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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 16
by | July 20, 2012 | 108 Comments

It’s back! The cute is back! Call me fickle but my interest has been rejuvenated just because of how awesome some of the scenes are here.


Do Jin is checking his baggage at an airport when he receives a phone call that alarms him enough to run out in panic. At the same time, Jung Rok is being scolded by Min Sook for taking off his wedding band again when he also gets a phone call. He ignores his wife’s threats that she’ll divorce him if he leaves and rushes out the door. Tae San also slips out of a meeting with some important clients.

The three men dash to a funeral home to see Yoon sitting in a daze on a bench. The guys dress Yoon in a suit and cry with him when he falls to the ground weakly. Yoon explains in a voiceover that the two black lines on a man’s armband at a funeral means that the man is a relative of the deceased. One line means the person is a friend. He notes that his two lines represent the greatest loss in his life, and his friends, the greatest fortune in his life. I can’t stop bawling.

Yi Soo challenges Do Jin to come with her to see her mother and he stands up to answer that he’ll come. It’d be better than worrying if she went home safely or if she’s crying alone. She scoffs at his response and jerks out of his grasp.

She meets her mother who scolds Yi Soo for constantly ignoring her calls; she’s obviously calling for an important reason. Her mother calmly states that she’s currently locked in an inheritance battle with her stepsons now that her husband is close to dying.

Yi Soo responds that she hasn’t cared about her mother since she left her, while her mother makes the excuse that she was just trying to do the best thing for Yi Soo. She then calmly commands that Yi Soo is to avoid meeting her stepsons. The camera pans back and we see Do Jin listening to the entire conversation at another table.

Do Jin walks into Jung Rok’s cafe where his friends greet him happily dressed in youthful clothing. Heh. They’re so cute. Do Jin lets out a small laugh and the other three cheer “Mission accomplished!”

They tell him that it’s nice to see him smile and reassure him not to worry about work or taking care of Colin; he should just focus on mending his relationship with Yi Soo for now. They begin to hand over their silly accessories and then Tae San leaves with Yoon close behind him.

A decked-out Do Jin sighs that the bandanna Tae San wore is the same color as one of Yi Soo’s dresses. Jung Rok gives him a “are you kidding me” look; everyone has a piece of clothing that’s sky blue. It’s a common color! Do Jin replies that Yi Soo is extra pretty in that dress. D’aw.

Do Jin contemplates calling Yi Soo because he misses her but fails to muster up the courage. He starts to call when he realizes that Yi Soo is in front of him.

Yi Soo approaches Do Jin to inform him that she knows he still has feelings for her. Doesn’t he want to hold on to her? Will he really let her go like this? He begins to make up the quotes of other people if he held on to her right now. “Is that woman crazy? Why should she date a man with a child? There must be something wrong with her.”

He continues that he doesn’t want to make her into someone crazy. “I didn’t love you to make you into someone with a flaw…” She walks away as he talks to avoid hearing more excuses.

Se Ra charges into Tae San’s office and orders him to stop acting like he’s a nice, good man. She screeches that he should have just let her figure out her debts on her own. How can she go to him now? It’s too effing embarrassing. He asks if she was going to come back to him and she replies that she was on her way. But not now. He’s hurt her pride too much.

Tae San’s phone interrupts the conversation and he’s told that his mother is sick in the hospital. He rushes out the door after requesting that they fight another day…only to find that he was tricked into a blind date. He sits uncomfortably in front of a young woman which Se Ra sees after she follows him to the hospital. She makes her way to the table next to Tae San and sits like a queen while glaring at his blind date.

The young lady proudly presents herself as the daughter of this hospital’s director. She goes on to say that she wants three children and will cook twice a day. Omg. Please stop. Cringe cringe cringe. Tae San and Se Ra burst into mocking laughter but the woman remains too dense to realize that they’re laughing at her.

She states that she’s said all she wanted to say to Tae San for now and leaves the table after flashing a smile. Se Ra watches her go and then turns to Tae San to inform him that she’ll pay him sometime at the end of the month.

He immediately stops laughing and their fight resumes. She wonders if he just pities her and he yells out that he loves her, even if she is a fool. He holds out his arms and she hesitates before slowly stepping into his embrace.

Min Sook goes out for a run and Jung Rok surprises her by riding up beside her on a bike. He urges her to get on the back of the bike and plugs the ear buds of an MP3 player into her ears. He comments that now everything will seem like a music video.

She hops on the back and they ride down the bike path. He talks as he pedals the bike and points out that Min Sook is the shortest, oldest, and meanest person out of all the women he’s ever met. Hee. However, he counters his previous words by calling her addictive despite her flaws. Aw!

She grins in response and then asks how to get the MP3 player to play. He skids the bike to a stop and panics; did she just hear everything he said? LOL. He groans that he’s so embarrassed and she tells him to shut up and keep riding. They’re so cute when they want to be.

Do Jin visits Min Sook’s art gallery to buy a chair for Colin. Min Sook mentions that Yi Soo seemed to be having a hard time when they met a while ago. She gives a piece of advice: a man who has said “I love you” to his woman should never say “I’m sorry.” Hm? I don’t quite understand what she means…

Colin moves into Do Jin’s apartment and requests that Do Jin raise his allowance; Eun Hee used to give him $150 a week. Do Jin responds that he’s going to confirm if Colin is telling the truth and Colin immediately backtracks. Do Jin cuts the allowance money to $30 as a punishment for lying. Kek.

Later, Do Jin receives a call from a realtor that his apartment has been put up for sale by his son. Lol. STRESS! Do Jin sits Colin down and Colin apologizes for going too far in his petty revenge. Do Jin nods and then informs Colin that he has to attend school as long as he lives in Korea. Hahah.

Yoon studies the bracelet Me Ahri bought him and slips it on after some hesitation. Do Jin plops down next to him and calls Yoon an idiot for being unable to convey his true feelings. Yoon shoots back that Do Jin isn’t any smarter and Do Jin agrees. Noble idiots ftw! Not.

Colin is transferred into the school Yi Soo works at after she speaks with Yoon. She had reasoned that she may help Colin adjust to life in Korea. It’s not his fault that he was born as Kim Do Jin’s son anyway.

At school, Yi Soo informs Colin that she is his homeroom teacher and shrugs when he asks if she’s uncomfortable around him. She’s never felt any awkwardness with her students. She reminds him that parent-teacher conferences are required for transfer students and requests that his father come to school next week.

The next Monday, Yi Soo tells Do Jin that Colin will be placed as a 2nd year student. She asks if Do Jin knows what subject area Colin likes and what his dreams are. Do Jin only answers that he thinks Colin plays the guitar. Yi Soo questions what Do Jin’s dream is but only receives a longing stare from him. It’s probably to marry you?

Tae San, Yoon, and Jung Rok give Colin advice on how to survive in high school. Tae San tells Colin to bust open the doors when he first arrives to give a strong, charismatic image. He also needs to look the school bully in the eye and stare him down to prove that Colin is the alpha dog now. HAHA. I’m pretty sure he’d get his ass kicked if he did that…

Colin and Dong Hyub have a bonding moment in the nurse’s office and Dong Hyub advises that Colin needs to study if he wants to make money in Korea. Isn’t that the same for a lot of countries. Heh. Colin asks if Dong Hyub is a good student and Dong Hyub coughs that what he means is that money is good. YES. New bromance alert. I’m officially back on this drama train.

Yi Soo barges in to yell at both students for cutting class. She assigns Dong Hyub a 3-page apology letter and tells Colin that she will need to speak to his parent. Kek. She’s so subtle, isn’t she? We cut to Yi Soo sitting across from Do Jin and she informs him that Colin has cut class. He replies that he’s also cutting work because she called him out during the day but she doesn’t crack a smile.

As he leaves, Do Jin overhears the other teachers gossiping about him and Colin. Yi Soo’s annoying co-worker crows that Yi Soo has finally been knocked off her high and mighty ethics pedestal. A man with a child? Ha! She wonders if Do Jin has a lot of money. Why would Yi Soo date him otherwise? Wow. Someone slap that silly bird.

Yi Soo and Do Jin meet again over the weekend and she confesses that she still likes him despite the fact that he’s Colin’s father. “My knees become weak and my heart pounds every time I see you. I’m dying trying to hold back my tears. How can we break up when I’m like this?”

He launches into a rant about how she has no reason to walk this rocky path with him but she cuts him off, saying, “I’ve decided that I’m going to walk that road. You just need to stand at the end of it.” She pulls him into a hug and Do Jin finds himself overwhelmed with emotion.

They later head back to Yi Soo’s home and she asks him to pat her until she falls asleep. She hasn’t been able to rest properly since they broke up. He accommodates her request and strokes her hair as she closes her eyes. Tears slip down her face, which he notes with a pained expression.

After she falls asleep, he quietly walks out and gets into Betty to sigh over his complicated love life. Just then, Yi Soo’s stepbrothers pull up to the house and call Yi Soo out for yet another meeting. The step siblings head to a cafe (there are so many cafes in this drama) and the two men order Yi Soo to stamp an inheritance settlement contract with her seal.

She resists their demands and calls her mother and orders her to walk away with every single penny of her husband’s assets. One of the stepbrothers reaches over and rips the phone away from Yi Soo. He chucks it at her and she shoots him a hateful look.

Yi Soo gets up to go to the restroom to compose herself and her stepbrothers warn that she can’t run away from this situation; they’ll hunt her down at her workplace if this isn’t settled today. Wow. Assholes.

Yi Soo coldly responds that she’s not afraid of them nor is she avoiding them and stalks out. She sobs in a bathroom stall for some time and then steels herself to walk back out with her head held high. Strangely, though, her step brothers scramble to apologize for bothering her and scamper out after promising not to show their faces to her again.

It’s then she notices the smashed cups around the table and a cafe employee demands that she pay for all the damages her “oppas” caused. Yi Soo gives her a puzzled look and the employee shows her a recording of what happened while Yi Soo was in the bathroom. Oh my. This is going to be epic. ::eats popcorn and turns the volume up::

F44 bursts into the cafe and gang up on Yi Soo’s stepbrothers. Do Jin takes a seat and introduces himself and his friends as Yi Soo’s oppas. Tae San plants himself next to Do Jin and unleashes a storm of swear words that renders the stepbrothers speechless. Hahah. How dare these men use violence on a woman. Jung Rok introduces himself as the oppa with a bottomless pit of money (from your wifey heh) and Yoon slides his business card over; he’s Yi Soo’s legal representative.

Do Jin gets to drop the awesomely cheesy line that he’s the oppa who loves Seo Yi Soo. Wahah. I’m covered in goosebumps but also grinning from ear to ear. He advises that the two men call Yoon if they want to speak to Yi Soo about contracts.

The man who threw Yi Soo’s phone mumbles that Yi Soo is really living up to the value of her face, which causes F44 to kick the table into their legs. Hahaha. The brothers howl in pain and Do Jin cautions that he and his friends won’t be as gentlemanly the next time the two men show their faces in front of Yi Soo.

If they do, they’ll have to deal with the financial, physical, legal, and personal effects of whatever F44 deals out. Ahhhh it’s so mushy but I love it. ::rewinds the scene five times:: The recording ends and Yi Soo wipes away tears. She rushes out and frantically searches for any sign of Do Jin but ends up disappointed.

Do Jin, Jung Rok, and Tae San prepare dishes for Jung Ah’s memorial service and fight over how to cook the food properly as Yoon enters with additional groceries. He glances at the three shoes near the front door and looks to his friends in silent gratitude.

They help Yoon’s mother-in-law set the table for the service and she pleads with Yoon to forget her daughter and find someone new. She asks the other three if there is a woman that likes Yoon but they awkwardly avoid her question and Yoon falsely laughs while responding that he’s popular with all the ladies.

The next day, Me Ahri visits the memorial site where Jung Ah’s ashes are stored. She presents flowers to Jung Ah and unloads her feelings. “I know I’m a horrible person for asking but could you give me permission to like Yoon oppa? Can you make Yoon oppa like me? I’m so sorry, unni. I’m so sorry for liking Yoon oppa.” Oof. That’s heartbreaking.

She sinks to the ground in tears and we find F44 observing the scene. Do Jin and Jung Rok carefully turn away from Me Ahri and watch over a frozen Yoon and a fuming Tae San. We skip what happens next (ten bucks Tae San dragged Me Ahri out) and receive scenes of Yoon and Tae San agonizing over that night’s events separately instead.

Days pass and Jung Rok discusses the Me Ahri and Yoon couple with Do Jin. Jung Rok declares that he’s on Me Ahri’s side all the way (aw) while Do Jin weighs his choices; Tae San is his business partner while Yoon is his roommate. He ultimately chooses to support Yoon because they’re both idiots. ::high five:: Good choice.

That night, Do Jin takes a walk around his neighborhood only to have Yi Soo block his way (again). This time, she holds a box in her arms and he asks if she was waiting for him again. She nods and replies that she was waiting for him for hours. He looks away guiltily and she asks, “Can you stop pushing me away?”

She opens the gift box to reveal a pair of brown leather shoes for him. She gently places them on the ground in front of him and his eyes widen in surprise. She looks up tenderly at him and relays the same words that he said to her before when he offered her the pink heels.

Yi Soo: Wear these when you come to me…on a beautiful day…prettily.


I didn’t expect to enjoy this episode as much as I did. The opening was tear-inducing and the part when the guys dress Yoon just broke my heart. The other three come together automatically and silently to do what Yoon can’t, which is truly touching.

F44’s friendship is definitely the core of this drama and I think this episode really exemplified how real and beautiful their bond is. They love each other more than anything and don’t even think twice about supporting each other when things get rough. This support net is especially vital to Yoon.

Tae San, Jung Rok, and Do Jin have a lover in their lives that they can lean on and trust in addition to the other F44 members. Yoon has an eternal cheerleader in Me Ahri but so far she’s off-limits to him. As a result, his friends remain his closest confidants and Yoon even admits that they’re his greatest fortune. It gives the conflict between following through on his feelings for Me Ahri and maintaining his friendship with Tae San much more weight.

Yoon would still have Do Jin or Jung Rok by his side if he did pursue Me Ahri but the special bond between all four men would be lost. Yoon is already the self-sacrificing type and his immense gratitude towards his friends traps him into forgoing a romance with Me Ahri, so I don’t blame him for being cowardly and passive. I hate that he does it but it’s understandable…even more so with this episode.

On the other hand, I’m frustrated that Yoon’s conflict hasn’t been made any easier by Me Ahri’s lack of development. She really needs to prove to Tae San (and many other audience members) that she’s not a child, yet all her whining suggests otherwise. I’m not necessarily upset at how easily she cries; she’s a sensitive person who has been used to getting her way all these years and she’s hurt by Yoon’s rejection. I get it. I’m more annoyed that all she DOES is cry.

I think she’s old enough to realize that whining and crying won’t get her everything. She can be sassy and opinionated when she wants to be but she’s alarmingly flippant about other parts of her life. What happened to becoming a designer? Her great love for Yoon is admirable and I can buy that her dream is to be his wife, but she hasn’t even tried to convince her brother that she’s an independent person and capable of making her own decisions without crying.

If she chose to graduate from college, created her own designer brand, or did something else more credible, Tae San would take her a little bit more seriously. He would still be against her marrying Yoon but at least she could stand on her own without his help. How can he trust a girl to take care of herself when all she does is drink during the day and throw temper tantrums when she’s upset?

On another note, Me Ahri’s speech to Jung Ah was heartfelt and moving. She has a sense of guilt for wanting to take Yoon away from her “unni” but she’s honest about her true intentions. In addition, she unknowingly shows Tae San a glimpse of just how deep her feelings are for Yoon.

Tae San has been dismissing her crush continually but he, with his love for Se Ra, should know that you can’t just shut down feelings…especially when they’ve been present for decades. I’d be a happier viewer if Tae San could tone down his aggressiveness and Me Ahri made a more assertive step towards being independent. Just meet halfway! Gah.

Alright. Let’s rave a little bit, shall we? Yi Soo’s last gesture to Do Jin is a great reversal in their relationship. I may dislike his noble idiocy, but it makes sense in the larger cultural context of Korean society. The conversation between Yi Soo’s co-workers is an excellent example of why he chose to push Yi Soo away; why should she suffer for what he did wrong?

I still wish that he had given her the chance to decide whether to stay with him or not but their break-up has also caused Yi Soo to realize just how much she loves Do Jin. She’s the one pursuing him now and it’s refreshing to see that she’s confronting Colin’s presence in Do Jin’s life head-on. The shoe gift really brings their relationship full circle; she’s basically telling him that she wants him but that he can choose to come to her this time. ::wipes away tear::

The thought of a bromance between Colin and Dong Hyub has me squealing. We haven’t seen Colin interact with anyone around his age and his cold, blunt demeanor is an awesome contrast to Dong Hyub’s playful personality. They also have parental issues and are in need of an F44 version of their own. I can’t wait to see how their relationship will play out.

Min Sook is quickly becoming a beloved character since we first met her. She’s badass but also has a vulnerable side and wants to be loved by her husband. The bike ride was sweet on Jung Rok’s end and it’s nice to finally see him and his wife having some nice, happy moments. I still think that he needs to treat her better but at least he’s walking towards redemption…even if it’s at a snail’s pace.


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  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!!!!

    • 1.1 Shukmeister

      I’m chomping at the bit for the next episodes, although that’s tempered with SBS’s decision to delay the last two episodes until after the Olympics.

      • 1.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Shukie, left you a message in OT under Leaf’s post to you :-). Hope you saw it…

      • 1.1.2 malta

        Is that really happening? That’s horrible.

      • 1.1.3 Naddie

        Whaaaat, they’re delaying the eps? I was planning on marathoning the last 4 eps since I don’t think I can take a cliffhanger at this point of time, heh. Ah well.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Hello Orangy911 and thank you so much for the recap!!! I appreciate that you have voiced not only your opinion about this episode and the drama so far, but also that you have echoed how many of us have been feeling as we watch this drama and the different issues we have hashed out so far in our comments and discussions. Thank you for expressing those well.

      As a result, I won’t have much to write, since you have covered a lot of what I was thinking and have addressed in some of my posts. I have loved the bromance (A LOT) in this episode and like someone said below, I am jealous and envious of their bromance. So heartwarming!!!! I felt so sad when Yoon lost his wife and was moved by the acting, it felt so REAL!!!! I was also moved that for someone who likes to bark orders (he yells at SR that he loves her and that she should come into his arms) and swear, TS was actually the 1st one to cry and he seemed the most emotional one to me. I couldn’t help but feel that JDG looked like he was smiling, when he was trying to cry. I really loved that they spent time on that scene, as it conveyed not only how close the F44 are, but also how grief-stricken they were. It made me realize that in spite of their childish ways and stupid behaviors at times, they handle serious crisis involving one of them well. They are TRULY BROTHERS!!!!!

      Thank you for explaining Yoon’s dilemma further, I appreciate his hesitation better now that I have a better understanding of his situation in relation to the F44. I agree with ALMOST all that you have said in the recap and in your commentary and I am so glad you guys (the recappers) take the time to give us a detailed analysis of each episode you recap. You covered all the angles today, and I am so thankful that you spent so much time analyzing Yoon and Me Ah Ri and their conflicts (so sad that Yoon and MAR get more discussion time than they do screen time, such a waste…).

      I to, loved all the tender scenes, and the ones where the characters stand up for one other. I LOVED it when the oppas went into the cafe. I thought, “that’s what oppas are for” (partly). It was heartwarming that even though DJ wasn’t in a relationship with her (per se), that he was still looking out for her.

      As gruff and aggressive at times as TS is, he does love SR and his sister and although I wish he had spoken softly to her, I liked that he asked for a hug. Reminded me of when he kept hugging SR when she wanted to leave (in a past episode) and he didn’t want to let her go. He was the one who kept wanting the hugs, not her. Deep, deep, deep (LOL) down inside, he is a teddy bear somewhere. One just has to know how to access it (methinks).

      I disagree with you about TS fuming when he saw MAR crying. When I saw it, he looked to me like he was moved. The scene seem to say that MAR didn’t know that the F44 were there and so she was just pouring her heart and her soul out. It seemed to me that the F44 realized maybe then how sincere she was about her feelings for Yoon. TS seemed and looked moved, touched to me, as if now he was starting to see that her sister was earnestly in love with Yoon and that this wasn’t just a crush. Yoon was also very moved, he didn’t look frozen to me. During that time, I think MAR thought that she was alone.
      I am saying this because later on, we see TS pacing as if he is starting to change his mind on the whole Yoon-MAR being together. He might also be thinking about the costs/repercussions (on him, his family, his sister) associated with maybe letting her be with Yoon. At the same time, Yoon was looking at his wedding ring and maybe thinking that it could be time to let that ring go. He does want a shot at happiness this time around again, after all. That was how I saw those two scenes and I thought how interesting it was that one followed the other.

      I really loved the ending and how they brought it full circle with the shoes and YS pursuing DJ but giving him time to go to her. Now they are more equal, in a way.
      I also loved it when DJ told Colin that in Korea, you do as your father says, *smiling* and I thought to myself, “Yeah DJ, trust me, when you are a child and a teenager, that happens in many other parts of the world as well! I can relate…”

      I will stop my comments for now, as there are many scenes to comment on and I am sure the rest of the commentators will touch on those. I would just like to ask a few questions:

      1–Why did TS and SR laughed when he was on the “date” at the hospital? I think I get it a little bit now, but I didn’t when I watched the episode originally. I thought the goal of such a date is to “state” your qualifications and basically market what makes you better than the other woman or man, which was what that woman was doing. Why then was it so funny? And I get that SR is not like that, and… I might be dense a little here, but I just want to fully understand the comedy and funny in this scene, and honestly, I don’t think I did. So please, just kindly explain to me. Thanks!

      2–What is a “Homeroom Teacher?” And why does she have so many students? I thought YS was an Ethics teacher? Are those two things different, so she is wearing two hats? I am trying to understand the Korean educational system, and for the record, I didn’t grow up in the American educational system either. If someone can, please explain. I am trying to understand why YS is so responsible for her students? What would the scope of her responsibilities be as a homeroom and ethics teacher? I don’t mind that she helps them, I am just trying to find out if that is part of her job description or if she is going out of her way for DH and Colin.

      3–This question is more of a linguistic and cultural one: I have noticed that when TS talks, he uses “Hwack!” a lot, at least that is how (I think) it is translated on Viki. So, I know that Korean can be a dramatic language but I was wondering: when TS says that, does it reinforce/emphasize him saying, ” I will kill you? I will beat you up? Something else?” I do appreciate that that word is left as is or at least as it sounds. I am just curious as to its (different) meanings or implications when it is used. I am a linguist and so I am always very curious and intrigued and interested about things like that.

      Thank you for reading my post and for responding to it, for those of you who will. I appreciate it. I thought it wouldn’t be long, but once again, I didn’t manage to keep it short. Guess I had a lot to say. Kdramas, what have you done to me????

      • 1.2.1 Cynthia

        I can answer #2 for you.

        Here in the U.S., if you are hired as a teacher, one of your responsibilities is being a Homeroom teacher. Kids are assigned to a homeroom where they report to in the morning where attendance is taken, announcements are made, etc. After homeroom period is over, everyone goes on their way to different classes for the rest of the day, the teacher commences to teach his/her speciality (math, science, ethics, etc). Hope this clears this up for you. 🙂

        • Ivoire

          Hi Cynthia, and thanks! This actually helps a lot because I was confused.

      • 1.2.2 narae

        to answer #3,
        hwack is something of an onomatopoeia for grabbing/smacking something violently. it basically adds a violent emphasis to whatever it’s attached

        • Ivoire

          Hi Narae and thank you! This helped…

      • 1.2.3 YT629

        I will attempt to explain some of your questions.
        1. Tae san was on a “mat-seon” which is basically a blind date with marriage in mind. That marriage is on the table is a basic aspect of mat seon. But in korean mat seons, it’s also assumed that just because you go on one, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically marry your blind date. You spend some time getting to know each other, see if you’re compatible, if you have similar family values, etc. Even though the purpose of a mat seon is marriage, you don’t bluntly just say you only plan on cooking twice a day the way Taesan’s blind date did. It’d be considered very blunt and kinda forward. And combined with the fact that she considers being “the daughter of the head of a general hospital” a profession, it’s hard to take her seriously.

        2. Homeroom teachers in korea are a little different from homeroom teachers in America. Although essentially their jobs are the same, homerooms teachers in korea have this sense of responsibility imbued in their position as “homeroom teacher.” For a student’s well being and development as well as academics. That and korea just has this long history of teachers being life mentors, being in a position of respect, etc. etc. Which is why Yisoo can run out in the middle of the night because Dong yub is in the police station. American homeroom teachers just don’t do that.

        3. “Hwack!” is just a noise people make when they’re about to hit someone. It’s kind of a derogatory noise, used for someone you don’t think much of. Like they’re easy prey who would barely be worth the trouble of hitting.

        • asianromance

          The part where she claimed being the hospital director’s daughter as a profession was hilarious! The girl was so cluelessly spouting out her credentials like she was a job interview candidate that I couldn’t tell for a moment if she was being facetious, or if she really was that out of it. It was so cute how Sera and Tae-san were both trying to hold in their laughter. I’m loved them in this episode. A couple who laughs together is one that I can cheer for.

      • 1.2.4 malta

        Why did TS and SR laughed when he was on the “date” at the hospital?


        I really like that scene. I think TS and SR are made for each other. They really love each other and can deal with the internal drama that they create in their own relationship. I think they laughed because the woman on the date seemed very young like she didn’t really know anything about life to be able to just say she was willing to be the “perfect” wife as if she’s a wife robot as opposed to a person.

        I liked how the scene showed that TS and SR had inside jokes and a similar understanding of the situation. I think that TS and SR both knew that TS wouldn’t find somebody like that attractive at all given that he’s in love with SR, someone is independent, feisty and opinionated. But his blind date was so confident that she was perfect. It was pretty funny.

        I really like that scene between them.

      • 1.2.5 Ivoire

        Hello YT629 and Malta,

        I sooo appreciate your detailed explanations, and it is responses like yours that make me not regret taking the time to write such a long post and ask the questions that I wish to ask.
        I am still fairly new to Kdrama watching, but I like to understand everything that happens in an episode. I am aware that not everything will make sense, as sometimes the writing or the editing is not clear and there is not much one can do about that. That being said, watching Kdramas for me (and I am sure for many people) is a way of enhancing my knowledge and understanding of the Korean culture, besides the fact that I enjoy being exposed to a different kind of entertainment. As a result (and I was always like this, even as a teenager), I tend to want to understand every second of a scene in a movie or a drama. I don’t want to miss anything. I have also found that knowing or understanding what is going on culturally and linguistically really makes for a better viewing experience for me. And that is how I prefer it.
        So I tend to pay attention to details one, because I love details and two because I just want to absorb all that is being exposed to me. The third reason is that the more dramas I watch, the more I come across some of the same phrases, expressions, behaviors which then makes me curious. What didn’t seem that important to me a year ago is now important because I have seen it enough time to want to know its implications. So again, thank you!

        1–I have seen “mat-seon” dates before (MNIKSS, Protect the Boss, etc…) but nothing special was happening there, so I never questioned them and took at face value what the drama or the characters in the dramas told me it was for. I didn’t know about the nuances associated with a “mat-seon” date, until I watched this episode, where things were different. Now I know.
        2–Where I went to school, we did things differently. The students (in grade school and in HS) had a classroom assigned for the school year and the teachers were the ones who rotated classrooms to teach their subjects. Each teacher took attendance for his subject/class for each quarter, and we could only miss class so many times before being in trouble. All of that to say that the concept of Homeroom Teacher (and its implications) is new to me. Again, now I know.
        3–About “Hwack!” I am actually glad I asked because I now remember LMH saying the same thing in BBF in episode 14 I think (don’t quote me on that, and I didn’t rewatch the episode to confirm, but it might be in that one) to the gentleman who was waking him up. As usual, GJP was not happy about being woken up, so he threatened his assistant and made that sound. I assumed it was part of the language (which it was) but I became more curious the more I saw it being used. BBF was also my 2nd drama, and there was a lot for me to absorb, so I didn’t question it too much, but I remembered that the way he had said it had stayed with me. Somehow, I knew the way he had spoken was dramatic.
        That also brings up another onomatopoeia that I saw in episode 15 of I Do I Do ** SPOILERS (somewhat)**
        In this episode, the DR. is listening to his colleague tell him about how the visit with JA and TK went. He (the Dr.) wants his colleague to stop talking and so he raises his hand and makes a slurping sound, as if to say “Be quiet now!” Actually it sounded stronger than that. And the friend became quiet and left.*** END OF SPOILER***
        I have seen DJ do that as well to get the other character’s attention, it seems. So, is it safe to assume that that sound is to get someone’s attention or to ask them to be quiet?

        This is so interesting to me! Because of my background, I can actually relate to how dramatic the Korean language can be and I enjoy little tidbits of information like these. Thanks to whoever responds.

  2. celest1al

    I absolutely loved this episode.

    • 2.1 meecheellee

      Yup! And the shoes part, too. That sorta reciprocates when Do Jin gave Yi Soo the pink shoes(:

      • 2.1.1 asianromance

        That was my favorite part of the episode besides the funeral intro (so sad!). I love it when the woman is the one who makes the grand gesture because it’s so expected that the male rom-com lead will take the leap to express his affections and intentions. That the male lead will run to her. No, Yi-soo takes the lead here to fight against Do-jin’s fears and hesitations.

  3. DramaticTeacher

    Aw, this ep. was really moving; F44 qnd the preparations for the funeral, Me Ahri’s speech, Yisoo’s shoe presenting and the hinting at F18 with DongHyub and Colin.

    Can’t wait for the next ep.!

  4. ninsarama

    Oh man. The first scene had me bawling too! I don’t want this to end! I had so many reservations about this drama, but I love how low key things are but just as addicting!

    But yes, the lack of development between Yoon/Meahri is beyond frustrating! I really don’t like how the Taesan/Serah’s relationship works either.

    • 4.1 OMG

      I totally agree…it’s been 16 episodes n no development whatsoever…I mean come-on…if she matured just a little bit maybe tae-San would not be so hesitant to pair her up with yolo…her immaturity is ruining the series for me…m 21 n I don’t even act like that….UGH!!!

  5. jen

    I love this drama and this episode so much. Man, I’m so jealous of the 4’s friendship.

    I also still like Me Ahri, but I do wish they’d give us a little more reason of why she loves him so much so that it didn’t just feel like a childhood crush.

    • 5.1 nokke

      Like what kind of reasons? You just love someone and that’s it… Basically what is the reason for the other characters to love each other and why is it more convincing or important?

      • 5.1.1 jen

        Well, in my opinion, it would give her/it more depth if they had lots of encounters growing up that made her like him, instead of just thinking he’s cute and instantly falling in love.

      • 5.1.2 malta

        I think maybe just some scenes with Yoon and Me Ahri interacting like just 2 adults that doesn’t involve Me Ahri trying to get with him/crying and him trying to avoid her. All the other couples spend time with each other, learn about each other, and talk to each other. DJ and YS spent lots of time together and we saw them fall in love with each other. Yoon avoids Me Ahri or hides himself from her. Me Ahri just loves Yoon and apparently he likes her too and this all seems to have predated the beginning of the dramas timeframe…

        One earlier scene which was nice was when Me Ahri first came and she was trying to reach a bowl that was too high for her and of course Yoon Oppa came to the rescue and they had a little moment of attraction. Those kinds of scenes would be helpful in at least showing us that they have chemistry.

        I also don’t think it’s true a person just loves someone and that’s it. I think people love with purpose and for reasons. Of course most of us don’t know what those reasons are even if they are blatantly apparent to others. Some reasons why you love someone you know and nobody else does, and some reasons everyone else knows, but you don’t have a clue. I always think that even if the characters don’t know why they love each other, the audience should since we are privy to all the private scenes the characters aren’t. Like when Yoon was alone contemplating taking off his wedding ring…just my view on <3 love <3 :^)

  6. becca_boo

    Thanks for the recap, orangy911!

    In spite of his frustrating Noble Idiocy, I feel sorry for Do-jin sometimes. I mean, he’s just walking along in his own little depressed world, then he looks up and BAM! Seo Yi-soo death glare.

    I like that she’s the one pursuing him now – good for her, not putting up with his noble idiocy – but it bothers me because she seems so passive aggressive about it. That’s not cute in my book: it’s creepy. *raises hand* One restraining order, please!

    These two are good when they’re together and getting along, but please no more break-ups! Every time one of them starts chasing the other, there are some good moments, but for the most part, it’s just creepy.

    On a happier note, I agree with everything you said about the other characters, and I absolutely adore how seriously the guys are taking their new roles as uncles. Their scenes with Colin crack me up to no end. : )

    • 6.1 becca_boo

      P.S. I do have to mention that I loved the scene when F44 acted as Yi-soo oppas – so sweet.

    • 6.2 bo

      Thank God I found an ally!

      Yes, for the last three episodes, I found the Do-Jin Yi- Soo interactions “creepy” that’s the right word sistah! It totally creeped me out that I had to fast forward their scenes together.

      I like the F44’s friendship though. It looks and feels so genuine. Either they are really good in acting or they really felt the friendship.

  7. nokke

    I agree that the lack of development in Me Ah Ri is frustrating. I wonder, will they have enough time for that during the next 4 eps?

    Unfortunately, the whole idea of DJs self-cacrifice seems stupid to me. I really don’t care abour what people think, especially if they are just stupid bitches like Yi Soo’s colleague. They leave in a big city, it’s not a village where old grannies can curse you every day. And in big cities people just don’t really care about other’s issues. Or even if they do, you can avoid them.

    • 7.1 Brenda

      At this point, I strongly doubt that they’ll even try to develop Me Ahri at all, which would be severely disappointing. Worse comes to worse, Yoon’ll start fighting for her and Tae San will realize that her love is true.

    • 7.2 asianromance

      In the drama world, the big city doesn’t seem so big. People run into each other all the time and if you need to find someone, you just need to run around for half an hour and you’ll find them.

      And we need to remember that even though one doesn’t care what dumb people say, it still hurts when they call your name and question your morality. If we can just tune out all the haters, then kids wouldn’t be depressed and hurt due to verbal bullying. While the big city can give everyone a certain amount of social space and anonymity, even in a big city, we have our own little communities that we can’t avoid. Yi-soo’s community is her school. Her job may even be in danger. These bitches’ opinions are likely what Yi-soo’s neighbors will say (one of them is a minister). They are likely what every teacher in the school will think- even her boss, the school board, city officials.

      I don’t think DJ’s reasons are that stupid, but I think it is stupid of him not to hear Yi-soo out and just assume that’s what’s good for her. I think that is what had hurt Yi-soo the most. It’s not like she isn’t aware of what society will think. She even has her own issues regarding raising kids that aren’t your own because of her mom. But the fact DJ was so heavyhanded didn’t sit well. If he had tried to hold onto her, she wouldn’t have been so pissed.

  8. Sunshine

    what a cute ep! so gonna catch on this when i have time

  9. kewbie

    This episode was so sweet. Thanks for recapping!

  10. 10 Rashell

    I loved this episode. The opening scene brought me to tears. As much as I love the love lines in this one, it really is the F44 that I care about most. And it does help explain why Yoon is so conflicted about doing anything that would damage that bond.

    The F44 “oppas” were adorable. Where can I get some?

  11. 11 Katie

    thanks orangy911,

    it was a heartfelt warmth to watch yoon with do jin,

    tae sun and jung rok. Yoon should go dating with

    someone out of his circle sphere.

  12. 12 Brenda

    I loved this episode!! It totally makes up for the past five episodes or so of continual broodiness
    The opening scene was so heartbreaking yet beautiful to see how loyal they are to each other and how much they are there for each other through thick and thin.

    I love the idea that Colin and Dong Hyup will have their own little bromance going on. If this is Dong Hyup’s purpose in the drama then maybe I’ll excuse his useless characterization during the first half of the drama.
    I also appreciate that 2.5 of the four relationships in this drama kind of got resolved in this episode. From the bike riding to Tae San and Se Ra finally reconciling, it has given me renewed hope for the remaining episodes.

    I love that Yi Soo is the proactive one now and is pursuing Do Jin in earnest. The scene from the cafe with her step brothers also had me getting out the popcorn and turning up the volume too. I ended up re-watching the scene about five times because it was so epic.
    Then of course, there was the ending scene with Yi Soo handing Do Jin a pair of shoes. . .
    Can’t wait for this weekend!!!

  13. 13 mary

    Squeeeee~ I can’t wait to watch this! This episode is +++ on all levels. I’m also hoping Colin and Dong Hyub get their own F44. 😀 And props to Do Jin for not spoiling Colin out of guilt. Haha

  14. 14 kdramapedia

    I cried so much at this episode’s opening scene. We usually get cute/funny flashbacks of their friendship through the years, but showing how they’re there for each other through devastating times as well truly cements their bond.

    I’m so glad Dong-Hyub may finally have a purpose. I could never figure out if he was supposed to be a (creepy/taboo) third love interest for Yi-Soo or just another plot point in the irrelevant school drama. I’ve been upset that his character (and the actor) was going to waste, so I’m hopeful for the (short) future. C’mon cute Collin/Dong-Hyub moments!

    Oh, Me-Ahri. Well at least she had a legitimate reason for crying in this episode. This is the first episode in a long time I wasn’t completely irritated with her character. A 24-year-old acting like a 10-year-old with a crush on a 41-year-old is SO not cute. I’m hoping for a miracle that she’s really been working on designing things behind the scenes because I want Yoon to be happy, but if Me-Ahri is just going to be a crybaby, well…

    And I love how Yi-Soo has been brought into the F44 circle, and she’s just like a little sister to them that has to be protected. Once you’re in hearts of F44, you’re protected for life.

    • 14.1 Lise

      Yup! They r def her oppas now, plus shes already too involved in their lives anyways to be taken as insignificant, besides being DJ’s gf shes
      -their umpire
      -Meahri’s teacher/friend
      -Sera’s friend
      -now their ‘nephew’s’ teacher
      …too involved she is!

      • 14.1.1 Lise

        Double post, My bad! This was meant to be scratched ; )

    • 14.2 Lise

      Yup! They r def her oppas now, plus shes already too involved in their lives anyways to be taken as insignificant, besides being DJ’s gf shes
      -their umpire
      -Meahri’s teacher/friend
      -Sera’s friend
      -now their ‘nephew’s’ teacher
      …she’s practically the geum jandi of f44!

      • 14.2.1 kdramapedia

        Yi-Soo can be the F44’s Jan-Di as long as she doesn’t get followed around by an obsessive F44 mother who thwarts her life at every turn! LOL =P

  15. 15 Paola

    This episode had me crying during the intro, it was definetly better than the last episode with more Minsook and Dong-Hyub, both are my fave character, i also loved the MinRok moments. I’m glad that Dong-Hyub finally has an “objective” but i’m bother that i took so much time to introduce this because we only have 4 episodes left …at least this will make Colin character least annoying to me although the difference acting wise is really noticeable when Dong-Hyub and Colin are together.

  16. 16 whatis

    exactly how many episodes is this slotted for? I thought it was 20.

    I keep on thinking… this would totally be a tad less aggravating if this was a looooong drama.

    Well… 1. I wouldn’t have watched it
    but, 2. I’d feel a bit less annoyed with the development since it’s been super slow, and then rushed.

    I really like the potential bromance between dong hyub and colin. But it’s lame that it’s starting now… 4 hours before the series end. Now if I am mistaken, and the series actually end at Episode 30… then I can deal with it. ’cause right now… all I can think of is “really? NOW? NOW you bring the new wave of bromance??”

  17. 17 awkwardturtle

    This was also one of my favorite episodes so far, I enjoyed it much more than the recente ones.
    By the way orangy, when Min-sook said:

    “a man who has said “I love you” to his woman should never say “I’m sorry.”

    I think she meant that when a man says he loves a woman, he shouldn’t ever have to utter the words “I’m sorry” to her. If he truly loves her, he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, which would never put him in a position where he has to apologize.

    I don’t think Min-sook was implying that he shouldn’t apologize to Yi-soo, because of the conflicts that they’ve encountered in their relationship. But instead he shouldn’t have had a reason to say “I’m sorry” in the first place.

    That’s what I understood. Thanks for the recap! Definitely looking forward to much more cuter episodes to come! 🙂

    • 17.1 awkwardturtle

      Woops! *recent

    • 17.2 becca_boo

      Ahh, that makes sense. I had an idea that was what Min-sook meant, but I got a little caught up on the semantics, too. Thanks!

    • 17.3 super

      i think this borrows from a similar line (originally in “Love Story”?) – you don’t say ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ to the one you love.

      • 17.3.1 dramabliss

        The allusion to Love Story also came to my mind. The exact line from the movie: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

    • 17.4 irmar

      It all comes from that stupid US movie, “Love Story”, which my classmates had watched about 10 times each, at a time when to watch a movie you had to pay for a theatre ticket!
      So the memorable and oh-so-stupid line was
      “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”
      I used to laugh at this so much, some decades ago…
      And then I came across “Love Rain”, yes, that wonderfully weepy k-drama, where that line was somewhat logically explained, in the way you say. A little bit far-fetched, but oh well…
      So yes, the meaning is probably the same here.

  18. 18 Katie

    Now colin and dong hyub could start their F22 !!

  19. 19 befuddled

    It might be because I’m from America, but, I just don’t see why people would look down on Yi Soo just because she’d be dating a man who has a child. I remember another Kdrama I watched recently where it was a Very Big Deal that someone who was widowed like 10 years ago (at a young age) wanted to get married again. Like she was tainted or something. Eh? Are people who get married and/or have kids not allowed to have a relationship even a decade later?

    • 19.1 calgary

      No they are not allowed.. and the people who would date or marry them are stupid.

      People are mean and that’s their attitude. If you ever get involved in Asian customs, relationships or weddings, there is a rule for everything. It’s really rigid.

      Someone like Yi Soo who married Do Jin with a child? She would get mocked at work everyday (you heard the co-workers). She would probably quit or there would be some politics to get her fired. She goes to another company and if people find out, it’s the same thing over and over. If she had parents, she’s probably be cut out of the will. It’s just unfortunately a really really big deal. That’s why I like this drama, in a way it’s trying to break down some barriers with both the YS-DJ and Mehari-Yoon relationships.

      In Korea, people get mad if you marry outside your social circle, let alone people like widows or divorcees or single-parents.

    • 19.2 malta

      Not that kdramas are the font of cultural wisdom, but I recommend watching Love and Marriage. It’s a kdrama with Kim Min Hee and Kim Ji Hoon from a few years ago. It’s about a divorced lawyer and a matchmaker who get together. It’s light hearted and probably not as crazy dramatic and serious as these issues are in real life, but I thought I learned a lot. And their romance is super, super cute!

      It was kind of ingenious in the drama, but they would set up divorced people with other divorced people so they could find love again…

  20. 20 ishi

    I love F44 all the way. All the scenes where they are together are amazing and so much fun. I also loved the bit where DoJin tells Colin to go to school cuz that’s where he found his F44 crew :).

    Loving MiSook too much aswell-she can be bad ass but in reality its just she has a sharp tongue but a warm heart.I wish Rok would come to his senses and stop his flirting with other women.

    And for Me Ahri, where’s the growth in her character. Although I like her, I seriously wish she’d grow up a bit more. I mean at 25 she’s more than capable of being more mature. So act your agr and atleast act on the things yoon’s been telling you to do: like think about ur dreams. I don’t how yoon’s the reason for her existence(atleast it seems so considering she has no other dreams and aspirations). Its a little frustrating to watch her turn into a ‘oh hani’ like character.

    Lastly, Do Jin and Yisoo should just get back together already. They are dragging this ship a bit too much. I do get Do Jin’s point but still when Yisoo who’s ultimately the one who’s going to be in the relationship doesn’t have a problem with the ‘colin problem’ then why can’t he get over it already. The ball can go either way and in future yisoo may or maynot regret her decision but for the time being she loves him and wants to be with him so just play happy family already.

    Sorry for the long rant guys. Really appreciate the recaps though 😀

    • 20.1 Brittni

      Yes I thought the same thing about Me ari. Thats one thing that really frustrated me about playful kiss was how Oh hani’s life revolved around Beak song jo. The scene that killed it for me was when he asked what do you want to do with your life and she said ” if youre a doctor I want to be a nurse, If youre a ceo I want to be a secretary. I want to be helpful to you,” something along those lines which just had me screaming at the screen. UGH * ahem* sorry about the rant but I agree that this is basicly the route they are taking with Meari and it kills me. She could be so much more. and Yoon deserves more. I like them together bc I believe she loves him but she needs to be more then Yoon’s wife or w.e

      • 20.1.1 bo

        You are on the spot there! Me ari should not be with Yoon unless he wants to be a babysitter for the rest of his life. AT 24 years old, I doubt if she can do any substantial change for her “love”.

        Yoon deserves much better (all she has shown so far is her young beauty & money). . .

  21. 21 lenrasoon

    i loved this episode too, my favorite scenes was the first one at Yoon’s wife funeral and JR and Min Sook’s bike date.

    thanks for the recap.

    Btw does someone know if they are airing episode 17 & 18 this weekend?

  22. 22 Lise

    개 beiby! Lolz Tae san’s fav swear word he he (am soo stealing it!)
    Too many fav scenes but the opening and the ‘oppa rescue’ have got to be up there. Cycling at the park and Tae san’s (totally kewl) ‘u wanna die?’ ‘i love u’ ‘c’mere’ was EPIC!

  23. 23 Brittni

    I LOVED this episode! The guys friendship is what makes the show. They shouldve spent more time on the guys they are so awesome together. The scene where they all stand up for Yi soo had me cheering. It was so awesome where can I find my own F44 brood to protect me haha

  24. 24 calgary

    The Tae-San blind date scene had me in stitches. The last 4-5 episodes had been to tense and sad, that little spark was finally the bit of comedy we needed.

    “I’ve decided that I’m going to walk that road. You just need to stand at the end of it.”

    That is THE line of the drama and again, it’s one foreign to Korean culture. Yi Soo character is a real change of attitude from the norm.

  25. 25 imcun

    thanks a lot for your effort on this recaps and opinion ..

    do agree about Yoon and Meahri relationships and attitude in this drama .

    Yoon is torn between friendship and love .. and he cant be blame for his cowardness to express his own love just to think that it will destroy their relationship for more than 20 years !!!

    and Meahri, instead of crying she should be more grown up by now rather than being pushed by his own brother .. she was not 16 years old girl but 24 years !!! she can make her own decision whether his brother like it or not . but still, she’s one of the beautiful and daughter of rich people , so it make sense that she must depend on someone rather than being dependable for her own acting ..

    it’s ok about the age gap, but to think about meahri self attitude, i think if they will be together, Yoon must be tired all day long .. poor Yoon

    but i always pray for both happiness 🙂

  26. 26 zsa

    I’m glad the other characters are given a bit more screen time, i’m so tired of our main couple’s noble idiocy stretch…four full eps on that…thank God for JR and Colin…I don’t even want to talk about Yoon and MeAhri…

    • 26.1 bo

      Hi count me in both counts!

  27. 27 kirandeep sraon

    this episode was really good… i m loving the bromance b/w the two kiddos… hawt kiddos lol… jonjyun has become my love now.. but i literally cried at teh opening… thats the reason why yoon cant go on with me ah ri… i hope to see next ep soon

  28. 28 malta

    Thank you for the recap!!!!

    I like seeing Colin and Dong Hyub together. They look like they could be best buddies and ridiculously hilarious together. 🙂

    I don’t know what to say about how Yi Soo chose to pursue DJ- those wordless and cryptic “dates.” I guess it got the job done so far, but I found it weird. Also Yi Soo is just the bleeding heart type because she didn’t have to accept Colin at her school and open herself, Colin, and DJ up the gossip that is now going on. The gossipers are at fault for being so mean and judgmental, but YS could have helped Colin get into a school other than hers where one of her sunbaes or dongsaengs could promise to keep an eye out for him. The fact that Colin is actually in her class as her student might end up doing Colin more harm than good considering how vicious high school students are, not to mention the shameless gossiping teachers.

    I didn’t like seeing Me Ahri at Jung Ah’s (Yoon’s wife’s name?) grave. I admit I was tired of seeing her crying so that didn’t help. But what I didn’t like about it is that it’s the sort of thing you do when you are out of options and at your wits end meaning you’ve tried everything. Then I could sympathize with that situation, but Me Ahri hasn’t tried anything at all except crying and whining. I agree with others who have said it would have been great if she fought for her love by showing that she was a capable adult who could handle a relationship with a widower 17yrs her elder. I feel like all her actions have made it harder for Yoon to go to her.

    I wish she had just left Jung Ah out of her pleas to be with Yoon. I wish Me Ahri had let Jung Ah rest in peace and figured out that situation on her own and when things have calmed down, especially her emotions, THEN go to her grave. If I was Jung Ah’s mother and saw some woman pleading at my child’s grave to let her be with my widowed son-in-law, I would really pity that woman, but I would also be upset by it, not because Yoon shouldn’t find new love, but because my daughter shouldn’t have these burdens in death. Not everything in the world is less important than Me Ahri’s unyielding love for Yoon…

    As for Tae San, he could definitely be more understanding of the situation. Thing is, if I’m not mistaken, both their parents are still alive (I think) and I assume would object to Yoon and Me Ahri being together. I think her parents are actually a bigger obstacle for Me Ahri than Tae San while Tae San is equally as big an obstacle as the parents are for Yoon. Yoon’s got double trouble in that department.

    Min Sook is awesome. I hope she and Jung Rok figure things out so they can spend more time being happy together.

    • 28.1 irmar

      Do Koreans actually believe that the soul of the deceased, instead of moving on towards whatever, just sits there by the remains of the mortal body, to hear whatever visitors to the columbary have to say, and be sad or happy about it? Isn’t it supposed to be released from mortal worries and feelings?

      I’ve seen so many dramas where they talk about “visiting” the dead person, where they talk to them and so on, and it seems a bit weird.
      (Of course some Christians do it too, and it seems weird in that case as well)

      If I were a soul of a deceased person, still not ready to move on, but wanting to stay a bit longer to see how my loved ones are doing, the last place I would hang out would be the cemetary-columbary or whatever.

      My kids, if you’re reading this: when I die, don’t look for me there!

  29. 29 malta

    I loved when the F44 stood up for Yi Soo and put her evil step-brothers in line. That was a great scene.

  30. 30 shepo

    I SAW SNSD PICTURES..*sorry guys,,i’m a sone*…

    cute..cute..cute..this episode is back to bring my cute scenes back

  31. 31 lovedramas

    This was in part a really great episode for me. So many wonderful scenes on it’s own. I too have been going crazy over some of the pacing and random things that happen in this drama, although I did expect it from the screenwriter. I went back and marathoned a lot of the episodes and it think it grew on me more to see them strung together at once.

    I am one of the few probably who really love the DJ-YS couple. I think both characters are quite flawed but there is a sweetness about them that I like. I can understand their current conflict. It’s all about culture. I’m not Korean, but I am asian and like it or not, these kinds of things come into play (having a child etc). I too like how the writer is at least bringing some of these issues to the forefront. I’m not surprised at all at the gossip from those teachers. I’m waiting to see how the drama wraps up before making more comments on that. But I really do want them to get back together since I have been convinced that their love for each other is sincere.

    Yoon & MR – I agree with orange completely. Yoon is definitely stuck more than the rest as the 3 of them are his support network. Broken friendships are tough. My DH had a breaking with his core foursome (not by his wanting) and it was really sad to see. So I can see why Yoon would be very hesitant to overstep the boundary with TS. MR – I do wish her character would step it up more towards her brother. Be independent, be more grown up… but maybe she needs something to actually happen so that she will do that and push herself in that direction.

    I do wish the Rok-Min Sook couple would get some counseling. I’m guessing that is a big no-no for someone as high powered as she is. I want Rok to see the error of his ways and be more attentive to her.

    Colin & Dong Hyub!! I love the bromance. Colin’s one scene with him was enough to convince me that the writer should just drop all the Colin & Daddy scenes and go with YS, Colin & Dong Hyub school scenes! They should have hit this much earlier.

    F44 friendship is really lovely. I do admire how they gather for each other in their different needs in their different points of life. The stepbrother vs F44 scene was awesome. I also watched that many times over. 🙂

    1st and foremost, I want my YS-DJ couple to make up. 🙂 Please be happy. 🙂

    • 31.1 celest1al

      I don’t think you’re in the minority in loving the DJ-YS couple. 😉

    • 31.2 kakashi

      I like them, too 🙂

      At first I thought that this drama was totally shallow (no story, not much development, etc. etc.). However, I’m now beginning to change my mind. It’s true that there is not much of a plot – compared to, let’s say, Gaksital! – however, one thing that this drama does really well and with a lot of kudos is challenge Asian/South Korean assumptions about relationships in various forms. Interestingly enough, IDID did the same at about the same time, with its gender reversal story and the single mother thing. In AGD, every couple is fighting a different battle: a son out of wedlock; adultry but love; a woman who doesn’t want to get married/doesn’t want to depend on her husband; and a large age-gap/widower.

      So, I think there is more behind the shallow than we first see …

  32. 32 Suzi Q

    Definitely agree. We haven’t seen much of Colin (although his acting is so MLEH), but I like Dong Hyub. More Bromance scenes with them together would be fun. We have enough about the F44.
    Gee,Me Ahri’s crying is annoying, but then I realized that when my daughter was that age, she cried a lot too although she didn’t whine . Some people are ultra sensitive than others and don’t have the hard demeanor.I’m glad her brother is beginning to realize Me Ahri’s serious feelings for Yoon are genuine.

  33. 33 Dede

    I loved this episode so much! I cried my eyes out at the opening scene and the rest of the episode led me through a full range of emotions. I think this was my favorite episode of the series.

    This episode made it very clear to me that the character of Me Ahri needed to be written differently. I loved the scene where she was talking to Yoon’s wife but I think it could have been so much more powerful if she had behaved differently for the first 15 episodes. There are other ways of showing despair and frustration rather than bawling and having juvenile temper tantrums in every other scene. If her sadness and longing had been expressed a little more subtlety (and maturely) before, how much more moving and heartbreaking would the complete breakdown and plea to Yoon’s wife have been?

    I do not mind the age difference of the Yoon/Me Ahri pairing as much as some people seem to, but I do think it could have been written and executed better. And now there are only four more episode to wrap it up. I think it’s going to be very hard to do without feeling rushed and a little too “perfect”.

    Se Ra and Tae San are perfect for each other. They are both flawed and selfish in their own ways but I think this relationship is finally making them think about compromising for the sake of love. It will be interesting to see how they resolve their differences. Se Ra is more complex then a lot of people give her credit. There is a lot of emotion bubbling under her cold and often bitter exterior. Even when she is angry and yelling you have to read between the lines and figure out why she is really upset. She isn’t an open book. If only Me Ahri had gotten a little of Se Ra’s restraint and subtlety.

    Min Sook was so adorable during the bike ride! She looks so young when she is relaxed and happy. I love Rok/Min Sook but I feel like I just get little nibbles of them each episode. I want something more substantial and explanatory. Watching them, I feel like every episode I’m pulling a petal off of a daisy. “They love each other… they love each other not…they love each other…etc.” With Min Sook I do feel like I’m getting to know her better but with Rok I can’t help but feel there is a layer of fakeness that won’t quite go away. And that is probably what Min Sook feels too, seeing how hard it is for her to trust him. I just want to whack him upside the head sometimes.

    Sigh, I love DJ so much but he needs to stop being broody and sorry for himself already. I get that he feels that he has to let Yi Soo go in order to protect her but I don’t get why he thinks it is only his decision to make. I do like how Yi Soo has stepped up to get her man back. No more low confidence second-guessing herself Yi Soo. She knows what she wants and she is going to do everything in her power to get it. Talk about turning the tables.

    I seriously could talk about this drama much more but I have rambled enough. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

  34. 34 yumi

    thanks for the recaps.!

    • 34.1 yumi

      1–“He ultimately chooses to support Yoon because they’re both idiots. ::high five:: Good choice.” –I thought this line referred to DoJin’s previous conversation with Yoon where he admitted that they were both fool for keeping the women they love at arms length. Therefore i couldn’t tell if DoJin meant he was supporting Yoon’s choice not to act on his feelings for MeArhi.

      2–“On another note, Me Ahri’s speech to Jung Ah was heartfelt and moving. She has a sense of guilt for wanting to take Yoon away from her “unni” but she’s honest about her true intentions. In addition, she unknowingly shows Tae San a glimpse of just how deep her feelings are for Yoon.” The weirdest thing is that I have not been able to watch this scene because it was so heartfelt and revealing. It seems rude to watch someone who was so naked and vulnerable. Which is silly of course because it was created to be watched–but I couldn’t. Maybe later.

  35. 35 goldeng

    i agree! yoon and me ah ri’s relationship is my fav and I was all like “yoonie oppa stop being dumb and tell her you like her!” I knew about his bond with the F44 and I still support yoon X me ah ri but now, having the heartbreaking example of her wife’s funeral made me understand fully why he feels he needs to suppress her feelings for MAR… not even Do Jin with a child has the giant dilemma Yoonie oppa has… at least, with do jin all sad all 3 F44 cheered on him but i dont think it would be like that if he stays with me ah ri without tae san’s “approval

    “… speaking of him… Tae San NEEDS TO CHANGE HIS WAY OF THINKING!! UGHH!! ANNOYING! hes dating who ever he wants and even when me ah ri cant stand Se Ra she doesnt get in the way because shes the one Tae San loves…
    Me ah ri needs to help herself a bit too… and not for Tae San, not for Yoon… For Herself! she should put herself together and stop acting like a child… as much as i always defend her, at times is annoying…

    omg, yi soo’s oppars!! i want oppars like them!! *—* so cool! shed buy all of them shoes… well not shoes but a gift! xDD

    yaayy my bromance radar is on! colin,even if he has my beloved Jonghyun’s face he is IRKKKSOME! annoying! hope he changes cuz i feel like strangle him at times…

    lastly, aww min sook unni is the best!! rok is hilarious but i dislike him because he treats min sook unni bad… hope he shows her his love more often! lately, i think unni is pregnant O___o! if my suspicions are true, i hope he changes his ways because being a playboy + having a baby at home… so not cool…

    • 35.1 asianromance

      Definitely agree! I’ve noticed people going why is Yoon resisting so much? Well the beginning of this episode confirmed for us that Tae-san and Yoon’s relationship isn’t something to be taken likely. Yeah, they are guys. Besides bro-ing it together and checking out ladies’ butts, Tae-san (along with the other guys) has been there for Yoon during Yoon’s darkest time. And in the end, these guys were there with him during the anniversary of Jung-ah’s death.

      I think Sera may be relaxing/modernizing effect on Tae-san. I can see him loosening up one day to be open to a MeAhRi and Yoon couple (maybe having MeAhRi not acting like teenager can help).

  36. 36 Noelle

    THANK YOU DRAMA! THANK YOU. I’ve been waiting for Yi Soo to step it up and I’m so flipping happy she did. I had this huge cheer moment when I saw the pic of her with the shoes.

    I hope that when Yoon decides to tell Meahri that he loves her too he’ll tell her they can only date if she finishes school and proves herself to be an adult to TS. I think with that incentive she will succeed for a future with him. That’s the only way I can see her changing.

  37. 37 JD

    For those who regard Yoon’s and Taesan’s hesitation with disdain, I don’t really agree with you. If I was Taesan, I probably wouldn’t want my twenty-four year old sister dating my long time forty-one year old best friend. I mean–what happens if they break up? What happens if the relationship just brings out the worst of each party, and they end on sour terms? Taesan’s the one that would have to deal with it. He wouldn’t be able to talk with Yoon without feeling resentment that Yoon had hurt his little sis, or vice versa. Taesan’s a definite factor in this relationship, big age difference or not. Twenty years of friendship isn’t something to take light of–there’s a lot more at stake than just public perception on whether Yoon is a “worthy” man or not.

    Great episode btw. Thanks for the recap!

    • 37.1 calgary

      Not just a 41-year old best friend, but a divorcee too.

      • 37.1.1 allie

        He didn’t get a divorce. His wife died.

  38. 38 Mel

    Thanks so much!!! The last two episodes were great!!! F44 fighting!!! The bromance is rare in kdramas yet their devotion to their partners in different ways are touching… Yoon has Tae San to take into account regarding MAR, he has his treasured friends vs MAR!!! Very, very difficult choice/s to make… Now, it’s almost over and it’s painful to think 4 more epis left!!! This needs an extension PDnim, pretty please…..!!!! Love the recap!!!!

  39. 39 Islagirl2010

    First of the last 4 episodes that I really liked! Especially liked the scene with F44 and YS stepbrothers. Wish they were my oppas! A girl could use men like them on her side! Watched that scene over and over again! YS so lucky!

  40. 40 kit

    I adored this episode. Everything struck a chord with me; the beginning scene with Yoon was absolutely heartbreaking, the boys in the nurse’s room was cute, and I was literally floored at the ending. I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming, and I’m so glad it happened. Thank you for the recap and especially for that last comment about a new F44 needing to happen. I was like yay bromance but didn’t think further than that, but it would be so great to see them becoming as good friends in their last year of high school like the older generation. Show that it’s not just these guys but make it more relevant to everyone.

  41. 41 malta

    Everyone is talking about Tae San’s objection to Me Ah Ri and Yoon getting together, but what about Me Ahri and Tae San’s parents? They are still alive and living abroad if I’m not mistaken. Wouldn’t getting their blessing be as big if not a bigger challenge for Yoon and Me Ahri?…the drama hasn’t addressed this at all so far.

    • 41.1 asianromance

      So true! This drama had a lot of good premises set up – premises that wouldn’t be hard to follow up (not like it’s a mystery thriller), but the follow-through is lacking.

      And speaking of parents, does anyone know if Do Jin, Yoon, and Jung-rok have any? Are already orphans at age 40?! I think it’s because kdramas in general do focus on family (even when the family members are crap) that i find it strange that there is no mention of anyone else having parents. No evil or obsequious mother in law for Min-sook? No mom to bug Yoon to get married except for his dead wife-s mom? How about Do-jin? No father or mother to tell him to get married and carry on the family name.

  42. 42 calgary

    ha I just realized that the girl who was Tae-San’s blind date is the same girl who plays Merry in Bridal Mask.

    She’s pretty.

  43. 43 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap! I definitely loved this episode! And what a great ending. heroine + meaning-romantic-gesture = pure win! And I love it when writers hark back to an earlier romantic move – shows that they still remember what they wrote back a few episodes ago. It’s a sad fact that some writers suck at remembering what they did 2 episodes ago.

    We need two more young boys so that Colin and Dong-hyub can have their own F4 crew. I love how Dong-hyub turned what Min-sook said around. So if you’re poor, you need to study to succeed….then he needs to get rich quick, so he doesn’t have to study to succeed since he’s not good at it….
    are we sure, he isn’t secretly Jung-rok’s son?

    I love how the F44 stood up for Yi-soo. My favorite part is Tae-san’s swears getting bleeped out, even on that girl’s phone. I wonder what Kim Suro is really mouthing!
    too bad they didn’t have the forethought to pay for all the damages. *facepalm*

    • 43.1 calgary

      I’m sure they did pay for the damages. They just told the cashier to tell Yi Soo that so she would look at the video.
      Yi Soo ran out without paying for anything.

  44. 44 umalily

    Great Recap on a great episode! I definitely squealed a couple of times…specially when I saw the shoes for Do Jin

  45. 45 toystar

    Thanks for the recap. This EP had so much heart! I enjoyed watching also I adore the AWESOME Min Sook!!

  46. 46 df

    Yes! I loved this episode! I have 3 older brothers but I don’t even think they’d band together and protect me like Si Yoo’s oppas did. So epic! The friendship of the 4 is the crux of this show and the opening scene and “operation cheer up Do Jin” made me remember why I love it so much. I could never give up on these 4 oppas <3

    This episode and the development in ep. 17 had me squealing!!! So sad to see it's almost over!

  47. 47 kirara

    I agree with you that the bond between the F44 is great and meaningful.. I love how they are a backbone to each other and will do anything to make each other happy.. the scene where they were trying to cheer up Do Jin when he was in such a bad mood brought laughter.. I’d love it if I could find people that would support me as well.

    And I’m also happy that Yi Soo is owning up to her feelings and tell him that she likes him no matter what and he needs to meet her as well..

    I’m sad that this is going to be over soon but I”m going to enjoy what’s left over of this show. Thank you for the recap!!! 🙂

  48. 48 minhe

    awesome recap 🙂

  49. 49 umalily

    Anybody else watches Meh Ari with the mute button on? I skip all the whining and read subtitles.

  50. 50 Abbie

    This was a much better episode. The opening was so sad. I had to pause it a couple of times to cry.

    My favorite scene was the cafe scene where the F44 defended Yi Soo. That was awesome. I laughed so hard at that I cried again.

    Finally Tae San and Se Ra seem to have reconciled. Thank goodness.

    Jung Rok and Min Sook had a cute scene too, and hopefully they are progressing to a more promising relationship.

    Yoon and Me Ahri are still cute, but I cried again at the scene at Jung Ah’s ashes. Poor Me Ahri. Still, her constant crying is annoying. And Yoon wearing that bracelet after what he said last episode was great, too.

    Do Jin and Yi Soo are showing progress too. Honestly, when the final scene came up, and Do Jin saw Yi Soo standing there with a box, I immediately knew she would give him shoes and say the same things he said to her. The ball is in his court now, so it’s up to them.

    The Colin/Dong Hyub possible bromance is SO great. I love it. I’ve waited for scenes with them together for so long. We finally got them! YES! Hopefully will get more.

    This show is returning to all the cuteness that originally made it great. I honestly think the Kim Eun Hee storyline was a poor plotline so hopefully she’s gone for good. I have no problem with Colin sticking around. Just hope his mom stays gone.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

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