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Dr. Jin: Episode 18
by | July 25, 2012 | 152 Comments

Leave it to Dr. Jin to show us the miracle of childbirth via C-section in all its horrifying high-definition glory, because, why not? Young-rae spanks babies back from the brink and Hyuk finds something he actually cares about in an episode that nosedives into its political plots and plans, and one that finally gives Hyuk a problem he can’t immediately solve through surgery. Well, not yet, anyway.


The surgery no one wants to see is about to start, with Wife stressing to Hyuk that even if something happens to her, he must save her baby. Hyuk mentally preps as we hear in voiceover, “I have done many surgeries since I came to Joseon. However, I was hoping that I would not have to do obstetrics and gynecology surgery, because two lives are at jeopardy with one surgery.”

Okay, so, this is a horror show. This is also not an appropriate time to play the Vocalized Medical Revelation track of the OST; we should be hearing Phantom of the Opera levels of creepy organ playing. This woman is having her stomach cut open with no anesthetic. Repeat, NO anesthetic.

Hyuk inner monologues over the bloody proceedings, noting that the woman won’t be able to withstand this for long. Gee, you think? Stop monologuing and focus, damn it!

Outside, Ha-eung tries to talk Officer Lee into siding with him against the Queen Dowager and the Andong Kim clan. He’s not keen on betraying his wife’s aunt, and I’m pretty sure that while politics are important, now is not the right time.

It looks like the broadcaster stepped in and blurred the surgery, and while I’m normally not a fan of censorship, thank goodness for small favors. We can still see her stomach completely split open, and while Young-rae’s tumor removal was a blood ocean, there’s surprisingly very little blood in this surgery.

Ha-eung still works on Officer Lee outside, and I’m happy to see the earnest part of him has returned. He entreats Officer Lee to think of his child and the world he’ll grow up in under the Andong Kim’s power.

The blurring actually isn’t helping much, as we see both of Hyuk’s hands disappear into the woman’s stomach like a magic trick gone wrong. Mazel tov, it’s a gummi baby!

But it’s not breathing, so Young-rae takes it and not only proves that she’d kill it by holding it by the neck, she also holds it upside down by the ankles and starts spanking its bum. Young-rae, that is a baby, not a rubber chicken. Dafuq is going on here.

Her method works, and the gummi baby starts crying. Mom is still coherent enough to be happy it’s a boy while her stomach is just there, open to the world. Luckily she gets some anesthetic while Hyuk sutures her up.

Young-rae practically does a drive-by in showing the baby to Officer Lee, letting him get half a glimpse before she takes it away. Hyuk updates him on post-surgery care for his wife, and Ha-eung pulls him away to ask him to ‘negotiate’ with Officer Lee using his child, and Hyuk understands that ‘negotiating’ means ‘threatening’, and refuses to do it.

Heo Gwang decides to play cupid on their walk home, and makes up excuses to leave Hyuk and Young-rae alone. Hyuk congratulates her on a job well done and wonders if she would have been living a normal and happy life if it weren’t for him. She replies that she probably would be, as someone’s wife, but that someone told her to become the best doctor in Joseon.

She jokes that she won’t be able to take that position as long as Hyuk is here, but he assures her, “Even if you were born in a different world, you would’ve been an excellent doctor.”

That night, Kyung-tak sneaks into Ha-eung’s house and steals Hyuk’s letter, while his dad and Doctor Yoo guess that Ha-eung failed in recruiting Officer Lee.

Ha-eung’s frustration shows in the way he paints orchids, and Young-hwi declares that they must strike Officer Lee first by interrogating him until he confesses to discussing the heir before Cheoljong’s death. I assume that’d be a way to blackmail and control him, but Ha-eung decides to exercise caution and wait, because he feels a change in the political wind coming soon.

Officer Lee talks Ha-eung’s proposition over with his wife, who’s sitting up just fine despite that foot-long suture that would be healing up if this drama actually cared. She’s pretty open to the idea of betraying her aunt if Ha-eung’s intentions are good, and declares that she’ll side with her husband no matter what.

Kyung-tak spies while Officer Lee approaches Ha-eung, and it looks like he’s taken the deal. Together, they go to the Queen Dowager’s quarters and not-so-subtly threaten to release the truth that she’d discussed the future heir and committed high treason, which would spark countless petitions asking her to step down.

She doesn’t like the idea of stepping down and becoming a powerless old lady, nor does she want to hold her niece’s newborn son now that Officer Lee has sided against her. She reminds Officer Lee that he owes his position and power to her, and orders them to leave.

Looks like everyone’s turning their back on the Queen Dowager, since Minister Kim denies her request for an audience to meet with Kyung-tak instead, who suggests that they cut ties with her before they’re dragged down with her. They know Ha-eung will go for their throats once the Queen Dowager is gone, so Daddy tells Kyung-tak to follow Ha-eung more closely than ever.

The Queen Dowager gets so upset that Minister Kim refused her request, that she passes out. Hyuk is called to check in on her, and she’s more resigned than ever that Ha-eung will take over Joseon. She knows Hyuk is just a doctor (ha, please), but because he’s close to Ha-eung she implores him to help him lead the country on the right path.

Hyuk’s Historical Facts tell us that though the Queen Dowager helped to put King Gojong (Myeong-bok) on the throne, she faded out from politics shortly after. Once again totally redundant and unnecessary, because we see Officer Lee giving her formal address to the Court that she’s stepping down from politics. Do they honestly think we can’t follow along?

Outside, Minister Kim sarcastically congratulates Ha-eung now that he won’t have to give heartless flattery to the Queen Dowager any longer. They trade veiled barbs, with Ha-eung mentioning the rumors that Minister Kim is preparing a new heir, something he swiftly denies. I like that it’s Officer Lee who goes, “Even if it’s a false rumor, where there is smoke, there must be a fire.”

They part on awkward laughing terms, with Officer Lee noting that Minister Kim must be sharpening his knife. Ha-eung: “Not more than I. Forty years… I have been sharpening my knife for forty years. Now I’m holding the knife, so I have to wield it.”

Hyuk pays a visit to Ha-eung, accusing him of pushing the Queen Dowager away to keep his power. Um. Hyuk, you’re the historical “genius” here, why is this a surprise? Ha-eung argues that the ends justify the means and hands Hyuk the secret order he gave Young-hwi, because Hyuk is so smart that he can read Hanja flawlessly.

The order has to do with seowon, common educational institutions (for the noble class) that served as Confucian shrines and preparatory schools for the national civil service exams. Historically, Ha-eung is known for shutting most of them down, and Hyuk knows this because the script says so.

Ha-eung asks him if this policy succeeds historically, and Hyuk puts on his dunce cap before telling him, “It will succeed. And the people in the country will support it too.” And here’s the “but” – this is happening faster than Hyuk remembers it in history. He warns Ha-eung that he might fail if he rushes this, but Ha-eung reminds him that time is not on his side, and that he’ll have to strike first before Minister Kim does.

I love that Hyuk is all aghast that history is changing when Minister Kim is still running around causing trouble, all thanks to him. He reminds Ha-eung of his promise not to kill Catholics, because “There is someone I need to protect.”

Ha-eung’s wife (who we’ll just call by her name, Yeoheung) visits Young-rae at her house to ask why she hasn’t been attending church, but also to ask for her help in treating a secret patient. He turns out to be a historical figure – a French missionary by the name of Father Félix-Clair Ridel.

He’s sustained an injury to his leg by escaping from soldiers, and it looks decently infected. Young-rae goes to get medicine, with Yeoheung warning her to keep this a secret.

Kyung-tak reads Hyuk’s letter to Ha-eung, which outlines how Ha-eung will close most seowon. Hyuk, never have I wanted to punch you in the face more than I do now. Luckily for him, Kyung-tak just sees it as fortune-telling and dismisses it.

Young-rae interrupts Hyuk as he looks through his trappings from the future, and describes her patient as suffering from hematosepsis, an obsolete word for septicemia, which is basically a very bad, life-threatening infection. She asks for his help after telling him that he’s a western Catholic priest.

Hyuk inspects Ridel and finds the infection to be severe, but he’s stopped from administering a shot of penicillin by the priest, who actually speaks Korean. He claims he’s never heard of this “penicillin” even in this country and refuses it, but eventually comes around when Young-rae assures him that as a fellow Christian, it’s safe. He gets injected.

He’ll need another injection, so Hyuk tells Young-rae that he’ll take care of it from here, and makes her promise again that she won’t go to church or associate with other Christians for the time being.

Minister Kim watches Ha-eung and his entourage on a mission to the Court, and muses that Ha-eung has been sharpening his knife. “I’m not sure what he wants to slice off exactly, but… it will be bloody,” he adds.

Once in Court, Ha-eung petitions little King Gojong for permission to close down the 1,700+ seowon, claiming that by being built by local scholars and their private funds and thus being used for their personal activities, all seowon are exploiting the people of Joseon and affecting local government finances. Minister Kim is shocked at the announcement.

A montage of police forcibly removing scholars and shutting down the seowon is shown as we hear Ha-eung say in voiceover that he won’t forgive anyone who hurts the people of Joseon, even if Confucius himself came back from the dead. He equates the seowon to dens of thieves since they don’t pay taxes, and asks Myeong-bok/Gojong to also mandate that no more seowon can be built in the future.

Kyung-tak rushes into his room to re-read Hyuk’s letter now that the seowon mandate has come down, only now realizing that it wasn’t mere fortune-telling.

Hyuk sees the people cheering for the new mandate, and gives us yet another redundant and grating voiceover stating exactly what we’re seeing. This is all going according to history, but he worries that the Catholic persecution will be unavoidable.

The scholars stage a protest outside the palace gates, even though the common people side with Ha-eung. Joo Pal and a contingent of soldiers come out to break up the protest, and use force to send the scholars running.

The Council of Evil couldn’t be unhappier about the events unfolding, though Doctor Yoo advises Minister Kim against acting rashly against Ha-eung, since public sentiment is on his side. He sends everyone out in a huff, venting to Kyung-tak only that Ha-eung closing the seowon is a direct hit against the Norons, the supporting faction of the Andong Kim clan.

Contrary to other opinions, Kyung-tak suggests that now is the time to strike, because so many victories must put a gap in Ha-eung’s armor somewhere. He vows to find that gap.

Hyuk administers the next dose of penicillin to Ridel, who warns of an impending disaster if Joseon keeps suppressing their faith by force. Of course, once he mentions his name, Hyuk opens the encyclopedia that is his brain and tells us that Ridel later brought French battleships to Joseon in 1866 as a reaction to Ha-eung’s Catholic massacre.

I’m so, so, so sick of these voiceovers. Just tell us a freaking story minus all this worthless exposition. Or hey, maybe you could leave some facts out so we (gasp) watch events unfold on their own, almost as if we’re watching a bonafide drama! I know, I know, this is probably too novel of an idea for you, Hyuk, but just think it over. Oh right, there’s that whole you-don’t-think thing. Never mind.

Only when Hyuk is talking to the priest does the Jar Fetus decide to zap him one, and he returns to the Royal Clinic with his head in his hands. Where have you been this episode, Jar Fetus? You’re slacking on the job here.

Hyuk tries telling Young-rae that if Ridel goes back to China… but the Jar Fetus zaps him until he shuts up. Ah, blissful silence. Only, Kyung-tak arrives and calls Hyuk out for a chat. He remarks that all the astonishing things happening recently, like Ha-eung’s ascension to power and dying people being saved, all had Hyuk in the center.

He wants to know Hyuk’s identity, and Hyuk replies: “I… am just a doctor.” NO YOU’RE NOT. Not when you write your BFF a letter detailing history as you know it and don’t bother to think that it could fall into the wrong hands. That just makes you a tool.

Whatever the case, Kyung-tak is onto him, and Hyuk will have to tread carefully. But we know he won’t. And here’s the best part – he hasn’t caught on that Kyung-tak might have read the letter of the future he wrote, and instead asks Young-rae if she’s talked about him being from the future to others. Unbelievable.

Ha-eung is acting as Kyung-tak predicted – arrogant, and slightly reckless. He thinks he can read Minister Kim like the palm of his hand because of his spy, unaware that Kyung-tak is a triple agent.

Hyuk then goes to the gibang to ask Chun-hong if she’s talked about him. Hah. Seriously? He gets a brain zap and collapses, but he tries to rise anyway and tells Chun-hong that he has to go to the priest to tell him about the war… AAUGH. I can’t. I can’t with you anymore, Hyuk. You literally get physically harmed each time you do this, yet you don’t learn. You don’t stop. You don’t think.

He gets zapped until he passes out. La-di-frickin-da.

Young-rae attends church to find that Father Ridel is having his farewell mass, and she decides to take him to Hwalinseo for one final treatment. After they leave, soldiers storm the church and drag everyone – including Yeoheung – out. Young-rae and Ridel escape by the skin of their teeth.

The next day, Young-hwi pulls Kyung-tak aside to ask if he’s still got connections in the police department, because he needs to get someone out of jail. Kyung-tak coaxes the details from him, finding out that Yeoheung was jailed for committing the crime of Christianity.

Ha-eung already knows about it, but they’re in a bit of a pickle – not only do they need to get her out, they need to do it before interrogations start and Minister Kim finds out that Ha-eung’s wife is Christian. Young-hwi reports that Kyung-tak can’t pull her out, since Christians fall under the Ministry of Justice’s supervision, which is overseen by Minister Kim.

So Ha-eung does the only thing he can, and makes it an executive order to free all the prisoners.

Hyuk dreams of Mina in a hospital bed, before he wakes up in Chun-hong’s room. He’s disturbed by the dream and claims that it felt too vivid and ominous, but Chun-hong seems like she wants to avoid the topic. That’s never good.

Kyung-tak delivers the news of Ha-eung’s wife to Daddy Dearest, who revels in this new secret he can use to exploit Ha-eung and turn public sentiment against him. Dae-gyun gets turned down flat while the adults are speaking, and learns what it’s like to be the new unfavored son, and Kyung-tak can’t hide a little smile of victory. D’aww. You’re a bad guy, but you’re still adorable.

At the next Court meeting, Minister Kim addresses the King (but moreso the Court, considering Myeong-bok’s age) and explains how their country honors the teachings of Confucius in the separation of men and women and the class system, but that the false religion called Catholicism has come to their shores, spreading heinous lies about all men being equal.

Then he drops the bomb – that out of the Catholic criminals arrested last night and then released by Ha-eung, he’s beginning to wonder if one of them was Ha-eung’s wife. Ha-eung shoots him a glare but says nothing, while the Court remains in shock.

Hyuk hears from Heo Gwang that the palace is in chaos over the rumor that Ha-eung’s wife might be Catholic, and that Ha-eung is being called upon to prove his innocence by arresting all Catholics immediately. Hyuk sets off running.

Ha-eung is under some serious pressure, not only by the people but from his own close allies like Officer Lee and Young-hwi. Petitions are flooding the palace and Young-hwi warns that if Ha-eung continues to protect Catholics he’ll lose the public favor that has sustained him until now. Ha-eung asks him if he’s suggesting that they wipe out Catholics right now, and in some ways, Young-hwi seems more heartless than Ha-eung.

Everyone seems to be encouraging him to prosecute Catholics, but Ha-eung is torn, and wants time to think. That’s when Hyuk comes rushing in, “You can’t do this. You promised me. You absolutely cannot do this!”

Meanwhile, we find Young-rae and Ridel unable to get out of the city due to inspectors at the gates.

Back with Hyuk, who displays his knack for easy solutions by telling Ha-eung to just not kill Christians, no matter what Minister Kim thinks. Hyuk: “What does it matter? As long as you decide not to do it, that should be all right.”

Ha-eung: “Politics is not that simple. See what will happen if I take the side of Catholics; they will say it’s because of my wife, or because I joined hands with Westerners. I’ll be attacked from all directions for sure, and in the end, I will lose political power.” So Hyuk asks him if he’s sacrificing people’s lives for his position, though Ha-eung replies that Minister Kim won’t leave them alone if he gets Ha-eung’s seat.

Hyuk loses his temper when Ha-eung claims that they’ll be sacrificed anyway, whether he’s in power or not, and spills the secret that Young-rae is Catholic and probably being chased as they speak. He pleads with Ha-eung to grant this one favor, but Ha-eung won’t let the Andong Kim clan take over Joseon again, and declares that he’ll have to make a difficult decision for the good of the country.

There are tears in Hyuk’s eyes as he says, “Don’t lie, please. All politicians say the same thing. For the country, for the people… But in the end, it’s for them. Isn’t it true?”

Ha-eung asks him if he can’t trust him, and Hyuk replies that he can’t trust the authority Ha-eung doesn’t want to lose. It’s a shouting match as Hyuk tells him that if he wanted to know about how history would perceive him, this persecution was the first of many mistakes Ha-eung made. Hyuk: “Do you know what will happen to this country in the end?!”

Ha-eung claims that his history will be different from the one Hyuk learned, but Hyuk doesn’t feel the same way – Ha-eung is acting according to history, and changing just like he was meant to. He leaves in a rage, while Ha-eung tries to find Hyuk’s letter and comes up empty handed.

So Ha-eung goes to Court the next day, and just when you might think that he’s changed his mind, he instead declares that all Catholics are to be incarcerated, along with five houses around the household of a Catholic in order to set a strict example. Yikes.

Hyuk sees the streets in chaos as soldiers root out Catholics, and it’s only when he thinks of Young-rae that he gets brain zapped. So wait, he could have that whole history-changing conversation with Ha-eung without a single zap, but just thinking of Young-rae gets him uber-zapped? O-kay.

Young-rae and Ridel get stopped by soldiers nearby, while Hyuk stumbles through the street, getting repeatedly zapped. This time he envisions Mina in her hospital bed, flatlining.


Try as this show might to make gratuitous surgical scenes relevant to the plot, the long and short of it is that the political storyline is pretty much taking over, which is giving this drama even more problems in the form of serious tonal disconnect.

As usual, the surgery scenes are awful/hilarious/awful again. I think this C-section has set a new bar for surgical WTFery, with the icing on the cake being Young-rae’s Hulk-like grip on that gummi-baby’s ankles while she spanked it back to life. Did NO ONE on set raise their hand and say, “Hey guys, maybe we should try to act like this baby is real and not break all its bones the second it comes out”? Seriously, not one actor, even Park Min-young, thought that was completely ridiculous? No?

After that kind of opening act I didn’t think the rest of the episode could compare, and it didn’t, at least on the crazy scale. That was our surgery of the week and thus the extent of what Hyuk could contribute, so the focus inevitably switched to Ha-eung. I get that they’re playing to their strengths by giving Ha-eung so much time, but part of me wishes they would even try fixing the automaton that is Hyuk. He was convincing for the first time in maybe ever when he tried to sway Ha-eung, probably because he finally showed conviction for something he can’t overcome with surgery. The horror!

So we have a “hero” absent of an arc, just doing things at random and going where he’s called, the same ol’ same ol’ as the moment we met him. Oh, right, he had that one patient of Mina’s that he didn’t care about, but after that, it was Bleeding Heart Nation. It seriously bothers me that he seems incredibly unconcerned about his head fetus, and is almost stupidly stubborn when it tries to zap him into submission. Anything for Young-rae, right? Because while I believe that Hyuk the Person would probably have an issue with lots o’ Catholics being massacred, something tells me he wouldn’t be so involved if Young-rae wasn’t his personal stake in this fight for religious rights. He’s only “just a doctor” when it’s convenient for him, only he doesn’t seem to realize that. Surprise surprise.

Does he even want to go home anymore, or is he trying to have his cake and eat it too, by saving Young-rae first? Only, that doesn’t make sense with Chun-hong’s logic that he can’t mess with history in order to go home. Just once, just once, could he realize that playing God with thousands of lives in the balance could do untold amounts of damage too? Is he now actively trying to change history for what he thinks is better? Can we get a glimpse inside his head that isn’t of his brain fetus?

The only curious thing is that the Jar Fetus didn’t zap Hyuk while he argued with Ha-eung, and only seemed concerned as far as Young-rae went. How does that make sense, if Ha-eung is the bigger historical fish to fry? The only thing I can think of, aside from someone just forgetting to write a zap in during that scene, is that there is a course of history that Hyuk can’t change no matter what, like Ha-eung killing Christians. If that’s the case, it makes our hero a powerless idiot rather than just an idiot, which is honestly no fun at all.


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  1. Sho

    I immediately was relieved and ironically laughing at the censored surgery whilist the music cueing during it.

  2. Mystisith

    Goodness gracious! A C-section without anesthetic and filmed that way… And the fake baby… Say with me: “Bloody hell”.

    • 2.1 daniela

      Bloody hell!

    • 2.2 meecheellee

      “Mazel tov, it’s a gummi baby!”

      OMG. I died there. PUAHAHAHA. Heads, you are so epically awesome. The whole recap had me laughing on the floor. Hyukkie, dunce cap needs come off, please, thankyouverymuch

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        This show shames gummi-s everywhere. Jin, you gotta make my lunch come back up. And back down…and then back up again.

        • Jules

          Gummi Bears… bouncing here and there and everywhere… 😉

        • Awe


          lol. so funny!!!!

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          LOL show. you hear that? disgrace to gummimochi and all the gummies out there.
          butchered my favorite kind of candy

          • meecheellee

            I think this show butchered almost everything in it. sighs…

      • 2.2.2 Bengbeng

        HeadsNo2 recaps are way better than watching the drama, hahaha, so funny!!! =)

    • 2.3 Awe

      correct me if i’m wrong but…

      was that a freakin’ TURKEY BASTER that young-rae shoved up the nose of gummi-baby?


      did she really suction out gummi-baby’s brain with said TURKEY BASTER?


      slapping the holy crap out of said gummi-baby that was death gripped by young-rae?

      am i watching the same version of epis 18 as y’all are?


      oh…and bloody hell.

  3. aoiaheen

    They didn’t show the surgey via animation as hoped. How disappointing.

  4. op

    I’m a nurse at the neonatal care unit and that is NOT,and NEVER WILL BE, the way to revive a non-breathing baby. My god if I was there I would’ve seriously punched PMY’s character in the face. Does this drama not have enough funds to hire at least one medical consultant for the script??? Gawd!

    • 4.1 MsB

      I know! Having gone through a c-section, I think I would have killed the entire OR staff if they had done that to my baby!

      • 4.1.1 daniela

        me too!

    • 4.2 True2u


    • 4.3 jomo

      The best part is that mid-wives would have known what to do and how to act.
      Why would they NOT have the people who have been doing birthing and babies for centuries ALSO in the room?

      • 4.3.1 daniela

        there is no place for smart people in that room 😀

        • Jules

          Or this show.

          • Awe

            you guys are cracking me up!!!! 🙂

      • 4.3.2 YY

        jomo, if you have midwives in there, they’d probably all start dropping left and right because Dr Jin has this curse of making people fall sick when he gets too near them. Heck, they could all start getting labor pains if they’re in the same room as him. And they might not even be pregnant.

        • jomo

          YYou have a point.

          That brain fetus may be quintalooplets and need more rooms to grow and zap.

  5. ilikemangos

    ohGOD. that first screen cap i was not prepared for.
    leave it to dr.jin to show the nasty. why am i even surprised? But heads, you were right. That procedure ACTUALLY reached a new level of wtfery. is that seriously possible for this show?
    “we see both of Hyuk’s hands disappear into the woman’s stomach like a magic trick gone wrong. Mazel tov, it’s a gummi baby!”
    LOL. ohmygod. that baby.. the way young rae held it..
    no words can describe that scene.

    • 5.1 Awe


      please, please dont ever ask if this show can reach a new level of WTFery…because it can…it will…and i’m really tired of cleaning my carpet from barfing so much.

      please, don’t ask.


    • 5.2 KDaddict

      I stopped watching after ep 2. I need to check out ep 18, just for this C section magic scene! LOL.

  6. becca_boo

    Wow. Hyuk really is like a 3-year-old with a secret to tell. He just can’t keep a secret to save his life. Literally.

    As for the surgery, that was painful to read about. No way I’m watching it for real.

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi, and don’t lose hope! The end is in sight! For better or worse, it’s all going to be over soon.

  7. Reena

    Heads, your screencaps are sooo amazeballs! 🙂

    http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2012/drjin/jin18/jin18-00537.jpg – it looks like Dr. Jin is yawning! hahahahaha

    I wasn’t able to watch the C-section scene properly because I just can’t imagine someone undergoing surgery without an anesthetic. O_o

    I ROFL’d when YR spanked Gummy Baby’s butt like there’s no tomorrow, and wow… holding it by the neck… no wonder the baby wasn’t crying. hahaha…

    I actually have to thank little jar fetus for trying to put some sense into Hyuk. I guess Hyuk really just wants to become the winner of the stupid idiot award that even if jar fetus keeps on zapping his pea brain, he still keeps on making dumb mistakes.

  8. UJ

    Heads i love you!! Lets get married!!! You brighten up my day with the fantastic dr. Jin recaps! Its truly a delight to read them!! ♡
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  9. fodfran

    Here’s what I think (as ridiculous as it may seem), the guy Hyuk operated on at the beginning with the baby in his head was none other than Hyuk himself. When he travelled back in time, the fetus disappeared so maybe it was then magically implanted in his own head.

    Maybe that’s why he’s getting all these headaches. Baby wants to come out so it’s time to go back to the future so that he can set the course for his past self.

    • 9.1 Reena

      Hi! 😉
      You’ll get the idea after watching the original Japanese version… 🙂

    • 9.2 zhill

      with everything that’s been going on on this drama, i will not be surprised if doc jin will remove that fetus from his head himself lol ..

    • 9.3 Kwhat?!

      Oh, it’s definitely Hyuk. That’s why he knew *exactly* what surgical tools to pack in Hyuk’s Mary Poppins bag. So, he does remove his own brain fetus AND pushes himself off the rooftop.

  10. 10 samlun100

    There is nothing more stupider than that C section.
    So gross.
    Both the main leads are so perfectly unbelievably compatibly stupid together.
    I feel so painful and disgusting for that pregnant lady.

    • 10.1 MsB

      Not sure if stupider is the word you really want to use. I’d say the use of yet another procedure that the all mighty Dr Jin can perform is dumb. As c-sections saves lives, it can never be consider such. Neither one of my girls would be alive had I not had one.

      • 10.1.1 beggar1015

        I believe samlun meant this particular Dr. Jin scene of a c-section, gummi baby and all, was “stupider”, not c-sections in general.

        • Mystisith

          Time to use the world designed specially for that kind of occasions: “Stupidifying”.

          • Mystisith

            I meant word!! Stupid typo!

          • Awe


            another appropriate phrase: brain-pain inducing

          • Cynthia

            I’d go with “Hyukified”…

          • YY

            …and so it was that a whole new vocabulary was added to the English Language.

            ~ jin (noun): do a jin / perform a jin ~ an impossible feat ~ The badly injured accident victim did a jin and sat up an hour after surgery, much to the amazement of everyone.

            ~jin (verb): jinned (past) ~ Alex jinned himself and outran the other runners despite the severe cramp in his big toe.

            ~ jin out (prep. phrase) ~ jinned out (past) ~ bug eyed due to shock or surprise ~ The telephone rang shrilly, causing Mary to jin out of her slumber. ~I opened the closet and was jinned out by the cat jumping out at me.

          • Supernoona

            LOLOL at jin word. Let me try : I jinned out when I watched the C-sec. Haha

          • Awe

            then it stands to reason that we add the hyphenated word young-rae to the english vocabulary:

            ~ young-rae (n.) excessive force ~ execute a young-rae ~ The BIG teacher used young-rae to the quiet the outspoken student.

            ~young-rae (v.) ~ The mother threatened to young-rae the child “into next week” if she didn’t eat her okra.

          • daniela

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    • 11.1 Awe

      jace: i envy you.

      i will NEVER forget this drama, no matter how hard i try.

      honestly, the first mention of following will induce a brain-fetus cramp:

      blister and blister popping
      breast exam
      hand towel

      and probably any medical term.

      • 11.1.1 Maya

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      • 11.1.2 Reena

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    Anyway, I really think that hyuk’s being a doctor is losing its connection with the story – well aside from the little surgeries he had to perform here and there. I think he really has nothing important to do in the past except maybe watch history unfolds before his eyes and be forever emo over YR/Mina

    Kyung Tak – well I’m still hoping he’d turn around even though he looks like a bad guy right now @__@ oooh i love the way he secretly smiled when daddy told off his jackass big bro @__@ Honestly the reason why I’m still watching this is because of him coz im still hoping he’ll be a good guy in the end haha.

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      • 16.1.1 LizzyMay

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      • 16.1.2 schreient

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    That damned letter! Not only does it make Hyuk look like a dumbass, it’s a crappy plot device.

    I can’t even enjoy the Ha-eung-Minister Kim battles because of Jin Hyuk’s time travelling plot devices. Why has everyone (Chun-hong and Jin specifically, but possibly the writers as well) forgotten that so much of this is happening because Minister Kim is still alive?! And also, that damned letter! Stupid Jin!

    • 17.1 seriously wtf jin and now (really) big

      “Why has everyone (Chun-hong and Jin specifically, but possibly the writers as well) forgotten that so much of this is happening because Minister Kim is still alive?! ”


      We wouldn’t have any of this political wrangling, which looks like it’s going down the oh-well-may-as-well-massacre-the-Catholics-to-stick-with-history route. Why hasn’t anyone made the connection that Minister Kim really needs to die before anything could go back to the way it was?

      Not to mention, poor Kyung Tak would probably have had a lot less daddy angst. For that I will not forgive you, Hyuk! (Well, that and countless other stupid things.)

      Nice screencap at the end, Heads! 😉 I really wish they’ll make KT good by the end – he’s a made up character, why not let him have some character growth? Even if he’s the only one?

      • 17.1.1 Mic

        ” Not to mention, poor Kyung Tak would probably have had a lot less daddy angst. For that I will not forgive you, Hyuk! (Well, that and countless other stupid things.) ”

        Now that I know I can blame Hyuk for Kyung tak’s daddy drama, I have one more reason to hate him. That, and he is maybe the most illogical, ridiculous, and stupid character I have ever seen in a drama. Ever.

        • schreient

          amen to that @__@

        • Kimi

          Let’s hate Hyuk together. ._____.
          My best friend calls him “Mr Brainless-Idiot”. Her sister calls him “Mr Headache”. XD

  18. 18 O_O

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    But just wondering, hasn’t Hyuk thought that maybe, if history isn’t meant to be changed and he changed it, then all the things that should have happened didn’t, resulting in the future mina’s near death?(or just death because we saw her flatlining)
    And also i think that hyuk is rather selfish because i think hes desperate for ha-eung to not prosecute the catholics because it means killing young-rae. -_____- this is the case of sacrificing a bunch of important stuff for one life that isn’t meant to be alive.

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    Hyuk is an walking wikipedia :))
    Have you notice the French missionary by the name of Father Félix-Clair Ridel? he’s such an young old man :))

    • 20.1 seriously wtf jin and now (really) big

      Yeah, I wondered what a 25 year old was doing with a long gray beard.

  21. 21 Mich

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    There is something about Jin’s stupidity that bothers me so much in regards to mina/young rae. IF young rae is mina’s ancestor, wouldn’t that mean that young rae survived the Catholic massacre????? Jin didn’t need to do anything and let history run its course. His precious Mina would be okay. However sadly, he’s a moron and doesn’t seem to realize that.

  22. 22 katiamon

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    And head fetus!!!! WTF? you are absorbing the doc’s stupidity???? because you are not fulfilling your purpose in the plot: to stop him from messing more with history.
    can’t hyuk fall of the cliff already??? I would had pushed a couple of eps. ago.
    HN2, you are a recap hero: nobody should be oblige to summarize such a stupid drama for our enjoyment because we decided not to watch this hell of a series. Thank you for all your efforts!!!!

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    I can’t even imagine how much more ridiculous the story would seem condensed down to 20 sentences.

    Oooh! My favorite writing exercise/contest/

    What if instead of a recap for the last episode, have a contest of sorts and invite everyone to do just that:
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    *I* would even watch if I could do that.

    • 23.1 Jules

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      … or maybe that’s just my hope for the ending. *g*

      • 23.1.1 Mic

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    Dr. Jin – I can almost see this brat in a high chair, pounding his spoon and shouting “YOU PROMISED” at Ha-Eung….really, immature brat Jin…really? I tolerated his character and did all the suspended disbelief I could with this series, and it just became too much. My wanting to smack Dr. Jin at the back of the head in every scene he is in distracts too much.

    As I said before, the reason he had to go back 160 years is because it will take him that long to grow up.

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      between the two (dr jin and BIG), i think GirlFriday deserves the award.

      at least dr jin is lmao funny and outrageous. BIG is just a big effing train-wreck to hell.

      • 33.1.1 Jules

        Ah, but Big only had 16 episodes – Dr Jin has 22. (and technically, both Javabeans and Girlfriday recapped Big. :))

        • Awe

          jules: thanks for amending my post.

          i stand corrected. ?
          i sit corrected. ?
          i post corrected. ?

          this drama…

  34. 34 Christy

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  35. 35 Noelle

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    My thoughts exactly.

  36. 36 swui

    “But it’s not breathing, so Young-rae takes it and not only proves that she’d kill it by holding it by the neck, she also holds it upside down by the ankles and starts spanking its bum. Young-rae, that is a baby, not a rubber chicken. Dafuq is going on here.”

    I’m not watching this but from the pictures I don’t think she was killing it by holding it by the neck…from the pictures it seemed like she’s supporting the neck with her hand which makes sense because newborns can’t support themselves.

    And by the way, the ankle and spanking thing. Even though it may seem cruel and crude, it’s actually done in the old days. (I’m not sure how PMY did it). They REALLY DO spank the babies into crying that way. But that’s in ancient times, which is the setup for this story so I don’t this part is so condemn-worthy

    • 36.1 mellisa

      I agree about your point about the actions of Young-rae during the baby-delivery being not worthy of condemnation.

      From watching dramas/movies, that is how you hold a baby – at the back of the neck because the baby’s neck/spine/whatever is not yet strong enough to support its own head.

      And I’ve seen many medical dramas in the past where the doctors/nurse/midwife would smack the baby’s bottom to make it cry (i don’t know why, maybe to make sure that it is alive?).

      I am not criticizing the recap/recapper, but I am really curious what would have been the right actions by YR during the baby-delivery scene taking into consideration that the setting is in the 1800s.

      • 36.1.1 mellisa

        Correction to para 3

        And I’ve seen many medical dramas in the past where the doctors/nurse/midwife would hold the baby by its ankles, turn it upside down, then smack the baby’s bottom to make it cry (i don’t know why, maybe to make sure that it is alive?).

      • 36.1.2 glo

        I totally agree with both of you. In Jin Japanese drama, Saki also did the same thing as soon as she discovered the baby wasn’t breathing. She pulled the baby upside down and smacked the baby’s bottom repeatedly until the baby cried.

        Maybe in the past, they did it to clear up the baby’s lung and help the baby to take his/her first breathe.

        • gaeakronos

          Pardon me please for some intruding here, as I know a bit about delivery, I’d like to explain just a bit, but if anybody here can has more capabilities, please do correct me: the bum/butt spanking was intended to give other stimuli for the baby so they’ll start crying, hence the air/Oxygen will flow to their lung. In normal baby, different condition of Mother’s uteri and Outside environment is enough to give the stimuli for the baby to start to cry, but for some others, included baby who is too long in delivery (we call that dystosia), their treshold is heightened so the medical caregiver need to give other stimuli. If you choose to give spank in butt, it should given without hesitation at all. Hence, medicine nowadays prefer to give stimuli via fickling the plantar foot, or rubbing the baby’s body.
          About The upsidedown position…well..people usually prefer to spank while supporting the whole body, but there is also method of turning the baby upside down, can’t say that wrong at all.
          I THINK..(And I haven’t see the episode) the baby is swaying too much, isn’t that HeadsNo2?

          Now abouth the C-section: dafuq! You don’t slit the stomach that much to let out a little baby!! Plus, horrible production, Hiaaa~ how can be a stomach has the skin & musculi and all hanging like curtain?? Please see a real SC first before you go filming!! *oh~ *dizzy* and you know..the baby already HAD HER HAND APPEARED, so you need to push the baby up first, and then you can do the SC.

          Heads, I don’t know what to say..but I praise you that much for being able to not grab your hair in recapping this series *grab hair*

        • gaeakronos

          Pardon me please for some intruding here, as I know a bit about delivery, I’d like to explain just a bit, but if anybody here can has more capabilities, please do correct me: the bum/butt spanking was intended to give other stimuli for the baby so they’ll start crying, hence the air/Oxygen will flow to their lung. In normal baby, different condition of Mother’s uteri and Outside environment is enough to give the stimuli for the baby to start to cry, but for some others, included baby who is too long in delivery (we call that dystosia), their treshold is heightened so the medical caregiver need to give other stimuli. If you choose to give spank in butt, it should given without hesitation at all. Hence, medicine nowadays prefer to give stimuli via fickling the plantar foot, or rubbing the baby’s body.
          About The upsidedown position…well..people usually prefer to spank while supporting the whole body, but there is also method of turning the baby upside down, can’t say that wrong at all.
          I THINK..(And I haven’t see the episode) the baby is swaying too much, isn’t that HeadsNo2?

          Now abouth the C-section: dafuq! You don’t slit the stomach that much to let out a little baby!! Plus, horrible production, Hiaaa~ how can be a stomach has the skin & musculi and all hanging like curtain?? Please see a real SC first before you go filming!! *oh~ *dizzy* and you know..the baby already HAD HER HAND APPEARED, so you need to push the baby up first, and then you can do the SC.

          Heads, I don’t know what to say..but I praise you that much for being able to not grab your hair in recapping this series *grab hair*

      • 36.1.3 Reena

        I don’t know if PMY has seen a real delivery herself otherwise she wouldn’t have smacked that gummy baby’s butt as if life depended on it. However, the baby is a fake, so that’s prolly why PMY went all out and did what she did – which, of course makes us (the audience) think that she’s a Joseon Hulk.

    • 36.2 HeadsNo2

      I want to make it clear that it wasn’t the act of Young-rae spanking the baby so much as the way it was portrayed here in the drama. Real babies aren’t made of rubber, and I’m sure that real babies aren’t supposed to sway like a punching bag if you haul them up by the ankles and hit them, for whatever medical purpose that serves. I’m not arguing the method, but the horrible way this production team, and in this case the actress, handled it.

      Because, honestly, have you watched the scene?

      • 36.2.1 sally_b

        RE: “Because, honestly, have you watched the scene?”

        no. nor will I….because you, YOU INCREDIBLE woman you….are taking all the shots for me…us.

        I cannot be said often enough ~your recaps for this show are on another level of AWESOME. Your endurance is off-the-charts. I can only bow my head in reverance.

        seriously…how you do it — I don’t know.
        (the announcement of extension must have been like being zapped by your very own Jar Fetus)

        (I shall now observe a moment of silence in consideration of your personal suffering for the great benefit of others)
        thank you. 🙂

      • 36.2.2 x

        “how you hold a baby – at the back of the neck because the baby’s neck/spine/whatever is not yet strong enough to support its own head.”

        The first picture of her holding baby supporting it’s neck is ok, but I think Heads is referring to the 2nd picture.
        I’m pretty sure babies shouldn’t be held upside down like this lol even in the past:

        http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2012/drjin/jin18/jin18-00049.jpg <-second pi

      • 36.2.3 Awe

        i simply can’t re-watch this episode.

        and maybe i’m dreaming, but i swear young-rae suctioned baby with a plastic turkey baster.

        didn’t realize that kitchen utensil was a common birthing tool in the 18th century.

        Heads is correct—the gummi-baby was [suctioned] and slapped into the next episode.

      • 36.2.4 glo

        @gaeakronos thank you for your explanation. It makes a lot of sense. The baby had his foot out and they failed to show her pushing the baby up. And they didn’t even show the baby’s face when he had his first cry. Considering this is a medical drama, the production team failed miserably. (they’ve already failed since the beginning =D).

        @HeadsNo2: ahh I now understand what you meant. Apologize for my earlier comment. I’ve watched the scene, and was so shocked seeing the rubber baby & the way PMY handled the baby.

      • 36.2.5 Kwhat?!

        I went and watched just this scene so I could see Young-Rae Hulk in action. She didn’t just swat the baby a bit—she pounded on it. And supporting the neck is one thing, as long as there is other support to be had, but she holds the baby by the neck. Way to cause serious trauma to an already traumatized gummibaby, Young-Rae! O_o

  37. 37 crazedlu

    i am so embarassed for this show. haha.

  38. 38 lovedramas

    LOL – I don’t even know why I still follow this show… I’m not really watching it but I am skimming and reading recaps.

    MHT!!! I have low expectations but still???

    More importantly, the writers and the director & the producer – WTF????? Where are these crappy medical procedures coming from? Granted back in the 1800’s there wasn’t much in way of medical instruments but still??!! I do also feel a little bad for the actors… sheesh – not that they are all that great but still.

  39. 39 ajj

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    With Big’s stupid ending and now this?
    I need some Gaksital..

    • 39.1 Awe


      after this week’s episodes…i need some tequila.

      lots and lots of tequila. ya know, to sterilize the wound. /wink

    • 39.2 Awe


      after this week’s episodes…i need some tequila.

      lots and lots of tequila. ya know, to sterilize the wound. /wink

  40. 40 Gie

    This drama is getting more and more annoying!

    Dr. Jin is getting dumber and dumber! (Even though I like him as an actor, but the script/plot is really lame!!!!!!!)

    I am getting angrier and angrier with each passing episode!

    I can hardly wait to see the conclusion of this EPIC (but boring) drama

  41. 41 SS

    Omy, you make me laugh for the first time this morning. After that crazy indescribable awesome episode of Gaksital last night and crying, all torn up between wanting Joowon so badly in the rumoured new drama role or him taking a rest, this recap is exactly what I need.

  42. 42 x

    can anyone please upload that cut of YR and the baby to Youtube, or just make a gif of it?
    i want to see it but don’t want to download the whole episode just for that lol.
    I stopped watching this drama around ep 6, and since then, have only been relying on Heads’s recap :p

    • 42.1 Awe


      you can stream the video on a number of websites without having to download any of the segments/episodes.

      my fav is viki.com because of the viewer comments that accompany the stream. viki.com viewer comments was the only way i could endure the first several (confusing) episodes.

  43. 43 bd

    Take out Dr. Jin and the other members of the ‘love triangle’ and this would be a half-decent sageuk w/ Lee Beom Soo’s Prince Regent, Chun-hong as the gisaeng head mistress, Young-hwi as the ex-rebel leader turned scholar/govt. official, Joo Pal as the gang leader turned Prince’s lackey/military officer, the Queen Dowager and the Left State Minister.

    Even the departed King was pretty interesting in his short time as the simple farmer who wished to escape the palace machinations and go back place of his youth.

    But unfortunately, Dr. Jin (who is a bloody idiot) gets too much screen time (have to lauch at SSH’s attempt at acting ‘agonized’ and in pain when he gets those brain zaps).

    The thing I don’t get is that Dr. Jin does all these things to ‘change history’ and yet, despite him stubbornly/idiotically continuing to change events, history continues on the same path.

    So what was point of Dr. Jin needing to rectify what he had changed – since evidently, it really didn’t make any difference?

    • 43.1 Florentine Lily

      I’ve been wondering about that. What is the importance of Dr. Jin other than to give the drama its title and lead us to the past?

    • 43.2 JG

      Agree on all points except on Kyung Tak. He was a pathetic lovesick boy, but now that he is out of the love triangle, he makes a more compelling character as the one who could have a big influence on the outcome of the political struggle. In these last two episodes, he appears to be calmer and more resolute–so I am hoping that something is brewing.

      I still don’t understand why Dr. Jin is transported back in time? What’s the point? Did I miss something while sleep-walking through most of his scenes?

      • 43.2.1 bd

        I agree Kyung Tak’s character has gotten a bit more interesting recently, but the whole ‘love-sick boy’ thing (which lasted too long) ruined his character; plus the acting isn’t up to par w/ the rest of the cast that deserves keeping, altho it has gotten better.

        There needs to a Kyung Tak-type character for the ‘dark side’ to be the lackey/’muscle’ for the Left State Minister and to counterbalance Young-hwi, but it should be a diff. character and a diff. actor.

    • 43.3 LizzyMay

      I would be on that show. Instead of crying myself to sleep after watching Dr Jin.

      The fact that history corrects itself to flow along its designed path is something I’ve seen/read in other places, so it’s kind of interesting how the corrections happen despite Jin’s interference. What’s really irritating is that Jin doesn’t even seem to realize that it’s happening and seems to take almost no notice of his role is almost changing history and how his actions, despite screwing with history seems to have little overall effect. He doesn’t even realize what’s going on!!!

    • 43.4 Alys

      Honestly for me, i think young hwi character now is not interesting anymore, when he is a rebel leader..he was so cool and interesting coz all those ambition and how he have his own way to help people, rater then just become ha eung folower… thats was make his character interesting for me but now after he fell in that cliff, he is different and become a boring character just like Officer Lee, he is just like kyung tak said “on the same position like him but the different is just the person they follow” but at least kyung tak character is still interesting.

      Anyway, speaking about kyung tak i think i understand why kyung tak untill now still not decide who side he will choose, and i think he still not sure did ha eung is different like his dad, just like when he said to ha eung “I was curious as to what the new Joseon will be able to do for me.”and this is make his character interesting especially since he hold secrets from two most powerful people on joseon now

  44. 44 bishbash

    i might watch this only for the “surgery” scenes. to see how ridiculous they are. coz i totally enjoyed them in the original Jin.

  45. 45 Altari

    The scary thing is that I read that they actually do surgery without anesthetic in North Korea because of lack of medical supplies. ><

    Why in the world do the production want to pay ten times a much attention to making medical procedures as realistic as possible and skimp over fleshing out your MAIN characters?

  46. 46 YY

    Hi, Heads! Hang in there! Love your recap as always.

    Scenes we’d like to see in future episodes:

    – Furious villagers grabbing Dr Jin and glueing his mouth shut with a mixture of tree bark and sticky rice

    -Brain Fetus collapsing (captured slow-mo via animation) after prolonged zapping on stubborn Dr Jin

    – Dr Jin furiously operating on his own head in a race against time to save Brain Fetus

    -Young Jae crying as she realises the extent of Dr Jin’s feelings for Brain Fetus, as our hero yells into his own head, “LIVE, DAMMIT! DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE MY HEAD!”

    -Young Rae crying so much she doesn’t notice a bog of quicksand in front of her, walks into it and promptly drowns.

    – Dr Jin leaving, hurtling through space, teeth gritted as he holds on to the sides of the jar grimly while the camera pans inside the jar, giving us a glimpse of a healthy glowing Brain Fetus piloting the jar

    • 46.1 Supernoona

      LOLOL! Hilarious! New OTP = Dr Jin + Brain Fetus LOLOL!

      • 46.1.1 Awe

        so dang funny post!!!

        fetus in a jar starring brainiac

    • 46.2 Kwhat?!

      Oooh, oooh! Could we pretty-please see brain fetus’ collapse and surgery in both live action and Joseon animation? Maybe they could switch between both.

  47. 47 Lua

    So hi guys, I did watched the first episodes of the drama but now I’m not.

    But I have a question for you who are watching it.

    Since DB is a place where there isn’t much fangirls I think it is safe to ask it here.

    So, some people keep bothering me saying that Jaejoong is shining in the last episodes, as in ”his acting is awesome” way, and they say I don’t know nothing because I stopped watching the drama.

    They even say he deserves an actor award. I can’t help but LOL at it. Sorry. Sorry.

    But is it blind fans or is true, that he showed amazing acting in the last episodes and everyone is ravinf about it, the media, critics and all ?

    Because I don’t see it lol

    • 47.1 SYER

      About jaejoong acting, I think it decent..he improve a lot for me..before this he is a bit awkward but now I think he good..we can feel his emotion..

    • 47.2 Mich

      This is coming from a jaejoong fan who WILL call him out if he does suck, which I have done on numerous occasions. ( Plus I am scared to watch any dbsk/jyj member act after those banjun dramas they did *shudders Therefore it’s a miracle that i’m still watching this). He definitely improved as the show went on. I think a lot of it has to do with his character and the fact that he isn’t chasing young rae anymore (at least I hope he’s done chasing her).

    • 47.3 JG

      Yup, he sucked at the beginnning of the drama. He has improved, especially ep 15 and ep 16.

    • 47.4 cik

      you should read recap and comments for that episode.
      well, everyone has their own opinions about JJ’s acting. I just enjoy to watch JJ acting in joseon period. His character is kinda difficult and complicated. to be a good boy for daddy dearest or get his own freedom from evil council. hehehe. just hoping this drama end sooner coz I got sick watch bloody things. *close eyes*

    • 47.5 Awe

      i agree with your observations. however, to be kind to JJ, i will say that although he still speaks way too fast, he has improved.

      unlike others, i could not tell the difference between him crying or laughing…his emotes seem the same to me.

    • 47.6 blueorbs

      Why don’t you see it yourself??
      For me,,,i think he’s quite stiff in early episode. but he had improved a lot. Kyung Tak is a complicated character and he can delivered the inner turmoil and emotion really well without exaggarating his expression. DB praised his acting in last episodes: http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/07/dr-jin-episode-16/
      but rather than asking people like this..maybe it’s better if you watch his performance yourself then make your judgement 🙂

    • 47.7 Michelle

      Just watch it you lazy fool. I’m so sick of people like you. Yes it true that there are many idiot fans who lavish praise no matter what but guess what? It is the same for all other idol-actors and even some “real actors” cough* SSH* cough*

      If you don’t want to watch a whole hour per episode then just skip and watch his parts. Draw your own conclusions!!!! You have a brain of your own don’t you?

      I find that many people here just parrot HeadsNo2 or whoever else writes reviews. I can understand that people can agree or disagree but then when some people admit that they don’t even watch the freaking show but feel they can say who is good at acting and who is not or just bash because they harbor assumptions. And the ones who keep whining about how bad this is but don’t watch. WTF? Seriously? Why even bother reading recaps then? There is plenty other dramas one can watch.

    • 47.8 12the4

      I believe you should watch it yourself and bring your own judgment.

      I believe the main problem that i-viewers found on his ‘acting’ at the beginning of this drama was his speech, that should be different for a period drama (they said it was too fast for saeguk, though I didn’t find that kind of comments among Korean viewers…)
      Anyway, It’s surprising for me to see comments saying he was stiff (well, at the beginning of the drama) because he is actually pretty good at delivering and showing emotions, specially with his facial expressions, eyes and just everything.

      About reviews on his acting, he is receiving many favorable reviews and praise, specially for the latest episodes (even in this site if I am not wrong) and not just from fans, but from normal viewers, critics and people related to the drama industry.

      It’s a pity this drama is such a mess, but it’s a good opportunity for Jaejoong to expand his acting abilities and it helps a lot the fact that Kyung Tak is a pretty difficult character. It’s not the usual flower-boy-F4-member character that most of idols play.
      You would expect that kind of character from someone as ‘pretty’ and popular as him, but seems like he is taking the difficult path and trying characters that can make him grow as an actor, instead of the likable-easy-ones. He is a hard working boy, don’t get fooled by his looks or by his insane popularity. He doesn’t take anything for granted.

  48. 48 Dr Jin

    Dedicated to Brain Fetus

    (Sung to Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello”)

    I’ve been alone with you inside my brain
    And in my dreams I’ve kissed your jar, a thousand times
    I sometimes see you float outside my head
    Hello, is it me you’re looking for?
    I can see it in your scary eyes
    I can see it in your creepy face
    You’re all I’ve ever wanted
    My eyes bug-open wide

    Cos I know I’m kind of dense
    And I know I’m full of crap
    But I want to tell you so much
    I love you

    I long to count the braincells in your head
    You zap me time and time again, it hurts so bad
    Sometimes I feel my head will just explode
    Hello? I’ve just got to let you know
    (Repeat chorus)

    • 48.1 Awe

      /applause and laughs

    • 48.2 jomo

      I know who yyou are.

      Nice job!!

      And thanks, I’ll be singing that for hours…

    • 48.3 SS

      OMG ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 48.4 asianromance

      So awesome!! LOL!

      Now someone needs to make a youtube video with that song and all the wtf moments in Dr.Jin.

    • 48.5 xnopex

      dead, ashes blowing in the wind. hahaha

    • 48.6 Kwhat?!

      Awesome. Just awesome.

  49. 49 Ellie

    I was just wondering, since you seem to be so worked up at every episode, why do you still do the recaps? Or am I mistaken and that you are actually enjoying it?

    • 49.1 Cynthia

      It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!
      We bow to HeadsNo2 for her dogged perseverance.
      And snark.

    • 49.2 Awe

      i blame myself.
      from the get go, my posts have egged [everyone?] on to view the comedy of this drama. the medical inaccuracies, the inconsistencies, the obsurdities, the acting, not to mention the whole time slippage and brain fetus of this drama were too much to take seriously.

      when ya got lemons…lemonade it.

      a deep and formal KOREAN BOW to Heads for recapping this drama.

      • 49.2.1 Michelle

        Don’t give yourself too much credit there!

    • 49.3 jomo

      She enjoys writing the recaps, and our responses, even if she doesn’t ejoy the show itself.

      When a show jumps the shark, it becomes fair game for snark.

  50. 50 DangCinDee

    Lol, I died laughing at yet another crazy surgery scene. Really Show? Who is the director for this drama? Does he have some sort of weird doctor fetish that he never got to unleash?

    BWUAHAHA! Like it’s alwaysssss a good idea to write down the life changing, TOP SECRET future (that supposedly shouldn’t be leaked out to anyone), to your BFF. That just makes SOoooOooo much sense. It’s not like it’s going to fall into the wrong hands, right?

    I don’t know how all the actors can put on a straight face through all this. Now that IS good acting.

    No wonder Kyung-tak has so many scenes with bank facial expressions. He’s thinking what all of us are thinking “W…T…F…”

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