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Queen In-hyun’s Man: Episode 14
by | June 6, 2012 | 194 Comments

This show is going to be the death of me. Our hero is faced with the choice of saving his own life or bringing the baddies to justice, and we’re left wondering: Can he do both? Seemingly insurmountable odds and sky-high stakes make this show a cut above the rest, and this episode combines all the best things about this series into one. Not like that’s a new thing where Queen In-hyun’s Man is concerned.


Boong-do has returned to Joseon to Hee-jin’s dismay, who panics in her own time period at the sight of the bloodied bandages left behind; a stark reminder of the danger he’s gone to face.

Rumors have run rampant among the citizens, who crowd around Boong-do to decry him for daring to show his face again. Is he even human?

Meanwhile, his own house is in a tizzy over an arrest warrant issued for Boong-do. He’s taking everything in stride, as usual, in contrast to Yoon-wol, who sees one of the maids carrying out bloody bandages and panics enough to let herself into his room without permission. (I know blood is naturally frightening, but it’s a nice tie-in that both Hee-jin and Yoon-wol see the same thing – bloody bandages – and share the same reaction even over the time-space divide.)

He’s cool as a cucumber when she sees him, and plainly admits that he regrets not heeding her advice: “Just like you said, I have brought about disaster because of my personal desires.” So to repent, he plans to make everything right again.

As royal investigators set up a perimeter around Boong-do’s home, Yoon-wol urges him to leave now for his own safety – why stay now just to protect his honor? If even the Queen can’t escape her impending doom, how can he expect to do the same?

Boong-do’s smile is serene as he wonders why she wants him to leave now, when she wanted him to stay before. With tears in her eyes, she admits that she developed feelings she knew she shouldn’t have and wanted to keep him by her side, but now she just wants him safe. Wherever safe may be.

One of the servants interrupts to notify them of the investigators waiting outside, and Boong-do orders him to open the doors before the situation gets worse. In a last-ditch effort to save him Yoon-wol grabs onto his arm, and Boong-do gently pulls her hands away before giving her a reassuring smile and pat on the shoulder. Aww, friendzoned.

A Noron official urges Queen In-hyun to save herself by claiming that she rejected a forward attempt by Boong-do, something she firmly denies: “When everyone left me to preserve their lives, he was the only one willing to put his life on the line and save me.” If the king doesn’t believe her, then so be it.

A palace maid informs her that Boong-do has entered the palace, and her eyes go wide with worry.

It’s time for Boong-do to put his smarts to the test, since his first meeting is with the irate King Sukjong. He denies the rumors of his disappearance by claiming that he lost consciousness when he was shot, and awoke as a hostage to unknown men. He came as soon as he could escape to find rumors circulating around the capital that he used a talisman’s magic, which he hands to the king. (Nooooo!)

He’s showing the talisman in an effort to explain it’s ridiculous simplicity – how can something like that grant him supernatural powers? As for the rumors, he claims that they (and those who believe in them) must have rebellious ideas against the royal family.

Sukjong’s unfazed, and wonders how Boong-do will explain how he disappeared from his place of exile and appeared at In-hyun’s private residence. At Boong-do’s explanation that it was all a traitor’s plot Sukjong laughs – does Boong-do mean to say that Minister Min has been plotting all this from jail?

The analogy he uses is taken from the history of the Three Kingdoms, where a general named Sima Yi (Boong-do) was famously ridiculed for retreating in fear from an already-dead general, Zhuge Liang (Minister Min). As if to say that Minister Min is harmless, and Boong-do’s fears are unfounded. Sukjong orders Minister Min brought to him so they can sort this mess out.

Minister Min is perfectly happy in jail since it’s only a matter of time before Sukjong’s ire grows strong enough to kill the queen. It’s unexpected, then, when the order comes for him to report to the palace for an interrogation. (I do like that Minister Min’s conversation buddy is like, Your release will be recorded in history and remembered for centuries! Mostly because it was, until now.)

Interrogation time. Minister Min finds himself sitting next to Boong-do, both of them facing Sukjong. Minister Min uses the I Was In Jail Free card, and Boong-do uses the abduction excuse. Sukjong claims he believes none, so he’ll figure it out by using a trial by ordeal – if Boong-do has the talisman and dies from being shot by an arrow, he’ll consider his story true and execute Minister Min on the spot. But if he disappears, then he’ll consider all the rumors as fact, his household will be punished, and he’ll never be able to step foot on Joseon land again. Either way, Boong-do loses.

The talisman is placed on Boong-do, who seems oddly calm as he tells Minister Min that though this might not be the best way to end their personal battle, it isn’t the worst either. Realization dawns on Minister Min’s face Boong-do asks, “Did you think I would bring the real talisman?”

I’m simultaneously relieved and horrified as we get a flashback of Boong-do switching the talisman for a duplicate. B-but… what if he dies? This is the perfect time for this show to be a trendsetter – instead of having the Best At Everything, can we get the Worst Archer in Joseon on this case?

Boong-do: “Let us die together. Since we will not be lonely on the road to the underworld, it will not be so bad.” These words put the fear of Buddha into Minister Min’s heart as the king orders the archers to ready their bows…

They shoot, and an arrow heads straight for Boong-do – we can see the reflection in his eyes. Oh no oh no oh no oh no.

Cut to: Hee-jin in the car, listening to Soo-kyung rant about Dong-min canceling a photo shoot. No no no. Get us back to Joseon!

Cut back to: Joseon. Everyone looks on as Boong-do is pierced by three arrows. Oh no. Ohhh no. Blood seeps through his hanbok as everyone looks on in shock, with Minister Min being the most shocked of them all. Boong-do loses consciousness, his head drooping down…

Cut to: COMMERCIAL? Show, you are killing me here.

Sukjong rises and declares that he has once again been deceived by Minister Min, and orders that Boong-do be taken to the royal infirmary.

Meanwhile, Hee-jin grows queasy and uneasy in the car. I know normally queasiness equals pregnancy in dramaland, but here I think it’s being employed to show an existential, I-feel-your-pain kind of deal. She can’t bear to look at the Annals herself, so she has Soo-kyung pull over to read them while she wrings her hands in nervousness. (As am I.)

Soo-kyung reads what we all saw, up until the last bit: “He was shot with three arrows and died on the spot.” NO. History can be wrong sometimes… right? Please say it’s wrong.

In Joseon, the royal doctor gives Sukjong the bad news – Boong-do had already stopped breathing before he could attempt anything. With a dark gleam in his eyes Sukjong draws a sword and stalks toward Minister Min: “Because of your evil schemes, I have caused the death of my own friend, and doubted the Queen’s loyalty. Do you think I will let you off?” He points the sword at Minister Min’s neck, while officials rush to stop him.

Instead, he orders that Minister Min undergo the most severe of torture.

We hear the same story continued by Soo-kyung, who adds that Minister Min was beheaded. She’s apparently unable to read Hee-jin’s mood, who’s in the beginning stages of a total breakdown. Who can blame her?

Hee-jin faints in the car, and in the ensuing chaos Soo-kyung loses control of the car and crashes into a pole. This is oddly reminiscent of the last amnesia crash…

In the hospital, Soo-kyung is lucid as she tries to pinpoint where she’s hurt. Hee-jin has been keeping a hand over her eyes, though tears start slipping out. When the doctors ask her what’s wrong the trickle of tears turns into a flood, and she begins to sob uncontrollably in her hospital bed, beating her chest right over her heart as she cries at the loss of Boong-do. (There’s no dearth of tears on my end, either. WAH.)

Across the time divide, Yoon-wol sits and cries silently in her white mourning hanbok. Others comment that Boong-do was the last of his family line and that it’s only downhill from here, while we cut back to Hee-jin, still sobbing. Even the Queen is feeling the loss.

Dong-min’s manager tells him that Soo-kyung and Hee-jin have been in an accident, and the Hallyu star tries to feign apathy. Regardless, he still ends up going to the hospital with his manager.

They spy Soo-kyung in a wheelchair first, with a cast on her leg. While his manager goes to tend on Soo-kyung, Dong-min sneaks away to Hee-jin’s room, where she lies in bed trying to hold back her tears. Like a child, he stomps his feet to get her attention. Dong-min: “Why are you crying? Is it really painful?”

But when the manager duo enters, he quickly steps back, trying to act cool and unconcerned. Once in the celebmobile, he admits that he can’t stop worrying even though he wishes he could just stay angry at her.

The next day, Soo-kyung ends up overhearing the nurses telling a strange tale: A man who looked exactly like Boong-do was in intensive care, and they’re sure it’s the same man previously put under Hee-jin’s guardianship. Soo-kyung eases closer to get the scoop, and the nurses tell her that there was a patient in intensive care who disappeared that morning who was also wounded by arrows. (!!!!!)

She relates the news to Hee-jin, who knows instantly that it must have been Boong-do. She remembers his words from their last phone call: “I will take responsibility for everything. I can do it. I will solve everything and return.”

Joseon times, one month later. Minister Min is taken from prison to the public execution platform with two others, who are beheaded before him. The executioner readies his sword at Minister Min’s throat, though his eyes grow wide as he spots a familiar face in the crowd… Boong-do. He can’t believe it.

We flash back one month earlier, before the interrogation/execution. A eunuch dares to disturb the king by delivering a letter attached to an arrow, which leads Sukjong to a darkened room. A voice from behind calls out: “Your Majesty.” It’s Boong-do.

Sukjong draws a sword against him, and Boong-do explains everything. He did use black magic, but it was only to achieve the King’s ends – he escaped from exile and visited the Queen, but he was also the one to alert Sukjong to Minister Min’s plot. Though Sukjong still believes Boong-do has committed high treason by deceiving him, he’s somewhat mollified that Boong-do did everything to help Sukjong expose Minister Min’s crimes and reinstate the Queen.

Still, Sukjong wonders how he can ever trust Boong-do again. Our scholar acknowledges this quandary and offers his own life in return – after all, he would have been dead long ago, and all this transpired because he cheated death. Only by his death will the talisman be proven as fake, and the people’s suspicions will be cleared.

He only asks for one thing in return: That along with him, Minister Min be executed too, since he knows of the talisman’s power and can use it for nefarious ends. We know that isn’t quite true, but we can’t blame Boong-do for stretching the truth just a little.

Sukjong is in disbelief that his trusted friend would ask him to kill him with his own hands. Sukjong: “How could you use your life to make such a request?” With tears in his eyes, Boong-do tells him, “My asking you to grant my death, Your Majesty, is so that I can live. I will live on. I really want to live. That’s why I’m begging Your Majesty to let me die with honor. In the future, I will not appear in this world again.”

Ah, so now Sukjong’s hasty decisions during the interrogation make more sense. We cut to Boong-do readying his horse with Han-dong before his official audience with the King, with the instructions that Han-dong is to bring his body to this exact place if he’s shot by arrows tomorrow. Boong-do: “Although death is a high possibility, there is still a glimmer of hope for survival. So you must bring me here no matter what happens. You cannot delay for even a moment.”

And then we see the B-side of the interrogation scene, where Sukjong smiles to himself as Boong-do is taken away, their plan successful. Boong-do is taken to the royal doctor where a eunuch delivers a secret royal order to call Boong-do’s time of death prematurely.

Our smart cookie, of course, remembered the wonders of modern medicine and operated on the slim hope that he would be saved in the future. Han-dong tucks the talisman into his bandages, turns around, and poof! Boong-do disappears…

…And reappears right next to the hospital ambulance – so that’s why he demanded that the spot be exact. Attaboy!

The hospital staff takes him inside just as Hee-jin and Soo-kyung are being taken in from a separate ambulance. As Hee-jin was giving her gut-wrenching cries, Boong-do was wheeled right in front of her. Only she couldn’t see him.

The emergency room doctors bring Boong-do back from the brink, and we finally catch up to the present beheading scene as Minister Min locks eyes with Boong-do – the last thing he sees before he’s beheaded. Boong-do walks away.

He ends up looking at his own grave, which is eerie any way you slice it. Han-dong arrives with word that all of Boong-do’s household has been taken care of, and that Yoon-wol returned to her life as a gisaeng. Han-dong ended up telling Yoon-wol about Boong-do being alive and unable to see her, and a brief flashback shows her relief at Han-dong’s news… and her inevitable sorrow that she’ll never see Boong-do again.

Han-dong is already blubbering about separating from Boong-do forever, and Boong-do speeds away in order to hide his emotions. Han-dong calls after his lord, to no avail. So. Sad.

And poor Yoon-wol cries as she plays the gayageum.

Boong-do even grows emotional as he sends his horse off, pressing their foreheads (or gat-to-forehead) together as a last farewell. He begins to untie his gat as he looks over an awe-inducing vista, seeing it all for the last time.

Han-dong turns around once he sees Boong-do’s riderless horse and heads to the river, where only Boong-do’s sword remains pierced through his gat and into the ground. He sits on the riverside and calls out to his lord in futility.

In the present, Hee-jin walks like a zombie to her house, dragging each step. Her eyes go wide and her hands limp, dropping the bag of groceries as she spies Boong-do standing with his back to her. She knows he kept his word and says casually: “If I continue to meet you, I might end up being the one who can’t live out my normal lifespan.” Aww.

He turns to her with tears in his eyes: “Although I am a little late, I have returned.” She asks him why, and he explains that he doesn’t know – but he’s without a home now, and feels like an orphan. Hee-jin reaches forward to wipe the tears from his face, explaining that she wanted to slap him for all the worry he caused her, but she can’t now with him crying. “See, you really are a player. You are a natural-born player.”

Then she perks up for his sake. “What’s there to be lonely about? Aren’t I right here? Me. You have me, the world’s most beautiful woman.” Love her. Love him. Love them together.

He pulls her into an embrace. “Has it all ended?” she asks. He replies, “Everything is over.” Only then does she fully embrace him, relieved.

Boong-do: “There are many words that I do not understand, and words that I am hearing for the first time. But there is one thing that has not changed.”

Hee-jin: “What?”

Boong-do: “I love you.”


Now that’s what I call a beautiful ending, even though this isn’t the drama’s ending – we’ve still got two episodes left. No complaints here, because I can definitely stand to see more of these two. (And more, and more, and more.) My curiosity is piqued to see whether we’ll be hit with more conflict in the final hour(s), or whether it’ll be smooth sailing from here. But let’s face it, this is dramaland, where happy endings are earned by blood, sweat, and tears. Even though I’m pretty sure Boong-do and Hee-jin have paid their dues by now.

I loved the way this episode set up all the puzzle pieces leading to Boong-do’s execution, and how it used time, much like our hero, to tell us the full story in the most dramatic way possible. If we had known the whole Boong-do/Sukjong plot before the execution it would have inevitably carried less weight, even though he still got three arrows to the chest either way. Despite knowing that Boong-do would get out of his troubles somehow, the reveal was still fantastic. Bravo, show.

Sukjong’s portrayal is an interesting one, and consistent in the way that all characters are portrayed in this show. We know from history that he was a bit of a flighty king who demoted his wife only to reinstate her, so I like that while history is being finagled with all of Sukjong’s actions seem rooted, as if the writers were always asking themselves, What would King Sukjong do? And I liked that while Boong-do told the truth, he wasn’t averse to a little lying, which you can’t blame him for. A guy’s gotta be resourceful when it comes to, you know, not dying.

We’ve still got the wild cards like Ja-soo in the mix, though only time will tell whether there’s still a place in the story for him. It’s all dependent on whether Boong-do returns to his time, which seems unlikely at this point – though part of me hopes that he might return for Yoon-wol. This show has been great about its attention to detail, and considering that she mentioned wanting to go to this “new world” before, it’d be nice to see some followthrough on that. Her Joseon life doesn’t seem to be doing much for her, anyway.

So I’m simultaneously happy as a clam that our lovers have reunited, yet worried about the talisman’s dark side at the same time. Boong-do did get to kill two birds with one talisman – saving his life and seeing his girl – but it can’t be that easy. Will there be a new alternate reality now that the Queen lived, or will it just boil down to more script changes? Oy, my nerves are still fried from all this emotional time-skipping, history-changing, script-changing, completely-lovable whirlwind. I’m going to take the optimistic stance that everything’s gravy and we’ll get tons of cute to make up for all the worrying we were just put through.


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  1. Kiara

    Thank you headsNo2 <33333333.

    • 1.1 Kiara

      The wardrobe stylist for Boong Do did a really good job through out the whole drama. His clothes always fit him perfectly in both eras. I especially love what he was wearing in this last scene. Way to make me drool……….

      • 1.1.1 myweithisway

        I think this drama has one of the best wardrobes EVER! Everyone looks both GOOD and fitting for their role in life =)

        • The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

          Yes yes… I want ALL of Hee Jin’s wardrobe~ (and her body as well…)

        • Gegia

          However, in this ep. at the end he was so handsome (he is always handsome), I really fall in love with him.
          The with shirt and trousser was fabulous on him. What can i say? Hee-jin has an eye for style, she know how to dress a man! (and undress !-D)

          • Fabmari

            Yes, they really have best wardrobe stylist. Very lovely and suit their character a lot. (do you hear this, Best Love’s stylist?)

            However, Boong Do in beanie somehow still look dignified. That guy may just pull off any style.

      • 1.1.2 Ingrid

        Yeah, I agree. He looks very yummy!

      • 1.1.3 Myra

        100% totally agree with you. Bong Doo looks so darn good in that last scene….he can’t control his tears while Hee Jin is nagging him…he is sooo sad and I just like to hug him…wahhh

    • 1.2 J.J.

      Just responding on headsno2’s comment on Yoon Wol. I had an inkling that she may be reincarnated in the future as the flight attendant on the plane ride back from JeJu. She may not have been the one Dong Min was rude to, but the one that had that moments pause with Boong Do before he had that stare down with Dong Min. It was literally her looking at him, he looks up and furrows his brows in recognition, and then she does a quick bow before moving on.

      I was watching that clip in my cell and it had stopped buffering at that moment, does anyone want to confirm if its Yoon Wol in the future, or if I’m seeing things?

      • 1.2.1 biene1709

        Just went back to that scene and I’m pretty sure that woman wasn’t YW, at least I cannot really see any resemblance.

      • 1.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        oh gosh, now i have to go look at that episode again…just to see. I sense a lot of misdirection and surprises coming up. I do worry though about Hee-jin’s: โ€œIf I continue to meet you, I might end up being the one who canโ€™t live out my normal lifespan.โ€ Lines like that in this drama just kinda make me uneasy.

        • Saa


          The caps reflect the emotions surging through me.. Not because I want to yell, but because this show just has a knack for making people emotional.

          • Carole McDonnell

            I feel like a chocolate addict surrounded by chocolate. I know episode 15 and 16 are out…but I am so resisting the urge to not dive into the sweet confusion of looking at the unsubbed versions or the close-but-taste like carob recaps. before my english-reading eyes have seen the last two episodes. Looking about the internet for the synops and summaries –sooooooo hard to resist.

        • mariolawpanda

          Please no. I might not make it through. Haha. I have not been rooting for a pair like I am for these two for some dramas now.

          I really wanted it to end there at “I love you” but I still want to see more of them. Dilemma.

      • 1.2.3 jomo

        I just rewatched it. It isn’t YW.
        The reason the FA stares at him is because the crew has been put on alert that an arrest of sorts will happen.
        Security was supposed to take BD before DM high kicked himself into the action.

    • 1.3 mariolawpanda

      I can’t imagine how this drama ends. That last scene was so perfect I wanted it to end there. Then again, I can’t help but crave for more of Inna and Hyun-woo. They are just adorable and real together. I am in love.

      • 1.3.1 pepperandice

        oh my lordy lord sweet pudding QIHM induced diabetes BRAAAAHHHH, i dont think the english speaking forum community has quite caught up with this yet because its really only just-ish happened and unless i specifically google i only can find one english page that mentions it, but its exploding all over the chinese speaking sites and forums for this show (ventured there for the first time ever in my drama watching history which is years cos the chinese post raws within 4 hours and sub within 24)

        there was a live screening of the final episode with fans where the leads all attended and ji hyun woo BASICALLY CONFESSED THAT HE LIKES/NAY LOVES in na!!! omifjklsdkls!! the chinese translation in all the articles is love not like so thats what im just gonna go with hahahaha

        so now jhw,yin, and jhw’s love confession is basically trending at the top of the search engines naver and others

        a girl who was there posted the whole interview bit with them that covered this and all the reactions and the whole thing really plays out really convincingly that it was a real confession and not some attempt to get attention (kinda pointless considering it was the night of the last episode as well), also in na very wisely and pc-ly avoided answering any questions directly after what he said(which are a couple lines more after saying i love in na)

        i would translate the whole thing but im assuming its gonna be ALL over the forums and stuff pretty soon anyway so ill just see how it goes, if there really is no response on the english side ๐Ÿ™ then ill have a go at it

        • Carole McDonnell

          oh my gosh, i’m jealous. But am glad they found each other..and am hoping it’s a real life OTP.

          • Paloma

            IS IT TRUTH THEY ARE DATING!!!!!??????

          • Paloma

            I meant “true”

        • Mika~

          He really is such a player!~ (I mean that in a very affectionate way, of course.)

          But I hope YIN accepts JHW! >.< I mean, they're just so cute together… At this rate, the fans will be more excited than JHW if she accepts, and more disappointed than him if she rejects. xP

        • MumuBun

          Omg I think I just spazzed out for a little bit.
          Holy crap I hope it’s real because they look so, SO great together.

          JHW looks like a super suave guy and ah I can just imagine how that live screening session went~!

          Ahhhhh *goes into a sugar induced coma*
          Hope english translations come out soon for this news~!

        • MumuBun


          Here’s the English translation of the article in case anyone (I’m sure everyone heehee) is interested:


          Omg JHW seems sincere~ ahhh I always feel that there’s an ounce of truth in actors real personalities shining through their character’s role and I wouldn’t be surprised if JHW has some BoongDo-ness in his real life personality.

          Ahh after reading that, my heart is melting right now lolol.

        • MumuBun

          Sorry for my spam fest but I seriously can’t help my excitement.

          OMO this is just too damn good. He really sounds like he means it and isn’t just doing some stunt. And all the other cast members seem to be going “omgwtf?” with their movements lol.

          Here’s the video for all of you~



          • coconutjuice

            *-**** swwwooonnnnsssss~~~
            Yoo In Na, accept him quickly before I snatch the man away!!!

  2. Arhazivory

    Thanks Heads!

    This episode was perfection. After watching it last night I could only conclude that this drama is perfect. The way the threads of the story are intricately woven together makes it such a joy to watch. No action or word is meaningless.

    Seriously – perfect.

    • 2.1 Betty

      Ah ah, I just read your answer now. Yes I agree. This show is perfect, no less!

    • 2.2 Gegia

      I agree too.
      It’s too good to be real!! Sometime I ask myself if it’s possible for a drama to be so wonderful, so well write and act, or if I’m dreaming.
      Really, every ep it’s awesome and I love so much the characters. I said already but this drama is driving me crazy!
      That will be my death! But I love it! XD

    • 2.3 Ilovemandoo

      This. Amazing direction and acting.. But most of all, flawless script (up to this point). I’m scared and excited to see what conflict will be in the last 2 eps but the writer has deservedly earned my trust so I’m just going to be optimistic.

      • 2.3.1 Shapi

        Can’t agree more with most of the praises so far.

        This show is fantastic in that it never ceases to amaze you plot wise in each episode, especially after episode 8, when you realise that it is not all good to have the talisman after all.

        Now that the show has brought all of us to an all-time emotional high with the reunion of the hero and heroine, did it occur to any one that the very existence of the talisman may become the real menace to their eternal happiness? Slice it, important chunk of memeory is lost and history is re-written, burn it both their memories for each other might be totally erased. What will happen if it is accidentally soaked in water, damaged or destroyed in any way, if not, just decay through time since it’s written merely on a flimsy piece of paper after all ??? Should it be permenantly preserved in a vacuum capsule thus opening a permnent portal for Boong-Do to slip back and forth to ensure a gaurenteed supply of family treasures for sales in the present when his money runs out? (Hmm that doesn’t sound like a bad idea either :P).

        With the experience of 14 good expisodes, I have faith that the Director/writer pair would handle the last two well. Sooo~~~ looking forward to them.

        Oh, not to forget, kudos to JHW for his guts to choose roles of very varied characters and interpreted them well in all the dramas I have seen so far, though not all his dramas may be hits. But so far this is his best!!! I salute you JHW, whiting!

  3. Betty

    I already said it but I will say it again : this show is soooo great!!! Can it get any more perfect??!!!

    Thanks for the recaps. They are such a delight. I wait for them as much as I wait for the episodes themselves lol

    • 3.1 Arhazivory

      lol. Yup – perfect

  4. Shukmeister

    Best “I Love You” scene in a looonnnnngggg time!

    • 4.1 Natalie

      Totally Agree! Fits the characters personalities perfectly – understanding, sincere and sooooooo PERFECT!! OMG, be a couple in real life pleeezzzz….<3<3<3<3<3

  5. lezzy

    Woohoo! Thanks for the recap! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. aoiaheen

    This episode seemed like the last one. All threads were neatly wrapped up.So now I’m left wondering… what else? and then, “oh no! is tragedy going to strike?”

    But i loved loved loved the way BD wrapped things up. So truly a genius this man and courageous as well.

    • 6.1 Kiara

      I somehow wish this was the end, at least we see him return and they are both happy. I’m going to throw a fit if the writer decided to take a different route in the end. Dont take away my candy :p.

    • 6.2 Kayleigh

      My thoughts exactly! In fact I’m so terrified that even though this episode has made me believe in love and magic again, my cynical side keeps saying “don’t celebrate too soon, this drama’s so good, don’t think for a second that it would shy away from a tragic ending…”

      • 6.2.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

        One could always hope that the next two episodes are full of fanservice and couple-y moments.. although that would be called deluding oneself >.<;;

        • Arhazivory

          I want to hang on to that hope too.

          I think now that Bong Du’s problem is solved, we’ll solve Hee-Jin’s problems in the now.

          um…I think she might be pregnant. That stomach thing and hitting chest is kdrama sign for ‘pregnant’ in my book.

          • Betty

            IMHO it was not. She was just showing great pain for having lost Bong Do.

        • Minty V

          a part of me likes that — 2 episodes of fanservice *lol*… but that would also disaapoint coz i have high expectations on this drama to continue being awesome and pack in a lot of plot development even if there’s only 2 episodes left…

          somehow the sweetness of the last scene scares me… it seems too good to last ๐Ÿ™

          • Saa

            They need to deal with Ja Soo first. And Han Dong Min (of course, I like him a little more again after this episode, so I don’t want him dying).

            They need to get married. It would only make sense for Boong Do to marry her, given his promises, actions, and character. And it will be romantic. And my fangirly heart will melt some more. And then I can RIP.

        • kilmenyanne

          Love your name.

    • 6.3 skelly

      Boong-Do has ruined me for any other hero. I’ve been trying to watch other dramas, and I suddenly have no patience for bad boys or little boys, wounded souls or petulant princes. I want them all strong and courageous and principled. Are there ANY other heroes like him out there?

      • 6.3.1 ladida

        I KNOW. I have this exact same problem. Every time I watch another show now, unless it’s got a hero I really really love, I just poke fun at them. Sigh. QIHM has ruined me.

      • 6.3.2 Minty V

        look to the rught… see that loooonggg line weaving in and out several blocks?… that’s the ‘QIHM ruined me for other heroes’ line ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 6.3.3 Saa

        Kim Boong Do has ruined me for ALL drama heroes AND silent protector second leads. Never again will I feel sorrow for another Moon Jae Shin, Shin Woo, or Ji Hoo. Never again will I swoon over Cha Ji Heon like I did prior to QIHM. Kim Boong Do and QIHM has ruined everything for me.

      • 6.3.4 Kiara

        That goes for every future chaebol jackass too. Dont treat women like crap just because you have money. If you like a woman freaking tell her then buy her damn expensive car lol.

        Boong Do will be hard to top. I will surely miss him like crazy.

      • 6.3.5 SoyJade

        I’m having the same problem. The drama itself has ruined me for other less intelligently written, acted and paced dramas.

    • 6.4 Hat

      It really feel like the last episode, Boong-do’s stuff are all resolved, but I suppose Hee-jin’s life hasn’t all settled yet, really please please please just give us lots of cute for the last two episodes….

  7. mandelbrotr

    The commercial breaks were perfectly awfully timed. It had me pacing, ranting and tweeting.

    • 7.1 mandelbrotr

      Also the trial had that ultimate no-good outcome.
      Witches – If you sink and die in the water, you are innocent. If you float you are guilty and will be burned.
      Talismen – If you die you were innocent, if you disappear you are guilty.

      Also got some insight into how Bong-doo is killing himself to get back to the present day.

      • 7.1.1 mandelbrotr

        How do you repeatedly put yourself in immanent danger of death without actually hurting yourself?

        • The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

          At this point I think Boong Do is made of rubber and cement… and has the lives of 9 cats… There is no other way to explain it. I’ve tried.

          • delicatecloud

            I loved the idea of 9 lives of a cat – he will need them for the last two episodes!! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!

          • s

            LOL. But I’m glad the question of how he managed to travel back and forth was answered (as does a lot of questions we had in every episode. The writer has thought of everything!).

            He’s just a crazily brave soul, is what Boong Do is.

    • 7.2 Ilovemandoo

      SERIOUSLY! I was exasperated but also happy that cable shows are finally getting their commercial breaks right. Even that aspect of QIHM is flawless.. Smh. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself after this drama is over.

      • 7.2.1 Annis

        what you have to do when QIHM over, just watch over and over again…. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 7.2.2 Minty V

        i promised myself to take a break after K2H and RTP… those 2 had me stalking different sites for eng subbed vids and recaps week upon week… and dang the mood swings!

        i promised myself (again) to take that needed break after QIHM… this drama got me dying and living as often as Boong Do!

        • Em

          guys, i still dont know how Boong Do manages to put himself in harms way to return to the future. can a kind soul explain???

  8. FunnyBunny

    Love Love Love! It cannot be said enough about this show! I nearly had a heart attack when I watched the execution scene! And watching Hee-jin cry, just seeing it in the preview alone I started sobbing like someone had just killed off the love of MY life and not hers.
    I really have to give tons of love and credit to the cast and crew. The writing is phenomenal, the actors are doing a fantastic job, and every inch of every scene is filmed beautifully.
    Plus, I totally want to raid Hee-jin’s closet, d’ya think she’d mind? ^_^

  9. mandelbrotr

    ” Itโ€™s all dependent on whether Boong-do returns to his time, which seems unlikely at this point.”

    But we still need to circle back to the opening scene of the drama: Bong-doo being chased by arrows jumping over the wall on his horse in the Joseon era and being reunited with Hee-jin on the streets of modern Seoul. (so many preposistions) Unless that was just metaphorical?

    • 9.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

      I think that the Talisman is going to malfunction, so he’ll be in Joseon even if he didn’t want to… Talisman’s Revenge is the only thing left, now that Minister Min is gone and King Suk Jong knows everything…

      • 9.1.1 delicatecloud

        how about the talisman malfunctioning and BD is in modern day SEOUL??? That would be the ultimate ending right??

  10. 10 cv

    Wow, this episode has a great ending already. Still 2 more? what else is going to tear the two apart? or is it smooth sailing from here–get to see some happy times with the OTP dealing with the future? I hope he doesn’t go back to the past.

  11. 11 ven

    I love this show.

  12. 12 blue

    Thank you, HeadsNo2 for the recap ๐Ÿ˜€ Love it, as always .<

  13. 13 Onichick

    This show is so much love.

    Can we have a fandom wide prayer circle for ep 15 and 16?

    I think we are going to need the support.

    Im ecstatic and scared shitless about the “I love you” I had like 30 secs of “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” Before the reality of 2 more episodes sank in….and what they can do in 2 episodes….

    Heejin is not the only one who may die prematurely because of all these escapades.

  14. 14 ninji

    I’m a bit afraid of what conflict the last two episodes will bring. But this drama has handled everything else so well, so I shouldn’t really be worried, I guess.

  15. 15 Gigi

    Thank you Heads!!!!!

    I love this show so much I cant even put it into words.

  16. 16 stars4u

    How I love thee, Drama!

  17. 17 ___

    I love this drama so, so much. It’s going to be depressing when there are no more episodes to watch…

  18. 18 MsB

    I cannot even compare this show to anything I’ve ever seen. There have been many that I loved but this…..this… Hee Jin’s crying, through me into a depression with her! Boong Do’s execution scared the crap out of me! I must have watched it several times thinking they had his heart; maybe the King told them to avoid it, everything kept running though my mind. When it was shown that he had purposely switched them, I was like YES!! That episode did feel like the end and I am scared about how its going to end now! Please, please, Writer-nin’s don’t screw this up!

  19. 19 Delicatecloud

    This episode is really DAEBAK!!!! Full of intrigue, action, angst, heartbreaks and a most awesome reunion ending with a confession from Bong Do!
    My heart flatlined several times – BD flatlined once!! It is amazing to see the profound connection between BD and HJ – she is feeling his trauma and crying her heart out she she knows/feels in the depth of her soul that he is dying!!! So my burning question is why her????
    The end of this episode is too neatly tied up with ribbonsand I am very much anxious as to what the future will bring our two lovers. Where is the assassin Jasoo? He is still alive and kicking somewhere in Josean. Can he create trouble? Boy can’t wait for the last two episodes where I am hoping that there will yet again be a refreshing plot development and ending! GO SHOW don’t disappoint me!!!!b

  20. 20 Rashell

    This is the best drama EVER! Everything is so well thought out, so well played, so beautifully depicted. I just love everything about it.

    I’d love to believe that everything is roses from here on out, and that we have 2 episodes of bliss. But I know from the first episode that Bong do is somehow going back again. I’m so worried. But I have faith that this show knows exactly what it’s doing, and that the last 2 episode will be as perfect as the 14 that came before.

    • 20.1 skelly

      Everything about this drama is made of win.
      The actors are knocking it out of the part as if these roles were made just for them.
      The soundtrack – for the first time EVER, I actually want to buy it, it fits the drama so perfectly yet is so lovely on its own.
      The wardrobe and sets are pitch-perfect, and I like how the costumes in the Joseon era are keyed to the blue tint used for those scenes, while warmer colors are used for the modern era, especially in Hee-jin’s clothing.
      The direction is sharp, the editing near perfect – I love that screenshot of the guards at the door of Boong-Do’s house, shot so that the thick wooden door is pressing down from above and we can get a subliminal feeling of entrapment. Also, the last scenes in Joseon show both the beauty of what he is leaving and the wide vista of possibilities stretched before him.
      And the writing: logical and methodical yet twisty and exciting, with characters saying what the might, when they ought (what would King Sukjong do?). A hero unlike any other hero I can think of, a truly fantastic mix of heart-rending romance, believable fantasy, and re-imagined history.
      This show just moved up to #1 on my all-time list, something that would have amazed me back in April.

      • 20.1.1 ladida

        Everything you wrote is spot on. This is already one of my faves, no matter what happens in the last two episodes, but it’s shooting straight up there to the very top right now. It’s just so rich. I could go back and watch it from the very beginning just to pay attention to things like when they use music and when they don’t, what colors are used, the set design, etc. It’s such a great show.

      • 20.1.2 Rashell

        Exactly, everything about this drama is done well. EVERYTHING! It really is like it doesn’t have a single weakness. LOVE.

  21. 21 makoto

    thanks for the recaps. ๐Ÿ™‚ this episode drove me crazy… it brought tears for the 90% part, yet it wrapped up it with such sweet (not) ending (yet) if I were Heejin, then I’d burst into tears the moment I saw Boong do. How could she be so strong and still able to cheer him up instead. :((((
    btw did anyone notice too that King Sukjong’s gesture was quite similar to Han Dong Min?
    I hope the drama ends as sweet as the ending of this episode. And wish they grant happy live for Yoon Wol and Han Dong. I feel sorry for them to continue to live in Joseon without their master.

    • 21.1 gretac

      Yes, in this episode I was really struck with the similarities between King Sukjong and Dong Min – their angry expressions, their impulsive, childish tempers and yelling/tantruming.

  22. 22 Kairi

    Thank you for the recap!!! Awesome ep, as per usual ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. 23 nauna

    I don’t know who’s responsible for putting together this writer with this PD and production team, and then assembling the perfect cast, but they have created my Kdrama Dream Team! I bow to their genius, or exceptional good luck. Can they just always work together? Pretty please?

    • 23.1 ninsarama

      yes please!!! i concur!

    • 23.2 Ilovemandoo

      The writer actually requested that the director be part of this project with her. (the director mentioned this in an interview) As for the production team, tvN has been top notch lately. That with the assured hand of Director Kim Byung Soo.. Even better T w T

    • 23.3 tracnhi

      I agreed, they are just prefect together. I’m so nervous about the next two episodes. Does anyone know who the writer is? What else have he/she done? I want to check it out. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. 24 ninsarama

    yay! we’re almost caught up!

    • 24.1 Kiara

      I have a feeling JB will surprise us with eps 15 tonight. Opps did I say that out loud?.

      • 24.1.1 ninsarama

        Whee!!! :D:D:D

      • 24.1.2 tarianant

        *fingers crossed*

        • uden

          *chants* for Ep. 15 recap…

  25. 25 mskololia

    Thanks for the recap Heads!

    What a wonderful episode. Applause!

  26. 26 coconutjuice

    I FREAKING love this show!!!

  27. 27 skinnymocha

    I’ve watched the episode this morning, but I kept refreshing this page to read up on everyone’s thoughts about it. Thanks HeadsNo2 for yet another lovely recap~

    Despite having so few dramas under her belt, I have to say Yoo In Na does have a good eye for projects: Secret Garden (I found it rather dull but I can’t deny it’s popularity); Best Love; and now the perfect mix, Queen In Hyun’s Man! I hope she keeps the ball rolling.

    Ah, every woman needs a Boong-do: a man of his words, incisive, yet never falls into that stereotype of aloofness. I absolutely love him – eye bags and all!

    • 27.1 Ilovemandoo

      Agreed. She has Birdie Buddy and High Kick 2 under her belt as well. I don’t know who’s primarily responsible but she has an unusually solid resume. I applaud whoever is choosing her dramas because they have a great eye.

  28. 28 Carole McDonnell

    I have never seen so many hospitalizations in a non-medical drama. Just love the show and the mirroring motifs. I’m thinking now that Boong-Do has been the one to make a lot of the decisions all this time. Hee-jin has been relatively passive (not that she hasn’t helped him with clothes and cell phone and all but…) About time she gets a chance to save him, me thinks. Or to choose a destiny, as he has had to choose. Or to battle the amulet. Just pondering. I so wish I had written this story. That’s how much I like it.

  29. 29 unik

    I’m just bawling my eyes out! This show is the best ever! I’m sorry but this comment is for the next episode. I can’t find a place to explode right now. It’s just so uhggggggggg….. please excuse me, first comment and it sin’t coherent at all.

    • 29.1 ladida

      It’s ok, I feel you. Have a hug!

  30. 30 Hee

    This show is so solid in how everything is done perfectly! I have yet to be disappointed and just so happy that I finally found a show this good!! Thanks for the recap!! I am really sad to see this finish but I guess all good thing must come to an end!

  31. 31 mellowyel

    Thanks for the recap!

    Another interesting character detail is how the actor’s personalities parallel their Joseon counterparts – Na-jung and Hee-bin are both mean and come out claws first; Dong-min and Sukjong are both flighty and easily angered; Hee-jin and In-hyun are both easily bullied, but firm once they make decisions. And Boong-do is loyal to both In-hyuns, present and future [actress version].

    Show, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    • 31.1 Carole McDonnell

      How cool was it that Boong-Do didn’t just peek at Minister Am being executed but appeared before him so Minister Am would see him! Talk about rubbing it in! Who knew Boong-Do had that power and inclination to triumph over his enemy in such a wonderfully smug way?

    • 31.2 Kiara

      Boong Do totally deserve to be called Queen In-hyun’s man in both era. I never liked Sukjong, he never really protected his queen.

      I loved what Queen In-hyun said to the Noron official when he tried to talk her into lying to the king.
      โ€œWhen everyone left me to preserve their lives, he was the only one willing to put his life on the line and save me.โ€ If the king doesnโ€™t believe her, then so be it.

      • 31.2.1 Saa

        The Queen is amazing. I love her kindness (though sometimes it’s a bit unrealistic…) and her loyalty. I feel like she’s under-appreciated by King Sukjong. =/

  32. 32 Czmych

    I thought there were supposed to be 18 episodes, was I wrong?

    • 32.1 Tamara

      No, 16 episodes, and 2 specials (behind the scenes?)

  33. 33 becca_boo

    Another great recap for another great episode. Thanks, HeadsNo2!

    Even though this episode’s ending was a lot happier than ep 13’s, it actually worries me more. Before, I knew exactly what Boong-do was facing. After this episode, I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, and as we all know, the unknown is far scarier than the familiar.

    I can only guess that the last week will focus on the question we’ve had from the beginning: is Boong-do cheating Fate? Now that the Joseon conspiracy storyline has been resolved (seemingly), I’m worried that all of Boong-do’s messing with the order of things will come back to bite him. This drama has always made it very clear that everything has consequences, and even after all he’s been through, I wonder if it’s been enough to balance everything out.

    There are dramas that would be satisfied to spend the last week giving us a fanservice overload, but QIHM, as swoon-and-sqee-worthy as it is, is not that kind of drama. It’s one of the many reasons why I love this show and also the reason that I’m so nervous for Boong-do and Hee-jin.

    If my nails are a jagged mess after the finale, you’ll know the reason why.

  34. 34 1lostbear

    I LOVED this episode. I couldn’t help going back and forth between thinking Boong-do absolutely lost his mind with a plan like that or whether he’s a genius for thinking of it despite the risks.

    I have to say I was impressed by In-na’s acting when she was crying in the hospital scene. It seemed really raw and not the whole “makeup crying” thing. It really broke my heart to watch that scene.

    Also, amazing ending. I think I watched this, and went “wait, is this drama 14 episodes long?” because I could see if as a good, solid ending. But, I don’t mind more Hee-jin and Boong-do. I hope this writer keeps writing for a long time. And rocking at writing!

  35. 35 mecheelle

    LOL. I just noticed… that the king has some pretty white teeth for a Joseon Era king(: Very straight also.


    • 35.1 myooz

      Hahah, I noticed that too!

  36. 36 Chloe

    I was hoping for this recap before tonight’s episode 15. The recaps by you, JB, and GF have been fantastic and have added depth to my enjoyment of this drama. Thank you. You guys pick-up on details that I miss that provide for “ah-ha” moments.

    Now, I’m off to watch episode 15. LOVE his drama!

  37. 37 lili

    thanks for the recap.
    ” Cut to: COMMERCIAL? ” haha they always choose the worst moment to show the commercials!

    QIHM is my favorite 2011-2012 drama so far !!!!

    watched each episodes 2 times; read your recap and 2 others and everybody seems to have the same opinion as mine: LOVE THIS SHOW!

  38. 38 Sunshine

    i am so glad i choose this over rooftop prince. no offense to rp fans but i find this series more enjoyable and the time jumping make so much sense (all that gps and location, messing with time mess up the history and future) and the couples just has so much chemistry, i for once like to see something like this instead of the couple bickering trademark.

  39. 39 MidwestMz


    I cannot find another word in Websterโ€™s, that at this time works for me after watching and reading your recaps. I also thought this was the ‘happy ending’ episode, and was scratching my head. Thought it was 16 episodes? Had to troll the web to verify 16, so my mind is in a tizzy as to how they will end this. 2 episodes of current/loving/learning time would be just tremendous! Though still relatively new to kdramas, but know that that may not be the case. If not, hope the ride is not too ruff and the ending all that we, who are sitting on the edge of our seats can hoping for.

  40. 40 mecheelle

    and the “saranghae” scene… just so GOOD!

  41. 41 Mulberry

    This show is so brilliant it has spoiled me for other dramas. It’s not every drama that can make you smile, cry, and then smile again before it even finishes… all the while crossing your fingers that nothing else is in store for the lovely OTP…

  42. 42 Noelle

    Woot! Off to read.

    • 42.1 Noelle

      Damn you show! You keep putting me through the ringer. I know we aren’t even done and there is still the first episode scene we have to consider. I’m just going to believe with all my being that there is a happy ending that would end all happy endings. It will reach epic proportions.

  43. 43 wanderlust

    Gah, no words.

    Just thoughts!
    1. Sukjong my a thousand curses at the beginning are revoked but STILL could you have just told like one guard to shoot him? that woulda been enough yo, once again I couldnt watch as my boong do got shot, too gruesome.
    2. which makes me think, boongdoooo youre smart so why didnt you figure up a way using modern products to fake your death. i KNOW your willing to die fo ryour cause cuz youve done it so many times, no need to remind how upright you are just take care of your life!
    3. If I was boongdo, I woulda taken bloodbags from the hospital and gotten like a bullet vest or whatever protective vest suyang used to block seung yoos arrows in TPM! Then i would hang those bags on my vital spots and tell sukjong to tell the gaurds to arm there so when they shot SPLOOSH the blood bags burst but the arrows only hit the protective vest and then he can pretend to die but okay, his way was fine as well if only it didnt give me a heart attack.. *grumble grumble*
    4. I wish yoonwol didnt go back to the gisaeang house.. i wish she would have been a little more idealistic and tried to forge a new path like boongdo did because she deserves so much better, not slimy government ministers trying to paw at her 24/7. but so heartbreaking, her silent tears. heejin can wail but whats more powerful is yoonwol is basically not allowed. and the last scene where she cried playing her gagageum, sending him off without getting to say goodbye, so sad.
    5. I teared up for the goodbye with the horse LOLOL. perfectly understandable though, with pets/animals, theres no social etiquette, its just support and unconditional love. so while boongdo couldnt hug han dong, even though I wish he did seeing as how he knows its okay in modern times and seeing how much handong loves him, he had no problem with letting out all his emotions with his horse. so sad, him saying goodbye to his world, it had an unexpected poignancy and i almost wished he didnt have to leave.
    6. sookyung, why you whine and not tell doctors to check on your friend first? She kinda did faint. Eh sigh giving up.
    7. heej, i love you girl but a bit insensitive- when your man is crying you dont ask WHY. that man has deserves a thousand years of tears, you shouldve just comforted him with a thousand hugs and kisses and sexy times! ofcourse heejin doesnt understand the magnitude of problems that boongdo has had to go through inorder to get to this point, reading about it is completely different from experiencing it, and she knows the basics but not anything else. he left his whole life behind heejin, i think she was a bit shortsighted, just wanting him to be with her only, asking if its over- yes heejin, its over. his life basically. life as he knew, his world, his memories, his relationships. you always want to think your loved one has the most fun and wants to be with you the most but the truth is while that is true, love is not everything. theres work, theres friends, etc and he left that all behind for you and as much as he loves you thats heartbreaking not to mention scary. i wish you wouldnt have said anything and just held him forever. that being said, i agree that boongdo should sit her down and tell her everything now that they have all the time in the world
    8. the 2 episodes left reminded me of 49 days- how she woke up earlier than expected and they still had 2 episodes to flesh things out and so they chucked in that HORRIBLE twist at the end. please dont do anything like that writer nim, ive had my fair share of twist and turns, please be nice! i feel like this couldve easily been episode 15, it was such an awesome wrap up of a story line.
    9. i stick to my theory of the last 2 episodes. boongdo will become a popular teacher/lecturer at sungkyunkwan, while being scouted as an actor opposite to heejin in dramas because hes sooo hot and doesnt need stunt doubles. by night, he’ll masquerade as a modern day iljmae/city hunter protecting the city, with his awesome fighting skills, with heejin as his girlfriday, all the while pretending to pose for the cameras and be actors which would leave this serious ripe for a season 2 and a never ending QIM hehehehe.
    10. brb need prepare my coffin for when this show ends today.

    • 43.1 becca_boo

      AACK!! 49 Days!! That had to be the worst happy-ending-fake-out EVER!! *whimper* Why – WHY did you have to send me back into that spiraling abyss of disappointment and heartbreak? *sob*

      Love your idea for QIHM’s ending and 2nd season, though – that would be pure awesome. I could watch that all day. : )

  44. 44 Lulla

    Omo dramabeans.. you really are catching up with the show! Thx very much for the great recaps!

    I hate epi 14. It makes me sad :(. Poor han dong, poor yeon wol, poor boong do..*and poor the queen..haha..she also mourns for boong do – so he has 3 beautiful women crying for him*. Yeah, he can be with hee jin, but he has to leave everyone and everything behind. This guy must have a happy ending, coz he’s been through a lot! He has suffered enough, he deserved it.

  45. 45 Yue

    No! I don’t need a different ending, nope. This is good. Who cares about details? I can’t take another episode.of time shift, history changing and separation. It kills especially when they know exactly where to hit the button with the back and forth. And I am with you with the whole commercial thing. I actually screamed; Nooooo!!!!!! It was nerve-wrecking to watch it. I actually prayed really hard that Bong-du would not die. Really hard. And when Hee-jin started to cry, I just cried along with her. I never really got affected by sobbing tears, not as much as refraining from crying or silent tears. It broke my heart to see Hee-jin in such agony that made me want to jump back in time, get Bong-du and went all ta-da in front of her.

    Honestly, the drama detail had been impressive, down to the bit where Bong-du came back just to see Minister Min Am’s execution. If I was Minister Min Am, I would have been totally freaked out. It was like… Damn… And the grave bit didn’t help. It gave me that bad vibe that made me shiver.

    I gotta say that I feel bad for Bong-du’s servant. By the sound of it, he is an all around good guy. I mean, how do you get someone to be that loyal and cries for you? I doubt that Minister Min got so much of a drop of tear. I just find it sad for Yoon-wol, she just wanted Bong-du to be safe and sound. The look on her face when she heard he was alive – that wring my heart into emotional turmoil. It was like she was saying it without words; that’s good, he is alive, even if I can’t see him – he is alive. That really was just… *cries* and when she cried while playing the ganganmyun(sp?) I feel like I’d do anything to give her a happy ending – anything.

    But then, they show us Bong-du and Hee-jin… PERFECT! Like I said, even if it ends here, I am happy. I love how he confessed to her. I don’t mind show, even of ends here.

  46. 46 ladida

    BEST DRAMA. THE BESTTTTTT. Thanks so much for this recap. Hugs and prayer circle for all us fans of this show!

  47. 47 Stardust

    Thank you HeadsNo2 for the recap! Last night was Ep 15…. Tonight will be the last ep! I loooove these characters…

  48. 48 Thatgirl

    I was totally hoping that Hee Jin was pregnant…

  49. 49 chupachups

    Eeeek >.< I can't wait to see how this one ends. @ Thatgirl, I was hoping Hee Jin was pregnant too. Only 13 more hours to wait T.T

  50. 50 Yoori

    In my 10 + years history in KdramaLand, never have I come across a more perfect and beautiful drama as QIHM. Putting all BD&JH biased love aside; everything from writing, directing, character, OST, lighting, style, and even the darn commercial breaks are placed so perfectly!

    With all the current dramas airing; I feel like none come to par with QIHM. Perhaps there will be in the future but I know for certain that this drama has a very, very special place in my heart.

    • 50.1 Ying

      Absolutely agree with you. And not just in kdrama. This is one of the BEST dramas I’ve seen, and definitely heads above the rest that have broadcasted in the last two years. Everything about it is wonderful, and whole I love the BD&JH love, what makes them so special is that everything in the drama MAKES SENSE and CONNECTS.

      Going to go cry (again) tomorrow, whether what the ending.

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