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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 11
by | July 5, 2012 | 95 Comments

There’s so much cute in this episode. I love it.


F44 goes camping and Jung Rok argues with Yoon about how to pitch a tent. Yoon insists that his way is right on his Boy Scout honor. Jung Rok complains to Tae San and Do Jin, asking them why they’re not helping. Tae San gives the excuse that he drove and Do Jin replies that he already knows how to build a house.

Yoon builds the tent but later finds the tent stakes.  He quickly hides them away and then urges the others to cook some ramyun. However, it turns out that they all brought alcohol instead of food and they share annoyed sighs. Heh.

Jung Rok gives a smirk and then saunters over to a group of girls. He tries to negotiate a deal by offering a bottle of whiskey for some food  but the girls respond that they’ve already traded with some other guys, who are currently playing basketball.
Tae San, Do Jin, and Yoon end up having a basketball game against the other men and bet their alcohol against packs of ramyun. Do Jin brags that he was a basketball legend back in the day but his performance during the game proves otherwise. The guys lose all of their alcohol and sit unhappily in defeat as their tent collapses from a gust of wind.

Jung Rok converses with Eun Hee and he wonders how she’s managed to stay so pretty despite getting older. She smiles at his compliment and then asks him for a favor. She leaves Korea tonight but her son is still in Seoul. Could Jung Rok contact her if her son ever shows up at his café?
Eun Hee also requests that he keep their meeting a secret from the other guys, stating that she came only to meet Jung Rok. He lights up at her last words and readily agrees to keep both promises.

Later that night, Jung Rok giggles as he recalls Eun Hee’s words at the restaurant. He assumes that he was her one true love and happily deliberates how he’ll manage to keep this special secret to himself. Kek. I love his pinned hair and face mask.

Meanwhile, Do Jin spots Yi Soo outside the cafe and she lightly kisses the window after she sees his napkin note. He gets up and meets her outside. He mentions that he thought she left and she replies that she did but came back again. He calls her a strange woman; why did she come back to hear him say they have nothing left to talk about?

She frowns at his reply and insists that he stop teasing her. She scolds herself for liking such a difficult man and he perks up, asking if she really likes him. Hee. She confesses that she’s liked him for a while now but couldn’t show her feelings because she was afraid of seeming too fickle.
He cuts her off mid-sentence with a gentle kiss, which leaves her stunned into silence. Do Jin cradles her face and then pulls her into a more passionate kiss. She wraps her arms around him in return.

He later walks her home and then questions when she started liking him; what makes him so attractive? She answers “you’re a flower boy” and he scoffs that the entire nation knows that. Kek. She gives him a more honest admission and informs him of all the times her heart pounded around him. She says that she was scared when he told her that he was going to let her go.

They embrace and he states that they’ve kissed and hugged. What should they do the next time they meet? She replies that they should hold hands and a look of disappointment flashes across his face. Hee.
A voice interrupts their lovey dovey time and they break apart to see Me Ahri standing in the street. Yi Soo quickly apologizes, saying that she should have told her before. She asks Me Ahri to support her relationship and Me Ahri nods, but responds that she’s teary-eyed for some reason.

Do Jin assures Yi Soo that he’ll take Me Ahri back home safely. Before he leaves, he requests that Yi Soo call him and she smiles in return. Do Jin tries to convince Me ahri that he’s serious about Yi Soo and offers to take her to see Yoon in an attempt to cheer her up.
Me Ahri sighs that Yoon doesn’t want to see her and that the only way they’ll meet is if Do Jin and Yi Soo marry this weekend. Heh. Do Jin stops Betty in front of her house. They spot Tae San and Se Ra hugging and Me Ahri grimaces at the sight of them. Do Jin exclaims that those two are so rude; what the heck are they doing in front of someone else’s house?  Hehe. Me Ahri narrows her eyes at him and he clears his throat. Kek.
Tae San pulls away from Se Ra and admits that he hates separating every night. She should stay for five more minutes. She wryly reminds him that she’s stayed for twenty-five more minutes already but happily cuddles into his arms again. Do Jin commands Me Ahri not to meet Yi Soo for a while because they’re going to start dating after tonight; he wants to spend as much time with her as he can. Me Ahri answers with a frustrated shout.

The next day, Do Jin shows up at Yi Soo’s school to have lunch with her and her students begin to tease her about having a boyfriend. They move to another location at Yi Soo’s insistence, which is where Do Jin tells Yi Soo to start another one-sided love for him. Haha.
He rattles off a list of a number of things she needs to do, like become hurt when he doesn’t answer her calls or texts, wait outside of his office in hopes of meeting him coincidentally, and contemplate rear-ending a car when she sees him talking with another woman. Puahah.
She gives him a look of “are you kidding me” and then asks if he explained things clearly to Me Ahri. He nods; he told Me Ahri clearly that Yi Soo doesn’t have time for her anymore. Out comes another “Kim Do Jin sshi!”

Yoon orders two smoothies at Jung Rok’s cafe and forces himself to ignore Me Ahri. Yet when she turns around to make the drinks, he watches her with a tender expression. He looks away again when she hands him the smoothies and rushes out to avoid speaking to her.
He gives the drinks to one of his employees and she wonders why there are two drinks. He replies “one drink would have been too short and three drinks would be cowardly.” D’aw. Can’t you just go and kiss her already…
Colin approaches Yoon in his office for some legal advice but Yoon coldly informs him that he charges a hefty amount of money per hour. Colin takes Yoon’s reply in stride and explains his situation. He technically has two fathers, but one is unaware that his son exists. If the son shows up unexpectedly, does he automatically receive that man’s inheritance? Uh. I wouldn’t think so…

Later, Yoon reflects on Colin’s question and then asks Jung Rok if he remembers Colin. Jung Rok nods but why does Yoon ask? Is Me Ahri going out with him? Hee. Yoon gives an exasperated sigh and demands that Jung Rok stop talking. Yeah. That probably won’t happen for awhile. Tae San and Do Jin show up and they all banter back and forth until an old classmate walks into the bar.
The man turns out to be Na Jong Suk, the father of the young woman who drank with F44 at the beginning of Episode 3. Jung Rok tries to get Jong Suk to leave, citing that the food and drinks are horrible at his bar. LOL. Their classmate laughs at Jung Rok’s “jokes” and then asks if they want to see a picture of his daughter. The boys slip out as Jong Suk searches for a photo on his phone. Haha. That’s what you guys get for hitting on a 20-year old college student.

Yi Soo is folding her laundry when she receives a message from Do Jin about the rules of one-sided love. She shakes her head at his childishness as Se Ra sits down next to her to scold her for having such juvenile lingerie. She drags her out to go shopping but Yi Soo balks at buying the racy underwear that Se Ra picks out.
Se Ra informs her that guys like this kind of style; she needs to surprise Do Jin, not bore him. She starts to dance and sing about seduction and Yi Soo soon joins with a song of her own. They walk home in high spirits. Aw. This is one of the first scenes that show off Yi Soo and Se Ra’s friendship without a hint of cattiness.

Yoon is reminded of the bag Me Ahri made for him as he changes in his room. He thinks about her fondly, which is exactly when Me Ahri texts him. He starts to write “we can only speak like this…” but then erases the draft. He hesitates for a bit before calling her.

They meet for some tea and Me ahri chatters excitedly that she didn’t expect him to call her. He apologizes for not treating her like a 24-year old and she beams until he asks if she finished college in the US. She slowly replies that things did not turn out as expected, but why is he asking? He answers with another question: doesn’t she have any dreams? What is she doing besides chasing after him?

He tells her that her peers are running at top speed to fulfill their dreams. Yet what is she doing with her life? Her eyes fill with tears and she responds in a tight voice, “Who said I don’t have dreams. I have a dream too, but I want you more because I’ve waited longer for you. Designing bags is my dream but you’re my fate.” Yoon calmly tells her that love is important but she needs to focus on her life first. If they are meant to be, it’ll happen someday. With that, he leaves and she continues to sob alone.

At the office, Tae San and Do Jin discuss their newest project. Tae San recommends that they head down to the site this weekend but Do Jin fakes a stomachache while putting a hand daintily to his forehead. Tae San rolls his eyes at the cheap tricks and Do Jin drops the sick act to shout that this is the first weekend since he and Yi Soo started dating. Tae San pats his shoulder in sympathy but reminds Do Jin that while women can wait three times, clients don’t even wait three minutes. Do Jin gives him a resentful stare.

Meanwhile Yi Soo walks towards Do Jin’s office and passes a series of different couples. She notes that the girls have cute hairstyles, which prompts her to tie her hair in a bun and then pigtails. Hah. Aw. She eventually just lets it down, shaking her head at her silliness. When she arrives, she spots Do Jin leaning against a window. She calls him to compliment how handsome he looks today and he urges her to come up because he looks even cooler in person. Hee. She enters his office to see him talking to a female employee. He mutters that he’s waiting for Yi Soo to go into “jealous” mode and the worker stifles a laugh.

Tae San and Se Ra go grocery shopping and he notices that she freezes uncomfortably when surrounded by mothers with children. Later, as they cook dinner, he carefully mentions that his mother wants to see Se Ra. She responds that she doesn’t want to meet her and he lashes out at her, wondering why she doesn’t want to marry him.

She shrilly responds that she doesn’t want to get married or have kids; those things would ruin her golfing career. His temper goes off and declares that tonight’s dinner is cancelled. He wonders if she doesn’t want to marry him because she’s not done playing around yet. Angry tears start to pool in Se Ra’s eyes and she snaps that she told him that they were not going to get married when they first started dating.

He replies that he wouldn’t have dated her if he didn’t want to marry her, and storms out the door. She fights to keep her tears from falling when her phone rings. Her friends invite her out to go drinking and she readily accepts with a warning that she’s going to get drunk tonight.

Yi Soo and Do Jin head to her home and he tries to get her to agree to go on a vacation with him. She ignores his request and reaches to turn on the radio but is blocked by Do Jin who states that Betty isn’t used to her hands yet. LOL. She instantly becomes jealous and asks childishly who he likes better: her or Betty. BAHAAH. He looks away to avoid answering and simply replies that he’ll tell her after he parks because Betty will hear. Hee.

They arrive at the house to see a bunch of food sitting on the table. Do Jin rightly assumes that Tae San and Se Ra left after a fight, which is confirmed by a text from Tae San cancelling the dinner. Do Jin takes off his jacket to finish cooking and she tells him to put it in her room because it might smell later. He gratefully heads into her room and she starts to unfold an apron until a thought hits her.

She scurries to her room and finds Do Jin staring at the five sets of underwear on her bed. Hahaha. Yi Soo rushes to cover the lingerie and works to kick him out. He cheerfully informs her that he doesn’t like corset or garter belts because they’re inconvenient. HAHAHA. He backs her up against the sink and mumbles that he liked the underwear set in the middle the best. Gah. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? She awkwardly changes the subject and they go about cooking.

During dinner, Yi Soo observes Do jin pick out the carrots from his food. He gives the excuse that he’s still a child and she can’t help but laugh. She then notices the pen recorder and comments that his entire life must be on that object. He replies that it’s actually on a computer since he transfers the files every day. Why are we talking about this?! My nervousness about plots with memory-related diseases has been reawakened.

She nods and then confesses that she anticipates a life with him to be risque and entertaining and he promises her that her expectations will be met. She thanks him for liking her even when she wasn’t aware of his feelings and he jokes that she shouldn’t have messed things up by liking Tae San. Hee. Yi Soo replies by wondering who the woman she saw in his apartment was last time and he commends her for looking into his past, getting jealous, and pretending to be indifferent all at once. Hehe.

Yi Soo demands to know how old that woman was and he replies that she was younger than Yi Soo. Her eyes narrow and she asks for the surname of “young Eun Ji” and he answers “sexy?” Hahah. She shoots him a death glare and he mumbles “Kim,” which prompts her to comment that “Kim Eun Ji” is such a common name. I love this petty jealousy that’s emitting from her. Do Jin cheekliy asks if she wants a full list of all the women he’s dated and she flatly rejects the offer. She orders him to leave now that he’s finished eating and gets up while grumbling about his picky eating. Just then, Do Jin gets a text from Yoon stating “119. Emergency.”

The guys get together at Do Jin’s apartment and Yoon explains that Min Sook is going through with the divorce for real. Jung Rok nonchalantly responds that this isn’t the first time she’s said that. Tae San wonders if Jung Rok really loves Min Sook and Jung Rok immediately responds that he does. He only drinks tea with other women; he doesn’t sleep with them or buy them apartments. Yoon presses for details about Jung rok’s meeting with the mystery woman last week but Jung Rok refuses to open his mouth. An exasperated Tae San orders Jung Rok to fix his own stupid mess.

Yi Soo wonders if Do Jin went to go meet Kim Eun Ji and she tries to google the girl’s profile page. Whoa there. That’s a tad creepy. Thankfully, she realizes that she should stop acting like a crazed girlfriend and starts to plan out a lecture for school when she receives a call from the hospital. She runs over to the hospital to discover that Dong Hyub was hurt in an motorbike accident. She starts to scold him for being so careless but is interrupted by his boss from his part-time job.

The woman blames Dong Hyub for the accident and screeches that the cost of repairing the bike will come from his pay. Yi Soo cuts off her rant by askung if the lady is aware of the labor law for minors. She lists a bunch of conditions that must be met if Dong Hyub worked overtime and the woman gulps nervously and stammers that she’ll pay for the medical fee.

The lady slinks out and Yi Soo turns to Dong Hyub and demands a phone number to contact his parents. He confesses that he doesn’t have any; his mom ran away when he was younger and his alcoholic dad is probably rotting on the street somewhere. Dong Hyub begs her to just be his guardian for a day and she tells him that he needs to do something for her in return. She wants her students to work hard and receive good grades, but if they’re bad at studying, then they should at least have a good personality. She also hopes that they would have dreams instead of playing games all day. She urges him to pick something to work towards.

F44 reconvenes at Yoon’s office to discuss Jung Rok’s divorce. He blames them for not doing anything to stop Min sook’s decision; they’ve received so many benefits because of him, remember? Tae San reminds him that they can move offices easily. More importantly, however, they need to address the fact that a woman’s life is slowly being ruined from this marriage. Yoon adds that while they lied to cover for Jung Rok’s disappearances, they also sincerely wanted him to be happy with Min Sook.

Jung Rok turns to Do Jin pleadingly but receives a harsher speech than the other two had given him. Do Jin admits that he would have cut Jung Rok out from his life a long time ago if it hadn’t been for Yoon and Tae San. Tae San asks how many days Jung Rok has upset Min Sook out of the ten years they’ve been married; does he even love her? Jung Rok grabs Yoon’s arm and begs him to persuade Min Sook to drop the divorce. He desperately admits that he still loves Min Sook and can’t live without her. Nobody will ever take a guy like him except for her. The entire conversation is heard by Min Sook who blnks away tears.

Soon, however, we find out that the entire conversation was an act. Jung Rok does a self-congratulatory dance in his cafe at his own brilliance and his friends complain that they’re doing all sorts of crazy things for him now. Jung Rok is quickly brought crashing back down to Earth when he receives a text from Min Sook stating that she rates their acting a 1.5 out of 5 stars. They share looks of horror. UGH. I’m so not amused.

Yi soo sits at her desk and ponders over the “one-sided love rules” that are written on a piece of paper. She underlines number seven, which is to come to his house without warning and make his heart pound. She grins mischievously and dresses in a tight-fitting outfit. Before she leaves, she pulls out the pink shoes and slips them on.

At Do Jin’s apartment, the guys sit dejectedly on Do Jin’s couch. What are they going to do about the divorce?! Jung Rok shifts uncomfortably to his side and the others pelt him with slippers. Aw. They all heave a large sigh and then Do Jin asks why Tae San fought with Se Ra. Isn’t he tired of fighting? Tae San grumbles that they fought over marriage but the doorbell rings before he can go into more detail.

Do jin opens the door to reveal a nervous Yi Soo. He smiles like the Chesire Cat when he notices how she’s dressed but then laments the fact that his friends are with him. The three boys wave joyfully and invite her inside. Suddenly, their welcoming faces fall when they notice Vampire Colin appear behind Yi Soo. He introduces himself as Kim Eun Hee’s son. Dun dun dun!


I was really disappointed at the fake-out conversation between F44 about Jung Rok’s divorce. I get that it was supposed to be funny with Min Sook outsmarting the men but the tone changed way too quickly. Tae San, Yoon, and Do Jin gave him a proper smack down and I was surprised to see how earnest Jung Rok was about his love for Min Sook. We haven’t been given a real answer as to whether or not Jung Rok really loves his wife and I thought that this was it.

Yet his confession becomes hollow when we’re told everything was an act, which ticks me off. I haven’t disliked Jung Rok so far despite his ass-hat ways but I really wanted to smack him when he gave his friends a hug for “acting” so well. I understand that Jung Rok supplies comic relief to keep the drama from falling into too much angst but I still expect him to be given additional dimensions, especially since Lee Jong Hyuk is perfectly capable of delivering when things get serious. I’m still waiting for him to redeem himself; he needs to do more than sing while strumming a guitar and baby talk with his wife.

In addition, the fake-out made me briefly question if the speeches by Tae San, Yoon, and Do Jin were genuine. Do they really care more about Min Sook and Jung Rok’s happiness more than their businesses? I’m sure that they do, but the fake-out and then the rushing to get back on Min Sook’s good side seems to say otherwise. Maybe I’m in the minority when I say the scene in the cafe left a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t know.

Anyways, on to happier topics. I think I can safely say that the entire episode seems lighter because our main couple has finally gotten together. I love seeing Do Jin so happy and the petty jealousy from Yi Soo is hilarious. Do Jin is entitled to seeing her so childishly possessive of him and it’s cute that Yi Soo is the one making an active effort to do things that will make him happy. I wouldn’t mind an extended amount of cuteness; they certainly deserve many scenes of frothy happiness before outside problems elbow their way into their relationship.

Speaking of Eun Hee, she must have passed stiff line delivery to her son. I still cringe at whenever Colin shows up because the idol’s acting limits are even more apparent around his veteran co-stars. I expect that fans will give Jong Hyun a lot more leeway but I personally find it hard to focus on the character when it’s not presented smoothly. Besides that, however, I’m not particularly interested in the hidden son plot line. It just feels overdone but if I had to make a guess at who Colin’s father is, I would guess Do Jin. I might be totally off-base (which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing) but there’s a reason why Do Jin freezes up at any mention of Eun Hee. I guess we’ll see soon.


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  1. Carrie

    Yay! Thanks for another recap, Orangy911!

    I, too, was super mad that the boys had planned for Min Sook to overhear everything. I would be fine with them knowing that she was there and sincerely telling Jung Rok off for his player ways, but if it was ALL a set up then it makes me mad. Dude needs to learn a lesson.

    What’s ever going to happen with Dong Hyub? There must be a plan to do more with the character because he keeps returning to the screen, but what? He’s getting more of a character arc then just a boy-who-likes-teacher would get. Or so it seems to me.

    Thanks! And keep up the good work!

    • 1.1 tt

      i think Dong Hyup character just used like Yoon Jo Man (Team Leader Choi), he also always appear, it only to convince viewer about the main character profession not really related to main plot of the drama

    • 1.2 skelly

      I wish they would enlarge that story arc – I really like Dong Hyub, there’s a great interplay between him and YS, and he is such a better actor than Colin that I would love to see more of him. I like the story-line better, too – Colin seems to be searching for his “dad” not out of some inner need but rather to raise some hell and make his parent’s life difficult. Colin seems like a snarky rich kid out for fun, while Dong Hyub is a young kid trying to be a knight in shining armor and a tough guy and make his own way in the world with all the chips stacked against him, like the most typical plucky little kdrama heroine ever plucked. Can I adopt him??

      • 1.2.1 lennonfrk

        I totally agree with you. Colin annoys me but Dong Hyub’s crush on his teacher is cute. He’s a better actor, too.

        • sally_b

          re: “he’s a better actor too”

          Right on. I watched every single episode of Vampire-Idol …raw… and I can attest that Kim Woo-Bin was the BEST actor of the bunch.

          He really tried to stay in character and seldom if ever looked awkward, even with ridiculous things to to do. I was immensely impressed with him — wish he had MUCH more screen time in Gentleman’s.

          • lennonfrk

            I wonder where they are going with his character? Is he going to defend her again, like a big time? And then maybe she has to tell him to stop liking her? I think something will go down between him and her man at least. I’ll look into that show, thanks.

    • 1.3 Holly

      Episode 13 preview

      • 1.3.1 df

        THANK YOU!!!

        • Holly

          I know! I’ve been dying all week waiting for the next episodes. I have re-watched episodes 11 and 12 at least 5 times each.

  2. KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the recap Orangy911.

    I think the drama is losing its punch. For example the opening scene just made me think these guys are past it.

    And the story sends to be going into slow-motion.

    I also didn’t like having to repeat the scene where Yi Soo kisses the window. ‘Eew’ and ‘Why is she doing that?’ were the thoughts that went through my mind.

    Still like the ‘high high’ song.

    And will stick it out.

    Hoping for better things in this weekend’s episodes.

    • 2.1 LingLing

      I definitely agree. The drama is definitely losing its punch. I felt it after Ep. 8 to be honest. This reminds me that I haven’t finished Ep. 12…. lol

    • 2.2 Kakashi

      Yes, agreed. I’m still excited over this drama because of the cast, and I will definitely watch it to the end, however, it is showing its big weakness, which is: there is no plot.

      Also, there is a high risk in any drama – even if there is plot – that it loses its main allure once the main couple is together. It always means a great loss of tension/expectation. I’m almost hoping for things to go really wrong between the two for the dramas sake.

      The “Colin’s father” issue is just so uninteresting/old and poor Jong so untalented in the acting-department that this drama is at a very high risk of losing its sparkle if this issue is a main focus of the second half (which it will have to be after the 10 or more episode build up).

    • 2.3 July

      I actually loved the opening scene. It was hilarious and I loved how the characters are protrayed not just as hot ajusshis, but their flaws are demonstrated too. They are not like F4 who always had to look smooth and act cold, never displaying any “embarrassing” moments.

      This episode was soooo cute. The relationship between Yi Soo and Do Jin is adorable and Yi Soo and Se Ra acting like real friends was a definite plus. This is such a great show to relieve some of the stress Gakistal leaves on me. Which I love by the way, but I’ve found myself a few episodes behind because I’m just not used to so much angst in a kdrama. (Which is due to me usually going for rom-coms instead.)

      I do agree with the window kiss, though. I can see what they were trying to do, but the execution wasn’t quite there.

  3. Hagar

    I would hate it if Colin was Do Jin’s kid but then again I would hate it to be any of the f44 kid…

    • 3.1 annie

      I don’t like Colin and the actor who played as Colin. and I don’t follow anymore idol’s. They are too young and EVERYWHERE!

  4. Abbie

    I think this episode was lighter than previous ones. I liked that, because the angst can get tiresome after awhile.

    Now, I thought all the scenes with Do Jin and Yi Soo were cute, except the last scene, especially when Colin showed up. I like Colin, and I’m interested in what role he will take in the rest of the series. But, when he just randomly shows up at the end, I didn’t like it.

    The scene where the F44 are in Yoon’s office and then the cafe scene afterwards was annoying because I am never really sure of Jung Rok’s feelings for Min Sook, which is one reason why he’s my least favorite character. I like Se Ra more than him, and she’s annoying. I want Min Sook to be happy with Jung Rok and for him to come to his senses.

    Se Ra is being ridiculous, I think. I can understand why she would think marriage would mean the end of her career, but she’s still being ridiculous. And Tae San is trying to be compromising about it all, which makes me like him a bit more than I previously have.

    Yoon, Yoon, Yoon. Finally, he tells Me Ahri to go after her dreams. He’s not nice about it either. He wants her to follow her dreams before getting tied down by a man, any man, because she’s only 24. She has years ahead of her in which to find a man, and if the two of them are meant to be together they will be. Hopefully, they will be. Me Ahri was cute as always, but I’m still getting tired of all her crying.

    Also, I want more Dong Hyub because he’s just adorable. I like his scenes with Yi Soo. I want more scenes with him and Do Jin, too.

    Anyway, thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

    • 4.1 Jules

      Hm, see, I don’t think Tae-san is compromising at all. Se-ra says doesn’t want to marry and instead of trying to understand where she’s coming from, he practically tells her that they should break up and then storms out in a huff.

      With Tae-san, it’s his way, or no way at all, and that really bothers me. But YMMV. 🙂

      • 4.1.1 Tin

        yes to this! she told him no marriage and he was like you were serious? what happened to nice guy Tae-san in the beginning? i don’t think i would want to be on his bad side. he really knows how to bring up the past and make his words hurt in a fight. i am so over them as a couple.

        i was all for not liking Se Ra and that Yi Soo needed to just leave the house already but then she was such a good friend, understanding about the underwear and taking her shopping and the store scene… ugh. conflicted feels

        and Me Ahri cried again!

        i’m really starting to like Min Sook now and them as couple, their story definitely needs more airtime. and while the rushing to her door was funny, the fakeout was really disappointing to see.

        while it would have been nice to see Yi Soo squirm for at least another episode to try and get Do Jin back i am so so glad we don’t have to wait. they are together and they are so cute. the way she was so embarrassed about the underwear but then she was like wait which one did you like? loved it. but honestly i’m over Do Jin’s sleep with me bit. and when she does what will happen after? cuz he’s completely dropped all the other girls. is she really different or just a conquest?

        the way Yi Soo got the conversation started about Eun Hee with Se Ra and Me Ahri makes me wonder if all the women are going to have to band together against her or something.

        there needs to be more Dong Hyub and less Colin

        thanks for the great recap orangy911!

      • 4.1.2 Susan

        agree. She told him from the beginning that she had no intention of marrying him, but he chose to ignore it and now he’s all in a huff about her not wanting to marry him. The more I see of Tae San, the more I dislike him.

    • 4.2 JustJen

      oh god the crying, it really, really needs to stop.

  5. Jules

    You definitely aren’t the only one who hated the ‘acting’ conversation; it made me feel a bit ill, to be honest.

    I actually think that – although this is perhaps not the drama’s intention – as every episode passes, I like Min-sook more and, proportionately, find myself disliking Jung-rok because of how poorly he treats her (and how lightly he takes his marriage vows).

    I loved Yi-soo and Do-jin being cute together (the underwear conversation was great, particularly the part where he’s just told her he likes the third set best and she’s at first ‘scandalised’ at the topic of conversation, but then considers his words and says, ‘Hm, but third from the left, or from the right?’ Loved that, because I think it shows that she is a grown woman and not a sixteen year old girl.), and Yi-soo and Se-ra going lingerie shopping together.

    I also really liked that Yoon is showing (to us, at least) that he really does have feelings for Me Ah-ri… and I was almost clapping during his speech to her about her need for goals and a dream. I like her a lot and do understand where she’s coming from, emotionally, but God, I wish she’d stop crying already.

    And finally: Tae-soo is fast becoming my least favourite of the four men; his behaviour is just so freaking… entitled. Argh, he drives me crazy (and not in a good way).

    Thanks for the recap, orangy911!

    • 5.1 Jules

      Ugh, Tae-san, not Tae-soo. :-/

    • 5.2 sherry_laruku

      Yeah.. I loved that too when Yi Soo asked Do Jin – is it third from left, or from the right? I can see Do Jin’s eye sparkled at that….

      More of lovey dovey Yi Soo and Do Jin scenes!!

  6. Noelle

    Is it weird that the first time I find Jung Rok attractive is with in a face mask and hair pinned back? Maybe it’s his weird mustache that’s throwing me off.

    Loved this episode to bits. The opening as always was the bees knees. I get the feeling that Do Jin felt more when it came to Eun Hee. He always has this reaction when her name is mentioned that the others don’t have. I think she hurt him which might be why he’s coming off cool while the others are eager to learn about her life.

    • 6.1 Noelle

      @ Orangy

      I think during their “acting scene” they were all telling a bit of truth. Do Jin said all believable lies have a bit of truth in them. So I do think they are tired of JR’s schemes and just want him to be happy with Min Sook. I really wanted that scene to be true so I understand why it left you with a bad taste. I think that’s why she was crying because she wanted it to be true too. I’m waiting for a reversal or just something so we know he’s being real for once.

  7. girlfriday

    Last Match shout-out for the win! My favorite cold open by far.

    • 7.1 pabo ceo reom

      That was my favorite part too! I was like, “Oh my god..Last Match reference…Last Match reference!” It made me giggle with all of my 90s drama loving self LOL.

      I figured Last match would probably be way too early of a drama for orangy911 or other commenters to catch. Glad you saw it though GF!

      • 7.1.1 Lemon

        Weirdly enough, I’m 18 and I got the Last Match reference…

        Maybe I should stop watching korean dramas and get a life.

        But anyways, the opening scene was friggin’ EPIC, how he set himself up to be such a pro at basketball, then failed miserably. Dojin’s face when the other team intercepted his ball was…Priceless.

    • 7.2 gbo

      i guess i was a few minutes late.
      the song and the basketball game … and the fail. hilarious.

    • 7.3 calgary

      Imagine if the female lead of this drama was Shim Eun Ha instead of Kim Ha Neul. Then the entire world would have come full circle 🙂

  8. Gbo

    Anyone else giggle at the beginning when they played the theme song to ‘last game’ during the basketball match? The theme song to the drama which Jang dong gun was in? Anyone? Bueller? Am I the oldest person on DB?!

    • 8.1 Ivoire

      Hi Gbo,

      “Am I the oldest person on DB?!”

      I don’t know about being the oldest person on DB, but maybe you are one of the most (Kdramas) knowledgeable ones 🙂 ?

    • 8.2 Amyable

      No, I’m here with you Gbo. I got such a a kick out of that scene. Girlfriday got it too. So, I think there are some “oldies” like us lurking about. The newbies are losing out on the “inside” jokes!

    • 8.3 gbo

      thanks for making an old lady feel better. 🙂 i don’t know if i’m proud or embarrassed to get the old references. 🙂

  9. Ivoire

    Thank you so much Orangy911 for the recap!

  10. 10 Missy

    Thank you for the recap! I agree with you, I wasn’t fond of the Cafe scene either, especially if what Do Jin said was true – that he would have cut Jung Rok out of his life. I don’t like the idea of F44 breaking apart, ever.

    I also sympathise with Min Sook, she doesn’t deserve this – at all.

    I think I must be in the minority when it comes to Yoon/Meahri. I don’t like them together, I find Meahri far too childish for my liking.

    • 10.1 JoJo

      Agree with you about Yoon/Meahri…I didn’t see any difference between JR hitting on a 20 yr old college kid (putting aside he’s married) and Yoon liking MA (since she’s so immature). MS should have dumped JR years ago…so I wonder what the point of their marriage really is in AGD.

    • 10.2 skelly

      My favorite characters, by far, are Min Sook and Dong Hyub; they are trying to take care of others even as they try and be true to themselves, and they are always honest. My least favorite characters, in order:

      Jung Rok: weak individual, compulsive liar, cheater husband – I do not find him charming or cute in the least, more like a blot on the landscape

      Tae San: egotistical, self-centered, controlling, bad-tempered, irrational…and he’s the one who supposedly gets along well with clients?

      Do Jin: egotistical, controlling, manipulative, bad-tempered – he wins out over Tae-San because he is slightly less irrational and a little bit more honest and fair, but I still think he would be a complete horror to live with.

      Yoon and Yi-Soo: these are supposed to be the “good” guys that we like, but they frustrate me because they vacillate about their feelings and are not honest with themselves and others.

      Colin: horrible acting with wooden expression and snarky delivery. This is one idol I hope stays away from acting in the future. I really detest being subjected to these idols in dramas, being forced to put up with watching them “learn the craft” (or not!) because they are so popular. It’s such a toss-up: half the time they are decent, half the time they make me want to tear my eyes out. Colin is one of the latter.

      • 10.2.1 nouastella

        Your are too harsh…I think Colin’s acting has improve a lot. Probably cos knowing that u branded him as “idol” makes u so bias. Lee Jonghyun was never an idol, in fact Cnblue was never an idol group.

        • skelly

          LOL, I love this argument. To me, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

          • imprise

            i saw some comment on twitter from korean viewer, and Agd board much of them dont even know he is an idol, they think he is rookie actor, some of them give him encourage instead of bash him, coz they know not all rookie is very good on their first try that also happen to some good actor right now, they can improve in every role they will get, it not like he got the main role, he just get supporting role

          • skelly

            If an idol/musician/”tarento” gets a part because they are well-known, then they are taking a short-cut, bypassing the small theater/walk-on parts/audition hell that ordinary mortals have to go through when they want to be actors.

            For some people, this short-cut works because they actually have some innate acting talent – Ji Hyun Woo is a good example – but for others, they have no business trying to be an actor, and all they are doing is dragging down the overall production quality while they faffle around trying to learn something at everyone else’s expense, including mine. I don’t care how cute and charming they may be, if they can’t act, they shouldn’t be there. (And Kim Hyung Joong and Jung Yong Hwa, that means you)

            The idea that just because someone is used to being on a stage they will be a good actor is just astonishing to me – and I think is part of the reason why there is some really terrible acting going down in jdoramas and to some extent in kdramas. I think these guys out to get some humility and work in small productions or in theater before inflicting their lack of talent on the populace at large.

      • 10.2.2 rjyuggy

        I`m surprised you did not include Se-Ra.

      • 10.2.3 sally_b

        @skelly – I always enjoy when you …”just say it”

        In some ways I enjoy that the main characters of the drama are so very flawed. they ALL are…..so it’s weirdly equal.

        It’s the normal, self-aware characters which then stand out.

        Thanks for your breakdown. 🙂

  11. 11 Brenda

    I think one scene I appreciated in this episode was the scene between Yoon and Me Ahri. We finally see him taking strides toward accepting that fact that he has feelings for his best friend’s baby sister.
    When he was questioning her on her future goals it was nice to see that he wants to be with her and because of that, he also wants to know that she intends on bettering herself so that she isn’t too reliant on him if they were to become a couple.
    It was also in that scene though, that Me Ahri’s character annoyed me once more. She reminds of of Oh Ha Ni from Playful Kiss. . .which is not a compliment.
    Like Oh Ha Ni, she has defined her entire existence and goals as one person: the guys she’s pursuing. Which drastically disappoints and ticks me off.
    I hope that she will mature as a person throughout the series or else it would just be a disappointment if Yoon does end up with a spouse that he would have to raise.

    • 11.1 Cynthia

      Interesting that you picked up on the Oh Ha Ni vibe. That conversation between Me Ahri and Yoon about her goals was practically word for word in PK between BSJ and OHN.

      • 11.1.1 fionnula

        Baek Soon Jo!!!

      • 11.1.2 Macyowner

        Yes! I was thinking of that, too! Although I think it was less patronising coming from BSJ than Yoon but then the age difference was less in PK. Me Ahri irritates me more than Oh Ha Ni did, probably because Me Ahri is a 24 year old woman who dropped her plans to make bags to persue Yoon while Oh Ha Ni was a high school kid who had just given up on BSJ to go her own way when he got the light and changed his mind. Yoon is very much aware of Me Ahri’s feelings for him but she has yet to grow up even if she’s 24.

  12. 12 kirara

    YES! This episode was TOOO CUTE.. Love the two main leads actually dating and getting giggly while talking or staring at each other.. 😀

    Ahhh.. the bball game… That was priceless. Do Jin..You’re no champion anymore! HAHHAHA.. That was ages ago..

    But on to the finding dad and son thing, I think it’s possibly Do Jin’s too.. correct me if I”m wrong, but I will explain my theory and hunch in your next episode recaps because I think the signs point to what I’m trying to say..

    Besides that.. Thanks for posting and Saturday/Sunday is too far away.. (kinda) 🙂

  13. 13 tt

    i think ep.12 is the best episode so far, i can’t wait your recap of that episode, there are many sweet moment and colin guy acting is improve

  14. 14 Ashi

    I thought I was the only one to use the word “asshat”!

  15. 15 mellisa

    i hate what the f44 did to min sook…. i expected such childish mean-spiritedness from jung rok, but not from yoon and do jin… definitely left a bad taste in my mouth… jung rok is my least favorite of the 4 guys, but in this particular scene I disliked all 4 men.

    i know there are a lot of cute and funny scenes from the main couple YS and DJ but none of them really stayed with me. for some reason the YS and DJ love line is not capturing my heart and mind at all. JDG and KHN are both lovely people, they look good together onscreen but for some reason they are not just clicking with me.

    the only scene that really resonated with me and stood out for me in this epi is the scene where yoon had the heart to heart talk with me ahri.

    the yoon-me ahri love line is the one that keeps me tuning in to this drama every week…. normally i don’t feel comfortable about huge age gaps between couples (whether older man-younger woman or older woman-younger man), but for this particular couple I am not bothered at all, and I attribute that change in my attitude to the actors playing yoon and me ahri. They look so compatible onscreen, and they play their roles very well. but me ahri really needs to stop crying.

    the drama is losing steam… i feel as if they are just dragging things out to fill out 20 eps (?)….

    • 15.1 mellisa

      oppss, thanks for the recap!

  16. 16 Mosquito

    Hi, does anyone know why Me Ahri addresses Yi Soo as “sam” (something which sounds like that)? Thanks~

    • 16.1 Mystisith

      I believe it’s a shortcut for teacher. (Not Korean, so not sure…)

    • 16.2 JD

      It’s an informal way of saying “teacher”

  17. 17 vv

    does anyone else think colin was being so creepy in this episode?

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      I call him Baby Stalker since the beginning. 🙂
      He is smart, charismatic and mysterious. I can’t wait to know why he’s doing all that.

    • 17.2 nouastella

      maybe cos the script calls for it? I love the storyline bout Colin, which is sadly, unlike most of the comments here. I can’t wait how the story goes with him and the F44…

  18. 18 bigwink

    Thanks Orangy!
    Grateful that you’re recapping this <3 <3 <3

  19. 19 JD

    Colin bores me. I don’t get why they had him adopt such a snooty, confident attitude. It isn’t very believable!

    Min Sook should dump Jung Rok pronto. While I love his character as a medium for comedy, I have no sympathy for Jung Rok and his failing marriage at all. I really despise such characters! He hasn’t redeemed himself in any apparent way; he really is just kept around for comedic purposes. Poor Min Sook.

    • 19.1 kewbie

      Maybe Colin took after his father in the attitude department. 😉

  20. 20 lovedramas

    I totally agree that I think Do Jin is the father if one of them turns out to be the father. He definitely seems to be have been very effected by Colin’s mom. Although, I’m sort of hoping that none of them turn out to be the father.

    🙂 I think this is a nice series, and the eye candy is fab… and also I’m so glad to see JDG back in a kdrama! So lots of pluses. I’m not sure that I would necessarily rewatch it though.

  21. 21 rebecca34

    I am glad we finally get to see our OTP together, in a seemingly mature relationship. I am glad Yoon decided to communicate with MA but its like he still speaks in code. Like his convo with TS and now MA. Is there no hope. Man up already. Don’t talk about fate and life goals. Be clear. And why do you have to be apart to grow as a person. Couldn’t they grow as a couple??? I get Yoon’s prospective but I also think he is using MA’s as an excuse to not act in his feelings which is valid but risky.

    I think Tae San is fooling himself. I think it’s pretty obvious Se Ra isn’t interested in being a wife/mother. And why is he so mad at her for not wanting to get married. He just decided that’s whats he wants? At 40? If you’re are that age I would assume a person probably is not interested in marriage and children. But I do think it’s best they break up if they want different things. They are too old to waste time.

    JR is as scummy as usual. It’s not cute to cheat on your wife physically or emotionally. Hope he signed an air tight prenup.

    Hate hate Colin storyline and Do Jin’s forgetfulness. Who knows maybe Se Ra has cancer and that’s why she doesn’t want to get married..

  22. 22 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! I have always found our gentlemen living off Min-sook to be distasteful like the time they wrote those letters swearing off their relationship with Jung-rok. They’re 40 year old men living off a woman – and not just any woman, but their friend’s wife. When Jung-rok is unhappy, they force him to stay in the marriage. I can’t imagine Sera or Yi soo or Meahri appreciating their acting like dogs begging from scraps whenever Minsook and Jung-rok’s relationship gets rocky. The drama is playing this whole thing for comedy. It may work for characters in their mid-20s, but at age 40, it’s really just sad.

    Poor Min-sook. Someone should get Gong-yoo to guest-star or something as competition to Jung-rok!

    Anyways so many good things about this episode otherwise. YS and DJ getting together and communicating! Yoon telling meahri to follow her professional dreams. And the whole conflict between Tae-san’s traditional views and Sera’s career-focused path.

    And lastly, we’re finally touching on Colin’s storyline. Seriously, it’s not like everyone’s looks have changed since that photograph. He was spending way too much time stalking. Not like these guys have changed much in looks for the past 20 years =P I really hope Do Jin isn’t the father. And I don’t like the idea of thinking Colin’s mom was sleeping with all 4 guys around the same time.

    Maybe the dad will really be Na Jong Seok. =D (loved the callback!)

  23. 23 isabelle

    Thanks for the update. I think , and this is just my gut feeling that you are crazy strapped for time. I have read each and single update from you on all shows, and i can tell the way you write, when you have time, when you are in a rush and when you really paid attention to each detail in the show.

    For example: in your earlier recaps, you would have important dialgoues translated between characters, you will pause to write how you felt about each scene if it was impressive, and above you, you would always make reference to how good someone looked and how cute they acted.

    Please do not get me wrong, i am not being ungrateful, its just that i like this show particulary more than any other show being aired right now and i was hoping unni could take more time to quench our thirst. Please take it in the most positive way from someone who always liked your recaps and will always be grateful for subtly pointing the naunces of each character in the show.

    • 23.1 Faithful Reader

      I agree with you isabelle. I loved the recaps of Orangy 911 for Me too, Flower (psychology of the characters explained, insights…) but here I’m a bit disappointed. If I only read the recaps and didn’t watch the show I wouldn’t understand why people are so into it: The dialogues are definitely one of the best things in that show. Definitely not enough time for our recapper. Or maybe she doesn’t like the show as much as us? 🙁

  24. 24 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap as always, orangy!

  25. 25 linda

    Yisoo is cute and lovely and She and dojin’s chemistry is great.

  26. 26 Rashell

    Thanks so much for the re-cap. I really wish we could skip the who’s the daddy portion of the drama, but hopefully it will be well done.

    I love Jung Rok usually but I have to agree that he went too far with the acting this time. That was just assy.

    Do Jin/Yi Soo were adorable. So cute how they’re taking those first steps in a relationship.

    And some movement in Yoon/Meahri too. He actually made a point to see her, and I do agree with what he said. She needs things her life besides just persuing him.

    Tae San and Se Ra, I just don’t care about.

    • 26.1 lennonfrk

      I don’t care about Tae San and Se Ra, either. I wish they’d stop giving them so much screen time.

      • 26.1.1 imprise

        but korean netizen love hong se ra, she is 2nd most popular character after meahri

  27. 27 mita

    This episode is so cute. Love all DJ and YS’s interactions.

    Thank you very much for taking some of your precious time doing AGD recaps.

  28. 28 DEE

    thank you…

  29. 29 MAC

    Between Big, ID2 and AGD, this is the only drama now that I’m eagerly awaiting every week. Even if I sort of know where the story is leading to. And I think it’s really the charisma and spark between the actors that I get every time I see them that’s reeled me in. They build on each other. Unlike the other dramas where everyone and everything just revolves and relies on the magic of one actor.

  30. 30 Kwhat?!

    For a while I thought the father might be Jung Rok, because he is definitely the most vocal about Eun Hee and “having a past”. I really think that Eun Hee only slept with one guy, and they pretty much know who that is, but they can’t admit to themselves that she didn’t love them. I decided a while ago, though, that Do Jin has to be the father. I don’t know that I picked up on his tenseness when discussing her, but I realized that it makes the most sense from a narrative pov. He’s the lead, and they have to add some drama later on to his love story, so having a love child would be the logical way to do that in this drama.
    I also hated the whole acting scene. But I love that Yoon is making an effort to see and treat Me Ah Ri as an adult, instead of a child. I think they can work, but her constant crying drives me crazy! I know it fits her character, but it is sooo annoying!
    Thanks for the recap!

  31. 31 JustJen

    Thanks for the recap!

    Also, is anyone else fed up with Me Ahri? I really want to get behind her and Yoon, but the fact all she ever does is cry when he makes some perfectly valid points is so frustrating to watch.

    That scene where he’s basically giving her an opportunity to prove she’s an adult, one that maybe he could consider having a relationship with- only causes her to cry, when she should be willing to fight. That only shows me she wants things her way- now, without having to work for them.

    Also, her response that Yoon’s her fate, isn’t a romantic declaration as much as it shows she’s not really a whole person, that she feels her life can only completed by a dude. It’s kind of yuck.

  32. 32 Sirce

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really see the chemistry between the leads. There is more chemistry with the relationships between Jung Rok and his wife and Tae San and Sera. Even the chemistry between the 4 men is great. I don’t think it helps if the chemisty between the leads is lacking, especially since the show is going into the stale route. It’s unfortunate, because I really liked the plot of the show with the F44 men.

    • 32.1 imprise

      i think so actually, for me taesan and sera have better chemistry then the lead

  33. 33 Katie

    tq orangy911

    I don’t know if she is an adult or not but she is still playing with sam’s handphone.

  34. 34 Carrie

    Am I the only one who wants to switch Colin and Dong Hyub? I want Dong Hyub to find out that he has two fathers, the one he thought was his biological father (the one who is always dead drunk in the gutter) and then learn that his bio dad is one of the F44. Then he can get more screen time plus an actual father figure in his life and will be able to continue to hang out with Yi Soo. But he can’t be Do Jin’s kid, because having a father and son compete for a woman is waaaay too Jerry Springer. And gross. [Probably not Yoon, ’cause that’d be awkward with Mi Ah Ri. Jung Rok or Tae-san, either is fine.] Then Colin can just fly off to America (or Japan? any other country. as long as it’s off-screen) and be snarky/wooden/annoying with a different teacher.

    I’m fine with Mi Ah Ri crying a lot. Some people just burst into tears annoyingly easily. But I do think that she’s old enough to know that it’s inappropriate to be crying so easily and that she should at least sniffle and try to hide it. I also don’t mind the crying because it’s over so quickly – she’s back to being giddy or sassy in moments (of screen time, at least). I’m glad that Yoon finally talked with her to say that they could have a future (well, he implied it with the “If it’s meant to be, it will happen” as opposed to all of his previous denials). And he has a point, so I hope that she works on getting herself closer to his level.

    I liked the scene at the lingerie store with Se-ra and Yi Soo. They were finally BOTH acting like friends and Se-ra was being nice! The singing and dancing was too cute. I’m glad we had a scene to show why Yi Soo was being so nice to Se-ra, because in the past her continued kindness to Se-ra made her seem like a loser if Se-ra had always treated her so poorly/shittily. I’m glad that we got a sign that they were actually close friends.

    More more more! [And please move forward on the random plot points like Yi Soo not talking to her mom, why Dong Hyub keeps popping up, Se-ra getting / loosing CFs due to her playing and image in the press, why Mi Ah Ri lives with her brother, not her parents, etc.] Come quickly, Saturday!

    • 34.1 skelly

      Hi Carrie, totally agree on all points! Colin can’t get off my screen soon enough – distasteful character, acted poorly – don’t let the door hit you on the way out. But I adore Dong Hyub and would love for him to get some adult support – although true adults in this show are far and few between.

      I sure hope that all four of these guys don’t think that boy is theirs – the thought of her switching beds between all four of these men in the space of a few months is just – ew. Did she run off to America to become a porn star?

      I don’t mind Me Ahri, I am assuming she is written that way so it is obvious that she is not ready for an adult relationship. Her train-wreck behavior makes Yoon’s reluctance totally understandable.

      • 34.1.1 Carrie

        Hi Skelly!

        I think that of all the guys, Yoon is the most mature. Maybe it’s from his job (he would never throw a glass at someone he works with, both because he would know the legal consequences and it’s not his style) but he seems to be the most secure / stable, both in who he is and where he is in life. Jung Rok wins for least mature.

        I also agree that Eun Hee must not have slept with all of them, probably just Do Jin (but the other guys don’t know that he got further than they did – maybe it was a one-off and then she left?). He’s the only one who freezes like a deer in headlights at the mention of her name. The other guys break out into smiles and trade memories. He – – – doesn’t.

        I think any of the guys could and would step up to being a good father and would do a good job. Yoon would change the least, and Jung Rok would have to change the most. And maybe in trying to get a good relationship with his new-found son he would realize that relationships need trust and he would start to be a good husband to Min Sook. OK, OK, maybe that’s a pipe dream, but I do want them to be happy. I don’t think Jung Rok realizes how much she truly loves him (and we’ve seen signs that she does really care) and that’s why he’s so cavalier with her heart. I think he likes Min Sook and thinks that she bought herself a pretty-boy (that she likes, not truly loves) so that’s the role that he plays. Maybe if he understood that this was meant to be or has become a REAL marriage he would change. Maybe? Please?

        If Tae-san were suddenly a dad maybe he’d understand why Se-ra is hesitant to get married and have a baby because he’d begin to understand that it would be a COMPLETE life-changer, not just an additional task / thing on the side like he seems to view both a marriage and its subsequent responsibilities and expectations. There is just no way that a mom pressuring her son to get married all ready would be happy with a son who gets married – and then doesn’t have kids. Tae-san and Se-ra need to be completely honest and open with each other in a non-fighting way. Just lay it all out and see where they go from there. It’s incredibly hard to do, but if it goes well you’ve got a happy future to plan for. If it doesn’t, at least you know and can move on. I get mad at movies and TV shows where if people JUST TALKED TO EACH OTHER the whole conflict would be resolved. Maybe because I’m a blurter by nature with an intermittently working brain-to-mouth filter or because I’d rather just get that part done with (no matter how awkward it is in the moment) but I just want this “misunderstanding” to be over. Quotes because you can’t misunderstand something that you don’t really know.

        SOOO much more fun dissecting K-dramas than working. But, alas, I must be on. 🙁

        • Gasenadi

          “I think he likes Min Sook and thinks that she bought herself a pretty-boy (that she likes, not truly loves) so that’s the role that he plays.” Great point! Makes a lot of sense and helps explain why I don’t abhor him.

          I’m truly impressed and delighted with Lee Jong Hyuk’s work here. I had only seen him in Chuno, as the only villain I had ever cried for in my life. Seeing him in fine comedic form, and singing no less, is a treat.

        • Gasenadi

          Mil gracias for the recaps. Love them.

          About the window scene: IMO, it earned a well-deserved swoon. She does NOT squash her lips onto the glass; the actress probably wouldn’t have accepted that. And she doesn’t purse her lips into a cartoonish smooch, either. Her whole body language and facial expression “suggest” her willingness to surrender to him. The chemistry between these two fine, veteran actors is sizzling. I hadn’t seen him before (regrettably, cuz he’s superb!) but HAVE seen Kim Ha Neul in movies, mostly. She’s in excellent form here.

  35. 35 umalily

    i liked the conversation between Me ahri and Yoon but I wished she did not have the snappy comeback of “But you’re my fate.” Because what exactly is Yoon getting in exchange except for clingy adoration in this relationship? Girl, earn a living, have ambition, and struggle to get the job you want.

  36. 36 luraaa

    Don’t really care about Colin; I would rather see more of Dong hyub. I’m glad the F44 and ladies are better actors–at least they overshadow the actor who plays Colin.

    Thanks for the recaps!

  37. 37 Suzi Q

    I think Lee Jonghyun’s acting is a downer especially when he’s acting with such seasoned veterans.I think Kim Woo bin as Dong Hyub is a much stronger and better actor than Jong who really shows his inexperience and is painful to watch. I can’t understand why didn’t they give Woo bin the part of Colin instead.
    Drat!l… I hope Dong Hyub has a more significant role in G.D. later?

    • 37.1 imprise

      of course kim woo bin has act in some drama before if you compare him with Jonghyun that just have his first television debut since forever, for me dong hyup plot in this drama just useless coz i dont like KHN acting as teacher when she give advice she look like memorize it from text book or something like that , so do colin character also useless if none of them are his father, why didn’t they bring out YS mom plot or other plot, maybe also can give more screen time to Yoon Meahri they are most popular couple beside the main couple in this drama, they keep getting lesser screentime now

      if there is people ask why they didn’t give colin character to woobin, i read somewhere the writer design this character for Jonghyun, colin speak japanese well, he can sing well and play guitar, and it play save to sold this drama oversea, cnblue is popular overseas, at least there are quite well known name among kpop fans in this drama, depend only on JDG and KHN name isn’t quite good to sold this drama coz the theme in this drama about 40’s something isn’t everyone cup of tea..

      • 37.1.1 skelly

        Absolutely. Jonghyun got the part not because he is a good actor, but to sell the drama to the Japanese market. The Japanese market prefers their dramas loaded with teens and pop stars. Acting talent or experience may be a plus, but is definitely not required.

        • imprise

          yes, and i can’t blame him, completely he maybe not that good but also not that bad he seem to improve in ep12 its fine, i dont bother with idol/singer actor as long as they dont take main role

        • imprise

          yes, and i can’t blame him, he maybe not that good but also not that bad he seem to improve in ep12 its fine…

  38. 38 neener

    I don’t want DJ to be the dad, I just don’t 🙁

  39. 39 Belle

    I thought this episode was pretty funny, yet interesting, as we are approaching the answer to “Who’s the father?”.

    I’m really enjoying the Sat. & Sun. dramas! Dr. Jin & Gentleman’s Dignity keep getting better.

    Thanks for the recap.

  40. 40 Zayito

    Guys maybe someone can help me here. I have been looking for the song they played on episode 2 at the scene where Yi Soo is in problems with the chocolates sent to Tea San by mistake and calls Do jin to see if Tae San is at his office. I downloaded the ost but it is not included. Anyone can help me with the name and singer of that song pleaseeee?? Thanks.

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