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Big: Episode 15
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Oy, my head hurts. This wasn’t a straight-up bad episode, which I might have even been fine with, given the entertainment value of bad. (See: Dr. Jin.) Instead, it was outright incomprehensible, leaving me scratching my head in confusion and wondering if I suddenly lost a few brain cells in the story comprehension department, because I felt like everyone in the drama was acting like stuff made sense… only IT MADE NO SENSE. I don’t understand. I don’t understand. I don’t understand.


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Kyung-joon initiates the blood transfusion with his body, leaving us to wonder: Did he swap? DID HE SWAP?!

In a dream-limbo state, Yoon-jae sits beside the racecar bed, reading the Miracle book to sleeping Kyung-joon as with a bedtime story. Big Kyung-joon observes this as an out-of-body experience from the sidelines. He comes face to face with his hyung, although it’s trippy that they’re both wearing the same body, and Kyung-joon wonders, “Seo Yoon-jae? Were you waiting for me, remaining just as you were when we met in the water?”

Now we see that this dream state has a watery feel to it, with light bending and reflecting around them as though they’re both still underwater. Little Kyung-joon is awake too, but Big Kyung-joon wonders if he’ll lose all his memories once he leaves this place.

Yoon-jae holds out his hand, and Kyung-joon hesitates: “If I take that hand, I’ll wake up as a happy kid.” This is one of the better twists in that Kyung-joon is facing the ultimate ignorance-is-bliss scenario—the only thing is, his unhappy, fully informed self has to be the one to choose to let go of that knowledge in favor of that ignorance. Like Charly, peering into the fate of Algernon.

Kyung-joon reaches out a hand to take it, but before they make contact, Da-ran’s voice calls out his name. She’s at his bedside, and he opens his eyes. Still in his shell body. Ah, so the switch wasn’t an automatic side effect of the transfusion?

He sits up and she checks that he’s still Kyung-joon. He gets up and heads for his hospital room, Da-ran hot on his heels. Mari’s at his bedside, and his body is still asleep.

Da-ran joins them and calls his name. Kyung-joon looks at her for a long, long moment—and we return to dreamland, where the two hands are still outstretched. Take it or not? Kyung-joon thinks, “If the me that was here disappears, there’s somebody who becomes unhappy. Give me a little more time.” Yoon-jae registers the request and lowers his hand.

In the real world, both ladies anxiously await proof of his identity. He says in this cool voice, in stiff jondaemal, “Yes, I am Kang Kyung-joon. Gil Da-ran Teacher.” He acts like he doesn’t understand what happened—and furthermore, he pretends he’s lost all his memory post-accident.

Ah, interesting. So he’s going to prepare Da-ran for the eventual blank-slate version of him, only he gets to have control over this scenario. I’m not sure if that’s shrewd, or a terrible idea in the making.

He turns to Mari for an explanation over Da-ran, feigning indifference to everything. It’s a totally unnatural way to respond to being told you’ve swapped bodies with the brother you never knew you had, but I suppose portraying a realistic response isn’t really his priority.

The parents arrive and Mom embraces him worriedly. Mari notices how Kyung-joon doesn’t react to her touch—he must really not remember a thing.

They go home, and Kyung-joon acts like this is all new to him. Mari’s chipper about Kyung-joon’s no longer being in love with the teacher, while Da-ran tries not to act crushed. Kyung-joon keeps up the distant act though he does stop upstairs to hover his hand above Da-ran’s head (twenty feet away from it), as if wanting to pat it comfortingly.

Mari pushes her luck by informing Kyung-joon that they’d fallen in love, but he scoffs at her: “Don’t lie. I remember everything.” What, you’re going to share this big secret with the bulldozer? He explains that the lie will become true when he really wakes up, and that suddenly disappearing on Da-ran will be too much for her. So, he wants to undo everything now, to help erase what they shared together. Which, wut? How does that even make sense? Just rip the band-aid off and do it for real, rather than going through the pain of a practice round.

Mom watches at Kyung-joon’s hospital bedside and tells Se-young she wishes he’d be able to accept them easily when he wakes, with a face as peaceful as the one he wears in sleep. Well, duh. That’s the easy way out where you don’t have to account for any of your sins, of course that’s what you want. You get no insight points for that statement, lady.

Kyung-joon tells Da-ran that Mari filled in all the gaps of his memory—like how he married Da-ran so she could be with Yoon-jae and also look after Kyung-joon. Anything other than that, Mari has supposedly told him not to wonder about, since it’s painful. He figures that his lost memory is good for both of them, a comment that has her looking hurt. He adds that he’ll keep up the Yoon-jae act, but she doesn’t have to look after him, “Because I hate when other people interfere.”

It’s jarring and hurtful for Da-ran to suddenly be relegated to an “other,” an outsider with no influence or importance in his life. He says he’d rather do things alone—being around her is awkward. He even knowingly eats pizza with mushrooms, to emphasize the memory loss.

Da-ran asks if he’s just making good on their promise to pretend not to know each other, but he feigns ignorance. She asks, “Are you really going to act like that? Do you really feel nothing when you look at me?” He replies, “Yeah.”

She keeps looking for a crack in his facade, wanting to believe it’s just an act. She reminds him of the ten-ten clock and asks him to throw away a bag of trash—the stuff she’d rescued previously. Kyung-joon complies, but pauses by the curb to look in the bag, finding the moon ticket she’d printed out among their other mementoes.

Da-ran comes outside and tells him she knows he’s faking, but that there’s no need to rush the scenario even if it’s going to happen later. Well thank you for speaking sense for once, Teacher. She says, “When you said you’d lost your memory, I was so scared. When you said everything we went through together had gone away, everything in my sight turned white.”

He sticks to his denial, so she challenges him to throw away the bag. He tosses it in the garbage truck—goodbye flowers, panda, 20-year-old Hyungnim liquor. Stunned, she watches the truck sweep up the trash and crush it.

She’s near tears, unwilling to believe it, but he tells her that he really can’t remember and therefore her reactions just make him uncomfortable: “So don’t act so burdensome and just throw it away.”

Finally, she tells him fine, she’ll throw everything out: “But there’s so much trash to clear, it might take a while. So even though it feels burdensome, put up with it.” On his side of his whited-out door, Kyung-joon fights his own tears and forces himself not to go after her. I guess I might have more sympathy for his pain if it weren’t so stupidly motivated.

Da-ran cries, “How can you turn everything into nothing?” That’s what I’M sayin’.

At the hospital, Mari has Choong-shik take photos of her glued to Kyung-joon’s bedside so she has proof of her devotion. She imagines that he’ll be touched at her loyalty, picturing the fairy-tale scenario where he wakes up as the sleeping prince and she’s the Snow White waiting for him, telling him, “The person you fell in love with while you were asleep is me.”

He blinks at her confusedly, so Snow Mari grabs his face and growls ominously, “Believe me. MARRY ME!” Okay, the fact that she can’t even be nice in a fantasy cracks me up, but more so the fact that Mari seems to consider this scenario an ideal one.

Mari instructs Choong-shik to erase everything in his head about, say, the fake-ring she bought and replaced for Da-ran, and only remember how she spent every day taking care of Kyung-joon so he can play eyewitness. He points out that that means she’s copping to spending every day with Choong-shik, but she says blankly that she’s erased all such thoughts from her brain.

Choong-shik tells her that insisting on it doesn’t make it true. Love doesn’t stick around in your brain, but in your heart. “Jang Mari, no matter where you are or what you do, I’ll find you not with my memory, but my heart.” Then he ruins his cool exit by bumping into a table, ha. It’s okay, Choong-shik, you’re still the most mature character in the bunch, even though I’m not sure that’s a compliment to anybody.

Kyung-joon and Da-ran meet with Mom, who says she’s trying real hard to accept Kyung-joon as her son. Oh, congratulations, you get a cookie. Kyung-joon points out that Kyung-joon may not accept HER as parent; how would he feel knowing why he was conceived and then abandoned? Mom says that’s why it’s best for Kyung-joon not to be told, but he jeers that it’s an excuse for Mom and Dad to feel better.

Da-ran looks at Kyung-joon suspiciously—this rings false to her. Or rather, perhaps too true for someone who supposedly shouldn’t know this. Afterward she asks if he remembers this, and he says that the moment he saw his parents, he felt such anger that the memory tagged along with the emotion.

She sighs, “So you remember all the things I wish you wouldn’t, and say you’ve forgotten everything I wish you would.” He asks if she’s referring to something about herself, and then says, “When I see you, I don’t feel anything coming to mind, so I don’t remember anything.” Aw, and ow.

At home, she points out all the ramyun she’d bought for him because he like a particular brand, which he again says he doesn’t remember. She says that memory or no, his liking of it should be there, so they sit there eating ramyun together. And then to extend the point into a metaphor about herself, she tells him, “See, you like it. You don’t have to say so, I can just tell. That’s enough for me.”

Kyung-joon asks Mari for a favor: Once he swaps back to his body, don’t let him meet Da-ran, or tell him a word about what happened all this while. He tells himself it’ll be okay if they make things as though they never were: “I’ll erase them in advance.”

Which, again, huh? I so don’t get his train of thought. Are you doing this for her sake, or your own? Because if you have to play God in your own life like this, it just seems like you’re going through a lot of trouble to keep everybody unhappy. Bah. It’s not even noble idiocy because I can’t see where it’s noble. It’s just… idiocy.

Da-ran continues making plans to switch schools to one outside of Seoul, which coincides with the Seo family’s impending departure to Germany as Yoon-jae seeks treatment. Oh, so he’s still going even after the blood transfusion? Her parents don’t understand this separation (I’m with them), but she says she’ll explain it all later.

Da-ran finds Kyung-joon at home, typing up a report to be given to his family regarding Kyung-joon. He’s not going to just let them jerk around Future Amnesiac Self; he wants them to do some of the work getting to know him and trying to be attentive parents.

He adds that Mari informed him that there were some feelings between the two of them, but that he has no memory of them to get over. But he advises her to get over hers, and that pushes her over the edge.

Angry now, she says sarcastically that there’s nothing to remember: “It’s just a scandal. Ah, you won’t remember, but you liked me. I said I didn’t like you, but you brought me flowers and blew the wind to me and sang me songs. I was so won over that I found it cute. But I have no intention of drawing out this child’s play any further. I’m just ashamed of myself and afraid that someone will find out. Since you’re offering to act like nothing ever happened, I’m the one who’s grateful.”

She storms off to cry, leaving him shaken as well.

Kyung-joon drops off a journal with his aunt and uncle, telling them that it’s because Kyung-joon won’t remember stuff when he wakes up—like uncle selling his house.

The Gil family hears about Da-ran’s job interview and search for a home near the new school, worrying about the state of the marriage. Choong-shik seeks Kyung-joon out to ask if he’s really just going to send her away and go to Germany, without a care: “Brother-in-law, you’re quite cold.”

That rattles him, and he sits at home in agitation. Da-ran had told him she’d be home late or not at all given her interview, and he worries that she won’t come at home at all before his departure next week. Her belongings have been packed and she’s been cleaning up, which has him feeling uneasy.

Kyung-joon tells himself it doesn’t matter since he’ll forget soon enough, but saying the words aloud gives them a sad finality: “I won’t see her today… or tomorrow…”

That gets him moving, at least. He gets in the car and drives, arriving at the school just as Da-ran arrives for her interview. She pauses to look at sunflowers, remembering the bouquet he threw out. Are you going to pick them? You’d better pick them.

Da-ran exchanges pleasantries with a teacher while waiting to meet with the principal, and Kyung-joon overhears that teacher then chatting with another. They wonder why the Seoul teacher’s coming here in the wake of her divorce—here in the sticks, she’ll be under more scrutiny and face more gossip than at her current school.

It’s those magic words that spur Kyung-joon into acting—that coming here will be more painful for her—and he interrupts the interview to take Da-ran away.

He accuses her of running away to the boonies—she said she’d forget everything, but if she hides away here after changing jobs, losing her husband, and leaving her family, she’s hardly forgetting anything at all.

Da-ran cries, “Yeah, I wish I were like you, able to get over everything in one shot. I wish what I said about loving you could go away, that I could take back admitting my wayward feelings. No, I wish I hadn’t met you at all.”

Kyung-joon says, “Since I messed everything up for you, everything will be fine once I leave.” Da-ran: “Yes. I hope that’s what happens.”

You people! I just. Don’t. Get. Is it me? Tell me it’s me. That this all makes sense and this angst has purpose and I’m the idiot for missing how all these pieces fit together perfectly into a solid narrative whole. Because I’m not following anything so far in this episode. It’s frankly hurting my head.

Da-ran’s parents find a bit of encouragement hearing that Yoon-jae asked about the rural school. But it’s not enough given Yoon-jae’s impending departure, and Mom urges Dad to step in and talk with her about it.

So Dad takes Da-ran out for a drink and asks if her running away to a new job is an attempt to cast away the husband, or grab onto him. If you say you don’t know, I am going to slap you. Da-ran says she knows what she mustn’t do, but asks about his struggle from years ago when traveled to an island trying to send Mom away. What if she had told him she didn’t care, that she forgot all about him? Then would Dad have been able to say he forgot too?

Dad says no, he would have stayed on that island for a long, long time. Da-ran figures that since Dad is like her, he wouldn’t have been able to leave that island for the rest of his life.

Dad says that with things you mustn’t allow yourself to do, running away to the countryside isn’t far enough. Are you trying to comfort her, or send her away? She wonders if going farther would work—Dad’s island trip didn’t work, after all. She sobs, “Father, I don’t think it would work even if I ran to the moon.”

Kyung-joon gets a call from Dad, and heads to the pojangmacha to tend to a drunk Da-ran. She starts to stumble off, but he stops her before she trips over her own feet.

She mumbles, “You may be able to erase it in one shot, but I can’t do that. But I’m good at enduring things. I can endure because I like you. And I can let you go because I like you. But if I’m supposed to forget about liking you, what strength can I use to endure? You asked me to just remember you. Can’t you just remember me too?”

Yoon-jae’s parents wonder about the kids’ relationship, like why Da-ran told Mom that they hadn’t yet filed the marriage registration paperwork. There’s a big family dinner tonight with both sets of parents, so they’ll have to see how things play out.

Da-ran tells Kyung-joon of her plans to announce the end of the marriage. Saying it’ll be harder with him around, she tells him to use the hospital as an excuse to stay away. She’ll take care of the rest.

Choong-shik worries about the big family dinner, sensing that noona’s going to make a big announcement. Ah, at least I can relax a little, because I swear, Choong-shik is the only character I still understand. Mari declares that she’s going to go to the family dinner too, because why draw boundaries with the girl who doesn’t see any?

Kyung-joon demands the watch back from Mari, saying it’s the only thing he has from Da-ran and he needs to return it, “And return that time to her.” Erm… you know that’s not how time-space works, right? I get that it makes for nice wordplay, but there are some rules to punning: First off, the words have to make sense before you play with them.

Kyung-joon uses Da-ran’s explanation of how she’d let go of her “mental strings” to be with him, so once she realizes that he’s gone, things will return to their original places. Yes, if emotions were chess pieces, which they aren’t, because feelings aren’t little wood figures you move around on a board! Lordy.

Kyung-joon offers her a ride, assuring her that he’s not tagging along to her announcement dinner. But she realizes he’s driving away out of Seoul entirely. He says that there’s something they have to take care of first.

They arrive at the lake where they’d gone the first day, just before the accident. He tells her that when he returns to his body, he’ll return to this time in his memory. Oh thank you, you’re finally telling the truth. It only took 50 excruciating minutes to find some sense.

He tells her that the Kyung-joon who’d been with her will disappear—the reason Yoon-jae never woke up was to stop time for him on his return. “So turn your time back to that time too.”

He returns the watch and sets it to 10:10: “Your ten-ten will disappear forever, and the Kang Kyung-joon you loved will also go away.” He throws the watch into the water, telling her to do that with her feelings, to return to the time she stood her hoping to hear Yoon-jae’s confession of love.

He leaves her at the lakeside, taking in the realization that everything will soon erase whether they want to or not. (Begging the question: Why the need for this episode, then?) She thinks back to their times together, such as the time Kyung-joon had asked her not to forget him—back when he’d been afraid she’d only have eyes for Yoon-jae upon their re-swap.

Then she tromps right down into the water, fishing for the watch.

The in-laws convene at Uncle’s restaurant that evening, sitting uncomfortably while waiting for the kids. Choong-shik and Mari arrive while Da-ran hitches a ride back, caked in mud and clutching the watch.

As she runs, Kyung-joon arrives to address the adults, explaining that he and his parents will be going to Germany. His parents will stay after his surgery, and he’ll return to Da-ran. But he doesn’t mean as himself, but as Future Yoon-jae: “When Seo Yoon-jae returns, everything will go back to their rightful places. I’ll return and hold on to Da-ran again. Right now you have the wrong idea about Da-ran being in love with someone else, but there is no such person.”

But Yoon-jae’s mother remembers KKJ as the Other Man. Kyung-joon confirms, “He does not exist in this world.”

Just then, Da-ran bursts in through the doors, exclaiming, “No! That person does exist.”

But at the same time, the vitals spike on Little Kyung-joon’s hospital monitor.

She continues, “Because of him, my heart will always be stuck at the time ten-ten. We’ve held hands and crossed the uncrossable sea. We’ve been to the moon together, and the city on the ocean floor. I’m crazy, aren’t I? Because it couldn’t be erased, I’m telling you all. So that it can’t become erased, everybody please listen up and remember it.”

She smiles up at Kyung-joon, and declares, “I love KKJ.”


It’s amazing how much one episode can change things. Previously, I was watching Big with a sense of detached amusement—maybe not everything flowed smoothly, and maybe there were some plot points I didn’t care for, but I was generally along for the ride, bumps and all. And then Episode 15 hit and not only slammed on its figurative brakes and screeched everything to an abrupt halt, it basically shoved you out the door, ran you over, backed up and ran you over backward, then forward, and back again a few times. Leaving you broken and confused, wondering Kerrigan-style, “WHYYYY?”

Aside from the very obvious reason that we needed to fill the time, I see no reason for Episode 15 to have existed. What was the purpose of the fake amnesia, given the impending real amnesia, especially if he’s just going to pretend that the fake is the real? Was it to ease Da-ran into a (false) sense of… what’s the opposite of security? Shoving you off a cliff without warning, only you feel sorry about it while acting like you meant to do that all along?

I actually think the amnesia bit is pretty spiffy, if it would only just play out already. Why do we have to mess with the whole practice round? It’s like doing a dress rehearsal for a funeral: Let’s get into character with the sadness now, to make the real thing worth it! I mean, WTF?

Alternately, you could use the impending amnesia as a wonderful ticking clock, making the lovers appreciate the teeny sliver of time together before he’s gone. It would have been way more understandable if Kyung-joon hid the amnesia bit from Da-ran and enjoyed their last moments, keeping her from the pain of discovery so they could bask in the glow just a few days more. That would be dumb in a different way, but at least it makes sense from a story and a human-psychology standpoint: You protect the ones you love. Instead, he’s trying to deal with future amnesia… by hurrying it up faster, and inflicting intentionally the pain upon Da-ran that he doesn’t want to inflict upon her unintentionally. WTF? I repeat, WTF?

The problem is, if Kyung-joon was going to reject the body-swap from his underwater-dreamland exchange, he should have gained something from it. Even if it was something that brought pain, there had to be a reason he needed that time—some benefit to prolonging the body-swap limbo. At least when Harry Potter went back he defeated Voldemort.

So you have Kyung-joon pretending he doesn’t care because it’s all for her good. Because hurting Da-ran now is supposed to somehow help her not hurt later… when you repeat this whole pain-a-thon anyway when the fake becomes the real like the Groundhog Day from hell? Apparently one can erase feelings that way…? Honey, the only way that works is if you hit somebody so hard that you damage their ability to feel anything ever, and I’m talking in a literal brain-damage way, not in some sort of twisty metaphor for emotion that involves time and erasing and tens of clocks and stupid people.

All series long my heart bled for Kyung-joon, because he was the emotional center of the show. But as it turns out, you can’t suddenly make him do stupid things and have that sympathy extend, because once you start bringing needless pain upon yourself for reasons that make no sense, I totally lose sight of your character and I’m stuck in Not-Caring-Land, party of one. Basically at this point the only character I remotely can comprehend is Choong-shik, and he barely does anything.

This drama, I swear. I went from pleasantly enjoying myself, brain checked halfway at the door, to RAGEFIT.



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      I think I said this 10 million times in this episode. There are no external conflicts (save for the swap) that stands in the way of them being together.

      At this point, they really should have changed back so we can see Yunjae’s stand in all of this.

      The last scene had me gasping irl though. I get that she’s trying to prove something by acknowledging KKJ in front of everyone, but its bringing unnecessary pain and disappointment to their parents–hers especially. D: IMO there are better ways to go about it…oh dramaland.

      PS: I just watched the Finale. I have no words.

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      I was hoping for a enhance on the plot because is the dinamic duo of writers, but i was wrong. We are all humans and in the end everybody poops…
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    This episode went from me enjoying the ride wishing that it would be a bit better to what the hell let me out now.

    I agree this episode did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except confuse me. I really was hoping that they would switch back so that they would have enough time to deal with everything.

    One of the first Hong Sister drama’s that honestly lost me. Despite the angst they put into a lot of their drama usually the following episode pulls you right back in but in this case I am moving away from it.

  11. 11 DMKO

    Thank you for your quick recap. I was a little confused as to why KJ thought practicing the amnesia first would make the pain less when it really happens. Whatever. At least DR put it all out on the line now and we will have to wait to see what happens.

    • 11.1 Len

      “DR put it all out on the line” yeah that is a good way of phrasing it and basically what I thought was the purpose of this episode. I mean it’s not exactly the first time the male lead has done something ultimately pointless in the second to last episode of a drama, and when watching it I didn’t feel that confused or enraged by his actions as I thought his reasoning wasn’t all that ludicrous and he was just failing a little to see the big picture. However I think I get what the writers were mainly aiming for, while it may have been a filler episode, ultimately they wanted to show how unwilling DR was to let KJ go, and set it up in such a way as for her to have to declare her love in front of everyone. Also there’s still the possibility that KJ is wrong and he wakes up with his memories intact, so this could’ve been just to show us what might have happened and how DR would’ve responded to it- i.e. he forgot her but she refused to let go of the memory of him, thus showing the full extent of her love for those viewers who were not quite convinced as we go into the last episode.
      So yeah, I wasn’t disappointed with the episode that much and it wasn’t for me that outrageously stupid, and a lot of it may have been ultimately pointless but then a lot of dramas have ultimately pointless arcs; but I feel it did a good job of preparing me more than ever for SOME RESOLUTIONS.

      • 11.1.1 JaneAir

        That’s a nice take on the episode… or well the most positive way to take it. But with that approach in mind, I do think they could have done it alot better and SWEETER… like in secret garden, when hyunbin loses his memory, ha ji won isnt phased and is pretty confident and cute about it.. and its SUCH a SWEET time for viewers and for the story line and for the couple…. but this was… just DRAMATIC..and yes, it is in fact by title a drama… but still 🙁 anyways i do appreciate that thought of WHY they did this at all, even though I personally think they could have done that better if that was their aim.. but i guess that applies to this drama as a WHOLE in general, everything could have been done so much better. SIGHHH

  12. 12 crazedlu

    Hate. This. Drama.


    i denounce anything i ever felt for lee minjung.

    hong sisters, rest up. come back with something good. please.

    • 12.1 crazedlu

      urgh. FIRE! i meant *renounce. :’|

    • 12.2 hypersleep

      aw, don’t be too hard on her. She was awesome in Smile, You. Her character in this drama… I could not understand. She excels at playing stronger heroines. Hopefully the next project she chooses she will play a character not as meek and unrelateable as Da-Ran was.

      This should have been so awesome, the plot is hilarious. The actors are some of Korea’s finest. Maybe the Hong sisters should write their scripts ahead of time instead of during the live-shoot.

      • 12.2.1 mary

        Oh, is this a live-shoot drama then?

        I’m kinda disappointed with the Hong Sisters right now. First Best Love and now this. I want to love them, I really do. 🙁

        Anyway, thanks so much for the recap, jb. If you’re tired, just think about the promising upcoming dramas when this one ends.

    • 12.3 dgundam

      i thought LMJs acting in the last 10 mins of this episode was awesome.

      the look on her face, the emotion on it was just great.

      her character some people claim might be poorly written, but i think lee min jung has done a hell of a job with her role in this series.

    • 12.4 adam6010

      Bad script yes. But I have seen worse.
      Bad actors? I disagree. LMJ and GY are great.

    • 12.5 Pitch

      You really can´t blame the actors for this, they did what they could. The problem is the writing, nothing else.

    • 12.6 crazedlu

      gong yoo, pass. lee minjung, i don’t know that i was meant to dislike daran as much as i do. she could’ve done better. she didn’t. hong sisters, sad fail.

    • 12.7 toritorisan

      I totally agree with you and am disappointed in the Hong Sisters. I wasn’t a fan of there last few dramas (fave one was You’re Beautiful).

      The cast is pretty good, it’s the writing that seemed to lose steam. I actually thought the original idea having her student switch places with her fiance was pretty funny and unique. But now I feel like we are just going around in circles and they’ve run out of ideas…

      Not gonna be happy if KKJ and GD don’t end up together or if KKJ ends up as SJ forever…

    • 12.8 linguist

      I agree with you: this show has been successful in making me feel antagonistic towards LMJ. Thank you, DR.

      After coming off the high that was TK2H the current batch range between bad (Big) to decent (Ghost). I think this will be a good time to take a break from K-dramas and to watch the first season of 1n2d.

      The only one who’ll come off unscathed from this mess is Gong Yoo. He has been giving this $hit his all and then some…even sang for the OST!! GY, you have my utmost respect!!

    • 12.9 conflictingdesires

      *Uh oh, mental breakdown*

      Haha. I feel like quoting one of the lines in Nevermind The Buzzcock, “I love that you had all that aggression and at the end, you just sat down and crossed your legs.”

      Even though this episode was like PMS-ing, I’d still be sitting through till the end, hoping for a level-headed (if not great) resolution for everyone.

  13. 13 TheJu

    Javabeans…I pretty much had the same reaction. SIGH…I hope tomorrow makes up for this pointless episode

    • 13.1 sis

      agree, i think this episode is pointless. aaaargh

  14. 14 Missthiri

    I only read ur recaps. Checked out already. Hong sisters worst drama. Hands down…

    • 14.1 Aki

      I agree! I really don’t like it… it’s so different from their previous ones.. don’t know what’s happening.. so sad and “strange”…

  15. 15 stellar

    i can’t…….@_@ what. i mean just, what.

  16. 16 juul

    ahhh I feel like we solved nothing in this episode. I felt so bad for KKJ in the last episodes but in this one umm I didn’t feel sorry for him at all….i’m slightly disappointed. Hopefully tomorrow’s will have a nice closure!

  17. 17 deissy

    wow and double WOW…So……kkj? i mean seriously….i like this drama…is just so many questions unanswed..Even if K wakes up with his memories and they decide to be together, there’s still so much more I want to know. How is Y going to react to all this? What will he tell D about how he feels? What will the relationship with K and his family be? How will K and D’s relationship be explained to everyone? If K forgets her, how will she win him back? Will M accept CS? Will AK and Na get married? What will K do with his life when he wakes up? On top of all that I want to see K and D happy together, but I wonder if that’s wishful thinking since K won’t be played by GY anymore and it might weird people out (not me, I’m all for it!). I know it’s possible the ending won’t be happy at all, but I’m not willing to think about that just yet…

  18. 18 yellowcake

    Lol, I understand why some people might hate this episode, and I totally agree that Kyung Joon isn’t really making sense – why hurt her intentionally now when you don’t want to intentionally hurt her later?

    But this episode won me over with the last five minutes, when Da Ran made her declaration of love for KKJ. I really liked that Da Ran had her moment to shine.

    We’ll see how tomorrow goes – the BIG finale!

    • 18.1 jane

      Haha, I felt the same way. Practically the whole episode for me was, “OH COME ON! SERIOUSLY!? WTF!” Then the last five minutes had me saying, “YES!” with both hands up in the air.

      • 18.1.1 Stacy

        Same here. And as for all the hate towards the show and the HS…everyone has a right to their own opinions. Of all the Hong Sisters dramas I’ve watched, Fantasy Lover is by and far the worst to me, NOT this one! Second worse is Delightful Girl – I haven’t even finished it because it stresses me out so!

        But different dramas appeal to different people. For MY particular tastes, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and the best HS drama, with You’re Beautiful my second fav. Best Love/Greatest Love was good the first time I watched it, but the second time it was pure love.

        As for Big? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Ep 15 was aggravating, yes, but the last scene gave me the payoff I was waiting for.

        Anyhoo, I just want to loudly and proudly proclaim that HERE IS SOMEONE WHO LIKES THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  20. 20 obivia

    Based on the first paragraph, I’m terrified to read the rest. That NEVER happens for me here! What to do, what to do (pacing back and forth).

    Maybe ep 16 will redeem everything? At least there’s an awesome song you’ve gifted us with?

    • 20.1 obivia

      “Kyung-joon demands the watch back from Mari, saying it’s the only thing he has from Da-ran and he needs to return it, “And return that time to her.” Erm… you know that’s not how time-space works, right? I get that it makes for nice wordplay, but there are some rules to punning: First off, the words have to make sense before you play with them.”

      Hahaha. I’m so with you on this entire recap. I am shaking my head STILL.

  21. 21 Kacey J.

    Sad that this drama isn’t what I was expecting. Will be waiting for the last episode recap before deciding to actually watch it or not.

  22. 22 Zanziba

    I think this show should just end with a hot threesome sex scene between kkj Daran and Mari just to make things worthwhile

  23. 23 fuzzymogwai

    i am completely with you 100% with the ragefit and the “dafuq”ery that went through my head all this ep….

    and i <3 choongshik. i need him to figure it out before the swap back because i think he deserves to. for making sense this entire time…

    and i kinda hope ae kyung and na teacher get together in the next episode…bc that wud make me happy~

    thanks for the recap of this (exasperating!) episode!!!

  24. 24 deissy

    I DONT THINK KKJ will loose his memory at all…

  25. 25 Hunni

    I was really hoping they wouldn’t leave YJ’s coming back and the switch for the last episode… so dumb -.-

  26. 26 Amberscube

    It hurts me that this episode makes no sense. I dont know what to expect anymore.

  27. 27 jomo

    LOL, JB.
    Don’t hate KKJ because of bad writing. Continue to feel sorry for him- the writers have completely abandoned him!

    Fingers crossed for the whole future amnesia thing to be a fake-out, even though, I know, I know, everyone hates fake outs. But nobody said he was going to lose his memories.
    YJ didn’t brainwave that to him, did he?

    Oh, yeah, who was in Shin’s body looking out at the KKJs down there in the watery not-grave?
    How can he be in two bodies at one time?

    I love DR, and LMJ, she’s sweet and now, strong. She has been a consistent character throughout, and I appreciate that.
    Maybe next time, the HS can fill a whole 16 eps with stuff that matters? Is it really that difficult?

  28. 28 Sparrow

    Thank you javabeans for the recap.
    I agree with pretty much EVERYTHING you wrote.

    I wanted to be happy that Da Ran was all up front and everything, telling the whole family + Mari the truth, but I was just uncomfortable. I couldn’t help seeing from their point of view lol, and I wonder how smart it was of her to do that whole scene.

    Sure it makes for a great dramatic moment, but in their shoes, she looks a little crazy and totally shameless to be making that kind of declaration in such a public place. Especially since she’s smiling right at Yoon Jae with that loving look.

    I really kind of wish that scene didn’t happen… and the whole episode was just really confusing and disappointing. How are they going to wrap up everything with any sense of neatness in ONE episode? I’m still hoping for some sort of miracle to happen where everything will come full circle and fit together beautifully, but … I just don’t see that happening.

    Loved Gong Yoo’s acting, Choong-shik, and Lee Min Jung did the best she could I think, but I really think this is the worst Hong Sisters drama I’ve watched when all is said and done. There were things about this drama I really loved about it but it just makes it worse almost. It could have been so good but it kinda seems like it went all over the place.

    Sorry for the hugomongous post >< Had to write out my thoughts.

    • 28.1 angie

      I totally agree with you about this episode. It was totally disappointing. I’m so aggravated by how dumb and senseless it was. Waste of an episode that could have added so much more potential to the story….

  29. 29 whatis

    LOL. I don’t watch this series… but I’ve just been skimming through the reviews and comments here and there.

    I laughed out loud at your comment rant and the photo you ended with. AHHA. It’s so good.

    I feel like that with a few dramas currently. RAGEFIT.

  30. 30 Sparrow

    Oh, just to clarify, when I said Lee Min Jung did the best she could, I meant with the character. She’s a good actress I think, and managed to make me care what happens to Da Ran.

    However, sometimes what Da Ran does (actually anybody in the drama does) just does not make very much sense to me at all lol.

  31. 31 hypersleep

    This is crazy, but my biggest takeaway from the drama will probably be how awesome Mari’s character is. She goes every day to her friend’s bedside who is in a coma. FOR. OVER. A. YEAR. Yah, I know she’s obsessive, and doesn’t understand what boundaries are, but she is an AMAZING friend. I cried when she threw him a birthday party in the hospital.

    • 31.1 love

      yeah i like that side of hers…
      but damn hong sisters for ruining her interesting character…
      I really like her…but I do hope she’s written better than this..

  32. 32 dgundam

    i find it amusing how recaps can be so divergent in views on a same episode. my thoughts on this episode and the series as a whole tend to coincide with koala’s recaps. loving this show.

    i for one <3 BIG and is my favorite of THS dramas. Daran is my favorite THS female lead.

    LMJ did a great job acting in the last 10 mins of this episode.

    even when she was covered all over in dirt she looked so pretty XD

  33. 33 Anna

    wow. although it feels like a filler episode. It still made me cry when reading the recap. Thanks for the lovely recap.

  34. 34 Sudi

    I cant imagine Shin woo kissing lee min jung.Even hate the idea.haha..ridiculous,isnt it?Being kissed by student to teacher.If its french kiss just like KkJ in SYJ body kissed GDR on weeding photo shot.*Aaaagggrrrhhh*

  35. 35 lilyJ

    Harry Potter reference. I like.

    Anyway, yeah. Am as confused and confunded as you are. I don’t even have the capacity to complain here. This ep. drained me.

  36. 36 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap! I am not sure why this episode existed, as well. I am just as confused asyou are, JB. I would have liked to see a switch happen and then YJ’s body suddenly collapses, and then KKJ wakes up in his own body. Then the real YJ would wake up in his own body a bit later, and say some brotherly words to KKJ before his pre-existing sickness takes him for good. What happened today, especislly with Daran’s speech at the end felt too weird. We will see what tomorrow will be like…

  37. 37 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap! I am not sure why this episode existed, as well. I am just as confused asyou are, JB. I would have liked to see a switch happen and then YJ’s body suddenly collapses, and then KKJ wakes up in his own body. Then the real YJ would wake up in his own body a bit later, and say some brotherly words to KKJ before his pre-existing sickness takes him for good. What happened today, especially with Daran’s speech at the end felt too weird. We will see what tomorrow will be like…

  38. 38 panshel

    As long as Kyung Joon is in Yoon Jae’s body, I can never get behind this couple. If Shin never wakes up in the final episode and it’s Da Ran-Big Kyung Joon at the very end, this drama has failed on every level. -_-

    Kyung Joon trying to prepare Da Ran for the inevitable… yet she won’t accept his lies… and he is not the least convincing… When did Kyung Joon turn into a bloody idiot? Isn’t he this genius kid who grew up overseas? Ever since the body-switch, he has lost all common sense and the ability to see the obvious.

    In that last scene during dinner, I wanted to scream, “Mari!! Get up from the table!! You are NOT family!!” I am devoid of feelings for these characters. x_x

  39. 39 Ari

    I think ep15 did an excellent job of confusing me. Typically for kdramas, I can anticipate the ending pretty well but with BIG, I’m floored!

    I’m not even going to try to guess what’s going to happen in the final episode because I’ll likely be waayyy off the mark.

    I feel like a lot of people are rooting for KKJ and Da-ran pairing but I’ve quietly been rooting for Da-ran and Yoon-Jae since I learned that Yoon Jae did in fact had a vested interest in her when they first met and that he bought her the ring. So, I’ll cheer them on by myself in the corner…


  40. 40 JustJen

    Oh thank god for this recap- I thought I was losing my mind by myself. I’m glad this episode made no sense to anyone else either. I also don’t get how so many dramatic things can be occurring but that the penultimate episode- THE SECOND LAST EPISODE EVER can be so freaking boring and repetitive.

    • 40.1 zsa

      haha…I blame the Brain Fetus….for all this nonsense that is episode 15…

  41. 41 Mummy of 3

    By the time I got halfway through your comments, I had tears streaming down my face from all your remarks lol ;D

    Thanks for your clever observations & I agree with everything you wrote!

    Frankly, after Queen Inhyun’s Man, every other series seem to pale against it IMHO. Cheerio & onto the last episode!

  42. 42 Sunmi

    I knew this show was HAM. I just knew it. But you know what? I’m not even mad. B/c I was expecting this tomfoolery ass-backwards nonsense. You hear that ‘Big?’ I ain’t even mad.

  43. 43 Iranian Espresso

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 43.1 sally_b

      @Iranian Espresso – your sig name is awesome.

      reminded me of my favorite (years ago) ice coffee…Vietnamese, glass pressed with condensed milk….it was like ROCKET FUEL.

      I’ve also had Turkish demi-tasse….which is the equivalent of a pound of ground beans in a shot glass sized cup.
      (((BAMMMM))) hahaha~

      Iranian Espresso seems like it would also *have a kick*.
      cheers !

  44. 44 moniq

    thx for the recaps…i love this drama….i love gongyoo..he suits well with comedy!!!!! can’t wait for the finale!!!i hope daran and kkj (in yj’s body) will be a happy couple in the last episode…they are so cute together…………..BE A HAPPY ENDING PLEASEEE!!!!!:()

  45. 45 Kim Yoonmi

    *Losing my mind over the acting*
    OMG, Gong Yoo… how can you move and I just know which character you are playing without you saying much. I think I worship you.
    *Gong Yoo rushes into the room*
    Settle it you bastards (referring to the Hong Sisters this time.) OMG.. in 4 minutes in I already feel like I’m dying.
    Gong Yoo–I thought I’d seen his acting limit, but he knocked my socks off.

    OK, Excuse me while I rave a little.
    OMG, how does that man change the air around him with expressions alone when he’s playing a character? What is it that he does? Rusty? Him? Really? Oppa~ Did you have a transfusion of talent before you chose this drama. OMG~ Can this man ever act.

    Ah! Da Ran went into the lake. Finally we see something of her determination. I loved her character upgrade. Even if it was slow.

    Endings that will not happen… but it would be funny if they did.
    – Secret Garden–Gil Da Ran switches with Seo Yoon Jae. Shin now has to play that he’s in love with Gong Yoo.
    – Yoon Jae declares that Kang Kyung Joon’s body is his forever. (I wish for it though) He goes around and chases 16 year olds in his new body. Kan Kyung Joon gets to keep the older body.

    KKJ: Hyung, we’ll switch back, right? you know when this body is near to dying again.
    YJ: What? What did you say?

    One I really want, though it sounds spiteful…
    SING IT WITH ME… (Said like Mari in her manic phase)

    Ding dong Seo Yoon Jae is dead. Seo Yoon Jae? Seo Yoon Jae!
    Ding dong Seo Yoon Jae is DEEEAADDDD.
    Wake up – sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.

    Which will solve the whole divorce issue. Da Ran will have to return for the funeral. KKJ ends up remembering and goes to the new school she applied for. And then there is a circular ending. (The scene on the bus again)

    But Hong Sisters are tricky since they don’t tip their hand on the ending. But I still think they will write it so Shin has to do the least amount of acting.

    • 45.1 reeen

      love your alternate scenarios. this drama is already infused with madness, why not go all out and least make it hilarious?

  46. 46 21

    I have never felt so lost watching a show before but last week’s episode had me really confuse as I couldn’t really see the point of the main characters covering their true feelings. This episode seems to be a big filler, I just hope tonight’s ending is going to be good. Or else I will too demand my time watching this drama back. Thanks for the recap! I do not get this drama it really started off being quite funny then it went a little bland and now its just bad.

  47. 47 duffy

    How I love LMJ’s pretty-dirty look. 😀

    That’s all I can say for now. My mind’s been messed from all the madness of this episode.

  48. 48 j

    seriously, this episode is a total… WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

  49. 49 Brain Dead/Brainless

    Another set of writers attacked by the brain fetus fever going around in kdramaland!

    • 49.1 rearwindow

      LOL. It’s an epidemic!

      • 49.1.1 Florentine Lily

        Dr. Jin: We need immediate surgery! I have to do this in less than ten minutes…or ELSE…*dun…dun…DUNNNN*

    • 49.2 sally_b

      @Brain Dead/Brainless – ho ho! (poker style)
      I’ll *see* your brain fetus and raise you 20 typing monkeys! …a stapler and three jumbo paper clips

      (p.s. Dr. Jin will need those to close the surgery) 😉

  50. 50 happygirly

    This drama makes so sense!
    I’m so sad because it had so much potential!

    I loved it at first but it just got progressively weird until the point where i have no idea what’s going on inside the heads of these people! I’m only watching for gong yoo now. 🙂

    • 50.1 happygirly

      oops. I meant NO sense ><

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