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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 14
by | July 13, 2012 | 212 Comments

What’s up Mr. Noble Idiocy? You’re that one drama ingredient writers like to use to spice up their semi-bland plot. I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve lost your kick and that your expiration date is long overdue. What’s that? You don’t care? Well okay. I guess I’ll dilute your bitter aftertaste with bottles of alcohol. Gah. Somebody. Drink with me.


This opening has got to be one of my favorites. In 1995, Tae San, Yoon, and Do Jin cuddle together as they watch the last episode of “Sand Glass” aka the drama that catapulted Choi Min Soo and Go Hyun Jung into the Korean Hall of Fame. The guys hold back tears and soon break out singing the theme song of the drama as the credits roll.

Tae San turns off the TV and they begin imitating Choi Min Soo while sighing at how cool he is. Jung Rok crashes the drama party and whines that he can’t believe he missed the last episode. He begs his friends to tell him what happened at the end but they giggle devilishly and order him to watch the rerun if he’s so interested. Haha wow. Meanies.

Jung Rok shoots them the stink eye and replies that he’ll just have to ask his mommy. He whips out a cellphone that looks like it’s made of Legos and the other three ooh and ahh over Jung Rok’s new toy.

Tae San remarks that it’d be nicer if the phone was a little slimmer and Jung Rok scoffs that the phone might as well have a touch screen too. The men all utter a huge “pshaw” and Yoon jokes that TVs might as well hang on walls and they should have air conditioning blast from the ceiling. Maybe they’ll pay to drink water soon too.

F44 dissolves into laughter but a voiceover from Do Jin laments that he and his friends were too short-sighted to realize those technological developments could actually happen. They could have even become Korean versions of Steve Jobs. Lol.

Yi Soo peeks into Betty and wonders where Do Jin went as he sidles up next to her. She jumps back in surprise and he hands her a cup of coffee while asking what she ate for lunch. He calls her “my lover” and she hides a smile before reminding Do Jin that she only has twenty minutes before she has to head back to class.

He responds that she’s not pretty enough to spend the entire twenty minutes with him and teases her further when her face crinkles in annoyance. He puts his hand over her face to cover it from the sun and flashes her a cheeky wink.

Do Jin informs her that he and his friends are sending Colin back to Japan and she cautiously asks if it’s because Eun Hee might worry. Do Jin shakes his head no; he’s doing it because Yi Soo seems worried about Colin’s presence. They agree to meet later for dinner and she sees him off.

After Colin drops the bomb that one of F44 is his father, Jung Rok immediately wonders if it’s him. HAHA. “Why do I always think it’s me when I hear something like this?” Bwaha. Tae San and Jung Rok argue about who the father is on the way back to Do Jin’s apartment.

The men begin to interrogate Colin on who he thinks his father is and why he’s looking for him now. We learn that Colin’s current father is not Korean but raised Colin like his own biological son. Colin explains that he realized he was really good-looking one day and now wants to know the man who gave him such great genes.

Jung Rok sighs that it must be him (hah) but Tae San immediately shushes him. Do Jin commands Colin to take out his passport, which reveals that Colin was born in 1994, not 1995. Huh?

After a moment’s pause, Do Jin says that he thinks he might be Colin’s father. ::bashes head against desk:: I guess we’re really going there. His friends and Colin stare at him in shock. Jung Rok breaks through the thick tension first by admitting that he met Eun Hee a couple of weeks before and she had asked him to contact her if Colin ever showed up.

Tae San starts to scold Jung Rok for not saying anything earlier but Do Jin interrupts to ask for some private time with Colin. The three men get kicked out and Do Jin hands his phone to Colin; put in Eun Hee’s phone number. He leaves with his shoulders slumped as the other F44 members look after him worriedly.

Yi Soo waits for Do Jin outside her house and calls him continually. He observes her from behind the corner and lets his phone ring in his hand. She soon huffs and puffs back into her house and waits a bit for his call. Meanwhile Do Jin sits in Betty until Yi Soo’s bedroom lights turn off. He goes back home to brood and then calls Eun Hee after some hesitation.

Jung Rok, Tae San, and Yoon discuss the night’s events and Jung Rok wonders if Do Jin really is Colin’s father. Tae San responds that nothing has been proven yet; they still don’t know who Eun Hee liked the best out of all four of them. Sigh. You guys are still fighting about this?

Level-headed Yoon orders Jung Rok to get some drinks and then turns to Tae San to talk about the matter more seriously. He comments that Do Jin would only say he was the father if he really thought he was and Tae San replies that Eun Hee must have had a hard time raising Colin by herself.

Yoon plays devil’s advocate and questions Tae San on what he would have done if a girl had said she was pregnant with his child back when he was in his 20s. Tae San answers that he would have taken immediate responsibility but Yoon remains slightly unconvinced. It’s easy to say that now because they’re in their forties.

Yi Soo leaves multiple messages on Do Jin’s voicemail but the only call that she receives is from Me Ahri, who informs her that Min Sook wants to meet with Yi Soo.


Me Ahri, Se Ra, and Yi Soo meet Min Sook at a restaurant, where Min Sook reveals that Colin is the son of one of F44. The women gape at her in surprise but Min Sook pushes forward; she doesn’t know who the father is but she wanted to inform them of this crazy situation.

She goes on to say that one of them will be hurt because of this revelation. The other women try to figure out who the father could be while Yi Soo remains quiet. Me Ahri and Se Ra begin to fight over whether or not Colin is Tae San’s or Yoon’s child. Soon the two then look to Yi Soo, who readily defends Do Jin by saying Colin doesn’t look like Do Jin at all.

Min Sook blows a figurative whistle and reminds everyone that there’s a 25% chance that any one of F44 could be Colin’s father. Se Ra asks if Min Sook could understand Jung Rok if he turned out to be Colin’s father and Min Sook responds that she’s not sure. They need to confirm who the father is first before panicking.

At Se Ra’s house, Me Ahri complains that she can’t raise a 17-year-old child. She’s only 24! Se Ra marvels at Me Ahri’s train of thought. It’s “How will I raise Colin?”, not “I’m going to forget Yoon”? Me Ahri asks why Se Ra cares about whether or not Tae San is the father; aren’t they separated? Yi Soo sits in a haze during the entire conversation.

Do Jin listens to Yi Soo’s messages but can’t bring himself to contact her. She later stops by outside his apartment only to turn away in fear before ringing his doorbell.


The next day, Do Jin invites Colin over to have lunch and asks about his current father. Colin answers that he’s a pilot and Do Jin nods in response. He informs Colin that Eun Hee will fly in today and that he will have a conversation with her to figure out this situation.

A couple hours later, Do Jin sits across from Eun Hee who compliments Do Jin on how well he’s aging. He ignores the small talk and gets straight to the point: what happened? She disappeared without warning and made a huge decision by herself. Furthermore, she turned him into a fool. She should have at least told him the truth.

Eun Hee responds that she ran away because she was scared. She wasn’t planning on having the child but changed her mind suddenly. He angrily snaps that she should have told him that she was planning to have the baby but she quickly responds with a question of her own. Would he have wanted the baby at that time?

She apologizes continually and makes the excuse that she was young and in love. WHAT. DFKJGDJFDLJ…wheww. Okay. Save it for later. She tells him that she doesn’t want anything from him and that nothing has changed. Uh, except everything has changed. Blargh. Do Jin stands up and commands her to stay in Korea for the time being while handing her the address of the residence hotel.

Eun Hee makes her way to where Colin is staying and she yells at him for acting so rashly. He remarks that he recognized Do Jin as his father right away. She pauses momentarily but then pulls out the guilt card; does Colin not know how much she loves his current father? He nods and she snaps that Colin is betraying his father by acting so immaturely.

Colin slowly replies that he knows it’s betrayal but he was just so curious. He questions if Eun Hee ever regretted keeping him and she gives an affirmative answer; she regrets it today.

Do Jin arrives at his apartment to find his friends waiting anxiously for him. He sighs that Eun Hee confirmed that Colin is his son and the other three give him looks of pity/helplessness/sadness. Yoon asks what he wants them to do for him whether it be give laughter or consolation. Do Jin just replies that he wants to speak to Yi Soo first.

Jung Rok cautiously comments that the four ladies already met and know about the general situation, but they don’t know who the father is yet. Just then, everyone’s phones start ringing except for Do Jin’s. Do Jin urges the other three to pick up the calls and reassure their ladies that he’s the father.

Yoon meets with Me Ahri who jumps to the conclusion that Colin is his son. She reassures him that she’ll raise Colin well and he can only facepalm in return. Jung Rok chases her out of the bar by threatening to call Tae San and then turns to Yoon to give him some advice; Yoon won’t ever find another woman who is willing to raise another person’s son. He might as well win ten lottery tickets.

Jung Rok then rushes home to convince Min Sook that Colin is not his son. He gives her three reasons: Colin is good-looking, has a small face, and has double eyelids. She nods in agreement. Misunderstanding cleared. Teehee.

She also reasons that Jung Rok would have hid Colin away if he really was his son and he reluctantly says that she’s right. She slips in that he can stay for dinner and Jung Rok’s eyes light up. He gives her his best puppy dog face and inquiries whether he can sleep at home or leave after dinner.


He receives permission to stay after dinner and he squeals with joy. He skips down the hall to change and she quietly comments “Would you have matured if we had a child?” Aw. Her thoughts are interrupted when Jung Rok bounds up to her with Se Ra’s car key. He wonders if it’s his but she demands that he put the key back. Typical Jung Rok doesn’t listen and then later realizes that the key is to Se Ra’s car.

At the same time, Tae San and Se Ra have tea at a cafe and she presses him to reveal who Colin’s father is. She tells him that she still wants to be by his side if he’s in trouble…out of friendship. He calls her a coward, which she sadly acknowledges as correct. She responds that she still misses him but he coolly answers that he wants to separate cleanly; he will never understand men who stay friends with their exes. He exits and she cries.

Me Ahri shows a picture of Eun Hee and the men to Yi Soo and Yi Soo remarks that Eun Hee is quite pretty. Me Ahri wonders if Yi Soo has heard anything from Do Jin yet. Yi Soo gives her a cryptic answer. “I can’t tell when happiness is coming, but I can predict when sadness approaches.”

Her phone rings at that exact moment and she steels herself before answering it. Do Jin asks if he could come over to talk but she suggests that she head his way instead; waiting for him to call has been hellish enough. I’m going to cry.

She drives nervously to Do Jin’s office yet feigns a calm demeanor when she sees him. She gently chides him for failing to contact her and he apologizes. He then prepares her for a more serious conversation by apologizing for what he will say next.

Do Jin: I’m going to cancel my words about living together. I also take back the promise that I’ll make you happy. I won’t be able to fulfill your request that I never leave you before you leave me either. I’m a horrible bastard. Please try to forget about me.

Yi Soo asks the billion dollar question: is Colin his son? He whispers “yes” and her mouth drops open in shock. He continues, “It’s not that I don’t have the confidence to love one woman forever. It’s that I don’t have the right. I’m being punished for making others cry and being so conceited during my lifetime.”

She asks him again and again if Colin is his son and he answers that all he can say is that she forget about him and that he hopes she meets a good man. Oh gosh. I need another drink.

She storms out but is prevented from leaving by the building’s security guard. The guard refuses to give her the car keys under Do Jin’s orders. Alright, first of all, why does the security guard have your keys? Second, please stop throwing a temper tantrum. Take the bus! A taxi!

Damn it. Nobody listens to me. Yi Soo continues to whine and cry…and then allows herself to be driven home by Do Jin. Where’s the dislike button. When she arrives home, she curses at him and sarcastically wonders if he doesn’t have another hidden child.

She runs inside and sinks to the floor of her room while sobbing uncontrollably. Do Jin likewise lets manly tears trickle down his face in his apartment. Nope. You don’t get to cry! You don’t even HAVE TO CRY. ::rage::

The next morning, Sung Jae’s mother screeches her way into the school and slaps Dong Hyub for bullying her precious son. Damn woman! What is wrong with you. Yi Soo pleads with her to calm down and that they should talk outside. Sung Jae and some other teachers soon drag the woman out of the classroom and Dong Hyub leaves before Yi Soo can speak with him.

That night, Yi Soo drinks beer alone in the baseball field and is soon joined by Tae San. He asks if she’s okay and she replies that she’s not. She complains that Do Jin didn’t give her time to think or ask what she wanted. He just dumped her without a proper explanation.

Tae replies that he would have done the same thing if Colin had been his son. He comments, “Giving someone time to think is asking that person to stay with you. He probably thought that he didn’t deserve to ask you to stay.”

She answers that she might have been able to understand him if she had been given some time; how can you go straight to home base justifiably without first going to the other bases? Tae San replies that Do Jin wants to protect Yi Soo…from the 22-year-old version of himself. What? That makes no sense at all. That’s just lazy ass writing. What. WHAT.

Jung Rok informs Tae San that Se Ra’s car is with Min Sook as collateral for a loan, which Min Sook confirms when Tae San questions her directly. Min Sook remarks that Se Ra put down her pride to request money from her; maybe Tae San should pretend not to know about Se Ra’s debts for now.

He replies that he needs to keep his pride first and offers to repay Min Sook. ::groan:: What is it with these men and thinking that they know what’s best for someone else? Is this why you and Do Jin are friends?

Do Jin and Colin have another lunch meeting where Colin assures Do Jin that he needn’t try so hard. Do Jin responds that he can only think of two things at the moment. He has a son and he lost someone important. Colin asks for a piece of Do Jin’s hair and then heads to Yoon’s office to request a DNA test. Eh? Do you usually go to a lawyer to do that?

Yoon hands Colin the results of the DNA test that he submitted secretly. Colin and Do Jin have a 99.999% that they’re related. Okay. That’s GREAT. Now there’s no chance for a twist in the plot. Everyone might as well go around banging pots and pans while singing “Do Jin is Colin’s father” in the streets. WE GET IT.


Yi Soo’s co-worker informs Yi Soo that Sung Jae’s mother is going to sue the school (OMFG REALLY?! UGH) which causes Yi Soo to run over to Yoon’s office for a consultation. She runs into Do Jin and Eun Hee there and the temperature in the hallway drops to below zero.

Yi Soo lets out a loud sound of disbelief and tries to stalk out but is blocked by Do Jin. Oh hell to the no bro. Don’t you dare introduce Eun Hee to her. Or okay. Just introduce your ex-girlfriend from twenty years ago to your most recent was-your-lover-until-a-day-ago ex-girlfriend. Right. ’cause that makes sense. The two women stare at each other.

Comments/Incoming rant:

I admit that I avoided writing this recap because the episode was painful to watch. It made me angry. Sigh. After three short episodes of happiness, our main couple has been tearfully splintered apart. They’ve only been dating for a short period of time too. I’m not sure about everyone else but I had a series of reactions when Do Jin dropped the bomb that he was the father.

Initially, I went “Aha! Yup I totes called it” like a snobby know-it-all and then I got all disappointed that I was “right” because predictability kinda sucks. I didn’t want Colin to be the son of any of the other F44 but I think I would be way more interested if we were thrown a curve ball.

The DNA test is concrete proof that colin is Do Jin’s son so we can’t get around the problem. I never cared about Colin to begin with and now he’s slowly working his way into the “get the hell outta here” category. Sorry CN Blue fans.

Half of my brain “understands” why a secret son is a huge hurdle for a couple. Do Jin has fallen from A+ groom status to a D and Yi Soo feels a huge amount of betrayal. I get the whole noble idiocy thing too; Do Jin doesn’t feel like he deserves Yi Soo anymore, so he pushes her away. Tae San’s conversation with Yi Soo is supposed to present Do Jin’s way of thinking to the audience, but I don’t think it’s done very well. I mean seriously…he’s protecting her from his 22-year-old self? PFT okay.

On the other hand, why CAN’T the two be together? It’s not like Eun Hee wants Do Jin back. Colin is almost eighteen and he doesn’t seem like he’s obsessed with having his biological father in his life. We’re told that Eun Hee has a husband who loves Colin too. So where’s the dramatic tension? Do Jin may feel obligated to become a part of Colin’s life but Eun Hee and Colin don’t “need” him either. If anything, it seems like they just want to maintain a civil relationship.

If Eun Hee was all cray cray about having Do Jin back in her life, there would be an actual plot. I would hate Eun Hee with all of my black heart, which would at least equal some kind of emotional investment. We’re at this really strange middle ground between “It’s not that big of a deal” and “Oh shit it’s a big deal.” In other words, I don’t care. I’m just tolerating the problem because we have six more episodes to fill.

Alright fine. Let’s try to think about this from a different perspective. Maybe this problem is meant to force Do Jin to re-evaluate his life. Maybe it’ll force him to “mature”…whatever that means. He’s a selfish character and this noble idiocy is an act of unselfishness, right? Eh. Kind of. He doesn’t get to keep what he wants but he does maintain his pride by leaving Yi Soo first. Tae San argues that asking Yi Soo what she thought about the situation is the same as asking for her to be by his side. Only it’s not.

Yi Soo had the right to make the decision to be with Do Jin or not. She should have been able to break up with him first if she wanted. Where does he get off acting like he deserves to make decisions for other people when he can barely manage himself? He pretends that he knows what’s best for his woman when he actually doesn’t.

Similarly, Tae San chooses to ignore Se Ra’s wishes and repays Min Sook to preserve his own pride. You know what that means? You place your own pride above what your woman wants. Also, you don’t NEED to protect them. They’re grown women who are capable of taking care of themselves. Or at least, that’s what I thought we’re supposed to believe.

Also. Eun Hee. What the fuck. Apologies for the profanity but oh my freaking frack. I sympathize with her younger self because it would have been scary to deal with an unplanned pregnancy but she still should have told Do Jin. Why should he be punished for what she did without his knowledge?

Granted, he may have run away after telling her to erase the baby but he also could have stepped up and done the “right” thing. She could have informed him after the baby was born as well, unless she just didn’t want Do Jin in Colin’s life at all. But why? He didn’t hurt her all those years ago; she victimized herself without proper reason.

We know this drama works best when it’s light and fluffy. It’s just disheartening because there are so many topics that are rich with potential. Why, for example, cast Dong Hyub with a capable actor when all he’s doing is serving as filler? He should be utilized more.

Also, where is Me Ahri’s growth? Will she be stuck in whiny cry-baby mode her entire life? What about Jung Rok and Min Sook’s marriage? Will he continue to sneak around as she grows into a bitter old woman? What happened to Do Jin’s short-term memory loss? Is that going to make a convenient re-appearance soon to piss me off even more?

I appreciate that this drama is entertaining. But why pretend that you can create something more meaningful when you can’t? Honestly, maybe the writer should have just gotten rid of Eun Hee altogether, have Colin be Jung Rok’s hidden son, and then let the Yi Soo/Do Jin and Tae San/Se Ra couples get married and deal with marital problems.

Or maybe include a credible love rival for Yi Soo instead of wasting time on her crush on Tae San. I don’t know. There are a lot of possibilities that were available but I guess we’re stuck now. ::shakes fist at sky while waiting for Saturday::


212 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap, so much! Off to read…

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Hi Orangy911,

      I haven’t read the whole recap yet. I read the last part of it (1/3, and I have watched that episode) and your whole comment/rant which I appreciate.

      I especially liked the questions you pose in your last three paragraphs, as I had some of the same questions. We DO have 6 episodes left. How are we to believe that Me Ahri will grow (if she does) in the last 6 episodes, and that the other points you mentioned will be resolved convincingly? I might be back later to comment more. Thanks again for trudging through this.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      And the whole thing about noble idiocy (Do Jin) and TS’s arrogance regarding SR’s debt, totally agree with you. I kept saying “why, but why” at Do Jin and “that is so stupid” at DJ again while I was watching this episode. I was saying also: “what are you doing?” and shaking my head. Ok, I will stop here… for now.

      • 1.2.1 Shukmeister

        I don’t know exactly how to look at this episode. Being halfway around the world physically and culturally, it just doesn’t seem like an Earth-shattering revelation to find a by-blow you didn’t know about.

        I wonder if the writers want us to look at Yi Soo’s character.
        – The half(?)brothers scene hints at her growing up in a household far from the Korean ideal.
        – Add to that her comment that she wants a house where nobody leaves.
        – Then there is her repetition: “He’s your son? Really? Are you sure that he’s your son?”

        I think she probably grew up in a home where she was the ‘shameful secret’ and was never allowed to forget by her stepfather.

        Still, I have every hope that she’ll punch DJ in the gut and tell him that it doesn’t matter. [cross fingers and toes]

        And please, Drama Gods, leave the convenient amnesia in the desk drawer! Don’t take it out!!

        • Rashell

          And please, Drama Gods, leave the convenient amnesia in the desk drawer! Don’t take it out!!

          I’m hoping they hear your prayer because I think with birth secrets and mommy issues we’ve got enough of the k-drama cliches in this one.

          I have to agree with Orangy that I don’t understand WHY they had to do this story. It isn’t adding anything to the drama and is in fact taking away from what works about it which is the light fluffy feel. And it makes the lead character into that much more of an ass for dumping the sweet woman who loves him without so much as giving her a chance to make her own choice!

          This episode mostly just made me scream. And not the fan girl kind.

          • rbee

            Ya, me too, Rashell…non-fangirl screaming! I’ve loved this show in a strictly entertainment way. It’s been simply fun. That is, until this episode where it left me disgruntled, at best. Is this what we’re going to have to drag through, this muck, until we get our happily-ever-after ending at, well, at the very end? *grump, grump, grump*

            Ok, enough of that.

            On a completely random note: Does anyone know how I can get my hands on that print hanging above Yi Soo’s bed? I love it. I want it. I googled it to no avail. Help. Please?

        • irmar

          Actually what Me Ah Ri said to Yoon “If he’s yours then don’t worry, oppa, I’m ready to raise him” – although at his age he needs no raising, and already has a mom and dad in Japan – is a very responsible and mature thing. She is putting social norms and stuff where they belong, in the garbage bin, and proclaims that where there is love there is understanding, and everything can be worked out.
          These words are the words that Teacher Seo should have spoken, and she didn’t. She seemed to accept that yes, this son is a big deal, that yes, it’s a deal breaker, and yes, it’s necessary that they break up.
          That’s why I don’t sympathize with her.
          Hoping she changes her mind next episode.

  2. estel

    I like watching this drama (with the exception of the Tae-san/Se-ra bits, because they’re just too annoying to watch), but I do have to admit that the writer’s chosen some really lackluster plot points to dwell on. So much potential, so little actual goodness.

    I think the best bits of the drama are the friendships between the guys. I always get a kick out of the first few minutes of each episode that highlight some of their past.

    • 2.1 Rashell

      The opening scenes are by far the most enjoyable part of the drama for me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I wish that the drama focused more on the friendship between the men as they navigate being in their 40’s. Oh well. What could have been I guess.

      • 2.1.1 cherkell

        I started giggling, but then ended up in tears seeing the ‘Steve-alikes’ at the end of the prologue. That wound is still a bit raw for us Apple Worker Bees. ::sigh::

        Ah, Sandglass. You are the Stuff that Legends Are Made Of. And Choi Min Soo is STILL HAWT!!! 😛

  3. brigitte

    i hate DO JIN …

    • 3.1 katiamon

      him and tae san, those dumb asses. this is the episode where the dignity of these two men went to hell…
      i only like the shortcuts from the begining of the episodes, can’t they make more of them instead of the current plots?

  4. Noelle

    Well now the paternity test is explained and there will be no twists which I’m happy about. If they put us through all this bull just to find out Do Jin is not the father I would break my computer.

    I hate how Tae San said Eun Hee raised Colin by her lonesome when she’s married to a awesome guy who loves Colin like his own. That really pissed me off. As well as he taking care of Se Ra’s money issue because of his pride. Uh! This is why I dislike you Mr. Selfish.

    • 4.1 Brittni

      I thought the same thing. they are all like awww lets pity her because she had such a hard life.. Um no she didn’t she got married to a great guy who loved and raised her son. I seriously hate her and don’t understand why they all like her. She DATED ALL OF THEM!! What kind of a slut dates four friends at the SAME time while they all know. and since they all thought they could be the dad she slept with ALL OF THEM! Why do they idolize a whore? I don’t get it. Maybe if she was some saint then ok but not this. God just give her cancer already so we can all cry about what a shame it is and get it over with so we can move on. UGH

      • 4.1.1 Brittni

        Oh one more thing I forgot How dare she blame her son for her being a slut? Really its his fault that he wanted to know who his dad was? UM maybe you shouldnt have slept with half of the city and he wouldn’t of had to go on a journey to find his dad. Yeah keep blaming him bc your a whore. awesome mom 🙂

      • 4.1.2 awkwardturtle

        I get where you’re coming from with your frustrations but…. the whole cancer bit was a bit harsh eh? Even if Eun-hee’s a fictional character.

        • Brittni

          The cancer comment was to emphasize the ridiculous and over played plot devices this show is using. The hidden child, the perfect girl everyone falls in love with, the noble idiot card, next on the list is dieing from cancer. I’ve watched alot of dramas and a large portion ( too many ) have a character die of cancer just to put angst into the story.I wasn’t “wishing” cancer on her.

      • 4.1.3 malta

        Whoa…I don’t like Eun Hee either, but calm down with the slut and whore bit.

      • 4.1.4 yumi

        Did she date all of then? I’m not sure she earned her slut credentials, and I not sure the men are reliable narrators when it comes to Eun Hee.

        Did Eun Hee date each individual man or did they all socialize as a group and all the men had crushes on her. I never bought the four men’s stories, where each claimed to be Eun Yee’s favorite. I’m be curious to revisit that episode to see if Do Jin said anything on the matter.

        I’m accept Jung Rok denial when he said he couldn’t be the father because he wasn’t capable of impregnating someone he hadn’t touched.

        And none of the guys seems perturb at the possibility of being Colin’s father except for Do Jin. Once he knew Colin was Eun Hee’s son, he always looked at Colin gimlet-eyed. as if he were constantly summing him up and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

        I don’t remember the story behind Do Jin’s stress related memory loss, but I’m waiting to see if it is related to Eun Hee’s disappearance.

        • Kwhat?!

          I agree that they guys are unreliable narrators. When they’re walking back to the car after picking up Colin they all have excuses why it couldn’t be them—”oh, THAT story? Haha, I was just bragging! There were other people/she wouldn’t let me touch her.” I think this is the real moment of truth about Eun Hee’s past with the guys. Also, the guys don’t seem to really have a good grasp on how babies are actually made, because they seem to equate being the most LIKED (not dated/slept with) with baby-daddy potential.

      • 4.1.5 Rude

        Your usage if the word ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ are extremely offensive. Using such language shames female sexuality- something that is not shameful. While it may be strange that she slept with the 4 friends in the same year, strange or weird would be proper terms.

      • 4.1.6 linda macy

        my thoughts exactly….for all four men to be concerned that they were Colin’s Dad she had to have slept with all of them. Ugh! That is more than betrayal…for all parties. I feel sorry for Colin…has to be shock to know that your mama was the local pass around girl. Bet she is still screwing around…once a player usually always a player.

        • sherry_laruku

          For a young lady who decided to raise her baby is a very brave thing to do. Secondly, I doubt that she slept with all of them. I believe the other 3 guys were just bragging.

      • 4.1.7 Susan

        Whore? Slut? Don’t you think you’re being a bit harsh? The only thing we know for a fact is that they all had a crush on her and Do Jin may have been the only one she actually dated.

  5. come2noona

    Yeah, this episode was chock full of WTF?! With a side of “Ugh” and a “Oh no you didn’t”.

    • 5.1 lovedramas

      I absolutely agree. The WTF and “oh no you didn’t” flew out of my mouth pretty regularly in this episode and I wanted to use the “head bang” emoticon.

      • 5.1.1 Shukmeister

        My flatscreen quivered with fear every time I reached for my glass – I just wanted to throw something that badly.

        • skelly


          • Shukmeister

            I threw back a couple of shots of tequila in stead. lol

    • 5.2 MsB

      I don’t generally cuss but they sure were flying out of my mouth last weekend!!

  6. oo

    i thought yoon said at the end of ep 14 that colin WASN’T dojin’s son??

    • 6.1 Mosquito

      Yoon didn’t say as much BUT —- catch phrase *** your dad is my client *** think & take heed

    • 6.2 VanillaLee

      I thought so too. Watching this drama with subs and not understanding Korean I thought the result was that Colin is not Do Jin’s but perhaps Yoon’s. That’s why I’ve been anxiously waiting for this recap.

    • 6.3 tin

      WAIT what?! did i miss that?

      if that’s the case and do jin tells yi soo j/k j/k lets get back together i hope she keeps walking
      so mad right now is it saturday yet?

    • 6.4 addylovesbwood

      I could hv sworn that there was a twist at the end of ep 14. i was caught off guard when Yoon said “i am the lawyer to your fathers company” and i tot “oh thats Tae san” so i was expecting a revalation that Collin was Tae Sans son not Do Jins.

      • 6.4.1 Shukmeister

        Except that they both co-own the same company.

    • 6.5 kakashi

      well, as of now, it is not 100% certain that Do Jin is Colin’s father. The names on the DNA sheet were not revealed, it reads: Client 1 and Client 2 and two birthdates: 720709 and 940920 (=Colin).

  7. Jules


    Why, hello there, noble idiocy; I wish I could say it’s nice to see you again, but you know, it’s really, really not.

    And thank you, thank you, thank you, orangy911 for pointing out that by taking the noble idiot route, all Do-jin is doing is removing Yi-soo’s right to make that choice (whether or not to break up) for herself. Ugh, she isn’t a child! And this break up makes absolutely no sense (for reasons you’ve already enumerated) and I hate it with every fibre of my being.

    Also, if they all think that they could be the father, that clearly means they all slept with Eun-hee – except, Jung-rok intimated to Min-sook that he hadn’t? Unless he only thought he couldn’t be the father because Colin fudged his birth year… (and honestly, I thought the DNA test was saying that someone other than Do-jin was the father?)

    And this is a small niggle in the grand scheme of the episode, but… I have to say, I really didn’t appreciate Do-jin’s ‘jocular’ comments early on in the episode about how Yi-soo isn’t pretty enough – particularly as, later on, he actually breaks up with her. Wow, way to give a girl a complex.

    Yeah, all in all, this was an episode that made me feel angry. And then sad. And then angry again. ARGH.

    …I need a drink.

    • 7.1 Shukmeister

      We need Bourbon’s p’macha back up for this one, that’s for sure.

      • 7.1.1 Jules


        Shuk, allow me to pour you a virtual drink (or twelve).

        • Shukmeister

          Too late, I’m already bending the elbow, but thanks!

          • Jules

            … I ran out of soju and had to move on to cider. *g*

    • 7.2 skelly

      Jules, my sentiments exactly. I totally agree with you and orangy: the selfishness of DJ and TS is just mind-blowing to me. They make all of these unilateral decisions without a moments hesitation…I’m right, I know what’s best, don’t worry your pretty little head about it. In some ways, these guys aren’t 41, they are either 14 or 141.

  8. tin

    it has been torture waiting for this weekend.
    thanks for the great recap orangy!

    is that what mr noble idiocy means? when he leaves to “protect” her? ugh because i totally reject that plot point. and him to say he lost her, he didn’t lose her, he’s throwing her away. big difference! and it took so long for them to even get together! sigh

    i can’t stand the colin story line! i don’t get the point of him. like why do we need to care so much about a secret son? i keep wondering if maybe there will be plot twist about the paternity after all? no? hmmm

    • 8.1 Jules

      he didn’t lose her, he’s throwing her away.

      I said that, too!

      … okay, more accurately, I yelled it at the screen, but you know, same diff. *g*

      • 8.1.1 tin

        yes! so much yelling at the screen.

    • 8.2 tin

      can i also add i was horrified that yi soo let do jin push her into the car after she cried so hard in front of the guard and he had to listen to her choke back sobs on the drive home.
      oh girl. those tears should be reserved for a pillow or a hot shower. keep a lid on it until you’re alone!
      hitchhike, run home, jump on a bus, throw things at him but don’t let him drive you home after he rips your heart out!

      • 8.2.1 Rashell

        Seriously, that was just painful to watch. And really couldn’t he have called a taxi for her after forcing the guard to stop her. He clearly knew how upset she was. And she’d waited until she was away from him to let it out. But I know that feeling that once it’s out there’s just no stopping it.

    • 8.3 nia

      yeaaa.. he’s the one who pushed her away, how could he say that he lost her??????

      he could keep her, by his side actually, and get through the problem together, and decide what to together. but he thrown her away, in the name of “protecting” yi soo. really meant to protect her???

  9. ~Feather~

    Thanks for the recap! I feel the same way as you, when this show attempts to go all melo on us, it fails miserably. The entire episode, I was thinking that all of the decisions they were making were irrational and stupid. Why is it better for Do Jin to breakup with Yisoo first? I’m pretty sure that she would be bothered that Do jin is a father but she would still stay with him in the end. Instead, he just pushes her away thinking that it’s best for everyone, and then goes around moping. And what’s up with Colin!? I can understand that Do jin wants to get to know his son to try to make up for all the time he wasn’t in his life, but Colin just flat out tells him that he doesn’t need to do that since all he wanted to know was who his biological father was. If that was all you wanted, why didn’t you just ask your mother! Why didn’t you ask them in the first place instead of dragging it out until they threatened to deport you back to Japan!
    For now, I will leave with that much said. I want to add more, but I’ll do that after I finish writing up my recap for the first episode of Golden Time.
    I will be back!

    • 9.1 tin

      YES! why are we supposed to care about colin? what does he want?! inheritance? does he need a kidney?

      • 9.1.1 malta

        I think he just wanted to meet his father. I don’t see how we can blame him for that even if we don’t care about him.

    • 9.2 irmar

      Colin probably asked his mother but she wouldn’t tell him. Or he didn’t dare ask. Or something like that.
      Apart from that, isn’t it normal for him to be curious to meet his biological dad? Why are you hating on him? His behaviour is very natural. Moreover, he has started liking the girl, that’s why he stayed more.

  10. 10 nastylla

    thats what im saying a cameo role for the rival of do jin i nominate Uhm tae woong

    • 10.1 Paloma

      Uhm Tae Woong…..OMG!! One of my favourite actors. Two thumbs up for this idea!!

      • 10.1.1 Rashell

        awww can he be himself as the loveable dork we see in 1N2D. He’s so adorkable there that I’d like to get to see him play that guy instead of the badass for a change.

      • 10.1.2 sherry_laruku

        He was so shy around Kim Ha Neul and he blushed too!! LOL!

        • s

          OMG if it’s the Uhm Force I’ll pick him over Do Jin anytime. ANYTIME. Heeee XD

  11. 11 Rebecca34

    Agh!!! Episode 14 was so horrendous. And yet I will so come back for more. I vascillated between laughter and annoyance during this episode. I mean how cliche is Yi Soo standing outside her house waiting for Do Jin while he like hides behind some bushes or something.

    Regardless Do Jin is pretty selfish. He’s a playboy until YS and now all of a sudden he plays the selfless hero. Sure…….

    I want more screen time for MA/Yoon and JR/MS. So is Colin going to go after DJ’s architect firm like Ge threatened in Yoon’s office a couples eps ago?

    • 11.1 omo

      More screen time for JR-MS : fine.

      As for MA, every time she appears, she’s either whining or crying. Gosh, I must have slapped her a gazillion times in my head already. I Hate the Yoon-MA storyline.

  12. 12 VanillaLee

    With all the confusion about who Colin’s father is, it makes me wonder if that means Eun Hee slept with all four of them. That kinda makes me go O.o

    I truly don’t get why it is such a big deal that Do Jin has a son and why he can’t be together with Yi Soo. It was a ‘mistake’ that happened 17 years ago, it’s not like he cheated on her. Maybe it’s something to do with Korean culture? And just like you, orangy911, I was hoping there was a twist that none of them is Colin’s father.

    I don’t see how the writers can present Me Ahri as being mature with just six episodes left. With every episode I keep on wishing that we see improvement with her character but no. Unless that happened I don’t see her ended up being together with Yoon.

    I’m really not liking Eun Hee and Colin because most of the time I don’t get what the characters are thinking. I think for most part the problem lies with the actors. Both of them are stiff and although I’m a fan of CN Blue I cringe whenever Jong Hyun comes on screen.

    • 12.1 malta

      I don’t understand how they could have been confused about who the father is…I kept think is something lost in translation? Are they making stupid jokes, but I’m taking them seriously?

      There are all kinds of things wrong with this plot.

    • 12.2 daniela

      “Maybe it’s something to do with Korean culture?” = I was thinking the same. I am new in this world but it can be so different from my world.
      I truly believe that this episode was written by somebody else. I will erase it from my brain. It doesn’t have any logic – is DJ out of options for future kids? is there a limited number – ONE? OK, he may think he protects YJ with his stupid choice but her reaction was as stupid as his. So what if he has a son, is not like he’s a baby, Colin is already 18.

    • 12.3 irmar

      Unfortunately, the writer is not going the bold route, she’s going the conventional route, so fear that Me Ah Ri will not end up with Yoon.

  13. 13 KDrama Fan

    Thanks orangy for the recap.

    What if the hair Colin gave up for the DNA sample wasn’t DJ’s?

    Whatever, I think DJ is a dick and a half at the moment. You find out that you have a son so you ditch your girlfriend? What?!

    EH is stupid to think her son wouldn’t be curious about his biological father. And is acting all holier-than-thou over it.

    Thank god for DH and JR.

    • 13.1 RockPaperScissors

      I was thinking the same thing about how the hair strands were collected for testing. Didn’t Yoon just take hair from a hairbrush that was on the vanity? How many times haven’t we all borrowed someone else’s brush to use, especially since it was handy in plain sight. I think there is an ever-so-slight chance that someone else is the father. I know, I know – I’m splitting hairs, pun intended!

      • 13.1.1 Shukmeister

        If I was Yi Soo, though, that wouldn’t make a difference. The fact that it appeared easy to throw away our relationship, no matter what spurious reason was used, would color my interaction with Do Jin for a long long time.

        • Rashell

          THIS is the big issue for me. How do you trust this person again not to cut and run when things get hard again?

  14. 14 Paola

    Aggg this episode should have never even existed, i was ranting with the reviewer while i read because that’s exactly how i reacted to this episode… it was 60 minutes of WTF moments!!! you forgot to mention the mommy issues that were introduced last episode, so many plots to develop but we get NOTHING!! arggg if it weren’t for JDG and the bromance in the earlier episodes i wouldn’t even be watching this but i’m starting to think i should drop this for my personal sanity. U.U

  15. 15 simplemindcd

    i think i dont have many rant with this episode, we maybe need to see this kind of thing in korean perspective when they still can’t accept have child before married, that why we see many couple in korea and we found some actor too like JDG himself is married after found out his lover was pregnant

    about colin people judge the actor coz we are not sure with the character, sometime i think it was the acting, but i can’t imagine if other actor play the role it will make any better coz the character was written poorly like that

    • 15.1 irmar

      About the idol playing Colin. I think (although I’m not a 100% sure) that it’s his first part, or maximum the second. So he’s not experienced at all. Even with those very few lines, he could have given an expression to his face. Surely the character has many conflicting feelings to express, which a more seasoned actor would have done.
      It would have been great if he had been given another, easier and smaller part, to gradually acquaint him with dramas, and allow him to acquire acting skills before embarking on emotionally demanding parts that he is not yet able to tackle.

  16. 16 anna

    “On the other hand, why CAN’T the two be together?”
    I agree with everything written here. I just don’t get it. DJ doesn’t have to take responsibility for him. He is going to acknowledge that Colin is his son but that’s about it. Colin has his own family and he was only curious about his biological father. He’s not stay in Korea and live with him or anything. I’m sure we can all move on from this …but he has to make it such a BIG deal and be an idiot. What’s the freaking point? Noble idiocy is the worst sub plot ever!

    Wait, so EH actually had slept with all 4 of them? LOL These guys do share everything.

  17. 17 skelly

    I loved the beginning of this episode – I think it was the best opening vignette they have done! The Sandglass reference, with all of them huddled together sobbing over the ending, and the tech references – I remembered first looking at a cellphone and thinking, “why would I want to lug around that big ugly thing? I’ll go home and use the phone!”. Then Steve Jobs, times four – hilarious.

    They should have just stopped then.

    • 17.1 tin

      i love that jung rok just sat there tilting his head trying to look smart when they were all dressed as steve jobs but not actually participating in their conversation.

  18. 18 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap! I think you’re right — that the writers chose to highlight the parts of the story that didn’t need highlighting. I’m just waiting for the fluff to come back.

  19. 19 Sajen

    Half of my brain “understands” why a secret son is a huge hurdle for a couple

    really mine doesn’t at all in any way shape or form, I knew it was too early for them to be happy together but if this is it I might have to stop watching, despite how much I’ve enjoyed it, because it makes no sense what-so-ever

    • 19.1 quirkywhit

      I’m with you. At the end of the episode where he introduces his exes to each other, I called it quits. Deleted the show off my computer and opted to just read the recaps. Ugh. The show never had a lot of plot – slice of life stories don’t usually – but it made some sense. Angst for angst’s sake? No thank you.

  20. 20 Rai-Rai

    With each episode, Me Ahri only reaffirms why she and Yoon SHOULD NOT be together. Maturity (or the lack thereof) is the issue. Whenever she makes that face, like she is about to wail like a two month old, I hit the fast forward button. Sheesh. I. Just. Can’t. Take. It.

    • 20.1 daniela

      Me toooo!!!!! Actually, my 6 year old girl knows how to cry “‘on demand/on nedded” better, with real tears and the right face – you know ”puss in boots” style.

  21. 21 linda

    I love the opening of this ep. For dojin being father part, I’d rather want to forget about it. Poor Yisoo.

  22. 22 Kdrama fan

    I think YS’s past about her step-brothers and mother will reflect on her relationship with DJ or vv.

    I’m getting tired of Yoon and MR. Their relationship is just at a stand still and not developing at all.

    TS and SR, although self absorbed and righteous, are developing into where SR doesn’t want TS to know here debt and since he’s from a wealth family, probably fears his family will redicule her for marrying for money.

    I like the high school student. I want more story line for him as well as for MS and JR.

  23. 23 Olivia

    re-watching and reading re-cap….still want to punch poop jin in the face >_<

  24. 24 addylovesbwood

    Now that the baby daddy issues out the way. Writers, can we please develop Meahri’s character…a little? see, i am rooting for her and Yoon oppa and the only way i see them being together is HER GROWWING THE F UP!! yoon needs to stand up to that Bully of a man Taesan and declare that he wants to pursue his sister…geeez mann… idrc abt any of the other characters at this point…. collin and his mom can go back to the states for all i care.

    Jung Rok and his wife need to see a damn counselor…otherwise get a divorce.

    I am hoping that Ep 15 and 16 will focus a bit more on Meahri and Yoon… tired of the whole do jin- yi soo storyline…

    • 24.1 umalily

      Jung Rok and his wife Minsook should get a counselor and therapy. I want to cheer for them as a couple because I like both characters but honestly they need to split up. She has all the power and his infidelities are humiliating. Are we supposed to believe he doesn’t sleep with those girls?

  25. 25 Hanna

    I just don’t get this conflict. Yeah. He has a son he didn’t know about.

    This is a hindrance to their relationship how exactly? I mean yes, it might take a few days for the shock to die, but after that it’s just a situation to get used to.

  26. 26 Laica

    I’m totally with you on all your rants about this episode. I was starting to think there might be some hope after abandoning this drama back at ep 6 and then starting again because of boredom – but the illogical angst just has me facepalming.

    What a sad waste of a great bunch of actors.

  27. 27 KDaddict

    Instead of getting mad, I’ve been steadily losing interest in this show. It went from being my favorite among the most popular 3 currently airing (AGD, Big, I do) to being the least liked. It has been falling flat for a couple weeks now. TS has been annoying the way he is being used as the blocker between Yoon and MAR; Sera I’ve never cared about; JR and MS’s marriage is getting no where; so is Yoon and MAR’s relationship or lack of one. All the good places it can go but it doesn’t. The whole thing just stalls! Then this noble idiocy happens! Good thing there aren’t that many weeks of it left for me to watch grudgingly.

  28. 28 Brenda

    I don’t really know how I feel about this drama at this point since it’s been enjoyable but it just took a deep dive southward.

    First off, Me Ahri! This is why I said she has no goals in life. She really doesn’t feel the least bit concerned that she’s so willing to raise Colin without even batting an eyelash just because she loves Yoon? Really?! Oyyyyy! I’ve officially given up on her, from now on I’ll probably just try to ignore her and her crazy, pointless obsession.

    For Do Jin and Yi Soo. . .what is he thinking breaking up with her?! He never knew that Colin even existed and to top that off, it’s not like he’s required to devote the rest of his life to taking care of Colin now that he knows the truth (sorry if that sounded kind of horrible). The past is the past and the present is the present.

    Lastly…Colin!!! There are ways to reveal that you are someone’s secret child, but that was not the way. If his mother chose to keep him a secret from Do Jin (I detest that choice from Eun Hee since it was very irresponsible by the way), then it should also be through Eun Hee that Do Jin finds out the truth. Colin came in and potentially messed up the lives of four people with no real legit reason. If he was dying or was emotionally scarred from a lack of paternal love then maybe I’d try to understand his actions but that wasn’t the case. He had a father who cared for him back in Japan and, from what we know, he’s not dying so I don’t understand the reason why he suddenly chose to travel to South Korea just to find his biological father.

    • 28.1 Kwhat?!

      Also, Colin said that he could’ve just asked his mom and found out which guy is his father. Why create more unnecessary drama? I think he’s a sociopath and likes to mess with people’s lives. Or, as MadDino thinks, he’s a serial killer.

      • 28.1.1 Yokoloco

        Collin as a serial killer is a subplot I could really get behind.

    • 28.2 irmar

      You don’t understand why someone would like to meet their own father? Are you really a human?
      You mean that if you were in his shoes, you wouldn’t even be curious to see the face of this person, you wouldn’t want to have a relationship with him?
      After all, it’s not like his bio dad abandoned him. He just didn’t know about him. So there is ground for a meaningful relationship, even if they only meet once in a while, as Colin lives in Japan.

  29. 29 lenrasoon

    i didn’t see the point of DJ breaking up with YS just because he have a son, and it’s not like Colin is a baby that needed to be raised but he’s almost 18 and already has a loving father in Japan so what’s the problem DJ? i felt during the episode that he was just scared that YS would end the relationship so he rushed and did it first.

    anyway i hope the noble idiocy don’t get too long in the next episodes.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 29.1 sherry_laruku

      Noble idiocy, my foot! Sorry for my language!

      I don’t think it was noble of him at all but selfish cowardly pride. Was he afraid of the rejection from Yi Soo if she found out he has a son? So he pushed her away first? What a coward!

      I hope Yi Soo don’t give him an easy way to come back into her life. He has to suffer plus plus first.. Hehe

  30. 30 June Khoo

    waiting for each episode every weekend is a killer. Ep 14 was like “wat’s wrong with DJ?” The guys are still so MCP in their thinking, felt like hitting them!!

  31. 31 Steph

    I feel your pain Yi Soo/Do Jin shippers and Imma let you finish, but I watch this mostly for Yoon and Maeahri. Soooooo, I’m just glad he’s not Yoon’s son. It’s hard enough out here for a Yoonari shipper, lol!

  32. 32 Cynthia

    I’ve had a week to chew this episode over and I still have the same reaction while watching. I’m thoroughly convinced that one must be of Korean extraction to understand this noble idiocy mentality, ’cause I just don’t get it.

    It’s one thing for an 18 year old to show up on your doorstep to announce paternity. It’s a big event with a degree of ramification, particularly if you are married and have a family. It’s another if the announcement is made to a 41 year old bachelor who handles it by kicking the woman whom he declared as his final and lasting love, to the curb. This is where the disconnect comes in for me. I just don’t get it. It makes NO sense and serves no purpose.

    And frankly, the first thing that came to mind (for me) was the fact that Eun Hee apparently managed to sleep with all 4 of them within a small window of time. Way to gloss over slutty behavior, Show. And here she is, showing up and parading around – no walk of shame for her! I stated in the last comment post and I’ll say it again. Colin comes across as an angry young man with a huge chip on his shoulder, looking to get even – and that’s why Junghyun’s acting isn’t bothering me. He’s getting that attitude across.

    At this point in AGD, it’s no wonder why none of these men has a functioning relationship with the opposite sex. It’s clear that not one of them understands women.

  33. 33 awkwardturtle

    I can’t seem to understand the importance of the “secret son” plot. I know it’s part of the drama in order to add some turbulence to the character’s lives, but really? Where is this leading to exactly?

    Colin is a grown man, and doesn’t need Do Jin in his life. He was just curious and had the right to be, but I still find the whole situation meaningless and unecessary.

    Eun-hee on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in Do Jin, so that rules out a possible love triangle… for now anyways.

    Was this supposed to be a “turning point” in Do Jin’s life? Is it suppose to mature him? Make him a better person?

    I’m hoping there’ll still be a plot twist, the only reason why I’m still watching this is to see Lee Jonghyun’s handsome face. I love the man as a performer, but I cannot stand him as an actor. I’m sorry to the to other boices out there -__-

  34. 34 JD

    *shrug* I don’t see the big deal about Do Jin letting Yi Soo Go. Maybe he’d rather let her go before she rejects him. Maybe he’s scared she’d reject him. That would put him in the most pathetic position ever, seeing how pathetic he already is by being kept in the dark about Colin’s birth. He is arrogant and prideful after all. But if not that, maybe he sees Yi Soo has a pretty innocent individual who hasn’t had a whole ton of dating experience, and like Yoon, he believes himself to be a “tainted” man by experience (whatever that means)? I just didn’t feel the same anger and rage as the majority of people, although I do hate how Yi Soo exploded into a whiny girly fit as if she wasn’t thirty something years old *facepalm* I think she might be one of the most boring heroine I have ever encountered in dramaland.

    But I agree about the lack of development on Me Ahri and Minsook though. Me Ahri is dim and thoughtless as usual and I really want to see her grow and mature as her own individual. That part about her wanting to raise Colin was adorable though, lol. Minsook…sigh. What are you going to do with Jung Rok? If this was real life, I think their relationship would end ultimately in divorce.

    • 34.1 skelly

      That scene when Me Ahri blurted out how she would help raise Colin, I just laughed with embarrassment for her. She is more immature than Colin, and nobly offering to sacrifice herself as a mother…! I facepalmed right along with Yoon. How can he ever see her as a true adult, much less a marriage partner or some sort of equal, when she is forever acting foolish and immature? Let us not to the marriage of true minds admit impediment, but in this case, oy.

  35. 35 calgary

    Are you girls seriously asking how having a son 17 years old is a hindrance to a relationship? Really? Seriously?

    Especially in Korean/Asian culture this is absolutely unacceptable. If you were 30ish and dating a guy who’s 40ish and you discover he has 17 year old son? That’s the end of the relationship and Do Jin knows it so he ended it first. Why do you think the 4 women had a meeting? Because they needed to discuss that there’s 25% chance one of the lives you be turned upside-down and their relationship ended. This is a BIG deal. You can’t just say, he has a son, so what?

    You would be hurt and it wouldn’t take just a few days to get over. I wouldn’t ever date Do Jin again. I will move on and make my own family with someone who will be completely be mine and not obligated to anyone else.

    I know we all want happy endings and such and I think eventually we will get there but these are flawed characters, nobody is perfect in this show and that makes it great.

    • 35.1 skelly

      Hmm. But even if there isn’t an illegitimate son waiting in the wings, no one is ever “not obligated to anyone else,” unless they are a complete orphan with no family, independently wealthy with no job, employers or employees, and ruler of their own personal universe so able to make their own laws, pay their own taxes, and live unattached to friends and neighbors.

      To me Do Jin is a blot on the landscape, but if YS really loves him, and he stops being an arrogant fool, they could find a way to make it work. And they would probably fight a lot, because of who he is especially, but they would fight together. With hard work and effort, in ten years they could be …. like MS and JR! (just kidding!)

      • 35.1.1 calgary

        Sure everyone is obligated to life. Family, jobs etc but it would be our family and we balance it all together.

        But another woman? And a son? That’s outside of the ‘our family’ boundary for me.

        When we date a guy, we probably know that he’s loved someone before or he’s been with someone before, unless we’re 15. But most of the time as women, we like to conveniently forget all that and make ourselves his first love all over again. But another woman and son.. we can’t fantasize and gloss over that.

        In Korea there must be some laws regarding biological fathers in the cases of wills or property. Eun-Hee may say she doesn’t want anything from him, but what does the law say?

        • Kwhat?!

          But Yi Soo knew going into this relationship that Do Jin has a reeeeaaaaally long history with many many women. I think she was pretty aware of his flaws and the potential skeletons in his closet, which was why she was hesitant to begin with. But I thought she had gotten past most of that. I would totally understand her having difficulty dealing with an illegitimate child, but she wouldn’t have to raise him. And the big point is that she should have been consulted. I don’t think it’s right for Do Jin to just decide the course of her life for her. Maybe she could deal with all this. Maybe she can’t. But she should have some say. It’s her relationship, too.

          • calgary

            If you marry a guy with a kid, you’re raising him one way or another. He might not be in your house but issues will come up in the future like grandchildren or wills. As was stated below, Korea was a registration system.

            People react to situations in different ways. Do Jin did what he thought was right but it was probably wrong. Again these are flawed characters. Plus all this has happened in the context of one single day pretty much.

            Do Jin needs to settle down and work this out with Eun Hee. Yi Soo has already seemed a bit calmer at the baseball park. It’s unfortunate that the two women met this way but Do Jin had no choice but to introduce them. I suspect all three of them will hear from Yoon at the start of episode 15 and it’ll be yet another twist.

    • 35.2 malta

      Totally westernized woman here. I readily admit it, so I don’t get it at all.

      So Do Jin has a son. This means the relationship has some issues to deal with, but what is with the immediate atomic bomb break-up?

      What merits such an over-the-top conclusion?…Does this mean Do Jin can never date another woman because he has a son?…honest question.

      I do not live in an Asian culture and I am not Asian, but I would not dump my 40yr old boyfriend because he learned he had an 18yrs old son he never knew about because the mother ran away from him and never told him. To the extent that we can speculate about these dramatic turns, I would not feel hurt because my boyfriend did not do anything to me. I would feel confused, insecure and worried about our relationship, but that for me doesn’t translate to completely bailing out when just one day ago I was professing my love…

      But, say that I do have to dump my boyfriend because of societal pressures from the culture that I live in- then doesn’t that make Eun Hee even more of a total a-hole than we originally thought her to be. She denied Do Jin the first 18yrs of his son’s life and has basically ruined his life in the present….Why was nobody mad at her in this episode?

      • 35.2.1 calgary

        It’s totally a cultural thing. In Korea, if you’re unmarried with a baby, you cannot have your head up.

        The drama doesn’t address it but Eun-Hee probably didn’t just run away from Do Jin, she ran away from everything friends, parents, education etc. If she had told Do Jin 18 years ago, it probably ruins his life too. I know that sounds really weird but there is such a huge stigma about having a baby out of wedlock. Little did she know her son would be curious now and ruin Do Jin’s life now.

        • malta

          It is a totally cultural thing…don’t know what to say about it. It sucks. Colin is not a shameful “thing.”

      • 35.2.2 sachiko erin

        Korea has this family registery system where you need to register the person in a household..but it was repealed in 2005..
        but still it was pretty much embedded in Korean culture..
        being the first born automatically give you more rights to the inheritance and all..
        if Dojin agreed to put Colin as his son under his personal registry, he’ll be the first born..even worse when he’s illegitimate
        parents in Korea won’t like and approve this especially when the guy is a bachelor( unless the whole family are super modernized and didn’t bother with this)..they won’t want to let their daughter to marry Dojin
        i think Dojin expect this to happen to him and Yisoo therefore he broke off his relationship with Yisoo

        • Gasenadi

          See?! THAT’S why I love the recaps and the comments. The whole family registration explanation clears up a lot of the issue. I didn’t understand what all the “fuss” was about until the last few cultural references. THANKS!

    • 35.3 celest1al

      Calgary, I agree with everything you said. Yeah, sure, I know they did play up the noble idiocy a bit more to bring angst into the mix, but I definitely don’t think that having a child is a matter to take as lightly as some people seem to be doing. Yeah, I don’t agree with DJ’s actions, but I definitely understand him. And yes, if I were YS… I’d definitely rethink my relationship with DJ. And even if DJ didn’t break up with her, I feel like she might have considered it on her own, to be honest. Especially since they haven’t even been dating for a long time.

    • 35.4 daniela

      I’m sorry, but Collins mother did get married even with a child from a different man. And her husband did raise that child.

      • 35.4.1 calgary

        She had to run away from Korea and marry a non-Korean man.

        It’s a stigma.

  36. 36 malta

    Agree with sooooo much of the ranting above.


    “Do Jin has fallen from A+ groom status to a D and Yi Soo feels a huge amount of betrayal.”

    Why should Yi Soo feel betrayed? What’s the betrayal? It’s a disappointing thing to deal with because it complicates matters, but Do Jin didn’t lie or keep it from Yi Soo once he learned the truth and it’s not like Colin is 6months old. This happened DECADES before these two even knew each other.

    I just don’t get it.

    • 36.1 Brenda

      That’s what I’m thinking too.
      I think it would be a bigger deal if Do Jin skirted around the issue and knew all along that he already had a 17 year old son walking around. But Yi Soo found out almost as soon as he did so it’s not like he betrayed her trust or something. And in his defense, he never knew anything. Eun Hee ran away from him with their child, should he be persecuted for someone he never knew existed??

  37. 37 Linh

    That is also my favorite opening too, love love it, and love the Steve Jobs clothes too, hilarious!

  38. 38 linda

    I somehow understand that Do jin may want to punish himself because he know how hard it must be for en-hee when she got pregnant and did not even come to him . Although it is not his fault. But, what about Yi soo?

  39. 39 malta

    There are many things messed up about this plot right now. Primarily I blame the writer. !@#*&^% In the drama though, all this is Eun Hee’s doing.

    I do not blame Colin for wanting for meet his birth father even if it is just to meet him once and not to form a life long relationship. Colin is totally in his right looking for his birth father. It’s his FATHER! Now Colin could have been more discreet, but obviously he is rebelling/trying to figure out stuff about himself, so being discreet probably isn’t part of his plan. I definitely care more about Yi Soo as a character than Colin, but Colin has the right to meet his father even if that messes up Yi Soo’s relationship with Do Jin.

    The problem that many of us have with this episode it that it creates a false choice by pitting a relationship with Yi Soo VS. the familial relationship with Colin that has just been established (Do Jin being his father- something neither of them have control over). AND Do Jin has the right to know that he has a son. Colin is not the problem.

    I will concentrate all my curse filled, confused, anger, exasperation, and utter annoyance at the writer and Eun Hee…also Do Jin for dumping Yi Soo so cruelly.

  40. 40 MsB

    Oh my goodness! I have been holding this rant ALL WEEK! Let’s just say for the first time ever, I went from loving a drama to hating it in one episode! I hate when noble idiocy is introduced but I hate it even more when it just does not make sense to me. Okay, Colin is almost an adult; he’s not a baby, toddler, or a little boy. Why does it makes sense to dump your girlfriend for something like this? Like orangy said, Do Jin did not even give Yi Soo a chance to respond. He took it upon himself. I’m not mad at Colin for wanting to find his father; however, the minute Eun Hee had told him his father was not his father; THAT should have been the time where she she have told Do Jin! So I blame her for this situation. Its not like he abandon her; she left; voluntarily. Made the decision that he would not have wanted the child but sounds to me like they both had feelings for each other so that makes NO SENSE!

    Tae San’s talk with Yi Soo, what a bunch of bulls**t! He wasted breath! He irritates me. We looked at him as being the good guy in the beginning; but he is a CONTROL FREAK!! Go away! Him and Se Ra deserve each other! And why mad get at her insistence in not married. She said from the beginning that marriage was not going to be a by-product of their relationship.

    Yoon and Meahri? We are running out of episodes for her to grow up! It would have been nice to see a gradual maturity but obviously, that is going to be a rush job because those two are going to have to get around bro Tae!

    Min Sook and Jung Rok? I am ready to see either forgive or forget!

    I don’t know what Saturday has in store for us. I, personally don’t see a resolution for this situation (Yi Soo/Do Jin) next week. I feel they are going to drag this crap out another week just to PISS ME OFF MORE!! But alas, I will be watching. Hoping against hope that people WAKE UP!! GET OVER IT!! Let’s get back to the loving. Or, maybe tomorrow Do Jin will totally forget this conversation because he lost his pen!!!!!!

  41. 41 E_Kun

    I am I the only person watching this show who thinks the majority of the storyline is absolutely bonkers? All of the women piss me off, 3/4 of the couples I do not want together and oh… Colin is a wrong mofo! Yet I will be forced to finish this lunacy of a show… *sigh and kicks a puppy(not a real one…stuffed animal)*

    • 41.1 calgary

      It’s a show about flawed middle-aged characters…. and a kid named Me Ahri. These are not perfect people.. it’s supposed to be bonkers!

      Sad to say, most of real life is this way. It mirrors some of my life to be quite honest!

      • 41.1.1 simplemindcd

        i agree with you, i think the best of this drama since i start watching it is their character flaw, i know some people is watch k-drama because of the fantasy love story, but this drama tell about real life urban professional in their 40’s in korea and most of the part of this drama really happen in korean society..

        maybe if western think about this plot will said this is illogical but as asian that was culture

      • 41.1.2 E_Kun

        You can have flawed characters and have a way better storyline. I have seen it done several times over. I have no problem with the characters being “flawed”… It is the piss poor writing that makes the show bonkers.

    • 41.2 daniela

      I USE to watch it for fun! but they killed the fun out of it for no reason.

  42. 42 seoulflysea

    “In other words, I don’t care. I’m just tolerating the problem because we have six more episodes to fill.”

    I agree. This is a basic writing problem that Korean screen writers seem to have when it appears that the main couple “finally” get together. They’re happy for about 2 episodes and then introduce the “heartbreak/melodrama” crap that seldom enhances the storyline. Now, I’m not one of those people that insist that the main couple be happy forever. As long as the storyline is absorbing and interesting, I generally can go along for the ride. But when the side story lines, and in this case, the ex-lover & child, it is NOT interesting because I don’t really care about these characters.

    Yes, we as the viewer knew that Colin was up to something on the plane back to Korea and it would have something to do with the 4 “gentlemen”. But they never fully developed the storyline for Colin or his mother or Eun Hee’s involvement with all 4 men. And at this point, I don’t really care anymore. All I see is that this is just a dumb scenario in which Eun Hee & the son are just obstacles for the main couple. If the writer became serious about presenting the reality of single moms and men needing to take responsibility then I’d get it. But this is just fluff in which the storyline is used cheaply to hinder the main couple’s love. Just as Dramabeans stated that “Rooftop Prince” drama strayed from being interesting whenever the non-principal characters took up air time, I feel that in this drama, the whole “I found out you’re my long lost son” is inane and I don’t find myself sympathizing with Eunhee or her son.

    Maybe it’s that I find the actor portraying Colin lacks something in the acting department, but I find the motivation for Colin to find his paternal father to be rather shallow and flippant for me to believe.

    It would have been more interesting, in my humble opinion, if the writer emphasized more on how romance/love relationships are developed between men and women in their late 30’s and 40’s because now the conventional dos and don’ts do not necessarily have to apply. Age and maturity DO have its advantages.

    But instead, the writer chooses to introduce storylines that so many other dramas uses to patronize the audience with “hardships” for the couple. I haaaaate that. And so do the watching public. The ratings for “A Gentleman’s Dignity” dipped slightly with last Sunday’s episode, which dealt with the Eunhee & her son crap. Seems that we’re not the only ones who didn’t appreciate their appearance either.

    • 42.1 simplemindcd

      the rating always deep every sunday because of gag concert the rating last sunday is best rating they get in sunday since start airing..

    • 42.2 simplemindcd

      that also what i said before that colin dont have motivation to find his father because his dialog is poorly written, when Yoon ask him why he want to find his biological father he answer “because he want to know from who he get his look” so it was intentionally written like that buy the writer that made me can’t blame the actor..

    • 42.3 umalily

      Liked what you said. Except we don’t like Colin because he’s not well written either. Can’t I watch a drama without all the angst?

  43. 43 jomo

    Thanks for the recap and your thoughts!

    This episode wasn’t even over before I was ranting on my Kdrama FB group page. Almost word for word what you wrote up there.

    Seriously? In 2012, with all the other dramas showing us a more progressive SK – secretly adopted children, blended families and people overcoming these problems, we are supposed to believe that an 18 year old son from a relationship almost two decades ago would break up a couple?

    Plot fake conflict no even noble sacrifice because YOU DIDN’T EVEN ASK HER IF SHE MINDED, YOU ASS!

    My only hope is we will get over this in the first 20 mins of the next episode, and get on with everyone accepting this child rather than toss him around like a hot genetic potato.

    • 43.1 rosalie

      SK may be progressive in so many aspects but their mentality is till backward on that aspect. I f you had a child out of marriage, you and your child will be ostracize.

      • 43.1.1 jomo

        I think what bothers me is that so far we haven’t seen that DJ would be that conservative, nor have we seen a close-minded YS.
        If anything, YS has shown herself as sympathetic and understanding. Suddenly, DJ thinks she wouldn’t be able to handle this?

    • 43.2 malta

      Wow jomo. I’ve never seen you rant like this before. This episode has everyone ranting! LOL.

      And I agree. The problem for me is that neither Yi Soo or Do Jin have been presented as being that conservative. Yi Soo has some family drama with her mother so she is willing to be “unfilial” which makes her less conservative in my mind. Maybe I’m wrong. And Do Jin is a 40yr old bachelor who carries on sexual relationships with his girlfriends including the not so serious ones based on earlier episodes. So I don’t see Do Jin as being conservative.

      I can totally see the relationship ending because of Colin and all the different cultural issues in Korea. It’s just how it was done that was so infuriating. The only person who should be doing the dumping is Yi Soo. It’s her choice first not Do Jins! And Yi Soo is so weak she took it like a wet rag just wailing, crying and letting Do Jin and really Eun Hee also just walk all over her and their relationship! ugh! So aggravating! It makes me think that a woman with so little resilience of her own has no business dating a 40yr old bachelor.

      • 43.2.1 Runa

        haha, you guys/girls … this drama is primarily written for a Korean audience, some of us seem to forget that we are just ‘outsiders’, watching something great thanks to Fansubbers who put subtitles there for us … let’s just accept that having a kid out of wedlock is something BIG in Korea and it shakes up everything, even if your are not conservative. Do Jin is simply trying to protect Yi Soo from becoming a stigmatized woman because she’s with a guy who’s fallen from grace. Not sure I find all the rant appropriate.

        • Gasenadi

          @Runa – I agree w/you. About Yi Soo wailing? I can lose it at moments of intense frustration and RAGE. I totally could understand YS losing it, especially after finally accepting her feelings and the relationship, only to have THIS happen out of nowhere!?

          It’s basically ABANDONMENT once more.

  44. 44 IBELIS

    The women are no brighter than the men, SR instead of accepting TS proposal she turns him down because she is in debt and don’t want to be seen as a gold digger, She could have explain the situation to him and still put off getting married until she had resolved her issues. YS after he said what he had to say she could have took a deep breath and said what she had to say. Bot of these women are adults and don’t need to be asked their opinion in order to express it .Plus she is working on her own problem that she hasn’t felt a need to explain to him.

    I don’t get why Colins daddy is such an issue, he almost an adult he not looking for anything just wants to know who his dad is and maybe get to know him a bit. I kow that DJ has been crazy over YS for some time but she has only recently realized she likes him, so is she in a position where he needs to explain private matters to her.

    Again I just don’t get it.

  45. 45 umalily

    Thanks for the recap. I was upset with Do Jin’s reaction, but that’s standard for kdramaland. Also thanks for bringing up Yi Soo’s mom. Wonder what that’s about?

  46. 46 umalily

    And are we supposed to believe that Eun Hee slept with 3 or possibly 4 guys who are best friends? They don’t mind sharing? And what kind of person does that make her …besides my personal hero and now role model?

    • 46.1 linda

      That i dont think so

    • 46.2 malta

      LOL 🙂

      It’s confusing, but the more I think about it, I doubt they made her character sleep with all of them.

    • 46.3 daniela

      LOL! This kind of humour I needed:))

  47. 47 Suzi Q

    This episode you want to say what the world happened to Do Jin? He is suppose to be a gentlemen and went thru all the lovey dovey gyrations to woo Yi Soo.
    Maybe he wanted to be the noble idiot but what he did to Yi Soo was crass! He kicks her to the curb and drives her home while she is sobbing her heart out and then later at the end, he introduces her to his former lover, Eun Hee. What a heel to make Yi Soo suffer like that…How low can this idiot get?
    I think in this day and age, having an illegitimate child is not that a big deal. Shit happens.Why couldn’t Do Jin and Yi Soo try to work it out? So the F44 found out Do Jin is a dad. Big Woop! The kid is an adult and has his own family in Japan. He should go back and live in Japan and stay out of Do Jin and Yi Soo’s hair.

    • 47.1 skelly

      I think the “Gentleman” of the title must be for laughs. DJ has never been a gentleman. The only time he has shown some gentlemanly behavior was when things were going well with YS, and even then he was always pestering her to go to bed with him. This is no Kim Boong Do, here. Instead, I find him so detestable that I have to watch just to see what deserves a groan, a facepalm, or an expletive deleted each episode.

      • 47.1.1 malta

        That’s true. Yoon is probably the only gentleman. Tae San maybe, but he’s been a jerk lately. If I were Yi Soo I would dump Do Jin’s butt for being so crass not because of having a son. Actually I would have never gotten with Do Jin since his type is not attractive to me.

        And Do Jin is no where in the same league as Kim Bong Do…I don’t even think they are on the same planet! LOL.

  48. 48 whatis

    LOL! Orangy! Your comment section was EXACTLY my comment rant from 2 days ago at Episode 13’s recap. I just don’t understand anymore…

    This drama is actually becoming a bad joke, though I still like watching it – just so I know where the writer’s going to take it.

    If they’re going to roll with the hidden child, and with so much FLUFF as well – as in… many things are taken very lightly or very dramatically…. no real depth here… then the drama should really just pull out all the stops and make it into a parody!

    Make Min Sook have a long lasting affair on the side. Bring Yoon’s wife back from the dead, that ex-wife is in coma in a hospital. Yi Soo’s step mom is actually a CEO of a multibillion coporation. I don’t know… at least that way, there’s a point they’re trying to get a cross!

  49. 49 omo

    Thanks for the recaps, orangy.

    BTW, I don’t quite understand the ratings….highly overrated. If 25-30% of SK is watching this show with 4 imperfect men and their dysfunctional relationships, does that mean a quarter of the population can relate to this stuff? Scary thought. *shudders*

  50. 50 yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    Me Ahri is a character with so much unrealized potential, as a “person” and as a plot element. I understand why the audience is impatient with her.

    But, I really enjoyed her in this episode and her willingness to rise to the occasion and raise a son who was already more mature than she is. Her dedication to Yoon and working around the obstacles to their relationship gave the episode some of the comic relief it needed.

    She really needs to work on the obstacles to their relationship Yoon mentioned–her not having a dream independent of him for her future.

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