Dramabeans Podcast #12, Part 1
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Podcast #12, Part 1

Running time: 58:53

In which we:

  • Catch up on which new shows have premiered in the new year;
  • discuss Rooftop Prince (3:05);
  • Queen In-hyun’s Man and its ending (10:50);
  • The King 2 Hearts with a tangent on Sohn Ji-chang and the origins of girlfriday’s Seung-gi love (19:39);
  • Jang Dong-gun’s popularity and A Gentleman’s Dignity (38:45);
  • and the craziness that is Dr. Jin (47:35).

[ Download Podcast 12, Part 1 ]

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Stay tuned for the soon-to-come Part 2 to this podcast, where we talk I Do I Do, Big, and Gaksital (among other things)!

Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

Seo Taiji – “Live Wire”
Rooftop Prince OST – “Happy Ending” by Park Jaebum
Queen In-hyun’s Man OST – “같은 하늘 다른 시간에” (Same Sky, Different Time) by Joohee
Queen In-hyun’s Man OST – unknown background track
The Blue – “친구를 위해” (For a friend)
King 2 Hearts OST – “미치게 보고싶은” (Miss you like crazy) by Taeyeon
Dr. Jin OST – “살아도 꿈인 것처럼” (Like a dream) by Jaejoong
Peppertones – “High Romance”


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179 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dorotka

    Oh, I’m a lucky girl!!! Thank you so much!
    I just listened to your old podcasts yesterday and wished for a new one! I got my wish! And it is even better than a tuna sandwich! :-)

    • 1.1 Dorotka

      …just want to say that for downloading one has to erase “” in the address…

      • 1.1.1 Dorotka

        OK, it didn’t show, so just erase the command for break…

        • diorama

          How did you download it? For me I’m just getting the sign in page…

          • Dorotka

            It works fine now. I hope you managed. Enjoy!

          • kent

            Thanks guys!! it was really fun podcast. I have not really listen to the podcast before this but today when I was driving for long hours, I ended up listening to all of the podcast you guys have done so far.
            The most interesting thing was listening to the old drama podcast and you guys made me watch soulmate all over again. Today I realized how much I love that drama or sit com. It was heart touching and funny at the same time.

            Thank you

    • 1.2 wanderlust

      Yes but again, it was the CELLPHONE because we established that she already tried calling the moment he got warped back, but it didn’t work. It was his DEATH, the final thing he’d been unwilling to give up as a consequence for messing with time that allowed her to remember and that broke the wall that was separating them which enabled her to call. IF he didn’t accept death, the one thing he’d been running away from wholeheartedly, then the earlier situation of his phone number not existing would have happened again.

      So again, DEATH people, not the cellphone. Sigh. Give up.

      • 1.2.1 alexandrasi

        Agree wanderlust….and no essay was required. ^^

      • 1.2.2 wanderlust

        *WASN’T the cellphone. wasn’t.

      • 1.2.3 wanderlust

        Actually I’m really surprised at you girls for QIM because you’re usually so good at seeing the actual deapth and underlying themes and plots.

        I thought you would’ve remembered that the phone didn’t work when he warped back when Yoon wol died “This number does not exist” and would’ve realised that it only started thundering and raining when he was committing suicide signifying the rules of the talisman and universe being fulfilled i.e accepting consequences of time, not having selfish desires etc, which in turn triggered heejins memory that allowed the phone.

        But unfortunately you got stuck at the cellphone like everyone bit because it was so jarring.

        I also don’t believe that if you have to write an essay for it then it doesn’t make sense because gf and jb you guys are the masters of making arguments through essays and picking out the nuances. And arguments have to be made when people only see the surface and fail to realise what the story intended. For example: global warming is happening but we can’t visibly see it or feel it so there are still millions of deniers which prompt essays about why it IS happening. Just because they write essays and justify that global warming is happen, does that mean it’s not right?

        And forgive the essays for QIM but they’re not arguments persay, but simply an answer which in turn links up with everything else because the drama IS cause and effect and it kinda snowbbals because you realise that theres SO much evidence and prior clues and symbols throughout the story and want to be thourough so as to cover everything people have been criticising it for. But oh well, to each their own but its a shame.

      • 1.2.4 jat

        ohhh….so it wasn’t the cellphone but the death. now it makes sense. I like ur explanation. I was having a confusing time understanding what caused him to comeback to her. I thought it was the phone and I just could not accept it. but again, if many people saw it that way, maybe it was not us fail to see what we were supposed to see but the drama itself confused us to the max level. coz he did got back by answering phone and do u remember their conversation? hee jin : how did you come here? BD : because of YOU. u CALLED me.

        • wanderlust

          Yes but it was boong dos death that caused her to remember. His death was the cause, her remembering him because of their love is the effect. Her remembering him was the effect and the PHONECALL was the effect. Without his death she would still be unable to remember him and that was something else that was needed to bring him back- her memory of him which was proves by her rememberinghis phone number just like he remembered her phone number back in ep 5. You will also remember that he asked the monk in ep 12 “if at least one person were to remember me, wouldn’t that life be different?”

          So her world was still the same, he couldn’t exist in it UNTIL she remembered him which happened cuz of his death. Then her world was able to change by letting him come back.

      • 1.2.5 Rachel

        Thanks for your comprehensive write up in the comments about the non-role of the handphone and the role of death! Really appreciate it :)

      • 1.2.6 Pearl~ai88

        But……he didn’t die, that was the whole point of the cellphone ringing and saving him……….confused :(

        I always thought that it was her love that called him back through the cellphone in the exact same way that it was Yoon wol’s love/earnest desire that made the talisman work.

    • 1.3 Dorotka

      I’m one of those who had never heard of Jang Dong Gun before GD. I had a talk recently with my Korean friend about watching K-drama’s and how I ‘am bad at remembering the names. And she was like well, my husband and me now watch GD… and I was, yes, I’m watching as well, but see I don’t know the actors’ names. And she was sooo shocked :) This is the Brad Pitt of Korea! And you know, he married Ko So Young, the most popular actress in Korea… and I was just there completely clueless…

      As for the drama self, I love the openings. They are really funny and they don’t shy away from embarrassing situations. The rest of the drama, however…
      I think it is not that it is not so dramatic like KTH, I don’t mind watching something calm and entertaining… it is really more missing the connection with the characters and lack of substance. I don’t feel anything for the couples and their problems. With the exception of Yoon and Me Ahri. And yet it could have been much better, as they do give us glimpses of possible depth – like the bed scene of Min Sook and Jung Rok… or Yoon’s widowhood… I want to know more, but there is nothing given. Just fillers.
      All F44 scenes are hilarious though…

      Anyway, thanks again for the podcast and looking forward to part 2!

      • 1.3.1 Dorotka

        OMG, I just realized that Yoon from GD is Hyun from Feelings! I’m really terrible with names…

        • ahjummabunny

          KIM MIN JONG! He’s such a sweet heart don’t forget him again.

          • Dorotka

            Oh, I’m hopeless with names, regardless of the country of origin… but perhaps the French “mignon” will help ^^

      • 1.3.2 Stella Castle

        I knew Jang Dong Gun From “A Warrior’s Way.” My son is in to martial arts movies and he recommended that one to me because the star was Korean. I fell in love with him then, and I’m NOT really a big martial arts movie fan. He was lovely to watch. I knew nothing about him before that.

        I love GD, not just because of Jang Dong Gun, but also, I kind of like character driven stories. That’s what GD is and why it doesn’t really have any plot line. Doing a plot for 4 major leads would require more air time, I think. I too wish they would delve more into the back stories, though. We’re only half way through the series, so hopefully we will know more before long.

  2. Sabah

    You just made my day! Thank you!

    • 2.1 Sabah


      Girlfriday’s epiphany is cute! Really cute!

  3. Charly

    Yeah thank you so much, Ladies! Gonna listen to it right now! 😀 :)

  4. blokkoms

    Woot! Thanks jb and gf!

  5. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  6. oftheshore

    Thank you!
    Eagerly awaiting Pt.2:)

    • 6.1 oftheshore

      Your discussion of Dr Jin just killed me. I’m working alone in the office tonight, and I nearly fell off the chair laughing – hope I didn’t scare the security guys!:)
      Why did you have to mention the prosecutor from City Hunter – and Lee Min-Hot! – I might have to rewatch CH now. God, I miss CH – one of the few dramas that made me stay up late and wait for the recaps/watch raws/read Soompi religiously, as if my life depended on it.
      Can’t wait for…GAKSITAAAAAAAAL!!!


    puhuhu. you guys are hilarious XD

  8. TheJu

    What a lovely surprise when I checked the site!

  9. Noelle

    Yay! and a drunk one to boot. Lucky day it is.

    • 9.1 Noelle

      GF: I need to get a second bottle of soju for Dr. Jin


  10. 10 Lizzie

    Thank you ladies, I enjoyed that very much. Learned something new as well… Beware of Torture-Tacos! ;D

  11. 11 reglest

    Hiaa..Podcast! Yaiy!!
    *off to heard*

  12. 12 Susan

    I love your podcasts, thank you!

  13. 13 VanillaLee

    That was really funny, I had a really good laugh. XD

    I agree with what you guys said about JDG. He is one of those rare men that is both pretty and manly. I’ve never seen any of his dramas/movies prior to AGD but now I am a big fan of his. :)

    Can’t wait for the next part.

  14. 14 amberscube

    Yes! Podcast… just what i need.

  15. 15 Aftershowshow

    Thanks for the podcast!

    My friend and I also started our own podcast about Big, if anyone wants to check it out. We are kind of the opposite of Dramabeans because we are both guys and are not Korean.

    We currently have two episodes released, covering Ep. 1 – 4 of Big.

    Episode 1: http://aftershowshow.com/releases/2012/6/21/the-after-show-show-korea-ep-01-big-ep1-2.html

    Episode 2:

  16. 16 Confused

    *I REALLY am curious, but who’s the girl in the picture? (With the fuzzy yellow sweater)

    Is that dramabeans or girlfriday?

    • 16.1 Jules

      She looks like UEE to me. *tilts head*

    • 16.2 Ohwamm

      neither lol.

    • 16.3 shin

      Son Eun Seo, methinks!

    • 16.4 danny

      and I was asking the same question. JB and GF are gifted with writing skills as well as voice. Hope to see your souls shells someday.

    • 16.5 jane

      lol you mean, “javabeans or girlfriday” right? but well it’s not javabeans or girlfriday, it’s Son Eun Seo I think.. she was in Love Rain.

  17. 17 Mawiie

    Thank you very much!!!

    It’s too bad TK2H didn’t do it for javabeans :( I remember what you girls said in the 3rd podcast about how when you like something and wants everybody to like it too and I think that’s why I’m a bit sad about it haha

    • 17.1 Missy_K

      I’m sad too that JB doesnt like TK2H and Lee Seung Gi *crushed* :(

      • 17.1.1 wanne

        I actually wished Gummimochi could join this podcast so we could hear more spazzing on TK2H ^^. I read her twitter before and she seems to enjoy the drama and her twitter background is also Seunggi, so a Seunggi fan too maybe? but I shouldn’t be greedy heee.

        Thanks JB and GF, I had a great time listening to this podcast. The origin of Girlfriday’s Seunggi love cracked me up so much. I always want to know, I don’t know if GF has mentioned it before or not, but since when actually GF started to like Seunggi? Is it through Gumiho? Its funny that Sohn Ji Chang matches Seunggi so well even to being a ballad singer lol.

        I love JDG in All About Eve. I actually loved that drama just because of him. But I never imagined he is that popular in Korea because I hardly see him and before AGD, the last drama I watched of him was All About Eve too which was years ago.

        AGD is pretty boring plot-wise because so little happens. But the writer is really good at her dialogues and romantic scenes. Add JDG into it, I’m pretty much addicted to it right now but I don’t know how long it will last because I often fastforward scenes.

        Looking forward to the next podcast. I’m enjoying IDID from that bunch.

  18. 18 mtoh

    Thanks ladies, it was fun!

  19. 19 gingeranna

    I love you gals! Thanks for the podcast, I really needed something after a bad day! 😀
    I wish I could drink with you hahaha!!!

  20. 20 ~Feather~

    okay, to answer your question on what a teenager would think when first seeing Jang Dong-gun (I am 17) : I honestly think he is really handsome! And his charm just adds to it. I have to agree that he does have a combination feminine and masculine beauty. :3 I don’t think I can represent teenagers everywhere because I, myself, am a weirdo. (Aren’t all teenagers, though?) I guess I could be considered a paradox since I can have some traditional preferences but I also embrace the modernization of the world and society. OK, now I feel like I’m babbling. I’m not sure if my opinion is relevant–I was told that I used to have a crush on a singer when I was 3 or 4 years old. I used to tell my uncle “I think he’s beautiful!” XD

    • 20.1 ~Feather~

      and AGD was the first time I saw Jang Dong-gun

    • 20.2 2101

      I’m 17 too and I think he’s my new ajusshi crush. OMG is it weird? XD

      • 20.2.1 ~Feather~

        not at all, I’ve had many ajusshi crushes…though I’m not sure i’m the best person to console you for this. I tend to have a thing for older guys in dramas.

  21. 21 ck1Oz

    Oh thank you I was just wistfully wishing that I could get a new podcast this weekend.Then take da it appears.Thank you :-)

  22. 22 Julia

    So everyone else is registered at that site? I´d love to download the podcast but I´m also rather sceptical of registering at a site like that..

    • 22.1 Celexa

      I’m registered and I never hesitate to download the podcasts…. I have them on my phone!

      PS: I’ve never gotten any spam from DB

  23. 23 KrazyK

    Thank you for posting a podcast. I love the recaps but there is just something about listening to your crazyness.

  24. 24 Vanessa

    Haha I love listening to your podcasts!(: It’s always refreshing to hear you talk more about your opinions about dramas I watch myself. Thanks! <3

  25. 25 jomo

    “He’s the best looking normal guy you have ever seen in your life.”
    Had to stop the file to LOL….Loved that!


    Javabeans says:
    RoofTop Prince in Two
    “Less episodes of sucking”
    Soooo funny

    PS I still loved the ending of QIHM. I loved loved loved it.

    • 25.1 jomo

      The whole Dr. Jin segment was hilarious.

      The PD of Dr. Jin
      “He has negative talent… He is taking away talent away from the writing and acting…
      He is actually sucking talent away from SSH if that is possible…”

      SSH is the baby of Megan Fox and Keanu Reaves.
      He doesn’t have talent, but he tries.

      I have to disagree though; THT is terrible. I cringe…

      • 25.1.1 mtoh

        It came like Terminator for Jin..hehe
        But he’ll be back baby… 😉

      • 25.1.2 coolrepublica

        what’s THT?

        • jomo

          The Hand Towel which is a VERY VERY LOVING nickname for SSH’s.

          Mostly because he Korean name if mispronounced sounds like “hand towel” and because his acting is as exciting as one.

          It’s a very loving nickname.

          • Cynthia


            ..and there I was, thinking that our Mr. Handtowel had something to do with a shower scene. Hmmm, silly me…

          • jomo

            Cynthia –
            I wish it was only a hand towel – that would have shown us a lot more happy things.

            Though we did get to see him in the cursed speedo, too.

          • JoAnne

            Well when WE say it, it’s loving. Somebody give Baby Eyelashes a break, please….it’s like a plant. If all the energy goes into flowers, nothing goes into growing bigger/better. Can we just agree that Pretty Pretty Manly Man’s energy is focused outwardly? And it doesn’t seem like it’s his choice, really…’cause Boo DOES try awfully hard. I kinda respect him for that.

  26. 26 Chillyperson

    Thanks for the podcast! That unknown background track in Queen Inhyun’s Man is called 내 남자, 김붕도. The full ost was released two days ago.

  27. 27 skinnymocha

    Thank you~!

    “Queen In-hyun’s Man OST – unknown background track”

    Argh. My favourite track, but whoever compiled the OST should be #@%U&% for skipping this. Does anyone have a clean version – no dialogue or whatnot?

  28. 28 violetish

    hehe i love gentleman’s dignity and………. am enjoying it like a slice-of-life: i love the characters and the world she’s created and am satisfied enough to see them live their lives… plot-less.

    • 28.1 JoAnne

      Hear, HEAR! I don’t really need a huge plot. We’ve got some stories that are moving forward – 4 romances in various stages, plus then there’s the two boys, and really – Colin is part of a romance (and possibly two) and Hong Dwyub or whatever they’re calling my cutie Mad Mireu this time around, he’s got his little one-sided love, too. I’m content just watching stuff kinda happen, as long as I can get the dialogue I’ve been getting. And the little moments that really resonate so perfectly because of that dialogue. It’s enough for me. It’s more than enough, because it’s so well done.

  29. 29 lola

    I am in love in Jang dong gun and all my friends love him… I am 19 and my friends are like 22 and he is popular in my circles… I don’t get that people dont like him.. that is just wrong.. he is awesome!!

  30. 30 Quinze

    Your epiphany was hilarious!

    Skipping over to AGD. I think I like the show because it has no plot. When I’m busy with school, I just like watching shows that don’t take my mind off of my work after the hour’up so for me this drama is perfect. It’s hilarious when it needs to be and cute when I need it to be. It doesn’t have a lot of forward momentum but they give me enough scenes with the leads that it keeps me happy enough regardless.
    I’m alright with dramas like Bridal Mask that suck you in but I need to not fail out of med school so I’ll take my shallow fun and just follow your awesome recaps for Bridal Mask until I get some free time to myself (Which is like never!)

    It might also be a taste difference because I loved the bits of Secret Garden that I did watch.

    Also, I honestly DID NOT understand the craze over Seung-gi until K2H. I was so baffled over the love Brilliant Legacy gets (I still don’t understand that one) and I didn’t understand the fan craze over this boy. He totally won me over in K2H though!

    • 30.1 delicatecloud

      On Lee Seung Gi – I agree that I don’t understand either the fan craze over Brilliant Legacy as the drama did not resonate with me at all. But I did get LSG in K2H and although i am not totally into him yet i will certainly pay attention when his name comes up in the next drama.

      • 30.1.1 JoAnne

        That drama was ok for me, I enjoyed it well enough – but it wasn’t anything particularly sparkling, and I thought he looked like a squirrel-cheeked kid. But watching him in K2H, I thought – well, never mind what I thought. I liked that King.

      • 30.1.2 Quinze

        Exactly. I watched him in BL was like “meh” why was this drama popular again??
        I def saw the appeal in K2H! Maybe it was the hair? Or just the character being more lively and fun? Dunno haha. But yea maybe his next project will convince me to fangirl over him!

    • 30.2 addylovesbwood

      I absolutely adore Seung Gee. He won me over with Brilliant Legacy then i watched my girlfriend is a gumiho just because of him. King 2 hearts sealed the deal and made him my favorite actor. sorry LMinHo(he’s my first KD-love). i do understand that liking the lead actors influences your interest level in a drama but you have to be honest with yourself. K2H was a good drama and LSG/HJW delivered!

      • 30.2.1 Quinze

        Haha yea if I’m not a fan of the leads, it really isn’t going to happen for me. But no I def agree that LSG/HJW were great in K2H. I didn’t watch the whole drama because of time constraints but what I did watch I really enjoyed.

    • 30.3 boms

      I totally agree! it’s like every day life. Nothing is too complicated. As if your friend is catching you up on their day and their love life after a long day of work :)

      As for LSG, yeah same here as well. I didn’t really see him as a man until K2H either haha there was something about him in this drama that demanded for my attention and persuaded me to give it to him hahahh Brilliant legacy was alright.. I think it’s cause I’m not that big of a fan of HHJ, but nevertheless he’s golden now hahahh

      • 30.3.1 Quinze

        Exactly! You can laugh and enjoy the antics, squee over the cute and adorable and then turn it off and get back to work :)

        Heh, it might have been HHJ too for me. But I just rmr thinking they were really STIFF when they kissed on the bridge and pretty much every scene with them. I get annoyed by that, “Let me stand here and pretend I’m an inanimate object” pose so many kdramas have. And LSG was just a grumpy butt.

        • boms

          lol the kiss scene.. I totally agree with that. We all know that is NOT how people kiss in real life heh heh which is why I appreciate QIM :)

  31. 31 coolrepublica

    i listened to the pod cast and we agree on everything except the ending for QIHM. It did not bother me one bit.

    So I think we should start a petition to stop Koreans from speaking English in dramas. It drives crazy. I just skip over it because it turns actors I respect into crappy ass actors. I don’t know why they think it’s cool but is cringe worthy every time.

    I also agree that Dr. Jin is a mess. This show should be studied to show how important directing, acting and cinematography is. The Dr. Jin Japanese version has the same plot line, but it’s a different animal. Amazing acting, amazing directing and amazing cinematography can change the world. So anyone who wants to see what Jin Korean drama could have been should check out the Japanese version.

    Lately, the dramas out of Korea have not been very interesting to me, other than QHIM, so I am hoping that the second half of the year makes up for a really bad first half. It’s so bad I started watching Japanese dramas something I thought I would never get into, but to my surprise when Japanese are not doing high school dramas they are on their game and outshine Koreans in story telling and acting.

    • 31.1 addylovesbwood

      you forgot to add that the whole time travel thing was out of this world unrealistic. so i don’t see why the ending should bother me. Nothing in the drama was ever real life stuff. the ending to QHIM made total sense to me

    • 31.2 english subtitles

      ~~~ So I think we should start a petition to stop Koreans from speaking English in dramas. ~~~

      They should subtitle the English parts because, truth be told, the English is not always understandable. Of course, some Koreans speak English fluently, like Jung Ryeo-won (in “My Lovely Samsoon”) and others.

      And since I’m on the subject of subtitles, did anyone else find the subtitles on “My Secret Garden” too small? Maybe because I’m watching on a small portable DVD player – but really, the subtitles need to be just a tiny bit bigger.

  32. 32 Cynthia

    The second you guys said “Dr. Jin” and burst put laughing, I was having the same reaction – especially just having seen ep 11. No spoilers (although I’m thinking that that’s kinda redundant a word to describe the insanity of what is Dr. Jin), Mr. Handtowel has his perpetually puzzled look and says “What did I do wrong?” when considering that he’s totally fucked up the history books with his actions. Who knew Penicillin and Beri-Beri Donuts could have such an effect?!
    I agree that the Director is horrific – but I’m also convinced that the writer(s) is running down the same path. This drama is just plain loony.

    Thanks for the hilarious Podcast – am looking forward to Part 2!

  33. 33 Arivle

    I was just thinking “I wished JB/GF do a podcast” and BOOM!! here it is…:D love ya girls…and off to listen..

  34. 34 KDrama Fan

    Good morning girls.

    Thanks for the podcast.

    Shame it’s morning here otherwise I’d join in on the drinking.

    I have no reference for Jang Dong-gun except AGD. Will have to see if there’s something earlier of his I can watch.

    Loved hearing the unknown BGM of QIHM again and of course your takes.

    Look forward to hearing Part 2.

    • 34.1 Missy_K

      U GOT to see All About Eve. That drama made me fall in love with JDG and I’ve watched it like a hundred times!

  35. 35 jen

    I can honestly say I didn’t find Jang Dong-gun attractive or get his popularity before the drama started. But now? I totally get it lol. He is so so attractive to me now.

  36. 36 OMG

    OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE this….yall got me cracking up about Dr. Jin….
    I loved and agreed with all ur thoughts about K2H!

    • 36.1 OMG

      wait i have a question…how can u(cant remember if it was GF/JB) not have finished K2H even though u guys were recapping it????

      • 36.1.1 ilikemangos

        K2H was a show that GF recapped by herself.

        • OMG

          oh snap!!~ I didnt know that!!

  37. 37 JustJen

    I giggled my way through this as I got ready for work this morning, it was a totally awesome way to start the day.

  38. 38 jyyjc

    Omg does anybody know where i can download that unknown bg track of queen inhyun’s man?? jb and gf, did you just cut the audio out of the drama or did they actually release the actual track of it? I love it too, it just gets me right here *pounds at heart*whenever it appears in the drama.

  39. 39 ilikemangos

    Aw, if it wasn’t seung gi you would have been more invested, JB? ha.
    I thought seung gi was okay, seeing him in brilliant legacy. and then in MGIG where he was cute. But i fell in LOVE with him after K2H.
    I guess for me, i watched K2H passionately because i totally, like GF, bought into the whole story.
    I feel like in K2H if you started watching fervently then you just fell MORE in love throughout.
    But if you didn’t have interest from the beginning then it’s not something that can pull you through 20 eps.

    just LOL at your entire Dr. Jin portion and GF’s epiphanies.. Agree with what you guys say. I have so much wonder about this show. Probably one of the worst of the shows being aired, and yet has one of the most watchers. Sorry jaejoong lovers, but please do not get too offended.

    • 39.1 Blackjack

      I totally agree- i loved Seungi gi in K2H and even though im not a huge Ha Ji Won fan, they worked great together! The entire journey of this bratty careless prince becoming a responsible and great king was brilliant. I loved how the ending wasn’t idyllic and there’s definitely still problems between the two sides.

      Also, The endless parallel’s between the two leads’ relationship and the relationship between the two countries completely drew me in. I know its not realistic, but damn if i didn’t buy into it and completely believe it.

      Bong Gun as a villian was weird as heck, but i loved how he kept screwing with them- wasn’t a fan of his last stand though, he didnt go down like i wanted him to =/

      Okay, done with my rant now….oh wait, i forgot- Shi Kyung!! Definitely my favorite character!

    • 39.2 BB

      I echo your thoughts on Seung Gi. He was fantastic and absolutely riveting as LJH. It’s interesting that JB stated that she may have not fallen for the drama as she merely liked LSG. I’ll say for myself that I fell head over heels in love with him in K2H. Before TK2H I just knew of him as the entertainer who’d been MINE’d and/or puppy-fied by GF!! heh. I already miss him, which is a first for me, and can’t wait for his next series.

      • 39.2.1 Missy_K

        Me too! I know LSG is very famous in Korea, but I’ve never seen or felt compelled to watch any of his drama. But after TK2H, I’m a die-hard fan, and I’m going to his fanmeet in Sgp on Aug 25th!!! SG-yaaa, noona’s coming to see u!!!!

        • BB

          That’s awesome! I’ve been so jealous reading fan accounts wax poetic on Seung Gi being very friendly, humble, and thoughtful to fans on his recent trip to Europe. T_T

          He’s been positively glowing of late. How can someone:
          a) Look so fresh after travelling over a day
          b) The following pix scream TESTOSTERONE!


          Or maybe as JB correctly stated that like GF he’s now THE most good-looking person to me. I’m okay with this affliction, though.

          • Missy_K

            Gosh, those airport pix! SG looks sooo smexyy!!! *droolz*

    • 39.3 mtoh

      Hi dear, Do I have to comment anything about TK2H. I simply loved drama to it pieces.
      Hehe, I was wonder does anyone watch Jin, but after podcast everyone’s gonna check it to see what so sucks.
      Good promotion..haha 😉

  40. 40 Stef

    Oh awesome, new podcast!~
    For some reason I was actually thinking of Rooftop Prince today before listening to this podcast. Some sort of premonition? Hehe
    Does anybody remember that library scene where Park Ha finds something in a book about Yi Gak (maybe)?
    Did they ever show what she found out?
    If what she found was the outcome of the last episode, I think that’s a pretty big deal and they never referenced it back to that scene or Park Ha was never disturbed about what she found after that scene.
    Maybe I just don’t remember and I’m talking nonesense, after all it has been a while since Rooftop.
    Another thing I want to say that’s been bugging me for a while and I’ve want to talk to someone about but can’t find a person to talk to (hehe..)
    Queen In Hyun’s Man, that beginning flashback scene. For the whole drama until the last episode I thought that it was actually something that was going to happen later on, since it was like a flashback, right? So the whole time when Bung-Do faced near death experiences I thought to myself “Well, obviously he can’t die because that scene in the beginning has not happened yet. We know he still lives.”
    I was fooled! I thought maybe this could have been the end scene, but then again wouldn’t have worked cuz’ talisman ain’t working. Maybe if it was some sort of miracle, maybe Boong-Do’s gisaeng lady friend’s ghost (forgot her name, sorry :/) was ok with it after all and talisman magic works again. I dont know.
    Also about establishing the cell phone time travel machine device, what if they had taken a photo of the talisman before it went bad. It’s still a pretty ridiculous scenario tho.
    Anyway I enjoed the podcast as always, especially when there are drunk people. Cheers!

    • 40.1 Requiem

      QIHM – I don’t know if it’s a common trope in Kdramas (or at least these type of Kdrama), but Han Gil Dong (also a fusion sageuk) had a similar opening scene which never reappears in the drama.

      As to QIHM cell phone, I had the same reaction as JB and GF.

      As long as things are foreshadowed previously in the story, I’m ok with essentially deus ex machinas.

      But when it’s thrown in at the end, it jars you out of living the story because it doesn’t make sense in the world of the drama and makes you have to think about something which for the most part you should feel.

      I wonder if anyone can really say that they weren’t at least slightly jarred out of the story when seeing the cell phone scene. After all, nothing before had prepared us to expect that type of behavior. And we had previous scenes where the cell phone didn’t work, so why should we expect it to at that time?

      Some can handle the jarring effect better than others. For me, personally, it took me completely out of the story and made me try to come up with an explanation of how the cell phone worked for almost the entirety of the rest of the episode.

    • 40.2 shinko

      I always wondered the same thing about the entry she read. I read her response as slightly dismayed, so maybe she knew what was going to happen. I also was waiting for that flashback to occur. It was an April date, but when they passed April I realized it was just a pretty scene to start the series.

  41. 41 WvR

    Thanks for the podcast! Both of your perspectives on dramas are very interesting to listen to.

  42. 42 keya

    What’s a podcast? I’ve been wondering. Clueless.

    • 42.1 jomo

      This is a recorded conversation between JB and GF where they talk about the topics noted up there.

      If you look at the top of the post, there is a “download” button or a play (arrow) button.

      You can download and listen on your ipod, or computer, or listen to it from this page.

      They are very silly.

  43. 43 kiongna

    JB & GB and the whole DB team are hilariously Smart and kick ass drama lovers :) with sharp wit – writers who can inject their personalities into their writings, speech and entertain their readers so well and have such great sense of humor and warm hearts, silly? no way :)

    thanks for another podcast, will hear download it pronto and hear asap!

  44. 44 nonski

    here and i was listening to podcast 11 on my way to work, basking in your loving voices discussing the national drama that is moon which you think does not have the substance but still… :) and now ta new podcast. yay!

    btw listening to 11 made my boat trip bearable… thanks~~~

  45. 45 marneh11

    Yes GF, we are the most fervent fans of the King! Cheers! :)

  46. 46 Sandra

    We all love Jang Dong Gun!

  47. 47 Rashell

    YAY! I was hoping for one of these soon! SOOOO excited. Now off to listen.

  48. 48 alsey

    For QIHM, did anyone else connect her remembering him to his coming back instead of simply the phone call. I agree that the phone call is strange and doesn’t quite make sense, but also the phone call was made as she remembered everything about their relationship. To me it was the fact that he came back when she remembered him that explained the ending to a satisfactory extent. I think the calling thing was over emphasized, but because of the remembering I actually liked the ending. Anyone else agree?

    • 48.1 aoiaheen

      I agree. I think the calling part was quite nice. I think the cell phone spoilt it. If she had just tried calling the phone and then he disappeared into the future that would have been perfect for me. They did show in a previous episode that someone could “call” him back when YW called for him at the time she was killed. So yeah, i agree with you.

    • 48.2 FlexibleSamurai

      Yes, the ending worked for me because he came back due to her REMEMBERING him and not because of the cell phone (i.e. she calling him was the result of her remembering him)

      It is ridiculous that everyone thinks that the phone call was the only thing that allowed him back – no, the phone call happened because she REMEMBERED him.

  49. 49 Ashley

    Arg! Please tell me these podcasts work in the states, because they do not work in china :/

  50. 50 Betsy Hp

    Oh, I love your podcasts! :) I’m listening right now and totally nodding along to “Rooftop Prince”. It really would have made a better movie. And the ending does get more o.O as you think about it. It was pretty cruel to the poor prince. (Though he did have his bros. Consolation prize for second place?)

    Eep! Just hit QIH’sM. Total disagreement tinged with sadness because the ending so worked for me that I hate to hear it didn’t work for others. (A similar feeling to someone saying they don’t like chocolate. Or coffee.) The phone call seemed such a brilliant, well-placed, unique to them and their story, device. But… if it didn’t work for you I don’t think it can be made to work for you. (If that makes sense.)

  51. 51 aoiaheen

    Hilarious podcast. I was shaking with laughter and simulatenously trying not to wake my sleeping daughter up. That didn’t happen.

    Thanks for this.

  52. 52 linguist

    K2H was SO special because it had its heart in the right place. Like others I am aware of the glaring plot holes but the brilliance of the show stemmed from its characters, their growth, consistencies, the details in the plot/scenes, and the non-usage of the typical K-drama tropes. Every week I tuned in for the characters and they more than made up for the many plot fails. All said and done, this show was just beautiful.

    Prior to K2H I was ambivalent to LSG but what a stellar breakthrough performance he delivered in this show. With this one he’s set himself apart from his peers. Even sharing screen space with the scene-stealer JJS and the veteran actors he held his own. The more I read up on him the more I understand the reasons for him being a force to be reckoned with in Korea and with K2H his fanbase has gone global.

    • 52.1 wanne

      Agree 100%.

      TK2H is a really special drama for me as well because of the reasons you mentioned.

      The characters and their relationship with each other are so satisfying (except for Bonggu and his gang and the English speaker characters).
      – The heroine stayed strong until the end.
      – The couple never kept each other in the dark, always shared everything with each other.
      – They really went through everything together. The comfort and protect each other.
      – Such nice in-laws. very rare in kdramas.
      – Second lead characters who are all important roles for the story. All of them are memorable.

      This is also a trifecta drama for me; great acting, directing and writing. I was so invested in the characters, and emotionally exhausted through out the drama. A lot of scenes were amazingly executed.

      • 52.1.1 canxi

        I agree. I think if that drama was missing one of these things it would have made me like it a lot less. If the in-laws were the usual overbearing type I don’t think I would have been attached, for example. It’s small, but things like that bother me since that isn’t the only parental character type.

        I wasn’t crying, but I felt for everyone. I also liked that these characters GREW. There are so many dramas in which the characters don’t go threw any actual growth or understanding of themselves and it’s sooo weird. Especially in a romance, where having found love is more a chance than any to realize things about yourself and grow.

        • Nirasha

          I agree with all u guys said. TK2H was amazing in every aspect. The growth of character of the King, was what got me. I really wanted to see more of mourning from Jae Ha about Eun shi keung’s death. Their bromance was awesome, so I felt that mourning part was a bit glossed over, apart from that I absolutely loved TK2H.

          I didn’t know about LSG before TK2H. now i’m a fan.

  53. 53 WHAT


    To be fair, I find Kim Min Jong gorgeous too.

    But, I do find older men attractive.

    • 53.1 canxi

      Jang Dong Gun has this mischievous look to him that I find attractive? I dunno…lol He’s also kinda tan, which I also like.

  54. 54 umalily

    You underate Gentleman’s Dignity. It is hilarious and has very funny scenes. overall the female lead is lacking but frankly I could watch those 4 guys all day. Did you watch the chacha dance?

  55. 55 ro

    where did you get the background track/music cue for Queen InHyeon’s Man?? I love it! Can someone tell me where to find it?

    • 55.1 ro

      Jang Dong Gun is beautiful now just as he was before!! 😀

    • 55.2 jyyjc

      Yes I’m asking the same thing. Can someone please help this poor drama bg music lover???….I mean..I’m the poor drama bg music lover.. not you ro…well I don’t know if you are…ok I’ll stop.

    • 55.3 jyyjc

      Finally found it. It’s called “my man, kim boong do”, an instrumental from the latest ost release.

      Just in case you come back here to check for replies.

  56. 56 J

    I absolutely love Gentleman’s Dignity. + Jang Dong Gun. Who says it’s not popular overseas? Also: I Need Romance Season 2. Excited!!! MUST WATCH.

    • 56.1 mita

      Yeah, I wonder why JB and GF are saying that AGD is not that popular overseas coz as far as I know AGD’s thread in soompi is the most active thread right now among korean dramas that are being shown beating big, bridal mask and Dr. Jin in no. of views and postings. It’s also very popular in baidu site. And who says that AGD has no plot? It definitely has and I’m sure the plot will thicken as the drama progresses.

  57. 57 queencircles

    “It’s like quicksand… it looks all normal and shit and then you step on it you’re like ‘WHAT THE FUCK! I’m dying!'” Best line ever hahaha

  58. 58 Faith

    I’m fifteen and I think Jang Dong Gun is reaaaaaally goodlooking! :(

  59. 59 eternalfive

    Omg, you guys and your podcasts are just plain awesome. Was laughing the whole way through. XD Especially during the Dr Jin section with JB’s nepotism theory. XD Thanks, JB and GF!

  60. 60 danny

    and who is that in the picture? JB or GF! beautiful!

  61. 61 maeye86

    the fan base for the king is fervent!

    Yeay for the acknowledgement!!!! Hearties FTW!!

    • 61.1 ilikemangos


  62. 62 maeye86

    oh yeah, btw, i shud hv listened to u guys about SeGa a year ago. Just when I started watching and fell in love with TK2H I realised that SeGa is plotless. HAHA *slowpoke* (yeah, i don’t watch many dramas)

    So yeah, I’m not gonna invest my emotions like i did for SeGa and later I realised I invested those for nothing. So yeah, no for gentleman’s dignity.

    • 62.1 mtoh

      Why dear, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

      • 62.1.1 maeye86

        hahaha, i dun wanna fall into so-cute-but-no-plot-show any more. somehow i feel cheated like you know, u fall head over heels, ur life will be dedicated for it but later when u meet something better and u starts to wonder… ‘hurm, what was that that i’ve been watching?!’

        *a needle just burst your happiness bubble*

        i had that with SeGa and i dun wanna go through that again.

        *someone slaps me please and tell me that these are just dramas*

        • mita

          It just a drama so why do have to dedicate yourself fully on a drama? AGD is a romantic drama, just watch it and enjoy.

        • mtoh

          Hug dear, I know 😉

          • mtoh

            Sometimes it’s strongest then you and your wish to just watch and have a great time. Doesn’t happen often for me, but when it does it takes good part of your life. 😉

        • reglest

          Let me help maeye answer it, kkkk
          Because both of us still trapped in TK2H awesomeness until now, maybe? I’m a person who difficult to love sth, but when I fall, I fall hard

          I’d gotta give AGD try *yes Mtoh, yes* to decorate me with smile 😉

  63. 63 sally_b

    Thank you so much for the podcast. (golden.)

    p.s I just watched the first 5 minutes of Dr. Jin: epi 12.

    I know, I know….the suggestion was for Gentleman’s 5-minute bromance scenario ~ but I decided to apply it to Jin
    …since I’d decided to go * staight recaps* from here on out. (2nd chance, you know)

    o.m.g. This show is like watching classic TV batman…
    …..I expect *POW* and *WHAM* in text/letters with starbursts between character comments ~

    It’s just….insanely funny. (giggles into hand)…yet feels sorry for the elder actors…what a mess!

  64. 64 colors

    I heard your podcast and mostly agree with both of you (although I haven’t tried to watch Dr Jin yet, and I don’t feel like it now…).

    I juste wanted to add one good reason to watch A Gentleman’s Dignity (and not becaue I found your famous Korean actor really good and good looking despite being young and not knowing about his fame) : I like the bromance in it. I know that some other kdrama have focused on friendship (I only watched Shut Up! Flower Boy Band and What’s Up actually, so if someone could recommend something else…)

    I hate that most heroes are virtually friendless in kdrama land. Either their friends are nice but useless, or they’re meddlesome or even greedy (like selling the deed to your house… how is that even possible? I suppose South Koreans don’t have names written on deeds…) and there aren’t many “true” or delighting friendship.

    So in that regard, and as far as relationships are depicted, I think AGD is like a Korean male version of Desperate Housewives: the main plot and even subplots seem stupid but most of the scenes are funny and worth watching.

    • 64.1 Requiem

      I agree with you about AGD. The main reason why I’m watching it is for the interactions between the 4 friends. It’s pretty awesome to see depicted a good friendship amongst people who’ve known each other for a long time.

      I haven’t seen that many kdramas, but I’d say my favorite friendship dramas would have to be:

      Two Outs In the Bottom of the Ninth (at dramafever as 9 End 2 Outs)
      Operation Proposal

      For Two Outs, that’s probably my favorite slice of life series, because

      1) we see two friends with an enviable friendship change to a believable love. GF puts it very well in her series review: “I’m never jealous of relationships in k-dramas…. But this drama actually made me want that kind of relationship…. I love their comfort level, and their realistic discussions about dating, sex, and love.”

      2) EVERYONE in the drama goes through growth and you see a group of friends as they support each other through the growth and changes

      3) there isn’t really one bad guy in the story. Everyone is a pretty believable character with strengths and weaknesses throughout.

      It’s really too bad that they stuck so much with the baseball theme.

      First, it doesn’t appeal to its target demographic (mainly female).

      Second, it’s actually kind of klunky the way they incorporate the baseball analogies. As an avid baseball fan, I can tell you for the most part that the “baseball theme” of each episode doesn’t really make much sense in the context of baseball. And that doesn’t even touch on the fact that a baseball game usually only goes 9 innings instead of the 16 they have.

      Third, they devote a little too much time to the baseball theme than they really should. Not so much as to overwhelm the viewer, but they could have spent more of that time on the actual story itself.

      But aside from the sort-of tacked on theme, it’s a great drama with friendships, believable human characters, and a warmth that you don’t really want to end.

      Operation Proposal, while not the best drama, really grabbed me because of the friendship of the core group of friends throughout the series. Interestingly enough, it also has a romance of friends being/becoming more than friends, but it tends to be more fantastical instead of realistic.

      The focus around the friendship and the overlying message of the series are what allowed me to enjoy a drama which on the whole was a little lacking in the believability aspects.

      If anyone has any other friendship dramas that they would recommend, I’d definitely love to hear about them as I love seeing the banter and repartee between a group of people who support each other through thick and thin.

      • 64.1.1 colors

        Thank you for recommendations, I’ll try and watch them both.

    • 64.2 yossie

      I love AGD to bits. It’s more a male version of Desperate Housewives than Sex and The City.
      It has no plots so I enjoy it that much.
      The tone is light so I can smile after I finish it.
      It’s just a simple show, but I like it rather than… TH2H or Gaksital :)

  65. 65 canxi

    I don’t agree with that “if you have to write an essay for something to make sense, it doesn’t make sense” statement.

    My lit. class in college has taught me that there are just some things that require great amounts of thought and looking into. We would read books and then watch the movie counter-parts and there were just some things you had to think about, talk about, write an actual essay about lol. One sentence or one action in a movie became a whole discussion–it happens. And in that way we gained more insight, drew conclusions, and things were able to make sense. It wasn’t the writer saying “Ah yes, this is it/why/how” but we’re able to draw our own answers on things even if everyone’s idea is different, which I think is absolutely awesome.

    Maybe that’s why the ending of Queen In-Hyun’s Man worked for me. As much as I like the answers to be handed to me, I like when I have an ending to think about. “Oh, how did this happen? Why did it happen?” When I’m given something that gives me these questions I feel much more attached and apart of a show. I do feel there was foundation built up for that ending too–subtle, subtle foundation, lol, that you can think about after the whole thing is over. Like…expect the unexpected? Lol, something like that…just we didn’t expect it, haha.

    I mean, it’s not like a nine-tailed fox came in, swallowed Boong-Do, and threw him into the future threw it’s ass–only then would I go “OK,WTF?” hahaha!

    • 65.1 boms

      I agree, technically, anything can make sense in this world. You just need to think about it!

      I also liked the ending. Who cares if we didn’t know about cell phone powers?! XD Maybe the powers behind the talisman decided “Hmm. Maybe I want to make them meet again. Maybe I’ll let him make the travel one last time…” or maybe Yoon wol in the after life saw Boong do going around in circles aimlessly living his life and felt that he should be happy and her feelings and aspirations in that talisman sparked one last time?

      Who knows!? XD it’s magic!- no one will ever completely understandi it. That’s why it’s mystical. After all, the drama clearly stated that regardless of what the will of Boong do or Yoon wol was, it was ultimately allllll up to the talisman :]

      • 65.1.1 canxi

        I think that the best part about magic is that it is seemingly unexplainable. But, the more you think about magic the more you enjoy it. It’s fun to think about all the possibilities or just be boggled,lol. It’s only when you actually find out what is going on that it might become less enjoyable. I’d rather speculate than to actually know, haha

  66. 66 pigtookie

    Just listened to the blurb on JDG. Looks-wise, I can’t say I find him one of the most attractive men in Korea, but he’s very attractive nevertheless and even more charming onscreen. I’ve watched only All About Eve prior to AG’sD though and was shocked to find out he was the same guy (spoilery: well with his hair slicked back in Ep. 12, I could immediately see the resemblence). I agree though, that the first 5 minutes is the best part of each episode.

    I was initially interested for Kim Suro and Kim Haneul, but ended up really fawning over Kim Minjong and JDG. KMJ is great, more so whenever there’s a scene on the guys alone.

    • 66.1 mita

      JDg is not photogenic or telegenic. He’s much more good looking in person.

  67. 67 gbo

    my fave from feeling was kim min jong. love. loved his songs too. i can’t separate the actors from their characters, so i don’t have an actor type, i have character love. kim min jong has the best character in GD too, though the meh ahri is getting to be a drag.

  68. 68 shinko

    Thanks for the podcast girls! I also loved TK2H. There’s nothing more attractive than a smart lead. I loved how LSG’s character was flawed but oh so smart!! He had some room to grow and I loved seeing how he became more confident! Inre A Gentleman’s Dignity and no plot..I’ve always viewed it as a bromance/coming of age drama for a bunch of older guys who are facing a crossroads…except for Yoon. Most of the humor pokes fun at their age and incongruous behavior. It’s a lot better than I expected. I’m new to these dramas so I’m not quite as enamored of these guys. They all look good for their age. So I looked up JDG, and he was GORGEOUS when he was a younger man! Prefer none of them to have the pretty boy haircut…they can’t really pull it off…imo

    • 68.1 wanne

      Yes, love how smart and brave he is. Especially during his scenes with Boonggu and the corrupted politicians. I dont like how one dimensional Bonggu’s character is but Yoon Je Moon has really elevated the character. He made me shiver! Paired him up with Seunggi’s Jaeha and Jo Jeong Seok’s Shikyung, its just awesome.

      • 68.1.1 wanne

        I think Boonggu’s character became more interesting once he met Jaeha. Before that, all the magic thing was really pointless. Later, his scenes with the royal family was really riveting. I dont know if Javabeans has watched the scene when the Queen mother was kidnapped, but that was one of the scenes in which the sequence of it kept me holding my breathe all the way through and amazed by the writing and acting. Such amazingly written women characters. When mom hit Bonggu while trembling, oh so good.

        This aspect of K2H was what makes the drama so great. Awesome characters, heartwarming relationship between people and the roller-coaster of emotion.

        I’m pretty sure I will not watch this drama if Seunggi was not the cast, because political theme was my least favourite genre. But the fact that the drama was so good makes me love it even more.

  69. 69 Gentlewoman's Dignity

    Oh Jang Dong Gun is gorgeousssss………no other korean is as gorgeous as him! Try watch his older dramas (Model, Medical Brothers, All about Eve) and you’ll know what i mean. He’s cute is AGD but the hair is not suitable. The one he’s dancing in Ep. 12, is his real looks…and yup, darn gorgeous…swoon…

  70. 70 JoAnne

    Oh ladies, you do crack me up! Thank you for drinking and drama-ing on our behalf. We appreciate you so very much! I was listening at work and trying very unsuccessfully to keep my giggles low enough not to disturb cubicles around me. It’s very hard to explain why something is funny if that person has no clue about KDrama to begin with.

  71. 71 kdramalove

    Any plans for having the podcast as a video clip in the future?

    Am enjoying the site with the detailed recaps.

    Would be great if you told more about the story plot lines you’re discussing in the podcast, for some of us that have not seen every single show ?

    Also, you guys say ‘like’ a LOT.

  72. 72 wonderingring

    Re: the English thing. I definitely agree with the points that JB and GF are bringing up, but for me (I’m multilingual) I just crack up completely and amuse myself with the horrible English. I do cringe FOR the speaker, though… for the part where doing the English, but being so bad/limited at it, actually highlights the fact that they’re so bad at it.

  73. 73 addylovesbwood

    I had a good laugh listening to your podcasts!

    RoofTop: you guys totally bashed it. it wasn’t that bad of a drama. you said one thing i agreed with: K2H was the better of the two!! #myteam!

    QIHM: Ending didn’t ruin it for me at all. I tot the whole phone thing was a bit cheesy tho but it worked so hey! can’t complain.

    K2H: you have to give seung gi and ha ji won more credit. they were great! i would still luv seung gi 20yrs down the line as an ahjussi!!

    AGD:You do realize that Jang Dong Gun is not the only character in the drama…i get that he’s famous but who cares?? i didn’t know he was the king of all celebrities in korea but that doesn’t change the fact that i like Yoon and Meahri’s storyline better than Do Jins…

  74. 74 szufontana

    This podcast, as with other podcasts, cracked me up! Only wish it was 5pm here so I could open a bottle of wine and join the girls.

    They are the reason why I follow Dramabeans religiously. TOTALLY agreed everything about AGD. I don’t get the show either and it’s up there with Secret Garden for me, where the girls said rightly about how the body-swiching thing had no purpose. This writer I just don’t get.

    AND that bit about Dr Jin and SSH…haha….again, TOTALLY with the girls on this.

  75. 75 boms

    Thanks for the podcast :) This totally helped my Monday morning at work go faster. I Love listening to these while I’m working for some reason! But it’s funny cause I have to listen in a lower volume because I’m afraid colleagues will hear the F bombs ^^;; kkk

  76. 76 Elle

    I think the reason for the discrepancy in interest for certain dramas locally and internationally is the method of viewing. International viewers (like myself) watch through the internet which involves our full attention. Given King 2 Hearts vs. Rooftop Prince, the drama with more substance would win out. Television viewing is quite the opposite; usually done amongst other things. Resulting to people opting for the easier watch. Of course there are the few exceptions like Secret Garden and Boys Over Flowers which appealed to both.

  77. 77 Abbie

    First off, this is the first podcast I’ve listened to, and you guys are awesome and hilarious.

    Second, I love A Gentleman’s Dignity! I like it way better than Secret Garden, which I only got to episode 4 on, and I couldn’t finish it. It sucks. I like the actors and all, but the rest is crap and boring. Anyway, I love A Gentleman’s Dignity. Jang Dong-gun is so hot, and this is coming from a nineteen-year-old. All the actors are great, it’s just their characters that I find frustrating.

    Thanks for the Podcast! It’s great!

  78. 78 chichiri

    Where in the world is part 2? 😛

  79. 79 p7879

    I love QIHM… i cant watch other dramas as of the moment id rather rewatch it lol…. i like the ending – its not the cellphone per se but HJ remembering him and their love plus his death that makes him go back and besides they always find each other through phone : )

  80. 80 yossie

    I don’t know why you guys said that AGD is not that popular overseas. From what I see, even in baidu and soompi, this drama is so popular, a lot of people talk about it. Well, I can not judge anything since I don’t know how to count this drama’s popularity on your website :)

    Thanks anyway!

  81. 81 VanillaSalt

    I’m seeing Jang Dong Gun acting for the first time in Gentleman’s Dignity, I’m 17, and I think he’s pretty hot 😉 Love him!

  82. 82 JheartsK

    You both are so fun to read and listen to. One suggestion regarding future podcasts: Sometimes the interrupting of each other mid-sentence is a bit frustrating for the listener. Allow one another to finish a thought before offering a response. That said, your thoughts are appreciated.

  83. 83 aaron

    uh if anyone is wondering the unknown background music in queen inhyun’s man is actually called “내 남자, 김붕도”

  84. 84 Jennifer

    Does anyone know where I can download Queen In-hyun’s Man OST – unknown background track? :( I love it but I can’t find it

  85. 85 Akina

    ohmygosh i totally agree with the about that song that comes on in Queen Inhyun’s man! It totally draws me in everytime. And the ending was a little nonsensical but the moment when i found out they were going to be together i was so swept by happiness and glee it didn’t even matter to me at all. No joke. I was literally crying my eyes out 1 second before. The drama is seriously so cute it will probably forever remain one of my faves X)

  86. 86 Belle

    I LOVE the podcast! I can really relate to you guys’ opinion, so it’s fun to listen. You guys should make a vlog sometime! I’d love to see you guys ‘in action’. But if you want the anonymity to remain, I really love these podcasts.

  87. 87 hottestjen

    QIH was wonderful, i am disappointed in how you guys viewed QIH and it’s ending and constantly mentioned the cellphone bringing him back but it was the fact that he choose to die, choose to sacrifice his life and when she called him it broke the universe of time that they were in.

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