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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 12
by | July 7, 2012 | 80 Comments

I didn’t expect to have so much to talk about in this episode; I assumed that we would receive some more filler scenes but I’m happy to see some more meaningful scenes. Friendly warning: do not read if tired and…well..sick of reading.

Also apologies for the late updates. Technology problems have darkened my world for the past couple of weeks but they’ve been taken care of now…I think/hope/pray/HOPE. The fingers, they be crossed.


Today’s opening has our boys band together to give up smoking. They slam their cigarette packs and lighters down on a table at Jung Rok’s cafe and Tae San slowly drags everything into a plastic bag as the others try not to cry.

The withdrawal kicks in quickly and the F44 hurl insults at each other while trying to decide what to eat for lunch. They end up frustrated at each other and turn away with their drinks like 5-year-olds who just lost their Pokemon cards.

Tae San turns to working out to avoid smoking while Yoon devours sweets by the pound. Jung Rok takes a more animalistic approach and poor Min Sook has to deal with a sex-crazed monster. Do Jin finds his inner 80-year-old grandmother and raises plants…to make his own special mix of bamboo weed. Hm. I wonder if it actually works…

After the opening, we back up a bit before last episode’s ending to see Yi Soo meeting Colin in the elevator lobby. She recognizes him and immediately scolds him for going clubbing instead of studying like a good high school student. He brushes off her nagging with a smirk.


They walk to the same apartment unit and she gives him a sideways glance as he rings the doorbell. Do Jin opens the door and barely has a moment to ogle Yi Soo before he notices Colin, who announces himself as Eun Hee’s son and the guys reel in shock.

Jung Rok recovers first and he hints that they should let Colin in first while Yi Soo observes the entire event with widened eyes. Do Jin invites Colin inside and then gently guides Yi Soo back towards the elevator. Why? Come on, Do Jin. The present matters more than the past, no?

He apologizes for the interruption and tells her that they’ll have to take a rain check on the surprise date. He doesn’t get off the elevator when they arrive at the ground floor but assures her that he’ll call her soon.

The doors shut and Yi Soo frowns in disappointment when Do Jin suddenly hits the “open” button. She starts to get excited and he expresses that he’s happy that she came to him wearing the shoes on a nice day. The doors close again and this time he heads back to his apartment, leaving her slightly hurt from his dismissal.

Meanwhile, Colin undergoes an interrogation and he answers the questions his potential dad/uncles throw at him accordingly. He was born in 1995, he met Me Ahri on the plane from Japan to Korea, and he didn’t run away from home; he’s on vacation.

Yoon is hit with a twinge of jealousy at Colin’s friendliness with Me Ahri and he murmurs that a high schooler should be at school. I heart Petty Yoon. Jung Rok questions why Colin came to meet them and Colin replies that he’s run out of money and that he needs a place to stay in Korea.

Do Jin cuts into the conversation to announce that Colin has a right to ask them for help because he’s Eun Hee’s son. He can stay at the residence hotel. Colin turns down the offer and looks to Tae San. Eun Hee talked about Tae San the most so he wants to stay with him. Tae San immediately stands up and welcomes Colin with open arms while Jung Rok hangs his head in disappointment.

Is Colin sure he doesn’t mean Lee Jung Rok? Tae San laughs that he was Eun Hee’s greatest love all along and chides Do Jin for trying to send Colin to a hotel. Yoon looks uncomfortably as the two walk out and Jung Rok cries from betrayal. Meanwhile, Yi Soo waits outside the apartment building.

She calls Me Ahri and they discuss Eun Hee. Me Ahri first thinks of Kim Eun Hee as the scriptwriter for Ghost and claps at her hands as she sighs over So Ji Sub. Lol. Oh Kim Eun Sook. You never get tired of meta jokes, do you. Yi Soo urges Me Ahri to think harder and the subject of the guys’ first love comes up. Me Ahri explains that the four men met Kim Eun Hee at a meeting and they all fell for her, but one day she suddenly left for the States without warning.

Se Ra comes out to announce that she’s going to order something to eat and Yi Soo questions if Se Ra has ever heard about Tae San’s first love. Se Ra instantly turns frigid; Yi Soo needs to know about his first love now too? Bleh. Yi Soo reassures her that she’s just asking because all four men fell for the same woman. Se Ra scoffs at how unbelievable that sounds and Me Ahri interjects that the lady must have been super pretty. Heh. I much prefer cheeky Me Ahri to weepy Me Ahri.

Just then, Yi Soo’s phone rings and her face turns dark at the caller ID. Se Ra tells her to pick up the call but Yi Soo replies that it’s her mother. She says good night to Me Ahri and heads into her room, and Se Ra oh-so-casually inquires about how Tae San is doing. Me Ahri gives a vague answer and Se Ra huffs her way back into her room.

A text notification pops up on Yi Soo’s phone and Me Ahri glances around before sneaking a peek at who sent the message. It states “Let’s talk” from Mom, and Me Ahri’s curiosity grows.

She goes home and finds Tae San giving Colin a tour of the apartment. Colin calls Me Ahri “noona” and converses with her in a formal tone, which ticks her off. Colin saunters back into his room with a smirk and Tae San “subtly” asks how Se Ra is doing, but Me Ahri avoids answering to annoy him. Haha.

An irritated Se Ra hits ball after ball on the driving range. One of her juniors sets up behind her and begins to question how much Se Ra gets paid for sleeping with company presidents to obtain all her CFs. Oh no she didn’t.

The two women have a cat fight and the other player smashes her head against Se Ra’s eye and is about to sucker punch her again when Min Sook steps in to break up the fight. Woot! So badass~

Min Sook accompanies Se Ra to the eye doctor and Se Ra half-jokingly asks the doctor what she do about her tears. Min Sook gives Se Ra a half-sympathetic, half-pitying look. Later, Se Ra thanks Min Sook for her help as her phone alarm goes off to indicate that it’s time for Min Sook to take her herbal medicine.

Jung Rok sneaks back into his apartment to grab some extra clothes and then heads to the kitchen for his herbal medicine packs. He notices that Min Sook has barely touched her packets and he swipes one of hers.

She comes home and catches him drinking the medicine. She scoffs that he must really care about his body and he replies that he has to if they want a healthy baby.

He offers to open a packet for her and Min Sook asks him to leave. He leaves with his shoulders hunched and she begins to let her tears drop freely. The half-full medicine packet falls to the floor and the liquid pools around her feet.

Yi Soo stares at her phone, willing it to ring. When it doesn’t, she slams the phone on her desk in frustration. A new copy of her ethics book slides towards her and she glances up to see Dong Hyub.

Dong Hyub declares that he got her a new book with the money he received from his boss. She reminds him that he promised to think about what he should do for her and he replies, “To be your boyfriend?” Aw.

She gently lets him down, saying that she has a boyfriend; hasn’t he heard the rumors? His face falls but he keeps up a cheerful attitude, saying that he’ll think harder.

That night, Yi Soo rolls around her bed fighting insomnia. She continues to check her phone for messages. Finally, after a long period of waiting, Do Jin texts that he’s outside her house.

She rushes out to meet him and he gently scolds her for not contacting him first. She puts on an offended air but soon melts when he extends his hand to go on a walk.

They walk while holding hands and she confesses that she’s curious about what kind of person Kim Eun Hee is. She questions if he still thinks about his first love and he gives her an honest reply.

He tells her that he can’t forget his first love but he doesn’t think about her every day. She becomes silent at his words but he continues to talk:

I remember the friend who betrayed me and caused me to go bankrupt, the employees who left me then, the high school teacher who scolded me, the “aunt” who let me eat her food on extended credit, and what the weather was like when I first met Betty. I also remember the woman who had her red sweater dress unraveled because of me. I believe that I’ll still remember you even if you’re not by my side in twenty years.

She breaks into a smile at his last words and he jokes that her jealousy is so benign compared to his — he hit a car because of her. Hehe. Yi Soo replies that she can’t beat his first love, who is deeply embedded into his memories. However, she happens to be the only woman in his present, so there’s no point in getting too jealous.

He responds that she could be in his future as well and she guarantees that she’ll be in the first minute of his future at the very least. He hides a small smile and informs her that Colin is with Tae San. Apparently, Eun Hee talked about Tae San the most to her son.

Yi Soo nods in understanding and she comments that she knew it: Tae San is greatly appealing to women. Her remark wipes the grin off Do Jin’s face and he glares at her. She laughs awkwardly and then gives him a kiss on the cheek to make up for her mistake. Aw.

Later, he lovingly strokes her hair as she lays down on her bed. She half-heartedly commands him to leave and he tells her he can’t until all the evil desire within him is gone. She’s lucky that he’s restrained himself and is only messing with her hair. LOL.

Yi Soo murmurs that all her hair will fall out if he keeps touching it and he responds that he’ll dump her when that happens. Hey now. It’d be your fault if she goes bald!

She says that he can’t dump her because she’ll like him even when he develops a potbelly like typical ajusshis of a certain age. See. Women are slightly less shallow than men. We love guys even when they have the D body line.

Do Jin lays down on her bed and puts his arm around her. They lay on the bed while facing each other and he pats her gently; he’ll leave when she falls asleep. He comments that someone’s heart is beating wildly and she shyly admits that it might be her heart. Kyah! Usually I gag when lovey dovey mushy lines come up but this is so cute.

She requests that he like her until she stops liking him, and he assures her that he will. He wonders why women have so many doubts and she responds that it’s because men like one thing today and then dislike it tomorrow. SO TRUE. He assures her that he’ll love her for at least a month and then he holds her until she falls asleep. He leaves after taking the ball of yarn from Yi Soo’s sweater dress.

Me Ahri catches Colin lounging around the apartment like he owns the place and she pressures him to give up the reason for approaching the F44 oppas. He claims that he has no ill intentions but she flashes him a distrusting look anyway.

Yoon calls Me Ahri and tells her to give the phone to Colin. He declares that he’ll come over so they can speak since he’s close by. Aw! You just want to see Me Ahri. They go into a room to talk and Yoon begins to grill Colin about his personal life; what does his biological father have to be with him and his friends?

Colin sidesteps most of the questions and quickly remarks he’ll come to Yoon when he wants to. Oh man. He’s such a smart ass! Yoon backs down and tells Colin to get his contact info from Me Ahri.

Petty Yoon starts to come out and he not-so-subtly announces that traffic is so bad today; maybe Me Ahri needs a ride to work. She jumps at the golden opportunity to hang out with Yoon and he drives her to Jung Rok’s cafe.

In the car, Yoon asks if she’s thought about her goals in life and she confesses that she’s learned how to hurt someone with just words. He gears up to give her another lecture but she cuts him off.

She lists off his faults: Yoon is old, has a history, and is less handsome than Do Jin oppa. She calls herself crazy for liking an old ajusshi. HAHAHAH. He pulls the car over and shoots her a dumbfounded look as she chirps good-bye to the “old man.” Mehrong~

Se Ra and Tae San meet outside her house and Se Ra slowly breaks the news that she wants to break up if he insists on marriage. He tries to negotiate with her, saying that he’ll make enough money so that she can spend her entire life just playing golf.

He gives her one last chance to take back her words but she stands her ground. Se Ra explains that she’s fought to be in this stage of her career since she was a young girl. She doesn’t want to retire prematurely because of marriage, especially since her skills leave a lot to be desired.

Tae San expresses that if he leaves tonight, he’ll never come back again. She slips her sunglasses on and steps out of the car. He drives off without looking back.

Do Jin has a dance session as he gets ready in the morning and Yoon studies him curiously. He asks why Do Jin is so happy and Do Jin responds that he’s going to Chungcheon, a town far away from Seoul, for work. It’s the perfect place to spend the night with someone…special.

Betty arrives in front of Yi Soo’s house and Yi Soo happily greets her, which instantly makes Do Jin suspicious. Why is she being so nice to Betty? Hahaha.

Yi Soo inquires about where they’re going and Do Jin replies that they’re going on a trip. She calls for Betty to stop but Do Jin overrides her, yelling “Fighting! To the highway!” Gah why so cute?

Do Jin concludes his meeting with a client and he takes Yi Soo out for a walk in a field of flowers. He proudly presents the project that he’s working on to her, claiming that he will make an entire island into a theme park. I have to say, the setting is so beautiful in this shot. It makes me so happy just looking at the picture.

She smiles at his enthusiasm and wonders why he’s still single if he’s so perfect. He shrugs; maybe it’s because he’s had big failures. On the other hand, he’s also had big successes. She says, “If I knew how great you were, I would have gone out with you a long time ago.” He wraps his arm around her and they continue their walk through the field.

They dine at the hotel and Do Jin asks what kind of house she wants in the future. He can tell what kind of personality someone has by the house they desire. Call it a disease from working in the architecture field for so long.

Yi Soo pauses for a minute before answering that she wants a house “that nobody abandons…one that people will always come back to no matter what.” Her voice has a tinge of sadness, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Do Jin.

He simply responds that her house will have to be on an expensive piece of land then. After they finish dinner, he recommends that they head upstairs to a hotel room for some fun times but she immediately turns him down because she’s wearing a bland set of undergarments. Bwahah.

Do Jin pouts in disappointment and makes her drive all the way back to Seoul as a “punishment” for messing up his awesome plans for the night. Hee. She drives home as he falls asleep in the passenger seat. When they arrive in front of her house, she gently gets out of the car and studies Do Jin’s face through the window.

Yi Soo watches him with a tender expression, which quickly disappears when the car window begins to slide down. Do Jin opens his eyes and they lock eyes momentarily before he speaks to her.

“Seo Yi Soo, live with me. I don’t care who you live with in the next life. All I ask is that in this life, you live with me. I’ll make you happy, I promise.”


I didn’t expect Do Jin to “propose” so quickly. I don’t want to consider it as an official proposal (call me materialistic but most girls like shiny rocks to accompany proposal) but it’s sweet nonetheless. I really love how their relationship is blossoming and the chemistry between the two actors is lovely to watch.

Do Jin reassured Yi Soo that he cares more about his relationship with her in the present more than the past he had with Eun Hee but I still worry that he’ll change his mind in the future. Please let them be lovey dove for at least another weekend. I think they deserve some more happiness before the K-drama law of separation hits.

Se Ra and Tae San’s fight over marriage is interesting because he’s so traditionalist and she’s very much a modern woman. Her arguments about how her career will go down the drain and how she told him from the beginning that she wasn’t interested in marriage are quite valid, but Tae San is also duty-bound as the first and only son to continue his family’s lineage.

He has a possessive streak and wants to claim her as his own for good while she prefers the freedom of doing what she wants when she wants. I also feel that Se Ra is afraid of what will happen if the marriage fails. A marriage is much harder to “erase” than a dating relationship and divorced women tend to bear harsher criticism than men, especially in a conservative society.

Their relationship problems are actually pretty realistic and I’m interested to see how they grow to understand each other. If there’s one thing that has continually worked for them is that they have a high level of honesty. Sometimes it hurts to hear the truth but at least they address their problems head on.

In contrast, Jung Rok and Min Sook continue to dance around their feelings and their relationship problems come from a lack of solid communication. They’re currently caught in this vicious cycle that keeps them from pursuing a blissful marriage.

Jung Rok doesn’t make an effort to stop flirting with younger, prettier women, which causes Min Sook to add more steel layers to her already cold front. This helps her cope with the hurt of being neglected by her husband, but it also keeps her from trusting him when he sincerely tries to dote on her.

Then, when he sees that his genuine affections aren’t being accepted, he goes back to mooning other girls. I definitely believe that Jung Rok could try harder to ease Min Sook’s worries but I can also sort of understand why he gives up trying to impress a woman who seems to dislike him so much.

Min Sook bottles up her feelings and only lets down her guard when she’s alone, like when she cries after he leaves the apartment. I’m also curious as to why she sets an alarm to drink her medicine but doesn’t actually drink the liquid packets. She’s not sick or anything, right? Gah. So many questions.

Lastly, yay for NG scenes! What was your favorite NG scene? I loved when Kim Min Jong smacked Lee Jong Hyuk’s butt and then laughed. Heh. Hey, I’m not the only perverted one here.


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  1. Julyssa

    I really wonder why Min Sook married Jung Rok. Did he hide his playboy ways while dating her, was she lonely, desperate? It has been said that Jung Rok married for money but did Min Sook really marry for love? I wonder.

  2. Barbarella

    thanks, orangy! Ep 12 was lovely, but I just watched Ep 13 (raw) and I fear the worst … this story needs to develop fast or we’re going to repeat what we already know over and over and over and over … Do Jin wants to sleep with Yi Soo but she will not let him // Jung Rok and Min Sook can’t find a way to show their true feelings to each other // Me Ahri bawls annoyingly after every meeting with Yoon // Se Ra and Tae San fight and break up and still love each other // and … not to forget, Colin is looking for his father. Yeah, right, the BIIIIIIG mystery!
    The only surprising thing this Saturday was * SPOILER* that Colin can sing! haha. let him sing his lines for the rest of the show, yes?

    • 2.1 Shukmeister

      **** SPOILER ****

      • 2.1.1 Barbarella

        I am not sure this actually counts as a spoiler, Shukmeister (since I’m only airing my frustration at the SLOWNESS of things) – if it does, I am very sorry! that was not intended. However, the plotlessness of this show has been bugging me for a while now, because I über-loved the first 10 episodes …

    • 2.2 come2noona

      Of course he can! He’s in CNBlue, one of my faves.

      • 2.2.1 Laya

        ^THIS, and the fact that I love “I Will Forget You.” 😀

      • 2.2.2 Jelly

        OMG…no wonder I was thinking…he looks familiar. I was trying to figure where I saw him lol! I just finished watching Ep 1-3…and I was like, “i’m sure I so this guy before”

        The show is a bit dragging I must say…but I like Kim Haneul… sometimes, I cringe on some scenes..

    • 2.3 mysticmalady

      I won’t mind him singing more in show either!! With such an angelic voice, it’ll be totally wasted if he or CN Blue didn’t contribute to the OST. =D

  3. mamamea

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

  4. Shukmeister

    Excellent recap as always! I really enjoyed most of the scenes in this episode.

    Since DJ/YS is the happiest couple of the four, I’m guessing that Do Jin is most likely to be Colin’s biological father out of the four.

    Like orangy, though, please let us have some more cute scenes before getting whacked with the KDrama AngstBall!!

    • 4.1 JoJo

      You’re probably right about DJ being the father…but I was hoping it was Yoon…it would certainly force him to look at MA in a different light.

      • 4.1.1 Shukmeister

        Since Colin hangs with her and they are closer in age, I’m thinking a little squicky, especially with Yoon feeling a touch of jealousy. Then he’d be jalous of his son? I can’t picture the writers going there.

        But then again, stranger things have happened.

        • EvaLee

          I agree. With Meahri and Colin seeming to have a little fire between them, it would make having TaeSan and Yoon strange as the fathers. That would either be her stepson or her nephew. I am not, btw, a Yoon-Meahri shipper due to the 17 year age difference, and I like her better with Colin (a 6or 7 year difference) even if I don’t think that will work either.

          That leaves Jung Rok or Do Jin. Though I think camera angles etc. seem to be leading us down a Do Jin fatherhood path, I’ve been fooled before by trick foreshadowing. With Yi Soo as a teacher to teenage boys, she wouldn’t be a bad mother either, especially as she already acts motherly with Colin.

          Then, I think they’ve hinted at Min Sook having trouble having children, which is possibly what the meds are for and has possibly caused her to push away Jung Rok. Would Colin as his son drive them further away or bring them closer?

          Just my thoughts.

          • ndg

            OMG my thoughts articulated! are you my soulmate? hahaha!

  5. kakashi

    I loved all the NGs … it’s just so great to see them crack up! Especially Jang Dong Gun 0_o

    • 5.1 ~Feather~

      May I ask where you watched the NGs?

      • 5.1.1 Islagirl2010

        After episode 12 : )

  6. boms

    ahh! I totally am curious with Min Sook and the boyak too. I wonder if she might already be going through menopause, so there’s no point in her having any and Rok’s mentioning having babies broke her heart 🙁 nonetheless I really loved how she intervened in the golf fight! So awesome.

    I also kind of feel like Do Jin wasn’t proposing.. maybe just asking her to take the next step and live with him??

    Meahri is starting to bother me… And the winner of most crying scenes in one episode goes to…? -__-

    I get the feeling that Colin isn’t anyone’s son… watch it just be this mystery that we’re all thinking about throughout the WHOLE drama and then BAM. turns out he isn’t any of the 4’s son. If he was, my guess would also be on Do Jin too…

    Ah. I hope we get more progress 😀

  7. KDrama Fan

    Hi Orangy.

    Thanks for the recap.

    Loved the part in this episode when Yi Soo and Do Jin are in the car and Yi Soo is adressing Betty.

    Also the part where Me Ahri was listing Yoon’s faults.

    Didn’t like Do Jin’s treatment of Yi Soo when she and Colin arrived at his house.

    Think there’s something fishy there…

    Got upset when Yi Soo and Do Jin are at the project site as I think the area looks beautiful and don’t think DJ’s buildings are sympathetic to the landscape-too involved, moi? LOL.

    Like Lee Jong Hyuk’s portrayal of Jung Rok and like looking at Kim Woo Bin whenever he’s on screen.

    Will be on the lookout to see these guys again.

    • 7.1 come2noona

      I was happy when I reminded myself that it was just a drama… and that no theme park will be built on that lovely land.

  8. Jules

    Ugh, I really dislike Colin. That look on his face when he walked into the apartment and Yi-soo had to leave… it was like he was saying (with that annoying smirk), See, he chose me over you. God help Yi-soo (and Do-jin) if Colin ends up being Do-jin’s son. 🙁

    And, too, he’s completely two-faced – he says one thing in front of Tae-san and another altogether when he’s alone with Me Ah-ri (and he speaks in banmal).

    I thought it was really cute when Yoon told Colin he was in the area and would come to the house to talk – then had to scramble as he was in his office. ^_^ (and when Do-jin is dancing as he gets ready, and Yoon sees and starts half-dancing himself, almost reflexively. hee.)

    I loved the opening, with Do-jin’s attempt to calm himself by ‘gardening’… at least until he annihilated the poor plants (to the soundtrack of ‘Now I Know Why You Wanna Hate Me’ by Limp Bizkit. made me laugh.). Annnd my favourite NG was also Kim Min-jong slapping Lee Jong-hyuk’s ass. Or the wheezing laughter NG (Jang Dong-gun? or Kim Min-jong?) as Jang Dong-gun fanned his face. So cute, how much fun they seem to be having. 😀

    Thanks for the recap, orangy911!

  9. sabriyahm

    I am in perfect sympathy with Se Ra. Marriage is a loser for women. I love Do Jin but I did not get the impression he was proposing. I guess we will see in the next episode.

  10. 10 Noelle

    I loved the beginning to this episode especially the limpbisket playing in the background while Do Jin tries to make something to smoke lol. Talk about desperate.

    Was the car scene at the end a marriage proposal? I took lets live together as lets live together. Someone explain!

    Tae San you’ve done it. I officially dislike you. The thing is he is promising that her life will be the same just they’ll be married but that’s untrue. From what I’ve gathered is that their are tons of expectations put on the wife. Se Ra won’t be able to play golf because she would be guilt tripped into performing her daughter-in-law obligations. I felt bad for her when he said she still wanted to play around but that’s bull. She loves him and wants to be with just him and it’s sad that he can’t understand that and instead gave her a ultimatum of marriage or nothing.

    I said this before but there is something different about Do Jin when it comes to Eun Hee. I wonder if none of them are the father but someone completely different. Maybe that’s why he gets weird. He probably saw her with someone else but instead of telling his buddies he left them with blissful memories. I don’t know guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • 10.1 memyself

      Yeah, he has a different kind of reaction, compared to his friends, when it comes to Eun Hee. Maybe cause he was more serious about her. Cause every time his friends talk about her they’re all happy-go-luck, they laugh and joke about those times; however, his expression resembles hurt. It’s all just a fun memory for them, but not him.

  11. 11 rebecca34

    Thank you for the recap orangey911! I like how all the relationships are progressing in a very realistic way. I have to side with Se Ra in her argument with TS. Personally it’s not the choice I would make but she has never presented herself in their relationship as wanting a traditional home life. Whenever TS brings up moving in or anything she changes the subjects or jokes around.

    Colin….Sigh, sigh. I want him to go away but I guess it’s adds some conflict…

    I want MS to leave JR and find a super hot, slightly younger man, with a good job who will love her and mellow her out a bit. JR can move in with one of his bimbos. He doesn’t have a real career, spits on his marriage vows, show no regard for wife or friends, and expects everyone to laugh about it. I wonder if his sense of humor would be so on if he wasn’t bumming around with his wife’s money. Yah no a fan of cheaters lol.

    Please writer Kim let Yoon and MA’s relationship progress beyond weeping and constipated looks of he.who is afraid to love again. This is my fav couple.

    • 11.1 Paloma

      Still think 20 episodes are too much for this story. A lot of “filler” scenes now…

      Episode 13 Me Ahri crying again…one more time….with her typical childish attitude and Yoon is still attached by his wife´s memories and Tae San request.

      Please writers…how many messages you need to read about this? WE NEED PROGRESS HERE!!

    • 11.2 skelly

      Have to agree. Colin can’t get off my screen fast enough. I don’t care if he can sing or he can’t sing, it’s fanservice and just another way to wring a dollar out of this drama. Did the writer/producers think the drama couldn’t make enough cash on its own? Here, I’ll help them re-write it.
      Colin should be at the Mango cafe – after driving there in his Audi, of course – surrounded by all of the delicious varieties of fruit smoothies as he sings about the cool refreshing – yet healthy! – qualities of lost love.

  12. 12 becca_boo

    Okay, Do-jin dancing was probably my favorite scene of the entire series. Perfectly awesome.

    Like other commenters, I’ve also been wondering if Colin is actually anyone’s son. Didn’t Eun-hee say at one point (I think it was when she met Jung-rok) that he had misunderstood, or am I just imagining that?

    • 12.1 Noelle

      I thought it was cute when Yoon started doing a little dancing as well.

  13. 13 Pat

    I don’t care about the heroine,or the “son” or the couples.
    I just watch this because JDG is soooooo damn hot! I have not
    ever been this Kdrama shallow……those eyes.

    • 13.1 JoJo

      Ain’t it the truth? When I saw him on the “big screen,” I almost fainted.

      • 13.1.1 Islagirl2010

        Any movie in particular you can recommend?

  14. 14 leslie

    Hey guys. Does anybody know where I can find English subs for the NG scenes. They look so fun but I want to know what they’re saying!

    • 14.1 Islagirl2010

      Hulu.com/dramafever.com has eng subs for the NG.

  15. 15 Shirley

    I don’t have any issues with Me Ahri’s crying. She wears her heart on her sleeve and it doesn’t matter if you’re 24 or 44 because when situations deal with matters of the heart, the natural reaction is to let out the frustration through tears.

    Me Ahri’s a tough cookie with Yi Soo, Se Ra, Do Jin, and anyone but Yoon and Tae San which makes sense. These two knuckleheads are the only ones that can’t seem to look beyond her youth.

    I really hope Colin will be the fire that lights a serious fight with Yoon to get it moving. It’s pretty clear now he does like Me Ahri.

    I haven’t adored a supporting couple as much as I do Yoon and Me Ahri since So Yi Jeong and Chu Ga Eul, so please Writer Kim give EVERY couple a happy ending!

    • 15.1 ~Feather~

      Me too! I only watched every single episode of BOF to see those two. I was more invested in their relationship than anyone else’s. I also watched for Sung Woo Bin, his engrish grew on me. :3 I was so mad when we didn’t even get one teensy kiss between them!

      I’ve always been more invested in supporting characters’ relationships than the main couple, don’t know why but it’s been like that since I started watching dramas.

  16. 16 ~Feather~

    Right now, I am having the dreaded feeling that this is the calm before the storm for Yi Soo and Do Jin’s relationship. Somthing stupid is definitely going to get in their way.
    I haven’t liked Tae san at all, and he’s not helping himself this episode either. He refuses to see things from Se ra’s point of view with his it’s-my-way-or-the-highway attitude. Like you’ve said, he is very traditional while Se ra is very modern. She views marriage as death since she believes it would be the end to her career, and lifestyle. In other words, she believes all the fun would be sucked out of her life. Tae san is acting on family pressures on carrying on his duty as the first born and carrying on the family lineage. I do believe that he is a control freak. Just look at how his relationship with se ra has hurt the relationships of his friends and family.
    I LOVE Yoon. Especially petty Yoon, but he needs to learn how to act on his feeling now. Tae san should not put himself in the way of two people who could be very happy together. The only thing I could say that I wouldn’t like about Yoon and Me Ahri’s relationship would be the fact that Me Ahri has been so sheltered her whole life. She may be 24 but she acts much younger than that. I agree with Yoon on her focusinf on her dream to become a designer. I think it would help her feel more equal to him if she had a career rather than a part-time job. She needs to grow up, I prefer spunky Meahri compared to whiny and crying Meahri. I hope she grows up in the following episodes and moves out of her brother’s house so he doesn’t say, “If you live under my roof, you go by my rules.”
    Minsook and Jung Rok need to learn how to be honest to each other instead of brushing each other off. I think Minsook or Jung rok are having problems on getting pregnant (my bets on minsook). I’m getting curious on why she didn’t take the herbal medicine as well.
    I have no idea if Colin is actually the son of any of the F44. Maybe it’s just a plotline to tease us?
    And can I say that I think Dong Hyub is the cutest thing ever!? If it doesn’t work out with Do jin, I want Yi soo to be with him. He’s too adorable and earnest with his feelings, the way his face fell when she told him he already had a boyfriend. I think he thought they were just fake rumors.

  17. 17 nana

    I don’t even watch the show (had to stop at ep 3), but I’ve been reading the recaps and here’s what I think might be going on:

    Maybe Se Ra can’t have children and that’s why she’s so resistant to marrying him. Not getting married gives her the perfect excuse to hide this. Problem solved if Colin’s Tae San’s kid.

  18. 18 Sudi

    Thank you 4 recap.And curious to know abt Collin

  19. 19 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap orangy!

  20. 20 Sudi

    hope things get lot more messier I mean in relationships thats what whole drama revovles on..Then cleaning up mess..love..care..guilt..mistake..compromise..again love…so on thus Conclusion:Happy endings but sad for one sided love except 4 Mehri

  21. 21 kirara

    sigh.. so cute.. it can only get better right???? 😀

    Thanks for the recap.. Will have to keep watching to see what else is in store for us!! 🙂

  22. 22 sally_b

    brief interlude mild-rant/// ~

    are missing. LOTS of them.

    These random pecks….seriously? In your 40’s… d’huh?

    This is a romance comedy with not one, not two…but 4(!) or more couples!!…..I’m going pirate ~”Argh…where be ye kisses?!!”

    ///mild rant over.

    (if these grown-ups aren’t kissing by episode 14….I’m jumping to recaps for the last 6 episodes….mostly joking, but not really) 😉

    • 22.1 skelly

      Totally agree. To me, their relationship is not “sweet,” it’s really sort of weird. I think she has some serious relationship/emotional issues to be so stunted at her age. She still acts like a teenager when it comes to relationships, and looking at it from the far side of 40 (way past that age…) it just seems creepy to me. And I have the feeling that Kim Ha Neul and JDG have a professional working relationship, but the way her face stiffens when he moves in suggest to me that they aren’t even on friendly terms. Someone said she was a good kisser in another show she did – it’s not happening here, where she is still and awkward.
      I think the writing is what’s carrying this romance – that and people seem to like looking at JDG. It’s exactly the opposite of QIHM, where words were superfluous.

      • 22.1.1 sally_b

        @skelly – hi ~
        re: ” …but the way her face stiffens when he moves in suggest to me that they aren’t even on friendly terms”

        ya know…you’re right about that. There is an odd ‘barrier’ that pops up in her eyes when JDG is up close to her face. It’s almost like a *tell* in poker — for instance, the left thumb twitches if they have a good hand of cards.

        He moves close and her eyes go blank. Perhaps he genuinely makes her nervous. To be honest, if I had a kissing scene with an A-list Movie actor, who was married, with a child — it would make me feel a bit awkward.

        However…acting is what they DO, so it’s a mystery how they can have light/funny chemistry when bantering….but instant FREEZE when there’s a potential kiss. Step it UP !! cheers ~

      • 22.1.2 jomo

        By George, I think you’ve got it!

        It totally feels like KHN JUST DOESN’T LIKE JDG.

        Despite all the praise he is getting, I get a very cold sensation out of him. Yes, he is handsome, but I haven’t been able to feel any heat.

        It could be chalked up to their lack of chemistry.

        From the beginning, I haven’t bought his love at first sight. I don’t think she is quick enough for him. He’s zippy to her lumbering.

        And if we are supposed to think he’s the big bad wolf to her red riding hood, please, prove everyone right and just lunge at her.
        I hate when the heroine is all blushing virgin-like when the guy gets close, and he says, “What did you think I was going to do?” But then doesn’t do anything.

  23. 23 jieon_k

    Ugh I seriously melted when Do Jin said to her “I don’t care who you live with in the next life. All I ask is that in this life, you live with me. I’ll make you happy, I promise.” It’s definitely one of my favorite lines in a drama EVER.
    It’s simple but so sweet and romantic <3

  24. 24 Abbie

    As much as I liked this episode, it was slow and seemed to have a lot of filler in it. I have a lot of questions, some of which probably won’t be answered anytime soon, which leads me to fear for rushed explanations. I find Yi Soo’s answer about what kind of home she wants intriguing. Also, her refusal to answer her mother’s calls supports her answer to Do Jin. She apparently had an unhappy childhood, with either one parent or both being distant or absent, probably her mother.

    I saw Do Jin’s “proposal” coming a mile away, so I wasn’t all that surprised by the ending. I was surprised that he asked so soon. They’ve “known” each other for several “seasons” and have been dating for only a few days. Why so soon? I’m not complaining or anything. It’s just I’m afraid of how Yi Soo will deal with that. She’ll say no. Probably.

    The scene with Jung Rok and Min Sook and the herbal medicine was sweet and sad. I really feel sorry for Min Sook. Her reaction to Jung Rok saying he’s taking the medicine so they can have a healthy baby, though, had me worried. Maybe she can’t have children? I want these two to make up. Totally.

    Yoon is so cute with all his petty jealous. The scene with Me Ahri in the car was the cutest and I laughed so hard. Great scene. I love Me Ahri when she’s like that. Way better than the crying.

    Tae San and Se Ra are really grating on my nerves. I understand each of their positions and beliefs, but I’m growing tired of them. Their story is the least interesting to me.

    Colin is adorable. I like the character and his mystery, but the acting is still a little awkward and stiff. I hope he improves, if not in this drama (what remains of it) then in future dramas.

    I really felt sorry for Dong Hyub, when Yi Soo tells him she has a boyfriend. I like his character, and am hoping for a happy ending for him. In some capacity. Maybe his dad can get sober?

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Kim Eun Hee. She’ll be back, and then, possibly, the truth about Colin’s patronage will come forth. I hope so, but I dread it too. Then, all the women, Yi Soo, Min Sook, Se Ra, and Me Ahri will have to contend with their guys’ first love. Eesh.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

  25. 25 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  26. 26 memyself

    Is it just me who thinks that Colin’s mom is weird? Maybe none of them is his father (though if it is one of them, its probably Do Jin. *spoiler* with him using the same phrase “let’s say” as Do Jin, the writers are palying many tricks to make us believe he’s the father) cause who would tell his 18 year old son that one among these 4!!! is Ur dad? If she wanted to tell him, she could have just said who he was, don’t U think? What’s with playing with the kid’s mind??!!!

    • 26.1 malta

      It’s weird. She should either tell Colin who his Dad is or not tell him anything. So weird. Why say one of the 4? And IMO she should have told whoever the Dad is that he has a son. It’s not her right to keep her son from the Dad anymore than it is the Dad’s right to keep her son from her.

      I’m totally passing judgement, but I don’t care. I don’t understand women who refuse to tell their children who their father is when their is nothing wrong with the Dad. And there is nothing wrong with any of the 4 guys now and I suspect their wasn’t 20yrs ago either. Immaturity doesn’t count either. I you can have sex, deal with the outcome.

  27. 27 ulaulo

    i really wanna see “healing camp” next episode where real life Mrs. Jdg will appear as the guest… trailer said she allowed her hubby joins the cast coz the production team said no steamy scene between her hubby and khn who also under her hubby mgt agency…

    • 27.1 skelly

      OK, now I understand why Kim HaNeul stiffens up and is so bizarrely awkward in the romance scenes – she is afraid of Mrs. JDG coming to rip all of her hair out. How unprofessional can these people be? This isn’t a drama, it’s some sort of money-making scheme for JDG and Mango Cafe.

    • 27.2 Gasenadi

      “Allowed”? Is she his manager?

  28. 28 neener

    Love this episode! I mean the last scene!! gosh and you had the right moment screen cap too!! I’m really having an ajhussi crush on JDG!!!

    a little bit scared if Collin’s dad will be Do Jin.

    and I don’t think the writers need fillers because there are a lot of topics to be covered….like SYS’s mom, Dong Hyub’s life and more stories of Jung rok and Min Soo I want them to work out as a couple!!

  29. 29 toystar

    Thanks for the recap. I love the fighting between Min Sook and Jung Rok. Why can’t Tae San respect both Se Ra and Me Ahri choices???

  30. 30 nokke

    anyone knows what movie the F44 guys are watching at the beginning of ep 14?

    • 30.1 Holly


      I’ve never seen it since I only started watching kdramas a couple of years ago.

      • 30.1.1 jomo

        So that was 1995. JR mentions when he came in at the end that the streets were empty because everyone was watching the last ep. Ratings were really high.

        They were all mimicking Choi Min Soo’s delivery.

        Plus, there was a brief shot of Lee Jung Jae who was also in Sandglass on screen, who starred opposite JDG in a 2005 film Typhoon.

        • Kakashi

          wow, you guys are great, thanks for that! I was wondering ^_^

      • 30.1.2 nokke

        thank you! I wonder, why they use a famouse Russian war song as an ending… it was so unexpected 0__o

  31. 31 nokke

    anyone knows which movie the F44 guys are watching at the beginning of ep 14?

  32. 32 nhttuwe1rd

    I also took the speech from do-jin at the end of living together- not so much a proposal.

  33. 33 Islagirl2010

    Is it such a big deal if DJ is the dad? I mean if he is, it happened before he met YS.

    • 33.1 nokke

      right, I really don’t get it

      • 33.1.1 Holly


        I really hope orangy is able to get to the recap of episode 14 before Saturday morning. I also don’t understand the reasoning behind what happened in ep 14 and haven’t been able to find a good explanation on any of the boards…just others that are as confused as I am.

        • malta

          Just watched episode 14 and I don’t get it either… Maybe I’m too westernized, but it seems like water under the bridge from 18yrs ago. Confused. :^P I mean the men are in their 40’s. It’s no surprise they have some skeletons in their closets.

          What is the giant deal? Is it an awkward and kinda sad, and embarrassing thing to deal with/resolve? Yes. But is it the be-all, end-all of everything? No. So confused… How Rok acts is a bigger problem than this whole Colin thing to me.

  34. 34 natsumijan

    I just have to write it. I HATE ME-AHRI and HER IMMATURITY. gah! when she cries or when she is screaming, i skip to the next scene. it’s not good for the ears. she is really irritating. she is more of infatuated with the thought of being in-love with him than loving him. can’t she be less selfish and annoying? she makes me don’t want to root for her at all. i’d rather have yoon end up being alone than be with her. if she would just wait, get to college and mature a little bit (less whiny, less screamy, less selfish, less clingy, less annoying, less bratty, less less less!~), then maybe, JUST maybe, i can let her have yoon. GRRR~

    • 34.1 Mystisith

      Agree. It’s almost unbearable. I’ve never wished a time-jump so much in my life. She has to endure a bit of hard life to appreciate what she has now materially. I just don’t like her mentality to be honest. She’s pretty but that’s all she has really. I know love is blind but I can’t understand how a man can love a girl (I can’t call her a woman) like that. Hormones are powerful indeed.

  35. 35 fannys

    I think i can understand meahri since i was grow up in environment like her, being surrounded by a lot of big brothers who love and spoil you so much.
    no matter how old she is, she will always be “little sis” for all those guys. in their eyes she’ll never grow up.
    you’ll always find a spoil child behave like meahri in every drama, just give her time to grown up.

    actually i prefer meahri with collin, i like how colin tease her 🙂
    like jung rok say : it’s like hitting lotto for yoon to get meahri, she’s pretty, young, rich and educated.

  36. 36 DEE


  37. 37 ellen

    Thanks for the recap.
    Cn Blue, LEE JONG HYUN as Colin is my new found Kpop/singer/actor. So good looking captures my heart as I watch him singing the OST.

    I’d like to think that being that good looking, Do Jin might be his father. I hope that he will be accepted by the partner of the man who would admit he’s the dad. After all, it happened years ago befor the four met met any of their present g/f, wife. But did Colin’s mom go to bed with the 4 gentlemen friends…I mean as she had a relationship with each one.

  38. 38 Min

    I must ask… Am I the only one slightly disturbed by the fact that Eun Hee was supposedly the first love of all four of them? Sure a lot of it might be in the imaginations of a couple of them, but still…

    • 38.1 Mystisith

      In high school almost all the guys fall for the alpha girl of their school. Same goes for the girls who pine for the popular football player in town. Not a big deal really.

    • 38.2 malta

      I think the disturbing part is that none of them have been able to let the first love thing go. And they seem to be confused about what actually happened and with whom…LOL Who fights over who their first love was when you’re already 40? Even if you are just teasing? Every single one of them has pretty engrossing relationships happening in the present. I would be like who cares, I want to talk about Yi Soo or Se Ra…or my wife. That was so 1994. Meh. Maybe this is a difference between men and women.

  39. 39 blinkity_blink

    LOL! nothing like bland underwear to keep a girl chaste huh?!!

  40. 40 blinkity blink

    Park Min Sook is growing on me and I’m kinda glad. As much as F44 antics crack me up, I don’t like them banning together to aid infidelity. So I LoVE how Paek Min Sook is always outsmarting them.

  41. 41 jademwong

    Ughhh the hidden son plot line. -_- I’m okay seeing Colin on screen by himself or with Maeri but when he’s sharing the scene with one of the four main cast, it becomes so apparent how subpar his acting skills are compared to theirs. It’s hard to watch -_-. I know this is his debut drama and they’re all veterans but that just goes to show that this role would have been much better off going to another rookie actor who’s had more experience and who could do a little more justice to the role.

  42. 42 Sakina

    Does anyone know the music Jang Dong Gun was dancing to? It sounds so familiar yet I can’t place it…it’s driving me crazy lol. anyone…?????

  43. 43 amri jang

    Some people here can be so nasty, jumping to conclusions as if they knew first hand whatever professional relationship is between JDG and KHN. You can’t draw conclusion out of their scenes in the drama because it’s all scripted. Maybe whatever awkwardness on KHN’s part is required in her portrayal of her Yi Soo character. How can a leading lady be afraid and not like JDG when most of his co stars adore him and all praises to his nice personality? I wonder how can you be so speculative without even knowing their true relationship as KHN one of his talents and JDG as her boss. Did you even watch the drama? Personally, as watched the drama, I’ve never noticed anything like that at all. They have great chemistry and look so good together. I didn’t see what you were saying. Maybe you really disliked the drama and the leading couple so you didn’t see them “click”. No offense meant but I’m just countering your observation. We perceive it differently so I’m just stating what I see. Anyhow, we’ve seen some of the NG’s and it seemed they were ok off screen like the “shoe presentation” scene. They were laughing at each other and were comfortable enough with each other. So I don’t see the awkwardness at all.

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