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A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 17
by | July 28, 2012 | 137 Comments

Yay for plot movement, nay for how it was handled. Yay for cute, nay for useless filler.


Yoon comments that it’s already been ten years since the 2002 World Cup and the boys sigh as they divulge memories of watching South Korea move up to the second round of the tournament. Do Jin commends Park Ji Sung “hyung” for his ability to play in England’s Premier League; he’s Do Jin’s hero nowadays. LOL.

Jung Rok arrives at Tae San’s apartment with a cake that’s decorated by a figure of Tae Kwon V (a Korean animated robotic hero) and sincerely admits that he still believes Tae Kwon V will appear if the world is in trouble. Hahah oh Jung Rok.

Do Jin remarks that saving the world was every boy’s destiny and Yoon cuts in to praise Superman for being the ultimate hero. Do Jin scoffs that blue and red tights aren’t his style and instead supports Batman’s chic black suits. Tae San reminds Do Jin that Batman only protects his city, not the entire Earth; he’s just a policeman. The real hero is Spiderman. ::makes Spiderman’s finger sign::

F44 begins to argue about who the best superhero is and Jung Rok shouts for the spider, bat, and alien to get lost. Tae Kwon V is the best, no questions asked, shut up all of you, I win. Do Jin’s voiceover informs us that these four men, who can’t even save the Earth or protect their own women, continued to debate deep into the night. He and his friends have now become the entire opposite of heroes; they’re just normal men fighting to survive in the world. He wonders where the boys who wanted to save the Earth went. Whose heroes will they become?

Yi Soo approaches Do Jin with her gift and pleads with him to return to her. She doesn’t care if he’s Colin’s father. Do Jin shakes his head and firmly states that he doesn’t want to ruin her. She replies that she’ll leave him…in the next life. But she won’t do that in this life. She presents him with his shoes and requests that he wear them when he comes back to her.

At the same time, Tae San thinks back to Me Ahri’s speech to Jung Ah while Yoon stands outside Tae San’s house, about to ring the doorbell. He falters at the last minute and heads back home with his shoulders slumped. Meanwhile, Do Jin studies Yi Soo’s gift for a long time before putting them on his feet. Yay!

Se Ra and Yi Soo converse about how much they’ve changed because of love and Se Ra admits that she actually wants to get married to Tae San. Yi Soo congratulates her and then urges Se Ra to treat Tae San better. Se Ra replies that she will.

The next morning, Do Jin and Yoon have coffee and Do Jin informs Yoon that he received glass slippers. Hah. Yoon shoots him a puzzled look and Do Jin explains that he’s going to hold on to Yi Soo. He knows that he’s being greedy, but he hopes that spending his entire life to make her happy should make up for it.

Yoon wishes him luck good-naturedly but Do Jin reminds him that Yoon also needs luck if he wants to be with Me Ahri. Yoon sighs that the mountain (Tae San) that blocks their way is too big. He doesn’t even have permission to climb that mountain.

Yi Soo receives an invitation from a bear-suit clad man to Do Jin and Tae San’s final presentation for the Qualze Resort. The bear also hands her a balloon before shuffling back to his car (aka Betty). Kek. Yi Soo rushes back home and preps herself for the party with the help of Se Ra.

Se Ra pushes Yi Soo to stay past twelve and admires Yi Soo’s curves in her dress. Yi Soo asks if it’s really okay to borrow the dress even when Se Ra can’t go in order to practice for her upcoming tournament. Se Ra responds that winning the championship is more important for now; she needs to win and then get married. Haha. Okay?

Me Ahri begs Tae San to let her come to the party but Tae San simply states that it’s not a place for kids. Me Ahri continues to whine as she receives a text message about unpaid bills from her credit card company. Tae San swipes the phone from her and then commands her to sit down.

He hands her airplane tickets back to America while scolding her for not being able pay off her own bills. She whines further but Tae San cuts her off; he saw her in front of Jung Ah’s memorial site. She immediately apologizes but he shakes his head. She’s never been sincerely sorry for anything. He ignores her pleas and heads back up to his room.

Yi Soo walks into the party as Do Jin presents the main components of the resort to the audience. He spots her mid-speech and pauses momentarily after they lock eyes. He hurriedly finishes his speech to look for Yi Soo but gets strung into conversations with his investors.

He gives her a wave and Yi Soo heads to the buffet table in the meantime and the Jung Rok/Min Sook couple congratulate her for accepting Do Jin. So many congratulations.

Min Sook hands Yi Soo two glasses of champagne and pushes her to go look for Do Jin. Yi Soo wanders around the room to find that Do Jin is also searching for her with two champagne glasses. He walks to her and scolds her for looking so pretty; he almost messed up his speech because of her!

As they speak, Yi Soo notices that Do Jin is not wearing the shoes that she bought for him. She asks him why he’s wearing his regular shoes but his answer alarms her. He asks what she means about her gift? He informs her that his memory has been wiped again and he doesn’t remember the past couple of days. WTF. HELL TO THE NO. We are not going through this.

He asks if she said anything important to him and she stares at him, dumbfounded at how calm he is. Wait. But he sent the invitation to her?! What. The company president walks up to Do Jin then and Do Jin motions that he’ll talk to Yi Soo soon.

Meanwhile, Min Sook spots Jung Rok chatting with a young, pretty woman from afar. The woman starts to walk away and Min Sook marches up to Jung Rok to demand who the chick was. Jung Rok replies that he just told the woman where the parking lot was.

Min Sook fails to believe him and follows the woman to ask what she and Jung Rok were talking about earlier; she confirms that Jung Rok’s answer was the truth and Min Sook stands shocked at her suspicious self.

Do Jin shows off his drumming skills during a jazzy performance onstage but Yi Soo leaves as the song plays, hurt that Do Jin forgot about her gift. When the performance ends, Do Jin steps out wearing the shoes Yi Soo bought him, only to find that Yi Soo is missing.

Yi Soo throws a temper tantrum in her room while packing her suitcase. She cries at the injustice of Do Jin’s “memory loss”; he doesn’t really love her!! She gets a call from the flower-like Do Jin but she ignores it. “I’m not picking up you bastard! You’re ugly too.” Hahahaah.

Yoon broods at a neighborhood garden while waiting for Me Ahri. She approaches him slowly to say that Tae San is sending her back to America. She asks him one last time, “Am I really not the one? Why not? Why can’t you win against Tae San? Can’t you just live without seeing him? Why can’t you?!”

He coldly commands her to go back home (eh…why would you guys meet only to have her leave within 30 seconds…) while she pleads for him to hold onto her. “If I leave now, I won’t be able to see you. How can I go?” The only thing he can tell her is to stop speaking to him informally. Psh.

Me Ahri switches to a formal tone and yells “I love you. You are my destiny, oppa. I like you so much I could die. Please hold onto me.” Yoon is moved by her confession but he stands his ground. He tells her that there is no other man in the world that cares about her well-being more than Tae San; her brother made his decision because it’s the best thing for her.

He urges her to study hard and begins to walk away when she stops him with one more plea. “I cannot promise that I will forget you. However, if we really cannot be together, you can forget me. Good-bye.” Tears well up in Yoon’s eyes but he makes himself leave the garden…only to let them flow when he reaches his room. Oy.

Yi Soo drinks alone in a hotel room and replays the video of F44 in the cafe with her stepbrothers. She calls Do Jin a liar when he states “I’m the oppa that loves Seo Yi Soo,” and downs another gulp of soju. At the same time, Do Jin shows up at Se Ra’s house to look for Yi Soo, and Se Ra makes a short phone call to Yi Soo, who indirectly states that she’s in Chooncheon.

Do Jin quickly drives to the hotel Yi Soo is at and spots her badly parked car in the garage. Heh. He gets into the hotel only to have the employee at the desk refuse him when he asks for Yi Soo’s room number. Oh thank goodness. That’d be hella creepy if he was immediately told where she was.

He drags out the yearbook photo of Yi Soo to show what she looks like but he is still turned away. Well duh. How does a picture in your wallet prove that you two know each other. For all the employee knows, you could be a crazy stalker.

He goes back to the hotel lobby and waits out the entire night for Yi Soo to check out. She drunkenly makes her way to the main desk and hands over her key. A young man helps her put her suitcase into her car and then proceeds to drive her to whatever pre-determined location. Do Jin speeds after them suspiciously.

The man turns out to be a hired driver and he leaves after dropping Yi Soo off at the field where she and Do Jin had a date. Me Ahri calls Yi Soo and asks how one can know when a relationship is over. Yi Soo sadly replies that it’s over when you can’t see that person even when you want to. They hang up and Yi Soo screams out “You horrible bastards!”

Do Jin sidles up next to her and recommends that she talk crap about him when he’s in front of her. She lets out a shout of surprise and awkwardly falls to the floor. He holds out his hand to help her back up and introduces himself as Kim Do Jin, a man with a 19-year old son, a history of girls, and a tendency to make women cry. Will she still date him anyway?

Yi Soo narrows her eyes and shortly replies that she’s never going to do a stupid thing like dating ever again. HMPH. She whirls around to storm away but turns back when she realizes that he’s wearing the tan shoes. He answers her puzzled look by saying that the memory loss speech at the party was a joke. Badly played, man. Badly played.

She scolds him for being so stupid; she’s so dense that she needs everything to be spelled out for her! HAH. He embraces her and promises that he’ll spell out his feelings for her clearly from now on. She cries into his shoulder while he plugs his nose. How much did she drink? She whines that she drank because of him, stupid jerk. Hahah. She cries that the shoes are so pretty on him as well. Keke.

Min Sook walks out of an appointment at the OB-GYN, only to have Jung Rok surprise her with an unexpected visit. He asks what the doctor said and she replies that there’s still hope for a baby and he wraps his arms around her. He reasons that they would have had a child if she hadn’t kicked him out so often. I’d reason that she wouldn’t have kicked you out if you had treated her more nicely…but nobody listens to me.

He asks her to let him stay at home even if she hates him. She replies that she doesn’t hate him nowadays and he says that he’s not afraid of her anymore either. Heh. She pulls away to shoot him a glare and he gives an awkward laugh. They stand and she tells him to be afraid of her at the very least; otherwise, she has nothing to keep him by her side. Jung Rok tells her that she can hold onto his entire being now, including his heart. He pulls her into a hug and she slowly melts into his arms. AWWW.

Tae San and Se Ra have a meal together and Se Ra informs him that she sold her house to pay off her debts. She reassures him that it’s to protect her own pride and he unhappily accepts. She asks him to root of her, not pity her. He smiles at her pluck and reaches over to hold her hand.

Do Jin carries Yi Soo into her room and she lays on her bed while requesting that he come next to her. She’ll pat him to sleep! Hahah. She tugs at his arm and soon they lie face to face on the bed. He holds a sleeping Yi Soo until she wakes up with a horrible hangover. She gasps to see Do Jin so close to her and pretends to move away while sleeping.

She turns her back to him and Do Jin quickly pulls her into another hug. He apologizes for pretending not to love her when he really did, for acting like he could break up with her when he actually couldn’t, and making her cry a lifetime’s worth of tears all at once. He informs her that today will be the last day he says “I’m sorry” and that he’ll only say “I love you” from now on.

He leaves after a “I love you Seo Yi Soo” and she scolds herself for drinking so much…which is seen by Do Jin. Why does he always pretend to leave when he actually doesn’t. Haha. He suppresses a laugh and then sneaks back out after her face crumples from embarrassment.

Me Ahri begs Jung Rok to deliver a bag of extra clothes to Tae San who has gone on a business trip to Chooncheon. He reluctantly obliges and meets Tae San at his hotel room. He asks Tae San why he can’t accept Yoon; he’s better than many other men out there. There’s no guarantee that Me Ahri will meet anyone better than Yoon.

Tae San agrees and admits that he’s upset that he has to disapprove of Yoon as a man. Er. You don’t “have to.” Tae San urges Jung Rok and Do Jin to side with Yoon because he’s fallen in love. Jung Rok sighs that he’s sorry that he can’t be much more of a comfort in this uncomfortable situation. Aw.

Do Jin stops by Colin’s room to tell him that he and Yi Soo will be dating from now on. Colin calls Do Jin a new type of a father in Japanese and Do Jin wonders if Colin just swore at him. Colin asks if he’s allowed to swear and Do Jin promptly gives him a glare. Heh. Colin congratulates him and then apologizes for his immature actions.

He begins to tear up and Do Jin tries to reassure him that Colin will never be responsible for any negative events that occur in the future. Colin replies that he can leave at any time if it’ll make Do Jin’s life easier and Do Jin walks over to pat Colin on the shoulder.

The next morning, Yi Soo and Do Jin hold hands while walking down the street together in their precious shoes. Do Jin asks how Yi Soo can be so seductive early in the morning and Yi Soo lightly cautions that she can be even more alluring at night. Oh whoa. He holds her close to him and claims that he won’t let her go until late at night then. Ahahah.

Meanwhile, Me Ahri and Tae San speak on the phone and she says she’s sorry for upsetting him. She hopes that they’ll be able to see each other while smiling the next time they meet. He blinks away tears and roughly tells her to stay healthy. She sends Yi Soo a text stating that she’s leaving now and that she wants Yi Soo to tell Yoon that she is dating a nice boyfriend two months from today.

She heads to the airport and sadly looks around for a sign that Yoon has come but ends up disappointed. She begins to walk towards the gate when a hand grabs her wrist. Huk. He actually came?! Yoon drags her outside towards his car and she gazes into his eyes in disbelief. She whispers that Tae San will be furious but is rendered silent when Yoon pulls her into a tight embrace.


Finally! After 17 episodes of nothing, Yoon kicks it up a notch and steps forward to profess his love. If only it didn’t take so damn long. I admit that I was hoping Me Ahri would leave for America so she could…you know…grow up a little bit first and actually do something with her life because I’ve lost patience with her whining and crying a while ago.

The part with her unpaid credit card bill was especially annoying. I mean, really? You can’t control your own expenses and you wonder why your brother doesn’t trust you? Honestly, she’s making her way into bratty territory for me. Please. Why should I care about you if you’re just going to cry about how your life sucks while doing nothing about your unhappiness? The excuse that she’s been babied her entire life does little to garner sympathy points from me.

I’ve already spent a lot of time and words trying to explain why I would like to see some more independence from Me Ahri so I won’t reiterate the same stuff over again. I’m relieved that her relationship with Yoon moved forward because he deserves some more happiness in his life but Me Ahri has done virtually nothing to make this fight against Tae San any easier which is frustrating. Sigh. I doubt we’ll see anything much from her in the span of three episodes either.

Do Jin’s prank on Yi Soo was not cool and neither was Yi Soo’s mental breakdown. I mean it was amusing(?) to see Yi Soo crazy drunk and angry at Do Jin but I really don’t understand why we spent over half an episode on that. I think we could have utilized that time better with some more meaningful scenes between Min Sook and Jung Rok.

I know they’re side characters but their relationship has been the most static since the drama began. I love seeing some more tender moments between those two because they make quite an interesting pair. It’s not often that we see several gender roles reversed and have a woman be more capable than her trophy husband in K-drama land. But please. Can we have some more growth between these two.

My favorite moment in this episode, though, was between Do Jin and Colin. We’ve only been given one side of Colin for the most part, and cool smart-assery can be a little tedious to watch since we get a lot of that from so many of our other characters, so it’s refreshing to see a more vulnerable aspect of him. I like him a lot better when he puts down the cool front and shows off a more child-like or passionate image, like when he sings with his guitar.

It’s a shame that we didn’t get to explore Colin’s perspective on the whole “who’s my dad” situation more. He gave the superficial reason that he just wanted to know why he was so good-looking when F44 asked what his purpose was in looking for his father, but there’s definitely more to his motivations. Alas, we shall never see what truly made him search for his father and will have to settle for guessing because the drama refuses to tell us. Ah well. ONWARDS!


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  1. ninji

    I was just looking for this. Yay~

  2. Itoshi

    Nice eps but eps 16 was better~~

  3. linda

    YAY~~ For Yoon and Me ahri, For Do jin and Colin, For Min Sook and Jung Rok.

  4. Brittni

    I am really happy that yoon and Me arhi have made progress but I agree that she’s just not doing anything other then stomping her feet and crying about what she wants. But then again maybe Yoon will be the one to make her grow up. Now that she has him in a sense (Im sure it wont be smooth sailing just yet) maybe she can focus on other things. Her whole life revolved around getting Yoon so everything else fell to the wayside. I’m hoping now she will focus on other things. * Didn’t she have a job? Why couldn’t she pay her credit card bills?

  5. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 5.1 Ivoire

      Thank you again for the recap, Orangy911. I really like the way you write. There were so many places where I smiled at your comments and chuckled, and many places where I nodded in agreement. Thank you for making your recaps a pleasure to read.
      I do feel like you do, happy about the plot development and I also agree that there were some fillers. I have said this in another recap and I saw that you mentioned it here too, I do wish they would focus on the other couples (mostly MAR and Yoon, in a moving forward kind of way, and on the JR/MS couple) as well. I mean, it’s not as if they can’t act. Nothing bad will happen if they actually get more screen time.

      I really liked the opening scene, seeing these men behave like boys and defending their heroes. I really enjoy seeing them act in that manner, whenever they do. I enjoyed Yoon and his onomatopoeias when talking about Superman, JR talking about Tae Kwon V (how excited he was), DJ defending Batman and TS imitating Superman. I especially enjoyed TS because he got very enthusiastic, to the point of jumping on his back on the couch twice (this does not make sense when I write it, but I didn’t know how to describe the scene. It makes sense once one sees the scene).

      I really appreciated KSR in that scene. It made me wonder if what he did was in the script or not (when he jumped backwards on the couch), as I know that actors can ad-lib scenes and dialogues. I always wonder, when I watch a drama or movie, a play or interview, how much of it is scripted and how much of it is free flowing. I know that actors/actresses come to know their characters after having played them for a while and that they can instinctively know what a character would do in a particular instance, and so they act in a scene based on that, whether it was scripted or not.
      It makes me curious about the whole process of acting and shooting a scene/drama/movie. It is so interesting to me to see those grown men in character. And in the end, I liked how DJ tied their discussion about heroes with reflecting about their own lives, and wondering how come those young men didn’t become heroes as they grew up.

      I might have mentioned this before, but I really liked how the story came full circle, with YS going after DJ this time around, giving him some shoes. I appreciated that DJ took some time to debate what to do with the shoes, before finally putting them on (although that did feel like a filler moment). I understood the prank DJ was trying to pull on YS, I think he was going for a grand gesture, so that when YS would see the shoes, she would be very surprised, and he would look very cool. I was happy however when it backfired on him. Serves him right, for making YS cry again and feeling dumb for loving DJ and going the distance in expressing her love. In the end, however, all was well in their world.

      Although I do stand by what I thought I saw in Yoon and TS reactions after seeing MAR at Jung Ah’s memorial site, and their consequent reactions (I might have been right about Yoon’s reaction), I do have to say that you were right, Orangy about you interpretation of TS’s look and reaction later on, and I was wrong. I do like TS, and I want to believe in him, and so I thought that he had changed, for the better. I was hoping that TS might change his stance on Yoon and MAR possible relationship, and so maybe I projected my expectations on him (LOL). I was hoping that he would be one of those oppas who slowly helps change the mentality about marrying a widower by joining Y and MAR’s camp and fighting on their behalf. I thought that he would care enough about his friend’s happiness that he would be willing to stick his neck out for him.
      I am not saying that he would fight for MAR because unfortunately, she keeps giving him ammunitions to hang her and not trust her. Even from a viewer’s standpoint who wants to be supportive of her, she makes it hard to do so (with the crying and the not paying her credit card bills). At this point, I care more about Yoon, who really deserves to be happy. And I know that in spite of all the crying fest she has had in front of him, he really loves her, so I am willing to let him have what he wants, because he is a great guy. Even JR said so to TS, who could not disagree. I did feel for MAR a little bit however, because this time she was not going to see Yoon anymore and I could understand that her heart was breaking. And I was glad to see that it was hurting TS as well to send his sister away. He couldn’t take it, and he had to go away before her trip so he wouldn’t see her leave. TS and MAR love each other, in spite of their unhealthy relationship (that both have created). I love KSR in TS’s character, his crying after he spoke to her 🙁

      I felt bad for Yoon who tried to hold it in when he met with MAR, but broke down once he was in his room. No wonder one blogger nicknamed him the “Timebomb.” It felt as if he had not allowed himself to cry again since his wife had died, and the flood gates opened at the confirmation that he did love MAR and was about to lose her. I really loved KMJ’s performance here because he showed so much, without saying a thing. That man knows how to cry. I could feel Yoon’s pain.

      Re: the JR/MS couple, I feel bad for MS who lives in a constant state of suspicion about her husband’s behavior. This is no way to live, and unfortunately, even though JR probably hasn’t done anything wrong in a while, he has behaved badly enough times that she doesn’t trust him. I thought it was interesting when at the end of the Dr. appointment, JR told his wife, that even though he had said the same thing as the Dr., she trusted the Dr.’s words but not his. That said a lot, and that was sad. It makes me wonder why JR is not more open with his feelings about his wife, because I do think that he loves her: is he afraid of commitment? Was he always like this or did someone break his heart and so he decided he wouldn’t get attached again, hum… Like Orangy, I would have liked to see more scenes of these two, hopefully lovebirds.

      I also LOVED Colin and DJ’s scene in the bedroom. Colin’s vulnerable and apologetic side was a nice change, and I loved that we still see that he is not totally comfortable around his dad, yet. One can tell that they do care about each other however, and I love their tentative attempts at building a relationship. I wish we could see more of that as well.

      I was so happy when Y went to the airport and grabbed MAR (LOL), I almost did a happy dance and threw my fist in the air (but I didn’t). As Orangy said, finally, after 17 episodes, some movement forward. I guess patience does pay, after all. I am looking forward to the repercussions of what happened at the end of episode 17.

      All in all, I loved the lovey dovey scenes and that the couples seem to be moving in the right direction. I have two questions:
      1—How old is MS: if JR is 41 and she is older than him (they make it sound like she is way older than him) can she still have children (meaning, would it be safe for her to have them at this point in her life?)

      2—Am I the only who gets frustrated when a female character in a drama obviously likes the guy but doesn’t hug him back when he hugs her? MAR and MS did that in this episode, and yet we know that they have been craving, yearning to be held by their romantic interests. It seems that they have been waiting for so long, and when that happens, they don’t hug back, or they don’t hug back right away. And I don’t understand that. I know I would (hug back), if I had been waiting for a long time to be held, and I knew that I wasn’t taking someone else’s man away or being inappropriate (it’s just a hug). (you see that a lot in Kdramas though). Is the shock so big that they can’t react for a while? I am really curious about that.

      I really love some of the actors/actresses that were chosen for this drama, I can’t imagine someone else playing their characters :-)!

      • 5.1.1 malta

        I don’t get the hug thing either. I mean I would instinctually hug back or push away, but not let my arms hangs limply at the side.

        I also notice most kdrama hugs including patting the back, but not rubbing the back. In the US people both pat and/or rub when hugging. hehe 😉

        Different hug culture I guess. 🙂

        • Ivoire

          Hi Malta,
          LOL at “Different hug culture I guess. :)” Glad you noticed it. Yeah, they rub the tummy (personal taste) is someone is sick, but they don’t rub the back, true. The arms hanging limply really frustrates me, *ugh,* especially when you know the girl likes the guy back. If she didn’t, then it’s different.

          • Pat

            This has bothered me for years. Do Korean woman hang back like that in real life. ? or is it just drama cliche? I would love to hear from a Korean about the “one sided hug.”

          • Ivoire

            Hi Pat,

            I am personally wondering if this is not a cliche and a staple of Kdramas. I would like to hear from a S. Korean as well or someone who knows a lot about their behavior and culture. I know they are more reserved and conservative in public, so I am not really sure…

      • 5.1.2 Ivoire

        I just want to say this: especially when I look at Yoon and Me Ahri, I don’t UNDERSTAND this writer, I really don’t. There is so much buzz about her, and I can respect that, but why are so many characters underdeveloped and so many actors/actresses wasted in this one? Does anyone understand?

        • skelly

          I sure don’t. I find Meahri disturbingly spoiled, obsessed, and immature, DoJin has and will always be a first-class self-absorbed jerk, and Yi-Soo is strangely repressed in terms of her ability to share emotions, thoughts, and physical intimacy. Usually when you have a character with some obvious faults, the writer uses these faults as conflict fodder in the story, and exploration and resolution of these faults, in some manner, is integral to the story arc.
          Not so here – plot develops almost in spite of people’s faults. For example, lots of fuss is made over the age gap and how inappropriate Yoon is for Me Ahri, and Yoon and her brother talk a good game about her needing to grow up, but in the end Yoon just takes her and says he’ll be responsible for her – the transfer of a child from one caretaker to another. Her faults are just ignored in terms of the plot.
          We don’t see much progress with the other characters, either – is that the point of this drama, that people can’t or won’t change and we just have to accept them as they are, even if it means we go on supposedly cute drunken rages, or get divorced? I just don’t get what this writer is trying to say.

        • omo

          I’m with ya. I don’t understand this writer and I don’t understand 90% of her characterization since…let me see…13 episodes ago. What a crying shame. These characters are sooo cartoonish it’s unbelievable she wrote City Hall where her characters there were so rich and layered. This series is seriously overrated.

          • Korazy Lady

            This is the same writer as City Hall? I thought KSA’s character was very cartoonish in the beginning of that, too. I personally like a drama where we can get a wealth of information just from one subtle look or action. I think sometimes (often?) the writers insult our intelligence.

            It’s frustrating that the really good mature dramas, like a Wife’s Credentials, never get subbed.

          • omo

            @korazy lady,
            Since there is no reply button below your post, I had to reply to my own post.

            Yes, this is the same Kim Eun Sook who wrote City Hall. Yes, KSA did have a cartoonish feel to her character in the first 3 or 4 episodes. But there is development after that so that bodes well with me. Here in AGD, KHN is still acting so cartoonish right up to episode 18. There was this scene when she acted out her embarrassment at being busted by Do Jin in expressing her love, I was thisclose to smashing my head through the desk.

            @ Ivoire,
            I don’t mean to demean the writer either, but I’ve come to realize that a writer (good or bad) is only as good or bad as his/her last project.

          • spjork

            @Korazy Lady

            I’ve watched A Wife’s Credentials all the way through and can tell you that you are definitely not missing much!

        • Ivoire

          Hi guys (maybe I should say “Gals”) and you as well KL,

          I appreciate your comments and I wanted to say that I didn’t mean to insult the writer (and I hope it didn’t come out that way), but I really truly do not understand her here. I have never seen her works to the end (I have seen a few episodes of Sega, still have to watch the whole thing).

          I don’t get how a woman can write FEMALE CHARACTERS so poorly. What is going on here? Does she think very little of women in general or is this the kind of scenario the audience likes in South Korea? There must be a reason why she wrote them the way she did, and I TRULY WONDER what that reason is. What were her messages, with this drama? What does she want us to take from it?

          I feel really bad for the younger actors and actresses who had the privilege of working with veterans they could learn from and this was their opportunity to be stretched and challenged. I can’t help but think that they were wasted, to some extent. What happened to Dong Hyub (sp? sorry), I wanted to see more Colin and his dad, the actress playing MAR could have done more, if she was given more to work with.
          I personally care about the characters, but I also care about the actors/actresses (and the staff) in a drama and feel bad when their potential is wasted, IMHO. **End of Rant***

          @ KL,

          I personally like it better when things are spelled out for me because I usually don’t get it or I misread it, so I would rather be sure, even though I do appreciate and welcome some info given through body language and behavior.
          And yeah, this 🙁 for good dramas that don’t get subbed (or at least in a timely fashion) like “The Chaser” as well. Have you noticed that those tend to have older actors in them? No idols and usually not the pretty and popular younger actors and actresses in them, at least not as leads. Maybe that’s why they don’t get subbed. There might not be a wide enough audience (they think) to justify their time and effort? They are doing it for free (subbing), so… they might need an incentive? just my two cents.

          • oramylove

            i’ve been waiting for A wife’s credentials to be subbed also… huhuhu..

          • eva

            Re: Wife’s credentials, they’re subbing them at dramatic (dramatic.weebly.com). They’ve released until episode 3, but I believe they’ll finish the series, since they’re huge fans of that drama.

          • tomato

            I do not get you.

            You are nagging how you want X to happen in drama because not having so makes “character Y lacks flavor/development”, yet all your suggestion won’t help that area.

            Nothing but a wish for story/character to progress a certain way according to your pallate.

            Why can’t they kiss, why cant they hug. I like the actorr he is so hawt why can’t he do X to the girl. It’s cute/sexy.

            Why don’t you write a story (in any form) then. That way you can have just the type of one dimensional character that you love.

            I can understand in depth character/story analysis. But, merely imposing personal preference as critique just doesn;t fly.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Tomato, and thank you for your response!

            “I do not get you.” I am not sure whether you are addressing just me or everyone who wrote above , so I will just speak (in this instance, write) for myself.

            You said this:
            “You are nagging how you want X to happen in drama because not having so makes “character Y lacks flavor/development”, yet all your suggestion won’t help that area. Nothing but a wish for story/character to progress a certain way according to your pallate.”

            I am not sure if you have read any of my posts on this blog (including this one), and if you have, I don’t get the feeling that you have read them (or this one) carefully. I wouldn’t call what we are doing nagging. I would say that we are complaining, we gripping, yes, but I wouldn’t call it nagging. It is my understanding, having read many blogs for at least two years now about Korean and Asian dramas that those are the places where we can go to read recaps about Korean or Asian dramas, to get other perspectives (from the recappers and the people commenting in the comment section) and it is also the place where we can “rant” or “rave” about dramas, Asian celebrities, and other topics allowed on those blogs.
            Did you read the line under the “reply” button? It says “Rant or Rave.” “To rant:” to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner. 2. : to scold vehemently. transitive verb. : to utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion. To speak agressively about something, or to take your own tangent about a subject and talk for a long time in a passionate manner
            “To rave:” To speak or write with wild enthusiasm (or extravagant enthusiasm): ex.: Critics raved about the new play.
            Based on those definitions and example, this blog seems to be the right place to express our feelings about a drama, without being vulgar or plain nasty (some words do get deleted or changed and nasty people are put back in their place by other commentators and sometimes by the recappers or the administrators of the site). I do feel that what we are doing here is appropriate.

            When I personally watch a drama, I try to keep in mind the premise of the drama. I look forward to seeing how the writer, actors, actresses, director and the story will fulfill that premise and solve the issues addressed in the drama. When watching a drama, you DO want development, otherwise you would have watched 16, 20 or more hours of the same thing. What would be gained by doing that? You haven’t learned anything, you haven’t been entertained (not in my book), you have been challenged to think or consider something new or another aspect that watching a drama brings to different people. You haven’t seen an actor/actress being stretched or challenged because they basically have been doing the same thing, again, and again, and again. It becomes boring and frustrating, for the audience and I would think for the actor/actress as well.
            In this case, Me Ahri has basically been the same since the beginning of the drama. 17 episodes later, we wonder why? Me Ahri the character and the actress playing her both have potential, so why are they not given a chance to develop and grow? Is that fair to them? Many of us here, and I would say even the recapper of this drama seem to agree on this point, so there must be something to it. We can’t all be wrong, I don’t think (not in this case).

            I don’t think that I am writing about something I (just me) want to see, and even if I did, it would still be alright to do it here. I don’t know if you have noticed (and you should have if you have read dramas’ recaps a few times), but recappers usually express their frustration, disappointment, enthusiasam, wishes, hopes, etc… for a drama in the analysis part of their recap. We, the commentators are not the only one to do it.

            “Why can’t they kiss, why cant they hug. I like the actor he is so hawt why can’t he do X to the girl. It’s cute/sexy.Why don’t you write a story (in any form) then. That way you can have just the type of one dimensional character that you love.”
            Again, you must not be familiar with my posts because I have never said “why can’t they kiss,” that has not been an issue for me. I am actually more conservative when it comes to kissing in films and dramas, even in Kdramas. We would like to see people hugging in Kdramas when we know that they like or love each other, as an expression of how much they care about each other. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

            Your comments show me that you did not read my comments carefully, because you are not even addressing what I and other commentators talked about, so I won’t spend any time on it. We have already spelled out what we were gripping about. Actually, I was merely asking a question and seeing if other people had noticed what I had noticed as well, and apparently they had.

            You know, some of us do write stories, but we know that they won’t be used in the drama we are watching, so we come here and again express how we are feeling about characters or the story line in a drama, or we analyze the episode we saw. Some of us have questions that are linguistic or cultural, or we want to know the title of a song, etc… So we also come here to get answers. And I don’t think that we want the characters to be one dimensional, I didn’t get that impression from reading comments from the other commentators, I actually think that we want the opposite. Again, please read carefully.

            “I can understand in depth character/story analysis. But, merely imposing personal preference as critique just doesn;t fly.”
            I think most of us write and talk about what we wish we would see more of in Kdramas and how we think it might improve the drama or the story line or the characters or the interactions in the characters. This is the place where we come to partake or participate and share what a drama or an episode means to us. So yes, we can have a personal preference and we can critique, but again, this why we come here, and this is why we are welcomed here, so I do think THAT FLIES.
            I can see why some comments can come across as being imposing of a view or a desire, but that is also what happens on blogs, when people share their opinions.

            Thank you for appreciating and understanding in depth character and story analysis. It seems like at least you DO get one thing out of our exchanges, otherwise you can always skip them…

          • Korazy Lady

            @ Tomato & Ivoire,

            I expressed my thoughts on this further down in

            @Eva – I’ve seen subbed up to Eps. 3 or 4 of AWC but then it stopped. I’m not familiar with dramatic.weebly.com but I’ll check it out, thanks!

  6. addylovesbwood

    thanks for the recap! I am relieved that yoon admitted his feelings for meahri. they are by far my favorite couple so this has to be my favorite episode!!

    • 6.1 dbsklove

      ME TOO
      except… i didn’t know he would ACTUALLY stop her at the airport….
      i was expecting the drama to pull another BIG
      … one year later yunno>< with mehari not whining =="

  7. A_Donuts

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t care how much filler they give me of Yi-soo and Do-jin, they are just so cute! Although I do wonder what they can do for 3 more eps.

    I do agree that Jung-rok and Min-sook should get more scenes. I love how their relationship is developing.

    • 7.1 toystar

      Aaah I agree I love Min Sook and Jung Rok!

  8. Korazy Lady

    Loved the “badly played” comment, Orangey911. I thought at this crucial point in the relationship it was a risky and stupid move.

    While happy to see Yoon finally admit his feelings, I have to say that I expected more from Me Arhi in terms of reaction to his confession. She’s so over the top emotional at the drop of a dime, yet here she just kind of stood with her arms to her sides. I know she was probably shocked, but you’d think after finally getting what she wants she’d be a little more excited! I, like you, am not too optimistic about any character development from her.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 8.1 Ivoire

      Hi KL, I griped about MAR’s reaction as well at the embrace. Maybe she was too shocked to react then…

  9. RockPaperScissors

    A whole lotta stepping up to the plate in this episode, which is nice. I’m glad we didn’t have to wait until the last episode for people to own up to their feelings (I’m talking about a particular show & you know who you are). As long as the next three episode don’t involve insane plot twists, or flying monkeys, I’m a happy camper.

  10. 10 VanillaLee

    I love that the drama played Kim Min Jong’s song during his scenes now.

    My fav. moment in this episode is between Do Jin and Colin as well. I really wish that there will be more interactions between the two, and between Colin and Yi Soo.

    The couple I am more interested now is Jung Rok and Min Sook. Hope that the writers will focus more on them.

    • 10.1 asianromance

      totally forgot about the scene where Kim Min Jong’s song played. So awesome! I’m not an avid listener of Kim Min Jong’s music, but I recognized that song!

    • 10.2 Ivoire

      Do you guys know what the title is, so I can look it up on YT?

  11. 11 Annie

    I don’t know how I feel about this episode.

    Liked: Min Sook and Jung Rok, Do Jin and Colin connecting a little more, Me Ahri and Yoon finally getting together.

    Disliked/Hated: Do Jin’ prank, grown women crying like 5 year olds (Me Ahri and Yi Soo) and Taesan (So you agree your sister could not find a better man but continues to sulk? I do not understand.)

    • 11.1 jomo

      What the hell is going on with these women?
      It’s bad enough that the teen – 24 year old acts like a baby, but grown woman YS crying like that makes me hate her even more if that is possible.
      These writers struggle to write a relatable woman, but they can do lots of cute boy men.

      I wonder what the real women in their lives think of all the crying and sh^t. Ugh!

      • 11.1.1 tomato

        Only one way to find out!

        Be a woman and find similar man who treat you ‘that’ way, then you know.

        Or be the man/whatever and do whatever happening to YS and the 24 year old to your girlfriend/mom. Then see if they cry or not lol.

        Maybe then you can relate.

        Females being the gender (in contrary to males) that is more prone to crying and generally more “acceptable” or “common” is a myth or baseless stereotype… right? right?

        I think, lots of drama/movie viewers lack real life or social interaction irl, especially the hardcore ones. Worse when content carries/displays cultures not familiar by the viewers.

  12. 12 asianromance

    I was actually so angry with the Yoon and MeAhri scene at the end of this episode that I haven’t started episode 18 yet. She hasn’t done anything except cry and whine and then she gets rewarded with a cool kdrama rom-com airport scene where the swell guy tries to stop her from leaving.

    I rooted for Yoon and MeAhri in the beginning, but then MeAhri became annoying. She has no life and no hopes and dreams besides getting together with Yoon. If Yoon dies 20 years from now, is she just going to commit suicide or wallow in her grief while their children look to Uncle Tae-san to make sure they get fed and clothed? The unpaid credit card was the last straw. For reals, Meahri! I think if she was successful enough to buy her own apartment, she wouldn’t have to be sent back to America by her big brother like some unwanted mail. She would have just stayed in her own apartment and tell Tae-san that she doesn’t live under his roof so she doesn’t have to abide by his rules. And I don’t think she really understands how much Tae-san’s friendship matter to Yoon. He was there for Yoon and cried with him during the darkest of times. She wouldn’t understand because throughout the series, we’ve seen that she has no friends.

    But yay for Do jin and Yi soo getting back together! His memory loss prank was such an epic *facepalm* move, but the scenes following that were so awesome! Loved it when he got suspicious/jealous of Yi Soo’s designated driver. hahahaa! Jung-rok and Min-sook’s moments were lovely too. I hope Min-sook gets pregnant by the end of the series and Tae-san and Sera gets married.

    • 12.1 Ivoire

      Now that you say it, MAR DOESN’T HAVE any friend. Wonder why? Is it because of her behavior, or because she doesn’t want any? Or maybe the writer doesn’t care enough about her to give her friends 🙁

  13. 13 Cynthia

    And who says that whining, crying and generally being a spendthrift brat doesn’t get you your man?
    It worked for Me Ahri.
    Nice message to send, Show.

    • 13.1 trotwood

      Yes, I am fairly angry about this as well. Mainlybecause I think of all the men, Yoon deserves SOOOO much better than this.

    • 13.2 malta

      Agreed. I don’t get it at all. She basically cried and whined her way to a man… I don’t know any woman in real life who has been able to do that. No man can take that much crying. It’s not attractive.

      God forbid they break up.

    • 13.3 nny

      I agree. I got so annoyed with her repetitive crying. She doesn’t deserve Yoon and I don’t get what he saw in her.

    • 13.4 Ivoire

      LOL, you guys are funny!!! Are you really watching this show because you think (or hope) that it mirrors real life? Really? Do most Kdramas do (and the characters in it)?

      • 13.4.1 oonalala

        It doesn’t have to mirror real life, but it should at least make sense. MeAhri’s character is totally unrelateable.

        • Ivoire

          Hi, I agree with you about Kdramas making sense and that MAR is not relatable, which is why I asked this question here:

          5.1.2 Ivoire July 28th, 2012 at 7:01 pm

          I just want to say this: especially when I look at Yoon and Me Ahri, I don’t UNDERSTAND this writer, I really don’t. There is so much buzz about her, and I can respect that, but why are so many characters underdeveloped and so many actors/actresses wasted in this one? Does anyone understand?

          And I don’t know if you sensed it, but I was also being sarcastic. Come on, this is Kdramaland, how often do we come across characters who (unfortunately) DO NOT make sense? Should we make a list :-)?

          I do understand the frustration, however, I really do.

          • Korazy Lady

            I can understand if the character is being played for comedic value, to a point, like in Bridget Jones Diary. I thought it was funny in the beginning when YS accidentally sent a text to DJ and then freaked out about it. Overacting is the norm. But eventually the relationship has to get a little more “real”, don’t you think?

            These Kdramas are a strange kettle of fish. Episode to episode, it must be difficult to flesh out the characters when you are under incredible pressure to produce 2 episodes a week on the fly. I feel the writers get amnesia from one episode to the next sometimes, but that’s a whole other discussion!

          • Ivoire


            I totally see your point and I do agree with you, especially the amnesia thing and the producing written episodes on the fly. One writer actually fainted (of the drama “The Chaser”) on the set I think, and couldn’t write the last episode. That’s how bad it is. I wonder what it would take for them to change how things are done for all involved, not just the actors and actresses who are already run into the ground with the filming schedule. It also lessens the quality of the drama and I wonder if they realize that and care about that.

      • 13.4.2 pohonphee

        Some people find it that “good” message is much prefereable in dramas and movies they watch to make these dramas and movies leave something in them after they watch them. Like these writers have powerful weapon in their hands but not using it to make the world better lol. They got me rolling my eyes for sure :p. But you know there’re so many reasons why people watch drama and movie

        • Ivoire

          Hi, totally agree with you that there are many reasons why people watch dramas and movies. I can relate to that.

  14. 14 dionisia

    Kim Soo-Roo’s hair is so much better up! I feel so bad to have to choose between friend and sibling…that’s always a toughie..

  15. 15 malta

    The show needs to address Me Ahri’s parents reaction to her and Yoon getting together.

    How are Me Ahri and Yoon going to work to get their approval. They are a bigger hurdle to their relationship than Tae San in my opinion.

    • 15.1 Ivoire

      Hi Malta, agreed!

    • 15.2 Korazy Lady

      Where are those parents, anyways?

      • 15.2.1 Ivoire

        Right? Yeah, where are they? And will we find out what they (really) think about Y and MAR?

  16. 16 malta

    My favorite scene was between Do Jin and Colin. It had so much heart. Seeing Colin cry and reveal his hidden feelings and worries was very moving.

    • 16.1 Ivoire

      Yes, I agree. I loved that scene as well. I actually wanted DJ to hug him, a la 1N2D, but maybe it was too early in their relationship? 🙁 I wanted to see more of them, getting closer, quiet moments between the two of them, hanging out *Sigh*

  17. 17 wanderlusterer

    I feel the actress who played Me Ah Ri could’ve done so with so much more depth because she’s a very natural actor. She’s perfectly capable of moving silent tears yet she always decides to literally cry in wails like a baby which is okay maybe the first time and in sorta less serious moments but for pivotal scenes? It doesn’t work and it doesn’t go a long way in making us like her. She isn’t an adult yet, she’s a petulant teenage girl and I don’t think she’s ready to receive for be Yoons love.

    I was honestly disappointed she didn’t go to America and since her characters so childish and underdeveloped, I would’ve preferred a more open ending for them. Oh well.

    • 17.1 Jenna

      If the director (or writer) thought that the wails and the immature acts weren’t fitting for the character, she could have been directed to do otherwise. I don’t necessarily think this is the actors fault. She’s a newbie, on top of it all. Also, considering the construction of the character is so.damn.shallow, I can’t say its her fault.

  18. 18 Jenna

    Writer, what possessed you to think that you could destroy MeAhri, a potentially amazing character. When did you think that it would BE OKAY to put such a lovable character to the craps. Congratulations. I love the Yoon-MA storyline, but with no character development, how the eff are we supposed to like her? Or even sympathise with her?

    SHIP HER TO AMERICA PLEASE. Three years could have made all the difference. No, I won’t even be selfish, 1 year! Just so she can find a job or idk do something for real? Then Yoon could have gone after her, so maybe then, just MAYBE, it would seem reasonable that the girl gets the guy. BECAUSE NOW I WANT YOON ALL TO MYSELF, ALL I DO IS NEED TO WHINE, RIGHT?!

    Such a shame because the actor is capable of so much more. Personally, every single actor was wasted on such a sloppily written drama. Sigh. WHAT YOU COULD HAVE BEEN DRAMA.

    But then again, 2 episodes left, just hoping that there’s a miracle. Please.

    • 18.1 Ivoire

      Hi Jenna, I do agree, so many actors/actresses were waisted in this drama: Yoon, Me Ahri, Dong Hyub come to mind. I think Se Ra and Tae San were kind of OK. Even Do Jin and Yi Soo were going in circle for a while.

    • 18.2 whatis

      agree, agree and agree.

      Ship her to America indeed. I was really disappointed when Yoon came to the airport. ‘Cause I was thinking…. awesoommmeee!!! All this lead up, and they’re going to ship MeAhri back to America so she can do a “2 years later” return as hot, sassy, successful and awesome. But no… no that just did not happen.

      So far, seems like the person with the most depth is Min Sook. But wish we had seen her more vulnerable state earlier on, not just crazy bitch wife from hell. How the hell did they get married in the first place.

      2 episodes…. please let this writing nightmare end! And with the olympics…. good god. x_x

    • 18.3 asianromance

      I’m going to steal Yoon from Meahri!

      Yoon, please look at me!!! I’m a little bit older than MeAhri, but am still young! And I don’t have an older brother who will have a problem with our relationship! Please, why don’t you like me? *cries and wails* The language barrier is no problem. The only korean words I really need are “Oppa Saranghae!” We can live on that, can’t we? Love conquers all! I’ll show you and visit you at work uninvited. You’ll see!! *bursts into tears* Why? can’t? you? reciprocate? my? feelings?!! I can’t live without you!

      • 18.3.1 Ivoire

        LOL, that was good, really!!!. I was going to fight you over Yoon (I am closer to his age but I look young), but your spiel was so good that I would let you have him. Am I not generous :-)?
        Please let us know how things go between you guys :-)!

        • asianromance

          You’re not going to fight me over Yoon, are you? Then what are you doing looking all chic, mature, and more age-appropriate. You sly fox!

          And then there’s Meahri, outcrying me! She took the lead when I took a break to get some water since the tears had me feeling dehydrated. =(

          Life’s so unfair!

          • Ivoire

            Hi AR (for Asianromance),

            You are so funny!!!! You cracked me up :-). No, I will be gracious and benevolent and will let you have Yoon, as long as you let me know how things are going between the two of you, and they better go well, if I am letting you have him :-).

            You should read some of my raves about Yoon in the last few recaps and you would see that I feel about him the way that you do, and I REALLY like that he is closer to me in age (and single).

            “Then what are you doing looking all chic, mature, and more age-appropriate. You sly fox!” Thank you for the compliment, but I LOLed, because I was in my (long) shorts and T-shirt when I read your comment and I went “looking chic?, right now, LOL” But when I do dress up, honey, I don’t think you stand a chance 🙂

            I really like the way you write. Thank you for the laughs 🙂 and good luck fighting MAR…

  19. 19 Abie

    “Do Jin commends Park Ji Sung “hyung” for his ability to play in England’s Premier League; he’s Do Jin’s hero nowadays. LOL.”

    May I ask is that scene supposed to be funny? I thought Korea is crazy about football..umm that’s soccer for you guys in the US. If someone from my country plays in EPL let alone MU, he’ll be more famous than the president, he’ll become the most important and beloved person in the whole country.

    • 19.1 Ryoko

      I think it’s because Do Jin used the suffix “hyung,” which in Korean is used by a guy to an older guy to show respect for being older. In this case, Do Jin is actually the older one; Park Ji Sung is in his thirties. So Do Jin is calling him “hyung” to show respect for his awesome soccer skills, regardless of age.

      • 19.1.1 Ivoire

        Thanks for that explanation, I didn’t know that and assumed that PJS was actually older. This is what happens when we don’t have all the info (details do matter, don’t they, to make the experience of watching a Kdrama more complete).

  20. 20 UJ

    I wasn’t really impressed by the first 2 episode of this drama but I have to say the storyline really picked up! The interactions between the characters are really refreshing to watch..
    I am so glad Yoon actually finally confessed (sorta)!! We are already near the end and I wanna see some genuinely happy moments from him…MA I admit needs to grow up a little! Or a lot..
    JR and MS story is interesting!! I really wanna know how they actually got married in the first place because MS is kind of a no nonsence lady and JR is kinda full of nonsence..but he is so fun to watch too..but if I end up with such a guy myself then I am so gonna dump his ass!
    TS and SR are kinda boring for me dunno…
    And finally I love the interaction b/w the lead couple! ♡

    All in all this is one really entertaining show and I am glad I continued watching it even though I really didn’t like the first 2 episode! 🙂

    • 20.1 Ivoire

      Hi UJ,
      I agree with you on #3. I now wonder how and why they got married in the first place. Wish we could find out before the end of the drama.

  21. 21 whatis

    hhahaha… I skip all the Me Ahri and Yoon scenes now to spare myself the aggravation and the cringe worthy crying / wailing.

    So many fillers in these episodes… not even funny. When they could really be spending the time to do something substantial… instead of fluff. Sigh…

    Please let this end, so i can have closure!

    • 21.1 Ivoire

      Hi, I agree with you, there are a lot of fillers in this show.

  22. 22 Suet

    Thanks for the recap, Orangy911!

    Yes, finally there is some plot development and I m so glad that at the end of the episode Yoon confessed her feelings to Me Ari! I have been waiting for this for 17 episodes and I can’t imagine and take an open ending for this couple, so yay,relieved!

    I agreed with all of you that Me Ari’s character is undeveloped and tbh other than her persistence and sincerity I don’t see the reasons for Yoon to go to her, it is a shame but we gotta rmb that both Yoon and Me Ari are supporting characters so having this level of attention may already be a bonus…*sigh*

    I believe there will be alot gping on bt Yoon and Tae San. TS is not gonna approve this relationship and I really hope the writer can just spend a little more effort on Me Ari so we as the audience are convinced she deserves Yoon’s love and Tae San’s forgiveness.

    I actually enjoyed watching Yoon’s scene with Me Ari at the park, I was moved and KMJ is such a good actor!

    As for the rest, I m glad that Jung Rok and Min Sook’s storyline is finally getting more screen time; and I hope to see on Colin, please.

    The main couple…ummm just get back together and I don’t think there will be any big issues in the coming episodes, so just stay that way okay?

    • 22.1 Ivoire

      Hi Suet,
      I agree with you on all that you said. You have taken the words (the ones that were left) out of my mouth 🙂

  23. 23 Suet

    Ivoire and Malta,

    About the hug LOL, must be the cultural thing and don’t forget she must be shocked at that moment and they must have had some editings as to leave us with some imagination for the next episode LOL… I’m sure she will hug her back! Oh come on if I got hug by Yoon or KMJ I don’t know how to react in the first place tooo.., hug him back? Probably no :))

    • 23.1 Ivoire

      I think MAR is shocked too, but it happens a LOT in kdramas and so that’s why I am like. but why?

      ****SPOILERS ABOUT THE K2Hs******
      Hang Ah did that in TK2Hs in episode 12 when Jae Ah declared his love to her and he hugged her and she didn’t hug him back and she knew he loved her because she had seen the package he had sent and one of the products said “I love you.” Hum… it’s the king, the one you kind of said you loved on national TV when you were grilled? Didn’t make sense. ***End of SPOILERS****

    • 23.2 Ivoire

      Also, if Yoon or KMJ hugged me in real life, I am hugging back, for sure. I would not be that shell shocked that I won’t hug back. I would be appropriate, but I would hug back :-)!

  24. 24 Suet

    Beautiful pain

    KMJ has a revisit of the song and they hv released a 2012 version

    • 24.1 Ivoire

      Oh, Thanks a lot for the info :-). Will look for it on YT.

  25. 25 Suet

    Of course it doesnt mirror the real life LOL
    But I have become a fan of KMJ beco of the show. 🙂

    • 25.1 Ivoire

      Me too, a fan of KMJ now, and I didn’t know him before. I can spazz over him and not feel bad. He is in my age range.

    • 25.2 Ivoire

      So, if it doesn’t mirror real life (and we know it), why are people getting so upset? (I know it’s because they get into the show, I understand, I do it to). Still, I want Yoon to have a happy ending 🙂

      • 25.2.1 Suet

        Yea, all I want is Yoon to be happy, so if it has to be Me Ari in the show I would just give her to him, regardless of the underdevelopment of her character. (I just keep telling myself she will grow up LOL)

        Not sure if anyone notices, but Me Ari did not contact Yoon after the park scene, she phoned her brother and text Yi Soo before her departure; she did hope for Yoon’s appearance at the airport but when she realized he was not going to show up she looked relieved and decided…. I actually see it as some sort of maturity in handling a relationship/rejection, she broke down in front of him and he didn’t take it, she then decided not to bother her Yoon oppa anymore and walked away from his life. I think that’s a good side of Me Ari…and I am glad she (sort of) gave up after the park scene…..

        Don’t wanna spoiler anyone but I’ve watched Ep18 so hopefully you will find more plot development to convince yourself of this relationship 🙂

        • Korazy Lady

          I have watched eps 18 and was still a little disappointed in Me Ahri. But I have high hopes that she will be a doting, adorable wife to Yoon if it ever gets that far. This is one case where I would like the show to have a time jump at the end so we can all say, Yeah, look what a great couple they are!

          • Ivoire

            Hi KL,
            I am glad you are so positive about this couple, because personally, they are my favorite (mostly because of Yoon). I like your scenario, and I wish we could see that too (her being a doting wife and an accomplish bag designer).

          • Suet

            Hi Korazy Lady,

            I was hoping Me Ahri can be come little min sook tomorrow.


        • Ivoire

          Hi Suet,

          I do want Yoon to be happy as well. I expressed that at length in my 5th paragraph in my long comment at 5.1. And yes, I did notice how MAR handled the rejection, she seemed to be ready to let Yoon go and then he showed up, so that changed things and might explain why she was so shocked, she didn’t expect him (AT ALL) to come. I have also watched episode 18 as well and know what happens there. Didn’t want to spoil anyone here.

      • 25.2.2 asianromance

        I think viewers do like to see characters earn their happy endings. It’s just more satisfying than having it on a platter. If everything gets handed on a platter, then there isn’t much of a story.

        And while in dramas, we can accept surreal situations (like time travel and a chaebol falling in love with a near homeless gal), I think character motivations should be grounded in reality and should be explained if things get a little twisted from majority perception. What does Yoon see in MeAhri? What does MeAhri see in Yoon? She only in it for his looks (if so, admit it) What about him makes her heart go thump thump thump? And what does Yoon see whenever MeAhri whines and cries? Does he think it’s cute and that her saddened tears are the most beautiful droplets of liquid ever? (if so, let the audience know that’s what he sees. MeAhri can be annoying, but I think she cries beautifully.)

        • Ivoire

          Asianromance, so well said, all that you said and I appreciate that. I tend to write a lot, so I will just say “Thank You!” and that I agree with you, by the way! I do want characters to earn their HEA and some sense of common sense or at least logic in a drama, so I understand 🙂

          • skelly

            I agree, too. Furthermore, saying a drama doesn’t have to make sense because it is “just a drama” is a total cop-out; no one ever says that about tightly written, logical shows with good characterization, LOL. It’s only sloppy shows, like this one, where people feel they need to justify the whole mess by labeling it entertaining fluff.

          • Ivoire

            Hi Skelly,

            I was a little sarcastic when I made some of my comments because I have learned that I have to lower my expectations sometimes if I want to enjoy a drama. The writer will do what s/he will do, and I can’t (unfortunately) change that.

            “no one ever says that about tightly written, logical shows with good characterization, LOL” No, no one says that. I do say that those dramas are different, and when I happen to see one, I rave about it. I wish there were many that were like that (and I am sure that there are a lot of good Kdramas out there), but we also know that many of them aren’t, or that they start out great and then, poof!
            I do think that this drama is entertaining and fluff. No heavy thinking required in this one, and my heart doesn’t literally break because of the scenario like in some other dramas. Just my two cents.

  26. 26 bishbash

    I can totally empathise with Tae San regarding MeAhri/Yoon issue. Even if Yoon was never married I believe he’d reject them being together, though probably not as adamant as is in the drama now.

    I think his rejection stems more from their 2 decades old friendship than Yoon being a widower. Though I’m not a guy, I totally understands how the guys here value their friendship, perhaps more than their love life. It’s no mean feat to keep the bond between four people going on so strong for so long. Maybe because I value friendship over romantic love.

    And MeAhri is his baby sister. Being her self appointed protector it’s only natural that he’d want her to be with someone closer to her age, never been married, without that huge an emotional baggage as Yoon carries.

    All these aside, I cannot, cannot, cannot stand MeAhri. She’s annoying to the core. Her whining and immaturity is not going to get Yoon anywhere near happiness even though he admits he likes her too (for goodness sake, is he having some father complex here?). I absolutely agree with Orangy that she’s never sincerely sorry for anything.

    • 26.1 Ivoire

      Hi Bishbash,

      Someone in a previous recap was kind enough and knew enough about South Korean culture and mentality to explain to us that being a widower is actually a big negative in SK and makes a man (and a woman, I think) much less marriage material. It really has value there and that is one of the things we see and learn by watching this drama. So TS cares about the friendship, but he doesn’t want to go against the social constructs, even though he does believe that Yoon would be good for his sister. JR and TS have a conversation about that.

      I do think that the guys value love and want each other to have a great love life, which is why they support and help each other in that department. They have bailed JR in front of his wife many times, and encouraged DJ (or at least wished him well) in his relationship with YS. DJ and JR even want Yoon to be with MAR, but they respect TS’s wishes. Yes, they value their relationship (with each other), but they do believe that love is important (I think).

      I do think that MAR is actually sorry for her actions, but she doesn’t change in her behavior, and that is the problem. It makes it hard to believe her when she constantly cries and constantly acts up.

      • 26.1.1 tomato

        Being a widow is considered negative in MOST if not almost all society/culture. Negative not necessarily being bad, but negative meaning less attractive. For many reasons.

        That’s what a lot of these hihiahaha-i-live in hansel & gretel land do not understand.

        Tae San view/reaction is natural and actually common. Going ALL for it when your sibling who is SEVENTEEN years younger than the partner = not normal/common.

        The story also showed us that Yoon couldn’t get over his wife’s death (wearing ring+still ver committed to monther-in-law).

        Any (sane) brother WILL worry when your 24 yo sister likes SUCH widower who still loves his ex-wife so much.

        I don’t get these extreme drama fans and their comments. Have they actually paying attention to the previous episodes? If yes, how come their comments sometimes show that they have that illness jangdonggun character has? Memory loss. Or have they been skipping episodes? Or do they live in a society where there is some unorthodox culture/views/practices going?

        • Korazy Lady

          Hi Tomato,

          I think we’re supposed to rant and rave about the show, not the fans!

          I also think that there are PLENTY of intelligent, mature, accomplished professional people who also happen to enjoy a good (or even bad!) drama for various reasons! As a matter of fact, rather than being people without a life, I think many commenters have incredibly full and varied lives. And this is a spot where we can all complain, or “rave” or fangirl if we want, without feeling silly or threatened.

          In my book club, the books that get the best discussions are ones that are divisive. If we all liked the same things, or came from the same place, life would be boring. We all bring our own individual history.

          Also, as a shout out to the many fans from the US or other non-Asian countries, it is difficult to understand what all the fuss is about with some of the issues in these dramas, such as being divorced, or with a child, or two people of one family not being able to marry two different people of another family. So sometimes one needs to be patient with us! If in my mind the couple needs to show some “skinship” for me to really feel the relationship, I (hope) I can say that without being judged!

          You will be welcomed here as openly as everyone else, but I am just sticking up for my fellow dramabeaners who I’ve come to love even though I’ve never met them!

        • Ivoire

          @ Tomato,

          I see that this is the 2nd time that you are responding (in a negative way it looks like) to one of my posts. I will come back later to respond, because I have a lot to say, and I feel a long post coming up. I just can’t respond properly right now. But know that your post elicited a lot of thoughts in my mind. I will reiterate that it seems that you don’t read most of our comments properly, and you don’t seem to understand why we come to blogs such as this one.


          Thank you for sticking up for us who appreciate blogs such as this one and for REALLY sticking up for many of us who are non Asians and yet love Asian dramas and as a result (for some of us) have developed a genuine interest, curiosity and love for the countries (and their cultures) we have been exposed to, through those dramas. We have had so many questions answered here, about the dramas but also about so many other things. We have made connections and some of us have actually met and interacted in real life. Needless to say that blogs such as this one have helped create connections and sometimes friendships that we didn’t know we would have coming in.

          It is nice to have a place where things (that you don’t understand) can be spelled out for you, patiently, without being made to feel stupid or ignorant. That means a lot to me, personally. I am really glad you are participating in the comments, KL. Because of DB, I have connected with you. One only needs to delurk, and who knows what can happen?

          Every so often, we do have people who don’t understand the purpose of blogs such as this one, and it is a reminder of how appreciative we should be of all who put so much effort in bringing us recaps and news articles about the South Korean entertainment world and who take the time to explain the culture and mentality of that part of the world to us.

          Thank you again, KL! I will be back later for more, because believe or not, I have more to say :-)… Are you surprised :-)?

  27. 27 JD

    Ugh both actresses cry so annoyingly @_@ Yi Soo is such a whiny baby for being 30 something years old. Why would Do Jin even like her? I had to forward her crying because it was grating my nerves.

    My only fav part was Yoon grabbing Me Ahri at the end…even though it was such a freaking cheap shot to pull their storyline together. They hardly even flirted with each other throughout the drama for crying out loud!!!

    I think they should have developed Yoon’s inner persective more…like maybe he likes Me Ahri BECAUSE she still likes him despite him being old and widowed and whatnot, not because he has some fetish for twenty year olds who wears super short skirts. And some flashbacks to the olden days would be a nice development for their relationship, like their tutoring sessions when Me Ahri was in high school or something which is when she falls in love with him. Sigh. The potential of this couple. Sigh.

    And my heart tugs for Min Sook!!! I hate Jung Rok, and his wishywashy ways

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 27.1 Ivoire

      Hi JD,

      I think Yoon genuinely loves MAR. I think that he has known her for a long time (since she was born) and that his feelings for her have developed since his wife passed or since she came back from the US (that might be more accurate). That scenario happens in real life too.

      I like your point about the writer showing us, telling us why Yoon loves MAR, how that happened and why MAR loves Yoon. That would have been a nice touch and an extra layer to their characters, a welcomed one at that.

  28. 28 aX

    So am I the only one grossed out with this whole Me Ahri love story with her father’s best friend? I mean, he’s pretty much her uncle. I’m sorry, but I find it really weird. I can’t help but forward all their scenes.

    • 28.1 Rai-Rai

      I’m glad someone mentioned it, I feel the same way. It just doesn’t feel right because she acts like a child AND he is like a very much older brother. This show was already shallow to begin with (and I was okay with that), but the Yoon-Me Ahri loveline is just too low for my taste.

    • 28.2 asianromance

      Yoon’s her older brother’s best friend, not her father’s best friend.

      • 28.2.1 jomo

        I like the point that TS isn’t going to find a better man for his sister than Yoon. It’s not the end of the world.

        What is she better off going back to the US and falling in love with some artsy guitar-playing part-time waiter because he is the right age? Because he is at the same maturity level as MR?
        Age difference doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter to the couple.

    • 28.3 MsB

      I agree about the age difference. It would upset me to no end if my remaining unmarried daughter hooked up with a man damn near my age! Oh yes, would have a fit!

  29. 29 Suzi Q

    MeAhri drives me batty!

    I wished she had gotten on the plane and that there was a time leap so she would have come back to Korea as a matured,confident, independent woman.Instead they have made her into a immature whiny crybaby who can’t even handle her credit card. She does an ugly face when she cries and wails like a baby. Gross and a turn off. What does Yoon see in her?

    Didn’t like Yi Soo’s whiny baby crying either. Just irritates me when something doesn’t go their way, they end up crying instead of trying to find a solution. They don’t act very mature, and their behaviors are really disgusting.

  30. 30 Noelle

    I’m happy for everything thats happened with Do Jin and Yoon finally admitting his feelings… But I hate that all this time Meahri hasn’t changed one bit and she still gets to eat her cake. Why!? She is a 24 year old child and it bugs the living hell outta of me that she hasn’t grasped that it isn’t her brother that has to change but herself. GAH! I’m totally dumping her and Yoon unless something changes.

  31. 31 Pat

    Weak,whiny woman are a K drama staple, dumb, ditzy or
    desperate. They Sometimes develop a backbone by episode 16,
    but the spunky ones are very appreciated. But 35 and 40 year olds do not date like teenagers. I cannot stand the cutesy from
    a thirty something woman.

    • 31.1 Ivoire

      Hi, maybe they date like teenagers (the 35 and 40 year olds) in Kdramas 🙂

  32. 32 lala

    well ,i will not blame meahri on her immature character, the actress herself cannot do anything to change it,maybe the writer had something in mind for this character, so i will wait until the last episode to see how it goes, like yoon said to teasan in ep 18 “meahri is my dream and i dont want to make her cry anymore”swoonnn…. yoon jin yi really carried her character well as the writer wanted…if the writer said she needs to cry and whine, she has to do that according to the script..yeahhh i blame the writer hehehe…..i also understand that she has been around with her brothers friend espacially yoon for more that 1o years,, that makes her super comfortable with her emotion…and yoon also really knows her well even when she cries..and then the decision to send her back really makes her breakdown hard, super hard core whining…i understand that she hasnt achieve anything in her life yet cause of the side effect of love..love..love for yoon.. i know its crazy(come on,we live in a crazy world)..yoon himself for the past 16 ep didnt do any push and pull and just stood there cowardly.. if only yoon said “i dont love u” then maybe meahri will back off,she also said she wanted a firm answer from him but didnt get any and that is why she’s been chasing him bravely.
    i also at first wanted her to get on that plane and come back super hot and confident and etc but i bet teasan will not let her chase yoon again eventhough she has her own career( and then we will go back in circle again having teasan send meahri back again for the third time.).and the age gap.. here we go again .. it is not about the age ,,it is about our level of maturity on handling situation.for me yoon is healthy( for a 41 years old man to have a body like that, i will scream yes if he wants me..hehe),a good career, a good personality and a one womans man.and meahri, a 24 year old that is colourful in personality, and feels that yoon is her fate made the decision to try and chase her fate first(totally understandable) meahri is a bit off in the previous episode that makes us tick( understandable) but now she got her man, i hope the writer will start to make her at least pursue her dream with yoon by her side to help.for me that is the best gift she will receive.ohhh kdrama land…..rant out.

    • 32.1 Korazy Lady

      Ivoire, see 25.1.1. I think Me Ahri has great potential to be a good wife, but will we ever see it? Sometimes I think they could be perfect together, and that he sees her pure heart, but other times I wonder if he wouldn’t be afraid that she’d act up in public at some point. More than any other pairing, I really hope the writer leaves us with a good resolution with this couple!

      • 32.1.1 Ivoire

        Good morning KL,

        I sent you an email, FYI. I will read your post, or the one you mentioned. I really questioned what the writer had in mind when she wrote MAR. I find her attractive and full of potential and qualities and I think many people do as well. We are just frustrated because both the character and the actress seem so waisted. This couple could have had a wonderful story, but we were given the run around. I don’t understand how a woman can write such a female character. What were her goals regarding this couple? Or didn’t she care about them?And if she didn’t, why the heck not?

        I do agree with your comment and I do think that MAR will be different now that she has Yoon. She would listen to him and she is like a sunshine in his life and I think that she will be his soothing balm. They can influence each other positively. I think that most of us could believe such an outcome many episodes ago, and we wanted that for them. The main issue here is that: we REALLY WANTED TO SEE THE PROCESS of that outcome and we didn’t get that. I personally feel cheated (hence the frustration) and I don’t think I am the only one. Besides, the actress playing MAR seem to be able to do what would be required of her, and I regret that she was wasted (for the most part) in this drama. I think it is her 1st drama, and she was privileged to work with such accomplished actors and actresses. They should have made her stretch herself and challenged her. That also is upsetting for me (on her behalf).

        On an another note, watch episode 18 and you will see a different side of her. Quite interesting.

        • Korazy Lady

          Yes, you are so right about the process. There is still some time, but boy, I am hoping for some mature character development here!

          An another subject, I know people hate her crying, but I have to say that if it is her first drama, I am VERY impressed with the crying! I am always amazed at how these actors/actresses can bring on the tears, especially knowing from watching the BTS on these dramas that the filming starts and stops a million times during a scene. Also, her crying with her mouth open has been criticized, but I prefer it over the older method, aka Winter Sonata, where CJW had tears running down her cheeks constantly without moving another muscle in her face!

          And whoever said it previously on here, I do believe it is the fault of the director as far as her acting. If he thought it was too much, he would tell her to tone it down, wouldn’t he? One would think.

          I’m so hopeful for that wonderful, satisfied feeling at the end between Yoon and Me Ahri, but I have been disappointed before (and before, and before, and again, and again….haha!)

    • 32.2 Ivoire

      Hi Lala,

      I actually understand what you are saying and I have decided to relax my expectations about this drama so I can enjoy it, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to. It will be over soon, so I just want to see how the writer wraps this up.
      I did feel that Me Ahri’s cries in this episode were different and were based on a different reason. I never thought she would be going to America, I always thought it was just a plot. I would have liked to have the MAR character better written and better fleshed out, but that didn’t happen, unfortunately :-(. Oh well, again, let’s see what happens with the last 2 episodes.

    • 32.3 Korazy Lady

      Sorry, lala, that comment was for you! (But I know you’re reading, too, Ivoire!)

      • 32.3.1 Ivoire

        Yeah, and I just responded too 🙂

  33. 33 Korazy Lady

    Is there another episode being shown tonight (or already shown depending on where you are?) Viki does an amazing job of fast subbing so I keep checking, but not sure what was pre-empted or what or when the next episode will be shown.

    • 33.1 linda

      Both episodes were canceled this week. Maybe next week too.

  34. 34 Suet

    I’ve noticed most of the comments here are related to Yoon-Me Ahri couple, as a big fan of them I am glad 🙂 But I wonder whether the couple has attracted as much attention as in Korea too? Afterall, JDG is the lead actor in this drama……basically they produce this drama for him

  35. 35 lovedramas

    Yoon-MR couple – urgh… head banging all around and way more annoying that the YS-DJ couple in my opinion.

    Having watched asian dramas for a long time (meaning over 10 yrs for kdramas and over 20 for tw/chinese ones), I kinda learned where to keep my expectations for drama depending on what I want to get out of it. I wasn’t expecting much from this one, just to be entertained so I am still loving it. 🙂

  36. 36 Sunshine

    our f44 are becoming super heroes with their own romance!

  37. 37 lala

    yeah..totally get it, no character development. me also frustrated. but then at the beginning of the drama the writer has stated before that the drama will focuse 80% on the main character and 20% on the supporting, and also stated that yoon and meahri will not have skinship.. but now it somehow kinda twisted, maybe because of the chemistry that we been feeling for the couple and maybe the writer didnt expect this couple could also be hot in screen and makes us feel wanting more for their development, and also maybe she is bursting her mind on how to make the storyline for this couple work without over shadowing the main couple.that is why i feel that we get repetitive scene from yoon and meahri, and also from jung rok and min sook .but now i am glad it is all done by ep17…needed to add a bit about meahri..for myself, she is actually not a spoil brat, she’s just a bit lost and full of depression in hopes for achieving her fate.she works to support herself cause her parent and teasan dont support her on her personal financial anymore,cleans the house by herself, respect her teacher, her brother, respect yoon’s dead wife,respect people’s privacy except for yoon’ hehee. it’s the little thing that we don’t notice that portraying her not to be a spoil brat(we..sometime also are spoil right?)….got no comment on the credit card issue, me sometime also had problems with money. the only “stupid” thing that she done is like all others are saying is chasing yoon(the fate), cause fate can pass by if she didnt try to work on it.her dreams can wait first but hope not for long, that is why she is trying her best to chase fate and cause an effect on her life which is partly yoons fault.that is what love can do to a person especially for someone like meahri who has been keeping it for a long time.peace out…

    • 37.1 Korazy Lady

      I don’t really think of Me Ari as spoiled, just a little immature for 24.

      Now I am bummed if the writer says no skinship with Yoon and Me Ahri! After all that? Although I was thinking it might be awkward for the actress, and maybe even the actor. But I think they use a lot of young actresses (like 19 or 20) with older guys. Even if they just did some decent hugging, or he kissed her on her head or SOMETHING! He just practically gave up his best friend for her so we want to know he felt it was worth it. It’s not like she’s 19 (or is she in real life? I should look that up.)

      I don’t think any of the F44 should feel bad about one plot line getting more attention than the other. I think AGD has been a great success for all of them! And JDG already has a great movie career and doesn’t care to do many dramas. If anything, it’s given a whole new audience a chance to see his work.

  38. 38 Katie

    tq orangy911

    Yoon’s hug very awkward to watch !.

  39. 39 Lolita Caruncho

    The part that touches me till this episode ended was the scene between Do Jin and Colin. This is modern day father and son relationship; the one telling each other that the father loves his son and the son shows his childlike love to his father through words of endearment. Do Jin showed his real self as a father as he told his son of his plans in the future and making Colin a part of his life as a second time husband. Great! Congratulations to the one who wrote this story. Very realistic and the fact that it sends a very good message , this drama really ticks. I hope all the four forty plus best friends to one another will each have a happy ending with their partners. I will always remember this as one which simply but greatly leaves a mark to its viewers. Daebak!!!! I am excitingly waiting for the last two episodes. Fantastic drama!

  40. 40 mellisa

    I started watching this drama for JDG, but … but… his love story with KHN/YS is so boringggggggggggggg….. i really don’t know where to put the blame – on the acting? on the chemistry of the actors? on how the characters were written? on their love story itself? Whatever…. I just can’t get onboard their love story, and i really tried very hard to.

    i prefer the YOon/MeAhri loveline… so full of conflicts… i had hoped for a better development of that story, but despite the meager development to their love line, theirs is the story I look forward to every week.

  41. 41 miyo

    the credit card issue is a COMMON one many many many people experience including me – esp in my 20s and 30s.. I don’t get why everyone is using that as an excuse for her immaturity. Yes her crying is annoying. BUT as she told Joon, she has dreams but he is her fate and that is what’s most important to her at that moment. I love their storyline the best. It’s a drama: they are exaggerating things.

  42. 42 appreciate

    메아리 … me-ah-ri … echo
    True to her name, she fills the empty space in Yoon’s life.

    Yoon & Meahri ♥

    Kim Min Jong ♥

  43. 43 kirara

    Yup.. agreed Meahri needs to stop whining and grow up a little.. then people could actually take her seriously.

    I wasn’t expecting a pretty bad prank from Do Jin.. but i guess it’s suppose to be his personality (well it’s back?) and he’s suppose to be all cool when he does it.. but whatever.. 😛

    and agree with you.. ONWARDS.. BTW I totally found the fight between the 4 about the heroes.. quite funny. Why was I not surprised when Do Jin said that Batman was his hero and that Superman is Yoon’s… guess its all part of the personality alikeness.. 🙂

    Thank You for posting!!

  44. 44 angelyurihuynh

    look pretty Ha neul sky love **

  45. 45 angelyurihuynh

    look pretty Kim ha neul sky love **

  46. 46 kay

    MAR’s constant crying in this drama is not as annoying as Song Hye Go’s constant crying in Autumn Tale. I couldn’t and didn’t watch that drama due to that reason no matter how great other people thought it was.

    I understand all these characters because i can relate to them. In my cultural, the value of a divorcee decreases and people, especially the elders, don’t see them of having much worth just because they are divorced. it’s like they think something is wrong with that person because he/she is divorced and that person will probably not truly love their son/daughter because they have been divorced once.

    I myself am a divorcee, and i hate to admit that i don’t like the divorcee’s who act stupid and give us good ones a bad reputation. Even i judge divorcee’s as bad and wouldn’t want those i know to date one. Society perception is hard to break when one has grown up with those beliefs. it’s hard for me to date those who have never been married because i feel like i’m taking their youth and innocence away, that they should be with someone who has never been married, not someone who is divorced.

    i love this drama because it shows the different kinds of love and the imperfection of love. it’s just life, where it takes all sorts of people to make the world go round.

    • 46.1 Korazy Lady

      Kay, I second your last paragraph!

  47. 47 mia

    “I admit that I was hoping Me Ahri would leave for America so she could…you know…grow up a little bit first and actually do something with her life because I’ve lost patience with her whining and crying a while ago.”

    God I was hoping the same thing. Mae Ri is like a spoiled child who wont stop throwing a tantrum because you wont let her play with her toys. It’s just beyond annoying. I just really thought she’d go back to America and get a life and actually mature. I can’t see how Yoon could be in love with her at this point since she’s reached new depths of pathetic. There are little kids more mature than her. Would’ve been much better if she went to America and came back an adult who deep down still loved him but was able to move on. Then Yoon would have been at a loss trying to fight his feelings for her.

  48. 48 kai hansen

    what song name when the man playing drums? i like the jazz thing

  49. 49 Tee Cee

    I am TIRED of Me Ah Ri. The whining, the irresponsibility, the ugly crying. I know that the final scene was supposed to be heartwarming–but all it did was irritate me. It would have been far better for her to get on the plane, go to the US, go through some hardships, mature, and then come back later as a GROWN woman.

    Me Ah Ri’s crying, whining and temper tantrums are irritating and ridiculous–and it leads me to think that Yoon should have stuck to his instincts and let her be. We are truly supposed to believe this 24 year old WOMAN who acts like a 4 year old is mature enough to be in a relationship with a man in his 40’s. Really???


    When little kids don’t get their way, they cry. When they cry, they often get what they want from weak adults–but as time goes on and they get older, they realize that isn’t a mature way to handle life. Me Ah Ri ‘getting her way’ isn’t going to mature her; it’s going to make her worse.

    Also–shame, shame, SHAME for Si Yo drinking and driving! From seeing her drink Soju before she left to her parking her car badly, that’s a BAD message. She is starting to irritate me, too. A teacher who doesn’t have sense? Aiiiish…

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