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Big: Episode 10
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Now that Da-ran is cluing into her feelings, we get some great stuff – the right kind of angst, a flurry of confused feelings, and a lot of crossed wires between two people who swore not to love each other. Oops. This is why you should always leave a loophole in your fake contract marriages, people!


While Kyung-joon listens to the Walkman outside the theater, Da-ran stares up at him, surprised by her own reaction to his arrival. She starts, “I feel strange…” and Kyung-joon clicks the tape to stop.

She continues, “Why am I so happy you came?” He totally hears her, but pretends not to and asks what she said. She gets so flustered that she runs back and forth blathering on about buying snacks, and he just watches her curiously.

He spends the entire movie staring at her, and finally asks in the middle of the theater, “Gil Teacher, do you like me?” Eeek! Her eyes grow wide, but his question is cued to a screaming moment in the horror movie (awesome) and she averts her gaze awkwardly.

As they walk out of the theater, she finally answers, “So you heard that…” she attempts an explanation about not wanting to watch a horror movie alone, hence the happiness at his arrival.

He asks why with the moony eyes then. She says she makes those eyes whenever she’s thirsty. She demonstrates to hilarious effect, “Ah… so thirsty.” Kyung-joon: “Are you sure what you were thirsty for isn’t this?” He points to his face.

She finally admits she’s been confused lately, and she doesn’t know why, but she was really happy he came. He takes it in but also notes Yoon-jae’s ring on her finger, and sighs.

He tells her that he promised he wouldn’t go to her so he’ll keep his end of the deal, but if she comes to him, he doesn’t have the confidence to stop her. “So stop being so clingy.” Her jaw drops, “Clingy?”

Just then, a couple with a super clingy boyfriend walks past her and she screws up her face in embarrassment. She imagines the clingy version of her confession, complete with Star Wars opening crawl to define the word he used to call her clingy (the sound of chugging a drink but also used to describe the needy clucking of a significant other).

Meanwhile, Choong-shik finds Mari in a sour mood at the hospital. She asks if a person goes to see a movie they don’t even like just for another person, that means they like them, right?

Choong-shik says that if she had gone to the movies with him, he’d have guessed she liked him 80 points. That crushes her as she wonders, “If it’s eighty, then there’s only twenty left…” For you? Aw, sweetie. Not how it works. She leaves Choong-shik wondering if she has a new crush.

Se-young walks away reeling after conveniently overhearing Yoon-jae’s mother talk about Kyung-joon. She wonders if he could be a second son that she abandoned.

She braces herself and goes to meet her, where Mom asks her for regular updates on Kyung-joon’s condition. While Mom steps away, Se-young eyes a hairbrush with determination. Aw, yeah. You might be evil, but right now your nosiness is serving the plot quite well.

Kyung-joon takes Da-ran to his uncle’s restaurant to eat dinner, and takes every opportunity to use his clingy word kkul-geuk to describe the sound of swallowing stuff, like “glug glug.” She scowls.

He asks if she knows anything about a person Yoon-jae was looking for, someone Mom didn’t want him to meet. She doesn’t, and he guesses it must have been a clingy ex. She chokes at that.

Uncle comes by the table and starts to wonder at all the coincidences—the Doc sure knows a lot about Kyung-joon. Could he… maybe be… someone sent by Kyung-joon’s father?

That’s an unexpected twist for Kyung-joon, and he asks what Uncle knows about Dad. And in case we weren’t suspecting it, we get a shot of Yoon-jae’s father, who takes out a hidden picture of Kyung-joon’s mom Hee-soo.

Uncle says he only saw the man once, right when Kyung-joon was born. All he knew was that Hee-soo called him “Teacher.” (Which is a title for all sorts of things, not just teachers – for instance, doctors.)

Da-ran asks Kyung-joon if he knows anything about his father or wants to go find him, but he balks at that, since to the rest of the world, Kang Kyung-joon is lying in a coma.

Se-young checks in on Kyung-joon and wonders if he’s really Yoon-jae’s little brother, as she suspects. She takes a hair sample from him as well and asks her friend for a DNA test between Mom and Little Bro. Is it weird that I’m cheering her on? I might need a shower after this.

So then more dot-connecting: On the way home, Kyung-joon shows Da-ran the cherub picture in his wallet. Mom told him that Dad drew it himself.

Da-ran gets this niggling feeling that she’s seen this picture before, but Kyung-joon dismisses that as impossible, since only one exists in the world. What, did he go around drawing one for each son he left behind? If only that weren’t true.

She puts the wallet back in his hand and holds his hand in hers for a moment, saying sincerely that if he ever changes his mind about wanting to find Dad, she’ll help in whatever way she can. He teases her about the handholding, and she pounds her head into the window as he laughs.

He asks if there isn’t something she wants to do on her last night of freedom before work, and she drags him to a gift shop to find stuff that’s made in China to give to her coworkers. Kyung-joon finds little white bears and figures if they color them in, they’ll be little pandas. Score.

But they argue on the proper parts to color, and it devolves into a competition. They gear up at home with a basket full of bears and a pair of permanent markers, and get to pandafying the teddy bears. The winner gets to live like a panda – do nothing but eat and sleep.

It actually is sort of confusing when you think about which parts are black, and Da-ran gets tripped up, while Kyung-joon is confident and refuses to share.

Time for the unveiling. Da-ran’s panda looks almost right but wrong, and Kyung-joon proudly presents his.

Da-ran googles pandas disbelievingly, and Kyung-joon comes out the clear winner. I love the way he describes it: “See! Long-sleeve super-cropped belly shirt, bare stomach, rain boots, no panties.” Hahaha. When you say it like that, pandas have weird outfits indeed.

He lifts his panda’s arm up to declare him the winner, and Da-ran makes her panda attack. He immediately requests a back massage and a drink and she complies grudgingly.

They finish up the panda gifts, and we see Gil Panda and Kang Panda hanging up above them. Cute.

Mari goes to see the newlyweds first thing in the morning, and Choong-shik tags along to try and deter her, insisting that it’s rude. They peer in the window and see the couple arguing over the fact that Kyung-joon won’t eat the beans in his rice.

Mari says that he doesn’t like beans. But as soon as Da-ran leaves, they watch as Kyung-joon closes his eyes and swallows the beans with a glass of water, as if they’re pills or something.

Her face falls, and she asks Choong-shik how many points he likes someone if he eats beans for her. Choong-shik says 90 points, and this time Mari says aloud, “Then there’s only ten left for me.”

Choong-shik bites down on his own fist in shock. Does Mari like… Doctor Seo??

Mari finds Da-ran at school and makes sure that they’re still on the same page: “You want Kyung-joon-ie to hurry up and return to his place, don’t you?” But this time Da-ran sighs, “I suppose that’s how it should be.”

Mari asks, “You don’t like it that Kyung-joon is here. You want Seo Yoon-jae ajusshi to hurry back, right?” And this time Da-ran can’t even answer. Aw. Mari asks her to scold Kyung-joon if he ever says that he wants to stay this way.

Da-ran sits there a while longer, lost in thought. She looks down at her ring and sighs that Kyung-joon should go back. That’s what’s right. But she doesn’t look happy about it.

She comes home to find Kyung-joon staring at the cherub picture in his wallet, and she asks if he’s really not going to look for Dad. He says that he’s not interested in seeking him out—he never needed a dad, since he was perfectly happy just him and Mom.

At the same time, Se-young gets the DNA results back, and they’re a 99.9% match. So Kyung-joon is definitely Yoon-jae’s mother’s biological son. She wonders if she should tell Yoon-jae what she knows.

Kyung-joon asks if Yoon-jae’s family situation is like his, since he never once met his father the whole time he was in the States. Da-ran just knows that Yoon-jae’s parents live apart, but that’s about it.

All he knows is that Yoon-jae supposedly sees his father once a year on June 24, but doesn’t know the significance of the date. He prods Da-ran to see if she remembers anything specific about that date, but she doesn’t, and he storms into his room in a huff.

He can’t believe she doesn’t remember that it’s also his birthday, and fumes bitterly. She knows it’s something and searches her brain. The thing she comes up with? Her essay deadline for “Why I Want to Be a Teacher,” assigned by Vice Principal Kim.

He deflates at her answer. She scours the shelves looking for an essay that Yoon-jae once wrote on why he wanted to become a doctor, and says she’s going to use it as “reference.” He guesses more accurately that she’s copying it. *facepalm* Really? Plagiarism, Teach?

He picks up the article and reads a little, as we get a flashback to the warm and caring Doctor Yoon-jae. He writes about wanting to become a doctor at the age of eighteen, when he found out that he was saved by someone extending a warm hand to him.

He writes that he wanted to become someone who could offer a warm hand to others, and thought that if he did, he could extend the salvation he received. It sounds more and more like Yoon-jae discovered at eighteen that he was saved by a transplant of some sort (which he didn’t know at the time), and feels that being a doctor is giving back that debt he owes.

Yoon-jae writes, “I always ask the 18-year old me: Am I doing well? Is my hand warm?” Kyung-joon reads it and looks at his hand dispassionately, the larger meaning lost on him. He figures she can just change all the “doctors” to “teachers” and she’ll be set.

He catches her red-handed in her plan to copy the essay, but she counters that she wanted to become a teacher at 18 too. She asks what Kyung-joon wants to be. He’s more interested in what she thinks—what does she want him to be?

He tells her he can be anything, so she should think about Kang Kyung-joon’s future and spark an interest in something for him to pursue, and then adds oh-so-nonchalantly for her to think about his immediate future as well, say June 24.

She’s left baffled again, until she FINALLY remembers that it’s his birthday. She looks at him studying in his room and muses, “One year older. Kang Kyung-joon’s future…” She smiles.

Se-young meets with Kyung-joon’s aunt and asks about his birth – was Aunt present, and was his mother his birth mother, or was he adopted? But Aunt remembers Hee-soo having a pregnant belly and Kyung-joon being born on June 24, so nothing out of the ordinary.

That throws Se-young into another round of what-hell-with-this-family, and she works out the possibilities. If Yoon-jae’s mom is bio-mom, but Kyung-joon’s mom gave birth… then… surrogate?

The Unrequited Lovers Club meets again at the mandoo restaurant, and this time Uncle tells a ridiculous story about a woman King Sejong loved named Antakab, and he was so heartbroken that he couldn’t be with her, that he invented the word antakab-da (heartbreaking) after her. Pffft.

He calls the regret and heartbreak he carries inside an Antakabi, and they each reminisce about the cruel fate of missed dates with their intendeds, because of a lack of technology (no cell phones, no navigation). I sort of understand why VP Kim might still be moony, but is anyone going to remind Uncle that he’s already married?

Da-ran wonders what she should get Kyung-joon for his birthday, wanting it to be something special that sparks a dream for his future.

Meanwhile Mari thinks priority number one is finding Kyung-joon’s dad, since then Gil Teacher doesn’t have to be his guardian anymore. Da-ran says she doesn’t mind being around for Kyung-joon, but Mari counters that she can’t do it forever, which gives Da-ran a pang of sadness.

Mari tells Kyung-joon that they should look for his dad, and being in Yoon-jae’s body is the perfect disguise for it. Um… if they didn’t share a father, sure.

He doesn’t want to, but Mari says it’s for Gil Teacher’s good—she’s surely burdened by the responsibility of being his guardian, but doesn’t say anything because she’s too nice. He’s left wondering if that’s true, and thinks maybe he shouldn’t have been such a lazy panda then.

Da-ran tells herself that she can’t be around forever in Kyung-joon’s life, so inserting herself into his future is wrong. She convinces herself to focus on her future with Yoon-jae, and thinks back to Yoon-jae’s birthday last year.

She remembers waiting for him with a tandem bicycle for hours… and then he never showed. She spent the time doodling hearts on the bench where she waited. Seriously, this is your memory of his birthday? Sigh. She psyches herself up that she was able to wait for him for hours, so she can wait longer now.

As Da-ran cleans, Kyung-joon keeps giving her furtive glances, checking to see if she seems burdened by having to take care of him. But she’s glancing at him too, for different reasons: “The face is Yoon-jae’s, but why do I keep seeing Kyung-joon?”

They lock eyes and she awkwardly blurts something about the house being burdensomely large to clean, and he fixates on that word and jumps up. He grabs the mop and tells her to lie around, and he’ll clean and mow the lawn “so that it’s ready for army duty.” Ha. I don’t think you need to shave the lawn into a crew cut.

She wants to help but he ushers her up to her room and insists that he was perfectly capable of doing all this when he was living alone, so she doesn’t need to do any of it, and tells her to rest.

She goes to her room and sighs, “Kyung-joon-ie would be fine without me.” Aw, I love this—he’s scared she’ll go away if he doesn’t help her, while she’s scared he doesn’t need her around.

She tells herself to stop thinking about Kyung-joon and heads out to try and find “The Gil Da-ran who knows how to wait.” She rides her bicycle around the park looking for that bench, confused because they all look the same.

Mari comes by to tell Kyung-joon that she found a connection between his parents—an art professor that they shared. Dad happens to be arriving in Korea at the same time, and his first stop is to meet said professor.

The professor says that Yoon-jae came by once to ask about Hee-soo and her son, and asks if they’ve found the child. But Dad says no, they haven’t yet.

Kyung-joon tells Mari that he doesn’t need to find his father because that’s not the person he wants around in his future. Mari asks who that is. Kyung-joon says that even though he can become anything that someone else wants of him, he can’t expect someone else to act according to his expectations. “So I don’t care if I’m alone.”

Mari volunteers herself for the position, and then moves another purseful of things into her makeshift room.

Da-ran searches the whole park for that bench but can’t find it, and wills her heart to beat the way it did when she was waiting for Yoon-jae on his birthday. But it won’t beat faster for Yoon-jae, no matter how much she commands it to.

And then Kyung-joon calls and says he’s at the park looking for her, and she tells him where she is. She hangs up and starts to wait, and then feels a thud in her heart.

She puts her hand there, “My heart is beating just like it was when I was waiting for the person I liked. Why am I like this? The person I’m waiting for is Kyung-joon.”

She stands there waiting with her hand over her heart, and when she sees him in the distance, the feeling overwhelms her. “I must be crazy.” She hides behind a tree, not wanting to face it.

He calls to ask where she is, and she says, “I’m not here,” which is hilariously telling. But the moment he notices her behind the tree, she tells him, “The person I’m waiting for isn’t you. So don’t look for me. I can’t look at you right now.”

He gets the message and turns around, and she watches him walk away, her heart breaking. She says aloud to herself for Kyung-joon to go because she’s in the middle of waiting right now, but tears start to fall the farther he gets from her.

The art professor looks at the Miracle book and guesses right away that it’s the story of Dad’s two sons, one Yoon-jae the other Kyung-joon. Dad says nothing in response.

Kyung-joon gets home when suddenly another jolt hits him and his coma body lifts up as he goes there for a split second. He slumps to the ground.

The nurse sees Kyung-joon’s body move and runs to get Mari and Se-young.

Da-ran finally finds the right bench, though now her heart is faded and surrounded by other people’s doodles. She puts a hand to her heart, but sighs when nothing happens. She wonders why it’s not the same as before.

Mari calls in a panic to say that Kyung-joon’s body moved. Is she with him? Is it Yoon-jae or Kyung-joon? Da-ran says she’ll find out, and the first thought out of her mouth is, “Is Kyung-joon-ie gone?”

She races home and calls out his name, and finds him slumped over on the couch, in the middle of trying to call for help.

She asks hesitantly, “Kyung-joon-ah?” He opens his eyes slowly and she can barely contain herself as she waits for his answer. She searches his face and then he finally answers, “Gil Teacher. It’s me.”

She lets out a breath of relief and then the tears hit her like a wave. We know she’s crying in relief because her fear was that Kyung-joon would leave her, but he thinks of course that she’s crying in sorrow.

Kyung-joon: “I’m sorry that Seo Yoon-jae couldn’t come back.”

A tear falls as he watches her cry.

He calls Mari to update her on the non-change, and she says things are the same at the hospital. She asks if he’s okay, and he says that it hurt a lot. He wonders why they don’t switch permanently and instead just get bursts of searing pain.

She asks about Da-ran and he sighs that she must’ve been really disappointed because she cried a lot and went up to her room.

Upstairs, Da-ran sinks to the ground and breaks down in tears, “I must be crazy.” She cries and cries, and Kyung-joon hears her from the other side of the door. He murmurs to himself, “Seo Yoon-jae, hurry back.” To end her pain? You two are killing me.

The next morning, Ae-kyung gets word that Da-ran is too sick to come to work, and she bristles at Na Teacher’s concern for Da-ran. She pretends a customer service call is from a guy she’s going on a blind date with, and he walks away and leaves her pouting.

Kyung-joon comes to check on Da-ran and asks why she’s sick when he’s the one who was in pain: “Were you that disappointed?” She turns away from him and says that it’s her she’s disappointed in.

He says that he went back for longer, almost thirty seconds this time. He’s sure they’ll switch back soon, so stop being disappointed. Aw.

“Kyung-joon-ah, when you change back for good, will I be able to let you go?” He hears that as burden and responsibility rather than her heart, and asks with tear-filled eyes, “Am I really that burdensome?”

He tells her to stop thinking about those things and just not be sick anymore. He leaves to go get her medicine.

Se-young comes by to give Yoon-jae’s mother an update on Kyung-joon and decides to just ask her outright: “Isn’t Kang Kyung-joon your son?” Mom doesn’t need much prodding to spill the beans, and confirms how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

When Yoon-jae was twelve, he was really sick and needed a younger brother to survive (they don’t specify what, but we can guess it’s some kind of transplant). Mom wasn’t in the condition to have another child, so Dad and the woman he loved, Hee-soo, had the child.

She makes it sound like they had a child between them, though we know from the DNA test that what they did was get her to be a surrogate, since he’d have to be a biological match to Yoon-jae to help him.

She admits that Kyung-joon was born specifically to save Yoon-jae. Damn, that’s crazy. She adds that she can’t say that Kyung-joon is her child. Because then you might feel the insane amount of guilt that you should?

The art professor reads through the Miracle book and narrates that it’s the tale of two boys who save the other in turn. Se-young tells Mom that in their accident, Yoon-jae saved Kyung-joon without knowing who he was.

She wonders if they oughtn’t tell Yoon-jae, but Mom doesn’t want to do that ever and tells her to butt out. She has every intention of never seeing Kyung-joon again, barring Yoon-jae having more health issues. You are one cold fish, lady.

Se-young watches over Kyung-joon’s body, now realizing that he was born only to save Yoon-jae’s life. She worries that he might never wake up and just die this way. If you grow a conscience and meddle in this, I’ll totally forgive your other meddling. Really, I swears it!

Kyung-joon comes home with medicine for Da-ran but her room is empty. He finds her in the park and she says she’s okay now and asks if he is too. He is, but he figures it’ll hurt a lot more when they change for real.

Da-ran: “Us returning to our rightful places… seems like it’s going to hurt a lot.”

Kyung-joon tells her that if worrying about him is burdensome, she doesn’t need to waste any concern on him. “I’ll be patient by myself, and when I change back, I’ll disappear from your side.”

She looks into his eyes as he adds nervously, “I’ll disappear so you’ll never have to see me again.”


Both a lot of development and very little at the same time, if that’s possible. I really wanted her crying outburst to be accompanied by a panicked confession of some sort, so that he’d know her fear and desperation is about him leaving and not about her disappointment that he’s still here.

But I’m grateful for at least the huge step in Da-ran realizing her feelings – no confusion this time, but a clear understanding that her heart no longer beats for Yoon-jae, but does for Kyung-joon. I liked the waiting motif, mostly because it doesn’t require their physical presence—she can’t be confused by Yoon-jae’s face if that’s not what she’s looking at when her heart thumps for Kyung-joon. Her heart seems firmly attached to Kyung-joon in that body now, so much that when she hides behind that tree and says she can’t look at him, it’s not Yoon-jae’s face she’s talking about.

I think it’s to this show’s detriment that her feelings came now (late for me) but I’m not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Now that their relationship is charged with emotion and their equal desire to do right by the other person, it’s fraught with the right kind of tension that’s moving and sweet. I love the crossing of wires for them, because it’s not caused by some interloper (though Mari does keep trying). It’s really just that they can’t give up on the idea of what they’re supposed to do, to make the other person happy. It turns out their love triangle is soul-body-teacher, which is kind of funny and also really really hard to overcome. ‘Cause soul kinda can’t detach itself from body for the time being.

And there’s something really interesting about that problem because Yoon-jae’s shell is both the reason why she began to see Kyung-joon beyond his 18-year old shell, but is also their biggest hindrance in ever doing anything about it. And I like that in the end, it’s the same problem they would’ve had sans body swap at all. Her primary concern has shifted to Kyung-joon’s age and the lines she shouldn’t cross as his teacher, and hiding her feelings because they’re crazy and inappropriate. Well, they are till June 24. *wink wink*

I’m glad the family mystery has finally been revealed, and I’m happy that it’s more complicated than a simple secret illegitimate love child, half-brother scenario. But what the hell, family? You have a child by surrogate for the sole purpose of saving your son? That’s crazy. Now I’m curious how much Yoon-jae knew—did he simply think he was searching for a donor, or did he know he was searching for his biological brother, born to save his life? And if they chose the woman Dad was in love with to give birth to the child (which seems EXTRA crazy to me) it makes sense why Dad is more attached to Kyung-joon and seeking him out, whereas Mom puts herself at a cold distance.

The particulars of all of this still seem nutty to me, but I like the one-born-to-save-the-other connection, because they do in fact mirror the act eighteen years later without knowing why. Now the idea that only one brother might survive in the end seems more of a likely threat—perhaps according to Fate, only one brother was ever supposed to be born, but the parents took the matter into their own hands, to tragic consequences? I think we’re gonna need some major mojo for them to both walk away from this alive. Get that shaman back on the line! On the upside, this week felt a lot more like classic Hong sisters writing, full of twists and wordplay and double meanings from every other line. I feel like this drama’s been light on their usual flair, so it was nice to have that flavor back in action this week. Hope it’s here to stay.


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  1. kbap

    Thank you for the recap! Damn I seriously love this show 🙂

    • 1.1 Jenjen

      Me too

  2. ThePaigeeP

    I don’t even know how to feel about this drama anymore… We NEED to know how Yoon Jae feels!!

    • 2.1 Rashell

      I feel the same way! It’s like we have a main character that we know nothing about. And it really does feel like a hole in the drama. This guy is connected to everyone, but he’s been asleep the whole time. We REALLY need to know this guy.

      • 2.1.1 Wen

        Make no mistake, the main character in the show is Kyung Joon – he just happens to be in Yoon Jae’s body. The story revolves around him and he’s the one that’s getting the most development, alongside Da Ran.

        • ilikemangos

          Yup, totally agree. I knew from the get-go (and the synopsis) that the main character has always been kyung joon. if the story focuses on kyung jung in another’s body, and the hijinks surrounding him and da ran, he was always the main char.
          we’ve already passed the midway mark of the show and if we still dont know much about yoon jae then that’s a giveaway that maybe he isn’t the main char and isn’t meant to be.
          i wouldn’t mind if he didn’t survive in the end, but i’d really like to know his feelings, for closure. Im sure that’s what we all need to know by the end.

          • Rae

            Agreed. It’s like in While You Were Sleeping – the guy in the coma is not the main character, so it doesn’t really matter how he feels. Da Ran is Sandra Bullock – starts out in love with a fantasy and eventually falls for the brother!

      • 2.1.2 Adri

        I dont get why everyone feels this way. I for one dont give a crap if the Doctor never comes back. I don’t want to know his story and develop (potential) sympathy for him, cuz that’ll just make this “love triangle” a “love square” and needlessly complicated. I just want Kyung Joonie. I just want him to win, and as his 18 (or-to-be 20) yr. old self. Things are complicated enough already, and I don’t want Da Ran to be with a guy who left her alone on a park bench for 2 hours (I don’t care if ppl are rumoring that he did love her, that action alone is unacceptable).

        Kyung Joon, on the other hand, is a perfect gentleman and he deserves the girl (for so, so many reasons now). So why is everyone cheering for the Doctor?! He’s done nothing to warrant any affection yet, and I don’t want him to do anything either cuz that’ll just make everyone feel even more conflicted, and it’s going to annoy the hell out of me. Now every time the show pretends for a moment that they’re switching back I hold my breath – but for different reasons than the rest of you. I’m frightened that the Doc is coming back and that we won’t have KJ anymore (my fear is like Da Ran’s), and even if KJ awakes as himself too, I’m frightened even more for all the annoying pointless conflict THAT’ll bring. KJ will leave “to get out of the teacher’s way” (which will agitate me for hours on end) and Da Ran is too much of a pushover to tell Doc directly that her heart no longer goes to him (at least for a lonnng, painful while in which I squirm impatiently in my seat) and also since I fully believe Doc is not all that great, we’re just gonna have awkward moments where he’s all like, Da fuq?! You married my body without me even being here?! You serious now woman?! And then he’s gonna think she’s really that desperate and clingy enough to do something like that and it will just PISS. ME. OFF. I just don’t want her to deal with something like that, cuz I don’t believe she will handle it well, and I cringe for all the embarrassment and accusations and heartbreak she’s gonna have to face when he comes back. Oh-ho I cringe. You have no idea how relieved I was last ep when we found out it was still KJ in the body; for a couple of secs I was envisioning all this horrible icky drama and I was just like nooooooo please let it still be KJ please….OHTHANKYOUHEAVENS ITS STILL HIM.

        So again, why does everyone want Doc back?! Isn’t the cuteness of KJ and DR enough to satisfy us already? Why make life more annoying and pointlessly filled with dumb pointless drama (like a typical kdrama will be)? I feel no hole personally; it’s all very complete and perfect to me so far. If I DO get Doc story and Doc return, instead it will just feel like uggg this “so-called hole” has just….dug itself into a REAL grave.

        • fluff


          “I just want Kyung Joonie. I just want him to win, and as his 18 (or-to-be 20) yr. old self.”

          YES. MTE!!!

          Just b/c he wasn’t a cheating SOB doesn’t mean the Doc deserves to be with Da Ran, and it doesn’t mean I want to see him messing with DR/KJ.

        • Maru

          I don’t want the doctor back… but I have an identity crisis here! I can’t see the real KJ in his body, with that baby face, being DR man!

          I want him to stay in that body! Please? Just please? =(

        • muffin.

          I don’t think people want the doctor back so that he’ll end up with Da Ran – I think they want him back so they can get the full story and actually understand what’s going on. If the whole point of the drama was just Yay Cute Romance, yeah, maybe it’d be fine if it were left this way, but it’s not. The drama has a plot and (hopefully?) a meaning, and the integrity of the story is compromised when Yoon Jae is just a one-D shell. Unless he’s left blank in a more meaningful way, I guess, which hasn’t been done yet.

          Also, Da Ran’s love for Kyung Joon won’t feel completely legitimate until she accepts him in his own body.

          So, yes, I want the doctor to wake up. And if that means empathizing with him, it wouldn’t have been fair of me to dismiss him, anyway.

          • Rice

            If some people want Yoon Jae to come back so they can understand what’s going on, couldn’t you argue that other characters are helping to explain? I mean, we know now why he was being evasive – he was looking for Kyung Joon. Aside from what he wanted to say to Da Ran, I don’t see what else he is supposed to help us understand.

            I hope Yoon Jae isn’t dead and that he comes back, but that’s because I think he would be a great hyung for Kyung Joon. I guess it would also be nice to learn what he had meant to say to Da Ran, even though I’m past the point where I need closure on that. It doesn’t matter anymore whether he had really loved her, because she’s moved on.

            I don’t mind empathizing with Yoon Jae, and in fact I like him (or what I saw of him in the flashbacks), but I guess I’m just failing to see why he is so necessary to the plot at this point.

            I admit though, that I wonder about Yoon Jae’s soul, and the reason behind the body swap. I hope this will be explained.

            Also, I agree that Da Ran’s love for Kyung Joon won’t feel 100% legitimate until she accepts him in his own body, which is why I want Kyung Joon to return to his own body.

          • JustJen

            THIS. A thousand times this.

            At this, if nothing else, Yoon Jae is plot point that needs to be resolved and addressed- it’s a problem after all, that the writers have spent a good enough amount of time setting up. To not give closure to that is just lazy writing.

            People’s desire to see Yoon Jae wake up isn’t automatically synonymous with the desire to see Da Ran and Yoon Jae end up together- it’s just the drama, and Da Ran need closure on it. Not to mention, since Kyung Joon is in Yoon Jae’s shell, it’s unfair to him that Da Ran have unresolved feelings for a man he looks like. If you’re on the DR & KJ boat, then it’s only fair to Kyung Joon that Da Ran at some point is able to properly identity her feelings for him, are only for him, and not because he’s inhabiting another man’s body.

    • 2.2 Redge

      Same! I would have been okay with everything if only we knew YJ’s side of the story. It’s like I can’t fully enjoy the dish because something is missing.

    • 2.3 am

      this.this.this. Am I the only one who feels injustice towards him? His half-bro is getting the girl he’s supposed to work out a 2nd chance with. ugh.

      • 2.3.1 Wen

        I don’t feel any injustice towards Yoon Jae whatsoever. He proposed to Da Ran a few months after knowing her (and not knowing her that well) and judging from the things the show tell us, he didn’t spend that much time with her at all. He didn’t even show up for their date on his birthday. Yet, he was probably obsessed with his health and took care of his body well (ie spending time on himself but not with his fiancee and going as far as to not even go see the house with her.) He also never told her about his plans to look for his donor/younger brother until she broke down and asked if he never really wanted to marry her at all.

        They were not a good couple and don’t deserve a second chance at all.

        And to add insult to injury…He told Se Young he was looking for his younger brother but not Da Ran. Wow, what a love story.

        • Emy


          I actually don’t think it’s unfair to Yoon-Jae at all. He had his chance with Da Ran. Now, it’s Kyung Joon’s turn. In the world of no body-swapping, perhaps he would get a second chance. But second chances are never a guaranteed.

          I want to know his side of the story purely out of curiosity. But after all these episodes, I can’t say I would ever root for YJ/DR.

          • ilikemangos

            and think about it. kyung joon’s always been the one who took a back seat to everything in life versus yoon jae.
            Yoon jae got the parents, and he did, at first, get the girl. But maybe this time, it’s reverse. Maybe now, yoon jae is the child meant to save kyung joon.
            Kyung joon’s life was already sad enough as it is.
            I don’t think it’s unfair to yoon jae.
            And i don’t think it’s fair for us to determine whats fair for them. Maybe in the end, it’s what yoon jae would have wanted.

          • jane

            but Yoon Jae was about to tell Da Ran about his real feeling before the accident. what if Yoon Jae really loves her? it’s unfair for him then. D: as much as I want Kyung Jae – Da Ran ending, but if I think about it, it’s totally unfair.

        • muggle87

          I agree as well. Honestly, I think one of the reason why some ppl are obsess with YJ and giving him second chances is cause he is played by GY. Next reason is cause if DR falls for KJ and if the switch happens, the love story is going be LMJ and SWH not GY and LMJ. The last reason is cause some ppl don’t like age gap nor the teacher/student stories.

          I honestly don’t see YJ appeal except that he is play by the smoking hot GY. Yea, YJ at one point seem like he was in love and seem like a somewhat decent guy but doesn’t change the fact that YJ was hesitating.

          He didn’t look so eager about upcoming wedding. Remember he didn’t even dish out invitations, just left them in box and lied to his co-worker about them not being out yet.

          Not only that, he did had that girl key apartment and he didn’t even told his fiance about the trip he was taking. Man already had his suitcase pack, he didn’t look like he was going to even tell her. Also, the fact that he pack his suitcase without so much as discussing it with her is telling, its like he was going no matter what DR may have to say about the trip.

          Also remember what the mom said about YJ and DR not giving a vibe of real couple in love. It’s only after the switch happen, that she felt that they are couple. Even dad mention that how now it really felt that YJ was really becoming their son-in-law.

          Also let’s not forget that YJ seem make a habit of missing out on their dates. DR seem like she is always waiting and always giving. YJ just look like wasn’t 100% into relationship.

          I am also curious about YJ too but honestly, their relationship didn’t look so bright.

          • Adri

            ALL OF THIS ABOVE. ^^^^^ Glad to know some viewers are sane/have sense.

            I’m so annoyed by fans who are supporting YJ JUST cuz they like that Gong Yoo plays him and they want to see Gong Yoo with the girl. DAFUQ PPL, this isn’t a reality show, get a grip on yourselves. This is a fictional story where you’re supposed to ship CHARACTERS together, and not form opinions of the charas becuase of their ACTORS. If you want GY to be the Da Ran actress, go try to ship them irl. But try to watch the drama the way it was supposed to be seen, please?!

            It’s fans like these that are the worst, because supporting a chara for the actor that plays them just seems like the most brainless thing to do for me. It’s just like right now with the Dr. Jin drama – all these mindless teen fans are cheering for JaeJoong’s chara JUST cuz of JJ, despite the character being petty and mean and jerkface and coward as hell. I mean, really? Say I like Robert Downey Jr. – but if he plays some sick sadistic bastard who tortures people or something, I’m not gonna swoon dumbly over that character just cuz HE PLAYED IT. I’d hate the character with the passion it’s supposed to be hated with.

            Some people seriously have to grow up/grow smarter. I like watching dramas on Viki with comments on for the sake of some funny as hell comments, but then I also inadvertently see all the dumb fangirls squealing about an actor and his douchey character and I’m like -___- why are all these 14 yr olds watching kdramas anyways…don’t you kids have something better to do in life? Good lord.

            And for the record, Gong Yoo and JaeJoong are both ugly to me. Especially Gong Yoo. (JaeJoong scrapes by with his extremely plastic-looking face – but he’s still ugly even with the plastic). So not only do people need to grow more mature, they also need to get better glasses, or develop a better taste and have higher standards.

          • Maru

            For me, is not that I dislike teacher-student love stories, I LOVE Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. But here is another story. And I hope they know how to resolve this.

            They have giving us, what? 9 episodes with this two actors Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo being the main couple. And I say 9 episodes because I know KJ and DR ARE the OTP. But their story have evolve with Gong Yoo playing KJ. And I’m saying this because even when you say it’s the character not the actor, the actor is the one bringing the character to life. I have only seen Shin (the idol/actor) in ONE episode… the other 9 he is only in some flashbacks and sleeping in a coma AND is not interacting with the actress, I can’t see their chimestry. It is not his interpretation of the character but GY interpretation that makes me love KJ and the story of them falling in love.

            I don’t know. This identity crisis is driving me insane. But one thing I assure you, I don’t want the doctor, I don’t even know who he is… and I don’t think he’s gonna survive.

          • mia

            Funny thing is I usually don’t like student teacher love story romances. “I Am Sam” was truly painful to watch; totally punked by that one. Interestingly enough I loved “Hello My Teacher” with Gong Yoo but maybe it was because Gong Yoo no way looked like a High School student. But I have to say even though those love stories make me cringe, Da Ran and Kyung Joon had me shipping them from the moment they were on that bus together. Loved their chemistry and was disappointed that the actor was going to spend most of his time out of the picture. Luckily for me, Gong Yoo is so awesome that I had no problem shipping the couple with a body switch. So even if it winds up being the real Kyung Joon with Da Ran I have no problem with it. Da Ran would just be creating a family tradition that started with her father and mother’s teacher-student love story.

          • am

            We’ve seen so little of YJ and Da Ran to really fully judge anything. Second chances are important and I think he deserves that.

            Given different circumstances, seeing how things are going between DR and KJ (i.e they’re obv fun and cute together AND the best thing is they help each other grow) there is no doubt, I’d easily ship them. Why shouldn’t anyone if a relationship is based on a great kind of friendship. But I’m kinda upset, and probably a little bit impatient, at how there are so many things the show hasn’t answered at this point.

      • 2.3.2 Adri

        By the way, miss silly “am”, it’s not half-bro, but full-on bro. Are you even watching this show properly? “Ugh”, it’s viewers like you that irritate me the most – complaining about things when it’s clear you’re not watching the show properly and are forming poorly-informed opinions.

        • ikoeu

          Hey Adri, I dont quite understand why u shld be irritated. Those viewers are just raving n ranting their thought like you n me. Let it be. This is life. Dont take it too serious.

          As for yr earlier comment abt JaeJoong’s plastic face which really break me down with laugher. I fully agreed with u. My apologies to JJ’s fan!

          As for Gong Yoo, I find him quite a unique actor. Havent u watch his movie “Silenced”? I will still continue to watch out for any drama by Gong Yoo. He may be ugly to you but he’s still a super actor to me.

          • df

            it’s not even life, it’s a fictional drama!

        • am

          Hello Adri, it was a mistake typing half-bro, my bad. There’s no need to get irritated and comment on other people’s ‘silly mistake of a comment’ in such a manner.

          It’s a drama. You need to chill 🙂

    • 2.4 Kiwi

      I’m here with you guys too!! I’m dying to know his side of the story.

    • 2.5 mihinikki

      I couldn’t care less about YJ. Kyung Joon is THERE for Da Ran and way more fun than YJ.

    • 2.6 bunny

      Same here…it’s not fair play for YJ. …This is one of reason I never feel good for DR/KJ couple.

      • 2.6.1 Rice

        It may not be fair to Yoon Jae that he can’t defend himself or clarify his intentions since he is in a coma, but prior to the coma, he wasn’t being fair to Da Ran either – neglecting his appointments with her, not being honest and upfront about his travel plans to search for someone, so I don’t see why he deserves a second chance. He has a right to clarify his intentions, but a right to a second chance? Debatable.

        • Rae

          Good point. I feel like the message is that love isn’t fair or judicious – just because YJ might have loved DR doesn’t mean he’s meant to be with her or that she owes him her love. Love doesn’t work like that – and besides, she was in love with the *idea* of him rather than the always-absent-and-secretive reality. He wasn’t good for her and he didn’t enrich her life, end of story.

    • 2.7 YY

      Totally with you guys. I feel like there’s a huge gaping hole and everything is just so – I don’t know, incomplete?fake? and every episode, I go, will he wake up today? and of course, he never wakes up. I just find it so difficult to follow the story when I keep thinking about Yoon Jae. DR irks me with her falling in love with the young half-brother and I just want to scream at her: GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND HOLD YJ’S HAND! YOU’VE FORCED HIM INTO MARRYING YOU IT’S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO!

      • 2.7.1 Seanshine

        @YY.. I so agree with you. Da Ran is pissing me off as well, she comes across as such a flake! No matter what this kid is doing in your fiance’s body, you’re still seeing your FIANCE! I don’t care who you are; there are just some things that’s not beyond human nature. You loved the man of that body and no matter who is in it, you are still seeing the man that YOU loved at some point in time. Point blank! This show is poorly written because it’s left out one of the main characters for way too long. They will probably give Yoon Jae a Episode and a half to redeem himself whenever he wakes up and kill the sucker off with this ‘he was sick’ nonsense. Then Kyung Joon our little ‘poor me, never had a good day in my life’ will survive in his brothers body and live out his love fantasy with Da Ran. Not interesting at all.

        Please Drama Gods surprise me on this one huh! 😉

    • 2.8 Silver

      I feel the same way. The story feels incomplete to me. I can’t wait until he wakes up and tell his side of the story. The only thing that was made clear was that he liked Da Ran as soon as he saw her. Everything else was vague and a mystery. Yoon Jae chose to try to deal with whatever was going on in his life (finding Kyung Joon?) by himself and ended up pushing Da Ran away while the opposite happened while Kyung Joon was in YJ’s body.

      It kind of reminds me of the Nightingale effect. I know he’s not a patient and she’s not a nurse but she taking care of him and helping him deal with life and it’s problems and now developing romantic feelings for him.

      This drama is getting really good. I love a drama where I can’t tell what’s going to happen next or how how it’ll end.

    • 2.9 oftheshore

      I do think YJ was sick, which is why he wasn’t all passionate in his relationship with DR. However, if YJ dies, having lost his fiance and never had a chance to speak to his brother, that would just be heartbreaking. I don’t care if he’s boring or not, and it’s fairly clear he wasn’t cheating on DR or doing anything evil behind her back, so he should at least be given a chance to explain everything to DR (and hopefully stay alive).

      • 2.9.1 jomo

        I would take something written down, too.
        He alluded to his savior in the essay DR is copying.
        Somewhere on a hard drive/flash drive is the rest of the story where he elaborates.

        It would be interesting to see if he argued the ethics of savior siblings while he was in medical school. It certainly would have come up as a topic for one of his classes. Especially since he has chosen Pediatrics as a specialization.

      • 2.9.2 Rice

        If Yoon Jae was holding himself back in the relationship because he had/has (if he’s still alive) an illness, he should have told Da Ran if he loved her. Why keep it a secret and make her second-guess his feelings for her? He’s a smart guy, I highly doubt he wouldn’t know the consequences of his distant behavior towards her.

        Also, even if he hid his illness as a secret in order to not makeher worry, he still could have come up with something reassuring to let her know he still loved her and wanted to be in a relationship with her. But he didn’t.

        At the beginning of the series, I really wanted to know what Yoon Jae had meant to say to Da Ran, but now I’m not sure if that’s even important anymore; I certainly am not as curious as I used to be. Fact of the matter is, Da Ran has moved on. She hasn’t shown any longing to know what Yoon Jae was going to say to her, so I think it’s a closed book for her as well.

        • jomo

          It doesn’t seem SY knows about any illness either, or should would have said, “Oh? So KJ’s the one who saved YJ’s life!”

        • redfox

          he was going to say I am dieing?

    • 2.10 Maya

      Agree. As much as I like seeing KJ and DR together. I still need to know YJ’s side of the story. He seems to be a kind and warm person, and despite him not being there for Daran that much, I still feel like he might have a good reason behind it (other than being busy). But most importantly, I want him to wake up and find out that he has saved the person who saved him, his brother.

    • 2.11 Seanshine

      EXACTLY!!!!!! That is what I’m saying, no screaming! In the begining they made Yoon Jae to be some two-timing sleeze. Now he doesn’t even have a say in fighting for his love for Da Ran. It’s not fair! I am not liking this drama. They keep prolonging the swap with empty episodes of “I like you; I don’t like you cause you’re in someone else’s body”. BORING! It’s time for real challenges; I’m so over this kiddie Kyung Joon love affair. I don’t know if I even care to follow the rest of this drama. 🙁

      Thanks for the recap!

    • 2.12 jl

      i just feel like there could be so much potential for funny stuff if “kyung joon” (yoon jae) was awake! its also getting kind of redundant with all the shots of kyung joon just lying in bed….
      i originally thought that he would wake up, have to attend school, and re-fall in love with da ran (of course, in this situation she wouldn’t know that they switched….at least at first)
      this is a bit late, but i also thought it wouldve been so funny if ma ri had tried dressing and acting like da ran when she first found out about kyung joon’s crush (:

  3. DorkyChild

    Awesome drama and recap! I do agree with ThePaigeeP though. I reaaaallly want them to switch back… like now. I had so many ideas for this drama, and different scenarios on where I thought it was going, but now I’m just lost. Still enjoying it though! I’ll always have faith in the Hong Sisters! :]

  4. YBisTOP

    wahhhhhhh!! I feel so bad for the both of them! I want them to end up together.

  5. heh

    Why was YJ running away from Da Ran? It sort of makes sense now. Even though his little brother was born to save him, now it’s his turn. I have a feeling YJ knew that his life had a certain limit. He wanted to say thank you perhaps to his lil bro before he passed on.

    • 5.1 am

      That’s a really good possibility wouldn’t it? No, that’s actually quite brilliant. Then KJ would leave again then come back all grown up and ends up looking like YJ…lolz what am I even saying hahahaha

      • 5.1.1 mary

        I like the looking like YJ part. Haha

        And nice ideas on YJ finding out something about himself that makes him want to rethink his life’s priorities.

        But secret-debilitating-disease is… a bit cliche. Please don’t go there Hong Sisters. 🙁

        • Seanshine


          I agree! And if Yoon Jae was soo sick like everyone here seems to think, then why hasn’t Kyung Joon had any symptoms as such. He hasn’t been sticking to YJ’s rigorous health plan? Sorry to say this but I think this show will end disappointedly.

      • 5.1.2 YY

        Hm, that’s a huge possibility, I think….YJ dies, KJ leaves, comes back 10 years later looking exactly like YJ, and meets up with Teacher Gil, who’s taken over as Vice-Principal. We know a guy can’t change that much in 10 years, but hey, it’s Kor drama!

        • jomo

          OK, maybe, but instead of him coming back at GY, he comes back as Song Joong Ki.

          • daniela

            or Jo In Sung <3 he's free anyway :))

          • jomo

            To make it totally ridiculous, how about Lee Min Ho?
            The OTP that should have been from BOF? Ha!

          • am

            I’ve almost forgotten about that Lee Min Ho – Lee Min Jung ship! Thank you for reminding me and leaving my scar to bleed once more hahaha

          • jYmY

            Yours and mine both, am!
            Someone should have thrown JanDi off a cliff and we all would have been happier.
            (OK, with JiHoo jumping to save her, YY)

    • 5.2 JoAnne

      ooooh, maybe he’s sick again? That would explain his oddness with Da Ran.

    • 5.3 anna

      Agree..I love both brothers..but i”m rooting for KJ..(sorry YJ)..I think YJ is a good person but KJ went through a lot in order to adjust (or live?)while being in YJ ‘s body(acting like an adult and even studying medicine!)..I mean, will all his effort go to waste?..he’s practically living YJ’s life at the moment though he was not so keen in being treated or called by another person’s name..oh well, just have to wait for next week’s episodes..!

    • 5.4 jomo

      I think the possibility of GY still being in recovery from something is based on his uber heathy lifestyle.
      KJ pointed that out how much YJ had to work out to maintain that rocking body.

      Sooooo, here we are year(s) later, KJ hasn’t been as meticulous with the diet that DR talked about.
      If magic angel juice is what brought his body back from the morgue, I believe it is also keeping his body intact.

      If you pull out KJ soul, what happens to YJ’s shell?
      It returns to the death state of being dead.

      • 5.4.1 anna

        just wondering..what could be happening to YJ’s soul while in a coma?..i mean, i just remembered the drama 49 Days, the female character’s soul was out of her body while comatose…the perspective of the plot is from KJ and DR point of view so it’s difficult to tell whatever is happening with YJ’s..hmm..would the drama go there?..or just let him be in KJ’s body all this time?..well, looking forward til next week!

        • jomo

          In 49 Days, we saw both souls throughout the show.

          We haven’t seen or heard a peep from YJ’s soul.
          That is why I think he really is gone.
          Some guess he is a silent witness to all of this as he hangs out somewhere inside his own body, not KJ’s.
          We shall see…

          • anna

            if his soul is somewhere inside his body as well and witnessing the events(especially between KJ and DR) then it would be a good thing…he’ll get to realize what he missed all those years despite being Daran’s bf…if ever he comes back, i guess he will be more expressive with his feelings(if he’s really in love with her)…i read a couple of opinions about YJ being sick and most probably about to die so he’s giving KJ the chance to live YJ’s life… i also thought that i would be a good idea for the love of DR and KJ but I guess it won’t be possible if the body is sick, right?…lending YJ’s (possibly) sick body to KJ ‘s healthy and youthful soul will not be a lasting happiness…hmmm..we’re on the 1oth ep and hopefully we’ll get more stuff next week…read about the rating for Big and I feel kinda sad…*sniff*

    • 5.5 yumi

      I’ve been thinking for a few weeks now that YJ is ill with something terminal and this episode increased that impression.

      If YJ is ill it would explain his reluctance to marry Da Ran, despite everything pointing to the fact that he loves her. Everything we know about him, indicates he is a caretaker/caregiver, which means he wouldn’t want to burden Da Ran if he knew he would be ill and die shortly after they marry.

      I don’t think he was searching for this brother because he thought KJ could help him medically. I think he was concerned because he got both of their parents and he thought his brother was out in the world without support.

      If YJ’s body is ill he might switch back long enough to assure Da Ran he loved her and to give her and KJ his blessing.

      I think for the most part we have assumed that YJ’s soul is in KJ’s body. But another possibility is that he has been doing a ride along with KJ in his own body. If that is so, he knows everything that has been going on between Da Ran and KJ.

      • 5.5.1 Rae

        Now you have me wondering if maybe *KJ* is the one who has a secret defect – something that isn’t apparent now but would have killed him eventually. Maybe he gave up something pretty vital to save YJ and is slowly on the decline, only he doesn’t know it yet. That’s why his mom was ready to ditch her chance at love for him, why YJ really felt a need to find him, and why he feels terrible pain when he goes back to his own body.

        • jomo

          I think KJ’s body is a wreck from the accident, even though we currently cannot see that because of magic,
          that YJ has passed, but he is lending KJ his body until KJ’s future happiness is assured (by DR),
          that there will be a horrible scene where we actually see KJ die and of course YJ’s body passes out, too,
          but then the YJ shell recovers and comes to, and we wait breathlessly to see who answers when DR asks “Kyung Joon-ah?” for the third time.

          • yumi

            If I’m not mistaken the hospital has been saying that there is nothing wrong with KJ’s body so they don’t know why he hasn’t woken up.

            YJ died in episode one. So KJ using his body might be extending YJ’s “life” much the same as his birth did 12 years earlier.

            @ Rae–I don’t think you can take organ’s from babies. That would make ‘savior babies’ seem like something to be used and discarded. In most case savior babies are created to get acess to the blood/cell in their umbilical cord.

  6. kewbie

    Thank you for the recap!

  7. 21

    Thanks for the recap! Off to read!

    • 7.1 21

      That mother is so cruel, how can she do that to her own son? I kind of wish YJ would wake up soon and that the body swap doesn’t occur so YJ will be the face facing his parents and understand how cruel his mother was (still is) to his brother. This story is quite similar to secret garden with the whole soul swapping and I really hope it will come into use other than saving only one life.

      • 7.1.1 marisa

        She is very cruel – but everyone seems to forget the father.

        Asking his mistress to be a surrogate mother for the child he wants/needs with his wife is particularly twisted.

  8. Nana

    Very rarely have I been confused in a drama.

    Kyung Joon is Yoonjae’s mother’s biological son, but was born from a different woman?

    How does that make sense?

    • 8.1 Do-ra-ma

      Simple: The ‘other woman’ was a surrogate as girlfriday pointed out in the comments.

      • 8.1.1 Rashell

        Surrogate – meaning an egg from Yoon Jea’s mother that was fertilized by Yoon Jea’s father was implanted into the “other woman’s” body. She carried the child and gave birth, but biolgically that child was no relation to her. His biological parents were the same as Yoon Jae’s

        • MJ

          Yoon-jae mother’s egg + Yoon-jae father’s sperm = Surrogate mother who gave bith to Kyung-joon. This is called Gestational Surrogacy (GS).

          Gestational Surrogacy (GS): When the intended mother is not be able to carry a baby to term (due to hysterectomy, diabetes, cancer, etc.) her egg and the intended father’s sperm are used to create an embryo (via IVF) that is implanted into and carried by the surrogate mother. With this method, the child born is genetically related to its parents and the surrogate mother has no genetic relation.

          Keyword search: Gestational Surrogacy

          Keyword search: Surrogacy

          • my_diaries

            I was confused too. Kamsahamnida for your helpful comment ^^

          • hjfkshjkfh

            da fuq?? I thought that Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon were half brothers because the dad slept with his true love/non-wife lady so they could save Yoon Jae. I thought they were half bro’s b/c of el papa.

            I’m damn confused @-@

            after re-reading my comment, if it turns out i’m wrong i’ll look like a freakin’ freak >___< am i the only one who thought this??

    • 8.2 bigspacestar

      Google what a surrogate mother is, and you’ll get your answer ( plus a lot of fascinating information) 🙂

    • 8.3 Reka

      The other woman was just a surrogate for YJ’s parents. I think they performed a gestational surrogacy.

      Meaning: Gestational Surrogacy (GS): When the intended mother is not be able to carry a baby to term (due to hysterectomy, diabetes, cancer, etc.) her egg and the intended father’s sperm are used to create an embryo (via IVF) that is implanted into and carried by the surrogate mother. With this method, the child born is genetically related to its parents and the surrogate mother has no genetic relation. ~ Wikipedia

    • 8.4 Ohwamm

      Yoonjae’s mother’s eggs were put into Kyungjoon’s “mom”. So she carries the child but the child isn’t made up by her DNA.

  9. Kirst3n

    I really loved the scene with the Pandas.

    • 9.1 ilikemangos

      same here.
      i was smiling the whole time, first because i knew da ran was totally wrong, and that kyung joon was totally playing her.
      it was adorable.

    • 9.2 Gom

      Yay! A happy comment! Haha. I’ve been reading through the comments and there’s not even a single one that is angst-free. ^.^

      I’m so in love with that scene too! I want that scene! I want to be in it! They were so cute I wanted to die. I wasn’t sure how pandas looked, so I had to Google it first myself. 🙂

  10. 10 eslene

    DR Shouldnt be crying too much, KJ wont go anywhere if body swapped..just go and date rreal KJ then once he woke up.she cried becos she thought she might lose KJ in YJ shell..which is abonus for her..
    Why it doesnt feel real to me!?
    I know the story will end with KJ in YJ body..typical..
    Waste of actors..really..

    • 10.1 Autumn

      She wasn’t crying because she wanted Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s shell.
      To others involved, it looks as if Da Ran and Yoon Jae are married. Once Kyung Joon switches back, what is she supposed to do? Divorce Yoon Jae to be with Kyung Joon? Her family would call her crazy. I don’t think they’d be able to handle another Da Ran/Yoon Jae break up. Especially a divorce.
      And to them it would look like she left her husband for some random teenager that happened to be her former student. It would be such a mess even then, because she’s already married.

      • 10.1.1 mary

        Aaah, I see.

        Wow, I didn’t think of the complications involved with marrying a YJ-shell. I was initially confused why a lot of people called Da Ran stupid/martyr for agreeing to marry Kyung Jae.

      • 10.1.2 bunny

        I totally agree with @eslene.

        I don’t like to see DR falling for KJ while YJ in come, but FINE! sometime people can’t control the feeling as she want. BUT…If she really love KJ, then be happy that he can go back to his body and love him whatever he looks like!!! Why the hell she had to cry soooooo badly? Is she crying for herself? That annoy me very much.

        and you’ve got a point as well. She will have a lot of trouble if KJ goes back in his body…..may I say? THAT WHY THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE GOT MARRIED for fake!!! (No need to mention about their situation because I believe there was other choice without getting marriage!)

        Sorry, I’m not complaining to you but I really don’t like how the writer set up story! Boo, I don’t like it!

        • jamaica

          Bunny, i understand where your coming from but i think i understand DR a lot in all this. up to now i’ve been expecting the guys to switch back. b/c they got too. it the way it should be. KJ should be in his body and the Doc should be in his. so when KJ went back to his body for 5 sces let me tell you i found myself yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOO! my heart was in my throat. that whole thing was super scary. than it happen again and it almost killed me.

          i was right there with DR, super relieved that he wasnt gone. i think some are being to hard on DR here. she’s fallen in love with KJ IN YJ BODY! and those 2 got hand in hand. when KJ was in his body i loved him and though he was fun, funny, and had a good understanding of DR. but saw him as a kid next to her. there was no getting around it. he was like her little brother. now he’s a little older in a way older body and remembering him in his real form gets harder and harder everyday. he had become KJ in YJ body. and its tragic b/c its TEMPORARY and thats becoming clearer for DR. poor girl just realize she love him and could/will lose him. what happens when it actually happens? what happens when everybody goes to there rightful places and she not longer loves YJ and have a hard to time connecting with KJ in his real form. b/c i believe it wont be so easy for her to love a 19 year if he looks 19. and what happen if KJ goes to his body but doesnt wake up. between the guilt, lost, confusion, and unknown i feel really bad for all them.

    • 10.2 keya

      maybe because if KJ goes back to his body he might still stay in coma? she probably thought that could happen..

  11. 11 Rashell

    Yeah, I’m thinking that Yoon Jae isn’t going to be in this world again. Technically he and his body died in the accident. Why Kyung Joon needed to spend time in that body is still a big question mark for me. But I don’t think that Yoon Jae is going to live in the end.

    And part of me is kind of sad about that. I know that Kyung Joon is the H, but I feel like Yoon Jae got the shaft this time for sure. His character is still a mystery that I hope we get to the bottom of before this drama ends.

    I don’t love this couple as much as I want to. I love Gong Yoo and think he’s knocking it out of the park in his role. And I don’t think that Lee Min Jung is bad, but for some reason I can’t get around the fact that in the end Kyung Joon will go back to his body. And I don’t know that the chemistry will be the same. I feel like I’m watching the romance of one couple, but the REAL couple is one I never get to see. I guess even though Da Ran now sees past the shell, I can’t.

    But I’m still wanting to see how it all plays out. And who knows maybe in the end, I’ll come around too.

    • 11.1 Redge

      I agree with you Rashell. I’m thinking that YJ won’t survive too and it disheartens me A LOT. Though reading this (http://nerdiosity.tumblr.com/post/26462390986/kbs-big-episode-10) has kind of given me hope of another ending. 😉

      I just hope, with whatever happens, THS will wrap it up neatly.

      • 11.1.1 Ohwamm

        that’s a horrible ending, Kyungjoon has grown so much, for his memory to be wiped and go back to zero? that would be horrible and this whole drama would have lost its purpose.

        • Baji

          I guess I understand that person and Redge’s post. Poor Kyung Joon has had a tragic life already, with his mom’s murder and now the body switch. It would be more horrible to learn that he was only conceived to save his big brother Yoon Jae and that his parents didn’t want him. That’s a BIG DEAL and I’m afraid if Kyung Joon finds out it’ll devastate him even more. So maybe that’s why they like the memory wipe idea? It’ll save him from being more in pain.

          Then again who knows. I’ll just be optimistic. 🙂

          • hmm

            yeah I understand that, but I feel like that would be an easy way out. Life sucks, erase my memory? that’s lame lol

        • ~Feather~

          I have to agree with you. It would mean we just wasted 16 episodes of our lives on a drama that was pointless. All of the development and growth in the characters would end up being pointless. I have a feeling that it might not be a perfect ending, but I sure as hope it will be!

          • Ohwamm

            yeah, it might not be a perfect ending but at least an ending that goes well with what I feel the theme of the drama is would be okay with me!

        • cheekbones

          I got the feeling that however this drama ends, there’ll be people who feel dissatisfied.

          That would include me. At the moment, seeing how it goes, I’m bracing myself. It would be the first Hong Sisters drama I follow that I might get dissatisfied at the end.

          • Ohwamm

            yeah of course, but I’m just hoping it’s not that ending because it’s just a cop out ending and that’s just bad writing.

    • 11.2 Korazy Lady

      I agree, Rashell, and think it’s pretty hard for most people to see beyond the shell in real life. For me, it’s part and parcel, and I don’t think I’ll be able to buy into Da Ran staying with Kyung Joon if he goes back into his body. When they did the flashback a few weeks ago, it felt too jarring to see him as a young kid again. Kind of like when you’ve been watching a soap opera for ten years and one day they come on and say “the part of so and so is now being played by…” and it’s a completely different actor.

      The only way I’ll find the ending remotely believable is if one way or the other, Da Ran ends up with someone in Yoon Jae’s body (and I can’t even say right now that I care which one it is.) I’m hoping things start picking up, because even though I am loving the Gong Yoo eye candy, this show is still kind of meh to me.

    • 11.3 Lina

      Rashell, FINALLY SOMEBODY WHO THINKS YJ ALSO WON’T RETURN! I agree with you with the bottom of my heart, although it’s harsh.

      I’ve been thinking about the possibilty of YJ already being dead from episode 1, as his heart stopped and he was marked as dead. But why KJ is stuck in his brother’s body is n’t very obvious at all… I think i need to rewatch a bit to get some hints. Maybe it’s related to that book Dad wrote.

      • 11.3.1 jomo

        I also have been pointing out that YJ is dead. I am not disliking YJ, in fact, I love that he saved KJ for us.
        But, to quote The Dead Parrot scene from Monty Python:

        “‘E’s passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t [body switched] ‘e’d be pushing up the daisies! ‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the twig! ‘E’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!”

        Voici the dramatic scene to come:
        Because even magic angel dust juice has an expiration date, at one point, KJ and YJ will become unconscious.
        We will resee the scene of KJ and YJ lying side by side in an emergency situation.
        This time everyone invested in their lives will be there waiting with baited breath. Both will flat line.

        Blurry magical interlude: KJ and YJ and maybe KJ oma talking or holding hands and smiling, etc. Choices made. Sacrificing and Loving. Magic happens.

        Only one body will survive again. I even expect a Beauty and the Beast type of levitating chests (that Shrek stole)
        For the last time, DR will tearfully ask “Kyung Joon-ah?”
        I don’t wanna know or guess who awakens from that.

        They really could go anyway they want, as long as DaRan survives whole. I wonder if they go bittersweet, and she realizes that the love she had with KJ would always eclipse the silly one sided crush love she had with YJ, but she ends up without him.

        Of course, if this happens, I go back into my secret dungeon where I tortured and destroyed DVDs of Hong Gil Dong to effect my petty revenge on that show, and I restart that process with DVDs of Big…just saying.

        • daniela

          Are you mad about something? don’t be! life is beautiful!

          LOL! i love your comment!!!!!!!!

        • msim

          That was hilarious!
          Most of life (k-dramas version of it) can be explained by a Monty Python sketch.

    • 11.4 ilikemangos

      Rashell. im glad you pointed that out.
      It’s like we’re watching a OTP but not really, since the real body of kyung joon is laying comatose.
      I don’t know if the chemistry will be the same..
      Why do i have a feeling there will be many satisfied/dissatisfied viewers?

  12. 12 kookicookie

    thankies! I love this show!!!

  13. 13 panshel

    Painting the pandas — sooo cute! >_<

    Why is Da Ran so afraid of Kyung Joon "leaving"? He's not "leaving"; he's going back to his own body. She acts likes he going to die. If she really were in love with him, she could very well just date him in his own body. But judging from her apprehension of the inevitable switch, I don't think she's ready to have a relationship with a former student.

    In the bicycle park scene, it was like, just break his heart into a million pieces, why don't you? But for being a genius, Kyung Joon isn't very perceptive of Da Ran's growing feelings. In what way has she acted burdened? Just because Mari said it, he believes it? And mistaking her tears for disappointment at them not switching back is kind of far-fetched…

    Isn't Kyung Joon's 20th birthday significant in that they decided to part ways if he's still in Yoon Jae's body by then? Then shouldn't this date be looming over our couple in dread instead of a cause for celebration?

    • 13.1 mary

      Someone explained this in a comment above, but basically, it would be a bit difficult to just get with together with KJ after the body re-swap.

      In the eyes of the world, DR married Yoon Jae. So what is she going to do if YJ returns? Is she going to divorce him and date with “her student fresh from a coma”.

      And of course, regardless of whether YJ is a douche or just a silent guy, it’s also unfair for YJ to wake up in time for a divorce, and to find that his fiancee is in love with someone else.

      I think it’s those complications that will make life difficult and probably painful for Da Ran should the souls go back to the right places.

      • 13.1.1 Anne

        in actuality YJ is dead… DR may be a widow…

  14. 14 ms_mase

    I think the major conflict I’m having is whether or not it’s better for Kyung Joon to say in Yoon Jae’s body forever? I mean I’d fall in love with an 18 year old with a face and body like that, I mean it’s not hard (at all) lol. But will the feelings transfer when they switch back? It’s one thing for her to stay with Kyung Joon who’s in Yoon-Jae’s body but will she be able to stick with an actual 19 year old boy, with a 19 year old’s body, a 19 year old’s life, and 19 year old problems? I’m immensely curious to see how this plays out because I can’t seem to think of solid resolution.

    Also, can I just say should they switch back Gong Yoo’s performance as Kyung Joon has made it really hard for Shin to carry on with, he’s really in top form with this role. Will Shin be able to communicate the vulnerability and precocious innocence that Gong Yoo has been able to express as Kyung Joon? Although I really want to see Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon fight over Da Ran lol!! I think the comedic possibilities would be endless especially if you throw Ma Ri and Choong Sik into the mix lol!!

    • 14.1 h0ns

      Agreed… I’m wondering will she feels the same to the 19 year old Kyung Joon? And I definitely will get disappointment if in the end there’s no come back to its own body..

      I just want to know how if it’s back to normal… will she still love KJ? and wondering how Shin will carry on Kyung Joon role in 19 year old boy with everything had happened…

  15. 15 Brittni

    I just can’t get behind this couple. I’m not saying that Kyung Joon has to be with mari but I just don’t like him with Da ran. At some point he will go back to his body and when he does it will just be weird. Even if they are waiting until he’s 20 ( I get it show, your going to make him legal so its not creepy). But what gets me is the way the couple will look. Because the actor is young HE looks 20 where she’s older so she LOOKS older. If they go out together it will look like a woman and her younger brother. I know I’m a hypocrite bc I LOVED flower boy raymun shop. but since jung il woo is older then his role he looks like an adult were Shin is young. UHHHH I don’t know I just don’t like it. And part of me does feel bad for Young jae.

    • 15.1 hmm

      what if it was the other way around? as in Daran was a guy and Kyungjoon was a girl. It would be okay then right? tsk tsk

      • 15.1.1 Brittni

        Did you even read my post? I said nothing about the gender I said its the way they LOOK. Like a Older woman dating a kid who is literally the same age as her little brother. I didn’t have a problem with flower boy raymun shop since jung Il woo looks 25 ( since he is ) but Shin looks 18 ( because he is ). Since Jung Il woo looks like an adult it doesnt bother me that he was with Eun bi. But could you really picture Shin and Da ran kissing or holding hands? It would look creepy. It would be just as creepy if Mari and Young Jae started dating.

        • hmm

          I get it but she’s not that much older, and she honestly doesn’t look that much older seeing as Lee Min Jung looks young for her age and Shin is 20, and imo looks it. you keep bringing up the looks but then go back to the fact that “he’s the same age as her little brother” which means there’s a problem with the age difference, and their age difference isn’t bad at all. 6 years isn’t a big deal.

          Gong Yoo looks 30 and Suzy looks 16 so that’s not really the same.

        • daniela

          I was thinking the same until I re-watched first episode and now I don’t have that feeling anymore – KJ in his body looks good with DR. And I don’t believe he will have the problems of a 19year cause he experienced more that a normal 19year.

        • Laurie

          Personally, the only icky feeling I would have is the student/teacher one. Maybe if KJ graduated it would be better.
          The age for me is no big deal–KJ is six years younger than DR who is six years younger than YJ. The age differences are the same, and I feel no age-related squeamishness about YJ and DR ^^

          • muffin.

            I think the difference with YJ & DR isn’t just the gender, it’s that they’re both older. As you get older age differences are less significant. Like, a 65 year old with a 60 year old isn’t that big a deal, but a fifteen year old with a ten year old is. So if it was a 30 year old woman with a 24 year old guy, it wouldn’t be that big a deal, but a 24 year old woman with an 18 year old guy kind of is. Does that make sense?

        • Jellybeaniebaby

          It could be interesting to see how well they could age him (Shin) a couple of years with makeup… although they really haven’t yet while he has been laying in bed.

      • 15.1.2 Rice

        I agree with your point. For many in the audience who don’t like the pairing of Kyung Joon in his own body and Da Ran, I wonder if it’s more an issue of younger man – older lady, and not just the age difference per se. Generally, our society finds it much easier to accept (big) age differences when the man is older, but somehow, when the woman is older, it becomes too weird and icky. I wish that wasn’t the case, it’s such a double standard. I hope the Hong Sisters can deal with this issue thoughtfully in their drama, if Kyung Joon does end up returning to his body.

    • 15.2 LilianJ

      I agree with the ‘how-suitable-they-look-together’ aesthetics. Like I don’t care if it was an older woman younger man pairing. I don’t care in the slightest. But it has to look right, somehow, doesn’t it? Like in Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, because Tae In looked much older than 18.

      I know that seems superficial and shallow as love is about falling in love with the person and not the shell and blah blah blah but I just can’t take it.

      • 15.2.1 Rice

        But as long as both persons involved in the relationship are adults (Kyung Joon will be 20 soon, so I consider him of adult age), why should it matter whether it looks “right”? Even though he may look younger than his age, fact is he’s 20 (and the actor himself is 20 too).

        I have a friend who, being Chinese and petite (just four feet nine inches), looks about 15 when she is actually 22. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is about six feet and looks older than his age (22 but looks more like 25). Are they supposed to separate because of your “how-suitable-they-look-together” requisite for pairings?

        • muffin.

          I don’t think she’s saying that in real life people have to pick partners according to aesthetics. I think she’s just saying that, to a viewer of a drama, a couple one finds aesthetically unpleasing is less emotionally evocative.

          • Rice

            Ah, I guess that makes more sense.

            I don’t know. For me, since I know both characters are of adult age, the aesthetics don’t bother me. If the one of the points the Hong Sisters want to make with BIG is that the inner soul matters most in a relationship, even though outer appearances are important as well, then I hope they acknowledge this issue and deal with it thoughtfully.

      • 15.2.2 daniela

        My 2 sisters-in-low are older than my brothers (one +6 month, one +2 years) and they get married when my brother were 23 years old. I don’t have a problem with age difference if both parties are legally adults.

        What bothers me is the DRINKING: why ADULT = DRINKING? I don’t drink so I don’t get this situation. Is a low not to drink anything else but beer or soju after 20 / 18?

    • 15.3 Emy

      I suppose it’s because I’ve been “seeing” Kyung Joon, even though he wears Yoon Jae’s face — so I don’t think I’d consider it creepy even if he *does* go back to his own body. I don’t think 6 years is a huge age gap. I know a lot of happily married couples with same or larger age gaps. I don’t know; perhaps even though I do judge actors/actresses on their looks, I don’t mind when one looks older than the other, because it doesn’t exactly bother me in real life couples.

      • 15.3.1 ilikemangos

        yeah. i think it would be easier on the eyes of those who have been imaging kyung joons face all along even though it’s coming from yoon jae’s body.
        Honestly, it helps when you don’t put GY’s face in your head(i know, it’s hard ladies), but rather imagine Kyung Joon. Then it won’t be as hard later when kyung joon possibly returns to his body and we see him and da ran together.
        Plus it’s not as bad at the beginning when i saw them together in ep 1.
        For those seeing only GY through yoon jae, it’s gonna be weird.

        • Laurie

          I guess we’ll all have to be like Mari and put up Shin’s face in front of GY, haha.

  16. 16 mandicg

    I just realized that there is actually a chance that KJ body might die with YJ soul in it :O could that be it?!?! Hope I’m wrong…

  17. 17 Chichi

    I have a feeling KJ will eventually die.

  18. 18 eslene

    Yeah..daran just go and date your student who should have the guts to fight for u with his own life/Body/mind..
    .u dont deserve YJ..

  19. 19 otchosais

    I cried TONSSSSSS when KJae said sorry that he wasn’t able to switch with YJ… its not his fault!

    and plus, he is HURTING TOO!!! 🙁

    as far as DR is now worried for him..

    ggrrr!!!! HONG SIS, why would you make our lovely couple hurt!!! 🙁

  20. 20 Kim Yoonmi

    Be back later after I watch on viki.

    • 20.1 Kim Yoonmi

      The thing that the professor said to the father makes me think that there is a second twist beyond the donor child idea.

      First, the Professor said to the other “Second Son.” And the YJ’s dad said something like he’d been looking for him (too).

      Also the line about how YJ’s Dad had KJ “with the woman he loves” from YJ’s Mom also made me raise an eyebrow.

      Hold on, I think there is another twist before the end.

  21. 21 redfox

    june 24th is Midsummer Day in Estonia and a BIG holiday (HAH!) so weird. It is St. John´s day. Kyung “john”. heh.

    I am wondering more if Yoon Jae will get Kyung -Joons´ heart as well or something. then they´ll really be one person.

  22. 22 Nikki

    I want Kyung Joon to be stuck in Yoon Jae’s body forever! T___T YJ seems like a pretty boring person and I think Daran liked him mostly for his shell, or the idea of him. But in the case of KJ, she likes him for him. I don’t know how this story is gonna go but I want KJ in Gong Yoo’s body. Hahaha!

    And as for that whole surrogate thing, wow, this is some crazy nuts family. My Sister’s Keeper to the 1,000,000th degree!

  23. 23 howforwardsale

    Thank you for the recap Girlfriday!
    I’m still lost about the reason behind the soul swapping.
    Are there soul swapping rules?
    49 days: the body had to be sleeping. and a deadline of 49 days.
    Secret Garden: when it rains the souls swap. dead daddy wine is the cause
    Big: Idk. Saving the life of your surrogate brother at the risk of your own? Falling in love with the same woman?

    What is the catalyst? It has been over a year since the accident, I’m pessimistic about the re-swap. It feels like Kyung Joon is about to get trapped in his comatose body. C’mon searing pain during the momentary swaps? Look at YJ/KJ’s sweaty, crying, worn out face and tell me this is good. Drama please prove me wrong.

  24. 24 mchall

    I’m looking at the stills and I swear Gong Yoo is incapable of taking a bad picture, I especially love his sad pouty face…
    Back to the drama, I hope in the end we can have Da Ran with Kyung Joon-in-Joon Jae’s body, otherwise I’m not gonna be happy.
    Oh, and I guess now we know who are the winners of the title of worst parents ever in k-dramaland…

  25. 25 Kwhat?!

    I find great significance in professor’s statement about salvation—”without love and sacrifice, there can be no salvation”. There was a huge lack of love involved in Kyung Joon’s birth, and his sacrifice was not given in love. It was taken from him. Poor Yoon Jae, I don’t think you’ll make it at this point, although a huge part of me wants you to.
    I love that Dan Ran is truly figuring out her feelings for Kyung Joon—in spite of, or no matter which body he is in. Her time waiting for Yoon Jae has been filled by NOT waiting for Kyung Joon, because he doesn’t make her wait.
    I was sad that this episode was so light on Choong Shik, because I love him, but I love almost everything that happened. Maybe we can finally move forward with Yoon Jae’s stuff now.

    • 25.1 daniela

      ”without love and sacrifice, there can be no salvation” – I think that is the key, the catalyst: 1. in the airport KKJ switched for the first time cause DR realized that she was happy to go with KKJ in their honeymoon; 2. when she was in the park she realized that she was really in love with KKJ and she had no more feelings for SYJ. The final switch will be when she tells him?

      I don’t want to analyze to much this drama, I take it as it comes cause is a sf drama and I can only wait, like DR waits.
      I am only bored by Mari, VP and uncle. I get goosebumps every time when Mari is on the screen. She is a psycho!

      One think that intrigues me : why did DR run home when she had the bicycle (she left it in the park to run?!!! – that is the stupidest choice!

      • 25.1.1 Enz

        Haha I thought the same.. But I rationalized that maybe it was harder going through traffic with a bike plus it replicated kJ’s run towards da ran when he wanted to protect her from finding out the truth about sy.

        Also, did anyone notice that restaurant was spelt wrongly in the newspaper clip at the uncle’s restaurant? Them cast and crew must be working their asses off ! Tired, they must be

        • Laurie

          Enz, I was waiting for someone to point that out!
          “Restrant”–I think that’s how I spelled it when I was younger c:

  26. 26 July

    This drama has me so conflicted. I want the swap to happen, but then I don’t, and then I do, and then I don’t again….ugh, I’m so confused. I’m rooting for KJ and DR to be together, yet the more snippets we get of YJ I end up feeling really bad for him.

    Then comes the thoughts that maybe one of them won’t survive. We have a soul swap, yet we only get the persepective of one of the swapped souls. Why aren’t we seeing any flashes of when YJ is returning to his body? It seems like the only travelling is KJ. Anyways, although I wasn’t sure about this drama at first I find myself more intrigued with every passing episode.

  27. 27 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.

    The clouds have gathered, storm approaches.
    I am good with the tears as long as I get smiles and hearts later, les Soeurs Hong.

    LMJ and GY are wonderful in the silly, angry, sad, crying, confused, kissing, everything scenes.
    It really is a meeting of the minds and hearts, this show.
    And that somehow I can still see Shin from time to time in GY’s actions blows my mind.

    • 27.1 July

      I noticed that quite a bit in this episode. I know a lot of people can’t see KJ in KJ’s body with Da Ran, but I’ve been able (or maybe I just have been trying really hard) to see KJ through YJ. I can imagine some of the scenes actually being played by Shin….however, this might all change when I actually see him and Da Ran together later on.

    • 27.2 ilikemangos

      lets hope da ran& kyung joon weather them storms!

  28. 28 anon

    Just want to point out the word Kyung-joon used is “껄덕(kkeul-deuk)거리다,” which means (as defined in the drama) “갖고싶어 연방 입맛을 다시거나 안달하다, 탐내다” (to desire something, to constantly drool over something because you want it so much). It is completely different from “꿀꺽” (kkul-geuk). “껄덕거리다” is a derogatory term used to describe the act of constantly coming on to someone (not a very nice word to use).. and is often used on guys trying to score sex with women.. that’s why Da-ran’s jaw literally drops when Kyung-joon told her to stop Kkeul-deuk-ing 😛

    • 28.1 Jellybeaniebaby

      Makes me think, “cool duck” LOL.

  29. 29 cindy

    I’m losing interest in this drama.

    Why? Because hong sisters always troll us that YJ might wake up or come back but he doesn’t. If next episode he doesn’t wake up or change bodies with KJ, I’ll stop watching this drama because hong sisters are just kidding with us.

    I know we don’t know much about YJ, but that is what is insteresting! I for example want to know more about him, and after 10 episodes I think it’s time to us know more about him, no? Oh please! Make him wake up in KJ body, or change bodies, or share his own body with KJ but let YJ come back!

    I’m more interested in his point of view than the love story about KJ and DR that I’m not able to ship because I feel DR is more like a mom to KJ than a lover. She might see KJ in a new light now, but I still think KJ doesn’t need a girlfriend but a sister, mother, real friend who understand him.

    If the main couple isn’t working for me this drama can’t do much because it is centered on the OTP, the last episodes were so focused on them that make me tired/bored.

    I mean, they really need to show us DR putting her hands in her heart for a entire episode to make us believe she likes KJ? I feel they are dragging it……

    • 29.1 ilikemangos

      i think it’s all in who you see is the main char.
      if you see yoon jae as the main char, then this drama is not gonna go anywhere for you.
      if you see kyung joon as the main char all long, then the pacing & conflict is fine by you.
      i guess this drama’s just not gonna do for you :/

    • 29.2 Eternal

      ^ I agree with ilikemangos

      I find it so strange that some people are so fixated with YJ. YJ basically “served” his purpose in the narrative, and from the way the Hong sisters developed it, it’s all about KJ and DR, their maturation, and their growing bond with one another.

      • 29.2.1 muffin.

        Mm, I don’t like the idea of a character just being a one dimensional thing that ‘serves’ its purpose and then is done. Like, if the only point of this story were the development of their bond, that’d be okay, but the way the drama’s been put together doesn’t feel like that. It’s been throwing a lot of story at us, too, and, at least personally, I don’t feel like the KJ-DR bond’s been given enough focus and strength to serve as the only focus of the story. Also, the drama keeps hinting at YJ’s motivations in different lights, so as a viewer I can’t help but be curious as to what he’s actually like and expect him to be a bit more multi-dimensional.

        Maybe it’s just because I’ve only been reading recaps? I dunno.

  30. 30 MJ

    2 Fairy Tales where a Kiss from a Prince wakes up a Princess a death-like slumber:

    Kyung Joon is the male version of Sleeping Beauty.
    Either Mari or Da-Ran has to be the female version of the Handsome Prince. Kyung Joon can be awakened by true love’s kiss.

    Kyung Joon is the male version of Snow White.
    Either Mari or Da-Ran has to be the female version of the Handsome Prince. Kyung Joon can be awakened by true love’s kiss.

    • 30.1 cami

      This crossed my mind too.

      Maybe now that she’s falling for KJ, kissing his 19 year old self (or some form of truly accepting she loves his real self) could bring him back. That could heal his loneliness and give him a reason to live in that body. I think that his soul started to return when she started having feelings for KJ.

      If nothing else she needs to see if she feels the same looking at his 19 year old self. Heck, I need to see it. So confusing for all involved.

  31. 31 dramalove

    I loved this drama to begin with but I’m kind of…getting bored? IDK I really wish Yoon Jae would come back and add a little something.

    Also, I don’t know if I’m crazy, but Mari seems to be the only one making sense in this whole thing. I know she’s doing it for selfish reasons, but a body swap really needs to happen, it’s whats right. Kyung-joon can’t stay Yoon-Jae forever, it’s not fair to either of them.

  32. 32 am

    That book cover YJ and KJ both carry, does it work like a Talisman or something? Is it possible that YJ’s dad is some voodoo practitioner?

    Okay I was kidding with that last question but things aren’t moving as fast as they should man!

  33. 33 cruthy333

    The closer we get to the end and still no switch the more worried I’m getting. I don’t want a last minute switch back, and I don’t want him to stay in Yoon Jae’s body. And I really don’t want anyone to die, dangit! The switch is going to bring some really interesting conflict, and I’ve been waiting for the story to go there already!

  34. 34 kiwichan08

    sigh.. I dunno I just can’t get behind this couple. Like I see the chemistry and I see how they like each other but yet… I don’t find myself supporting these two together. Maybe it’s my mari bias showing. I dunno. I just need Kyung-joon to go back into his body and young-jae to wake up in his so he could clear his name because I really think YJ was gonna go to LA to find KJ. I just feel like there’s plot holes and the only who can fix them is YJ.

    • 34.1 dramalove

      That’s exactly how I feel. So much needs to happen and it can only be done properly if YJ wakes up, hopefully in his own body.

    • 34.2 izuyam

      sorry but i can’t understand your mari biaseness.. like she really bores me with her clingy antics

      • 34.2.1 kiwichan08

        it’s fine if you don’t like her but to me she’s currently the more interesting character (female wise). She does have flaws and and it could make her seem annoying but I think she has many layers to her and she actually gives me more reason to laugh, cry, scream, etc while watching the drama. She captures my attention. Da-ran hasn’t done anything for me but make me face-palm hard. She’s pretty much a one-dimensional charcter to me, which could be a big reason as to why I just don’t feel anything towards her a kyung-joon.

  35. 35 Lyna

    The connection between Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon so reminded me of “My Sister’s Keeper” when I read the recap. Because of the fact that in my sister keeper, the younger one was conceive for the purpose of saving her older sister (as her sister has leukemia) and the end result was tragic

    So now we finally see Da Ran feelings towards Kyung Joon. Although I am happy I am somehow sad in that a part of me had hope for the real Yoon Jae to wake up (even if in Kyung Joon body) and have both compete for her affection since for me Yoon Jae is still a mystery in term of his feeling for Da Ran.

  36. 36 MandaPanda

    Ahhhh!!! I have no idea what’s going to happen… & I love it! My heart was pounding as well in this ep. Thanks for the recap!! 🙂

  37. 37 oren-ji

    I wonder what triggers the reaction?Why wait until one year later for this to happen?Why happen after KJ-DR get married,why not before?I wonder if KJ and DR have crossed the line that they’re not supposed to?What if the marriage is not supposed to happen? I’m so confused.I felt like the story went in the same circle.It does feel draggy and i see it will be the same in the future episodes. I really want KJ to go back to his own body.I want him and DR to start their relationship in the right way.It’s really unfair for YJ and KJ if they don’t swap back.I want to hear story from YJ’s side too.

  38. 38 anduril

    The thing that struck me was how she was biking around all day, then suddenly she needs to get back in a hurry. So she runs!!! Perhaps it was for effect but it jerked me out of the moment. Pout. Laugh.

    • 38.1 Kwhat?!

      I know! Biking would have been sooo much faster! And it’s not like her bike was across the park, it was RIGHT THERE! Kdramas always prefer running crazily back over any other sensible form of transportation. 🙂

      • 38.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Really, that just bugged the heck out of me! And made no sense at all. She could have looked just as frantic peddling a bike!

    • 38.2 Qua Trang

      Maybe it is the bike she rented, like the tandem before? It’s dark, so she has returned it?

      • 38.2.1 jomo

        I think it was a rental, too.

    • 38.3 ilikemangos

      my only reasoning: it is a k-drama.

  39. 39 sahn

    I do agree that it feels like the Hong Sisters are baaaack! But I still feel like Kyung Joon/Gong Yoo is the only pull I have towards this show. Something about Da Ran still irks me.. can’t quite put my finger on it, but it probably has something to do with the fact that it took her so long to finally come to this realization.. and she has yet to really act on it.

    What bugs me isn’t that she’s keeping her feelings to herself or being slow to act, but the fact that she KNOWS KJ cares about her and wants to be with her, and her attitude is basically hurting him more.

    Hong Sisters.. I miss the awesome heroines you used to write. I don’t like this type of stupid push-over character so next drama, I expect to find another feisty heroine please.

    One thing I will say about this drama though.. I can’t predict how the pairings will end up! If Yoon Jae just dies and Kyung Joon remains in YJ’s body forever that would be a cheat. If KJ dies that would be a tragedy. If they both live.. would she really be able to be with KJ in his body?! I mean look at him, I’m only 22 and he looks like a baby to me lol. They’ve gotta do some really clever maneuvering and better not leave us hangin’!

    • 39.1 Daran

      I think her reaction makes sense, at the end of the day she’s looking a Kyungjoon who has Yoonjae’s face. it was natural for her to be confused, and of course she doesn’t want to tell Kyungjoon her true feelings because for her, when the switch happens, she still has to deal with Yoonjae (even though most of us suspect he might not come back).

      I don’t think she is in a situation to just blurt out that she likes Kyungjoon, there’s so much going on.

  40. 40 sahn

    I would also just like to point out that I totally CALLED it when I said they were bros. Just didn’t expect him to be a donor baby.. so good on you, Show.

  41. 41 LotusW

    why don’t we just w-a-i-t patiently for the ending? In the mean time, do enjoy GY’s HOTNESS!!
    God… he is HOT! Not really particularly good looking but superbly HOT!

  42. 42 Kylinix

    This is the first time I’ve felt “meh” about an episode, I really think they could have progressed the story a little bit better. It seemed like they just dragged out what we already knew.
    Still love the show though!
    I think we could do less with the Uncle and Vice Principle drooling over their past with Da Rans parents.

  43. 43 Pat

    It has really bothered me that she didn’t visit YG in the hospoital when she was so in love with him ,knowing it was her fiance lying there. It would have made the conflict visual and the poor guy less pathetic. She
    has not shown much concern for him trapped in there. I only like this drama because Gong Yoo is Fabulous in it.

    • 43.1 topper

      There has been no evidence at all throughout this drama that YJ’s soul is in KJ’s body. The only thing obvious is that KJ’s soul is in YJ’s body. It’s a bit hard for her to pine over an unmoving body, don’t you think?

  44. 44 DEE

    thank you for the recaps… love this show…

  45. 45 Yue

    That is just… Wrong. On so many levels I don’t even know where to begin. It is one thing with the whole half-brother issue and coming to terms with it. It’s another with a full brother carried to term through surrogacy to save the elder brother life. No matter how you look at it, the parents must have been seriously messed up! I mean, how did they even decide in the first place? It was like KJ was born to be harvested and I don’t really know how to process the information. I really wanted him to get it out alive, but, even so, he would loose out to his older brother who was legally married to DR. Seriously, I have no idea how they solve this huge mess they’ve piled up. The marriage should have not happened… *sighs*

    • 45.1 SS

      Savior Siblings is a really big debate, but it happens. I personally don’t agree with it, but I can’t imagine it’s easy for a parent to just let their child die, they would do anything for them to live so coming to the conclusion of having a child to save their sick one might not be so far fetched to them since all they want is the safety of that child. And since Kyung Joon didn’t die from that donation, it’s not completely sick unlike in My Sister’s Keeper where the death of the young daughter was imminent

  46. 46 Lilik

    this drama, so exciting

  47. 47 Suzi Q

    One of the saddest episodes. Finally, Daran gets the realization that her heart belongs to Kyung Joon and not to Yoon Jae.They both still misintrepret each other feelings. The story has been dragging, and I glad it’s finally disclosed that they are really blood brothers.

    Totally wiped me out when Kyung Joon said when his body swaps back that he will disappear and never see her again. I hope they don’t prolong it out some more.Why can’t Daran tell him straight truth?

    Lee Min Jung was doing great acting and was so expressive of Daran’s hidden feelings in this episode. I felt empathy for Daran and cried along with her.

    I don’t know the Hong sister can write themselves out of hole they dugged for themselves? Who will Daran end up with?Which body? Don’t care. Either one is OK.Will one of the brothers lives have to be sacrificed or will there be a mind wipe or pretend it was all a dream?

    Poor Shin. He has an easy job, sleep on the job and hasn’t have much opportunity to act so far.He makes a good comatose patient. It has been almost 2 years, Yoon Jae has to completely wake up soon.

    • 47.1 Jellybeaniebaby

      I think they will drag it out to KJ’s birthday when DR will let him drink, they will both get smashed and confess, then fireworks and a soul swap because she will have totally fallen for him and out of love with YJ.

  48. 48 oscyani

    wahhh.. i’m just sooo confused now.. i just wish they would just stay like this.. i think it will be weird that Da Ran ends up with Kyung Joon with Kyung Joon face… i want Da Ran to end up with Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae face? but it would have been unfair for Yoon Jae.. especially when there’s vague details about how’s Yoon Jae really like.. hahahahas.. sooo confused… i hope it’s a happy ending.. been like how the plot is being developed.. holding the faith that the drama will ends well!! (:

  49. 49 oscyani

    wahhh.. i’m just sooo confused now.. i just wish they would just stay like this.. i think it will be weird that Da Ran ends up with Kyung Joon with Kyung Joon face… i want Da Ran to end up with Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae face? but it would have been unfair for Yoon Jae.. especially when there’s vague details about how’s Yoon Jae really like.. hahahahas.. sooo confused… i hope it’s a happy ending.. have been liking how the plot is being developed.. holding the faith that the drama will ends well!! (:

  50. 50 yays!

    I agree with Rashell and others who feel like we are getting shortchanged in terms of story/plot somewhat because the writers have decided to put YJ in a non-character position for nine episodes now. Also because of this I can’t enjoy the drama much… for me to love a drama I need to be able to ship the OTP like there is no tomorrow, and though GY and LMJ have great chemistry together, ultimately the coupling the drama tries to sell is DR and KJ, and since GY is actually YJ and not really KJ… My.Mind.Cannot.Compute. Thanks dramabeans, for recapping this, cos I can’t make myself watch it that much anymore.

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