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Running Man: Episode 97
by | June 10, 2012 | 72 Comments

I hope you haven’t gotten sick of Park Ji-sung yet because there’s more to come in this Spy Mission and Asian Dream Cup 2012. There’s some serious soccer player fangirling ahead so don’t say that I didn’t warn ya.

EPISODE 97. Broadcast on June 3, 2012.

Last week, we left off with Park Ji-sung been given a spy mission (eliminate all the Running Man) and the opportunity to “buy” an ally among the cast from a menu. At the time, he didn’t have enough to choose anyone.

Everyone is enjoying some downtime when Suk-jin asks IU who she considers “oppa.” Nearly all the guys fall under that category except for Ji-sung who she refers to as “Sir.” The soccer sensation blushes at the respectful formality.

Ji-hyo asks if the mark on his arm is a tattoo but alas it’s a pen mark from giving an autograph. I remember this hit headlines and caused a little stir as well.

The cast scratch their heads at the mission card. Suk-jin: “It’s just a question mark.” Mr. PD explains that today’s final mission is hidden beneath someone’s name tag. Additionally, various hints of that person’s identity are hidden in the building.

Then Ji-sung is personally told what that mission is: Find the Spy. Ooh, this is good.

We’re reminded how much Baht he’s earned thus far: 18,500. Problem is, he’s still short of scouting out who he really wants: SpartAce. So who will he choose?

I love how each cast member’s description and price pops up whenever we meet them. Like how Gary won both Strongest Running Man Games or that Kwang-soo is known to betray others.

In another part of the building, Ji-sung meets with his recruit…

The crew has hilariously masked the voices but given the nervous mannerisms, we can guess who… They agree to find out who is carrying the final mission on their back before they eliminate anyone else.

Ace Ji-hyo smiles at her first hint: Song. She thinks, “Is it me?” We flashback to see that, indeed, the mission card is hidden underneath her name tag.

Jae-suk finds another hint himself:Single/Unmarried. Another pointed arrow to Ji-hyo.

Incriminating Kwang-soo is back, whispering to Jong-kook that Suk-jin has targeted the Tiger. On that word alone, Suk-jin is taken out. HA – and underneath his, it says, “Race Start!” After Ji-sung hears the announcement, he wonders if Suk-jin was eliminated without a reason.

He spots Ji-hyo in the distance but she’s not alone as Jong-kook emerges from the shadows. He moves in, placing a hand on his back… and Jong-kook whips around, sincerely shocked.

Ji-sung pipes, “I just wanted to touch [your back] once!” Boy’s gotta work on his poker face too because he looks at SpartAce blank-faced when Ji-hyo shows them her clue.

And what is eagle-eyed Jong-kook’s deduction? “It’s a song [you sing]…” Oh honey, the clue’s staring straight at you.

Ji-hyo suspects Gary, who’s acting strange and then SpartAce turn to Ji-sung. They don’t believe that he hasn’t found anything yet and then Ji-sung turns his pockets to prove it. Hahaha, aw.

So Ji-sung buckles down to find some clues, searching high and low. He wanders around, wondering why he hasn’t found one yet – the RM staff tends to hide them in obscure places. People wouldn’t laugh at him for his tactic, right? We are but it’s because you’re adorable.

He gets a flare of jealousy when he sees Haha, Jae-suk, and IU gathered, exchanging hints. Added to the list is: Over 160cm.

Jae-suk jokes: “I guess Haha and IU are out then.”

Everyone suspects Haha and who should sneak up to them but the man himself. He throws up his hands as the crowd close in on him. They’re free to check him but he doesn’t have a single clue on him. They’re not ready to believe him yet and Jae-suk points out that IU’s hand is mere inches from his back.

Haha defends that it might be Jong-kook because he’s always the spy when they least expect it and immediately IU’s line of sight zeroes in on Jong-kook’s back. HAHAHA.
Jae-suk points out that she pulls the scared act when she’s being chased but looks with hungry eyes when she’s the chaser.

In any case, Jong-kook reasons that it can’t possibly be Ji-hyo because it’s too easy. I can’t wait for you to see this to see how wrong you were.

Meanwhile, Gary uncovers another clue: the letter H (for Ji-hyo). Then he SHOUTS it out for the entire world to hear. The cameras focuses in on Haha. Whoops, time to run Haroro!

The others demand to see the hint themselves. So off comes the hat and there it is, sitting on his head. HAHAHAHA.

Haha gets defensive, “It doesn’t have to be me! Song Ji-hyo!” Jong-kook dismisses the idea and this time, IU eyes Ji-hyo’s name tag. Haha runs to the rooftop and I love how everyone is so hung up on this particular clue. Jong-kook: “It’s not ‘One Man’ right?” (One man = Han namja)

There’s a noise downstairs and we see Kwang-soo’s eliminated. Aw the poor guy didn’t even get a funny phrase behind his name tag!

Everyone gathers on the roof and they close in on Haha. Then IU reaches for Haha’s back and subsequently tears of his AND Gary’s name tags. Woah, that’s a shocker.

Haha run off again in that distracted moment and IU argues her logic, “Gary’s real name is Hee-gun!”

Haha has a final request: to go 1:1 versus Ji-sung. He’s given a 2 second head start but Ji-sung speeds up right away and Haha’s eliminated in 5 seconds flat. Dude, that’s what you get for trying to outrun a professional soccer player!

But too bad Haha’s name tag comes up blank. Haha: “I told you!”

That’s enough of a clue for IU to make another educated guess and this time she runs straight for Ji-hyo. Just like that, the final mission is out in the open. Commence chaos.

Confused, Jae-suk asks about the “H”connection and Haha explodes in the background, “It’s H for Ji-hyo you idiots!”

Now with only four remaining, they rack their brains over possible spies. On first glance, Jong-kook would suspect Ji-sung but on behavior, it would be IU. Ji-sung tries to turn the tables onto Spartakoook but he stutters, “If he is a s-s-spy…!”

He makes a fine recovery when they call him out on it, stating his fear for Jong-kook. Ji-sung suggests that there’s power in numbers which is when IU starts walking towards Jong-kook who balks, “Why are you coming here again?!”

Jong-kook and Jae-suk slip away to another room when the former is hit with an idea – there could be 2 spies. Now you’re talkin’. They agree to trust each other for now and decide to take on Jisung… when he suddenly appears outside with a huge smile on his face.

And while Jong-kook tries to find a way to lock the door safely, a hand reaches for his back…

We flashback to the earlier “secret” meetings and look who it is: Jae-suk. Oh man Gary – you didn’t even suspect that little head nod of his?

Now back to the present and rrrriipppp goes Jong-kook’s name tag. You can almost see the blood boiling just beneath the surface. Ji-sung eliminates Jae-suk to get IU off their tail and in the next moment he takes her out too, calmly as you please.

When the pieces come together in her head, she lets out her pent up emotions. Ji-sung succeeds in his spy mission and then invites the whole cast to the Asian Dream Cup.

So it’s straight to the airport onto Thailand! They arrive late at night and this is when I’m impressed: hundreds of fans await their arrival at the airport.

Morning. Jae-suk is oddly missing and the others clamor to take over the center spot. They decide to pretend like he’s there and the staff Photoshop him in, green blazer and all. HA!

Mr. PD explains that only two of them will have the honor to participate in the soccer match and that will be decided via a Survival mission. There’s still that teeny issue about the main MC and Ji-hyo suggests that the second best-looking man should do it (Jae-suk was first, Gary second).

Gary steps in: “I’ll do it seum dwa! Starting today the Monday Couple will start over!” Yes please! But there’s no need for them to fill in because Jae-suk has already sent in a substitute…

… and Ji-sung takes his place in the center. I knew you couldn’t be away for too long! Jong-kook comments that it might be a little much and then Ji-sung launches midsentence into MC mode.

We see Jae-suk asking Ji-sung for this very favor, apologetic that his return flight is at the break of dawn. Ji-sung: “If I knew that, I wouldn’t have invited you.”

The cast runs him through the catchphrases, (e.g. “Stress!”) but Ji-sung refuses to participate in the Feel Touch, Cross! chant.

Ji-sung introduces the first game – VJ arm-wrestling. Breakin’ down that fourth wall for us there, aren’t ya? Kwang-soo’s VJ wins his first round.

Woah, Jong-kook’s VJ is nearly as built as he is. Easy win. Then Suk-jin’s VJ loses and he bursts, “I let you rest enough when I got eliminated first all those times!”

The cast runs Ji-sung through that classic variety move of choosing an ideal girl group he likes via “World Cup.” (Basic premise: You choose one over the other within a time limit through several rounds of elimination. Whoever is left is presumed to be your ‘ideal’.) Girls Generation comes out on top but then they egg him to choose one member.

He chooses YoonA and then sends her video message, “Oppa’s on break right now. You free?”Oppa means it!

Then Haha points out that Suk-jin isn’t here to witness this. Oh, right… I totally forgot about him.

At their next mission location, they’ll need to buy the item that Ji-sung tells them in Thai. They scatter pronouncing the word (‘eung-uh’) every which way until someone finally understands them. The fans inform them (one even speaks in Korean) that it’s rambutan, a kind of fruit.

Once Haha and Kwang-soo find it, they fight over who gets to bring it first. Haha bites down. Hard.

Now it’s just a matter of who comes in last – either Jong-kook or Ji-hyo. We see them buy the fruit at the same time… and it’s Jong-kook who comes ’round the corner.

They arrive to their third mission location where Ji-sung signs and kicks three soccer balls. Kwang-soo unfortunately loses out.

Then it’s their final elimination mission before the game. And awaiting them is North Korean-Japanese striker, Jung Dae-sae (He was born in Japan but his parents are of Korean descent. His mother identifies as North Korean.). They freak out excitedly.

What’s better about this greeting is that Dae-sae and Gary take one look at each other. The resemblance is striking and Dae-sae comments, “My mother said that I had a hyung in Korea.” Gary: “That’s me!”

He compliments Ji-hyo which is when Gary steps in again, “Sorry, it hasn’t been that long since we’ve broken up!” Monday Couple for lyfe!

Oh right the mission – Dae-sae is going to tear off your name tags. Gulp.

In the downtime, Gary suggest that they drop the formality to which Dae-sae agrees to. He calls Gary, “Hyung-nim,” and he melts. Dae-sae rests his head against Gary’s shoulder and I’m a goner. Why are you soccer players so damn cute?!

Omg and do you have to jump hug him like that Gary? I’m seriously dying from the cute.

The mission starts and Dae-sae goes after Jong-kook first. Off comes one name tag (they’ve got 2 lives) and I am seriously impressed. Jong-kook is legit afraid of Dae-sae.

After taunting them, Dae-sae runs straight for Haha and soon all three have one life remaining. Gary defends himself, “It’s hyung!’ Dae-sae’s final target? Haroro which leaves Jong-kook and Gary to participate in the game.

Just when you thought we were all guest-ed out, someone else saunters in: Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand. He’s just as tall as Kwang-soo and is familiar with Running Man. Aw, Haha – you sent him chocopies as a fan?

Haha’s heart sinks because he didn’t hear of a response but Rio says that he posted a picture. “You don’t follow me on Twitter?” I think he will now.

Jong-kook and Gary sweat in the locker room and on the field and, wait… hold up. IS THAT JOONG-KI?!

The game begins and Haha and Kwang-soo act as sports commentators. Lee Chung-yong sinks in a goal to make it a 1:1 game.

Kwang-soo must have a lot of fans in Thailand because the stadium starts to chant his name. He performs his robotic dance for them and the stadium erupts in cheers.

The first half ends and we see that Jong-kook and Gary are so nervous that they haven’t laughed once or looked away from the field. When the second half begins, they’re told to warm up one by one.

OMG that’s Ahn Jung-hwan (fangirls). Anyone else who has seen the 2002 World Cup will know how I feel.

Jong-kook gets control of the ball and it’s like Spartakooks on a rampage. It’s so cute how the others get so excited cheering for him on top of their lungs. He kicks… and it’s too far from the goal. Aw.

What’s hilarious is that Ji-sung takes him by the shirt and pretends to yank him. Heh, doesn’t forget for a second that they’re still filming a variety show.

Gary, on the other hand, is a little bit more embarrassing to watch and the cast avert their eyes. Pass after pass he fails and the looks on the Korean National Team players are priceless. They’re all, Wuh?

He eventually finds his groove… well almost because the opposing team intercepts the ball. You probably want your Duplicator power back, huh?

They lose the match (2:4) to the Thailand All-Star Team and they hang their heads. When Ji-sung walks in, Gary mentions that he got yelled at by Ji-sung: “There’s not that much time left!”

They snap some souvenir photos and Ji-sung leaves a warm-hearted message to Korea…

… and it’s not quite over yet. Gary suggests to Dae-sae that they should produce a single together. Dae-sae entitles it, “My Life.” Gary: “So how much of a cut (%) are you thinking…”

Dae-sae: “Let’s talk when the cameras aren’t rolling.”


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  1. sparkskey

    No one can be sick of Park Ji Sung. No one

    • 1.1 Laica


  2. Yaremse

    I luv this ep <3

  3. ladyhahn

    Gary: “So how much of a cut (%) are you thinking…”

    Dae-sae: “Let’s talk when the cameras aren’t rolling.”


    how awesome that a world-class footballer like PJS n Dae-sae is so witty with words.ahahaha.especially PJS,he looks shy,but then,no problem when he replace JaeSuk as MC(altho not on par to the grasshopper,but still,well done!).ahaha…

  4. satsuki92

    SONG JOONG KI!!!! ^^

  5. satsuki92

    and oh how cute was Kwang Soo and his robotic dance?! LOL

  6. dls

    OMG. The soccer players are all so cute.
    Gary…you found your brother hehehe… they look so similar i’m stunned.
    And song joong-ki… uwah I miss him in running man…
    too bad he is not in the cast anymore

    • 6.1 alexandrasi

      Thz 4 the recap. I 4 one haven’t enjoyed RM as much since SJK’s exit. He is an original RM member and certainly warrants air-time whenever he’s on RM. Also Park Ji Sung would make a wonderful addition 2 the cast.

  7. akikisetsu

    Park Ji Sung is now my favorite guest from RM. He seriously did a good job being the MC, he can throw and accept insults and compliments to the team. It’s becoming evident that SpartAce really trust each other. And, Is Song Ji Hyo still dating her bf? This episode made me think.^^

    Thanks again for the recap!:)

    • 7.1 min

      yes yes yes! lately i have been seeing sparta and ace cooperating with each other more and more… and is like a basic instinct for them to look out for each other in an invidividual game… ^^

  8. Rainerust

    I loved this episode (and the previous one) SO MUCH. I think RM turned me into a Park Ji Sung fan, as much as I will NEVER understand men’s taste in women. Anyway I enjoyed this episode surprisingly a lot for a non-soccer fan. And yes, Joong-ki!! I do miss our favorite kkeot-minam on RM! Can’t wait til he comes back to the small screens – wish they would put him in more variety shows!

    • 8.1 shin mi rae

      isnt park ji sung the most adorable running man guest ever??? its refreshing the he watches running man and knows a lot. and the man has no ego problems. he is there running dirty and working hard with the rest of the cast. they were trying to make him feel welcome but he was all “i know this guys!!! i want to experience this!” makes me feel that like us, he probably goes to kshowgo to get his running man fix while playing with manchester united. (or he has satellite tv but i like thinking he is watching kshowgo with us!!!) i love it that he wants to put his hand on jong kook’s back. if i guest on running man, my ultimate dream is to rip the name tag of sparta’s back and to outwit ace ji hyo.

  9. shin mi rae

    this episode ranks high on my favorite list. first because i fell in love with Park Ji Sung – he made me want to watch football… he is so adorable!!! it is a joy watching him on the field. gosh, not even beckham can make me watch football.

    i love that things got turned around. we are normally fangirling over the running man casts. its nice to see them turn to goo as fans.

    i wonder why they down play joong ki’s participation in the dream cup. i mean i was screaming at the top of my lungs when i saw joong ki out there playing.

    please running man, we want joong ki back. and while you are at it, make park ji sung a regular. please. oh yeah, make xmas come early with the return of the monday couple.

  10. 10 divaz_sha

    how i wish park ji sung become permanent member

  11. 11 shin mi rae

    oh yeah, lets not forget IU. I want a rematch between Song Ji Hyo and IU. Those two can battle it out on the running man field. Who will win???

    • 11.1 Raptor

      LOL SJH won IU in a more recent ep

  12. 12 biankoy

    hahaha! I was eagerly waiting for this episode and yes Park Ji Sung is suuuuuper adorable! Dae Se and Gary as brothers so cute! I’ll miss Park Ji Sung.. but thankfully football season will start again around July so let’s continue our support for Captain Park in Manchester United! No matter what other people have been saying J.S Park #13 Fighting!!

  13. 13 bbm

    AHN.JUNG.HWAN!!!!!! he still looks good 😛
    too bad they didn’t show joongki much…

  14. 14 Daisy

    I miss Monday couple! Thanks for the recap!

  15. 15 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap. I am not normally a RM fan even via recaps. But was drawn by the soccer players. Sigh, they are cute.

  16. 16 come2noona

    These episodes were awesome. Thank you for the recaps!

  17. 17 Mika~

    Wow, this episode was chock full of awesome guest appearances!

    Jisung is surprisingly well-adapted for variety shows, considering he’s a, well, soccer-player. I really wish he could be a permanent Runningman member (but it’s impossible, I know). He’d be the one guy who’s not afraid of Jongkook when they’re playing that name-tag ripping game. I mean, the other Runningman members have been getting more and more daring against Jongkook lately (looking at you, Gwangsoo), but Jisung could lead, like, a full-on rebellion against Spartakooks. I love that Jisung’s such a fan that he knows all the inside jokes (the shoulder-push with Haroro, Gary’s stresss~), and he might need a little work on his lying skills… Or maybe not because watching him lie was as funny as watching Gary lie.

    As for the other soccer players, I am SHOCKED by the power of Runningman. It’s really cute how Haha sent chocopies to Rio Ferdinand (but I checked on twitter and I don’t think they follow each other), but how did Runningman get a NORTH KOREAN on their show? Like, Jung Daese’s a North Korean citizen, not even a North Korean refugee! :O Even more shocking was the adorable interaction with his Gary-hyung… The dude’s a variety natural, too.

    Joongki’s appearance made me want to cry. I really miss having a flower-boy on Runningman! I wish we could’ve seen more of him interacting with the Runningman members… And it seems like he’s a surpisingly good soccer-player, too? I didn’t know he had it in him.

    It’s really too bad that Jaesuk had to leave. How funny would it have been to watch him chattering nonstop to Jongkook as they waited to be called in as substitutes, and for Jongkook to snap at him to shut up? Or for him to be in the stands, MC-ing away as he watches the game?

    It’s really interesting that Jongkook was almost as good as the professionals. Okay, so he’s not Jisung, but he held up pretty well for being someone who plays soccer for his hobby. I have a feeling that the missed goal speaks more about his nervousness (I mean, can you blame him?) than to his soccer-playing talent. It makes sense, though – Jongkook’s super-talented amongst regular people, so he’d obviously match up to other super-talented players. As for Gary, I expect that he wouldn’t be horrible amongst regular people, but because he was playing against professionals, he did seem rather horrible. Still, he was definitely the best choice from the Runningman members who remained. (Am I the only one who kind of wanted to see Jihyo in the game, though? I know she’d be pretty much useless since this isn’t a searching game, but it would’ve been kind of cool.)

    • 17.1 srainy

      Like in the post, Jung Dae-se was born in Japan, grew up there, attended schools there, he lived there pretty much his entire life. He speaks both Korean and Japanese.
      He actually holds a S.Korean citizenship but he has a N.Korean passport because the government gave him one so he could compete for North Korea. He hasn’t lived in North Korea before, I don’t think.

    • 17.2 catie chan

      i also wish they showed more of joongki. i was really surprised that he had such cool soccer moves. I know he plays at celebrity matches but i didnt know he can do Asian Dream cup. His endurance/stamina might not be so good though.

      i was never really a fan of kim jong kook because he was such a bully in the past running man years. but you really have to give him credit that the guy’s just an ace at everything. he’s a testament to “sound mind, sound body”. he’s smart, he figures things out before anyone else, he is able to outwit, outplay and outlast everyone. i wonder why he hasnt married yet…hehehe

      • 17.2.1 Joen

        ” i wonder why he hasnt married yet…hehehe ”

        That what I’m asking myself too.. Why Jong kook oppa is not married yet?

        About the episode, it’s good to see that all of them are having fun. I felt what Ji Hyo said about being afraid to see Gary and Jong kook playing in the field! WHOO! STRESS yet interesting ! But all of the three consecutive episodes are daebak ! So fun! Even the other guest, behind her cuteness, IU is so game! 😀 LIKE! Also, Running Man really is so daebak. Playing along different locations & across two countries plus inviting big stars, how much is their production cost? Whew.. Their income must be big! 😀 They jave never been thrifty . 😉

      • 17.2.2 Joen

        ” i wonder why he hasnt married yet…hehehe ”

        That what I’m asking myself too.. Why Jong kook oppa is not married yet?

        About the episode, it’s good to see that all of them are having fun. I felt what Ji Hyo said about being afraid to see Gary and Jong kook playing in the field! WHOO! STRESS yet interesting ! But all of the three consecutive episodes are daebak ! So fun! Even the other guest, behind her cuteness, IU is so game! 😀 LIKE! Also, Running Man really is so daebak. Playing along different locations & across two countries plus inviting big stars, how much is their production cost? Whew.. Their income must be big! 😀 They have never been thrifty . 😉

  18. 18 alex

    Haha’s face is the most hilarious thing eva

  19. 19 Dona

    Awww Monday Couple!!

  20. 20 정남

    I for one hope they don’t bring the flowerboy Joong Ki back, he may be good at acting but his variety skills are a bit tedious. His absence wasn’t really noticed after he had his final episode, that could be due to the fact they edited him out little by little and the change wasn’t as noticeable but I think it’s just him being a superfluous member.

    • 20.1 bd

      I agree.

      While I like SJK and Lizzy, they never really brought anything to RM other than the “cute” factor; not really having a persona or engaging in all the backstabbing, etc. that makes RM what it is (SJK did have a couple of good quips like his remark of Mong Ji-hyo’s wish to be a “foul-mouthed Halmoni” during the aquarium ep).

      The current RM cast is the perfect size w/ each member having its role.

  21. 21 Unnursvana

    I felt so bad for Gary when the football game was over 🙁

    Ji Sung Park is such a fanboy and it is so fun to see. Like he knows what he is doing and you can see how much fun he is having. Like when Park Bo Young came was was being a huge fangirl over the Monday couple, it was adorable. Things like that make the episodes more fun and enjoyable because they really fit into the Running Man family. They actually seam to know what they are doing.

    Ji Sung Park needs to become like a long-term guest or something in the off season from Man Utd or when he isn’t training for some big tournament or something.

    • 21.1 Sabah

      Agreed. I too have fallen in love with the RM + Park Ji Sung chemistry.

      HOWEVER! I can’t help but feel that maybe it would be like having Christmas every day, in that eventually it wouldn’t be special anymore. Maybe a oft-returning guest so that he would always remain a special guest like Choi Min Soo. Then again I think he has the variety skills to pull off being a full time member.

      Hmm, I don’t know BUT one thing is for sure, I haven’t been so affected and endeared to a guest on RM since it started.

  22. 22 Cynthia

    These last few soccer-oriented RM shows featuring Ji-sung were EXCELLENT – and this is coming from someone who has absolutely NO interest in sports.

    Ji-sung must be a Renaissance man – he’s talented beyond his sport and fit in so easily with the flow of RM. He brought the funny, big-time! That casual ripping of IU’s nametag was so cool – he just sauntered behind her. And that hissy-fit she threw when she realized what happened was adorable. His fanvideo to YoonA was a riot – he had free time till June!

    Joong-ki’s appearance was surprising. I knew that he’s an active soccer player but found it kinda awkward at how his presence was semi-addressed in the show. It’s like the PD wanted to ignore him but couldn’t. It gave the impression that Joong-ki left RM on bad terms, which (as far as I know) wasn’t the case.

    Most curious thing – why did Jae-suk fly all the way to Thailand and then almost immediately fly back out? Bet someone got scolded for the conflicting schedule.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi – you’re on a roll!

    • 22.1 gummimochi

      On a roll or recovering from insomnia? Can’t tell the difference. Thanks Cynthia!

      • 22.1.1 Cynthia

        On a roll bringing the funny! I’m still laughing over your latest Dr. Jin recap! (Can’t wait for GummiBaby to make its (re)appearance?!)

        • Cynthia

          Ooops – mea culpa.
          That was HeadsNo2’s recap!
          And that was my ‘senior moment’ for the day…..

        • gummimochi

          *wink* No problem! I’ll let Heads know how much you loved her recap! 🙂 She’ll be so happy to hear about it!

    • 22.2 bd

      It’s understandable; SJK was not a guest on RM so it wouldn’t have been proper to give him more screentime to take away from the actual RM guests.

  23. 23 Sabah

    “Why are you soccer players so damn cute?!”

    Although football is a common denominator here, I don’t think it is the root of their good nature. Sure it teaches discipline and determination BUT I would still contend that they are cute because of their hearts.

    I loved this episode because it reminded me that despite daily evidence to the contrary, there are still good, in fact wondrous, people out there.

  24. 24 chanbones

    does anyone knows what’s the song played after the vj wrestling game/ park ki sung kick 3 soccer ball match? :((

  25. 25 Kay

    I love Park Ji Sung… and I hate football!!! But this episode make me want to watch Park Ji Sung in his game… I think he really can adapt with variety show well, and people will love him not because he Park JiSung but his personality. Look Kang HoDong, he also from sport background, and become successful MC…

  26. 26 KZ

    Gary is my favorite running man. Followed by Kwang Su. I wished he would stop betraying so much though haha.

  27. 27 kirandeep sraon

    haha… like the last episode.. this episode was hilarious too.. OGM PJS… isnt he adorable? that cute lil things sure knows some vareity moves. i havent had so much fun watching RM as last two episodes…
    HEHE.. i missed grasshopper.. but he’ll be bacckkkkkkk… i officialy bow down to RM team.. Super super showwww…. and thanks for recapping it guys! ur awesome!

  28. 28 Laica

    You’re not alone in the soccer player fangirling! I was legit squeeing for the last half of the episode. I never knew that soccer players were so adorable. And the soccer game was epic. It’s amazing how huge Running Man has gotten in just two years. Kudos to the cast and crew for making such an amazing show.

    And to you for the lovely recap. I recently discovered RM and I totally love it, and I think it never would have crossed my radar if not for your alerting me to Big Bang being guests. I watched those two eps because I’m a huge BB fangirl, and then I marathoned about a hundred eps in the last three weeks or so.

    So thank you, gummi! 🙂

    • 28.1 cray-paz-heart

      lol! that’s exactly how I got hooked onto RM too. I came for big bang and took an extended stay for the running man crew. i never knew korean variety shows could be so entertaining!

  29. 29 Lise

    Aah soccer, that weird word we dont use in england lolz I guess Ferdinand being left out of england euro squad had one good outcome atleast! Cuz evra wouldnt have made it either-repping France and all! And i feel so knowledgeable over all things JDS now, i know he’s a cryer for one! amazing what u can learn from wikipedia ; )

  30. 30 leddik

    Love these past two eps. So glad that dramafever decided to pick it up since I used to rely on the recaps. I still enjoy them though since they help explain things I might not really get from the eps. (Thanks gummimochi!) IU was hilarious here. Her bloodthirstyness was so funny! The fact that her eyes were always trained on someone’s name tag and then her sidling up to them. ROFL. Too good. I was sad to see that Jaesuk had to go back to Korea cause of his schedule, but Jisung really did well as MC. Good job.

  31. 31 reglest

    I do remember Rio Ferdinand post a photo of him and Joong Ki in his twitter!! Btw, what did Joong Ki did there??!

    • 31.1 Xtineee

      He was also invited by the team to guest feature like Gary and Joong-Kook. So cool! =D

  32. 32 Xtineee

    Omgoodness! This was such a freakin’ good episode! I was literally crying from laughing too much. Seriously! Ji-Sung is so freakin’ hilarious, from head to toe! He should be a permanent guest on RM.

    Such great guests on this episode. And yay! Joong-Ki was back! Totally miss him. He should re-appear in RM again. Gary and Joong-Kook are hilarious. I felt so bad for them yet embarrassed of their soccer playing skills. But I give them props for trying their best (they were playing against professionals).

    Once again… loveeeeeee this episode! Ji-Sung, come back and guest on RM! =D

  33. 33 Waitah

    Omoshhh the ending is freakin funny poor gally hahaha they lost bummer but its all great giv it to thai boyz its great to do a charity event like these dong know Jisung not a soccer fan but I totally google them after watching these its nice that Rio Ferdinand support him I really really enjoy these 3 episodes and IU worked hard I think YjS might giv her the car jejeje

  34. 34 Waitah

    And its funny how the 4 cheering squad especially Jihyo shout their guts off hehehe I wa shocked wen Jongkii appeared does he knw Jisung They shd hav gotten YongHwa but the cheers of Jihyo to The Commander is quite Over hehehe shes like a cheering wife to be joke

    • 34.1 Ryan

      The team is ‘Park Ji Sung & Friends’.

      I think PJS invited JongKii because JongKii was part of Running Man before. n PJS is RunningMan fanboy! lol

  35. 35 Kim Yoonmi

    What’ll epic episode 100 bring? Will they do something special? 100 is a special number in Korean culture… I’m hoping for Song Joonki back… Maybe Bong Sun and Yoon Eun Hye? An epic tag game? or a retro hide and seek game with punishment?

    • 35.1 Ani

      Oh wow. That’s right. They’re heading toward episode 100. I hope they go big. X)

    • 35.2 min

      i hope they get yoon eun hye… would love to see her with sparta… and haha

  36. 36 amie

    the hilarious episode ever! didn’t know that soccer player can be this cute and funny! hahaha

  37. 37 Katherine

    I don’t think I will ever get sick of seeing Park Ji Sung on RM. It’s always the ones that you least expect to be the funniest guests. I think what gave PJS a hand in getting into the vibe of the show was the fact that he was such a fan of the show & knew how everything worked. Absolutely loved his quick wit & how approachable he seemed to everyone, not only staff/RM member s but to the general public as well.

  38. 38 Ani

    They arrive late at night and this is when I’m impressed: hundreds of fans await their arrival at the airport.

    After the special episodes in Hong Kong, China and Thailand before, I’m not so much impressed. This feeling I have when I see the international love for RM is called pride. Yeah. Pretty proud of these crazy folks for hanging in there for so long. Here’s hoping for more hijinks. Seumdwa~ ^^

  39. 39 Becca

    @cynthia. Yjs fly to thailand eventhough he has a schedule the following day coz Of Jisung invitation You guys know how YJs rolls even if he dont need to go he did thats how our beloved MC show gratitude and take good care his guests especially koreas pride Jisung. I wish YJS is in the audience must be so funny watching them I feel sorry for Gary wat are they thinking the dont play soccer hello but anyways they did great for Joongki I feel bad that it seems the staff is not fond of him they totally left him out of the camera n didnt let him join the conversation at the end its like he is not welcome anymore even Jihyo didnt cheer for him unlike Kwangsoo maybe Joongki didnt get along well with d staff oh well doesnt matter his not part of Rm anymore close book. I also cant wait for ep 100 it shd be a special episode who is the guest hope it wud be super shocking

  40. 40 Tara S

    I loved in this episode when Jae-Suk invited Park Ji Sung over to his house…and their long good bye in the hallway. Too CUTE!!!

  41. 41 Shishi

    Bigbang episode is so boring n ull feel n see totally scripted I wish they do the Bigbang in an open field or in a subway I think in RM its way better if they are going outside with the people n then going in for the rip off fight. I also wanted them doing something at the beach its summer loveee waterrrr the nxt episode is a layback ep I cant wait for the 100 PdSs dont dissapoint uusss pls. It shd surpass Jisunggg

  42. 42 Pineapple

    Loved this ep hope we can get more Ji Sung on his next break. Yeah Manchester United!!!

  43. 43 INFINITElySHINee

    I want Joong-Ki to come back on Running Man!

  44. 44 Lila

    Kim Jong Kook Daebak! I swear this guy can literally do anything I was really impressed with his football skills, despite him being all nervous and playing with pro football players.

    And I was quite sad to see Ji Sung leave. He felt like a part of RM family although it has been only two episodes.

  45. 45 skwonto

    I am new to RM. This season is the first season for me and I love love love it. I wish I could find last season’s full episodes with subtitles… If you have any suggestions please send them my way.

    Being new to RM, I have a few questions regarding the show.

    1) How much of the show is scripted?

    2) Adding onto #1, I have a hard time seeing what Song Ji Hyo brings to the show. I am not sure if it is the way they set up the games or the actress. I apologize to all Song Ji Hyo Fans… I don’t find her very dynamic. I have yet to see her “ace” capabilities. I feel like there must be so many razor-sharp female talent to choose from. How does Song Ji Hyo fit into all it?

    Especially with the last two shows, (Park Ji Sung Asian Dream Cup,which I LOVED and the Zombie show), the spy game and the whole zombie show, it felt scripted to accommodate her.

    I love the cast. I can’t even put them in order of preference because they are all so good in their own way. Well… Kim Jong Kook sort of bugs me. And you know how I feel about Song Ji Jyo.

    If anyone can provide some insight to a newbie as myself, I would really appreciate it. I am so glad I found this site.

    Thank you!

  46. 46 Iuri

    Looks very interesting, iu also there

  47. 47 Diana

    From I see here, there are some comments that wish Jong Ki come back.. I watching RM from ep 1 until now, and I used to like Jung Ki too, but I think for recent RM, it’s already great with such 7 members now.. they already have their own role. The Tiger, Impala, Giraffe, Pinguin, Grasshoper, and.. ex-Monday Couple.. haha I don’t know what animal char for Jihyo & Gary.

    I wonder about skwonto statement about “Well.. Jong Kook sort of bugs me.” What’s that means ??

  48. 48 Linda

    I most like the grashopper eps when all running man member s in cooperate to face the guess in order to save the members and win..

  49. 49 kaekae

    Kim JongKook was #42 – this proves he is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. 😀

  50. 50 Raptor

    I’m quite surprised they didn’t show Joong Ki more. It’s as if they didn’t wanna acknowledge his past as an ex RM member. Hmmmm

    • 50.1 mayu

      i’m bothered by it as well..he’s a former member, at least let him say hello to the camera once….makes me wonder if he used to or still got a beef w/ the rm staff…

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