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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 15
by | July 19, 2012 | 109 Comments

Tame is what I would call this episode. There were some fun moments but it pains me to say that not much happens. Still, I see a small light at the end of this angsty tunnel.


Tae San kicks off the opening by explaining that the men in Korea, no matter how “normal” they are in reality, become nothing more than dogs when they put on their army uniforms after discharge. Haha. The F44 arrive at a reunion for their army unit and continue to fool around when a younger officer requests for their attention.

The junior officer (cameo by Kim Sung Oh) blows a whistle after being continually ignored and the four men begin to tease him for being such a hard ass. He’s only a private? Psh. When is he going to get discharged? Hee. The labels on their helmets have been changed from their unit number to phrases such as “B Level” and “So pretty” to reflect how seriously they take the reunion. HAHA.

Some time later, Tae San and Do Jin inform the other two that they’re going to meet an extremely important client. The young officer walks into the cafe and Yoon (Yoon?!) begins to bully him as the others smirk in amusement. The private tearfully calls out for his mom who turns out to be the VIP client. LOL yes. I love it.

Do Jin and Tae San immediately backpedal and tell Yoon and Jung Rok to shut up. The private sniffs that his heart was hurt and the two rush to comfort him. HAHAHAH. I’m crying with laughter. D’aw. I’ve missed you, Kim Sung Oh.

Do Jin sits alone in a cafe and looks out the window. He is reminded of Yi Soo sighing over how handsome Yong Hwa was after a dinner date. Do Jin had gotten jealous and Yi Soo laughed that he needs to treat her better if he wants to keep her. She then motioned for him to share some of his smoothie and he quickly complied. Sigh. So cute. Why couldn’t you guys have stayed like this!?

They had noticed a young man on a nearby bench singing by himself and fought to suppress their laughter at his tone-deafness. Do Jin asked how Yi Soo would rate the man in her book and she had replied that she would not cast him (a parody of what the judges said on the TV show K-POP Star). Heh. After some friendly banter, they had decided to go to the movies.

The memories cause Do Jin to smile sadly but his thoughts are interrupted when Eun Hee arrives at the cafe. He informs her that they must meet Yoon at his office because “that kid” is there. Eun Hee bristles at the impersonal comment and corrects Do Jin; “that kid” is Colin.

She continues that she knows English names are foreign to him, which is why she had hoped Do Jin would have given Colin a Korean name when she came to him eight years ago. WHA? WHAT?!

He stares at her in confusion and she scoffs that she must have been a really weak memory to him. Did he really forget or is he just pretending to forget? He commands her to speak more clearly. They spoke about Colin before? She replies that she hadn’t said Colin was his son; she told him he needed to meet someone when she came to visit him years ago. ::groan::

Do Jin had asked to meet “that someone” the next day because he was busy, but he didn’t show up at their meeting place. She slips in that Colin ate five waffles over the span of three hours while waiting for him and Do Jin buries his face in his hands out of guilt. He blames his absence on the first outbreak of his short-term memory loss and then asks how much more she can do to make him into a bad guy.

She lets out a shaky breath and comments that this is why she didn’t appear in front of him all these years. She didn’t want to trouble him. Oh my. Can we please stop making her into some martyr? He responds that she shouldn’t have run away in the first place and she tells him that she couldn’t trust him back then. Must. Not. Scream.

They run into Yi Soo outside of Yoon’s office and Eun Hee tells Yi Soo that it’s nice to meet her; she had wondered what kind of person Yi Soo was and that she regrets meeting like this.

Yi Soo stiffly responds that she had never thought they would be greeting each other so casually either. She confesses that she’s at a loss what to say but still manages to correct Do Jin’s introduction of her. She’s someone he dumped, not someone he lost.

She coolly tells Do Jin that she can make her own personal connections and whips around the corner. She waits in the hallway but Do Jin doesn’t come after her; instead, he and Eun Hee go into Yoon’s office. Gah. Super sad face.

Yoon hands Do Jin the DNA results and confirms that Colin is his biological son. He informs the two parents that Colin had asked if Do Jin was rich and Eun Hee laughs nervously; maybe she should go talk to her son. She walks out after promising Yoon to meet him for a drink the next time she comes back to Korea. Wait. So why did Eun Hee have to come with Do Jin to the office again? For plot convenience? Okay. Understood.

After she leaves, Yoon asks what Do Jin will do about his son. Do Jin compares his current feelings to when someone first rides a bike. “People tell you to turn the handle in the same direction you’re falling but you’re tempted to do the opposite. The only thing I can do is turn my handle in the same direction I’m falling.”

He mentions seeing Yi Soo in the hallway and requests that Yoon listen to her if she comes back. “Give her a handkerchief if she cries. If she trash-talks me, do the same. If she asks about me, tell her that I’m sorry.” Tell her yourself. Hmph.

Yi Soo tells Se Ra that she met Eun Hee today and Se Ra laments that she should have pulled all of Eun Hee’s hair out. HAHA. Yi Soo sighs that nothing would have changed anyway but Se Ra replies that you don’t pull out other people’s hair to change things; it’s all about power and making a statement that this man is hers.

Yet Yi Soo disagrees. She lost the moment when she first saw Eun Hee. She comments that she doesn’t even know what she said. The only thought that went through her head was that she was envious of Eun Hee for knowing Do Jin in his twenties. Eh? You know him like right now. Isn’t that more important? Se Ra sighs that she’s worried about Tae San’s future while Yi Soo frets over Do Jin’s past.

Se Ra asks if Eun Hee was really pretty and Yi Soo gives an affirmative nod. She was like someone out of a drawing. Psh. Come on. I don’t understand why they have to keep mentioning how purty Eun Hee is. I mean, she is, but what does that have to do with the plot? Maybe I shouldn’t be asking this question.

Me Ahri visits Yi Soo and wonders if she’s sick. She also pumps Yi Soo for more info on Eun Hee. Yi Soo simply replies that it was the first time she ever felt jealous of an older woman. Me Ahri reassures her that she’ll help Yi Soo take petty revenge on Eun Hee. Aw. Yi Soo laughs weakly in response.

Jung Rok sits in amazement after Yoon tells him that Colin is 99.99% Do Jin’s son. Jung Rok remarks that hearing 99.99% strangely sounds more legit than 100%, like those cleaning supplies that kill close to 100% of bacteria. LOL. Huh? Can I just watch you all day instead of this noble idiot fest next door?

Tae San joins them and suggests that they buy Colin some clothes now that they’re his “uncles” but Jung Rok hesitates. Is it one outfit altogether or three different outfits? Haha. Yoon commands him to stop the immature act; does he really want to act like a kid in front of Colin? Jung Rok pouts that he is going to be an awesome uncle regardless of maturity. Hee.

Colin steps into a brightly-colored cafe and notices Yoon, Tae San, and Jung Rok waving at him while sitting in plushy rocking chairs. Lol. You dorks. Colin grimaces in embarrassment and sits down hesitantly. They hand him presents to welcome him into their lives as Do Jin’s son and his eyes widen at their unexpected warmness.

Jung Rok peppers Colin with questions about his blood type and star sign only to conclude that Colin is sensitive and needs a lot of love. Haha. He introduces himself formally as Jung Rok, one of Do Jin’s friends and a man who is as smooth as a cappuccino. Pft. Tae San sticks out his hand and says that he’s Do Jin’s business partner while Yoon remarks that he’s Do Jin’s housemate and lawyer. I want uncles like you too! Where’s my handshake?

Yi Soo notes that Dong Hyub is absent again and finds him at his part-time job. She tells him that he needs to apologize for hitting Sung Jae and making him transcribe the ethics books. He also needs to receive an apology for being slapped.

Dong Hyub scoffs that he cares more about making money than ethics. She frowns and replies that he needs to at least graduate high school but is rendered silent when Dong Hyub explains that he’s making money in order to go to school. He needs to buy supplies, books, and pay transportation fees. Oop. Touché, sir. Touché.

Eun Hee calls Yi Soo to set up a meeting at yet another cafe. Yi Soo reluctantly makes her way to where Eun Hee is and Eun Hee asks point-blank if Yi Soo and Do Jin broke up. Does she love Do Jin? What the. Yi Soo answers that she doesn’t know why she has to explain her love life to Eun Hee. One high five for Yi Soo!

Eun Hee launches into a speech to explain her relationship with Do Jin: “I loved a man named Kim Do Jin a long time ago. I became pregnant at a young age and ran away because I was scared. Do Jin had no idea. I can understand if you hesitate because of Colin but I hope that you stop worrying because of me. I’ve aged to become the happy wife of another man.”

She gets up to leave and Yi Soo quietly informs her that Do Jin really loved her in the past. Eun Hee smiles and replies that this is good news for Colin.

Yoon forces Do Jin out of bed and acts the part of a loving wife. Hee. He hands Do Jin bowls of stew and rice but Do Jin just looks limply at the food. Yoon tries to cheer him up by saying that there is plenty of time to turn his life around but Do Jin doesn’t hear a word he says. Aw. I’m still all for you two running away together.

Jung Rok, Yoon, and Tae San discuss Do Jin’s situation and Jung Rok sighs that he feels bad for Yi Soo. Tae San admits that he doesn’t know what to say to Do Jin and the other two nod in sympathy. Jung Rok suggests that they work together to help the ill-fated lovers; it’s two against three and the side with more people always has the advantage.

He commands Tae San to bring Yi Soo to his cafe later and for Yoon to do the same with Do Jin. Yoon asks why his cafe and Jung Rok claims that his cafe is extremely important in the history of Yi Soo and Do Jin’s romance. His employee called him the other day and said that the couple was making out in front of the cafe. She had asked if she should report them. Bwahah.

Tae San invites Yi Soo out for some tea awkwardly, which tips Yi Soo off that Do Jin will also be coming to the cafe soon. She thanks Tae San because she really misses Do Jin. Aw. Do Jin shuffles into the cafe with Yoon, who instantly churns out a cringe-worthy “What a coincidence…Yi Soo is here too” act. Hahaha.

Tae San makes a face and quickly pulls him outside so the two lovebirds can talk. However, Yi Soo abruptly stands up when Do Jin tries to talk to her, claiming that she has an important appointment scheduled today. She runs out and Do Jin sits sadly at the table.

Some time later, Yi Soo and Dong Hyub stand outside Sung Jae’s house and Yi Soo begs Sung Jae’s mother to come out so they can speak about the slapping incident. Min Sook arrives home to see Yi Soo standing outside her neighbor’s residence and steps in when Sung Jae’s mother coldly dismisses Yi Soo over the intercom.

Min Sook uses her super powers and soon Sung Jae’s mother is cowering outside in front of her. Yi Soo gives her a quick look of awe and then apologizes on behalf of Dong Hyub. She hints for Dong Hyub to also apologize but he holds onto his pride, causing Min Sook to knock him upside the head. “Don’t you have something to say, nephew?” Heh.

Dong Hyub quickly bows as a result and the woman accepts the apology readily at Min Sook’s glare. Yi Soo cautiously states that the lady should also consider dropping the lawsuit and Min Sook comments that Yi Soo should contact her lawyer for additional help. Sung Jae’s mother stammers that she’ll drop the lawsuit and apologizes to Dong Hyub for hitting him. She then scampers back to her house.

Yi Soo thanks Min Sook for her help and comments that she must know Sung Jae’s mother well. Min Sook replies that rich people only know each other through money, not relationships. She turns to Dong Hyub and informs him that rich people rule this dirty world. If he wants to become rich, he needs to study. She sends him home and requests a chat with Yi Soo.

Min Sook asks if Yi Soo is okay; she heard about Do Jin and Colin. Yi Soo honestly replies that she’s not alright. She asks herself every day if she can be happy with a man and his child whom she didn’t give birth to. She thinks she can some days but not all the time.

Min Sook comments that Yi Soo is stuck and can’t go forward nor backward. Yet she sees that Yi Soo is leaning towards the path that leads towards Do Jin. Yi Soo looks up at her, baffled by how well Min Sook has read her mind. She later waits for the bus when the song that the tone-deaf man had been singing plays on the radio.

Do Jin listens to the same song at the same time and he heads home in a stupor. The song triggers a slew of happy times with Yi Soo and he lets tears trail down his face once he gets to his darkened room.

Me Ahri stops by Yoon’s office to present him with a bracelet. He notices that she’s wearing a white version of the bracelet and declines the gift while saying that he needs to protect his friendship with Tae San. She blurts out that she’s not asking for him to take off his wedding band or for him to buy her a ring. It’s just a present!

She angrily throws the bracelet away and then Yoon also reminds her to stop using informal language with him; he’s 17 years older than her. She stomps out and he sighs while looking at his wedding ring.

She runs to a karaoke place and sings her heart out until Tae San shows up. He yells at her for drinking again and she bursts out crying. He calls Yoon and begins to scream that Me Ahri refuses to go to college and drinks every day because of him. She rushes up to her brother in a panic but finds that he wasn’t really speaking to Yoon. He warns her to mind her actions.

Yi Soo calls Do Jin out and rips into him for breaking the promises that he made to her while they were dating. “You said you would love me for at least a month. I know that what has happened to you is shocking but I’m worried about myself. Why do I like a man like you? How can I want to see you more than ten times a day?”

Her voice grows more serious and she requests, no, demands, that they separate according to her rules. He needs to come out whenever she calls him and needs to keep the promise that he’ll love her for a month. She will break up with him whenever she wants to. He quietly agrees, “I will do whatever Seo Yi Soo wants me to do.”

Over the next couple of weeks, she calls him out to go to bookstores, movies, and restaurants. They keep a certain distance from each other on each date. At the movie theater, a man knocks into Yi Soo and Do Jin helps her back up. She jerks out of his arms and states that she’s okay; he’s pushed her away much harder than that man anyway.

Do Jin “returns” to the times he hurt Yi Soo, like when she found him at his apartment with another woman, to apologize for his immature actions. He tells her “I should have told you that I missed you. I, like a fool, believed that there would be another chance to meet you. I’m sorry for hurting you because of my wretched pride.” ::sob::

Me Ahri drives Se Ra’s car to Jung Rok’s cafe which Se Ra sees when she walks outside. She storms over to Min Sook’s building to throw a fit; why does Tae San have her car? Min Sook coolly states that Tae San has the collateral because he took care of Se Ra’s money troubles.

Se Ra explodes from anger in response. How could Min Sook let Tae San repay her debts? Is she not aware of how hard it was for her to approach Min Sook? Min Sook returns with an equally strained voice that she has no reason to pick Se Ra’s pride over Tae San’s, especially when Tae San is Jung Rok’s friend. She leaves Se Ra fuming on the street.

Eun Hee informs Do Jin that she’s going back to Japan tonight but Colin wants to stay in Seoul. Do Jin replies that Colin should stay if he so desires and that he’ll give Colin a Korean name soon. He apologizes for making her take care of Colin alone for all these years and sincerely wishes her happiness.

The next day, Yi Soo calls Do Jin out to eat with her. She receives a phone call from her mother soon into the lunch date and starts to excuse herself. He inquires as to who called but Yi Soo ignores his question.

Do Jin grabs Yi Soo’s wrist to keep her from leaving and she snaps that she needs to meet her mother, a woman who gave up her biological child to care for some other children. Does Do Jin want to meet her mom and receive some tips on how to be a bad parent? His grip tightens at her sharp comment and she throws him a challenging look.


It’s a little frustrating that today’s episode was full of filler, especially since we’re running out of time to tie up several plot lines. We have gotten virtually nowhere on the Yoon and Me Ahri front which drives me a little crazy. Maybe Tae San should send Me Ahri back to America just so we can have something different. She’s been whining while he’s been brooding for 15 episodes. Let’s shake things up a little. Please?

On another note, some commentators have been calling Eun Hee some not-so-nice names which I don’t think she really deserves. Granted, the story seemed to insinuate that Eun Hee had certain relations with all four guys but she only wanted Do Jin when she was younger. Therefore, she’s not what you call a loose lady; the other F44 members just made her seem like she was.

Eun Hee is painted as a beautiful, self-sacrificing woman who seems pretty harmless but I’m finding her a little too hard to swallow. She just rubs me the wrong way. She guilt trips Do Jin for not showing up on the day he was supposed to meet Colin. But wait. Why didn’t she tell him about Colin when they first met 8 years ago? Because she didn’t want to shock him?

Yet how would the next day be any less traumatizing? How much does the shock factor really differ between “Hey. I haven’t seen you in awhile. Guess what. You have a son” and “Look. This little boy eating waffles next to me is your son”?

She has this underlying sense of entitlement that really bugs me. Do Jin didn’t show up the next day so she jumps to the conclusion that he doesn’t want to see her or Colin. Only she never told him that that special someone was his son.

She could have hunted Do Jin down if she really wanted to. She never mentions her motivations for appearing in front of him 8 years ago either. I get that she was hurt because Do Jin stood her up but in no way is she an angelic martyr. Specifically, I’m annoyed at how easily she’s let off the hook for hiding away a son from his father (who didn’t even know he had one). This lady seriously has a PhD in self-victimization. At least she’s gone now though. Right?!

Also, the excuse that Do Jin conveniently had his first amnesia attack during the time he was supposed to meet Colin is so transparent. The writer isn’t even trying to come up with a better excuse. Gah. The sooner we get over this plot point, the better. Angst, be goneth! Bring forth more fun cameos and happy times. ::waves makeshift Harry Potter wand::


109 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. iammt2

    thank you for the recap!

    I just wanted to address the whole convenient memory loss because of colin…

    eun hee brought colin to meet do jin 8 years ago but earlier in the drama (don’t remember which episode) it is mentioned that the memory loss began in do jin’s mid 20s as a result of business ups and downs.

    ergo, either the writers crossed their timelines, which is shameful, OR he just remembers the month/date of each memory loss. i’m afraid that it is the former.

    personally i think that it would have been a much better plot point if he did remember meeting with her and just assumed that the ‘special someone’ was her husband and therefore the person she left him for.

    • 1.1 skelly

      ITA! Eun Hee has a lot to answer for, and this lackluster attempt at a meeting does not excuse her at all. It is so passive-aggressive, to go to Korea to meet but be so surprising yet vague about it that the connection is missed. She keeps blaming this whole mess on her “younger self” but YEARS went by while she kept DJ’s son from him. I dislike her for this and for everything orangy so aptly pointed out.

      If I were DJ, I would be furious, regardless of how society judges such things. Just think of the horrendous missed opportunities. The fact that he is just muddling through, making a hash out of his relationships and making seemingly no attempt to connect with his son (at least not in this ep) shows that he is still a commitment-phobe little boy. My DJ hate continues…

      • 1.1.1 calgary

        You can’t be furious with your FIRST LOVE!

        That’s another Korean thing 🙂

      • 1.1.2 Ivoire

        Hi Kelly, does ITA stand for I Totally Agree? Just curious… I am not familiar with all the acronyms 🙂

        • Ivoire

          Sorry, meant to write “Skelly.”

        • Rashell

          Not Skelly, but yes, ITA is I totally agree.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Rashell, and thanks for explaining…

  2. kewbie

    Haha thanks for the recap! I think Min Sook is the winner in today’s drama with her awesome display of bad-assery.

    • 2.1 DramaticTeacher

      Indeed, + I really liked her grey dress. Now I think about it, she’s always fashionable.

    • 2.2 skelly

      LOVE Min Sook. She and Dong Hyub are my favorite characters, so have them together was golden. I wish she and JR would adopt him, they need another adult in that family.

      • 2.2.1 ~Feather~

        There my two favorites as well. I love it when either of them are on the screen, so it really was golden when they appeared together. 🙂 Some people were saying that MS and JR should adopt him, though I don’t think that would be good for his pride. Wouldn’t the thought, “oh, the reason these people only want me is because I’m poor.” cross your mind, if you were in his situation? I’d still love it if they become a family, but then the thing about studying wouldn’t matter to DH anymore, since they’re rich.

  3. come2noona

    I like that YS corrected DJ… that she wasn’t someone he “lost”, she was someone he dumped.

  4. trotwood

    I have to say how much I am LOVING Min Sook. I wish they would do more with her character. I think it is ironic that she and Jun Rok consistently have some of the best lines/roles in these episodes–just not with each other. I used to think that this was the couple that should just move on from each other, but the more I see them as individuals, the more I think of all of them, they really should try to make some sort of break through and be together. Perhaps there really is a reason why they are the ONLY married couple of the bunch.

    Min Sook is the friend/Auntie Mame character that we all wish we had. She is not just supportive in a “let’s go sing karaoke ’cause your sad” kind of way, but majorly proactive. Things get done when she is around. I guess that is why the break up of her relationship would seem the most sad to me. If they do break up this marriage; I hope they have her realize what a prize she really is as opposed to making her change to be “softer” to keep “her man.”

    If Me Ari could have a spoonful of Min Sook a day, I probably wouldn’t want to hit her so much.

    • 4.1 meecheellee

      Min Sook uses her super powers and soon Sung Jae’s mother is cowering outside in front of her.

      Puahaha. I love her too. SO. AWESOME.

  5. rebecca34

    This episode single handedly (almost) destroyed this drama. I’m sure I will recover and forgive the drama but I honestly FF through a lot of this episode. I’m kinda glad Yi Soo is showing she has not of a backbone but DoJin lol. I just don’t buy jerkish playboy to selfless loyal boyfriend transformation. Please bring back our cute but semi normal OTP.

    Omygosh Yoon!!!!! Stop speaking in code. What you want from me I can’t give you lol. No MiAhri I don’t want to date you, go out with you, live with you, marry you. And what’s with the sneak attack couples bracelet. Kind of cookoo…..sorry miahre. Still my fav couple but writer Kim isn’t giving them anything to work with. And Yoon are you seriously gonna choose you f4 buddies over a hot 20 something? :rolls eyes in disbelief:

    Can someone please explain to this stupid American why it is such a big deal that DoJin has a 17 yo son. I mean yah Do Jin to yi soo “will you raise my toddler?” I get maybe negative reaction. But “will you occasionally let my almost adult son eat with us or go on some father son bonding adventures?” I dont get her reaction.

    • 5.1 katiamon

      me too!!! what’s the big deal about a 17 years old kid he didn’t know he had because his ex left and said nothing about the pregnancy???? if colin were 5 or 8 maybe his existance would be tough matter to resolve, but he’s almost finishing high school, so why are you two making such a drama? he’s not a kid and he’s not even requesting for a 24-7 father figure, Colin just wants to know Do Jin, period!
      i’ve already mention it before, i know koreans are conservative people, but does this plot really should be this dramatic?

      • 5.1.1 calgary

        yes it really is that dramatic IRL.

        • skelly

          If that’s true, then Eun Hee running away is just that much worse. Was DJ such a monster that she would doom her child to be an outsider, someone teased and looked down on, his whole life? She landed in clover, she found a rich husband who didn’t care, but she seems to have not had a thought for what would happen to her son and her so-called boyfriend. Did she actually hate DJ, to do this to him? What does she really mean when she says she was “scared”? This really makes no sense.

          • calgary

            The opposite. She wanted him to never know about this and never be burdened with it. She was 20. She ran away from more than just Do Jin. She ran away from her own family and what ever schooling she was doing.

            But then 8 years later she wanted him and her son to know. I guess she grw up more and wanted to let Do Jin know? The writing’s a bit sketchy here.

          • irmar

            “doom her child to be an outsider, someone teased and looked down on, his whole life”
            I wonder in which country do you live, to speak like that of children of single mothers?

            I feel offended and disgusted by your words both about the child and about the mother.

            Very often a young man in this situation will do one of two things:

            1. If the guy is “dutiful” and wants to “take responsibility”, you may think that you will ruin his and your life, because you both are not ready for marriage yet, or you don’t know if you want to stick together for life yet. In that case, rushing into marriage only because of the child can be very bad for both.

            2. This is the most frequent scenario. The young man will pressurize his girlfriend to have an abortion (because they are too young, he still doesn’t have a job or money, etc..)
            If she doesn’t want to kill her unborn child, he will make her life miserable and he will make her look as if she wants to leech from him or as if she wants to coerce him into marriage.

            This situation can be hell, so if you know that it’s an immature guy who will very probably react like that, it can be much more preferable to keep the guy in blissful ignorance.

            Don’t speak of things you know nothing about, please!

        • Pat

          Why is it so terrible? Please explain?

          • scarlett

            i don’t get it either.i, myself, is actually looking for a man with a child so i don ‘t have to pressure myself on giving birth to one. i would love to swap places with yi soo now. imagine not ever going through labor pains and waking up in the wee hours to look after a baby but to have an instant teenager kid to bond with, that would really be awesome. em just saying… ^__^

      • 5.1.2 Ivoire

        Hi, I think Colin wants DJ’s money as well. He has hinted as much in past episodes.

        • malta

          Why? Eun Hee and his step-dad don’t seem poor.

          I think it’s just a defense mechanism. A reason for him to show interest in his biological dad without putting his feelings out there for everyone to see. Either that or he thinks it’s a way to hurt Do Jin because Colin has issues with him.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Malta, I said what I said because in a past episode, he (Colin) was in Yoon’s office and his first question (I think) was “if someone’s found out their biological father, could they inherit their money?” or something of that affect.
            Also, when Colin was in the company’s apt and was looking at the pictures of his potential dads, he leaned towards DJ the most, as someone he wanted to have as his dad among the four guys. At least a couple of times in the drama, Colin has talked about inheriting DJ’s money, as if he was entitled to it. It sounded like (at the time) Colin wanted to hurt DJ and get back at him (for whatever reasons he had at the time). Now that he has seen the repercussions of his appearance in DJ’s life and how that has affected DJ, maybe he will have second thoughts about the inheritance issue and the kind of relationship he is hoping to have with DJ.

            My impressions about Colin being after DJ ‘s money came directly from Colin’s behavior and what he said.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Malta, I got this: (part of recap of episode 11)

            “Colin approaches Yoon in his office for some legal advice but Yoon coldly informs him that he charges a hefty amount of money per hour. Colin takes Yoon’s reply in stride and explains his situation. He technically has two fathers, but one is unaware that his son exists. If the son shows up unexpectedly, does he automatically receive that man’s inheritance? Uh. I wouldn’t think so…”

            from this:

            Just to explain one of the reasons why I made my comment…

      • 5.1.3 katiamon

        well then, different idiosyncrasies. i guess koreans really are this conservative (or judgemental?) after reading so many comments below.
        Either way, Eun Hee could had tried to tell him he was going to be a parent, he’s blaming for his inmaturity when he wasn’t aware of this child and given the opportunity to prove if he was a total douchebag or a gentleman.
        thanks for the recap…

  6. rebecca34

    Oh and thanks for the recap orangy!

  7. alia black

    Thanks for the recap/review, Orangy!

    I still think far too many of you are downplaying or even outright ignoring the depth of the stigma of out-of-wedlock children in S. Korea. I’m all for calling out noble idiocy – and DJ was definitely in the wrong for not considering (or even asking for) YS’s feelings – but you can’t compare how this situation would play in a Western or other society.

    You (we) may see it as a minor issue – so what he had a child with someone 20 years ago. I’ve dated men who had children – one was divorced, one had never married his then-girlfriend. (Then again, I’m also in my 40s) It’s not an issue for me. But then again, I’ve known any number of women – and men! – who, even though they accept that their current partner has dated other people in the past just as they have themselves, if they happen to see old pictures, or if friends are talking about an incident that happened when their partner was dating someone else, the claws can (and do) come out. Jealousy is a funny thing. It’s happened to me – both myself feeling that twinge as well as my boyfriend. (I broke up with one guy I almost married because he had severe jealousy issues that I didn’t want to deal with, and realized I didn’t have to. I had a life before I met him and I refused to apologize for it or forget and pretend it never happened.)

    As for EH, she ran because she was scared. It seems to me she was scared for two good reasons, one that having a child out of wedlock is seriously shunned by Korean culture – and it was even worse 20 years ago. She had to flee the country; and two, everything we’ve learned about DJ points toward the notion that he was not ‘marriage material’ 20 years ago. In fact, he’d shunned the concept of marriage until only a few weeks earlier. As an aside, considering the amount of slut-shaming she received in the comments here last week, even though it’s clear DJ was the only one she actually dated and slept with (even though they were all in love with her – and how is that her fault that they all embellished their memories? Seriously?) I don’t blame her for running away.

    As for the ep as a whole, I liked how it showed YS stepping up to take control of her situation on her own terms, and to actually voice them to DJ – something that happens far too infrequently in K-drama land! In a way, it was a gender role reversal, with DJ being the passive half of the couple. I rather enjoyed that!

    I do with MaRi would grow up. The writers have done her character a disservice by portraying her so immaturely.

    Hurry up, weekend! I need my fix! (And I’m looking forward to the Ep 16 recap!)

    • 7.1 alia black

      *Me Ah Ri. LOL – wrong drama! Ironic how their names are so similar though!

    • 7.2 delicatecloud

      I completely agree with you. To me this episode is rather introspective for Yi Soo and Do Jin – thinking about what it (the appearance of a grown son) all means to each of them personally and to their relationship – Doo Jin has to decide what kind of relationship he would like to have with his new found son and what Colin has to say about it all. Yi So has to reflect on whether she could accept the fact that DJ has a son, just like Min So has said. This will set the tone for their relationship (if they get together again) as it will now include a third person, which neither had any idea at the beginning of their relationship. I think that this is a big deal – emotionally both has to be ready to deal with the reality. It is certainly true to form of their friendship when three of them approach Colin and welcome him.
      I agree that the storyline of Yoon and MeahRi could do with stronger development rather than the same old same old which is getting tiring.
      I like Min So a lot – a strong independent woman and yet so vulnerable when it comes to relationships, in particular, relationship with her husband that she can and yet cannot do without! A dilemma indeed.

      Thank you for the recaps Orangy.

      • 7.2.1 Ivoire

        So well said, Delicatecloud!

    • 7.3 skelly

      I do blame her – seriously, if the stigma of being a bastard child is that great, doesn’t it in some way mitigate the fact that DJ was less than stellar as a husband? What makes him so great now? Everybody was saying he was A+ material. I just don’t get it – you can’t have it both ways, that Eun Hee was right to run away and that DJ is a worthy hero for a romance.

      • 7.3.1 alia black

        First of all, we’re talking 20 years ago. Well, 18. He was @23 at the time. To put this into perspective, he was Me AhRi’s age. We also know that in Korea, people tend to marry later, particularly men.

        Even at the beginning of the drama, DJ is dating and sleeping with multiple women. He’s a playboy and admits outright that he couldn’t see himself committing to just one woman. Until he meets YS.

        Being A+ material for marriage has zero to do with personality and everything to do with his looks and status, both employment and money-wise, and family. (The same goes for women generally.) SK also places a high priority on scandals, so being scandal free is important as well. From all appearances, DJ IS A+ marriage material. (Whereas, to TS, Yoon isn’t for Me Ah Ri, because he was previously married, and she comes from a wealthy family.)

        Whether she was right to run away or not is a matter of perspective. At her age – 23 – is it such a crime for her to have been scared? Let’s look for a second at how women who have sex outside of (before) marriage are viewed – particularly as compared to men who do the same thing. Now let’s go back to 1993/94 which is when she got pregnant and look at how much worse it was then. A woman with sexual agency is a ‘slut’ but it’s not even remotely as stigmatizing for a man. They’re ‘playboys’ and “Oh, isn’t he a dog – *giggle* – but he’s hot so of course it’s okay.” There’s ALWAYS a double standard.

        Whatever ‘sins’ EH committed in the past – not giving DJ the chance to make a choice out of fear that he wouldn’t choose her/would reject her and/or force her to get an abortion – just remember that it takes two to get pregnant. They’re both at fault in different ways. We all do stupid things in our youth, but some of those things just happen to have more serious consequences than others. Also, EH said she considered having an abortion, but changed her mind after she ran away. Also, she doesn’t regret her decision at all. (except when Colin aggravated her by complicating things, and I doubt she was serious when she told him that.)

        Plus, it actually took a lot of courage for EH to call YS and ask to meet. In the corridor outside Yoon’s office, even if she doesn’t quite remember what she said, YS did say to DJ something to the effect that Colin wasn’t the only one he now had in his life. She seemed to believe that DJ and EH were going to be a couple – or at least that’s what her statement implied to EH. So EH wanted to set the record straight – she loved DJ when she was a young girl, but not any longer and she’s happily married and loves her husband. She had no intention of complicating DJ’s life either, but Colin took it upon himself. If you remember, it wasn’t even EH that told Colin that his birth father wasn’t his stepfather – Colin’s friends told him that his stepfather couldn’t be his birth father. She hasn’t been petty about this at all.

        Whether or not DJ is a worthy hero — define worthy. The whole point of DJ in this drama is his journey from playboy single to his finding his true love. Plus, it’s a k-drama, so of course BIG. MAJOR. OBSTACLES. are being thrown in their way. For once, it’s not another woman. What makes anyone worthy? Love? Overcoming adversity? Admitting mistakes/faults and trying to do the right thing, then possibly making more mistakes before getting back on the right path? I’m glad these characters have flaws, otherwise they’d be pretty dull.

        • skelly

          I agree, I adore how flawed these characters are – it makes this drama a lot of fun to discuss!
          I am not willing to cut Eun Hee much slack here – true, she is trying to set the record straight now, but you are right it does take two to get pregnant, and she hid DJs son from him for 18 years, with one half-hearted attempt halfway through. Obviously both of these meetings were initiated by Colin – I think if Eun Hee had her way, DJ would have gone his whole life without knowing he had a son. She denied the child a father, and denied DJ this chance at parenthood. She decided his parental rights, even though this supposedly was a child conceived in love. So he was young and she was scared – how is this different from any parents, anywhere? She is just as bad as DJ ever was, in her self-absorption and downright cruel, high-handed decision-making.

          • alia black

            Oh, I don’t think she’s a saint or anything, but I do think she was trying to do the best she could from her perspective at least. (Kind of the same way DJ was trying to do his best for YS from his point of view.)

            I think that when DJ didn’t show up to the meeting, she figured that was his answer. His “illness” is exacerbated by extreme stress, plus he’s not stupid. He would have put the pieces of the puzzle together – her running away without any word to him; her wanting to ‘meet someone’ – and realized it was their child.

            It wouldn’t have mattered when it happened though – once it became known that he had a child, his reputation would take a huge hit. It was one thing when he didn’t think he’d ever marry, but it mattered now because he’d fallen in love with YS.

            Of course it was a bad decision for her to take the choice away from him, but it’s not exactly a far-fetched concept. It happens all the time in real life. What if she wanted to get an abortion and he was dead set against it and wanted the child? Or the other way around? It’s such a tricky issue because it’s generally an easier decision for a man to make, since he doesn’t have to carry the child. That’s why there are never any easy answers in a situation like this. We have to presume that EH knew DJ pretty well at that time – far better than we the audience do – so her decision was based on more knowledge of him and his character than we have.

            So it’s also why I hate to demonize a woman in this kind of situation. I may not approve based on my own “I would like to think I would make a better decision if I were in her place” logic. But I’m not. None of us are. It’s easier to make judgments from a distance, you know? Especially with such a controversial topic as this one.

    • 7.4 asianromance

      awesome post! everything I wanted to say and you’ve worded it so well! From my western point of view, my gut reaction was “so what’s the big deal”? But stepping back, I realized that yes it is a big deal in Korea. And I don’t blame EH for running away. In one of the scenes with the guys – don’t think Do-jin was there- they brought up the the question of “what would you have done then (20 years ago)?” I think Tae-san was like well, it’s obvious, he would have taken responsibility. But Yoon, I think, brought up the point that it is easy to say that now… Eun-hee was faced with many possible realities.
      1. they could get married and live happily ever after
      2. get married and then he hates her for trapping him
      3. get married and she resents him for trapping him
      4. abortion – his decision. Maybe he’ll charm her into getting the abortion. Maybe she’ll regret it. Maybe not.
      5. abortion – her decision, against his wishes. ugly fights
      6. gives up the baby – his decision. He’ll convince her.
      7. gives up the baby – against his wishes.
      8. they both don’t marry. She raises baby by herself while he moves on with his life.
      9. they both don’t marry but have joint custody over the child. will probably live close by each other.

      In the end, everything worked out. Eun-hee married her American. Her son grows up in a stable household. And Do-jin will get with Yi-soo by the end of the series.

  8. Cynthia

    “Granted, the story seemed to insinuate that Eun Hee had certain relations with all four guys but she only wanted Do Jin when she was younger. Therefore, she’s not what you call a loose lady; the other F44 members just made her seem like she was.”

    Huh? If that was the case, then why did each of the F44 consider themselves to be the father of Colin? Basic biology tells us that there’s a short window of opportunity to create a pregnancy – therefore, Eun Hee had to have sex with each of them within the same time period. Colin told them his date of birth and they didn’t relax until Do Jin admitted to being the father.
    So, what am I missing here?

    • 8.1 alia black

      JR says outright that he never slept with her. And when they reminisce about her, there was one point where they all claimed to have been out with her on the same night, which is physically impossible.

      They all loved her – or at least crushed hard on her – and in their heads, they each believed she loved them back. It was the only time the four of them ever fell for the same woman – of course they’d compete with each other, not just for her affection, but for their pride. Plus, it’s easy to embellish memories 20 years later.

      The fact that so many people immediately jumped to the conclusion that the four were adamantly telling the truth and slut-shamed EH as a result is actually kind of sad. Because men never lie?

      • 8.1.1 malta

        Agreed. Slut shaming is just woman shaming basically saying it’s the woman’s fault that so and so liked her because obviously women control men’s attraction and sexuality. Right?

        Plus it kind of doesn’t make sense that the show would make an out of wedlock child a scandal, but not make 4 men sleeping with the same woman in a short period of time a scandal. That kind of stuff doesn’t happen in kdramas. People lie about paternity all the time, but I’ve never seen a kdrama where the mother didn’t know the father of the child because she slept with more than one man near the time of conception. Anyone seen that plot line in a kdrama?

        I think maybe this seemed unclear for Western viewers who are used to daytime soap operas (which have the most bizarre and insane plots), but probably was a no brainer for Koreans because the reasoning would be – of course no woman would do that and no men would do that either?

        …I don’t know. Making stuff up. But still, no slut shaming.

        • Ivoire

          Good points Alia Black and Malta (which I personally appreciate) and very well said. It is true that earlier, JR told his wife that he wasn’t the Holy Spirit, so how could he get Colin’s mom pregnant. I think some of us forgot about that scene. That eliminated him right out the bat. I could see however how, in front of his friends (because of his pride), he would want to brag about being EH’s favorite, that and the fact that he liked her a lot, so he would feel very flattered to know that EH liked him as well (and we had a scene where he talked to himself about that, at DJ’s house).

          Let’s not forget that these “men” are still children inside in a lot of ways, and that is also something that the drama portrays. Even though they are “adults,” and have done well professionally and socially, they still behave like children or like teenagers sometimes, hence embellishing memories from 20 years ago and such…

      • 8.1.2 foolmoon

        Oh, thank you!! How much I agree with your opinion about EH and these men. It seems to me that 20 years ago they had the same attraction to EH -but not love- and had free lifestyle in terms of having sex, therefore at first they had difficulty to remember exactly whether they slept with her or not and thus, the doubt. These men also had tendency to exaggerate things.
        While I disagree with EH decision, but I can understand her reasons. With DJ’s character she might think will it be good to have him as an influence to their children ? She won’t take that risk, cause she won’t want to complicate her life. She doesn’t lie to Collin about having other father, but only doesn’ tell his name. IRL we don’t know whether someone will change his/her way of life or not when given responsibility, but generally we assume what they’ll do based on their character now. And looks like EH keeping tab of how these men doing through his interaction with Jung Rok, thus she sees how they don’t change much overtime, if not become more cynical about relationship.

        I think the main theme of this drama is whether these 4 men are really gentlemen in the end or just a bunch of a**holes….

    • 8.2 Gwinna

      I was really surprised last week that so many people thought EH had slept with all four guys, since it seemed to me that the drama made it very clear she only slept with DJ. If she had actually slept with all four during the correct timeframe, then they wouldn’t have been able to figure out who the father was without a DNA test. DJ wouldn’t have just been able to say “I’m the father” with so much certainty and have everyone else accept it.

      As for why they were all wondering about who the father was, all each of them (besides DJ) knew was that he himself didn’t sleep with her; he didn’t know which of the other three had. As for why they were all worried – well, one of their friends was about to experience a life-changing event; of course they would be anxious about it even knowing that they weren’t the one.

    • 8.3 momosan

      Of the 4 men, the only one who DIDN’T claim to have slept with her at some point during that conversation was Do Jin. The other 3 all know they are all lying and/or embellishing, because they all claim to have gone out with her on the same day. If that had really happened, just think of the chaos that would have broken out at the time between the friends. Basically, JR is the first to admit to not having slept with her. However, to his friends he brags that she must have liked him the best, because he was the only one she contacted.

      When it gets down to it, none of them are sure which of the others slept with her for real. Except you’ll notice that Do Jin is the one who doesn’t say a word during that whole discussion.

      The women, otoh, all they know is that all 4 men were in love with her, so they are all panicky.

      • 8.3.1 Cynthia

        Okay, this makes sense to me. I couldn’t decide if my confusion was due to unclear writing or inadequate eng. subbing. I think I’ll lay it at the door of unclear (and rather deceptive) writing. Thanks, momosan!

  9. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 9.1 Ivoire

      Me Ah Ri tried to corner Yoon and cried again, what else is new? Ugh!!!!
      I agree with Orangy911 that the writer has done a disservice with the Me Ah Ri character, when there was potential for issues to be addressed and acted, in an intelligent and creative way. My understanding was that all four couples would showcase different issues and conflicts that couples can go through in having a relationship (or in trying to have one) or in being married. I understand that DJ and YS are the main couple and so most of the attention is placed on them, but I lament the fact that Yoon and Me Ah Ri’s relationship is so underdeveloped when it could have been different.

      I would have liked to have seen someone go after Me Ah Ri so Yoon could be jealous and at least show how much that would bother him. Maybe with such a scenario, TS could have come to realize that he would rather have his friend (who he knows to be a great guy in spite of his status as a widower) date and marry his sister, than someone else. Yes, there would have been obstacles because of how that would be perceived in SK, but Yoon and Me Ah Ri would have soldiered on with their relationship, and the struggles they go through would have been explored.

      That’s just an idea I have, I am sure that could have been fleshed out well (I think…). I wanted to see more out of Yoon and Me Ah Ri and the actors who play them re: their relationship (they have really good chemistry together). I wonder if the actress who plays Me Ah Ri knew she was going to have to cry as much as she has in this drama… *sighs*

      I also feel that there are a lot of fillers in this drama, and I find myself fast forwarding in the scenes that have no dialogue or when DJ is just staring. Other characters, I feel, could have been given some air time then.

      • 9.1.1 Addylovesbwood

        I totally agree with you. I found myself skipping all the filler scenes especially the ones with DJ and YS. I found their story rather cliche. I would hv rated this drama higher if the other characters got more screen time. Yoon and Meahri are my two favorites and it hurts that their story is the most underdeveloped. Now we only hv 4 episodes left and I still don’t know I’d they’re gonna end up together. The writers really screwed them up! Smh cuz agd has soo much potential and it kills web they waste our time with episodes like this one.

      • 9.1.2 malta

        I agree. I wish they had done a better job with Me Ahri and Yoon’s relationship so far. I wish they had really tackled their issues, being a widower, the age difference, the friendship with her brother and how that affects their possible relationship. There is so much there and it would have been great to see Me Ahri’s take on all these things, but she never addresses them in a real conversation with either Yoon or her brother.

      • 9.1.3 asianromance

        Yeah, the drama has gotten really filler-y lately. I know they want to go for the introspective feel so I’ll be patient during the long stares, but the flashbacks are a bit too much. And I’m starting to fast-forward through all the Im MeAhri cries in front of Yoon scenes.

        I’ve given up on them. Now I’m hoping the drama will do something with Tae-san and Sera, who has the very interesting issue of home versus career. Minsook and Jung-rok – are they trying for a baby and is Minsook unable to have kids?

      • 9.1.4 Ivoire

        @ Addylovesbwood and Malta,

        Thank you guys for your input/insights. I understand and appreciate your frustration and I am glad (unfortunately) to see that Orangy911, and other commentators who are interested in the other couples and especially in the Yoon-Me Ah Ri couple are as frustrated as I am.

        I came to this drama late, because I wasn’t planning on watching it, but I became curious because of the comments made on OT. Besides, I had never seen JDG in anything, since I came to Kdramas a couple of years ago and I don’t watch that many to start with (I can’t keep up with many of them. I watch my dramas very slowly, I can only take so much information at one time, and I like to process them, read the recaps, participate in comments and OTs, and so that takes some of my time as well. OK, actually a lot of my time. I figured, the dramas will still be there tomorrow).
        OK, so all of that to say that I thought I would give AGD a try. I wasn’t too impressed (personally) with the DJ character, and he reminded me of Joo Won of SeGa, but then again, this IS the writer of SeGa, so what did I expect? DJ reminded me of so many Kdramas heroes, and as Addylovesbwood said, so cliche. I couldn’t totally get behind YS, she felt wishy washy to me. I thought, “OK maybe if I continue to watch this and try to understand the characters better, maybe my experience will get better.”

        And then I saw Yoon and I was like “Oh Yoon, were have you been all my life?” I checked KMJ’s age and found out that he was closer to me in age and that Yoon is 41 in the drama. I had never seen Yoon (I mean KMJ :-)) in anything so I was more than happy to get on that ship. An Ahjussi I could actually crush on and not feel guilty about? Yay!!!!!
        And at the time, I found MAR cute, full of life, enthusiastic, adorable, clingy some yeah, but at the time (after having watched just a few episodes), I thought it was because she was young and in love and hadn’t seen Yoon since she had been in America and had missed him a great deal. when she was sassy however (and she has been at times), she was fun to watch.
        But then, her character didn’t grow or develop and Yoon and MAR seemed to be doing the same dance of her chasing him and him pushing her away but not totally cutting the strings as some have mentioned here.
        And that was when, as we know, it became repetitive and we were shown variations of the same song and dance. I watched carefully Yoon and MAR onscreen time (together) and I don’t think it is more than 10mns each episode or something close to that. So yeah, I can understand why some of us are frustrated. I really like the actor and actress who play Yoon and MAR and I sooooo wanted to see more out of them, being that it was my 1st time being exposed to them and all. I guess I will just have to look for other dramas where they star in.

        Malta, you had so many clever ideas, better expressed than mine, thank you!!!! I wish the writer could have been in touch with you re: these ideas. They would have been different and fresh. Yeah, as you guys have said, so many issues affecting 40 something men could have been tackled in this drama. I do LOVE THE BROMANCE, a lot, but this is a romantic comedy (if I am not wrong), so what about the romance?????? (I thought that was important!!!!)

        Thank you for letting me unload this off my chest (and my heart). I know this is going to be long (it turns out this way often), so thanks to anyone who reads this through:-)

  10. 10 Saima

    Private Kim: “My heart was hurt!!”

    haha and aww!! I loved KSA in SeGa. He was consistently hilarious and his STP with YIN was adorable.

    Loved MinSook in this episode and yeah, there’s something about Eun Hee that just rubs me off in the wrong way. I wish we’d have been shown as to why the boise were enamored with her. Years later they still reminisced about her fondly and as a viewer she just leaves me kinda cold and annoyed.

  11. 11 malta

    I wanted Yi Soo and Do Jin to make their way back together in a sweet and honest way, but that’s not happening. Instead It’s nonsensical and kinda creepy. “Come whenever I call, but you’re not allowed to talk and oh, I’m gonna treat you like crap.” It’s just weird and seems like filler as oppose to the writer writing plot and dialogue between these two characters so they could really hash it out and we could see what it really takes to forgive a person you love.

    OMG Meh Ah Ri was crying AGAIN. The woman must be dehydrated by now. I just cannot see how Yoon can find someone who whines and cries petulantly all day and everyday attractive as a woman. Maybe feel protective of her like she’s a child because that is how she acts. Why didn’t they make her mature a bit, by going to school, pursuing a goal, having friends- any friends but her brother’s, getting a different job?

    I feel like Yoon and Me Ah Ri would never work out even if they were able to get together. What would they do once they finally got together. Me Ah Ri would be like, well I don’t have to chase after you anymore so I’m going to oppressively fixate on you 24hours a day?

    Also when she was crying/whining at Yoon’s wife’s grave!!!!!!!!!!!! Daggers of anger were flashing from my eyes!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe none of the men, especially Yoon, did not drag her butt out of there. This would have been a great time for a wrist grab! Me Ah Ri should let the woman REST IN PEACE and if she needs to go to her grave to ask her for her blessing then do it in a composed way that realizes the world does not revolve around her obsessive tears for Yoon.

    ….that bit by Jung Rok where he says 99.99% sounds more certain than 100% is so true! Absolutely hilarious. 😀 Maybe these golden nuggets of hilarity are why I am still keeping up with this drama.

    • 11.1 malta


      Sorry. Got super excited in during my Me Ah Ri weekly rant and didn’t realize I was talking about episode 15, not 14. They’ve just all blended together in my head now.


      • 11.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Malta, I think you meant episode 16 (the next one) and not episode 15, the one being recapped here 🙂

    • 11.2 daniela

      ”Maybe these golden nuggets of hilarity are why I am still keeping up with this drama.” – for me this nuggets are the only reason for still watching this drama.
      They could even integrate the son-not-known in the story in a funny and still serious way: imagine the friendship between YS and Collin, they know each other already, and how they fight with DJ … dreams baby, dreams of smiles.

  12. 12 linda

    Just one word. MinSook unni rocks!!!!!!!

    • 12.1 Tin

      agreed! Min Sook FTW!
      i’m sad the writers are only letting us see this side of her so late in the series. its a crime they waited until ep 14

  13. 13 Abbie

    Eesh. What an episode. The only thing that got me through it were the scenes with Tae San, Yoon, and Jung Rok. Those three together are hilarious. The rest was too much angst. The scenes with Dong Hyub were good, though. I really wish Kim Woo-bin had been given a bigger role. He’s a good young actor.

    Some things are being tied up (slowly), but next episode is better.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

  14. 14 isnin

    They should have kept this drama at 12 episodes if they couldn’t fully flesh out the story lines and scripts.

    This drama was fairly solid until ep 13.

    I absolutely loathe Yi Soo’s character (as she has been written now) She’s treating Do Jin like crap and walking all over him and he’s supposed to just take it and come back for more without saying a word…… why?

    The only character I DO like now is Min Sook!

    I feel like I wasted 12 hours now since the storyline is utter crap. I am doubtful that this drama can be saved.

    I am only watching the last 2 eps out of stubborness to finish the series.

  15. 15 Jenna

    * SPOILER *

    1. Calling Eun-hee a slut
    Insinuating she is a slut because supposedly she slept with four guys seems far fetched considering the fact that all four guys claimed to be with her in the same night – which physically is impossible. I dont know about you, but calling someone a slut without fully understanding the meaning seems quite misguided and jusgemental. Sure, I hate the character Eun-Hee. How do you get to hide away a child for 19 years then call out the fathers girlfriend shamelessly? Sigh. What this does to my brain omg.

    2. Me Ahri
    Unlike majority of viewers I am in LOVE with this character – yes shes immature, and cries too much. But when shes sassy (interactions with Sera) I fail to see why so many people hate her. Her crying when she doesnt get what she wants? This girl has had feelings for Yoon for a huge portion of her life and when her brother threatens to send her halfway across the world, i can see why she gets upset. SAYING THIS, I completely understand how it is tiring with no forward movement with the character. In episode 16, when she visited Yoon’s wife, I loved it.. Though many will disagree, I thought it was so earnest and heartbreaking – and a breakthrough for her.

    3. Colin
    I think a lot of people cant grasp the concept that having a 19 year old son will affect a relationship. As many of us being raised in Western cultures, its suffice to say that we arent entirely familiar with Korean expectations and societal views. I hate to say it, but a lot of koreans can be quite judgemental. As Sera said to Yisoo, I would do what Do jin did – YES. Because if you found out that you have a secret son you didnt know about, its selfish to ask the person you love to be okay with it. Raising a son who isnt yours? Albeit he is 19, he doesnt technically need to be raised but still asking someone to be okay with acknowledging that the man you love has a son, which you arent a parent of. Its korean society, its how people view things.


    • 15.1 Rashell

      I just want to say that I completely agree about MeAhRi. Her crying doesn’t bother me. I LOVE that she’s so open with her emotions. And I actually love that she knows exactly what she wants, what’s most important to her, and she is completely focused on getting that. I think it’s brave of her to keep fighting after being told by everyone that it’s a losing battle. She simply doesn’t care. She’s single minded for sure. And if Yoon really wanted her to move on from him, he could actually make that happen. The fact is that he wants her too. And he invents reasons to see her. At least MaAhRi is honest and brave about what she’s after. Yoon is cowardly in that he won’t claim her for himself, but he won’t let her go either. Of the two, I’m more frustrated with him than with her.

      • 15.1.1 Jenna

        Yes! Thank you! I can empathise with viewers who find her way too annoying and whiny. I do see how people would regard her that way. Saying this, Orangy once said; all four boys hve treated her like a child – Especially Taesan. Oh Taesan, I have a bone or two to pick with you. ANYWAY, as i was saying… Me Ahri has been treated as a child all through her life and I think that gives an explanation as to why she is immature. But JR also once said, shes been taught well even though she doesnt act like it. She may be immature but I see her endearing because shes exactly what Yoon needs! Her bubbly personality directly clashes with Yoon’s more reserved personality – she sparks a light in him. I cant excuse the fact that she cries just because the boys always treated her as a child, but I fail to see why people say they HATE her. This character has so much potential, Im so disappointed in the lack of development in her AND the relationship. It drives me mad. Thank you for replying!

    • 15.2 Ivoire


      Hi Jenna and thank you for your comment! Please don’t apologize, this is one of the many reasons why we come here: to rant, rave, squeee etc… about actors/actresses/ idols etc… but also dramas, movies etc… and the issues/themes they address.

      1–About Me Ah Ri, I like her as well, most of the time, meaning when she is not crying about Yoon. I do think that she can be sassy and I wish we could see more of that side in her. It is just that her crying gets tiring and old, and there doesn’t seem to be a plot development, when I feel so much more could have been done with these two characters and the actor/actress portraying them. So it ends up being frustrating and disappointing.
      I did like her scene at Yoon’s wife grave, because it felt different and earnest. Yes, she wanted to pay her respect (I don’t doubt that at all) and maybe originally that was all she was going to do. But then she broke down (thinking about Yoon) and even went as far as asking Yoon’s wife permission to date and maybe marry Yoon, essentially permission to have him.
      That to me showed me how much she loved him and was desperate to be with him. She was honest and sincere, which I think is why the boys didn’t move her (physically). I think they could sense her heartbreak.
      Do you remember that after that scene, Yoon looks like he is contemplating removing his wedding ring and TS is having 2nd thoughts, for the 1st time, it seems…

      2–Re: Colin, thank you to you and other commentators who are explaining to us non Koreans the mentality and social mores of South Korea. I personally appreciate that, as it enhances my experience of Kdramas watching and my understanding of Korean culture.
      I think that the issue that some of us have had with how DJ handled it with YS, is not that he right away broke up with her as much as the fact that he DIDN’T ASK FOR HER OPINION REGARDING THAT ISSUE. He didn’t ask her how she felt, and he didn’t ask her how she wanted to proceed in light of that revelation. That is akin to treating her like a child, in a way. It’s like he was saying: “I know I did wrong (even though he didn’t know he had a child when he was pursuing her) in the past and I am being punished for it (I do agree that if you sleep with someone, there is a chance of that happening). However, I am going to decide what is best for you and I will DO THE THINKING FOR YOU. So, I don’t want to know what you think, and I don’t want to give you a chance to express your feelings about all of this. So I WILL DECIDE WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THIS RELATIONSHIP.” I don’t know if you can see how that could come across as arrogant.

      The thing is, we don’t know how YS would have reacted, she wasn’t given a chance to let us know. I don’t belittle the ramifications of Colin coming into DJ’s life, especially after reading some of the comments here that explained well how that would be viewed in a South Korean context. I just felt that as “adults.” DJ should have respected YS’s feelings and intellect and asked for her opinion before making a decision. YS is an adult in a relationship with him, not a child. Yes, their relationship was new, fresh and he panicked (and was afraid maybe) and decided what he felt was best for her. However, in the process, he took her opinion and her ownership of the relationship out of her grasp (if that makes sense).
      That was partly why people like me asked “why, but why?” when DJ had the meeting and broke up with YS without even once asking her, what she thought, how she felt and what she wanted to do.

      I know YS said later, that some days she felt like she could handle it, and some days she felt like she couldn’t. By maybe when she found out, she would have wanted to stick by his side and weather this with him (just maybe…). I am just saying, he didn’t give her a chance, and she wasn’t offered any options. Maybe she would have been this strong woman who would have done things differently (than expected in Korea) a la Ji Ah (who chooses to be a single mother) in “I Do I Do”. I am OK if she doesn’t do that, again it is more about her processing it and considering her options and making a decision as an adult in a relationship and making a decision for herself. I know DJ thought he was doing right by her, TS explained DJ’s point of view. I just felt that YS was not treated as an equal and a partner in that instance, which I thought was what they were or leaning towards…
      I also don’t think DJ should have taken her home (when he broke up with her), he should have put her in a cab or called one of his friends. That must have been humiliating and painful for her, that ride home 🙁

      I know this is long, thank you for reading this.

      • 15.2.1 Ivoire

        Now that I think about it, maybe DJ just wanted to dump YS before he got dumped, out of fear (of being rejected). That still shows that he made everything about him and not as much about her. Just my two cents…

        • Jenna

          I completely agree about the fact that Yisoo should have been entitled to her own opinion – this woman is mid thirties and can make her own judgements. Which is why I dont condone how Dojin acted. However, I do see why he would do it. I agree with you that he may have been afraid of rejection . But I guess in that kind of situtation he decided he couldnt burden the woman he loves with a child.. yet was also afraid of her reaction. sighh I love this drama, it breaks my heart that it really isnt going anywhere.

          Im actually hoping for a time skip at this rate, 3-4 years later. Me Ahri could mature and chase after her dreams. Her character is so wasted, because there is so much they could do with her.

          Thankyou for replying to me! I completely understand and agree with your point of view.

  16. 16 meecheellee

    Yet how would the next day be any less traumatizing? How much does the shock factor really differ between “Hey. I haven’t seen you in awhile. Guess what. You have a son” and “Look. This little boy eating waffles next to me is your son”?

    Yea, I do say the the Eun Hee angle is a little… gah… how to word this… well, it just rubs me the wrong way. She really thought that a few years later would make a difference? Woman, there’s this thing called… logic? Yea, mostly filler like you said. Derp. Always reading recaps, not necessarily watching(:

    • 16.1 foolmoon

      I don’t think it’s about less traumatizing, but more about how DJ will respond to it in more mature way… Because DJ in his 20’s is an a**hole who EH implies would tell her to abort, but hopefully years later he is already a gentlemen. I might disagree about how she handles this, but I can understand her reasoning.

    • 16.2 asianromance

      well 8 years later, she can say
      1. the kid is 8, I’m not going to abort him NOW. or give him up for adoption. That ship sailed 8 years ago.
      2. if you don’t want him, he is loved and is well taken care of. So in your face.
      3. I have a husband who loves me and my child. (raised in korean culture, it must have been wonderful to find that her American husband is willing to raise another man’s child. I think there is more of a stigma regarding that than a woman raising another woman’s child).

      When she was 20, there were too many question and uncertainties. If I was 20 and pregnant and my bf felt even a bit of reluctant of taking care of me and the baby, I would have been heartbroken and scared. So he didn’t love me… how will I take care of the baby… should i just get an abortion and have things go back to the way they were? I want him to take responsibility, but I want him to take responsibility because he loves me and not because he feels obligated. And will my parents force him to marry me?

  17. 17 calgary

    I’m going to spoil Episode 16 a little bit since it’s sort of unimportant scene. But for those wondering why the kids is a big deal, here’s one example why.

    When the Yi Soo’s co-worker teachers get wind of the situation they become their evil/gossipy/catty selves.

    A: “Really?” “The really handsome man that used to come pick up Teacher Seo up?

    B: “Yes, that man had a son! You know that student that transferred from Japan”

    A: “What the heck? What the heck? No wonder. I thought he was too good. Then he is divorced?”

    B: “Is he? I don’t really know”

    A: “Unbelievable. After she acted all high and mighty about ethical management and ethical consumption. In the end, a man with a child?” What a blow! What a blow! Does that man have alot of money. Of course he must have alot of money. If not, is she crazy? Would she complicate her own life? Teacher Seo, she’s so stupid.

    Do Jin hears all this because he’s about 30 feet away and his heart just sinks. Obviously it’s Yi Soo’s choice, but this is what she facing from Korean culture.

    In Korea it is like this and I think by making Yi Soo this strong of a character, the writers are trying to change some of this thinking. Now whether Koreans watching this drama will change their minds is another story.

    • 17.1 meecheellee

      Awh. Well, that’s Korean culture for you.

    • 17.2 Ivoire

      Thanks for this insight!

    • 17.3 rebecca34

      Thanks for that insight. With these dramas you just dont get some things because you don’t deal with that culture everyday. I still would hope Yi Soo would endure if she really loved him.

  18. 18 justonething

    Not army reunion but rather annual reserve training that all must serve for 8 years after their discharge from active service.

  19. 19 kirara

    Yeah I agree with you too.. I understand Eun Hee is feeling sad and hurt that Do Jin did not keep his meeting to see her, but if she had a son and like you mentioned, she could mention to him that he had a son, not say that there was someone he needs to meet.. She needs to be a bit more honest with him, not send a bunch of hateful missiles at Do Jin..

    I also kinda didn’t like the fact that she called out Yi Soo for a meeting and to talk.. which was basically “check out” what kind of girl Do Jin was dating..Also asking whether she loved Do Jin etc.. um.. why are you prying into their personal affairs? She’s practically a stranger to you!

    But What I loved was that Min Sook was such a strong pole/tree (what is it called? ) for Yi Soo, first with the helping her student and then to check on how she’s doing.. I mean she’s not friends with her, she knows her from her husband… but yet I like how she’s so understanding.. not only is she rich but she’s wise and very caring.. LOVE HER!

    Plus this episode was soo gloomy.. its great to know that Do JIn has great friends like Jung Rok who’d do anything to lighten up the atmosphere with jokes and funny metaphors (the 99.9%! )

    Thanks for posting.. I agree and that I wish this Son-Mother-Birth Father finishes soon because I’d like to see more focus on other issues in this story! 😀

    • 19.1 asianromance

      I didn’t like how she called out Yi-soo at first, but the conversation ended on a nice beat. I was afraid she was going to get all second-female-lead-esque and tell Yi Soo to shove it because Do-jin has to raise the 19 year old she hid from him. But in the end, I think Eun-hee’s hoping that Yi Soo and Do jin will make it work. She definitely felt the way Do-jin and Yi-soo looked at each other in the hall at Yoon’s offices – like there was no one else in the world but those two.

  20. 20 umalily

    Thanks for the recap! I didn’t like this episode much except for Min Sook’s actions and Do Jin’s tears.

  21. 21 Noelle

    K I’m gonna take a break from eating my Diablito to say that Yi Soo is driving me batty. She isn’t making an effort to catch him. Even when he decided to leave her alone she half-assed the chasing. I really want her to put herself on the line. To stop turning away and waiting for him to make a move when EVERYONE knows he won’t because he thinks he deserves to be alone. ‘s dumb. I thought her whole spiel was to set him straight and tell him she wasn’t going anywhere but no. Ya know what I need, more Min Sook because apparently she’s the only one with the cajones to get shit done.

    Over and out.

    • 21.1 yumi

      Everyone drives me batty in this show, especially the women. But then again human beings being human drive me batty with their ambivalence, ambiguous behavor and their confused emotion,

      I kind of like Yi Soo’s insistence that Do Jin live up to his promise. It was passive aggressive and smacked of wallowing, but she got what she wanted, Do Jin’s presence.

      Min Sook is bad-ass amazing, yet for all her power and awesomness she can’t really be secure in her relationship with Jun Rok.

      Life is a pain, when it involves other human beings.

  22. 22 df

    This show went downhill fast! my goodness! The uneccesar y angst + untouched plotlines with lots of potential is making me lose my patience. I skipped through this episode but episode 16 was a bit more tolerable. Please just go back to the light, fun feel of the show and wrap it up decently. Writers had a good thing going with an awesome cast and messed up a great show with crap writing.

    I’m still sort of new to Korean dramas but do I have to get used to disappointing writing like this? So not impressed.

    • 22.1 Emma

      Maybe you should just stop Korean drama, it might not be your thing… Korean drams are not American dramas played by Korean actors. They have their own rules because the culture is different… That doesn’t make them “crappy”… 😉

      • 22.1.1 df

        You completely missed what I said.

        I’m not talking about societal rules, I actually understand why colin is a big deal, I moved to the US from a society that is also very family oriented and conservative. I’m actually really enjoying learning about Korean Culture. It’s very interesting to me. I also prefer Korean shows because we don’t see all the unnecessary sex and violence we see in US tv. I barely watch American tv anymore apart from HGTV and medical shows.

        I’m talking about how the show is developing in terms of the quality of writing. There are much, much better ways to tackle a character like Colin and on top of that, the writers have ignored certain plot lines that were established in the beginning. I’m not the only complaining about these things and I don’t see what’s wrong with hoping for better standards in developing plotlines.

        • Emma

          🙂 I’m glad I missed the point, but you didn’t mentionned Colin in your post…. You just stated that you missed the “fun” hence that the show was crappy… 🙂

    • 22.2 asianromance

      Like tv entertainment all around the world, there are good scripts and there are bad scripts. Writer Kim Eun Sook’s known for her dialogue, but her dramas do tend to drive some people batty (don’t watch Secret Garden with your brain turned on.).

    • 22.3 Jenna

      HAHAHAH check out Dr.Jin if you think this is bad.

      • 22.3.1 Ivoire

        LOL Jenna, and touche (with an accent on the e) :-)… So well said 🙂

    • 22.4 JD

      From what I’ve gathered, Korean dramas have a lot of disappointing script results because a lot of them are written one or two weeks before the episode is actually aired. This is to ensure that they don’t waste time with a drama that garners low ratings–they’ll axe the show if it pulls in dismal ratings; it’s probably also done to avoid stealing and what not. I’ve spent almost a decade watching Korean dramas and not a lot can be called stellar, and it’s because many scripts are so rushed and ill-planned.

  23. 23 jade

    i still don’t get why the F44 considered they all could be colin’s father unless they all knew they had sex with her just saying LOL

  24. 24 Emma

    @ the ones booing Eun-Hee:
    I’m happy to see you’re living in a world where a single woman (no: girl) can happily go to her twenty something (student?) boyfriend and says “Hey, I’m pregnant!!! Aren’t you glad and proud to be now in charge of a family?”.
    Frankly do you REALLY think it’s that easy??? Who knows how twenty year old DoJin would have reacted? And his family? and her family and the society in general???

    I find Eun-Hee quite dispationate actually (especially after he didn’t show up 8 years ago…)

    • 24.1 skelly

      She took away his chance. She never gave him a chance, and did as she pleased. They might have done something, together, 20 years ago to make it work. But she took that opportunity away, and so the society disapproval became a fact, rather than a possibility.

      • 24.1.1 Emma

        Societal disapproval WAS a fact and a young girl had to fight it alon. She had very good reason to panic.

        Societal disapproval IS a fact for Do Jin right now and IT IS distroying his hopes. BUT he is 40 years old (and a man), that makes a HUGE difference…

      • 24.1.2 foolmoon

        Yes, they might have done something, but like EH implies that the 20 y/o DJ will tell her to abort the baby. The love was more from EH side, but she saw DJ took it as just a fling.

        Like I write before, we don’t know the future how someone we know will act when given that kind of responsibility, but we tend to assume based on what we know about one’s character NOW. My guess EH didn’t want to take that risk of complicating her life with a free spirit young DJ while having hard time in pregnancy, thus she made that decision…

  25. 25 Sajen

    “Granted, the story seemed to insinuate that Eun Hee had certain relations with all four guys but she only wanted Do Jin when she was younger.”

    honestly that’s not the vibe I got it to me it was a group of frustrated 40 year old high school students posturing for their friends about having sex with a girl they all wanted to have sex with but none of them actually did.

    on another note it’s getting harder and harder to remember both when I liked Tae San and this show

  26. 26 yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

  27. 27 omo

    Thanks for the recap. Definitely a better read than the drama itself. I find myself looking forward to just the 1st 5 mins of the drama. The remaining 60 mins are just snooze time.

    • 27.1 zsa

      Exactly…they should call this ‘much ado about nothing’…the angst…I. JUST.DON’T.GET.IT. Wae wae wae????….just be ready…it’s gonna last longer than it should….it’s a 20 eps drama anyway…I’m not asking ppl to be happy throughout the drama…but give us a realistic, believable dilemma…these 2 don’t even have parents to disapprove of a ‘man with a child’ marriage…they are in late 30s and early 40s…so, was it better for Colin to be aborted rather than have him around? or for him to never find his father?…ugh…jebal script writer nim…you wrote City Hall right? That was such a rich and intricate political drama….give us something to work on here….

  28. 28 Leishers

    I love A Gentleman’s Dignity. And I mean, I love it. everything, especially the bromance. I love AGD. I was just so damn sick and tired of Yi Soo’s and Do Jins sappy shit. I thought i was going to lose it if I saw them laying down looking depressed. They need to sit up!!!!

  29. 29 odet

    I love Min Sook!!!

  30. 30 fatemeh

    Thanks for the recap.
    Your comments on the drama shows you are very young. The story line must seem illogical to you sometimes but to me it makes sense. I am 34;-)

  31. 31 giddy

    For me, this episode actually helped me to gain trust in the writer–that there is a point, and we are getting there. Yi Soo standing up to Do Jin and demanding that he keep his promises IS WHAT IS TURNING HIM INTO A GENTLEMAN.

    I had to watch this episode twice before I got it, but when DJ is on his “dates” with YS and at her beck and call, he starts to realize what a jerk he’s been and the hurt he caused her with all of his smarmy lines. He remembers those hurtful words, and then we see him grab her shoulder and apologize for his selfishness in protecting his pride at her expense on several different occasions.

    Colin coming into the picture has humbled him greatly, and he realizes what a pompous fool he’s been, because now he does not have the right to demand the affections of women–he’s become “an untouchable” because of his past sins. He was NOT a gentleman up to now–he dumped women just because he got tired of them, and did not treat them with dignity.

    But now that he’s starting to self reflect, he’s on the path to realizing how he has to change to earn the right to be called a gentleman. His sincere apologies (even though they are in his mind) show that he is know seeing the light.

    And Yi Soo, knowing that he doesn’t have the right to ask her to stay around because of the stigma attached to it, is helping him to realize that they do love each other in a way that RESPECTS HIS DIGNITY–she’s taking it upon herself to reveal how she is feeling by ordering him around. In reality, of course, she’s sharing with him her feelings for him and trying to show him that it’s okay for them to be together.

    I can see more clearly now why the show is called A Gentleman’s Dignity. Still in it for the ride and sincerely hoping that it all pulls together well.

  32. 32 giddy

    For me, this episode actually helped me to gain trust in the writer–that there is a point, and we are getting there. Yi Soo standing up to Do Jin and demanding that he keep his promises IS WHAT IS TURNING HIM INTO A GENTLEMAN.

    I had to watch this episode twice before I got it, but when DJ is on his “dates” with YS and at her beck and call, he starts to realize what a jerk he’s been and the hurt he caused her with all of his smarmy lines. He remembers those hurtful words, and then we see him grab her shoulder and apologize for his selfishness in protecting his pride at her expense on several different occasions.

    Colin coming into the picture has humbled him greatly, and he realizes what a pompous fool he’s been, because now he does not have the right to demand the affections of women–he’s become “an untouchable” because of his past sins. He was NOT a gentleman up to now–he dumped women just because he got tired of them, and did not treat them with dignity.

    But now that he’s starting to self reflect, he’s on the path to realizing how he has to change to earn the right to be called a gentleman. His sincere apologies (even though they are in his mind) show that he is know seeing the light.

    And Yi Soo, knowing that he doesn’t have the right to ask her to stay around because of the stigma attached to it, is helping him to realize that they do love each other in a way that RESPECTS HIS DIGNITY–she’s taking it upon herself to reveal how she is feeling by ordering him around. In reality, of course, she’s sharing with him her feelings for him and trying to show him that it’s okay for them to be together.

    I can see more clearly now why the show is called A Gentleman’s Dignity. Still in it for the ride and sincerely hoping that it all pulls together well.

    • 32.1 rebecca34

      I think you make a good point. However I find the whole method is kind of just weird. What normal person would actually make their boyfriend go on dates with them and sit in the back and they in the front. It’s just well really odd. I would prefer a normal and natural progression of their relationship.

    • 32.2 malta

      That’s a great perspective to have of the show. Very nuanced. I didn’t get that impression myself although I could see how the message you laid out is the writers intention. But I agree with rebecca34 that “the whole method” is weird and opaque. The characters, especially the women approach things in the weirdest ways even if the reasoning behind their actions is totally understandable.

      When YS kept calling out DJ it felt like she was punishing him by making him sit there in silence, but at the same time like she couldn’t control herself asking him to come out. I felt it was weird and a very opaque thing to do.

      I’ve never liked DJ and never really understood why YS fell for him while he was still basically an ass, but I do agree that he now feels remorse for how he acted. It’s kind of sad that it took 20yrs of philandering for him to realize it.

  33. 33 bebe

    Does anyone know what is the tittle of the book that Yi Soo is reading in the bookstore? It looks very interesting 🙂

  34. 34 Lilian

    Ah…I am thankful for the opening sequence and the awesome cameo. Also love the 3 clueless uncles but besides that I also hate the noble idiot plot…..

  35. 35 K

    Does anyone know what designer/company makes that incredibly cute grey dress min sook is wearing ?

  36. 36 12jd


  37. 37 Sakina

    Does anyone please know the song that the tone-deaf guy was listening to and that surfaces later on in the episode again?

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