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Dr. Jin: Episode 19
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This episode takes us for a ride as far as the time travel/time slip/parallel universe mechanics go, as Hyuk puts his all into saving the entire Catholic population in Joseon with some pretty questionable aftereffects. When will this boy ever learn? Is even posing that question too much wishful thinking on my part?


Despite the brain zaps, Hyuk manages to save Young-rae and Ridel from the soldiers by knocking them down with a big stick. Ha.

Ha-eung thinks back to the promise he made and then broke with Hyuk, just as he runs into Minister Kim outside, who gloats that Ha-eung was just like the rest of them after all, now that he’s tasted power. He backhandedly assures Ha-eung that he won’t last long.

Kyung-tak’s men report that they’ve arrested all Catholics save for a noblewoman who escaped with a priest. He orders that their likenesses be posted all over the city so they can be found.

Who thought it was a good idea to hide in the makeshift church the soldiers already raided and know the location of? Either way, that’s where Young-rae and Ridel are camped for the moment, though they’re trying to find a way out of the city.

Hyuk demands to know why she didn’t keep her promise (that makes two friends who’ve broken their promises to him), and tells her that her safety is most important – he’ll find a way for them to escape.

And then, Hyuk remembers the vision of Mina flatlining and wonders if something happened to her.

The Council of Evil convenes to discuss Ha-eung, and how public favor has turned back toward him now that he made his wife renounce Christianity and persecuted all Christians. Minister Kim doesn’t seem too affected, and sends everyone out once Kyung-tak arrives. Even Dae-gyun isn’t allowed to stay, and he huffs around as usual.

HAH. Okay, so either Hyuk has the worst idea or the best idea in smuggling Young-rae and Ridel out of the city – because right now he’s just got them covered by a straw mat in a cart, because nothing’s more inconspicuous than that. (Bring out your dead!) My guess is that he’ll try to pretend they’re dead, but we don’t find out because…

We cut right back to Minister Kim! Huzzah for the camera’s flea-like attention span. All Minister Kim does is tell Kyung-tak to be extra careful during his spy activities, since the fate of the Andong Kim clan depends on his eyes and ears.

Hyuk almost makes it through the gate when Heo Gwang declares that he’s a Royal Doctor escorting corpses out of the city. For whatever reason, Young-rae and Ridel have their eyes open and wide underneath the mat – play dead, people!

They’re stopped by another soldier who demands Hyuk uncover the bodies. Young-rae is still all wide-eyed and worried underneath the straw.

Back to Kyung-tak, reporting in to Ha-eung and Young-hwi, who commends Ha-eung on a job well done in the whole Catholic Persecution department. Ha-eung muses that Young-hwi might not feel the same way later, and while we know he’s talking about Young-rae, her brother is clueless.

Kyung-tak asks Ha-eung if he has his next plan lined up, and Ha-eung replies that he’ll end all this struggle with some high treason charges. Ruh roh.

Back to Hyuk (this is like watching a tennis match). He lies to the soldiers that he’s escorting diseased corpses, and makes it past the checkpoint.

Aaand back to Kyung-tak, who fidgets nervously when Ha-eung mentions the written agreement the Queen Dowager made with Minister Kim when they wanted to oust tiny King Gojong. Kyung-tak says that his father already got rid of the letter, but Ha-eung wants to get the letter from the Queen Dowager’s side, and is sure Officer Lee has it.

This is bad news bears for Kyung-tak since that agreement could be the end of his father, and Ha-eung knows it. He also knows that Officer Lee wouldn’t have disposed of the letter because he’s been in politics too long, and would keep it to ensure his own safety if Minister Kim were to win and assume power. Ha-eung plans to make him hand it over, no matter what.

Hyuk and Pals make it to a missionary safe house outside the city, though Hyuk volunteers to stay outside so we can have another Exposition Flashback From The Future, where the book he read on Ha-eung detailed everything that’s happening, just like how it was in history. Ridel is supposed to return to China soon, and then a war will break out in Joseon shortly after.

This leads Hyuk to worry about Young-rae’s future, and he vows to himself that he’ll stop the persecution somehow. Of course.

He follows the sound of crying to find a little boy who’s had both his parents arrested due to the persecution. Hyuk promises him that he’ll get his mom and dad back soon, and to help lift his mood, Hyuk makes him a paper airplane.

The boy gives him his name: Jin Soon-young. Hyuk is all, Funny, I’m a Jin too! and proceeds to hand over the paper plane… but a strong brain zap from the Jar Fetus stops him. And Hyuk just doesn’t think anything of it and hands the boy the airplane again. Hyuk, you are kidding me, right? Where is Ashton Kutcher’s ancestor. I’m clearly being punk’d right now.

Hyuk wonders what just happened, with the zapping and all. Hyuk: “Was it static?” (…) You know what, I don’t even have a joke for this one.

The Council of Evil seems to be having some loyalty problems, with Doctor Yoo looking like he’s about to jump out of Minister Kim’s sinking ship. Regardless, Minister Kim knows that the letter agreement can’t ever reach Ha-eung’s hands and charges Kyung-tak with putting a stop to it.

Ha-eung is scary when he’s in political threat mode, since everything he says to Officer Lee about giving him the letter of agreement is veiled beneath smiles and “kind” words. Officer Lee claims he doesn’t have it – and even if he did, why would he give it to Ha-eung if he could be charged for high treason because of it?

Ha-eung explains that he’d protect Officer Lee from Minister Kim if he hands over the letter, and give him a nice raise, to boot. Officer Lee sticks by the story that he got rid of it, and with nothing further to discuss, Ha-eung leaves.

He meets Young-hwi and Joo Pal outside, and they strategize on ways to get Officer Lee to hand over the letter. It’ll have to be done voluntarily, and Young-hwi suggests that they make it known to Officer Lee that Ha-eung is the only lifeline he has. In that vein, Ha-eung tells Joo Pal to mobilize his gang.

Ridel tells Young-rae and Hyuk that he’ll be returning to China soon, and from there he’ll mobilize a fleet of ships to attack Joseon for the persecution. Young-rae tries to sway him against starting the war and asks Hyuk to back her up, but he just sighs and walks out.

She follows him, and asks if there will be a war. Hyuk: “As per the history I know, there will be.” That’s why he told her to be careful, but she fires back that this isn’t only about her surviving. She wants him to persuade Ha-eung but he claims he already tried that, and because his wife was a Christian he got backed into a corner in Court and made the persecution decision.

Young-rae latches onto this idea, wondering if Ha-eung never wanted this to happen. In that case, does he know about the war? Young-rae: “He wouldn’t want war on our soil either, don’t you think so?” You literally see the lightbulb above Hyuk’s head. He always used to tell her that even if it’s history, they should save who they can, and she reminds him of that promise.

Kyung-tak’s men, in disguise, are just about ready to break into Officer Lee’s house to steal the letter… only to find out that they’ve been beaten to the punch by Joo Pal’s men. Ha. Household guards chase the lot of them out.

Officer Lee returns to his ransacked home to find the letter still well-hidden, but holding it makes him think back to Ha-eung’s words that Minister Kim won’t leave him alone as long as he has it.

Meanwhile, Joo Pal returns to Ha-eung to tell him that they couldn’t find the letter, but Ha-eung isn’t surprised. He knew it would turn out this way.

Kyung-tak delivers the news to Daddy Dearest, and proves he’s still the smartest in the bunch when he tells him that Ha-eung planned to make Officer Lee think that the burglary was Minister Kim’s doing. Daddy practically faints in rage.

And Ha-eung reveals that the misunderstanding was his plan, since he didn’t expect to find the letter so easily. However, he’s taken aback when Joo Pal reveals that there were other thieves on the scene, and guesses that they were sent by Minister Kim… which means he knew about the letter, and how would he know something like that? Uh oh. Kyung-tak, you better start watching your back.

Speaking of, Kyung-tak promises his father that he’ll go get the letter, but Daddy’s already resigned to his fate. They’ve lost their timing, and they’ll be charged with high treason as soon as that letter reaches Ha-eung’s hands. Game over.

But Kyung-tak tells Daddy that if there’s a will, there’s a way, and vows to bring the letter no matter what.

Hyuk tells Ha-eung about the impending war if the missionaries return to China, though Ha-eung doesn’t see it as justification to stop the persecution. Hyuk starts arguing with him again about power and responsibility, but Ha-eung fires back, “Politics is not a game for children! With just sincerity, nothing can be done. Sincerity without justification and benefit is not useful at all.”

Luckily for Ha-eung, Hyuk read that one book about him and remembers everything. He tells Ha-eung to legislate Ho Po Je, and we get a Future Flashback and Hyuk’s voiceover to tell us that Ho Po Je was one of Ha-eung’s revolutionary policies that imposed taxes on the noble class, which had before been exempt from taxation.

Oh, great. So now Hyuk is going to start running the country because reading one book means he knows best? “It’s a policy you will implement in the future anyway,” Hyuk explains. O rly? That means everything is gravy in Hyukland.

He tells Ha-eung that if he stops the persecution and implements the new tax law, he won’t have a problem with public favor, and just needs to stop Ridel from going to China. Kyung-tak spots Ha-eung & Co. outside as they split into two groups, and orders his minion to follow Ha-eung while he follows Young-hwi.

Hyuk takes Ha-eung to see Ridel, and the two come to a truce about the war. Ha-eung has to promise to stop persecuting Catholics, and Ridel has to promise to not disturb any of their borders or ports without explicit permission and to give Joseon France’s aid whenever they’re needed. This all sounds fine and well, but Ridel is still a priest, not the overlord of France. We’ll go with it anyway.

A secret treaty is then signed between Ha-eung and Ridel, while Hyuk graces us with his voiceovers on how this will prevent not only the French battleship invasion, but will also change Ha-eung’s closed-door policy toward other countries, thus becoming a groundbreaking event to positively impact Korea’s modernization.

Hyuk: [in voiceover] “But history changing like this… Is this right?” AS$%sah&^*s*(%)(Sjk&*A@^#*#.

Ha-eung tells Young-rae, “Doctor Jin saved you and this country.” No hard feelings, right?

Kyung-tak totally plays Young-hwi to get information out of him, first acting interested, then wounded because Young-hwi doesn’t trust him, which of course gets Young-hwi to spill the beans about Ha-eung meeting a French missionary. Kyung-tak then learns Ha-eung’s location from his minion. Uh oh.

Hyuk and Young-rae send Ridel and his missionaries off, and Hyuk has a mini crisis over changing so much history. “Whenever I change something, I’m not really confident. Worrying if I came here and did something I shouldn’t do…”

If? If you did something you shouldn’t do? He goes on to say he’s worried about returning to the future to see what might have changed, and that he keeps thinking about Mina, worrying something bad has happened to her.

They’re interrupted when a man comes running – someone needs a doctor! Turns out it’s little Jin Soon-young, who got impaled by a branch while trying to retrieve Hyuk’s paper airplane. Hyuk even imagines exactly how it happened, Vampire Prosecutor style. Only, you know, without any style.

Hyuk sends Young-rae off to get supplies for emergency surgery, and gets zapped the second he touches Soon-young’s hand. He gets over it and carries him inside.

Officer Lee delivers the letter agreement to Ha-eung, since he believes the Andong Kim clan’s minions broke into his house. He makes Ha-eung promise not to bring harm to his family or the Queen Dowager, and gets Ha-eung’s word.

Ridel and his fellow missionaries are stopped on the road by Kyung-tak and his right-hand man, demanding to know who has the treaty with Ha-eung. Kyung-tak says he’ll spare them if they hand it over, or kill them one by one if they don’t. Ridel punches him in the stomach and makes a run for it.

Meanwhile, Hyuk prepares for surgery. Soon-young will need a blood transfusion and Young-rae offers her own since she’s type O, the universal donor.

Back to Kyung-tak, who chases down Ridel and steals the treaty. He leaves him alive, at least.

Hyuk starts the surgery, and makes his patented Hyuk Incision™, which can’t ever be less than a foot long because that would just make too much sense. This surgery is another blood ocean because of a major vein, and Hyuk fixes everything up and gets ready for suturing…

Only Soon-young starts bleeding profusely again, and the second Hyuk touches him, Jar Fetus wakes up from its nap and starts zapping the daylights out of him. Once again, Hyuk is holding his head and flailing about during a pivotal point of an operation.

He starts looking like a hologram on the fritz, fading in and out while he stares at his hands. Hyuk is fuh-reaking out in his corner of the room, so Young-rae takes it upon herself to stop Soon-young’s bleeding and finish the surgery. This is a case of too much. You’ve got the kid bleeding, the surgery going bad, and Hyuk having an existential seizure over in the corner with eyes as big as saucers.

They finally notice Hyuk disappearing and reappearing, just as Young-rae notices that Soon-young’s breathing has stopped. Hyuk sees a vision of the future where the Dr. Jin at his hospital isn’t him, but another Jin. Oh no!

Lucky for him, Young-rae is way quicker on the uptake than he is, and performs mouth to mouth resuscitation on Soon-young to get him breathing again. And lo and behold, Hyuk solidifies at last. Young-rae seems to have picked up on the connection and eyes him warily while they suture Soon-young up.

Ha-eung is ecstatic that he can finally nab Minister Kim with the letter, but finds Minister Kim standing outside the court with a white envelope of his own, containing Ha-eung’s treaty with Ridel. The two take it inside, where Minister Kim shows his political prowess by proving that the card in his hand is more dangerous than the card in Ha-eung’s.

For instance, even if Ha-eung were to release the letter that Minister Kim conspired to prepare another heir, Minister Kim would just need to show his hand and say: “Since the King was fooling the people and tried to conspire with foreign powers, we tried to prepare the next heir.” Stalemate, sort of. Minister Kim has the upper hand.

He leaves Ha-eung with a few words of advice: “In the battlefield, before taking the head of the enemy commander, you shouldn’t release the news of victory. I think you need to learn more about politics from me, Kim Byung-hee.” Ha-eung rages once he’s gone.

Meanwhile, Young-hwi puts two and two together and realizes that Kyung-tak has betrayed them.

Hyuk leaves the operating room, still transfixed on his hands. He says – wait for it – “I… I almost disappeared. I didn’t exist in the present either. How… How can this happen?” Are. You. Serious. Hyuk, you can remember a seminar you freaking slept through in the future and every single detail about history, yet Chun-hong’s explicit warning doesn’t even enter your mind? AHHH. There aren’t enough palms in the world for all the facepalming that needs to be done right now.

Heo Gwang is still trying to figure out what he saw, but Young-rae realizes that Hyuk’s fate was tied to Soon-young’s. Hyuk still tries to figure that connection out and finally entertains the idea that Soon-young might be his ancestor… only to shoot that idea down, because “I’m not from this world.” Wha?

Flashback to Mina’s totally weird and random discussion about the existence of parallel universes. So wait, instead of Hyuk thinking Soon-young is his ancestor, he thinks that Soon-young is the ancestor of the other Hyuk that must live in this parallel universe. What? You’re basing this conclusion on what your girlfriend mumbled to you while she was half asleep? This is why drugs are bad, mmkay.

He goes straight to Chun-hong and asks: “What if there is another me in this world? If myself in another world is disappearing, then am I also going to disappear? At the end, myself, and another me in this world… do they both have the same destiny?” Chun-hong says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and she’s not alone.

He goes on to say if that story is correct, than Young-rae and Mina… but Chun-hong cuts him off, vehemently denying it. With tears in his eyes, Hyuk asks Chun-hong if everything she told him was a lie. Hyuk: “Why did you lie to me? Why? Why?!” To his credit, sadness looks good on him.

She claims it was all to protect him, and he leaves her crying. Sinking to the floor, Chun-hong tells the empty room: “You won’t be able to take it. If you knew the truth… You won’t be able to take it!”

He runs back to find Young-rae gone. Heo Gwang is having fits – the police came just moments ago and took her away. Hyuk runs off to the rescue, as he’s come to the conclusion that he was brought to this world to save Mina. By saving Young-rae. Even though the universes are parallel. And this isn’t the past. I don’t know.

Ha-eung and Minister Kim have a late-night meeting, and Ha-eung notes that Kyung-tak is a decent son ill-suited to Minister Kim’s family. He asks for permission to use Kyung-tak as his person, before the talk turns to more serious matters – Ha-eung asks what will happen if he doesn’t spill the truth about the letter, but Minister Kim is unfazed. He’ll still reveal the truth about Ha-eung’s treaty and ruin him.

He realizes this, and tells Minister Kim: “Please promise me one thing. That you will protect His Majesty, at least. Can you do that?” What?! Ha-eung is thinking of stepping down? Noooo.

Young-hwi and Kyung-tak have a bit of a heart to heart, with Young-hwi admitting that he’s suspicious of Kyung-tak, but he doesn’t want to be. Young-hwi: “Tell me that it’s not true.” And it’s pretty telling that Kyung-tak doesn’t look him in the eye as he deadpans, “It’s not true.” Young-hwi looks heartbroken, poor thing.

Kyung-tak gets an extra dose of heartbreak on the way home, when he sees that Young-rae’s been arrested and is about to be tortured.

Hyuk finds Ha-eung in the throne room, and asks him why he didn’t keep his promise. Ha-eung then has a moving speech of the dreams he hoped to accomplish once he was in power, like ending the reign of the Andong Kim clan and saving the people from corrupted officials. He sighs, “It’s not that I didn’t keep that promise. I couldn’t.”

Hyuk asks him to clarify, and Ha-eung stands from the throne: “This man, Lee Ha-eung. Starting today, I will completely give up on politics and leave it all behind.” And he breaks into a disconcerting laugh while Hyuk stares at him in shock.


Hyuk, this is ALL YOUR FAULT.

I don’t know if I’m becoming more emotionally involved or if my tolerance level has plummeted, because this episode was just frustrating. I’m pretty sure my days of whining over seeing the word “genius” pop up in the description of every lead ever are done, because I finally understand why. When you don’t have a “genius” piano player or a “genius” computer hacker or a “genius” musician, you get someone like Hyuk, who can barely find his way out of a blood bag. I don’t understand.

Subtle isn’t the name of the game here, so I can’t say that they’ve teased the idea of a parallel universe so much as dropped that idea on us like an anvil with Mina’s weird rambling. But it always seemed like that – just an idea – so it came as a surprise that Hyuk already believes that as the absolute truth based on zero evidence. When did that happen?

So if Hyuk isn’t actually in the past, but is in some parallel universe that only looks like the past, then that means he hasn’t time traveled at all and that the fetus in his head is some magical, inter-dimensional traveling thingamajig that somehow hates it when its host body messes with the status quo. What? And more importantly, why?

Maybe Hyuk is wrong about how things work (judging by Chun-hong’s “You can’t handle the truth!”), and I kind of hope so. This doppelgänger stuff is getting more confusing by the day. He’s assuming that he’s come to this dimension to save Mina… by saving Young-rae. Assuming they’re the same person in two different universes, why is the saving only a one way street? And how does that work, period? Mina can have a car crash in her universe and Young-rae isn’t affected, but somehow Young-rae’s health affects Mina? Would that then apply to every person with a doppelgänger in this universe? Wouldn’t people just be dropping dead in Hyuk’s old universe if their parallel selves died? Or vice versa? Why doesn’t Hyuk remember things people tell him one episode ago?

My confusion is mostly coming from where the parallel universe intersects with history and the future, if it intersects at all. If this is a parallel universe still connected to the past, then Hyuk is still an idiot for messing around and only thinking after something’s done, “Gee, I wonder if this is right.” His intentions are good, but he couldn’t think them through if his life depended on it.

All the things he’s tried to change have had bad repercussions, yet he blindly goes forward. A little speech about him being afraid of what the future might hold doesn’t cut it – too little, too late. My sympathy meter runs toward Ha-eung and Kyung-tak, and now that Hyuk has royally screwed up Ha-eung’s political trajectory because he just can’t stop being Hyuk, I’m at a loss on what to think of him. He needs to invent plastic and make himself the first Joseon bubble boy, not to protect himself, but to protect everyone else. I mean, Lordy, he gives a kid a paper airplane and the kid falls off a cliff. That is as clear a message as they come.


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          Before I would have said, “I question Hyuk’s intelligence. He really shouldn’t be messing with history. *derpface* That’s not very good Hyukkie, don’t do that”


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    I’m sorry but I have to bring up dear Boongdo again…he changed history to try to adhere to the path history should take, and whilst its true that we all feel that if we were given a chance to change the past for the ‘better’, we might all be tempted. But Hyuk, armed with his ONE history book attempts to change the world according to how he thinks it should go, is just way too egoistical. If he was a history expert, I could have stomached it better, but that would have spared us of all the glorious blood spurting, pus oozing scenes… Thank you HeadsNo2, for not throwing your keyboard and giving us recaps..

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      • 9.1.2 Cassandra

        I haven’t gotten around to reading this yet, but I had to comment for that picture too! Totally epic.

    • 9.2 anna

      LOL, also here for that cap! Hilarious.

    • 9.3 Awe

      with a little tweek-age and a couple of apps, i turned the jinnified picture into my phone’s screen saver–cracks me up every time i see it.

      THANK YOU, HeadsNo2!!!! <3 <3 <3

  10. 10 rjyuggy

    hang in there Heads, your almost done with this sh*t-drama.

  11. 11 whatis

    “There aren’t enough palms in the world for all the facepalming that needs to be done right now.” – HeadsNo2

    I thoroughly enjoyed your recap… and I don’t even watch this drama at all. 🙂

    • 11.1 Mic

      And also: “Hyuk, you are kidding me, right? Where is Ashton Kutcher’s ancestor. I’m clearly being punk’d right now.”


      Heads is awesome! ^___^

  12. 12 bomchi

    Just wondering, why would the priest have WHITE beard and ‘stache when he got a full head of DARK hair?

    • 12.1 daniela

      Don’t ask, or your gummy-brain-babby will zap you too!!

  13. 13 bomchi

    Just wondering, why would the priest have WHITE beard and ‘stache when he’s got a full head of DARK hair?

    • 13.1 foolmoon

      That’s a good question …
      If only there is a good answer for that.
      Maybe, just maybe, he went time-travelled to 20th century and had plastic surgery and hair-dyed and back. LOL

  14. 14 Eye Candy

    Its sort of suprising Hyuk was a good surgeon in the future world. I was beginning to wonder if he cared at all about Mina since he seemed a little bent on staying in the past or wait is that the parallel universe past. (What?) It seems like Dr. Jin has avoided the mystical for so long and then just drops it on us. Where is the subtlety? Other than Mina weirdly whispering things. Ah this series is so frustrating and I am not even watching it. Thanks again HeadsNo2 for keeping up with this series. You can do it! Though how this series got an extension will remain a mystery to me for a while…

  15. 15 joonni

    Thanks, Heads.

    I could feel your higher than usual frustration with your episodes even in the simplest sentences. This drama is so damn annoying and your incredible for braving through all of it.

    I have a feeling that the final episode is going to break all records of ridiculous measures in order to wrap up this drama.

  16. 16 crazedlu

    HAHA. wow. you totally would put that as the header pic. me likes. well, i mean, not this drama. your humor. i like your humor. ha.

  17. 17 Cynthia

    God bless you, HeadsNo2.
    You are trying so hard to make some sense out of this total shitfest, but it’s like trying to explain an LSD trip. Ain’t gonna happen, no way, no how.
    At this point, I can only read your recaps. I just can’t tune in anymore to actually watch this insanity. Not even my love for Jaejoong can sway me now and that’s saying a lot!

    “You can’t handle the truth!” – gee, think the writers were smoking their usual weed while watching ‘A Few Good Men’?! And the alternate universe crap? These loser writers must be sci-fi geeks. I get an immediate flash of ‘Wayne’s World’ – two stoners writing this god-awful script in their mom’s basement, thrilled to pieces that they’ve actually sold it.

    One interesting thing, though. That still of ‘modern’ Hyuk sitting on his couch reading his one history book – I sneaked a look at the cover. It was titled ‘Joseon History for Idiots’. Isn’t it great that the book found it’s soulmate?

    • 17.1 Brittni

      Thats awesome haha Yes that book was made for him..although maybe its a bad thing bc he seems to base all of his plans based of what he read and we see how thats working out..
      I am pretty much ONLY watching for Jaejoong I think he’s doing such an awesome job. I hate that he’s being wasted in this crap shoot. The scenes where he cries I’ll be honest…they get me.

    • 17.2 Mic

      Oh my god, is it really? That’s gold.

      …Please tell me that’s on purpose! >.<

    • 17.3 Mystisith

      🙂 Give me a good Jack Nicholson movie, instead of that horror.

  18. 18 Brittni

    The fact that this show got an extension is just mind boggling to me. I just don’t get this show at all haha I watch th show and then read your recaps bc by the end of the episode I’m like WTF * facepalm * It’s like the writers are like * hey screw it lets just go with it* I seriously can barely follow the story line… Bravo Dr. Jin, Bravo…

    • 18.1 rearwindow

      I’m convinced that the production team reads these recaps and pushed for an extension solely in order to read more of this comedic gold. Amazing.

      • 18.1.1 daniela

        Can you imagine the staff – editors, cameramen, even the cleaning ladies – they are forced to watch this live! :)) poor editors!!!

  19. 19 omona

    ssh oppa, your face makes me laugh. this is why i can not watch this drama. I love you but it ruins your image. I can no longer see your face without laughing. Omona oppa, please restrain your facial expressions.

  20. 20 Jaylee

    Another hilarious recap! TY HEADSNO!

  21. 21 thatGuy

    Every time I watch this show I think. ” OK last ep what Jin did was pretty stupid. He wont do anything stupider than that.” But lo and behold at the end of every episode full on facepalm repeating the words “OMG how can you be this stupid.” truth is i should of known from the first episode who in their right mind would dive off an build for a fetus jar?

    other headache inducing parts

    My mind just cant process the fact that he dismissed ancestor but thought parallel worlds must be the answer when it comes to the little boy.

    I find it amazing that i hate Minister Kim but i hate Jin even more.

    3) 9 outta 10 chances are anytime Jin opens his mouth or hell even talks to himself. you wanna slap him. With a *insert your choice of weapon*

    Maybe just maybe Doc Young-rae is ment to die. She is not Princess Peach and Jin is no way in hell Mario.

    Most Importantly this dam secret better be good. It better be end of the world good. no other reason would explain why this dumbA## was chosen to travel back in time

    site note: am i the only one that was truly happy when jin started to disappear from existence FOREVER!

    • 21.1 Echo


      And I haven’t watched the episode but imagining Jin disappearing completely from history makes me very happy.

      I am actually very angry with brain fetus too! =___= It is not doing a good enough job in causing this idiot pain.

    • 21.2 seriously wtf jin and now (really) big


      I started yelling at the screen, DO IT, GO, DISAPPEAR, WE DON’T NEED YOU HERE, etc. To no avail.

      • 21.2.1 thatGuy

        U and me both. i was so happy seeing him start to go. first time in a drama i wished the kid died just to get rid of Jin. what kind of monster have this show turned me into

  22. 22 Christy

    Song Seunghyun’s bug eyes are killing me, lol!

  23. 23 Raitei

    I’ve long given up watching this drama, but I’m still following–scanning actually–your recap and then entertaining myself with your comments. Your comments throughout are the only thing that is worthwhile where this drama is concerned. If not for your comments, I don’t think I can stand this drama any longer.

    To be honest, I think Jin has potential, just like all dramas, but the plot is too convoluted for its own good, its characters–scratch that, just Jin himself–silly, and its goal/ending/moral totally unclear. >.>

    • 23.1 toritorisan

      I am in the same boat. I think all the changes that the writers made from the original story is just plain confusing. I feel that we are watching a political drama more than a medical drama. And it just doesn’t work. They should have just stuck with the original storyline.

      I think the biggest mistake of this drama was adding Kyung-Tak’s character into the storyline (sorry JJ fans…). I think JJ is doing his best to portray this character, but it’s not a strong character to begin with. I wish KT could be stronger and not have such a daddy-complex. Also, KT is so wishy washy (i.e. betraying his friends, then feeling bad, but then just betraying them again). They should have made him more of a hero and strong enough to not get played by his father all the time.

      I have no idea how they are gonna end this drama… the Japanese drama way or Japanese manga way. However I have a feeling if they didn’t get the extension it would have been a rushed and incomplete ending.

      • 23.1.1 Alys

        and i think the biggest mistake of this drama is when dr.Jin played by SSH, oh dear god at least they should cast a main lead who have a natural shocked eyes not like him instead to feel touched i just want to laugh everytime he show a shocking eyeball, even if they never adding KT character on this drama…still this drama is so much fail.. bad editing, bad PD, bad storyline (they mess dr.jin Jp version story) and to much ridiculous things happened.

        anyway curious about this SSH is veterant actor right?is that this is the first time he show those shocked eyeball want to fall (sorry never following his drama,by the way) ?

        • spjork

          Ah, well. SSH is known for being pretty and consistent. Pretty consistently wooden, that is!

          But really, his acting has come a long way since his ‘3 Guys and 3 Girls’ days in the mid-nineties…which goes to prove just how little acting talent he had to begin with. Think of him as that one guy in the K-pop band that isn’t really good at singing or dancing or anything else but is there for the “visuals”.

          Let’s just say there hasn’t been a single drama of his where I haven’t wanted to stop him mid-sentence to put my finger up to his lips and tell him “shhh, don’t spoil it by talking or doing anything else but standing there and looking purty.”

          • Michelle

            I imagine a good deal of…anything…requires a little bit of talent but not 100% of it. Meaning that the practice and effort one puts in is what ultimately separates the great from the good and the bad and the down-right horrible. THAT is my bone with SSH. Does it really takes two decades to become a so-so actor? Really? Enroll in an acting school, take private lessons! Jesus! SOMETHING!

      • 23.1.2 Michelle

        I agree but I don’t think the problem is KKT so much as the moron screenwriter who is inconsistent with EVERYBODY. I’m very intrigued about how KKT would have ended up if Hyuk had not saved his father. What would have happened to his step-brother for that matter. There is just not enough time left to explore all these issues and then they drop this parallel universe crap. The way they wrote KKT is a disappointment but certainly not the worst one.

  24. 24 fodfran

    You poor recaper (is that ever a word?). *pats head* There there, it’s almost over now. Just hang in there for 3 more episodes. If only this drama hadn’t been extended an extra week…

  25. 25 Cat

    LOL… the first and last pics are hilarious! Keep it up.

  26. 26 Echo

    I hope Jaejoong learns from this experience and will NEVER make his fanbase suffer through this kind of horrendous material again!


    Next time pick a better drama with a good producer and writer. Screw the other actors. The MOST important thing is finding sane producers/writers!

    And I hoped he learned a lot from the good actors in this drama.

    • 26.1 Awe

      all dramas are pretty much a crap shoot as was revealed by:
      fashion king
      a gentleman’s dignity

      …et al.

    • 26.2 Michelle

      I actually wish Jaejoong’s manager or whoever “counsels” him would convince him to act in a low-budget, indie, non-mainstream or whatever it is called instead of these “hits” that are just a disappoinment and an embarrassment. I’m not going to completely dog on Dr. Jin because it still gave him some acting to do and I think he has improved but this is still a mess. The screenwriter even tweeted that the editor cut some of his scenes that she felt were important but since I think she is crazy I can’t be 100% sure.

      I think Jaejoong has a lot of things he needs to think through.

  27. 27 bebeswtz

    this is the funniest recap for this drama as of yet…. maybe it’s to do with all the confusion/frustration/brain-farting/
    wtf-ery that is this drama as the episodes come??? iunno…
    Thanks so much, Heads, for the recaps!!! Just a couple more episodes to go, hang in there!!! HWAITING!!! ^.^

  28. 28 becca_boo

    *throws hands up in the air* I can’t make any semblance of sense out of this show anymore. It’s worse than a trainwreck: it’s like… I don’t know… Jell-O and fried okra? (Hey, the show doesn’t make sense, so why should anything else?)

    This show may be nuts, but your recaps are hilarious. Thanks for being so awesome, HeadsNo2!

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure that Hyuk and Young-rae should never reproduce – together or separately. Between her strangling and slapping newborns and him nearly killing kids just by talking to them, there’s no way their children would survive in any timeline/universe/Jell-O bowl.

    • 28.1 Peeps

      *Between her strangling and slapping newborns and him nearly killing kids just by talking to them, there’s no way their children would survive in any timeline/universe/Jell-O bowl.*

      Haha! Well put! Jell-O bowl…pfftt…

    • 28.2 Awe

      you forgot to include young-rae’s ability to “cry me a river” that would drown her offspring and his erratic disappearing act would instantly orphan-ize his offspring. so yeah, IX-Nay on pro-creation, neh?

  29. 29 zsa


    • 29.1 Peeps

      Because Hyuk is still in Joseon period mucking everything up. The production stuff of Dr Jin aims to bring you quality shitfest.

      • 29.1.1 zsa

        this shitfest is seriously making my judgement between good and bad blurry…I have lost sense of things good in a drama…waitaminute,,,what am i talking about?? SEE!!!…*cries in a corner*

        • Peeps

          There, there… *pats*

          This is just a test that the drama-gods have bestowed upon you. Recover soon and you sill see that you have become stronger and better ready for the next epic drama.

        • Awe

          alcohol, peeps, and lots of it!

          you need to drink lots and lots of alcohol to sterilize the absurd impurities your mind has seen whilst watching this drama.

          plus, all brain fetuses are alcoholics, feed a fetus-starve a cold.

  30. 30 ajj

    this episode doesnt make sense..

    • 30.1 MsGB

      Only this episode……………….?

  31. 31 MsGB

    I remember somebody mentioning the villain from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” from a previous post and that’s exactly what I thought of when I seen that first pic. Christopher Lloyd melting and screaming “What A World, What A World…!” Hahahaha!!!!

    Heads you’re the best!! Don’t give up just yet. Just think about all the new dramas coming up that you may want to recap like Faith or Five Fingers or Arang & the Magistrate or something else……..but before then you might wanna take a vaca. You know, so you can recuperate and stop having nightmares of idiot logic and gummi babies.

    • 31.1 rearwindow

      OMG!!!! Your Roger Rabbit reference is hilarious, and soso accurate. That part FREAKED ME THE HELL OUT when I was a kid. Seriously nightmare fodder. This show is nightmare fodder for entirely different reasons.

  32. 32 bishbash

    Anyone wonders why with all Hyuk’s history knowledge, he’s not a history major but a doctor?!

    I’m guessing the scriptwriters never read the original manga, but just tried to recreate Jin in Joseon settings, but alas the gummibaby zaps his/her/their brains too much while writing.

    Heads, I’m ashamed of myself because I dropped Big, yet you pushed ahead watching and recapping this it’s-so-bad-it’s-no-longer-funny drama. Loads and loads of makgolli and soju for you!!

    • 32.1 meecheellee

      I know, right? A neurosurgeon who majored in history for plot conveniences? ==;;

  33. 33 bashful

    Hi HeadsNo2,

    Just want to add my sincere thanks to your perseverance in recapping this painful-to-watch drama. I enjoy our analyis and humor. 🙂

    I love the original J-drama JIN story and I thought I’d enjoy this K-drama version just based on the story at least. But sad to say, this K-drama version have so many flaws which you have and your other readers pointed out, and that sapped out any positive thoughts I have left for this K-drama version. First, Dr. Jin has turned out to be a selfish and closed-minded hero in this k-drama version. Second, the awesomeness of medical advances became the gruesome-ness of medical advances. Why does this k-drama version, in every episode, keep showing and zooming in on the bloody detail of a surgery? This to me is an unnecessary and blatant show-off on the director’s part. We get it Mr. PD!!! For 19 episodes, we already know that Dr.Jin is a doctor from the future with advance medical skills. For 19 episodes, we already know that you can show how the inside of a human body looks like!!! It’s really tasteless that this k-drama version spend more time showing off the gory details of a surgery than focusing on the importance of an event to the overall story, or than improving the actors’ portrayal of a scene.

    In the J-drama version (JIN 2), I recall how awesome the portrayal of the actress who gave birth to her child without anesthesia.The focus of that episode was on the mother enduring it all to safely deliver her child, and not on the bloody details of how Jin and his assistants pulled the child out. That J-drama episode did not have its camera linger on the cut stomach to make it a powerful and memorable scene/episode. More importantly, that J-drama episode had a significance, a bearing on the later episodes. Unlike, in this k-drama version, the equivalent episode was just a means to show-off and highlight the gory details of a ceasarian operation. 🙁

    On a positive note, I find Kyung-Tak the only sympathetic character in this drama. His being a double spy, makes me root for him not to get caught, and to eventually join the good side (if there is such a side in this drama).

    Last but not the least, only 3 episodes to go and the pain will be no more!!!

    • 33.1 foolmoon

      I guess this K-Jin trying to cram two seasons of J-drama Jin into one season, but in a very messy way…

  34. 34 MeeisLee

    I don’t watch this drama or read the recaps (I know I should!) but I just had to comment because the first picture is hilarious!

    It’s like his eyeballs are going to fall into his palms. And then he’ll discover that there’s been a baby fetus growing in his head and then he will proceed to deliver the pre-mature baby and find a cure for cancer. At least, that’s what I hear about how Dr. Jin does things.

  35. 35 Marky

    so glad I didn’t start to watch this one.. although I feel sorry you had to go through the torture HeadsNo2 but its for the greater good.. and we all get to enjoy the comic relief that you bring to this one..

    one point i note is that kid is so lucky to get mouth-2-mouth!!

  36. 36 UJ

    Aaaaaah how i wait for a whole week so that i get to read your recaps!! XD

    Dr. Jin is the sorriest piece of crap to hit kdrama world ever!

  37. 37 aramint

    “There aren’t enough palms in the world for all the facepalming that needs to be done right now.”


  38. 38 JoJo

    Thanks for the recap, Heads. Right on the money. We’re with you until the bitter end.

  39. 39 foolishdrjin

    kudos to u heads.

  40. 40 ladida

    Bahahahaha, the first screencap, though. I can’t. I can’t.

  41. 41 Carole McDonnell

    Your recaps always make me laugh. I actually turn to dramabeans within the first 15 minutes of being online…cause I have to hear what all you guys are gonna say…and I am especially addicted to the mess that is Dr Jin. Great Capcha by the way!

    As for “when is this guy ever gonna learn?” Lord knows. Apparently, a saviour complex is harder to shake than nicotine or gummy babies. I feel the writers are trying to make us think it’s his physician’s nobility or his guilt over Mina’s death that is making him try to save EVERYONE he shouldn’t…but I can’t give him that. Cause he’s always doing stupid things like writing out future historical events and giving them to future despots. Stuff like that. Note, I got around calling him stupid like a good little girl. I said “he is always doing stupid things.” So, yeah, it’s the things he does that is stupid…not..er… himself.

    Thanks for the recaps.

  42. 42 namcha

    I’m curious as to what the final episode will be like. I’ve been watching since ep 1 and I still don’t know the gist of this show or a plot, maybe it doesn’t have one. SSH should do rom-coms only, he’s much better in those.

  43. 43 bigwink

    Gotta comment on the first screencap! : I spy guinea pig

    Heads, as always.. My gratitude.
    I especially applaud you for this episode’s recap firstly, for making a patent to our intellectual assets namely Hyuk’s Incision (be aware fellow surgeons!)
    Secondly, for putting a light in the reason behind why do we need a something-genius for every lead character in k-drama land.

    You’re just brilliant

  44. 44 Awe

    Heads: Thanks for the recap. I TOTALLY needed validation, because i thought i was missing stuff in translation. especially the BIG secret crap. and i say CRAP in CAPS because there is no entertainment value, whatsoever, in the BIG secret.

    first off, a huge round of KUDOS to the nurses team of subbers over at viki.com. if not for them, i wouldn’t have been able to get through this.

    if any of you are even slightly snarky to the subbers for not *instantly* subbing an entire epis. then to you, i say: soak your panties–>put them in freezer–>and THEN wear them. in other words, snarky comments about subbing needs to chill. this ain’t no regular drama, in terms of translation or recapping. so pls help everyone to raise their gratitude for ‘others’ efforts in bringing this drama to us.

    thankyou subbers. thankyou recappers.

    so we’re coming down to the wire and even Kyung Tak playing both sides off the middle is getting old.

    looks like they’re “branching” out in the community for surgery victims. get it? branching–as in huge tree trunk impaled in small child’s abdomen.

    anyhoo, the history lessons have some value, but we all want to know the secret and after investing ump-teen hours in this drama, alls i gots to say is that:

    THE SECRET BETTER BE EFFING-OFF-THE-CHARTS-MIND-BLOWING, or heads are gonna roll fo’sho.

    i’d settle for buried herbal remedy that cures ebola. like rooftop prince, jinny-boy digs up upon return to the future.

    the secret better be good.

    • 44.1 thatGuy

      Dear Awe and HeadsNo2

      after watching ep20 of DUMBEST MAN ALIVE aka Dr. Jin. All i can say is have liquor on standby.

      side note: thanks to all the subbers over at viki.com. bless the subbers who have to listen to what Jin says and then translate it to English; that my friend is a hole new level of hell.

      • 44.1.1 Awe


        tbh, im afraid to watch epis. 20. this episode, 19, really grabbed me by the ankles and paddled my gummy-bum until i started crying.

        and now…you say episode 20 requires alcohol? more so, than the other episodes?

        holy margarita, batman — feed a fetus-starve a cold. OY. thanks for the advanced warning. *cries in a corner*

        • thatGuy

          I dunno if its links to youtube are ok but this

          this Doctor Who clip sums up ep 20 in one simple word


          even Time Lords cant understand Jin

          • Awe

            OMG-so funny–watched youtube vid

            unable to launch episode 20 as a result.

            *afraid to put big toe in water*

          • daniela

            This make so much sense now, after being hyukified!

  45. 45 Reena

    It gets realllly frustrating… I wanted to tell Chunhong to stop beating around the bush and just tell him already. I’m sure she might have noticed that Hyuk is becoming more foolish with every brain zap from Jar Fetus.

    • 45.1 Awe

      right? i was yelling at my screen…”you freakin’ B_otch, tell us, already!”

      i guess it was a little too loud cuz my neighbor knocked to ask if everything was OK.

      thanks, show. thanks a whole LOT for making me look like a dumbass for yelling at someone when i’m the only one home.

  46. 46 MsB

    I also want to give my thanks to HeadsNo2 for hanging in there! As I watch, I tweet my frustrations with this show without giving many clues! I know people reading them probably think I am batty but that’s already been confirmed because 19 episodes later, I am still watching Dr Jin! My frustration with Dr Jin, who is obviously is a genius because he remenbers everything he read but is a raving idiot instead! There is so many ways that this story could have been better! If i did not watch Song Seunghyun in He was Cool!, I’d be adding him to my never to watch again list, be damned how pretty he is! to save my opinion of this story, I will definitely watch the JDrama and contrast and compare. With three more episodes left, I am here to the end. I’ve already made my appointment with the psychiatrist to have me thoroughly checked out.

  47. 47 katiamon

    thank you so much HN2 for the fun recap, your efforts are appreciated!
    Hyuk is so infuriating, you STUPID MORON! Dr. Jin you are a total ass, how did he get his medical degree?

  48. 48 seriously wtf jin and now (really) big

    “This all sounds fine and well, but Ridel is still a priest, not the overlord of France.”

    HA, oh well, details, details.

    Thanks for the Monty Python ref. I especially liked the part when they’re pushing the cart along and Hyuk LIFTS UP THE MAT and starts talking to the “corpses.” AND when they keep looking at each other under there. As though the mat were some kind of impenetrable shield that doesn’t allow anyone to see or hear what they’re doing.

    And I think Young Rae actually has a point when she tells Hyuk, “it’s not all about me.” Cuz he keeps talking about the Catholic persecution, but he only really seems concerned about her and not the other 5,999 people who are going to be slaughtered.

    Heads, you asked all the questions I had about the ridiculous parallel universes garbage. Where did that come from? Does it work both ways? Are we all in danger of/from our alter-selves being struck down at any moment? And why the hell was Jin sent there to begin with?

    Seemed like the gummy baby was losing a bit of consistency too. Jin got zapped for handing over the paper airplane and endangering baby Jin, but then he got really zapped for trying to save baby Jin?
    Maybe the first zap was for changing history. and the second zap was to try to get him to disappear, so he’d stop changing history. I dunno.

    Or maybe gummy baby has discovered just how dense Jin really is, and is just stepping it up to see if he will EVER get the message. (Static electricity? Really??)


    • 48.1 JoAnne

      Maybe Gummy Baby just hates his stupid ass and zaps him randomly and giggles.

      • 48.1.1 Awe


        both of you!!! seriously wtf and JoAnne.

        im busting a gut laughing at your posts.

        thank you. good thing i dont need to look at keyboard to type because i’m laughing so much…making me cry.

        lol lol lol lol
        thank you

  49. 49 Bashful82

    Maybe Dr Jin is the Joseon version of The Bursar from the Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork? Obviously instead of dried frog pills, we get zaps from Jar Fetus.


    • 49.1 quirkywhit

      Good God, a Discworld reference? I think I admire you. 😀

      • 49.1.1 Bashful82

        Ta muchley – am glad someone recognised it heh. Thought am sure I am being too nasty towards the Bursar if I am comparing him to Dr Faux-Jin….

  50. 50 Jace

    Man…I just want to punch Hyuk right in the face. Seems like everybody is traveling through time by falling off a cliff or something. I’d time travel just to give him a good beating to stop screwing things up.

    Who is writing this PoS? I started to get lost after the fourth episode or so. I’m still watching and reading the recaps just so I can know the ending.

    I have a feeling Young-hwi time traveled too. That may explain why he gave up on his dreams and support Ha-eung…and came back with no scars.

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