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Queen In-hyun’s Man: Episode 12
by | June 2, 2012 | 189 Comments

If I could bottle the unicorns and rainbows that power this show, I would. And then I’d be… rich? Powerful? In excess of a lot of whimsy?

An adorable episode filled with cute couply moments, as well as the first major decision our lovebirds make for their futures, both past and present. (And I’m just filling in for an episode; javabeans and HeadsNo2 will be back with your regularly scheduled programming shortly.)


Hee-jin stirs awake in the middle of the night, and smiles sleepily at Boong-do, who’s standing in the doorway, fully dressed. Wait, you’re not just running off like that, in the middle of the night, are you? ARE YOU?

He does smile at her sweetly, but that does not cancel out a post-sex sneak-out, ya hear me, scholar boy?

Hee-jin wakes up in the morning, still swooning. Aw. Yeah, I’d have that look on my face too. But she quickly discovers that she’s the only one in the bed. She shuffles out in her blanket burrito and grows increasingly annoyed to find that he’s really gone.

But wait, a note! She finds a note on the nightstand by the bed, and recognizes her name written at the top. Only… she can’t read the rest of it. Hahahaha. She gets dressed and sits there, phone in hand, trying to puzzle together the few hanja characters she knows.

I love that it’s like a code-cracking scene, but only for her. After a while, she slams it aside in frustration, “If you’re going to write a note, you should be considerate of the receiver and write it in Hangul!” Right?

She squirms out her frustration, and that’s when she discovers something in her dress pocket… it’s Boong-do’s talisman. Waitaminute, so he’s not gone?

Boong-do’s voice rings out from the yard and she runs out to the balcony. He’s… learning how to ride a bike? Pfft. He tells her that he had to do something, he was so bored waiting for her to wake up.

She tells him she was worried, with the disappearing act and a letter. He looks up, “A letter?” She shows him the note, and he laughs, “That’s your address, so that I wouldn’t forget it. Can you not even read your own address? You’re considerably stupi—”

HA. She cuts him off, “You don’t even know how to ride a bike!” Heh. It’s not even that she’s that dim, but her insistence that she’s very smart that’s always hilarious.

He asks what she wants to eat and offers to go buy breakfast. She figures she has to go anyway, since he has no money, but he takes out another giant wad of bills from his pockets.

He totally re-sold that same sword! Hahaha. This time he knows what he’s doing and gets more money from the shopkeeper. He muses that on the third time, he’ll likely get more. So funny.

I love any scene where he relives the same conversation with someone, like his re-inquisition with Soo-kyung, because he has this awesome smirk of recognition on his face.

He says he was going to get her another car, but she already has one. She quickly squashes that idea, “I can’t drive a car that might disappear on me at any moment.” Aw, when she says stuff like that, it just breaks my heart.

He asks what he should buy, and she starts to tell him, but rethinks it and tells him to wait. She runs inside and writes down a shopping list, grumbling all the while about him insinuating that she’s dumb. She runs the list out to him, and he stares at it blankly. She puffs up proudly, “You wouldn’t be able to read it anyway. It’s in English.” HAHAHA. I love her petty revenge.

He gives the list to the clerk at the store, who asks if a foreigner wrote it, and Boong-do says no, “Just someone whose pride is needlessly strong-willed.”

He gets a good laugh though, when the clerk points out that she spelled “curry” wrong. To her credit, “curry” is phonetically way off in Korean, but she also spells “menu” wrong, which really shouldn’t happen if you’ve eaten at a restaurant, ever.

Meanwhile, Soo-kyung stews over her breakfast, declaring that Hee-jin has three minutes left on the clock to call her before their friendship is over forever. She growls into her phone to ring, right now, right now, right now… and then it rings.

She screams into the phone and Hee-jin asks if everything went okay with Dong-min. Oh! I forgot all about him, locked in there! Hee. In flashback, Soo-kyung frees him from the shower and he fumes.

Soo-kyung asks where she is, gasping, “Did you spend the night with your saseng fan?” Hee-jin corrects her—he’s not some crazy stalker, and besides, Soo-kyung’s the one who said she’d automatically take her side if the man in her dreams turned out to be real.

She leaves Soo-kyung gaping into the phone, “When did I ever say that??” But then she recalls the very conversation where she pleaded with Hee-jin to get her head on straight, promising that very thing. Heh.

Boong-do returns with the groceries and asks if he brought back the right stuff. I love how much he enjoys this. Hee-jin proceeds to make him breakfast, in this awesome showy cooking-show display, of how difficult it is to make instant curry. LOL.

She goes into this long and thorough explanation of the very important steps, such as opening the package along the dotted line, pouring evenly over the rice, covering with saran wrap (not for amateurs), and setting the microwave to exactly three minutes, no more, no less.

He watches it all silently, arms crossed. She presents him with her cooking masterpiece and says that he needn’t thank her, wiping her brow from the effort. He finally lets out a sigh, calling her out for her con.

She feigns offense, “What do you mean, a con?” He says it’s been months since he first came here, and bellows in his Very Important voice, “Where does this woman get off…” She laughs, realizing her cover’s been blown. She sticks out her tongue, and he goes googly-eyed again. Aw.

As they eat, she asks where he went in the middle of the night, remembering him standing in the doorway fully dressed. But he tells her she must’ve dreamt it, and conspicuously changes the subject. Hm.

Dong-min arrives on set still fuming, and throws a fit at the director, insisting that they fusion-up their drama and kill off Queen In-hyun instead. The PD tells him that would make the king a psycho, and Dong-min says he is one anyway.

It’s the same exchange they’ve had before, but this time Dong-min is way more riled up, and understandably so. He throws a massive hissy fit on set.

Boong-do suggests a bike ride to go get coffee, and Hee-jin eyes him warily—didn’t he just learn how to ride that thing? But he tells her that he spent hours learning how to ride it expressly so that he could take her along, and well, how’s a girl to say no to that?

He jokes that if they fall, they’re each to take care of their own bodies, and she calls him an irresponsible driver. He responds by wrapping her arms around his waist and taking off with a huge grin.


They ride around and stop for snuggles along the way.

They get stopped at a train crossing and Hee-jin agrees that he really does learn how to do things very quickly, and carefully broaches the subject of jobs he could have if he were to live here, like a teacher or perpetual slacker who lives off the money from selling his swords.

Eeek, I know what she’s doing right now, and I’m so nervous for her—it’s that moment when you start testing the waters in your relationship: Is this guy staying or just passing through? I don’t want her to ask, but I do!

His answer? “Well…” That’s it?! She deflates, and starts to badmouth the Joseon era—you never know when you’ll lose favor in the king’s eyes, and even if you succeed you won’t get to live that long… What’s so great about it anyway?

He gives the same noncommittal, “Perhaps.” She sighs.

And then she remembers that the talisman is in her pocket, and turns his attention to a campfire by the side of the road. “If I just tossed this in there, you’d be stuck here forever.”

She asks if she should, and he doesn’t reply. So she makes a swoosh sound and declares that it’s gone.

He stops in his tracks, the smile fading from his face. He runs over to the fire, “What have you done?”

But of course she hasn’t thrown it in. She waves it in front of his face and sticks her tongue out, and he sighs in relief. But her smiles fades as she realizes… “You were really scared… that you wouldn’t be able to return…” Oof.

She tells him to take the talisman to keep it safe, joking that she’s likely to really burn it, and holds it out to him. He looks at her tenderly, but says nothing to the contrary.

And then he takes it from her hand. Nooo! You can just see that she doesn’t want him to do it, and she holds onto that piece of paper till the last possible moment. But he takes it, and her heart sinks.

Her phone rings with news that she’s due on set after all, since Dong-min’s sudden hospitalization. She calls Soo-kyung, who confirms that Dong-min is in all likelihood faking said illness since he can’t handle being a dumpee, but he threw a fit on set and now they have to clean up the mess.

She tells Boong-do that she has to go, and he argues that Dong-min is clearly faking it (ha) and she brightens a bit at his jealousy.

Meanwhile back in Hanyang, Ja-soo gets a report from one of his spies that Boong-do is away, and he smiles.

Flashback to a plan by Minister Min, who tells Ja-soo to wait until Queen In-hyun is away (visiting her mother), and to make sure that Boong-do does not enter the palace at the same time. He sends a few men to Boong-do’s hometown, and takes the rest to see the queen.

Hee-jin goes to see Dong-min bearing flowers, and he greets her with a water sprayer at the ready. You are so childish. He gets his revenge by spraying her, and she takes the water attack in Boong-do’s place, though she does call him out on his childishness.

He remembers that he was also hit with a pillow, and launches one at her too. Guh. I really want to hit you right now. He grabs her wrist to go lock her in the shower too for good measure, but she pulls away to try and talk things out.

He screams that the evidence of her cheating is clear as day, and then they get interrupted by the arrival of the PD. Dong-min declares that he cannot act like he’s in love with a cheating Queen In-hyun, and tells the director to cut all her scenes.

Thankfully the PD is levelheaded enough to roll with the punches despite his diva star actor, and tells Hee-jin that they’ll have to shoot separately for now. Thank heavens for the marvels of editing, eh?

She calls the pension but the owner tells her that Boong-do left. She wonders if he stepped out or if he’s gone, and then thinks back to the middle of the night—that was no dream, and she’s sure that he went somewhere then too.

Her eyes widen, “What if he has a woman in the Joseon era too, and is going back and forth?” She thinks about his reaction to her taking away the talisman.

“And he acknowledged that he was a player!” Haha. I think he only did that to kiss you, hon. She starts to envision Player Boong-do back in Joseon, each arm around a half-naked gisaeng.

Omg, Imaginary Boong-do is hilariously raunchy. He chases the girls, sticking his head under their skirts, and Hee-jin snaps herself out of it, “No! That isn’t like him. But… who’s to tell, really, what he’s like there?” Ha.

Back in Hanyang, Yoon-wol goes to see the monk at the temple, and he tells her that Boong-do came to see him in the middle of the night. Ah, so that’s where he was sneaking off to.

He had come seeking advice because he couldn’t sleep. Back in the present, the monk tells Yoon-wol that Boong-do’s concerns have grown ever since he came to have the talisman.

“It seemed he wanted to go to a new world.”

Aw, sad for Yoon-wol, but it makes ME happy! (And we all know that’s what’s important.)

Hee-jin drives, still struggling to fight off her nagging fears, when Boong-do finally calls. He’s at their phone booth, after spending the day touring Seoul. Oooh, because you want to live here now? Yes? Yes?

He asks if she’s okay, worried that she might’ve been attacked. She assures him no such thing happened—doesn’t he know who she is? Boong-do: “You’re the most-oft attacked person I know.” Aw.

She arrives at the park, but they continue to talk on the phone while she looks out at him from her car. She asks why he didn’t go with her then, if he was so worried, and he counters that Dong-min would’ve ended up more wounded. Pfft.

She asks what he’s going to do, all big talk with the taking responsibility and zero follow-through. He says there’s nothing to be done, “except relinquishing control and waiting for you to stop being mad at me.”

Such a smooth-talker. She complains that that’s not an answer, and then he tells her to open her glove compartment. She opens it to find his cash stash, just sitting there. I love that people instinctively dart their eyes to check for onlookers whenever they’re presented with that much cash.

She gets out and asks why he’s always trying to act like a chaebol out of some manhwa, but he tells her to use the money… “For me.” *gasp*

“I think I need to stop using payphones, and wearing other people’s clothes…”

Eeeeee! He asks her to get him a house, near hers, and a phone, and some clothes. Will it be enough money? She answers blankly that it’s enough…

Boong-do: I said that I’d take responsibility for you. But it occurred to me that to take responsibility for inserting myself into your life and throwing it into chaos… being your boyfriend for a short while, or buying you an expensive car, or spraying water on that man… isn’t enough. Truly taking responsibility… is being near you at all times. What do you think? That’s the only conclusion I could come to.

Oh swoon.

She’s walking towards the phone booth the entire time, and looks up at him now, stunned speechless.

He waits nervously in the silence, and then finally feels her gaze and turns to her. He starts to lower the phone when she finally speaks. “It is a very admirable conclusion.”

And then that music cue that I love So. Much. floats in, and he smiles, “Is that so?” She beams, bragging, “I do have a good eye for people.”

They just stand that way, phones to their ears, him in the phone booth and her outside, not wanting to break the moment.

But it suddenly starts to rain (Oh bless the friggin’ rain) and he swoops her inside the booth and closes the door. (Why am I so taken by the fact that he swings the door from the top?)

His arm stays wrapped around her and they look out at the rain, back at each other, and then back out at the rain.

Flashback to Boong-do’s temple visit in the wee hours of the night. The monk asks what’s on his mind, and Boong-do says that he’s been so focused on Queen In-hyun and his own survival that he sort of raced ahead thoughtlessly.

But now that all that is behind him, “This place has become the past to me. Will I be able to continue living here?” We see him visit present-day Seoul, and marvel at how much the world has changed.

He stops at the timeline river, placing his hand over his little piece of history, marking the reinstatement of Queen In-hyun in 1694. He continues to the monk:

Boong-do: I’m afraid to put words to lips, the things that I know will come to pass. And now I must live every day as it is already written. Is that a humane way to live? Can someone who knows fate live a happy life?

We see him go to the bookstore and run his hands over all the Joseon history books—marking his and future kings. And then he stops short at the sight of an Italian travel guide and suddenly he’s taken with pictures of a whole new world.

“Strangely enough, the future has become the present to me. So I have come to question whether the time I should be walking in is in that place.”

Back to Yoon-wol, hearing this told to her by the monk. She gasps wondering how he could actually think to leave. But the monk says that he thinks Boong-do has perhaps made a connection in that world.

(He says specifically, “Found fate” or a connection, and here’s where the fate/connection/Queen In-hyun pun fits so nicely—He’s saying Boong-do found his fate/in-nyun, but it sounds only slightly off from saying that he’s found an In-hyun in that time as well.)

Now back to the monk with Boong-do (we’re doing a lot of skipping for a sequence that wasn’t initially very time-warpy). The monk asks if he can really live in a place where no one will remember him. Will he be happy in solitude?

But Boong-do then flashes back to the moment when Hee-jin came running to the phone booth to find him. “Yes, but if by chance, there were one person who remembered me, then wouldn’t life be a little different?”

Aw, I love it, because it’s the moment when he realizes that even though no one else remembers him (post-rewriting of events), she still does.

The monk tells Yoon-wol that the decision would be difficult for anyone, but he sees that Boong-do’s heart is already in that other world. Yoon-wol’s heart sinks. Listen, if you were already planning to spend your life loving him from afar, what’s a few hundred years’ difference? Just sayin’.

Ja-soo races to report to Minister Min about Boong-do’s magical life-saving talisman that’s useless to them because it only listens to its master. Useful, that. He suggests giving the order to get rid of the talisman and kill Boong-do at once.

But Minister Min raises a hand to stop him. Twisting the words on the talisman, he says, “If it’s true that if you are about to die you live, then it must also be true that when you are about to live, you die.” Damnit.

Ja-soo doesn’t get the poetry, so Minister Min adds with an evil grin that if Boong-do has turned the tables with a talisman, there’s nothing to say that he can’t come to ruin by that same talisman. Evil cackle of glee.

Back in the phone booth. It’s been raining for hours and they haven’t budged. He’s got his arms around her as they flip through the travel book and he shows her the picture of the cathedral in Italy. “The moment I saw it I felt a strange sensation, and now I want to go there.”

She teases that he doesn’t even know English and he wants to go abroad, and he counters that given a month, he’d speak English better than her. So… neither of you knows they speak Italian in Italy?

He tells her they can even make a bet, and asks her again how to spell “curry.” Hee. They tease and laugh and he threads his fingers through hers as they look through the book, stopping to gaze and snuggle. And in voiceover…

Hee-jin: It was an encounter that started by chance. A strange encounter that started by chance, in a rift in time. The end of that chance encounter’s inevitable cause and effect… was coming near.


She’s narrating that last bit from sometime in the future, which is a bit unnerving (things tend to sound sadder in the past tense) but it’s entirely open-ended what that cause-and-effect will turn out to be. What I love about this relationship is that despite the fact that it defies space and time in an epic way, it’s really a very everyday romance in many ways. That moment when she tests the waters to see if he has any intention of sticking around? I just felt every bit of her nervous anticipation in my veins. He did fulfill his promise — to think about how he’d “take responsibility” — but damn if I wasn’t sweating it when he kept silent again and again throughout the episode.

I know Boong-do gets all the love (and rightfully so, swooooon), but I really adore Hee-jin. She’s such a great character. She’s bubbly but not annoyingly so, she’s not book-smart but so quick on the uptake, and she’s so delightfully imaginative. Even smartypants Boong-do can never guess her next move. (Though I suppose her overactive imagination does cause her some grief when she’s imagining Joseon Boong-do. Poor girl. It’s worse than a long-distance relationship times twelve.) And what I like most is that she wears her heart on her sleeve—you just can’t help but love her back.

I love that the question of whether or not to live in the future is a philosophical one for Boong-do. I never expected anything less, but it’s so befitting his character to ask the existential questions rather than just make big declarations for love. It’s not that he’s incapable of leading with his heart, since we’ve seen him act on his feelings on numerous occasions, but this feels more like a solid decision to me. He’s not being rash, but asking himself if this is right, and if a future can even exist for him in a past where he knows the outcome.

There’s this constant visual motif on this show to have our couple in separate spaces, even when they’re together—he’s upstairs in her apartment when she’s downstairs, he’s in the yard while she’s on the balcony, he’s in the phone booth and she’s in the car. I love it because it quietly reinforces their separteness—they are in the same space, and yet still not of the same space. The show has taken pains (in a great way) to show that they are always distant, but always longing for the other, whether it’s a distance of 300 years or two feet.

All the characters in this world speak of time and space as interchangeable things—you walk in a time, as much as you walk in a space. They are naturally bound. Boong-do is defying that natural order by stepping into a space he doesn’t belong to, and now he knows things he has no business knowing. (I knew letting him into that library would be bad news! That’s like giving a heroin addict a free taste!)

Because knowledge isn’t bound by the same rules, he can go to new worlds and learn what happens, and then change the course of history, which we’ve seen. And yet, daily life still progresses in a linear fashion—you still have to live your life somehow, one day after the other. And that’s the crux of Boong-do’s problem. Does he now, knowing the future, continue to live out his days as they are written? It’s a great way to come at the problem and give us reason to root for Boong-do to live in the future (outside of doing so for love, of course), because we want him to live a life with endless possibilities in a world where his future is still unwritten.

So happy to have a time-travel drama actually BE about time travel, and the strange cause-and-effect chain that can alter the course of history, and more importantly, two people’s hearts. And though the hand of Fate will always throw a wrench when it wants to, I love that it’s a decision he makes about his own future with Hee-jin. I just hope he gets to live by his choice. Ya hear me, Fate? *fistshake*


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    woah GF has join the fun!

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      Yay, thanks you much GF. Glad you are watching it too.

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      Welcome to the fan club GF! I thought you were conspicuously quiet with this, but I love that you share the love of this drama too!

      And I am with you on Hee-jin. Boong-do gets a lot of love (rightfully so) but I have just as much of a soft spot for Hee-jin whom Yoo In-na plays adorably. 🙂

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        You know a drama is awesome when everybody likes writing about it!

        Thanks so much for the recap!

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    Not saying that this was a filler episode… but besides Boong Do’s epic conclusion, I thought the episode had no real plot development and was merely meant to be all cute and fluffy, which is welcoming.

    Nice to see you joining the insanity, girlfriday. Thanks for the recap!

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      They showed more about HJ and BD relationship, I mean they almost have no couple time before!

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      Yeah, at first I thought the same as you.
      But .. (spoiler ahead) after watching the next episodes, it just make me realize how important this episode is, to show and convince us about the nature of their relationship.
      That’s all I can say…

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      I don’t know if it was written like that from the start but i like that quiet contemplative episode. It uses what’s the strong selling point of the show: Chemistry. They are doing what Me too, Flower couldn’t do: Trusting the pure simple energy of the moment instead of giving us unnecessary conflict/story/disturbing plot points. It’s like watching a sunset: You live it with your brain on pause. It’s raw and primal and sometimes it’s all you need.

      • 3.3.1 shl

        @Mystisith – thank you for that lovely analogy of the sunset. May I just add that the lighting of this show, and particularly of this episode, contributes so much to that effect too. I love that this show strikes on all fronts – intellectual, emotional, visual and more. It’s a perfect package.

    • 3.4 s

      I thought it was a lovely and quiet episode. No useless dramatics, just two people in love, being. It’s the calm before the storm, if you will. Boong Do loves Hee Jin, but because he keeps his cards so close to his heart it’s difficult for me to see how much exactly is Hee Jin’s love reciprocated. I thought this episode just showed how much it IS reciprocated and how well they know each other. And that their relationship is the real deal.

      I adore how happy he looks when he teases her.

    • 3.5 mariolawpanda

      Really? I thought this was one of the juicier episodes. It made them simmer in their love and actions. They barely had “time” together and this was one of the episodes that they were in the same space for so long. However, when I watched this episode, I thought this is the end of the rollercoaster’s ramp and were about to dive for the crazy.

      I love this series and I love their relationship.

  4. Yue

    I will DIE if Bong-du doesn’t come and live in the future. But, I get the feeling that this will be an extremely difficult road with the whole time leap and changes around the both of them. We have to remember that every time Bong-du goes back, he risked altering the future. His smallest actions set history in motion and though he knew the past – his future is uncertain. He and Hae-jin stands in the middle of the eye of the storm. Things will get chaotic and awesomely written evil villain (read; not like Tae-mu) makes me all wanna rip them apart and kiss them for making the storyline awesome. I sort of a feeling that for some reason Yoon-wol will do the wrong things just to keep Bong-du in his time line and she will turn into someone I would dislike…

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    As usual, I got more out of your recap than I did the subbed episode. And loved your commentary. Thank you.

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      Same for me! lol Its so cool that almost all the db writers came on board for this lovely lovely drama! Gummi when’s your turn? *evil laughter* heheheh this ep was not just filler for me, but a welcome sweet ep which showed how their relationship is moving…. soooo….. sweeeet….. and yet there are very real moments…. I will feel so empty when this ends next week…..

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        I’ll give 14 another day. I have to say the subs have been really fast for a cable show. Most dont bother to sub cable shows.

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          I agree that the subs have been relatively fast so far. And a very kind soul on DSS has been posting re-syncs for the arigato videos, which I know from experience is a major pain in the arse. I’m just really surprised that DSS doesn’t even have 14 uploaded yet. It wondered if there was a delay in the Chinese subs they use, but I’ve seen Chinese subs on other sites so that doesn’t seem to be the hold up. Anyways, I know that when 14 IS uploaded, it won’t take long for it to be subbed. I’m so thankful to DSS for subbing this show! I’m also super thankful that WithS2 is working on it as well, cause that just gives me an excuse to rewatch every episode (like I needed one).

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    So, you believe they did it @Girlfriday?

    What about H2 and JB? Curious^^

    I still think they didn’t…. not because I want my OTP pure or whatever, just that I don’t think they did.

    If they did, do you think BD is out of character and not being responsible?

    • 9.1 Cynthia

      99.9% of the time, the OTP being together in a bed = sex.
      Particularly when the leading lady is shown bare from the waist up.
      And once that happens, the next question is generally is she pregnant or not?

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          I just want to quickly stop by to say that I appreciate the comments to my answer and that I was up late last night reading the few comments that I saw at the time (since then, there have been a few more). I wanted to respond, because a few thoughts came to me as a result, but it was 2am and I had just come back from out of town after a very long day.
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        @ Cynthia,


        I beg to disagree that 99.9% of the time, the OTP being together in a bed=sex. I haven’t watched as many dramas as many people here, but a few examples come to my mind:
        1-Goong, where during their “1st night together,” nothing happens. It sounds like something is happening, but we learned that nothing did happen. He even works out to distract himself from the strong physical attraction he feels for her. Nothing happens also when he takes her on a trip to their vacation home, even though they “sleep” together. Nothing actually happens until the very last episode, when he visits her in the foreign country she was in (can’t remember the country right now) and it hinted that she might be pregnant.
        2–Personal Taste: There is a scene where the OTP falls asleep together after a storm and nothing happens. The LMH character even tells her in voice over that she is making it hard for him (don’t you know I am a man too?) by barging into his room and falling asleep in his arms (on his bed). As we know, the “deed” happens in the very last episode.
        3–Playful Kiss: The episode where the female lead fainted (I think) and ended up in KHJ’s apartment. He started sleeping on the floor, but then she invited him on the bed, which was more comfortable. Nothing happened that night (he wouldn’t allow it). With them, (and you would know because this is your *husband,*) nothing happens either at first on the 1st couple of days of their honeymoon.
        These are the few examples that came to my mind. I could also mention MNIKSS, where nothing happened at 1st, a few times, even though they did technically “sleep together.” He was drunk and passed out the 1st time, the 2nd time, she wouldn’t let him because she was selfconcious about her body, the 3rd time he went to buy condoms and when he came back, she was asleep. So even in a drama as “modern” (for lack of a better term) as MNIKSS, they didn’t do it right away.
        Having said that, I am also aware that Playful Kiss and Goong probably targeted a younger audience (and the leads were supposed to be around 19 in Goong, I believe and in High School), so they might not have wanted to show their OTP having sex right away. Another example that comes to mind is a bed scene in Thorn Birds, the melodrama from KBS. They talked until the wee hours of the morning and fell asleep in each other’s arms and even though they were engaged by then, they didn’t do it that time. Rooftop Prince would be another example where they did “sleep” together (a number of times), but they were not “sleeping together,” that definitely would have been out of character for the male lead. They also didn’t get to sleep together because as soon as they got married, he disappeared.
        I don’t know what the percentage is, but I don’t think it is 99.9%, even based on the few examples I gave and I am sure that there are more like that.
        I feel that it would have been out of character for BD to do it that night. I know that he adjusted quickly to modern life but I would think that a lot of the Joseon upbringing is still in him and that is one of the things that sets him apart. Also, Hee Jin did have a white tank top, as someone mentioned here. She wasn’t naked from the waist up (although, that doesn’t always mean that sex didn’t happen).
        I know I am in the minority with what I am about to say and I am OK with it: I do want this OTP to be pure, I think it fits BD (the way he has been presented to us) best. I do want BD to propose and then marry her, essentially “take responsibility” like JB explained in a former recap about QIHM before anything that deep happens.
        I also understand that anyone can interpret what happened between them (after the kiss) the way they want to and so I am not forcing my opinion on anyone, I am merely stating it.

        • shl

          Hi Ivoire, thank you for that wealth of detail! How on earth do you manage to watch, analyse and *remember* so much?

          I’m with you in the minority, and for the same reasons. However, I’m happy to agree to disagree with anyone who has a differing opinion 🙂

        • Cynthia


          I can understand your reaction to my comment. Goong and Playful Kiss were for the younger crowd – no premarital canoodling allowed. Bed scenes (if any) are most always shown at the very end.

          Personal Taste was rather mid-range for the sex for the OTP – specifically due to the ‘he’s pretending to be gay’ storyline. I feel they needed to put it off to the end as the plot dictated it.

          As for QIHM, it’s an adult rom/com with a scene specifically written to lead the two of them into bed. The ‘you’re not expecting me to sleep alone?’ bantering, the prolonged ‘deep’ kissing with bare feet skinship, the fade-away to her waking up while he’s watching her in the middle of the night (which was filmed showing her sans clothing – regardless of the fact that she’s shown wearing a tee the next morning – heck, she could have gotten cold after he left) all lead to my 99.9% that the deed was done.

          But, I will agree that my 99.9% is an overstatement. I shall revise it for the future, maybe… 🙂

        • ahjummabunny

          I think the bare shoulders are always “something happened” markers.

        • Lang

          As a dude,

          I hope that they did it, it would be such a lame thing if he didn’t .

          I mean the environment and atmosphere is perfect, they’re online, hot passionate kiss, I’d be pissed if he didn’t do anything if I was a girl.

          I mean, I don’t understand the big boo about sex, it’s normal, people do it all the time, there’s nothing about staying pure or anything, that’s just bullshit that religous ppl palced on people to control them.

          If anything not having regular sex just means your inexeprienced and trust me, virgins are not all that ….

    • 9.2 Rai

      I agree with you.. I was hoping they didn’t do it because I think that this is one of the shows wherein the couple don’t need words or “excessive actions” (if you know what i mean! 😉 ) to prove that they love each other.

      Okay, well, there was the hot kiss in the previous episodes and stuff, but from what I’ve observed, they haven’t even said “I love you” to each other yet!

      Also, since Hee Jin and Boong Do agreed to meet each other at midnight in the last episode, then taking into consideration the hullaballoo that happened to them before they were able to arrive at the place where they slept, and given the fact that Boong Do left for Joseon before Hee Jin woke up, I am really hoping that nothing happened, or rather, I think there wasn’t enough time for something to happen…

      I also noticed that Hee Jin was wearing a sleeveless top when she woke up to see Boong Do leaving for Joseon so I think this could be another reason to argue that they haven’t done it yet… I think? 😀 *crosses fingers*

      Well, everything I’ve said had a hint of bias towards my dream of a pure couple so, please, Show? 🙂

      • 9.2.1 s

        I think this is one show in which they don’t even NEED to say “I love you”. It’s unnecessary. You already know they are head over heels in lurrve just by a look 😀

        (they are soooo sweet it kills me agahjhhhh!)

        • Kiara

          I completely agree with you. Same reason why Pride and Prejudices left such a lasting impact on me. The chemistry was there and it was strong enough to carry the show to the end without the lovey dovey stuff. But, on the other hand Darcy and Lizzy’s story wasn’t a time travel, so I can also understand why Boong Do is shown expressing his love in this manner. Perhaps to show how he is adapting to his new world.

          • IBELIS

            I agree with Cynthia and for the same reason, if the girl is without clothing that’s the indicator that they did the deed.
            In the examples given by Ivorie all the couples are fully clothed at all times.

    • 9.3 danny

      hopefully u are right and that the show will not just all of a sudden scare us that Hee Jin is preggy or left with bong Dos offspring a consolation to the ending if Boong Do cannot be in 21st century.
      Also as many dramas u pointed out that didnt really do it, there’s one that did it and surprise us. The King to hearts. A sudden miscarriage.

      QIHM is shown late, like 10PM, Heejin is not a shy girl, she’s very vocal with her emotions, Bong Do, pleaded with her, the night is long and what am I gonna do alone. these lines are just short but hinted something.

      hopefully no miscarraige, no pregnancy, no baby surprises, if htere is, then I am still ok. Coz it really do make sense if something happen to them.
      two consenting so in love adults living in an uncertain times, why not make the most of it.

      • 9.3.1 skelly

        The show handled this issue in an extremely clever way, almost as if they knew that the fandom would be divided in what they want to see from this couple.
        There is just the right amount of ambiguity, so that those who wish to have an idealized, “pure” couple may do so, and those who want to see something a bit more realistic may envision it as much as they like. They gave us beginning point A – the kiss, ending point C, she wakes up in bed alone, and mid-point B, his monk visit, and lets us fill in the blanks however we wish.
        The physical clues – the fact that he is always fully clothed, she is still in a top, he went back to Joseon – points towards a chaste evening. But the emotional clues and the way they interact with each other physically (that is not the sort of kiss where you shake hands and walk away afterwards, and they are so at ease later, invading each other’s personal space without a moment’s hesitation), makes me smile and think it was something just too precious to show.

  10. 10 Anabella

    Thax for the Recap!!! I Love this Drama so Much cause is Sooooo Freaking Smart!

  11. 11 Sunmi

    OMGEE. Is it wrong (and or irrational/crazy/petty) of me to be insanely jealous of Hee-jin? I’ve been hating on this girl for like 12 episodes (even though secretly she’s pretty awesome for a heroine) all because she has my dream guy: smart, sweet, cheeky and good with his hands…er I mean good with a sword! Yes! That’s it.

    Yup. Still jealous….

  12. 12 Linh

    Girlfriday, I love your insight on the characters!

    I’m really worried for their future together **prays for non-Rooftop-esk-ending** Rooftop Prince was really… really just a bit tiresome at times with the company and the grandma and Sena and Tae mu. But I love how every moment of Queen Inhyun is filled with lots of plot and character development (or should I say consistency?) They act according to their character (unlike some other rotten sequel that came out this year **coughDreamHigh2cough**) This drama is just so wonderful and cute!! I was as anxious as you and Hee-jin were. gulp* Don’t leave her Boong do!

    Also, can I just say that I LOVE whoever directed this drama? Cameraman is a genius. So is the writer. And the person who plans out their clothing style. And the producer. And the actors. And just about everything else. 😉

  13. 13 Noelle

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    • 13.1 Noelle

      I love these two! Best couple ever, hands down. I need more Boong Do! I’m gonna Google him.

      • 13.1.1 nova611

        i have googled him, resulting in watching INVISIBLE YOUTH 2, which is not my type of variety programme. But did u know dat in REAL LIFE, boong do rides a HORSE? hehe

        • putihlilac

          “Why am I so taken by the fact that he swings the door from the top?”

          i thought i’m the only one..hehe

          • Nanuki

            I’m so glad other people are owning up to this…

          • shl

            Me too!

        • skelly

          As soon as I saw him on a horse, I knew that he had to have taken riding lessons, or at least spent some time on a horse, in real life. A lot of actors just jounce around like a sack of potatoes on a saddle but he obviously knows what he is doing.

          • Vira

            Ji Hyun Woo is truthfully a multi talented actor. Because of QIHM, I’ve searched for his other works. When I get Mr Idol, OmO, I realize that he seriously can sing and also has
            good body shape. And even his six abs…? *melting right now.

            I really hope that in the future he can find appropriate drama for the next work. I’ll be waiting for it. ^^

  14. 14 stars4u


  15. 15 Sunshine

    swoon at their finger interlace at the payphone…the payphone scene had to be the most romantic scene i seen so far. who knew an old pay phone can come in handy like that…..such a sweet proposal!!

  16. 16 Shiku

    I heart this OTP so much. Fate please be kind to them.

    It’s interesting the contrast of Boong-do and Hee-jin in the phonebooth in the rain scene verses the Hee-jin/Dong-min scene shows exactly how she feels for them.

    “If it’s true that if you are about to die you live, then it must also be true that when you are about to live, you die.” Oh No, I never thought of this and now am scared.

  17. 17 piggy68gal

    Wow! I love your insights and comments at the end!!! Thank you so much 😀
    I love this drama so much…and I’m sad that there are only 2 more episodes left to the ending…This has been so enjoyable and Queen In Hyun’s Man is definitely one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched <3 I hope the ending is satisfying and doesn't disappoint! 😀

  18. 18 mskololia

    Whoa….girlfriday? Welcome to the party.

    Thanks for the recap. HJ is a wonderful character and makes this drama what it is for fans. We are going to get a happy ending.

  19. 19 Yue

    Something suddenly crosses my mind. I know the drama was about fluff and all and we wanted to see Bong-du stays in the future. There is just ONE tiny detail which I think we forgot… He can come and live in the future – but, how? I mean, 21st century – He doesn’t even have an identity card! How can Hee-jin explain it to people? He doesn’t even have a background!

    • 19.1 jomo

      All they need is a really good hacker to break into every electronic info bank and create him a new id, medical history, dental records, drivers license, um, college diploma,passport, etc, and they will be FINE!

      Funny thing – he IS a citizen of their country, it’s just that his birthday is a reeeeeeally long time ago.

      • 19.1.1 Kiara

        Hey we should get that (hawtie) Danny Choi from Ghost to take care of that.

    • 19.2 Stacy

      This occurred to me too. Hee-jin is an actress; no matter how much she tries to keep her private life private, someone is going to go digging around to find out everything they can about her boyfriend. If Boong-do stays in the future, he’s going to have to build an air-tight false background cause we all know how netizans can be!

      • 19.2.1 jomo

        I know they do investigate people to bits. There was that one guy (don’t know who) whose US College diploma was questioned.

        Despite that, they could go with the idea that he was orphaned (which is technically true) then an illegal adoptee, and that all records of his US life were destroyed…in a fire flood plague tornado earthquake virus-induced hard drive crash…

        • Stacy

          I’m liking that theory!

        • Rovi

          Ah, you mean Tablo???

          • danny

            tablo’s case was clearly a defamation, he provided all the evidences and Stanford itself side with him, it’s the fansite “We Demand Truth from Tablo” that lied, the admin whatbecomes had fraudulently used a friend’s ID number to create the website, violating Naver’s terms of service. So in Bong do’s case , he can used Hee Jin’s frined ID, just like last time when they were in Jeju and he needs to fly but he didt have any ID. HeeJin provided for him.

        • madsu

          How about a NK refugee? Would that work?

  20. 20 Rovi

    Actually, JB, “必死卽生” (필사즉생) isn’t necessarily on the talisman (時道通來間必救人) per se, but it’s the theory behind the powers and functions of the talisman.

    It’s from episode 2, yeah, where Kim Boong-do firmly thought of “必死卽生” w/c meant “When you’re about to die, you live.” early on…

    What Minister Min did was to reverse the theory, so that now it’s “必生卽死” (필생즉사).

    Those four interchangeable characters are among the most interesting, since Yi Soon-shin made a calligraphic statement with the same words: “必死卽生 必生卽死” “Those willing to die will live, and those willing to live will die.”

    And the last time I heard those words were in (the late) PD Kim Jae-hyeong’s 2001 “Yeoin Cheonha“, where Jeong Nan-jeong (Kang Soo-yeon) presented Queen Munjeong (Jeon In-hwa) with the quip (which unfortunately I can’t translated): “生卽必死 死卽必生” (생즉필사 사즉필생) during the time when the Queen was being threatened with deposement during the time she gave birth to a daughter and was in trouble even in the eyes of her mother-in-law (but she was saved through the efforts of her step-son the Crown Prince, son of her predecessor Queen Janggyeong)…

    • 20.1 ladida

      Ok, so the very first time Boong Do (unknowingly) used the talisman, he closed his eyes as if he were ready to die, as if her were accepting it. And it gives more weight to his asking himself if he was willing to die to find out who this “Queen In Hyun” was. So this interpretation means every time he came to 2012 he had to be completely willing to die. Not just ready and not just risking, but maybe even inclined? It makes sense. I mean, the guy’s entire family was killed. I could understand him not being at all averse to dying.

      And now, with Boong Do choosing to live his life in 2012, choosing an active life instead of an empty one, he’s *willing to live.*

  21. 21 queencircles

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      I’m really curious towards Boong Do’s job in the next future… Can’t wait for the next episode…..XD

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    This episode wasn’t very climatic…but it filled up a little piece of adorableness in my QIHM heart!

    Crossing my fingers for a great finale next week!

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    keep up the awesome work – lots of love from New Zealand!!

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  26. 26 becca_boo

    Yay! I was hoping you’d come in to recap an episode!

    I love Boong-do as much as the next girl (and dare I say a little more?), but lately I’ve really been appreciating Hee-jin. I love how average she is – she starts to voice a thought that sounded great in her head but comes out idiotic; she acts impulsively and with the best intentions but realizes the consequences just a little too late; she leads with her heart and tries to cover it up with humor when she’s disappointed. It’s all these things and more that make her so awesome as a character, and she feels very real to me. I love (love LOVE) Boong-do to a million tiny gat-and-backpack-shaped pieces, but I identify with Hee-jin.

    Great recap as always. Thanks for stopping by!

    • 26.1 pockified

      Exactly my thoughts! I especially love that spiel she said to Dongmin when she asked to break up. You watch her in 3rd person wondering what the hell is coming out of her mouth because it doesn’t make any sense… and then you think about it and realize homegirl is just like you and you would probably ramble on while trying to get your point across too. I’d be nervous trying to come up with an excuse to break up too, hahaha.

      • 26.1.1 trotwood

        I love Hee Jin, too. I said in another place of QIHM worship that she is one of a limited numbers of female leads that I feel like I would want to be friends with in every episode. There is no episode where I get really annoyed with her or I am so embarassed by her actions that I just cannot look. There are many female leads where this happens, but not with her. I love her brand of honesty–the way she keep going after what she wants. She is both vulnerable and protective of herself at the same time in a realistic way.

        • Nanuki

          I concur. Hee-jin rocks. Well, I’m not sure she’s cool enough for that particular verb to apply, but I want to go out for drinks with her. She’s a lovely, hilarious person. I can count on one hand the amount of k-drama heroines I actually like and Hee-jin is now on that list. And I would need another person or two to count the number of dramas I’ve seen, so the list is a rather exclusive.

          This drama makes me wonder why the hell it’s so hard for K-dramas to create ‘real’, likable characters. It’s so excellently done here! Are there awards for cable shows? Everyone involved with get big kisses and chocolates and something shiny for their mantlepieces, right? RIGHT?

  27. 27 Dara

    Thanks GF, freaking love this drama. Wait, I hope he won’t pop up in Italy at the end, or else why the writer brought that up?

    My theory of the ending, BD will come full circle on meeting HJ again like in ep1 with the donut offer, and leave us Oooy at the end trying to figure out his time-travel, just like Il Mare, Time Traveller’s Wife etc. Cuz that’s usually how this kind of story ends. Not that I would love that, I would love to see their babiesssss……

    I hope you will jam in for at least comment on the finale ^^

  28. 28 Yumi

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    I’m on the OTP bandwagon and I am really enjoying the series.

    Am I the only one who felt that the Instant Carre (curry) sequence was a CF that got plopped into the episode?

    I felt that they could cut that sequence and run it as a commercial without any additional editing.

    • 28.1 lee

      I thought the same thing, ah, so this is how she made the car money.

  29. 29 hottestjen

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    they’re supre cute together and super adorable

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    may i just say how much i appreciate that this drama does not have the typical cliches that drive the plot that i hate so much –
    1. the near miss by few seconds scene – boong do is standing in the crowd, and hee jin sees him. hee jin is in the phone booth after rushing there, and boong do sees her before he teleports
    2. the hero/heroine blindly believing blatant lies and lengthens the misunderstanding scene (yes RTP i am looking at you) – soo kyung makes up a story about the phone calls, hee jin suspects, questions and acts on it immediately.
    there is not a single moment where i bang my head against the keyboard and think ‘you actually believe that?? how stupid are you? and you expect the audience to be as idiotic as you??’
    on a more shallow note, how does JHW look so hot in both joseon and modern clothing??? i am in a dilemma over which one to fantasize about!!
    thanks JB, heads and GF for indulging us!!! xoxoxoxo

    • 30.1 buki

      LOL, I second that about JHW looking hot. He’s just nailing it perfectly. I love him with a beanie the most.

      • 30.1.1 s

        I concur with the beanie!!!

    • 30.2 Kittymommy

      @floyd…Uhmm yeah pretty much wht u said

    • 30.3 yoshie


      I so much agree with you

  31. 31 may-chan

    Hey GF!

    Great recap. AND I absolutely love the comments that you’ve made for this episode! I totally agree with you 100%.

    I really like HJ and BD’s characters respectively. They are not the typical k-drama characters we get everyday. HJ is definitely one of my favourite heroines. She’s not overbearingly cute that equates to annoying nor is she stunningly brilliant. BD, is just adorkable. I think this must be Ji Hyun Woo’s best drama thus far. I’ve watched him since Over the Rainbow with Hwanhee. I think he’s come very very far since then.

    I also agree with you on the fact that the time-travel plot is executed so well in this drama. It’s not just a mechanism used by BD but the element also weaves into the plot – the whole cause and effect thing etc.

    I think the scriptwriter and director are so amazing in that they seem to be able to deliver consistent drama-goodness every week!

    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

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  34. 34 melonhead

    Is it random that I always think how lucky it is that they stand juuuust out of the reach of the phone box door, so that their sudden openings of the door don’t hit them in the face? It happened last episode and in this one too.

    Also, serious props to Yoo In-na and Ji Hyun-woo. They’re both killing their roles. The tender touches, the expressive glances, the slight smiles – aah, so much adorable chemistry!!

    • 34.1 buki

      maybe they don’t have to pretend being in love that much 😀

    • 34.2 jomo

      I think it is some move magic we are seeing.
      If they did want to film it realistically, it wouldn’t be have as romantic. I just pretend not to notice!

      • 34.2.1 Em

        What’s a move magic jomo? Is all that chemistry oozing out of my computer screen merely an editing technique? Here I am thinking, there’s no faking something like that.

        My illusions are shattered! I never fangirled over a drama couple this much since SSH and KTH in My Princess

  35. 35 Suzi Q

    Dong Min doesn’t bother me as much as Soo Kyung who is starting to grate on my nerves. I want to fast forward her.

    I like Hee-jin who isn’t the brightest light bulb, but she isn’t pretentious and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is adorable and who wouldn’t swoon for Boong Do?

    • 35.1 ladida

      I hate Dong Min. He’s selfish, petty, completely oblivious, self-centered, and hypocritical. And he’s abusive. Sooner he’s gone the better.

      Soo Kyung I just want to acknowledge her wrongdoings and apologize. I think the actress is doing a great job of being funny without going over the top in her hand flapping ways.

  36. 36 buki

    Am I the only one who thinks they didn’t do it?

    • 36.1 eternalfive

      No, I don’t think they did it either, but it does seem like they deliberately left it open for people to interpret it whichever way they wish, probably according to how much they want the couple to have sex or how they view the couple in general. So yeah, it’s just up to how you want to interpret it. 🙂

      • 36.1.1 shl

        I think they didn’t and shouldn’t do it 🙂 but it’s been left open, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

      • 36.1.2 jomo

        eternalfive – great answer! Unless there is a pregnancy, which I doubt, it doesn’t have anything to do with the outcome of the story.

        I am in the camp of “Why not? You’re both consenting adults?” Whether or not it would be out of character for him is very difficult for me to judge. He has died how many times now? His thinking has undergone drastic changes over the past few months. He may not care about Joseon mores when he is with HJ.

        If she is not using contraceptives in pill form, (and why would she at this point in her non-relationship with DM?) they would have to rely on condoms. Where would they have gotten some that late at night?

        It would be very dumb of HER – working actress with everything riding on her physical fitness to work – to chance it.

        • Lang

          The question is , if they did do it, Does Bong Do (main character guy) use protection ? Did she teach him ? Would have been a hilarious extra on a dvd or something….

  37. 37 wanderlust

    GFFF i was totally begging for you to join, noooo DONT LEAVE US just yet like boong do, heaps of episodes left to share recaps!

    agree with @Suzi Q, sookyung is just in the bad friend territory so its pretty useless having her around and all she does is screech and scream in her scenes, not fun. i wish she still kept her offish character but was still a goodfriend like in the first timeline but no dice. she specifically forgot that she promised heejin shed be on her side, and then did everything the exact opposite which means she didnt even mean her promise, it was just an empty promise to manipulate heejin into following her wishes. i can see why theyre friends because heejin just lets sookyungs controlling and condescending nature roll of her back cuz shes got a thick skin or literally ignores her but if sookyung were MY friend, we would have words. and arguments. most unsupportive, bait and switch friend ever.

    and yeah i dont really mind dongmin, even if boongdo didnt show up, the universe would make up for it and there was a reason they didnt work out the first time and his temper wouldve come out again sometime in the future when heejin did something he didnt like and theyd break up eventually, so no qualms.

    but does the actor of dong min remind anyone else of a more chiselled version of bae soo bin? i dont know why but im always reminded of bae soo bin when he shows up, but i really hope to see him in another project where he isnt a childish ass 🙂

    i too after reading discussions hoped that the didnt have sex but if they didnt im not as bothered by it as others and i like that they left it open to interpretation.

    plus HAHAHAHA are player boongdo! when this show decides to do full on humour, theyre right on mark! “do you know what a player is?” puahaha boongdo i love this version of you even more and love heejins imagination. cant wait for the next recaps

    and SERIOUSLY GF DONT GO AWAY. or ill hunt you down with ma magic tailsman in the past and make you write it like boongdo did to min am! hehe thanks for the recap!

    • 37.1 Flibbet

      He reminds me of Bae Su Bin as well! I’ve been waiting to see if someone else would mention that.

  38. 38 diana919

    i started reading here for recaps when i haven’t started watching the drama. even the teasers before, i already have this on my list to watch.

    and yesterday i did a marathon for all the episodes and it was fantastic… and even thou i watched it, i still went back here to read everyones comments about this wonderful drama.

    Honestly… this is the best for me this year. i thought its TMTETS (although i’m only crazy about the younger version of that drama), but with this one.. i don’t think i’ll forget this anytime soon… and once i have a copy of this (once its finish) i’ll watch it all over again.

    there are no dull moments and it makes you want to either anticipate what’s to come… or just go back and watch the previous scene (That’s how addicting and how i love this drama.)

    but i think there’s a topic somewhere wherein on the next episode HJ is going to have a very emotional scene… aigoo… my heart is breaking already anticipating that..

    “LET THEM BE TOGETHER!!” keke ^^

  39. 39 wanderlust

    oh yeah and the beanie needs to come back. just saying.

  40. 40 Alex Louise

    My thought on the final (using RTP, K2H):
    BD is back to Joseon, finishing watever he need to finish according to history.
    HJ is left in 2012 with their child.
    Sometimes in the future he’ll visit the two.
    I just wish it does not finish like this.

    • 40.1 danny

      since time travelling is in itself a preposterous idea, something that only happens in movies and dramas then why not make it end like movies and dramas anyway. The drama tried so hard to make scenes and dialogue so real and practical, yes the viewing public are smart, we know if the writer is fooling us or not, we even notice those small details in the scenes.
      But the viewing public also wanna stay in that dreamlike trance, or make -belief time travel, so u SHOW, better gave us a happy ending even no matter how preposterous , ridiculous is it for Bong Do to be in the 21st century. You started it, better finsih it. Ok, QIHM!

  41. 41 Sunny

    This tv show within a tv show juggles the whole “breaking the 4th wall” effect perfectly. I like that we get to see things from a director’s perspective for instance. How it would affect your drama (positively or negatively) if you had co-stars that were dating in real life. (on viewer ratings etc).

    How an established actor like Dong Min can have an effect on a budding actress by influencing the director and casting staff in her favour – or out of her favour, making impossible demands that have to be met. Do you cast a well loved but troublesome actor, knowing the revenue he brings in, or play with the risks and end up having to film your newbie in a different location.

    I’m very glad I watched “Worlds Within”. It made me understand how Korean dramas are filmed and the industry from the perspective of those who produce it. And how relationships, emotions on set, balancing egos and requests for script changes all have an interrelated effect on one another in producing our well-beloved K dramas.

    • 41.1 madsu

      Sunny, this is true all over the world, I would think. Established actors with proven fan base have a huge say in the future of up-coming talent everywhere.
      Their position in the industry allows them to promote or obstruct the position of a new comer with ease. If one is in their good books, one gets invited to all the right events and introduced to all the important people. If one is perceived as a threat, a negative word in the right place can result in lost opportunities, bad press or worse, no press.
      That way, cable tv is a life line for these talents. The sheer number of projects mean that good people will get more opportunities. More power to cable all over the world. Bring on the good stuff.

  42. 42 kaye

    There’s this constant visual motif on this show to have our couple in separate spaces, even when they’re together.
    This. Their longing for each other is palpable.

    I also agree that their love story is as realistic as any other couple out there. They’re not at each others’ throat like almost every other kdrama couple ever.

    It frightens me that there is a possibility that they might not end up together after all. No thanks to that intro in the first episode, which if I’m not mistaken, is the closing words of Hee-jin in this episode.

  43. 43 Sunny

    As mentioned before, this show is simply brilliant in terms of script and direction. A show about time travel / a long distance relationship that maintains its exquisite tension far past what I thought possible. The constant conflict that hee jin (and the viewer ) face for example, did my love go back to his time or did he merely step out for some fresh air. Is he leaving or is he staying?

    He leaves the talisman with her establishing a momentary sense of security in hee jin/ viewer, and then almost gets mad when she pretends to throw it away; significantly taking back the talisman (and our sense of security) away from Hee Jin.

    I also love that this show uses past moments to its advantage and plays up previous scenes. It wasn’t a dream she says recollecting him standing over her bed dressed. Hee jin is continously having to reinforce her reality to herself. It makes me worry that both parties will be forced to split up ala RTP stly and if the show will reconcile an ending like that wth making it a dream scenario. I will kill something or some small insect if that happens.

    • 43.1 ladida

      “Hee jin is continously having to reinforce her reality to herself.”

      YES! After everyone she’s trusted in her life has told her that what she believes makes her crazy, or that what she believes is just a dream, her seeing Boong Do in episode 11 went against all that and allowed her to believe in the reality she knows is true–or at least, just as true and as valid as the one Soo Kyung and Dong Min lived. That’s why it killed me a little bit when Boong Do lied to her and told her he wasn’t standing there. The girl had to go see a psychiatrist, for goodness sake! But in this episode we see her not questioning herself but standing firm and saying, “No, he was definitely standing there.” Love Hee Jin so much; she’s perfect.

      I love how the talisman and time travelling has affected both of their perceptions of reality: Hee Jin basically experiences two alternate realities t once and Boong Do has the misfortune of knowing the future, thereby making his present (1694) seem less real. Ugh, such a great show.

  44. 44 panshel

    A part of me hurts for him always having to sell his relics… until I realized it was the same relic! Hee Jin gently convincing Boong Do to stay was heart wrenching to watch.

    Dong Min is so childish. Doesn’t he know what professionalism means?! >_<

    "As far as I know, you're the most easily bullied person in the world." Aww, but true. I have no doubt in my mind that Boong Do will speak English better than Hee Jin. She's lucky her boyfriend's so smart. And swoon-worthy.

    Thanks again for the recap, girlfriday!

    • 44.1 sally_b

      @panshel – A part of me hurts for him always having to sell his relics…

      However, I also like the idea of Boong-Do, smart as he is…stashing, A LOT of relics, for later retrieval.

      Hey, if he’s gonna jettison his past life…who says he can’t take it with him. He actually can.

      Trip to Florence for a Honeymoon…no probs ~ 😉

  45. 45 K

    I just started this last night! I can’t take hearing all the good things about it, I just have to see it for myself.

    I loved the sageuk parts! I can only tolerate sageuk in small doses (yeah, I know I’m lame), but I found myself truly drawn to it way more than the modern parts.

    Off to watch the next episode.

  46. 46 h0ns

    I love your recap.. thank you <3 <3 <3

  47. 47 5lt

    Thank you so much girlfriday for the very insightful recap =)

    i love the fact that you mention Boongdo’s decision to stay in the future is as much philosophically motivated instead of purely emotions. that is what i really love about the drama. we’re not just treated to an awesome romance, but everything that’s put into the story is well-thought of and nicely executed. and here we have a drama that is enjoyable, but makes a whole lot of sense. and intelligent.

    i know some have lamented that there wasn’t much plot development in this episode. i’m totally fine with it. i mean, how else would we have all these awesome shots of our OTP? but seriously, i think this is an important episode for our couple as they’ve come to this stage where they need to decide where to go next in their relationship.

    for Boongdo, will having Hee Jin beside him be enough? can he leave his life back in Joseon and be happy in this future? and as Boongdo said, can he still lead the same life in his lifetime, and be his own man when he already knows what’s gonna happen in the future?
    for HeeJin, is her love for Boongdo strong enough to overcome the constant 300 years of separation? and not knowing when he’ll be travelling to her time to her? and constantly worrying about his safety when she knows she could do nothing to help him?

    to me, they are very important questions for both of them to answer. as it will shape any future that they’re going to have.

    and how i love the entwining fingers in the phone booth! thank you so much for putting up that screencap.

    and thank you so much for pointing out that visual motif of BoongDo and HeeJin’s distant longing. the show has done an excellent job of interpreting the story and presenting it to us with tantalizing visuals and editing and cinematography.

    • 47.1 madsu

      So many layers to this story telling. You know a true masterpiece when different people keep finding new meanings that add to the beauty of the work.

  48. 48 sally_b

    *So happy to have a time-travel drama actually BE about time travel*

    Amen sistah-girlfriday, AMEN.

    I was beginning to think I’d been HAD by ‘bait & switch’ on mulitple Kdramas this season.

    …luring with teasers of Sageuk attire and foggy-mystical time-portals — then ► something else entirely.

    While it’s not a rule that time-based dramas HAVE to flip back and forth…I would argue that the BEST ones….do.

    So far this quarter(?) there’s only been one that meets…scratch that —- EXCEEDS, my expectations and it’s QIHM.

    The writer actually expects that *WE* are smart….writer, I LOVE YOU ~ ♥
    (/embarrassing confession over/)

  49. 49 divaz_sha

    some people say there was no plot movement..
    but we only get 2 episode full of lovey dovey moment unlike other drama who get it every episode…they separate 2 episode(9-10) so it ok to give us some ‘fan service’ and also for the romance to deepen more in 2 episode (11-12)

    don’t worry..in another 2 episode,the plot will moving fast..
    and it will make you love this show more


  50. 50 Arhazivory

    Thanks GF~ lol – Is this the first time we had three recappers weighing in on one show? Nice. 😀

    Anyway, I really liked this episode. I’ve heard comments that it seemed more like filler but I disagree. Sometimes dramas just assume that the viewer will know how the OTP fell in love but this drama shows it. In the little moments we see their love growing and its so wonderful. Also, the giant question of whether or not Boong Do should go was the essence of this episode. Even their romance has a slight bittersweet feeling because they don’t know when it’ll end.

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