Dramabeans Podcast #12, Part 2
by | July 4, 2012 | 84 Comments

Here we are with Part 2 of the very long Podcast #12, which concludes our talk about the current drama landscape. (Check out Part 1 here if you missed it.)

Podcast #12, Part 2

Running time: 61:56

In which we:

  • continue the podcast with I Do, I Do;
  • move on to Big (11:17);
  • start a very long discussion about Gaksital (24:45);
  • take a tangent on our personal experiences and understanding of the Occupation and Korea’s emotional response to Japan (27:21);
  • return to Gaksital relevancy (34:01);
  • and end with a brief(ish) detour on Joo-won, Tae-woong, and 1 Night 2 Days (51:44).

[ Download Podcast 12, Part 2 ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(Yes, Gaksital will now be ending with 28 episodes rather than 24, thanks to the extension, but we recorded this before the extension was final. In case that was confusing!)

Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

I Do, I Do OST- “꽃보다 그녀” by Yesung
Big OST – “미운사람” by Beast
Gaksital OST – “Goodbye Day” by Ulala Session
Gaksital OST – “안되겠더라” by 4men
Jo Won-sun – “나의 사랑노래” (My love song)


84 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. edelweiss

    yay! i was waiting to hear your discussion on Big!

    • 1.1 mtoh

      Yeah Bigggg…

  2. edelweiss

    By the way javabeans, you haven’t updated the Currently Airing portion yet. You must be keeping busy, so I thought I’d remind you. Just in case…

  3. reglest

    Lots of Love for GAKSITAAAAL~ *bingo* wink*

  4. dany

    Gaksital! I am happy now! Thank you.

  5. 정남

    I think looking at how Japan treats their past atrocities is very telling though, their history books gloss over or completely deny their roles in the war especially including comfort women. While the younger culture is not to blame it is a problem that hasn’t truly been addressed.

  6. blokkoms

    Yay, thank you! I must confess, I only realized that I was feeling the same like-but-not-love emotion about Big and Gaksital when I missed a week’s worth of episodes on holiday and wasn’t rushing to catch up… Still, I’m hoping things perk up soon.

    Also, I really appreciate what you said about personal experiences learning about Japan – I went something similar when I was in a Japanophile phase, which was looked upon with disapproval at Chinese school. Out of interest: how good is your Japanese jb? And how did you learn it?

    • 6.1 exu

      > how good is your Japanese jb?

      そう、僕もこれが知りたいんです ^_^

  7. teachermok

    Thanks, javabeans! I’ve been looking forward to this! 🙂

  8. edelweiss

    I agree Da Ran is overplaying the cute in Big. If she were among the sidelines of Boys Over Flowers watching Jan Di go all over the place, she should have learnt better! She’s going all the way like Jan Di I dare say, but never to the same degree. I wonder if anyone ever can overtake Jan Di’s position in ridiculous acting!
    To me, only episode 10 showed the Hong Sisters’ traits. Big is turning into a Big disappointment, but like you I’ll sit through the 16 episodes.

    • 8.1 edelweiss

      Mmm.. As I was not satisfied with what Big served, I decided to rush through Coffee Prince. And I get this feeling even Gong Yoo is not doing as much as he did in Coffee Prince… Any thoughts?

      • 8.1.1 JustJen

        It’s interesting you bring up Coffee Prince, I was just watching episode 9 of Big, and all the parts I liked reminded me how much more I liked Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince.

        I still think he’s kickin’ it in Big (and his character is the main reason I’m still watching)- personally I think he’s a really great actor, but I don’t think he’s been given enough to do in Big. Or it might be more appropriate to say, he’s got nothing to play off against. All the other characters besides Kyung Joon feel kind of… cut outtty. Da Ran is cute and all, but she’s still not quite a complete person- so there’s nothing to challenge his character (like he was challenged constantly by Go Eun Chan in Coffee Prince).

  9. TheJu

    Awesome! Thank you for this wonderful surprise!

  10. 10 KDrama Fan

    Goodness. Having listened to that I think I need a drink. Or a really good episode of I Do, I Do:)

    Wishing us all good dramas to watch.

  11. 11 liter81

    Your discussion about the Japanese occupation was really interesting. As a Taiwanese-American I’ve only heard about the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, and while not perfect, the subsequent history of Taiwan has meant that many members of my family have a soft spot for that time and the development of Taiwan that happend during the occupation.

    • 11.1 Sabah

      That is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      Understanding history through personal experiences, especially emotions in the aftermath is much more comprehensive than surmised conclusions found in text books.

    • 11.2 Cat

      It seems that many Taiwanese are proud of being colonized by Japan (as Japan is a “wealthy” country etc. etc.). While not all colonialists were brutal like the way the Japanese treated the Koreans and many even contributed to the development of the colonial territory (for example the British in Hong Kong and Singapore), most people do not brag about being colonized because it is nothing to be proud. The underlying premise of colonization is that while it is your homeland, you are a second class to the Japanese, British, etc.

      It seems to me many Taiwanese suffer a bit of a Stockholm Syndrome vis-a-vis the Japanese.

      • 11.2.1 exu

        The reason the Taiwanese look back fondly on the Japanese occupation period is because the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalists) retreated to Taiwan shortly after WW2 after the Chinese Communists pushed them out of the mainland. The Kuomintang really fucked things up in Taiwan compared to the Japanese. Because to the Taiwanese, both of the Japanese and the Kuomintang are essentially “foreign”, the older generation remembers the Japanese occupation nostalgically.

        Also remember that as Japan’s first colony, Taiwan was treated very well in comparison to Korea and Mainland China.

      • 11.2.2 Jessica

        Like exu said, it’s not that the Taiwanese are “proud” of being colonized by the Japanese, but rather they disliked the Kuomintang more.

        Other’s should also check out the recent movie Seediq Bale as it shows the relationship between the Japanese, the Taiwanese Chinese, and the aboriginals on the island.

        And you’ll see with how the figures are portrayed that many Taiwanese do not necessary see the occupation with rose-tinted glasses.

  12. 12 oftheshore

    Thank you, girls! Absolutely agree with you on Big – kinda like it, don’t love (although I decided to read recaps instead of watching at least until it finishes). Don’t love the heroine, and I actually don’t really like where storyline is going at the moment. Still in love with Gong Yoo, but…meh. I also agree that I do I do should have moved faster, but I don’t fully agree with you on Ji An. OK, maybe 90% agree – I think that while she’s cold, she has this, I don’t know, curiosity, adventurous streak, with a hint of weakness (which might just be exhaustion). I love that she’s even asking TK if she should get married to ES.:) Then again, everyone (especially Ivoire!) would know by now how much I luuurve TK! He’s sweet, but I like that he’s also getting better and better with his job – I’m no longer embarrassed for him.

    • 12.1 Ivoire

      Hi Oftheshore,

      I haven’t listened to the podcast yet and I was just reading through the comments. Imagine my surprise when I see you mentioning my screen name in your response here. That made me chuckle and smile. I just wanted to write to you and say “Thank you for the shout out, I didn’t expect it :-)”
      Wow, we are a community here, aren’t we? Have you seen episode 11 of I Do I Do? There is some cuteness and things seem to be progressing. I can’t say more than that, as I watched it raw and I am not really sure what was said. I just tried to read their body and face language and that could only tell me so much. So of course, I will have to rewatch the episode with subs.

      I also wanted to let you know that I left you a message on the recap of IDID, episode 10. I think you will find it here: (I need to change that, I went and check the post and the response was to Kim Yoonmi, but it was after your comment, so you can read it if you are interested :-)). Ivoire July 3rd, 2012 at 3:00 pm

      In any case, I just wanted to say “thank you for the shout out!”, I saw it and I appreciate it 🙂 I hope your day is going well. Ji An and Tae Kang couple, FIGHTING!!! (This might not be the place to write this, but I thought I would finish my comment on a positive note.

      • 12.1.1 oftheshore

        It’s funny how you sometimes find kindred spirits on Internet boards, isn’t it? 🙂 We should really start a GMNGKD = global movement for nice guys in Korean dramas.
        I’m tempted to watch the raw version of episode 11 now…

      • 12.1.2 Ivoire

        Hi Oftheshore,

        Yeah, it is funny how you sometimes find kindred spirits on Internet boards and ALSO who you will connect with on blogs because of Korean dramas :-).

        You know, we could start a GMNGKD, except that there are already nice guys in Kdramas, they are usually called 2nd male leads, remember :-)… Thing is, those nice guys in Kdramas usually don’t get the girl and you find yourself shaking your head and wondering why she is falling for the lead who in my opinion doesn’t always change all the way the way he should have by the end of the drama (ex. for me would be Gun Jon Pyo in BOF and Joo Won in SeGa. I am sure there are more, I just can’t think of them right now). I think I can be OK with a mean guy, as long as he TRULY REDEEMS himself by the end of the drama and we GET TO SEE the whole process, not just assume or be told that some of it happened (and that would have to do with the writing and editing, I am assuming).

        I do understand why we get the mean jerks in Kdramas, they do provide drama, I guess (although there are probably other ways to create drama and conflict). I think at the end of the day, I just want a hero who is multi-layered and can express (the actor) emotions well like Lee Seung gi did in TK2Hs. His character was multi-layered, even though he started as your typical jerk, mean rich heir and he changed throughout the drama and we got to see it and once if he told himself and his girl he was in love, there was no turning back. There was still drama and conflicts and everything was quite believable and well acted.

        Also, if the guy is going to be a jerk, the heroine should be strong as well, and she is not always so (ex. Ha Ji Won’s character in SeGa, when she was in front of the hero). It is not very attractive to see a grown woman act like she can’t hold her own/stand her ground in front of a guy who is at times abusive and a jerk.

        Episode 11 of IDID is fully subbed on viki if you can watch it there. If you did, I hope you enjoyed it :-)!

  13. 13 Pitch

    I don´t know why, but Gaksital isn´t slow at all to me. Hits all the right spots for me 😀

  14. 14 eternalfive

    Yay, Part 2 is heeeere! Thanks heaps JB and GF. 😀

  15. 15 nell123

    Thank you, girls! That was a nice episode. 🙂

    I have one question , though. Is it only me or is the audio file incomplete? It feels like the end part (about the Japanese occupation and Gaksital) of the dialog is missing. It doesn’t match the description either.

  16. 16 sweetspring

    I totally agree with what the DB ladies said about I Do I Do, I lubbbbbb Lee Jang Woo & really enjoying Kim Sun Ah despite the storyline plodding turtle-paced but the cute is upholding it up barely above the surface & I find it a nice balance for the intensity of Gaksital. Btw, coz of Lee Jang Woo’s adorkableness in the drama I watched him on We got married & that was TOTALLY addictive! He’s ups his adorkableness sky high & supposedly that’s really him.
    So Lee Jang Woo & Joo Won twice a week makes me a happy happy viewer!

  17. 17 Dorotka

    Thank you. Will listen to it this evening.

    • 17.1 Dorotka

      I actually like that Tae Kang doesn’t know that the baby is his. Given his character, if he knew, he would take the responsibility and tried to care for Ji An, because of that. But now, because he mistakes Eun Sung for the father, he cares for Ji An for her self. And that I like. I also like that Ji An doesn’t want to be owned by anybody and her pregnancy is not a sufficient reason for her to get married.

      I agree that no show is currently really pulling. For example, K2H was not flawless, but it had a great inner pull which totally sucked me in and I was impatiently waiting for Wednesday and Thursday to come. Now I’m just, oh, Monday, time for Big, oh Wednesday, time for IDID, oh, Saturday, time for AGD… and I don’t mind when I miss an episode – well, I can watch it later, right?
      Even with Bridal Mask, which I admit I so far mainly love for the costumes, cars (hey, a side-car!) and the time period of the history, I’m a couple of episodes behind and I DON’T MIND!

      From all the dramas now airing I probably like the best Big. Perhaps because I completely cut off any HongS’ expectations. And I like the completely different tone. I also don’t mind Da Ran, because for me she is a bit a side character, as I take it as a story about Kyung Joon – about his feelings, loneliness, complicated family history and his own growing.

      • 17.1.1 reglest

        Ah, so true…
        I’m still struggling against TK2H withdrawal here, and I’m like JB & GF, I LIKE the shows..but I don’t LOVE it, or more exactly I can’t .. I also wonder my self, why? I’m expecting BIG and Gaksital to fill that emptiness..but it just can’t..thanks for you ladies, I think I found why now 🙂

  18. 18 edelweiss

    Well, is it my ears or does Suzy’s pronunciations differ from the others? Can’t point to anything specific, but I’ve felt that way while watching Dream High as well.
    I’m not Korean, so pardon me if I am wrong.

    • 18.1 spjork

      I haven’t watched Dream High (as high school dramas provoke my gag reflex) but I haven’t really noticed any accent or pitch-related inconsistencies in Suzy’s speech thus far. Not even a subtle inflection to suggest that her speech patterns are anything but indigenous to the Seoul region (pyojoon-uh). As hard as certain actors try, they tend to slip up every once in a while when it comes to inflections– Lee Min Ki being a serial offender.

      As for Suzy’s character’s speech patterns, it is distinctly different from others on Big in that her lines are constructed and delivered in an impatient and haughty way, giving the impression that she’s markedly lacking in ssagaji (manners). Basically, it doesn’t matter to whom she’s speaking, she sounds as if she’s in a perpetual snit and side steps using honorifics by shortening her speech (just enough to plausibly deny that she’s being rude).

  19. 19 rosi

    Nice girls.

    About Gaksital, I also hope it will be one of the THE perfect drama. I just hope it will catch up with its story. It probably the A list actor (except late Kang San), but its doing quite good in the acting side, especially the two lead.

    Joo Won is still new, and he is not famous like the other actors in their 20s namely Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seunggi and Kim Soo Hyun, but his acting is awesome and I just hope that he will continue to pick a good project in the future. Fighting.

  20. 20 szufontana

    Arghhhhh…been waiting for this podcast to hear what the girls have to say about Big. 100% behind the girls on this one. Again. I don’t know why, but I guess I must be DB’s biggest fan.

    I was so looking forward to Big, given the big stars of Gong Yoo and LMJ AND it’s by THE Hong sister. But, it has been one big disappointment. A big flop in my view because LMJ’s character is another ditzy twenty-something. I’m a teacher, and it creeps me out that there might be something going on between a teacher and student. Quote the girls,”GROW UP.” And the slapstick…I just don’t get it.

    Seriously, why are Korean dramas depicting the women this way? It’s the same with the whiny 30-something Kim Ha Neul character in AGD. And I’ve seen these females play strong characters in other projects. WHY are writers still choosing to depict women in these roles?

    And about Gaktisal, where do I start? I am loving the show. This is where I don’t agree with the girls, probably because I never knew this part of Korean history and so am lapping everything up. But I totally agree, Joo Won is killing it. Just don’t make him sing and dance anymore. Please. Seriously.

    • 20.1 Ivoire

      Hello Szufontana,

      I just wanted to thank you a lot for what you said about being creeped out by the fact that there is something going on between a teacher and her student (who was in her brother’s class, I believe).
      I feel the same way and I have said so in the Open Thread here, where we share how we feel about the dramas we have seen during the week. I could tell I was in the minority, and I feel the way you do.
      I have worked with babies, children and teenagers a lot as well, since I was 6 years old (I am much, much older than that now :-)). I am not against a younger man dating or even marrying an older woman, I think it has more to do with where both people are emotionally and otherwise. In general, I would have to say that women mature faster than men (and I know that we have the exceptions to the rule, I don’t disregard that), so most men are not where “their” women would be.
      I would have to say, as Girlfriday or Javabeans pointed out, that KJ acts like an adult when he wants and reverts to being a teenager when it is suitable and convenient for him. Da ran doesn’t really have that option, although she doesn’t always seem to act/be very mature. People also seem to disregard the fact that Da ran is 8 years older than KJ, and being that KJ is still a teenager, that is not a small matter in my opinion. The age difference doesn’t bother me in I Do I Do for example, where Kae Tang is 27ish and Ji An is 37ish. They are both in a different season of life.

      The forced kiss between KJ and Da ran bothered me greatly, especially because KJ was still a minor (in Korea where one becomes an adult at 19) and KJ was 18. I don’t think he should have done that then, and I was glad she pushed him away. If that kiss were to happen much later in KJ’s life, it would be a different story.
      I personally feel that when one is a senior in HS or has just graduated, they (either male or female) could be quite vulnerable, as they have a lot to figure out, not only about themselves, but about their life, path etc… To add to that dating a much older person is not necessarily the wisest thing to do in my book.

      I know dramas and movies are not always what happens in real life, but unfortunately, those things do happen and it makes me wonder what messages are being sent by pushing the envelope that way. Where does one draw the line? And when?
      I usually cringe when I see movies and dramas that seem to say that a teacher/adult dating/being in a relationship with one’s student is OK. It is not something that I would personally condone. That being said, I do think that Gong Yoo is acting really well in this drama.
      This comment looks like it will be long, but I wanted to thank you for your comment.

      • 20.1.1 trixicopper

        I’m glad that I am not the only one who has trouble with the whole teacher/student romance thing. It just screams pervert to me.

        Way back when I was in High School, I had a teacher that used to hit on me. At the time it freaked me the hell out, and the thought STILL makes my skin crawl.

        Needless to say, I’m not the audience for Big. It’s too bad because I love GY,LMJ and the Hong Sisters. I’ll catch their next drama. 🙂

        • szufontana

          @trixicopper, I agree! I’m watching because of Gong Yoo, and Gong Yoo only. Fingers crossed that the next Hong Sisters project will see them back to their glory days.

      • 20.1.2 szufontana

        Oh wow, thanks for the comment, Ivoire! Everything is well-said and I couldn’t express it better. 😉

      • 20.1.3 mskololia

        I’ve been on the fence about Big, but I cannot bring myself to watch it either.

        A teacher/student romantic drama is disturbing in any language..I don’t care who the actors are.

        I wonder what the message is to SK households?

      • 20.1.4 mskololia

        I’ve been on the fence about Big, but I cannot bring myself to watch it either.

        A teacher/student romantic drama is disturbing in any language..I don’t care who the actors or scriptwriters are. I really enjoyed BL by THS too and I’m sure GY is bringing his A-game…

        I wonder what the message is to SK households?

        • mskololia

          Sorry for the dble post….

    • 20.2 Betty

      Oh, I am so happy to see that some people do think that this is not appropriate!! While I do not mind age gap no matter how big (ok let’s not exagerate either) and no matter the gender, I do think that a teacher with an underage student is a big no no. It really disturbs me…

  21. 21 Sunny

    LOL for like 30 seconds I seriously thought Joo Won was Shin Min Ah….*Fail*
    Thank you for the awesome-sauce podcast and the laughs! (:

  22. 22 Russe12

    Ahh! I love your podcasts – it always helps me to hear more in-depth commentary on the dramas.

    As for Gaksital, particularly Mok Dan’s one-dimensional-ness…I think it’s because she doesn’t have as much to work through…if that makes sense. Like, Kangto has his whole thing where he’s working for the Japanese so he can provide for his family. Yes, he isn’t a “good guy,” but we’ve seen that he actually has a heart and regrets [some of] what he’s doing. And Kangsan had his moral dilemma on giving more to the independence cause than to his family. Mok Dan just has her father, who is mostly absent though we’ve seen that she will risk her life for him, and the circus people. And it doesn’t seem like she has any shade of grey to her character, so to speak, so she seems much more one-dimensional. She’s clearly on the Korean side, and doesn’t have much reason to sympathize with the other side’s reasons and choices, or really even anyone on her own side’s moral dilemmas, because she hasn’t really connected with anyone else enough to feel what they are feeling. I think it’s possible that they might use Shunji in a way to blur the lines a bit more for her, and I think it’s inevitable that Kangto will do that also once she finds out the truth…we just have to get there. xD But I have faith that Gaksital will turn out good.

    Sorry for rambling!

    • 22.1 Lynn

      In terms of any potential greyness on Mok Dan’s end, the moment her rescuers started calling each other Comrade, I wondered if that was going to be addressed at all (especially now with the extension).

      I’m not familiar with the book Gaksital is based on, but I did wiki the author. His entry mentioned that his own family spit down Japanese collaborator/communist lines, which ironically protected both halves from the various purges leading up to and during the Korean war.

      So there are definitely personal narratives of that nature the author could have drawn on.

  23. 23 Noelle

    Thank you for the speedy part 2! You guys are hilarious!

  24. 24 crazedlu

    if joo won had not been casted as gaksital, i probably would’ve dropped ‘bridal mask’ fast.

    there were moments where they COULD HAVE explored kangto’s inner turmoil, but they didn’t.

    episode 7 going into 8 would’ve been the perfect opportunity. just 5 MINUTES of turmoil would’ve set us up enough for his change into hero, since he already took care of the revenge part by killing kenji. that should’ve been his last act of evil.

    from ep 7 to ep 8, since they had already done the filling-in-the-gaps editing from one episode to another–like when kangto shot mok dan at the end of ep 4 and they filled in the holes of everything else that took place in that scene in the opening of ep 5–i was hoping they would do the same for his transformation… that OTHER stuff had taken place in between (like his contemplation of what it was and meant to be a hero) BEFORE his mask donning at the tree. but no.

    just a few minutes would’ve done it for me!

    and now, it’s a little weird because i’m not fully convinced he’s hero yet. i’m still with gf that maybe they’re working on it, but i just watched ep 11, and i’m still on the “maybe they’re working on it” ship. i’m at the mercy of subbers though, so i’ll have to wait to understand more.

    come on, gaksitaaaal!

    still have faith, still have faith, still have faith. even though they’re only just skimming the surface of his innards, i’m still enjoying the watch. must be the joo won magic. says a lot, since i just boarded the joo won ship when gaksital started.

    and just a touch on the occupation and your thoughts.

    since when do asian parents and grandparents say anything they’re feeling? ha. my parents and grandparents have a similar occupation story elsewhere, and if i had not asked, i never would have known. there is still so much to know. i likely will never fully understand it, but i’ve started to a little more recently.

    maybe that’s why i could never really hate lee kangto, and why i even find myself trying to understand circus troupe traitor kyesoon.

    i don’t know. ~

    come on, gaksitaaal!

    great podcast, by the way. gaksital, i might find myself loving in spite of. big, however, i cannot seem to forgive.

    • 24.1 crazedlu

      oops. wrote a novel.

      • 24.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi, I think it’s OK! I have done it many times and based on people’s reactions, I think it’s OK. Those who are interested in what you wrote will read it. Have a great day 🙂

  25. 25 Noa

    I agree with you both on most of everything, but I didn’t quite understand why you said Kangto was still a bad guy even after donning the mask. Maybe I’m biased just because of the actor, but I found that Kangto was never an irredeemable bad guy to begin with. He was just doing his duty as a very strict policeman, and during those times I assume they were allowed to use violence/torture people. As we all already know, Kangto did all that for his family. Now that he doesn’t have a family, he has no more incentive to keep up all his police duties, and so far after becoming Gaksital he hasn’t done anything that we would consider evil except perhaps kill Kenji, which I thought was justified since I would’ve done the same. He’s just keeping up his “evil” image in order to ward off any possible suspicion of his secret identity as Gaksital.

  26. 26 Ivoire

    Thank you!

  27. 27 Rice

    Thank you for the podcast! I was glad to finally hear your guys’ comments on Big.

    Regarding Da Ran, I understand why she can be annoyingly dim-witted and naive, and I admit myself that in the first episode, Lee Min Jung certainly acted her character in a way that was more childish and not really appropriate – or what you’d expect – of a teacher. Despite her character flaws, I oddly find her really endearing, and I think that’s still thanks to Lee Min Jung. In her vulnerable or contemplative moments, Lee Min Jung shows a different side to Da Ran, and those moments win me over. I also think her acting has become less childish as the drama progresses; Lee Min Jung seems to have found her footing.

  28. 28 jomo

    Lee Jang Woo is wonderful wonderful to watch.
    He is carrying all the emotional weight of the story, since we haven’t been able to actual know what JA is feeling.

    No matter how wonderful Gong Yu is, and how adorable the character KJ is, and how cute Shin is, LJW will be the highlight of this year for me. So natural. Love his “Whoa hoo!” when something goes wrong, and the happy cheer he makes when something pleases him.
    As far as IDID, I think that the single motherhood is key to this plot, not the romance. She isn’t going to tell him he is the father till the very very end.

    I have theory on the Hongs.
    I think that Flower Boy Ramen Shop shook them up a little.
    FBRS took all of the tools of their toolkit, all the trademarks, and made a really good drama. They decided they needed to evolve from what people expect because all of the trappings got to be too much, too heavy.
    If they were golfers, they decided to change up their swing. Right now, they are trying to find what the new and improved version of their writing is.

    As far as Big, I really like Daran, though, because she has to be that immature in order to grow up with Kyung Joon. I can’t say she isn’t doing a good job, because she does have my heart. I buy all of her confusion and tears.

    • 28.1 Ivoire

      Hi, I would like to 2nd Jomo’s opinion about LJW. I would say that at first, I had a hard time connecting to his character (and to his acting to an extent) in IDID. The same happened when I watched “Smile Donghae” where he was the 2nd lead. I started paying more attention to him, both to KT and to LJW and I was happily surprised to see that he actually emoted, and he did it well. I feel that I have to pay attention to see it, but it is there and he (LJW) portrays a variety of emotions, not just one or two. As one of the recappers said in one of the recaps, “LJW is acting his little heart out” and I have to say that it shows. He is getting better and better. I really loved him (his acting) in Man of Honor, and I liked his acting better in the last few episodes of “Smile, Donghae.”
      I have indicated in OT and in the recap of episode 10 of IDID and I will say it again: it does help a lot that KT is written as a character that the audience can come to love and root for, as we get to know him better. I don’t hate the Dr. necessarily, I think that his approach is not always the best one (to help his cause and to understand and help Ji An). KT had a lot going against him at the beginning of the show, and it seems that he is slowly removing or getting through those hurdles, one by one.
      The show is not over yet, so I try not to get extremely overly excited (because I am loving the different characters [most of them] so far). But yeah, LJW is doing a great job showing the different emotions and the journey KT is going through, even (especially) the subtle ones.
      I find the comment Jomo made about IDID being about single motherhood and not as much about the romance an interesting point. I had not thought about that…

    • 28.2 Rice

      Hmm, I might have to check out I Do, I Do for Lee Jang Woo after all, loll. I’ve been following the recaps for I Do, I Do, but hearing javabeans’ and girlfriday’s comments on his portrayal of his character and reading comments like yours that praise and adore him, have really enticed me to watch the drama. I love Kim Sun Ah, but got turned off by the doctor and when I read that the plot was dragging.

      Also, love what you wrote on the Hong Sisters. I like that they are trying something new from their last few dramas, in pace and tone. The only constant thing is change, and I think it’s great that the Hong Sisters aren’t afraid to experiment a little and perhaps delve somewhere out of their comfort zone.

      And I love Da Ran. She may be dim-witted, she may be a pushover, but she is also full of heart. I can’t fault her for that.

    • 28.3 mihinikki

      I like Daran too. She was a little too dumb in the first couple episodes, but I like where she is now. And Big isn’t the best drama ever, but I love Kyung Joon so so so much. Also, LMJ and GY are just too awesome together. I think I’m just easier to please.

  29. 29 Jules

    Hee, thank you for the very entertaining podcast(s).

    I totally agree with your thoughts on Big, because for me, the major problem is that I don’t connect with Da-ran. At all. And it is strange, as I didn’t have this problem with Mi-nyu (who, pre-Big, I had found to be the Hong sisters least fleshed out heroine) because I at least understood her motivation (and because I thought Park Shin-hye’s Mi-nyu was fairly endearing). Da-ran, on the other hand, is so insipid that I actually don’t care what happens to her – whether or not she ends up with Kyung-joon is of no concern to me, save my worry over how it’s likely to affect him.

    And I have to wonder what your drinks tally was at the end of the evening, because Javabeans, you sounded… uh, like you’d had a drink or two, and Girlfriday… you sounded totally fine. And if that’s how you sound after more than one bottle of soju… that’s pretty damn badass. (one and a half bottles of soju is all I can take. two bottles will see me passed out and severely hungover when I wake up. *shudders*)

  30. 30 joowonnie

    i actually think joo wons acting is pretty amazing. especially comparing to how he acts in 1N2D , its crazy how well he changes on gaksital. he shows so much emotion i lovvee ittt !
    plus i actually think the pace isnt that bad, i just realllly want mok dan to realize who he is already ! thats my only problemm !

  31. 31 Suzi Q

    I agree that you can’t connect the heroines in either BIG or I Do, I Do. Daran is so insipid and clueless, and although Jian is suppose to be a savvy shoe executive, she is the most wishy washy mother to be.I want to give both a swift kick in the derriere.

    Each drama is in its 10 – 11 run episodes, and nothing much has really happened.Daran now finally realizes who she likes, and Jian still hasn’t told the father of her child, but practically everyone else knows even Chairman Jang. That should have happened a lot sooner.Maybe Jian will tell the kid when it’s in college who’s the dad?

    I love the actors in each dramas. I keep hoping it will get better, but it’s frustrating to watch week after week waiting for some major plot development .Yoon Jae has to wake up, and Tae Gang has to be told.How long can they drag on and on the stupid shoe design competition?

    Both suffer from horrible pacing which is proceeding at a snail’s pace.Its getting really boring.Will they have to rush the last couple of episodes and screw up the ending? I need a soju too.

    Thanks for the wonderfully funny podcast.

  32. 32 AS

    Thank you Ladies. I really like your podcast. I was waiting for your view on Big, especially on LMJ character Da Ran and you people said every single word of my mind. Her immature behavior, those beyond limit naiveness irks me. I want to shout Come on plz act like as 26 years old woman …

  33. 33 ck1Oz

    Omg you guys were squeaking at the end 🙂
    I knew I love your drunken podcast more.Love it.Thank you.

  34. 34 bec_an

    Girlfriday, you haven’t watched Chunhyang yet? Please watch it as it’s definitely one of the Hong sisters’ best dramas 🙂

  35. 35 kj

    Just noticed your podcasts; I’m glad that I can now assign jovial, if perhaps inebriated, voices to the recap writing. Or, at least, mostly jovial with a case of drama blue balls.

    Agree that Mok Dan is disappointing, but I blame the actress.

    Gaksital could have been and still has room to become much darker…

  36. 36 chichiri

    You girls are so… drunk. Hahaha!

  37. 37 red

    Valid points on gakistal but I think its still too early to say, I feel its going to pick up pace and deliver, well I hope so.

  38. 38 Lady Seoul

    Thank-you very much! I enjoyed it. Can’t believe you guys are drunk while doing this. HAHA

  39. 39 Cynthia

    Omg – by the end of the Podcast you two were practically incoherent with laughter and booze-effect! It sounded like a genuine ‘Depends needed’ moment. My sister and I get like that. Good times!
    Thanks for the Podcast. Will look forward to the next one!

  40. 40 nonski

    omgeeee! gaksital and joo won~~~~ perfect!

  41. 41 Mashimomo

    Drama Blue balls – Pwahahaha! I’m not watching Gaksital but given that its 10 episodes out of 28, isn’t the statement a bit, umm, premature???? (badumdum) happy 4th ladies!

  42. 42 shiku

    Aiyayaya! Why did I listen? I am so spoiled! I guess this is what I get for being behind on Gaksital.

  43. 43 xiandi

    Hi GF & JV ^__^

    I can’t help but post my comment here..after listening with the 2part podcast..I really feel like….Is there a part 3 coming? Oh my.. I really think that GHOST deserves a part 3 ..

    I’ve been watching all the dramas you’ve mentioned except for Bridal Mask for the same reason that you mentioned..”It didn’t have any A list cast ” but now, I’m so Up for it for my weekend schedule.

    I seriously beg for your opinion on Ghost as I really loved it, I don’t have much love for Ji Sub as much as I love Min Ho but his acting was so “daebak” to me..

    I also think the same for Lee Jang Woo..he was so awesome at I do, I do and I really fall for him too..I’ll be rooting for his next drama…

    I was so entertained with your podcast..I basically agree with most of your comments, so keep it up and Thank you so much….

  44. 44 Vincy

    I’m really glad that Kang-to is so dark. He portrays the character so well. I think he will win an award for this drama.
    However, like you, I agree that Mok Dan is very one dimensional.

    Thanks for the podcast! 🙂 I agree with all your points! 😀

  45. 45 Ivoire

    Hello Girlfriday and Javabeans, I have not listened to the podcast, mostly because I don’t want to be spoiled. I did read however from one of the commenters here that “Bridal Mask” doesn’t have a single A list kind of actor. So I guess Joo Won is not considered an A list actor in Korea yet. He seems to be so popular though…
    Can anyone help me with this: how does one know if and when an actor is an A list actor/actress? If there are criteria/ ways to measure/recognize it, what would they be? I am just very curious now, as I am realizing that my assumptions (some of them at list) were wrong. Could anyone mention a few Korean A list actors/actresses and explain why they are considered to be so? Thank you!

    • 45.1 xiandi

      it’s a matter of comparison with the current airing dramas..
      you can’t assume that Joo Won is equally famous as Sun Ah, Gong Yoo, Jang Dong Gun and Song Seung Hun there’s a big gap comparing their achievements on their their past dramas..

  46. 46 stars4u

    Joo-won was asked in an interview during Baker King Kim Tak Goo about his expressions and he just answered that he really doesn’t care about how his expression comes out on TV. And I think that’s also one pro of him being a musical actor.

    But then Ass kicking Kang-to and aegyo Joo-won is a really weird weekly mix.

    I enjoyed the podcast!

  47. 47 InS

    Ep 12 is what IDID is about.
    I wish the cast would lead SlutWalk Seoul 2012

  48. 48 sleeplessinwgtn

    I am really disappointed with Gong Yoo’s comeback drama. Why does it have to be a soul switch? I can only do one drama for each theme. I had Secret Garden for soul switch, Queen In Hyun’s Man for sageuk time travel, Baby Faced Beauty for fashion. Please K-drama land, please be more innovative and take risks. Venture into some other unexplored themes.

    I wish GY did something different. I have not attempted to watch any episode yet and I don’t know if I will.

    • 48.1 J.REAL

      How can you be disappointed in the drama without watching it? That’s strange.
      BIG is not just a drama, I think, there’s something in that drama and I’m trying to figure out what is it.

  49. 49 DS

    I think gaksital is good pacing, I don’t like drama rushing for an end ~ especially now there’s 28 eps… it’ll hafta slow down or else they’ll kill the ending of the drama for sure

  50. 50 Dorotka

    Oh, I’m half the episode 12 of IDID and I love it…

    • 50.1 Dorotka

      sorry, this was meant for OT.

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