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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 395
by | July 20, 2012 | 64 Comments

EPISODE 395. Broadcast on July 15, 2012.

javabeans: We resume with the second half of the race to locate various landmarks. We left our teams during the race up the mountain, where Team Kimchi had ditched Joo-won and Team Soybean left Shi-kyung, then got stuck waiting for their time-outs to end.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung and Joo-won meet on the road and they walk holding hands, mostly because Shi-kyung doesn’t want Joo-won running off without him. If you don’t have speed, use your strength.

javabeans: I love how Shi-kyung makes overtures to keep the race pleasant and fair all the way up to the village, voice calm and grip firmly on Joo-won’s hand, and Joo-won answers just as pleasantly, Nope, not happening.

girlfriday: Meanwhile, Tae-woong and Su-geun arrive at the village and take a leisurely stroll to start looking for the flag, in no hurry whatsoever.

javabeans: They figure they’re definitely way ahead and in no rush. They’re not going to be the race-losing rabbit, are they?

girlfriday: They’re certainly acting rabbity. But Su-geun finds the flag in about a minute, which I’m sure disappoints the staff. It just happens to be floating along in the middle of the river. Time for a swim.

javabeans: Aw, I’m thinking it could have been a fun hide and seek session if they’d hidden it better. The raft is certainly big enough to cover the flag, but it’s peeking out from one side.

girlfriday: On the road, Joo-won sees an opportunity to break free and makes a run for it, leaving Shi-kyung shouting after him. But then Shi-kyung spots what looks like his team’s car approaching, and he takes off running in the opposite direction. Oh wait, can his own team pick him up as a hitchhiker?

javabeans: That would be a hilarious reversal of tortoise-like proportions. If only Team Kimchi hadn’t already found their flag.

girlfriday: It does turn out to be Team Soybean’s car, but Shi-kyung has a better plan: he tells them to pick up Joo-won, and hold him hostage. HA.

javabeans: Lol, do hitchhiking rules include kidnapping? Gaksital will never forgive you!

girlfriday: Good thing he’s not packing any iron flutes today. While Seung-woo and the others try to catch up to Joo-won, Shi-kyung picks up another ride. He’s good at this. Team Soybean might turn the tables yet.

javabeans: Oh no! Seung-woo calls out to Joo-won in a friendly voice, “Get in, we feel bad for you.” And Joo-won’s like, okay then… but just as he’s about to enter the car, he fakes them out and starts running again, calling back in his aegyo voice, “I’m off!”

girlfriday: Haha. Not so trusting after all. He’s smart not to get in.

javabeans: I feel sorry for Joo-won’s VJ. I’m imagining a cameraman betting pool at the beginning of each episode where loser has to follow Joo-won. And maybe a petition to get KBS to spring for a Segway.

girlfriday: They should just do it by age for VJs too, so that the maknae has to chase the maknae.

javabeans: Or a PE test to determine the fittest VJ. Only now, I’m picturing an athletic tournament where everyone’s trying to lose.

girlfriday: I still remember the beginning of Running Man, when Yoo Jae-suk’s VJ couldn’t keep up with him, and had to train and workout to start shooting all the running properly. I don’t envy that job.

javabeans: Su-geun and Tae-woong pass the time by playing around on the raft, and they’re so adorable together, like otters at playtime. And for some reason paddling upstream to where the people do laundry. The villagers who direct them are like, why would you want to go there? But more importantly, this village still has a laundry site at the riverbed, like in ye olden days where your primary cleaning implement was rocks and not, say, a machine?

girlfriday: Well that’s a recipe for me doing no laundry. That’s apparently where they have to put the flag in the pole, not that it matters until Joo-won gets there.

javabeans: Joo-won gets picked up by an ajusshi, and Shi-kyung is still close enough that he can see from out the back window. “We’re screwed,” he says. He puts his face in his hands: “I have a headache.” It’s against the rules to tell your ride where you’re headed, so when the ajusshi asks, Joo-won speaks in this roundabout-yet-totally-to-the-point way that has the captions telling us, “You’ve grown up a lot, Joo-won.” He’s so pleased with himself for managing this hurdle that he smiles like a little boy.

girlfriday: Su-geun and Tae-woong decide to make things a little more interesting, and hide the flag again. We don’t see where, but Su-geun says, “If they find this, they deserve to win.” Spoken like a rabbit. You’ll come to regret that, I think.

javabeans: Tempting Fate? Worse yet, tempting your god-complex-having PD overlords, and your bro-rivals? Do you think it’s more like, “If they find this, Team Kimchi deserves to lose”?

girlfriday: Not that they’d give it up so easily anyway. At the same time, all three cars — Team Soybean, Shi-kyung, and Joo-won — arrive one right after the other at the entrance to the village. Now it’s really a footrace. Shi-kyung runs up to his team… as Joo-won zooms past all of them like a blur.

javabeans: Haha, that cracks me up. Last place to first. To make it extra funny, you see it from the POV of Team Soybean’s car-mounted camera: There’s the team, still seatbelted in and trying to figure out where to go, and you see the boys rush past the window in this stripey blur. Seung-woo’s totally flummoxed, “What just happened?” Shi-kyung can’t keep up: “He’s young.”

girlfriday: The problem is, everyone’s scrambling around the village not knowing what to do or where to go.

javabeans: They’re looking for the flag and also the laundry site, and pick up a few tykes to run around with them and help them look. Aw, Tae-hyun’s really cute with kids. Then Seung-woo comes across Su-geun and Tae-woong & entourage, and they tell him, “It’s all over” like the game’s finished. Seung-woo just goes on his way, looking for his teammates, and Su-geun enjoys the satisfaction of knowing (or thinking) that they’ll neeeeever find the flag.

girlfriday: Seung-woo is totally peeved that they seem so relaxed about it, and he determines to make them pay. His pettiness is truly delightful.

javabeans: Okay, then Su-geun and Tae-woong suddenly start running, just to fuck with Seung-woo’s head. Seung-woo’s all, Pshh, they’re totally acting… but starts chasing anyway.

girlfriday: Heh, you just can’t help but chase, even if you know they’re screwing with you. They start to turn around when they hear Jong-min’s voice up ahead, but then it’s followed by Joo-won, who finally reunites with his hyungs. Su-geun continues to pretend they’ve already won, while Seung-woo calls bullshit.

javabeans: Seung-woo takes the lead on his team, trying to salvage this situation. Team Kimchi has united so they just need to find the flag. Assuming that they’re still looking (and not, say, messing with their heads), he needs to assemble Team Soybean asap and keep them together. He finds Shi-kyung, so now Tae-hyun is the only one on his own.

girlfriday: He seems waaaay off from the others though, on his own quest with the two little girls he’s picked up as guides.

javabeans: Ha, he finds some older villagers surrounded in piles and piles of garlic, and guesses that this is the garlic somebody has to peel later. “I don’t have a good feeling.” Ha. Trust your instincts.

girlfriday: Seung-woo parks Shi-kyung up at the flag pole by the laundry station, to guard the goal. That’s smart. Only Shi-kyung’s gone a little nuts from the heat, and starts doing really loopy things like sticking a tree branch in the pole to declare that they’ve won, or babbling nonsense to himself. Did something happen to his brain?

javabeans: Okay, this is weird, right? He’s supposed to be the sane, serious guy! It’s like when you finally see your dad cry, or something—this isn’t supposed to happen!

girlfriday: Yeah it’s totally bizarre, and therefore awesome. It’s like he got banged in the head, between the road and the village. Something snapped when Joo-won beat him here, or something.

javabeans: Su-geun whispers their flag hiding place to Joo-won, who will go in and retrieve it for his team. Jong-min has been following this team for a while, now, and when Joo-won starts to lift his shirt to take off his mic pack, he has that knee-jerk reaction to the sudden movement and rushes him. What, you gonna strip him?

girlfriday: Haha. Winner: us!

javabeans: Tae-hyun keeps getting led farther and farther astray by his little guides, which is super cute because while the girls know they’re on the hunt for a flag, it sort of seems like they’re just excited to have somebody to play with.

girlfriday: Yeah that trio is adorable, but I don’t think they’re going to accomplish anything except giving us a tour of the village.

javabeans: At one point hiking up this steep trail, Tae-hyun calls out, “I don’t think anyone’s been up this way!” and then bursts out laughing, at the same time as his cameraman, just because it’s so ridiculous. Like they know this must be a wild goose chase. He giggles to himself, “It’s my fault for getting my hopes up.”

girlfriday: He finally catches up to the rest of the guys, who pretty much confirm that he’s been on a wild goose chase. The little girl throws her hands up in the air, “Then what have we been doing up till now?” Cute.

javabeans: They’re so cute. Tae-woong tells Jong-min where the flag is hidden, which naturally comes off as suspicious. But it gets Jong-min sniffing around the waterside, and gets on the raft. And at that, suddenly Tae-woong and Joo-won jump into the water and attack Jong-min with water-splashes. Ha, okay, so that’s one way to successfully deflect his attention, by treating it like an ambush setup.

girlfriday: They mess with him for a while and flip him off the raft for fun, and then suddenly Joo-won goes darting out of the water. Jong-min notices it and calls out for someone to stop him. At the same time, Tae-hyun has been making his way closer to them on the riverbank, and he seems close to where the flag might be.

javabeans: Jong-min’s attention is fixed on the area near the flags, and Tae-woong sits down on that side. Is he covering the flag? I keep wondering when Team Kimchi is going to finally pull the thing, but this just makes me think that Su-geun is a cat playing with his food. He’s having way too much fun toying with them.

girlfriday: Which is a lot of fun, because this show needs some more evil.

javabeans: I mean, it just seems so sadistically roundabout—first they hide it, then they pretend they’re also looking, they tell Joo-won and create this whole distraction of him running out of the water to get the other team panicking, then they pull the flag out of the bushes and toss it up to Joo-won, who has run alllll the way around the pool and up to the level above, just to make the grand finale.

girlfriday: It’s really smart to do that rather than all be stuck down at water level though, in case they get surrounded. This way Joo-won can dash to the finish line.

javabeans: True, so now Joo-won’s free and clear… well, aside from Addled Shi-kyung, who is, by the way, sitting at the empty flagpole peeling garlic cloves, like for practice.

girlfriday: He’s lost his marbles. Seung-woo and Tae-hyun actually surround Joo-won on the bridge, but he manages to get away, only he’s back to square one and tosses the flag back to Su-geun. Are they stuck in a loop?

javabeans: It’s like keep-away AND capture the flag. So now Su-geun’s running and his teammates are playing blocker, and then they pass the baton to Joo-won.

girlfriday: Seung-woo chases after them and bluffs that Shi-kyung is up there doing push-ups and stuff, just waiting for a fight. Which is just hilarious, given what he’s actually doing.

javabeans: I love how Seung-woo grabs Tae-woong’s wrist as they run, and he’s got this big grin on his face while Tae-woong has the biggest annoyed grimace, like a teenager yelling, “Mooo-oooooom!”

girlfriday: It’s a good strategy though, if Seung-woo can hold onto him long enough to steal the flag and assemble his team. Joo-won and Su-geun get close to the top of the hill and then split up.

javabeans: Ha, so Su-geun arrives at the flagpole first, and he pretends he hasn’t had any luck so as not to alert Shi-kyung, who keeps peeling garlic. Su-geun’s carrying a plant leaf as his “flag” and casually removes Shi-kyung’s tree branch, while Joo-won stealthily approaches from behind and rushes the pole. Ha!

girlfriday: Nice. Unnecessary, given Shi-kyung’s lack of defense, but very cool.

javabeans: I think it’s like he’s so far gone into “Goddamn we lost” that he just has no more reaction left to give. I actually think Shi-kyung is peeved and acting out of sarcasm more than craziness, but in any case I’m enjoying seeing a different side to him since he’s always so even-keel.

girlfriday: The problem is, they’re still waiting for Tae-woong, who has by now picked up two bodyguards, Seung-woo and Jong-min on either arm. Su-geun goes down to meet him, leaving Joo-won at the flag. And that’s when Shi-kyung gets up…

javabeans: Oh noes! Was it crazy-in-disguise?!

girlfriday: Dude! It was all an act!

javabeans: Did he just pull a Gaksital… on Gaksital?

girlfriday: He sneaks up from behind, and uses garlic as his weapon (HA) and tries to shove it up Joo-won’s nose.

javabeans: He tries to grab the flag from him, but Joo-won’s hold is firm. Phew, I worried for a moment there. Although it would have been a great reversal, totally worthy of their Fate-tempting antics.

girlfriday: It looked like he might manage it too, and it was super scary when he covered Joo-won’s mouth so he couldn’t scream for help.

javabeans: It sort of looked like he was kidnapping him, and sort of like he was force-feeding him garlic. Heh. If the gambit HAD worked, it would have been a brilliant, like, thematically resonant underdog win. He pretends defeat! He lulls them into false sense of security! He uses their punishment as tools for his attack, and steals the victory!

girlfriday: Yeah perhaps if he hadn’t been so fixated on garlic as his weapon, it would’ve been a clean reversal.

javabeans: Bird PD announces the winners… as Team Soybean. Everyone’s like, Yay! Huh? I’m about to rack my brains for possible rule violations, but turns out it’s just another of his infamous slips of the tongue. Haha.

girlfriday: Team Kimchi gets their swim retreat with snacks and toys, while Team Soybean heads to the scary cave to peel garlic. Because peeling garlic elsewhere is just not punishment enough.

javabeans: Wow, they’re serious about the swim reward. I thought they were gonna be like, “Here’s the pool. Enjoy!” But there’s inner tubes and snorkels and even Hawaiian shirts for the boys to wear.

girlfriday: I love the shirts, like it’s not a retreat if they’re not wearing the islandy shirts. They play for a while and then get dinner too, while the other team is forced to eat raw garlic and then regret it.

javabeans: Tae-woong lets out this sorta-evil cackle over how awesome this is, and Su-geun is all, “Shouldn’t we show this to the other team? So they’ll work harder next time?” Like I said, sadistic.

girlfriday: He even jokes that they should use their wish to add another 1000 garlic cloves to the other team’s punishment.

javabeans: Dude. That… would make it hard for the losers to not take personally, don’t you think? Like, clearly it transcends the variety-as-entertainment principle into sheer Let’s Beat His Ass.

girlfriday: Which would be entertaining for us.

javabeans: So then maybe it’s really the variety-as-entertainment pinnacle?

girlfriday: I guess we’ll never know, because they decide to be nice instead, and call the other team out to give them a chance to eat. They used their wish on a game, and if Team Soybean can win it, they can join them for dinner.

javabeans: It’s a timed race across the pond using the raft: If they can make it there and back in 2 minutes, they win. We first see them using the raft as a paddleboard, but that must not have worked because the next tactic is to sit on the raft while the two in front paddle with oars (made of shoes) and the two in back kick. I think. We don’t know, ‘cause they fall off before they even start.

girlfriday: Seung-woo’s competitive streak starts taking over, and he screams directions at everyone, but nobody listens.

javabeans: I wonder if it would just be faster if they all swam and pulled the raft along. I’m dying laughing at Tae-hyun, who’s like the motor in the back, kicking while the others scoop with their hands. The only problem with that is, everyone scoops water… right into his face. It’s hilarious. It’s like a cartoon.

girlfriday: They ultimately fail, and Team Kimchi feels so bad that they give them mouthfuls of the food on their table. While the boys clean up and rest, there’s this hilarious conversation about a fight that broke out between Shi-kyung and Jong-min earlier that day. Ooh interesting. I do find their dong-gap dynamic so interesting.

javabeans: I feel like Shi-kyung treats Jong-min like they’re dong-gap, but Jong-min still has that bit of jondae left when talking to Shi-kyung.

girlfriday: Yeah like Jong-min sees him more like a hyung, or is uncomfortable enough to walk on eggshells around certain things. They apparently got into a fight in the car, and Shi-kyung got mad and snapped at Jong-min.

javabeans: Seung-woo points out that once Shi-kyung got left behind, that’s when Jong-min let out his real feelings. Ooh, juicy. Shi-kyung shoots him this look, like, WHAT?

girlfriday: Haha, are they gonna fight again?

javabeans: He didn’t say anything incriminating, it’s just that Jong-min admitted, “I was uncomfortable with Shi-kyung earlier.”

girlfriday: Even now, as Shi-kyung tells the story to the rest of the hyungs, Jong-min looks up at him, “I’m sorry.”

javabeans: See, I feel like this is all because today was not Shi-kyung’s day. He seemed to take the race seriously, so even though we didn’t see the footage for ourselves I can see how it could have been stressful. And once it seemed clear they were losing, he was in this mood. Usually the guys have that layer of awareness and image-consciousness, but I feel like Shi-kyung let his real feelings show today.

girlfriday: I think he seems a little more sensitive than the others, like his layer is thinner. It’s nice to see a different side of him.

javabeans: Aw, Jong-min says he could feel in the moment that he was going too far, that he was saying silly things, but he couldn’t heed his inner monologue and stop before Shi-kyung got mad because he has no brakes. He just keeps going. Everyone’s laughing and ribbing each other in good humor, but it’s like we’ve just gotten this teeny peek behind the curtain where they were all honest for a moment.

girlfriday: I can totally see where their personalities would clash too, because even in the retelling of it, Shi-kyung is taking everything seriously, while Jong-min is funny, even while apologizing. Not on purpose, but he’s just funny.

javabeans: Bedtime Bokbulbok time rolls around, and it’s game night in the form of a Bingo table. Each square is a different task, like blowing bubblegum or group jump rope.

girlfriday: If they get three in a row, they all sleep inside. If not, they all sleep… in the cave.

javabeans: The cave with the bats?

girlfriday: I foresee a scaredy Gaksital.

javabeans: “Hyung! Bats!” *Cuddle*

girlfriday: I love Tae-woong’s expression, like c’mere, Bird.

javabeans: They pick the middle vertical line and start with a task of carrying stones on various body parts, in rounds of increasing difficulty. Then they have to set that rock down (direct from said body part, like a forehead or a foot) and hit a rock on the ground.

girlfriday: The first few seem easy, but down the line there’s butt crack? And blindfolded?

javabeans: Ha, I like how Seung-woo talks Tae-hyun through one with the eyes closed, to instruct him how to get the rock on his head onto the rock on the ground. “You’re greeting someone, but you’re not very close. It’s a slightly affected hello.” Tae-hyun computes that and nods his head, and clink! Success.

girlfriday: The degree of the bow says so much.

javabeans: Nobody wants to do butt crack, so Su-geun assigns it to the maknae, who’s all, “Derrr….me?” But he can’t exactly say no. Haha.

girlfriday: Turns out Tae-hyun’s really um… good with his butt? So he takes over that one instead.

javabeans: And they give Gaksital the blindfold-mask round, heh.

girlfriday: Tae-woong and Jong-min pass easily, but Seung-woo has a hard time with the belly one, so Su-geun and his beer gut save the day. He asks Gaksital to defend his performance, so Joo-won yells: “If anyone says anything to Su-geun, Gaksital will never forgive you!!” and then runs back in embarrassment. Hee.

javabeans: Shi-kyung cracks me up. He has to carry his rock on his cheek, and when he gets close he starts to kneel to get closer to the ground, which turns into this strange body-twisting thing that looks vaguely mermaid-esque. The “Part of this World” soundtrack doesn’t help matters.

girlfriday: He manages to knock his rock over, but Seung-woo’s not as graceful, and they lose that game. Sadness. It’s on to relay-jaegi, where they each have to kick the hackey-sack once as they pass it from member to member. The problem is, of course, Dog Feet.

javabeans: They have to set up this whole strategy on how to deal with him, like positioning him last with Jong-min lobbing him an easy one.

girlfriday: Haha, poor Tae-woong, who gets told not to touch it at all under any circumstance till the very end… and then when it comes flying towards him out of order, he just watches it sail right past him. He’s like, “You said you’d call my name!” It’s like he’s new. The next game is jump rope, where they make it all the way through twenty jumps… and then fail to escape without messing up. Aw, they’re sleeping in the cave, aren’t they?

javabeans: Which would be fine by me. The scarier the better.

girlfriday: More cuddling that way.

javabeans: They’re like, “Well, we made Bingo ONE way.” Because of all the failing! Tae-woong chirps, “We can make Bingo ALL ways with that.”

girlfriday: They finally win something–a follow-directions turning game with their eyes closed, and a relay bubblegum-blowing game, which means they have to win gong-gi to get bingo. What’s that game called here?

javabeans: Jacks? Only there’s no ball, just little plastic bits.

girlfriday: They have to get twenty points total to win, and Tae-woong goes first… only he clearly doesn’t know how to play this game either. Dude. You had three noonas. What did you DO as a child?

javabeans: It’s hilarious how predictable he is with the childhood games, only part of me thinks it’s kind of sad. Because wasn’t he really poor and stuff? Like, it’s a lot less funny when you think he doesn’t know games because he didn’t have the chance to play any.

girlfriday: But gong-gi was like invented so that you could play with rocks. It’s pretty much the height of cost-effective games.

javabeans: But maybe he was like the Candy in all those dramas, going off to work at the child labor factories or whatever. Clearly this narrative has taken on a life of its own in my head.

girlfriday: Both Tae-woong and Shi-kyung fail to get any points, but Seung-woo is good for one round at least. He gets three points. Then it’s Joo-won’s turn, and they worry, like has this kid even seen gong-gi before?

javabeans: He scores an easy four points, then gets out in the second round. They’ve got three people left and 13 points to accumulate. I am not hopeful.

girlfriday: There’s a really funny and tense moment during Jong-min’s turn, because he sets himself up wrong (you can’t touch any other jacks while picking up the one you want), so he psyches himself up and manages to get it, and they all cheer like he’s won the olympics. Only it’s a non-scoring round. And then he fails immediately afterward.

javabeans: Gong-gi turns out to be a bust, so it’s on to their last Bingo column. If they fail any of these, they’re automatically sleeping outside. The next game has to keep a volleyball bouncing in the air using a blanket as a landing/launching pad. They get really close to succeeding, but trip up at the last moment, and there’s this hilarious shot of the producers doubling over in fits of laughter.

girlfriday: I love it. You can just see how happy they are that they lost, and how entertaining it is for them too. Bird PD explains that the morning mission is called Me Alone, and they’ll determine the one special loser by giving quizzes every hour through the night. You mean they have to sleep in the batcave and you’re going to wake them up every hour too?

javabeans: And then it turns out the quizzes are all silly things, like “What kind of high school does a rapper attend?” I thought Shi-kyung’s answer would be right (Old School) but Su-geun wins with… “Here We Go.” *groaaaaan* (Go = high school.)

girlfriday: Bad puns AND bats?

javabeans: Omg, Shi-kyung has this really pathetic-hilarious moment and I don’t know whether to feel sorry for him or laugh. Everyone is given the okay to return to sleep, but he sits up in his bag, saying despondently, “I’m sad. I’m 34 years old… sleeping in a cave… not knowing what tomorrow morning will bring…”

girlfriday: HAHAHAHA. Well I’M laughing. He really does seem to have turned a screw loose today.

javabeans: The show has finally given him his existential crisis. The 3am round is rock-scissors-paper against Bird PD, and only Seung-woo and Shi-kyung wake up to participate. They both win, so it’s a face-off… and Seung-woo wins. Oh no, I think Shi-kyung’s in danger of a real breakdown.

girlfriday: He looks over at Seung-woo like he just kicked his puppy. And then on top of it all, it starts to rain. Jong-min wakes up after being rained on for a while, and we see Seung-woo give a guilty look for moving to the inside and leaving Jong-min on the end. The 4am quiz is multiplication, and Tae-hyun wins without even knowing why they’re playing.

javabeans: I love it. He’s all, “Wait, what’s going — twenty-eight! But what are we doing?” Jong-min gets a chance too, and his reaction to seven times eight is like me when I’m alert: “Fifty-six! Wait, it’s fifty…. six? Fifty-six. Seven, eight, fifty-six. Seven times eight…”

girlfriday: Ha, that’s the funniest correct answer ever. He gets his flag. Then at 5am it’s the last round: a PD sits above their heads with two flags and they’re told to just grab one. Shi-kyung finally gets his chance, but is so sleepy that he can’t figure out where the flag is (directly behind him) for the longest time.

javabeans: Tae-woong finally wakes up long enough to get the second flag, which means the only member without one is Joo-won, who’s slept through the whole night. So he’s the one singled out in the morning and shaken awake. He’s packed into the bus and driven a ways up the mountain, not knowing where he’s going or for what reason.

girlfriday: I don’t know if it’s the sleepiness, but he has a serious deer-in-headlights thing going on.

javabeans: He finds out when he gets to the top of a cliff: para-gliding.

girlfriday: Whoa. That’s equal parts cool and frightening.

javabeans: Yeah, I don’t know if I’d be more excited or wishing I’d gotten a pass. Actually, it’s kind of the perfect task for this thing: You’re the one who gets the “punishment,” but it’s cool enough that it makes it worth trying.

girlfriday: I love how he talks himself into it: “I want to fly! I want… to fly? I want to do it! I do! I mean it! …. I mean it?”

javabeans: “It’ll be fun, I’m sure. It’ll be fun. It’ll be fun? Right?”

girlfriday: And then it gets so windy as they prep that the chute goes flying off along with a patio umbrella. Joo-won rushes to help them, and then looks over at the PDs with this Are we really doing this to me look on his face.

javabeans: It turns out it’s too windy to fly, though, and the session is a bust. He seems disappointed, but he looks totally relieved.

girlfriday: He gives a little jump at the top of the hill and then joins the hyungs indoors for a game. Shi-kyung: “Why does it feel like the day is starting all over?”

javabeans: It really is his Groundhog Day trip.

girlfriday: Totally. His own personal repeat-o hell.

javabeans: The morning game involves the cast deciding what each member’s most-spoken phrase is, which they then wear written on headbands so they can’t see. Jong-min’s phrase is “Wow,” while Shi-kyung’s is “I’ll do it.”

girlfriday: So the goal is to get them to say what’s on their foreheads, because they don’t know what’s written there.

javabeans: The last one standing wins, so you personally don’t want to say your phrase, but lure the others into saying theirs. Haha, Seung-woo’s is “Ya! Jong-min-ah!” That’s so cute. And Tae-hyun’s is “What IS this?” Hilariously, he uses those words while waiting for the game to start, though not the exact configuration as this head-phrase.

girlfriday: They get Jong-min to say his in about three seconds. Su-geun goes for Tae-woong next and says, “I’m married so I have a wife at home.” Tae-woong, as if reading his own forehead: “I don’t have one.” Lol. Whoever picked his phrase is genius.

javabeans: Shi-kyung draws this super cryptic symbol and slides it over, saying Tae-hyun should read it. He says, “What’s this?” but with one syllable off from his phrase, and they keep getting him to repeat himself until he takes himself out of the game. Ha.

girlfriday: For some reason we don’t see the rest of it, unless there were four winners.

javabeans: That’s a weird letdown, isn’t it? Like, we’re having all this fun, and then, poof, done! Trip over!


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  1. N

    I loved this episode to bits! Joowon is a cutie pie in the first pic! 🙂

  2. chaloner

    Wish someone can Sub this.

    • 2.1 reglest

      Oh, they will be subbed dear, wait about 2 weeks-1 month, KBSworld will broadcast this 😀

    • 2.2 Arhazivory


  3. Miss rain ENgineer :P

    Yeees I think I’m ome of the 1st five xD
    Off to read 😛

  4. xiaoSxin

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE. Lots of funny. I am so happy that Team TaeWoong, Sugeun and JooWon won!!

  5. okdubu

    hee another hilarious episode and hilarious recap. thank you!!!!

    sikyung really did go a little crazy hahaha. cutest part was when taehyun held hands with the little girls walking down the mountain ;~;

  6. Poshong1227

    Thanks for the recap! I love all 7 of the cast members + season 2 and am so happy to see them doing so well!

    Is the last mission for breakfast duties btw? I think I saw garlic and another food in front of the boys during the game.

    Anyone has thoughts about the upcoming special episode?

    • 6.1 Alysanne

      This is the one with Bora and the 2 other male guests, right?

      • 6.1.1 Poshong1227

        tbh though, i rather watch the 7 of them bond together more first before introducing guests on the show. part of me worries whether the bro-mance between them will be diluted…

        • Alysanne

          Good point. But maybe Bird PD is starting to become ratings conscious? LOL I think this one’s a Summer Special or something, though I’m thinking they should’ve done this for the 400th Episode celebration or something. Still, it’ll be fun to see what they’re gonna do when they have guests. 😉

          • Arhazivory

            I read on Soompi that the guests won’t be spending the night.

          • CM

            @Arhazivory If that’s right they are just some cry-babies that don’t deserve to be on 1N2D. You either take part in everything wholeheartedly or don’t come at all!

  7. h311ybean

    I hope the episode shows what everyone’s catchphrases were!

    • 7.1 JJ2012

      Sugeun- “The important thing here is..”
      Joowon- “I will never forgive you!” (his Gaksital running gag for the past couple episodes)
      The rest were mentioned in the recap so I don’t think I need to write them. 🙂

  8. dania


  9. GaksitalPpyong

    What was Joo Won’s most spoken phrase? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaksitaaaaaallllll???

    • 9.1 Alysanne

      I’m curious about this one, too. It would be so easy to eliminate him if that were his most spoken phrase. Just tell him to promote the drama. LOL

    • 9.2 Alysanne

      Oh, wait, there’s a screencap but I can’t read Hangul. 😀

      (sorry for the double-post)

    • 9.3 girlfriday

      It was “Will not forgive you!” as in the end of his Gaksital catchphrase.

      • 9.3.1 GaksitalPpyong

        LOL..it’s still related to Gaksital.

  10. 10 Alysanne

    It’s nice that there’s more focus on Joo Won this episode.

    And OMG, Shi-kyung! I’ve never seen someone break down this bad since Seung-gi had to do that solo mission. And he recovered once they were all together, but Shi-kyung never did. He’s almost…hormonal. ;D

    • 10.1 S

      Could you tell me which episode is the one where Seung Gi had his solo mission ? People always talk about it but I can’t seem to remember if I’ve seen it ! 😛 Thanks!

      • 10.1.1 knewbies

        It’s on 2nd half of episode 362 and episode 363. you can check out DB recap list.

        • S

          thanks so much !! 🙂

  11. 11 Mira

    Thanks for the recap ! I love this episode (one of my favourite ones from the beginning of this season), the games so funny ! Joo won is really really cute and Tae Woong hilarious :p
    Can’t wait for the next episode !! (with guest? So curious how it will be ^^)

  12. 12 picklemonster

    PLEASE VOTE FOR JOO-WON FOR OUTSTANDING ACTOR HERE: http://en.korea.com/event/sda2012/peoples-choice/?action=vote&votecat=actor-sda2012

    Thanks for the recap! Everyone’s so hilarious, it really makes me wish I were in Korea so I can watch it live. Poor Joo won must be so tired from filming Gaksital that he slept through the whole thing. =(

  13. 13 SS

    javabeans : “……What, you gonna strip him?”

    LOL! Agree, winner is us!

    why don’t they played this as one of the games?

  14. 14 stars4u

    Such a bad day for Shi-kyung. Joo-won was wearing a rope for a belt in this episode. Poor Joo-won taking advantage of sleeping for a few hours.

  15. 15 mary

    Because we’re still enjoying ourselves with Taewoong’s pelvic thrust punishment. Heehee

  16. 16 Cinderella

    Aww… I would have loved to see Joo-won play that ‘fave phrase on your forehead’ game… I wonder what his phrase would be??

    Reading this recap made me wish that Joo-won would guest on Running Man. I’m sure he’d be on Gaksital mode but the moment he rips a name tag he’ll turn all aegyotastic (waving and doing a heart with his hands as he yells “I love you!” before running off to catch the next guy)

    • 16.1 dania


      • 16.1.1 Cinderella

        How come?

        • Poshong1227

          i don’t think he will be making a guest appearance on a show that directly rivals 1n2d in ratings…

      • 16.1.2 Husnaa

        why not?

        • dania

          it’s crazy if joo won join rivals variety same time… now 1n2d & running man airing same time .. so no running man for joo won…

          • Poshong1227

            and i’m sure there’s something in his contract somewhere that forbids him to join a rival show or something. KBS gonna protect its interest you know!

  17. 17 Husnaa

    love the recap and the episode

  18. 18 Itoshi

    Tae Hyun was sooo cute with the girls… and when he was tricked by Sugeun in the last game, he was adorable!!

    and Shi Kyung shoving the garlics into Joowon, I was thinking what’s wrong with him? LOL

    and I wanna know Joowon’s phrase too!!

  19. 19 SandrOu

    Thank you! This eoisode was really fun. ANd SHikhyun goind mad. Epic. 🙂

  20. 20 JJ2012

    Joowon’s phrase was “I will never forgive you!” as in “Gaksital will never forgive you without specifically saying Gaksital.

  21. 21 Cindy


    Love the recaps dears *skips to watch the episode again*

  22. 22 yoons

    =) anyone else see joo won in the main photo and think “whoa! gaksital recap! must be intense, judging by his hair!” and then realize it was 1n2d only when the rest of the page loaded? Thanks for the recap!

    • 22.1 Arhazivory

      lol. That’s funny.

  23. 23 george

    thnx 4 d recap,girls.it’s funny how i find recaps funny coz i nvr expected it wud.anyway,i had so much fun.it’s nice to see shi kyung’s human side after all.i remember mc mong in season 1 where it was said that he was d most among the d members who takes things seriously and so he gets upset easily if things doesn’t work his way or didn’t win.jongmin and shi kyung and maybe every1(of the members) are still in the process knowing each other.shi kyung is d serious type and jongmin is d funny one,each on each ends so it’s understandable that their personality may sumtyms clash.i remember an episode in season 1 where ji won and jongmin were both on the same mission/team where they were assigned at a certain place and it so happens that the weather that day was dull and gloomy.jiwon commented that it was so but jongmin said he still like it,that he still finds it beautiful.jongmin is just like that.even if he is sad,he will still smile and be funny.that even if he is crying he will be laughing at the same time.i still have to get to know more of shi kyung to be able to say more.from what i can see he wants to show more of himself bt i think he is still trying to find to let go and hv fun bt then still able to keep his image.

  24. 24 momogi

    oh shi-kyung, poor guy.
    Now I know when Ho-dong said shi-kyung is similar to him. They both have this gruffness and sensitivity, like when Ho-dong worry about his image over his betrayal in su-geun on Waterfall Special.

    I can’t wait to watch it!

  25. 25 aramint

    haha Shi-Kyung, you can’t beat Joo Won in running. He said in an interview that he loves running, even when he was still a child. Especially whenever he did something wrong, he’d run for his life.

    And his happiest moment? It’s when he zoomed past people, and they would say, “Wow, he’s so fast”. LOL

    • 25.1 redfox

      running is like flying on the ground. so I totally understand. I love running as well

  26. 26 redfox

    hahaha this is all so funny, I am drooling from laughter
    force-feeding Gaksital garlic LOL. that would be a new way of torture: breathe in their face.

  27. 27 dee

    Thank you so much

  28. 28 Arhazivory

    That shot of Shikyung stuffing Joo Won’s mouth with garlic was epic. lol. I also loved that Shikyung went crazy. I recognize that he’s really quite serious even with the games and I can really see how his personality will clash with Jongmin. I want to see them paired up for a mission. Kekekeke

    • 28.1 george

      yeah!u r ryt.i wud love to see how they work as a team jst both of them.im sure it will b fun.kekeke

  29. 29 N

    This is an old interview from 2010, but I think it really highlights Joowon’s personality…

    Especially this part: “I want to become a humanitarian with whatever job I take on. My mother always told me that I should be someone who has a lot of affection and is humane regardless of the job or position that I’m in.”

    That answers a lot of questions. lol 🙂


    • 29.1 Arhazivory

      Nice. Thanks for shari. I like how he said that his favorite song to sing at karaoke is one of Shi-Kyung’s. Hehe…I bet he didn’t think that two years later he’d be with him in 1n2d. 😀

  30. 30 Alvina

    Everyone talking about the Shi Kyung / Jong Min dynamic reminds me of their X-man days and the group games there. Oh, good times with k-variety

  31. 31 llei

    I think I remember from ‘Win Win’ interview,Tae Woong mentioned that he played with dolls and was dressed up as a girl by his sisters when he was a child…so I guess that explains why he’s soooo bad with games!!!

  32. 32 dewaanifordrama

    Loved this recap! You guys are so awesome! I hope you know that. Also, Joo Won is seriously so adorable!

    My fave part from the recap:

    “javabeans: The cave with the bats?

    girlfriday: I foresee a scaredy Gaksital.

    javabeans: “Hyung! Bats!” *Cuddle*”

    Ah – Joo Won is so cute!!!

  33. 33 babyfat

    i’m more fascinating with Joo Won by the day

  34. 34 doyz

    I wonder who runs faster — joowon or seunggi?

    • 34.1 Crystal

      LOL I wonder too! Joo Won has to run a lot for his dramas and Seunggi I think plays soccer every week?

  35. 35 Mira

    Yeah he sang shi kyung’s song “2 people” on a tv show in 2010 🙂

  36. 36 Crystal

    Can’t wait for this ep to be shown! Boo just posted ep393 recently…so about two weeks more to go? 😀

  37. 37 CM

    It felt like they stabbed me from behind when they cut mid-game and finished the episode! Ya! PD-nim! Why?!

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