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Dr. Jin: Episode 14
by | July 11, 2012 | 102 Comments

It’s time for Hyuk to face his most demanding disease yet: Cancer, with a healthy dose of Noble Idiocy. This is one of those episodes that just has to be seen in order to be believed, because it manages to fit farting kings, possibly malignant tumors, appendicitis, candlelit breast exams, and a really dangerous-looking blood transfusion all in one inglorious hour. What’s our Joseon MacGyver going to cobble together out of bamboo and rice next? An X-ray machine? An iron lung? If we’re already at ‘centrifuge’ level on a scale of sticks to bionic limbs, we might as well go big or go home, right?


As expected, Hyuk isn’t keen on letting Cheoljong die when he can be saved with surgery. Ha-eung reminds Hyuk that he’d promised to help him achieve his wish, to which Hyuk fires back, “If it’s a dream that can only be fulfilled by someone’s death, then that dream should not be dreamt to begin with.”

The Council of Evil meets to discuss Cheoljong’s fate, all of them worried that the King will pass before they can choose an heir, which would leave things in the Queen Dowager’s hands. They don’t want that, and since Doctor Yoo still hates Hyuk, he declares that he’ll be the one to manage Cheoljong’s health from now on.

However, the King isn’t having it, and gives Doctor Yoo a strong kick to the sternum for his troubles. Once outside, Hyuk insists that he be allowed to perform the surgery, and once again Doctor Yoo denies him.

Joo Pal is in a state of celebration due to the King’s illness, operating under the belief that Ha-eung will gain all the power he wants once the King is dead. His spirits fall when he’s reminded that Hyuk could save Cheoljong’s life, and Chun-hong muses on who’s determination will be greater – Hyuk, who wants to save the King, or Ha-eung, who wants him dead?

Later that night Young-rae has a dream that she’s Mina, with modern Mina hair and clothes, on the hospital rooftop. She sees Hyuk and calls out his name, though he disappears, leaving her alone. When she wakes up she wonders why she was wearing such strange clothes, but seems to have pain in her chest. Alright then.

She asks Mom about sending a wedding invitation to her cousin, though she grows concerned when Mom tells her that her aunt passed away from breast cancer within a month of finding a lump.

So she takes her concerns to Hwalinseo, and asks Heo Gwang for a prognosis on her cousin, who’s recently found a lump on her breast. Knowing her family’s history of breast cancer, Heo Gwang tells her that things aren’t looking too great for her cousin, and it’s pretty clear that Young-rae is asking about herself and her own breast lump. (Iiii know.)

Hyuk takes his case to Minister Kim, seeking permission to perform life-saving surgery on Cheoljong. Minister Kim questions Hyuk’s motives at first – if he’s a friend of Ha-eung, then he should want the King dead – but in the end, he allows it. And once again, Hyuk’s life hangs on his success.

Kyung-tak takes the opportunity to rub the news of his impending wedding in Hyuk’s face, and seems mildly miffed that Hyuk isn’t taking the bait since he’s got bigger things to worry about, like the King’s health.

Officer Lee gives Ha-eung the potentially bad news that Hyuk has been given permission to perform the surgery. Ha-eung just laughs, since there’s not much he can do.

Hyuk uses his bamboo stethoscope on Cheoljong, but finds a complication when the King’s symptoms also point to severe anemia. This calls for a late-night meeting with the Queen Dowager and most of the Court, where Hyuk has to explain what anemia is (a lack of healthy red blood cells) along with the complications it’ll cause in surgery.

The solution? A blood transfusion. This presents a problem for a few reasons, mainly because royal blood is considered sacred and the thought of putting un-royal blood into the King has the Queen Dowager in fits. However, Minister Kim is the one to step up and defend Hyuk’s suggestion, mainly because he needs the King alive long enough for him to find an heir.

The Queen Dowager then turns to Ha-eung for support, but he surprises everyone when he agrees with Minister Kim and provides a solution to her worries by providing his royal blood for the transfusion. That’s fine and all, but I wonder if Hyuk has a way of testing blood types for compatibility in Joseon.

And that concern gets addressed right away when Hyuk coordinates with the Hwalinseo doctors to build a centrifuge that will help him determine blood types. As for the blood he’ll need, Hyuk gathers all the royal relatives in Hanyang and separates them by health level, leaving a smaller core group that will undergo blood testing.

Myeong-bok volunteers to be tested as well, but Hyuk stands firmly against it, citing that blood transfusions with children are too dangerous. As for the Council of Evil, they’re all pretty happy now that Ha-eung has taken their side, although Doctor Yoo still hates everything about Hyuk. No surprise there.

Kyung-tak finds Young-rae brooding by a river and shares what information he knows about Cheoljong’s impending surgery. He seems happy that she’s willing to discuss Hyuk instead of brushing the subject away, because he might not have trusted her heart otherwise. He hands her a list of addresses for wedding invitations and smiles, “Finally, it seems real that you are becoming my wife.”

But it looks like trouble is on the horizon, since Young-rae clutches her breast in pain once she’s out of sight. Oh come on, guys. Are you really going to pull this card? Really?

Now it’s time for Hyuk to teach the Hwalinseo doctors about blood types, and uses his blood (Type A) to test the King’s blood. There’s a lot of medical jargon going on but the basics we need to know is that the Joseon Centrifuge is apparently running on an invisible motor, and by separating blood from plasma, Hyuk is able to determine that Cheoljong is Type B.

Officer Lee lets the Queen Dowager know that Hyuk found three royal relatives with Type B blood, with Ha-eung among them. She still can’t believe Ha-eung would back the procedure until her Nephew-in-law suggests that Ha-eung is acting from the place of a loyal subject, not as an usurper.

Surgery time. Cheoljong ekes out that what he said before to Hyuk was a lie, and so we get a flash back where he’d told Hyuk to just kill him so that he could finally be free of the palace. Now, back in the present, he’s changed his mind – he doesn’t want to die. So, the point of that flashback was…?

Hyuk eases the King’s mind by telling him that he’ll dream of the island he came from while under anesthesia, and Cheoljong smiles at the thought.

Cut to: Mom at home, as a man in a straw hat stops outside the gate… And it’s Young-hwi, alive and well. I knew he wasn’t dead! But he looks awfully fine for having been shot in the heart and having fallen off a cliff. Then again, Chun-hong fell off a cliff, and look where she ended up.

Back in the operating room, Hyuk begins the blood transfusion with Ha-eung and Cheoljong, making sure we aren’t spared the wonderful sights and sounds of needles piercing flesh. As Ha-eung’s blood flows into Cheoljong’s veins, we hear Hyuk wonder in voiceover, “Heungseon Daewongun is saving King Cheoljong’s life. Is this the right thing to do? What will the result be?” Gee, Hyuk, I don’t know. Maybe you should think before you act. Are you seriously just wondering about this now?! *headdesk*

Kyung-tak keeps his father apprised on the state of the operation, and Minister Kim thinks it’s ironic that Ha-eung is giving his blood to save a king he’d rather be dead. Kyung-tak worries that it might be a ploy for Ha-eung to gain Cheoljong’s trust, a thought which makes his dad scoff, “The mouth belongs to the King, but the tongue belongs to us. What the King spills out is what we wish.”

He asks how the wedding preparations are going, which takes us to Young-rae as she clutches… well, her breast. And that brings her back to Chun-hong’s words about how her marriage with Kyung-tak will be Hyuk’s only ticket home.

When Mom and her maidservant come bearing her wedding hanbok Young-rae seems to hesitate, and Mom picks up on the signs. As Young-rae starts to undress to try it on, a troubled look passes over Mom’s face.

Hyuk removes the chicken cutlet swollen appendix from the King’s stomach, but stops immediately when he notices Ha-eung’s sunken face, weakened from too much blood loss. They switch him out for another relative and continue the surgery.

Meanwhile, Chun-hong is pulled aside during a market shopping trip by a familiar face – Young-hwi. He jokes at her expense, noting that she looks like she’s just seen a ghost, and asks after Ha-eung’s health.

Speaking of, we find Ha-eung recovering from the transfusion as Hyuk delivers the news of a successful surgery. He’s worried that Ha-eung is disappointed in him for not taking his side, and Ha-eung totally plays into it, sighing, “Thanks to you, my Myeong-bok won’t be able to sit on the throne. I have nothing more to say.”

Hyuk hangs his head, and slowly but surely, Ha-eung leans down to catch his gaze… and laughs. Joke’s on Hyuk, because Ha-eung isn’t disappointed at all – he may have had some disloyal intentions, but in the end, he’s glad that Hyuk was loyal to the crown. However, he does say that the destiny of Joseon rests with Hyuk now, and that just seems like such a bad idea.

Chun-hong sneaks Young-hwi into the gibang, though he’s not quite ready to tell his story. For that matter, he also doesn’t want Ha-eung to know the truth, and is considering living as a dead man in hiding. But it’s with surety of the future that Chun-hong tells him that he will eventually help Ha-eung. It’s only a matter of time.

In the operating room, the King finally awakens from a successful surgery. He murmurs to Hyuk that he had a dream of playing a grass pipe and cutting firewood, and Hyuk’s face makes this bit seem significant, although I don’t know why.

It’s cute that Joo Pal has taken over feeding Ha-eung so he can regain his strength, and their little team has a good laugh over how loyal everyone now thinks Ha-eung is. But Ha-eung’s laugh is for a different reason, as he explains that it wasn’t loyalty that made him give blood, it was ambition.

Basically, he’d calculated that with Hyuk overseeing the surgery, success would be imminent – and if he had opposed the surgery and withheld his blood, Minister Kim would charge him as a traitor. So he made lemonade out of his lemons, sacrificed a little blood, and gained everyone’s trust. Now all that’s left is to put Myeong-bok on the throne.

Back at Hwalinseo, Heo Gwang waffles about before finally confiding in Hyuk that Young-rae might have breast cancer. This sets Hyuk running to her house, and I’m just thinking: What’s he going to do when he gets there? Demand to see/feel her breasts?

He does pelt Young-rae with questions the second he sees her, but she’s not interested in answering any of them, and would rather avoid the topic entirely. Hyuk: “How much has it progressed? How about the pain? Can you feel the lump, too?”

She shakes him off when he tries to wrist grab her, citing her upcoming marriage and the rumors that could spread. Young-rae: “Never come here again.”

Cheoljong holds a meeting with the Royal Court, and makes it known to everyone that he can’t eat until he’s passed gas. Awesome. Back to matters of country, he wonders if he looks better in his kingly robes now that he has royal blood flowing through his veins, and shocks everyone when he endorses Ha-eung’s move to get the Queen Dowager to adopt Myeong-bok.

This is a huge blow to Minister Kim, but Ha-eung’s ploy has worked; Cheoljong is sure that if Ha-eung had nefarious plans for the throne, he wouldn’t have been first in line to donate blood. So with that in mind he actually pauses the conversation in the court so that he can lean over and fart in front of all the ministers. Omg. What are these writers smoking.

Once outside, Minister Kim attempts to remind Ha-eung that he hasn’t achieved victory yet, but Ha-eung is delightfully dismissive. He’s especially pleased to announce that he’ll be telling the Queen Dowager the good news, which leaves Minister Kim and Kim Byung-ok fuming.

So this is awkward. Hyuk delivers the news of Young-rae’s breast cancer to Kyung-tak, because he wants to get his permission to examine his fiancée’s breasts. (No, I’m not making this up.) Kyung-tak is, of course, upset to hear that his fiancée has cancer but also wonders whether Hyuk has different intentions behind his request.

Hyuk assures him that this is all in the name of medicine, and that he wouldn’t have gone to him if he had other intentions. However, if she’s already in pain, then the prognosis is grim. Hyuk asks Kyung-tak to convince his fiancée to allow him to examine her breasts, since she’s worried it’ll affect her marriage.

Meanwhile, the Council of Evil does their usual thing, worrying about Ha-eung and the future heir and whatnot. Doctor Yoo makes sure to get a dig in about Hyuk, and for the most part, everyone just stews.

It’s a good day for Ha-eung and the Queen Dowager, especially since he volunteers to organize the genealogy records of the royal family for historical purposes. She knows that it won’t make Minister Kim happy, and she doesn’t care.

Kyung-tak calls Young-rae out in order to tell her to go through with the examination. She wonders what will happen with the wedding if she’s proven to have a disease, since Minister Kim won’t accept a patient into his family. Kyung-tak sighs – it’s not the wedding that he cares about, it’s her life that’s most important. He accompanies this with a pat on her shoulder. Aww.

So then we have a beautiful ballad playing while Young-rae starts undressing for Hyuk, and Kyung-tak paces nervously outside. I am taking serious pauses for laughter here, because this is ridiculous in ways I can’t even explain. This scene fails to be unromantic when they’re lit by soft candlelight and accompanied by a crooning ballad, so now we’re just in very weird, very awkward territory.

She gets to keep her undergarment on, for the most part, and tears up as Hyuk gently prods her chest with his fingers. And the best/worst part about this scene is that the song cuts off the second he finds a lump. It’s like someone took the needle off the record as if to say, ‘It’s all fun and games and romantic ballads until someone finds a cancer lump.’ You have got to be kidding me.

To make matters worse, he asks her if she’s had pain or nipple discharge. She wipes away tears and says she hasn’t, and Sad Violin chimes in just in time for Hyuk to tell her, teary-eyed, that she has breast cancer. There’s a chance the tumor could be benign, but either way, surgery is needed.

She’s totally against that idea, because she can’t have it interfere with the wedding. Hyuk: “Is the wedding more important than your life?” Young-rae: “Yes, it is.” And we know that she’s self-sacrificing because she thinks the wedding will help Hyuk get home, which is noble idiocy to the Nth degree, helped along because she asks Hyuk to keep the cancer a secret from Kyung-tak.

When Kyung-tak asks about the outcome of the exam, Hyuk does as she asked and lies that she’s cancer-free. It’s sad that tears of relief spring to Kyung-tak’s eyes to hear that all is well with his fiancée, and he wrist-grabs her so they can continue wedding preparations.

Hyuk decides to drink his woes away at the gibang, with Ha-eung and Chun-hong there to lend a sympathetic ear. With the wedding set for the next day, Young-rae eyes her wedding garments sadly and cries.

…Which transports her to another future-vision, where she’s looking through Mina’s eyes. We flash through Mina’s accident, and her words to Hyuk that they would meet again. Young-rae experiences all of this and wakes up in a cold sweat, calling Yoo Mina’s name while she sobs in shock.

Chun-hong brings Hyuk some food to chase his hangover, giving her normal speech about how it’s good that Young-rae is marrying Kyung-tak, because that’s what’s best for everyone. She warns Hyuk to throw his feelings away (even though he didn’t seem all that invested in the first place), and lets it slip that Young-rae said she’d do the same.

This is bad news bears for Chun-hong, because Hyuk finally catches on to Young-rae’s behavior, and realizes that she’s going through with the wedding only because she thinks it will help him return home. Chun-hong warns him that he’ll never be able to return if the marriage is broken, and Hyuk defiantly replies, “It doesn’t matter.” He’s more concerned about Young-rae’s health, and rushes out.

He stops by Kyung-tak’s house first to find him in his official robes, and breaks the news that he lied about Young-rae’s cancer. They both rush to her house to find her room empty and her clothes missing.

And Chun-hong finds Young-rae on the street in tears. She confronts Chun-hong, asking, “Who am I? Please tell me. Who am I, exactly?” Chun-hong’s shocked face shows it all, and she commands Young-rae never to tell Hyuk, but Young-rae screams, “Why?!”


So… that didn’t answer anything, did it? It seems like there’s a big secret at play concerning Young-rae’s identity, but it looks like we’ll have to wait another week to find out what it is. Woe is us.

Having the wedding called off, even though it’s not quite official yet, came as no surprise. We knew that wedding was never going to happen, so it felt like the show was dangling a rotten carrot in front of our eyes, hoping we’d take a big ol’ bite. I didn’t, so the sudden onset of Young-rae’s cancer was just an of course kind of moment.

And true to this show’s nature, the cancer issue was handled poorly. It’s one thing to set up something like this gradually, and another to have Young-rae wake up one day with a painful lump and no time left to live. The breast exam just had me in stitches, because no matter how hard the characters tried to make it sound strictly medical, the shooting, editing, and music painted a wholly different picture. Soft candlelight and a romantic ballad aren’t normally things I’d associate with a cancer check. Ri-di-cu-lous.

Even with all that, I’m still not super sympathetic to Young-rae’s cause as a character simply because her life and happiness mean less to her than Hyuk’s life and happiness, which, bleh. It’s both good and bad to have a character willing to sacrifice for others, only Young-rae has never shown a different side to herself and remains a Mary Sue dressed in bright hanbok. Whatever this new development is, whether she’s realized that she’s an ancestor or a reincarnation or a pre-carnation, I can’t really muster up the energy to be all that excited about it. In regards to Young-rae/Mina, que sera sera.

As for Young-hwi, I’m just glad he’s back. How he survived a bullet to the chest and a long fall is up for grabs, but gummimochi brought up the suggestion that Young-hwi might have warped in time just like Chun-hong, which would explain how he survived and why he’s hesitant to talk about it. If that turns out to be the case it’d be an interesting precedent, and one I hope they don’t spread, just because it’d be kind of terrible to see people diving off cliffs in the hopes of making it to the future.

Last but not least, it’s becoming increasingly harder to get behind Hyuk’s motivations when even he can’t figure out what they are. If going back to the future doesn’t matter to him, fine. If he wants to stay in the past, fine. But it’s pretty damn selfish of him to assume that he can run around with a song in his heart and a mallet in his hand fixing people up at will – even the King – without considering that there might be some freaking consequences to his actions. I love that it was only in the middle of surgery that he was all, “Oh crap. I wonder if this is a good idea.” You know what, Hyuk? I wonder, too. I really, really do.


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  1. kakashi

    lol, your recap cracks me up ^_^
    very, very funny, haha

    • 1.1 Kiara

      Heads you are making me love this show lol. Looking forward to the next recap.

  2. Quiet Thought

    This series would have been so much better if it had been about Chun-hong. With her buddy Ha-eung, solving time paradoxes together.

    • 2.1 laraffinee

      I agree.

  3. Confused

    LMFAO, done reading the recap already! Hilarious, Noheads! Bahahhaha~

  4. MsB

    I watched this with the comments on at viki and they were hysterical! I was laughing so hard, I was damn near crying! I mean, they might as well played Barry White music during the breast exam! I mean what?!! Sexy music, dimmed lights during a breast exam! I’ve never been that lucky! The return of Young Hwi was the only shining light as he is one of the most interesting characters. I totally agree, the effects of falling off a cliff should be held in strict confidence. We would not want a bunch of sick people diving off the cliff and disappearing like TimeCop! This story just dove to the ridiculous. Did they even know about breast cancer back then? I kept saying to myself cancer? They know about cancer?!! I agree with the previous comment, this drama would have been much more interesting featuring Chun-hong and her buddy Ha-eung!

    • 4.1 Maya

      Great idea! I think I will watch next episodes with the viki comments. It’ll make it entertaining instead of perplexing. I know I should’ve stopped for my own good, but I dunno why I kept drawn into it when Sunday comes…
      And LOL at the Barry White music! 😀

      • 4.1.1 MsB

        Have the tissues ready because you will be crying from laughter, especially this episode!! I look at this as being my Fashion King drama. I never understood why I kept watching even though I hated it!

        • Maya

          As appealing as it might sound, I don’t know if I want to go through this episode again. It’s kinda traumatic :D. But I’ll definitely try it next episode and be sure to prepare a box of tissue.

          • Awe


            trust us. a re-watch on viki.com actually removes the painful reality of this drama due to all the hilarious commentators.

            viki commentators are the only reason i’ve been able to stay with this drama this long. it actually is comic relief.

      • 4.1.2 shiku

        I always watch the show with comments on. Most of the time they are hilarious

    • 4.2 Awe


      viki ftw.

    • 4.3 rosalie

      Is this drama really entertaining to watch coz reading the comments makes me wonder if this drama is really not serious. I want to watch a drama that would really make me laugh and I wonder if this drama has it.

  5. -K

    Pants! Maybe I should recommend this episode to my gyno.

    • 5.1 Rashell

      IKR…I’ll just bring some candles and some music to my next appointment. I’m sure the Dr will think it’s completely normal.

      • 5.1.1 JoJo

        Yes, my next breast exam will be by candlelight…

      • 5.1.2 Kiara

        Lol and leave the boyfriend outside.

  6. Rashell

    The re-caps of this show are AWESOME! I honestly don’t know how you watch this. I die laughing just reading about it, but to actually watch? I don’t think I could do it. A romantic breast exam? WOW, that’s just a whole different level of bad.

  7. Maya

    “Soft candlelight and a romantic ballad aren’t normally things I’d associate with a cancer check. Ri-di-cu-lous.”

    LOL! I was also thinking the same thing while watching: errr… I’m not really sure that a breast cancer check should give out this kind of nuance.

    And about Young Hwi, I also agree that he might have landed in the future when he fell off the cliff. That’s the only way to explain how he is miraculously cured in a span of few days with the heavy injury he sustained. But yeah I have to cross out my theory on him as the bandaged man because I don’t think the bandaged man sustained any gunshot wounds when he was brought in to the hospital. 

    “But it’s pretty damn selfish of him to assume that he can run around with a song in his heart and a mallet in his hand fixing people up at will – even the King – without considering that there might be some freaking consequences to his actions.”

    LOL. Prolly the song in his heart is the song SSH sung in the OST. 😀 But really, I just want to hit the back of his head for being so ignorant with the consequences. Esp since his motivation is always abstruse, for me.

    And I don’t know whether watching Dr Jin has finally drove me loopy. But at the end of the episode I started thinking that maaaybe Mina is actually Young Rae who falls over the cliff in the near future and landed in the past-present before meeting Hyuk… I DO think that this show has messed up my mind…

    • 7.1 Echo

      Wow…..I never thought of that.
      It could have happened that way.
      Choon Hong also awakened in the past and said she didn’t remember her traveling to the future until Dr. Jin saved her.
      YR could have fallen off a cliff once upon a time, gone to the future and become Mina, and then somehow come back to the past where she also lost her memories. So YR and Mina are the same person =____=
      And of course…..Dr. Jin is going to save YR miraculously….because we still need to see Catholics getting persecuted and YR is a part of that. I don’t think they showed her with a cross for no reason.
      And I think Yonghwi is actually going to be against HAE now…..because it seems he traveled to the future and saw the ‘evil side’ of HAE.

      I’m actually really annoyed with the writer and producer. They have many good ideas….but they ruin those ideas by adding mediocre and annoying content. It would have been better if they explored their ‘good’ ideas more thoroughly. The thing that is still keeping me interested in this drama I think is the fact that in the one hour broadcast at least 10-15 minutes each episode will bring new unique ideas in Kdramaland and hold my interest.

      So far my fav characters are Yong hwi and KT and HAE. Although, I enjoyed watching KT’s character much more when he was in opposition to Yong hwi’s character or being pushed around by dad/brother. I am still waiting for the day when his dad will ask him to do something REALLY bad to someone he loves…..and at that point he abandons his dad. I seriously wanted KT to be a character who eventually went against his families immoral principles and said enough is enough. But now he is all buddy-buddy with his dad and that is annoying.

      Also….I think this is the only drama that I have watched (and I have watched MANY) where I hate the male and female lead characters with a passion. If they got blown up and thus lived ‘happily ever after’ as particles it would make no difference to me. They are so inconsistent and their ‘moral’ principles are all over the place.

      Like seriously, I understand that Jin started taking people’s lives more seriously after Mina’s accident…..but he does not even care about Mina anymore……so where is his ‘morality’ in saving people coming from? Originally in the future he did not care at all. People cannot randomly transition that fast or that completely. If he does not care about Mina anymore….than it would be a logical conclusion that he does not care about saving everyone now…..?

      Oh this drama X_____X

      • 7.1.1 Maya

        I’m glad that at least you find the idea isn’t that far-fetched. Proof that I haven’t gone loopy (yet) from watching the show :D.
        Anyway I don’t think that Young Hwi will go against HAE just yet. I think left prime minister is still the biggest villain in the equation. However he might then go against HAE once the persecution towards the Catholics begin or at least when he finds out that his sister is a Catholic.
        And yes! I really really want to hit both leads over their heads for running hot and cold. Hyuk with his abstruse motivation and ignorance with the consequences and Young Rae’s wrong priorities in life. And I seriously don’t get it on how she’s willing to marry kyung tak at the risk of losing her life (just to send Hyuk back to the future), but then bailed at the last minute because of some reccurring dreams.

        • Lise

          Well goodluck to HAE then cuz his wife is also catholic right?!! Drama! Lolz

          • shiku

            I think something will happen to his wife and he will blame Catholics for it.

      • 7.1.2 Michelle

        I said earlier in the series to a friend that MiNa and YoungRae were EXACTLY the same……Guess I was right.

        MinYoung’s acting + her lame character= I want to bang my head against the wall!!!!

        Also has anyone noticed how under-utilized KKT is? This character has all the potential but they just stunt any growth (for both KKT and KJJ) with this “unrequited love” crap. It is just so frustrating because YoungRae isn’t worth anything. A person who is willing to send her own mother into slavery and shows just two lame crying scenes for her DEAD BROTHER (cause she doesn’t know he is alive yet) but cries a million times more for some asshat from the future? Just eff her! Seriously what an obnoxious waste of space!!!!!

        But back to KKT. I think the writers have so far just screwed this character over and over again. KJJ is still (in my book) a rookie actor so this role should have been an opportunity to improve (and he did in some scenes) but for the most part they just have him as an underdog with no escape plan so he sides with his evil, conniving ass of a father. It drives me crazy because everytime the council of evil come up with some plan, KKT shares his concerns, he is dismissed by his father but wouldn’t you know it? What he predicts is exactly what ends up happening! And also what happended to Haeung’s plan concerning KKT?

        HaEung is flawless of course. I love this guy. JooPal is awesome and YoungHwi…….I just hope he saves me from his jacktard of a sister.

        Dr. Jin……urgh…..NEXT!!!!!
        ChunHong…..Lady full of mystery. Hope she replaces YoungRae but we all know that won’t happen.

        • MsB

          HaEung and Young Hwi as well as Chung Hoon are the only reasons why I still watch! I want Dr Jin to go back but now I have no idea where this is going! Jacktard! Thank you, perfect one word description!

          • Awe

            like i said earlier, watching this drama at viki.com has made it sooooooo entertaining.

            however, i must admit, epis. 14…holy cow, batman. wait. holy MADcow, batman. how can so much insanity happen in one episode. oy.

    • 7.2 1061-kun

      This had to be one of the greatest worst scene in Kdrama history. The love ballad playing slowly, the candle light, the fiance pacing outside while Dr. Jin exams Young Rae breast. Maybe the most romantic exam ever. I got the biggest laugh out of.

      The Japanese version did a much better. First, the Japanese version of Chun-hong (Nokaze) was the one with the breast cancer and they foreshadowed it for an episode or two in advance. The exam was held during the day with another doctor present along with several onlookers. Jin found the lump but didn’t say anything because he wanted her get pregnant so that the future lover could become born.

      It is just funny how the Korean producers took the same elements from the original source and flipped it around to fit their story.

      • 7.2.1 Reena

        Yup!!! When I saw YR touching her breast I was like “oh heeeeeelll no?! Just like Nokaze???”…. But I DO think that the japanese version is much more believable.

        I have to agree with everyone that this breast exam is reaaaaaalllly ridiculous.

        • shiku

          It was really ridiculous. I was thinking why are they romanticizing death? Breast exams isn’t sexy!!!

  8. fluff

    “I love that it was only in the middle of surgery that he was all, “Oh crap. I wonder if this is a good idea.” You know what, Hyuk? I wonder, too. I really, really do.”

    LOL, MTE!

    Yeah, I could barely watch that breast exam scene because 1) it was soooo cringe-inducing and 2) I was laughing so hard.

    Methinks the writers/editors/music directors have not been in a similar situation themselves.

    Oh, and maybe Chun-hong is *constantly* jumping off that cliff to go time-traveling, and that’s how she knows all these details about the future. But I have to wonder about one thing…she is seriously shocked that Young-hwi is still alive, but then TWO MINUTES LATER she says oh yeah, you will definitely help Ha-eung. Huh? Did she divine that in the middle of their conversation?

    “This is one of those episodes that just has to be seen in order to be believed, because it manages to fit farting kings, possibly malignant tumors, appendicitis, candlelit breast exams, and a really dangerous-looking blood transfusion all in one inglorious hour. ” Yep. I saw it and I STILL don’t believe it.

    • 8.1 fluff

      **and by “similar situation” I mean a breast exam, not a breast exam with mood lighting/cheesy music/SSH/hanbok, etc. Cuz I’m pretty sure nobody but PMY has been there.

  9. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  10. 10 Cynthia

    **Excuse me for a sec – must wipe away the tears and steady my breathing from all the gut-busting laughing I was doing reading this recap…**

    Personally, I look at the romantic booby-prodding scene as a natural progression of the romantic blister-popping from the last episode. If the stoned writers continue to follow this natural progression, I can only imagine the heart-pounding, sexually intense scene we’ll be getting from YR’s upcoming surgery – and we KNOW DJ won’t be able to pass that operation up! IDID’s resident Doctor Without Borders isn’t the only inappropriate physician on the drama-block!

    HeadsNo2 – you weren’t alone looking for the engine in the centrifuge scene. The closest I can come up with is that Dr. MickeyMouse Ears was pedaling like crazy under the table with some kind of Gilligan’s Island/McGuyver bamboo-rubberband machine. Not much else would account for that whirling dervish flying around.

    And the total scene stealer for this ep? The award (and crown) goes to our FARTING KING. Sageuk has just hit a new low, but I must say, the sound editing was immaculate!! I cried. And not from sadness.

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2! I’d venture to guess that your quest for gleaning gravitas from DJ is over? 🙂

    • 10.1 Maya

      “Personally, I look at the romantic booby-prodding scene as a natural progression of the romantic blister-popping from the last episode.”

      Haha. Now it made me think that Hyuk had finally gone to second base with YR.

      • 10.1.1 fluff

        HA! And poor old Kyung-Tak is still in shoulder-patting territory.
        If I were her I would have requested that Jaejoong do it, and just report back to the doc. *eyebrow waggles*

      • 10.1.2 Cynthia

        2nd base?! That was a Joseon home run!!

    • 10.2 MsB

      Mickey Mouse running the wheel? Thanks for making me ROFLMAO at work!! I know, I was laughing too!

    • 10.3 Awe

      ROFL cynthia!

      Dr. MickeyMouse Ears peddling like crazy to propel the macgyvor bamboo rice paste centrifuge…dude…im peeing my pants here, laughing so hard. hats off to you.

      thanks so much.

  11. 11 katiamon

    i thought your introduction to the recap was exaggerated (“it manages to fit farting kings, possibly malignant tumors, appendicitis, candlelit breast exams, and a really dangerous-looking blood transfusion all in one”) but this is an insane ep. for drama history… Dr. Jin, only you could raise the bar for craziness in a k-drama.
    I love your recaps HN2, i can barely repress my laughter at my job. you know? even thought the story and the plots are ridicule i like them, if you are going to make the worst drama ever you have to use all your ammunition to crack the views resistance to madness.
    Doc, you are more than a guilty pleasure to me… i can’t even come up with a name to describe why i like you.
    thanks for the recap.
    now, how do the actors feel when they read their scrips???? they really have guts to stick around…

  12. 12 Nika

    ok. IO am dieing laughing here. The recap is awesome! I am not watching this series but I think I should watch this episode and as recommended above on viki.

    • 12.1 MsB

      Just watch this episode!!

  13. 13 Sunny

    Is it possible to like edit out our two leads? We could make this drama about the escapades of Chun Hong..or the joseon era bromance between Yong Hwi & Kyung Tak.

    Heads thanks for the entertaining recap! ^^

    • 13.1 Kiara

      Lol I’m with you.

    • 13.2 Michelle

      Agreed. HaEung is also a must!

    • 13.3 sharu

      Yep…. THAT would be a VERY good thing 😀

    • 13.4 shiku

      Agree but can we stick Mr. Handtowel somewhere so I can ogle him. I find him sexy all of a sudden

  14. 14 DaDa

    I spit out my drink reading this. OMG. LOL. This show is hilarious and your recaps are genius. 😀

  15. 15 Alys

    “She wonders what will happen with the wedding if she’s proven to have a disease, since Minister Kim won’t accept a patient into his family. ”

    Oh dear, she not worried about that, why she refuse to get an examination bcs she didnt want Jin feel unhappy cos he can’t back to future anymore, this girl love Jin so much more then anything even her mother and that kind anoyying.

    Anyway, i’m LOLing when i read people comment on viki and they said maybe there is a baby fetus travaler on young rae breast lol, and maybe Jin can go back to the future with that.

    • 15.1 MsB

      Me too! The comments are priceless and make watching this very enjoyable!! I had to pause the episode during the breast exam I was laughing and crying so hard!!

  16. 16 jomo

    This is the funniest thing I have ever read.

    And as I read this, all I can think of is Dave Barry’s line:
    “I am not making this up.”

    But you have to be.
    It can’t be this bad, and this stupid, can it?
    These things don’t happen on network television.

    Is this going to become like the Rocky Horror of Kdramas?
    Bring your whoopi cushions to the theatre to expel the sounds at the correct moment.
    Throw yogurt for the Docs got cholera ep….

    • 16.1 Cynthia

      And we’ll eventually find out that the REAL writers were Cheech & Chong…

      • 16.1.1 MsB

        Rocky Horror? Cheech & Chong? I should not be reading this comments at work! HAHAHA!

  17. 17 Mic

    Oh my gosh! The picture at the end isn’t of Jaejoong! xD

    Yeah, I didn’t/don’t care one bit about Young-rae and her breast cancer. And I’m glad you pointed out how ridiculous that examination was, because I had to pause the episode to laugh at the candles and romantic music too.

    Hyuk is just annoying because he doesn’t have a clue what he really wants, but is still doing things that can have huge consequences.

    Anyways, this episode made me really depressed because I thought the previous three episodes were actually pretty solid, and I’m genuinely interested in the political plot of this drama. But I concur with the above comment asking if we can do away with Hyuk and Young-rae, because I can’t stand their characters. I mean, sure, they’re the good guys, but they are really irritating to me. I actually really enjoy how this drama seems to have a lot of gray characters, such as Kyung-tak, Ha-eung, Chun-hong and even Young-hwi. They’re also my favorite.

    Here’s to hoping we get some more Kyung tak–Young hwi bromance angst soon! ^^

  18. 18 wanderlust

    meh, Hyuk could’vt just gone: No worrrieeesss Young Rae, I’ve seen an identical copy of your boobs manyyy a time, it won’t be awkward or unethical, your boobs are basically mine since I’m dating you in ze future!

    • 18.1 Cynthia

      Hah! I got an immediate flashback to Christopher Walken’s SNL ‘The Continental’ and all the greasiness involved…

    • 18.2 Awe

      i was actually laughing at the possibility of dr jin telling her (during the breast exam) to look forward to her future because of new technology called breast implants. there are no b cup women in the future.

  19. 19 gaeakronos

    And here I am holding laughter…Gosh, if you can feel the pain which make you wake up from sleep and tomorrow find a lump, there’ll be many many breast cancer patient saved!
    Breast cancer (as in malignant one) usually isn’t hurt at all, it usually so tiny you almost can’t feel that. And that breast examination, make me LOL!!

    Oh my stomach…

  20. 20 Lise

    Well its a no brainer innit? She died in 2012 and they meet in the past, no? But why in heavens name is miss High and mighty gisaeng so keen on separating them?! I guess thats the whole point of 20 eps huh?!! And wheres the friggin fetus + the mysterious fetus man???

  21. 21 tessieroo

    Guys – if we felt awkward watching that breast exam? Imagine how SSH and PMY felt filming it. No way could he actually look her in the face and say “do you have any nipple discharge” without busting out laughing.

    I’ll bet they’re had a blast filming that ridiculous scene.

    • 21.1 Michelle


      KJJ is outside swinging a beer. When the camera switches back to him he hides his can and stomps around trying to not laugh.

      • 21.1.1 Awe

        kjj swinging a beer? no, that’s a crack pipe made from bamboo sealed with rice paste. he’s been joseon chosen to test the new batch of erm….penicilan. that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

    • 21.2 Mystisith

      I’m sure it was body doubles for the close ups. I will never believe it was SSH and PMY. Or they were drugged before shooting that scene.

  22. 22 Michelle

    OMG!!! I was laughing hysterically already but then I saw THIS:


    What rich irony…well….coincidence but irony sounds better. I just can’t anymore. LOL!!!!!

    @Cynthia, Will you jump the PMY/SSH ship for LMH’s new drama?

    • 22.1 Cynthia

      Heh. The PMY/SSH ship sunk WAY back.
      I wouldn’t compare the dreck that is Dr. Jin to ‘Faith’ any more than I’d compare ‘Gone With The Wind’ to ‘Caddy Shack’.

      • 22.1.1 Awe

        well somebody compared it because (apparently) dr jin guys sued faith guys for similiarities. which is lol, because you gotta have faith for it to get any crazier.

  23. 23 ck1Oz

    I am not watching the series but been told by viki friends working on it.
    Just wanted to say your intro made me read this recap.I died laughing .Let me go look at Golden Time to compare now.
    Breast examination with mood music and lighting.Hahaha .

  24. 24 Cindy

    ROFL, your recaps cracks me up!

    I didn’t even bother to watch Dr. Jin knowing how ridiculous it will turn out to be from the previews, but I’ve never knew that I would enjoy your recaps so much.

    Dr.Jin is turning into a time travelling comedy for me XD and I appreciate it!! LOVE YA!!

  25. 25 aramint


    Oh my God, what in the world are the writers and directors thinking? I’m so impressed on how they managed to turn the blockbuster j-drama into a complete joke. Like, seriously? Really?

    One of Dr. Jin’s many flaws is that it tried too hard to be a medical drama, and failed, miserably. You don’t have to compile all the diseases in one drama, or show every single puss blister, needle-meeting-flesh sound effect, or a complete and thorough breast exam for people to know that this is a medical drama.

    And speaking of that stupid-ly done breast exam, whose idea was it to include the “feeling your nipple discharge” part? Gah, we get it, folks. She has a freaking breast cancer! If you have done it subtlety, a bit implicitly, coupled with clever editing plus the actors’s right amount of expression, it might’ve brought out the sympathy. But now? Haish…

    And, our lead characters, they bother me to the core. The way they are written, it’s just, so……ah, I can’t even find the proper word to describe them.

    I feel like they should’ve made another drama with Kyung Tak, Young Hwi, Ha Eung and Chun Hong. Love square, anyone? Might be much better from our current disease, that is Dr. Jin. *sigh*

    • 25.1 Awe

      nothing they do anymore bothers me—it is just extreme entertainment now.

      and with the viki commentators, lol, i’m watching and re-watching scenes because i’m laughing too much to keep up.

      this aint no drama no more…this is full on monty python kOMEDY.

      • 25.1.1 aramint

        heh..perhaps i should do the same..extreme entertainment..nice one.. LOL

  26. 26 JoJo

    Heads, this recap is great…lol, and so glad I haven’t yet seen Ep. 14…it’ll be such fun.

  27. 27 starfield

    LMAO Heads! I can tell how much this episode has stressed you as you ended the recap with a facepalming Hyuk instead of the customary Kyung-tak screencap xD

    I think you ought to win an award or something for your extremely funny (and dead accurate) recount of the atrocity that was the breast exam scene. I agree with every single WORD xD

    And OMG YES! Hyuk *is* Joseon MacGyver. Nothing wrong with MacGyver really- it was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid- except solving one one-off crisis per episode and displaying no obvious character growth as the time progress does not work in a drama series like Dr. Jin.

    I have very little hope that the writers will ever get our two leads right. It’s actually quite amazing that apart from the two leads, ALL other characters are either well-written, decently-written or at least logically-written. Even more amazing is that if you restructure the drama, making the medical story the subplots, Ha-eung’s story the main plots, and minimizing the romance triangle, then we will actually get a pretty good fusion sageuk centering on palace politics. Especially if you give Young-hwi & Kyung-tak more backstory and heighten the conflicts, the story can be epic… oh wait, what am I doing?


    Thank you Heads for the hilarious recap =) !

  28. 28 Katherine

    I don’t know why I keep reading recaps on this drama. It upsets me that Hyuk is this multi-doctor, who specializes every medical field/position out there!!! Wasn’t he a neurosurgeon at the start of the drama? Now, in this episode, he’s an OB/GYN?? When did he start studying about the health of women? I keep hoping for something for this drama, yet I’m not getting anything.

    • 28.1 MsB

      I’m waiting for the open heart surgery and birthing a baby! I need his memory recall ability!! I wish every lecture I’d ever heard be recalled in a second!

    • 28.2 shiku

      I thought all doctors trained the same way and if they wanted to specialize they do further training so it isn’t a stretch.

  29. 29 YY

    “What’s our Joseon MacGyver going to cobble together out of bamboo and rice next?”

    I have the answer, Heads! All that farting in this show is a sheer waste of energy. I feel in my guts that soon, very very soon, our genius doctor is going to harness all that explosive energy and come up with a new form of Joseon anesthetic, to be named fartnesthetic*.

    *Fartnesthetic: Gas, originating from the humble fart, non-flammable, all-natural and hopefully, non-explosive .

  30. 30 cranky

    Wellllllllll… here’s one of the worst episodes of this drama.

    For one, I really like PMY and I’ve been trying very hard to understand her character but sad to say, no. I don’t. I don’t see her motivations or anything that supports her actions. Which pretty much mean that I don’t give a shit about her character and cancer. Her boobies can rot for all I care.

    Secondly, though I appreciate the recapper’s humour, I do think there are some times too much emphasis focused on humour and not much on analysis.
    Or maybe I’m just taking this too seriously?
    For instance, that scene with Minister Evil and the plant on one of the previous episodes. What I took from that was his subtle message to his lackeys.
    Or this episode when Cheoljong decided to make a big deal about farting. I thought that he, after the operation (possibly life threatening in his mind), had begun to look at his life and his role as King in a different light. And the fart was his way of giving the ministers the finger.

    Still, thanks for your hard work in writing these.

    • 30.1 Rashell

      “And the fart was his way of giving the ministers the finger.”

      Just read that line and tell me how to take this drama seriously.

      • 30.1.1 mskololia

        DO NOT start analyzing *farts* HN2.


        • fluff


      • 30.1.2 Awe

        …it’s a gas!

    • 30.2 Michelle


      I can’t! *flails in her chair*

    • 30.3 Awe


      like you said, epis 14 was just flat out bizarre.

      and i think in order to keep my sanity and keep from going postal, i’m focusing on the humor from the outrageousness contained in this episode.

      also, i think Heads did a fantastic job on the recap. a serious analysis of this epis. would have been snarky, finger-pointing and dull, no?

    • 30.4 shiku

      ‘And the fart was his way of giving the ministers the finger.’
      I got this but it was still funny as I never expected it.

      I do agree with the plants though.

  31. 31 xing

    I do not like Kim Kyung-Tak (Jae-Joong) and Young-Rae Hong (Park Min-young). Kim Kyung-Tak is almost always snappish and Hong Young-Rae is always frowned. I tried to like somewhat, but I can not see them. Both are unbearable. And the two players play poorly.Main actress Park Min-young is the wrong choice. Not fit the role. The other actors I like are ok.

  32. 32 xing

    I do not like Kim Kyung-Tak (Jae-Joong) and Young-Rae Hong (Park Min-young).Kim Kyung-Tak is almost always snappish and Hong Young-Rae is always frowned. I tried to like somewhat, but I can not see them. Both are unbearable. And the two players play poorly.Main actress Park Min-young is the wrong choice. Not fit the role. The other actors I like are ok. Dr. Jin is ok. SSH, LBS, LSY, JLH, JEP are OK. Drama is ok.

    Thanks HeadsNo2 !

  33. 33 Jenny


    Watched only the first episode of this drama-fiasco, but have read every single one of these recaps. Priceless these are.

    Thanks for the laughs, HeadsNo2


  34. 34 madman999

    i am still loving this drama-its so bad that it;s good. i just love how overly dramatic the actors and actresses are in playing their roles. for the most part, they sell it well. I also like Lee Bum Soo playing Prince Ha Eueng. this guy seems to command every scene he is in.

    while I am trying to keep with the serious historical element of this show, I wouldn;t be surprised if we find out later on that the writers intended this to actually be a comedy. it;s like those schlocky Uwe Boll B movies. they are even funnier because the director believes in his work!

  35. 35 xnopex

    i seriously love these recaps more than the show. i think i’m ok with my decision to watch me but you deserve a medal for sticking with this.

    • 35.1 xnopex

      damn never type on a phone.

      “i think i’m ok with my decision NOT to watch this”

  36. 36 meecheellee

    Puahahaha. WHAT are these writers smoking?

  37. 37 Carole McDonnell

    Oh my gosh, i love your recaps! Bad acting, bad writing, bad direction. It is so rare when everything in a show is bad, i mean everything….and yet the show elicits laugh and I keep coming back for more. It’s like watching a really embarrassing accident and being unable to turn away. Dr Hyuk just seems like a beautiful dedicated airhead. Female lead always frowns. All the characters are so one-note and the result is that Kyung-tak feels rounded out. Not that he IS rounded out as a character but because the screenwriters are trying to make him complex and angsty (can’t have an idol be too nasty.)

  38. 38 Awe

    what’s worse than a HURRICANE?


    a candle-lit breast exam with soft bedroom music playing in the background while my groom that i don’t love paces outside?

    you’re right, just gimme the category 5 hurricane and be done with it.

    Heads: thanks for hilarious recap.

    and the next time someone asks me “if billy falls off a cliff, are you gonna do it too?” im gonna reply “HECK YEAH!!” i can time slip too, ya know.

  39. 39 fluff

    HOLY CRAP – just read that Dr. Jin’s getting a 2-ep. extension.

    Because the network watched 14 and thought “YES, we need more of THIS!”

    • 39.1 Reena

      are you sure? ohhhh my… lol… but I don’t mind. This show is sooo bad that it’s so good. lol

  40. 40 nappyforlife

    though im only reading the recaps for this show it is getting really unbelievable. No really unbelievable. cancer in this time period my god this show has lost it direction once it never had i might add

  41. 41 Awe

    anyone else suspicious of Choon Hong’s insistence of Young Rae’s marriage and Dr Jin getting back to the future?

    she seems to really be pushing an agenda…just saying.

  42. 42 Kwhat?!

    Thanks so much for your recaps of Dr. Jin, Medicine Man! I watched 1 1/2 episodes and wondered if this is really just some huge joke. Then I realized they were very sincere in their ridiculousness.

    Happily, you get the joke the whole cast and crew is missing, and I’ve been able to enjoy the recaps in ways I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the series. Some of my favorite quotes from you recaps are: “Because an operating room is just a clown car that hasn’t happened yet”, and generally all the clown car OR references, “Jinception”, and “It’s all fun and games and romantic ballads until someone finds a cancer lump.” You are hilarious!

    @Alys, your comment about there being a breast fetus is sooo great! It would make sense that the evil fetus lodged somewhere, since the jar was empty when Hyuk transported.

    Also, I wonder how close to the ending we’ll get before they show us that Hyuk was mysterious bandaged man. Do you think they’ll save that for the second-to-last epi?

  43. 43 Engshi

    Creepy! I wouldn’t be surprise if the Chun-hong turns out to be the truck driver in Mina’s accident ^_^

    • 43.1 Michelle


  44. 44 Lilian

    Too much repetition going on. Every week hyuk ponders whether he is interfering too much but then keeps changing his mind. So boring….and y cancer? No other ideas is it?

  45. 45 Keaiduck

    XD I almost died of laughter reading this. I’m following the drama closely, but I felt I needed a recap for this episode. I’m glad I read this because not only wast hilarious, it also helped me pinpoint my unexplained annoyance at this episode.

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