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Big: Episode 12
by | July 10, 2012 | 230 Comments

Well it only took twelve episodes, but I finally love an episode of this show without reservation. Part of me is wistful at the what-could-have-been, and part of me is just grateful it came at all. It’s an episode full of emotional payoffs, clever connections, and lots and lots of fuzzy, funny warmth.


Kyung-joon tells Da-ran to stop putting herself through this if all it’s doing is making her cry and causing her pain. He says that he’ll take responsibility for her, which is just freaking adorable and too funny, coming from the nineteen-year old.

He says that it’s his fault she’s come this far, marrying his shell to protect him, and if he’s the one to call it quits, he’ll be the one to take responsibility.

Kyung-joon: “While you’re wearing that ring, I won’t ever break my promise not to go to you. BUT… if you take that ring off, I’m going to take it as an okay to come to you, and I’ll take Gil Da-ran away.”

Finally, the gauntlet! He makes it clear that he’s not forcing her to take the ring off, but he’s no longer going to help her keep it on either. It’s perfect—honesty from him, while leaving the choice to her.

She asks how she could agree to those terms (they’re talking about it in contract-speak, like he’s made a proposal for a requisition and she’s not cooperating). He tells her that he’ll keep his promise—if she wants him to disappear he’ll disappear. “But if you want to see Kang Kyung-joon, take off that ring.”

They head home, and Da-ran spends the car ride stealing glances back and forth from her ring to Kyung-joon’s face. He asks if she’s giving it any consideration at all, and she in turn wonders how he can talk about it so lightly.

He figures there’s no expectation on his part that she’ll ever choose him, so he doesn’t really feel the need to be serious. But it gives him pause, “Are you… considering it?” She stammers that of course she’s not, but it sounds convincing to no one.

He muses that she didn’t call him a blood clot this time, and says he would’ve taken it all back if she had. Aw. It both warms my heart and breaks it that he’s shown his feelings with zero expectation that she’d return them.

Meanwhile Dad tells Mom that Kyung-joon is in the hospital, and they can’t turn their backs on him. Mom finally shares the fact that Yoon-jae saved Kyung-joon’s life in their accident: “Isn’t the debt repaid?” Well, I always suspected you were the devil.

She tells him that Yoon-jae is trying to find Kyung-joon’s father, and she won’t stand for any of it. Dad chose once to abandon Hee-soo and Kyung-joon for Yoon-jae and Mom — the choice is his again, but she’s prepared to never let him see Yoon-jae if he chooses wrongly. Gee, tell us how you really feel.

At home, Da-ran prepares to take her ring off to do the dishes, but when she sees Kyung-joon approach, she quickly shoves it back on her finger. He looks at her sideways, chiding that he’d hardly steal the ring while she was washing dishes. It gets her all flustered and she calls out belatedly, “I’m not concerned!”

And then later she comes out of the shower with the ring still on her finger and he sighs that he’s not going to carry her away if she takes her ring off to shower, for crying out loud. By now she’s yelling, “I’m NOT CONCERNED!”

She storms into her room, completely fixated on the ring of course, and gets spun around some more when she sees the sunflowers from Kyung-joon. She’s still staring at her ring at work the next day, and tells herself that she’s the crazy one for concerning herself with a child’s joke.

She asks Ae-kyung using her ye-olden-days metaphor what someone should do to keep from falling for the young man next door while waiting for her husband to return. Ae-kyung says there’s only one sure way: move. Ha.

Da-ran tells herself that’s the right thing, and to that end, starts looking into transferring to a new school. Uh-oh. Kyung-joon comes home to find her washing shoes in the yard and makes another snipe at the fact that she’s wearing her precious ring like she’s scared he’ll kidnap her while doing laundry.

This time she snaps back that he’s made her all kinds of worried, while he’s going around making jokes. But he’s no idiot: “Just keep telling yourself it’s a joke.”

She yells that she’s not in the mood to match his childish pranks, and he asks what the alternative is then—to suffer in patience, like an adult? He asks in earnest curiosity—what exactly is she suffering from? Missing Yoon-jae? Or dealing with her mother-in-law?

Da-ran: “It’s you.”

Eeeeee! But of course he hears it as suffering from having to deal with him, not resisting the urge to jump his barely-legal bones, as the case may be.

He argues that he was trying really hard to be good to her. Da-ran: “While waiting for Yoon-jae-sshi to return… laughing with you, getting along with you, being happy… that’s the hardest thing!”

He spits back angry and confused, “That’s difficult? What would you have done if I had treated you even better? Would you have died suffering?!” She counters cryptically, “I was bad, but I won’t be anymore.”

She brings up his father and says that he won’t need her anymore once they find him, so they should just never see each other again, like the original plan. He shouts defensively that that sounds JUST PEACHY and storms into his room.

She grabs a trash bag and starts to clean out everything that reminds her of Kyung-joon, like she thinks cleaning out the stuff will clear him out of her heart. He watches as she throws out his sunflowers, the bottle of liquor from her dad, and (noooo!) their pandas.

He storms back into his room, thinking that she’s trying to clean out every last remnant of him to make way for Yoon-jae’s return. Not to be outdone, he grabs a trash bag too and starts looking for stuff to throw out.

Only… he can’t find anything. Why is my heart breaking?

On the verge of tears, he shows her his empty bag—he was going to fill it with all the stuff she gave him, only there’s nothing. “Look at it. It means there’s nothing you’ve done for me this entire time.” Oof.

He throws it down and yanks her bag out of her hands, rifling through all the evidence of the things he did for her. He yells that if he’d have filled the bag, she might’ve died already from all the suffering.

He leaves her reeling, and she picks up the empty bag. “There’s really nothing that I’ve done for him…”

But she’s on a mission, and she drags her bag of stuff out to the trash. She leaves it on the curb and doesn’t look back, and Kyung-joon watches dejectedly from across the street.

What he doesn’t see is that right after he walks away, she turns right back. She takes the sunflowers out and looks at them lovingly. She tells herself that flowers wilt anyway, so she’ll just keep these until they wilt.

But then she sees Kang Panda staring back at her, giving her a guilt trip with its panda eyes. She takes the China travel guide back out, thinking she might still go there someday. She flips through it and finds the little stick figure drawing of them on the Great Wall and muses that Kyung-joon got her there after all.

And then she stuffs all of it back in the bag… and takes it back inside. HA. I love it.

She crouches down to pick up his empty trash bag and tears well up. “Kyung-joon-ah… I’m sorry.” She raises it up to her face and then whispers into it, “I like you.” Aw. She ties up the bag, like it’ll keep her secret that way. That’s just adorable. I think filling it with love is way better than filling it with stuff.

But we cut to the mound of trash on the curb, and see that she’s thrown out the bag filled with her confession.

Kyung-joon meets Mari in the park and they agree that the mystery man who came to the hospital must be Dad. He figures it’s the man’s loss if he doesn’t want such a smart, handsome, well-behaved son, and Mari agrees.

He asks Mari not to tell Gil Teacher that they couldn’t find Dad—she’s waiting on it as her get-out-of-jail-free card. He figures he’ll just wait until his twentieth birthday, lie that he found Dad, and go on his way.

Dad seeks out Aunt and Uncle’s restaurant, pausing to gaze at Hee-soo’s photo on the wall. Meanwhile Mom meets Se-young and tells her about Da-ran’s last visit. Mom wants the old Yoon-jae back, while Da-ran seems to only want to stay by the new Yoon-jae’s side. Well, you’re not wrong.

Kyung-joon pouts while Da-ran packs to go camping with her family, and purposely messes with her car to make her leave it behind. Sometimes I wish we’d just stop for a regular commercial break instead of padding scenes with needless product placement. Do a commercial. I’ll take a bathroom break. Everybody wins.

The family pulls up and Da-ran gives the excuse that Yoon-jae has to go to a friend’s wedding so he can’t come, but when they ask him, he says he’s not busy and storms back inside.

Da-ran is forced to tell them they had a fight, and orders them not to call Yoon-jae… which of course they all do. Heh.

He pouts that he was supposed to find the Seo-suh-bang rock with Dad and that Mom was going to pack him kimbap, and he was supposed to watch porn with Choong-shik. Instead he spends the afternoon revenge-cleaning, throwing out all of Da-ran’s things.

He reaches her room intending to get rid of everything, but discovers the bag of his stuff, recovered from the trash. Yay. He smiles like loon and goes about putting all her stuff back with a skip in his step.

He finds all the messages from Mom, Dad and Choong-shik, and tsk-tsks them for not including directions on how to get there.

Da-ran searches for rocks along her hike and finds one that makes her smile – it’s pointy and harsh and shiny, just like Kyung-joon. She brings it back and finds her tent empty, just as Kyung-joon arrives.

He pretends that he’s just doing the family a favor since they bombarded him with texts, and he shows her the last one from Mom telling the two of them to make up and have a good time. They look at each other, “The two of us?”

Mom, Dad and Choong-shik drive away in a fit of giggles at their ingenious plan to leave the couple stranded, having told Yoon-jae to take a cab there. They decide to pick them up tomorrow. Love this family.

Kyung-joon looks at all the round rocks that the parents collected and scoffs that they don’t know him at all. But the jagged one that Da-ran picked up catches his eye. She asks if that one seems like him and he throws it on the ground, sighing that it doesn’t matter since he’s not the one joining this family anyway.

He convinces her to go hiking and they spend the afternoon being adorable. She sets up a camera to take a picture of herself, while he photobombs her like a great big dork.

They play in the water and he throws her over his shoulder, holding her hostage, “If you call me a blood clot one more time…” She screams and calls him oraboni (oppa) to get him to put her down, and he grins from ear to ear. So cute.

They go to the local grocery store to pick up supplies, the ajumma at the counter assumes that they’re a couple, and Da-ran quickly says no—he’s her dongseng. Omg, is he gonna call her noona? *squeal*

He runs up to defend his noona (only to end up agreeing that she does look old, heh) but she gets distracted when she runs into a sunbae from college. Kyung-joon watches them hug with a scowl on his face, and instinctively turns the cucumber in his hand into a rifle. Pfft. Dirty!

Listen, I know what you’re thinking, but these jokes just fall into my lap. They find me! I swear!

Da-ran says he’s just a dongseng and drags her sunbae away to ask him for a favor—she’s been looking for teaching positions outside of Seoul, and asks him to let her know if there’s an opening at his school.

Kyung-joon watches angrily as she gives the sunbae her phone number. When they get back to the campsite, an opportunity for revenge finds him, when a trio of pretty young girls asks for help.

They ask if they’re a couple, and Kyung-joon quickly corrects her, “No, that’s my much, much older noona.” He runs over to help them with their tent, stopping to ogle their legs in plain view of a scowling Da-ran.

She nags him to hurry up and pouts, asking what he said to them, and reminding him that they’re his noonas. Kyung-joon: “You’re a noona too, noona.” I could seriously listen to him call her noona all day.

He lies that they asked for his phone number, and reminds her that he said he has no self-control when it comes to girls who like him, running in his direction. He clocks her reaction and leans in, “If you want to hold onto me that much, take off the ring.”

Dad sits in Uncle’s restaurant for hours, until Uncle approaches him, and he finally tells them who he is. He doesn’t give specifics, but they guess right away that he has another family, which they already suspected.

He tells them that they can continue to take care of Kyung-joon’s trust fund, but he’ll watch Kyung-joon and take care of him from now on.

He tells Mom that he’s made his choice, and this time it’s Kyung-joon. Still trying to convince her to accept them both, he asks if she never once thought of Kyung-joon on his birthday. But she coldly answers that June 24 is not Kyung-joon’s birthday to her, but the day that their son Yoon-jae was saved.

Back at the campsite, Da-ran and Kyung-joon argue some more as she heads off to meet her sunbae (to follow up on the job request, though he doesn’t know that). He counters that he’ll just go hang out with those girls then, and they huff and puff, “Fine!” “Well FINE!”

She storms off muttering that he’s so excited to go hang out with those girls, and then he notices the Kyung-joon Rock, sitting back on the table. He wonders why she picked it up when he threw it away, and can’t help but smile. It doesn’t matter how angry he is; one sign that she’s thought about him just makes him melt. It kills me.

Da-ran walks for a while, and stops at the thought that when Kyung-joon is nice, he’s really nice, and worries that those girls will fall head over heels in no time. She turns back.

At the same time, Kyung-joon heads in her direction with a lantern, smiling at how thoughtless she is to go running off without a light when it’s getting dark. They run into each other and she smiles to hear that he wasn’t going to the girls, but to her.

She says she’s just going to ask her sunbae a quick question and come right back, and Kyung-joon offers to wait for her here if she wants him to. She’s quick to say yes since the alternative is him going to see the other girls, and runs off.

He tells her to hurry before a pretty ghost comes and snatches him away. “If she’s sexy, I’m going with her!”

Dad drags Mom to the hospital to see Kyung-joon, under her condition that if she does he won’t tell Yoon-jae the truth.

But just as they arrive, Kyung-joon falls over in another momentary swap back into his own body. Barely conscious, he opens his eyes for just a second, and sees the blurry outline of Yoon-jae’s parents, staring back at him.

Soon he’s back in Yoon-jae’s body and reeling from the pain.

Da-ran comes back and finds him slumped over, and he says that this time he doesn’t know if he switched back or if he had a dream as Yoon-jae. He saw Yoon-jae’s parents, but doesn’t understand why.

She asks if he’s okay and he falls onto her shoulder and closes his eyes.

He wakes up later in the tent with a headache, and scotches over to where Da-ran is sleeping. He tucks her in with a blanket and lies down next to her, grateful that every time he wakes up from a painful swap, she’s always there.

“When I change back for good and wake up there, I’ll be alone again. It’s okay. I was always alone.” Aw, kid. He knows it was fake, but here he got to have a mom and dad, even parents-in-law, and Choong-shik… and Gil Da-ran.

But once he goes back, no one will remember that he was here, because all that will remain is Seo Yoon-jae.

“Gil Teacher, you know me. So even if I disappear, can’t you remember that I was here? And don’t clean me out. Don’t just be so happy at Seo Yoon-jae’s return, but think of me too, okay?” A tear falls. And then we see Da-ran, not sleeping at all, but crying silently at his words. Okay, that got me in the gut.

At school on Monday, Mari freaks out when she hears that Choong-shik’s family left Da-ran and Yoon-jae alone all weekend. She figures she’ll have to take Kyung-joon back to the States soon.

But she gets a call from Kyung-joon’s father, asking her to meet. She runs over to tell Kyung-joon the news, excited that Gil Teacher doesn’t need to take responsibility for him anymore.

Da-ran tells her dad that she’s looking for teaching positions far away, and lies that she and Yoon-jae already talked it over. She asks what it was like for him, when he was 35 and Mom was 19 – what made him choose to be with her?

He thinks back on it with a wistful smile, saying that he tried and tried to push her away, to separate himself and live without her. But the more he did, the more he realized that he would spend the rest of his life thinking about her.

Da-ran asks how you’d know that before you’ve lived your whole life, but he figures that living the alternative is too sad, but if you just found the courage in the moment, then you’d spend the rest of your life being glad that you did.

She asks how said courage is found. Dad: “In that moment, I threw my mental strings into the ocean. And then, I could grasp your mother.” He laughs thinking about it now, and Da-ran looks down at her ring, the last remnant of her mental strings.

Kyung-joon and Mari set the stage for her to meet his father in the hospital while he spies on them, but Se-young interrupts to ask him if things are okay with Da-ran, because she seemed strangely unhappy when Se-young told her the truth about Yoon-jae not being a cheater.

He tells her she was so happy she cried about it and heads downstairs. He walks up to Mari, at the same time that Dad approaches. He’s about two seconds from discovering that they share a dad when another splitting headache hits.

WUT? Thwarted again? Grar. He falls to the ground and Dad sees him, “Yoon-jae!” Mari comes running up, “Kyung-joon!” Uh-oh. Luckily Dad is too worried to register what she says and he insists Yoon-jae get checked out.

Dad worries, saying that he might not remember, but he was very sick as a child, and asks him to get checked out to put their minds at ease. They both agree not to tell Mom. Dad takes his hand and Kyung-joon is surprised at the first sign of warmth from the man.

Later Mari wonders why Kyung-joon’s dad never showed, and Kyung-joon declares that he’s done with the dad search as of today. He’s going to tell Gil Teacher that he found him and just leave, and Mari happily notes that once they go to the States, she’ll be the only person left by his side.

Mari comes into Kyung-joon’s hospital room with a birthday cake, and drops it in shock. There’s Kyung-joon, standing at the window, back in his body. What?!

She runs up and he smiles at her, but then when she looks back, he’s gone. Oh, fakeout! She screams his name over and over, and it wakes her from a dream. Kyung-joon comes running in and she cries, “You were gone.”

She tells him that she’ll be okay if he switches back or even if he stays this way, “but don’t disappear.” Aw. He pets her hair and sweetly tells her that’s not going to happen, and she smiles again.

Da-ran comes home with lots of groceries, and Kyung-joon smiles to see she remembered his birthday. But he answers a call on her phone from that sunbae, and finds that she’s been asking for a teaching position in the countryside.

They both agree that “Yoon-jae” should go meet his family alone tomorrow for their family gathering, and then have dinner with Da-ran. She asks what he wants for his birthday, mentioning that she’s never done anything for him and she wants to now.

But he replies coldly that it doesn’t matter, since he’s going to throw it away anyway when he leaves, so it’ll just create more trash. He starts to walk away but then whirls back, all riled up.

He demands to know what he did that was so wrong, that she’s trying to run away from him. She just says absently, “I needed an ocean I couldn’t cross.”

He takes it literally, thinking she’s running off to an island just to get even farther away. He yells that he hates boats anyway, so there’ll be no reason to see each other, and stomps off. She sighs and looks down at her ring.

The birthday rolls around and Mari and the nurses throw a party for Little Kyung-joon, complete with balloons and hats. It’s adorably sweet.

Kyung-joon wakes up to a breakfast table with birthday seaweed soup, and a note from Da-ran to meet for dinner. He vows not to go to spite her.

Da-ran shops for a birthday gift, settling on a watch. The clerk asks if she wants to have initials engraved, and asks if it’s a gift for her boyfriend. Da-ran says yes with a happy smile and writes down KKJ on the slip of paper.

What she doesn’t notice is that Se-young is standing a few feet away, and has heard the conversation. It piques her interest, knowing that it’s not Yoon-jae’s birthday, and she walks past the counter. She sees KKJ and her eyes widen.

Da-ran sits in a coffee shop with the watch and then slides the ring off her finger, pondering it again. She says to herself that she doesn’t have the courage to let go of her mental strings, but tosses the ring in a little glass and looks at it, wondering if she’ll manage not to show her feelings.

But Se-young and her friend see her, and even if you weren’t evil, it would be a suspicious series of actions for sure. She interprets them logically, and seethes.

Aunt and Uncle tell Mari that Kyung-joon’s dad came to see them, and plans to take Kyung-joon away. She worries, knowing that taking him away while he’s swapped is not a great idea.

Meanwhile Dad gets the results from Yoon-jae’s latest physical. His old illness has returned, and the doctor asks if Dad knows where the original donor is. Convenient he should be lying in this very hospital.

Kyung-joon gets called out by Se-young, who tells him what she saw today—Da-ran buying a man’s birthday present, and calling him her boyfriend. That gets his attention. But she’s not done—the whole time she was waiting to meet this guy, she took her wedding ring off and looked insanely happy.

Kyung-joon: “The ring?” I love that of all people, it’s Se-young delivering this news to him. He lights up. She adds that his mother told her that Da-ran agreed to let him go if he returned to his old self. That REALLY gets his attention. “Let Seo Yoon-jae go?”

And then to seal the deal, she says she saw the initials for the watch: K…K…J. He laughs, asks if she’s positive, and when she swears she is, he shoots up and heads toward the door, grinning, “Gil Da-ran, you’re dead.”

Awwwwwww yeah.

Da-ran waits for Kyung-joon on a bench, giddy with anticipation. She remembers her ring at the last minute and moves to put it on, when Kyung-joon appears.

“Gil Da-ran, are you cheating with another man? Is he the reason you were having such a hard time? Are his initials KKJ? Is it Kang Kyung-joon?”

He moves closer, and she puts the ring up to her finger like a threat, telling him not to come. But he just takes her hand, slipping his fingers through hers just below the ring. She tries to yank her hand away but he holds on.

Kyung-joon: “The wind has already blown [meaning the cheating’s been done], and the boat has already crossed the ocean that can’t be crossed. So what are you going to do?”

She looks up at him. She tries to wriggle her hand free, but then stops and looks at him again…

As he inches closer, she finally slides her fingers out of his grasp…

…so that the ring falls to the ground with a clink.

She closes her eyes and leans in just enough to meet his lips.

He pulls her in for a kiss. And another. Swooooon.


I’m doing a happy dance, not just because they finally confessed their feelings, but because this show finally seems to be hitting the right buttons for me. Until Da-ran owned to her feelings, I pretty much struggled to understand her or care at all, but as soon as she began to wrestle with her feelings for Kyung-joon a few episodes back, I found a relatable, endearing side of her that I could care about.

And in this episode when she gets to the breaking point, my heart really goes out to her. We spent more than half the series with Kyung-joon as our only solid emotional anchor, but now Da-ran is pulling her weight as a character, and the story starts to feel right. Oh how I wish this were the case from the get-go.

I loved Da-ran’s conversation with Dad, because he’s her sunbae when it comes to this kind of relationship, and he has a really good point – once you love someone, isn’t regret something you only feel when you don’t try at all? No one regrets trying, but everyone will regret not having the courage to take that chance. It required a vast amount of courage from Kyung-joon, but thankfully he’s a fearless nineteen and has lots to spare—and finally, she takes that step. Oh the distance she traveled for that inch to meet his lips.

In the end the space between them is just a matter of perspective. She thinks it’s an ocean. He shows her it’s really one inch. But I love that it’s an inch she has to take, and he waits for her to make the decision. He forces her to face her feelings and be honest, but doesn’t force her choice. And that, I really really love about Kyung-joon.

The Who’s Your Daddy storyline is really limping along on its last leg, (If we have one more near-miss meeting, I’ll scream.) but the reintroduction of Yoon-jae’s childhood condition is at least a step forward for the brothers, and it takes us into interesting territory. I couldn’t care a rat’s patootie about either of the parents but I want Kyung-joon to know why he was born, and be faced with the dilemma of whether or not to save Yoon-jae… again. Because now it’s not just a body-soul thing, but a we-both-love-Gil-Da-ran thing, which confuses matters greatly.

Though it took nine million years, they made the love between Da-ran and Kyung-joon credible, and for that, I give you kisses, Show.


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  1. Stardust

    I never started watching depsite of Gong Yoo but thank you so much for keeping those yummy recaps coming Girlfriday =D

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    YAY!!!! I’m glad they finally made the steps!!! XD

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    I am so happy that this happened, ok my heart can re-watch this until the next episode 😛

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    I’m always hoping that I get eng subs before you post the recap just bc i have no self-control and will end up spoiling it for myself. I came up with this not so crafty method of satisfying my curiosity while not giving everything away…

    I start from the top and scroll down as fast as possible so i barely get the tiniest peak of the photos.

    Today my computer froze…sooo..they kissed, huh? ^_^ yay!

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      Viki has it subbed the same day it airs in Korea 🙂

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        But Viki only works for a few regions :'(

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    It’s a shame it took this long for this series to get good again. Hong sister’s need to learn better pacing, at least for this series.

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    Honestly I still just don’t buy it. If he was in HIS body then I would be emotionally invovled I scream GO DA RAN!!! But since its still technically her and Young Jae I just can’t feel it. I kinda feel like she’s falling for him because this is what she wanted with Young jae ( the happy playful reletionship ) and now she has it. I just want them to switch back already I so over the body thing because I wont buy the ‘ Love ‘ until she kisses and chooses Kyung Joon in HIS body NOT Young Jae’s. And I still feel bad for Young Jae poor guy is getting his life destroyed and can’t even stop it.

    • 6.1 Brittni

      (Sorry for the spelling errors side effect of multi-tasking) Once again this is just my opinion of things but I hate that they haven’t switched back yet. I have a feeling they are going to wait until Kyung Joon finds out he’s Young Jae’s Medical donor brother science experiment to suddenly switch them back and then Kyung Joon will have to deal with all of it mentally ( I’m assuming alot of anger and hurt, totally understandable) Plus the whole I love my sister in law/ teacher.

    • 6.2 aX

      OMG! My thoughts exactly! I love the idea of Gong Yoo & Lee Min Jung as a pairing but I just cannot do it knowing that it’s Kyun Joon in Young Jae’s body. I just can’t do it!

      • 6.2.1 YY

        Me too! I just can’t and it’s driving me nuts!

        • ddduuuhhh

          same here! it’s like what if he acttually does come back (to his hot 19 mode) and ugh it’s just SO heart breaking!

          • ada90

            I think KKJ will die, but his spirit will remain forever in Young Jae’s body and Young Jae’s spirit will disapear. So Da- ran will be happy with KKJ spirit in the Young Jae’ body:)

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        MY THOUGHT EXACTLY! Honestly, I stopped watching this drama because I can’t help the fact that Jung Min doesn’t actually LIKE Gong Yoo =(

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      Yes to all. *nods*

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      yeah, I worry about this too. I don’t know if I can stay on the Kyung Joon train once he’s back in his own body. Sadly I’m shallow enough that the major pull for me is the facade that is Gong Yoo.

      • 6.4.1 aX

        Omg, I’m SO trying to just ignore the fact that it’s that 18 year old. I didn’t like Kyun Joon to begin with so it’s even tougher for me to know it’s really him in Yoon Jae’s body.

        I also find it a bit wrong what Kyun Joon is doing knowing the fact that Da Ran loves Yoon Jae and it’s almost deceptive really. I mean, it’s almost natural for her to fall in love with Kyun Joon because he’s in Yoon Jae’s body–her first love.

        I don’t know. I like the drama but then at times, I’m reminded that it’s actually that 18 year old kid in Yoon Jae’s body. And yes, how awkward would it be when they actually switch bodies? Oh and BTW, your brothers! Umm, awkward. Must suck to be in Da Ran shoes. Could she love Kyung Joon outside of Yoon Jae’s body? Has she actually stopped loving Yoon Jae? Or was it easier for her to move on with Kyung Joon knowing that part of him was still Yoon Jae? Oh the chaos.

        • Brittni

          Thats what I’m saying I just can’t accept it until they switch back and its a FAIR fight. I kinda hate that Da ran just let go of Young Jae based on things she really didn’t even know. I just don’t like thats its not a fair love triangle since the other side is stuck in a coma! Now if they both were back and she had time to decide then fine I would back her decision but I kinda feel like Young Jae is getting bitchslapped and he doesn’t even know it. Your fiance is cheating on you with you brother in YOUR body. Nice…

          • BRSong

            Good lawd it’s like we all have the same brain. Yes yes yes to everything above.

          • eslene

            200% agree..me too start hating daran in this episode..love lmj though..
            I only seen daran kissing a 19 yr old kyd..urghh..i wanna see daran kiss the real KJ after this ! To prove that her love is reeeeal..(cant imagine!)
            Why im not even feel sad with tent scene..everyone is in difficult moment KJ..thats life..

        • July

          I think he just turned 20 now, it that helps 🙂

        • zsa

          I don’t think he’s still 18..there have been years of lapse and he is now an adult…’in the drama’ that is…

        • JoAnne

          But the whole thing has been about her learning to SEE Kyung Joon even though it’s Yoon Jae’s body. Her love is for HIM, not his body..well maybe it is now after that kiss, Lord have mercy! I feel bad because she’s gonna be stuck in a bad place. She cares (rightly so) about both men, who BOTH care about her.

          I was saying last night to someone that I totally buy 19 year old KKJ with Da Ran as a couple, but mostly because physically it’s Gong Yoo’s body. The actual KKJ body looks even younger than 19 and so small that I’m worried about him next to her. I need to see that to see if I can still buy them.

          • aX

            Err, not really. Do you think she would love Kyung Joon if he wasn’t in Yoon Jae’s body? I think she’s conflicted. I think she learned to actually learn to love Kyun Joon but deep down, it’s Yoon Jae who she really loves.

            After seeing episode 12, is it just me or is Kyun Joon being selfish? Does he not think about the consequences he’s leaving after switching back to his body? It seems that he want’s Yoon Jae’s life since with him, he can have everything he always wanted. Too bad it’s his brother’s life that he’s wanting to take away…

          • JustJen

            Yeah, that was the point… but the writers haven’t really done enough to get us to believe it, I don’t think. Also the power of Gong Yoo is never to be underestimated… He’s been the best thing about the drama, but because he’s so awesome and the star, he’s also been a bit of stumbling block to getting the audience to see Da Ran is falling for the soul inside, not the shell, I reckon.

            The ‘real’ KKJ really does look super young, it doesn’t help does it?

      • 6.4.2 Roxy

        totally agree!!
        I just want her to stay with Gong Yoo 😉

    • 6.5 j

      I don’t know what’s the deal with “Big”.
      I honestly believed that the Hong sisters would have delivered something better. It’s such a nice idea to begin with, but the writing is just so meh!!

      • 6.5.1 dingding

        couldn’t agree more

    • 6.6 YY

      Agree, agree, agree with everything said here. I felt uncomfortable with the kiss -I love Gong Yoo and at any other time I would have been squealing till my eyeballs turned purple – but I was thinking instead, hey lady, those are Young Jae’s lips you’re kissing. Those are YOUR HUSBAND’S LIPS you’re kissing – you know, the guy you married and whom you’ve practically abandoned despite all your early protestations of love???? And now you’re kissing your brother-in-law????? ARE YOU CRAZYYYYYY?????? Hong sisters, please just please switch the kid’s body back and then have her kiss him and do whatever she wants with him, but don’t have her kiss Young Jae’s lips. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong. And the 35-year-old teacher and 19-year-old student love affair between the parents is supposed to make allowances for Da Ran and KJ’s romance in the vein of Love Knows No Bounds, but I don’t know, I was disturbed by it. This show disturbs me.

      • 6.6.1 Supernoona

        Teacher-student relationships are just creepy

      • 6.6.2 Redge

        My sentiments exactly! You explained everything I want to say. I didn’t even watch the episode, just the ending, and I just squirmed. I get the feelings but it was just so *wrong* because it’s still YJ’s body. I think that no matter what DR says when she “sees KJ in YJ’s body” it’s STILL YJ she will see. No matter how well she can superimpose KJ’s face on him parts of him will still seep through and ugh… I just feel like she’s cheated on him and it just enrages me. Sigh.

        YJ my poor baby. Switch them back already and have KJ be with DR I don’t even care anymore. Just have YJ be safe!

      • 6.6.3 Kim Yoonmi

        I thought she was 30. Yoon Jae was 35, and Kyung Joon is now 20.

        • bachan

          is everyone really watch this series… she isn’t 35 years even not 30 but 24 …for God Sake… and she not yet get a license for a teacher.. speaking about that there’s time lapse so Kyun g Joon already 19or maybe turn 20 now ..considering already adult now… they are 5 years different …in reality … a lot of couple with this kind gap nowdays.. why make it so big deal…

          • Ariane

            5 years is definitely no big deal but I’ve never actually met a couple where the woman is more than a year older than the man. 99% of my girlfriends (20s-30s) won’t even look at a younger man but will happily go out with men decades older. I have to wonder how common these relationships really are considering how some people still feel the need to snipe at noona pairings 🙁

          • Brittni

            Honestly I don’t even care about the age. My biggest issue is how Da ran just gave up on Young Jae over a bunch of misunderstandings and she essentially is cheating on him with his brother in HIS body! Have them switch back already so if Da ran and Kyung Joon want to be together they can in THEIR OWN BODIES!! I can’t root for the couple if I feel guilty over the way they are together. Give Young Jae a chance to explain everything at least geez the poor guys gonna wake up and his life will be all kinds of screwed up.

          • Brittni

            When she brough tup the age thing 35 – 19 she was talking about Da rans parents. The dad was 35 and the mother was 19.

          • Emy

            YES, THIS.

            Personally, my mom is 5 years older than my dad, and they’ve been happily married for years. To say that an older man can be with a younger woman, but an older woman can’t be with an younger man — well, that’s just sexist, isn’t it?

          • kcekce

            Well, my boyfriend is 4 years younger than me and we’re happily living together for more than 2 years now:) We met when I was 27, guess if it happened when I was 20 and he – 16 it’d make a pretty big difference, haha:) But an age gap between grown ups isn’t such a big deal.

            The guy (KKJ) just turned 20 – let him get his first intimacy already :p Especially when we’re all expecting some really bad breaking news for him, and some really lonely awakening in his own body. Hope that DR won’t let him down when he’s back where he belongs, knowing that his own cold hearted parents created him as a donor-clone of his love rival…

            And I really don’t care if it’ll be hard for DR – as she said herself, she’s done nothing for him till now, it just about time to put herself together and support him in this crushing moment. YJ shouldn’t have any complains also – besides of being in coma for 2 years (would he really expect DR to wait for him?) he’s just about to have his life saved AGAIN by his li’l bro;) A good price for his lost love, I think, if it was love at all to start with…

          • tracy

            If you had read YY’s post properly, the 35-19 relationship was referring to the parents, and it was the teacher-student relationship that she/he was talking about, not the age gap.

        • Red

          According to the KBS chart at the beginning of the show she was 26, KJ and MR 18, and YJ 30. So I guess they’re now (or about to be) 28, 20, and 32.


        • Red

          According to the chart on the KBS website, at the beginning of the show she was 26, KJ and MR 18, and YJ 30. So I guess they’re now (or about to be) 28, 20, and 32.

          • zhill

            lol! the age difference reminds me when i was watching “9 end 2 outs”. Soo Ae’s character is 8 yrs older than Lee Tae Sung, but i loved their pairing sooo much to the point that i bawled like a baby when she dumped him … funny coz’ the last 6 episodes of the drama, I was hoping for him to come back for his noona but nope, drama god said NO … i think i was the only one praying for my OTP lol!

            now 5 years after, i’m wishing for the same thing … please drama god, give my OTP a happy ending … i’m just a sucker for true love … age doesn’t matter to me.

          • Red

            @zhill: I thought of that too lol but Tae Sung looked so much more mature and I could see them together. KJ has such a baby face and it makes me wonder if they picked the actor (for Big) on purpose for that reason. For me, the issue is that yes it’s KJ personality but physically we’re seeing YJ. All those physical features and actions that we (or at least me 🙂 ) see are YJ’s. I wish they would’ve made the final body switch sooner so that we can see that DR loves KJ not only for his personality but physically as well.

    • 6.7 MsB

      Actual agree.

      • 6.7.1 IBELIS

        Me too, the only different thought that I had was they were going to make KJ die in YJ’s body. What would the parents do if they don’t switch back, can they use KJ body even if he is in a coma?

        I thought naw that would be going to far, so KJ will have the right to choose and the parents, mostly the mother will now have to come face to face with what her choice to abandon her son will cost.

        I also think that KJ will know everything by the time they switch back.

      • 6.7.2 Len

        Same here! To pretty much all of the above! Can they just please switch back already? That was the hottest kiss ever and I couldn’t fully appreciate it because of the wrongness 🙁 Of course I have to ship the KJ and DR pairing, even if I’m weirded out by the Teacher-Student relationship, as the show has totally succeeded in conveying their love story. It’s not the age difference that bothers me at all, 6 years is not much (and of course it doesn’t matter whether the girl or the guy is older), it’s just the fact that he’s still essentially a teenager whereas she’s an adult and he’s so baby-faced and small he just looks so young and it doesn’t help that Gong Yoo is so mature and built and manly and yeah while he may have been portraying KJ, it was HIS physical portrayal of the character that made us fall in love with him, so I can’t really imagine Shin being the same character. Gong Yoo has made it too much his own, I’m afraid the little guy can’t compete. It’s wrong on so many levels that all this romancing is occurring with the use of another person’s body, really they should have switched back long ago. Of course it’s super unfair to YJ, for whom I’ve had a soft spot ever since it was revealed he fell for DR at first sight and in all honesty I wouldn’t mind too much if he got her in the end, but I can see that he’s not really relevant to the key ideas of the drama and for this reason they’re kind of overlooking the injustice to him and also partially justifying it by emphasizing the crazy state of things. And of course I get that the entire message of the drama is that it’s what’s inside that counts and that a true love like this one can transcend physical bounds etc. and I can sort of see how yeah KJ might have been using a different physical vessel when kissing her but it was actually HIM kissing her and her kissing him and yet… did they really have to make him so young looking?! He’s just out of childhood practically! Or GY soooooo hooooooot? Then again there wouldn’t be nearly as much conflict if he was a grown up teenager or we had a way less attractive/charismatic YJ body… But EVEN if this was the point, I maintain that they should have had a lot more screening time for the young body, and an earlier body-swap back would have helped to get us fully invested in their happily ever after. Because at this rate, we are heading for a lot of dramatic stuff to do with the brother thing and the operation whatever and of course what happens when YJ returns and finds them married but I don’t see the show giving a lot of time to the romantic development between DR and KJ in his own body, and until I can see that their love does in fact transcend appearances, and that they can interact in the same way with KJ in his own body I cannot ship this the way I’m supposed to!
        I apologise if that was confusing, and for sounding really fangirly; when it comes to kdrama I stop making literary sense. Also I realise that most of my comment is just rehashing what others have already said, and I’d like to thank you for expressing your opinions so that I can better make sense of my own! Hope this isn’t creepy but I saved some of the comments I find insightful and really agree with so that I can look back on them when I rewatch or reflect on the drama..

    • 6.8 katiamon

      I’m with you sistaaaa! it was a good kissing moment and GF’s recap made it interesting but i’m not buying the romance in this show, not because of the age gap but because is horrible that she’s falling for his recently legal brother in law!
      what happened with the years you spent loving the real Young Jae??? have you ever loved your boyfriend????
      now, the disease plot just makes me say mehhhhh.

      • 6.8.1 Laeah

        I thought it was obvious that she never REALLY loved YJ. It was a crush IMO.

        And it’s been over two years since the accident, she’s not allowed to move on?

      • 6.8.2 alua

        I don’t she spent years loving Yoon Jae – they got engaged after a few months, didn’t they?

        maybe she did love him, maybe it was just infatuation on the basis of a crush, but people change and move on. It’s been a year and more since the accident which might be longer than she knew Yoon Jae (I can’t remember the exact amount of time they knew each other before). And people do fall out of love/or in love with others.

        Which doesn’t mean she won’t have to face up to the situation when/if Yoon Jae wakes up, but personally I can’t blame her for changing her feeling even if it isn’t nice for Yoon Jae. Even if he didn’t cheat on her, he did constantly cancel their appointments and let her do the pursuing, not showing his feelings at all – I would have been fed up with something like that long ago.

  7. krys


    • 7.1 krys

      I love that finally(!) their feelings are out in the open. Loved the journey getting here, and looking forward to next week to see how everything plays out.

      GF is right – the Daddy issues are getting annoying, so I’m hoping for resolution – and to see KJ’s decision. Hopefully he’ll decide to donate his bone marrow because he’s secure in the knowledge that DR loves him, and not because of some misunderstanding that DR still loves YJ and he wants them to be happy. If that happens, Show, we’ll be having words.

      • 7.1.1 July

        Me too! I absolutely loved the kiss (it wasn’t closed lips!). I can see why a lot of people haven’t been able to relate to the show, bu,t personally, I really like BIG. It’s definitely quite different from what I expected it to be, but I think it has a lot of heart and depth. Although I love the crazy antics and situations the Hong Sisters are known for in their dramas, I really like that I feel the emotional struggles these characters are going through.

        • Saima

          Gong Yoo doesn’t DO close-lipped kisses!! lulz

          • bern 75

            OH Saima!! hhihi!!! but yes… I haven’t see a close-lipped Gong Yoo screen kiss before. that’s part of his appeal haha

          • Ivoire

            @ Saima, hi! GY might do closed-lips kisses if the script calls for it, like in a sageuk, for example.

        • krys

          I know, right! The kiss was sizzling perfection and so sweet at the same time. Regardless of what everyone says and all the shipping wars, Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung have awesome chemistry. As does Kyung Jae and Da Ran.

          I prefer this pace and tone a lot (although MGIAG is still my top pick for a Hong Sisters’ drama) since it allows us to really explore the delicate feelings between DR and KJ. I just don’t feel much for Yoon Jae, although it’s to Gong Yoo’s credit that both characters feel so distinct and different. I just prefer KJ, as does DR. (:

          • bern 75

            yes krys, Ep 11’s flashback of JY does show that Gong Yoo is a really good actor. U can tell how he shaped the JY and KY characters differently – very nuanced and yet distinctive.

            Poor Da Ran – I wouldn’t know how to choose if i were her!

  8. Ivoire

    Thank you so much Girlfriday for the recap!

  9. Happy Fan

    FINALLY. 🙂

    I know others complain that the confession scene took a long time, but for me, this just feels right. The best part of this episode is how poignant and beautiful the revelation was…and how in character it is.

    Now that I wrote a sensible comment, I think I have the authority to fangirl over Gong Yoo’s kissing expertise and macho arms. <3 <3 <3

    • 9.1 July

      COMPLETELY agree with you! 🙂

    • 9.2 SoyJade

      Agree! Also, I’ve never seen anyone so happy while being told their wife is cheating on them. It was awesome to see his ear to ear smile!!

      • 9.2.1 momosa

        I just love that scene, and the background ‘tuing tuing’ music. Love GY for playing it out so well. I just have to see it again and again till I’m satisfied…

  10. 10 mjfan

    OMG , am staying up and refreshing like crazy and here it is , thanks so much , off to read ……..

  11. 11 kgirl501

    This episode was so awesome. The best scene for me was when KKJ was in the tent asking a sleeping DR to not forget him completely and us seeing the tears rolling down DR’s face. Heartbreaking. Killed me.

    But yeah, the kiss wasn’t too shabby either… <3

  12. 12 mimi

    Gong Yoo is yummy kisser. Coffee prince marathon

    • 12.1 jomo

      Just finished watching all the good scenes. LOVE HIM.

    • 12.2 bern 75

      I wish there was a ‘like’ button on this site then i can ‘like’ your comment, @mimi 🙂

  13. 13 kookicookie

    I just finished watching this…that kiss…so good!!!!!!! ;3 ~hits replay again…again…again~

  14. 14 Princess61

    Thank you girlfriday! This was the best episode of the bunch and about time too. That last scene was a beautiful! Now to brace myself for what’s to come. But I agree, if Dad and Kyung-joon have another near miss meeting, I’m going to scream. Really, show? Please don’t drag it out for even one more episode and just face it head on.

  15. 15 Pat

    He is such a good kisser.

    • 15.1 Desi

      Oh…I know! I like his height, his build, the structure of his face, his dark hair, his hands…[sighs]. When he kisses Da Ran like that with her faced cupped in his hands. I am just gooooooone.

      • 15.1.1 momosa

        It’s strange that when you look at those parts (eyes, mouth, nose, etc) separately, neither of them are nice looking but when you combined them together, you realised that you are looking, oogling and thanking God at the same time for such a beautiful creation …..

        Yeah, I’ve gone that far….

  16. 16 -K

    Wake me when he wakes, then I’ll watch.

    • 16.1 sita

      agree! yoon jae please WAKE UP!

    • 16.2 YY

      I’m guessing last episode he wakes up, sees Da Ran holding hands with Kyung Joon, and dies from the shock. The end.

      • 16.2.1 Redge

        Lol seriously, and at the last minute too. Damn it all if that happens.

      • 16.2.2 MsB


      • 16.2.3 kumi

        ha ha ha …

      • 16.2.4 Paloma

        You see…you support my crazy idea that they will not switch bodies. Kyung Joon will alive like now and the other “kaput”.

  17. 17 Sudi

    KkJ comes back to normal and forgat eth thar happened between him &GDR..Happt ending of KKJ and JMR.wish it was so.Hehe

  18. 18 crazedlu


  19. 19 Rashell

    This show just kills me! Why is deciding to get awesome with only 4 episodes left?! They finally love eachother and confess. She finally knows that Yoon Jae always loved her too. Yoon Jae is sick and only Kyung Joon can save him. If this story was there from the beginning WHY did it take us 12 episodes to get here. And how are they going to wrap it up in a satisfying way with only 4 episodes left?

    But how much do I love and adore Gong Yoo as Kyung Joon. He’s seriously been the one consistantly awesome thing about this drama. And similar to Coffee Prince, he knows how to be a hero worth swooning over. What kills me is knowing that he could have done the same in a completely different way with Yoon Jae, and we would have had a real triangle. But that ship sailed.

    Da Ran was finally brave to a degree. But Kyung Joon still did all the heavy lifting and just left the last tiny step to her. But I agree that it must have felt HUGE to her. I do love Kyung Joon as Gong Yoo. I’m just hoping I can maintain the feeling once he goes back to his own body.

    • 19.1 JustJen

      Yes, to all of this. This whole drama feels like a ‘what could have been’. Everything was set-up for something interesting and exciting… but the execution has been so weird and indecisive.

      Gong Yoo as Kyung Joon has been really amazing, and I’m so attached to him now- I’m like you, I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about a swap back. It almost doesn’t feel right- because the Kyung Joon we’ve all gotten to know and love inhabits Yoon Jae’s body, not the one in a coma…

      I wonder if there’s going to be another time jump near the finale so Kyung Joon and Da Ran are on a more equal footing- i.e. both definitely adults?

  20. 20 aX

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one irked knowing the fact that it’s Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body. -_-

  21. 21 Reena

    OMGGGGG!!! Finally ~~~! I love it! hahaha… ahhhh Gong Yooo! You never fail to amaze me! Only a few actors can be as good as he is! Def a good kissing expert and my god… I can’t help but stare at his hands… So beautiful!

  22. 22 shin

    AIII it will be so weird when they return to each other’s bodies! The thought of seeing Shin Won-ho and Lee Min-jung being all lovey-dovey/couple bickering makes me feel a tad uncomfortable.

    I’m half wishing Kyung Joon stays in Yoon Jae’s body but then again, Da Ran’s parents had a student-teacher relationship…I guess it runs in the family?

    • 22.1 aX

      LMFAO! That’s funny. I guess it does run in the family.

  23. 23 kewbie

    Thank you for the recap! I think if Da Ran hadn’t talked with her dad, she wouldn’t have been able to take the luttle steps that she did towards Kyung Joon. She should have talked to Dad earlier! Also, Yoon Jae’s mom is the coldest of the cold. I would be ok if we didn’t see her or Se Young the rest of the series. 😉

  24. 24 Sora

    Omg Oh. I really wish they would have a really intimate long kiss but bec his a teenager arrggg they only kiss a little. Does KJK real body gping to die for real coz Suzy saw him and dissapear in her dreams. I really think the boys body will die coz its just 2 ep and he hasnt wake up. If the body will survive they have done waking him up a long time ago right? So my conclusion is KJk Soul is going to be inYJ body and then KJk body with YJ will die and DAran and KJk will split up as promise and will meet again when he becomes an adult at 21 the end wish Iam totally wrong coz If so thats so frustrating like I could write a drama 

  25. 25 ava

    Wohooo!! Love this episode. Thank you thank you girlfriday!

  26. 26 ladymoxie

    ‘Bout bloody time we get a real kiss!!! Woot, woot!

  27. 27 jomo

    Thanks for the recap. I am so glad you liked it!
    You really really liked it!

    I have been in love with the show from the git-go, and have a real soft spot for Daran. I can’t really say why – I think she reminds me of my mother – not very confident but with a big big heart.

    I know it has been 12 episodes, but I think they took just enough time for the final crossing of the gap. It is refreshing that nobody (yet) is talking about the age difference, and should she or shouldn’t she? They had to set up the whole idea of “love the inside don’t worry about the shell” and they had to get DR to see clearly she let go of YJ.

    Lots of magic moments, but I have to say, I could dwell a lifetime in the time KJ finally knows it is HIM she loves, and her capitulation with the kiss. It was spine-tinglingly good.

    Pain pain and more pain to come. Hopefully it will NOT be easy for anyone coming up. I hate when the set-up indicates rough seas ahead, and all we get is a little thunderstorm.

    • 27.1 obachan

      Jomo, great to see you here!!

      “It required a vast amount of courage from Kyung-joon, but thankfully he’s a fearless nineteen and has lots to spare—and finally, she takes that step. Oh the distance she traveled for that inch to meet his lips. ”

      “In the end the space between them is just a matter of perspective. She thinks it’s an ocean. He shows her it’s really one inch. But I love that it’s an inch she has to take, and he waits for her to make the decision. He forces her to face her feelings and be honest, but doesn’t force her choice.”

      If episode 12 has made my Tuesday, girlfriday’s comments enlighten my entire week. Thanks so much!!

      I’ve loved Big from the get-go, but still, episode 12 is definitely the best. Let’s hope that Hong Sisters can tie up all the knots for the remaining 2 weeks!

  28. 28 schlieren

    The minute I find out that the raw files are up, I find myself constantly refreshing the sites waiting for subs. I refuse to read your recaps until I’ve watched the episode, if only for the fact that I get to get giddy and freak out a bit in a fangirl way all over again.
    This was the very first episode that I’ve loved the entire way through. Normally the misunderstandings drive me nuts. Like her throwing away her things without him seeing that she picked them back up. But this episode worked out perfectly in that sense. His adorableness every time he got just a little bit more proof that she truly loved ‘him’ had me dancing in my chair. And the silent tears shared? Oh, be still my heart!
    Can’t believe that there’s only four episodes left! I think I’m going to have to go and give Coffee Prince another go (only watched the first episode before this). Oh dreamy Gong Yoo.

  29. 29 skwonto

    I take back all the mean things I said about Da Ran in ep 11’s recap. This was an AWESOME recap. I can’t wait to see it. Although I know what will happen, I know I will enjoy every minute of it. Thank you and YAY!

  30. 30 mjfan


  31. 31 duffy

    Just as it Da Ran took a loooot of time to own up and confess her feelings, this show certainly took a looooot of episodes to get to this point. But, as the saying goes, patience is really a virtue and the last scene is worth the wait. 😀

  32. 32 bd

    ‘Big’ has numerous issues – ranging from a totally unbelievable premise (the 2 guys being blood brothers but birthed by diff. mothers – I can deal w/ the whole body-switching thing, but not this), to overdoing it w/ typical K-drama cliches such as the 1-dimensional totally cold-hearted/b!tchy mother/mother-in-law and the whole almost reveal of the ‘big secret” that gets thwarted (ad nauseum) at the last minute by silly circumstances or just plain stupidity.

    But even w/ such problems, things could have been salvaged (for a romcom) if they got the relationship right btwn the 2 leads – making it believable in how it changes over time w/ the right mix of conflict and humor (MGIAG and ‘My Princess’ are good examples).

    But the Hong sisters basically kept repeating the same conflicts over and over again – so much so that it felt like the ‘Twilight Zone.’

    Worst of all, Da-ran hasn’t changed much/grown – she is still the basically the same insecure grown woman where here moping/crying times have really started to bug the crap out of me (LMJ or not).

    And the whole Da-ran giving in to her feelings for Kyung-joon seems forced and doesn’t natural.

    Coincidentally, GY’s other role in a ‘forbidden relationship” as Han-gyul in ‘Coffee Prince’ felt totally natural in its progression which made the “1st kiss” scene totally believable.

    Here, I don’t totally buy into Da-ran getting over Kyung-joon being one of her former students, esp. since she found out the truth about Yoon-jae (it’s even ickier that Kyung-joon is Yoon-jae’s brother).

    The only way I can see this finishing w/ some semblance of believability is if this is just a temporary break in Da-ran’s wall/defenses and that when the switch does take place, that Kyung-joon enters his shell but doesn’t awaken (yeah, it’ll be sad).

  33. 33 duffy

    Just as it Da Ran took a loooot of time to own up and confess her feelings, this show certainly took a looooot of episodes to get to this point. But, as the saying goes, patience is really a virtue and the last scene is worth the wait. 😀

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

  34. 34 21

    This episode is so satisfying to read. I cannot wait to go home and watch this! It has taken a long time to get to where we are today but boy am I glad that it finally happened!

  35. 35 duffy

    Oops, my bad. Again:

    Just as it took a looooooot for Da Ran to own up and confess her feelings, this show certainly took a looooot of episodes to get to this point. But, as the saying goes, patience is really a virtue and the last scene is worth the wait.

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

  36. 36 Ilikemangos

    Lol girlfriday and your dirty jokes
    Even I didn’t think anything dirty, and I’m a dirty queen! That sounds weird.

    • 36.1 Saima

      Maknae, did you notice them hands?!! When I was watching the kiss I thought of you and our endless AND shameless discussions on hands!! aaand, here you are!! YAY! haha

      • 36.1.1 ilikemangos

        OMG!! hahahaha.
        i was looking at those beautiful hands caressing her face during the kiss.. totally thinking of our seung gi manly hands…
        Ah,you know me too well, my fellow heartie.

  37. 37 Mary

    I’m kinda torn with this drama because a much as I love gong yoo this story started out with a, great premise and slowly been sinking into one of the worse dramas ive seen thus far…. I can’t understand the mom’s animosity with kj or how it’s one soul 2 bodies and yj soul went bye bye when he was dead for 30 minutes and how they are going to wrap this up nicely I am just extremely confuse but still watching

    • 37.1 JD

      Hong Sisters are notorious for making their evil villains one dimensional -______-

  38. 38 21

    Oops! I forgot to thankyou for the wonderful recap!

  39. 39 Cynthia


    The Hong Sisters are firing on all cylinders for this episode, and this is why I love their writing. When they’re on, they’re on.

    Emotionally, I can root for the OTP – the problem is going to happen when (and if) the boys switch back into their proper bodies. Shin is still a baby-face and looks way young when side by side with LMJ. I think many of our romantic fantasies will be taking a sharp nosedive in the cold light of day. Particularly when compared to the OTP with Gong Yoo.
    The Hong Sisters must have taken that into account when hiring GY and Shin – I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle this.

    Thanks for the recap, GF! 🙂

    • 39.1 jomo

      You are so right.
      I was trying to think of a manlier actor than GY who could also play boyish convincingly.
      His YJ voice comes out really really low, but he puts a little lilt in there for the KJ “Gil Da Ran” that melts me.

      And Shin is precious and beautiful, and has a markedly higher voice.

      How indeed are they going to finish this? It will be happy, and DR will end up with KJ, but in whose body?
      Can you really harvest the blood of a kid and a coma then KILL HIM OFF? Seriously? The director would get very high marks from me if he manages to pull that plot point off without offending every person on the planet!
      So KJ lives, and YJ just walks away after a quick divorce?
      I can’t see that either.

      What do you think of this wild guess? Instead of showing us their immediate future, they time jump 40 years, and show us an old couple reflecting back on their lives together.
      We can’t tell who the old man is until he says, “Ut oh.”
      Good, right?

      • 39.1.1 YY

        Nah, they’ll body-switch and then plummet back in time to the moment where the doc gets into his car to meet DR, and comes face to face with his brother. Slow-mo and freeze frame. The end. You ask why this ending, Jomo? I’ll tell you why. Because this is an IMPOSSIBLE situation. The Hong sisters have written themselves into a corner and the only way is to have a silly ending. Silly endings are the best solution to impossible situations.

        • Cynthia

          No, after watching this episode, I can’t agree with either ending.

          KKJ’s body supposedly is inhabited by GY’s character, YJ, and yet, we haven’t once had proof of that fact. We just surmise that that’s what happened – a transference of souls.
          YJ’s body has been re-diagnosed with his former disease, and I speculate that will require something extracted from KKJ’s body to cure him. I think that YJ will, this time around, sacrifice himself, in KKJ’s body, allowing KKJ to live on and love DR.
          KKJ really should have died at the accident to begin with – only YJ’s force of will or spirit prevented it from happening at the beginning.

          The minute I saw that dream that Mari had with KKJ saying nothing and looking into the radiance of light and then disappearing, a big ‘Uh-Oh’ went off in my head. It was like 49 Days all over again.

          • YY

            Cynthia you’re so clever
            You really should be the writer
            Your theory’s not making me feel better
            In fact you’re making me a whole lot sadder

          • Shukmeister

            Cynthia ~ I am in agreement with you regarding Little KKJ. The hospital dream sequnce does seem to imply that Little KkJ will disapear and it would certainly work with the storyline. However, given the the Hong Sisters try for the happy ending, we might get a butt-pull similar to QIHM.

          • aki

            i had a similar thought process! but, let’s imagine a reverse-scenario.

            1. YJ wakes up in KJJ body
            2. They body switch so each soul is in the proper body
            3. KJJ again has to make the decision to save his brother’s life
            4. YJ refuses to accept – he’s already lived once (actually twice, if you count the whole morgue bit) where he should have died.
            5. YJ dies. KJJ lives in his own body, they do a time-lapse again, and then KJJ and Daran get together for realz.

            This is not my preferred ending, actually I’d rather YJ die in KJJ body so that KJJ can stay as GongYoo which physically looks a lot less creepier when paired with leeminjung. However, the “corner” of who Daran truly loves can never be solved if KJJ doesn’t go back to his body.

            Another aspect that may give credence to my theory of body/soul death combo is that Hong sisters are clearly rippin on “My Sister’s Keeper” and that’s what happens in the book – the sick sister dies, the healthy donor baby sister lives.

          • JoAnne

            That’s what I’ve been thinking all along, when they talked about one sibling saving another.

  40. 40 Cheryl

    “No one regrets trying, but everyone will regret not having the courage to take that chance.”


  41. 41 Big E

    Isn’t anyone feeling bad for Mari? The girl is deeply in love with that kid, I will feel bad for the outcome. But, I don’t mind her with the other he is way cuter and he likes her a lot.=]

    • 41.1 chand

      ya . me too feel bad for Mari .. at least she has CS who loves her so much … only poor YJ has nobody ….

    • 41.2 frustratedviewer

      Me! I feel bad for Mari! And Yoon Jae. The supporting characters’ development in this drama is so poor. I want YJ to wake up, goddammit. Or just die. I don’t even know any more.

    • 41.3 oren-ji

      Is it bad that i’m anticipating to see how Mari get heartbroken once she found out about Daran and Kyungjoon? Not that i want to see her get hurt,but seeing how devoted she is to Kyungjoon and how she keep believing that Kyungjoon and her will ended up together at the end,i’m curious to see how the Hong Sisters will play this out. Mari is really a sweet girl when she’s not in her crazy mode..lol

      I’m actually love Kyungjoon and Mari’s relationship.When they’re not busy bickering they can actually be a good friends. I love how they always ate the ice cream.It’s like something they always do and to think about it actually they have a similar personalities as well.Both can be very childish and very straightforward.

      • 41.3.1 javen

        in reality…KKJ and Mari would be the ones ending up together

  42. 42 Aquila

    A huge sigh of relief…

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  43. 43 LadyF

    i love Gong Yoo when he did his kissing scene. The best actor in kissing scene to me so far. Superb. I wish i was kissed by him!!! LOL..

    So, Da Ran is in love with KKJ now right???

    • 43.1 Rashell

      yeah, she loves KKJ. But in Yoon Jae’s body. How’s that going to shake out when they switch back?

    • 43.2 mia

      Yep and Yoon Eun Hye has no competition in that category as an actress. I seriously hope these two have an onscreen reunion in a drama or movie but this time around I want YEH to be very feminine.

  44. 44 stars4u

    Finally!!!! It’s all out!!!!

  45. 45 JieunH

    Aish.. this drama. I mean, I’m Korean and I’ve seen a whole pile of messy K-dramas, and whilst this is not the worse by far, I’ve certainly never had a more severe love/hate, hot/cold relationship with any other.

    Almost lobbed my bowl of kimchi at the TV last night, I was so pissed off for some reason. It was the best episode of the series so far, no doubt, but it made me even more so angry.

  46. 46 biglover

    i dont care that much anymore on the story..i just love watching Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung together, they so look good together.. =) hope they have more sweet moments in the remaining 4 episodes..wish as well that they would date in real life..they are a such a lovely couple!

    KKJ or YJ in GY’s body is okay with me in the end of the story as long as GY ends up with LMJ (DR) in the end! =)

    i love LMJ and GY! =)

  47. 47 DMKO

    Thank you girlfriday for the nice recap. I am glad you like this episode. Gosh there were so many negative comments these last few recaps, it made me sad. But it is always good to hear your funny and lol comments.

  48. 48 iDK

    I LOVED this episode. I’ve been hanging in, enjoying all the lovey dovey moments and trying to suppress the “can he wake up now??” urge, but I just love how compact this episode felt and like it was the Hong sisters I know from YAB and MGIAG. There was a beginning (she was warned about the ring), there was build up (the game) and there was an end (the ring finally falling). There were the metaphors (the rocks, the fish hooks), there were ridiculous hijinks (making each other jealous cracked me up), and there was that sweet, sweet kiss.

    As much as the identity of Kyung Joon’s parents have been dragged out too far, it cracks me up that they keep meeting his dad but just dismiss him as Yoon Jae’s dad all the same. And I absolutely love that Se-young got to break the good news to Kyung Joon. The “Gil Daran, you’re dead” was so perfect~

  49. 49 DEE

    luv….. this episode so much… thank you……

  50. 50 cheekbones

    *sigh* I still can’t get behind the pairing, legal age or not.

    Is one of them (Kyung-joon or Yoon-jae) going to sacrifice himself for the other at the end ? I’m referring to Yoon-jae’s illness resurfacing and the hint that he needs a donor, again.

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