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Dr. Jin: Episode 17
by | July 24, 2012 | 93 Comments

We get a pretty decent first half before this episode really lays on the WTFery, with rapid changes happening everywhere. In what other show can both leads make faces while looking at someone’s genitalia? Not a good one, I tell you. Hyuk is now an OB/GYN and midwife all in one, and as usual, the fate of Joseon rests on the success of one emergency surgery. Remember that time Hyuk was supposed to be punished for messing with history? That’s okay, no one else does either.

Side note: Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement in the extension article. You don’t know how much I appreciate them.


Hyuk gets repeatedly brain zapped by the Jar Fetus until he finally passes out.

Chun-hong and Joo Pal congratulate Ha-eung, since his son is set to become king the next day. Joo Pal fondly remembers the days when he used to beat Ha-eung up for overdue debts, and Ha-eung decides to reward him by upgrading his rank to pachong, a level four class rank in the military academy, so that Joo Pal can help him in the palace. Needless to say, Joo Pal is practically falling over himself in excitement.

As for Chun-hong, Ha-eung wants to repay her and half-jokingly offers her a position as his mistress. She asks if she can do it without giving him his heart, and he catches on that this means someone else is already in her heart. Who could it be?

Cue an unsubtle cut back to Hyuk, who jars himself awake after he dreams of the bandaged man on the hospital roof saying, “I must go back.” Young-rae is at his bedside with tears in her eyes, worried about him even though he insists that he’s fine. She asks him if he has to go back to the future someday, and once he replies that he doesn’t have a choice, she asks what he would do if he did have one.

Bad news for her, because Hyuk says that he would go back if given the choice. She runs off to get him water and probably cry.

Young-hwi updates Ha-eung on the state of affairs – he’s sure Minister Kim has found out about Kim Byung-ok being an unwilling double agent, and suggests that Ha-eung stop using him. They need more people on their side for the coronation and Young-hwi suggests Kyung-tak, even if he just tried to kill Ha-eung. He agrees, but now the question is: Can they sway Kyung-tak away from Daddy Dearest?

The Council of Evil has one more member in the form of Kyung-tak, who’s looking pretty pristine compared to the last time we saw him. They’re plotting to steal the Royal Seal from right under the Queen Dowager’s nose before the coronation, since without it Myeong-bok could become King but would not be recognized as one without that very necessary seal.

Just like old times, Kyung-tak offers sound advice that no one takes seriously, this time suggesting that such a rash and dangerous move could be detrimental to their clan. Dae-gyun is predictably terrible and heaps the usual insults on his little brother, claiming that he can’t be trusted when he was friends with the traitor Young-hwi and had plans to marry his sister.

So Minister Kim proposes a way to free Kyung-tak of any suspicion, by ordering him to personally steal the Royal Seal from the Queen Dowager’s quarters. Kyung-tak obediently agrees and calls Minister Kim “Father”, which leaves Dae-gyun huffing and puffing.

However, Kyung-tak ends up eavesdropping on a conversation with Dae-gyun and his father, with Dae-gyun asking how his father could entrust Kyung-tak with something so important. His father likens Kyung-tak to a starving stray dog he gave food to, thus earning his undying devotion, and adds: “Also, if something goes wrong, it’s better that it’s done by him and not you, who is my legitimate son.”

It’s good that Kyung-tak can hear how his father truly thinks of him, but sad because the look of devastation on his face is heartbreaking. After all that he’s done, Daddy still doesn’t love him.

Young-hwi follows Kyung-tak as he goes to drown his sorrows in liquor, noting that Kyung-tak always turned to alcohol when he was having daddy issues. Now Young-hwi has a goal to become a government official and make a Joseon free of discrimination, something he knows Kyung-tak wants too, and asks for his help, reminding him that he’s being used by his father.

Kyung-tak: “You were one of the three people I loved. However, I have lost everyone. All I have left is only him.” Orrr your living friend right next to you. Where has all the love gone, Kyung-tak?

Chun-hong tells Hyuk that the horrifying headaches and cold sweat are a good sign – that means his brain fetus will be taking him back to the future soon, probably even tomorrow, when Myeong-bok takes the throne and history returns to its rightful place. He’s not too excited about it.

He asks her if there’s really no connection between Mina and Young-rae, considering that, you know, they’re the same person. Chun-hong gives him the Joseon equivalent of a Bitch, please, because it’s way easier to get him to believe that two people having the exact same face is just some craaazy coincidence.

Later that night, Kyung-tak gets his right-hand man to help him sneak into the Queen Dowager’s quarters, where he steals the Royal Seal. He’s caught by a solitary palace guard outside which his accomplice kills, and they both hide the body.

Coronation day. Myeong-bok is carried into the palace courtyard with style, fully attired in the ceremonial myeonbok used for coronations and weddings. Hyuk and Ha-eung think their hopes for him aloud.

The tiny King sits on the throne and is given the box containing the Royal Seal. He opens it, and for a moment we’re expecting that the box is empty… until he pulls out the golden seal, perfectly in tact. The Council of Evil makes some very obvious shocked faces and Minister Kim meets Ha-eung’s glance, with Ha-eung giving him a knowing smile. Awesome.

Minister Kim then realizes that Ha-eung outsmarted them, and the Royal Seal Kyung-tak stole was a fake. Ha. You just got taken to school, Minister Kim.

Hyuk again graces us with his Historical Facts via voiceover, which are just becoming redundant at this point. O rly, Myeong-bok becomes King? Thanks, Hyuk. I totally wouldn’t have guessed that otherwise.

Joo Pal puffs up his chest and enters the palace with his minion in his new military official robes, while Young-hwi shows up at home in his new government official robes. Mom and Young-rae are predictably shocked to see him alive and well, and usher him into the house soon after. Good times for all.

We get even more of Hyuk’s Stating The Obvious Voiceovers, as the Queen Dowager addresses the ministers on Ha-eung’s new entitlement as Heungseon Daewongun, the ‘Daewongun’ literally translating to ‘prince of the great court’, given to fathers of reigning monarchs when they were never kings themselves.

She basically lays down the law that Ha-eung is now above all three state ministers (how do you like them apples, Minister Kim?) and does not even have to bend over in front of the King, nor will he have to address himself as “subject” to the King. Hyuk’s voiceovers are nine kinds of unnecessary here.

Outside, Ha-eung is in high spirits as he thanks Hyuk for all he’s done to help him, even though Hyuk claims that if it weren’t for him, history would have been on Ha-eung’s side. Ha-eung: “Who made history? You and I, together, made history.”

Cue montage reel of their time in prison together, and Ha-eung claims he’s not worried for the future as long as he has Hyuk, who already knows everything set to happen. Huh – that’s a pretty smart strategy, actually. Having a fortune teller on hand could certainly be of help, but Hyuk declines, saying, “I am just a doctor. The person who will lead this country is not me, but you.” We know Hyuk will come around on this, because Lord knows he can’t pass up a chance to screw with history.

Ha-eung and Young-hwi enter the empty throne room to meet… Kyung-tak? Wha? We enter a flashback to see Kyung-tak handing his right-hand man the Royal Steal he stole… only he handed over a dud, and kept the real seal, which he then delivered to Young-hwi. In flashback Kyung-tak asks, “Didn’t you say ‘Let’s make a new Joseon?'” This legitimate twist is brought to you by Scenes Without Hyuk, because scenes are always better when he’s not in them.

Back in the present/past, Ha-eung acknowledges that if it weren’t for Kyung-tak, they wouldn’t have had the Royal Seal for the coronation. Kyung-tak claims that he didn’t do it for Ha-eung or Young-hwi, but because he was curious. Kyung-tak: “I was curious as to what the new Joseon will be able to do for me.” Pinch me, since I must be imagining this character growth.

Ha-eung notes that they’re standing where court officials stand to discuss matters of country, and asks Kyung-tak, “Do you think they are better than you?” Kyung-tak replies that they’re born with better bloodlines and status, to which Ha-eung replies, “Then, how would you like to stand here in this grand court as the son of a concubine? The Joseon I will make will be a nation where that will be possible.” Aww. It’s like Kyung-tak never shot him in the chest and tried to kill him.

Meanwhile, Hyuk uses pig skin to teach Young-rae how to make incisions, and she’s terrible at it. I love that when she messes up he’s like, Yeah, you just killed a patient. Try telling them you’re sorry. He’s unusually stern since he’s running out of time, or something. Who knows.

She goes outside for some thinking time and spots Kyung-tak, who congratulates her on working at the Royal Clinic. He tells her to become the best doctor in Joseon so that it will be less unfair for him, and leaves her looking after him sadly. She then goes back in to cut some more pig skin and sucks a little less at it.

All is not well just because Myeong-bok is King, and we get to see some actual subtext going on with Ha-eung and the Queen Dowager. Even though Myeong-bok is King the Queen Dowager handles most of the governmental affairs because he’s still a child. But Ha-eung lets it slip that Myeong-bok should learn how to be a good king because the Queen Dowager won’t be around forever, thus implying that she’s old and dying.

So then when she acknowledges that she is aging, Ha-eung is all, But, you’re still strong! in the next breath. He’s playing this one very close to the chest, but it’s clear that there is a growing rift between them now, especially when the Queen Dowager hands him a list of court subjects she’d like appointed.

Now we’re seeing the political scheming side to Ha-eung as he vents his frustration at the Queen Dowager and her Pungyang Jo clan for trying to wield power over him. Young-hwi wisely notes that the Queen Dowager wouldn’t have helped Ha-eung along if she didn’t think it would benefit her agenda, and that Ha-eung shouldn’t make an enemy out of her so lightly.

But Ha-eung wants her gone, because he believes only people who share the same cause can work together, and he’s had a different cause than the Queen Dowager from the beginning. Likewise, the Queen Dowager knows that the honeymoon phase with Ha-eung has ended, and wants to get her people into court positions before he takes over with people of his own. “I didn’t put his son on the throne just to make things good only for him. With this opportunity, I should show him how strong the Pungyang Jo clan still is.”

Meanwhile, Hyuk tells Young-rae that he doesn’t know how long he’ll be around to teach her medical skills, because his head fetus is causing trouble. He warns her against going to church for a while so that way he won’t have to worry about her once he returns to the future, because Mina is already sick there. She promises not to go.

Hyuk finds himself in an awkward position when Officer Lee asks him to help his wife during delivery. Huh, when did nine months pass? Anyway, Hyuk checks on wife and baby using his bamboo stethoscope, and then is able to intuit that the baby is upside down in the womb by lightly pressing on her stomach. (…We’re being prepared for a Joseon C-section, aren’t we.)

Young-rae practices cutting more pig skin while she thinks back to Hyuk’s words about Mina being sick, and then she begins to pray. Hyuk attempts to write a letter but keeps getting brain zapped, which probably means he shouldn’t be writing it. But of course, he just keeps at it, because I’m pretty sure – and this is just a shot in the dark – that Hyuk is an idiot.

There’s a meeting of the Royal Court, where the Queen Dowager expects Ha-eung to appoint the people of her clan and Minister Kim expects the same. Thus, everyone is surprised when Ha-eung doesn’t, with the Queen Dowager hopping mad that Ha-eung would blindside her like this when she helped his son sit on the throne.

Ha-eung comes rushing to her quarters to explain himself, claiming that he chose people only from their merit, and is sure that the Queen Dowager did the same. ‘Cause if she didn’t, that’d mean she was appointing people for personal gain, and of course she wouldn’t do that, right?

She seems to be playing Ha-eung when she has a sudden change of heart, declaring that what Ha-eung did in the end was right. Meanwhile the Council of Evil has a good laugh that the Queen Dowager is getting her comeuppance in the form of a disobedient Ha-eung.

Kyung-tak remains segregated in the other room while they discuss their future options, with Minister Kim feeling secure that the Queen Dowager will appeal to him soon for help. All he has to do is sit and wait.

Hyuk goes to Ha-eung with a letter, and explains that he knew Ha-eung was curious about the history he knew, so he wrote it down. What. Hyuk, are you seriously joking right now? WILL YOU EVER LEARN? You get told not to mess with history because there is a frickin’ tumor in your brain, yet you write Ha-eung a magnum opus of history as you know it? I know I’m done with you, but why do you have to make me angry when this episode was doing relatively well without you? *Charlie Brown AAUGH!*

The best part? He tells Ha-eung not to read it until after he’s gone, and makes Ha-eung keep his promise about not killing all those Catholics later, thus he’s responsible for curing cancer and saving thousands of lives. What can’t he do?

And wouldn’t you know it, Kyung-tak seems to have overheard their conversation and spies on Ha-eung hiding the letter away suspiciously. Uh oh.

And just as Minister Kim predicted, the Queen Dowager has a meeting with him to broker a deal so that Ha-eung and his son can be gotten rid of. Hasn’t it been like one whole day since he took the throne? Anyway, Minister Kim comments that there have been many kings with short reigns, it won’t hurt to add Myeong-bok to the list.

The deal is for the Andong Kim clan to decide the heir, while the Queen Dowager gets to pick the queen, with an even splitting of Royal Court members between the Andong Kim clan and the Pungyang Jo clan. They put this promise into writing.

Kyung-tak brings the news of his father’s secret meeting to Ha-eung, who’s less than pleased. Ha-eung declares their meeting as treason but Kyung-tak sees it as an opportunity if they plan well and counterattack. Is Kyung-tak finally going to be part of a group where his advice is actually taken? Has hell frozen over?

However, Young-hwi suggests that they tread carefully, and advises Ha-eung to try and change the Queen Dowager’s mind first. Dae-gyun happens to see his little brother with Ha-eung and Young-hwi as he’s leaving, and puts the pieces together. Great. More reasons for Dae-gyun to be awful.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Clinic, Heo Gwang assigns Young-rae to tend to Officer Lee’s wife, since she’s gone into labor. Oh, and Young-rae is now an official Royal Doctor, so… I guess she’s achieved most of her goals then?

Ha-eung tries to get an audience with the Queen Dowager and is rejected at the door. Joo Pal arrives with the grim news that appeals are flooding the palace now that the rumor has spread that Ha-eung discussed the heir issue before Cheoljong’s death, which would make him a traitor. And of course, everything then boils down to Officer Lee, which means Hyuk will again save the day through a conveniently timed surgery.

However, it’s just Young-rae and Heo Gwang to help Officer Lee’s wife during her labor, with Young-rae taking up the helm of looking under the sheet while the baby is being born. And then she sees something strange and makes the best shocked face ever. Oh my god, I’m still laughing. She is staring at this woman’s vajayjay like there is an alien coming out of it, when really she’s probably looking at a foot or something, since Hyuk could magically tell that this was going to be a breech birth.

Taking a cue from Hyuk on amazing bedside manner, Young-rae panics and tells Heo Gwang, “Doctor Jin… We should call Doctor Jin!” Young-rae, you are at a seven right now, and this pregnant lady probably needs you at about a three, let’s tone this down a bit.

Dae-gyun is happy to tell his father the news of Kyung-tak’s betrayal, and gets sent away by Minister Kim before Kyung-tak arrives. Daddy pulls a sword on his most un-favorite child: “You are working as a spy for Prince Heungseon!” But then, he adds, “It seems as if he has caught onto our plan.” NO. NO! Come on, guys! You tease us with Kyung-tak’s independence only to take it away?! He was working for his dad the whole time?! AAUGH!

As it turns out, Daddy Dearest is omnipresent and planned his son’s manipulation down to that starving dog conversation from earlier. So if I have the story straight, Dad staged that conversation to turn Kyung-tak against him to then test if Kyung-tak would side with Young-hwi, and when he didn’t, Dad was assured that Kyung-tak was trustworthy and set up this whole triple agent plan, even down to the Royal Seal, so that Kyung-tak could earn Ha-eung’s trust and report everything back to him.

He even acknowledges that he’s using Kyung-tak for his own political means, but soothes(?) him with the knowledge that he’s not alone – Dae-gyun is being used too. Yay? And the plan is to take down the Queen Dowager first, before going after Ha-eung.

Hyuk rushes into the delivery room with no explanation on where he’s been all this time, because now he’s Doctor Jin, OB/GYN. And just in case we weren’t sure of the situation going on with this birth, trust this show to literally give us a peek we never wanted, as we see a bloody infant’s leg coming out down there. Wow. Dr. Jin, you have officially outdone yourself on this one. I’m honestly impressed. I didn’t think you’d go there, but boy, you proved me wrong.

He just tells the woman to push harder, and then makes a face like Young-rae’s when he notices the umbilical cord coming out. To top it all off, they want to make sure we know exactly what’s happening, so as Hyuk explains how this umbilical cord will cut off oxygen to the baby, we see it in an animated painting, Joseon-style. They actually animate the baby losing oxygen, dying, and going limp in the womb. *Golf clap*.

So Hyuk breaks the news to Officer Lee that he should give up on the baby to save the mother, with the only alternative being a C-section. Of course. But here’s the hiccup – he can’t use anesthesia, because it would be harmful to the baby, so they’d have to do the surgery without. Young-rae comes out to tell Hyuk that the wife has agreed to go through with the surgery.

Let me get this straight. Hyuk is going to have to cut this woman open with NO way to dull her pain, and we’re going to have to watch? Wife says as much, asserting that she’s good to go without anesthetic and wants to save the baby. Hyuk prepares for surgery.

Ha-eung arrives nearby, while everyone cheers Hyuk on, even though he has to complete this surgery within ten minutes or the baby will die. Ha-eung mentions to Officer Lee that he hopes the baby will survive, even though its family is about to be charged for high treason. Ha-eung then makes a dangerous wager with Officer Lee: “How about this: What if Doctor Jin saves the baby’s life with his medical skills, and I save your baby from high treason?”

And Hyuk, inside, prepares to make the incision.


The first half of this episode was actually pretty decent, until I realized that it was because Hyuk and Young-rae were in so little of it. Then, it was even better. I’ve pretty much always preferred the political ascendency storyline to Hyuk’s personal story, mostly because Ha-eung’s storyline actually has some forward momentum while Hyuk just does the same thing, over and over and over again.

Now he’s an OB/GYN capable of performing an incredibly complicated C-section after getting a look at this woman’s private parts, when before the idea of him taking a knife to her neck tumor was unheard of. Way to go, Hyuk. You’ve single-handedly changed Joseon’s outlook on emergency medical procedures, and maybe you’ll get a wittle headache because of it, but who really cares when you don’t, right?

It’s no new story that power is capable of corrupting people, but I’m a little sad to see Ha-eung sink to Minister Kim’s level of maniacal scheming. This is the kind of thing I would have expected of Ha-eung just from history books, but this show put so much effort into changing our minds about him and painting him as this super nice, super giving, super progressive person that history had just misrepresented. I was fine with that, since taking a fresh perspective on Ha-eung seemed fun. Why not.

So after sixteen episodes with that kind of personality, Ha-eung’s change seems like an overnight one. Either that, or he’s been usurped by his evil identical twin. Each time he was up against a wall before he’d always choose the right and moral path (and when he could, one that politically benefitted him), which then makes it a little weird that Ha-eung spells out this latest wager to Officer Lee, basically holding his child’s safety in the balance. Where did the real Ha-eung go?

Kyung-tak’s story remains compelling, even if I was let down that he hadn’t finally grown a spine after all and is still his father’s puppet, version 2.0. I honestly let this show trick me into believing that he was a real boy, finally escaping the victimhood that’s plagued him this whole series while making his own choices based on his own beliefs. It would have been dramatically more interesting if he chose to fight against his father, but for now I’ll stick with the spy stuff, because at least he’s got something to do. Maybe he’ll turn out to be a quadruple agent later and surprise us all… Who am I kidding, that won’t happen. (No, I’m totally not hoping that reverse psychology will work. Pssh.)

I’m really, really not looking forward to this upcoming surgery. Based on this show’s track record of surgical accuracy and sheer excellence I can only expect the best in gummi-baby technology to grace the screen, but I’m not going to lie – I’m kind of hoping they just show us how the surgery goes via animation, because A) That was priceless, and B) It was a new level of weird, even for Dr. Jin.


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    Like for a real actress? The poor actress ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Dear HeadsNo2. After this series- you should ask JB and GF for an extra special Christmas present. Like bagging the series with your favourite actor next year ๐Ÿ™‚

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        I agree!!!

        โ€Ž*Disgusted expression* I’m not even watching Dr. Jin and that drama is already painful, to hear about. Breast exams? C-sections? One man basically playing God?! WTF?! Ok, dude this is the Joseon Era, I might not know much about Korean culture and History, Heck or Asian History for that matter, but I’m pretty sure it was not cool in that time period for a guy you are not married to, Doctor from the future or not, to be touching your lady parts. EVER.

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        YEAHHH. Totally. Omfg. I was rolling on the floor while reading these recaps… hahaha the Chun Hong screen cap? EPIC. The Young Rae-weirdface screencap? GOLD.

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    Thank you for the recap!

  3. laraffinee

    Dr. Jin has the emotional maturity of a 3 year old. No wonder he had to go back 160 years – he needs that much time to grow up.

    The actor playing Dr. Jin is so shallow and incapable of bringing any depth to the ridiculous script. He should stick to modeling or something and just cash in on his good looks because acting is just not his strength. The Actors playing Ha-Eung and Minister Kim are good actors and make it interesting. The scriptwriters can’t seem to make up their mind whether this is a drama or a comedy, resulting in a “dumb-edy”.

  4. becca_boo

    Dr. Jin, you cease to amaze me. I honestly thought you couldn’t sink lower than candlelit breast examinations, but nothing is going to surprise me after this. What’s next, circumcision?

    Hang in there, HeadsNo2. We’re all rooting for you!

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      man. that’s gotta be the one thing about this show i won’t forget.
      A romantic candlelit breast examination. smh.

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      OMG, ikr? We have candlelit breast examinations, and now helping someone give birth while giving her genitals the “WTF” face? Omg, my bets on circumcision too. ==;; Oh Lordy.

      HAHAHA, I’m actually glad a drama like Dr. Jin came out. As JB and GF express throughout podcasts and such, I would so much rather have and extremely wonderful, awesome, deep, beautiful drama above everything, but when it comes to those less than up to par, I would prefer a fucked up totally haywire, wacky drama over a mediocre bad one that’s uber boring. 1) It’s so much fun to make fun of them. Point out the impossibilities, stupid as fuck people, the ridiculous plot turns. IT’S SO MUCH FUN. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Okay, well I guess everyone onboard with this drama knows now. This one… makes you wanna… laugh, while an actress is supposedly pouring out tears for some purposeful reason that you can’t seem to find… *coughcough* YOUNGRAE *coughcough* 2) Mediocre ones make me goes sleepy. And usually disinterest you after the first few episodes.

      Dr. Jin’s WTF-ery is HISTORY. I will be waiting for a day when a drama comes out and TOPS Dr. Jin in that.

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          everyone to their own tastes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        Dr JIN just writes HISTORY in drama-land.

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        Run Kyung-Tak, RUN!! At this point, I won’t be surprised if this happened. I would be more surprised if it didn’t.

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        Actually, I’ve had a theory about Kyung-tak for awhile now, and it is that someday he’ll need a life-saving operation, and – wouldn’t’chya know it? – it’s the one time that Hyuk CAN’T perform a miracle. I’m pretty sure that there’s no way Kyung-tak is making it out of this show alive.

        • Mic

          Lol, this will totally happen. Somehow, Hyuk can perform a C-section in the Joseon era without anesthesia, and not kill the lady, but he won’t be able to cure Kyung tak from, like, a bullet wound or something. Smh. TT___TT

          Seriously. How on earth can a neurosurgeon perform all of these surgeries? :/

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    Headsno2, thank you, much hugs and kisses.

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    I was a little disappointed that about KT being a double-no wait-triple (?) agent… I felt some sympathy for him when his father said those words and then having my jaw drop later on…

    I almost fell off my seat laughing when I saw the baby gummy foot! hahaha

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      This one. This one:

      Young-rae, you are at a seven right now, and this pregnant lady probably needs you at about a three, letโ€™s tone this down a bit.

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        • LizzyMay

          “Scenes without Hyuk” gets my vote for best one-liner of this recap. That’s pretty much how I watch this show, unless he’s in a scene with political drama. Hahahahaha!

          • daniela

            Mine too!

      • 10.1.2 ilikemangos

        I know. Headsno2 and her quirky one liners.
        Heads, i love you.

      • 10.1.3 Arhazivory

        lol. I love that one too Jomo. ‘lets tone this down a bit’.

        HeadsNo2 <3

    • 10.2 meecheellee

      Ooooh! This one:

      Based on this showโ€™s track record of surgical accuracy and sheer excellence I can only expect the best in gummi-baby technology to grace the screen, but Iโ€™m not going to lie โ€“ Iโ€™m kind of hoping they just show us how the surgery goes via animation, because A) That was priceless, and B) It was a new level of weird, even for Dr. Jin.

      OMFG. It was a new level weird, even for Dr. Jin. Omygah, that weird… should be classified as *tooexceedinglyweirdforthehumanbraintoaccept-weird*

  11. 11 katiamon

    My dearest HeadsNo2, i can’t imagine the mental strenght you have to keep recaping this drama and to deliver so many wise phrases like:
    “This legitimate twist is brought to you by Scenes Without Hyuk, because scenes are always better when heโ€™s not in them.”
    “What. Hyuk, are you seriously joking right now? WILL YOU EVER LEARN? You get told not to mess with history because there is a frickinโ€™ tumor in your brain, yet you write Ha-eung a magnum opus of history as you know it? I know Iโ€™m done with you, but why do you have to make me angry when this episode was doing relatively well without you? *Charlie Brown AAUGH!*”
    The screenwriters are under the influence of a new drug or something stronger and unidentified because the doc and his friends are just whack!!!!
    Thanks for brighten my lunch in the office with your resume HN2 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 11.1 Mystisith

      We can say what we want, a bad drama is inspiring for a recapper. Even if I still consider this a mental torture.

    • 11.2 meecheellee

      They had too much tequila ๐Ÿ˜€ and the night before the smoked too much meth. That’s the only way this makes sense. To someone who had too much tequila and had too much meth. Dr. Jin does wonders to logic.

  12. 12 Peeps


    Dear HeadsNo2,

    Please note that you have my utmost respect and admiration. If you manage to finish recapping this story, I will send you a virtual standing ovation. If somehow along this road we call life you suddenly feel the urge to cry and weep due to the lost hours spent on this show, let it be known that my virtual shoulder will always be there at you service.

    Dear JaeJoong,

    I just wanna say that I am so proud of you for even putting that much effort into this cesspool of a drama. I know, the suffering that you have gone through, the lack of sleep, the lack of proper meals and everything else. Please treat this experience as a bonus drama class where you get paid instead of paying for the lessons, where you have more than one teacher in the form of your sunbae-nims (also poor things) and let’s hope you pick a better drama in the future. If you have no idea which ones you should choose, please refer to above sunbae-nims for advice.

    Dear Dr Jin staff,
    Think of this job as a way to pay for your kid’s (or future kid’s) tuition fee.

    Dear director/writer,
    Thank you for opening a whole new world to me. Only thing is that I would rather not have opened that port hole.

    Dear Actress playing the poor pregnant woman in today’s episode,
    I’m sorry for the embarrassment and the indecency of having a camera so near that part of your body. And for the fact that the director/writer thinks that it’s a good idea to screen that to the entire South Korean population on national TV.

    Love, Peeps.

    P.S.: I’m still cackling at that screencap of YoungRae’s face when she lifts up the skirt of another woman. And I think Minister Kim is seriously eff-ed up. Seriously, where is social services when you need it. YoungHwi, please be more persistant in helping KyungTak. It takes a little more effort than usual for him to grow a spine after having believed his “worthlessness” for 20-something years. I assure you, your effort will pay off very well.

    • 12.1 Peeps

      Oh wow, freakin’ essay… sorry…

      • 12.1.1 Arhazivory

        lol…but I enjoyed your freaking essay.

        • Peeps

          Uhm, well, thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 12.2 Reena

      The pregnant woman also played Ahri – the shaman who died in the first episode of The Moon That Embraces The Sun.

      • 12.2.1 jomo

        Thank goodness she wasn’t the pregnant woman giving birth in the beginning of WBDS, The Duo and possibly The Legend, cause I don’t think any of them made it.

        • Peeps

          I think she was supposed to end up like them, with the only difference here being idiot Hyuk who continues to defy all reasoning and the gummy bear in his head and choose to alter history.

  13. 13 namcha

    Well, I had high hopes for this show. I don’t think it’s all the actors’ fault, but PMY and SSH really need to work on it. I’ve stuck with it this long, might as well see how it ends. KT finally finds his moral compass and goes up against daddy dearest! Yay!!

  14. 14 jomo

    In what other recap would I read these words that are worth their cyber weight in platinum?
    In what other show can both leads make faces while looking at someoneโ€™s genitalia?

    • 14.1 momosan

      Poor Headsno2 – she’s taking one for the team here.

      It was actually “because Iโ€™m pretty sure โ€“ and this is just a shot in the dark โ€“ that Hyuk is an idiot.” that made me cackle like a loon.

      • 14.1.1 jomo

        Yes, out loud at my desk in a wall less cube farm, me, too.

  15. 15 mich

    oh boy..where to begin thanks heads for recapping. I really appreciate it
    Anyway, where to begin….um….i can honest say i kinda enjoy this episode tho the idea of the c-section made me cringe(*had to skip that part of ep 18). I also probably enjoyed it cuz there wasn’t alot of jin or young rae. I’m not really familiar with k dramas/k actors, but are pmy and ssh usually this bad?? I have never heard of ssh prior to this show and now I don’t think I will ever watch any show with him as the lead. Same goes for pmy. I have no idea why the casting director paired them up. They have no chemistry together and pmy looks WAY too young to be a doctor. Unless she’s suppose to be a genius or something.
    As for kt, I have no idea what to think of him at this point. I am curious to see what he will do in the final 4 episodes. Jaejoong is doing a so so job. He definitely improved as the show went on. The fact that there are not a lot of young rae/kyuk tak scenes help. Those two together make me cringe. (It probably doesnt help that jj thinks his lines are cheesy). I was honestly kinda scared to watch him cuz of those banjun dramas he did in dbsk. Hopefully he can learn from this experience and choose a better show next time. I’m also wondering if the injury he suffered over the weekend will affect his role as kt. (For those of u who dont know he had a 2 story “free fall” during filming the movie and injured his shoulder/right arm).
    Overall I think I will continue watching the show just to see how it will end. I was able to last 18 episodes of this and 4 more episodes wont kill me…I hope.

    • 15.1 Peeps

      Ouch! JaeJoongie~~

      Although I do wonder how he fell 2 stories…

      • 15.1.1 Mich

        The guys holding his wires didn’t tug on it fast enough to reduce the speed of his fall. They had a few practice runs prior to his accident.

    • 15.2 Naz

      PMY did a much better job in City Hunter. SSH is so handsome. I saw him first in My Princess and adored the series but I can’t stomach his other work. I had high hopes for this series but now I tune in just for the laughs and recaps. SSH makes great screen caps with his zapping and surprised faces lol.

  16. 16 sharu

    I’m having so much fun reading the recaps…they make my day…Heads you deserve a big BIG vacation after this…plus a gift from jb and gf for sticking to this drama *toasts to Head* + *toasts to all ye faithful who are still watching*

    On another note,….drama writers/make up artists….How do you go from

    in one episode.Apparently Hyuk isn’t the only one in the time-vortex.Everyone in this drama miraculously recovers from major injuries/disasters and walks around plotting (or crying more in YR’s case) when they’re supposed to be in bed.

  17. 17 DangCinDee

    Wow Dr Jin. All my previous predictions were no match for you. You never ceases to amaze me with your idiocy storyline.

    I don’t know if this Dr JIn is a drama or a comedy. Most the scenes are supposed to be serious, but i find myself cracking up.

    The writers have gone from candlelight breast fondling to baby giving skirt lifting. lol What’s next? Pen…. lol no, i won’t go there lol

    • 17.1 ilikemangos

      dr. jin has created a new genre in k-drama land.


  18. 18 beggar1015

    Oh Heads, you have so many epic lines in this recap I wouldn’t know where to begin. I oddly find myself torn in two, though. On the one hand I sincerely hope the next drama you get to recap is something you enjoy and admire. Yet the other half of me would like for you to get another drama that stinks like a king’s fart so we can all share the pain together.

  19. 19 Joshua_Ahjussi

    Dear HeadsNo2,

    I had to comment. Haven’t for a while but like Reena I have to post this:

    “But of course, he just keeps at it, because Iโ€™m pretty sure โ€“ and this is just a shot in the dark โ€“ that Hyuk is an idiot.”

    Pure exquisite pleasure. I actually spat me pizza out at that one.

    I watched a bit of Ep 18 and the opening with the C-section sans pain relief… I had to see what you wrote for the end of Ep 17. I’ll add my voice to everyones support and say a sincere thanks for your fortitude and continuing work here on DB especially with a drama of this unique brilliance… Sarah and GF are lucky to have you and I also hope you shortly drop onto a recap project that gets your juices pumping in the opposite, more positive direction.

    Bonus points for Charlie Brown too.

    • 19.1 daniela

      I watched the c-section too! It’s the best way to promote C-section :))) I’m so glad that my doctor was the opposite of Jin :))) I need brain washing now!

  20. 20 Chylow

    ::Donates 200 brain cells to Heads to help replace the ones that self imploded due to plot issues:: Many thanks for the recaps, I’m not watching the show (I hates me gore of any kind) , but the recaps are outstanding.

  21. 21 Emma

    No intention to watch Dr Jin (which got an extension!!!!!!!)… But the recaps are hilarious!!! Thank you!

  22. 22 irib

    Beautiful recap. I don’t watch the show but my god, I am thoroughly enjoying the recap. Awesome!

  23. 23 Zeffir

    I can see why KyungTak is not so fast in counting Young-hwi as his best friend again. Was not his ‘frined’ the one who let him be eaten and have not even tried to help to escape? And those ‘good guys” are not so good after they got to the power. Give them few years and they will beat Minister Kim’s ways ๐Ÿ™ (aka killing of Catholics)

  24. 24 Yuhotarubi

    HeadsNo2, I salute you for your devotion to actually watch and recap this drama, I really don’t know how can you do this.

    seriously, can’t they do just one episode without Hyuk doing surgery to somebody? just one episode.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m sick of this genuis stupid Hyuk. I mean is he tired of being smart to actually give that letter to Ha-eung ?????? just to make us see that maybe he’s actually stupid ????

    HeadsNo2, I really hope the next drama you’re going to recap is better then this one, and again, thank you for your hard work ^__________^

  25. 25 Alys

    C-section surgery is scary me especialy when i saw the mother face, i quess after the surgery she will be in trauma for so many years.
    Anyway, i think after this is young rae can try to help Jin.. since she already learn from Jin maybe she can do a C-section surgery for the baby fetus on Jin head too LOL,

    Ok this two episode (17&18) is Lee bum soo time, he is doing a really good job here, i’m imagine what will happen if Dr.Jin character played by him.

    Kyung tak, hmm i dont know what his thinking now, double spy and he tricked me in the beginning too, curious what will happen in the last eps..

  26. 26 joonni

    “But of course, he just keeps at it, because Iโ€™m pretty sure โ€“ and this is just a shot in the dark โ€“ that Hyuk is an idiot.”

    Dear HeadNo2, I get excited seeing recaps up for Dr. Jin here at Dramabeans. I’m sorry it’s so painful for you but honestly, it’s so much fun reading your snark. Thank you so much!

    • 26.1 jomo

      And every time I read that line, I laugh louder.

  27. 27 whimsyful

    Between Dr. Jin, Fashion King and Dream High 2, I think there should really be the dramabeans version of the Razzies during year-end reviews, to let the recappers vent. The snark will be glorious!

    • 27.1 Nanuki

      OMG. That is such an awesome idea. A snarkfest of epic proportions (and it will be, the way this year is going)! We could call it The Beanies. Or something.

      HeadsNo2, thank you. For both your sense of duty (I assume that’s what it is, unless you have a masochistic streak a mile wide) and your humour in the face of adversity. I think you’ve earned a case of liquor and a legion of fans.

      Soldier on.

  28. 28 Cynthia

    Thanks for the on-going pain of recapping, HeadsNo2! It must feel like you’ve got your own little Gummi resident inside your noggin.

    There was something about that C-section that was really niggling away at my memory core – and then it hit me! I cruised on back to your ep 6 recap and found my Jin predictions. (See? Chun-hong isn’t the only fortune-teller, here!)

    This: “My list (from ep 3 recap):
    Smallpox should be next.
    Cesareans should be needed.
    STDs treated.
    Something with skin boils (cause theyโ€™re really yucky
    and should photograph well).
    And about 30 more brain operations for various reasons.”

    I find it amazing that the ONLY one (so far!) that Dr. Jin hasn’t treated has been rabies. Even though there’s no cure for rabies. Not that that fact would stop Jin…

    Your Young Rae comment of “And then she sees something strange and makes the best shocked face ever.” – Actually, I thought her face was pretty much on par with SSH’s pop-eyed look when my pretty JJ shot He-eung in the chest. These two wanna-be lovebirds deserve side-by-side still shots. Badly-acted frozen horror faces never get old.

    You’d think that for a time-travel subject/drama that the writers/PDs would be somewhat cognizant of the passage of time within the drama, itself. But noooooo…, instant, full-term pregnancies, miracle healing (JJ’s moneymaker!), political chicanery, BrainBaby exhausting itself in trying to get Hyuk’s attention (and if this thing is supposed to be getting larger everytime Hyuk screws up, shouldn’t it be like a second head by now?! Seriously!)

    Thanks again, HeadsNo2. I’ve seen the next episode. Start drinking now – you’re gonna need it.

  29. 29 Carole McDonnell

    oh my gosh! I’m addicted to your recaps. Wit is a true talent and you definitely have it. Thanks so much for making my days with these recaps.

    Ah, Dr Jin screenwriters. If I felt you were AWARE that you were creating an idiot, I would be okay. (Or even if you were awareyou were creating a comedy) BUT there is no clue in the story — except for the occasional baby tumor headache– that you guys are trying to show Dr Jin’s hubris. Shouldn’t some sane character, other than fortune teller, tell him straight up that he’s an idiot?

    And speaking of fortunetelling and knowing the future, Kyung-tak takes the whole “you’re from the future and have written a letter” thing really well. I’m trusting he won’t forget it…and will return and read it and be enlightened at Korea’s future…but who knows?

  30. 30 Liza

    I only like reading the recaps because they make me laugh. Today’s recap… by laughing is complete.

  31. 31 sally_b

    @HeadsNo2 – re: “Hyuk gets repeatedly brain zapped by the Jar Fetus until he finally passes out.”

    …with an opening line like that — you just KNOW it’s gonna be a great re-cap. You are totally awesome.

    When I consider that in order to properly recap a show — you probably have to watch the episode at least TWO times, right? I can’t even get through one….and here you are doing the whole series…truly, truly amazing.

    At the end of the year, when Dramabeans puts out its Best & Worst awards — there should definitely by a newly established prize for the re-capper who endured the most long-suffering, ludicrous, inane, monkey-ass crazy show……that would be YOU.

    Your perseverance is a shining example to us all. Thank You. (especially for the laughs)

  32. 32 Quiet Thought

    Park Min Young has always tended to make faces in lieu of actually acting. It’s part of her charm . . .


  33. 33 Jaylee

    Oh geeze, Headsno is frigging hilarious. She deserves a huge award do recapping this drama, hahhhaaha~

    I don’t watch Dr. Jin, but I’ve read all of the recaps for it only because of Headsno. LOL~
    JB’s episode 1 “cabbage patch kid” thing made me laugh too, hah!

    On a different note, can’t WAIT for gaksital tomorrow! Only 1 episode this week… NOO. ๐Ÿ™

  34. 34 LizzyMay

    Awesome recap, as always, Heads! I much appreciate it.

    That letter… I knew Dr Jin was an idiot but he sank to a new low. Makes me wonder what he’ll do to dig himself even further into sheer stupidity.

    I also enjoyed the political storyline with Lee Ha-eung so, so, so much more, not just because of Lee Beom-soo’s acting. While I’m absolutely happy to have more Ha-eung/Young-hwi/Joo-Pal on screen, I’m left wondering if the writers, after making Ha-eung to be the best character on the show, decided that Dr Jin needed another foil to make himself look better and make Ha-eung less sympathetic.

  35. 35 sjs

    hey people, that time one doctor did everything, of course doctor from future would do everything

  36. 36 anna

    LOL @ people giving you encouragement to go on recapping this drama. God, that’s when you know it’s bad. Hang in there buddy! 5 more to go.

  37. 37 starfield

    Heads, my advice is to fast forward the C section part in ep.18 if you haven’t already watched it. I literally yelled at the screen in anger lol.
    Not ready to conclude on Kyung-tak’s double triple quadruple spy identity yet, think the ending is going to surprise many, seeing the obvious change between KT and YR in recent episodes.
    Either way, Minister Kim sure is one fine villain who is excellent at being bad *thumbs up* I really really want to know which writer wrote which part, as I am more than interested in checking out the political story writer’s next project, and more than desperate to avoid the medical story writer’s future “works”.
    Thank you so much for writing this recap Heads!!! Just four more episodes, pls hang in there!

    • 37.1 starfield

      *change of chemistry between KT and YR.

  38. 38 Yue

    Bye byr drama, I put my foot down at the word about extension. I mean, I like Jaejeong, but, not enough to actually suffer through the poor everything in the story. It’s like the writer have temporary mental lasped every ten seconds that made you cringe at the change of setting and what not. It’s a whole new of WTFery really. Good luck HeadsNo2, I’ll keep reading the recap but, no amount of bribe could make me watch the show…

  39. 39 KDrama Fan

    Thanks Heads,

    I really enjoyed your recap today. Great writing.

  40. 40 samlun100

    I think that this drama is the only one what I do not want but read all the recaps and comments.
    I’m like a crazy person laughing so hard reading this.
    So far this year, the WTF dramas of the year would belong to:
    MBC: Dr. Jin
    KBS: Fashion King
    SBS: Big

  41. 41 Lise

    Btw Haeung started showing his evil side last week i think when he asked Dr Jin not to save the king no? And Kyung Tak, poor thing, thought he’d grown some balls finally ; ( am seeing Young wi and co. finding out about him and finishing him off (considering the state Haeung is in) throw in some angst and let good ol’ ‘agassi’ throw herself at him and get killed instead…s-weet!

  42. 42 POGA

    I love your recaps SO MUCH. After 30 minutes of the first ep, I gave up, but your recaps make me laugh out loud without fail, each time. Thank you. If you ever need a shoulder to sob on, I’m here for you virtually. Really.

    You deserve a standing ovation.

  43. 43 Soyonb

    Yay!!! I was dying to read your recap after the wtfery episode. And I must say you really out did yourself. I haven’t laughed this hard over a recap in so long!

    Also, the expression on YR’s face while looking down ther was priceless. I agree with you, I totally thought Dr. J jumped the shark again, and we were going to see either an alien or the jar fetus!

    I actually can’t wait for the next episode b/c I have to give them credit, they really do wtfery well.

  44. 44 Florentine Lily

    HeadsNo2, Fighting!

    You can take solace in the fact that your expectations have been lowered so much that whatever happens next will not surprise you. But seeing that it’s Dr. Jin, who knows. Hyuk has brought a whole new level of stupid to K-drama Land. He might yet exceed that!

    I truly must say that the graphic surgery and pimple-bursting scenes don’t faze me. I always happen to be eating whenever I’m watching this show and have never felt the urge to vomit. Truthfully, those scenes are what I tune in for. That and the political intrigue.

    This drama would have made more sense with less Dr. Jin. He’s not worth all the trouble.

  45. 45 An

    Hi1 Thanks for the recap! On a side note, I always love the Kyung-tak screenshots that you usually end the recap with…they are beautiful!

  46. 46 AuntieMame

    I still don’t believe that they had the guts to include that animated Joseon gif of the prolapse umbilical cord and breached baby.

    I was laughing so hard that tears came out. And, I still laugh every time I think of it.

    It’s too bad that I don’t know how to duplicate the picture as a gif, we could all use it as our avatar.

    Thanks and kudos to Heads for another ‘winning’ recap. I’ll have to brace myself for your ep 18 recap. Definitely no food or liquid anywhere near my computer. Otherwise, I’ll have to clean.

  47. 47 UJ

    ” Chun-hong gives him the Joseon equivalent of a Bitch, please,…..”


  48. 48 Kritter

    Dr. Jin: The doctor of all fields. From pregnancy to cancer, he can cure it all!

  49. 49 Dav

    I love you, HeadsNo2. Your recaps are awesome. And thank goodness someone is sitting through this series, because I sure can’t. And I would have missed the baby animation without you.

    Never leave, HN2. Never leave.

  50. 50 srainy

    the reason i keep up is only because of your recaps! they’re fun to read and very funny!

    i just want to say though, you can actually feel the position of the baby by palpating the abdomen so it’s not strange that he can tell it’s going to be a breech delivery :O

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