No more peeking before the subs come out! *squee remembering the preview of epi 15…. I…must…resist..the….temptation…..*

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