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Running Man: Episode 96
by | June 3, 2012 | 72 Comments

Superpowers against real life superstar athlete. The Running Man cast face off Park Ji-sung in an epic soccer match of the ages using their newfound abilities to challenge the national athletic icon. But while they’re busy fighting and running around, I’m sitting in a corner fangirling over how cute Ji-sung is instead.

EPISODE 96. Broadcast on May 27, 2012.

So the Running Man cast flips their lid over Park Ji-sung’s appearance and doubly ecstatic to learn that he’s an avid RM fan. Though the Manchester United coach (Sir Alex Ferguson) doesn’t tune in, their spirits lift when they hear that Evra watches the show.

Today’s victors get the chance to participate in the 2012 Asian Dream Cup in Thailand. What better way to exercise those muscles than with a superpower soccer match. Ji-sung has seen the Superhero episode and Kwang-soo excitedly asks if he knows about Death Note. Ji-sung: “Wasn’t it dead last in popularity?” Aww and then the captions remind us of the fact.

But before the game kicks off, there’s another special guest – IU. Not only was Ji-sung NOT aware that he was the only guest but his cheeks flush a bright pink at her entrance.

HA – Ji-sung gripes that he’ll be the only one without a power. He wants to be the Space Controller so the cast encourages him to try the “I wield power over space!” catchphrase. As expected he can barely imitate the motions. He eventually does with a little boost of confidence and it sends everyone crumpled to the ground in laughter. You are so adorably earnest.

Surprisingly, IU picks Death Note (which gets a high-five from Kwang-soo). Then she oh-so-matter-of-factly ices, “That way I can write Ji-sung’s name…” She covers that if they’re on different teams but you can practically see that gushing crush freeze over into instant fear.

Jong-kook and Ji-sung are chosen as team leaders and the latter grumbles that he can only have one teammate. No superpower and a 7:2 disadvantages were probably not in his fantasy to participate in Running Man. Where’s the fun if you don’t have a power?

In true Running Man fashion, he’s instructed to send off his eliminated choices by ripping off their name tags. Suk-jin happily starts, “I’m really looking forward to—” then rrrrippp off goes his name tag. And that look of shock on Jae-suk’s face mid-MC mode is priceless.

More surprised rips later, (Haha: “It feels like I got dumped!”) it’s down to Gary and Kwang-soo. They try to impress with their soccer skills with an imaginary soccer ball (Gary makes a variety foul by turning his back to the camera, heh) and ultimately, Ji-sung makes his choice – Kwang-soo.

After our teams line up, each player except Ji-sung drinks the contents of their bottles to acquire their unique superpowers. What could they be?

The soccer match is divided to two halves of 15 minutes each and right before the whistle blows, Jong-kook reveals his power at the start: to pull out a Red Card to a teammate who’s dragging them down.

And when it does, the cast immediately hesitate once Ji-sung has the ball. The man needs no superpower, he’s already got superabilities with a soccer ball as he dribbles it effortlessly down the field.

Ji-sung’s team misses a shot at goal but when Ji-sung receives the ball again he spots the other end of the field and kicks the ball into an empty goal. Kwang-soo celebrates and the RM team points fingers at each other.

Haha marches backwards, his movement limited by the harness (ha!). His superpower becomes apparent once the ball is in his possession and he soars over the field with fear-stricken panic written all over his face. Needless to say, he’s relived once he’s on the ground and unfortunately the flight does little to aid his team.

So Ji-sung intercepts the ball and suddenly Gary’s power spills out a number of soccer balls into the field. Heh, is this Duplicator: Soccer Edition? And here I was wondering what that oversized large green backpack was about. Downside? He’s gotta put ’em back each time.

Thanks to some fancy footwork and Kwang-soo’s butt, the next goal bounces in. The score’s 2:0 to Ji-sung.

I’m starting to think that Haha’s power isn’t all that useful because his second flight doesn’t fare much better and after he flubs at the same spot, Jae-suk shouts that he’s got a whole crew tirelessly working for his “power.”

Suk-jin’s power could come in handy (he can move the goal with an “Oo-swa/Jwa-swa” call). But so far the match is a mess as the RM team try to learn their powers but are stupefied at Ji-sung’s superb soccer abilities. The ladies shout in fear and that split looks like it HURTS, Gary.

The score’s 4:0 now and Jong-kook’s fury is now in full rage. He finds himself face to face with Ji-sung with the ball getting ready to kick…then Ji-sung just kicks it away with ease. Damn, I’m so impressed I might go starry-eyed.

What the – Kwang-soo did you just KICK Spartakooks? How is that not a penalty?! Thanks to Suk-jin, the RM team scores their first goal.

Ji-hyo stumbles in the initial revelation of her power: “My feet…my hands!” (She can hold the ball with her hands for 10 seconds). Kwang-soo gets confused by Gary’s power and level-headed Ji-sung scores another goal.

Thankfully, they soon learn to use their powers in combination with each other but it doesn’t stop Ji-sung from intercepting their passes with ease. Which is when IU calls out her power, chanting a line from her song, “Good Day.”

PUHAHAHA – and a group of ajusshi fans rush onto the field to protect IU. The IU fanboy shirts plus the gruff “IU” grunts has me in a fit of tickles.

Three minutes left with the score now 5:4 against the RM team and Jae-suk shouts out his catchphrase only to forget it midway: “The wind…what is it?” Pfft. By the time he remembers, Ji-sung’s put in another goal.

At least Kwang-soo’s power this time is pretty cool too. He shouts to stop time and the other team freezes in place. While Ji-sung takes his time (and sends the ball in with a lazy heading), Kwang-soo’s got other plans and kicks Jong-kook some more. Oh boy, I hope you don’t regret that.

Poor Haha calls upon his power again but before he lifts off the ground, Referee Maknae FD blows the end of the first half. Ji-sung’s 7 to Running Man 4.

Man, it’s only been 15 minutes but everyone’s already pretty beat (no thanks to the heat). Each team strategizes for the second half.

Kwang-soo asks about Manchester United’s team cheer and when he hears that they don’t have one he jokes, “Do you not want to do anything with me, hyung?” Oh Incriminating Kwang-soo, I’ve missed you. I’m not quite sure if Ji-sung makes up the “Huzzah!” on the spot but it warms my heart that he makes the effort towards team bonding with Kwang-soo.

Ji-sung claps to initiate the second half and it’s Kwang-soo giving him the pointers this time to announce his actions. Ji-sung playfully pushes him away and he confidently does it correctly. So cute.

The teamwork in the RM team seems to flow better in the second half. Ji-sung shoots from halfway across the field to calculate against Jae-suk’s powerful winds… but it hits the corner of the goalpost instead.

Now the RM team has learned to use their powers to their advantage. The gusts help score another goal in their favor and Suk-jin moves the goal to prevent the other team from scoring.

Haha fixes his minor issues by ordering his superpower crew how high he needs to be hoisted into the air. He positions himself for a heading. Gary cornerkicks it towards him but they miscalculate and Haha is left there hanging.

Despite their improved teamwork, Gary kicks the ball into IU’s ribcage by accident. She’s fine and the boys overreact while Jong-kook threatens to take out his Red Card.

A little later, Kwang-soo collapses to the ground by another one of Gary’s kicks. At first you think it was just his stomach but when he’s immobilized for a few minutes you know that it’s the manhood.

The score’s now 11:10, Ji-sung calculates his next kick with new determination. Suk-jin calls to move the goal… and the ball goes in perfectly. Daebak.

Then Ji-hyo earns a penalty kick (Kwang-soo tried to usher her out of the field) and just when you think she’s going to kick, she picks up the ball in her hands and chucks it. Ji-sung block it and then fluidly transitions to play in the game. Double Daebak.

Moving the goalpost is useless now because Ji-sung simply estimates where to kick so he scores. Triple Daebak.

The game ends 13:10 with Ji-sung’s team as the winners. Ji-sung picks his next teammates and picks up on Kwang-soo’s hint to choose him. He explains, “Kwang-soo was my teammate… so I’ll take him out [of the running].” HA and aww.

Everyone gathers the next morning and Ji-sung literally gets sandwiched between his new teammates Jae-suk and Jong-kook both physically and verbally. They continue to bicker until Big Nose Hyung has heard enough and explodes, “Let’s talk together!”

Mr. PD introduces today’s race where they’ll need to complete missions to acquire suitcases full of cash they’ll need later in Thailand. So they’re off!

Stuck with the two most talkative out of the bunch, I worry that Ji-sung might regret his decision on his teammates. Jong-kook and Jae-suk continue to argue in the car trying to make Ji-sung as comfortable as possible.

Jae-suk informs him that he didn’t call last night in case Ji-sung was too tired but he’s got a pretty witty comeback: “That’s why I kept my phone off.” Hee, you are too cute.

The conversation turns a serious leaf about Ji-sung’s life overseas in England and the difficulties like overcoming the language barrier. Ji-sung admits that it didn’t matter on the field since sports, especially soccer, is universal. But when it came to team meetings and interacting with his teammates, he didn’t have a translator so he’d have to use gestures to get his point across.

They ask about when the coach would talk strategy and Ji-sung replies, “I would just go mung (blank)…” He used to pretend to understand and just nod along. Aww, it’s so funny but so sad.

Ji-sung’s team is the first to arrive at the first mission location. Mr. PD is surprised to hear that they’ve already eaten breakfast. Ji-sung’s teammates promotes that their athlete always eats breakfast like they’re his PR team.

Mr. PD instructs them to freely order their breakfast (Jae-suk pipes: “I’ll have Kim Jong-kook!” ’cause “kook” means “soup” in Korean). Ji-sung proves once again that he’s an avid fan by listing some previous rules about the food missions (e.g. memorizing the order the dishes comes out).

Soon the other teams join them and they order breakfast without suspicion. So does the staff. Mm, my suspicion radar is on high alert.

Haha mentions IU’s recent birthday and Jae-suk suggests that everyone pitches in for a gift. Though it looks like he wants to swallow his words when Haha says that she needs a car because she just got her driver’s license…

It turns into this hilarious running gag as Jae-suk initially pretends not to hear and then gives up, “All right! Everyone put in $10,000 each!”

Everyone happily digs into their food and Jae-suk spins a tale just from their posture that Ji-hyo and the Easy Brothers resemble a typical family where Kwang-soo is the disgruntled child who came in at the crack of dawn from playing video games all night.

Mom Ji-hyo remains silent about her misfortune while Dad Suk-jin thinks everything is harmonious in their family.

IU visits Jae-suk’s table to share food and Jae-suk jokes about her birthday gift again to which she replies, “I’ll use it well.” Jae-suk must still be recovering because he mistakenly sticks his butt in front of the camera. HA.

After Haha jokes that IU is concerned about what color to pick (black), the members start adding what features they’ll chip in for. When it’s Ji-sung’s turn, he coughs in response. He offers to get seat covers and Jae-suk asks: “Do people even use seat covers anymore?”

They continue to joke around as Jae-suk takes a pretend phone call from IU’s mother and tells her that it’s April Fools’ Day. Ji-sung playfully keeps up the act only to contradict Jae-suk’s previous words and assures her that IU’s car will arrive next month. Then Gary asks: “Was that really her mother?” Oh, innocent Gary.

Okay I absolutely adore Ji-sung’s laugh. Maybe because it reminds me of Leeteuk’s laugh (daydreams about Leeteuk). Uh, so anyway the teams all complain when they receive their mission (Jong-kook: “You said the blackfish was tasty earlier!”) and immediately regret their meal.

It’s exactly what you think: they’ve got to earn back the money they’ve spent. What’s worse is that it includes their staff’s bill as well.

Their jaw drops at the totals. IU’s team needs to earn about $120 but that’s not nearly as bad as Ji-sung’s team. They don’t blink an eye at their own bill ($90) but their staff ordered just as much bringing the grand total to $186. Ji-sung buries his face while his teammates berate their VJs who just keep on eating.

The ajumma they work for is completely biased towards Jong-kook as if he can do no wrong but openly scolds Jae-suk and Ji-sung enough for Jae-sung to rename the place the “Turbo Store.” (Jong-kook used to be a part of a ’90s duo called Turbo).

Aw, Ji-sung earnestly tries to keep up with the rush of customers even though the ajumma yells at him mid-sip. She then turns to Jong-kook to take his time.

The other teams use their female teammates’ presence as a selling factor (IU’s aegyo helps to reel in some male customers). In what seems like a blink of an eye, IU’s team earns enough to move on first.

Back in the car, Jae-suk and Jong-kook informs Ji-sung that thought they’re already having fun, he’s still hasn’t experienced the thrill of being thrown into a battle of wits, the taste of betrayal or that feeling of a water gun in your hand.

Ji-sung simply laughs as the other two continue to concoct ideas about some of the Manchester United athletes: “Maybe [Wayne] Rooney will get angry [if you tear off his name tag]. Or that Coach [Alex] Ferguson is a spy.” Pfft.

At their second mission location, all the teams scramble to enlist volunteers who are wearing their team color. It’s a tug-of-war and IU’s team is astounded that they’ll have to go against Jong-kook.

Even with Jong-kook’s handicap of using one arm, each team wins one round (Kwang-soo helps by twisting Jong-kook’s arm). But it’s Ji-sung’s team who advances to face off the Ace and Easy Brothers.

Ji-sung’s team wins the first round (Kwang-soo kicks in retaliation then immediately falls to his knees apologetically). Ji-hyo’s team wins the next and in the final round both teams tug with all their might as the crowd cheers Ji-sung on…and with that last burst of energy, Ji-sung and his teammates tug the rope to victory.

Ji-sung’s breathing pretty heavily now and when they ask for a comment, he replies, “It was the hardest point in my entire soccer career!” Man you know it’s tiring when you’ve wiped out a national athlete’s energy.

But in the car, Jong-kook explains that he can’t shake off this nagging feeling – is Ji-sung a spy? He bursts laughing, asking if they think he would make a good spy. He adds that he’d probably be found out right away but something doesn’t quite fit.

Sure enough we rewind to earlier this morning as Mr. PD sits down with Ji-sung. His mission is to eliminate the Running Man cast but he can scout out an accompliance. Unfortunately, he can’t choose anyone he likes (Mr. PD: “What if you could?” Ji-sung: “Then definitely Jong-kook!”) but can buy out a member for a price.

His 7 previous goals in the soccer game earned him 3500 Baht (Ji-sung: “If I knew that I would have scored all the goals!”) and Ji-sung peruses the menu of the Running Man cast.

Now the question is: who did he choose?


72 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Unnursvana

    Awww, Ji Sung Park is so adorable and he fitted so well into the Running Man family, it is also always fun to see a celebrity that is a giant fanboy/fangirl of the show.

    This is only one of the few episode of Running Man that I can actually watch with my sister, since she is a huge Man Utd fan. So far I have only been able to get her to watch the Big Bang episodes since she is a huge fan of Daesung (and Seungri) since I made her watch Family Outing with me and my friends.

    • 1.1 Unnursvana

      * well more like my other kpop/kdrama loving friends. They were our friends since we are twins.

    • 1.2 gg

      yes it rocks to see that he has watched practically ALL of the RM episodes, he even knows all of the Running Men’s characteristics by heart. The soccer match was super epic, especially poor gary who accidentally did a split while trying to kick the ball, and collapsed under the weight of the big green sack with all the extra balls. The ahjumma at the fish market was hilarious, she kept on doting on Joong Kook alone and even scolded Jaesuk and Jisung for not doing their jobs properly.. i laughed so much during this episode, one of the best ever!!!! <3 <3 <3

      • 1.2.1 aramint

        and the best part was when Jae Suk complained about the ahjumma being scary and over-doting Jong Kook, his reply? – “Yep, my fans are like me.” LOL

  2. Dita

    This episode is one of the best episode ever.
    LOVE Park Ji Sung <3 <3 <3

  3. bbm

    i don’t even know PJS was this adorable, i was an Ahn Jung Hwan fan back in 2002 WC 😛
    i can’t wait for next episode, hoping this PJS special will continue for more weeks so i can continue fangirling him, LOL

    • 3.1 min

      although i hated man u, i cannot deny that PJS is cute here…

    • 3.2 tia

      hahaha of course ahn jung hwan is such a hottie back then

  4. Jude

    This episode is so funny! Hee. And I think I fall in love with Park Ji Sung 😀

  5. Lady Seoul

    THIS WAS AN AWESOME EPISODE! It was so entertaining! I really love football/soccer and Ji Sung was AWESOME!

  6. tia

    BEST EPISODE EVERR!!! I LOVE YOU PARK JI SUNG!! can I keep him in my pocket?? he’s so adorableee. his laugh is so charming

  7. Alexis

    Oh god! PJS is so adorable and funny I am totally fangirling now! I hope he can be on the show longer so I can get my weekly dose of him! *squeals*

  8. graygirl

    I really think that this is the most funny episode of Running Man.. I’ve watch from the 1st ep to now.. And when I watch this ep, every moment I’m laughing.. Hahaha… Super funny!!!! I really hope that Song JoongKi didn’t leave this show.. I miss him…

  9. jane

    I usually don’t like it when they put super power thingy in the show but in this episode the powers make it more hilarious! IU’s power is so absurd but super effective, Jong Kook’s power doesn’t make anything better and just useless, Gary and Haha can’t use their power properly, and I laughed whenever Suk Jin do the wowsa~jwasaa~ XD this episode is sooooooo funny. and I actually fall for Park Jisung in this episode! I love love love his personality. he’s hilarious and seems very outgoing. he’s one of my favorite guests in RM. can not wait for the next episode!

    • 9.1 gg

      Choi Minsu and Park Ji Sung are now both officially my fav guests on RM!!!

  10. 10 dls

    Thanks for the recap.
    This ep is so hilariously funny, I keep laughing throughout this episode.
    PJS is unexpectedly cute….
    he just fits so well with RM.

  11. 11 Daisy

    Gary was sooo funny in this episode with the fake balls XD

    • 11.1 jane

      IKR?! he was like “WHAT IS THIS THING” XD hilarious

  12. 12 sweetstar

    One of the funniest Running Man episode ever. I’m like laughing the whole soccer match. Thanks for the recap! 🙂

  13. 13 indy

    This episode is SO FUNNY!!! I really love PJS for being an avid fan of RM. I also read once that he’s a huge fan of Infinity Challenge, which member are YJS & Haha, too.
    PJS is so funny, he even know the members nicknames, etc. Love it when the guest is a huge fan and loyal viewer of the show.
    The most funny moment for me is when Gary drop his fake balls the 1st time, he’s got me LMAO…. He’s a funny man indeed.
    KJK… his instinct is the best!!! Sparta!!!

  14. 14 dreamyhero

    AWWW ! deeply in love with this episode ! I’m so happy that as a Man United fans i can see the other side of my fave footballer, PJS is really cute here, his laugh is the most adorable thing of the entire episode, he even dribbles the ball with laugh PUAHAHA. Oh, I also love his cheeky reply for every tricky question to him, cuteee ! The most epic part from this episode is supersoccer game ! can stop laughing for each member’s superpower, especially haha’s.

    can’t hardly wait for next episode, oh man ! it’s really RIO FERDINAND on the preview !! DAEBAK !! sooo excited ! thanks for the recaps anyway 😀

  15. 15 aramint

    the soccer match was epic! I totally went ROFL during the game.. 😀 how scared Haha was, how Jae Suk forgot his power spell, how messy Gary’s balls were, but Suk Jin’s was pretty cool I think, it’s just that Park Ji Sung was too damn good (and sooo adorable ^.^)

    Ji Hyo and IU’s identical reaction(Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh!) whenever the ball came flying towards them was hillarious. LOL

    And during these 2 years, I thought that I love the members equally, but this episode reminded me of how much I freaking love the nation’s MC. During the tug-of-war, without even realizing it, I was so nervous cheering for his team to win…well, now thinking about it, he’s also the main reason I enjoyed so many variety shows…He’s funny, witty and has a heart of gold..Grasshopper, hwaiting! ^^

    • 15.1 harunomasu

      The main reason why I watch Running Man in the first place is because of him. Yoo Jae-suk is my fave man ever <333
      Nice to know people do love him <333 *shake hands with you*

      • 15.1.1 aramint

        *hugs* ^.^

        Yup, yup, he’s the main reason I watched RM too. In fact, for most variety shows, if he’s in, then I’m in.

        It’s like he has this happy sprinklers with him, that those who are around him will be showered with happiness (and silliness). Hee.. 😀

  16. 16 onx

    poor gary — first, he lands in a painful “split” and later gets hit in the face! LOL! plus he has the most useless superpower of all, which only slowed him down. and when he finally manages to kick the ball, he hits IU instead!

    haha’s power (flight in a straight line) could have been better utilized if JK’s team knew how to use teamwork to their advantage. i have a new nickname for him: Tinkerbell *snicker*

    watching the girls (jihyo and IU) scampering back & forth helplessly in front of the goal area was pretty hilarious, too! best of all was Ji Sung giggling hysterically all over the field — i was giggling right along with him :D.

    best superpower: suk-jin’s ability to move the goalpost whenever he likes.

  17. 17 Trisha

    By far my favorite RM episode.. so I guess I’m not the only one fangirling about Ji Sung? kyah why so cute???

  18. 18 Lise

    can’t tell u how many chics fell for JSP after this ep-me included! the man just oozes cool and that sense of humour, dude should hurry up and patent it lols heck! am tempted to start watching Man U matches now even tho am a hardcore Gunner fan!!!

    • 18.1 pigtookie

      Definitely me. He’s cute and his soccer skills are awesome.

      Best episode in a while (since the first superpowers episode and this overpowers that with the funny and the cool). I love a good sports episode (well it’s advertised as a sports related show) and though it was odd to invite both PJS and IU for the same episode, they both had great timing and were charming throughout, as effective guests who actually add to the entertainment.

  19. 19 Cynthia

    Now THIS is RM at its best!
    I have absolutely no interest in soccer and yet I’ve watched this ep twice. Just seeing Ji-sung collapsing on the field laughing like crazy at all the antics of the RM was priceless.

    I loved it when the team choosing was going on by Ji-sung and he grabbed IU’s nametag and practically pulled her off her feet, backwards cause she’s such a lightweight! He was so horrified and she was so giggly, it was adorable to see. Poor Gary really got the worst of it, between the split, all those balls and the soccer ball to the nose, and incorporating Super Powers into this episode really made sense, especially when the gang settled down and worked together. IU’s ajusshi blockade was a riot and a great way to give her camera time.

    The second half was amusing – particularly the car ride with Ji-sung, Kook and the Grasshopper. The tug-of-war was good, but what the heck was with choosing that woman in the high heels who was only concerned about hiding her face? That was just weird that they didn’t send her back into the crowd.

    Ji-sung really is quick on the uptake and he’s a good sport, the kind of guest that would be fun to see lots more of in future shows. Doesn’t soccer have an off-season?

    Looking forward to the Thailand show later today!
    Thanks for the recap, Gumimochi – it was a fun read!

  20. 20 aisuzieya

    lol. the funniest episode after some time. thats the noisiest football match in 2012. haha’s power is useless cuz he’s scared of height. i love suk-jin’s power best. funny and so ridiculous. moving a goalpost? who in the world would think of that? hahah

    cant wait to watch the next eps! let the betrayal begins! and yes, im rooting for ji-sung, a new fan of his..

  21. 21 Ani

    Jong-kook used to be a part of a ’90s duo called Turbo

    Hahaha. I’m so used to being in on everyone’s background when it comes to Running Man that I forget some people aren’t as aware of who these people are compared to some of the more avid Running Man (and Family Outing) fans. Nice to see the Superpowers back, and Ji-sung is just awesome here.

    And poor Gary and Kwangsoo getting either a hit in the nuts or doing a painful split. Yeesh. Glad though that Kwang-soo got to have his moment to shine some more with Ji-sung. I love how Jae-suk analyzed Ji-hyo with the Easy Brothers. They really do make an interesting mismatched group. And poor Haha having powers to fly when he’s scared of heights. Good thing it wasn’t Jae-suk swooping back and forth up there. Hahaha. And man, the Commander’s muscles are pretty scary yet useful at times. XD RM DAEBAK~

  22. 22 jae

    love this episode so much and can’t wait for next “spy” episode ! RM fighting… ^^

  23. 23 topper

    Three Lung Park just became uber cool to me, one of the best guests ever, he has game and knows the show really well.

  24. 24 kirandeep sraon

    this episode was totally daebak! OMG.. park ji sung is so cuttte….. and his innocent laugh.. freakin awesome..
    i really enjoyed this episode soooo funnyyyy… haha cant wait for the next one… nothing matches Runing man.. YAYYAYYA

  25. 25 Cinderella

    I haven’t even been aware of who Park Ji-sung was until this episode… But already he’s won me over with his adorably earnest personality! I’ll definitely be watching out for this guy!

  26. 26 Doodle123

    Omy ohmy one of the best episodes the soccer match is sooo freakin funny I have to watch it over and over Theres alot of funny scene gary is so funny when he split n when he got tantrums coz of the stupid balls Hha is hilarious as usual big nose his power is funny also feel bad with kwangsoo. Wheb he got hit by the ball n nobody cares except Gary. Over all I got aloooot of laughter it made my day!

  27. 27 Doodle123

    I also find IU and Jihyo cute and funny Jihyo acted like a total Ajumma hehehe IU is good in variety she seems enjoying and eventhpugh she so freakin tired she just roll it

  28. 28 Superman

    I thought itsss one of the best episodes its really great to get a non celebrity as a guest IU ecen shes a PopStar shes an adorable to watch unlike the Sistar bored to watch I think Suzy n IU is great for variety shows they are interesting pretty and fun I love how RM members be super comfortable with each othet and love it when Kwangsoo start hitting the commanders ass lolz its great that the tone down KJK scary leader its good that they now compliment each other I love Song Jihyos like one of the boys girl shes the princess of the boys i notice that Jihyo n KJk always stick together is that scripted or theres something there which Im totally agree they look perfect together Did you see when KJk get a goal SJH jump for joy I saw it twice when others get a goal she just clap when commander get one she looks like a proud gf

    • 28.1 yuka5470

      LOL song jihyo is owned by C-JES’s CEO (JYJ’s agency), that’s why monday couple’s broke up kekeke..
      but i like when the ace and sparta team up, they’re both clever and so cunning LOL

  29. 29 Superqeung

    I love funny episodes

  30. 30 Superqeung

    Did you see jihyo jump for joy like a proud gf wen KJK scores so sweet hope they be a couple

  31. 31 Lila

    @ Superqeung: YES! I did. I thought I was the only one who ships KJK and Jihyo. I swear they have lots of chemistry.

    I think the other members are noticing it too aka Jae Suk’s talk about how their offspring would be called: tiger + lion = liger

    Also KJK really helped Jihyo to win last episode. Considering how competitive he is, he must really like her.
    They were quite touchy too.

    And the gf jump this episode is just another confirmation. Liger couple is real 😛

    I know I know I’m a bit delusional, but…

    P.S: Am I the only one who thought that Gwang Soo’s kicks were a bit over the top?

    • 31.1 djes

      sorry to crush your dream, Song Jihyo has a boyfriend, the CEO of CJ-E Company. To put it simple, she’s dating her boss 🙂

      I was shipping KJK and Lee Hyori back then in Family Outing, but it didn’t happened… So the last hope, KJK will ‘comeback’ to Yoon Eunhye! ( She needs to guest in RM! Producer, please make it happen )

      I’m going to watch the PJS eps back to back, so I haven’t watch this episode, but read a lot good reviews about so looking forward~~

    • 31.2 boy2skill

      yeah..Gwang Soo should control his act a bit i’s funny but maybe a little bit too much

    • 31.3 Ani

      Yeah, the kicks sound like they were overdone. I think he should pace it properly like how he did the kicks in the “Weather Report” part of episode 20. That episode was filled with some epic timing kicks and editing. I always bust a gut now everytime I hear The Bee Gees’ “Holiday”. I think Kwangsoo is feeling the pressure to be funny more than ever before (seriously, people need to get over the Chun Jung-myung episode *rolls eyes at said people*) and it’s making him overdo things. The behind the scenes folks are probably not helping much if they’re encouraging him to do such things. Sigh. I’m sure he’ll pull his shit together soon. He always does.

  32. 32 come2noona

    This episode was awesome. Thanks for the recap!

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  34. 34 ms_mase

    I LOOOVED THIS EPISODE!!! I had heard about Ji Sung Park but he’s almost like a mythical creature the way he’s talked about on Korean TV. I can’t believe Running Man is almost 2 years old it feels like just yesterday they were running around searching for golden piggy banks (see early episodes). One thing we fans love is a guest who really plays well with the cast. Some guests are too concerned with their image to really get into the game. So I love it when we get those really special guests who can really go with the flow of the show. For example, Cha Tae-Hyun, Kim Soo Ro, Jang Hyuk, Jung Yong Hwa, Choi Min Soo, and now Park Ji Sung!! There are a few episodes that I can rewatch over and over again and laugh just as hard but they’re usually when there are no guest, or with the aforementioned guests. I rewatched this episode a good five times already and I am so excited to see tonight’s episode!! This is definitely a tie for the best guest special episodes with Choi Min Soo’s.

    LOVE IT!!

    • 34.1 catie chan

      I totally agree with you! this brings back so much love to Running Man. Park Ji Sung did such a great job!

  35. 35 ceecee

    really one of the best and funniest episodes ever!
    am fan-girling over Park Ji Sung too though I am not a Man U fan…
    he’s so witty and adorable!
    can’t wait for the next episode of PJS and Running Man in Thailand!

  36. 36 Combray

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  37. 37 Superqeung

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  38. 38 boy2skill

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    he choose jaesuk, the preview gave too much spoiler. that’s what i don’t really like about running man editing. please give us viewers more surprise instead of revealing everything at first.

    nevertheless, this is a fun episode. i felt a bit mixed towards the superpower thing. it sure is funny and some of them are really useful (sukjin and iu, particularly), but the facts that they limit the most potential player after jongkook (gary, haha) with such hassling power made me a little bit down.

  40. 40 Closer

    Is Jihyos bf his boss?I thought he is just a music manager of JJ I knw he owns the music thingy were JJ manage but didnt knw that Jihyo is one of the talent hmmm I sae the guy well a regular Joe if his rich good for her she can secure her future after the fame is gone If I were her I totally go for the rich guy Yes Iam a Golddigger hehehe dont hate I love Gold

  41. 41 Closer

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  42. 42 Daniella

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    sung has a much larger fan. Base now, haha! He’s a pleasure to have on the show. I can honestly say this is my favorite episode. <3

  43. 43 Stardust

    Thank you gummi for another recap! PJS eps are my absolute fav so far!

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    Oh yeah i love Yoo jaesuk his the best! However I want him to win a big price he definitely carry RM if theres a Commander his the General What is going to be in 100 epi cant wait hopefully they dont go for a Kpop girl group it shd be Super Especialllll

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    finally. I watched ep 96 & 97.
    never thought park jisung is so funny. he not exactly a chatterbox but has a great sense humor and blend well the RM families. probably because he is a fan. I like when RM guest watched the show. The soccer game is so hilarious mostly because RM guys are sucks at using their power and park ji sung is LOL-ing over them.

    IU is a good sport too. Like her as she not to concern and try to maintain her image. She such a good sport.

  47. 47 Ling

    Owed whattttt is she an object wow thats strong word I saw Jihyo go nuts when Kjk step into the field in ep 97 compare wen Soongki went in totally you knw something is special there something bet them maybe its just me Im no fab of them I love haha n Jaesuk but really their actions u wud see Iam in a relationship I wud be goin crazy if I see my man acting like that well shes a girl so from my side I sense something maybe its nothing but theres something in their even YJS n Haha said something like Liger hehehe I dont think its a promo for the show cuz they ended Garys fantasy n RM is at the top so will see I love to a
    See them as a couple I think they compliment n get along pretty well

    • 47.1 Bingo

      @Ling, about Jihyo’s actions when SJK & KJK steped into the field, they edited that parts in RM, I’d watched live thru SBS sport & some clips form fancam. Sorry to say that she was more excited when cheering SJK.

      I’m still KJK & SJH shipper, love to see their interaction. Now I think they’re closed casts. KJK seems admiring her a lot, while she might be Turbo’s fan and treats him like a big oppa.

  48. 48 Ling

    Even if she is in a relationship she can easy fell for another man thats how Love works even f they are married if a guy n a girl fell strongly they will be together seriously if your inlove you cud go wherever whenever with ur love thats the power of love yikes corny but its true Love Conquers it all true true true but you kbw its just our observation maybe we r wrong maybe it is scripted the viewers only see a little bit so maybe Jihyo is just fond of KJK

  49. 49 selle81

    i super lllllloooooooovvvvvveeee this episode….their powers are better this time compared to the last…i watched this episode several times and i cant get enough…gary’s power is so funny…the way those balls confused all of them…the commanders power was the most useless…keke…Running Man is the best…its amazing how they were able to put up a good episode this week when they’ve been falling behind for the last few weeks…anyways,,i super love them!!!

    thanks for the awesome recaps!!!

  50. 50 Trisha

    I have a feeling Park Ji-Sung might have a career after soccer… don’t you guys think so? he’s so witty and just plain fun.. he knows how to work the “variety” world, knows great timing and knows what to say and when to say it… I say I’m not going to be surprised if he’s cast in a variety show, hopefully Running Man if it’s running when he retires from sports…

    I mean one example, Sung Shi-Kyung guested on 1 Night 2 Days, and EVERYBODY absolutely adored him there too as much people are now for Park Ji-Sung, and look where Shi-Kyung got him, a permanent spot for 1N2D…

    There’s 2 scenarios I REALLY REALLY want to see in running man… Park Ji-Sung as a permanent member (or even just a recurring guest, when he’s on vacation he can do running man!) AND Yoon Eun-Hye guest, just to see the look on the Jong Kook’s face when he sees her!

    • 50.1 Oly

      Sorry, but you don’t know how Park is huge in Korea..
      Sung shi-kyung is just singer. But he is.. sports star.
      Just becuz president’s term is over dosen’t mean he have to look for another job. If Park becomes a entertainers, it makes he devalues himself and I’m sure Korean dosen’t like it at all.

      • 50.1.1 lordj

        I beg to disagree. one great example:
        Kang Hodong!
        He is a sportsman and when he retired, he went to variety.
        And people love him. Only Hodong can contend with Jaesuk’s title as National MC back when he was still active as an MC.
        His being a former sports star was a huge factor.

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