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Running Man: Episode 98
by | June 17, 2012 | 50 Comments

Nothing like a little haunting in order to cool you down on a hot summer day. The Running Man cast returns to high school on a class trip. You’ll need to keep your wits about you in this game of Humans versus Zombies because at any moment you can be turned to an undead.

EPISODE 98. Broadcast on June 10, 2012.

We’re introduced to our Running Man High students who are all thinking about their school trip. And what a world we’re living in where Kwang-soo is the school’s best fighter (covered in bandaids, keh), Jong-kook is top of his class, and Haha is a chaebol son (cue “Almost Paradise”).

Funny that Yoo Hyuk should run into Haha and his cats(?) and start bickering right away. Haha: “This cat is worth more than your life!”

So he resigns to take the bus like the masses. Kwang-soo slips into the back seat like the cool cat he is, but whenever Jae-suk addresses him, he reverts back to reality: “Yes, hyung.” So much for being badass.

Kwang-soo warns not to mess with him today and his hyungs shrug their shoulders – they won’t mess with him nor speak to him. Oh no, don’t outcast him!

Mr. PD hands out the schedule and explains that the most well-behaved student will earn a shiny gold badge. Ji-hyo’s one of those students who’s a stickler to the rules and suspects that Haha’s brought alcohol.

Jae-suk reminds him that now he’s got to buy IU a car and now they’re both spouting jokes as Haha retorts that he was supposed to play soccer with Ji-sung

But as they laugh and reminisce together,we’re given flashes that this tip will not be what it seems…

At their first mission location, Mr. PD explains that the first two people to complete their mission will earn a prize. Kwang-soo rubs into the others’ faces that his mission is easy until Jae-suk quips, “It’ll be so easy that it won’t be entertaining.” Aww.

Everyone gets to work and as Kwang-soo and Suk-jin both complete their mission, they’re met by a female student who confess their feelings and ask for a minute of their time. The Easy Brothers can barely contain their excitement.

Kwang-soo all but jumps around, commenting that usually this is when the girl gives the guy her number. She is here to give him something and hands him… a towel? And Suk-jin gets a toothbrush? These sure are weird gifts.

With that the girls leave and the boys don’t even bat an eye to suspect them.

Poor Gary has lost his way when another female student call him over. Like the others, he gloats when he hears her confession and replies, “I don’t have any money and I’m not capable… all I have is my confidence!” Heh, you sure do (he gets crackers and a letter).

I love that Spartakooks gets all flustered in front of pretty women as his visitor drops off a T-shirt.

When everyone gets together again, they gripe at Mr. PD because they’re headed for Muuido Island again and won’t be returning until tomorrow morning.

They make a pitstop at the same house where they filmed Stairway to Heaven and Mr. PD sends them off to look for notes with a R sticker.

It looks like the girls are visiting the cast members in turn because Haha receives a hairspray. Dude, if I walked into a bathroom and saw something in the reflection, I’d have the living daylights scared out of me too.

How much do I love that when they talk to Ji-hyo, they talk to her like jjang to jjang (Ace to Ace) of their own schools? Ji-hyo picks up a makeup pouch and Jae-suk receives flip-flops.

After they arrive at their “dormitory” for the night, the cast gathers together by the c
ampfire. Jae-suk notes that they’ve curiously all brought out their backpacks but they cast aside their suspicions for now, singing and dancing to old favorites.

In a good ol’ summer school trip tradition, Kwang-soo suggest that they share ghost stories. Oh please don’t; my mind tends to concoct things.

So the others share (la la la la la Ican’thearyou! la la la) some (Gary saw a few reflections pass in the mirror) and Haha brings it back to happy variety land: “That was me.” Gary: “Well, he was pretty short…”

Then suddenly a darkened figure appears in the distance and they freak out that it’s a ghost without feet. I’m starting to think that it’s one of the students we saw earlier but then a close-up confirms that it’s just a PD.

Mr. PD introduces the next part of the mission as treasure hunting and the cast heads inside as a group.

Then… someone else locks them inside. Are you going to kill the lights too?

Sure enough, they walk through darkened halls, searching through room by room. I love it how Kwang-soo does that little kid thing of yelling to make yourself seem bigger and braver than you are. Then he looks in the mirror and stops in horror… to see his own reflection. HA.

Gary’s voice alerts them to check down the hall and he suddenly POPS out of the closet, scaring them. He immediately apologizes after he registers their reactions. “I wanna go home now.” Me too honey, me too.

Jae-suk backtracks to their rooms and discovers a curious item: a walkie-talkie. All of their room have one and the Suk Brothers collect them all. This is getting weirder and weirder…

Now with Gary, Haha comments that they have to be careful because in all the horror movies, it’s the Idiot Trio (Gary, Haha, and Kwang-soo) who get killed off first. Another mystery appears: the room numbers have been covered by country flags.

Jong-kook points out the obvious that they have to keep their wits about them because something is off. Jae-suk: “Of course there’s something ’cause we’re running around like this!” Jong-kook follows him around and Jae-suk sighs, exasperated, “When did he become such a chatterbox?” Oh you two and your endless bickering.

Another mystery pops up: The same video clips keeps continuously running…

Kwang-soo suspects that something’s up with Gary and asks if he’s hiding something. It must take a terrible liar to know one and the fact that you can read Gary like a book because he simply stutters in response.

However, later, Gary enters his room and Mr. PD asks what his status is. His eyes glow red and he answers: “Zombie.” Gasp!

Turn back the clock to the earlier conversation with that strange student. She had asked him to read the attached letter aloud. A game of Humans vs. Zombies, Gary is assigned to turn the cast members into zombies.

Gary accepts his fate, “I knew that something else was living inside of me.”

The Jail Brothers Trio begin to deduce about the strangeness of the entire situation. One by one they fess up about how a young female student approached them and gave them an item.

Suk-jin admits that he thought it was weird that she professed his undying love for him and Kwang-soo deadpans, “I thought it was for real.”

Given ridiculous common items in order to survive, Suk-jin bursts, “Doesn’t it make you mad?”

Zombie Gary roams the halls when he runs into Jong-kook who’s spent from trying to hunt down the treasures. He shares that everyone has admitted they received some kind of gift so Gary shows his right away to divert suspicion from himself.

Jong-kook holds up the cracker canister and something catches his eye… “This has 137 calories.” Oh the health nut – of course you’d be worried about that.

Ji-hyo soon joins them and she’s wary to share hers. Interesting that she’d confide in Spartakooks over her ex-variety boyfriend and they sit Gary down. With Jong-kook’s back in clear view, the gears start to churn in Zombie Gary’s brain… rrrriippp off goes Jong-kook’s name tag.

Surprisingly, Ji-hyo apologizes to Jong-kook – what’s going on?

We flashback to a little earlier when Zombie Gary was walking with Ji-hyo (Are they holding hands?! *flail* Hey, a girl can dream) when he turned her into a zombie.

Now with Zombie Jong-kook on his side, Zombie Gary figures that he’ll complete his mission in 30 minutes. Zombie Jong-kook corrects him: “20 minutes.” Damn SpartAce is the first to turn? Impressive, Gary.

The remaining humans are puzzled at the TV screen – why is it always the same clip? Suddenly the TV statics and abruptly changes to the news – there’s been a zombie outbreak in Muuido.

Highly contagious, the reporter reports that the zombies hate dark spaces. The only way to be rid of the zombies is to shoot their name tags with water. These guns are hidden in 6 “country” rooms… and then it cuts short again as the reporter screams in terror.

With his dying breath, the reporter informs them that they must also rip off the zombies’ name tags as well.

They eye each other suspiciously and then freak out. Both humans and zombies search the rooms from top to bottom again to look for the water guns.

Haha assesses the entire situation alone. There must be one zombie amongst them. A thought pops into his mind and he takes out the hairspray he received earlier that day. It’s Made in Japan… Way to use your noggin’ Haroro!

At the same time, Jae-suk reaches the same revelation. He wonders if he should keep this a secret since the walkie-talkies aren’t necessarily safe to relay that information.

Suk-jin is the first one to discover his water gun and boy is it a monster. Time to take out some zombies!

Human Jae-suk runs into Zombie Jong-kook and finds the conversation strange. He muses, “Why does he keep looking for me?” He asks as much the next time Jong-kook inquires about his whereabouts.

He races through the hallways, confused whether who’s human or not and radios Haha: “Don’t believe anyone…” They meet by the door of the Japan room and Haha hurries that this is where his water gun is.

Jae-suk goes to check… but it’s missing. Oh nooes! He repeatedly whisper-shouts through the cracked door that the water gun’s missing and accuses Haha as a zombie while the latter insists that he’s not.

Soon Zombie Ji-hyo swings by and Human Jae-suk has every right to be cautious. Maybe a little too cautious because he mistakenly runs into the doorknob with his butt. HAHA.

Elsewhere Suk-jin has tracked down where Ji-hyo’s item was hidden and there is a bottle of Zombie Be Gone needed to take out the zombies.

The humans continue to scrutinize every word out of their mouths and Haha grows jealous that he doesn’t have a water gun. They turn their suspicions to Kwang-soo.

As luck would have it they run into him a minute later and search his bag… that contains a bottle of Zombie Be Gone. Kwang-soo defends: “Are you suspecting me of being a zombie?” Then what, are you holding it for them?

Jong-kook joins them and they point fingers at each other again. Why did they take it from Kwang-soo? Is Haha a zombie? Here’s an idea – how bout you share that Zombie Be Gone juice?

They do so in the bathroom but the problem is that the juice to gun ratio is too disproportionate. When bribing doesn’t work, Jae-suk resorts to scold Kwang-soo instead.

They run into Suk-jin who checks if Jae-suk and Kwang-soo are human when Kwang-soo suddenly suggests that they move into the light. Er?

Suk-jin shoot Kwang-soo and Jae-suk tears off his name tag. Zombie Kwang-soo is eliminated.

Flashback to earlier when Human Kwang-soo found the Zombie Be Gone in Haha’s room before Jae-suk arrived. He showed it to the zombies (first mistake) and they show them why the zombies hate the dark – their name tags glow in the dark. COOL!!

Humans Jae-suk and Suk-jin figure this out as well as Jae-suk exclaims, “The zombies love dark places… wait, no. They love bright places!” Upset, Kwang-soo sighs, “To be eliminated by these people…”

The remaining members gather together, each declaring themselves as humans. That’s when Human Suk-jin strikes again eliminating Zombie Jong-kook.

Zombie Gary sits alone, feeling his power slowly drain away. It’s time to move before anyone else gets taken out by the humans.

Zombie Ji-hyo and Human Jae-suk finds themselves alone in a bright place when he notices that she gives a curt nod in the distance. Which is when Original Zombie Gary makes his appearance and Jae-suk darts down the stairs, “It’s Gary!”

Zombie Gary adores the attention and asks the staff, “Is it okay if I drag this a bit further? To have people run away from me whenever they see me?” Hehe.

Jae-suk retreats to a darkened floor. Haha gets off at the same floor, his name tag glowing. When did YOU become a zombie? Attacking Jae-suk, he lunges for the water gun, taking it away from him.

Without the only evidence of being a human, Jae-suk runs down the hall now unarmed. Haha whispers that they can fool Suk-jin that he’s human. Unfortunately that’s overheard by Suk-jin and as soon as they spot each other, they fire.

Ji-hyo and Haha corner Suk-jin and she races to get Zombie Gary who is the only one able to turn humans into zombies. That creates the perfect opportunity for Jae-suk to sneak up and grab Haha. Together, they eliminate the zombie.

It’s the Human Suk Brothers against the Zombie ex-Monday Couple. Each side is careful to turn every corner. Human Suk-jin finds himself face to face with the zombies. The zombies pin him to the wall, moments from overtaking him.

Human Jae-suk runs after he hears Suk-jin’s cries in the distance. But on the stairwell, he overhears Suk-jin and Gary whispering. So when he runs into Suk-jin (in the light, mind you) he swiftly lies that his gun doesn’t work and Suk-jin will have to do the shooting.

When his back is turned, Jae-suk shoots Suk-jin… and sure enough, he’s been turned.

Jae-suk roams the halls alone, looking for the two remaining zombies. Like a sixth sense Jae-suk says, “Ji-hyo. I can smell her perfume.” His fear must heighten his senses. Her Oh crap! face confirms that it’s true and Jae-suk retreats.

Later, he passes right by her and he says, “I smell it again.” PUHAHA. This is freakin’ hilarious and Ji-hyo has to do her best to stifle her laughter.

Just when Jae-suk thought he would be safe, Zombie Gary attacks and tears off his name tag. Have the zombies won?

Morning. The zombie high school student overlooks the sea with a textbook in hand. And we see a photo of Gary(?) 100 years ago. Is Gary immortal?!


50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. dls

    Thanks for the recap!
    LOL at ZOmbie Garry… the face is so similar in the text book… who took that pict?
    And love love ex-monday couple….

  2. eyvonej

    wow this was good

  3. j27844

    woohoo! the last part was freaky…

    hehe! jae-suk has an advance warning in ji-hyo’s perfume.

  4. Daisy

    I love Jae suk!

  5. onx

    after 3 great episodes, this one is letdown in many ways. it lacks the vibrant humor and spontaneity of the earlier episodes.

    • 5.1 pineapple

      Totally agree but I still heart Running Man, and next week one looks good

    • 5.2 satsuki92

      I’m with on that. I felt that this episode lacked something. It was moving so slowly, I started to grow antsy and nearly stopped watching the episode. Still love Running Man though

  6. Unnursvana

    I thought that Suk Jin would win for once and I got so excited, but in the end he failed 🙁

    • 6.1 Sabah

      Yep me too BUT he has really upped his game recently. Looking forward to what he brings next!

    • 6.2 Shikurai17

      I got excited too! He lasted so long this time. He did get to take Jong Kook out, so that must have made his day. XD

      • 6.2.1 Ani

        Seriously. It probably made Big Nose hyung’s son’s day. Hahaha. There was an episode where Suk-jin son said he hated Kim Jong-kook ahjusshi. Hahahaha.

    • 6.3 Ani

      Actually, Suk-jin has won before. If I can remember correctly. And he’s won in pairings too. And at least he made it til the end this time. Poor guy. XD I really do hope one of these days he gets a good shot at beating everyone. He’ll just need a good amount of advantages. XD

  7. Sabah

    Fun concept.

    Spoilers ahead.

    I loved that moment when Yoo Jae Suk feels threatened and cornered by Kim Jong Kook and Ace Ji hyo and calls Ha Ha for help BUT then realizes that he shouldn’t allow Ha Ha to feel like he could trust anyone, even himself, even though he knows he isn’t a zombie and just tells him to look after himself and DON’T TRUST ANYONE. Really cute moment!

    Also, 137 calories…Hehe, wonderful!

    • 7.1 gg

      the moment of horror on Jong Kook’s face when he saw the ‘137 calories’ on the cookie jar label… LOOL!!

      • 7.1.1 Sabah

        Yeah, I didn’t see that coming, I thought spartakook had figured something out about the clue but no…just the ‘horror’ of ’empty’ calories. Hehe.

        • satsuki92

          i lol-ed so hard at that part. i was getting all excited about him discovering a clue about Gary’s Zombie-ness but all I got was bimbo-moment comment from him.

  8. gracie

    Zombie Gary!!!

  9. Drakor Abis

    bwahahahhaha … Gary are zombie

  10. 10 Stardust

    This ep paled slightly unfortunately due to a complete lack of Park Ji Sung! HAHA I think he really has a burning bright future in variety should he ever choose to be hehehe But the zombie theme was still a bag of laughs so I still enjoyed this ep very much… Good thing Gary does not need to speak much to the rest else he will sure expose himself – to be the one to eliminate hahah
    Thanks for the recap gummi =)

  11. 11 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    This was an amped-down ep for me, but understandable that they needed a breather after the past 3 soccer eps.
    So, just a simple concept with the RM team and no guests.

    But, I will say it was clever (or just plain luck) that Gary was able to zombize(?) Kooks and Ji-hyo right away – talk about a strong start to this game. And Jae-suk smelling Ji-hyo’s perfume was a riot – what a nose on the Grasshopper!

  12. 12 Anao

    I really thought Suk Jin might win this time, but at least he didn’t get eliminated first. And was that photo in the textbook Gary or just someone who looked like him?

  13. 13 happysloth

    Will Jae Suk bring up YEH’s latest comment on Jong Kook being the man closest to her ideal type in the next ep? Am dying to see his reaction kekeke

  14. 14 Daniella

    Lol, I love Kwang Soo’s Mom Cameo and Jong Kooks intro.

    • 14.1 Mary-x

      Was that his real mom???

  15. 15 swui

    I like this episode, thought it was pretty different. But Gary really does make a very poor liar, thank goodness he had SpartAce on his side.

  16. 16 Jackie

    Good, not great, episode.

    I was rooting for Ji Suk Jin – he was on fire this guy!

    Overall, funny episode, but not one I’d go back to watch again.

  17. 17 bd

    This was a decent ep – the highlight being the intro w/ “bookworm” Spartakooks.

    Jase-suk and Suk-jin could have totally won if they had just stuck together (but I guess like so many other times, going “alone” makes for a more interesting game).

  18. 18 kirandeep sraon

    waiting for the next one..

  19. 19 Stef

    I like and dont like this episode.
    I think the location of the water guns and the potions according to the place the items were made was pretty clever. I actually really liked that and of course the cast is always really funny and entertaining, but I did not like the whole zombie thing :/.
    I liked the idea and when I found out it was humans vs. zombies I thought of the usual zombies and running away from hordes, but instead this was more like a ghost/demon possesion type thing.
    Anyway I hope someday they’ll decide to do a real zombies vs. humans with a movie-like scenario. Maybe it could be a horror special.

  20. 20 Ben

    I also like and unlike confuse but love Rm the concept is weird especially the announcer he sucks big time but Jaesuk n Sukjin are really awesome their like ghost buster the down part is gary n jihyo wins d game they always wins its really unfair for the other casts who work extra hard that Gary i luke him but the Pd give him alot of airtime and he always wins whats with d writer let all the members win randomly

  21. 21 Ben

    What they didnt do a preview on 100 episodes so dissapointed cannot wait I wish it would be a Kaboom episodes that will knOck out everygreat ep wish wish I want to see alt of Running coz thats the theme of the showww

  22. 22 Kidlatz

    Its a good episode but I wish its not one of them is a zombie maybe a guest so they wud be an alliance bet the group Gwangsoo so funny gwangster jajaja all of them I think are not a scardycat like Seunngi so its no fun to tell a ghost story coz the guys will just ok and so. I want to se Gong Yoo running he needs to be a guest

  23. 23 Nhy

    I’m not surprised seeing Gary in a photo which was taken like 100 years ago, cause his face is such a typical Korean face lol. We can see him everywhere in Korean I think lol

    • 23.1 bd

      I wouldn’t say that it’s that typical.

  24. 24 Ani

    Damn SpartAce is the first to turn? Impressive, Gary.

    Impressive indeed. Nice ex-Monday Couple moments, and I gotta give it to the Suk Hyungs for making it til the end. I feel as if this episode was kind of off because of the confusion around the whole game. It felt like another episode where they had to try to get from point A to point B, and I don’t like those ones.

    Anyways, shout out to Haha for trying to grow out his hair again. I hope he makes it long like his old X-Men days. Would be nice to see. Kwang-soo being the fighter in school? Hilarious.

  25. 25 dp

    i think rm is over-scripted…i suspected the pd planned gary to turn ji hyo into a zombie then they attack the commander. and it is weird why jae suk n sukjin seperated from each other when they both knew they are not zombies…must be some scripted thing again…rm is so scripted and getting more and more unnatural…yawns! miss those days where they are more natural and spontaneous ! i really dislike kwang soo…very act!!

    • 25.1 ChuChu

      thats my first thought..its almost like an acting-variety-scripted programme? Over time the show is losing its freshness..its called a zombie game-in-name but actually its kinda the same as the previous episode..I was actually waiting for some biting-zombie like action but they were none…the writers need to step up their game n came up with new ideas..the last time I was WOWed by the show is the superheroes game just because it feels fresh…or is it because there are no guest this time? But that should’ve shown their chemistry more if not a fun show..hmmm

  26. 26 Prettyinwhite

    Yeah i know everything is scripted thats why its a show but somehow I agree that u will definitely see its too obvious I think the writer n pd fail to make these episodes look natural And i want Jihyo to fix her hair I like her in the early episodes now she looks messy all the time I want to see the pretty jihyo before

  27. 27 Prettyinwhite

    And haha n jaesuk oppa tandem are always funny I saw ep 99 n KJk is getting annoying with his none stop talking he is overdoing it but Haha n Jaesuk really at the end arguing is too funny Haha really is the best dongsae for Jaesuk they really blend well

  28. 28 Kim Yoonmi

    Eh~ Isn’t “smell” in one of the first 5 senses… just saying…

    That was probably the best part of the episode–when he had a heightened sense of smell. I wonder if Ji-hyo learned not to wear her perfume while shooting…

  29. 29 Jamejams

    Its is scripted right the words the jaesuk said the perfume thing if its not kinda off for a married guy like him to say that I bet Jihyo sprays her perfume strongly hehehe

  30. 30 Babylove

    I saw the ep 99 and been waiting for ep 100 for awhile are they just doing some reruns if so I will freak out no way Jaesuk oppa no way they wud do that to the fans Omy goshiii! Iam totally will be dissapointed its like slacking when they are on top n knowing Jaesuk oppa please dont make them do the 100 ep a collective rerun maybe they cud do it on ep 101 or 102

  31. 31 satsuki92

    I was rooting so hard for Jae Suk to win this round but that fizzled out pretty quickly…

    Gary was a ineffective zombie though T_T. His minions did all the work for him!

    • 31.1 shann

      That’s exactly how I felt.

      I like this episode, the concept and the mini-play in the beginning. But I think it would have been a lot better if anyone other than Gary was picked to be the head zombie.

      He was unable to get anyone for a long time. We know it must have taken a long time for the members to reveal to each other they’d have gotten items from mysterious girl. I wonder if he got to spend time alone with Jihyo due to prod intervention for ex-MC moment. Anyway, that’s how the ball finally started rolling. With Jihyo, you get JongKook. And only then the rest was informed about the whole zombie thing. The game actually favors the zombies. Gary spent most of the time hiding and left SpartAce to do the work. I got that he’s bad at lying but there’s no reason to hide after they got Haha with the numbers and strength. I was hoping for YJS to win, too bad.

  32. 32 Lilian

    A so-so episode with some good scenes:
    1. the calories definitely.
    2. Jaesuk sensing Ji Hyo’s perfume
    3. Gary who hides in the cupboard

  33. 33 Liana

    Anyone knows the 2 songs they sang for the campfire?

  34. 34 Raptor

    Love how Ji Hyo was in this ep. Seriously, Gary wouldn’t have won without her.

  35. 35 KS

    Random cuz I juz saw this ep and realized that Gary was wearing the sleeve on his right arm to cover his tattoo. We saw his tattoo in the last ep too during the match but I’m curious – Aound which ep did he get his tattoo and start covering it? It’s interesting cuz I never notice it during the show until one of the pictures in this recap.

    Thanks for the recap! I didn’t like this ep as much because it was quite disconnected between the first 2 games and the final treasure hunt…. Also of course after the high that is PJS, it’s hard to match that level for every ep. 🙂

  36. 36 Raptor

    If only LKS had emptied the bottle if green solution once he became a zombie. Unless he wasn’t allowed to do so

  37. 37 Eric C

    It is an excellent episode for me due to its story telling mode, and it’s where Gary stand out, with his real personality…

    He said “I don’t have any money and I’m not capable… all I have is my confidence!” reflect his own personality, a good dancer like him, surely going to be loaded with girls if he chose to be, the no money and not capable part should be lies where he tend to remain humble in his private life and unwillingness to take advantage over girls.

    He is the coolest zombie and find his way to Ji Hyo once again, and they become the cool couples and win it yet again

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