Jung Yumi is looking great in the stills for I Need Romance 2012, the sequel to tvN’s hit single-women-in-the-city romantic comedy. The trailer is a mess, but… at least it looks like an entertaining mess? The stills of the happy couple (that’d be with Lee Jin-wook, the soon-to-be-ex long-term boyfriend) are adorable. It probably helps that they have puppies. Puppies!

But… if they raised the dogs together, do they get split up when the humans break up? Waaah. Suddenly I’m more invested in the doggies’ relationship than anything. Perhaps they’ll have joint custody of the dogs, which keeps them in contact despite breaking up? Say you will!

The trailer is perhaps the result of an editor on an acid trip, because it’s Charlie’s Angels… and then Coyote Ugly… and then The Little Mermaid? Or something? And I don’t even know why it’s any of those things. It tells me nothing about the show, but at least I know there’s going to be a lot of wacky. Yeah… I got nuthin’. Perhaps someone more enlightened (or on LSD) can make sense out of it?

Hopefully the 2012 version can recapture some of the magic of the first, which was a refreshingly frank and funny comedy about thirtysomething women. A lot of it will depend on the girlfriends, who are played by Kim Ji-woo and Kang Ye-sol, so hopefully this trio will have some great bestie chemistry to anchor the show.

I Need Romance 2012 premieres June 20 on tvN.

Via Xports News