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Big: Episode 13
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Major revelations come pouring out, including the birth secret, the link between the brothers, and even the mechanism of the body-swap. It’s a lot to take in, and our characters struggle to deal with the aftermath of having their minds blown fifty ways to Sunday… and try to figure out what this means for them now. What really matters when all’s said and done?


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Da-ran owns up to her emotions, and smooch.

It’s a nice long kiss and they’re wrapped up in the moment, but when it ends Da-ran starts to blame herself Then she blames Kyung-joon for seducing her with all his thoughtfulness and cuteness and attention and care… and Kyung-joon just smiles, since it all amounts to “Why you gotta be so awesome?”

They extend the blowing-wind metaphor, which is also a figure of speech for cheating; she concedes that the wind blew her astray, but soon the wind will stop and she won’t shake anymore. But Kyung-joon says since she’s already shaking he’s going to make sure to uproot her entirely. Rawr.

He drags her off to celebrate his birthday, while at the hospital the nurses remember Little Kyung-joon’s birthday and send around slices of birthday cake. Se-young notices that it’s decorated with Kyung-joon’s initials, though she doesn’t link the KKJ as more than coincidence.

She speaks to Dr. Seo, Yoon-jae’s father, who asks for updates on the patient. Se-young agrees, since Dr. Seo is Kyung-joon’s father… just as Mari overhears around the corner. Dun dun dun!

Mari calls out to him and gets a good look at the doctor’s face: “But you’re Seo Yoon-jae’s father. Are you also Kyung-joon’s dad?” Thank goodness somebody knows!

Da-ran takes Kyung-joon to a restaurant where the wait staff sings him happy birthday. There’s a cake, beer mugs filled with orange juice, and birthday cone hats. Kyung-joon glowers, all, I’m not a baby!

Da-ran says that this is how kids celebrate, which has him scoffing at the inconsistency, given their very-not-kidlike makeout session earlier. Da-ran hushes him and mutters, “Let’s just say that was an American-style birthday greeting.” Then where’s MY kiss-dispensing Gong Yoo?

She says that while he may not have any hang-ups about this relationship, she’s not like him. He tells her to just kick away those doubts, but she sighs that she doesn’t have the strength. He offers to supply her with the needed strength via more of his awesome nice deeds.

Dr. Seo asks Mari not to cause trouble with this knowledge, saying he had his reasons for hiding his paternity. Those reasons aren’t important to Mari: “You wronged Kyung-joon, which makes you a bad person! Kyung-joon would be sad if he knew it.” She leaves muttering to herself that finding Dad just made things more complicated.

Kyung-joon takes a CF moment to demonstrate a nifty phone feature, presenting Da-ran with an e-ticket to the moon. In twenty years, surely it’ll be usable, right? And here I thought you were trying to prove you weren’t a kid. He suggests, “Let’s go together, listening to Seo Taiji’s 40th-anniversary album.” Ha. He says that they’ll see the Great Wall from the moon, and she’ll be glad he seduced her after all.

Da-ran is momentarily touched, then says glumly that she’s a lowly earthling: “Don’t drag me out into the universe. I’ll want to fall into a black hole and die.” He persists: “I’m going to keep seducing you. Be strong. Hold onto me.” And she’s resisting… why? You’ve already admitted you like him and moved on from the ex. I officially don’t get her.

Arriving home, he asks for his gift and she remembers the watch. He holds out his wrist so she can fasten the strap, which he equates to grabbing onto him (metaphorically, as in, I choo-choo-choose you). She doesn’t feel comfortable with the added meaning, but he refuses to accept the watch unless she fastens it for him. First the ring, now the watch; where would the Hong sisters be without symbolic jewelry?

Kyung-joon instructs her to take a good look at the watch. Pointing out the time (10:10), he says in a smooth, trance-inducing voice that every day at this time, she’ll think of him. Snap! “You’ve been hypnotized. Twice every day, when this watch hits this time, you’ll think of me. For the rest of your life.”

Mari arrives in time to catch the last exchange, and watches sadly as they bicker and joke. Kyung-joon heads off on an errand and Mari follows him to share her important news. She doesn’t want to be the reason for crushing his good mood, but he tells her to go ahead; he’s feeling so good he can stand to be let down a little.

Mari: “You like her that much?” Kyung-joon: “Yeah.”

Mari decides she doesn’t want to be the messenger and tells him she’ll have Da-ran tell him the bad news later.

That night, Da-ran dreams of the ticket sending her to the moon; she’s in a cartoonified landscape and thanks Kyung-joon for bringing her. Another scene has her in a submarine on the ocean floor (a reference to her other complaint, about wanting to throw herself into the ocean).

Okay, that’s sweet. Kyung-joon told her he’d essentially turn her lemons into lemonade, and here’s proof of that: the things she curses herself with have been turned into thoughtful gifts she’s thankful for.

Unconsciously, Da-ran’s arms spread out to form the 10:10 position on an imaginary clock.

In the morning, Da-ran finds the refrigerator stuffed with Vitamin Waters, their labels bearing the faces of Kyung-joon and Mari. I wonder what Dokko Jin would have to say about that. They’re Mari’s birthday gift; Kyung-joon notes that she can be single-minded once she’s latched on to an idea. Or a person.

Da-ran teases that he ought to feel pleased that a pretty girl is chasing after him, and he admits that Mari is “totally pretty.” And rich. That has her feeling a teeny bit insecure, especially when Kyung-joon says he’s sick of the bread she bought, which he’d liked until today. She notes, “Kids get sick of things quickly.” He calls her out for projecting her emotions onto the bread.

The thwarted lovers—Uncle and Vice Principal Kim—show up at the mandoo restaurant to make another go of their missed connections. Today Uncle’s wearing his old uniform to jog Mom’s memory, and it appears to do the trick, because Mom approaches with tearful eyes and reaches out to pat his hand… leaving a 1000 won bill inside. Ha, she thinks he’s a beggar. She clucks in dismay at his pathetic appearance and quietly asks him to leave, lest he disturb the clientele. This storyline’s going somewhere, right?

At school, Mari and Choong-shik notice that Da-ran’s missing her ring. Mari puts two and two together, reading the forgotten ring as a forgotten Yoon-jae, and insists on finding it right away.

They head back to the park/street where she dropped it last night, and Mari asks if she threw the ring away purposely. Da-ran hedges, saying she just forgot to retrieve it.

Mari also starts arranging for Da-ran to take over as the Bad News Messenger, and asks Da-ran to meet with Kyung-joon’s father.

At the hospital, Kyung-joon finds the Little Bear boy and wonders why he didn’t come to the playroom today. Little Bear tells him that Rabbit Girl is sicker and leads Kyung-joon to see her.

Kyung-joon flinches at the sight of bloodstains and excuses himself, unable to comply with the mother’s request to hold the girl’s hand. But he stops himself and returns with determination, taking Rabbit Girl’s hand. She squeezes tight.

Little Bear wonders why he’s scared—he’s a grown-up. Kyung-joon says that he’s not an adult, and besides, there are things adults can’t do—Little Bear will find out when he grows up. The boy just says matter-of-factly, “They say I won’t become a grown-up. Me and Ji-min [Rabbit] can’t live till we’re grown-ups.” Oof. That’s terrible.

Kyung-joon takes this in, then grabs Little Bear’s hand too. He declares, “You can too. You’ll grow into a big bear, and Rabbit will turn into a sexy rabbit. And Kang Kyung-joon will grow into an even more impressive person than Seo Yoon-jae. The three of us will keep growing.”

Da-ran sighs that it’s just as well that she lost the ring. It’s the easy way out—no ring, no need to explain why she has to return it to Yoon-jae—which is why she feels guilty when VP Kim admonishes, “You can’t do that! Find it and ask for forgiveness.” VP Kim’s actually addressing errant students, but Da-ran fidgets because the conversation applies to her.

Da-ran imagines herself as an errant student herself:

Da-ran: “I know, I’m dumb. I’m just going to say I lost the ring and not go to Kyung-joon either.”
VP Kim: “Do you want to go to K-K-J? If you do, find the ring, return it, and receive forgiveness properly.”
Da-ran: “I’m scared.”
VP Kim: “If you’re certain you want to go to him, be courageous.”
Da-ran: “How do I know if I’m certain or not?”
VP Kim: “Ten-ten. If that catches you, you’re certain.”

So Da-ran heads off making ten-ten arms, intending to find out whether she’s “caught” or not—aka, whether her feelings are on the hook. But strangely, everything reminds her of Kyung-joon. She hallucinates the wrong time on the clock—ten-ten, of course and imagines everybody walking by with their arms outstretched in clock positions. “My clock is set to ten-ten all day long!”

Kyung-joon has been waiting for ages at the bus stop for her, and asks the rhetorical question, “Do you know what time it is?!” She mumbles, “Ten-ten. My heart definitely wants to go to you.”

His smile is infectious. Da-ran decides, “I have to have courage. I have to start by finding the ring.”

She darts off to find the ring again, not seeing that Choong-shik is already there, also looking. (Aw. I love him.) Yet Choong-shik hears a very different conversation, as Kyung-joon asks about the forgiveness she wants to ask. Is that going to reverse everything? How can that happen when she’s already cheated, and already “crossed the uncrossable sea to KKJ last night”?

Da-ran admits, “Yesterday, I was just ashamed of being found out. If I want to keep going forward, I have to have courage and seek forgiveness.” Kyung-joon: “Then are you going to find the ring, dump Seo Yoon-jae, and go to KKJ?” Da-ran tells him forgiveness comes first. That’s something she needs to do, so she asks him to leave.

Choong-shik reacts in horror, bursting home in panic to tell his parents of this calamity. The Gil family’s eldest daughter has had an affair.

Mom smashes a watermelon with her bare fist. Dad’s worse—he beelines to the police station to arrest his own daughter of adultery. He literally has her locked up, telling her to reflect on her misdeeds.

Kyung-joon sees her being taken away in a cop car and heads to the station, where he faces Dad and says that Da-ran’s affair was caused by his own. Dad locks him up, too.

They sit in their cell together, sorta chuckling at the situation, which confuses Dad. The police officer tells Dad to let it go; he’ll let them out after they’ve had some time to reconcile.

Kyung-joon says it’s too bad they’re getting their new start in a jail cell, but she says it’s fine: “I have a hard time when I waffle and then the situation explodes”—YOU DON’T SAY—”but once it’s out, I’m good at withstanding the frightening things.” If they’re together, she tells him they’ll be seeing their share of ugly places on top of the pretty ones; it’s not all moon travels and roses.

Kyung-joon holds out his hand and she takes it. Adorably, he says, “Now even this place seems pretty.” She agrees, and they admires the cell, not so ugly anymore after all. Aww. Then she falls asleep on his shoulder, which he thoroughly enjoys.

Mari shows Choong-shik the replica ring she bought, thinking now Da-ran can reconcile with Yoon-jae. Except Choong-shik says that Da-ran wanted the ring so she could end the relationship. Mari protests that Da-ran can’t like anybody other than Yoon-jae—she promised!

The couple walk home together after being freed, and Da-ran muses that she’ll have to apologize to Yoon-jae first before going to Kyung-joon. She says Yoon-jae comes first, but he’s not offended since she’s speaking in terms of the right order of things. He agrees, adding, “But when I return to myself, hold my hand when I wake up. I’m scared too, about whether I’ll return safely.”

She promises. Kyung-joon teases a little, asking what she’ll do if he runs away while she’s off dealing with Yoon-jae. He throws her words back at her: “You know, kids change their minds easily.” He holds out his wrist, telling her to put the watch on so he can’t run.

She fastens the watch. He wonders what time it is, and she readily replies, “Ten-ten.” It isn’t, but she explains, “It was ten-ten all day for me.” Aww. He holds out his ten-ten arms, and she hugs him. Gah, so cute.

And around the corner, Stalker Mari cries.

Mom From Hell flips out when Dr. Seo tells her that Yoon-jae had a relapse recently. He was waiting till Kyung-joon woke up to tell her, but she yells, “Yoon-jae comes first!” Yeah, I think you made that clear.

Mari sets up the meeting between Da-ran and Kyung-joon’s father at Uncle’s restaurant. She asks if Da-ran will put the ring back on when she finds it, and Da-ran admits that she was the one to take it off. Mari deliberately ignores the implication and says, “So what if you took it off? You can just put it back on. I’ll find it so you can wear it again.”

To answer the question of how The Body can have relapsed without Kyung-joon knowing about it, a doctor friend asks if he’s had tests done lately. Is he ill? Kyung-joon replies that his father’s on top of the results, but the friend urges him to look at the tests himself.

So Kyung-joon speaks with a doctor and finds out that his body is ailing. The doctor assures him that his father’s working on the donor, so he’ll be fine.

Mom From Hell tells Se-young about Yoon-jae’s relapse from his unnamed illness, but figures it’s a simple matter of harvesting Kyung-joon for another transplant. Ugh, I hate you. Se-young protests that you can’t do that without the guardian’s consent, but Mom argues that they’re Kyung-joon’s parents, and Dr. Seo is meeting the legal guardian. Easy peasy. If you have no soul.

Se-young, to her credit, seems skeeved out but Mom presses, saying that all they need is Kyung-joon’s blood. She doesn’t even intend to tell her son about the identity of the donor, and asks for Se-young’s cooperation.

Thus Se-young prepares to do the not-quite-authorized blood collecting, against her better judgment. Um, I know Mom’s the devil, but shouldn’t you have some kind of medical ethics other than “The guardian will agree, I’m sure of it”? God, you people.

Yoon-jae’s illness revelation comes as a shock, and Kyung-joon thinks back to the clues, like the essay Yoon-jae wrote about the warm hand that reached out to him and saved his life.

Mari finds him to inform him that Da-ran is meeting somebody today. She’s cryptic about the bad news that’ll make him unhappy, telling him to hear it from Da-ran directly.

And then… Kyung-joon is hit with another brainwave of pain. Se-young hasn’t yet injected Little Kyung-joon’s body when it lurches in bed. She puts down the needle and checks on the body’s condition, and from the other end Kyung-joon has the hazy vision of Se-young and Mom hovering over his bed.

A few moments later, his spirit snaps back into the shell-body, leaving him wondering what he just saw. He beelines for his hospital room.

Se-young declares Little Kyung-joon’s condition stable again, but tells Mom she can’t go through with it—consent comes first. Phew, so she’s still got her soul. And also, DUH.

Kyung-joon steps inside the room just as Mom protests that this is for Yoon-jae’s sake—and it’s not even a big deal. All they need is a few shots and a little blood. What’s a little non-consent between friends?

Se-young says no, advising Mom to tell Yoon-jae everything first. She concedes that there’s no better donor than Kyung-joon, “because he has the same mother and father as Yoon-jae.” Uh-oh. Se-young continues, “But taking his blood like this, secretly like a thief, is not right.” Well, blow me away, I kinda want to golf-clap for the Bitter Other Woman.

She heads for the exit, stopping short: “Yoon-jae!”

Kyung-joon asks for explanation, and Mom confirms what we know: That they’re brothers, and that Kyung-joon was conceived to save Yoon-jae.

Mari also overhears this exchange from the door, because why mess with a perfect record? Far be it for her to miss ANY secret conversations in this episode.

Kyung-joon asks fiercely, “What were you about to do to that kid?” Se-young tells him to ask his mother. Even caught red-handed, Mom has no shame; she says he’s looking at her with colder, scarier eyes than the first time she told him the story, pre-amnesia. But, “I don’t care. If I can save you, it doesn’t matter. Because to me, Yoon-jae, you come first before anything else.”

Ooof. Terrible words to hear from the mother you just realized you had. He asks, “You’re Kang Kyung-joon’s mother?” She nods and says that after giving birth to Yoon-jae, she couldn’t have any more children. Hence the surrogate. She entreats him to think of curing himself first—”With this child, you can be saved.” Afterward, he can blame his parents all he wants. Why, thank you for that permission.

Kyung-joon walks away in shock.

Meanwhile, Da-ran sits with Uncle and rises expectantly when Dad’s arrival is noted. And… then father-in-law and daughter-in-law gape at each other, confused. Uncle confirms that this is Kyung-joon’s father.

At the house, Mari sits with a numb Kyung-joon, who wonders, “So you’re telling me my mother… isn’t my mother? Now I know why I was swapped with Seo Yoon-jae. The reason he was lying there waiting, not waking up… was so he could live.” Aww. When you put it that way, it sounds pretty fucked up. He wonders whether saving Yoon-jae, who saved him in the water, will swap them back: “It was a clear case of give and take.”

Mari suggests that after it’s all done, they can retreat to the States. But he says no, “I won’t go. Gil Da-ran will stay with me. I’m going to ignore everything—they’re people who don’t matter to me anyway. If my blood can save us, I’ll just pretend not to know and end it all.” Oh no, are you thinking to stay stuck in this body forever?

Mari challenges him—he’s wrong, and Da-ran already knows. She went to meet his father today. She explains wanting to tell him herself, but she decided to let Da-ran break the bad news per his wishes.

Da-ran sits with Dr. Seo, who explains that he drew the Miracle picture for his sons. He wanted to wait to tell Yoon-jae the truth, because if he knew, he might refuse his surgery.

But the trouble is, they’re running out of time. He asks Da-ran to persuade Yoon-jae to agree to the surgery. Eeeek. Rock and Hard Place, say hello. Shake hands. Get to know each other.

Mari feeds Kyung-joon just enough truth mixed with falsities to rattle his confidence. He argues that Da-ran wouldn’t pretend not to know the truth, but Mari counters that she would if she was doing it all for Yoon-jae: “Because to her, Seo Yoon-jae’s more important.” Kyung-joon, tearing up, denies it—Mari’s lying.

Kyung-joon heads straight to see his parents, and asks if Da-ran was here. Mom thinks this is a sign of his turnaround and smiles, “So she must have convinced you.” Augh.

When Da-ran comes home, Mari confirms that she knows about Yoon-jae being sick.

Mari: “Kyung-joon knows everything. This is all your fault. Seo Yoon-jae being sick and Kyung-joon being sad, that’s all because of you. Kyung-joon says he’s going to ignore it because those people don’t matter. That he’ll just stay with you. So he’s going to ignore Seo Yoon-jae too. This is all because of you. You broke your promise to never, ever like him, and things ended up like this. If Kyung-joon saves Seo Yoon-jae, everything will return to its place. For that to happen, you have to cut Kyung-joon free.”

Mari hands her the ring and asks her to keep her promise to only like Yoon-jae. Da-ran stutters that she can’t do that now, but Mari bursts out, “Then pretend! If you try to be greedy and stay with Kyung-joon, Kyung-joon and Seo Yoon-jae will both die.”

Showing her steel, Mari says, “I can lie if it’s for Kyung-joon’s sake. Teacher, you lie too. Please, tell Kyung-joon to return to himself.”

Da-ran contemplates her dilemma in tears, but she’s calm by the time Kyung-joon finally comes home. He asks, heart in his throat, “Did you really know everything?” She answers yeah.

He asks why she pretended not to know, asking in part-hope, “It’s because you’re worried about me, isn’t it? I’m so angry and afraid. Gil Da-ran, hold my hand.”

He reaches out and puts his hand on hers. She places one on top of that, but it’s not to hold it—it’s to push him away. And adding insult to injury, it’s the hand that wears Yoon-jae’s ring.

Da-ran: “I can’t hold your hand right now. Yoon-jae comes first. I’m going to hold onto Yoon-jae again. Ten-ten has past, and the wind around me has stopped. Kyung-joon-ah, save Yoon-jae. And go back.”

Augh, those eyes. Kyung-joon says, “If that’s what you want.”


On the upside, all the secrets are out, and everyone knows everything. Hurrah for that!

If the Hong sisters learned something from My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, it’s that relationship angst doesn’t get any better (in terms of motivation) than true life-or-death stakes, which they then also applied to Best Love. When your big obstacle is a Meddling Other, or a Disapproving Parent, the conflict can only go so far before the audience is scoffing, “So what? Just be together already.” When it’s death, however, you really can’t argue with the stakes. They’re big, and finite. If being together means one of you dies, then the show has effectively created a solid rationale for the angst, and upped the ante.

On the downside, I sort of hate that in order for this conflict to work, everybody has become kind of hateful. Right now I pretty much hate everybody in the Seo family, which irrationally includes Yoon-jae (for seeming weak and easily manipulated) even though I know he was purposely kept from the truth and was probably trying to do the right thing. But since we never got to know him outside of flashbacks from other people’s POVs, I’m not all that inclined to cut him slack, especially when he’s the object of such creepy-fierce maternal affection. And when that maternal affection is basically the root of all evil.

Seriously, what is WITH Mom? I understand that we need that antagonistic force propelling the conflict, but one of these days I’m going to have to write a treatise on the Hong sisters’ terrible depictions of motherhood and how it unfortunately tends to undermine all the awesome and kickass heroines they’ve created over the years. In every drama, you’ve got either an absentee or outright terrible mother (Delightful Girl Chun-hyang flighty, My Girl absent, You’re Beautiful godawful, Gumiho absent…). In this drama, there’s no explanation for the horribleness other than that this particular character is a horrible excuse for a human being. It’s so irritating. Give us characterization, psyche, explanation. It’s the same problem with Da-ran; painted only on the surface, with little driving her under the topmost layer.

I feared for Kyung-joon’s reaction to the news, and on one hand I think he took it much better than I worried… but instead he’s poured all of his hope into one person, and that one person is playing noble eejit at the moment. Again, thanks to the life-death setup we can’t blame her for urging him to have the surgery and swap back, but it effectively isolates Kyung-joon and gives him little choice. I suppose he could reject her request anyway, but what would be the point when she’s threatening to remove herself from his life anyway? So he readily agrees, because she asked him. We know it’s really to save his life, but it feels like a betrayal.

I did briefly wonder why they can’t just do the operation and resume the romance post-swap, but I can see where the very act of complying with the Seo family is symbolic. He doesn’t want to help them, he doesn’t want to be their key to happiness and survival, because they don’t deserve that of him. So if he’s going to do it, he’s going to have to understand that he’s putting aside his objections to help them, even though it also means he’s helping himself too.

All that heaviness aside, I did find the clock metaphor really cute, if obvious. It’s not a new idea, but it’s a sweet way of visualizing one of those universal truths about being in love and seeing your beloved in everything. It’s just in this case, your beloved is an extended metaphor. That it happens to form the perfect position for enthusiastic bear-hugging is just an added bonus.


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      This is pretty much exactly what I said. Gong Yoo and Kyng Joon are awesome everyone else just rotten.

      • 6.1.1 Brittni

        Gong Yoo is AMAZING he is the reason I stuck with the show god that man can emote. *whew* anyway haha Honestly I can’t stand most of the characters just so messed up but I have to amit I do cut Ma ri some slack. She is just a kid and a spoiled one at that.I get the feeling she was a girl that was never told no. where as the adults should know better. Ma ri is still in that stage where she is head over heels in love and add guilt on top of that and she is waaaayy over her head. I mean where have her parents been this whole time? Shes pretty much been doing it all alone. I get the feeling all she has is Kyung joon. and the fact that shes losing him is( in her mind) killing her. I honestly believe she THINKS shes doing whats best for him even if she is being selfish.And just because Ma ri asked Da ran to do something doesn’t mean Da ran has to do it. I know normally I wouldn’t be so forgiving but I just feel for her. I think out of everyone she really does think about what is in his best interest even if her ideas are wrong. But its just my opinion.

        • Rashell

          Ma Ri did get some sympathy based on her age and what I feel is her real love for Kyung Joon. But she crossed the line this episode in not doing something for the sake of Kyung Joon but more for the sake of herself. She put her feelings and her wants above what he wanted and needed. She broke his heart to save hers. This time I don’t think she’s thinking about his best interest. She’s thinking about what SHE wants. And she’s old enough to know what she’s done. So she lost my sympathy.

          • Haha

            Mari is so annoying….but I love her….Maybe at some point she’s the complete opposite of Daran…while Daran is all confuse, hesitant and lost..Mari is the overdrive, straightforward and keen to her goals to the point of being an eyesore…Both female leads are extreme annoyance in the show…to be heck!

            BTW,…. I LOVE SUZY’S OST!!!! Damn she can sing so well!!!

          • JustJen

            Not only is she old enough, but a few episodes she was crying about how her lies caused someone to die, so she’s already had a ‘grown up’ lesson about meddling and lying.

            More than anything, I think this episode tipped Mari’s character from being someone crazy loyal, to being crazy selfish and cruel- which is a shame because I really liked her up until now. It’s exactly that- she’s only thinking about what she wants, which calls into question her absolute loyalty from previous episodes. Basically, now we can all assume she’s only willing to think of his well being if it also suits her? That is truly gross. I don’t know if she really needed to be demonised like this, I think it’s such a shame Kyung Joon is effectively losing the one person who has always been there for him.

          • alua

            I agree. Kyung Joon was reeling with the bombshell that the only mother he ever had was not his mother, and that instead the evil witch is his (bio) mom instead. Mari’s response? “Come to America with me.” Not even a fraction of a second of “How do you feel now” but “Me Me Me Me Me”.

            Not that Da Ran was much better at the end of the episode, flip-flopping with her loyalties. Although I thought it was out of character for the Hong sisters to write her as “pretending” about knowing. Da Ran and pretending? Kyung Joon should know her better than to believe that.

          • IBELIS

            I think yea MR partially did what she did because of her feelings for KJ but she also did it for him. She is the only one who seemed to realize that it’s KJ that needs saving not YJ. Because KJ is the one in the sick body and who’s life is in danger. If he doesn’t allow for the transfusion he will die in YJ’s body.

    • 6.2 jomo

      Yep yep yep

    • 6.3 meecheellee

      Yep. Took the words outta my mouth.

      Punch List:
      1) Mother with no heart. Absolutely no heart at all. Funny, you have a doctor for a son, maybe he could teach you about that. Then again, you’d probably need more of a… psychiatrist? Yea. Anyways.
      2) Mari. Queen of the queen of the queen of then queen of the queen of stalkers. Times googleplex. Then times that by a googleplex of googleplexes. And you’ve got Mari.
      3) Coward of a Dad. Dude. What the bloody hell were you thinking when you proposed to that witch, huh? Well, they say love is blind. But then again, they say there’s love at first sight. What has this world come to?
      4) Mari. Yeah. You see, “stalker” and “annoying” come in a package, yes?
      5) Gil Teacher, who I have lost all hope in figuring out. Woman. Get. A. Fucking. Grip. On. Your. Feelings. You are so confusing. Maybe you need a psychiatrist too? Nah, I think you would give him/her a fucking headache. (Excuse my language.)

      • 6.3.1 s

        agree with number 3! Gil teacher is the one who i want to kick

    • 6.4 Gom

      Lol. Right before watching the episode, I was actually thinking that Mari should just end up with KKJ. Because all throughout, it was her who stuck with KKJ’s side– body and soul. She never wavered. She was certain of her feelings and she has been fighting for him without harming KKJ and/or Da Ran. But this episode totally ruined her for me. All the character development she had, especially that lesson she learned on honesty, went down the drain.

      And I can’t accept her reasoning that he wants KKJ to be saved. Because we know that she practically maneuvered the situation just so KKJ thinks bad of DR. And that’s not for KKJ, that’s for her.

      It’s sad that adult and children alike, all the characters seem to have been bereft of reasoning. Sigh.

  7. jomo


  8. Kim Yoonmi

    Will be back after watching.

    • 8.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Mari, in the episode gained some character development points, though probably it got swept under the radar for most in the event of the “Big family secret” model that happened.

      I realized as she watched Kyung Joon that she is probably the only person in his life that hasn’t used him. She’s given him unconditional love, even if a little manic side. She doesn’t expect much back from him. She’s the one that fought for him and protected him. His own mother didn’t really love him. And the surrogate mother while she gave love, it was conditional. she was there to keep him “safe”.

      Mari is the only one in KKJ’s life that likes him genuinely as a person and probably abated both of their loneliness.

      She’s rich, but incredibly lonely as this episode highlighted and the focus of that loneliness has been KKJ all this time.

      On one hand she kicked some serious adult butt in this episode, but on the other, her morals are still justified like a little kid. In some ways she resembles YJ’s mother. But then I kind of revel in character gray.

      Hong Sisters need to do a better job on mothers. At least one of the two is one. They have a mother, though they only talked about their father…

      Big (KBS2, 2012) ★
      Horrible mother. The first really virtuous mother (DR’s), but she’s a little dull.

      The Greatest Love (MBC, 2011) ★
      Dead mother on both sides…

      My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (SBS, 2010) ★
      Absent mothers. Pseudo mother, but she came in at the end.

      You’re Beautiful (SBS, 2009) ★
      Second to most horrible mother. I suspect TK’s mother was somewhere in DSM IV NPD. Other parents were absent. There was a pseudo mother in there too.

      Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2008) ★
      Absent mother, cold father.

      Couple of Fantasy (MBC, 2006) ★
      Absent mother, though the main character did eventually become a mother figure.

      My Girl (SBS, 2005) ★
      Absent mother. Also a bit horrible mother on the other end.

      Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS2, 2005)
      Mother wasn’t so bad. A bit controlling, but not as bad. Other mother was absent.

      The whole clock thing is a definite Hong Sisters TM. (For those who want to convince themselves that the Hong Sisters aren’t writing) This episode also gave me a few good laughs. It’s not original, but the way it was written with the metaphors is a common Hong Sisters thing they’ve been doing since Choon Hyang. I give a thumbs up to that. I wondered if they would get to it.

      There were a lot of undercurrents in this episode… beyond the big stuff… but not sure if anyone caught them… The throw away line of “saving YJ’s father” by YJ’s mother caught me off guard. Shouldn’t it be just saving YJ? But then Hong Sisters always throw out red herrings and sometimes throw in lines just in case there is an extension.

      Still, excellent acting and I think I’ll crack in the next episode since from the preview Gong Yoo’s acting seems to shoot up by degrees. Can’t KKJ just stay in YJ’s body?

      • 8.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Oh and I do give YJ slack since I think the words to DR and his hesitation was that he knew he was dying again. He probably found out he was dying. And the reason he went to see KKJ was to say sorry, etc.

        This is due to the line that YJ’s mother said where he looked horrified the first time.

        This in terms of keeping track of the plot would make the most sense to me, because he could have just gotten out, but he turned back to save KKJ. If he knew he was going to die anyway and his disease was coming back, then he probably wanted to save the child with a better death.

        Despite that I want KKJ to stay in YJ’s body on some weird theory that they had already switched once when the first donation happened–something like that. It would be a twist on the Big ending and body switches. But I’m going to probably be shriveled in a ball later when my wish doesn’t come true.

      • 8.1.2 Shukmeister

        @ Kim Yoomi

        “…I realized as she watched Kyung Joon that she is probably the only person in his life that hasn’t used him…”

        I have to take big-time exception to that statement (pardon the pun).

        How much harder could she kick him by knocking out of his life the one person that lonely, sweet kid had in his corner?? Ma Ri IS using him, projecting her own wants and needs and trampling over what would make him happy and what would be in his best interests.

        Selfish selfish girl.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          From a character POV, Mari has been the only one in his corner, regardless of his blood type, organs, or safekeeping abilities. He was there to comfort away her loneliness and she’s been an advocate for him from the start. Gil Teacher is an interloper. She just popped up one day and KKJ latched onto her.

          She’s up to this point thought that it wasn’t serious. It looks like a school crush that will go away from her POV and if you track the scenes she’s been, from her POV, KKJ told her it was true.

          I also think from Mari’s POV she sees that Gil Teacher is using KKJ, right or wrong as that could be. She said at their wedding that she took it a KKJ marrying her. (Deluded and manic, yes, but that shows her faith that he will return to his body and to her) After all, she’s not very clear where the teacher stands with KKJ. GDR only figured it out recently and didn’t exactly tell anyone. She’s been telling Mari the opposite. (Thus Mari crying makes sense when she figures out they are serious.) KKJ, in turn, didn’t specifically tell Mari. Mari keeps repeating the words that it is temporary–because he’s had other girls before, but still kept her as a friend. GDR up to the point where she was crying from eavesdropping has been a placeholder. A temporary measure.

          Later in the episode, Mari figures it out and is crushed. I think at this point if you add up the character scenes and dialogue off of Mari alone, she thinks that everything will turn to normal once KKJ is in his own body–that the magic will break. Everything she’s done shows she wants the spell to reverse more than any of the other characters. The faster, in her mind, the less GDR has hold over him and will stop using him. Her want reads stronger than GDR and KKJ’s want combined.

          What the viewer knows v. what the character knows in this case is coloring your judgment of her. However, from an internal character POV, she works better than YJ’s mother in terms of internal motivation. This episode highlighted those points and developed her character further. The internal logic for her character and character POV worked out well and had some pay off in this episode. Likable or not.

          And GDR did use KKJ in the beginning. For YJ’s face. Even suggested marriage at first and asked him to go along with it.

          Of course, I’m taking it from a cold and calculating eye rather than that of the viewer. I’m deleting viewer knowledge in order to assess her character. I’m celebrating that she’s not so shallow anymore, even if it’s only two or three strokes added to the character, it’s enough to flesh out her motivations just enough for me to finally buy her character. (YJ’s mother needs some of that.)

          I should note that Mari’s character does have a parallel in the original Big movie and the main character struggles with liking her before the age switch.

          I’m also pretty good at tracking internal character logic when given… want another round?

          • oren-ji

            That’s really a nice observation of Mari’s character. Mari can be so annoying but i just can’t hate her.Maybe because i’m not too invested with Daran,so i don’t see Mari as a threat to her and Kyungjoon.I’m so frustrated they didn’t show much about Mari’s background story.I hope Mari can redeem herself at the end.She’s still so young too ruined her future for a guy who doesn’t love her.

          • JoAnne

            Last night, had I run into Suzy on the street, my rage at Ma Ri would have made it difficult not to attack her even though I kept telling myself 1) It’s not real. 2) The character is 19 and unused to things not working out the way she wants – and she has genuinely cared for KKJ’s best interests through more than a year of coma.

            I actually had to take an antacid, I was so angry.

            This morning. Well…I’m with Kim Yoonmi’s assessment of character motivation. Dammit. And in a twisted way, I even understand that while it LOOKS like GDR is abandoning him – she’s really trying to do the right thing for both YJ and KKJ, and her love for KKJ isn’t wavering.

            But still – it was extremely difficult to watch KKJ’s emotions play over Gong Yoo’s face last night. He is so good.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            The background story on Mari is indicated through several smaller lines. I guess the pacing on Hong Sisters dramas didn’t effect the viewer ability to pick up small character facts.

            1. Mari is rich.
            As said in this episode. You can go around in a *helicopter* in 15 minutes. Meaning her father owns one. She owns designer bags, etc.

            2. Mari is persistent and very protective.
            Said directly and shown directly several times.

            3. Mari is pretty lonely.
            This one is more subtle, but I think I picked up most of this when she was scheming with Shin’s KKJ to not have her father meet up with his mother. There were flashes of selfishness, but also of loneliness in those statements. She doesn’t seem to *have* any other friends and doesn’t seem to count Choon Shik TT. She can network, yes, but she doesn’t seem close to anyone else.

            4. Mari’s father tends to listen to her (Absent mother. Probably dead. *cough*) But doesn’t seem to really heed her wishes.
            So in another words an ignored rich girl. He gives her free reign, but in the same way she seems very much like KKJ. He ignores her, gives her money, but like KKJ, doesn’t give her love.

            5. Despite how she looks she takes things personally when things go wrong.
            She’s been with KKJ, so when things go wrong with him, she takes it personally. It’s a little codependent on her end, but at the same time I think this is the thing that despite her craziness, you can’t quite hate the character. It’s her sensitivity and ability to get things done that’s both endearing and hateful.

            6. She’s intelligent….
            She figured out the switch in prompt order before SY did. I like this about her character. Makes a good foil for DR.

            So adding that together, you get a pretty good character background. Her father is rich beyond belief in the black hole called America, and she’s often left alone in a huge mansion, given money rather than love. She found KKJ and through their mutual loneliness has latched onto him. KKJ’s surrogate mom and Mari’s dad fell in love. Mari’s father was supposed to propose but Mari wanted KKJ to eventually marry her, so she wanted to stop the wedding. When she stopped the wedding, in her view KKJ’s mom died because of her (See took KKJ’s hurt personally). She’s manic and persistent, but felt very guilty. She kept her distance for a while, but then chased after him. At which point we meet her in the show. That’s a pretty full character background for a second lead. (It’s more full that SY’s background, which needs work. A few things don’t add up in SY’s character I need a good character background for.)

            You have to keep sharp. Hong sisters are odd like that, they’ll do huge bits of bluntness and then throw in some subtle stuff under the radar and then you have to pause and think about it. They did that in Hong Gil Dong in such a way that people got confused… and I had to retrack the plot points for them to get it. Tricky, these sisters.

            I heard that the real Suzy is sweet. Also from the NG reels, she seems patient, and has a wicked sense of humor, though understated…. I think she’s doing a pretty good job on a difficult character. (Also in handling Gong Yoo’s NGs.)

          • JoAnne

            @YoonMi re: Suzy – oh, I love her, generally speaking. She won my heart with her endearingly blocky performance in Dream High, and I am pleased to see that her acting has improved tremendously here. I only see wooden-ness when it serves the character, in other words. It’s actually a testament to Suzy that I could swing from being fond of Ma Ri to hating her her intensely, even if only for an evening. My take on Suzy is that she gets the joke, in every sense of the word, and she’s willing to make fun of herself. I like that in a person.

          • Moriaelini

            See, I just cannot like Mari at all. She is SELFISH, SELFISH, SELFISH. She cares not one whit what KKJ really wants and only wants him for herself. All this so-called care and love she claims to have for him is just her masked obsession with him. As much as I wanted to punch Se Young, at least she has done some things to make me think she’s not a total piece of trash. Mari on the other hand, just needs to GTFO.

            Da Ran annoys me too though. Her sheer stupidity and wishy-washyness is beyond frustrating. Do not even get me started on KKJ & YJ’s parents…WOOOOW. Mom is quite possibly the most evil character I have seen in a drama. KKJ is her SON, ffs! Not just the son of her husband and his mistress, but her actual flesh and blood. What the hell is wrong with her that she doesn’t care a bit for him. SO disgusting. And dad is so milquetoast weak and pathetic I want to vomit.

            Were it not for the awesomeness that is Gong Yoo, I would have given up on this poopshow ages ago. Shin Won Ho comes in a close second for me too and he barely has any lines. Him lying in that hospital bed is so much better than half of the characters in this.

      • 8.1.3 arielifeoma

        I feel you and javabeans on the horrible mother characterization. However, for me, it’s not even that the mothers are horrible, it’s that they have little depth. The one thing that I absolutely loved in Shining Inheritance was the characterization of the mother and daughter. I truly understood, even while I disliked, what made the villains in that story tick.

      • 8.1.4 meecheellee

        Yep. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve loved almost all of their dramas… and I’ve always had confidence in most of them. Except for this one. They have some strong actors and really good plot points here and there, but something’s just missing in a few characters to give this drama “umph”!

        Some good actor/character developments:
        KKJ- From little kid man to little man kid. Niceeee
        Mari- You finally can realize how genuine her concern towards KKJ is. I mean, before, I only thought: crazy stalker But now, it’s like: aww, she’s so true to him and it’s unrequited…

        Bad. Bad. Badbadbadbadbad. B-A-D. B. AAAAA. D.:
        SYJ’s Mother. Mother of $#@$%. Oh. My. @#*$#%&. Okay- *takes a deeeeep breath* I mean, sure all mothers love their children, and “there’s nothing stronger than a mother’s love”, but WHAT. THE. HECK. Yah, witch, if you were my mother, I would probably disown you. That’s right, I said it. Gahhh. She’s so evil towards anyone else but Yoon Jae, and will do anything to save him. She shows absolutely zero consideration/concern for anyone else. (1) She talks about Kyung Joon like he’s some sort of… thing that inconveniences her life. She treats him like a nonexistent person with a body that includes spare organs to donate personally for her son. And the thing is, there’s no really specific drive for her over-evilness for her son. MY parents wouldn’t do that. Sheesh woman. Please go to a lunatic asylum. Please. Or go to an orphanage. And see how many children don’t have parents. Or… just go see a therapist.
        Gil DaRan- Omo. Really, teacher? Really? OMO. GAH. ARJGLFJKLSDJFDFADHFFUENCISSKDJASKD. You’re so frustrating. You have this… air of blissful ignorance sometimes and then… this bubble of confusion… next you make a “firm” decision… except 15 minutes later it’s not firm anymore… I. GIFF. UP.
        Practically the only thing I’m clinging onto right now in this drama is The Cute. Otherwise, I’m just sorta lost.
        Yeah. Can’t KKJ just stay in YJ’s body? Wait. No. But I wanna see more of Shin WonHo. Gah. ARHBLEHFGHELFG. Have a good day, anyways.

      • 8.1.5 asianromance

        Was Dokko Jin’s mother dead in Greatest Love? I enjoyed the drama, but what really bugged me about it was that we didn’t know anything about Dokko’s Jin’s family or what happened to them or maybe I had missed it. The dude seemed to have sprung out from an egg or something.

        yeah ditto on the mother thing. Maybe they will watch a SETTV rom-com taiwan drama and be influenced to do a warm mother-daughter relationship. Or just a warm parent-child relationship would be nice. I really liked Chun-hyang’s father-daughter relationship with Mong-ryong’s dad.


    I hate Mari for lying. She made it seems as though Da-ran had known about everything for a long time, but Da-ran has only known for probably less than an hour. Ugh. But Da-ran does take some of the blame for being played around by Mari and not clarifying.

  10. 10 Rashell

    I just hate everyone but Gong Yoo’s Kyung Joon. My heart just breaks for him. I know why Da Ran is doing what she’s doing, but it’s taking the little bit of hope that sweet boy had left. I just feel like except for this kid most of the people in this drama are kind of awful; even Da Ran. She’s been so focused on herself that she has NEVER really put him first. And when she finally does, she immediately takes it back. Yeah, I get that it’s to save him, but for God’s sake just tell him the whole truth and let him make up his own damn mind!!!

    • 10.1 enz

      i agree with you completely on this, esp right now. although i am now convinced that kyungjoon has issues to love someone like da ran – i can understand the circumstance leading to it but still to continue loving someone who is so incapable of anything very much at all, it seems, points to someoen with ISSUES.

      hae not liked da ran from the start – didnt hate her – but only accepted that kj wants her in his life to be happy. and all this show has done is to have made me invested in kj’s happiness, via gong yoo’s awesome acting.

      honestly, why couldnt he have fallen for someone more deserving la???!!!

    • 10.2 JustJen

      Yup. THIS. It’s also because he’s really the only fleshed out character. This is what happens when everyone else is simply a cardboard cut- they just swing back and forth according to what the plot demands, and poor Gong Yoo is left to carry the entire drama by himself.

      • 10.2.1 JoAnne

        Fortunately for us, Gong Yoo is a boss.

  11. 11 seovero

    Again… i hate this feeling! Why that I always have this feeling that at the end there would be only one body and one soul left? Would you think the Hong sisters would make both of YJ and KJ to live, let DR and KJ be together and YJ’s like pursuing his dream ouuuuuttt of the way, eermmm like becoming a doctor without border thing? LOL… Just sayinggg… BTW, thanks for the recap!

  12. 12 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  13. 13 Booboo

    The kiss and the hug makes my day however I really really feel bad for KJ aww the end is so heart breaking Gong Yoo is awesome its like KJ feels all the people around him betray him and the one person who wud help him stay together dump him my heart is aching hopefully next episode will get some love

  14. 14 Brittni

    OK I have to admit I DO like this episode. I really like that in order to switch back kyung joon would have to save Young Jaes life which makes sense since Young Jae saved him in the water. I guess this episode made up for the delayed switch. Usual I don’t like the noble idiot role but I TOTALLY understand why she’s doing it,This is literally life or death. I think the stakes just got raised and I like it. Congrats Hong sisters you trapped me again. Now I’m excited to see the next episode. The relationship is going to be that much better because now if Da ran wants him back after the switch she will really have to prove how much she wants him and not young jae where before it was reversed. Can’t wait 🙂

  15. 15 Joo

    I really feel like slapping Yoon-jae’s mother and Mari.

  16. 16 panshel

    *sigh* Their love story is so trying to watch. >_< Whether they're happy or sad, I feel nothing. If they want me to buy this relationship, let's see how Da Ran reacts when Little Kyung Joon is standing in front of her. Wake him up already.

    I was briefly excited when Mari was the first to discover the secret, but then in the course of ten minutes, everybody found out. Noble idiocy, here it comes. -_-

  17. 17 cruthy333

    This drama, really. I’m not sure why I’m still watching since the only main character I like is Kyung-joon and I just get to watch him suffer.
    I swear, if they kill anyone in the next three episodes I’m going to punch something. I didn’t sign up for this! All of the parts of the premise that I was most looking forward to never happened, and now it’s gone all makjang. The last episode better have some epic cuteness!!!

    • 17.1 klinc

      Couldn’t agree more. Though to be fair – I was on board with this episode up until the “you have to be a crazy asshole in order to save his life” twist at the end. Seriously. This makes no sense.

      I get that the Hong sisters needed some last minute dram for the last two episodes, but they could have probably gotten it just using the shared parent weirdness (and maybe some thrown in scary medical concerns). DaRan pretending she doesn’t love KKJ is too much torture piled onto the 12 previous episodes of flip flopping.

  18. 18 Booboo

    I definitely think that theres two body and only KJ soul coz whenwver he swap theres no YJ soul so Iam curious whos body is going to live?i think YJ soul died already at the 1st episode Feel gloomy that nxt week is the final will never see them act again together so sad there chemistry is so solid I think much much more the the Coffe Prince is it just me or my wishful heart wants them for real

  19. 19 wanderlust

    JB, I get that Da ran isn’t a really fleshed out character and not that likable to boot, but looking at the surface, it’s still easy to get why she’d STILL be hestitant despite admitting her feelings for Kyung Joon with the whole fake marriage to fiancée whose soul is in 19 year old body of your current love. And no matter what, he IS still 19 and her student to boot, so even if they were in their own bodies without the whole body swap life and death medical problemos, it’d still be hard for her to come to terms with due to the age difference and ethical schooly reasons. So yeah surprised that you can’t understand her on at least that level.

    I think they should seriously swap back super soon and start working everything out, no last minute stuff please. Agree with jb though, the only character I love is Choong Sik slash Baek Sung Hyun because he so damn adorable and has lovely comic timing. Being my ideal type and perfect oppa to rival lee sang woo from stairway to heaven doesn’t hurt 🙂

    • 19.1 JD

      Agreed!! People make it seem as if dating a 19 yr old when you’re a grown twenty-something year old women is so easy!

      • 19.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        26, if I’m keeping track.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Actually Korean age 27, since she starts at 26, according to the KOREAN chart. (See drama wiki)

  20. 20 Iranian Espresso

    I’v been waited for this. Thank you for the recap, dear Javabeans.
    Gong Yoo is amazing. His eyes, his acting skills,Oh my God! amazing! Perfect!
    Lee Min Jung is also a very very good and talented actress. Wow!

  21. 21 anythingforyou

    I LURVE LOVE THE OST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. 22 jomo

    Thanks for the recap
    I am angry at everyone and thing

    I don’t understand AT ALL AT ALL AT ALLLLLL
    why DR doesn’t take KJ by the hand lovingly, tenderly and say: “My one and only, we can get through this confusion together. Your parents are effed the F up, and this situation is nutso, but we cannot be sure of anything right now.
    On the outside hope that you allowing your blood to help the YJ shell will switch you back, let’s do it.
    I will NEVER let go of you whatever body you are in.
    We will deal with YJ if and when he comes back, but you are NOT alone. I AM HERE as you have been for me.
    You are precious to me as you were to your mother, who may not have your DNA, but she carried, birthed and treasured you. Don’t EVER forget that.”

    Anything less would be criminal.

    • 22.1 Rashell

      THIS is what I’m saying. There is no need to push him away. TALK TO HIM!!! Lay it all out there honestly and together make a decision about what to do. Or at least give him all the facts and let him make up his own damn mind!! Nothing I hate more then the noble idiocy and when it’s completely unnessary it drives me batty!

      • 22.1.1 shl

        Agree with both of you.

        What law dictates that Da-ran cannot tell Kyung-joon she loves him/ cares for him, and that she thinks carrying out the operation would be the best for him (and Yoon-jae as well)? Why insist she’s putting Yoon-jae first and wants to go back to him?

        Kyung-joon has proven himself to be fairly mature (more so than she), and surely he will be able to face facts, understand them, and make a rational decision?

      • 22.1.2 SillyRnti

        I’m over here swaying in the “Preach the truth” choir. Seriously, for all of DR’s speeches about being there for KKJ she just’s only managed to live up to the “physically being there” part. She really hasn’t been there for him emotionally.

        Gong Yoo is carrying this whole drama on his own well muscled shoulders. I didn’t feel any emotion from MR or DR but, like JavaBeans says, those red rimmed eyes holding back tears are killing me.

        • Gom

          Technically, she’s never been there for KKJ physically either. Time and again, KKJ in YJ’s body would go through painful almost-switchings. But has she ever been to KKJ’s hospital bed? Never. Has she tried to check on that body, perhaps it’s starting to decompose or something? Never.

          I only remember her going to that hospital room once or twice in the entire drama run, and that’s only because she thinks YJ is in his KKJ’s body (holding KKJ’s hand to check for YJ’s warmth and when she put on the socks).

          • colors

            Well, you could argue that it’s hard to hold the hand of someone when you already see and talk “his soul” everyday. Actually, it rathers proves that she isn’t in love with Yoo Jae anymore.
            She did go once because of the swapping back feeling that Kyung Joo had. But honestly, it’s a bit messed up: she barely knows Kyung Joo, or so people think so it’d be strange for her to often go there. Besides everytime she went to the hospital she had to see the one woman she didn’t want to see.

      • 22.1.3 alua

        They never talk to one another in k-dramas. It’s one of the things I absolutely hate – it’s so unrealistic.

        I’m not talking hours of conversation, but sometimes it’s a single sentence that would do – 99% of misunderstandings in k-dramas just feel so fake. Including this one. I get what it will do dramatically (we can have an episode or more of DR and KJ suffering in their love for one another but pretending not to want to be together), but it still makes no sense and isn’t compelling at all therefore.

    • 22.2 eslene

      Its obvious because daran thought that she fall for real kj, but its actually not,.she fall for kj IN YJ SHELL,how can it be real
      I knew it all along..the pairing is not convincing..i wish i knew if she really end up with kj so i can ditch the show even from the start…
      Everyone love GY so every week we re crossing our fingers for somethg good..if not better..

    • 22.3 YY

      BHAMWHAMSLAM I just punched Da Ran so hard her front teeth landed on her dopey eyes….annoying annoying annoying….

      • 22.3.1 enz

        thank you for doing that – i cant stand her dopey eyes too – can you punch that as well?

    • 22.4 oren-ji

      OMG This so much.I just can’t with Daran. Why is she so easy to believe and follow what other people said.Can’t she think on her own?She’s an adult and a teacher for god sake.I just don’t get it.

    • 22.5 JustJen

      Yeah seriously, it does make her look really really bad, as a person and a character, rather than making her look ‘noble’.

    • 22.6 Kim Yoonmi

      “My one and only, we can get through this confusion together. ”
      – DR is one confused character to begin with. She has shown a lot of lack of confidence and inability to figure out her individuality. She’s not going to say this. She just figured out her feelings and she’s floundering at best.

      “Your parents are effed the F up, and this situation is nutso, but we cannot be sure of anything right now.”
      – In Korea? Are you serious? Crap is blamed on the child instead of the parent all the time. See history of adoption. See Confucian guilt trip.

      “On the outside hope that you allowing your blood to help the YJ shell will switch you back, let’s do it.”
      – I think she’s also unsure *still* if she loves KKJ or KKJ in YJ’s shell. It’s finite, but the only one moving the plot forward at this point is Mari. Both KKJ and DR stopped trying to switch him back, so Mari is the only character actively trying to switch him back.

      She’s pretty insecure as a character. Mari is a good foil for her. (Better than SY who has kinda become useless at this point.)

      “I will NEVER let go of you whatever body you are in.”
      – She doesn’t know this at this point.

      “We will deal with YJ if and when he comes back, but you are NOT alone. I AM HERE as you have been for me.”
      – This sounds too motherly and KKJ would object to the statement. This is more like a Mari statement. Mari has liked KKJ regardless and steadfast.

      “You are precious to me as you were to your mother, who may not have your DNA, but she carried, birthed and treasured you. Don’t EVER forget that.”
      Ah, sounds more like the obligation line. But has too much conviction for it to be DR. Also, she doesn’t know that. If you add things up, KKJ’s surrogate mother could look like she had ill intentions–she was not there to love KKJ, but more to keep him safe for donations. DR, being the kind of character she is doesn’t have that mothering instinct. She’s constantly acted as older sister to KKJ more than a mother. She can’t say things she doesn’t know. And if you do say something like this, it’s kinda rude… you are imposing your feelings on two other people you don’t know well. It’s projection. (Like telling an adoptee, you know your parents love you. Who do you love? Your adoptive or birth parents. crap.) If she were the mothering type, it’s better to stick to what she knows. Mari is in a far better position to say these lines since she knew the woman, but in a softer way. (Remember the time when… type of thing.)

      So you agree with Mari more than DR in not the course of action, but in conviction… Saying these lines would be OOC for DR and no justification for it. DR is naive, insecure, gullible, sheltered and I’d also add fickle. She’s a little slow on the uptake. I wouldn’t say she’s immature so much though. She won’t be doing any of the things above, so the case the Hong Sisters made in terms of character reaction is just about right, as frustrating as it is.

      • 22.6.1 colors

        You wrote, “If you add things up, KKJ’s surrogate mother could look like she had ill intentions–she was not there to love KKJ, but more to keep him safe for donations.”

        Why would she be like that? We’ve seen her agree not to go on a date because her “adopted” teenage son asked her not to and she wasn’t really upset. It doesn’t matter how screwed up his birth was, I really think she loves him. She looks more like a real mother to me than Yoon Jae’s mother.

        How is it in kdrama that people don’t know the difference between “how it looks like” and “how it is”? It’s like in AGD, when the guy breaks up with the one he loves because it would look bad if she was dating a man whose teenage son suddenly appeared. If she’s fine with it, why not?

        I can understand that for the age gap of our main couple and the tension of “teacher/student” relationship in society though. But if I learned one thing about families is that blood doesn’t really matter, you can think of others as your own family and it usually happens when your family isn’t “normal” (traditional pattern of loving parents).

        All the more, Kyung Joon should be able to tell appearances and feelings apart and not fall into the stupid emotional trap his brainless lover -who sure as hell doesn’t deserve him anymore if she ever did.
        Sure, his fake mother gave birth to him but she gets the silent treatment because she’s dead. She looked like she loved him, although her motives to have him are unsure. Was she okay with people stealing the umbilical cord to save someone when it left her with a baby? Or was she deeply in love with the father and wanted his child no matter what? But if so, then she grew out of it with Mari’s dad. And anyway, she’s dead, she gets a joker for now, maybe for ever.

        Hope Kyung Joon won’t think of everything that ever happened with his Mom like Da Ran did about Yoon Jae after the accident.

  23. 23 duffy

    Angst, you’re not welcome. 🙂

    Mari as a character is an annoying one to me and in this ep she’s totally at her worst. But plot-wise I know she’s necessary to further propel the foreboding angst between the OTP. I’m awed and at the same time pissed at her manipulativeness: the manner in which she planted seeds of doubt/guilt to DR’s head is thinly veiled with her personal agenda but was served with a noble goal to save both guys which is pretty convincing that even DR fell for it.

    And speaking of DR, I don’t know what to think about her right now as I am conflicted on her decision. I see her perspective, it’s just that I don’t want her to thread that dreaded path of noble idiocy…can’t she just come clean to him and fully explain the need for undergoing surgery???

  24. 24 danny

    I’m growing fond of KKj in Seo Jae’s body, I think if KKJ’s body wakes up with KKJ’s soul on it then ended up with Daran, I’ll totally feel awkward. the drama haven’t establish a deep connection with these two lovers, it’s always KKj in his brother’s body, so I’m hoping, KKJ will be forever in Seo Jae’s body.

  25. 25 cilla

    Mari. i shake my head at you. & Mom, ughh seriously you are the most awful person ever. arghhh and mari againn wtffff. i swearrr this chick, kyungjoon doesnt like you, he’s never liked you. grow uppp, & MOVE ON.

    ughh stupid show.

  26. 26 pumpkinattack

    Thanks for the recap!

    It’s actually quite clever…if KJ doesn’t help, he’ll die in YJ’s body from his sickness. There’s really no choice. But… HELLO yes to the stupid noble silence. Da Ran could just tell him that he needs to do it to save both of them. Geez.

    For what it’s worth, I’m enjoying the show… but I don’t see that much chemistry. Am I nuts? Maybe it’s because, as you point out, Da Ran’s character is underdeveloped. What a waste of a good actress. -_-‘ Gong Yoo is really stealing the show. And I love him. Mitts off. Just kidding. But seriously.

    • 26.1 Rashell

      Gong Yoo is the ONE thing about this show that has worked completely through-out. He’s been pitch perfect and he really is the ONLY reason I’m watching at this point. I pretty much want his character to just leave all these awful people behind and move on ALONE! None of them deserve him.

      • 26.1.1 enz


    • 26.2 Pat

      The DR character is just another cliche K drama girl. cutesy
      and boring. I kept waiting for emotional growth on her part, but there is none. She is so easily used…. they should BOTH dump her.

  27. 27 Amg1

    *Transmigration v.s Stupidity*

    I am completely turn off by the way the Hong sisters have stir this ship we called “Big”.

    What is it about K-dramas that try to used metaphor, and some sort of analogy, in order to prove a point of sorts?

    Episode 13 left me with the same feeling, that dramas like “You Are Beautiful, Coffee Prince, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and the likes, I find it not only distasteful, but also offensive in the way writers in K-dramas, are making use of “Types”, in order to convey to us a greater truth or not, unfortunately in the case of “Big”, the use of not only “emotional adultery”, but also the physical implications that a romantic kiss brings to the table, taking it with such a careless attitude is not only offensive and wrong, but it sends the message that some how it is OK, to pursue a romantic relationship when we no that is not the appropriate thing to do.

    I am still trying to figure out to what end the Hong sisters, allowed for Da-ran to fall in Love with two man who are not only brothers but share a tragic story between them. I am not against dating someone older or younger than one’s self, but what I am opposed is to the used the metaphor of the body exchange, in order to legitimize the kind of romantic relationship, that is frown upon in Korean Society.

    The fact of the matter is that the whole story is not about Seo Yoon Jae as the male adult, that is the main reason why he was put to sleep at the beginning of the drama. But the reality is about Da-ran falling in love with her High-school student, and the fact remains the same even when he is inside and adult body, his soul still remains that of a teenage child.
    As a male I am left with a lot of mix feelings, because is not about age, but about the power play between an adult (Da-ran), and a Teenage Child (Gyung-Joon), and at the end of the day I feel it sends the wrong message!!!!

    • 27.1 Amg1

      *Edit* A romantic relationship between and adult teacher and a teenage child, should be something to be frown upon, not only in Korea!!!!

      • 27.1.1 Magii

        I agree!

      • 27.1.2 Ariane

        Well, KJ did turn 20 at the end of the time leap… I think teachers should keep their distance from their students but DR wasn’t KJ’s teacher for very long and he’s in her fiance’s body to boot. Two lonely souls finding each other isn’t something I would object to if I really felt that DR loved KJ. Will she still feel the same passion with a 20 year old kid staring back at her? Hopefully we’ll get our answer soon!

        P.S. Thanks for mentioning the incredulity with which a lot of people around here treat age gap relationships. A woman being older than her SO is still taboo whether you’re in Korea or the US and such relationships are, truthfully, not easy to negotiate. That’s why a difference in age is still a legitimate conflict in my eyes (of course, when the man is older, no one bats an eyelid unless he’s 20 years older or something).

    • 27.2 Kim Yoonmi

      I think SYJ is DEAD. Dead.

      Ding dong Seo Yoon Jae is dead. Seo Yoon Jae? Seo Yoon Jae!
      Ding dong Seo Yoon Jae is DEEEAADDDD.
      Wake up – sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.

      And so on…

      witch *cough* which would mean that she’s not been cheating this whole time.

      Besides which, romance is girl’s revenge for guy’s porn. *snicker* <– clearly a joke.

  28. 28 mjfan

    for the millionth time , Gong Yoo is AWESOME ,
    seriously , all of his expressions are captivating , and those teary eyes just broke my heart , please show us your LOVELY smile again , am waiting ……….

  29. 29 lilyJ

    Wasn’t this just one of those episodes where you wish you could march into the TV set and slap everyone in the face? Except Choong Shik.

    If only.

  30. 30 crazykel

    I completely agree with you on the point that it’s a little messed up that everyone has to be hateful in order for this news to come out to Kyung Joon.

    In my opinion, the worst one of these, besides Da Ran, was Ma Ri. For most of the show, she’s been crazy obsessed as we all know, but I never expected her to do what she did in this episode. One of the things I had enjoyed about this drama so far is that MaRi, despite being the stalker she is, had some sort of compass as to what was acceptable in terms of Kyung Joon’s feelings. Here, I didn’t see that. Now, in the guise of breaking Kyung Joon and Da Ran up (read as saving Kyung Joon from sadness), she is again imposing her will on Kyung Joon by hiding behind half-truths.

    The evil mother drives me crazy, but I’m glad that Se Young at least grew a pair and stood up to her, at least for now.

    • 30.1 asianromance

      Mari’s transformation into evil second lead made me pretty angry in this episode. I agree with you that no matter how crazy she was, I had always expected that she had a line that she wouldn’t cross. I know she is a lonely girl – made even lonelier by her obsession with KJ-, but I had always thought she would put KJ first – and that if KJ is happy with DR, then she would put his love above hers.

  31. 31 Aquila

    Yoon Jae’s mum!!! *shakes fist*

    Why do they need to be so extreme? Sometimes kdrama portray evil people to the point that some of my friends believe that we are that screwed up!!! The whole typical maternal overdrive!

    We’re not ALL that psycho!!!!

    I love Gong Yoo… 🙂

    • 31.1 Kim Yoonmi

      People who think that fiction is reality really, really are screwed up.

      I’ve had people argue with me (Korean) that people from Korea must be all good looking based on Korean dramas. I’m like WTH is that? *drags brother in* Look at him. Seriously.

      So, reality check. If you are basing all of your assumptions on a country by the fiction it produces rather than breathing people, you have issues that probably are worse than YJ’s mother’s.

      • 31.1.1 ~Feather~

        I’m sorry but your comment about your brother just made me laugh! XD
        Of course, I had to keep my laugh silent since it’s 5:07 AM right now. I can’t wake my family, now can I?

      • 31.1.2 JoAnne

        You’re hilarious, Yoonmi. And smart. I luff you.

      • 31.1.3 pumpkinattack

        Hahahahaha! Poor brother. LOL. >_<

        Well, you know it's the same with American TV. If it goes according to that concept, we're pretty much a cross between Friends and Full House in the US. ;)~

        • Kim Yoonmi

          I’ll concede that some people think he looks like a famous actor in Korea (Not one of the hot brooding shower/hand towel ones though), but to me, when he gives me that frowny face, they are just delusional.

          Believe me, there are some ugly Koreans out there. *cough*

      • 31.1.4 shel

        And people in some parts of the world think that all of the US looks like Baywatch. :0)

        Ok, that was 10 years ago….now I don’t know who it would be cuz I don’t have regular TV anymore.

        • JoAnne

          Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, or Pretty Little Liars. Or maybe Teen Wolf? Or…God forbid – 16 and Pregnant.

      • 31.1.5 Aquila


        Poor brother!!!!

  32. 32 zsa

    After the whole 4 episode long noble idiocy of A gentleman’s Dignity that I totally don’t get…now Big gives us one more (but at least life and death is more bearable than having a relationship with someone who has a child out of wedlock***is something despicable)…i think this show is too sacrificial on one side…let the noble idiocy end quickly…please…

    • 32.1 Pat

      I dont get the conflict in either drama’s last episode AT ALL.
      The are confusing in the SAME way. Why dont the characters TALK to each other?????

    • 32.2 adi

      At least AGD started to take steps towards the right path and has enough time to clear the mess… But BIG is just big mess ..

      • 32.2.1 pumpkinattack

        Yep, yep. 10 points if he Hong Sisters clean it up in 3 episodes.

  33. 33 kookicookie

    oh snap suzy can sing!!! xD thanks for the recap btw! I love reading your comments after I’ve watched the episode.

  34. 34 lalalar

    thanks for the recap!

    wow, i don’t know what to think anymore about this drama. i expected more from my first hong sisters’ drama since i’ve heard such great things but to be honest, i’m disappointed. the concept sounded unique and interesting at first. but really, the drama isn’t going any where, and the conflict feels contrived and pointless. but what really cuts it are the characters. it’s hard not to hate some of them, like mom and mari, who lies to drive a wedge between the main couple. others are a plain waste of time (uncle, teachers, etc), and i cannot relate to the rest i.e. gil teacher.

    • 34.1 colors

      I agree with you.
      So far, in this episode, we have a Dad who has his daughter locked up without letting her explain because her brother said she had an affair. Then, he locks the husband too because he said he’s also guilty?? How can you do that to your own daughter? Adultery may be against Korean law, but really, you should think it’s personal and try to figure it out if you really care about her an want to be meddlesome. And I hated the fact it was “funny and cute” in the drama when it’s actually outrageous.

      And then, there is the whole plot of the fatal disease which seems fake: what’s his problem? What transplant does he need? What’s wrong with him? No one knows, in the drama (I mean, what I read with the English subtitles) was, “is this body really ill?”, “he needs a transplant ASAP”, “his disease came back?” … It sounds fake. Why isn’t there any detail?

      And of course, the whole “I’m lying for your own good because it’s better to betray you than explain things to you. They arbitrarily decide that once you’ve done the surgery, you’ll be back in your own body even though there’s no proof, just a hunch. And in the next recap, people will see that you’ll think it over, so the urgent matter’s not as urgent as it seems, but still, I’m lying pointlessly to save everyone based on what a angry teenager told me and how much she blamed me for everything that has happened so far. And now, we could tell your parents that you switch with your bother during the accident since it’s not weird anymore (the angels thingy and transplant between brothers thingy), but, no, you know what, let’s keep it a secret forever and ever.”

      Everyone is so selfish.

      At least, the evil bitch had a change of heart because of her medical ethics. That was a good point. And as many people pointed out, I really like Da Ran’s brother despite the whole rattling on her affair.

      • 34.1.1 alua

        The prison cell scene was just… ridiculous. I guess it was meant to be funny, but no laughs from me.

        I think a lot of the medical aspects in this drama are very fake/forced: from Yoon Jae’s illness to anyone being able to walk into KJ’s hospital room (from the very beginning), to Se-young suddenly becoming KJ’s doctor, to YJ (with KJ’s soul) taking an extended leave AND YET still walking around the hospital in a doctor’s gown whenever he needs…

        • Kandiboo

          actually I think YJ had/has a hematological cancer of some sort (blood cancer) when he was young; and required a bone marrow donation – which an offspring of the YJ’s parents (ie KKJ) might be a perfect match, thus the birth of KKJ (also see “My Sister’s Keeper”). However YJ’s evil mother had a birth event which rendered her infertile (probably uterus taken away); and therefore KKJ’s mother acted as a surrogate. relapse of blood cancers are not rare.

          As for SY – YJ and SY worked in Pediatric department, thus might be reasonable that she is KJ’s doctor.

          I guess the YJ extended leave may be actually “limited patient contact”. i don’t know

          And perhaps ?hospitals in Korea aren’t as strict about visiting hours?

          my 2 cents. 🙂

          • JaneAir

            if he needed a bone marrow transplant… there’s a chance the marrow wouldnt have match, isnt there? so they would have kept producing babies till one had the right type!? awful .. not only awful parents but awful HUMAN BEINGS

      • 34.1.2 Arishia

        They needed his cord blood, or that’s what mom said. Only, cord blood banking has been around for longer than KKJ has, so… Why didn’t they bank some of the blood?

      • 34.1.3 Kim Yoonmi

        DR’s father and the whole overreaction to her “affair” actually helped highlight DR’s character background quite a bit for me. An overprotective father and a mother that can get upset and a brother that spies means DR is really sheltered. Which means it highlights later in the episode why Mari could convince her so easily. DR hasn’t really had to make that many big decisions for herself. KKJ is bringing that out for her, but as it is sheltered is leading to insecure and fickle.

        As for medical things… K-dramas suck at medical things most of the time. Even the medical dramas have less medicine and more makjang for the sake of it. See the problems in I DID in terms of law, and practices for pregnancy.

        • colors

          Well, they did eventually support their daughter when she decided not to get married and a year later to get married to her former fiancé. That’s two pretty big decisions, especially since she assumed she might divorce him after the swapping and would have to face them again. I mean, it made her left home, right? SO i thought the parents were more of a comic relief and an excuse to get Da Ran and Jyung Joon together in a close space rather than a characterisation of hers.

          And at first, she looked rather strong when she scolded and beat her brother at school. I thought she’d be somehow bad ass in the plot later on despite being stupidly in love with the good-looking doctor.

          I don’t much about medicine, and pregnancies and Korean laws, so I don’t know about I do, I do either. (I just instinctively find it weird that her belly isn’t showing yet and she’s often wearing belts.)

          I just watch Grey’s Anatomy, so I find kdrama doctors so slow and uncommuniative (or worst, refusing to treat patients for personal reason in Dummy Mummy) and with a lot of free time on their hands (cf in Tasty Life where they can decide not to go to the OR to eat at their chief’s place instead…) and as having especially inconvenient schedules when meeting people they shouldn’t and not meeting the ones they should. And sometimes I recognize a case and I think “well, that’s weird, Americans don’t say the same in their medical shows”. And also, I find it strange that your medical ability should depend on your social status and your private life (divorced people are bad! cheaters should lose their jobs!!) when you can abstain from practising medicine for over a year and still be officially a doctor in a white gown and a job and a salary just because you show up once in a while at the hospital and your parents have a rather good status in society.

          Are Korean writers lazy? They can’t even find a real disease with a real treatment? Having it vague on purpose makes the urgency feels hazy.

          The more I think about it, the more I pity poor Yoon Jae if he ever comes back alive.

  35. 35 yren

    oh my god i really really feel sorry for my baby kyung joon…..its like he was stabbed a hundred times over…….why????my heart breaks every time he cries….gong yoo really did an awesome job portraying kyung joon (which made me love him more and more)….aaahhhh mari i know she’s just doing it for kyung joon but in a wrong way( i really want to slap her a hundred times OVER)…as well as gil daran…my God you are both killing kyung joon…he’s at his lowest right now…can’t you just hold him for just a moment and wait for tomorrow to say anything?????….all kyung joon needs at the moment is just ONE HUG…JUST A HUG, when everyone in this world lied and turn their backs on him… for crying out loud!!!!!gosh I’m really really really mad, depressed and heartbroken for my beloved Kyung Joon!!!!!!!!

    again GONG YOO saranghamnida….you and little KJ are the only reasons why i will still hang on to this drama….

  36. 36 viave44

    thanks for ost download link 😀

  37. 37 Rabbit

    I agree the mom in Big has to be the worst villain THS ever created. I really felt for KKJ in this episode. I just wish there was a way to make him happy without giving any satisfaction to his terrible parents.

  38. 38 biglover

    wth is the Hong Sisters doing with GDR’s character..it is so frustrating! 2 episodes left and GDR’s character is confusing and now gets so annoying..why can’t she just face the fact that she’s now inlove with KKJ and fight for it! when all that KKJ does for him is to show her love, care, attention and comfort..and even fight for her! KKJ even is more mature that GDR..sigh…

    i just hope the Hong Sisters will offset this annoying character of GDR, in the last two espisodes..i want GDR and KKJ to have more happy and sweet scenes and be together in the end..i don’t like YJ as i find YJ’s character boring..

    btw, mari in this episode is as well annoying same as with the evil mother of YJ..i want to slap them both! for lying to KKJ and making his life more mesirable..i pity KKJ in this episode and want to give him so much love..he doesn’t deserve the treatment he is getting from the people surroundung him..fighting KKJ! and you’ll get the happiness you deserve..

  39. 39 'dalia

    so cute. then by the end in tears. i’m exhausted!

  40. 40 hey

    If it wasn’t for Gong Yoo, I would’ve given up on this show a long time ago. Excellent recap as always!

  41. 41 Philosophe

    Ok, I am thoroughly confused. And angry. I agree with jomo: Why is KKJ so eager to remain in SYJ’s body?

    JB, your explanation is that the very act of Kyung-Joon allowing the operation would mean complying with the Seo family, which is morally wrong. That would entail allowing them to operate on a patient who (from the Seos’ perspective) hasn’t given consent. I agree that the writers probably meant it that way.

    But that’s just a really flimsy excuse to justify Noble Idiocy. For a premise to be credible, there has to be tension between the two conflicting outcomes. But it just doesn’t make sense that anyone would die in defense of his right to withdraw consent for the operation on his body. Especially when Kyung Joon’s soul in Yoon-Jae’s body already possesses that right – it’s up to KJ-inside-YJ to decide whether to proceed with the operation!

    So all KJ would achieve by refusing to let YJ’s body undergo the operation is to prevent the Seo’s from getting their way. IS THAT SOMETHING TO DIE FOR? When the alternative is to live, switch back to your own body and get the girl? It’s a no-brainer, and totally not deserving of the central conflict. After 12 episodes of virtually no progress in the story, you give us… this?

    It’s massively disappointing.

    • 41.1 Kim Yoonmi

      KKJ wants to stick to YJ’s body, I would think because he’s insecure that “Gil Teacher” would like him in his own body. Which was pretty well laid out in episodes 1-8. He can’t rattle her the same way if he was in his own body (And the viewers seem to agree. But then we just love Gong Yoo… *drooooool*) It’s one thing to rattle her with an adult body, because she can look past his age, but she totally ignored him with his younger body. (See first episode) and as a kid that’s not quite mature, that’s a lot of insecurity. She’s fallen in love with him in YJ’s body. Why go back?

      YJ is dead anyway, I think. I’m writing him off.

      And the story did progress. It’s just slower than what most people are used to with the Hong Sisters. We got revelations, we got character background, a little character change, a little character evolution, and a little plot progress. (GDR fell for KKJ) Should I list all the things that have changed from episode 1? I’m good at keeping track of such things.

      • 41.1.1 Rashell

        Excellent interpretation and I think spot on in why Kyung Joon is in no hurry to go back to his own form.

  42. 42 Kim Yoonmi

    *Fan girly*

    Did you see the TONGUE in that kiss? Hot mama! (or Papa since this is a Hong Sisters drama). *.* Gong Yoo kisses hot. I know he said once that it’s like filming an action scene, but daaaaammmnnnn oppa…. you kiss on the screen so beautifully.

    *End fan girly*

    • 42.1 JoAnne


    • 42.2 shel

      Amen, that.

    • 42.3 asianromance

      I saw that! And it got me wondering, if Gong Yoo is supposed to be 19?20? year old Kyung-joon right now, whooooa, that Kyung-Joon is experienced!

  43. 43 Annie

    It’s hard to care about the romance when I feel nothing good for DR. This show is torture.

  44. 44 lunargen

    So… does this mean that Kyung Joon is the rightful owner of the older body? If saving one another is the cause for the swap, then it makes sense that when the baby provided blood to the older body, baby technically saved the older kid, and so they swapped souls. Therefore the bodies they’re in now are their rightful ones. Am I making sense? lol

    • 44.1 Ariane

      Seems like a contrived way to skirt some major issues to be honest (addressed to the Hong sisters, not you!).

  45. 45 crazedlu

    Can tell through your comments section you’re mostly detached. Ha. End already, Big.

  46. 46 chichiri

    That clock metaphor (or generally, Time) has been immortalized by Wong Kar Wai. But here, yeah, it’s cute too. Sorta.

  47. 47 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap! My heart breaks for Kyung Joon in this episode — and for Da Ran, too, because she is seems so unsure of herself and everything around her. I know people hate her for that very same reason. We finally see Mari’s true colors! I never liked her from the beginning and even if she were to do something good in the end I’d end up questioning her motives. Also, can Yoon Jae’s mom get any worse? How can a woman with so little heart exist in this drama without showing how she came to be like that? Really unbelievable. I really want to see how they are going to clean everything up in the end.

  48. 48 ananke

    Doesn’t anyone think that Yoon Jae literally meant to save Kyung Joon?? He gave up his body so that KJ can live and somehow repay him for sacrificialness of his existence/birth -balancing out their entwined fate.
    Even if/when they do the infusion I think KJ will stay in YJ’s body and YJ will pass away. We have little emotional connection to him and I think this is deliberate on the Hong sister’s part. As for KJ stealing away Da Ran I think YJ’s first passion was his work and his commitment to the children where she often came secondary, unintentionally of course Little chemistry existed; not we never saw Da Ran kiss YJ – unwritten Kdrama law says always go to the one you.

    need sleep here but u get the gist of my convoluted ramblings i hope

  49. 49 Hannah

    “Mom From Hell”. LOL. 😀 It perfectly suits her. KJ and YJ’s parents are really INFURIATING – a heartless witch and a spineless toad. How lucky the two brothers to have parents like them. Sigh.

  50. 50 Sudi

    Suzy OST showing her one sided unrequited love is great.Im fan of her.and we are of same age.And seeing her acting makes drama wonderful even it give villian vibe or say it antagonistic character.

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